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Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Allowing is not non-action. Allowing is not merely being and not incorporating any action. It is incorporating action but being open to what may not be forcing or what may not be seen immediately.” [session 2658, October 25, 2008]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “... let me also offer you all this day a visualization that you may practice. I have offered this once only, but it may serve you each in your practicing of acceptance of self and also of acceptance of other individuals. Let us enter into an exercise presently that you may also practice subsequently.

Each of you now hold an awareness of yourselves. Allow yourselves to relax your energy fields. Your energy field is that energy which surrounds your physical form. Attempt to be not holding in of this energy field around you. To the best of your abilities presently, within each of your individual states in this present now, I instruct you each to attempt to be noticing and viewing your own energy field that surrounds your physical body. Allow yourselves to be connecting with your own energy fields. See your energy field around you. Allow yourself your own visual of your energy that you expel around your physical form in this very relaxed atmosphere.

(Long pause, and then shouting) YOU ARE ALL INADEQUATE! Now look to your energy fields and view how they have contracted, and view what you experience within you, and view your own uncomfortableness. And why are you uncomfortable? For an energy has been projected to you and has penetrated. It has moved through your energy field. It has been allowed to penetrate your energy field.

Now; in this example, let me express to you: you hold an actual energy field around your physical form. This is a reality. It is real energy. It is tangible. It also functions. In this, let me express to you three words: allowance, penetration, and buffer. Be remembering of these words.

(Softly) I express to you lovingness. Although you have experienced uncomfortableness temporarily, this serves as an example to you as to how YOU ALLOW other individuals to penetrate energy into your energy field, and this automatically triggers your own belief systems as to protection of yourselves and that another may be hurtful to you, and this triggers other belief systems, that you do not hold the ability to be manipulating energy as efficiently as you deem necessary. This is also a perpetuation of your own issues in duplicity.

Let me express to you that any other individual, any essence, any thing may project any energy to you, and in your acceptance you create an allowance, a recognition that this is an energy ball that another individual expresses to you, and it shall move forcefully toward you, but that you hold an energy field around you which is quite powerful, and this energy field holds the ability to transform any energy which is projected to you. Therefore, as you visualize this ball of energy projecting toward you and it propels forcefully and quickly to you, it also transforms into a bubble as it strikes your energy fields, and this bubble shall pop and dissipate. Therefore, another individual’s expression has not penetrated your energy field, for you have allowed your energy field to be a buffer.

This is not an expression of a lack of acceptance of another individual. This is an expression of the acceptance of yourself and your own ability and also the acceptance of other individuals in the allowance of any of their expressions, recognizing that these are their expressions which are motivated from their belief systems, but this needs not be affecting of you. For if you are accepting of self and of your own abilities and your own energy, the ball transforms to a bubble, and the bubble shall pop as easily and as effortlessly as a physical bubble that touches your finger and pops.

This IS your ability, and you may exercise this continuously. It is merely your belief systems that dictate to you that you shall be hurt or discounted or that you are inadequate or that you may not accomplish, and it is the perpetuation of these belief systems that allows you to accept the penetration of other individuals and the projection of their energy. You may be accepting in the allowance. It is unnecessary for the penetration.

And in this, in what you would term to be the reverse action, you may be remembering of this exercise also and recognizing that your expressions are the very same energy forms that are projected to other individuals, and they may not hold objectively the information that they hold the ability to pop the bubble, and your expression shall penetrate. Therefore, the circle continues.” [session 302, July 26, 1998]


ELIAS: “Now; be remembering also the example in exercise, which has been offered at our most recent session, of the allowance, the penetration, and the buffer; your energy field which surrounds you.

RODNEY: I remember that discussion.

ELIAS: In this example, I have offered to you a situation that you may engage and that you may hold within your objective thought process that may offer you temporarily the feeling of security within yourself.

Now; let me explain. These belief systems are so very strong, and held en masse, which adds to their strength. In these very strong belief systems within physical focus, you view yourselves to not hold the ability very efficiently to be battling, so to speak, these very strongly held belief systems. In my expression to you, I suggest clearly to you that these are more aspects of the belief systems themselves that you do not hold the ability to be battling.

RODNEY: That’s part of the belief.

ELIAS: Correct. This is the belief of duplicity, which intertwines itself with ALL of your belief systems. There are no belief systems that do not intertwine with the immense belief system of duplicity. Now; also in this, I suggest to you that there is no battle to be waged!

RODNEY: (Laughing) Okay!

ELIAS: The recognition or the noticing of the belief system is the initial movement into acceptance. Once you have accomplished identifying to yourself the belief system and you begin to view the aspects of the belief system, as I have stated previously, you may begin to inquire of yourself ‘why and what’ in relation to these aspects of the belief system. Look to yourself and identify that you do hold duplicity within self within physical focus. Recognize the tremendous affectingness of this duplicity. This shall be helpful to you, for in this you may also wage your battle ... although the battle is in actuality unnecessary!

But not discounting the strength of your belief systems, I am also recognizing that regardless that you may not necessarily need be waging a battle within your belief systems, this becomes necessary, for you do not view any other ‘method’ for your accomplishment. As I have stated many times, methods are unnecessary, but within your physical focus you believe that methods are necessary and you believe that there are processes to all of your accomplishments.

RODNEY: What I hear you saying is that the discovery – within my own focus – of duplicity within myself in association with these beliefs is the crucial issue.

ELIAS: Quite.

RODNEY: The word duplicity suggests to me a lying to oneself or a kidding of oneself, as well as if there’s going to be heat, there must be cold someplace, or if there’s an up, there must be a down.

ELIAS: Quite.

RODNEY: You’re using duplicity in that sense.

ELIAS: Quite.

RODNEY: The coin must have two sides. (Pause) So I should meditate ... and I shouldn’t use the word ‘should!’ (They both laugh) If I meditate, if I discover for myself my true feelings about this duplicitous nature of, say, the aspect of hurtfulness....

ELIAS: Quite! Let us focus upon this aspect itself specifically.

RODNEY: My sense is that I should always be in this discovery process.

ELIAS: You ARE always within this discovery....

RODNEY: And consciously affecting this, to be accepting of all of my movements in this.

ELIAS: Quite. Now; let us view the aspect of hurtfulness within a relationship and where this aspect of the belief stems from. The belief that there is hurtfulness within a relationship is not created by the projection of another individual. It is created by your alignment with this belief system of duplicity, for it matters not what another individual may project outwardly to you. What matters, in a manner of speaking, within physical focus is your view of yourself and your hold within that.

RODNEY: My hold?

ELIAS: Yes. Let us express our example of the allowance, the penetration, and the buffer once again. I may be projecting any type of energy in your direction. Now; within yourself, if you are not engaging the belief system of duplicity and if you are holding the recognition of the gloriousness of self, it matters not what my projection may be, for it shall be unaffected.

RODNEY: I don’t have to objectively be remembering that I have this field around me and that energy will burst like a bubble. I don’t have to be doing that if I am remembering of my own gloriousness.

ELIAS: Quite. Yes, you are correct in this. Let us focus upon another very small example.

You may be within a situation engaged in a relationship with another individual. You are moving about within your day, and you may be creating of an action that you place a teacup upon your table. Your partner addresses to you angrily and expresses to you, ‘Why shall you place this teacup upon the table in this manner? This is unacceptable! You are an idiot! I do not understand your creation of placing this cup in this manner!’

Now; your response automatically is to be receding and identifying tones and certain terms, certain words within your language that you view to be hurtful. You shall not be in this moment evaluating self or the situation that has just occurred. You shall be automatically immediately responding, and within your thought process you shall eliminate all words save ‘idiot,’ ‘unacceptable,’ ‘wrong.’ You shall save the tone which has been projected, and these you shall permit as penetration.

RODNEY: I shall allow them to be penetrating.

ELIAS: Correct.

RODNEY: You are saying this is my belief?

ELIAS: This is the action in general that individuals within physical focus shall be automatically creating in this type of situation. Now; given this type of situation, let us also examine the reason that the penetration is allowed and the reason that the response is created automatically. This would be the belief of duplicity, for automatically within the individual, yourself also, they shall be moving into the belief of duplicity. Be remembering that this is not within your thought process. It is an automatic action, just as if your physician is striking your knee, you shall produce an automatic response in reflex.

RODNEY: That’s the duplicitousness.

ELIAS: Correct. In this duplicity you shall also, within emotion, create an automatic response which may be compared to a reflex, for it has become so very automatic. It needs no thought process; it needs no evaluation. It shall merely appear automatically, immediately; and in this, if you are identifying this duplicity, you may also offer yourself the opportunity to not be responding.” [session 303, August 01, 1998]

EDWARD: “When I met you the first time, you had given a talk on relationships, and I took away some very, for me, positive information out of that. But when you speak about how other people do not affect us, we only affect ourselves, how do we ... I mean, I have a hard time sometimes breaking away from that, where it’s not, ‘Oh, they made me mad. They’ve done this.’ When it’s ME, if I took it correctly. It’s MY perception of the event. It’s my....

ELIAS: You are correct. These are very, very strong aspects of this belief system of relationships. These aspects have been accepted for centuries, and just as energy bleeds through to you from other focuses, which influences you in more of an intensity in directions that you choose to be moving into, energy also bleeds through in the area of belief systems.

You are not immune to all of your other focuses in the area of belief systems. You do not enter into a physical focus with no affectingness of the belief systems which are held within all of your other focuses, for they are all influencing of each other.

This is not karma! You are not moving within a linear direction. You are not repaying debts and you are not carrying over, but energy moves freely. Energy is consciousness; consciousness is energy; and there is no element that is not consciousness. Therefore, all is interconnected and there is no separation. In this, all of the energy is intermingled.

Your belief systems also are energy, for they are a creation within your physical focus. In this, these belief systems and all of the aspects of these belief systems are influencing throughout all of your focuses, creating a tremendous strength of these aspects which are contained within each of these belief systems.

You have generated much energy in the direction of the aspect of hurtfulness and your thought processes surrounding hurtfulness of one individual to another individual, and in this, as I have stated previously, you also incorporate your other very large, well-fed bird within this cage of justification. Another individual may project to you, and you perceive this to be hurtful, and you automatically justify yourself, for this is your defense.

These are interesting terms, justification and defense, and what need be the action of defense, as no other individual may be hurtful to you WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION.

But YOU do not view this in this manner, for you do not view that you are giving of your permission. You are a victim! Another individual is thrusting upon you an unwelcome and unwanted projection of energy within a hurtful manner. Not so! Another individual may be projecting energy in this manner, and if you are experiencing hurtfulness, you have chosen to be accepting of their expression and to be responsive within your own defense.

(Intently) The reason you move in the direction of your own defense is that you do not accept and trust yourselves, and THIS be the base line of all of these actions, for if you are trusting and accepting of self truly, it shall not matter.

You shall understand that another individual may project energy in any manner that they are choosing, and you shall also understand that although you may create the allowance for their expression to be moving in your direction, you are not compelled or dictated to that you must allow a penetration of this energy into your energy field. You may be accepting of other individuals’ expressions and belief systems and you need not be allowing the penetration of energy, for you understand, within your own acceptance of self, that it is unnecessary.

Another individual may express to you, ‘I am irritated with you. You have been bothering of me. I have moved in the direction of inquiries with you, and YOU have created negative attitudes with me. Therefore, I shall not engage inquiring of you any longer.’

And why shall you move in this direction? For you are expressing your own lack of acceptance of self and your own lack of trust of self, and as you express this outwardly, your creation is a defense.

You create a shield about you, but you view this shield to be the element that shall protect you and that no energy shall penetrate, but this is not the shield that shall be protecting of you, for all energy may pass through this shield quite easily, and does! But within the recognition of your own acceptance of self, you reinforce your energy field which surrounds you, and THIS may not be penetrated without your permission.

(Intently) Each time you move in the direction of defenses, you are offering your permission to engage another individual in the very manner that you do not wish to create.” [session 327, October 03, 1998]

VICKI: “My question goes back to this allowance/penetration/buffer thing ... if you could maybe give some information about how to create this buffer a little more efficiently than I seem to be able to create presently.

ELIAS: This is in actuality directly related to your own acceptance of self. I have expressed to you all many times that your initial direction is to be concerning yourself with self, and subsequently you move in the direction of the acceptance of other individuals, for this automatically is a natural byproduct of your own acceptance of self, for in the areas that you are not accepting of self, you also are not accepting of other individuals.

It may take different forms, but your lack of acceptance of self is that which you project outwardly to other individuals in the expression of lack of acceptance of them and their expressions.

You may express to yourselves that you are quite accepting of another individual’s expression, but you are not accepting of your own expression within this same situation. This may hold true – in a manner of speaking, in your terms – but underlyingly, your lack of acceptance of self shall project to another individual in a lack of acceptance of them within a similar area. It merely appears camouflaged, but it is a mirror action.

Therefore, although you are all influencing of each other, you are not creating of each other’s reality, and that influence which is projected may be discriminated upon within your physical focus. You may choose what influences to be accepting and what influences to not be accepting, in the manner of penetration.

Not that you are not accepting of the expression of another individual – you are allowing the allowance of the other individual pushing their ball – but you do not necessarily need be allowing their ball to collide with your ball. This is the penetration action. As you allow their ball to collide with your ball, you have allowed the penetration. But you may, as you view the approach of the other ball, move your ball, in physical terms.

In terms of energy and consciousness of self, you do not necessarily move your physical self away from an energy projection of another individual – which is an expression of another individual – but you do not allow the penetration of the energy into your energy field. You allow your energy field to be the buffer.

Now; the action of allowing your energy field to be the buffer that the energy expression projected shall bounce off of is the action of acceptance of self, and therefore not holding to your energy field; not holding to the movement, the motion of your energy centers within you which are creating of your energy field which surrounds you. But as you hold tightly to your energy field ... let us continue with our example of your stick and your ball. (1)

You stand with your stick and your ball. Another individual enters your area – not your game, but your area – and engages playing their game. They push their ball with their stick, and you view this ball approaching your ball.

In this, you move quickly, snatching up your ball and your stick and holding tightly to your ball and your stick, and in this action of holding so very tightly to your ball and your stick, you are quite occupied, and the other ball strikes your toe! (Laughter) For you are preoccupied with holding to your ball and your stick, that they may not be struck, and you are guarding them preciously, and your attention is fixed, and therefore you create the allowance for the other ball to strike you.

But if you are not snatching your ball and your stick, and you are not holding so very tightly within your grasp, you may respond to this approaching other ball by pushing your ball with your stick in another direction, for your attention is not fixed upon your grasp. It is allowed the periphery. It is allowed the openness of view, to be watching the approach, and also viewing within your periphery all of the other area available to move your ball.” [session 331, October 16, 1998]

VAL: “Elias, I have a question, getting back to being very self-focused at the moment. My husband is Sumari. I am too. Why is it that he can finish things and I don’t? (Laughing) I mean, if we’re not finishers, how is it that he’s such a great finisher (Elias chuckles) and accomplishes so much? I mean accomplishing in the sense of other people recognizing his accomplishments, what he does.

ELIAS: Each individual creates their reality in their own expression of which they are comfortable with.

Now; let me express to you: the difference is, this individual holds more, so to speak, of an acceptance of self, (to Len) which allows a flow more easily in your own creations.

(To Val) As you allow yourself more of an acceptance of self and your own expressions – and a trust in self, which is ultimately important – all of your creations effortlessly fall into place, so to speak, and in this, it matters not that you are completing or not completing, for you are trusting your own creations. This, so to speak, is your key. (2)

VAL: Trust.

ELIAS: Quite! I am quite aware that I express this many, many, many times with individuals within physical focus....

VAL: We all have the problem!

LEN: Yes! Well, I want to ask you a different side of the question. Why is it that accomplishment is so critical to myself, and why is it that it will never be enough – that the amount of accomplishment could never really ever be enough?

ELIAS: This also parallels with yourself (indicating Val). In this, you may view a great similarity in your expressions. You merely choose differences in HOW you are expressing your own creations.

(To Len) You view that you may not be accomplishing enough.
(To Val) You view that you may not be focused enough to be accomplishing at all!

In this, you both are expressing quite similarly in alignment with mass belief systems, in pushing yourselves and your energy to be accomplishing, for what reason? Both! Acknowledgment and acceptance of other individuals ...

LEN: I already have that.

ELIAS: ... and the accomplishments within physical focus.

Accomplishment physically is a very large aspect of belief systems which you move yourselves within, and in this area there IS an element of lack of trust and acceptance of self, for were you moving more in the direction of acceptance and trust of self, you would not be creating this push to be accomplishing. You would be accepting that each creation that you choose is perfect in its own expression and is enough, that you need not be continuously pushing and pushing.

But this is also reinforced by your mass belief systems within your societies, and you are not immune to the affectingness of these mass belief systems and expressions.

This be the reason that I have offered the information as to the allowance, the penetration and the buffer.

Now; this has been offered as an exercise, in a manner of speaking, in dealing with other individuals, but it may also be incorporated in the line of addressing to mass belief systems and the expectations of mass belief systems and their effect that you allow within yourself.

You may allow the mass expression, but as it thrusts toward you in energy, if you are trusting self and accepting of self, you shall not be holding to your own energy, and in this, naturally allow your energy field to deflect the energy of the mass expressions.

In this, you create a natural buffer and you do not allow the penetration, and if you are not allowing the penetration, you are not allowing the affectingness, and in this you may reconstruct that very energy to be more beneficial to your own experience and to be helpful to yourselves, and this also shall be reinforcing of your own trust and acceptance of self.

Each time that you are moving in the direction of acknowledging to yourselves in an objective manner your own trust and your own acceptance, regardless of how you measure – for you are very good at measuring large expressions and small expressions – but regardless of the measure of the expression, you shall reinforce your own natural trust of self. In like manner, each time you are discounting of self and pushing for more accomplishments, you are reinforcing your own duplicity and lack of trust.

It is merely a matter of which dog you choose to feed and which shall become the larger of the two, (laughter) and I shall express to you that the dog of trusting and accepting is much more efficient at creating your reality!

LEN: It’s a much better pet!

ELIAS: Quite, and offers little or no conflict!” [session 344, December 05, 1998]

LEELA: “My next question is about my mother. I will tell you what my own impressions are. I think I have other focuses with her, and that these focuses are very influencing of this focus. I care for her a lot, but I experience emotions towards her that I really don’t understand, one of them being a tremendous feeling of guilt. I think she is of the Vold family, and I think her alignment is Sumari. She is very emotional, and to some extent I can relate to her and to her emotions, but sometimes I really don’t know how to deal with these emotions. I feel like she’s holding me responsible, and that she is blaming me for something. My impulse is to leave her alone because I am so tired of feeling guilty. Can you tell me what is going on?

(Vic’s note: Enter Elias on the subject of guilt. Whew!)

ELIAS: In this, what you are experiencing is, once again, your own lack of acceptance of self, and in this lack of acceptance, you are creating within yourself expectations and the feeling of guilt.

I have expressed many times previous that although there is no expression of actual waste of energy, this one particular expression of energy of guilt moves close to what you may term to be a waste of energy. It is quite inefficient and quite unnecessary. This is an obvious and very strong expression of duplicity.

In this, you accept energy from this individual in validation of your own issues in the area of duplicity. You reinforce your own lack of acceptance of self – AND your lack of acceptance of her – by creating the energy of guilt.

(Intently) Now; in this, as you allow yourself to recognize that each individual – yourself AND your parent – each creates their own reality ... and I express to you that no other individual dictates your reality! Therefore, they do not dictate your choices, your responses, your feelings, your actions, or your behavior. YOU are choosing and creating of all of these elements. In like manner, the other individual is also. In genuinely understanding and accepting this truth that you are creating your reality – ALL of your reality – and other individuals are creating their reality, you may offer yourself the ability to accept the expression of any other individual regardless of the choice of how it shall be expressed ... and also recognize that this does not dictate your reality or your responses!

You are not obligated by another individual to allow penetration of their energy into your energy field. This is not to say that you do not accept their expression, regardless of what it is. You may be quite accepting of their expression, and it matters not, but you do not necessarily need be accepting of the penetration of that energy in the manner that it is expressed. You may accept the energy and reconstruct this energy to be beneficial and lending to your own energy.

Now; I am quite understanding that this is a difficult task to be accomplishing within physical focus, for as another individual approaches you and appears to be hurtful, you move into automatic responses within you.

I express to you: what may be helpful to you, shall you choose to be engaging it, is to be allowing yourself to momentarily stop each time you are experiencing this type of action, and as you notice the experience of hurtfulness or guilt, allow yourself a moment to stop and question what YOU are creating. Recognize that the creation of these emotions are being created by yourself, not by another individual, and why you are accepting their expression – for it is mirroring an element within yourself that you are not accepting and are feeling unworthy within. Are you understanding?

LEELA: Yes. Well, I say I am, but it seems to me that I am not, because sometimes I am, but with my mother ... I indeed find it very difficult to respond. I wish to accept her as she is, but I find it very difficult to....

ELIAS: No, no, no, no, no! Let me repeat. Concentrate your attention upon self first – not projecting your concentration to be accepting of her, but to be accepting of self first – and in that action there shall be created an automatic byproduct, that you shall be accepting of her. But initially, address to self, recognizing that you are accepting of her energy to be reinforcing of areas that you are already not accepting within yourself.

Therefore, if you are wishing to be altering of this situation, your most efficient manner to be altering of this situation is to be addressing to the issue, and the issue is not the other individual! The issue is with the lack of acceptance of self, not the lack of acceptance of the other individual, for this shall automatically follow as an automatic byproduct. As you are not accepting of yourself, you are automatically, as a natural byproduct, also not accepting of her. But as you begin to be accepting of self and addressing to your own issues, you also shall automatically, as a byproduct, begin to be accepting of her. In this, it matters not that her expression alters or changes, for it may not, and this shall not matter, for you shall recognize that you hold the ability to be accepting regardless of her expression.” [session 351, January 03, 1999]

JIM: “A few days ago, after an extremely busy day, I should have been exhausted, and yet I was not. I had intense energy. My reaction was either to have three stiff drinks or go for a three-mile run! I went for the run, and afterwards I was completely mellow. The energy did not seem like it was physically based; it was emotionally based. Is that part of this wave [of sexuality]?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

Now; this also is an element that may be objectively noticed in the manifestation of imagery in conjunction with this wave in consciousness which is presenting itself now. Individuals may be experiencing many different expressions of physical and emotional influxes, so to speak, of energy.

Now; this also moves in conjunction with what we have been speaking of this evening in the direction of perception, for these influxes of energy you allow yourselves to be open to within certain moments, and this allows you the opportunity to recognize differences in energy.

It allows you to identify differences in your energy which is created by you and expressed through you, and also allows you the opportunity to identify and distinguish, so to speak, other energies which may not be created by you.

In this, what you have offered to yourself in this experience is an allowance of other energy, which is not energy that you are manipulating or creating within your particular focus, but you are allowing an influx temporarily of other energy.

It matters not which individual may be projecting that energy or which collective group of individuals may be projecting that energy.

The point is that you allow yourself to be open and receiving that energy, and the point of the reception of that energy is to be offering yourself the opportunity to be aware and to assess the difference between your individual expression of energy – and how you manipulate your individual energy – and that energy of other individuals.

This is in actuality quite purposeful, for as you turn your attention to self and to your perception, you may also, in recognizing that other individuals hold differences in perception, become confused with the energy in exchange of individuals, and you may begin – in looking to self – questioning self and holding confusion in what you are creating and what you are not creating.

Let me express simply.

In this, you may engage another individual, and you may create a conflict in conjunction with another individual. But as you offer yourself this information which I am offering to you, you begin to turn to a new direction in your perception, and therefore you begin to question self. You begin to turn your attention to self, for I have expressed to you many, many, many times, turn your attention to self, and now you begin to turn your attention to self.

But at times, you also become confused and you cloud your vision, for you have turned your attention to self to the point that you do not incorporate the interaction of another individual and what they are creating, and therefore you do not identify or distinguish the differences of energy. You are unfamiliar with your own energy in its expression objectively – and in your very physical terms, how it feels – and therefore you are also unfamiliar with the energy expressions of other individuals.

Even in situations in which you view another individual is projecting energy to you – and that you may be thinking of our exercise of the buffer – even in these types of situations in which you identify that another individual IS expressing energy to you, you confuse yourself, for you turn your attention to self and you begin questioning, not merely ‘How am I participating?’ but ‘What am I creating?’ and ‘How am I creating this situation?’ and ‘How have I created the other individual’s reality?’ (Humorously) And as we are aware that you all do not create your reality individually, but you all DO create each other’s reality continuously, you automatically turn the information that I have offered you, and once again, within your expression of duplicity, turn looking to self into attacking of self.

Now; in allowing yourselves the ability objectively to be distinguishing between the differences of energy and how it is projected, you offer yourself the opportunity to identify your individual energy and those expressions of energy that are not created by you.

In this, you more efficiently allow yourself to view your responsibility to self and your behavior and how you manipulate energy. This also provides you with more efficiency in engaging your exercise of your buffer....

JIM: And deflecting the energy.

ELIAS: Quite, but how shall you be engaging your buffer if you are not holding an awareness of which energy is which?

JIM: Exactly. So in that situation, as you say, it didn’t make any difference where the energy was coming from, but it was recognizing that it wasn’t coming from me.

ELIAS: Quite. It is merely an offering as an example that you may be noticing, and allowing yourself to move further beyond merely noticing, and identifying that this is energy that you may construct in any manner that you choose, that you may incorporate in any manner that you choose....

JIM: Which in fact, I did!

ELIAS: Quite!

JIM: I ran three miles when I should have been exhausted before I started! But it was a very easy run.

ELIAS: And the point in this is the recognition that energy may be projected to you, and as I express to you to turn your attention to self, this is not to be attacking of yourself or questioning of your ability, but the recognition that YOU HOLD CHOICES in every situation, and ANY energy may be expressed to you in any manner, and you hold the choices of how you shall be receiving and incorporating it and how you shall be manipulating your energy in response or not in response in conjunction with this energy, and therefore creating of your behavior. And you allowed yourself the recognition that you did hold choices.

JIM: I remember specifically thinking, ‘I’ll either go drink or I’ll go run.’ (Laughter) I ran!

ELIAS: And it matters not which choice you are choosing, but that you allow yourself the viewing that you hold choices, that any other expression of energy does not dictate your choices. YOU choose your choices.

VIVIEN: Next time you can go get your drinks and get the effect of the three-mile run!

JIM: No, the run was better. (Elias chuckles)

JAN: Elias, what happens when you don’t take one of those choices, when you have the choices because you’ve recognized something – like maybe you’ve accepted the belief or you’ve recognized something like Jim did – and you don’t take one of the paths, so to speak, or one of the choices? Is that when you become fatigued and depressed because you are not actualizing at that point? The only example I have is that in my life, I’ll experience great amounts of energy, and then I will also experience great amounts of fatigue, all at once, and it seems to be when I’m not expressing a choice.

JIM: When you feel the fatigue?

JAN: Yes.

ELIAS: This also is an expression of alignment with aspects of belief systems, for you view that productivity and outward expression and movement that you may objectively view is good, and you view that a lack of movement or productivity is not good. Therefore, you also mirror to yourself your beliefs in this area, for you exhibit what you identify as energy or excitement and motivation as you are creating what you identify as productivity – accomplishing.

JAN: Yes.

ELIAS: Your word of accomplishment may be different from my word of accomplishment! (Grinning)

JAN: (Laughing) Yes!

JIM: Absolutely!

ELIAS: And in this, as you slow your movement – which at times may be quite purposeful, but you respond to the objective expression of slowing your movement and your productivity – and in this, you also create an objective expression that appears to be a lack of energy or a depression of energy.

Now; I express to you that the energy level, so to speak, in your physical terms, is the same in either state. The movement of the energy is different, for you manipulate it differently.

At times, subjectively you are expressing messages to yourself, in a manner of speaking, to your objective awareness, that you may offer yourself more of an objective opportunity to be noticing certain elements of your behavior and of your creations if you are slowing your movement. Therefore, in this, it is a purposeful action.

But your belief also enters in this creation and overrides what you are expressing to yourself, and therefore you do not allow yourself to be noticing what you, in a manner of speaking, intended to be noticing, for you are very busy noticing how inefficient you are becoming! (Grinning)

JAN: (Laughing) Yes!

ELIAS: And you are very busy noticing the duplicity – in that you are being nonproductive – and you continue to be VERY busy creating judgments upon self, which distracts you from noticing why you had created the slowing in itself!

JAN: That’s very interesting. I can see that very clearly now! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Now, I express to you, as you create in this same method futurely – as you shall, for you have created this method for your attention – and in this, as you may be creating your slowing once again, you may allow yourself to be noticing what you are creating within your reality within that moment, and how you are projecting your energy and which behaviors you are exhibiting in that moment, BEYOND the judgment.

JAN: Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.” [session 475, September 22, 1999]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: Elias presented a stick and ball analogy in session 331, October 16, 1998 to help describe the relationship between belief systems – the stick – and our perception – the ball. The point is that the stick is neutral, but the action of our perception in relation to our beliefs is an entriely different story.

Transcripts: go to the stick and ball analogy.

Digests: find out more about perception.

(2) Vic’s note: In this paragraph, Elias said “effortly,” not “effortlessly.” I’m assuming this is a “slip of the tongue,” so I’ve changed it.

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