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dis-ease and healing

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Many individuals enter the area of healing focus believing, within a belief system, that they are healing another individual. (Firmly) No individual, no essence, heals another essence or individual. All individuals heal themselves; but you may be influencing and helpful within an energy exchange.” [session 165, April 19, 1997]

MARGOT: “It seems that health during a focus can depend on three factors – genetic predispositions, specific choices made by the essence while still in utero, and realities created by the individual after birth. Are there any more factors that are affecting of an individual’s health?”

ELIAS: “It is all choice. All resides within you from your inception. Therefore, it is merely a question of the choices within probabilities that you choose and the experiences that you choose to manifest.” [session 191a, July 10, 1997]

JIM: “A question relating to disease: As I see it, creating a physical illness seems to be through a holding of energy, and here I refer to your statement of ‘looking to affected organ and relaxing its intensity and allowing it to return to a natural state.’ Does all disease come from blockage of energy?”

ELIAS: “It is not necessarily a blocking of energy, but a holding of energy.”

JIM: “So whether it was bubonic plague or tuberculosis or anything else, it would be ... somehow the subjective mind determines what it is that the disease is going to be.”

ELIAS: “Correct. YOU are instructing of your physical body consciousness. All elements of dis-ease are within every individual physically focused. They are not ‘catching’ them as you catch a ball! They are within you already. It is merely a choice to be activating them.” [session 254, January 02, 1998 ]

DANIIL: “Another question I had, when I begin to notice some signals in my health, some minor problems – and I guess this is a very, very common question – but should I treat them as signals only or should I go to the doctor every time and pursue treatment to the end? Or should I do both? In other words, sometimes in reading material about illnesses being signals, I get a feeling that if I really listen to my own communications and I intend myself to be well, I can get well. But I’ve been reading some other material and sometimes you’re saying to choose a simple way, choose an easy way, and sometimes going to the doctor and taking pills is an easy way. So, doing it myself or choosing an easy way or both? Which is correct?”

ELIAS: “I may express to you both, for in this, remember that you incorporate expressed beliefs. Many times those expressed beliefs, without being recognized and without recognizing their influences, may be quite affecting and may also at times hinder your ability to be creating certain expressions in manners that are contrary to them.

“Remember also, my friend, you create all of your reality. Therefore, you are also creating the technicians and the physicians and the methods that are incorporated with them. You create all of that, and in that, you offer yourself a tremendous availability of many different methods to be incorporated in association with any manifestation that you may create physically.

“Now; I shall express to you that it is significant to be paying attention, for any physical manifestation that you may create IS a communication. It is a type of signal that is expressing some identification of some action or association that you are generating inwardly. Therefore, it is important to not merely move in an expression of addressing to symptoms, but also to be evaluating and investigating within yourself what you are actually generating, what you are expressing in creating this manifestation.

“Therefore, my response is – my suggestion is to be paying attention to both. Do not force your energy in attempting to generate actions that are contrary to your expressed beliefs. As an example, if you incorporate an expressed belief that your physicians are competent and do incorporate abilities to heal, it is somewhat ludicrous to attempt to move in an expression contrary to that unless you are moving in a direction of genuinely exploring your abilities to manipulate energy.

“But the point in any expression that you choose or any direction that you move within is to be generating an ease. Therefore, if one direction appears to you to be incorporating an ease, why would you then complicate and move in a direction that is more difficult? Unless you choose to experience the difficulty, which at times individuals do!” [session 1418, August 16, 2006]

Elias “gems”

VICKI: “Well, I have two questions, one for me, one for Michael [Mary]. For Michael [Mary], what about the mass manifestations of illness, say, within the animal world?

ELIAS: Creatures incorporate their own consciousness, as do all things. I have expressed to you that you do not incorporate an understanding of animal consciousness. Although they do not incorporate essence as do you, they do incorporate a highly efficient consciousness. They also incorporate a collective consciousness. I have expressed, there is thought. There is great feeling. Many creatures do not incorporate the thought process as you view this to be, but their emotional expression is great. I will also express to you that within their collective consciousness, they may choose for their own reasons collectively, not individually, to incorporate an action as to attain your noticing.

VICKI: Their choice.

ELIAS: Their choice.

VICKI: Their creation.

ELIAS: Some creatures will choose to mass create situations to be expressing of an issue. This issue to which Michael [Mary] holds confusion is related to a very simple expression. Man, in his ever-growing attempts to be incorporating ‘better’ ways of accomplishing, chooses to be feeding animals elements that are unnatural to them. I am not expressing of your drugs! (Vic’s note: he’s reading my mind again!) I am expressing that certain animals eat vegetation. Their expression within physical form is designed, molecularly and cellularly, to assimilate this type of energy, which is less dense than other energy. We have spoken of this previously. In this, you choose to be incorporating fleshy products to animals that do not consume this type of energy. Therefore, within a collective expression, they choose to manifest illness.

VICKI: Do you mean they were feeding those cows meat??? (Incredulously)

(Vic’s note: in reference to the ‘mad cow disease’ in England.)

ELIAS: Correct.


ELIAS: It is making for ‘beefier beef!’ (Grinning)

VICKI: Wow! That’s interesting! (And stupid!) And so then they respond with this mass response.

ELIAS: You may express, within your understanding, that this may be classified as a ‘protest!’ (Grinning)

VICKI: Oh, that’s interesting!

JIM: They all got real mad!

ELIAS: They do not incorporate anger. (Smiling)

JIM: Yes. Thank you.

VICKI: Well, what good is the mass protest if nobody knows that it’s a mass protest?

ELIAS: Ah, but they do respond. They may not understand the consciousness, but the event is noticed, and also acted upon.

VICKI: So the connection between the feeding and the expression is noticed by the people that are feeding the animals?

ELIAS: Correct.” [session 85, April 10, 1996]

GUIN: “Elias, I have a question. Is there any helpfulness that you can give Jaren [Jason] with his physical problems, with his asthma and his allergies that he has created? Can you help explain? I’ve tried to figure out why he’s created this, obviously for the experience, but what else can be attached to it?

(Vic’s note: Jason (Jaren) is Guin’s (Sophia’s) younger brother and is fourteen years old.)

ELIAS: There are other elements within this physical focus that you may attach to this expression, beyond the simplicity of the experience. These expressions hold underlying emotional responses to environment and situations. Individuals, especially individuals that chronologically within a specific focus are ‘young,’ express their emotional response to elements of their focus quite often through physical manifestations, viewing an unacceptable element in expressing through verbalized thought. Many times, individuals, irregardless of age, feel that it would be unacceptable to be expressing of their true desires. Therefore, as with all energy, which must be expressed, they express within other elements of their reality.

These situations, or what you would term to be symptoms, are expressions of a non-alignment with physical environment; not wishing to be in the area of location that the individual finds themselves. Therefore, the expression is manifest. There is an element of acceptance of the choice of another to incorporate location, but within a feeling of inability to be expressing of the individual choice or desire, Jaren [Jason] expresses otherwise; viewing himself to be small, less powerful, and also at the mercy of authority. There are desires which he is wishing to express, but feels powerless to do so. Therefore, physical manifestations are created, in this allowing an element of comforting; for the individuals focused with Jaren [Jason] shall be partially comforting in the physical expression, if not in the true desire.

GUIN: Okay ... alright. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. You do hold choices, as does he also.” [session 105, July 17, 1996]

JIM: “The disease, dis-ease, that my mate Cindy, Borloh, is experiencing now, would this be the counterpart action related to that in what she’s experienced in her blinking out? We’ve been experiencing it I guess, the last week.

ELIAS: This in actuality is a very good question, Yarr [Jim], for within the action of counterparts, this also is quite common. One individual is aligned with one particular family engaged with the intent of healing. The other aligns with another family, and manifests physically. Therefore, you offer each other material for your experience.

This also is an interesting area, in that physical manifestation may be a symbol to you of certain elements of consciousness. You within physical focus look to manifestations physically within the body as negative. You term them disease. In actuality, your physical manifestation naturally functions without what you term disease. In order to be creating of this term, the individual must be objectively focused and subjectively connected; for the energy required to manifest disease within your physical expression is greater than what you naturally create. You naturally have created a physical body to breathe without thought. To not breathe requires effort. Every aspect of what you term to be disease is a connection between subjective and objective activity. You label this within negative terms.

This also creates a function for certain individuals. Initially, the function of the intent of the Tumold family was not to be diverting the action of body disease, for it was a recognition that this action is a connection; an objective identification with subjective activity. Therefore, it was unnecessary. You have distorted this idea. Within your choice to be forgetting of yourselves, you have also forgotten your own language, which we have stated many times. In this, part of your language to yourself may be a creation physically, but as you label this to be negative, you choose to be initiating action to change. Therefore, you view a need for healers; individuals who may initiate action to heal another individual, or to be helpful in healing another individual. I have stated to you many times, you heal yourselves. You do not require the assistance of another individual to heal yourself! You naturally hold this ability; but those who manifest physically also view what they manifest to be negative. Therefore, you are in agreement; the diseased and the healer. Therefore, within agreement in viewing a negative situation, you choose to rearrange the situation together.

In actuality, individuals choose what you will view as dysfunction within their physical manifestation. This is not to say that individuals are ‘more spiritual’ (humorously) if they are choosing to manifest dysfunction, for you may choose your natural state, which is effortless, and you may choose to manifest perfect health, in your terms; but I shall express to you that your ideas of dysfunction and disease within physical form are very distorted. They are a response, not negative; a response, within consciousness, of the body consciousness, which is responding to subjective activity. It is a close connection. You view this dysfunction or disease to be negative, for you view this as a leading to disengagement of physical focus, which you view as negative. The more dysfunction or disease which is created, the closer you view that you bring yourself to disengagement, or death.

(Vic’s note: for the most part, Elias pronounces disease as dis-ease.)

You view all of these things to be negative. They are not negative! They are movement. Many individuals experiencing disease are more closely aligned with their subjective activity than you realize, for they are allowing their subjective activity to bleed through to objective manifestation. You view this to be negative. If you disassociate from the idea of negativity, this shall not hold such severity to you. You view senility to be negative. I express to you that this state is an engagement of transition while continuing within physical focus. This may be viewed by you as positive. I have expressed to you that your perceptions of how you view any given idea or concept are very important, for you may view in one direction and you will hold one opinion. You may view the same concept from another angle, and you will hold a different opinion.

This is the reason that we speak; to widen your perception and allow you to incorporate your periphery, to incorporate more of your vision than you presently allow yourselves; for not all is as it seems.

JIM: Thank you. That’s a great answer.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

JIM: It certainly widens my vision. It was kind of neat, though. I did have some impressions that some of these other things were involved within this too.

ELIAS: This is not to discount the action of what you term to be healing, for this is a function that you have chosen; and as I have stated, you all agree. The healer and the diseased are in agreement of this negative element. Therefore, you hold a purpose within your function. I offer you this information only that you may view that there are more elements to these actions that you create. As long as you view dysfunction physically to be negative, there shall continue to be a reason for healing.

JIM: And disease.

ELIAS: Quite correct.

NORM: I have a question. For example, the recent disease of AIDS, was that created by mankind, or was that created by viruses, or both, or what? (Laughing)

ELIAS: Both, in your terms; for it has been created through consciousness, through a desire which elements of consciousness have responded to, which you may view to be formation of an alteration, not of a virus, but of a cell. In this alteration, the cell is responding to the desire of the mass consciousness. One moment. (Turning to Jim) I shall also in this direct back to Yarr [Jim], in that disease shall continue regardless of the healers.

(Turning back to Norm) The creation of disease or dysfunction, as you term this, within physical form shall continue as you choose. There are many reasons why you choose to be creating of these aspects within physical form. One of the reasons that you choose, within mass consciousness, is for your attention. You choose all of these mass dysfunctions to be beneficial. You never, underline, choose an action within mass consciousness that is not beneficial! It may not be what you term to be good or positive in your thought process, but it is never not beneficial! You shall always benefit from your creations! You choose in some areas to be creating of certain dysfunctions to be expressing a mass statement.

I have expressed to you previously of this situation of AIDS. This has been created as a statement within mass consciousness. It is a mass event. Each time, within your history and continuing, the mass views what you believe to be presently as an injustice, you shall create some action to draw attention to the situation, for this is how you have chosen to attract your attention.

You do not listen to each other unless you view catastrophe. You do not listen to yourselves or to each other if you are joyful. You do not attract your own attention or other’s attention if you are positive. You do attract your own attention and other’s attention if you view an action to be negative! If you view an element to be unacceptable, it shall gain your attention, and you shall take notice.

RETA: My question on the mass statement of AIDS in particular: Was that a mass statement to stop the actions of individuals, or was that a mass statement to have our attention diverted from something else that we should be ... For instance, we have a lot of wars going on which we need to put attention on. Was the mass statement to bring out AIDS and get attention, was that a diversionary tool, or was that against the individuals causing that, a social statement?

ELIAS: This mass creation has been stated to express an element of yourselves that you know. As you choose to enter a cycle of physical manifestation within this dimension, upon this planet, within this time thickness, you choose to manifest within at least three focuses for the experience of these different elements of physical manifestation. In this, it is recognized within your consciousness that this is natural. Within your three manifestations, as has been stated previously, you shall manifest once as male, once as female, and once in what we shall term ‘other,’ (humorously, and laughter) of your persuasion. In this, there is no gender within essence, and within consciousness you are recognizing of this. It is a physical manifestation for experience. Therefore, it is unnecessary to be setting prejudices as to the elements of gender or non-gender, for you are non-gender. You choose only within an individual focus to selectively focus in one gender, for you are highly selective.

In this recognition, as I have expressed, each time within your history that you recognize that you are expressing what you term to be intolerance or injustice, you shall respond to this; for you think in terms of right and wrong. Therefore, you shall right the wrongs that you have viewed yourselves to be perpetrating.

You are not innately bad or evil creatures. You are innately positive. Therefore, you lean to this, although these are physical terms, be understanding; for outside of your framework of physical focus these terms do not apply, but within the creation that you have manifest, you do view within these terms of right and wrong. Injustice, in your terms, is wrong. In reality, you realize and know within that you are all that is manifest upon this planet. I have expressed exercises previously to be emphasizing of this concept.

You within this company view yourselves to be what you now fashionably term Caucasian. Within another focus of your essence, you are also every other color. You are also every other nationality. You are every race. You are male and female. You are ‘other!’ (Grinning) Therefore, why shall you discriminate of any, for you are all! And as you discriminate of another, you do so to yourselves.

NORM: So in the shift, we won’t discriminate?

ELIAS: No, you shall not.

NORM: We shall not. Well, that’s nice!

ELIAS: It will be unnecessary, for you will understand.” [session 132, November 10, 1996]

CAROL: “I see. I wonder about, in this focus, the relationship, the reasons and belief systems behind the relationship that exists with my younger son, who has for the most part left physical focus in what doctors would term schizophrenia, but has returned somewhat now. He and I are locked into some kind of a belief system or an agreement, and I’m trying to understand what needs to change for his belief system, or should it, and mine, and why we have this agreement that we are involved in this together.

ELIAS: Within this manifestation that you term psychologically as schizophrenia, you identify this as a mental disease; a disorder. This is the belief system, that it is a disease or a disorder; for there is no disorder within this manifestation. I shall explain to you.

Many individuals choose to manifest within physical focus, and as they manifest, throughout the time period of a small one they are adjusting to objective creating and objective reality. They are moving from subjective reality into objective reality. Therefore, you view certain expressions within children that you think you do not view within adulthood.

As these children mature, in your terms, they grow accepting belief systems, and accepting objective reality, and creating objectively. They move into an area of separation of subjective knowingness objectively. By the time these individuals reach a certain age, which you classify as adolescence, they are moving into an acceptance of objectivity within their reality. They disassociate themselves objectively from their subjective understanding. This allows for their growth within official functioning; society, within your physical focus. As they move into alignment with mass belief systems and create their reality in conjunction with this, as do all of you, some individuals choose to not engage this action.

You will notice that the most common age for this development of this so-called disease does not occur in small children. Most commonly this begins, so to speak, within adolescence and young adults. You may verify this with your psychology. The reason for this is that certain individuals, as they manifest within physical focus, choose, at this point of movement into objective reality, to not move into objective reality. Therefore, they continue very realistically within an exchange of subjective reality, which is reality.

Within your societies, not only within your present now but also throughout your history, this is unofficial information and behavior. It is not accepted, for it does not align with the mass belief systems. Therefore, it is labeled in an unacceptable manner, for you do not understand the manifestation. You do not understand the creation. Therefore, as it does not fit into accepted official reality, it is ostracized to a point.

These individuals choose to continue communication subjectively. Therefore, they are within communication of other focuses, as would they be non-physically, as would they be during their time period of small children. Within small children, this is acceptable. It is viewed as active imagination and creativity. Within older age brackets it is no longer acceptable, for behavior is expected to change and to align with mass belief systems.

Within this, not only within your present now but also throughout your ages, these individuals manifesting this choice also hold belief systems; as being influenced by the individuals surrounding them, the consciousness within mass belief systems within the time period that they have manifest, and within the non-acceptance of the mass. Therefore, they hold conflict also, for they manifest what they understand initially, but they also hold belief systems that they have acquired. These conflict with the manifestation that they have chosen to actualize. In this, hypothetically, if man were to be accepting of all of man’s choices of expressions of manifestations, the conflict would not exist.

CAROL: That’s exactly what I knew!

ELIAS: The conflict exists for there is a non-acceptance that these individuals choose to be in communication subjectively and objectively with essence, and therefore with all of their aspects and focuses. They do not hold the veil between objective and subjective reality. Therefore, they may exhibit listening to other voices. You express that these voices are imaginary, delusional, hallucinatory. These voices that they may hear speaking to them are those of their other focuses, other aspects of their own essence which are within communication with them. This does not fit within your accepted reality. It is, once again, as we began discussing within our session, unofficial information.

Unofficial information frightens individuals. It threatens their belief systems. Unfortunately, for those involved within this manifestation, they also hold belief systems influenced by the time period that they manifest within. Therefore, they confuse themselves and they also do not accept their own creation. They do not understand that they are not disordered or diseased. They view themselves within the same belief systems as all of society, and they view their own behavior as unacceptable. This creates tremendous conflict.

You have drawn yourself to this experience and bonded within this experience for your own widening, and for helpfulness to this individual in the area of acceptance; for as you each begin to recognize belief systems and accept these belief systems, this conflict shall be abated.” [session 148, January 14, 1997]

NORM: “I would like to ask some questions in regard to the pool of probabilities and the creation of the so-called cellular body that I am operating. That pool of probabilities, does that influence the biochemical nature and the neurological nature of this body?


NORM: However, I have complete control over the realignment of the neurological and biochemical nature of this body.


NORM: And it’s not a difficult task to do, within this probability.

ELIAS: Correct ... although you do not believe this! Therefore, you create difficulty! (Grinning, and laughter)

NORM: I’m trying damn hard to believe this! I was attracted to a book, and it was in regard to some unusual things that happen in the Philippines. It was about the psychic surgeons. Do you have knowledge of this in any of your aspects or focuses?


NORM: They have four different procedures that they do. I’m trying to correlate that with the ideas that I have in regard to the unofficial worlds.

ELIAS: This is unofficial information.

NORM: Yes, I realize that. They do have the capability then, of opening the body without blood and knowing where to go in the body to take care of, for example, a cancerous portion of the lungs or of the liver or what have you, and remove that cancerous portion and then close up without a scar.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: They have the ability then, to discern. There is a great deal of cooperation between the seventeen trillion cells that I have in my body. For example, cancerous cells don’t have the cooperation and are forcing the cooperation of the others? The unofficial consciousness of these people that know how to do this, they can discern where the body has a problem by looking at it unofficially? Is it because of a difference in cooperation between cells?

ELIAS: You are fascinated and amazed by unofficial information that you may physically view, which falls into the same category as parlor tricks! You view what you term to be psychic surgery as amazing. You each hold the ability to accomplish these acts. They are unnecessary. They are no different than your physicians within your western medicine with their scalpels. It is unnecessary to disturb the structure of the physical expression to alter a creation!

You do this for your own amazement. This is to acknowledge to yourselves your abilities, although you do not acknowledge your abilities! You believe that some individuals upon your planet are blessed and gifted within certain abilities that all else do not hold! You all hold the same abilities. There is no lack of cooperation between cellular structure within your physical expression, in the expression of cancer. The individual that has created what you view to be cancer has merely activated, within their own cellular structure, an action of dis-ease, in alignment with their desires.

NORM: And intent.

ELIAS: Correct. There is no lack of cooperation cellularly. Subjective information is offered to your physical expression, which responds with precise and immediate cooperation. You all hold these cells. They are a part of your manifestation. You choose to activate or not activate certain actions within certain cellular structures.

NORM: In the future then, disease should be treated, if it is to be treated with the help of somebody else, by that somebody else informing or helping the individual understand that he himself has created the disease, and to make sure that this is his choice, that this is what he wants to do.

ELIAS: There is no necessity to be making sure that this is the individual’s choice, for if this was not the individual’s choice they would not manifest!

NORM: I’m sorry! I said that wrong! I agree with that! (Laughter) But some people, in the shift, may not know that yet, and so for a time there is going to be a need for people that can explain that, if they want to take care of or improve their health.

ELIAS: Within the shift or what you view as future time periods, in regard to manifestations of dis-ease within any form physically, action of other individuals, incorporated within cooperation of the manifesting individual, shall be only to be reminding the individual body consciousness of its original state of efficiency.

I wish not to be appearing as discounting of the ability of these individuals that fascinate you so with their manifestations of psychic surgery. This indicates a trustfulness of self, and a movement into understanding of physical expression and the reality of your physical expression; what it is; although they have not quite reached what you would term as your physical goals, within an understanding that any disruption of the flesh is unnecessary.

NORM: That’s right. The person could just uncreate it.

ELIAS: But as has been stated previously, there are times that individuals lend energy to another individual within consciousness, to be reminding of the physical expression of its natural state.

NORM: There was another concept that I thought was quite inviolate, and that was the fact that there is a body around me, an unofficial body that is my protector, so to speak. Those people that were operated on psychically had to allow the psychic surgeon to go past that. Some people call this the astral body. They had to allow the psychic surgeon to go by there, for him to be able to do what he did.

ELIAS: Absolutely. This action is a cooperation of both the individuals. You do not hold a shell around you, but you do possess an energy field around you which will not, not can not but will not, be penetrated or intruded upon without permission.

BOB: ... I have a question. Would the shift mark an end to experience?


BOB: So experience continues forever, even after the shift.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB: But only within this focus and other focuses. Let me put it another way. Do you still engage experience?

ELIAS: Yes. (Grinning)

BOB: For the purpose of becoming.

ELIAS: Yes. (Grinning)

BOB: So this notion of an end to disease is to some extent a waste of time because disease is simply experience and since all experience is valuable, then the notion of any change in the nature of things is a waste of time.

ELIAS: No! (Grinning)

BOB: (Cracking up) You just won’t let me, will ya?

ELIAS: You choose collectively what you shall create within mass ...

BOB: Mass like mass, or mass like lots of people?

ELIAS: (Humorously) Mass like lots of people! (Much laughter)

BOB: Okay. Just wanted to make sure!

ELIAS: In this, you create what you desire and choose. If, within the mass consciousness cooperatively within agreement, you choose to discontinue the creation of disease, you shall; although you do, for all time is simultaneous! (Grinning)

BOB: So the shift already happened, or is happening.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Your question was related not to mass belief systems though, but to individuals. Is that correct? Because I’ve had that same question in my mind, almost a sense of what’s the point?

BOB: Of?

DREW: Well, why bother worrying about dying of cancer? Why worry?

BOB: Well, you don’t need to.

DREW: You don’t need to, and worry is probably the wrong word. You’ve got to be very careful of the words you use around here! (Much laughter)

BOB: You can choose to worry if you choose to worry!

DREW: Yes, but in terms of making an effort to correct certain situations that manifest, that you choose to manifest ... How am I doing?

BOB: You can’t correct it if it isn’t wrong! (We’re cracking up)

DREW: But you can change a situation that you manifest. If all experience is neither good nor bad and it’s all for the experience, why bother trying to change anything? I can hear the answer already! Let me see if I can come up with the answer. (Elias is grinning) Well, there could be many answers! The first one that comes to mind is, don’t try but accept. Which leads me back to this, then what’s the point? I understand it’s for experience and it’s for learning, and therefore let the disease happen and don’t make an effort to correct it, to change it. Let your life go where it goes and just be accepting of whatever comes along, because all experience is neither good nor bad. And yet in practical daily terms, if happiness is our desire, not all experience leads to happiness! Now that may be a matter of acceptance, and yet it all becomes, after a while, seemingly pointless to me. I’ve been dealing with this a little bit in terms of not only frustration, but almost a sense of meaninglessness to the effort, which brings us back to the word of effortlessness! Am I making sense in any way? Does anybody identify with what I’m talking about? (Yes, many of us have been on this hamster wheel!) Can you help me with this?

ELIAS: What is the point? All probabilities are actualized. Therefore, what does it matter? Why must you place right, wrong, good, bad upon a choice to give it value? Why has it no value within itself? (He is in the question-asking mode tonight!)

DREW: Well, I guess in terms of its leading to what you said all humans desire, and that is happiness. If that’s a desire we all share but the choices we make don’t lead us there, and yet the choices we make, any one choice is just as good as the other, it almost seems that happiness is unattainable and that we’re just essentially ... I don’t want to say that! We may as well just kick back and go along for the ride and whatever happens happens and it’s all okay. But that may not necessarily make us happy!

ELIAS: And within some focuses this is precisely what you actualize, and within other focuses you do not. Within some focuses, you blissfully drift through your manifestation unconcerned with the whys or the wherefores or the hows or the whats, and you accomplish experiencing attaching no better or worse to all of your experiences.

Within this particular focus that you are aware of within your attention immediately, you have chosen not to manifest this type of experience. You have chosen an intent which creates a direction; and in this you follow, through your experiences, this intent. The intent is what is directing of your experiences.

Objectively, you are correct that all individuals seek happiness; but within your objective terms, all individuals do not believe that they experience happiness. Many individuals, within the entirety of a given focus, experience misery, in your terms. This is directly a resultingness of belief systems. Your happiness, or I shall express your joyfulness of self is experienced by self through all of its experiences independent of belief systems, in recognition of the purity of the experience. Emotionally filtered through belief systems, you may not believe that you experience what you term happiness, but you shall follow your intent.

I add to this, as you may question. You do choose some focuses without a specific aligned intent other than experience. These will be your experienced focuses that you may think of within your thought processes as your ‘drifting through’ focuses; blissfully ignorant, in your terms, of anything other than the experiences themselves.

DREW: So it’s the addition of intent.

ELIAS: Which allows you a direction within an individual focus. This is what you term as purpose.

DREW: But ultimately, it’s meaningless!

ELIAS: No thing is meaningless, for all is affecting of all. Everything, all of consciousness, all of you, is intertwined and interconnected. Therefore, each motion that you create, each choice that you choose, is affecting of all other focuses, is also affecting of all of consciousness. It is so very intertwined that your future and past selves, in your terms, or your sideways selves, in my terms, are continuously affecting of your choices, as you are continuously affecting of future and past events and choices. Therefore, all things are influencing of all others. None is insignificant. All of your actions are important in that they are, within each moment, creating your value fulfillment. If you are not creating value fulfillment, you shall discontinue.

NORM: All consciousness has intrinsically, inherently built into it a desire for action, motion, change? Or I could ask another question. Is there any consciousness that does not have action, motion, change?

ELIAS: No; although it is not necessarily a desire. It is.

NORM: It just is.

ELIAS: Correct.” [session 153, February 16, 1997]

VICKI: “I have a question about that for Jessele [Margot]. She’s wondering if, when she has dream imagery of a physically focused individual dying but in actuality they have not died, if that is indicative of an entering into a state of transition?

ELIAS: At times. Not always; but there are occasions that you may be connecting with this imagery and it shall be indicating of an individual engaging transition within physical focus.

RETA: A couple of times you’ve said, if I’m right, that they can start going through transition before they disengage?

ELIAS: Correct.

RETA: Can you explain that a little bit more?

ELIAS: Many of you already accomplish this, as you term this state to be a condition that you classify physically as senility.

RETA: So you’ve already gone on and your body is still here.

ELIAS: You are here also!

RETA: Well, you’re here also, but partially, not totally alert.

ELIAS: You are completely alert. You are engaging the action of transition. You are not disengaged from physical focus.

RETA: What about these folks that are very ill and they just lay in a bed in a coma? Is that the same thing? They’ve already engaged transition and haven’t shut off the body?

ELIAS: No. We have discussed previously the manifestation of what you term to be coma, and you may be referring to this information. Within the action of creating senility, you are engaging the action of transition.

RETA: That’s interesting.

ELIAS: It is not necessary to be engaging senility to engage the action of transition within physical focus; and as you shall become aware presently and within your near future, you shall view your sciences to be efficiently affecting of what you think of as senility. This is agreed upon, as you are entering into your shift; for individuals within consciousness recognize that it is unnecessary to be creating of this ‘condition’ or ‘disease’ to be engaging transition.

DREW: So they engage it as a belief system rather than as a choice?

ELIAS: The action is created with an explanation acceptable within your physical reality. You view the action to be a disease. Therefore, it is acceptable. It is unnecessary to be creating this disease. As you move into your shift, you are recognizing of this. Therefore you create, quite conveniently, a cure for your disease!

RETA: There are several types of senility. Like you said, coma is one thing, senility is another thing. But there are folks that are almost like a vegetable. Just their body is here, and to us they have no recognition of anything. Why do they stay if their body is not functioning? Or is it a belief system they had before, that they can’t leave?

ELIAS: It is not necessarily a belief system. It is a choice of experience which you may say stretches the limits of the body consciousness. You may be, as I have stated, engaging previous information, which shall be explaining of these situations to you.” [session 157, March 09, 1997]

VICKI: “I have some questions for some other people, if everybody’s finished. These are personal questions for other people. The first one is from Jessele [Margot]. ‘I had a very strange experience this evening. For over an hour I’ve had a steady series of those fainting things, only this one was different. Sort of palpitations–they kept moving back and forth from my heart area to my head, lasting about ten or fifteen seconds in each place. Before I try to explain this to a doctor, I’d like you to ask Elias what it is, and even if I should go to a doctor. Somehow, I think it’s all a part of a bigger picture, but I don’t know.’

ELIAS: You may express that within the belief systems, seeking advice of physicians may be engaged; although this may very well prove to be unfruitful. This is no different, within a continuation of the engagement of transition. Your physical expression also responds. You do not only experience subjective bleed-through. Within the choice to be engaging of transition within physical focus, all of the expression within physical focus is engaged. Therefore, the body consciousness is also affected. At times, the communication of subjective instruction to physical form is confused, for its attention is no longer focused so directly. Therefore, elements of physical actions may be occurring in response, for the body consciousness becomes confused. In this, it is as if you have crossed many electrical wires within physical focus, creating sparks and diffusion of energy.

Express that worry is unnecessary. This also is temporary, although it may reoccur. Therefore, hold expectation of reoccurrence. Express also: Be remembering, you are choosing to be objectively aware and not engaging senility. This is a new step within your physical manifestation. It is unfamiliar, and therefore individuals moving into this area may be on shaky ground temporarily, for you have no reference frame. You are creating and holding to your responsibility. You are not aligning with mass belief systems in creating senility, which (senility) allows you to disengage responsibility.

Many unusual, or what you view to be unusual, physical occurrences may appear. This should cause no concern, if understood that there are breaks in the electrical wiring of subjective information and direction to objective physical form. It may be termed as a short circuit, temporarily.” [session 166, April 20, 1997]

ELIAS: “Some individuals choose within physical focus to not be aligning with the accepted, official guidelines of the agreed-upon reality. These individuals are classified as not normal and holding mental deficiencies. Within this situation, Michael [Mary] experiences a family member with the same label of disturbance as do you, Aileen [Carole]. (Schizophrenia) In this, many individuals within your mass belief systems view this as unacceptable and as bad. Within some cultures and societies, it is focused upon more excessively. This has been reinforced within Michael’s [Mary’s] focus for much time, that this is very unacceptable. Bad blood! One side of family genetics being acceptable and normal, one side being not acceptable and not spoken of; with acceptance of expressions that this behavior and genetic encoding is wrong, bad, a contagion, and to be eliminated. This has created a fear of lack of acceptance. Therefore, this is not spoken of. It is unacceptable to be associated with family members which may be classified as lunatic.

These are very strong and disturbing belief systems, therefore secret; for obviously, if you are affiliated with family members holding this contagion, you are also a carrier of this disease; and we shall not allow anyone to be viewing of this disease, for this is very unacceptable. Within the onset of these sessions, this has reinforced this belief system with Michael [Mary]! (Laughter) Therefore, he has held a larger issue, questioning to himself if he has in actuality actualized this contagion, and is now infecting of all of you! As I have stated, this may be appearing to you to be silly, although within this individual, this is quite serious. Other family members have been less fortunate, and have been committed within your medical profession with this same affliction. Therefore, it is posed as a looming threat, although this has not manifest within this focus to this present now, and I wager to express to you that it shall not manifest at this point in your time period, for it is unnecessary and it also is not within his creation of probabilities within his intent or his experience; but it continues to be a fear. I express that he has accomplished much movement in the allowance of these sessions, as this is a tremendous fear and this action is quite reinforcing of this fear.

Each individual holds their own fear within themselves, whether they are objectively aware of this fear or not, that is their own demon; that haunts each of you. It may appear in any aspect of your reality. You may not objectively become aware of these demons, and you shall move through your individual focus and you shall not connect entirely with all of your probabilities. This is not to say that you do not follow your intent, but you shall block yourself from some of your choices as you do not confront your individual area. This is moving to an objective area, although not completely within this present now, but it shall be materializing futurely within short time period.

William [Gail] also has addressed to the individual demon; this being that element of each of you that you may at any given point project outwardly, and this may be interpreted in what you view to be possession ; for you project that element of fearfulness that you hold within self and create a form, for it is this powerful.

Within individuals choosing a final manifestation, you shall each address to this element of yourselves, in your connecting with all of self and learning to be trustful of self, and in moving on into non-physical focus. Those individuals choosing remanifestation may not be always choosing to be confronting of this element of self. This is a natural byproduct of separation. Just as I have expressed natural byproducts of essence, there are also natural byproducts of separation from essence. Within this particular focus, fear being the largest of these byproducts.

Although you may view within your society changes in the mass opinion of individuals that you may call crazy, within many individuals as Michael [Mary], old belief systems are held still. Lunacy is very bad! This is an element to not be spoken of and to not be shared with other individuals, for they may suspect you. Express to Michael [Mary], have no fear. He has not become a lunatic to this moment presently. His sanity is not threatened within this present now, although he may be believing of this as well as Lawrence [Vicki] is believing that he is a glorious creature!” [session 171, May 04, 1997]

CAROL: Did I understand you to say a couple of transcripts ago that people physically focused are going to be interacting more with people in transition that are not physically focused?

ELIAS: Yes. Within the action of this shift, you shall allow yourself interaction with individuals which occupy the area of consciousness that you recognize as transition. In this, you not only offer yourselves the new challenge of creativity and experimentation, but you also offer helpfulness in the action of transition, that individuals may not become confused and hold to objective consciousness.

There are no ‘lost souls,’ but there are confused focuses! (Grinning, and we all crack up) Therefore, within a recognition of simultaneous time within the area of transition, the focus may become quite confused at all of the lenses that appear before them and the belief systems that shall materialize within their reality, as they choose. This may be quite confusing to you initially. Therefore, it is in your terms quite understandable that some of these focuses may be choosing to be holding to this objective awareness, quitely! (Humorously) ‘I shall reside here within this small area, and recalling this manifestation of body. Therefore, I shall not confuse myself!’ (Laughter) But you also shall be helpful within this action of transition, in a recognition of this action; this being why many, many more individuals shall choose to be engaging the action of transition within physical focus previous to disengagement, offering helpfulness. And as many, many more individuals choose this action, this being also why your sciences shall be expressing they have cured your senility, for you shall hold an awareness. Therefore, you shall not create within total confusion. Therefore, you need not be fixed! (Laughter, and a pause)

... Also, we have spoken earlier of transition. I have expressed to you that many, many individuals shall be choosing to be experiencing much of this action of transition within physical focus. This already presently occurs. You label this as senility. You label this as a dysfunction. Therefore, you attempt to alter this without an understanding. The individuals that are creating this reality also hold no understanding objectively. Therefore, this creates a frightenedness within them, and much confusion. They are not accepting of the reality that they create any more than you are accepting of the reality that they create!

You shall be witnessing new awarenesses, new revelations in understanding of what you now view as dysfunction within mental capacities of individuals. You label these as diseases. They are choices for alternate creations of reality. These individuals, being also quite objectively focused, do not understand what they create, for they hold the same belief systems that you hold, for they are taught these belief systems. They may choose to be entering physical focus in what you term to be a mental dysfunction. You label these in many areas of disease. Within the initial throes of their objective physical focus, they are aware of what they have chosen to create; but within their increasing objective focus, which you move into also as you move into each focus, which I shall explain subsequently, they acquire the belief systems that the mass holds. This is not ‘normal.’ It is outside of your officially accepted reality. It is different. Therefore, it is unacceptable. It is needing of alteration. You not only believe this – they believe this also, for they come to believe this.

... As we have discussed the area of transition that you enter as you choose to disengage physical focus, you also engage an action of transition as you choose to enter physical focus; for you enter subjectively, for you are moving from subjective awareness without objective awareness. Therefore, in increments, you allow yourself to become focused within your objective reality. You will notice that your small ones, your infants, spend much of their physical time period within their sleep state, for they do not incorporate objective awareness but in very small increments. They hold subjective awareness. They are a physical example of your Dream Walkers. As they progress within your time period, they also incorporate more and more objective reality, closing out the subjective awareness. This too is a transition, which may be incorporated within a lengthy time period, in your terms, or it may be incorporated within a very small time period.

Many individuals develop psychological disease, within your terms, as they enter into what you view as adolescence. This is an incorporation of complete objective awareness. Some individuals approach this time period within the focus and choose not to continue. They choose to continue the subjective awareness, which is not in alignment with your accepted reality and your framework of beliefs. Therefore, they are classified as different, and holding disease. (Somebody says ‘Wow!’ and Elias chuckles)

FRANK: When you talk about senility, and it’s called Alzheimer’s disease ... I think this is what you were talking about?

ELIAS: Quite.

FRANK: I know people who are suffering from it, and because of that I know that there’s a lot of people who are dealing with that now at various different stages. They are in that state of confusion, and the doctors will describe it as a breakdown of the mental process, of their mental processes. This is a tough question, I realize, but how can we help them assimilate, from our standpoint now?

ELIAS: (Grinning at Frank) This is not a ‘tough question,’ although it may be difficult for your incorporation! (Much laughter)

FRANK: Just another one! (The interaction between Frank and Elias was really amusing – you had to be there!)

I shall express to you that within your acceptance and understanding that this is not disease ... this is not malfunction, this is a choice, therefore they are incorporating subjective activity ... as you hold an understanding and acceptance of this, you may also offer helpfulness to this individual in explanation. You may view that they do not understand you; but be remembering, they are incorporating much subjective activity, which incorporates all of your objective awareness and understanding. Therefore, you may speak objectively to an individual, and they may understand subjectively and be more accepting of their own creation.

If you are interacting with this individual ... that is not ‘suffering’ from Alzheimer’s, for it is not Alzheimer’s ‘disease!’ If you are incorporating interaction with an individual creating of this situation, you may be listening to expression. You may hear the expression of this individual of different time frameworks. You may look to this individual and they may view you and they do not recognize you, for they occupy an awareness temporarily, subjectively, of another time framework in which you are not what you appear to be presently. Therefore, you do not exist in your form, to their perception. You exist within another form. You may be called another name, for this individual views you within another focus or another reality. You may encounter an individual within this state of consciousness and you may frighten them, for they may view you as an extraterrestrial! (Laughter) For they view another aspect of you. They are in actuality viewing you, but they are viewing the multidimensionality of your essence.

They do not objectively understand what they are creating. Therefore, they are also subject to the belief systems which surround them within consciousness of the mass, which is reinforced by the interaction that they encounter objectively – of all of those individuals so well-meaning, wishing to be helpful, and helpfulness may come through quite simply understanding and accepting the expression of this individual and reinforcing differently, that they are not experiencing insanity, for it does not exist! Is this helpful?

FRANK: Very helpful. Thank you.

Q: May I ask if there’s a difference between an older person, say ninety-nine or a hundred, who is slowly going in and out, and a younger person who has what they consider to be Alzheimer’s disease? Is there a difference in the transition?

ELIAS: Within different age groups, there may be a different action incorporated. Within your belief systems, you believe that as you progress within physical age, that you deteriorate physically. This is not necessarily truthful, although it is reality, for you create it as reality!

In this, you also allow yourself within advanced ages to incorporate this action, recognizing that this is acceptable; for if you are old, you may acceptably create this disease, and others will be accepting of this in recognition of your age. Some individuals choose within younger ages to be creating similar actions, although they may not hold the same objective. There are many reasons that individuals choose to be creating of this type of imagery. You may view some individuals that are creating of this imagery, and to your amazement are miraculously disengaging the action and are ‘cured’ by themselves. They have only chosen to be engaging this subjective experience without the intention of engaging transition. But it is quite impressive, is it not, to be spontaneously cured of this malfunction? It is quite attaining of your attention!” [session 185, June 21, 1997]

ELIAS: “Each cell within your body consciousness recognizes you. It also recognizes, temporarily, all of your other focuses. Therefore, temporarily you may exchange with another focus. You may not assume another focus, for you hold a slightly different tone, and the body consciousness eventually shall be rejecting of that energy; but within this exchange, this is not an exchange of other focuses of one essence. This is an interaction – a mergence and exchange of different essences. Therefore, the body consciousness within physical manifestation does not hold recognition of this tone and energy and is rejecting, as your body physically is rejecting of transplant action. In this, physical rebellion occurs. Rejection of energy occurs, which creates action within the physical body expression. It is protesting! Within this concentration of energy exchange presently, the protesting would be objectified quite intensely. Therefore, within agreement to be furthering of this information delivery and expansion, agreements have been accomplished within consciousness to be helpful in diverting energy from this body consciousness.

This is quite complicated, in your terms, for there must occur an interaction subjectively with other body consciousnesses and energy subjectively of other individuals. Essentially, energy is projected to this body consciousness, establishing a communication, which it is lacking, of its own subjective interaction. Therefore, other individuals project energy to be offering communication and exchanging energy manifestations to objectify the manifestation of the energy expression, allowing a communication temporarily – almost to be fooling this body consciousness, although it is not fooling. It is distracting of the body consciousness by offering information and simultaneously allowing the energy which would be expressed within this particular physical form to be expressed elsewhere. There are many more aspects to your physical form than you realize. It is a magnificent creation of essence, and highly efficient.

Within the exchange of these essences, as I have stated, the subjective communication is interrupted. It is removed. You each communicate every movement, every motion, every objectification of every cell within your physical form, subjectively. Your physical body consciousness does not function independent of your communication.

Therefore, as you disengage physical focus, your body also disengages functioning. It does not disengage consciousness, but it shall cease its function, for it is no longer being directed moment by moment by your subjective interaction. You may disengage subjective interaction momentarily from your physical form, but this shall be affecting. You may not experience tremendous affectingness, but you may not remove the entirety of your subjective communication without also creating much confusion within your physical form, therefore also creating much affectingness.

Within individuals that choose to be experiencing states that you may classify as catatonic or comatose, they continue partial subjective interaction with the body consciousness, therefore allowing for its efficient continuation uninterrupted; although to an extent, even the allowance of some interaction subjectively holds affectingness physically, as the entirety of the subjective awareness is not in communication with the body consciousness. Therefore, you shall witness individuals with some physical affectingness within these states if it is prolonged.” [session 186, June 22, 1997]

MARGOT: “It seems that health during a focus can depend on three factors–genetic predispositions, specific choices made by the essence while still in utero, and realities created by the individual after birth. Are there any more factors that are affecting of an individual’s health?

ELIAS: It is all choice. All resides within you from your inception. Therefore, it is merely a question of the choices within probabilities that you choose and the experiences that you choose to manifest.

MARGOT: And in this regard, would you speak briefly to two conditions that have affected my health during this focus? I was always a sickly child. I’ve always felt this was because of stress in my childhood home, especially with my mother. I was stuttering by the time I was four, and could seldom utter a full sentence until I was in my teens and began getting away from home. My younger brother and sister also stuttered when they began speaking. There does not seem to be a genetic factor for this in the family. Can you tell me why my essence would either choose a speech disability or why I created that? I took my stuttering far more emotionally, far more personally than did either of my siblings, and determined many times I did not want to live because of the stress of this condition. Why did it become such a issue with me?

ELIAS: This shall present you with an example, that you may manifest the same outward objective action, but different individuals may choose different reasons for this action. One sibling, manifesting this same action, manifests this in objective imagery of not keeping pace with thought processes, so to speak; the thought process moving faster than the verbalization. Therefore, this objective creating is not stressful, although at times may be frustrating. She (Margot) creates this action for this emotional experience. Allow that you are not subject to another individual or their creations. Therefore, you do not ‘develop a condition’ as a result of another individual’s choices and actions. You choose to manifest what you think of as a ‘condition’ in response to the choices that you create within the experiences that you draw yourself to.

This individual chooses many times to be experiencing extreme within the area of emotion. This individual continues this choice within this present now in different actions, also lending at times to extreme emotion. It is a choice within this particular physical focus to be experiencing an intensity of this element of manifestation. In other manifestations, the focuses are not quite as intensely focused upon this particular type of experience; but within curiosity of experiences within this focus, this choice has been made. Therefore, within the officially accepted reality and its framework, explanations are offered and accepted of why this individual manifests this condition–they are unhappy within their family, which is acceptable, and this creation is quite in line with mass belief systems and is also acceptable; therefore, also safe.

VICKI: So am I understanding correctly that this manifestation of stuttering basically was created to initiate emotional experience?

ELIAS: Not to initiate, but as an objective expression within imagery in line with mass belief systems, in response to emotional experience; in difference to the sibling which does not incorporate this same action, therefore manifests similar objective imagery but for different reasons.

MARGOT: When I was about thirty-three, I created chronic asthma, which has always puzzled me. Other than doing that ‘for the experience,’ was there any other underlying reason?

ELIAS: This is an interesting area, for many individuals create this condition. Many individuals create this condition similarly. This also objectively is a response. Just as certain individuals hold energy within physical form in non-allowance of subjective information, or issues or elements that they are not pleased with, this particular condition of asthma is also a very similar action.

The individuals develop this expression and this experience in imagery within their dissatisfaction of conditions that they have chosen to place themselves within. They have confused themselves objectively. They are sending what you may term to be mixed messages to physical form. Subjectively they are choosing experiences which they are complying with objectively, but objectively, within their belief systems and within what they view to be their personal preferences, they are in opposition to what they are creating. They are not pleased with their environment and with the situation that they have involved themselves within with other individuals. They continue the experience, for they do not identify the belief systems which are involved.

Let me explain. Another individual shares this experience quite similarly, which may serve as an example. Sophia’s [Guin’s] sibling shares this condition as an objective manifestation of discontentment. This individual is not pleased with the situation which he has created and the environment in which he places himself within, although he also is choosing presently certain experiences and believing that he holds no control for change of these situations and experiences; therefore holding to the experiences within the influence of singular and mass belief systems, but not objectively wishing to be continuing with these experiences. Therefore, conflict is created. This manifests within these individuals in turning inwardly upon themselves.

(Vic’s note: there is information as to Sophia’s [Guin’s] sibling [Jaren] in session 105, July 17, 1996. Follow this link to read this information in the original transcript.)

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I have expressed to you many times, you do the most injustice to yourselves, much more than any murderer may effect upon any victim!

VICKI: Well, that’s kind of confusing for me, because in my perception this particular individual of Margot doesn’t seem to have that kind of conflict today, but does manifest the condition still.

ELIAS: This individual holds many belief systems continuing, which are creating of conflict within. This may not always be expressed within thought. Conflict may be expressed within physical form and the creation of physical maladies, as we have discussed previously. Therefore, you may be appearing to be quite jovial as an individual, and carefree, and you may be manifesting physical symptoms instead. Emotional individuals create many more physical ailments than do thought individuals.

VICKI: Is there a specific belief system attached to this particular manifestation?

ELIAS: There are several. The individual holds many belief systems of home and family and obligation and responsibility. This is manifest quite objectively. Therefore, in moving into areas of examining belief systems and also expanding awareness, which is not in your terms a new development with this individual, there is a conflict which manifests objectively.

MARGOT: ... It seems that one of two situations can sometimes happen, as the result of reality-creating or belief systems, concerning health. We either understand in creating a certain reality that there are physical risks involved, or we create certain physical problems as a result of a belief system. Would a third factor be that if an activity is not part of our intent, we would find a way to discontinue it? For example, I loved to ride horseback, but when I was fifteen I was thrown and injured my back. I obviously created that last horseback ride knowing that some people have accidents that will limit future activity. Could I have created that because, let’s say, that activity wasn’t in my intent?

ELIAS: It is possible. You shall create many different experiences to be in line with your belief systems, which shall move you in the direction of your intent.

VICKI: So are you saying that this would be true of this activity with this particular individual?


MARGOT: Most women who become pregnant understand that in the temporary shifting of pelvic organs, they may have also created chronic health problems. I had seven....

ELIAS: (Interrupting) If they are so choosing!

MARGOT: I had seven pregnancies, all of them planned, and so I knowingly created factors that I’ve coped with ever since. Or, if there was no belief system that pregnancies can leave lasting problems, would there be any?

ELIAS: No. Another example of strongly held belief systems within this emotional individual, who is quite adapt at creating physical maladies!” [session 191a, July 10, 1997]

DEBI: “Another question I had was about my health, specific in the areas of eyesight and vision, and if that’s based on a physical impairment or if that’s based on a spiritual idea of not seeing something or not wanting to see something.

ELIAS: Both.

DEBI: Both?

ELIAS: The physical manifestation is a mirror action and response within communication of your subjective activity. Your subjective consciousness communicates to your physical body consciousness, therefore instructing action to be taken for many different reasons. In this situation, you have instructed your physical vision to be malfunctioning, in not wishing to be seeing yet. This is an element of resistance to change in areas of your own belief systems. You may be choosing to be altering of this situation. You have physically affected this vision in creating a physical malady. It is not in your terms merely imaginary, or an element that holds no physical attachment. You have created a physical dysfunction.

This is not to say that you may not un-create this function. You may be choosing, as you are moving through belief systems, to be affecting of this situation in your terms positively. This also I shall express is within probabilities, for there are some belief systems that you hold very strongly although you are not quite aware of all of these belief systems, and as you continue to hold these you shall not un-create the physical disorders that you have already created, for you do not believe within your belief systems completely yet that you hold this ability. You believe that you may create a malady. You also believe that you are unsure of un-creating the malady, only within yourself.” [session 194, July 17, 1997]

DAVID: “Could you offer some information that would be beneficial to the many, many people – mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters – who have lost a loved one to the terrible disease of AIDS? There’s much taboo surrounding this particular disease that many of our churches and such establishments are distorting, that I can see developing into yet another major belief system. Therefore, if we can nip it in the bud, so to speak, then maybe we might be doing a justice to ourselves. Yes, there are many who know within their hearts this is not a discriminative disease. It can strike at any gender. However, call it ignorance or what, there are just as many who choose to believe otherwise. Other than what information our society has access to presently, this does not seem to offer any comfort to the bereaved. Maybe if they knew that their loved ones didn’t suffer and die in vain, so to speak, they would understand the cause of this disease in terms of it being a chosen experience of the individuals. Therefore, I feel we can offer them somewhat of the truth of this disease, rather than the distorted one they have presently. And is there a cure approaching soon?

ELIAS: I have addressed to this subject previously, and offered the reasoning for its creation. You may offer to individuals that you view to be experiencing suffering at the supposed loss, although there is no loss, of an individual connected with them that this has been created as a mass statement. Within agreement, at different time periods within your history, essences collectively have chosen to be creating of what you may view to be devastating effects physically. This attains your attention. Your societies shall pay attention if you are collectively en masse creating of some action which you view to be distasteful. In this, as you move into your shift, there is more of a recognition and acceptance of no gender within essence; this being only a creation of this physical dimension, holding the purpose for experience. In this, a mass statement has been agreed upon to be delivering information globally, in instruction to individuals that this what you view to be discrimination is unnecessary. You hold no differences.

You may offer to this these individuals that you all, in choosing to enter this cycle of manifestation within this particular physical dimension, agree to manifest three times at the least, for the sexual orientation experience. It is an intimate element of this dimension and your manifestation within it. In this and in recognition that essence holds no gender, this statement has been created en masse quite similarly to your plagues of old to be enlightening the societies, the public, to conditions which are deemed now to be unnecessary and unacceptable. Therefore, individuals choose the action of creating this dis-ease, and also choose their disengagement from physical focus in connection with this dis-ease. It has been purposefully orchestrated, and within the time period of the beginnings of your shift, intentionally.

As to the question of its cure: A cure, in your terms, for this dis-ease shall not occur until its purpose has been accomplished.

DAVID: So, no time frame?

ELIAS: As you look to your planet presently and its response to this mass event, the purpose has not been accomplished, although movement has been accomplished. In your terms, awakening is occurring.

DAVID: So are we expecting many, many more millions of people to die from this disease yet?

ELIAS: Presently, within the chosen probabilities, yes. Be remembering also that this is a choice, and merely a movement in a mergence into another area of consciousness. Therefore, it holds no negativity.

DAVID: I accept the fact that it’s a choice, but it’s the parents, the mothers and fathers who have this barrier of this gay-ness thing, that are causing much pain within themselves to think that their son or daughter was gay, and therefore they’ve brought much pain upon themselves to accept the fact. So many sons that I know have been thrown out of families because their parents just thought it was disgusting. They couldn’t even say, ‘You’re my son.’

ELIAS: But this has also brought much attention to this subject. You are not physically experiencing such secretiveness objectively in this area as you are moving and there is more of an acceptance, although to your perception at times it may not appear in this manner. In actuality, thousands and thousands and thousands of individuals objectively are more accepting of this situation and choice than have been within your past.” [session 196, July 20, 1997]

VICKI: “I just have a couple of questions for both of us. The first one is, could you explain the difference between a state of unconsciousness and what we call a coma?

ELIAS: Very well. These are areas that your sciences continue to be confused within, for they do not understand the workings of your physical brain and they do not incorporate the interaction of consciousness in relation to your physical expression. In this, in actuality, within the action, there is a difference within what you term to be an unconscious state physically and a state of coma.

Within the expression of a coma, the individual experiences a time framework of sorts, although it is quite different from your objective experience within time; this being an accelerated time framework within their perception. It is a time period of choosing, as I have expressed previously. They choose this action in not quite connecting with which probability they wish to actualize; moving into non-physical areas, or continuing within physical focus.

Within the action of ‘unconscious,’ as you term this to be, it is different, for the individual removes most of their subjective consciousness from the body consciousness temporarily in response to trauma. This is an automatic response for different reasons, depending upon the type of trauma being experienced. It is a removal of the subjective interaction for a temporary time framework.

In this, the individual, the personality, subjectively experiences no time; this being different from the state of coma which does incorporate a time element, although it is different from your waking awareness of your time framework. An individual within the state of being unconscious due to trauma experiences no time framework. They are experiencing what we term to be simultaneous time. Therefore, it is unknown to them objectively that any time passes physically. You within your perception may view this individual and they may incorporate one minute or several hours of being within this state. To them, they experience no time framework at all. Therefore, it is the same to them as you blinking your eyes. They are unaware, for they have disconnected with objective awareness. Therefore, they experience no time passing, and the objective awareness is disengaged temporarily.

As I have expressed to you, this would be a temporary situation, in like manner to the energy exchange that you view with this essence and Michael [Mary]; for you may not be removing the subjective aspect of consciousness, within your time framework of your reality, from the body consciousness for extended periods of your physical time, for your physical body and its consciousness works together with subjective direction. Therefore, it holds no direction if the subjective consciousness is removed for too long.

This would be an actual action within your physical time framework; that you may express to yourself that if you are removing the subjective consciousness from the body consciousness uninterrupted for a time period of more than ten of your physical hours, the body shall respond in disengaging. There must be interaction within the body consciousness of the subjective interaction.

Within a coma, the individual holds a continued aspect of subjective consciousness in communication with the body consciousness. Within the action of unconscious, it is the same as this energy exchange, although they are not exchanging with another energy. They are merely removing completely the subjective interaction; this being as if the individual experiencing trauma steps back and allows themselves to take a breath, and then returns to continue.

VICKI: So this removal of subjective consciousness probably would be similar to what I experience when I have a seizure also.

ELIAS: Correct; this being the same. The individual experiences an element within objective consciousness that frightens them. Therefore, the subjective consciousness responds to the objective, which holds fearfulness; and in response, there is an allowance for the objective awareness to be disengaged temporarily and the removal of subjective awareness. Without subjective awareness, there is no objective awareness. You must have the subjective to be creating the objective. Therefore, in removing the subjective, you disengage the objective.

VICKI: So when people say that somebody was unconscious and then they slipped into a coma, what happened was that the subjective consciousness is again directing the body?

ELIAS: Correct, and re-establishing communication with the physical expression and directing it to be continuing, but not quite creating the choice objectively; for objective awareness is re-engaged at that point, and objectively the choice may not be completely engaged to fully re-engage the conscious objective expression with body consciousness and physical expression completely.

VICKI: So within our belief systems of fear of death, in actuality a state of unconsciousness is actually more serious in those terms than what we call a coma. (Pause)


VICKI: We kind of think about it ...

ELIAS: ... in reverse.

VICKI: In reverse, yes. Interesting.

ELIAS: In actuality, the element of subjective consciousness is completely removed from the body expression. Interestingly enough, you hold the fear of death, and in actuality, as you respond within consciousness, you hold a larger fear of life; for you shall automatically respond subjectively to objective fearfulness, and remove.

VICKI: Hmm! When doctors measure brain waves, is there a difference between these two states?

ELIAS: If they are looking, yes; for within the state of coma, there shall be more activity physically within your physical brain, for communication is established.

VICKI: Interesting. Fear of life, huh?

ELIAS: Quite!” [session 206, August 14, 1997]

DAVID: “I read in one of the transcripts where you say that our physical bodies will express physically our beliefs. All physical manifestations are direct reflections of our beliefs. If this is so, then an individual who suffers from anorexia believes very strongly that they are too fat, yet they are quite the opposite.

ELIAS: Correct.

DAVID: So ... I don’t understand. If they believe that they’re too fat, then why aren’t they physically being too fat? (Good question!)

ELIAS: They are responding to their perception. You may view within your mirrors any image. It may not be what you are creating, but you may visually see what you choose to see; therefore offering yourself imagery to be creating what you are choosing to be creating. An individual chooses to be creating the manifestation of thinness, and the imagery that the individual offers themselves in visualization for motivation objectively is thickness.

DAVID: So what is the emotional reasoning behind this disease?

ELIAS: You are attempting to move into psychological belief systems. Each individual creates the experience that they are choosing to create. There is no real disease. All is a choice within your creating and your experience. You attach many psychological and religious belief systems to all of your actions and your creations within physical focus; but underlying, within the reality of what you create, you create for experience, and you experiment quite creatively in many, many, many different ways to be creating all types of experiences; this also being connected to actions within the counterpart action. You may be creating of an action in response or agreement with a counterpart, that you may both benefit from the experience that you have chosen.” [session 210, August 24, 1997]

DAVID: “I have a question for a friend of mine in England, London. She recently has been diagnosed with a physical ailment called M.E., something like multi-neuro deficiency or something like that. Anyway, she said that very little is known about it. The doctors really don’t know much about it. It’s quite energy-depleting, and she just doesn’t know what to do. She just wondered if there was anything she could know more about this M.E.

ELIAS: Ah, we be presented with Michael’s [Mary’s] issue! I shall be expressing to you, Mylo [David], that within this area singularly, Michael [Mary] holds tremendous issues. Therefore, in non-violation of the belief systems and issues held in this area of offering medical information, I am respectful of this; for within this present time period, this would be intrusive to this individual as in connection with this energy exchange. Therefore, this essence, within this present now, does not offer information in this direction; although there is an anticipation held that this issue and belief system shall be addressed futurely and shall be moved through, therefore offering an opening within this blocking area.

This individual physically focused has been chosen in that he allows a great opening and ability for this energy exchange without blocking in many areas in regards to personally-held belief systems, but no individual holds such clarity within energy exchange to be allowing every area to be addressed, for individuals do hold very strong belief systems in certain areas. This is a situation of beyond merely holding belief systems, but also holding tremendous issues personally. Therefore, this creates a block within the energy exchange, for essences are not intrusive. Therefore, within any energy exchange, no essence will be entering areas that are tremendously blocked by the individual physically focused which is engaging the energy exchange.

(Vic’s note: This is in reference to Mary’s issues of personal responsibility in the area of Elias offering medical advice.)

DAVID: Okay. Can I then ask ... the individual, my friend, she’s decided to work on her diet, changing her diet, and she thinks or feels that this is helping. Is there anything I can say, like ‘Hey, you’re going in the right direction?’ or whatever?

ELIAS: Within the individual’s choice and their belief systems, this may be helpful, although there may not be an affectingness in merely altering diet. I shall express to you, within a general offering of helpfulness to you, that you may suggest to this individual that they may be examining self and motivation and desire; and in this, in examining the desire for continuation within physical focus and not wishing to be incorporating uncomfortableness in physical focus, that they may be affecting of this situation if looking inwardly at actual physical elements of body and visualizing the areas being affected within the physical body expression and addressing to these areas, and suggesting to these areas of physical form that they relax their intensity and allow themselves to return to their natural state.

DAVID: Okay, thank you very much. I’ll send that to her.

ELIAS: You are welcome.” [session 215, September 07, 1997]

JIM: “Okay. I’ve been bothered for some time now in an area of personal conflict relating to someone close to me. The experience with this person seems not to be in alignment with my personal inner desires. Am I on the path to resolving this conflict?

ELIAS: (Accessing) Within your present direction, not necessarily. Within your desire, yes, and within the probabilities which you present yourself with, yes; but within your present course of action and interaction, no. Alter your interaction. Be listening. Be accepting and be paying attention, and in this you may offer yourself information to be more efficiently interacting and therefore affecting your future probabilities in this situation.

JIM: I went through an extended period of time in an emotionally painful – or your word, I think, is discomforting – divorce. Was it during this time that the cancer started within me?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: At what moment did I choose cancer? I seem to remember a very unusual episode where I was on a subway station in New York City, and I saw a sign that I was mesmerized with that said – it was a public service sign – it said something like, ‘One in four people will get cancer,’ and I was just astonished by that.

ELIAS: This be your objective awareness of the creation at this moment, but the action of your creation occurred previous to this, while continuing within your relationship. The ‘activization’ (Elias is making up words again) of this disease occurred before you had actually disengaged this relationship. You were already beginning your creation of this disease, for you were feeling disease within yourself and objectifying this within your physical body.

JIM: I have a thought, or have had a thought, that the stress relating to the conflict in the divorce suppressed my immune system, and as a consequence, what potential cancerous cells were there, or the potential for cancer cells, if that’s the right word, were allowed to spread because of the suppression of ... caused by the stress in me. Is that an accurate description?

ELIAS: Close, within your physical terms. In actuality, you had already activated these cells and their generation, creating this disease, but you had created this in moderate forms, so to speak, not unleashing its power within energy. Within subsequent time periods, as you held to your own energy, which you term to be stressfulness, this merely is a holding to yourself of your own energy in not allowing free expression within your energy. In this, you ‘unleashed the beast,’ so to speak, in your terms. In actuality, what you were accomplishing is merely activating cells that already exist within your physical form, and directing them subjectively to be destructive.

JIM: And I have the ability to reverse that process?

ELIAS: Absolutely.

JIM: I’ve felt for some time that I have been, or that I have reversed that. Is that an accurate statement?

ELIAS: Yes, but you hold fearfulness in this area. You continue to doubt that you have completely eradicated this situation, in your terms. In this, be aware: You HAVE accomplished. Therefore, acknowledge yourself, for in not acknowledging yourself you continue to hold to the potential of recreating the same situation; but as you allow yourself the acknowledgment of your accomplishment, you also free your own energy and allow this element to dissipate and fly away and have no hold upon you.

JIM: Hmm. Is the fearfulness that I hold related to my perception that I still have conflict in a relationship?

ELIAS: Partially. This be, so to speak, your ‘back door.’

JIM: My back door? The thought?

ELIAS: You maintain a new relationship, correct?

JIM: Correct.

ELIAS: Within this underlyingly, you continue to hold some areas of fearfulness. I have expressed previously to other individuals that individuals create patterns within themselves within physical focus, creating shrines, and in this they push these shrines away from themselves into areas that you consider to be unconscious – which are not unconscious, for there is no unconscious, but within your terms you consider them to be unconscious – and in this you place very carefully these shrines of your so-called past experiences and patterns of behavior into this area. In this, you remind yourself of these so-called past events that you have built quite glamorous shrines to, that you hold fearfulness within, and you pull these shrines to yourself every so often and view them. You view a physical situation within your present situations and it triggers an element of this shrine, to which you automatically unlock the safe that contains this shrine and pull your shrine, that you may view once again and reinforce your own fearfulness. In this, within certain situations of relationships, you also reinforce fearfulness within the other individual; your partner.

I have expressed previously to your partner that great supportiveness is held within you to her, and she is untrusting of this, and this is reinforcing of your own shrines; of your own past experiences, in your terms. Therefore, you reinforce each other within your relationship. I express to you that you each may more efficiently serve yourselves and each other by looking to yourselves now, and your accomplishments, and what you may offer to each other NOW.

JIM: And to stop the cycle of fearfulness.

ELIAS: Correct. You each hold much information within yourselves. You hold much subjective awareness of yourselves and of each other. Draw upon this and look to NOW, not to past behavior.

JIM: Hmm. Okay. (Pause)

JIM: ... Recently, in trying to be helpful to someone who had an illness, you suggested that person might look – this was a person in England (1) – that person might look inward to the actual physical organs, and your words were, ‘Relax their intensity and allow them to return to their natural state.’ I think this is how, through my own visualization and meditation, that I arrived at countering the cancer within me. Is this correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: I have recently, in addition to using visualization, used words, repetitive phrases, and a repetitive phrase specifically was that I embrace complete reliance on the inner power of my subconscious mind, and just repeat that over and over. How do these two different ways ... which is the stronger way? The visualization, or the repetition of thoughts?

ELIAS: They are equal. Within the visualization, you are connecting objectively with the area that you are holding the energy within your physical form. Therefore, you allow yourself the identification of this. Within your method of repetitive statements to your subjective awareness, you are allowing yourself the opportunity to objectively be connecting subjectively with your objective and subjective awareness. In this, you are accomplishing two-fold. You are accomplishing, within your objective awareness, with a connection with your subjective awareness, and you are also connecting with your objective awareness to your actual body functioning and your holding of energy, which is affecting in the area of disease. Therefore, you are connecting in both manners, allowing yourself to be affecting of the situation.

Many individuals attempt to be healing themselves, in what they view to be healing themselves – their desire or their wish is to be healing themselves – and in not holding an objective ‘method,’ which you are all so very fond of looking for, they attempt to be focusing upon the affected area within their physical form, but what they are neglecting is the communication subjectively. Subjectively, you are directing of the energy which is directing your physical form, and as you continue to allow subjective communication to be continuing in the area of creating disease, you shall not be affecting this.

You may view objectively, quite extensively, at a creation that you are aware that you have created in the area of disease within your physical body, and you may not be affecting of this; for if you are merely looking to the objective expression, the disease, and not allowing yourself communication objectively with subjective activity, you shall not be affecting. This be the reason that I have offered to these individuals within this forum recently the exercise of creating an inner landscape, for this shall be communicating objectively to the subjective awareness (2). They are within harmony. Therefore, the subjective awareness continues to create as long as the objective does not interfere, but as the objective may be interfering by creating an inner landscape or communicating with the subjective awareness, then there is an affectingness. Within the time period that your objective awareness is not communicating to subjective awareness, it is within agreement of whatever the subjective awareness is creating, and your body consciousness is in complete agreement with your subjective instruction. Therefore, what you have created is a method of your own to be communicating not only objectively with your body consciousness and its situation and its holding of energy, creating disease, but also you have connected with the subjective communication and have sent messages, figuratively speaking, to your subjective awareness to be altering of its communication to the body consciousness, therefore affecting.

JIM: Somehow I have created ... I’m not sure I understand the concept of the inner landscape. I have created the inner landscape?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking; not in the same direction that I have expressed previously as an exercise, but basically you have accomplished the same thing.

JIM: Okay. Through my visualization and communication, it seems I have set up a sensitivity – a physical sensitivity – in the organ which had the cancer, and if there is some conflict or some negative thinking, I will know this within a matter of minutes because my organ will react as if it’s tight, as if there’s a blockage of energy. Sometimes I can release that blockage of energy, and sometimes I can’t. I’m not sure where I’m driving with this question other than to state, is this accurate? Is this what I’ve done?

ELIAS: Correct. Yes. You do this for your own attention. This attains your attention. You are quite focused upon this area of disease and that you have uncreated this situation of disease, but you have also allowed yourself a sensitivity to particular areas of your physical body that you may be attaining your own attention with. This has served you well in becoming a sensitive element for yourself; a tool for yourself. You have developed this as a physical warning sign to yourself; an element that you may be connecting to objectively that shall gain your attention immediately, and you shall realize what you are creating and in this offer yourself information and opportunities for new choices to be altering your perception, and in this altering your reality.

JIM: Hmm. That’s amazing. Is tapping into one’s subconscious or subjective mind the same as tapping into one’s essence? Is this a manifestation of the essence, the subconscious mind?

(Vic’s note: For the next minute or two, there were trick-or-treaters knocking on the door, which I was trying to ignore.)

ELIAS: In part. That which you term to be subconscious is that aspect which I term to be your subjective awareness, which is directly related to this physical focus. It is a greater awareness than what you view objectively, for you narrow yourself objectively and you hold your attention very singularly objectively. Subjectively, you allow yourself much more freedom and you allow yourself communication with essence. Therefore, in part you are tapping into information of essence within your subjective awareness, but it is not the entirety of essence, for it is concerned with this particular physical focus. (The kids are being quite persistent!)

(To Vic) You may be acknowledging of your goblins!

VICKI: I didn’t want to be interrupting!

ELIAS: It is not interrupting. It matters not! I wish not to be disappointing of your little ghosts! (So, I answered the door. You should have seen those kids peering into the room. Elias was sitting less that twenty feet from the front door, facing it full-on, and he just kept right on talking. I wonder what those kids thought!)

Let me express to you that you hold all of essence within you. Subjectively, you hold access to all of essence and all of its information. But what you term to be the unconscious or subconscious element of yourself is that subjective element of your awareness that is concerned with the individual physical focus; not the entirety of physical focus, but the individual physical focus; you. You hold the ability to access through this awareness all of the information of essence, which is all of the information of consciousness; but if not accessing all of this information, you concern yourself subjectively merely with the creating of this physical focus.

(Intently) It is an intricate, immaculate process; that you create your reality subjectively within Regional Area 2, which filters into your awareness of Regional Area 1 within perfect harmony and perfectly at each moment, for your experience. (Pause)

JIM: Hmm. Another question relating to disease: If a person can uncreate cancer, presumably he can uncreate any disease.

ELIAS: Quite! You are absolutely correct. Disease is a choice, and you may choose within any moment to discontinue the action. You within physical focus look to this action as miracles, but it is quite within your ability at every moment. It is merely a choice.

JIM: And it can be done basically the same way that I have – like you say, a method – the same way that I have approached the cure of cancer, the uncreation of cancer. It can be done the same way.

ELIAS: It is dependent upon the individual. Each individual creates their own disease for their own reasoning. Therefore, there is no one method that may be blanketly given to all individuals and expressed, ‘This shall work,’ for another individual may be moving into the direction of your method and it may not be accomplished, for their intent and their desire may be different and their probabilities may be different. Their reasoning may be different. Your reasoning and your probabilities involve a new situation within your focus, one of increased hopefulness and joyfulness, which you have chosen within moving into a new relationship. Therefore, you offer yourself within your desire the reason to be continuing and to be eliminating of your disease, for this shall be interfering with your continuation within your new relationship. Other individuals may not hold this same reasoning. It is dependent upon each individual and what they are creating within their own focus and their own value fulfillment.

JIM: Why did I create this?

ELIAS: In part, for your own awareness. In part, for your own validation to yourself, for information that you acquire now and shall be acquiring futurely, and for your validation that there is more beyond what you view physically within your narrow attention within this physical focus. This validates to you the vastness of essence and the accomplishments that you may be creating within your physical focus. It also serves as a validation of this shift in consciousness occurring presently. It also serves as a reminder of what you may be creating, and therefore it also serves you well in creating futurely in areas that you consider to be positive and not negative. You have created this quite efficiently in many areas!

JIM: ... Okay. One question, returning to the concept of cancer: Dogs get cancer. Do they create their own cancer?


JIM: Do they have a ... they must have subjective mind.

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: And they make choices?

ELIAS: Correct; although not in the same direction that you create choices.

JIM: Much more limited choices?

ELIAS: They are much more simple. They do not create in the same direction that you create. Their reasoning is much more simplified.

Creatures create diseases that your species creates as a result of your species. They have acquired the ability to be creating the same disease that you create, for YOU have created it, but their reasoning is much more simplified, and in their creation they are aware that they are creating an element that shall lead to their disengagement. Therefore, they are purposefully creating this. It is merely YOUR choices that you alter the creature’s creation by interfering with its creation. It has learned to create what you create, but it does not uncreate this situation if creating a severity of it. It allows for itself to be disengaging within its creation, but your species interferes and alters the creature’s creation by introducing it to your belief systems and your medical professions.

JIM: They must have learned it all from a subjective level.

ELIAS: Not necessarily. It is within a harmony. They learn this creation within a harmony of objective and subjective.

JIM: That gives them the ability to empathize far beyond what we would think.

ELIAS: Absolutely! They view you, they connect with your creations within physical focus, and they learn your creativity!” [session 232, October 31, 1997]

VICKI: “Okay. The other thing that I wanted to bring up tonight if there was time – which it seems to be a pretty quiet group – is about transition. There seems to be a lot of distortion within this concept of transition. A lot of people seem to equate the idea of transition with dying, and if somebody is in transition, that means that they’re dying, in a lot of people’s interpretations. I think it’s created a lot of ... I don’t know ... misinterpretations of what’s being said within the context of the information. I have two questions about this actually, but first, I wonder if maybe you would redefine transition briefly at this point, for people that are new readers of transcripts.

ELIAS: There are several actions of transition. There is transition from non-physical into physical, which is not connected with dying! (Grinning) This would be the transitioning, the movement from non-physical areas into physical form, which may not necessarily be THIS particular dimension, but any physical dimension. There is an acclimation which is made into a physical dimension, for it is unfamiliar. Therefore, you allow yourselves a time framework to be acclimating yourselves into the reality of a physical dimension. Within this particular physical dimension, this may be moved into within six to twelve years. An individual may fully acclimate themselves into the official objective accepted reality as young as six years. At times, they may not be acclimating for twelve years, or any between.

Some individuals do not fully acclimate within this transition to your officially accepted objective reality. Some individuals choose to be holding to more of their subjective reality. These individuals you view as unstable and expressing lunacy, for they do not comply with your officially accepted reality and hold to much of their subjective reality. Therefore, these individuals do not complete, so to speak, the transition action of acclimating into your physical focus, and continue transitioning throughout their focus. Other individuals transition into physical focus, acclimate, continue within your officially accepted reality, and choose to be transitioning into non-physical focus while they are continuing within their physical focus.

Moving from physical focus into non-physical focus ALWAYS involves a transition, for you hold belief systems within physical focus and your attention is focused singularly in one area. Therefore, it is necessary for you to transition into non-physical focus again, for non-physical focus does not hold belief systems and your attention is not singularly focused. Therefore, you may not move instantaneously from physical focus into non-physical focus without a transition period. This would be an action of explosion, so to speak, for your attention is singularly focused within any physical reality. Therefore, your attention only understands that reality. If moving instantaneously into non-physical simultaneous time, viewing all focuses and the vastness of essence, the focus would not comprehend. We are speaking of the focuses, not the entirety of essence! Therefore, the focus must be shedding the belief systems of the physical reality and widening its awareness and its attention to encompass all of essence. This may be accomplished partially within a physical focus.

Many individuals choose not to be engaging this action within physical focus, and in this they shall continue until the moment of their so-called death and then enter into the area of transition. Many individuals, though, ARE choosing to be engaging this action of transition while they are continuing within their physical focus. They may begin this action of transition at any moment. This is not to say that if they are engaging within the action of transition that they shall die, or that they are leading to their inevitable death! Although you are all leading to your inevitable death! (Laughter) But the action of transition is not the onset of your downward motion into the ‘depths of death.’ It is merely an action chosen to be addressing to your belief systems, expanding your awareness of your reality, re-engaging yourself with essence, and the action of remembrance while in physical focus; therefore allowing you less of a transitional state once you are entering non-physical.

This is difficult to explain to you, for you think within time frameworks. Therefore, you automatically magnate to the thought process that if you are engaging transition within physical focus, you shall engage ten years of transition and you shall eliminate ten years of transition within non-physical. This is not the case, for there is no ‘years’ in non-physical! You are merely allowing yourself the opportunity to be addressing to belief systems within physical focus, and therefore as you move into non-physical focus this need not be as greatly a concern or action, which allows you an increased freedom to be addressing to OTHER actions within transition within non-physical areas, actions that you may not address within physical focus.

You may not accomplish the entirety of transition within physical focus, for you occupy your attention within a time framework. You also are occupied within a reality that holds belief systems.

I have expressed to you many times: You shall not be within this particular physical dimension without belief systems. You may accept belief systems; you may alter belief systems; but you shall always hold belief systems within this particular dimension, for this is how you have created this particular dimension. If you are not wishing to be holding belief systems, you may focus your attention within another physical dimension which may not hold belief systems. Within THIS particular physical dimension and very many others, you DO hold belief systems, which do not fit into a vaster area of consciousness. It is merely a choice of experience within one dimension.

Within the action of transition within physical focus, you allow yourself remembrances. You allow yourself the opportunity to remember self and essence. You offer yourselves examples, viewings, actions – of consciousness, of essence, of more than your singular attention within an individual focus. You allow yourselves to reconnect with yourselves and the vastness of self. You may be choosing to engage this action for very few of your years within a time framework, or you may be engaging this action for very many of your years within your time framework. If you are accomplishing this within an expanded time framework, you shall confuse yourself less, for you slow your action. You allow yourself your time to be viewing singularly. You allow yourself your time framework to be viewing events one-by-one. If you are choosing to be engaging this action within a small time framework, you create your senility and you confuse yourself, for you enter simultaneous time. You do this also if affording yourself a longer time framework, but it is not quite as confusing to you, for it is momentary. Therefore, you excuse the experiences away: ‘I have lost time. My time is moving very slowly. I am experiencing déjà vu.’

If you are experiencing senility, the experiences are all happening at once and may not be excused away and you may be viewed as exhibiting lunacy, for you have become confused with your time element. If you are allowing yourself the longer time framework, as a parent you may view a child and momentarily see that child at a different age. You express to yourselves that this is memory, reminiscing, and imagination. If you are entering the action of senility, you view the child at a different age and many different ages and you speak to them at that age, for you have eliminated your time framework to an extent; not entirely, but to an extent. Therefore, you view your child, which is an adult within officially accepted reality of this dimension, and you speak to this child as a small one, for you view this child as a small one, for you have pierced the veil of your time framework. The child does not understand, for within officially accepted reality of this dimension, it is an adult. It does not view all of the aspects of self, but you do. Therefore, you are labeled as experiencing lunacy. In actuality you are experiencing partial elements in preparation of simultaneous time within a particular focus, allowing you the preparation of moving into non-physical focus and not experiencing as much confusion initially.

The choice to be entering into the action of transition from physical into non-physical is not related to death in the manner that your thought processes proceed. ALL is related to death, for this is what you create – a movement through physical focus to be accomplishing death! From the moment that you enter physical focus, you continue upon a sojourn to be accomplishing death! But transition is not a disease. It is not the action of causing your inevitable death.

VICKI: It doesn’t really have anything to do with how you choose to disengage, correct?


VICKI: So you could choose a debilitating, fatal disease, and die very slowly physically over a period of six months, and this would have nothing to do with a choice of engaging transition.

ELIAS: No. You may never choose to engage transition and you may choose a disease that shall be creating of your death and engage transition after your death, or you may choose excellent health and you may choose to be engaging transition for thirty or fifty years.

VICKI: You said that people always go through a transitional period from physical to non-physical focus.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: When people are born into physical focus, there are people that are born and live for a very short period of time – five minutes, a day. Are those people not necessarily choosing that then?

ELIAS: They also shall be engaging an action of transition to non-physical.

VICKI: I’m talking about from non-physical to physical.

ELIAS: Correct. The exception of the transition state is only in such cases that the essence has not entered a focus. The essence may enter the focus at conception, or it may enter the focus after physical birth. If not entering into the focus, there is no transition; but if in your terms one minute is experienced within physical focus of the essence entering the focus into the physical dimension, a transition occurs at disengagement. A transition occurs at entering. They may be simultaneous within your time framework, but it shall occur.

LISA: ... Can I ask you a question? The scientists on our planet think that various diseases or mental illnesses, etcetera, that a lot of things are passed genetically through DNA. So is that a belief system or is that really the truth? Do you know what I’m saying? Is that a cosmic reality or whatever?


LISA: It’s all a belief system??

ELIAS: Correct.


CATHY: Just what you wanted to hear! (Much laughter)

LISA: Does that mean everything I think and see and feel is a belief system?? Where’s the truth?

ELIAS: You would not understand truth ...

LISA: I wouldn’t?

ELIAS: ... if it was presented to you. It holds little meaning within your dimension presently.

LISA: The truth holds little meaning within our dimension?

ELIAS: For your belief systems are your truths!

LISA: So science is all a farce?? It’s just a belief system?? I won’t go there because I’ve sure you’ve been there a million times in other sessions, so....

ELIAS: It is not a farce. It is your reality. All that you create within this dimension are reality within this dimension. They may not hold significance within another dimension, but they are reality within this dimension. All that you create within ALL dimensions and all of consciousness is reality. It merely may not hold significance to another reality, but that does not diminish its significance within this reality.

LISA: So there is significance to DNA?

ELIAS: Within this reality.

LISA: So things CAN be passed genetically?

ELIAS: Within your creations and your alignment with what you have created, but it is not a rule, for you may deviate from the officially accepted reality at any moment.

LISA: Yeah, you can overcome your genetics.

ELIAS: You may ALTER your genetics.

LISA: A mind over matter kind of thing? Meaning mind over matter? (Elias grins, and we all crack up) Okay, I’ll just shut up!

ELIAS: Not necessarily mind over matter, for mind and matter are one. Therefore, there is no ‘one over the other.’ They are in harmony. In this, it is merely a question of choice.

You hold endless choices within probabilities. Therefore, you merely create a choice and you actualize that choice. If you are choosing to align with your officially accepted reality, you shall create within the confines and direction of your genetics. If you are choosing not to be aligning with your officially accepted reality, you may move outside of the direction of your genetics. It is merely a choice.

You are not bound by what you believe to be your officially accepted reality. You may alter this reality at any moment. You choose – en masse, not you – for you have chosen to be creating of this officially accepted reality, for you hold countless other realities in which you may be creating other choices, and you choose to be engaging this reality for its particular experiences. Therefore, it is unnecessary, for the most part, to be stepping outside of this officially accepted reality.

Even individuals that choose to not be entirely aligning with the officially accepted reality DO align with many aspects of it. Individuals that you view to be insane are choosing not to be aligning with the entirety of officially accepted reality, but their physical form functions the same as does yours, for they DO align with certain aspects of the officially accepted reality. They breathe air, as do you breathe air. They do not swim like a fish underneath your water and breathe water! They walk upon your earth, as do you. They function the same as do you. Their hair grows, as does yours. They walk, as do you. Their form creates the same as yours creates. They speak in the same language, with words, as do you. But they do not entirely align with your officially accepted reality. Therefore, partially they move outside of the bounds of this particular reality, but continue to experience elements of this particular reality.

You may accomplish the same in many different aspects. You may choose to be regenerating of tissue if you are so inclined, which is outside of your officially accepted reality and belief systems. You may choose to be altering your DNA, which is outside of your officially accepted reality. It is merely a choice. But this is not to discount your reality, for it is reality and you have chosen to be aligning with it. Therefore, if you are acquiring a genetic disease, you are choosing to align with your official reality. This is merely not to say that you hold no options to alter this reality. It is placing no right or wrong or good or bad to your choices. They are merely your choices for experience.” [session 247, December 07, 1997]

(Vic’s note: the following session was held directly after Julie’s session, as Stella had been experiencing some very affecting physical symptoms.)

Elias arrives at 8:42 PM.

ELIAS: “Good evening.

STELLA: Hi, Elias. Well, here I am. I have no idea what’s going on. I don’t like what’s going on. I don’t know. I came here because I’m asking for your help. I just need help. I really do. I don’t like doing this and I don’t want to, so if you can share with me what I can do to quit doing whatever it is, I will do it right now. (Elias chuckles) And don’t laugh! This is not fun!

ELIAS: You are experiencing elements of transition. Your objective awareness responds, for you are fading in and out. You are allowing yourself a temporary action of what may be considered as your ‘in-between’ state, but within the engagement of this objectively within physical focus, at times you may view this to be uncomfortable.

We have spoken of transition with individuals experiencing what you term to be senility. The reason that this is viewed as a disease is that the individuals experiencing transition in this manner exhibit physical situations also. It is not merely a situation of appearing to be delusional. Your physicians treat this condition with medication, for the individuals experience physical disorientation, dizziness, discomfort within their physical form, pain, for they are entering areas of consciousness that are unfamiliar within this dimension. They are merging non-physical aspects to physical dimension, which in a sense, in a physical sense, is unnatural, for it does not fit within your officially accepted reality. The medication that is offered by your physicians to these individuals offers little relief, for the physicians do not understand what they are treating. Therefore, as the All-Knowing Physician, (grinning) I shall offer to you: You are not in need of medication.

I may offer to you that you have created a situation within yourself of lending energy to yourself of disengagement. Therefore, you also onslaught yourself with your transitional state. Within your belief system underlying, you must hurry! You must be creating all of your transition before you are disengaging, and you are lending energy to yourself for disengagement within a small time framework!

You are not wishing to be continuing within physical focus, but you are not wishing suicide. Therefore, you hasten your time framework to your disengagement by lending much energy to this action, and also lending energy to the creation of furtherment of the transition. It is unnecessary.

STELLA: So what can I do now?

ELIAS: Take a bath!

STELLA: Take a bath? What do you mean, take a bath?

ELIAS: The order from The Physician! (Grinning) Immerse yourself in a bath, and while in this state, allow yourself a relaxation and a visualization of self. In this, as you are visualizing self, be connecting with your own energy of what you are creating, and recognize that you may be accomplishing this type of transition in a more natural state non-physically and you shall not be incorporating physical affectingness of body consciousness. (Pause, smiling)

I am quite aware that this appears quite simplistic, but I am also aware of the affectingness of the body consciousness. You are holding very tightly to the physical body consciousness. You are constricting it.

STELLA: That’s why my back hurts so bad?

ELIAS: You are not allowing a free flow. Within your belief systems, which ARE reality, immersing yourself in water allows you to unconstrict your physical form. You allow your consciousness to release its hold upon your form. (To Vic) When you swim, you allow yourself buoyancy, for you believe that the water shall support you and you allow yourself the opportunity to release your own conscious hold upon your physical form. (To Cathy) When you immerse yourself in your bath, you allow a relaxation, do you not?

CATHY: Yes, I do.

ELIAS: Water serves as very strong imagery to you within physical focus. You hold many belief systems in relation to water. Therefore, the suggestion is not as simplistic as it seems.

Realize that as you are lending energy to your disengagement, you also hold fearfulness of this disengagement. Therefore, you are holding to your physical body consciousness. You are creating a situation of struggle. One aspect of your desire moves to letting go; one aspect of your desire moves to holding very tightly. Therefore, you create conflict, and as you are creating conflict, you are confusing your body consciousness. It is responding to your hold.

STELLA: Hmm. Makes absolute sense. So if I do this with this water and I just imagine ... this dizziness is driving me crazy! These dizzy spells are awful.

ELIAS: Visualize yourself. Allow yourself to release your hold upon your physical body consciousness. Allow yourself the acceptance of your transitional state within the moment, and that you need not force this state.

It is also unnecessary for you to lend so very much energy to your disengagement. You shall disengage when you are choosing.

STELLA: Okay ... because I have a time frame. (Laughter)

ELIAS: I am aware!

STELLA: Oh Elias, thank you very much. I knew all along that the doctor was not going to do anything. I knew that. I just knew that. Dick has the same pain in his shoulder. Why does he have it?

ELIAS: This also is an action of transition. This individual has been engaged within the action of transition for a time framework and also holds to the physical aspect in fearfulness of disengagement. This is ongoing with this individual, for he holds belief systems of age and that he is moving closer to the time framework of disengagement, and is holding to this physical expression.

STELLA: So, it’s both of us.

ELIAS: You also lend energy to each other in this situation.

STELLA: Oh really? Lend energy, meaning in helpfulness?

ELIAS: In creating what you are creating! (Laughter) For you are creating very similar actions! One aspect holds to the physical, one aspect desires to let go; but the fear binds you.

STELLA: Okay. I haven’t had ... what do you call it? An alternate self or something? Because I don’t feel like myself. That’s just part of the transition, right?

ELIAS: Correct.

STELLA: I feel like she somehow comes back for a little while. She comes back, and then she goes away. I’m not here, I’m just not here.

ELIAS: You are fading in and out. You are viewing more of you than that which you normally allow within your singular attention. This is an action of transition.

STELLA: But it doesn’t have to be as disruptive as I’m making it.

ELIAS: Correct. Therefore, immerse yourself in your water of your bath!

STELLA: I will. Well, it’s a nice prescription! I’ll come back to you, Physician. (Elias chuckles) Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.” [session 248b, December 09, 1997]

ELIAS: “Some individuals within the Tumold family, in BELONGING to the Tumold family, may even at times be creating of injury or disease within themselves spontaneously, and alter that creation and spontaneously UN-create what they have created merely for the benefit that other individuals may be connecting and realizing more of their reality than they are aware of in that particular present moment, and also to be addressing to the individual’s belief systems within the areas of what you term to be healing.

In a sense, these would be viewed to you as parlor tricks, no different than levitating a table or materializing a vase; but at times, for the belief systems are so very strong in these areas among you all, some individuals belonging to the Tumold family may be inspired, also within communication of the Dream Walkers, to be exhibiting this type of behavior, that it may address to your own belief systems and it may challenge your belief systems and allow you to be opening to your periphery.

It is quite an interesting family of consciousness, this Tumold. This be also the reason that they ‘follow’ – they are those that address to your strongest belief systems. Therefore, as you have addressed to your other belief systems within your physical focus and attempting to be accepting of these, you shall continue to hold very strong underlying belief systems that for the most part you do not address, for they are so much a part of your physical focus that you do not even see them. These belief systems are the most difficult, and these are those that the Tumold addresses to and allows a surfacing of – all of the belief systems that you hold within you concerning your physical form, your psyche, your spirituality, your emotional states. These are the elements that the Tumold addresses to, and brings surfacely for you to be addressing to. You look to your belief systems, to be altering or changing or accepting within your behaviors, but you hold tremendous belief systems within these areas of form, of psyche, of emotion, of spirituality that you do not even address yet.

I express to you that you within your physical form may consume rocks and sustain yourself. You view this as amusing and non-reality. You hold tremendous belief systems, very strong belief systems, as to how you must be maintaining your physical form. What you consume has nothing to do with the maintenance of your physical form. It all works in harmony, and when ANY element of these four aspects is within disharmony, ALL are within disharmony. It makes no difference what you are consuming, in itself. It makes no difference what you hold within emotion, in itself. It is of no consequence what you believe within your spirituality, within itself. It holds no matter what you believe within your psyche, within itself. They all move in harmony to each other. THIS is the area of healing that the Tumold provides. In restoring to a natural state, they lend energy to bringing into alignment and harmony these four aspects of yourselves within your physical focus, within consciousness, objectively and subjectively.

... As I have stated, in a manner of speaking you may be expressing that individuals ALIGNED with Tumold in many respects are distorting of the intent of Tumold, for they have allowed their belief systems to be overpowering of the intent. Tumold may be quite helpful in furthering the intent of the Sumafi, for they are quite aligned in not wishing to be creating of distortion. The intent of the Tumold, as I have stated, is not to be altering another individual’s creation or reality, but merely to be helpful in lending energy to a natural state and a harmony within all individuals and themselves. They are not attempting to ‘FIX’ something. They are accepting of creations.

Within an individual BELONGING to the Tumold family, they may be interacting with another individual who is creating of disease, and they shall not create an attempt to be moving energy in a manner to discourage the individual from creating this disease. They are accepting that this is the individual’s creation, and if they are choosing to be continuing with this creation, this is acceptable. They may merely move into the direction of being helpful to the individual within their creation, recognizing that this is their choice to be within harmony of all of the aspects of the self in their creation.” [session 250, December 14, 1997]

JIM: “A question relating to disease: As I see it, creating a physical illness seems to be through a holding of energy, and here I refer to your statement of ‘looking to affected organ and relaxing its intensity and allowing it to return to a natural state.’ Does all disease come from blockage of energy?

ELIAS: It is not necessarily a blocking of energy, but a holding of energy.

JIM: So whether it was bubonic plague or tuberculosis or anything else, it would be ... somehow the subjective mind determines what it is that the disease is going to be.

ELIAS: Correct. YOU are instructing of your physical body consciousness. All elements of dis-ease are within every individual physically focused. They are not ‘catching’ them as you catch a ball! They are within you already. It is merely a choice to be activating them.

JIM: So AIDS, for example, has been in the physical body ... the potential for AIDS has been there ...

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: ... for centuries.

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Why did it all of a sudden just come out to our awareness in the last ten to twenty years?

ELIAS: For you have chosen this en masse. Individuals choose for their own individual reasons, but en masse they also collectively choose to be creating of this epidemic, that they may be creating a statement.

JIM: What would the statement of AIDS be?

ELIAS: That statement which brings your awareness throughout your globe as to your own biases, your own belief systems of sexuality upon your planet; what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. Within essence, you hold no gender. Within this physical dimension, you choose within agreement to physically manifest at the least three times, to be experiencing these three elements of sexuality: male, female, and ‘other.’

JIM: And other?

ELIAS: Homosexual.

JIM: So for example, in my focuses I have experienced this ... in other focuses of me?

ELIAS: Not necessarily AIDS; but yes, homosexuality and female.

JIM: Interesting!

ELIAS: This dimension is very sexually oriented. Its foundation is sexual and emotional. Therefore, you explore all aspects and elements of these creations.

JIM: That relates to another question I had. If our dimension is focused on sexuality and emotion, what would another dimension’s focus be?

ELIAS: Differences! (Grinning)

JIM: Aggression?

ELIAS: In some. What you may imagine has been created!

JIM: Hmm! So in Star Wars and Jabba the Hut, that’s been created?

ELIAS: What you may imagine IS reality.

JIM: Some of it’s pretty bizarre! (Laughing)

ELIAS: To YOUR dimension! (Laughter) I have expressed many times, your science fiction is closer to science fact than fiction!

JIM: I have an issue about eyesight. Several years ago, two or three years ago maybe, I started to need glasses. However, a funny thing happened. I wanted a pair of glasses that would be clear on the lower portion and magnified on the upper portion so that I could in driving see long distances, but yet I could see quite well around the car. I had great difficulties in finding someone to create such glasses! I got irritated so I forgot glasses altogether, and my eyesight improved, improved very well in fact! But then recently, as in a month or two ago, I started having problems seeing distances and sometimes short up, particularly at night, and then within the last week maybe, I’ve started to see better again. What is going on here?

ELIAS: Look to your patterns. You choose at times to be affecting of your vision when you are not wishing to see. When you are not wishing to view and see elements of your reality that may be causing you discomfort or distress, you choose to be affecting of your vision; but this also creates conflict for you, for it interrupts your control of yourself and your accomplishing. Therefore, you readjust. As you may not acquire appropriate spectacles to provide you with the vision that you choose to hold, you merely decide to create the vision yourself, and accomplish! But at time periods you choose not to be viewing certain elements within your life, so to speak, and you affect your vision once again, but this once again becomes irritating! Therefore, you correct what you have created.” [session 254, January 02, 1998 ]

DAVID: “So what about sexual diseases incorporated in things like orgies and people getting other people’s diseases by sexually being promiscuous, so to speak? I know that be a belief systems, I guess, but....

ELIAS: Sexual diseases are generated by belief systems. Just as you may create any dis-ease within you which is influenced by your belief systems and your own issues that you hold, you may also be creating dis-ease within areas of sexuality. As you DO hold religious belief systems that suggest to you that sexual activity is not acceptable, you create dis-ease to be reinforcing of these belief systems.

DAVID: This becomes a vicious circle with regards ... like AIDS. A person will say, ‘I’m not going to get AIDS,’ and get it.

ELIAS: Although as I have expressed to you, at times certain dis-ease(s), as with AIDS, are not merely influenced by belief systems. These are epidemics which are created as a mass statement. Although individually each individual creates this dis-ease within themselves for their own reasons and are influenced by their own individual belief systems, en masse there is another reason for the creation of this dis-ease.

DAVID: So our other physical focuses, you say, are affecting of each other. Is it correct to say that in two of mine that I recalled vividly in a dream, one where I was a high-class prostitute of a period where then or there it wasn’t considered like prostitution is today ... I was actually a high priestess. This was a vivid dream that I connected to as one of my focuses. Was this correct? (Elias nods) And another one also was involved purely as a focus of sexual experience that bleeds though. Would it be correct in affecting of this focus?

ELIAS: All of your focuses are influencing of all of your focuses. As I have stated, at times certain focuses may be more influencing of other focuses. Now; I may also express to you that another focus may NOT be more influencing, but YOU may choose to be drawing energy from another focus to be reinforcing of your focus presently and your belief systems within this focus.

DAVID: Okay. So do we all in this room have focuses presently going on that are very sexual oriented?

ELIAS: Yes ... as is this one! (Grinning)

DAVID: Right; but whereas some people in this room would probably choose to believe that they are walking the ‘path of righteousness,’ so to speak. Therefore, they would not think of themselves as being promiscuous, yet another focus of theirs would be promiscuous.

ELIAS: This is correct, but your mere existence within this physical focus places you in the experience of being a sexual being regardless of your actions. Your thought processes magnate to your sexuality. Your physical feelings reflect this regardless of your actions.

DAVID: Okay. If an individual experiences what they call impotency, a doctor would say that’s a problem with their psychological imbalance or chemical imbalance. What is impotency?

ELIAS: This also is an action influenced by your belief systems. In lack of acceptance of self, an individual may image this with this action of impotency in not believing that they are worthy and imaging a lack of what you term to be ‘performance,’ for they hold very strong issues and belief systems in the area of lack of acceptance of self and duplicity, and they may image this in this manner.

DAVID: So for example, body consciousness is involved. The mind may say, ‘I want a woman,’ but the body may say, ‘No, it’s a man I want.’ Therefore, they fear impotency, and that mirrors conflict between the conscious mind wanting it and the body consciousness ... do you know what I’m saying?

ELIAS: It may be at times. This is not a rule. For the most part, individuals experiencing this situation experience this as they create an instruction to the body consciousness to be not performing in its most intimate fashion, for the individual holds a great lack of acceptance of self and may not be intimate with self.

HELEN: So that would be the same with an orgasm? Like if you have a hard time having an orgasm, that’s lack of acceptance of self?

ELIAS: Correct. You do not allow yourself to share with another individual; which as I have expressed, this is the physical mirror action of the interconnectedness of essence, and you do not allow yourself to engage in this action and share physically with another individual and loosen your hold upon your separation, for you do not accept yourself. Therefore, this creates a situation of fearfulness. If you are not accepting of self, you shall be guarded. You shall limit yourself, for you shall also not accept that another individual shall be accepting of you.

You hold very DEEP belief systems in these areas. You guard yourselves very carefully. You hold to your individual energies very carefully and very seriously, for you hold very strong belief systems of hurtfulness. You also hold very strong belief systems in what you THINK of as love. You do not ‘give away’ love and you do not receive love easily, for this is an element to be guarded, and if mistreated it appears to be extremely hurtful. Better not to engage this area than to engage the hurtfulness.

I express to you, you do not GIVE love. You do not RECEIVE love. You do not ENGAGE love. You merely experience. It merely is. It is not an entity. It is not a thing that you may pass to each other. It is a state of being, and in it there is no hurtfulness. It is merely your belief systems that create the illusion of hurtfulness, although within your belief systems and your feelings, your emotions within this dimension, it is reality of this hurtfulness. You do FEEL this, but this is dictated by your belief systems. You have created many situations in the area of your sexuality, in limiting yourselves with regard to your belief systems.” [session 255, January 04, 1998 ]

SUE: “My cat developed asthma a few years ago, and we talked about that, but I have asthma myself that I developed a few years ago. I can sometimes see ways that I use it for myself, but I wondered if you could comment on why I developed it, what it’s there for.

ELIAS: This also is an offshoot belief system from those of which we are speaking this evening, the belief systems that you hold about self. You hold belief systems in the area of your physical appearance – how you project your camouflage within physical focus – and as you view your physical form as not quite satisfactory and adequate, you also create a depressing upon it. You subjectively instruct your physical form to be depressing itself, constricting itself. In this, you are imaging your wish for this physical form to be more compressed, which may appear within your belief systems to be more adequate. But as you are not allowing yourself the accomplishment objectively to be creating this – for you do not believe that you hold the power to be creating this – you image to yourself your subjective instruction to your body consciousness to depress itself. This creates an imaging within you as a mis-function or a constriction within your breathing, which is also a constriction of what?

SUE: The lungs.

ELIAS: Which are located in which area of your physical form?

SUE: The chest.

ELIAS: Correct.

SUE: (Laughing) You mean I’m trying to make myself smaller?

ELIAS: Correct.

SUE: Oh! Interesting!

ELIAS: And constricting yourself. This relates to a basic belief system that suggests to you a lack of acceptance of what you have created originally.

SUE: I was very thin all through my twenties, and it was in my thirties that I gained some weight – I wouldn’t say a whole lot, but I gained some weight – and it was also in my thirties that I developed asthma. Was that a connection, then?

ELIAS: Correct.

SUE: Okay. Is this also connected, are you saying, with the fact that I’m large on top specifically, or it is overall weight?

ELIAS: This is your OWN underlying belief system.

SUE: Okay. Interesting! I don’t think of it as my choice. I think of it as something that runs in the family.

ELIAS: Absolutely! This is ‘beyond your control!’ This is an area that you have no affectingness of, and within your physical form YOU are not creating of this and may not be affecting of this, for within your belief systems, you are merely the victim of heredity!

SUE: (Laughing) Yeah.

ELIAS: But as I have expressed, each individual creates their physical form as to their own design, and you also are creating of that physical form within every moment. This be the reason why your physical forms are so very changeable, for you are continuously creating them. But within the very strongly held belief systems that you are NOT creating them and that you hold no control over them ... for control is another very large belief system within physical focus within this dimension, and in this you hold these belief systems. Therefore, it is quite obvious that you may not be affecting of physical form. Therefore, you shall create a situation to be instructing of your physical form to be constricting of itself.

SUE: Interesting. Because on the one hand, I tend to think that I inherited my shape, and yet at the same time I know that I wouldn’t have had that shape if I hadn’t chosen to. I would have, at the very least, chosen different genes to work with or something.

ELIAS: More conflicting belief systems! This offers you the opportunity to view the conflictingness of the belief systems that you hold.

SUE: Yes. Because I accept a lot of this, but only up to a point.

ELIAS: Quite. ‘You create your reality’ is a concept, not a reality. Many individuals hold the concept, and not the reality. You create your reality at times in certain areas, but not in ALL areas. This is incorrect!

SUE: Okay, thanks. I’ll think about that. One question about my cat having asthma. One thing I realized after we talked about it a few weeks ago was that I tend to give her a lot of attention when she starts coughing, and I realized that I might be reinforcing her doing that. I’m still giving her the medicine that she appears to need, but I’m trying to ignore her when she coughs. Is that likely to make any difference in her having this?

ELIAS: As you reinforce, it shall continue to be created. It is being created in sympathetic action and agreement to yourself. As you do not reinforce your OWN need for attention within this area and you also do not reinforce this action with the creature, you do not concentrate upon this action as much and you do not lend energy to the perpetuation of its creation.

SUE: Okay. I thought it was probably better to not pay attention to her when she did it, but at times I felt like I was being mean to her, so I wasn’t sure whether....

ELIAS: You are also reinforcing your OWN belief systems within a mirror action in continuing this action. In this act, you are offering yourself a viewing of your own expectations and wantings within this focus. You are desiring of nurturing and affection and closeness; attention. Therefore, as the creature mirrors your action to you, you give to the creature what you are seeking yourself, but you are also perpetuating the creation.

SUE: Right. I feel guilty about her because she was always very playful, and the asthma slows her down and makes her quieter. I feel bad, as if I created this in her by wanting her to be less playful. Not that I mind her playing, but it annoyed me that she wanted me to play with her all the time.

ELIAS: This creature has created this action, this ailment, this constriction as an offering to YOU, in agreement and compliance with no expectation. It has offered this action to you, that you may view the very many elements of your own belief systems which cause you conflict. Therefore, it is unnecessary for you to engage guilt!

SUE: Thank you. That makes me feel better.” [session 256, January 10, 1998 ]

ELIAS: “Consciousness transmits energy regardless of the physical state. I have expressed previously that the state of a coma is merely a removal of partial subjective interaction – a partial removal of the objective interaction also – but there remains an aspect of the subjective interaction with the individual choosing to be in the state of coma. Therefore, there continues a certain amount of subjective communication. The individual holds an awareness partially objectively also. This be the reason that your physicians may suggest to you that an individual within this state may hear you and also may respond to you. They also within this state hold the ability to be communicating subjectively.” [session 260, January 18, 1998]

JIM: “With disease that we manifest objectively, how that is affected; how our energy centers are affected by our subjective awareness so that we objectively have the disease or discomfort or whatever we give ourselves.

ELIAS: Your subjective awareness directs your body consciousness, and also directs your energy centers. Your energy centers are those elements that are directing of the body consciousness. In this, if you are choosing to be creating of a dis-ease within your physical form, you shall be instructive to these energy centers in directing them to be directing of the actual cells within your physical body. The energy centers within your physical form are that which directs all of the action within all of your physical cells. Therefore, the communication is created with the subjective awareness to these energy centers, and their action is to communicate to the individual cells, which shall be affected and which shall change their interaction with other cells.

In this motion, if you are aware of the movement of the individual energy centers and you are noticing within your physical form, you may view that they shall be unaligned and not moving completely within harmony to each other. You may isolate individual energy centers that are moving out of harmony with the other energy centers, and you may also view the affected areas that are resulting from this action. You may also view this action within another individual if allowing yourself to be viewing the energy centers of another individual.

JIM: Okay. So in self-healing then, recognizing objective disease and the energy of the thought – the issue that surrounds it that perhaps brought it on – where else can you go within self in bringing yourself back to your natural state?

ELIAS: You may be instructive of the energy centers themselves objectively and you may realign these energy centers, but this also, if not addressing to the reason that you have created the dis-ease or the lack of alignment, shall be a temporary affectingness.

JIM: Been there! So, in just moving ... continue with the issue that surrounds that?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: And trusting in self of your own movement?

ELIAS: Correct; identifying the issue or the shrine that may be affecting of the physical situation and addressing to this issue and moving through the issue, accepting the belief systems that are involved with the issue and allowing yourself within your own trust of self to move through the issue, (pause) and also recognizing whether you are choosing to move through the issue or not!” [session 264, February 01, 1998]

FORREST: “This question is from Vivien, sent a couple of days ago. She writes to us: ‘This Sunday I may be meeting with a possible future client. He is schizophrenic, hears voices most of the time; Vold, probably, and in transition. I’ve had zero clients with this ‘disorder’ and would appreciate some of Elias’ comments. I don’t even know if I can be of any help to this person. If you engage Elias before Sunday, I would like some input as to how I might help this man. I’ve had some impressions, but really too vague to make much of; problems with abusive father, feeling unsafe in the world, persecuted, etc. Any information as to why the schizophrenia was created and whether he is choosing to uncreate it would be most appreciated.’ (Here, there is a twenty-two second pause)

ELIAS: Within the probabilities which stand presently, there is what you may term to be a likelihood that there shall be an affectingness in engaging this individual. This individual stands within conflict presently, and has been within conflict for much time framework. The individual is not engaging transition within physical focus. The conflict stems from differences between choices and mass belief systems which have also been accepted into individual belief systems.

I shall explain. The individual has chosen for the experience within this particular focus to move outside of the framework of the officially accepted reality which is recognized within your societies. This action is not uncommon. The difficulty occurs within this action when the individual holds a realization that this choice to be moving outside of the officially accepted reality is challenged by the societal belief systems en masse.

Previous to these so-called past two centuries within your history, this choice to be moving outside of the officially accepted reality was viewed differently and much more accepted. Individuals choosing this particular action were not labeled in the manner that they have been labeled presently and within your recent past. They have been viewed previous to this as holding mystical qualities, and therefore partially accepted in their expression.

I have offered information as to what you view as a ‘condition’ in this manner, and explanation as to the action which is being engaged. In this, these individuals choose to be holding less separation from subjective interaction and less separation of essence, and also accessing other focuses in a manner that your officially accepted reality does not allow for.

Within this past two centuries, the mass belief systems have shifted into more of a separation preceding the action of this shift in consciousness, becoming more rigid and strict and static for a time period, preparing for the throes of the onset of this shift in consciousness. I have also explained in this manner that this preceding action may be likened to the throes of the emergence of birth, the chaos that occurs before the calm within the emergence. It stems from a lack of understanding and an increase in separation from essence and subjective activity.

This has not slowed the choice of individuals to be choosing to be experiencing elements outside of your officially accepted reality, but the mass belief systems have moved into an area of less acceptance of this type of action. As opposed to viewing these individuals as holding less separation and [more] mystical qualities, your societies, for the most part – although there continues to remain societies that do not view in this manner – move in the direction of attempting to alter individuals’ behavior and their reality that they are choosing to be experiencing, for it does not fit within their guidelines of what is acceptable within your societies and what is not acceptable. In this situation, it is influencing of the individual, THIS individual in particular also, that there is a recognition objectively that their expression of experience is not accepted.

FORREST: By society.

ELIAS: Correct. The belief systems are held very strongly. The energy projected within these belief systems IS affecting. Even individuals that continue to choose to move outside of your officially accepted reality are very influenced and affected by the power of the energy which is projected within mass. You ALL are affected by mass belief systems. Even in the areas that you express to yourself that you do not align with mass belief systems, they continue to be affecting underlyingly. In THIS situation, the effect is not underlying. It is objectively held, therefore creating conflict. In addition to the affectingness, the individual himself has also partially accepted – partially accepted – this mass belief system into his own individual belief system, viewing the expression as unacceptable, outside of the norm, and also dysfunctional.

FORREST: Which is why he’s a client.

ELIAS: Correct. There is a searching and a partial desire to be moving into the area of compliance with the mass belief system which is projected within this particular society in which he resides, but in conflict with this accepted belief system ... hold momentarily. I shall qualify: The belief system itself has not been accepted in the terms that I express acceptance of a belief system, but has been accepted into his reality.

The belief system is creating conflict, for the choice of experience is not discontinued. It has been chosen within this focus to be experiencing this element of consciousness outside of the officially accepted reality. Therefore, the creation continues, but the belief system has been accepted into the reality also, causing a pulling within the individual between experience and beliefs.

Other belief systems surrounding the base belief system are also influencing, belief systems concerning this behavior and this particular choice of experience, which is reinforcing of the mass expression and the individual expression of duplicity in this area, which increases the belief system of duplicity and contributes to more conflict. The individual views that this choice of experience is not only unacceptable, but bad and detrimental and conflicting to other individuals. All of these thought processes contribute immensely to the perpetuation of the belief system of duplicity, which is also creating of tremendous conflict. Therefore, the quest is engaged to be attempting to alter the reality within himself and to be changing the choice of experience.

Now; let me be clear. The choice continues to be held for the experience outside of the officially accepted reality. Therefore, within interaction of Miriam [Vivien] to this individual, there may be affectingness, but not in the area of altering the reality of the choice of experience.

The affectingness that may offered in helpfulness is to be offering acceptance and explanation and understanding to the individual of what they have chosen to be creating, and the understanding of the conflict in conjunction with the held belief system. It is unnecessary for the individual to alter their choice of experience within the focus. This is a choice. It is helpful for understanding that this choice is not bad and also that this choice does not indicate lunacy within this individual’s experience, but merely a choice to be less separated from essence; therefore the allowance of interactiveness objectively with other aspects of essence, other focuses, and other elements of reality beyond the confines and limitations of the officially accepted reality within this society.

Confusion also arises in this area, for the individual objectively engages other aspects of essence, viewing these at times to be elements of self and at other times to be disconnected and outside of self, therefore creating a suspect situation. If offered the information – not merely once – that these actions of communication and interaction are not harmful but also are not this particular focus and may be recognized as other aspects, other focuses of this essence, the individual may be influenced to view that there is no compulsion to respond or accept direction from these other focuses, but merely recognize that there is a tapping into the experience and communication of these other focuses which is not necessarily directed to him.

You may liken this situation to yourselves in the manner that you may watch a program upon your instrument, your equipment of your television, presently. You are viewing, but the interaction occurring upon your television is not involving you. It is occurring between the characters which are playing roles to each other in a sense apart from you, but your viewing of this is interactive. You are a part of the interaction, for you are viewing. Therefore, you hold a communication also.

In this same manner, in viewing the interaction upon your television, as one individual communicates to another within the play, they may be instructing within that context of direction to another individual. They may be expressing to another individual, ‘Fetch this water and bring this hither to me.’ They are not in communication with YOU, therefore you do not move and fetch water; but you are viewing, therefore you are interactive. The communication is inclusive.

In this same manner, the individual is viewing other focuses in part and therefore receives the communication, but the communication is not directed to him. It is misunderstood and accepted as direct communication, but it is not. There is an interactiveness and it is inclusive; it is merely not directed to him.

As the individual becomes aware and holds an understanding of the experience objectively in its entirety, the experience alters within the confines of the belief system. The experience itself may continue, but the belief system is rendered neutral and not affecting, for the understanding is held that regardless of the lack of understanding and separation – not lack of separation, lack of understanding AND the separation – of the masses within the present society, the experience is acceptable. It is merely a choice outside of the officially accepted reality.

Not all of what you view to be mental illness, which is ludicrous for it is not an illness, but as you label this, not all of these actions fall into this same category, but this particular choice DOES fall into this area in all situations of this particularly-labeled dis-ease, which it is not a dis-ease. It merely becomes a dis-ease as the belief systems are allowed to be so very affecting.

Therefore, Miriam [Vivien] may approach this situation with acceptance and reinforcement of the allowance of this choice of experience and be offering explanation to the action of this particular experience, and in difference to reinforcing the duplicity, within her healing abilities, which she holds objectively quite efficiently, to be reinforcing of the acceptance of the choice of experience and offering helpfulness within explanation for a clearer understanding, which shall be healing and helpful to the individual in allowing an acceptance of self and therefore eliminating the conflict which is held within these opposing experiences.

FORREST: So in that sense, the explanation presents feedback between the various levels of belief that create the conflict, so that acceptance becomes a natural process.

ELIAS: Correct.

FORREST: In your summary, you’re essentially emphasizing the experience in the present moment as being unrelated to ... in other words, the choice of having an experience outside of the currently accepted belief systems as being unrelated to the person’s past, so there doesn’t need to be any focus on that.

ELIAS: Correct.

FORREST: How would you address the aspect of the particulars of the received voices? When we watch television we see a scene, but sometimes the contents of that scene have symbolic as opposed to literal interpretations. Would you view it as being confusing to the individual to be trying to interpret the symbolism of his viewing of connection while trying to explain the dynamics of the belief systems involved? Would you view that as being necessary to the healing process or not in this particular instance?

ELIAS: It is unnecessary within this present now, for the individual does not hold an awareness enough to be interpreting the imagery which may be connected to this particular focus.

Now; I may offer that eventually, within continued communication with this individual and as the individual acquires an awareness and an acceptance of the choice which has been created, then there may be offered additional information which may also be helpful in interpretation of these experiences and how they are relating to this particular focus. Within this present now this would be considered ‘skipping shells,’ for the individual does not hold a readiness yet to be skipping to these shells. The more base situation is to create fertile ground for the acceptance of self and the choice of experience within this particular focus, recognizing that there has been no action which has held a cause and effect situation or consequence and has been creating of this experience. This is a choice.

(Firmly) This also is a belief system that individuals hold within your new science of your psychology, which we are aware of the ineffectiveness of this particular science for the most part, and the DAMAGE that this particular science creates and the reinforcement of the belief systems of duplicity which this particular science is EXTREMELY adept at creating. (Pause, sighing) Michael [Mary] shall take issue with me, but I shall hold to the truthfulness of these sciences, which are in many areas extremely inefficient.” [session 268, March 08, 1998]

CAROLE: “You and I discussed schizophrenia concerning my younger son, who by the way has engaged a whole lot more in this physical focus through his choice, although he’s not quite ready to want to take care of himself, but he’s doing a whole lot more in the way the world has chosen. You said schizophrenia is not a disease. Would this be in the same vein as cancer is not a disease, TB is not a disease, shingles is not a disease, herpes is not a disease?


CAROLE: It’s different?

ELIAS: Correct. You are speaking of physical dis-eases, which individuals create in conjunction with held energy and their choice of expression with this held energy. In speaking of this situation, which within your belief systems you label as mental dis-ease, this is not a dis-ease.

CAROLE: So are the doctors incorrect or wrong in saying that they’re physical illnesses? ’Cause they are saying that these are physical illnesses.

ELIAS: Correct.

CAROLE: They’re not physical illnesses?

ELIAS: No. This is a choice of experience, as I have stated, to be experiencing within physical focus NOT aligning with the officially accepted reality.

CAROLE: Okay. So the brain is subject to diseases, but not these diseases?

ELIAS: Your physical brain IS affected by your choices in instruction to physical body consciousness – if you are so choosing – in creating a dis-ease within that aspect of your body consciousness, yes. But these situations of individuals holding what you term to be mental illnesses are not creating of a dis-ease in the manner that your medical sciences express. This is a choice of experience.

This is not to say that dis-ease is not also a choice, but it is different. It is an actual creation of a dis-easement within your physical body consciousness. Your mental illnesses are NOT.

CAROLE: ... During this visit, there was also a lot of action there of choking, and we all seemed to have that similar experience. I’ve also noticed in the job I have now that I keep hearing people tell me that one of the ailments they have is what they call reflux, and I’ve never heard that in my life until I experienced it in California, and now it seems like every third person that comes in has it! Are people making objective imagery of like getting rid of or choking up old things? Or does this have something to do with the shift, that this is all of a sudden legion that everyone’s experiencing reflux action?

ELIAS: This would be another example of a wave in consciousness, that individuals choose to be creating of similar actions to each other objectively which is expressive of certain movements within consciousness. This creates a wave in consciousness, which is also likened to your experiences with illnesses within your ‘illness seasons’ in which individuals choose to be creating a wave of similar objective action, and this is creating of movement. In this particular action, there is a recognition subjectively that there is much expressed objectively which holds distortion. Therefore, there is a constriction occurring within this particular wave, creating objective imagery to be blocking the expression of these distortions. In this, you may view many different actions in conjunction with this shift in consciousness that shall be expressive of a ‘turning’ of objective expression, which lends energy to the movement of objectively being expressive of this shift in consciousness.” [session 272, April 05, 1998]

JIM: “Within our energy centers, say with orange ... there’s been a lot of dis-ease and a lot of talk lately with men with prostate cancer and so forth. Do we tend to take certain issues and move them through those energy centers and create the disease? Well, we create the disease anywhere in our body, but if a man has a prostate cancer, would that indicate that the orange energy center is unbalanced?

ELIAS: This is quite an interesting question and subject matter presently, and is quite interesting for your noticing and for the masses to be noticing also, for this also is an action which is in conjunction with this shift in consciousness.

Look to the expression of dis-ease which is being created more in your societies within your recent past and presently. You shall find an increase in certain creations of certain dis-eases, and some of the dis-eases which have been on the rise, so to speak, and in the movement of increase are those dis-eases which are directly connected with elements of sexuality. They are affecting of gender organs. In this, males are experiencing an increase in dis-ease connected with their particular gender, and females are experiencing more of the dis-ease of cancerous elements within their female gender organs. This works in harmony with the expression of that dis-ease created within your homosexual community, as you so term it to be, in their expression of this epidemic dis-ease that they have created, which extends outward into the mass populace, not merely those that align with the homosexual choice of manifestation.

You are all addressing to issues in this area, for these are very strongly held mass belief systems and you hold very strong judgments in these areas. In conjunction with this shift in consciousness presently, you shall be more and more addressing to mass belief systems that hold tremendous strength, individually and en masse. You move now into the areas of addressing to held belief systems, within your societies and individually, in the areas that are most affecting in the directions of judgments.

This particular belief system of separation of gender, and the judgments that you create in conjunction with them and the lack of acceptance in the area of differences in your expressions of your creations, is a very massly held belief system which holds tremendous strength in energy. Therefore, you continue within your expressions en masse and individually to be addressing to this situation, now not only creating the situation that you may all objectively view in the situation of your epidemic of AIDS, as you term it to be, but also within your genders of male and female. In conjunction and compliance with these belief systems and the expression of defiance of the separation, you also create individual dis-ease in conjunction with gender orientation.” [session 292, June 30, 1998]

ELIAS: “Now; your family member is creating of senility, which in actuality is the creation of entering into the action of transition while continuing in physical focus, but this individual is not a final focus. Therefore, the choice is to be creating in alignment with the officially accepted reality in this dimension, and that moves into the area of senility. In this, the behavior is accepted. It is excused and accepted. Therefore, the individual may fully move into the action of transition – experiencing simultaneous time at different time periods, experiencing much more subjective awareness and activity, and merely popping in and out of objective awareness to be ‘checking in,’ so to speak, but creating a reality that allows them to move into an intensity of the action of transition that most individuals reserve until after disengagement of the focus.

SALLY: Oh, I see!

ELIAS: Let me express to you that many more individuals within this time period are experiencing the creation of senility, but they are also, in conjunction with the action of this shift, moving into the direction of discontinuing this creation entirely. Your sciences shall be credited with their ‘cure.’ In actuality, it is the choice en masse of the individuals to be discontinuing this action, for it is unnecessary within the action of this shift. In this, there is an allowance that your sciences shall be allowed the belief system that they have created the cure for this dis-ease ... which is not a dis-ease! It is a very purposeful choice.” [session 294, July 01, 1998]

MARI: “When my husband stops smoking cigarettes, is there a way to restore his lung health?

ELIAS: Any individual may be creating of regeneration of any aspect of tissue if they are so choosing, but for the most part individuals within physical focus hold very strong belief systems in these areas and do not believe that they hold the ability to be creating of this action.

Let me also express to you that this particular individual has created many different physical affectingness actions within this particular focus to be experiencing all of these physical aspects. This, I am understanding, is a difficult concept to turn your attention to.

But at times, certain individuals within physical focus are not creating of physical affectingness merely for the reason that they are blocking energy or that they are dealing with issues or belief systems. At times, individuals are creating of certain physical affectingness or ailments to be experiencing the effects of these ailments in physical focus.

This individual has moved into the area of aligning himself with many mass belief systems in conjunction with physical health. Therefore, the probabilities do not move presently – PRESENTLY – into the direction of affecting what has already been physically created in that which you term to be ‘damage’ or dysfunction.

Now; this is not to say that this may not be altered and that tissue may not be regenerated, for it may. It is merely a question of the belief systems held and the trust within self that shall allow the action of regeneration of tissue. Within the strongly held belief systems, this may present quite a process for this individual.” [session 299, July 19, 1998]

MALE: “I’ve read some of your statements about Alzheimer’s disease, and about schizophrenia not being a disease.

ELIAS: Quite.

MALE: I’ve had a very close experience with a daughter who was schizophrenic, and it was very difficult. I did not (inaudible), nor did anybody else, out of a sense of knowing what was going on. I can almost understand the Alzheimer’s condition. I do not understand why anyone would create schizophrenia and I was wondering if you could talk about that, specifically with relationship to my daughter.

ELIAS: Quite. I am understanding that within any individual physical focus ... one moment.

(To another person) You may place yourself physically within this present physical proximity. Come here! (It appears that somebody sits down directly in front of Elias) Now, you may engage physical action! (Grinning, and laughter) (To the man who asked the question) Thank you.


Within one individual physical focus, it is quite difficult for the individuals to be holding an objective understanding of this type of creation and choice within physical focus, but let me also move into the direction of reminding you that each individual within physical focus holds many, many physical focuses. Therefore, they also hold many experiences, and each individual within physical focus holds many counterparts, and each counterpart adds to the experience of each other counterpart. In this, there is a multitude of actions that are occurring in the choice to be physically manifesting within this particular dimension.

In one respect, in not holding information as to choices of individuals merely for the reason of experience and in aligning with your officially accepted reality within your societies, it is quite understandable that you shall wonder why another individual would be choosing to be experiencing in this manner, but also be recognizing what you are creating in that thought process.

As we move into the direction of relationships....

(Here, Elias turns to the man directly in front of him) Are we having a relationship presently?

MALE: Yes, we are!

ELIAS: Very good!

In relationships, aspects of the belief systems of relationships are that you shall be creating positively or negatively. And who are the individuals that choose which shall be deemed positive and which shall be deemed negative? Ah, the infamous ‘they!’ And who are the ‘they?’ They are you! YOU are all the ‘they’ that create the officially accepted reality within your societies, and YOU set what is acceptable in behavior and what is not acceptable within behavior, and what is good behavior and what is bad behavior, and what are good experiences and what are bad experiences.

(To the man in front of him) Are you experiencing ‘good?’

MALE: I’m just experiencing.

ELIAS: Very good! (Much laughter) I am quite acknowledging of this response!

There are no good experiences and there are no bad experiences. There are different intensities of experiences. There are likes and dislikes of experiences, as dictated by your belief systems. There ARE good experiences and bad experiences as dictated by your belief systems, but in themselves they are neutral. They are a choice. Therefore, YOU place a judgment upon another individual’s choice of experience, but their choice of experience may not fit your judgment of it.

An individual may be creating of a certain type of experience, and in that experience they may be fulfilling their value fulfillment, and they may be offering themselves much more information in certain directions than they would necessarily be creating in a different choice, depending upon their choice of probabilities within any one particular focus. In this, if they are stepping outside of the officially accepted reality, there are judgments placed upon this.

An individual creating a disease that you view to be painful, why shall they be creating of this type of experience? Why shall they disengage from physical focus in this manner? Why shall they not disengage physical focus by merely engaging their dream state?

MALE: Their what?

ELIAS: Their dream state, and in your view, peacefully slip away – although they are not slipping away – into bliss with no painfulness. Your assessment of their painfulness may be quite different than their actual experience. Their creation of their experience, although they may be choosing to be creating of painfulness, may be quite beneficial to them, and may be beneficial to you also in their offering of energy and information merely within the experience itself.

Let us be recalling of our little sapling story (3). The point is not to be placing judgment upon another for their creation, but to be accepting, and in this acceptance you offer the example of the expression of essence merely through your experience, without the judgment or instruction to another individual. In this, many individuals within physical focus choose different types of expressions, different experiences, and choose to be moving outside of the officially accepted reality within their given societies. They also choose many focuses that comply with the officially accepted reality.

If you are moving in the direction of a thought process of only one focus, only one choice of experience, then you may be baffling yourself in the attempt to be understanding the why for any such experience, but given that you hold so very many focuses and so very many experiences, why would you NOT choose to be exploring all aspects of physical focus within and without officially accepted reality? Why would you NOT choose to be experimenting outside of the officially accepted reality and playing with your consciousness in physical focus? It is merely a matter of perception and the allowance of officially accepted mass belief systems that are affecting and influencing of your thought processes and your emotional responses to another individual’s choice within their creation.

Therefore, the question moves not in the area of, ‘Why shall this individual choose this type of creation?’, but more in the direction of, ‘Why shall you be placing judgment upon their choice?’

MALE: These choices are associated with much conflict for people who hold a loving relationship with a parent coming down with Alzheimer’s or a child coming down with schizophrenia.

ELIAS: And why do these individuals experience conflict?

MALE: Because they do not know how to hold this, what to do.

ELIAS: No. For the reason that they do not accept this.

MALE: That’s true.

ELIAS: It does not fit within your officially accepted reality. Therefore, it is influenced by belief systems, it is not accepted, and a judgment is placed upon this. And then you may move into the direction of the expression that I have expressed within the very beginning throes of our session this very evening: ‘I am hurt. YOU are causing ME anxiety, anguish, hurtfulness, conflict.’

MALE: All of the above!

ELIAS: Very incorrect! No other individual within physical focus causes you ANY THING. You create that within yourself as a response to your own lack of acceptance and your own belief systems in any given area. No other individual may be affecting of you without your participation and allowance for them to be so, in agreement with your own belief systems, and if you do not hold these belief systems, you shall not be affected. If you do not hold the belief system or the aspect of the belief system of relationship that you may be hurt, this be one of the birds within that cage; one of the birds, a bright yellow bird which is named ‘hurt,’ and it is contained within the cage of relationship, which enters into ANY separated type of relationship that you may conceive of within physical focus. It matters not. This is an example of one of the elements that crosses over ALL relationships, be they parent, child, friendships, romantic relationships, employers and employees. ANY type of relationship that you may be creating of holds this aspect that you may be hurt, and this yellow bird flies quite strongly within this cage! This is an aspect of the belief system.

And what is hurtfulness? It is your own lack of acceptance of yourself and of another individual. And how is hurtfulness a lack of acceptance of yourself? Ah, but it is! For if you are accepting of yourself, how may another individual be hurtful to you? For they may not be penetrating your energy field if you are not allowing this to be occurring.

Hurtfulness is your own lack of acceptance of self and your own duplicity within self that you are not worthy. It is the very expression of your own sense of unworthiness being mirrored to you.

The conflict stems from confusion in a lack of understanding. The lack of understanding stems from the influence of the belief systems, which is creating of the judgment, which is also creating of the lack of acceptance. And in this swirling cyclone of hundreds of birds within this contained cage, there becomes much distress, much conflict, and I have stated from the onset of this forum, from the onset of these sessions, that the one element that your belief systems are quite efficient at creating is conflict!

MALE: I’m a master at it!

ELIAS: And so are you all! You are not singular in this creation! Limitation and conflict – these are the expressions that are so very efficient in the area of belief systems and this be the reason you have chosen this shift in consciousness, for this serves you not any longer, and you now move into the direction of occupying your attention in your own creativity and your own expressions of freedom and liberation and therefore move into the direction of acceptance, that you shall not be affected any longer by the limitations of these belief systems and you shall not be in the direction of conflict and confusion. And you may assimilate this information also, and I shall offer you more information subsequently, if you are so choosing to be engaging.” [session 301, July 25, 1998]

SALLY: I think that the most troublesome relationship that I have in my life is with my mother. All my life I’ve had this difficult relationship with my mother. Presently she has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and all the personality traits that I feared as a child and disliked in her so much are now twice as intensive, and that troubles me very much because I always feel off-balance in my relationship with her.

ELIAS: And this offers you the opportunity to be viewing this aspect of relationship and examining your participation in alignment with the belief system, and offers you the opportunity to be more accepting of this situation as you offer yourself more information as to what is occurring within this situation and how you view this situation in relation to the belief system. This offers the situation of what you term in physical focus to be an aspect of illness within relationship.

Now; I shall express to you that this is NOT an illness. It is held within belief systems within your societies – some of your societies – as an illness or a dis-ease or a dysfunctioning of individuals. In actuality, what is being created by the individual is a moving into the action of transition within physical focus fully. In this, the individual experiences, within physical focus, simultaneous time.

Therefore, to YOUR objective viewing and lack of understanding, you witness a bouncing of the individual’s consciousness in objective awareness. The appearance is a lack of coherency, a lack of understanding of objective reality, for there seems to be a lack of focus within the individual. In actuality, what the individual has created is a choice to be engaging the action of transition BEFORE disengaging from physical focus.

Each individual disengaging from physical focus automatically moves into an area of consciousness, which I have expressed to be that of Regional Area 3, which is designated for an action that we term to be transition. In this, the action is a re-acclimation to simultaneous time, for within consciousness non-physically focused, there is no linear time framework.

Therefore, although this be familiar to you within essence, as you choose to focus within any particular physical dimension, you also choose and agree to be experiencing within the creation of that particular dimension.

Within THIS dimension, you have created linear time within a specific movement. In this, you also choose to be focusing your attention quite singularly, that you may experience the fullness of this particular creation within this dimension. Therefore, you choose to not hold the remembrance while participating within an individual physical focus.

As you move into non-physical focus by disengaging physical focus, you enter into an action which is termed to be transition. In this action of transition, you shed the belief systems that you have held within the physical focus and you engage the remembrance of simultaneous time. You also engage the remembrance of essence. In this action you present yourselves with all of your focuses simultaneously, that you may view them all, and this offers you the remembrance of essence; the REALITY of essence, not merely the concept.

Therefore, you are participating in all time frameworks simultaneously, but within physical focus you remain within the reality of linear time physically. Therefore, although your consciousness is participating in many different time frameworks simultaneously, objectively what is expressed outwardly seems to other individuals to be gibberish, for the individual is expressing thoughts and experiences of many different time frameworks simultaneously. Therefore, within one statement may be several different actions. To your viewing – outside, so to speak – this seems to be quite confused, and nonsense. To the individual expressing, it is all quite sensical, for they are not merely viewing different time frameworks, but are participating within different time frameworks.

The beginnings of the full throttle, so to speak, of this action address[es] to the individual focus, the present individual focus in which the individual’s attention is focused. Therefore, they shall be experiencing all of the time frameworks within this one particular focus simultaneously. To your objective viewing, at one moment they are addressing to you as though you be a child. Within the next moment, they address to you as you are within your present objective awareness now. Within the next moment, they are participating in a conversation with you that you held the age of twenty years previous. They are not merely recalling all of these experiences, but participating within all of these experiences simultaneously. Therefore, they view the reality of all of the aspects of you before them, and interact with all of these aspects simultaneously.

I have stated previously, you are much more multi-dimensional than you view yourselves to be. You look to yourselves; you view one physical form, one solid body. You are much more than this one form, for each and every experience and age that you have created within this physical focus exists simultaneous with you presently, and continues. You merely focus your attention very singularly. Therefore, you view one body, one singular thought process, one you. But you are much more than one you, for each moment does not disappear. It is continuous. Just as you have not begun and shall not end, each moment has not begun and shall not end, for this is the nature of consciousness. It is only your perception within this dimension that creates the camouflage of a progression of successive moments. In actuality, all moments are now, and there is no other but now. There is no future; there is no past. All is present.

Individuals engaging transition participate in an objective awareness of this simultaneousness of time. Therefore, you view them as quite confusing, but they do not view themselves as quite confusing UNTIL they are confronted with the onslaught and the strength of the energy of the belief system concerning their behavior and choice. And in this, as the judgment is created that the behavior is unacceptable, the energy is projected and the individual questions themselves and creates in like kind a judgment upon themselves, for they accept the belief system which is projected to them, in alignment with it. Therefore, they reinforce their own belief systems of duplicity, for energy is also projected to them that their behavior is unacceptable and that their choice in engaging their creation within physical focus is unacceptable.

In this, you offer yourself, in the area of this aspect of relationship, the opportunity to examine this energy and this aspect of relationship, recalling other aspects that move in conjunction with this aspect, for you have held other aspects of the belief system of relationship in what you view to be acceptable and unacceptable and what you view to be right and adequate, as the presentment of the parents’ relationship with respect to the child.

Therefore, in this viewing of the aspects of the relationship of your parents, do not merely focus upon the confusion that you view presently – although this be a fascinating creation to be viewing – but also allow yourself to be viewing other aspects of this relationship that have moved you in their influence into the area of creating a judgment upon other individuals’ choices, and this shall be helpful to you in allowing you the movement more into the area of acceptance. And the point of acceptance is that you shall eliminate your own conflict and allow yourself the freedom of joyfulness, and not hold to your own conflict and confusion. I wager to express to you that your mother experiences far less conflict within her choice of expression than you experience in the viewing of expression!

I shall express that there IS held confusion, for within physical focus it is unfamiliar to be moving into the direction of transition and simultaneous time, although this becomes acclimated to quite quickly in this particular choice of manifestation. But temporarily, there is an element of confusion, but not quite the conflict that individuals create around her!” (Grinning) [session 307, August 14, 1998]

ANON: “You’ve talked a lot about the belief systems we have. I read in one of your transcripts that if you believe you’re going to get sick, you actually become sick. So if you get sick and you really don’t want to be sick, how do you change that belief system?

ELIAS: Interesting question, and not so very easily accomplished within that particular creating. Many individuals move in this direction of inquiry also.

First of all, your creation and the uncreating of your creation is dependent upon the individual and the reason that they are creating of their illness. Individuals at times create these illnesses quite purposefully, and they objectively at times wish to be uncreating of that particular situation, but underlyingly they are NOT wanting to be uncreating of the situation. In moving in the direction of uncreating an element of dis-ease or what you may term to be illnesses, it is important to be viewing the issue which has created the illness to begin with.

Many times individuals are creating of illnesses merely to be excusing themselves, in a direction that they may be allowing themselves a time framework of a sort of relaxation and disconnection from areas that they view to be obligations. Therefore, they offer themselves a break, so to speak, and they are creating of an excuse, that they may offer themselves permission to be creating of this break.

At other times, individuals are creating illnesses or dis-ease for the reasons of blocking energy within them or not addressing to certain issues that they hold, and in this they hold the energy in certain areas of their physical body.

Therefore, each situation, although it may hold similarities to other situations and other individuals and their creations, is unique to the individual who is creating it. The one common element that may be addressed to is to be looking to the reasoning behind the creation.

If you have created a situation of dis-ease merely for a break, it matters not that you are uncreating of it, for you shall uncreate this situation when you feel you have accomplished enough of your break. In other situations that you have created dis-ease in relation to issues, it is necessary to be viewing these issues and evaluating why you are creating this and addressing to the belief systems influencing these issues, and this shall be lending energy to you to be uncreating of these situations.

Now; you also hold your physicians that offer you what you may term to be ‘quick fixes,’ for they have moved in the direction of your medical sciences and your pharmaceuticals, which are temporary inventions of cures, so to speak, and you move in the direction of believing that these cures shall be accomplishing their purpose. Therefore, YOU uncreate what you have created temporarily, in compliance with your belief that these pharmaceuticals are alleviating of what you have created. Your belief is so very strong in this direction that you accomplish quite well in uncreating within very short time periods any element that you have created that your pharmaceuticals hold the ability, within your belief systems, to be curing.

In other situations, you may be creating of physical ailments that you do not hold medications for to be curing of your ailments. In this situation, you move outside of an allowance of the belief system to be helpful to you in energy, therefore continuing within your creation and only allowing yourself to be uncreating of these particular situations.

As I have stated, it is quite dependent upon the individual and what they are creating and for what reason they are creating of each situation. Many times though, I express to you, the mere identification of the issues and the belief systems involved with these issues may be enough to begin to be uncreating of certain ailments. At other times, this may not be enough. You may be identifying of your issues and your belief systems, but you may also be holding to these issues and not addressing to them even in your awareness of them, and in these situations you shall perpetuate the physical ailment that you create in conjunction with these issues.

Many individuals that create physical ailments as their individual expression of held energy create repeatedly in similar fashions in conjunction with the same issues, and even when they have addressed to those certain issues, their creation of physical ailments is a familiar creation to them. Therefore, as they move into addressing OTHER issues, they shall be creating of very similar types of ailments, for this attains their attention.

You create physical affectingness to attain your attention in different directions. If you are not attempting to gain your attention, you shall not be creating of physical ailments, for it is unnecessary. This is a method, so to speak, to be gaining your own attention in certain areas, to be addressing to certain situations.” [session 316, September 12, 1998]

DEANE: “Sandy is my wife. Can you provide me information regarding her foot, back, and shoulder problems, and what either of can do to eliminate these problems? (Pause)

ELIAS: I express to you that you may be addressing to held belief systems and fearfulness, which is affecting of movement through certain issues that are held. In this, the objective imagery which is being provided with the foot is the reluctance to be moving, so to speak. This is created in imagery with the foot, as this represents your manner in which you allow yourselves mobility.

DEANE: You say moving. Are you talking about mobility, or are you talking about moving to another job, or are you talking about moving to another home in another place?

ELIAS: No. The objective imagery is physical movement or mobility, which is the mirror expression of the mobility within subjective terms, so to speak, and as there is fearfulness held in certain areas in addressing to certain movements, the individual objectively creates an affectingness within foot, which is the mirror action in imagery of a reluctance to be allowing movement within the addressing to belief systems, and moving forward, so to speak, in your terms, in the area of letting go of certain areas of duplicity within this individual.

Now; this also is reflected in the area of back and shoulder. This is directly related to energy held as an objective creation of imagery, in an underlying element or issue of the feeling of lack of support in certain areas and of holding personal responsibility.

Now; let me express how these three elements move together. The shoulder is the objective expression mirrored outwardly of the underlying feeling that she is supportive of other individuals and holding personal responsibility for other individuals. This is affecting of the back, for the feeling which is outwardly mirrored in the expression of the creation of the back affectingness is that this supportiveness is not necessarily responded to and offered back to her by other individuals. In this, there is an underlying expectation within the belief system held, creating an issue that there should be this supportiveness lent back to her, but....

DEANE: At home or at work?

ELIAS: In both areas. But that this should not be communicated outwardly and requested, but merely should be offered by other individuals. This is a quite common aspect of belief systems, and may be very affecting as it becomes an issue.

In this, there is also an underlying recognition with this individual that these are expressions of her own lack of acceptance of self, and therefore is projecting outwardly, but shall not allow herself to be projecting outwardly to other individuals, for this shall appear arrogant, self-centered, selfish, and demanding, all of which hold negative connotations. Therefore, she turns this energy upon self, and creates the expression of hurtfulness to self instead.

The foot is the expression of a reluctance to be letting go of this particular issue, therefore restricting movement in objective terms, which is the mirror action of the restriction of movement within subjective terms.” [session 342, November 24, 1998]

JAMES: I’d like to move on to teeth. Dale and I have both been having teeth problems recently, and I was wondering if you could give us some insight on the beliefs that we’re bringing to our attention in this imagery.

ELIAS: You are creating an expression jointly in this area.

Now; let me express to you that this also is your own imagery to yourselves in the area of trust.

In this, this particular aspect of your physical body holds great importance. Your physical teeth facilitate your consumption of physical matter to be sustaining your physical body, and in this, the importance of this particular aspect of your physical body is believed to be so great that if there is an affectingness of this particular aspect of your body, your teeth, it shall be affecting of all other elements and functions of your physical form.

This is one area, your teeth, that you quite efficiently allow to affect in all other functions of your physical form. You allow this particular element of your body to be affecting of your nervous system, of your circulatory system, of all of your organs, and even of your thought processes. It is quite interesting how within mass, you have chosen one particular aspect of your physical form that you view to be so very conjunct to your very existence!

Now; in this, if you are not attentive to the care of these teeth, they may be very affecting of your reality. If you are not trusting that your body performs and functions in harmony as a whole and is not controlled by one element, you may find yourselves in the situation of being quite negatively affected, in your terms, for in actuality, it is merely a choice of experience.

You are choosing to jointly be creating this type of affectingness, that you may be noticing how you may center your attention into one area, and that this one area shall be all-consuming and affecting of all other areas. This is quite reflective and mirroring of your previous question.

You inquire in the area of your finances, which is affecting of very much of your reality and is quite encompassing in your reality, and you are focusing upon this one area of physical action with respect to finances. In like manner, you are mirroring with yourselves and your body consciousness by focusing your attention and your energy in one area of your physical forms that shall be affecting of all other functionings of your physical body form.

Are you understanding?

JAMES: I think so.

ELIAS: Therefore, this is a mirror action that you are creating to be drawing more attention to what you are creating in singularly holding your attention in one area, and how affecting this may be.” [session 364, February 24, 1999]

JIM: “… in understanding that I didn’t get my ringworm from my cat, and that there isn’t bacteria and fungus and viruses out there waiting to get you, and that your subjective awareness, in connection with energy and cellular structure and so forth, is creating of the body’s physiology, how ... within current medical theory, bacteria and fungus and viruses cause illness, and I’m beginning to shift my perception. How is it that the bacteria manifests the fungus or the virus? We do that ourselves within our subjective awareness, and that is also created? It signals to the cell itself, and it’s created within the body? I don’t see it as an organism from outside coming in and invading the body as much as medical science now perceives. Seth had spoken about this too. I wonder if you could help me with some clarification in that area.

ELIAS: Yes. In this, you hold the potential for affectingness of all dis-ease or illnesses within your physical form already.

Now; there ARE certain elements which you have created within your physical environment which may be, in a manner of speaking, transmitted from one creation to another creation. In this, do not be confused within your thought process that you are receiving a type of foreign entity into your physical form, for this is incorrect. What you are creating are certain triggers that appear to be invading you, so to speak, from outside, but in actuality, they are triggering actions that stimulate certain aspects of your physical form into creating certain illnesses.

Now; I shall express to you that in certain situations, you may not necessarily hold within your physical form a particular virus or germ, as you term this to be, but you shall create it and allow for its appearance within your physical form as you create the action of the trigger, for what you shall be accomplishing is a type of mutation of your own cells within your physical form. You are re-creating certain cells within your physical form to match the trigger action, and thereby be creating of the dis-ease. You do this for many different reasons.

But let me express to you that one example of this type of action is the creation of your dis-ease that you label to be malaria. You hold the belief that the creation of an insect and the action of its biting you – as IT is infected – shall be infecting you within your physical form. Therefore, you perceive yourselves to be contracting a dis-ease from outside of yourself.

What I am expressing to you is that you yourselves have created the creature of the insect and have also created the action of the insect biting you, and in this have created your method, so to speak, of trigger action, which your body consciousness shall be responsive to and shall be re-creating or mutating certain cells within your physical form to be accommodating of the trigger action which you have created, and therefore, you shall create the dis-ease.

JIM: Hmm. That’s a little bit, then, a belief, and the energy that’s within that belief as well, in many situations.

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Okay, I’m going to review that. That was interesting. I read recently about magnetites. They’re exploring some of the connections within our bodies. Is there a relationship with that type of thing and magnetism? Being that we created the magnetic field, we are the magnetic field. Is the purpose and location of magnetites within the body what we’ve created to maintain physical focus?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that this is a natural expression within this particular dimension. You have created physical forms, physical bodies, that are an expression in many elements of electrical and magnetic impulses.

In this, you have created a complex structure physically – within your creation of physical matter, in conjunction to your time element – but this is a manipulation of electrical energy. It is translated into a physical matter form, but within its basics, in a manner of speaking, the energy is of electrical magnetic expression.

Therefore, these qualities, which you shall find throughout all elements of your physical dimension, are affecting in many different expressions of your physical form and may be used in conjunction with manipulating energy in different manners, for this is a natural expression that you hold and that is basic to your physical reality. Therefore, in manipulating this type of energy, you may efficiently also manipulate many different circumstances, situations, and actions within your physical reality.

JIM: Hmm. Okay. So there isn’t any particular anatomical location where magnetism centers within the body or produces a magnetic field that’s focused more intently? Or is it just throughout the entire energy field of the body, so there is no central focus within the energy field?

ELIAS: Within your energy field, you do hold a point of focus, which would be in association with the energy center of purple.

JIM: Okay. That makes sense. And the purple, as you’ve expressed previously, is directing of other energy centers?

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Okay. The white, black, and magenta energy centers, they’re clustered together, or is there somewhat of a succession of them within our relationship with our body? They’re clustered above the purple, and they work in conjunction or are clustered somewhat together? Is that a correct term?

ELIAS: Correct. They shall be relatively associated closely with each other, although you may view what you term to be white slightly closer to the physical energy field than would be the positioning of the black and magenta.

JIM: Okay. That’s great. Thanks. A couple of weeks ago, when I really smacked and stubbed my toe ... you gave me an explanation at our last session, and this had happened after that, and then I cut myself with the hoof knife when working on a horse, and so forth.

When incidents of these types of things happen and we cause injury to ourselves, is that a notification somewhat of not being in the now? I’m just wondering, why did I allow this to happen? Why did I cut open my knuckle, if I am creating my reality? For the experience, okay, but I kind of see that there’s other things for my noticing there, areas I can begin to look into as to purpose, so to speak.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, Yarr [Jim] – for your benefit and for the benefit of individuals that may be understanding of this type of action presently within their awarenesses – that as you have incorporated much information and as you have allowed yourself a time framework to be assimilating this information, you now move into an awareness which expands itself.

In this action, I may be responding to you slightly differently than I have responded to you previously, for you shall notice that previously, in questioning of this type, I shall have offered to you a singular answer as to what you are creating and why you are creating of this type of action.

Now I shall express to you that within your present awareness, you may recognize that each of these types of actions hold more than one purpose, so to speak, in your terms; that you are creating of these types of actions to be gaining your attention, but not merely singularly in one area.

Previously, it has been efficient for us to be expressing singularly to you, for you have allowed yourself to be assimilating singular answers. Now, as you open more to your periphery and you recognize more within your noticing and within your experiences, you shall understand that these experiences you are presenting to yourself for the noticing of several different areas, of which you are addressing to simultaneously.

In this particular situation, you are correct that you are offering yourself imagery, so to speak, to be drawing your attention into the now, and allowing yourself to be addressing to your own continuation to be holding your attention within the now more efficiently. You also are creating imagery to yourself which addresses to your own singularity of attention.

Notice the imagery that you have presented! In both scenarios, you are creating of an action of hurtfulness in the area concerning or in conjunction with what would term to be a foot. Although you have injured another area of your physical form within one situation, you have injured yourself physically in conjunction with focusing upon a foot and interacting with a foot. This is another presentment of imagery to yourself in your communication to yourself that you are focusing singularly upon this area of your own physical form.

You continue to concern yourself with your creation of physical affectingness with feet. Therefore, as you are holding your attention singularly, you are perpetuating the affectingness. Therefore, in this, you are also offering yourself more imagery to be suggestive to you that you allow yourself to not hold so tightly to your attention in this area, for this is merely perpetuating the very situation that you wish to not be perpetuating.

You also present yourself, in these actions, imagery of movement – the movement which you perceive to be potentially painful in your own widening of your awareness. (Jim laughs)

Therefore, as you view these actions, you may also recognize that there are many more indications that you are offering to yourself than merely one, for presently, you have allowed yourself to widen your awareness to the degree that you may be assimilating more than one singular reasoning for each of the actions that you engage, and they ARE more extensive than initially viewed objectively.

There are also implications, so to speak, in conjunction with interconnectedness with other individuals and collective consciousness, so to speak.

Therefore, in this, I express to you now to be noticing more of the communication that you are offering to yourself in each action that you engage.

JIM: Okay. I’ll be investigating and noticing. Boy, that was ... you hit the nail on the head there! (Elias chuckles)

My father with his knee discomfort, my friend with his toe, and so forth ... for some time, I’ve just been projecting to these people, just offering an expression, since these people have begun looking to themselves, with vitamins and medications and herbals and so forth, and creating their own healing. So, within an expression of helpfulness to another individual, those were expressions that were offered freely, and they took that energy and created their own energy and created their own healing. That’s kind of how things took place. They received the information subjectively, the energy was there, and then they began to work it through their own process, and did whatever they wanted to with it.

ELIAS: Correct, and in this, you offer an expression of energy that may be received in whichever manner may be chosen by the individual, and subsequently, the individual may be applying that energy in whichever direction they are choosing.

This may be in what YOU perceive to be helpful areas, for you perceive helpfulness to be the expression of ‘fixing.’ (Grinning)

But I may also express that they hold the choice to be allowing themselves to incorporate the expression of energy that you offer to perpetuate their situation that they have chosen also.

In this, you are merely offering energy to another individual and allowing no expectation, and in no expectation, you also are creating within yourself more of an acceptance, not merely of your abilities, but also an acceptance of other individuals’ expressions, and not reinforcing your own duplicitous expressions in these areas.

JIM: Okay, understood. Thank you. I’ve been playing with the bird of homeopath here for a while, that branch of medicine. They use all natural substances and so forth, and the way that it’s titrated down, that also kind of seems to be ... they’ve described it as somewhat of a hologram of the substance, in creating a reaction within the body. That too is an allowance, for that reaction to occur, to promote a certain action, to promote the body’s own action in healing itself.

So, an individual can choose whether they’ll allow that action to take place as well? Or, since it’s a natural substance, will some of that action take place subjectively within the person? There again, I guess if they’re allowing it.

ELIAS: Quite. This would be an expression of acceptance and also of belief, for you shall be accepting what you believe and you shall be creating what you believe. Therefore, if you hold the belief that certain elements shall be affecting of you, they shall be!

You may be presenting ANY element to an individual and expressing its miraculous abilities to them, and if they are believing in this situation, they shall create this!

What is occurring in actuality is their own affectingness of themselves within their physical form, and it is created through the influence of their belief in any particular action or thing, so to speak. But it is the acceptance of the individual, with respect to their own responsiveness, which is creating of the effect, in a manner of speaking.

You may also express to any individual that you may merely wave but your hand within the air in a certain manner, and it may be curing their illnesses – or it may be cursing of them – and providing they are believing of this situation, they themselves shall create that very action.

JIM: So, much in the same manner that we spoke in the beginning of the session, in the action of creating the bacteria or the virus and the changing of the cellular structure, that action takes place maybe in reverse, so to speak, but it’s the same type of action?

ELIAS: It IS the same action, for these types of actions of contracting a dis-ease, so to speak, are created through your beliefs that you shall BE contracting these dis-eases, providing you are engaging in certain actions that shall create this type of situation.” [session 368, March 05, 1999]

LETTY: “I want to start with, thank you very much for all your help the last time. It put a lot of things into perspective, especially about my health, and that’s going to be one of my questions. I guess I want to validate whether I’m trying to understand or accept these belief systems, or am I trying to ignore them? My asthma kind of sneaks in on me. I feel fine for weeks, even months, and all of a sudden, it just starts hitting me full force.

ELIAS: Let me explain to you, Castille [Letty], that this is not a situation of ignoring the issues, but that you are allowing yourself to be addressing to and moving through the issue in increments. Therefore, you address to your situation as it presents itself within each now, and you allow yourself more of an acceptance in these areas, and subsequently you also allow yourself a temporary respite, and as another aspect of the issue presents itself, you shall be experiencing the physical symptoms once again and allowing yourself to be addressing to more of the issue that you hold. Therefore, in this, do not be discounting your movement or your action in this area, for you are addressing to your own issues and moving in the direction of acceptance. You are merely choosing to be accomplishing this in what you term to be steps.

LETTY: Okay, alright. Thank you very much. Makes me feel better! Another symptom that I show myself or feel, and I think it’s also another – what do you call it? – something to attract my attention, is that occasionally I have a pain in my elbow. I was wondering if that was related to the same thing as my knees, or is that different?

ELIAS: This is a different type of manifestation that you are offering to yourself. Now; be remembering that we have discussed previously that you choose to be offering yourself physical symptoms in many different directions, for this efficiently gains your attention. You shall pay attention to different manifestations if you are creating physically.

In this particular expression, you choose the physical area of your body, of your elbow, to be offering yourself moments that you may be noticing the actions that you are participating in and the behavior that you are displaying within that time framework concerning flexibility. You choose this particular physical body area, for it is what you term to be a joint and is symbolizing of an area that is flexible.

Now; as you create painfulness in this particular joint, you also restrict your flexibility in that area, and what you are expressing to yourself is to be noticing the actions and the behaviors that you are participating in within that time framework that you are not displaying flexibility within.

LETTY: Oh, how wonderful that I can tell myself that! I am trying to work into being more noticing of my thinking patterns so I don’t manifest so many aches and pains. Thank you. That helps very much.

I have been feeling a little disoriented the last few weeks, and I was wondering if it had something to do with my sinus surgery. Or, as I’m reading a lot of transcripts, I had a thought that maybe ... would I be testing transition? I do not believe this is my last focus, but maybe I’m interested in understanding transition a little more? Or am I just disoriented because of the physical, what I’m going through due to the surgery?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that this is not in actuality a result, so to speak, of your physical surgery, although there is one very small aspect of your experience in this that you may attach to that particular action of your surgery; not that it has caused this feeling of disorientation, but that as you do create physically many times, you draw upon this action as partial excuse for allowing yourself the expression of this disorientation and not fighting with this disorientation very strenuously.

Now; in this, what you are experiencing is an alignment with energy which is occurring presently – which is accelerating and gaining strength, in a manner of speaking – in relation to this wave in consciousness which is occurring presently.

In this, as you manifest many elements within your focus physically, you also are translating the energy which is being expressed within this wave in consciousness presently in physical manners, which is in actuality quite understandable, for many aspects of this present belief system being addressed hold physical attributes and concern physical elements of your reality. Therefore, you are responding to the movement of this wave which is occurring presently, and this concerns the belief system of sexuality.

In this, let me also express to you that you may be experiencing and already are beginning the experience of intensifying certain elements of female functions physically, which may continue for a time framework in conjunction with this wave in consciousness, for this orange energy center – with you – is already responding and being affected.” [session 386, April 19, 1999]

NICKY: “Okay, I’ve got one for you, and I’ve really been going over this, over and over in my head, and I cannot come up with ... I’ve got a few questions here that are outright questions, because I’m having a time of it trying to connect with these things.

My sleep time has really been different at night, really different, almost reminiscent of a time period when I was younger, as a kid, and not sleeping through the night. It was never a big thing then and it’s really no big thing now ... BUT. In the beginning, I felt that I was connecting with somebody who was up at the same time period, like another focus, an alternate, whatever, whoever, connecting with something or somebody, and I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

Then it came to pass that, you know, women, after they hit a certain age, they’re supposed to go through this change and so forth and so on, and which I’m having a rough time with too, ’cause I really don’t like going there. From when I was younger, I thought to myself, ‘It’s not necessary, I don’t have to go through all of that, you weren’t meant to go through that,’ and yet I find myself going through it, you know, the night sweats, the restless sleeping, and so forth and so on. I think I’ve tried just about everything that has come across my path in my mind to work with it, to no avail.

So what is going on with these sleepless nights? Not that I’m upset about them, not that ... it’s like, ‘Okay fine. Who says you have to sleep through the night?’ kind of a thing. I’ve gone through a whole bunch of different things. But really, what is going on?

ELIAS: Let me also express to you that these are mass beliefs within your reality, and in these mass beliefs, there is much energy lent. Therefore, many, many individuals align with certain aspects of these mass beliefs, regardless of how you are engaging your thought process objectively. This be what I have expressed many times, that you may be holding one expectation objectively and you may also be holding another expectation subjectively, and what you shall create many times, until you have widened your awareness and allowed yourself aspects of acceptance, you shall be creating the subjective expectation, for it is stronger and there is no doubt within it.

NICKY: It causes a lot of conflict, though!

ELIAS: You are correct, many times! And this be the point in widening your awareness, in allowing you to be creating your reality more efficiently without conflict.

NICKY: Okay, let me ask you this then. In that particular instance of going through menopause ... I don’t know if I’m in it or out of it ... well, no, I’m not out of it. But in that point, for as long as I can remember, OBJECTIVELY I have always thought, ‘This is ridiculous! They can put a man on the moon, and they can’t help a woman with her system?’ My favorite words used to be those words. Okay, then it was like, ‘I’m not going to go through that. I will have in front of me whatever I need to get through it.’ Because it just doesn’t seem right, you know, to have to go through all of this!

And yet, although I’m not participating to the extent that some females go through, I’m still participating in it, and I don’t want to! So objectively, I’ve been saying something for years and years, and yet I find myself participating in it! And then I said, ‘Okay, wait a minute. This is like, this is what is out there. This is what it’s supposed to be, but it doesn’t mean I have to agree with it.’ So then why am I still continuing on with it?

ELIAS: Ah! Listen to yourself! Listen to ALL that you have expressed to me within this now ...

NICKY: Judgment, judgment, judgment! Icky, icky, icky! (Laughing)

ELIAS: ... and ALL of the attention and concentration that you place in this area and ALL of the energy that you hold within this area of this expression, and subsequently, you inquire of myself why you are creating of this! Look to all of your reality. Those elements that you concentrate upon intensely, you shall be creating! Now....

NICKY: Okay, okay. But my mind, my objective mind, was not there! It bit me in the butt after I had a few weeks of not being able to sleep at night.

ELIAS: Ah, but Candace [Nicky], hold! Listen! I express to you, you ARE concentrating and you ARE creating judgments: ‘I do not like this, I wish this not to be occurring, and I shall expel much energy in the direction of concentration to be willing this away.’ And I express to you that as you are concentrating that energy in that direction, you shall be creating the very element that you are wishing away!

Now; in this, I also express to you that as you allow yourself to continue your own movement in a different direction, of which you have already begun an engagement with – be listening!

In this, you have already begun a movement into areas of ‘it matters not.’ You have already begun expressing to yourself, ‘It matters not that I may not be engaging sleep patterns that I have engaged previously or that other individuals engage. It matters not that I engage certain alignments with these beliefs, for I am not engaging intensely as some other individuals may be.’

Now; this is a beginning expression of acceptance, and as you turn your attention in this area and you move more fully into the area of ‘it matters not,’ then you shall be affecting of your expression physically and emotionally in the manner that you wish. But as you continue in your expression of resistance and non-acceptance and judgment, you perpetuate the very actions that you wish to cease.

Are you understanding?

NICKY: Yes. Yes, very much so. So it’s ... as you were talking I was thinking, oh my gosh! Just because I’m thinking about it and putting effort into it, that’s exactly what I’m drawing, right?

ELIAS: Quite!

NICKY: Okay, alrighty. Okay, alright. A lot of things just fell right into place as you were speaking. Okay, fine.

ELIAS: Let us be repeating of what you term to be an old statement that I have offered many times: You create what you concentrate upon.

NICKY: Exactly, yeah. How easy it is to forget that sometimes, you know? And I normally don’t go ... with this particular incident, I don’t go there, but it’s become so predominate! As soon as you say, ‘I didn’t sleep the whole night,’ someone will jump right on the case: ‘Oh yeah, you’re going through menopause,’ or ‘Oh yeah, here comes those hard times again.’ And it’s like, oh my gosh. Then I go through the mode of, ‘Oh no I’m not!’ and then I put in the effort of how I’m not going to do it, so therefore I do it, right?

ELIAS: Quite! Listen to yourself! It matters not. Another individual may express to you an identification of this cycle and this time framework in which your physical form of your physical gender is creating its natural change, and your immediate response is, ‘No!’

NICKY: Yeah, right. Okay. So therefore, then I draw it to me.

ELIAS: Quite.” [session 392, May 07, 1999]

GERI: “I would like to ask about my illness. I was diagnosed last summer with a very serious illness, and I’m wondering if it’s true. (Pause) And why have a created this illness? (Pause)

ELIAS: In focusing upon the energy that you project presently, I express to you that you have in actuality engaged this action of dis-ease. I shall also express to you that you have engaged this particular expression within your energy to be offering yourself the opportunity within this time framework to validate to yourself your own abilities and how you may be exercising of them.

In this, you offer to yourself the opportunity to view that you hold the ability to be altering of this creation; that you may create any element within your physical focus that you are choosing. You may create any type of dis-ease, and you may also uncreate this creation as easily as you have created it and with as little thought as you have created it, for you have not concentrated upon creating this expression, but you have created it quite effectively. You may also be uncreating it with just as much of ease and effectiveness as you have created this.

Now; let me express to you that you have also created this situation, that you may be providing yourself with certain expressions that you feel within you that you are lacking. Now; in this, as you have created this particular affectingness, you allow yourself to be receiving, partially, expressions from other individuals that you may not have allowed yourself without this creation. This offers you what you may term to be permission to be receiving. This is a difficult expression for you, for within your focus, you are accustomed to being the individual that is offering and in your terms giving, but not necessarily receiving.

In this, you hold subjectively the recognition that this is not held within balance. There is a balance within physical focus, within your belief systems of offering and receiving, and in this, many individuals create this same type of expression, not allowing themselves the opportunity to be receiving, and denying this reception within themselves from the expressions of other individuals, viewing that this is weakness and is unacceptable and is bad. Therefore, you create a situation within your focus that offers you the opportunity to be expressing permission to yourself to be receiving, and also addressing simultaneously to all of these aspects surrounding the subject matter of receiving.

In illness, you view this expression also as a weakness and as unacceptable. Within your creation presently, you offer yourself the opportunity to experience this type of creation, experience all of the expressions that you may be creating within it, that may be expressed by other individuals in relation to it, and that you may offer yourself a more efficient understanding of these types of creations, that you may futurely be offering helpfulness to other individuals, as they allow themselves to be affected by the belief system of duplicity quite strongly in similar situation.

You yourself are experiencing much duplicity in relation to this particular creation, but within these experiences that you are offering yourself presently, you also offer yourself much information and much understanding, and once you have offered yourself this understanding objectively, you may be moving into the position of uncreating this particular expression, which shall also be helpful, not merely to yourself in offering you the validation as to the strength of your own abilities, but shall offer encouragement and validation to other individuals also, that they also hold the same abilities. Are you understanding?

GERI: Yes. I had a dream a few weeks ago, and I wanted you to help me with this. It was very short. I was a passenger in a car with my husband, and we drove up, and my husband stopped the car. I got out of the car and stopped a young man, a tall young man, from throwing a rock in a beautiful building, a glass building. I don’t know whether it was a church or what kind of a building it was. But the rock that I stopped him from throwing was a white-colored rock with kind of square edges. It wasn’t like a normal rock – it wasn’t round, it was kind of square-ish – and there were a lot of people in the building.

ELIAS: I express to you that you have presented yourself with your own imagery in relation to the very subject matter that we are discussing presently, in relation to your physical creation. In this, you move within your vehicle with your partner. This is your imagery to yourself of the movement that you have created thus far within your focus, moving comfortably within the company of your partner with little eventfulness, so to speak, in the manner of extreme drama. Subsequently, you offer yourself imagery of this young man, so to speak, who engages an action of propelling or projecting an object or an element which is foreign to the building. It does not belong within the building and may be physically damaging to it. In this, you view yourself to be interceding and expressing to the young man discouragement to not be introducing this action.

Now; the symbolization that you have offered yourself is that the building is representative of the encompassment of forms. You view that there are many individuals within this building. Each of the individuals is recognized as an element to be appreciated. They are all encased within this building. The building is representative of their environment, their focus, their existence, so to speak; not necessarily an object, but their manifestation. The young man attempts to be introducing this foreign element into their manifestation. This is the symbolization of introducing into your natural state the element of disharmony and dis-ease, and in this, you are recognizing that this is unnecessary and may be hurtful and creating of conflict. Therefore, you are interceding in this matter, expressing this discouragement of this young man not to be introducing this element into the manifestation of these individuals.

The young man is the symbolization or the imagery of energy. He is not in actuality an individual or an actual entity, but merely a movement of energy that may be introduced with any individual, but holding the strength of an entity, for energy may be very powerful in different situations that you create within your physical focus, and in this, it may be viewed as an entity within itself. Therefore, this be the reason that you have imaged this movement of energy as an individual. In this, you are communicating to yourself what I have offered to you in explanation of reason as to why you have created the physical affectingness that you have created presently.” [session 400, May 20, 1999]

JOE: “I’m going to ask one question concerning my health. I don’t know if you can help or not, but is there anything that I could or should be doing to heal my back? (Pause)

ELIAS: Yes. I express to you, first of all, within objective physical terms, you may look to your balance. This is the outward projection physically of the inward subjective expression. What you have created outwardly in physical objective terms is the mirror image of being out of balance, in a manner of speaking.

Therefore, in physical terms, you may look to the alignment of your feet, your ankles, and your knees. Once these elements are aligned in what you term to be properly and are offering you adequate support and balance, this shall be physically affecting of your physical creation.

Now; I shall also express to you that inwardly, you may be recreating the outward expression – even if you are eliminating it temporarily – if you are not addressing to your inner balance also. I have offered you the expression of a physical affectingness which you may engage objectively which shall be affecting physically, but it also shall be affecting merely temporar[ily] if you are not addressing to inward balance. Once you are addressing to your balance inwardly, you shall be eliminating of this particular objective expression of painfulness that you hold within your back.

Now; as to the inward expression, I express to you that you may look to self in your alignment within this focus of Milumet, and recognize that there are elements of belief systems in the areas of religious belief systems and metaphysical belief systems that you are attempting to be moving away from and struggling within. In this, you are creating a lack of balance within yourself.

You may be also addressing to your energy centers, and you may be addressing to those energy centers of blue and indigo and purple. These energy centers are fluctuating in their radiating and are reinforcing this element of a lack of balance.

I express to you that you create the movement of these energy centers. They are quite real, and you are quite directing of their movement and their balance. You may be addressing to this and you may be addressing to your inner balance within your beliefs, and in those expressions, you shall also be affecting of your physical back.

But do not discount the physical outward expression either, for it is not merely your physical back that you are affecting, but your feet and ankles and knees, which you may not necessarily entirely objectively feel physical pain within, but they are radiating energy out of balance and affecting of your back.

JOE: ... Okay, and then one more from another SNI [Seth Network Int’l.] member. Is health a state of mind? (Pause)

ELIAS: No. It is a state of being, in a manner of speaking, but it is not what you term to be a state of mind.

Your health, in those terms, is created as a direct expression of energy, which is directed subjectively to the objective body consciousness, which is responsive to the directions of subjective interaction ... or the LACK of direction, for this may also be affecting.

In this, I express to you – and to other individuals – that you are directly affecting and creating, WITHIN REALITY, every expression that you physically create.

Therefore, if you are creating what you term to be good health, in which you are allowing your physical body consciousness to be expressing efficiently and not manifesting painfulness or illness, you are specifically directing energy in this manner in conjunction with your body consciousness, and it is quite intentional, and it is also reality. It is not what you term to be an illusion or a state of mind. It is a physical reality expression.

In like manner, as you are creating illness, painfulness, or dis-ease, you are also creating a physical reality. You are creating a physical expression within energy, which your body consciousness is assuming and expressing outwardly. Actual physical molecular structures are affected, for you are physically affecting your body consciousness.

As to if you may be affecting of any of these particular creations by the expression of attitude or outlook, so to speak, you may be partially affecting, but this is not entirely the expression which shall be affecting, for you may be creating of a dis-ease and you may hold what you term to be quite a positive mind-set, attitude, and outlook, so to speak, and you may also continue within the creation of the dis-ease. Conversely, you may be creating of what you term to be excellent health physically, and your mind-frame or attitude or outlook may be quite negative.

Therefore, I express to you that one is not necessarily creating of the other, or even influencing of the other.

Therefore, no. Your creation of health, be it within the expression that you term to be good or bad, whichever choice you engage, it is not merely a state of mind. It is a quite intricate communication and action of expressed energy which is manifest into very real physical terms.” [session 408, May 30, 1999]

DEANE: “I have further complications with my left eye. I think, not long ago, you said at least part of that was symbolic. The pressures in both of my eyes have returned to normal – that’s as of a test here just the other day – but now I find out that I will have to have additional retinal surgery.

Now, I recall you telling Lynda ... and I have this quote here. You said, ‘... YOU are creating all of your reality as to be beneficial to yourself, and also that you shall not be betraying yourself. Therefore, you warrant your own trustfulness.’ End quote. (4)

Elias, making eye problems for myself, the writer who needs to see, seems like a betrayal to me, and I would appreciate your comment.

ELIAS: I express to you that this statement is truth. You shall not betray yourself, and this may be extended to every individual within your physical focus.

You may be creating of certain elements within your physical reality that you perceive to be uncomfortable, or elements that may be creating conflict within your reality. You may be creating of many types of expressions that within your beliefs, you deem to be bad.

I express to you that each of you, yourself also, is creating of every element within your reality, and regardless of your perception of right or wrong or good or bad associated with your creations, all of your creations are beneficial and they are all lending to your individual value fulfillment. They also are all purposefully created, and in this purposefulness, within your exploration of experience, you offer yourselves much information.

Now; within the action of this shift, I express to you that your experiences that you create presently hold a different type of purposefulness, for you move within a particular, specific direction within the action of this shift in consciousness, and that is to be addressing to self and belief systems, and to be neutralizing the affectingness of belief systems by the acceptance of these belief systems, and to be accepting and trusting of self, moving your attention out of the expression of looking to all other individuals or essences or gods or any other expression of guiding forces, so to speak, and turning your attention to the trust and acceptance of self that shall provide you with all and more of what you have provided yourselves with previously in looking to outside of yourselves.

In this, I express to you, we have already within this particular session moved partially into this area of this discussion – in your inquiry of your interaction and exchange with the essence of Rose and the offering of energy which was lent within that time framework – and I have expressed to you that the purposefulness of that action was to be lending energy to you, that you may hold and not be allowing yourself to be moving more into the expression of duplicity.

You offer yourself a very beneficial challenge within this creation!

Let me express to you that within physical focus, many, many individuals choose to be moving into the direction of creating certain types of challenges that you view to be uncomfortable or conflicting or confusing, for this offers you your process and your method, that you may step by step view each of your creations, you may assess all of your actions, [and] you may evaluate all of your movements.

In this, you offer yourselves more of an objective understanding of how you are creating your reality and how your belief systems are influencing of that reality and how you may be limiting or restricting your own creativity in these types of movements.

Now; I express to you that you have offered yourself the opportunity to be engaging a grave challenge, for you have chosen the expression of a physical sense that you hold in high regard. You hold this particular sense as being very good and essential to your function, for this allows you your vision outward.

I express to you that you have created in this great challenge the opportunity to view your own alignment in the area of duplicity – all of the areas that you view to be right and wrong within you, not necessarily merely outside of you but within you – and you also present yourself the opportunity to view how efficiently you are creating your reality, and how effortlessly. You have created this affectingness quite effortlessly, have you not?

DEANE: Absolutely! In fact, it came as a surprise. I was sailing along, a happy camper, and I get this pre-operative exam, and all of a sudden, boom! The other two surgeries are canceled, and now I got another surgery. I’m saying, ‘Whoa! What in the world is going on here?’ Because whatever is happening is all happening subjectively, because consciously, I was not aware of any of this. It just came up and hit me in the face.

ELIAS: This was requiring of no thought process objectively from yourself. This is an example of how very effortlessly you may be creating of any element of your reality.

Know this: You may be uncreating of this expression IN THE VERY SAME MANNER.

DEANE: I have noticed this black spot in the field of lightness that I can see with this bad eye, and in just the last 24 to 48 hours, it has been reduced by half. I feel that there’s some movement in my uncreating this, and this ties in with the question I have written down that you have answered most of, except for the last part. The question is, I am still having difficulty accessing the information I ask you about for myself. What is the problem here, or am I trying too hard or expecting too much too fast? So, this would probably be an appropriate time to ask, am I trying too hard or expecting too much too fast?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, in continuation of explanation of what you have presented to yourself, I acknowledge to you that you ARE affecting of this objective physical situation and you ARE moving in the direction of lending energy to be uncreating of this.

But there is an element that continues to be manifest for the reason that you are presenting yourself with objective imagery in the direction of recognizing that your physical sight allows you to be accessing information outwardly, and the lack of your physical sight and the interruption of your physical sight is your creation for information to yourself to be turning your attention inwardly and viewing – SEEING – inwardly what you offer to yourself, SEEING the affectingness within yourself [of] your alignment and reinforcement of expression of your belief systems [and] how that is affecting of you in limiting many of your own expressions. (5)

Now; look to your creation and look to the efficiency of this creation. You have created a situation which has physically affected you. It has limited your objective outward movement. It has also placed you – for you have placed yourself – in the situation of receiving from other individuals, therefore creating an interconnectedness with other individuals, but also offering you the opportunity to view your own responses to this interconnectedness and your assessment of this situation, for you place certain judgments upon your situation as placing you in the position of dependency, which creates a very large judgment within you and is greatly reinforcing of your own duplicity.

In this, you ARE looking to self more efficiently and you ARE beginning to examine your belief systems, for you are distressing yourself in your creation.

DEANE: That is certainly true!

ELIAS: Therefore, you are gaining your attention quite efficiently, and in response to that objectively, you ARE turning your attention and this IS affecting of the physical expression, but it is not eliminating of the physical expression YET, for you have not viewed all that you allow to be affecting of yourself in this area of duplicity and you have not allowed yourself, YET, to be moving into more of a fullness of expression of trusting and accepting of self, and in this, accepting of the expression of other individuals also.

DEANE: Well, see, therein lies the problem. I have the eye problem. I say, ‘Okay, I’m trusting myself,’ and I see I have to change the perspective here in ... well, you understand where I am.

ELIAS: Quite. I am understanding of your perception and your position, and I express to you that your accomplishment in your production of your creativity with your book has been helpful in your movement into more of an acceptance and trust of self.

Now you move into deeper areas, so to speak, of examining self and your expressions and your assessment of self AND your association of worth, for look to your own expression in what you have expressed to me, not merely within this session, but within other time frameworks in which we are not engaged objectively.

But I am quite aware of the energy in which you project outwardly in your call, so to speak, to me in response to your creation of this affectingness with your vision and the frustration that you create in this area, for you place great value upon this particular outer sense and its function and you associate your worth with your productivity, and your productivity is associated with your ability to be engaging your physical senses.

DEANE: Well, you’re ringing some bells for me there. I just got me an understanding, as you probably already know!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I have been listening quite carefully, and have been aware of the emotional quality of energy that you have projected to myself recently.

DEANE: Well, my friend, I appreciate it, and I know you have said that thanks are not necessary, but nevertheless, that does not take away from the appreciation I feel for what you have given me in your marvelous, wonderful assistance. That is everything I have today.” [session 410, June 04, 1999]

JIM: “So within the emotion, as we spoke of last time as well, our energy center of yellow is very influencing of all of this as well?

ELIAS: Correct. Also, as you are looking to physical manifestations, look to the interaction of your physical expression of your color indigo, as it is interactive with the physical functioning and manipulation of energy within your physical brain.

JIM: Speaking of indigo and Tumold, can you define ‘returning to a natural state’ within a disease? I imagine this would be the choice of the individual, as to what a natural state would be. We talked last time about ‘fixing’ and returning to a natural state, and I think there’s a difference that I’m not quite seeing. Can you help me with some clarification?

ELIAS: Within your natural state, your body consciousness functions perfectly within the expression of manifestation that the individual has chosen for a particular focus. Now; let me clarify to you.

One individual may be choosing to manifest within physical focus, in terms of their physical form, in what you term to be normal state. They have created an upright position. They hold one head, two legs, two arms, one body, two feet, two hands, and in this, they appear to be the same, in a manner of speaking, as all other individuals that create what you term to be, in your officially accepted reality, a normal body projection. This may be their choice of their natural state for that particular focus of manifestation.

Another individual may choose to be manifest within a particular focus in the manner that YOU express as de-formed. They are mis-formed, in your perception. Their physical expression may not appear to be in alignment with your officially accepted norm. They may not hold two feet, two legs, two arms, one head, one body. They may manifest differently, or they may choose to be manifesting within a twisting of that same form. Therefore, it may not hold itself upright in the same manner as do you, but they have entered their physical manifestation in this manner and have chosen this particular expression, and it is their natural state. Therefore, they have purposefully created that type of manifestation.

You, within your officially accepted reality, identify singularly and express that all individuals, as an absolute, should be creating in a specific manner of projecting their physical body form and function. In this, if an individual is not in compliance with those guidelines of your officially accepted reality, it is viewed as dis-form, dys-function, and dis-ease.

Now; in certain situations, individuals – as you are aware – are creating of all three of these expressions, which may not necessarily be natural to their state of their creation within their particular focus. This is the area that I have expressed to you many, many times, to be engaging your inner senses to be assessing the actual situation, recognizing that each individual’s reality is their own and is different, unique and individual.

In this, what may be natural state for one individual is not natural state for another individual, and within the expression of the intent of Tumold, your intent is not to be creating clones! Your intent is not to be fitting all of your species’ and all of any species’ expressions into one mold. It is to be allowing the natural expression of each unique individual in the manner that is natural to their expression.

This holds more difficulty than initially may be viewed, for you may not necessarily assess these types of situations immediately as you encounter another individual or a creature, for you hold mass belief systems which are quite strong in the area of absolutes. These absolutes express to you that the natural state of an individual is to be free of dis-ease, dys-function, and of de-formation. You express to yourselves the absolutes that creatures and individuals of your species shall be formed in a certain manner, and if they are not, they are experiencing an unnatural state, and therefore, it is your job to be altering of their state to be creating the conformity to what you accept as natural state.

In actuality, your definition of natural state is normal state, and your definition of normal is that which is officially accepted en masse commonly. I express to you, each individual within their own unique expression may be expressing their natural state quite differently.

Now; as you allow yourself an exercising of your inner senses, you may allow yourself to be enacting your natural abilities in these areas of your inner senses and you may quite easily assess each situation with each individual and each creature in conjunction with their natural state, evaluating that certain creations may not necessarily be natural to their particular focus and that they have created a situation of manipulating energy in a manner to be creating a dysfunction.

In this, you may be moving in the direction of your intent and be expressing helpfulness in offering energy to be directing in a manner that allows the individual to be moving their energy into their own natural state once again, but you must also be recognizing of those individuals that may be creating of certain elements within their reality that you do not necessarily view as natural, but may be natural to them.

JIM: Thus being mindful and respectful of another individual’s creation, of how they choose to create their reality.

ELIAS: Quite.

JIM: Okay. In our last session [#368, March 05, 1999], you spoke of the trigger action associated with the creation of a disease. What action can we take when this action begins to take place, and recognize the action, and perhaps alter the creation of that particular situation or disease, as in the case of malaria, which you gave as an example, or other diseases and so forth that offer these triggers?

ELIAS: Let me express to you once again that this would be the situation in which you need be viewing the individual action and the reason that the individual is choosing to be participating in accessing these triggers, for individuals purposefully draw to them these types of experiences that may be beneficial to them within their individual value fulfillment.

In this, they may be subsequently engaging another individual’s helpfulness to be disengaging the action that they have initially created, but it is not necessarily a situation to be expressed of PREVENTION of these types of creations, although this is the direction that your mass beliefs move into.

This is another area that you have developed within your belief systems: that you may be creating more efficiently if you are creating uniformly of what you term to be ‘good health,’ and you may be facilitating this state of good health if you are moving in the direction of prevention of dis-ease.

I express to you that you may be moving in the direction of creating actions to be preventing of certain types of dis-ease, but you shall also create different dis-ease[s] that are not preventable, for you shall continue to be creating other expressions, other types of affectingnesses to be expressing your individual energies – individually AND en masse – in these types of manners, for this is familiar to you. You choose to be manipulating energy in this manner to be gaining your attention and to be beneficial to you in many different manners, in which it DOES gain your attention if you are creating uncomfortable situations within your physical form.

I express to you that this is another direction in which individuals within the intent of the Tumold in physical focus – in conjunction with your belief systems – may become confused, for you view yourselves to be engaging the action of healing in the terms that have been expressed within your officially accepted reality, and that is to be fixing and preventing, and I express to you that this is not necessarily the point, but to be responsive to other individuals or creatures or any element of consciousness that may be REQUESTING your interaction for helpfulness, in offering it the remembrance of its natural state. Are you understanding?

JIM: Yes. That ties a lot in. That makes a lot of sense. I think this occurred recently with the pony, which I just experienced, with the colic, and in remembering my tile, which I offered, and offering energy to this pony, and her almost immediate response, returning to a natural state within the intestines and feeling better and having a bowel movement (laughing) and moving into its natural state. It was a different experience for me. Also, using the seeing-by-feeling and touching-by-thought, I felt a real difference there. It seemed to be a connectedness with those tiles. Is that a correct interpretation of that?

ELIAS: Correct.” [session 412, June 08, 1999]

LESLIE: “... by the way, thank you so much for the information you gave to Margot. (6) It helped a great deal! The dizzy spells that I have now come and go rather quickly, rather than stay all day, ’cause when they come, I just accept them and then they’re gone, so that works. But are all of my physical symptoms related to the energy surges?


LESLIE: Oh, they aren’t?


LESLIE: Oh lord! That would have been so much easier! (They both laugh, and Leslie sighs) What are they related to?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that you manifest physical symptoms, so to speak, in conjunction with different elements that you are creating within your reality.

In this, you mirror outwardly, in physical expressions many times, turmoil or conflict that you are experiencing inwardly.

In this, as you continue to be manifesting physical expressions, you also draw your attention to what you are creating.

Now; let me also explain to you ... for I hold the awareness that many, many times, you may be creating physical symptoms or physical manifestations, and although I express to you that you are creating this to be noticing and to be offering yourself an awareness of other elements that you are creating, you, within your objective awareness, do not necessarily equate these two actions. Therefore, as I express to you an explanation, many times this may appear to you to be inconsistent.

But this is also quite common within physical focus, for individuals DO create physical manifestations to be gaining their attention, and as they ARE creating these physical manifestations as a mirror action and an outward expression of what they are creating inwardly, they also do not pay attention to the correlation between the two actions, and in this, they are not noticing what is being created, and why.

You create this type of action also, and as you are creating this, you are continuously attempting to gain your attention to be addressing to certain beliefs and certain automatic responses that you create, but you have not entirely gained your attention yet.

Therefore, you continue to create the same type of action and you continue to create physical manifestations, recognizing subjectively that eventually you shall offer yourself enough information, to the point in which you SHALL begin noticing the other actions that you are creating and mirroring into physical manifestations.

You also move in the direction, in like manner to many other individuals, of expressing to yourself, and to myself also, questions in the direction of how you may be discontinuing creating these types of physical manifestations.

Now; as I have stated, there are some physical manifestations that you experience that do not move in entirely this manner, for they may be energy surges or other types of actions in conjunction with transition which may be affecting in physical creations.

But there are other physical manifestations that you create, in like manner to Giselle [Margot], which are not necessarily created directly in conjunction with actions such as transition.

Giselle [Margot] creates a shortness of breath, which is a trigger. Castille [Letty] creates a very similar type of action for a very similar reason.

In this, both individuals may inquire, ‘How may I be discontinuing this action and not manifesting this constriction of breathing?’

And in this, my expression to these individuals is the same as my expression to you in the different types of physical manifestations that you create, which do not necessarily move in the direction of breathing, but you do create severity in other physical manifestations.

(Intently) In addressing to this, if you are turning your attention to self and recognizing that YOU are creating it, this shall be the most affecting of the actual physical manifestation.

But in all three of these situations, you have each held for much time framework within your focuses the belief underlyingly that you yourselves are not creating these physical manifestations. These physical manifestations are being created – within your beliefs – by some other element outside of you, and this is being inflicted upon you without your permission, and you are the victim of manipulations of energy that attack you, that you yourselves are not necessarily creating.

What I am expressing to you is that no other outside element – no energy, no aspect of consciousness, no outside element – is creating any of these physical manifestations. You yourselves are creating these manifestations.

I am also quite understanding that within your thought process, you may be acknowledging of this statement and you may be in agreement with this statement, in thought.

But in actuality, as you create a physical manifestation, the immediate belief which is engaged is that some other element has created this manifestation of physical affectingness and is affecting you, and that you yourself have not created this.

This is the separation – in your beliefs – of the objective and the subjective awarenesses.

Within your beliefs, you align with the idea that your objective awareness is one element of you, and your subjective awareness is a different element of you, and that they move independent of each other and that they do not communicate to each other.

You may term this to be conscious and subconscious, objective and subjective – it matters not. The terms are not as important as the idea itself and the belief itself – that there is some element within your reality that creates your reality for you without your knowledge and without your permission.

This is NOT what is occurring, but this is what you believe.

This is a very difficult aspect of belief systems to be addressing to, for you have held this belief through your history. This is a mass belief system, and I express to you that ALL individuals, in some manner, hold to an element of this aspect of beliefs.

LESLIE: ... Okay, I need to ask a question. (Elias grins as if he knows what the question is) I’m a little bit too preoccupied with disengaging [dying], and I want to quit doing that because I think it’s interfering with just life in general. But when you say that we manifest these ailments for our attention, then how do we separate? How am I going to know if I’m manifesting my disengagement or I’m manifesting this for my attention? In other words, manufacturing an illness to be disengaging as opposed to an illness for my attention.

ELIAS: Ah! Now; I shall also express to you that as any individual – yourself also – chooses to be creating of any type of dis-ease or illness that may be facilitating disengagement or death within your belief systems, you are also creating a type of process. You do not create a dis-ease or an illness in a solidity of probabilities.

What I am expressing to you is that you may be engaging a dis-ease that you align with in beliefs that expresses the inevitable outcome shall be death.

Let us express that you may hypothetically be creating a severe cancerous dis-ease, and within the particular type of cancerous dis-ease that you choose to be creating, you may be engaging a type that is expressed to hold no cure. Therefore, within your belief, it is quite inevitable that you shall absolutely die in the creation of this dis-ease.

But as you engage any probability, you continue to hold the choice of how you shall direct that probability. Therefore, NO choice that you create is set in stone and unchangeable.

Therefore, as you begin creating this type of manifestation, you are not necessarily creating that expression to be also creating its inevitable outcome, so to speak. Those are choices that are created in the moment, and in each moment, you direct the creation of the dis-ease.

You allow yourself to be continuing within its creation or to not be continuing, to be perpetuating it and to be reinforcing it and to be accelerating it or to be retarding it or discontinuing it or altering it into other avenues. These are all in-the-moment choices, and they are not choices that automatically seal a fate, so to speak.

Therefore, I express to you, the creation of disengagement is a choice. This is a choice that you also create within the moment, and you hold the awareness of that choice. You know, objectively and subjectively in the moment that you choose to be disengaging, what you are creating.” [session 494, October 27, 1999]

GARY: “What is the importance of a healthy physical self?

ELIAS: This would be a relative question. It is relative to your intent and your direction within a particular focus.

Within your society, within your belief systems, you place great value upon physical health, but this is merely a choice.

There may not necessarily be an importance to holding health, within your identification of it in physical terms, if this be not your intent for your experience within this focus.

This be the reason that there are individuals manifest within your physical dimension who do NOT incorporate physical health in the manner that you identify as good. This be the reason also that individuals may create dis-ease and NOT move in the direction of cure.

Some individuals DO incorporate that type of movement, to be creating a dis-ease within their physical manifestation and to be uncreating that physical disease within the same manifestation, and this is an experimentation also, and is created for the reason of the individual and what they choose to be experiencing and experimenting with within this physical dimension.

Some individuals choose to be incorporating different elements of dis-ease or dysfunction quite purposefully, and do not alter their manifestation throughout their focus.

Therefore, this question is quite relative to the individual and their perception and their beliefs and their intent and their direction of their manifestation within their physical focus.

It is, once again, an example of mass belief systems that express guidelines that you ‘should’ be manifesting in a particular manner, and this is acceptable, and there are certain expressions of manifestations that are not acceptable within your officially accepted reality.” [session 510, December 04, 1999]

MIRIAM: “… Elias, could you talk about physical ailments, disease and how that’s an expression of the relationship with one’s self? I have a pain in my back, and don’t know what that means about me.

ELIAS: This is a communication.

Now; I may express to you, at times individuals hold energy and at times individuals block energy, and this may be expressed also in physical exhibitions or affectingnesses; but all of your expressions that you incorporate within your physical body consciousness are also an incorporation of a communication that you are offering to yourself, which offer you information concerning what you are creating in the moment.

You may be noticing, if you are allowing yourself to be paying attention, physical affectingness is a creation which is incorporated in each moment. There are interruptions. You may view or believe that you incorporate a constancy of pain or discomfort or even dis-ease, but in actuality, there are moments in which you do not create that. You generalize within your associations, and therefore you view that there is a consistency or a continuation. But you create affectingness physically in moments, and in each moment that you are creating that physical expression, you also are expressing a communication to yourself in relation to your own movement within that time framework, even within the choice of dis-ease.

Some individuals choose to be creating dis-ease and do not incorporate conflict, and are accepting of their choice in their expression of dis-ease and do not choose to be altering of their expression. Many times in these situations, the individual holds an awareness of what they are creating and how it is affecting; for every expression that you create is not merely affecting of you, it is affecting of all of consciousness. Therefore, it is affecting more obviously of individuals that you are interactive with, but it creates a ripple within consciousness that is affecting of all essences.

Now; as to the physical affectingness of your back, the manner in which you identify what your communication to yourself is is to allow yourself a stop point, a noticing point. In the moment of the painfulness, allow yourself to be incorporating an awareness of other associations, your beliefs and which beliefs are being engaged in the moment.

Example, hypothetical: an individual incorporates what they assess as painfulness within their back in a particular time framework, subsequent to prolonged movement or walking. This may be objectively explained by the individual, ‘I have incorporated this action of walking. It is irritating to my physical spine, and therefore that particular aspect of my physical body radiates tension and creates painfulness within the surrounding muscles.’ This is an objective explanation, holding much logic and rationale – and may be not associated at all with what the individual is actually creating.

Within the moments of the painfulness, the individual may be expressing to themselves their desire to be paying attention to themselves and not necessarily incorporating the action that they are incorporating. You may also be influencing your perception through your beliefs, that the action of walking upon certain surfaces creates a type of impactfulness which is unnatural to your physical form. You may be incorporating the communication to yourself to merely be paying attention to what you are incorporating in actions within the moment, or interactions in the moment.

Many individuals incorporate painfulness within this particular physical location in relation to their beliefs and associations with their supportiveness of themselves, not necessarily the supportiveness or lack of supportiveness of other individuals, but what they may be offering to themselves or not offering to themselves, and this may manifest in any particular moment.

As I have stated, your objective imagery is abstract, even the creation of physical exhibitions within your physical body form. If you incorporate one type of imagery in one situation and you do not gain your attention, you may incorporate a different type of objective imagery to present the same message to yourself.

Many times individuals – yourself also – create repetition in imagery if it incorporates painfulness, for painfulness shall obtain your attention. You DO offer yourselves your attention if you incorporate pain in any manner, in any form, be it emotional pain that you identify, or intellectual, mental, physical – it matters not. Any type of painfulness does attain your attention, for you place strong judgments upon painfulness, and these judgments are very influencing of your perception.

I may express to you quite literally, your perception is what creates the actual affectingness, for that same sensation may be perceived quite differently and your association shall not move in the identification of pain. I may express to you, quite commonly within your physical dimension individuals may be incorporating pain in your identification to extremes at times, and may express objectively to you that the sensation alters and is no longer identified as pain. What attains your attention is the mildness of pain. For you do not wish to be incorporating extreme painfulness, but just enough painfulness to be attaining your attention. (Chuckles)

Therefore, as you experience this painfulness within your back, my suggestion to you is that you be allowing yourself an awareness in paying attention to what you are creating in that moment. What are you associating with in that moment? It may not necessarily be a physical action. It may be an interaction with another individual. It may be a denial of your own choice in that moment, a forcing of your energy to be incorporating an action that you wish not to be incorporating, and therefore you force your energy to create a choice that you wish not to create. This many times, in your individual creation, is the scenario.

MIRIAM: Yes, thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.” [session 800, March 18, 2001]

MARJE: “… as a child I was told I had what we call epilepsy. There was a particular incident that happened to me in a very large spectrum at a game, whereby I found myself walking around the building looking outward, looking at people around me and saying, ‘I know you. Where do I know you from?’ I was told by another entity that this was another focus of mine, that a secondary had taken over and that Marje as primary had taken a backseat.

Recently, I read a transcript where you talked to a gentleman by the name of Mark and affirmed the same type of situation with him, that it was a secondary that was actually looking out and checking out this dimension. And I have to tell you that this was very uplifting to me, because as a child I was scared to death as to what was wrong with me. Oddly enough, this particular experience, this experience out of many, wasn’t very fearful per se because when I came out of it and the primary was back in place, instantaneously I knew what had happened, but I related it to the epilepsy. I told everyone that I was with what was happening, and they all kind of looked at me and kind of ran the other way, but that didn’t much matter to me at the time.

I just wanted to say that it made me feel so much better to know that I was not the only other person to experience this, and I wanted to ask, does this happen often to people?

ELIAS: In different capacities, yes; you exchange positions with different aspects of yourself. You create a primary aspect of yourself, and this is what you become outwardly familiar with.

But you incorporate countless aspects of yourself, countless yous of you, and within any moment you may choose to be exchanging positions of these aspects and each incorporates slightly, or not so slightly, different qualities that may be thusly objectively expressed.

I may also say to you that the physical medical identification of this dis-ease of epilepsy is quite misinformed. In actuality, your physicians do not to this present now understand what the individual is creating or what is occurring, and it may not yet be defined, for they attempt to be defining it in terms of physiology and function of the physical brain, and this is not what is occurring.

The individual has merely allowed themselves a more intense or severe, in your terms, expression of blinking, in which there is a concentration of what you identify as time in which the individual blinks out of this attention and this physical dimension. Their attention blinks to another dimension.

Generally, individuals within your physical dimension are blinking consistently and in a manner that creates a rapidness, and that rapidness of blinking – in like manner to your physical eyes blinking – that action creates a flow in which your focus appears uninterrupted. In like manner to your vision, as you blink your eyes, your perception is that your vision is uninterrupted. You pay no attention to this action.

In similar manner, you blink in and out of dimensions in relation to your attention. As you create that blinking in a rapid movement, your attention appears to you physically to be un-interrupted. (Elias very slightly pauses in the middle of and stumbles over the word ‘un-interrupted.’)

MARJ: I felt that, Elias. You interrupted that word.

ELIAS: Very good noticing. Ha ha ha! Blink!

FEMALE: We all blinked.

ELIAS: In this, in the time frameworks in which an individual creates this movement which your physicians identify as epilepsy, the individual in actuality is blinking out in a concentrated time framework, interrupting the flow of their attention in this focus, and focusing their attention within another focus of another dimension.

FEMALE: Why do they create the physical manifestation of a seizure in relationship to this?

ELIAS: This action occurs in response to the interruption of the flow. The entirety of the objective and subjective awareness is removed from the body consciousness. It is removed in a manner of interruption; therefore the body consciousness is responsive and creates tension and contraction, which you interpret as convulsion.

MARJE: Yes, but during one of those blinks when I was at another level of consciousness, the policeman who was taking me to the hospital with my mother, Grady, asked my name and address, and I was able to respond and I was not consciously aware of that.

ELIAS: Correct. This be the reason that your physicians are so baffled, for each of you are unique, and the manner in which you choose to be creating this type of blinking is unique to each of you. In this, you may not choose to be entirely removing all of your awareness from this attention in certain moments. There are no rules.

MARJE: So, I no longer need to be afraid of blinking in the future. I had no reason to fear it in the past, so I definitely have no reason to fear it in the future, and I can manifest and choose to remember what I see in the other dimension.

ELIAS: Correct, and I shall express to you, in like manner as I have offered to Lawrence [Vicki] (7), as you allow yourself to drop this veil of separation and you allow yourself to view what you are blinking your attention to, you shall cease creating your seizures, for it shall be unnecessary to create that action to accomplish what you have chosen to be accomplishing.

MARJE: So I am not blinking from, I am blinking to, to experience.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARJE: I like it! Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.” [session 848, June 09, 2001]

ELIAS: “Now; in this present time framework, are you choosing to be assimilating information concerning what you are creating and what you are seeking?

BLAZE: I don’t totally comprehend that. What am I seeking? I’m seeking peace. I have done every spiritual thing you could possibly do in the past 17 years...

ELIAS: I am understanding. I am asking you whether in this moment or not you engage a willingness to explore what you are actually creating and what you are genuinely seeking.

BLAZE: Yes! Thank you.

ELIAS: And within this present moment I shall request that you allow yourself a certainness of this prior to my offering of information. For I may express to you, my friend, I employ a great willingness to offer you information, if you are employing a willingness to receive it.

BLAZE: (Emotionally) Yes.

ELIAS: Very well. First of all, I may express to you the identification of what you have been creating for an extended time framework. In this, you have held your attention outside of yourself, seeking information from other individuals and allowing other individuals that you view to be in authority of yourself to dictate to you your direction and your choices, and you have allowed yourself to become a victim of yourself through the alignment with other individuals and their dictations to you.


ELIAS: In this, you have quite effectively created an extreme in presentment to yourself in attempting to gain your individual attention. You have created many expressions, my friend. You have been quite hurtful to yourself, have you not?


ELIAS: And continue to do so.

BLAZE: (Tearfully) I don’t know how to stop.

ELIAS: And this is what we shall explore this day. In this, you have created communications to yourself through physical body expressions; you have created tremendous affectingness in physical expressions; you have also created tremendous emotional communications to yourself. And in all of these communications you are paying attention to the signals but you are not paying attention to the messages.

In a manner of speaking, as I have expressed to other individuals previously, you have created a situation in which it may be likened to a telephone ringing or a knocking upon the door (8), and you recognize these signals but you are not receiving the communication.

BLAZE: Yes, I feel lost.

ELIAS: Now; let me express to you first of all the identifications of the manner in which you are communicating to yourself. You are communicating to yourself through emotion. As I have stated previously in this forum, emotion is not a reaction, it is a communication from your subjective awareness to your objective awareness to precisely offer you information concerning what you are creating in the moment.

Now; although it objectively appears to you that you are generating an emotion as a reaction and that emotions follow events, in actuality they do not. It is merely a matter of your attention and where your attention is focused. Generally speaking, individuals within your physical dimension are not focusing their attention upon the communication of emotion until they offer themselves a recognition of some objective occurrence.

Now; you recognize the signals of emotions, the feelings. You identify sadness, frustration, anxiety, anger, joyfulness; but once recognizing the signal, you turn your attention to objective imagery or thought.

BLAZE: What’s that mean?

ELIAS: Objective imagery is what you perceive outwardly.

BLAZE: I see.

ELIAS: Now; in this, you are not paying attention to the message which is being communicated in the emotion.

Now; this is one area of communication that you are offering to yourself and have been for an extended time framework. Another very STRONGLY expressed avenue of communication that you are offering to yourself, and have been, is through physical affectingness within your physical body consciousness.

BLAZE: Yes, I have liver disease.

ELIAS: And you also generate other discomforts or what you may term in your definitions as illnesses, and you generate these physical affectingnesses quite strongly to gain your attention. What you are expressing to yourself, and have been, is to be paying attention to YOU, listening to YOU – not seeking from other individuals, not acquiring. You are not acquiring knowledge; you are not acquiring peace; you are not acquiring health. You are also not acquiring spirituality, and I may express to you quite definitely, you have allowed yourself in extreme to become victim to your own beliefs.


ELIAS: There are no levels, my friend. You have not manifest in this physical dimension to be learning, you have not manifest to be taught, and you have not manifest to acquire.

You have chosen to be manifesting in this physical dimension to participate in an exploration of consciousness in the physical design of this particular physical dimension. You are also not limited to this one physical dimension. You as essence focus attention in many different physical dimensions simultaneously. This is merely one, and you are not participating in this dimension to acquire spirituality or to advance to higher levels – you are already your highest expression. You have merely forgotten.

The manner in which you allow yourself the expression of love as a TRUTH of consciousness – which may be defined simply as the knowing and appreciation – this is the expression of love in its genuine expression, and in that expression of love, you discover the wondrousness of your own freedom. The manner in which you discover this expression of genuine love is to become familiar with you.

You are familiar with certain expressions that you generate, but you are not familiar with how you create them or even that you do create them. You may express to yourself at times that you recognize that you create your reality but you do not choose it, and I may express to you, my friend, this is quite incorrect. No experience that you generate has not been chosen by you. You choose every moment, every experience, every creation.

This is how you have become victim to yourself in not recognizing that you have chosen these experiences and not recognizing that you incorporate other choices, that you actually hold the ability to generate other choices. For in relation to dis-ease, you view this as an attack...

BLAZE: Yes, I do.

ELIAS: expression that you have not chosen and you have not created. It has been created itself and it has attacked you, almost in the manner that it is a separate entity from yourself, and it is not.

I may also express to you, in your seeking of how to familiarize yourself with you, you have turned your attention outside of yourself to other individuals, viewing other individuals to be more knowledgeable and more spiritual than yourself and therefore that you may learn from them and acquire or develop an expression of spirituality within your focus. You already possess it. In actuality, it may be expressed that you do not even possess it – you ARE it!

BLAZE: (Whispering) Thank you.

ELIAS: It is a natural expression of merely BEING in all aspects of being. My friend, you are not seeking spiritual experiences. You are not seeking parlor tricks...

BLAZE: I’m not, no, it’s true.

ELIAS: are seeking the familiarity with self and the freedom of your choices.

BLAZE: Also I’ve been very lonely. When I said spiritual family, I meant just people like-minded that I can have fun with and do things with.

ELIAS: And you have drawn yourself to this forum, and this is not an accident. (Both laugh) There are no accidents or coincidences, my friend! (Chuckling)

BLAZE: (Laughs and then sighs) Oh, thank you!

ELIAS: Acknowledge yourself in the wondrousness of your being. You do incorporate choice.

Now; let me express to you in what you term to be practical terms in relation to what you generate in physical affectingness. That which you are generating internally in relation to organs and what you identify as dis-ease may be slightly more challenging in your allowance of yourself to be affecting, but it is also quite possible and quite within your ability. But we shall begin in addressing to affectingnesses that you may allow yourself a more confident expression of affectingness with.

In this, you may begin with symptoms that you notice. You have created physical symptoms...

BLAZE: Yes, and the physical migraines are the most unbearable.

ELIAS: Quite.

Now; recognize several actions which are occurring. First of all, prior to your generation of this physical pain, you are creating an action of paying extreme attention to thought and analyzation.

BLAZE: Yes, I don’t seem to be very good at that. It literally kills me. (Laughs)

ELIAS: And what do you create? You create physical imagery to yourself of over-exercising the muscle of your brain!

BLAZE: Right! (Elias laughs) How do I stop that?

ELIAS: You may quite easily discontinue this action in recognizing what you are creating in the moment, noticing that you are creating an expression of analyzation. You are extremely holding your attention upon thought, and once noticing that, allow yourself the recognition that you may choose to move your attention.

Now; this is not...

BLAZE: I seem to get locked into it when I’m around thinkers.

ELIAS: This is not a difficult action. It is NOT a difficult action.

In the moment that you recognize that you are engaging that action, stop and intentionally focus your attention upon your physical body, and once focusing your attention upon your physical body, move your attention to scan all of your physical muscles. This shall quite divert your attention. Once scanning, so to speak, all of your physical muscles from your feet to your head, allow yourself to recognize all of the areas in which you are creating tension. This shall also...

BLAZE: Migraines are strictly from tension, not from allergies or...?

ELIAS: There are many beliefs associated with the creation of this particular physical expression, but we are addressing to YOUR creation. And in your individual creation, you are expressing consistent behaviors which trigger your subjective awareness, in a manner of speaking, to be screaming to you...


ELIAS: gain your attention, and in this, your subjective awareness directs your physical body consciousness. Therefore, any expression that you create within your physical body consciousness is being directed by your subjective awareness.

Therefore, there is significance in paying attention to what you are generating. You shall notice that once turning your attention from thought to physical feeling, physical sensation, you shall be noticing all of the areas of your physical body in which you are incorporating constriction, tightness.

BLAZE: Absolutely. When I go into a full-blown migraine, the entire body ... I have to go get Demerol because the whole entire body, the muscles are all tense.

ELIAS: And in this, my friend, this action is not created by the pain within your head. This tension precedes the pain within your head.

BLAZE: What’s ‘precedes’ mean?

ELIAS: In linear time, moves before: you create the tension prior to the pain. Therefore, if you are paying attention to your physical body and the tension which is arising and the constriction that you are creating in the moment, it shall be unnecessary to generate the pain within your head, for you shall already have gained your attention.

BLAZE: So, should I focus on doing things like yoga? I need help with this because it’s a habit.

ELIAS: This is your choice whether you engage an action of yoga or any other method. I may express to you, you may choose to be employing these actions, but it is not necessary. I may express to you, in the moment that you notice that you are thinking, thinking, thinking, and you are concentrating your attention in thinking, thinking, thinking, stop immediately. Turn your attention to your physical body.

Allow yourself to engage a comfortable atmosphere, perhaps a comfortable chair. Immediately turn your attention to your physical body and begin relaxing physical muscles and bones. This shall move your attention, and in holding your attention in the action of intentionally relaxing your physical muscles and bones – and even your skin, my friend – you shall be creating several actions. You shall be acknowledging your own communication to yourself. You shall be paying attention to self. You shall be receiving the message and therefore not creating the familiar action of incorporating the painfulness within your head, for you have already allowed yourself to pay attention. And you also offer yourself the opportunity to practice manipulating your energy intentionally, objectively...

BLAZE: This is what I was looking at.

ELIAS: ...which shall automatically validate you. And I may express to you, each time you validate your abilities to yourself, you also generate a reinforcement of your own trust and acceptance of yourself, and it becomes easier and easier and easier to pay attention to you and to trust YOU, rather than turning your attention outwardly and attempting to be seeking some expression from another individual and merely perpetuate discounting yourself.

BLAZE: Right. I never discounted myself as much as when I got into this group. It’s like I lost total touch with myself and totally got dependent on this particular group, more than any other, I think, that I’ve ever joined with possibly.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, you may quite easily snare yourself in parlor tricks and fascinating your objective attention with your ability to generate parlor tricks, but this does not familiarize you with you and it is not genuinely empowering.

You may even incorporate an action of surprising yourself that you incorporate the ability to levitate yourself, and how shall this familiarize you with you? And how shall this be affecting of what you are creating? (Blaze laughs) It is a distraction in occupying your attention with parlor tricks.

BLAZE: Yeah, yeah. That’s what was going on at the academy. I was having a lot of incredible experiences like that, you know, experiencing seeing Jesus and just different things, and I got distracted from everything.

ELIAS: Quite. From yourself.


ELIAS: And in this, I may express to you quite genuinely, the creation of the expressions of your new metaphysics is merely another avenue of expressing religious beliefs in a different manner. It is merely the perpetuation of religious beliefs. I am not expressing to you that this is bad. What I am expressing to you is an identification of merely what it is.

Beliefs in themselves are neutral. Beliefs in themselves are not good or bad. But as you attach the beliefs of duplicity – of the right and the wrong, and the good and the bad, and the better and the worse – to all of your beliefs, you are attaching the judgments, and as you express the judgments they become quite limiting.

And this is the action of this shift in consciousness, not to be eliminating your beliefs, for they are an integral aspect of the design of this particular physical dimension. Therefore, you are not eliminating your beliefs; you are allowing yourself to widen your awareness objectively, allowing yourself to recognize that they are beliefs, and that...

BLAZE: I am quite aware that everything is an idea.

ELIAS: ...and that it matters not, and in this, recognizing that there are no absolutes.

BLAZE: (Laughs) I think I really got that one this week!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! And therefore, offering yourself freedom in choice. Automatic responses of beliefs do not offer you choice. (Pause)

Automatic response, as an example, to the expression of dis-ease is that it has been developed or contracted and therefore is an attack; and in this, if it is an attack from some expression outside of yourself, what choice does this offer you?

BLAZE: None.

ELIAS: Correct. But in recognizing the genuine freedom of accepting the responsibility that you yourself create every aspect of your reality, even dis-ease, you also incorporate the ability to alter it.

BLAZE: Yes, and when I went to Brazil I saw it healed and the entirety of that. How do I step into that particular experience or that knowing consistently?

ELIAS: By allowing yourself first of all to practice with the relaxation. By allowing yourself...

BLAZE: For focus, kind of a practice? It seems like it would be nice for focus.


BLAZE: For problems focusing, I mean. (Laughs)

ELIAS: Allowing yourself to become familiar with your energy and your ability to be choosing and affecting.

And as you allow yourself the validation that you may be in actuality affecting of an expression such as your headaches, you shall also begin to allow yourself a trust within self that you also have created this dis-ease and you may choose to alter it. It requires no particular method.

You may incorporate a method if you are so choosing, but it is not a requirement. Merely trusting that you do hold the ability to be affecting, that you are not being attacked, that this is not being generated by some aspect of consciousness outside of yourself, that you are not a victim of it, that you yourself have created it, and [that] as effortlessly as you have created it – which you have (Blaze laughs) – you may also effortlessly create a different expression.

BLAZE: Yes, thank you! (Laughing) Absolutely!

ELIAS: If you are powerful enough to create a dis-ease within your physical body consciousness, which in actuality requires a tremendous generation of energy, you are also powerful enough to NOT create it.

BLAZE: Oh, thank you! Yes, and that’s what I think I saw in that moment, that experience that I had when I saw myself healed. It was just gone.

ELIAS: Yes. I may express to you, my friend, in actuality it requires less energy to NOT be generating dis-ease than to be generating dis-ease.

BLAZE: Wonderful, wonderful! That helps me a lot, it really does! I wanted to ask you one more question before we go. We have five minutes.

I was experiencing possibly having gallstones. Did you notice that in ... (Elias laughs) I know we were talking about the liver. (Laughs) Is there a possibility I may need my gallbladder ... I have to see if I can get medical in this state and different things, because right now I’m not able to work.

ELIAS: (Very amused) Shall you concentrate your attention upon the experiment of NOT creating this expression? Ha ha ha!

BLAZE: (Laughing) Okay.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! (Humorously) Or are you in actuality choosing to overwhelm yourself to the point in which you are physically incapacitating yourself?

BLAZE: (Laughs) Well, I think that the headaches are from overwhelm actually, thank you! (Blaze and Elias crack up)

ELIAS: My friend, allow me to offer you the suggestion that you incorporate playfulness and fun, and experiment with visualization of these gallstones and exploding them into fireworks!

BLAZE: Oh, that’s easy! (Laughs with Elias) I used to be a hypnotherapist so I did all that visualization. Sure, absolutely! (Laughing) No problem!

ELIAS: This may generate much more fun that the actual creation of them! Ha ha ha ha!” [session 933, October 24, 2001]

LETTY: ... I want to talk to you about my hot flashes.

ELIAS: Very well.

LETTY: I have been manipulating my energy when I get them, especially like right now with my painful knees and legs or when I have headaches or whatever, and I try to shift it. But I was going to ask you, I believe that I get them... Because they’re not consistent, they’re not regular, they come and go, and some nights I may have three or four during the night and sometimes I don’t think I have any. I have an impression that they’re also signals to me in paying attention. One of the things I recognize, I don’t think it’s all the time, but many of the times when I get them I am actually judging something, somebody, myself.

ELIAS: Ah! Therefore you are allowing yourself to manipulate this expression of energy, in your terms, for a specific purpose. Quite creative, Castille [Letty]!

LETTY: I enjoy them, and that was another question. I wondered if you could do a little scan on my body. My doctor wants me to come in and talk to me about options, and that’s all the message I got. I know these options are about wanting to give me hormones or something, and my feeling is I recognize the huge belief system about menopause and all this stuff, and I’m not feeling it to that point. I’ve never read about it; I don’t want to know about it. I probably will align, as I do many times, with mass beliefs that I don’t objectively see, but I don’t believe I need anything at this point in my life. (Pause)

ELIAS: I may express to you that I am in agreement with you.

LETTY: How would that affect an opinion?

ELIAS: I may also express to you, this is your choice, but within this present now you are not generating any physical dysfunction that may be viewed as needing to be fixed. (Chuckles)

LETTY: Thank you for that one!

ELIAS: Be remembering also, Castille [Letty], as I have expressed previously in explanation concerning what you within physical focus identify or define as menopause, this is what you have physically chosen as a physical manifestation which you incorporate at a particular point within your focus to be moving your attention to yourself and allowing for a recognition of the powerfulness of your own expression of energy individually and not in conjunction with any other individual. This is what generates these energy surges that you physically experience as heat, for you have not quite, in a manner of speaking, adjusted your expression entirely to be acknowledging and focusing your attention upon self and recognizing the expression of your individual power.

Mass beliefs are incorporated quite strongly, as you are aware, and in these beliefs there are some beliefs that are expressed quite strongly in association with your gender, concerning turning your attention outwardly to be focusing upon other individuals, specifically children. Whether you actually choose to be incorporating that action or not, the beliefs are incorporated. In this, you align with these beliefs and therefore you generate an association with them, and you generate your manifestation for a particular number of years, so to speak, in alignment with that potential associated with these roles of incorporating facilitating the emergence of a new focus.

Now; at a particular point, which is chosen by each individual, you discontinue your alignment with that potential and move your attention temporarily in a transitional expression to be focusing upon your individual expression, power, and worth. This is a transition of energy expression which you incorporate in this time framework, and this is what you generate in these physical manifestations of bursts of heat. This is actually a burst of energy in a manner of speaking, which is an expression of your own emergence – not the emergence of another focus, but your own emergence into the fullness of your awareness and your validation of self.

LETTY: That’s why I’ve enjoyed it and felt better about myself. The beliefs add kind of a negative connotation of menopause, and I think people use it as an excuse to be in a bad mood, to be grouchy or grumpy, and I haven’t felt that. It’s kind of like if you’re paying attention to yourself you feel better about yourself and all that power.

ELIAS: Correct.

LETTY: So, within this shift and how we’re moving into it and accepting ourselves better and understanding ourselves, the opening of our awareness – and this is just kind of like a comment – this is probably something that the perception of this has to shift, too.


LETTY: I mean, going back to other generations of how they view in a negative connotation. I look at it as very positive.

ELIAS: I may also express to you, as you continue in the movement of this shift in consciousness, this expression of this transitional period and these manifestations that you identify as symptoms shall also lessen, for the awareness of self of individuals increases and the awareness of their ability to manipulate their energy and pay attention to self and acknowledge and accept self occurs in relation to widening their awareness, and therefore this transitional expression shall not be necessary.

LETTY: Yes, I understand that very clearly because as I’m going through this, even with the belief systems being negative, I find I’m accepting myself better – or not better, I find myself accepting myself more or judging myself less.

ELIAS: Correct. I am understanding.

LETTY: Wow. Very exciting period! (Elias chuckles) I think I have been anxiously waiting for this transition.” [session 1022, March 03, 2002]

ALMA: ... I think more than anything I always have had an issue with weight. When I was younger it really didn’t bother me, but I guess as I get older I get more self-conscious and it becomes an issue.

But what I found concerning my issue is that sometimes I do feel comfortable in the size of body that I have and I’m fine with my weight, but sometimes I get very aware and stressed about wanting to lose weight. I think that more than anything my impression of it is that sometimes I don’t really mind it because I feel like protected. I feel fine; I feel comfortable. I guess that I feel, like you said, fear sometimes, that if I do lose the weight then I have to be more aware and addressing myself and paying more attention to myself, and I guess I don’t do that often enough. Is that what I get from my weight?

ELIAS: I am quite acknowledging of you in your offering of understanding to yourself of what you are creating. You are quite correct; this also is associated with protection and exposure. For, you create this manifestation of what you view to be excess weight as an expression of protection, for if you are incorporating that manifestation, you do not generate as many expectations of yourself. You do not expect yourself to be as interactive with other individuals. You do not expect yourself to be generating relationships that are fearful to you. Therefore, you ARE expressing a manifestation in physical form of protection.

But this also is expressed in relation to your worth and your lack of trust and acceptance of yourself, for this is once again associated with allowing yourself exposure. But you dare not generate THAT type of expression with other individuals for you wish not to be exposing yourself to you, and you intensely wish not to be exposing yourself to other individuals.

In this, my friend, once again as you allow yourself to become familiar with you, to generate a friendship with you and allow yourself to appreciate the individual that you are and trust and accept this individual that you are, you also may allow yourself to recognize that in actuality the more that you allow yourself an openness and exposure, so to speak, the more freedom you offer to yourself and the more ease you allow in your movement.

You require a tremendous expression of energy to hold your energy field in tightness to yourself in protection of yourself. (9) You require much less of an intensity of energy as you allow yourself an openness and you allow yourself to relax your energy field.

In this, as you generate this friendship with yourself and this appreciation of yourself, you may begin noticing that other individuals shall reflect this to you also, for this is an automatic by-product of accepting yourself. Not merely that you automatically are more accepting of other individuals, but that other individuals become much more accepting of you also. For what you express outwardly, you also reflect to yourself.

ALMA: Wow. (Laughs and Elias chuckles) That, I think, was my same impression concerning my weight.

ELIAS: Yes. And it matters not, my friend. Do not concern yourself with the physical manifestation and attempting to address to that. For this is merely a distraction which in actuality prevents you from addressing to the actual expression that is influencing this manifestation.

This is the reason that many, many, many individuals throughout your physical dimension create such tremendous challenge and even struggle with this particular type of expression of weight, so to speak, for their attention centers upon the physical manifestation and attempting to outwardly alter the physical manifestation through different actions: altering diet, altering activities, attempting to be incorporating what you express as positive thought processes. These are outward physical attempts to be altering of the physical manifestation, and generally speaking they do not create an accomplishment. For this is not what is to be addressed to, but rather what you are generating inwardly.

What you are creating outwardly is merely a physical expression of imagery as a reflection of what you are generating inwardly. In this, as I have stated many times, the outward physical imagery matters not; it is abstract and quite changeable. What holds significance is your perception, for this is what generates the outward physical imagery. What is significant concerning your perception is what influences your perception, and what influences your perception are your associations with beliefs, your acceptance or your lack of acceptance of yourself, your trust or your lack of trust of yourself, and where you are directing your attention.

ALMA: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are welcome.” [session 1023, March 04, 2002]

TARA: “... Can you tell me any advice or practical suggestions to lessen a chronic illness that I’ve been – I don’t want to say suffering with – but that I’ve been living with for many years? Because I feel that the effects of my illness are lessening as my beliefs change. I want to know if the line that I’m taking right now in meditation and visualization will continue, or if I should just deal with the belief that I have that I’ll be okay with this illness no matter what. It’s a chronic one. It’s not necessarily life threatening, but it can be. I’ve been relatively healthy my whole life. So I was wondering if I should focus on that or if I should just continue as I have been pretty much for a while now.

ELIAS: As you continue to concentrate upon it, you continue to create it. Therefore, if you are wishing to discontinue the creation, my suggestion is that you allow yourself to trust your ability to generate the action of returning your physical body consciousness to its natural state and discontinue concentrating upon the dis-ease. For as you concentrate upon the dis-ease, you perpetuate creating it.

TARA: See, the tricky thing is, because I’m diabetic I’ve been taking insulin for my whole life, and it’s lessened. The doctors have even said that for the amount of body weight and how old I am, I should be taking more medicine. I’ve always discounted that and said no. My body doesn’t need that much medicine, which I believe is a positive attribute, because it’s kept me pretty healthy for my whole life. I don’t want to just stop drastically taking my medication, but I was wondering if the method that I’ve been using, of slowly weaning myself off of it and exercising and visualization, if I should continue doing that. That’s what I’ve been finding has been the most effective for me. I don’t want to just drastically stop taking my medicine overnight, because I guess I have a fear of that.

ELIAS: And I am not expressing to you that you should be generating any choice other than the choice that you want. What I am expressing to you is that as you concentrate upon the dis-ease, you perpetuate it. As you are accepting of you and are accepting of your choices, you do not lend energy to the creation of the dis-ease.

TARA: So what I’ve been doing so far has been effective, and I should do what I’ve been doing and not really focus on it and just continue...

ELIAS: Correct.

TARA: ...the treatment but not really focus on the detrimental effects that are possible, that the doctors say that are possible?

ELIAS: Correct. Follow you, listen to you, for you know your physical body consciousness. It is you, therefore allow yourself to direct you.

TARA: Thank you.

TRACY: Following up what she said, we create our illnesses?


TRACY: How do we do that and how can we avoid it? Practical knowledge.

ELIAS: It is dependent upon the individual, for each individual generates a physical affectingness of their physical body consciousness for their own individual reason and purpose. Physical creations are also an avenue of communication. Some individuals pay attention to that form of communication.

Physical dis-ease is not necessarily bad. It is merely your perception, which is influenced by your beliefs, that expresses that it is good or bad. It merely is. It is a choice of manifestation, and it is an avenue of communication.

Some individuals generate dis-ease to allow themselves objectively to heighten their awareness in association with the physical body consciousness as not a vessel, as an actual expression of the individual as essence, and hold their awareness upon the physical body expression as not a shell.

Some individuals incorporate physical affectingness in dis-ease to be moving their attention to certain beliefs or issues that they may incorporate, and once allowing themselves to receive the communication, they may turn their attention and the dis-ease disappears, for their choice is not to continue in that manifestation for they have received the message.

Therefore, it is not necessarily a situation of avoiding illness or dis-ease, but rather familiarizing yourself with you and paying attention to your individual communications and your choices in each moment, for these physical affectingnesses or expressions are also communications. And as in all of your reality, every expression is a choice.” [session 1116, June 16, 2002]

ANJULI: “First, I would like to ask some questions for my mother, Gertrud (Birdeet). She has three questions to you.

ELIAS: Proceed.

ANJULI: The questions are about my father who is in hospital now and underwent a surgery. His Alzheimer disease is now affecting in a way that he cannot really move anymore, or he is very strongly subjectively focused. He looks as if he is in a state similar to a waking coma.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

ANJULI: Yes, and my mom has three questions about that. Her first question is, is he from time to time a little bit objectively aware of her presence? (Pause)


ANJULI: This is not always, it is just from time to time?

ELIAS: Correct.

ANJULI: Okay. He has difficulties in breathing and she would like to know how much he is objectively experiencing the pain in his body, for example the difficulties in breathing. Or is he for most of the time not so much connected with his body so that he is not so much experiencing this difficulty?

ELIAS: His attention is not objectively focused in relation to the functioning of the body consciousness, therefore, in your terms, is unaware of an expression of pain.

ANJULI: Oh, Elias, my mother will be so happy to hear that!

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, pain is an objective assessment of a particular manifestation within the body consciousness, and it is strongly associated with beliefs that influence perception. Therefore, it is quite relative.

In this, individuals that may be quite objectively focused and holding their attention with the objective awareness may be generating certain manifestations within the body consciousness and not necessarily perceive them as painful, whereas another individual may generate the same type of manifestation and incorporate a perception of tremendous painfulness.

Now; in this, this individual, your parent, is not moving his attention to the objective awareness in relation to the physical body consciousness and what is being manifest within it. There is an awareness subjectively in communication with the body consciousness to be directing it in specific manners in association with disengagement in an acceptable manner, in relation to his beliefs and in relation to the beliefs of the family. But as to experiencing discomfort or painfulness, I may express to you, he is not.

ANJULI: Oh, Elias, this is great. Then he probably was also not experiencing pain in the hours before the surgery was done, because when I saw him, his face did not look as if he had pain.

ELIAS: Correct. Let me express to you also, this is the powerfulness of attention and how you move attention. I may express to you quite literally, an individual may be within physical focus and may incorporate a manifestation of breaking a bone or incorporating a wound from a knife and may not feel any physical discomfort, dependant upon where they are directing their attention.

If you are directing your attention in different manners and occupying your attention fully enough, you may generate any type of action physically that you would naturally expect to be feeling physical painfulness and you shall not necessarily feel any physical affectingness, dependant upon your attention.

ANJULI: Oh, that is probably what they are sometimes doing in the Far East, in India, when the put needles into their body or walk through fire and they don’t experience pain.

ELIAS: Correct, and in similar manner, he is not experiencing the physical feeling of any discomfort, for his attention is not focused upon the physical body consciousness.

ANJULI: Yes, but he is sometimes aware of the presence of my mother, which has after all nothing to do with the body, and so he may use a bit of an objective awareness for to...

ELIAS: Correct, in similar manner to any of you within your physical reality in time frameworks and experiences in which you may be incorporating a sleep state and another individual may present themselves in close physical proximity to you. You shall incorporate an awareness of the presence of the energy of the other individual, regardless of whether you are incorporating an objective attention in the type of expression that you engage in waking state. Individuals are continuously aware of energy.

There is a continuation of the objective awareness. The attention in relation to the objective awareness is not focused in association with his physical environment that his manifestation occupies, but this is not to say that he has disengaged the objective awareness yet. Even subsequent to disengagement, individuals do not immediately disengage the objective awareness. It continues for what you term to be a time framework. But in this, he continues to incorporate an awareness of individual’s energy expressions and their presence.

ANJULI: Her third question is related to that. In the night before he was brought to hospital, they have been undergoing lots of conflict with each other. My mother was reacting in the way she is sometimes reacting, but this time he seemed to be desperate and asked, ‘My heavenly father, help me!’ or something like that, and so this was a situation in an extreme. My mother had strong feelings of guilt afterwards and she was unhappy. She was addressing to her beliefs a lot, and she was becoming aware of her judgments and she felt sorry for that.

She is undergoing lots of conflict in this, and then when we brought him into hospital, there was an objective communication between them and she asked him to forgive her, and he said yes and then wanted to add something but couldn’t. The question of my mother is if he has forgiven her.

ELIAS: Yes, but let me also express that he incorporates an awareness that in actuality it is unnecessary to be offering forgiveness. He has incorporated that expression or that term in a recognition of her expression and her sorrow. In actuality, he has offered her an expression of acceptance.

For, the expression of forgiveness implies that another individual has wronged you in some manner, and there is an awareness that she has not generated that action. In this, she has expressed herself in her frustration and perhaps incorporated an intention in her energy to attempt to be partially hurtful, but it matters not for the energy was not received in that manner. His perception was very different from her perception. Her perception was of conflict and struggle and hurtfulness. His perception was quite different, and in that perception, in his reality, he was not incorporating conflict with her. Therefore, there is an acceptance which is being expressed rather than a forgiveness, in actuality.

ANJULI: So when he said yes and then wanted to add something, he wanted to express, ‘Yes, but there is nothing to forgive?’

ELIAS: Correct, for he has not been wronged.

ANJULI: Yes. Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.” [session 1227, December 28, 2002]

DIANNE: “My mother is experiencing memory problems, and I think she’s probably going into transition. I’m struggling with the idea that I’m creating the version of her that is having memory problems and is going to be transitioning, and what to do about it and what not to do about it. I’m struggling with all the things that anybody who has a parent who is dying or a relative who is dying ... how do I handle it and what I can do about it. I know I can’t create her reality for her, but there’s some kind of struggle going on here for me with this.

ELIAS: There is nothing to be done.

DIANNE: I know that intellectually, that there’s nothing to be done and that it’s her choice of creation...

ELIAS: Move your attention to you. Hold your attention with you. Also I may suggest what may offer you some comfort: incorporate the action of holding your attention in the now, in the day, and allow yourself to genuinely appreciate what is being manifest in the day, and not to be projecting futurely but merely to appreciate what you incorporate in interaction, what YOU want to express – not what you want from her – but what you want to express yourself, with her.

DIANNE: That feels like it’s not getting through.

ELIAS: Practice in one day.

DIANNE: That part I knew and is getting through, but the last thing you said is not getting in here.

ELIAS: For this is quite familiar. This is familiar with all of you. You automatically project your attention to other individuals and identify what you want from them, what you want THEIR expressions to be, what you want their behaviors to be, what you want them to do, what you want them to give to you. Your genuine freedom is expressed in what you want to express.

(Increasing volume and speaking very clearly) For what you generate outwardly, you shall draw to yourself. This is not karma; this is a natural action. You naturally reflect to yourself what you project outwardly. Therefore if you identify what you want from another individual, what are YOU projecting outwardly that is not generating what you want in reflection?

DIANNE: What I want is for her to choose something else, I guess. I don’t want her to lose her memory and...

ELIAS: And where is your attention?

DIANNE: ...she can choose to die, but not that way.

ELIAS: Ah, for this is bad...

DIANNE: My attention is out.

ELIAS: Correct, your attention is NOT upon you, it is focused upon the other individual, and the judgment is expressed that death is acceptable but merely in certain manners. Better she be eaten by a bear. (Laughter)

DIANNE: Right, quickly.

ELIAS: This is not a creation of memory loss. It is a moving of attention. It appears to you that the individual has lost their memory. They have not lost or misplaced their memory. (Laughter) Their attention is moved in other explorations.

DIANNE: I did feel like that was what was probably going on. I guess it’s the day-to-day interaction. I am reacting in familiar ways. That’s exactly what I’m doing.

ELIAS: Know that this individual is not uncomfortable with this choice to move attention and is content in this new exploration, for it is interesting.

DIANNE: I like that.

ELIAS: Therefore why shall you incorporate this movement in attempting to alter that and deprive the other individual of this fascination? Which you cannot, regardless. But in this, this is the reason that I emphasize to you all the significance of paying attention to you. You do not incorporate an objective understanding of other individuals’ choices and their reasons for their choices.

DIANNE: I think I get confused because I think I’m creating all of my reality...

ELIAS: You are!

DIANNE: ...and I think I’m creating the other person.

ELIAS: You are!

DIANNE: Do I have another mother who is not experiencing this? I’m creating the mother who is experiencing this.

ELIAS: But you are creating that manifestation in conjunction with the energy which is being projected.

DIANNE: Right, that helps. That clears things up.

ELIAS: I may express to you all, although you do create all of your reality in EVERY aspect of it, and each of you are creating the physical manifestations of every other individual within this room and within all of your reality, you are also directly participating with the energy projections of every other individual within this room. For the most part, not always, but for the most part, you configure that manifestation quite similar to what the individual is projecting. You receive that energy, and generally speaking you do not reconfigure it. You create your projection of it almost precisely as it is received.

BARRY: Is that a goal we should have, to cut out that word ‘almost’?

ELIAS: No. For each of you are unique, therefore each of you incorporates a unique perception. Therefore, whatever energy you receive you shall incorporate your uniqueness in your projection of your perception and your creation of the manifestation. That is the reason for the ‘almost’.” [session 1368, June 07, 2003]

PAM: “Let me ask you one more question, I believe. On the subject of alcoholism, the experiences that an essence has chosen to experience with the disease of alcoholism... I’m trying to phrase this exactly the way I want to phrase it. What are the lessons? Are they the same lessons for everyone, or is that a very individual type thing?

ELIAS: I would be reluctant to express a response to you in association with lessons. In this, each individual may choose how they shall be interactive with this particular substance and to what purpose. I may express to you that your identification of the dis-ease of alcoholism is in itself a belief.

Now; it is dependent upon the individual and what they express in association with this belief, whether they choose to be expressing this belief that if you are consuming this substance in quantity you shall be generating a dis-ease. In this, I may express to you that those individuals that express that belief strongly do generate actual physical affectingness, but this also is a choice and is purposeful. They are not broken; they need not be fixed. They are choosing their experiences. Regardless of whether YOU view their experiences to be bad or unhealthy or not, they are choosing their experiences.

Now; this once again is an element that may be addressed to in association with this wave addressing to the belief system of truth. For within your beliefs, alcoholism has become one of your truths, an absolute. It is not a belief in your association; it merely is. It is a dis-ease, which you view as an absolute. I may express to you, it is not an absolute. It is a belief – a strongly expressed belief, but no less a belief.

In this, I may express to you quite genuinely, the substance of alcohol itself or any other substance that you generate within your physical reality in themselves are neutral and incorporate actually no physical affectingness in themselves. It is merely your beliefs that generate the physical affectingness, and this is the reason that the physical affectingness may be experienced in many varying degrees dependent upon the individual’s expressed belief in association with the substance. Some individuals may consume great quantities of this substance and display no physical affectingness. Other individuals may display severe physical affectingness. This is dependent upon the expressed beliefs of the individual.

But regardless of each individual’s expressed beliefs and regardless of each individual’s choice in association with the substance, what is significant to pay attention to is what YOUR beliefs are and how they influence you – how they influence you in your interactions with other individuals, how they influence your judgments in association with the substance itself, or with how you view individuals should or should not be engaging that substance and how that affects your association with other individuals.

This is significant, for generally speaking, in association with each of you and your truths, they are quite strongly expressed and there are strong judgments associated with them. Actions that you choose not to engage you also generate an absolute association with, and therefore it becomes a truth. Therefore, strong judgments are implemented, and you express that other individuals should not engage those actions either, for they are bad. Actions that you deem to be good, you also solidify in absolutes and therefore project outwardly that other individuals should also express in like kind as yourself, for that is good. This is how expectations are generated, and expectations may be quite damaging. They are quite discounting and they also involve strong judgments.

The point in this shift is to be expressing acceptance – not false acceptance, not acceptance with conditions or comparison – but genuine acceptance, knowing that you may continue to express your preferences, your opinions, but you also know that they are individual to YOU and that they are not absolutes and that difference is not bad. Merely that you do not choose to engage certain actions is not to say that they may not be beneficial in some manner to individuals that do choose to engage those actions.

Let me also identify with you, some individuals incorporate intents within their focus which are to be exploring experiences that you would deem to be quite distressful. Some individuals choose to be exploring experiences of painfulness or suffering or distress or dis-ease or conflict. If you allow yourself to genuinely widen your awareness and view yourself as more than one focus of attention, as essence exploring physical manifestations in this physical dimension, you may begin to objectively understand that this is not unusual and is quite understandable. For if you are choosing to be engaging physical manifestation in many, many, many focuses of attention in this physical reality, why would you NOT generate some focuses that explore those experiences that you deem to be bad? They are, in actuality, merely experiences. It is merely your beliefs that express an identification of good or bad in association with them.” [session 1381, July 03, 2003]

STEVE: “Elias, could I ask a question about myself, personally? I have had pancreatic cancer for about three years now. To break that process of not repeating, repeating, it’s a constant focus that’s there day in and day out, and my condition changes every day. It’s hard to be able to break that repeat cycle. What I attempt to do is try to bring myself back to my own attention and let my thoughts go elsewhere, but the underlying, looming factor still is getting cured or getting healthy at some point in time.

I really have a hard time because it’s a constant that’s always there. It’s very difficult. How does one go about breaking that constant repeat cycle? It’s almost unavoidable to do it. I attempt to do it in small bits and pieces but...

ELIAS: I am understanding. With physical manifestations, you are correct, it is much more difficult, for your attention automatically moves to the physical manifestation and concentrates upon it. That attention becomes divided in concentration upon the dis-ease and moving to engaging the thought mechanism more intensely to offer yourself solutions to the physical manifestation or dis-ease.

This is the reason it is significant to understand that thought does not function in that manner. It does not offer you answers; it does not offer you solutions. Other expressions of yourself that are communicated not in language are what generate your solutions. Thought merely translates it after the communication has occurred. What is significant is to allow yourself to engage those avenues of communication, engaging visualizations, inner landscapes. (10)

Inner landscapes can be very effective, for they do not require thought. It is a visualization and it does not require any objective knowledge of the mechanics of the physical body consciousness. It does not require any understanding objectively of how your body functions or how it is malfunctioning. In this, it allows you to move with your subjective awareness in a natural manner of directing the body consciousness naturally, not in dysfunction.

Also listening and engaging your inner senses, that of your empathic sense or your sense of conceptualization, may be very beneficial in distracting from the thought processes.

STEVE: Can you recap some of those things now?

ELIAS: Conceptualization is an inner sense that is exceptionally difficult to translate into thought; therefore, it can be more effective, for the thought mechanism is ill-equipped to translate the movement of what you do in conceptualization, for you are merging with an action, not a thing. Therefore, you are merging with the movement of energy. You are merging with the movement of concept, not a thing.

In this also, it may be suggested that you allow yourself to engage intentional relaxations in which, rather than focusing upon malfunction, focusing upon appreciation, generating genuine acknowledgment and appreciation of your physical body consciousness and acknowledgment of your power and effortlessness in generating the dis-ease. Rather than viewing that as a failure, recognizing it as an expression of your power in an effortless manner – which required no thought to create – and was created quite effectively and efficiently, and in that, as being an accomplishment not a failure.

STEVE: It’s funny that you say that, because my approach to this has been continually that it has been a reward in many aspects in my life rather than a bad thing. I’ve gotten so much more inner peace and inner belief in myself about what my capabilities are. Applying those now, I look at that as so much more rewarding and as something that I may have brought into my life for a purpose. I do like the suggestion of focusing more on the higher quality things (inaudible).

ELIAS: Congratulations, my friend!” [session 2049, July 22, 2006]

STEVE: “You’ve expressed the importance of trust several times. You brought it up this morning. Paul’s trust digest in the website points out that we can create anything we want just by trusting we can do it. (11) Have I got that right?

If so, let’s say I have a sprained ankle and I want to conjure up some trust in the now and make that thing vanish. Because you don’t want me to say I’m gonna get in done in a week – that’s not good. Also, you don’t want me to conjure up this trust with thought, so you don’t want me to say to myself, ‘I’m really going to trust myself and get this done.’ You don’t want that. So would you give us a formula? Because right now I don’t have the trust that I can make that thing vanish in one second, and that’s what you’re saying you want us to do, trust that we can.

ELIAS: No, that is not what I have expressed. I am not expressing that it is impossible for you to generate that type of action; it is not impossible and you can. Is it likely that you will? No, it is not. For you generate processes, which I expressed previously. This is a natural action that you engage, for it offers you information in each step. Therefore, in engaging processes it is important to trust – yes, to trust. What the elements, the components of trust are is paying attention to what you are doing, paying attention to your associations and your feelings, and paying attention to what you are thinking. These three actions are the components that allow you – or do not allow you – to express trust.

Trust is the lack of doubt and the knowing that you can and that you already have. That is what trust is.

STEVE: That I’ve already cured it?

ELIAS: The KNOWING that you already have.

STEVE: But I thought that you said that was a long shot.

ELIAS: No. In that expression, you generate the allowance for your process to create healing that manifestation. It may or it may not immediately appear or manifest. But as I have expressed, as you do naturally incorporate processes, the likelihood that you will instantaneously alter a manifestation of a broken bone is quite slim. It is not, once again, impossible, but it is improbable.

STEVE: Take us through it a step at a time. I’m sitting there in a chair saying, ‘Man, I’ve got this sprained ankle.’ My thoughts are I want to get rid of this sprained ankle. That’s step one. Step two is I’m going to think about what I’m doing. I’m sitting here trying to get rid of this sprained ankle, that’s what I’m doing. Number three is the feeling – the feeling is I’m suffering and I don’t like this. What then? My sprained ankle goes away because I went through that process?

ELIAS: No. You are not identifying what I have expressed. What you are identifying is the physical action. You are identifying what you are feeling and what your association is, that you do not like it, but you are not identifying the energy that you are expressing. You are not ALTERING the energy. What you are doing is merely identifying, and in that identification, you continue the concentration upon it. Therefore, you continue to manifest it.

Whereas, if you are recognizing, ‘I have sprained my ankle; I do not like this manifestation; it is painful,’ rather than expressing, ‘I do not want this manifestation,’ this is another shockwave acknowledging the importance of what you do not like. Therefore, that is what you will pay attention to and continue create.

But in this, as you view your ankle being sprained, you express to yourself the acknowledgment of that: ‘Yes, it is sprained; yes, it is uncomfortable. What am I expressing to myself in this moment? What am I doing in this moment?’ Are you concentrating on the pain? Are you generating importance in what you do not like? Or can you view this manifestation and express to yourself, ‘I AM healing this’? Not ‘I will heal this,’ but ‘I am ALREADY actively engaging this action of healing this manifestation.’

STEVE: Without using thoughts though, without saying the words, right?

ELIAS: You can incorporate that, as I have expressed. It is a cooperation of these three elements: thinking, feeling, doing.

STEVE: So it’s okay to say the mantra ‘I am healing my ankle in this moment’?

ELIAS: You can, but if the other elements are not involved, that is not enough. Thinking alone is not enough, for it does not create. Therefore, it is necessary to incorporate the other two elements of the association: the feeling and the doing. For the association very strongly influences perception, and perception actually creates the physical reality that you engage. Every element in your physical reality is created by your perception.

STEVE: So under ideal circumstances, what is it we’re supposed to focus on that we’re doing?

ELIAS: The doing is inward and outward. Are you incorporating actions that perpetuate the manifestation, or are you doing physical actions that allow for the healing? Inwardly, are you not questioning yourself and generating a calm knowing, or are you questioning yourself: can I do this, will I do this, is it possible to do this? Are you worrying, or are you expressing confidence that yes, I AM creating this healing now.

STEVE: And this is enough? You don’t have to figure whether I gave myself a sprained ankle as a communication about some inner psychic problem I have? You can just will these things out of existence with these methods you’re describing alone?

ELIAS: Yes. It is not necessary to generate lengthy evaluations and analyzations. You may actually offer yourself information in conjunction with some manifestation that you create, but it is not necessary to generate an analyzation. Many individuals do create physical manifestations as a method to offer themselves information. Many individuals generate this type of method in which they create some type of physical manifestation to gain their attention to offer themselves a new experience or new information. But if you are not looking to that type of information and you are merely focusing upon the manifestation itself and wanting to alter it, yes, this is enough.

STEVE: We’ve got the doing and the thinking down; what should I be feeling while I’m doing and thinking?

ELIAS: Feeling the KNOWING – not the worrying, not the doubting.

STEVE: Why does trust work? Why is it so magical? Why does everything collapse once I distrust?

ELIAS: For when you trust, you do not question. Therefore, you are directly directing your shockwave in the direction that you want. You are expressing without doubt what you want, and your leprechaun is responding and expressing, ‘Very well, you have it, what you want.’ That is the magic of intentionally creating what you want.

GEORGE: ... Elias, actually I have a question for the gentleman with the sprained ankle. Let me ask you a question. You wake up in the morning, your bladder’s full and you go to the bathroom, right? Do you think about it?

STEVE: No, not at all.

GEORGE: You just trust you’re going to make it. That’s exactly it with the trust. It’s the same process.

ELIAS: Precisely.” [session 2227, March 17, 2007]

Exercises: relaxation; holding attention within the now (accepting self)

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: refering to the information offered to David Tate about a friend of his in England who was ill in the previous excerpt from session 215, September 07, 1997.

Transcripts: find out more in the original transcript.

(2) Paul’s note: a reference to the inner landscape exercise, whose goal is to create a visualization that presents imagery related to whatever challenge, problem, or illness you wish to explore.

Exercises: find out more about the create an inner landscape exercise.

(3) Paul’s note: a reference to the “straight little sapling” allegory that Elias often refers to when he discusses our need to trust, accept, take full responsibility for only ourselves.

Digests: find out more about the sapling story.

(4) Vic’s note: here is the entire quote, from session 357, 1/31/99:

“The key to all of this movement in addressing to belief systems or participating within this shift in consciousness is the movement into the acceptance of self – acceptance and trusting of self – and the knowing that there is no element outside of yourself which is creating of your reality, but that YOU are creating all of your reality as to be beneficial to yourself, and also that you shall not be betraying yourself. Therefore, you warrant your own trustfulness.”

Transcripts: find out more about this excerpt from session 357.

(5) Vic’s note: this is how this phrase was originally stated:

“... SEEING the affectingness within yourself that your alignment and reinforcement of expression of your belief systems, how that is affecting of you in limiting many of your own expressions.”

(6) Paul’s note: referring to information Elias gave to Margot (Giselle) about her asthma. Margot Reed is a wonderful woman who helps Vicki Pendley to transcribe these sessions.

Exercises: for more information on asthma, find out more about the relaxation; holding attention within the now (accepting self) exercise.

(7) Paul’s note: Vicki had some form of epilepsy and was on daily medication to prevent seizures. Elias also offered some insights about her situation.

For more info see session 370, March 09, 1999.

(8) Paul’s note: referring to the following exchange with Gail:

GAIL: “Is that what the door-knocking and the phone ringing in my sleep state is about?

ELIAS: “Yes.

“Now; let us view this briefly as an example – your telephone ringing. This provides a clear, objective, simplistic example of what I am expressing to you.

“As your phone rings, it is delivering a message to you to respond, to receive. As you answer your telephone, it discontinues ringing, correct?

GAIL: “Right, but I never seem to get to pick up the phone in my dream state. I just hear it ringing and it wakes me up.

ELIAS: “And this is the imagery that I am expressing to you, for as you do not answer that ringing telephone, it continues to ring, correct?

GAIL: “Yeah, but I want to answer it! (Laughing)

ELIAS: “And this is what you are presenting to yourself, and this is the reason that you are engaging with myself this day ...

GAIL: “This is very true!

ELIAS: “... that you may allow yourself a clearer understanding of what you are presenting to yourself. This is a clear example. You are not responding to the emotion; not the emotion being reactionary or responding to you.” [session 739, December 15, 2000]

(9) Bobbi’s note: originally expressed as, “You require a tremendous expression of energy to hold in tightness your energy field to yourself in protection of yourself.”

(10) Paul’s note: follow this link for info on the inner landscape exercise.

(11) Bobbi’s note: Steve is referring to Paul Helfrich’s Elias website at

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