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Elias ďgemsĒ

ELIAS: ďI express to you, you do not GIVE love. You do not RECEIVE love. You do not ENGAGE love. You merely experience. It merely is. It is not an entity. It is not a thing that you may pass to each other. It is a state of being, and in it there is no hurtfulness. It is merely your belief systems that create the illusion of hurtfulness, although within your belief systems and your feelings, your emotions within this dimension, it is reality of this hurtfulness. You do FEEL this, but this is dictated by your belief systems. You have created many situations in the area of your sexuality, in limiting yourselves with regard to your belief systems.Ē [session 255, January 04, 1998]

ELIAS: ďLove is a truth, and the translation within your physical dimension of love is not attraction. It is that of knowing and appreciation, genuine appreciation, which appreciation is expressed in acceptance. In this, the knowing is also significant, actual knowing of yourself and knowing of another individual and expressing an acceptance which generates an appreciation. This is the genuine expression of love.

ďThis is not to discount your feelings and your expression in relation to another individual, for you do express affection and attraction, but there are also other expressions which are generated in association with beliefs: expectations upon yourself, expectations concerning the other individual, expectations concerning relationships and how they should be generated and expressed, how you should be expressing within a relationship, and also underlyingly what you genuinely desire in your own expression, without expectations and without anticipation of the other individualís perception or what they generate, but genuinely focusing upon yourself and allowing yourself to express your genuine offering of energy and not denying that expression within yourself.

ďA genuine expression of love between individuals objectively is the expression of allowance of yourself to generate what you want without restriction....Ē [session 997, January 26, 2002]

ELIAS: ďThe point is appreciation. What you all express ideally that you want within this physical dimension and your physical manifestations, ultimately the one expression that you ALL express commonly is that you want to be expressing love. What is love? Within your physical dimension the translation of the truth of love is knowing and appreciation. Therefore you are continuously seeking, in your terms, this expression of knowing and appreciating, knowing WHAT you are appreciating, and this requires holding your attention in the now.Ē [session 1114, June 15, 2002]

ELIAS: ďIndividuals generally define love in association with a feeling. They define love in what is actually affection. That would be the more accurate term for what you generally define as love. Affection is an emotional expression with a feeling. Love is not. Love does not actually incorporate a feeling. The actual definition of love is knowing and appreciating.

ďNow; in that definition, it would be accurate to express that the base of all or consciousness, or even God if you will, is love, for that is not an emotion. It is knowing and appreciating, and that would be a base element of consciousness. But if you genuinely experience genuine love, you can couple that with affection, which generates a powerful expression and experience and feeling. But if you experience it without affection, you will notice that it is not expressed in a feeling. It is a sense, for it is a deep and genuine knowing and the appreciation of that knowing.

ďAppreciation does not necessarily incorporate an emotion, either. But generally, you do express an association, for you do incorporate such a strong attachment to emotion that you do attach feelings to these experiences; but in themselves, they do not necessarily generate a feeling. It is more of a sensing, it is more of an empowering, a genuine knowing and a state of being as the appreciation.

ďTherefore, if you define love in that term, it is not a distortion. If you define love in association with a feeling, yes, it is a distortion. Does that answer your question?Ē

DREW: ďYes, and that was my recent shift in perception.Ē

ELIAS: ďCongratulations. That is a significant shift and can be a very empowering shift. I am acknowledging of you.Ē

PAUL H: ďElias, that definition of love you gave as accepting, appreciating and knowing, that would also fall into your definition previously of truth as an absolute with a capital A, along with color and tone and other abstract...Ē

ELIAS: ďNot necessarily as an absolute, but yes, as a truth, for a truth can be expressed in any area of consciousness. Not as an absolute, for in different expressions of consciousness it can be manifest in very different manners, just as can be tone or color. But in its essence, yes, it is a truth, for it can be expressed in any area of consciousness, in any manifestation of consciousness.Ē

PAUL H: ďSo itís not an absolute?Ē

ELIAS: ďNo, for it can change. If it can change, it cannot be an absolute.Ē

PAUL H: ďThatís right, an absolute is ever present, not ever changing.Ē

ELIAS: ďCorrect.Ē [session 2482, April 04, 2008]

Elias ďgemsĒ

RETA: ďMay I ask a question on the belief systems? Here weíve been saying that because of our belief systems we are ill, or because of my belief systems I donít go out and sing or something like that, and weíve talked about changing our belief systems. So weíre not going to get rid of those, but can we dampen some and bring some others up so that we can use them better, or become more aware of them?

ELIAS: Absolutely. This would be the point. In widening your awareness and accepting of belief systems, you nullify their power. You allow yourself more probabilities, for you allow yourself more knowledge and more choices. You do not feel bound to these belief systems. Within a strong belief system, you are held. Any belief system that you hold strongly holds you! It eliminates many of your choices, for you may only see even more selectively and narrowly within that belief system. You allow yourself no information beyond that belief system. Therefore, you are bound. As you accept the belief system, not with the intention of changing or eliminating the belief system, but acknowledging that it is reality and that it is accepted, it loses its power, therefore losing its hold, allowing you more choices.

NORM: Could we say that a more tolerant belief system, a belief system that has tolerance in it, would be a better belief system? Or a belief system that expresses a lot of love, that would be a good belief system?

ELIAS: These are natural byproducts of accepting the belief systems that you hold presently. Within acceptance of any belief system, the natural byproduct of this action is tolerance.Ē [session 133, November 17, 1996]

RETA: ďCan I ask another question about truths and beliefs? We have a lot of people living today who cause a lot of trouble, in crime or with themselves or with their family or whatever, and in their belief systems they must believe that itís okay or they wouldnít do it. Theyíre harmful to other people, they distort whatís right and wrong, according to me anyway! So how will they know the truth? They think they know the truth. They think the truth is, itís okay. How do we explain to these people?

ELIAS: And you believe you know the truth! (Laughter)

RETA: I know that theyíre not helpful! Theyíre not doing something that ... Well, how can I say theyíre not doing right? Theyíre abusive, theyíre obnoxious, theyíre full of crime, theyíre harmful.

ELIAS: And this is contrary to your belief systems!

RETA: You bet!

NORM: Youíre in trouble, Reta! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) As I have stated, within the action of your shift you will widen your awareness and be accepting of belief systems. Therefore, you shall not be holding these ideas of right and wrong. In this, you shall not be judgmental; and if you are not holding the belief system of right and wrong, it is unnecessary to be acting out either element. It is unnecessary to be right. It is also unnecessary to be wrong. Therefore, its power is lost.

RETA: However, you have people that have this belief that theyíre right in whatís harmful to other people, and they continue to do so.

ELIAS: Correct.

RETA: I wonít be their judge, because I canít be.

ELIAS: Ah, but you are! (Laughter)

RETA: But it gets very ? sometimes, when they harm people you love.

ELIAS: There are no victims.

RETA: Oh, dear! (We all crack up)

NORM: Youíve gotta believe that, Reta!

RETA: Itís very difficult to believe that!

ELIAS: Each individual chooses. Each individual creates their own reality. No other individual afflicts you.Ē [session 137, December 01, 1996]

RETA: ďThe shift to religion two thousand years ago took all these years for people to, not all people ever did shift, but it took all these years for people to come about or understand other religions or understand itís a code of ethics or a way of life and so on. And so now if we have this shift at this time, there are still people who havenít even reached that first shift within themselves, of love and understanding and their code of ethics. Am I wrong in that? Are some people still learning or still trying to get to that?

ELIAS: Within the action of the initiation of your religious-focus, it was incorporated and it was accepted. It has not taken two thousand years for your planet to accept this mass consciousness alignment. It was accepted immediately. You have chosen different interpretations. You have chosen many manifestations of this religious element, but the movement within mass consciousness was accepted initially.

RETA: Alright. And thatís quite some time ago, right? Within three hundred years? Within that time period?

ELIAS: Within time periods, much more quickly than this.

RETA: Okay, so the effect of that has taken a long time to change the world. Well, it has been changing the world for a long time. So now if we go into this next shift, are those people who have been through an inner sense of that code or a change within themselves be more accepting of the shift, this new shift? Or will that belong to just a few? Iím trying to think of the time, and of course you donít have time. We donít have time, excuse me. But Iím trying to think of the length of time it has taken to even out a little bit more, the cultures and the ethics and so on, and we have this new paradigm shift. Are you saying that will be in the same way? Immediate, or slower, or will it take another seventy-five years to get it working? Have you got our linear time in mind?

ELIAS: If you inquiring of a time element for complete accomplishment of this shift, this has been stated. This shift shall be accomplished within this new century. If you are inquiring for a specific date, I shall not offer this, for this is a probability.

RETA: Iím thinking of all the different masses, the different cultures, the different nations all over the world that have a different understanding, and it just boggles my mind to think of them to be able to come to one understanding.

ELIAS: Ah! They shall not be of one like mind!

RETA: Never could be, with all the different peoples we have.

NORM: Nobody wants to be!

ELIAS: Their awareness shall be the same, essentially, in its wideness. Their belief systems may not be the same. You are not shifting from a religious-focus into one all-encompassing world religion, or one planetary singular belief system! You are not moving into this action.

I have expressed to you that you continue within physical focus. You shall not alter your physical expression. You shall not be aliens, walking upon your planet Earth cosmically oriented! You shall be continuing within the manifestation that you have chosen presently until you choose another experimentation of physical manifestation; but this manifestation is efficient. Therefore, it shall continue, and you shall hold a wider awareness; an acceptance of established belief systems, an understanding of these belief systems, and also an awareness of other areas of consciousness and an active interaction with these other areas of consciousness objectively.

This is not to say that all individuals upon your planet shall agree within belief systems and all hold the same focus. You are all unique and individual. Therefore, you shall continue within your uniqueness and your individuality.

BOB: Can I ask a question? Would we expect to see more tolerance, because of this widening of awareness, between groups of different orientation? I think Reta is looking for a little bit more enlightened planet, would like to see that. By incorporating one religion, that certainly would be one way to do it, but as you say, thatís not going to happen. So do you see more cooperation and tolerance between different points of view as this awareness widens?

ELIAS: Absolutely. If you are holding an awareness and an acceptance of belief systems, your tolerance shall increase. If you hold an awareness and an understanding of self and focuses and essence, and the knowledge that other individuals upon your planet are also you, you shall eliminate many of your divisions and your intolerance. As your awareness of self increases, your awareness of all, and of your reality, increases. As you are accepting of belief systems, they no longer hold their intensity.Ē [session 143, December 29, 1996]

DREW: ďA word came up here during the break that coincidentally I was thinking about during the week. Itís funny how that happens! Love. Is love just something that we perceive? Is love a real thing? Itís a feeling so it must be real, but with love we have all of these associations of love being good, and yet there is no good or bad. Can you define or explain or give us some understanding of the word and the feeling, and what love is?

ELIAS: What you express within physical focus of love is an interpretation. Love is a reality. Love is a truth. This spans all dimensions, all areas of consciousness, all reality. Each dimension and physical focus holds its own individual interpretation of the action of love. Your interpretation of love within this dimension is a feeling. You also attach many, many, many belief systems to this concept. In actuality, love, being a truth, is dimensional; as color and tone. It holds many aspects of its own. You view this word as an emotion, a feeling, sometimes as an action. It is a dimensional quality of consciousness; a truth in itself. It holds its own integrity, as we have spoken earlier.

Within this dimension, you hold many interpretations and definitions of love. Within this dimension, you may experience an aspect of the reality of the action of this truth, although it is not frequently experienced; for in experiencing the true action of this reality and truth you must allow yourself, within your time framework, a momentary time devoid of belief systems and attachments, which may temporarily occur. This also is requiring of ultimate trustfulness. I express to you that you shall experience this only momentarily within physical focus, for this is the extent of the time framework that you shall hold the ability to hold the focus of the experience. Few individuals within physical focus experience this type of action.

You, within your definitions, would explain this action within emotional terms, and express elation within its true form. Few individuals experience this.

But as to your questioning of its validity and its reality, yes. This is a truth. This is a reality. It is unbounded by dimension or area of consciousness. It is only interpreted and represented differently within different dimensions. Therefore, it is experienced differently; although as I have been explaining presently, if you are allowing yourself to be, within a moment, devoid of belief systems and open to the experience of the action of this truth, this also transcends dimensional elements; for each dimension shall experience the same action, achieving that particular moment in that event. Therefore, your interpretation of love is no matter, for within another dimension their interpretation of love may be quite different from your own, but their experience, given the proper allowance, shall be the same.

RON: So is hate a truth too? (Ronís tweaking!)


RETA: It is my understanding that you can bring more love into yourself, which will give you more energy, by concentrating on the heart chakra. Is there any special method, meditation, whatever, to bring more love so that you can receive more energy to give more love? Did I say that right?

ELIAS: In your questioning, you have asked effectively. I shall answer in that you are not limited in energy or in love. There is no limitation. You do not draw in more to yourself as portions, for it is not doled out to you in portions. It is; and there is no boundary or limitation. Truth is truth. It is unbounded. There is no limit to the availability or what you may view as your possession of, which in actuality you do not possess, you merely are; just as you may not draw in to yourself more color. It is; and its vibrational quality is within you. It is not a thing that you consume, and then exude outwardly. You merely are. Truths are.

RETA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

BOB: So love is a truth of essence? Love is a truth that is part of essence? It exists as a part of essence?

ELIAS: It is a truth, period.

BOB: Okay, and you defined it largely as an action.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB: As we see it as a feeling, thatís somewhat of a mislabeling.

ELIAS: Not necessarily. This is your interpretation within this dimension within this physical creation, just as you interpret Source Events into physical actuality within mass events and individual events. These are realities also. They do not encompass the entirety of the Source Event, for it does not fit within the framework and confines of your physical reality; just as truths do not fit within the confines and framework of any physical reality, for they are boundless. All truths are dimensional, and action.

BOB: ... So in that love is largely an action while itís also a truth, itís something that you choose because action implies choice.

ELIAS: Does it?

BOB: To me it does! (Elias grins) Well, if we create our reality and that reality is making choices and all that we are is those choices, then doesnít love exist within our reality as a choice?

ELIAS: You are placing this within confines. The entirety of your reality is not based upon your choices merely. (Pause)

BOB: Okay ...

ELIAS: All of consciousness is action. (Longer pause)

BOB: And? (Pause) Thatís all I get for now, huh? (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Smiling) You are limiting your thought process, boxing this concept into confines that you believe you may understand. Truths, in actuality, are beyond your complete understanding within an individual physical focus. Within essence, within the entirety of you, you hold the understanding; but within any given individual physical focus, the completeness of understanding of any truth is beyond your ability to comprehend.

All of consciousness is motion. All of consciousness is action. You are accustomed to viewing reality, as I have stated, as things. You individualize and objectify your reality, and you classify into things. This is how you perceive your reality. This works quite well within this given reality. This is not to say that it is the entirety of reality. It is not. Within consciousness, energy is not defined as things. Therefore, truths are not defined as things. It is difficult to convey to you, within the confines of your language, an adequate explanation.

I express to you that color is a truth. I am quite aware that within your thought processes, this registers as a thing. You may physically view what you think of as color, what you define as color. What you think of and what you define as color, within this dimension and physical focus, is an interpretation of a truth. It is, once again, a thing in itself, and it also is a symbol. You perceive the symbol. You view different colors that you attach words within your language to, such as red, pink, blue, green. You also attach vibrational qualities to these colors.

Within a greater reality, so to speak, color is an action and it is dimensional. Love is an action and it is dimensional. To your way of thinking, you may accept that color is dimensional, but you do not understand how it may be an action. To your way of thinking, you may accept that love is an action, but how may it be dimensional?

These seem to be inconsistencies, but outside of the singularity of physical attention, reality is quite expanded and unbounded. All of energy, all of consciousness, is motion. It is all a state of becoming. Therefore, so also are truths actions and states of becoming.

RON: Would it be fair to say that all emotions, like hate and joy and sorrow, are just objective interpretations or misinterpretations of the action that you just described as love? (Still tweaking!)

ELIAS: Not misinterpretations; but yes, interpretations relative to your physical focus. I have expressed to you recently that there are existences, dimensions, that do not incorporate emotion as do you. Their existence provides for value fulfillment equal to your own but within a different framework, for they have chosen a different experience. You have chosen a different experience. You have created many different dimensions for different physical expressions and experiences. Therefore, as you interpret emotion, this is relative to certain physical focuses. You are not the only physical focus that experiences and incorporates emotion, but all do not experience this creation. Therefore, when you express, ĎIs hate a truth?í No. This is an emotion which is relative to physical focus. This is a direct influence of belief systems. There is a difference between creations which have sprung from belief systems and truths which are interpreted through belief systems.

DREW: So that makes love a fundamental, unlike all of our other emotions, a fundamental action of what I will say is the universe, but of consciousness. It is a fundamental aspect of being, as opposed to any of the other emotions that we feel. The conversation we had during break was almost a question of its importance relative to being. Youíre saying that love ... In the few weeks Iíve been here, youíve used the word truth in relation to the things weíve talked about very few times. If youíre using love and describing that as a truth, then that says to me that its importance in terms of being is fundamental in all dimensions.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Well, thatís pretty important!

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: I want to clarify a term. When you say love is dimensional and color is dimensional, does that mean multidimensional?

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB: However, if I understand what youíre saying when you say that love is a truth, that does not mean that our typical interpretations of love and descriptions of love are truth.

DREW: Right. Those are our interpretations, but it is a fundamental truth of being.

BOB: Right, which we have very little understanding of, if I heard correctly. So the characteristics that we impose upon love are not necessarily accurate. Theyíre not necessarily the picture. They are not the truth. The truth of love is something apart from the character that we give it.

ELIAS: This is not to diminish the reality of your interpretation!

BOB: Okay, but the point being that lots of people equate love and hate as sort of equal counterparts to one another Based on your definition, that would not be true because ...

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB: ... love is a truth and hate is an emotion filtered through belief systems. So love is not technically something that is filtered through belief systems, but our description of what we perceive to be love is filtered through belief systems, correct? So love is something truly apart from that, that we donít particularly understand very well and that we take an awful lot of liberties describing, and whether some of those liberties are valid or not is a separate discussion. (Vicki loses it. Iíve been on this hamster wheel a few other times, Bob!)

ELIAS: You approach [a] dangerous area! (Much laughter)

BOB: Seems like Iím on a roll tonight!

ELIAS: I take great issue with discounting of your creation, for you are quite accomplished and adept at discounting your creations and invalidating yourselves! Your creations are interpretations, but they are reality. They are not to be discounted. Your interpretation of a truth may be an interpretation in terms of consciousness non-physically focused within its entirety, but your interpretation of a truth within physical focus is reality. It also is not negative. It also is, is, creative!

BOB: Okay, but reality is not truth. (We all lose it)

ELIAS: (Grinning at Bob) Reality is truth!

BOB: So all experience and anything you create is truth!

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking.

BOB: Okay. If you create your reality and reality is truth, then you create truth! (Elias grins seductively at Bob, who backs off) Well, Iíll give that some thought!Ē

(Vicís note: Iíd like to acknowledge Bob here for braving the hamster wheel!) [session 152, February 09, 1997]

DREW: I have a couple, regarding this [conceptualization] exercise. We tend to think of action as a movement of mass or matter through space, but when you talk about identifying with action, I understand thatís not what you mean. Can you give us an idea of what it is you do mean so we know what weíre looking for, so we can identify when weíre doing this correctly?

ELIAS: An idea is not mass or matter moving through space, although it is propelled with motion. It is energy. It is not material. A concept is not material. You may choose any concept to practice with. As this inner sense was initially introduced, books of philosophy were offered as helpfulness to be offering ideas for conceptualization, for within the subject of philosophy you do not hold material objects. What is put forth are ideas. In this, you merge your consciousness with the action of the idea or the concept.

Now; I shall express to you that within this motion and mergence into the energy of thought or idea or concept you may experience visualization, for within the action it shall expand. You shall not hold an awareness of physical form. This shall be your indication that you are accomplishing this action of conceptualization, for you shall merge into the action, which you then may form into visualizations. It may open into entire scenes, just as with your new game. This may be a helpful hint as to the action of conceptualization. At other times, you may merge into the action of the concept and you may not create visualizations. You may create only sensation, which shall be difficult for you to identify, for this sensation shall not be connected with a body, although it shall be, in your terms, physically felt.

BOB#1: Would a sensation of different actions or thoughts be a different sensation, identifiable over time? For instance, if you could merge with love and that created some sort of sensation, would that sensation be consistent from time to time if you were able to accomplish merging with that, and a different sensation be created if you were merging with hate or prosperity or whatever idea you were thinking of or trying to merge with?


BOB#1: So the sensations would be consistent over time?

ELIAS: If the conceptualization is accomplished with a truth, yes, it shall be consistent throughout your time framework, and each time that you accomplish the mergence, the sensation or the action shall be the same, although it may vary within intensity as you allow more or less of the experience. If you are merging with a concept that is not a truth, this may be changeable.

BOB#1: And if it was a truth, would the sensation from one person to the next be consistent?

ELIAS: Not necessarily, for each of you holds your own interpretation. Within the actual action that is occurring, yes, it is the same. Your interpretation of the action shall be different; just as I may approach each of you within this forum, and I may hold a hammer and I may smash your toe. I may create the identical same action with each of you. Each of you shall basically experience pain, but each of you shall experience this action within your own individual interpretation. Therefore, it shall be different within each of you.

BOB#1: However, there would be a certain commonality of experience.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB#1: So if different people in the group attempted to merge with the same concept, itís conceivable that there could be some sort of sharing of experience to validate whether or not, or to what extent, they were able to accomplish this.

ELIAS: Correct; if, as I have stated, you are choosing to be conceptualizing a truth, for these are unchanging.

BOB#1: Now, how many truths have we identified here? One, that I remember. (Much laughter, as we know whatís coming next!)

ELIAS: Ah! My favorite game! Shall we be offering to Simon [Bob#1] the truths for this evening? (And Elias proceeds to pull twelve tissues out of the box, scattering them everywhere) You may stop me at will!

BOB#1: At your pleasure! I may choose not to! (And there go five more tissues)

ELIAS: (Grinning) Truths are constant. They transcend all areas of consciousness and all dimensions, physical and non-physical.

BOB#1: Okay. But we identified love as a truth.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB#1: Thatís the only one that I remember being here for when you discussed it. So I was just wondering if, at the risk of seeing more tissues, whether there are any others you care to identify?

ELIAS: Color is a truth. Tone is a truth. Reality is a truth. Consciousness is a truth. Energy is a truth.

BOB#1: Okay. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

... BOB#1: Youíve stated tonight that certain concepts or ideas would be difficult to conceptualize, like simultaneous time. If certain ideas or concepts are harder to conceptualize than others, can you give us examples of some easy ones that maybe donít involve as much complexity and might be easier to access?

ELIAS: The difficulty lies merely within the present now and your awareness of these inner senses and their workings. In actuality, no action is more difficult to access than any other action, but as you must be moving through established thought processes presently, there are some actions that may be initially more difficult for you to attempt.

Any type of idea that does not attach to a thing within your thinking may be an adequate starting point. It is not necessarily easier to be choosing an action such as you think of love, for you already hold preconceived ideas and attach feelings and belief systems to this. Therefore, you shall be needing to move around all of these obstacles to be merging with the action of love. You are not merging with a feeling; this being what I have been expressing to you this evening, in the same manner that we speak of impulses.

Do not confuse yourselves. You are not merging, within conceptualization, with a feeling or a thing. You are merging with an action. Therefore, it may be easier if you choose a concept that you do not identify with a thing or a feeling. As I have stated though, you may create, within the action of conceptualization, visualizations which shall expand the experience or you may create sensation and feeling which shall expand the experience, but as I have expressed to Matthew [Drew], these are resulting from this action. They do not occur prior to the action.Ē [session 162, April 06, 1997]

ELIAS: ďWe have spoken recently to another individual within the forum of our sessions of this same issue, which you all, without exception, grapple with. Each individual, within their belief systems, believes that their movement is right and correct, this being why we spend so much of your time framework expressing over and over that there is no right and wrong. It is all experience. You automatically attach right and wrong to events, thoughts, emotions, everything. In this, you automatically hold value judgments on all other individuals ... and yourselves!

Acceptance, within your language, should be the largest word that you possess, encompassing more letters than any other word within your language, for it is the largest and most difficult concept for you each to be accomplishing. You are taught to not be accepting. Therefore, you automatically are not. You also hold the duplicity of self, which reinforces non-acceptance of self. Therefore, how may you be accepting of another?

Think to your philosophies that you have studied within your religious elements. All religions express that you may not love another if you are not loving of self. This essentially is the same concept. You may not be accepting of others if you are not accepting of self, therefore once again returning to our sapling story. (1) Concentrate on self, and therefore allow yourself to be accepting of others. There is no wrong. All individuals shall interpret information within their own manner, and they shall allow themselves their own widening. They do not all accomplish within the same time framework. They do not all accomplish within the same method; but your shift is in motion.

In this, these individuals, as yourself, who have drawn yourselves to interaction with this essence hold, as I have stated previously, a tremendous responsibility within consciousness that you have chosen. This has not been thrust upon you. You have chosen to be helpful and to take this responsibility within consciousness in furthering the action of this shift; this being your crusade, and the greatest crusade of your time framework to date. Your religious crusades within the past, as you view it, hold no comparison to the significance of this action within consciousness.

As I have stated, all individuals within the entirety of your globe, your entire planet ... this is very many individuals ... shall experience this shift. They shall be experiencing these subjective bleed-throughs. They shall also not all understand their experience. You have begun already. You already hold a partial understanding of this action. You may move through your focus objectively and experience subjective bleed-through information and recognize that this is subjective information. You may look about you and view subjective unofficial information in many different areas. You may look to science. You may look to your television. You may look to a sentence that another individual offers you, and you may view unofficial information and recognize that it is unofficial information.

In this, you hold more information than other individuals. Many individuals shall be struggling with these experiences. They do not understand. It is not your mission to be pounding information into their brain. It is your purpose to be supportive, accepting, and helpful in any manner that you may be, without judgment.

TOM: Judgment is hard. Judgment is probably one of the hardest belief systems to get rid of, and Iíve tried.

ELIAS: Acceptance is the key. If you are focusing upon eliminating judgment you shall fail, in your terms, for you are treating a symptom. If you are focusing upon self and acceptance, you shall automatically allow judgment to drift away. If you are concerned with self, you shall not be concerned with the interpretation of another. If you are looking without, you shall confuse and frustrate yourself, for you may not dictate to another individual their movement. You may influence, but your influence must be within an area that may be accepted. You experience confusion for you have allowed yourself subjective interaction in viewing other focuses and the objective of crusading and this confuses you, for within this crusade, so to speak, the objective is different.

TOM: There is none.

ELIAS: There is! Within your past history, your objectives have been without; an attempt to be altering other individualís perceptions and belief systems of any given subject. The crusades, in all areas within your past histories, have been outward projections; attempts to be altering and changing other individuals; this also being why they have failed. This crusade, within this shift, moves in what you term to be the opposite direction. It is not to be altering other individualís perceptions.

TOM: Just my own.

ELIAS: Correct.Ē [session 164, April 16, 1997]

JULIE: Ē ... I donít know if I have a question to phrase or if Iím just looking for some feedback on how I can be happier with myself by myself, because I canít seem to have the relationships with other people that Iím looking for. (Pause)

ELIAS: We have been dealing with this subject matter with other individuals also; not directly always paralleling but quite similarly, for they all stem from the same issues.

It has been stated many times by many individuals in many different circumstances, throughout your entire history and also within this present now, that you must be accepting of self before you may be accepting of another. This becomes in words so very overstated that individuals become insensitive to the meaning of this, and to not apply this as reality within their own life. It seems then also, when one is confronted with this same statement once again, that this is an inadequate answer; but there are so very many elements of each individual, as yourself.

You are a very complex creature. You may be accepting of a few elements of self, but you also allow yourself to be gripped with the belief system of duplicity, which is quite affecting of all of your reality within all of its aspects. It is affecting within creativity. It is affecting within interaction with other individuals. It is mostly affecting within self, privately. These are very difficult areas for very, very many individuals.

I shall suggest also that some individuals choose, within certain manifestations, extreme sensitivities within their experiences. You, as Michael [Mary] also, may express this to be an Ďartistic spirit.í This is not so very inaccurate. It is a term that you may use to identify a difference within elements known to self that appear off from the norm. These in actuality are unique qualities that may be viewed as quite creative, and if you are using your terms, you may express Ďspecial.í You do not believe this, but be bearing me out first.

Individuals choosing to manifest within an individual physical focus, concentrating upon these qualities within their experience, outwardly hold an ability to be quite expressive. They also are expressive inwardly, but tend to be internalizing many belief systems that they may outwardly fight against. Outwardly, these individuals, yourself included, shall be crusaders and cause-oriented; very sensitive to what they view to be injustices and rights and wrongs. Inwardly, they focus these belief systems underlying to themselves.

You may look through your history of your species. Let us focus upon individuals such as yourself, within the type of manifestation that you have chosen within this focus. Let us view artistic personalities throughout your history. They are, most generally speaking, quite politically and socially and emotionally-focused upon the actions and ills of society within each time period that they are choosing to be manifest. They move outwardly against many of the established, official belief systems, but at the same time they inwardly hold many of these same belief systems underneath. Therefore, they turn these belief systems upon themselves, not understanding that they may move into an acceptance and reconciliation within this contradiction of self. This contradiction within self manifests itself within every aspect of the individualís focus. This shall begin to be manifest at very small ages and shall continue quite consistently, until and unless the individual chooses to allow themselves to reconcile to themselves.

You find yourself (hitting clenched fists together) continuously. Within one aspect of self, you hold these belief systems (gestures to the left) and move in this direction objectively. Within private areas of self, alone within your own private area, you hold these belief systems (gestures to the right.) Both sets of belief systems are real. Both hold equal strength. Therefore, (hits clenched fists together again), for they cannot coexist. Within one set of belief systems, (gesturing left) you hold the crusader; the idealist; that which you view to be the humanitarian. You hold very strong belief systems of independence and self-assertion. Within the private you, (gesturing right) there are other belief systems held which suggest, ĎNo one individual may create a difference. This is ludicrous, to be expressing that you are special and may be moving any element that you are dissatisfied with outwardly, for you are only one individual and this holds very small worth.í

You also hold the belief system privately, that although it is positive and looked upon within your perception as good to be independent and strong and assertive, the little child is wishing for caring. (Here, forty seconds pass during which the only thing you can hear is the sound of Julie crying)

Shall I discontinue?


ELIAS: Very well. There is no thing wrong with either of these belief systems. What is creating of conflict is that you cannot seem to find the method to be reconciling the two. This brings us once again to my initial expression to you, of acceptance.

Many individuals may express to you that you must love yourself before you may love another. You must be accepting of self before you may be accepting of another. But they do not express to you where you are not accepting ... and you do not always know ... and they do not express to you what you should be accepting of.

I express to you Lanyah [Julie], that all of these aspects of self are self. They are all acceptable, and in your terms positive. One needs not be shoved aside to be covered by another. You may be expressive of the entirety of self and accept all of these aspects of yourself, and this does not create the appearance of deficiency. You may be an assertive young woman when you are wishing to be and you are genuinely feeling this expression. You may also be quite acceptably vulnerable and non-assertive; but as you believe that you must be projecting a specific camouflage, this is affecting of all of your expressions. It is affecting and blocking of relationships, for it is either non-accepting of anotherís expression, or it is defensive of anotherís expression, or it is intolerant of anotherís expression; for as you project this camouflage, other individuals must be playing their role to your expectation.

Your expectation is held to camouflage those elements of self that you believe will not be accepted; those elements that suggest to you, ĎYou are not a small one any longer. You may not continue behavior in this manner.í This is incorrect!

All of your expressions are aspects of you; and as you deny some of these aspects of you, you become as a wheel which is flat. It shall turn. It shall move. And it shall also flop, flop, flop, flop, for it is no longer round! Therefore, it may not move easily in the manner that it was designed to move. You are not allowing yourself to move in the manner that you have designed yourself to move. How you begin to allow yourself to move within the creation that you have created is to be acknowledging of all of these aspects of self, and understanding that they are all acceptable and they are all elements of your own expression ... and that which makes you uniquely you!

As you learn each day to be accepting more of self, you automatically shall be accepting of other individualsí expressions, and much of your conflict shall drop away with no effort. You shall witness your own artistic creativity blossom. You shall witness your own creativity within relationships of other individuals bloom, for you are not judging self. Therefore, you automatically shall not be judging others and holding expectations.Ē [session 172, May 06, 1997]

CHRIS: ďWell, Iíve been going through some changes in my life and I feel like Iím having a lot of emotional difficulties right now. I just kind of wanted to talk to you a little bit about where this might be coming from, if thereís something in my past or whatever ... if you can enlighten me at all, or guide me or something. I have been going to a session similar to this, but itís with the Course in Miracles. (2) Have you heard of the Course in Miracles?


CHRIS: Everything that Iím learning in the Course in Miracles almost is verbatim what you say, and it just is blowing me away because things that Iíve heard you say I hear this book say, and Iíve come to believe that itís pretty darn true. They say it was written by Jesus, but it really doesnít have an author on it, and so Iíve felt very comfortable in staying with the Course in Miracles. Iíve been doing it for a year because I feel like it has a connection with everything that youíre teaching as well, and then I feel that I havenít lost much of the teachings that you teach because of this. Itís like a parallel, but what I have lost is a connection ... and Iím going to get emotional with you. I hope you donít mind. (Crying)

I donít know whatís wrong with me. I donít know what is happening with my connection with people. Things are happening in my life, where I believe it to be true and then it happens, and Iím finding that things that are effortless happen just like that. (Snapping fingers) I wanted a car, and effortlessly a car came into my view. Itís just amazing. I wanted a house, I wanted to move, my kids are saying weíve got to move out of here, and effortlessly a house just appeared. So my confusion is that the rest of my life isnít really effortless and I have conflict, especially when it comes around people in relationships. Are you following all of this, I hope?

ELIAS: Quite. Continue.

CHRIS: And then of course my love relationship now is falling apart and I see a pattern, and itís like I donít want to have the same pattern happen because I donít want this pain in my life any more. I know that everything is an illusion and Iím bringing this on myself. And what I want to know, is it true that things happen to us in our life over again as kind of a chance for us to do it right? Is that true? Is it a chance for us to ... We have it in front of us, we did it one way, right or wrong, and we get to do it again in a different way that makes us not quite so messed up, if you know what I mean?

ELIAS: Your boat shall not dock only once. It continues to come back to you repeatedly. You may view this as that you receive more than one chance to be accomplishing with different choices, or you may view that you are continuing and not necessarily repeating but offering yourself opportunities to be moving forward, disassembling shrines that you have assembled within your past within similar situations. You view patterns, for you offer yourself situations that are similar. They are not the same identically but they hold similarities, and you view yourself as moving within behavior similarly. This is your opportunity, in noticing, to alter your behavior and therefore initiate new choices.

Within physical focus, as you are faced with many emotional situations and feelings which are influenced by your belief systems, this creates confusion while you are dealing with certain issues. It also reinforces your own belief and feeling of duplicity. Therefore, as you all lean in the direction of the negativity, you automatically focus your attention in this direction, not allowing yourself to listen to subjective information and to see what you may view as the positive aspects of these situations.

You offer yourself the opportunity for growth. You have availed yourself of information, which as I have stated previously, each individual shall draw themselves to information which speaks to them. No information offered is wrong. Therefore, if you are benefiting from the information and it is edifying to you, it shall be a beneficial direction. I do not discourage this action at all. In addition to this, I encourage acknowledgment of self.

Within many different elements of information offered presently there is still held slight curves, shall we say, in underlying tones, which are reinforcing of old belief systems such as karma or duplicity. For the most part you may be incorporating information of other sources, and if you are carefully discerning you shall be offering yourself valuable tools in your movement within this present now, and also within your shift.

Be remembering, though, not to be caught in the underlying web of discounting self, for this you automatically do anyway. It is a continuing uphill struggle for you all, to be battling against these belief systems that you hold so very tightly in discounting of self and in lack of trustfulness of self, which creates doubt and confusion and conflict. Each time a situation arises within your everyday life that you question, you automatically lean to ideas of fault and inadequacy. You automatically attempt to be analyzing the situation and not viewing those areas of the situation which are reinforcing of self. You are only analyzing those areas which are questioning self. (Christie affirms)

You have been struggling for much time period within the same issue. You have offered yourself some reinforcing elements to be expressing positive movement, but now you may view that no matter how great your objective imagery or symbolism appears within actual objects physically, you continue to hold conflict, regardless; for these things are not what you seek. We have spoken previously much time ago of the wants that you desired physically. Now, within an attempt to be trusting of self, you achieve and acquire those very wants, and you are still unhappy.

I am remembering of our discussions of a little house and your wanting of movement in this area, but now you offer yourself the opportunity to view that although you may in actuality achieve successfulness in objectifying what you want in creating your reality physically, these are mere parlor tricks! (Christie laughs) They are not satisfactory, for within you are still confused; and although you may hold the ability to express to another that you may create your reality objectively, within you doubt this, for you do not create what you truly seek; this being what you identify as peacefulness and happiness and effortlessness within. Although you may accomplish this effortlessness outside, it is merely imagery; this being what we have spoken of many times, in that you are seeking the answer or the method to be attaining this effortlessness which resides within you already. You need only be trusting self.

This sounds very simple, but this faces you within every moment of every one of your days within every situation. You are faced continuously with opportunities to be trusting self or not trusting self, and acknowledging within that trustfulness that you accept you. This is not to say that you objectively act out, but within do not accept your expression. Within interaction of other individuals, as you express from an area of trusting within self and expressing what is beneficial to you, you must also accept your own expression and not be recoiling this within, although outwardly you continue your expression. Inwardly you are within argument of your outward expression.

These are, I am understanding, very difficult practices within physical focus, for you are accustomed to operating within the confines of your belief systems and those of mass accepted belief systems of acceptable behavior, and also of acceptable interaction within interpersonal relationships of any type. What you do not realize is that within expression of essence, within trusting and accepting of self, you shall be expressing within acceptable and beneficial means to not only yourself, but to all those around you also. As you are continuing to look to outside elements to be creating of your happiness and your fulfillment, you will continue to be disappointed; for you may quite temporarily feel somewhat of a satisfaction and an appeasement by outside creations, but this is fleeting. What is lasting and what shall create your true effortless and your true calm is that acceptance of self, in knowing that you are a worthy and perfect being.

In this, let me offer you a slight example of alteration of perception that you may draw upon, for this is quite common within physical focus. You are interacting with another individual upon very mundane lines. The subject matter may be very small or very large. It matters not. It may be as mundane as removing bread crumbs from a counter. Within the interaction, one individual views a situation and holds thought processes about this situation. In this, let me express, let us choose an absolute situation. I shall present you with a very simple, mundane situation ...

CHRIS: Okay.

ELIAS: ... but it is applicable to all situations.

Individual number one is walking through their parlor and spies socks upon their floor. They look to the socks and they express, ĎTsk, tsk, tsk! Why must individual number two always be placing the socks upon this floor? This is irresponsible! This is not cooperative and this is irritating!í Individual one is operating within the framework of mass belief systems; allowing emotional response, allowing projection of judgment, allowing focus to be deferred off of self onto the behavior of another individual which they deem to be unacceptable.

Now; in altering perception, individual one may instead be inquiring of self, ĎWhy is this irritating to me? How is this offensive or hurtful to me? Which belief system am I operating within? Does this matter? How does this hold importance to me? Is individual number two being hurtful to me? Do I feel devalued by the action of individual number two? If I feel devalued, why? For I hold no reason to be devalued.í For no other individual may devalue you. It is only your only belief systems that allow this occurrence. If you are knowing and accepting of your value within you, it matters not the expression of another individual.

Let us express slightly differently. Within relationships between individuals, there is a consistent, constant striving for each individual to feel appreciated and valued by the other individual. If you are valuing and appreciating of self, you need not value from another individual. The input is not necessary. It may be accepted graciously, but it is not a necessity. Therefore, whatever is offered is accepted for it is not a need within you, for you are understanding already that you are accepting and appreciating of you. Individuals create conflict as they are attempting to change another individual or holding an expectation of another individual, which is the same; for as you hold an expectation of another individual, you are within although not thinkingly wanting their behavior to change and be expressed differently.

In this, we are entirely forgetful of the little sapling, which concerns itself not with the other sapling. The other sapling may convolute itself in as many ways as it may possibly imagine and it affects not the straight sapling, for the straight sapling recognizes that that is its creation. It is not wrong. It is not worse. It is different; and within an acceptance that each individual creates their own reality, which is reality, and that you create your reality and are not a victim, it is acceptable for each to be creating within their own expression.

In this, one does not attempt to be directing of the other. As I have stated, this is not quite so easily accomplished, for you are quite accustomed within your belief systems to operating within different methods. You automatically lean into these belief systems. You automatically allow affectingness. Another individual may approach you and may verbally express a statement to you that you may feel automatically offensive within. You have automatically leaned into your mass belief systems without thought process. It is quite natural. You are attempting now to be altering and widening perceptions that you have held not only throughout this focus, but throughout many focuses. This is unfamiliar. Therefore, it is difficult. It is not impossible!

In this, I express to you that you have offered yourself quite a wondrous opportunity presently, if you be not viewing this in a negative direction. You have created objective imagery within ideals that you have expressed your wishing for. You have in certain areas allowed yourself to view your ability to create your own reality. You also allow yourself to view elements of self that are dissatisfactory to you. This is not negative. This is an opportunity to create new choices.

It is interesting that within belief systems, individuals are continuously concerned with how they are viewed by other individuals. They are also quite protective of their image and their camouflage.

You present your camouflage to the world and are very, very protective of this projection of image, and as it is challenged in any direction by any other individual, you must be drawing of your sword to be in defense of this camouflage! It is merely camouflage. And shall you die within what you think to be acquiescence? And if you shall, it matters not. It is only through the operation of belief systems, individually and en masse, that these elements become mattering. ĎI shall not allow another individual to be walking upon me! I shall not allow another individual to be taking advantage of me!í

CHRIS: So is there then anything to the statement that if someone believes something of you, and then you get your armor up in defense of that, that itís possible ... the possibility in the belief system then is that it becomes true? Whereas if somebody believes something of you and you donít defend yourself, you just go ĎHmm,í that it actually dissipates and is not true?

ELIAS: Partially. I express to you that you must be realizing of each situation and circumstance and individual that you are dealing with and evaluate each situation, for at times you may be presented with certain issues or circumstances that you may be drawing to yourself as mirror action, that you may be acquiring information for yourself to be addressing to issues that you hold. But within other circumstances you also may not be involved with this activity, and you may be confronted with the belief systems of another individual which are not held by yourself; this being where it is necessary to be accepting and trusting of self, that you may discern which situation you are being faced with. But regardless, within each situation you are not looking to self in chastisement. You are recognizing of your involvement within the situation and you are recognizing of the acceptance of self, and that even within an uncomfortable confrontation of mirror action, this does not pose to you the wrongness of self. It merely offers you an opportunity to view an element of self that you have chosen to be changing.

CHRIS: Okay. Can I throw out a circumstance here? I think Iím getting what youíre saying, in that in my relationships that Iíve had through the years ... Itís like I have a relationship with someone, I start a relationship with someone who I know inside me, this must be myself, isnít going to work. And something tells me this isnít going to work, and then I tell myself, ĎWeíll give it a go and see what happens.í And then years go by, a couple of years go by, and then upheaval! And I think itís because inside of me, that person that I should have trusted in the first place is going Ďugh,í trying to get out of my stronghold of going, ĎIím going to make this work!í And Iíve done this over and over and over, in my striving to find that thing on the outside to make me feel better, okay?

So now here I am again. Iím in this situation again. I did pretty good with the Lazslo thing I think, and I recognized that this wasnít going to work and I went, ĎIím out of here.í But Iíve done exactly the same thing. Iíve picked somebody who I go, ĎWell, weíll see what happens,í knowing that itís never going to work! The man is going to drive me absolutely nuts, right? So, in the past Iíve done numerous things. I get out of there, I donít see them for years, and then I feel better because itís completely out of my system. Itís like I have to take myself out of the situation to be able to breathe again. And now, itís the same situation! Itís like ĎHello again!í And I donít want to do this again! I do not want to go through this again!

ELIAS: You allow yourself to be distracted. Think with me carefully. Within the onset of a new relationship, you have moved yourself into an area of building confidence, although not entirely. Therefore, you face yourself and draw to yourself a situation of a new individual.

Now; realize that you may move to a certain point of acceptance of self. As you approach this point which you do not feel you may cross beyond, you begin to seek out, not within thought process but you do within energy, seek out a new individual as partner, to be continuing that expression of acceptance that you may not continue for yourself. Therefore, you have moved to a certain point within self; and as this stops and becomes blocked, you are also realizing that this is not completely accomplished and there is a need for more movement. You do not trust self to accomplish this. Therefore, you begin to look outside, believing that outside will provide the missing element and finish the project.

In this, innerly you do hold a recognition that in your terms this shall not work, for you are understanding subjectively that you are not going to accomplish what you seek by drawing outside elements. It is necessary to be crossing that line and continuing with acceptance within and exploring and acknowledging within, but as this is a very definite blocking cut-point, you move to the area of shifting your objective to outside. In this, within your diligence you attempt all possible to be accomplishing within the given relationship, continuing for a reasonable time period but eventually recognizing that this is not your answer; therefore placing yourself back to your line, expressing inwardly to yourself [that] you must offer this trustfulness and acceptance to yourself, and recognizing that no other individual shall be capable of giving this to you.

You may be accepting of another individualís expression freely and hold joyfulness in this once you have already crossed your own line of acceptance and have learned the acceptance of self, for you reach a point with other individuals that you recognize that their acceptance is not adequate. It is not enough. You are needing more. There are time periods that they hold no understanding. There are time periods that they are not accepting of your expression. They are not unconditionally supportive continuously, which is what you seek. But you are, to you! (Christie chuckles)

Another individual shall never entirely always be accepting of every expression of you, for they are a different individual and their reality is approached from a different perception.

CHRIS: But I can be entirely accepting of me!

ELIAS: Yes, absolutely!

CHRIS: So in accepting of self, you just accept anything that happens. If you do something that in your belief system is say wrong, you just accept it and say, ĎYeah, well. Oh well! This is me. This is who I am.í


CHRIS: ĎThis is me, and itís not wrong.í


CHRIS: ĎThis is me, and itís pure love.í

ELIAS: Yes, and do not confuse yourself with temporary distraction. As you have come to your line that you will not cross, as you draw to yourself another individual to continue what you will not allow yourself to continue, you very efficiently distract yourself with feelings. You enter emotions of infatuation or excitement. The excitement distracts you from your objective. The excitement is misinterpreted. The excitement becomes consuming, and allows you the opportunity to not be focusing within any longer and distracting yourself away from self to focusing upon another individual. In this, you reinforce yourself by expressing that you hold feelings. The feelings confuse you; but as a candle, within a certain time period it burns away, for it is temporary. Its temporariness is dependent upon how much you wish to be distracting of yourself and how far away from your line you wish to go. At times you are choosing to be extending this time period for quite a while, not wishing to be approaching this line and having to be accepting of self. Now you move to a time period of shorter, and the realization that this is not the direction that you wish to pursue.

CHRIS: ... Okay. So I guess then the next step is getting past that wall, getting past that point where then I start looking out for something else to entertain me so that I donít have to deal with ... So then thatís really what I need. And once I get past that wall, then more things will open up for me and Iíll just ...

ELIAS: Quite.

CHRIS: ... Iíll get it!

ELIAS: Be remembering that this shall be more difficult than it appears in words; for within your species, once you enter into the throes of your emotional state, many times you disengage your rationality and you allow yourselves to move into the acceptance of the Ďrightnessí of your feelings. You do not always recognize that there are times that you are engaging these feelings to be distracting you.

CHRIS: Hmm. Well, oftentimes itís kind of hard to discern whether to go with the feelings or which direction to go, whether you ignore whatís going on or you actually go with it.

ELIAS: This being the recognition of the acceptance of self. If you have moved to an area of acceptance of self, you shall not be seeking out this distraction. Therefore, when you do draw yourself or allow yourself to be drawn into a relationship with another individual, it shall hold a different quality. It shall not appear initially so all-consuming. It shall not be so all-distracting. You shall hold a balance in awareness, continuing your awareness of self and your direction while also accepting the relationship and interplay of another individual.

There are indicating factors that you may look to presently that are suggestive to you that you have approached your line and are not willing to be crossing this line, and are now beginning to distract yourself by looking outward. Your objective imagery shall be quite indicative of this, to where you distract yourself initially entirely! You may continue in your activities that you normally engage, but you shall also involve the other individual within these activities. You shall feel the need to be connected to this other individual within all of your activities, and therefore preventing yourself from independent activity.

CHRIS: Okay, I can appreciate that. Iíve been doing that a lot. Iím at a turning point at the moment, okay? Am I up against that wall going, ĎI donít want to do this anymore?í Is that what Iím doing? Iím kind of at a place where I just really want to look at myself? (Elias is nodding)

Okay. I belong to this club and Iím involved in the club, and Iím thinking Gaylon also belongs to the club, and Iím thinking of getting out of it completely and not being distracted by that anymore because Iím not sure how to handle that anymore. Is that trying to get through my wall, or is it another diversion? How do I know?

ELIAS: These are indications that you are attempting to offer yourself the opportunity to change your direction. These indicators are speaking to you, in an effort to divert you away from those elements that you normally magnate to for your distraction. You place yourself into situations that allow you a ready availability of distraction if you are wishing to avail yourself of this distraction. In this, presently you are offering yourself the opportunity to create different choices and move away from this situation that you have set up quite efficiently for yourself previously. Within your involvement in this organization, you hold a continuous, steady opportunity to be engaging your distraction. As you move away from one you may engage another, for the availability is present.

CHRIS: Right. And so how do I then stay on track? I donít have a real good track record of staying on track with things!

ELIAS: You may choose to be continuing with your affiliation to this organization if you are wishing, but be remembering that this also serves you in your method of your distraction. Therefore, it creates another obstacle of which you must be aware. This is not a Ďbad thing!í It is only that you must hold an awareness of the areas that you place yourself within. You may be choosing to disengage and eliminate that temptation, so to speak. This is your choice. Some individuals choose to be disengaging from those elements which do not serve them and create added obstacles to their course. Some individuals do not choose to disengage. It is entirely a choice. The awareness is there. You are understanding that the situation presents a ready opportunity to be slipping into your method of distraction.

CHRIS: Okay. What can I do? What are some kind of guidelines to do to get over that wall? I mean, are we talking meditation? I canít analyze myself to death, you know. What exactly do I need to do?

ELIAS: You need not analyze yourself to death! You need be recognizing of your own imagery and your own signals. Be listening to self. Recognize that which you understand. You are understanding of your feelings. They are expressing communication to you. They are not in conflict with your thoughts. When your feelings are in conflict with your thoughts, then you may be evaluating; as when you are entering into a relationship, your feelings are excited and carrying you off. Your thoughts are expressing reluctance. Therefore, they are not in agreement.

CHRIS: Right.

ELIAS: Presently, your thoughts and your feelings are in agreement. As they are in agreement and as you are emotionally-focused, listen to what you are expressing to yourself through your language. You are expressing that you are not satisfied, that you are unhappy. You hold the ability to alter this. Think first of self.

CHRIS: Which goes entirely against our belief system!

ELIAS: Absolutely. Think first of self. Concern yourself with self and be attending to self. In this, you shall be benefiting of others also. This is not to say that I encourage negativity or maliciousness to others, but you express severity to self presently. This is for your attention. You are yelling to yourself presently. Therefore, listen!

CHRIS: Okay. So what Iím coming to believe is that if we are accepting of ourselves, and in that time that we become accepting of ourselves then our life becomes effortless, and because Iíve done a few parlor tricks, so to speak, and what I think Iíve done is recognize the effortless of a few things, and therefore in those respects I have become recognizing of myself.

ELIAS: Correct. You have offered yourself some imagery to be expressing this to yourself and to be validating of yourself. In this, you are moving yourself to the point that you are at now.

CHRIS: Right. And another expression of being able to accept self is living in the present?

ELIAS: Absolutely.

CHRIS: As opposed to thinking of the past, wishing for the future, living in the present. Iíve noticed that when I have sat down and actually lived in the present ... thereís been a few times! ... that things happen differently. Things happen to me, and itís not a trick. Itís just an awareness. Like I will say, ĎWhere are my glasses?í And Iíll be in the present, and Iíll look and Iíll find them. I mean, itís just amazing. And so maybe Iím being shown a picture of what it can really be like?

ELIAS: You are showing yourself ...

CHRIS: Ah, okay ...

ELIAS: ... your picture.

CHRIS: Of what it really can be like, and thatís maybe why all of this is just kind of hitting me at one time?


CHRIS: Itís like the same thing with my weight. I just donít want to do the up and down and up and down, and I think that my weight is just a protection, that for some reason I feel I need to be protected because Iím afraid of being alone. And this has got to be part of this wall that Iím hitting, that Iím afraid that ... Iím afraid to be alone and thatís why I pull these people into my life. Itís like a big, round wheel going around and around, but I donít want to do it anymore! I want to get out of it!

ELIAS: And what do you fear so desperately? What may be so unworthy of you that you may not joyously enjoy and accept your company?

CHRIS: (Laughing) It seems pretty ludicrous, huh?

ELIAS: For no other shall offer you the acceptance that you may offer yourself, if you are allowing yourself. You also allow yourself tremendous freedom in accepting of self, for you do not look to other individuals for validation and completeness. Therefore, you may accept your own creativity and be appreciative of this and allow yourself new freedoms.

CHRIS: Iíve always had a problem with creativity, not thinking I had any.

ELIAS: Duplicity is the curse of your present age. Your globe is plagued with this belief system of duplicity, which is so very unnecessary!

CHRIS: So really, itís easy, but itís not as easy as it sounds.

ELIAS: Quite; for as you engage this action, you may find the difficulties and the confusions within the action. It is all well to be engaged within this audience and listening to the expression of these concepts. But in practice, as you move upon the morrow and you are interacting with other individuals, you may draw upon these words and you will also battle with your feelings and your thoughts which automatically lean into that belief system of duplicity; and as another individual is supportive temporarily or appearing to be understanding and kind, this shall reinforce that which you have already set as your method, which is diverting of your objective.

CHRIS: But if Iím aware of that diversion, then I can alter it.

ELIAS: You very well may. It requires only your attention ...

CHRIS: Right.

ELIAS: ... and your perseverance.

CHRIS: Right, such as the attention my back caught when I was hating my job and my work. I caught my own attention. I donít want to do that again! I think Iím getting it. I think Iím picking up things.

ELIAS: Quite. You have been leading yourself in increments through your own issues, as do many other individuals within our forum. You do not instantaneously alter and change all of the issues and elements that you are wishing to be changing, for the belief systems and the patterns are strong; but you each lead yourselves in your own constructive directions, to be addressing to the issues that you hold and moving through the belief systems to acceptance. These, as you may observe with many other individuals, are very difficult endeavors. They are not accomplished without elements of mild trauma.

CHRIS: Hmm. So we have to have mild trauma in our lives?

ELIAS: No, but in light of your belief systems, you create this.

CHRIS: Oh, okay. We create it to wake ourselves up?

ELIAS: There are many reasons that you create this. You hold very strongly to your belief systems. You are not so very anxious to be letting go of these belief systems. Therefore, you create conflict in your attempt to be moving into acceptance of these belief systems. You create battles. It is unfamiliar to you. You also hold belief systems atop of the belief systems that you address, that attainment of any element holds value if it engages struggle.

CHRIS: Right. Well, we can let that one go!

ELIAS: Can you???

CHRIS: (Laughing) That would be something to go towards, huh?

ELIAS: Yes, it very well would! But as you may see now, you not only address an issue within belief systems, but you hold belief systems on top of belief systems on top of belief systems, which are all influencing in the reluctance of movement! Putting aside all of these belief systems, you are correct; it is unnecessary to be creating trauma or conflict or any element of what you term to be negativity in accepting anything. You may also accomplish this instantaneously, although within the belief systems that you hold, you do not believe this! There must be a method and a process.

CHRIS: But if we could believe it instantaneously, we could get it!

ELIAS: Yes, you could.

CHRIS: If we let go of the belief systems.


CHRIS: Right. Well, itís like building one on top of the other. Itís like the people who want to get rich but theyíll never get rich, because their belief system says that rich people do such-and-such and so-and-so to people getting rich. Therefore, they do not want to be one of those people, so they will never get rich. Thatís exactly what youíre saying, right?


CHRIS: So we just have to look at each situation that comes up and trust ourselves and what we feel? And then what we feel is what we think, and theyíre in agreement and thereís no conflict? Then thatís the effortlessness that weíre looking for? And then we just know that weíre in line, that we are accepting of ourselves? (Pause)

ELIAS: This requires careful evaluation. I wish not to be misleading you in offering you information, that you may be thinking that if you are experiencing no conflict that you are absolutely moving within the most effortless or efficient direction; for there are times that you may delude yourself within your own belief systems and feel no conflict, but you are continuing within the throes of your belief systems. Therefore, you must be ever watchful and following of your impulses; which be remembering, are not feelings. They are also not thoughts, although they may be translated subsequently into a feeling or a thought; but initially, they are neither. Therefore, it is important that you are trusting of self and accepting of self, and in this you shall also be listening to yourself.

CHRIS: I have another question. I went to a psychic woman who told me that there was a dark cloud of negativity hanging around me, by someone in my past who was a love relationship who was like zapping me with negative vibes. Is that her belief system? Is that true? Is there something I must do to get rid of that?

ELIAS: This is a filtration through belief systems. As I have stated, individuals that you term to be psychics very often are connecting with the first layer of consciousness relevant to your objective consciousness. In this, there is much leeway for misinterpretation and allowance for interjection of belief systems within the individual of the psychic. The individual picks up, so to speak, the energy within your energy field which feels oppressive. This energy has been present for much time period. Therefore, the individual may not only associate this with this present now. Therefore, they associate this energy with past, for it has extended in what they term to be backward. It also, as you are aware within our discussion this evening, involves your issue with relationships and your issue with not crossing this line inwardly. In this, you translate this issue into being an issue with other individuals or relationships.

The individual of the psychic picks up this information also and interprets this in connection with duration, as being past relationship and heaviness. Therefore, they filter through their belief systems and evaluate, offering you the explanation distortedly of another individual projecting negative energy around you, which is incorrect. It is an evaluation of your own energy within your own energy field, which is dealing with this issue presently. This as you may see has been a misinterpretation, although the individual is connecting with your energy field and some elements of this which are correct, but is filtering this through their belief systems and understanding and creating of their own interpretation of the situation. This offers you also an example of how individuals distort information within their belief systems, and also within their lack of fitting all of the information together.

CHRIS: So it looks like then for me, I just have to stay focused, which is real hard for me because I get distracted so easily. Perhaps this is why I join groups and then I get to a point and then I feel alienated and then I stop, because Iíve hit that wall again and I just distract myself and then ...

ELIAS: (Smiling) It is all the same issue. They are all attempts at distraction from self.

CHRIS: Has this been going on for lives, or is this pretty much this life? I mean, my childhood and whatever Iíve picked up?

ELIAS: This would be within this particular focus, although you have also experienced one other focus that parallels this focus in many elements; but primarily, this has been the action within this particular focus. You have confused yourself and distracted yourself away from your intent and yourself, allowing counterparts to be experiencing your intent action for you as you divert yourself into distracted areas, but continue to seek your main objective.

CHRIS: Will I seek my main objective in this lifetime, do you think?


CHRIS: Good! Iím really glad to hear that! Okay. Well, youíre looking tired. Thank you so much. Youíve helped me so much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, and as I have expressed previously, you may be calling upon this essence for helpfulness as you wish. I shall then very lovingly bid you au revoir, until we meet again.

CHRIS: Au revoir!Ē [session 180, June 03, 1997]

RON: ďI have a couple of questions for a couple of our computer friends. ... Her second question is, ĎI have just ended a really intense three-year love affair with someone named David. This is only one of many breakups, but I feel it might be the final one. I donít think I have ever felt such a connectedness to someone, and it was hard to end things. Iím wondering if I did the right thing. Iím wondering if Iím acting out of weakness, and if so, how? Am I weak to stay, or weak to leave? Also, are we connected in any significant way? I am only asking these questions because the relationship has taken up so much of my time and energy, and I want to understand what the hell happened.í

ELIAS: (Smiling) Connections are held within counterpart action. In this, the exchange has been purposeful. Express to this individual to look to the action which has occurred. This has been chosen for noticing of probabilities and how you create your reality, as an example. Therefore, the action has been purposeful, for further information and understanding of the reality presently.Ē [session 205, August 10, 1997]

NICKY: ďWhen I get this impression ... I was thinking this morning, ĎIím in love with everything!í Iím in love with everything! Iím in love with you, Iím in love with this one, Iím in love with that one, Iím in love! What is it really that is happening, really happening? Iím feeling that.

ELIAS: This also, contrary to what many individuals are experiencing within the action of this shift as they are blocking or not opening to the action of this shift, this what you experience is another aspect of the action of this shift in consciousness; a renewed zeal for life, so to speak; a new awareness of the wondrousness of your creations within this physical reality and the beauty of this physical reality.

NICKY: Oh my gosh. That is just too beautiful. So thatís really what it is? I walked around the house all this morning. ĎIím in love with this! Iím in love! Iím in love with him! Iím in love with her!í Oh, this is so good to know.Ē [session 231, October 23, 1997]

JULIE: So where the hell is Dave?? (Laughter)

ELIAS: Express to me!

JULIE: Express to you? I donít know!

ELIAS: You do know! (Chuckling)

JULIE: Like where heís at physically?

ELIAS: And otherwise.

JULIE: I donít, though!

ELIAS: Ah, but you do!

JULIE: Well then, you tell me what I know! (Laughter) I donít know!

ELIAS: This also enters the area of your own acceptance of yourself, for as you are entering your own acceptance of YOU, other individuals Ė (humorously) certain individuals within particular Ė shall also be affected. (Pause) As you are not accepting of you, you are also influencing within your energy and pushing other individuals away. You desire to be pulling closer, and in actuality, you are pushing.

JULIE: I know. Itís like I ... hmm.

ELIAS: Within you, you desire to be knowing and accepting yourself. You desire this action, and in this, subjectively and partially objectively, you preoccupy yourself with self, which is not bad. But you misunderstand, and within your thought process you view that you have little time for any other element. Therefore, without a thought process you project energy to be pushing away, which is received and responded to. It is a situation of: ĎI am busy! Do not bother me presently. I shall concern myself with you at another time period. Presently, I am occupied with issues of grave importance of myself! í Although you do not hold this thought process, your energy is projected in this manner. Therefore, another individual is responding and acknowledging, ĎVery well. I shall be aloof and be waiting until you are not occupied.í

You also hold, very many of you, the belief systems of intimacy and closeness. You hold belief systems that you are separated. You are singular, individual entities. You walk about in different bodies. Therefore, you are separated. This creates fertile ground for belief systems in the area of relationships. You hold fearfulness of closeness to another individual. There are many belief systems attached in this one area: fearfulness of a loss of your own identity, of your own direction; fearfulness of hurtfulness. You hold very many belief systems in the area of the emotion of love and affection. This may be wondrous, but it looms more obviously as dangerous and hurtful; and as you continue to not be accepting of self, you also reinforce the belief systems that others shall not be accepting of you either. A very large belief system!

It has been stated within your religious element that you must be loving of yourself or you may not be loving of another individual. Very good words of wisdom to be creating a point, but also a belief system. In reality, it is expressing to you that if you are not accepting of yourself, you will not ALLOW yourself the acceptance of others for yourself. Other individuals respond to your energy. You may hold your secrets, but individuals respond within energy. They may not objectively realize WHY you are projecting your energy, [but] subjectively they do.Ē [session 248a, December 09, 1997]

DAVID: ďYou mentioned, too, that we in physical focus experience love differently than say, where youíre at, the area that youíre at. Two things: One, do all essences in their whole essences, like Mylo [David], do we all have a beloved? And two, what attracted you to your beloved?

(Vicís note: Elias has referred to the essence of Patel/Paul as Ďmy beloved.í This is what David is referring to.)

ELIAS: (After a ten second pause) We are the same.

DAVID: ĎWeí being?

ELIAS: All essences are interconnected. Some essences hold very similar tone. Some essences within common fragmentation also choose through desire to be fragmented in the same desire, therefore also holding very similar tone. In this, in what YOU interpret within your physical focus, you may view a stronger attraction to a certain essence.

DAVID: And that would be Myloís [Davidís] beloved ... in their whole essence?

ELIAS: It may be termed this way, but this is merely my expression.

DAVID: Your expression. So what I think Iím trying to say is, do all essences have a beloved, as you do with Paul (Patel)?

ELIAS: If they are so choosing.Ē (Smiling) [session 252, December 21, 1997]

DAVID: ďIf an individual experiences what they call impotency, a doctor would say thatís a problem with their psychological imbalance or chemical imbalance. What is impotency?

ELIAS: This also is an action influenced by your belief systems. In lack of acceptance of self, an individual may image this with this action of impotency in not believing that they are worthy and imaging a lack of what you term to be Ďperformance,í for they hold very strong issues and belief systems in the area of lack of acceptance of self and duplicity, and they may image this in this manner.

DAVID: So for example, body consciousness is involved. The mind may say, ĎI want a woman,í but the body may say, ĎNo, itís a man I want.í Therefore, they fear impotency, and that mirrors conflict between the conscious mind wanting it and the body consciousness ... do you know what Iím saying?

ELIAS: It may be at times. This is not a rule. For the most part, individuals experiencing this situation experience this as they create an instruction to the body consciousness to be not performing in its most intimate fashion, for the individual holds a great lack of acceptance of self and may not be intimate with self.

HELEN: So that would be the same with an orgasm? Like if you have a hard time having an orgasm, thatís lack of acceptance of self?

ELIAS: Correct. You do not allow yourself to share with another individual; which as I have expressed, this is the physical mirror action of the interconnectedness of essence, and you do not allow yourself to engage in this action and share physically with another individual and loosen your hold upon your separation, for you do not accept yourself. Therefore, this creates a situation of fearfulness. If you are not accepting of self, you shall be guarded. You shall limit yourself, for you shall also not accept that another individual shall be accepting of you.

You hold very DEEP belief systems in these areas. You guard yourselves very carefully. You hold to your individual energies very carefully and very seriously, for you hold very strong belief systems of hurtfulness. You also hold very strong belief systems in what you THINK of as love. You do not Ďgive awayí love and you do not receive love easily, for this is an element to be guarded, and if mistreated it appears to be extremely hurtful. Better not to engage this area than to engage the hurtfulness.

I express to you, you do not GIVE love. You do not RECEIVE love. You do not ENGAGE love. You merely experience. It merely is. It is not an entity. It is not a thing that you may pass to each other. It is a state of being, and in it there is no hurtfulness. It is merely your belief systems that create the illusion of hurtfulness, although within your belief systems and your feelings, your emotions within this dimension, it is reality of this hurtfulness. You do FEEL this, but this is dictated by your belief systems. You have created many situations in the area of your sexuality, in limiting yourselves with regard to your belief systems.Ē [session 255, January 04, 1998]

FORREST: ďMoving along to the next question, from Carole. She asks, ĎIs human love between man and woman a belief system which we enter into because we choose to?í

ELIAS: Human love. First of all, yes, you enter into this action and experience as a choice. The subject of human love is complicated. It is a mirror action of knowing held within essence and within consciousness, but it is a translation into physical focus ... certain physical focuses. It is influenced by belief systems and it is an expression and action of emotion, which is a basic element of this particular physical dimension.

I have expressed that the two basic elements of this particular physical dimension are sexuality and emotion. You have created this reality for these experiences, for the exploration of these experiences. Therefore, human love relates to both of these basic elements of your reality and is intertwined with the exploration of both of these elements.

As stated, it is a translation. Therefore, in relation to the truth of love Ė which there are many truths within consciousness, love being another truth Ė its translation into physical focus is far removed from the reality of this truth in consciousness and within essence, but it is a mirror action, just as your equipment. Your telephone is a mirror action of a known truth or element of consciousness, of communication and interaction. It is a very limited translation, but it is a mirror action. Your flying machines are a mirror action of projection within consciousness. They are very limited mirror actions, but they are reflections of what is known within consciousness and objectively expressed. In this same manner, human love is also a projection and a translation.

Now; this is not to say that within this translation it may not be transcended into a fuller understanding and experience within your physical dimension. It shall not be expressed in the entire fullness of essence or consciousness, but it may be transcended into a much more effective fullness within physical focus. This is requiring of an allowance of mergence in relationship, of the individuals to be opening fully to each other and allowing this mergence and not blocking. In this, the experience may be a hundredfold to the experience that is accepted within your officially accepted reality.Ē [session 268, March 08, 1998]

CAROLE: ďIn love in this reality, from one person to another person, the male/female type thing, is that just belief systems and a choice for experience, or is there like some kind of a separate energy that love really is?

ELIAS: Your EXPRESSION of love within this reality is filtered through your belief systems. Love in itself is a truth, but it is far removed in its aspect as a truth from what you view within physical focus. This is an interpretation that is suited for your experience within this physical focus to be working in conjunction with your created reality in this physical focus, which is emotion and sexuality. Therefore, it is translated into this reality to be functioning in conjunction with these elements of your reality. In this, you create imagery which is expressive of this truth, but it is a translation that may fit in this reality.

CAROLE: Iím really glad to hear that love is a truth! I wondered if it was a belief system, and because we are emotionally experiencing a focus here in this particular reality, whether that was something we had conjured up. Iím really happy to hear that itís not!

ELIAS: Your TRANSLATION is what you have created. Therefore, the reality of this truth outside of this physical dimension, as I have stated, is far removed and would appear to be entirely unfamiliar to you, for it does not hold emotion or sexuality. Therefore, your experience of this, in its translation in this particular dimension, is filtered through your belief systems and is your creation in conjunction with your purpose of experience in this particular dimension. But it is also what you may view as a truth, for it is relative to ALL areas of consciousness, not merely this particular dimension.Ē [session 272, April 05, 1998]

DIANE: ďWell, that brings us to the next question, which is: I moved to Brattleboro two years ago from northern Maine, and I like it here. I think that was a good move. The problem is my work. I coordinate a crisis program and Iím good at it, but I donít like it. Itís not what I love. What I love and what I think I want to do, which Iíve done in the past, is to do private practice as a therapist, and I think somewhat non-traditionally. But thatís not happening at the speed that I would like it to happen, and Iím concerned that itís not going to because this area of Brattleboro is saturated with therapists. Itís very competitive, and I donít know if Iím going to be able to create what I want to create here professionally. I know that my job of a crisis coordinator is driving me crazy.

ELIAS: But it offers you what you believe to be objective security.


ELIAS: It offers you dependability. It also offers you an ease. It requires little effort for you to be engaging employment that you are not creating for you. You are creating in conjunction with other individuals. In this situation, you each lend energy to each other to create an ease. It is, to your thought process, more difficult to be creating of your employ yourself, for there is not this cooperative of energy that you may ride on the wave of.

It matters not what you view to be competition. It matters that you express yourself in the area of trust in yourself and creating of your own creativity, which may be offered to other individuals differently than what you view to be your competition. In allowing yourself the trust in the knowing of your own abilities and what you may offer creatively to other individuals and not conflicting yourself with doubtfulness, it is quite possible for you to be creating of what you desire. You merely move into the area of accepting conflict and discomfort and viewing this to be easier than trusting self, but within your trust of self and your expression of your creativity, you shall view that the trust allows liberation. This creates an effortlessness which allows much more ease than the ease of conflict.

Individuals continue in creations of conflict as they do not trust their own abilities. They do not trust the magnificence of themselves, which you know! (Here, Elias pauses and stares at Diane, who sighs deeply)

You may be engaged in any type of creation and there may be exorbitant amounts of individuals that create similarly. It matters not, for each expression is unique, and as you project your own creativity in trusting of yourself, you also project energy which draws to you the very element which you seek.Ē [session 274, April 18, 1998]

ELIAS: ďLet me express to you that the reason also that you experience the emotion of loss or sadness with your child [moving out], as your child moves into the fullness of their expression [grows up], is that you hold very strong belief systems in the area of parenting. Let me offer to you, these are ALL belief systems.

SALLY: Oh boy.

ELIAS: Let me express also to you, that may be mildly helpful to you: you as the parent enter into agreement merely to be offering the manner for the accomplishment of physical manifestation to another essence. This is the extent of your agreement; none else.

SALLY: Really?

ELIAS: The entering focus, the child, is choosing of all else. They are choosing of you specifically. They are choosing of their interaction. They are choosing of their heritage. They are choosing of their lineage. They are choosing of their DNA. They are choosing of what they shall create within interaction with you, what they shall draw from you, what they shall offer to you. You are merely offering a window for them to enter into physical manifestation.

SALLY: And how long does that window last? Does it last to age 21?

ELIAS: It is created only momentarily.

SALLY: Really?

ELIAS: You offer an environment to harbor physically within your physical form a gestation period and the portal for physical entrance into this reality. This is the extent of your responsibility. All else stems from your belief systems.

SALLY: Thatís amazing! Iíll have to think about that for a while!

ELIAS: These are very strongly held mass belief systems and are quite affecting, but in the recognition of this you may also allow yourself the detachment, to an extent, in recognition that this individual is merely continuing in their exploration. And their interaction of what you term to be dependency, within that belief system, is no longer necessary, and they may move into the fullness of creating their reality and accepting their responsibility in their creation of their reality, for this is how you have created your officially accepted reality within this particular society, but it is HEAVILY laden with belief systems.

Now; I shall also express to you that your feelings of distress and sadness are to be acknowledged, for these are your validations to yourself that you have accomplished well in the area of allowing yourself to be experiencing affection and love. Therefore, in difference to expressing to yourself the pushing away of these feelings and the wishing that they shall discontinue and the non-acceptance of these feelings, embrace these feelings and acknowledge yourself that you are validating yourself, that you have created very well in the area of allowing yourself to be experiencing the intensity of the emotions.

It is very interesting and amusing to myself that so very, very, very many individuals within physical focus automatically move themselves in the direction of what you term to be negative, and there is so very much to be experienced otherwise within excitement and wondrousness, which allows you joyfulness and fun! I am QUITE advocating of fun!

SALLY: I need some of that in my life! I work too hard and forgot about that part a lot.

ELIAS: Ah! Moving into the area of much too much expression within cultural time and not enough allowance in the area of natural time!


ELIAS: Be listening to your impressions and be recognizing of your impulses, and DO NOT be denying of your impulses! This is your language to yourself from essence, and it is not harmful to you. It naturally moves you into the most efficient directions, but you are taught within your belief systems to be discounting of your impulses and to be suspect of your impulses, for they are bad. They are not! They are your natural language to yourself. Therefore, be listening to this language.Ē [session 294, July 01, 1998]

JEN: ďRelationships: monogamy, marriage Ė those are intimate relationships Ė communication, giving of oneís energy....

ELIAS: All of these that you express are all the aspects of the one belief system. I have offered this analogy several times within this discussion of relationships and I shall continue to be referring to this particular analogy, for it serves well in helpfulness to individuals to be understanding the concept of the belief system and all of the aspects that the belief system contains.

I have expressed that the belief system is the bird cage. The cage itself is the belief system of relationship in any of its forms. All of the birds contained within this cage, of which there are hundreds within this particular cage, are the aspects of the belief system. You may express those elements such as you have Ė monogamy, expectations, integrity, ethics, justification, hurtfulness, joyfulness, death, birth, behaviors, sexuality, love, emotion Ė any of these are all aspects of the belief system itself.

(Intently) The aspects are what influence you to be moving in any given direction. The aspects of the belief system are those elements which are to be addressed to, that you may be accepting of the belief system. And as you address to each aspect and you accept each aspect of the belief system, you allow that little bird to fly away, and you continue to accept the aspects of the belief system until all of the birds have flown from the cage and the cage remains empty, and this would be the action of accepting a belief system.

But as you may allow yourself the information, you may also view that there are very many aspects of each belief system, this belief system holding many more aspects than some of your other belief systems, and as you delve into this belief system and allow yourself to view the aspects, you find more aspects hiding behind other aspects, more birds within this cage that you were unaware objectively of their existence within this cage. These are all elements of the belief system.

It is quite interesting, the web that has been woven with this particular belief system and how very tightly you all hold to these aspects of this belief system, and in your holding to these aspects, you also quite efficiently compare your bird cage to another individualsí bird cage and you express to yourselves, ĎAh! This individual holds more colorful birds within their cage than do I! Therefore, I need not be addressing to my own birds, for I shall be waiting for their addressing to their birds!í

JEN: You still learn by viewing their birds and their scenarios ...

ELIAS: Quite!

JEN: ... about the beliefs and letting them go, ACCEPTING them, understanding that thatís what they are.

ELIAS: Indeed you do, for you offer yourself information and you offer yourself the opportunity to be addressing to your own aspects in viewing other individuals and their actions and their addressing to or not addressing to the aspects that they hold.

JEN: And without assuming that thereís a right or wrong, or placing those kinds of beliefs.

ELIAS: Correct. In this, you inquire as to the aspect within romantic relationships of singularity, that which you term to be monogamy; the singularity of individuals, within your language and your terms, creating commitments to each other in singular fashion. Quite interesting! The very language itself lends to aspects of the belief system!

JEN: Oh, quite!

ELIAS: For what shall be the terminology of commitment but another aspect, another bird within the cage? Within your society it is accepted en masse and created in accepted behavior that individuals shall pair. Within your religious belief systems, this is reinforced for the purpose of procreation.

JEN: Yep!

ELIAS: Underlying, this aspect holds great strength, for it has been accepted for much of a time framework. Therefore, it has accumulated much energy.

JEN: Itís a hard thing to break away from!

ELIAS: Quite!

JEN: Itís a nuisance.

ELIAS: Recognize that each aspect of the belief system is a choice. It is not an obligation; it is not an absolute. It is a choice which is influenced. You have created all of these aspects of the belief system for different reasons. This is not to say that any of these aspects are efficient or non-efficient. They are choices that you have chosen to be aligning with and accepting as you create en masse an officially accepted reality. This be one of the reasons that there is much difficulty and trauma in moving into the area of accepting belief systems, for you have set forth a design of officially accepted realities that you create en masse, and the individuals within each given society agree to be following in the direction of the officially established reality.Ē [session 308, August 21, 1998]

DREW: ď... doesnít everything spring from love? (Pause)

ELIAS: ĎSpring from love.í That is an interesting terminology, which would imply that love is a thing that all other things are generated from. (Pause)

Yes and no. For love is not a thing, it is an expression. It is a quality, it is a knowing, and it is an action of appreciation. Knowing and appreciation, that is love and that is a quality of consciousness. It is an innate quality of consciousness.

But consciousness is not a thing, either. It is an action. And yes, all is created as consciousness, not from consciousness but as consciousness, in different manners Ė that also including form. Therefore as a quality and action of the action of consciousness, yes, it is an innate quality within all that is expressed as consciousness, but no, all does not spring from love.

DREW: But it is THE innate quality, isnít it?

ELIAS: It is one of the innate qualities.

PAUL H: Youíve said love is a truth, in the ĎAbsolute Universalí sense.

ELIAS: Yes, but reality is also.Ē [session 1695, January 15, 2005]

ELIAS: ď... Yes?

DREW: I had a profound perception shift. It was actually kind of uncomfortable, but I think itís closer to the truth of things, and I would like you to comment if you would.

ELIAS: Very well.

DREW: It used to be my perception that energy and consciousness and life sprang from a place of joy, love. I had an experience a few months ago with the aid of some natural substances. I had the sense that I was defocusing and becoming more one with consciousness, and I had the profound sense that itís not a place of joy or love; itís ambivalent. If space is a metaphor or imagery for consciousness Ė and I donít know that it is, but I sense that it is Ė if youíre in space dying, space doesnít care. Space is ambivalent, and you can create whatever you want. If youíre drowning in the middle of the ocean, the ocean doesnít care. Whether youíre sailing and having a wonderful time or drowning, the ocean is ambivalent. Thatís been a profound shift in my perception and kind of a disturbing one for me, and I wonder if you would comment.

ELIAS: Very well. In actuality, you could incorporate space as a metaphor for consciousness, loosely speaking, and I would agree with your experience, for what you are describing are feelings: joy, despair, sadness, happiness. These are feelings. They are connected with emotional communications, but they are signals; they are feelings. They are associated with objective awareness. They are a part of objective awareness, and they are very strongly associated with this reality. This is not to say that other realities do not incorporate feelings. Many do, but in different capacities. What you are describing are feelings that are very much and very strongly associated with this reality.

As to consciousness, you are correct. I would not necessarily express Ďambivalenceí but neutrality. There is very much so an entire neutrality, for it is an entire allowance of choice, an entire recognition that every experience is a choice and every experience is purposeful. Therefore, there is no distinction of good or bad, of joyful or sorrowful, for every experience offers expansion and offers information. Therefore, they are all purposeful, and they are all beneficial.

This is the reason that I have expressed many, many times the importance of paying attention to your energy and what type of energy you express and you project outwardly, for you are continuously, in every moment projecting energy outwardly, which stems from what you are doing inwardly.

The reason it is important to pay attention to what energy you are expressing or projecting is that Ė you are correct Ė consciousness does not concern itself with good or bad or comfort or discomfort. It matches what you project. It precisely matches what you project. You precisely attract or draw to yourself whatever you project. Therefore, there is no distinction of what is good or what is comfortable or what is joyful, or what is bad or uncomfortable or distressing. It is a matter of energy and what energy matches what energy.

Many times you may be projecting an energy in a process that you want to be accomplishing, and you may actually attract or draw to yourself uncomfortable and distressing situations and experiences. That is not necessarily bad, for in whatever you want to accomplish, those experiences may be valuable in offering yourself information that you may not offer yourself in other manners. They may be more profound if they are uncomfortable.

But consciousness is not a THING. This is the point that becomes confusing to many individuals, for you think of consciousness as a thing, some type of endless entity, and it is not. Consciousness is an action. It creates things from no-thing. The action creates things, and you as consciousness create things also. You create yourselves, which is a thing.

In this, if you remove yourself, even momentarily, from what is known, and remove yourself from the experience of what is known in your reality Ė which is quite attached to emotion, for that is one of the base elements of the blueprint of your reality Ė when you remove that, yes, you do experience consciousness in a form that is very foreign to what you experience in this reality. It is not necessarily more true, but it is more essential. It is not more real, for that would discount or devalue the reality of what you experience in this reality, and it would also devalue the TRUENESS of the reality that you are creating now. It is different and it is more consistent, for that element of that void, so to speak, is present in every reality, for it is essentially what you are.

In that, this is the reason that I have offered information in relation to your reality and how it functions, how it operates, how you move and create in it, the significance of energy, how all that you do is interconnected and interrelated, and the significance of recognizing that emotions are communications. Feelings are associated with the objective awareness.

Within consciousness outside of physical reality, there is no objective awareness. It is not necessary. It is only necessary in relation to physical manifestations, for it is the element of consciousness that allows you to create physical realities, for it is the seat of perception, and perception creates reality, physical reality. Therefore, without the objective awareness, there is no necessity for emotion, for emotion is a communication to the objective awareness. Therefore, without the objective awareness, you are already aware of whatever the communication may be, and it is not necessary to incorporate that form of communication of emotion.

I expressed one group interaction in our early interactions in which I incorporated a different aspect of this essence, one that did not express any element of emotion. None of the individuals participating in that group interaction incorporate any recall of what the interaction was and could not connect, for you very strongly associate with emotion. This is the reason that I incorporated that action merely once and have not generated that again, for none of you respond to that lack of emotional expression.

Now; what you experienced is not actually bad, for it can be perceived as an empowering gift that you offered to yourself. For in recognizing the vast neutrality of consciousness, it also is acknowledging that quite definitely everything is your choice, that whatever you experience is your choice and is in your power to manipulate, for there is no outside power manipulating or influencing, for it has no cause to influence.

DREW: So this concept that the underlying stuff of existence, for lack of a better word, is love, is a distortion and inaccurate. God, if youíll excuse the expression, is love is inaccurate. Itís a distortion.

ELIAS: It is dependent upon how you define love.

DREW: Weíre limited in our terms, unfortunately. I donít mean...

ELIAS: Individuals generally define love in association with a feeling. They define love in what is actually affection. That would be the more accurate term for what you generally define as love. Affection is an emotional expression with a feeling. Love is not. Love does not actually incorporate a feeling. The actual definition of love is knowing and appreciating.

Now; in that definition, it would be accurate to express that the base of all or consciousness, or even God if you will, is love, for that is not an emotion. It is knowing and appreciating, and that would be a base element of consciousness. But if you genuinely experience genuine love, you can couple that with affection, which generates a powerful expression and experience and feeling. But if you experience it without affection, you will notice that it is not expressed in a feeling. It is a sense, for it is a deep and genuine knowing and the appreciation of that knowing.

Appreciation does not necessarily incorporate an emotion, either. But generally, you do express an association, for you do incorporate such a strong attachment to emotion that you do attach feelings to these experiences; but in themselves, they do not necessarily generate a feeling. It is more of a sensing, it is more of an empowering, a genuine knowing and a state of being as the appreciation.

Therefore, if you define love in that term, it is not a distortion. If you define love in association with a feeling, yes, it is a distortion. Does that answer your question?

DREW: Yes, and that was my recent shift in perception.

ELIAS: Congratulations. That is a significant shift and can be a very empowering shift. I am acknowledging of you.

PAUL H: Elias, that definition of love you gave as accepting, appreciating and knowing, that would also fall into your definition previously of truth as an absolute with a capital A, along with color and tone and other abstract...

ELIAS: Not necessarily as an absolute, but yes, as a truth, for a truth can be expressed in any area of consciousness. Not as an absolute, for in different expressions of consciousness it can be manifest in very different manners, just as can be tone or color. But in its essence, yes, it is a truth, for it can be expressed in any area of consciousness, in any manifestation of consciousness.

PAUL H: So itís not an absolute?

ELIAS: No, for it can change. If it can change, it cannot be an absolute.

PAUL H: Thatís right, an absolute is ever present, not ever changing.

ELIAS: Correct.Ē [session 2482, April 04, 2008]

End Notes:

(1) Paulís note: a reference to the ďstraight little saplingĒ allegory that Elias often refers to when he discusses our need to trust, accept, take full responsibility for only ourselves.

Digests: find out more about the sapling story.

(2) Paulís note: in 1965 Helen Schucman, a professor of medical psychology at Columbia University, began ďchannelingĒ an inner voice that she later identified as Jesus. Whether that ďvoiceĒ was from the historical Jesus or some greater aspect of her own inner self doesnít really matter. The point is that Helen produced an inspired book containing perennial ideas filtered through her own consciousness. That book, A Course in Miracles, is used by a growing number of people in various self-realization programs.

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