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the shift in consciousness, pt. 1 Requires Real Audio:

Note: this is the first of two parts on the shift. Go to the shift in consciousness, pt. 2.

Elias “gems”

(Vic’s note: the following is Elias’ first explanation of the shift)

ELIAS: “You all notice a change in consciousness of your world. Even those who are unaware notice a changing shift in consciousness. This is a new emergence into a wonderful awareness that you have all agreed and decided to accomplish. You are moving in an age not unlike that of your beginnings of your Christian church; a tremendous conscious effort in creativity and motion which changed the focus of your world for a great duration of time, in your terms, of this planet. Another great shift is happening. This is because you are ready and anxious. Some are more ready than others. This focus is not one that you are familiar with. This is why we choose to help in avoiding trauma. This is not a religious-focus, as you may be used to. This is a new emergence of your consciousness, in union with its own essence; a widening of your awareness and vision.” [session 11, May 31, 1995]

ELIAS: “The action of your shift in consciousness encompasses the entirety of your globe. It is not limited to any group, any family, any selectivity of consciousness within this dimension. It is all-encompassing. It is agreed, but you have also previously, in your terms, agreed within your religious focuses to be creating of prophecies and ideas of future events, also in your terms, which are probabilities. They are not actual realities that are unchangeable.” [session 185, June 21, 1997]

ELIAS: “You have chosen, within this dimension, a new experience in creativity. You have chosen, within what you term to be your history, certain actions and experiences for long time periods, in your terms. These have been purposeful for those experiences. You presently move away from your religious era, which has continued for quite some physical time period, into a new awareness in consciousness, to allow you an expanded creativity and allow you to utilize your abilities of essence within physical focus. You are expanding your reality to encompass more of essence and more of your own creative abilities.” [session 203, August 03, 1997]

ELIAS: “As to your action within this shift in consciousness, you draw yourselves to this forum to acquire information. In this I shall be offering of information as we continue, and I shall be allowing of your questioning. Your intent within this focus includes an aspect of lending energy to the action of this shift and the accomplishment of the insertion of probabilities into this particular reality outside of the probabilities of trauma. Therefore, your lending action is to be offering energy to be lessening the trauma in the action of this shift. Many individuals shall be experiencing trauma in relation to this shift in consciousness. They shall experience much less trauma as they are holding information to be explaining to them what they are experiencing.” [session 270, March 19, 1998]

ELIAS: “You seek now, within the action of this shift, a new consciousness; to widen your awareness and to hold an objective understanding of HOW you create your reality. You DO create your reality, but much of that doing is veiled from you. You do not allow yourselves, within your singularity of attention, the viewing of how you are creating your reality within the creation of your line of probabilities in every action that you choose. This is the action of this shift, to be objectively aware of your creation of your reality, and therefore allowing you a fuller expression of your creativity and more of free movement through consciousness.” [ session 275, April 23, 1998]

ELIAS: “This shift in consciousness began at the turn of this present century and has been building throughout this century. You approach your new century and the beginning of your new millennium, and within this coming century, approximately within its three-quarter mark, this shift in consciousness shall be accomplished in its fullness, and your reality shall be very different than what you view presently. ALL of your reality shall be different.” [ session 284, May 30, 1998]

ELIAS: “This is for the reason that you have chosen this shift in consciousness. The entirety of your globe is moving in this direction and is experiencing these actions and is opening to their awareness. I have offered much information concerning this shift in consciousness, which you may be inquiring of Michael [Mary], if you are so choosing, to be offering you this information.

“But this is the point. This is the reason that you are experiencing all of these elements and opening your awareness, in like manner to all of these other individuals. You are all experiencing this action of this shift, and this is the point that you are speaking to me, for all of you have asked. You are requesting explanations for the experiences that you are creating, for the belief systems that you have created are so very strong that they blind you to your experiences and to the explanations of why you are creating certain experiences. This is what you are creating in this shift in consciousness – an opening of your awareness, a dropping of all of these veils within consciousness, a remembrance that there is no separation. All is interconnected. You are not individually separated. You are all interconnected. You are not separated by time or space or dimensions. These are perceptions. You are interconnected with all of consciousness.

“You are also bored in the experiences that you have created to this point. You have experienced. You have created in the manner that you have designed previously. Now you choose to be creating in an expanded experience, allowing more of your awareness, more of an opening to consciousness, more of your own creativity and your own abilities, and you are discovering that your abilities are within physical focus limitless. You have merely limited yourselves as an element of your beliefs, but as you are also moving into acceptance of your beliefs, you are widening your awareness and you are allowing yourselves to view how many more abilities you hold and how very creative you are, and not creating your limitations with such severity. Those elements in your reality that have been thought to be impossible are not impossible!” [session 385, April 18, 1999]

ELIAS: “Holding the remembrance and acceptance of belief systems are two of the base elements of this shift in consciousness, which allows you to open and widen your awareness, which subsequently allows you to be accomplishing your creativity more fully and realizing your abilities more fully.” [session 390, May 01, 1999]

ELIAS: “Now; within the action of this shift, I express to you that your experiences that you create presently hold a different type of purposefulness, for you move within a particular, specific direction within the action of this shift in consciousness, and that is to be addressing to self and belief systems, and to be neutralizing the affectingness of belief systems by the acceptance of these belief systems, and to be accepting and trusting of self, moving your attention out of the expression of looking to all other individuals or essences or gods or any other expression of guiding forces, so to speak, and turning your attention to the trust and acceptance of self that shall provide you with all and more of what you have provided yourselves with previously in looking to outside of yourselves.” [session 410, June 04, 1999]

ELIAS: “The difficulty that you hold in moving into this unfamiliar area of acceptance of belief systems and all of the aspects of all of these belief systems IS creating of trauma within individuals, for these belief systems hold tremendous energy and are automatic within your responses and your reactions and your perceptions. Therefore, in viewing the tremendous strength of these belief systems, you may also realistically present to yourself the tremendous difficulty and confusion which is experienced in your movement into the expression of acceptance.

“The mere identification of the term of acceptance creates tremendous confusion within individuals, for you move in automatic directions, within the belief system of duplicity, of viewing your reality in either/or, black and white, right and wrong terms. Acceptance does not fall into the area of these opposites. Therefore, you within physical focus would turn your attention into the area – and DO already – of the concept of eliminating belief systems or changing belief systems much more easily. This type of expression is much more acceptable and understandable to you objectively than the concept of acceptance.

“This be the reason that you ARE experiencing great confusion and that many individuals ARE experiencing trauma within the movement of this shift in consciousness, for you are moving into an area of actualizing a new expression of reality within your physical dimension that is entirely unfamiliar and moves into the expression of a concept that you objectively do not even hold an identification or an understanding of.

“This be the reason that you avail yourselves of information in many directions, and avail yourself of information that I also offer to you. All of these avenues of information are presented to you within this time framework in response to your collective outcry, so to speak, within consciousness for helpfulness in this massive undertaking that you are creating within this shift in consciousness.” [session 463, September 02, 1999]

ELIAS: “... we move into an identification presently of a movement within consciousness – which is occurring in conjunction with this shift in this time framework, which is quite strong in an actualization of movement of this shift in consciousness – and that is a redefining of terms.

“You are allowing yourselves to move into a position objectively, within your focuses individually and collectively, in which you are redefining your terminology, and in this redefining of terminology, you are redefining your associations and your meaning with your terminology – with your language, with your concepts, with your ideas, your philosophies, all of which is expressed through your terminology – and therefore, in the redefining of your terms, you are also redefining your reality. This is the action of the shift, which you are allowing yourself to view in actual objective action now.” [session 530, December 29, 1999]

ELIAS: “... you are engaging the movement of this shift in consciousness, and the point of this shift in consciousness is to be dropping the veils of separation and allowing yourself the expression of acceptance, and widening your awareness to be incorporating the recognition of all of these other aspects of you and the recognition of the vastness of you as essence in consciousness, dropping the veils of separation and incorporating what I have expressed as the remembrance, which once again is not memory but is, in your terms, a state of being, the remembrance of essence, the remembrance of self, which offers you – which is the point – many more avenues in this physical dimension to be creating and exploring much more fully.” [session 800, March 18, 2001]

ELIAS: “... in actuality, my friends, the objective aspect of the movement of this shift in consciousness which you are now beginning to actualize in this new century, as I have stated previously. This is the redefining of your reality, the redefining of terms, the allowance to be recognizing the actual movements of yourselves in HOW you create your reality.

Prior to this point you have occupied yourselves in your attentions with viewing WHAT you create within your reality. Now you move into the examination and the realization of HOW you create your reality, and in this process you continue to be challenging yourselves with the concept that you do create ALL of your reality. I may express to you quite literally, there remains aspects of each individual’s reality that they view that they do not create, even in offering themselves volumes of information that express to you that you do create every aspect of it.

MAVIS: And that’s a challenge sometimes.

ELIAS: Quite! You are quite correct, for this is unfamiliar. You are, in actuality, in a manner of speaking reconstructing all of your physical reality in this dimension.

MAVIS: Is that why we keep coming across the same problems over and over again, the same challenges?

ELIAS: You present this type of movement to yourselves, as you are not paying attention. You continue to present certain movements to yourself to continue to offer yourselves the opportunity to understand and to assimilate and to accept.” [session 906, September 22, 2001]

ELIAS: “You all incorporate expressed beliefs. All that you do, all that you generate, all that you express is filtered through beliefs. They are not your enemy. They are not bad. They merely are. They are an aspect of the blueprint of this reality. Therefore, you express through these beliefs as they influence your perception and you allow yourself to recognize your preferences which motivate you in certain directions. Preferences are merely preferred beliefs.

As you allow yourself to express those preferred beliefs, you motivate yourself in movements in different directions and in cooperation – NOT CO-CREATION – but in cooperation with other individuals that incorporate similar expressed beliefs.

The individual that incorporates the action of seeking out a physician to be healed of an illness is expressing their beliefs in association with their confidence in another individual to perform that action. The physician is expressing their beliefs in allowing their abilities to be in cooperation with the individual that incorporates the illness, and in the cooperation of the action, yes, the individual that is incorporating the illness is actually healing themself – for no individual may create another individual’s reality – but in that cooperation of actions, in the expressed beliefs of both individuals, they generate certain outcomes.

The expressed beliefs of the physician are not bad. They fit within your societies, within your construct of your reality. The individual that incorporates the illness is also generating expressed beliefs that also fit within the construct of your reality in the official accepted reality. It is a cooperation.

This is another misunderstanding in association with this shift in consciousness. This shift in consciousness is a design that allows you to widen your awareness, identify your beliefs, therefore allowing you to incorporate moving your attention to all of the beliefs that are available to you, and therefore allowing you to expand your abilities and recognize what you do incorporate in your abilities and therefore expand your exploration.

It is NOT being generated to create Utopia. It is NOT an ending of conflict. But if you generate conflict, you shall incorporate that action intentionally and KNOW that you are generating the conflict and why, and that it is a choice.

Therefore, what becomes eliminated in this widening of awareness is what you may term to be your own involuntary victims – which are not precisely involuntary, but in your truths you assess that there are involuntary victims. If you choose to be a victim, you shall know that you are choosing to be a victim, and you shall know that you have chosen that action quite intentionally to experience.” [session 1368, June 07, 2003]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “You are moving into an area of consciousness to which you are widening, to be realizing of elements of your shift. Therefore, your consciousness is incorporating a wider vision of yourselves. In this, your immediate focus feels threatened. This is normal. I have expressed to you previously that within your future times, you would be experiencing many elements of widening that you would not be able to interpret and you would not understand; this being why I was introducing to you inner senses, to be helpful to you within your understanding. Partially, Michael [Mary] has incorporated these inner senses; and without this practicing, we would be speaking no more. (Emphatic pause)

There are many elements of your shift that your individual physical brains are preparing for. I have expressed to you of neurological pathways. These are not concepts. These are actual neurological brain workings within your physical manifestation; actual impulses within your physical brain that are, in their way, widening and opening to incorporate more information; just as your vision also will change, and is already changing. Your ability to see more than you saw before is occurring, for your senses are being heightened in response to these openings.” [session 70, February 12, 1996]

ELIAS: “Every element of creation that incorporates mass events also incorporates a Source Event within Regional Area 2, which is an agreement between many essences within collective consciousness. Your shift is a manifestation of a Source Event. The Source Event in itself is too great and expansive to manifest within any physical dimension or focus; therefore a facet, a fragment, an image of this Source Event will be translated into physical focus. The myth is much bigger than the expression.” [session 85, April 10, 1996]

ELIAS: “Very well. In continuing: Within consciousness, within Regional Area 2, in what you view to be centuries ago, you, within energy, created a Source Event. Within your perception and your ‘thinking,’ you view these events in a very piecemeal fashion. You view segments. You do not always connect all of the segments together. Within time periods of your history that you remember, (smiling) or that you may investigate to be remembering, you may view a type of global shift. This is quite different from what you presently are beginning to experience; but nonetheless, there occurred a type of shift within consciousness, in focusing upon a religious-focus, which has continued till this present now. It was developed in many different expressions, but each expression was an interpretation of the Source Event. Not one was the entirety, or the ‘one.’ Each was an interpretation of one Master Event which occurred, once again, so to speak, within Regional Area 2. In this, you created belief systems quite strongly within each of your interpretations and expressions of this Source Event. Some of the interpretations and expressions became quite strong and quite enduring.

The reason we focus upon this Source Event presently is that you are so accustomed to viewing your reality in this manner that you automatically lean to this type of creation. Therefore, you offer yourselves information, or you connect with information, that is unfamiliar to you within your historical lines, and you automatically ‘box’ this information into your religious belief systems. This is not to say that you believe that angels speak to you or that you have been visited by god. It is to say that you have offered yourself information presently, within this now, that pertains to your shift, and you automatically interpret this within a religious element.

You have created a new religious belief system, this being of your metaphysics. The true interpretation of this word is the exploration of your universe and reality. Your interpretation of the definition of this word encompasses many elements that are ... particles. You piece together information that you are offered, and you attach interpretations to this of masters, and guides, and angels, and many other elements. You have offered yourselves, through consciousness, a widening, to be understanding of elements of essence and consciousness as you approach your shift. You do not understand that what you view, what you know, what you perceive, is greater and vaster than you interpret it to be.” [session 88, April 21, 1996]

ELIAS: “Many individuals may be incorporated within our company. Your shift encompasses your entire globe. Essences choosing, within agreement, to be interacting for helpfulness are quite outnumbered, so to speak, with physically focused individuals; for it is unnecessary for each individual person to be personally interacting with their own private essence! (Grinning) Therefore, those essences choosing to be engaging for helpfulness must be engaging within a wider spectrum.

We have been preparing for quite some time; within alignments, within information, within acceptance, trustfulness, timing, many elements. Within your focus and your belief systems, many issues must be attended to first before properly, effortlessly, and efficiently engaging the agenda, which is to be helpful concerning your shift. You must be understanding of you, and be accepting and trusting of yourselves first. Therefore, we create a foundation.

The Sumafi engages many groups of individuals, for this shall be a ‘moving into.’ This is this family’s intent and direction. It is our desire to be helpful, and to be distorting least of all, within the engagement of your shift. As in other time periods of your history, different essence families have initiated different Source Events, now we approach the Source Event that this essence family shall be leading.” [session 93, May 12, 1996]

ELIAS: “There are many expressions and reasons for conflict; many. I have spoken with you many times of how you manifest conflict. I have spoken many times with you of how you may discontinue creating conflict. As you widen your awareness, you also widen your options. This becomes confusing!

Within centuries that you view to be past, you expressed to yourselves, ‘Life was simpler. Man’s consciousness was not as intellectual. He was not as intelligent. He had not as much information available to him.’ Incorrect! All information was always available! Belief systems were held tightly to. There was much less of an allowance of questioning. The accepted mode was of religious belief systems, which set forth ‘rules.’ Within these rules, you were accepting, and willingly ‘closed off’ your options; therefore allowing for a simpler existence within this expression.

As you move into your shift, you widen your consciousness. You are widening belief systems. You are not accepting of these rules any longer. Therefore, you also open your options and your choices. You are not quite sure how to be implementing these choices. Also, you allow for more of the objective personality to be known, and to be interacted with. You place less restrictions upon your outward expression, therefore creating more difficulty within acceptance of these expressions.

Previously, you have been told, ‘You will think this. You will act this way. You will not express this.’ Presently, expressions are acceptable. If you are expressing emotionally, this is acceptable. If you are expressing intellectually, this is acceptable. If you are expressing within idiocy, this is acceptable! You have eliminated many of your rules in widening your consciousness. You are not accustomed to interacting with each other on an accepting ... retract on; in an accepting manner; this being the issues that you presently engage to be moving through.” [session 95, May 22, 1996]

ELIAS: “I have spoken to you recently quite seriously, expressing the importance of your understanding and your involvement within consciousness, as related to your shift. I have spoken to you of your responsibilities. I now express to you also that within these responsibilities, and the action of movement of consciousness that you have chosen to be involved with, you may also allow yourself the realization of the miracle of your creation. Each of you has brought forth aspects of consciousness to be engaging this shift. This is not to say that you have completed, for there is no completion; but you have allowed the emergence. Therefore, you may begin to stand ready. You continue with your learning, and your connecting, and noticing, and widening; but you shall also be quite affecting, more directly, within consciousness, for you have allowed yourselves to be connecting with yourselves; and although you may view yourselves to be not so very connected, (grinning) or ‘slipping backwards,’ I assure you, you move quite effectively within your forward direction. You have learned much. You hold the willingness to ‘run the race!’ You have our acknowledgment for accomplishments.” [session 98, June 05, 1996]

ELIAS: “Good evening! (Smiling, and then to Vicki) Continuing: Your shift is not a Source Event. Note and make adjustments. Your shift is an expression, into physical manifestation, of a Source Event. It is a mass event.

VICKI: Okay. (Vic’s note: this is in reference to a computer message that I sent to our new ‘computerland’ friends.)

We shall return to our example this evening, of your Second World War. As I expressed to you, this was a mass event that was expressed physically, as an attempt to be ‘squeezing’ a Source Event into one mass expression; therefore engaging your entire planet within physical action, and also within consciousness. I have offered you elements of this mass event, and the opposing aspects, so to speak, of this expression. Now, I shall express to you of your shift, in comparison.

Many individuals within this time period hold an awareness of a movement within consciousness. They identify this partially correctly, in expressing that they view the mass consciousness changing from a male conscious expression to a female expression. They are not quite understanding what they connect to, but they hold a knowing, partially, of this expression of your shift, and its element which is being expressed of the Source Event.

Most of your Source Events are expressed throughout many, many, many centuries of your time. There are many mass events that are manifest as expressions of each Source Event. This allows for a diverse expression, within your physical focus, of many aspects of the Source Event; for as I have expressed previously, a Source Event may not be expressed into physical focus in entirety, for it is encompassing of much more than you may express within the limitations of physical focus, even spanning much of your time element. Therefore, you incorporate a tremendous time period to be expressing aspects of interpretations of your Source Events. This aspect, this expression that you have chosen to be now manifesting into your physical focus within the mass event of your shift, is another expression of one Source Event that also encompasses your religious-focus.

Your religious expression is based in a manifestation, physically, with what you would attach to be a male orientation. You view God, within most of your religions within your globe, to be of male orientation, for this symbolizes, to you, power. As I have expressed to you previously, you view your gods as expressions within your own image. God has not created you in his image, for there is no ‘he’! You have created him, underline, within your image, also creating your religious elements to be surrounding of this image of this all-powerful God.

You have chosen, within physical manifestation, elements to be expressed. You have chosen to manifest within sexes. It is unnecessary for you to be manifesting with sexual orientation if you are only viewing essence. If you are viewing experience within physical focus, you have chosen to separate out elements of essence, and experience these elements within their purity physically. Therefore, you choose to manifest with regard to sexual orientation.

I will express to you that if you are viewing male and female to be identical, other than your physical-appearing appendages, you are incorrect; for within the psyche of male and female, you incorporate differences. This you have manifest intentionally, for the purity of the experience of different aspects of essence.

If you are viewing small children and allowing these children to be expressing freely within their play, you will view female children, separate from incorporated belief systems, to be exhibiting what you view to be female behavior. You may view male children that have not been inundated with your male belief systems, and they will exhibit what you view to be male behavior.

This, as I state now, is not accidental. It is not environmentally influenced. Although you encourage this action, it would exist regardless; for within your expression into physical focus, you have chosen to be expressing within male and female psyches. In this, you exhibit different behavior, different emotional expressions, different thought processes. You allow yourselves the opportunity to be experiencing a purity of an aspect of essence, within an individual focus.

Just as we have expressed previously, you mirror mass events within your individual expressions. In this, your mass events of your religious period, and now your approaching shift, also is mirrored by your expressions of male and female. In this, you tend to view too small, expressing that you view your world to be moving into a more female-oriented mode. In actuality, your globe is moving into this type of intuitive expression of essence, which you identify as female.

Just as we have expressed previously, if you are a wealthy individual wishing to experience poverty, you shall not experience the purity of this expression by removing yourself from your wealth, for you incorporate the experience of the wealth; therefore the purity of the poverty is tainted. In like manner, you chose a purity of expression in manifesting as male or female, allowing yourselves physical, emotional, mental, and also spiritual differences.

Each sexual orientation holds its own experience that you benefit from; this being also the reason that if you are engaging the agreement to be manifesting physically, you shall agree to be manifesting three times, to the least, within your expressions. This affords you the opportunity of viewing and experiencing one male orientation, and all of the psychological, physical, and emotional elements involved in this manifestation, one female, and one ‘other,’ (grinning) incorporating a blend; although to this time period present, you have not understood the expression of the other, for the incorporation of the manifestation of the other is to experience the mesh of both.

In this, you allow yourselves the opportunity to partially, individually be viewing the manifestation of your shift, not within its beginning throes, but in its later development; for within the beginnings of this shift, you are ‘swinging’ to the female expression, realizing within your focus that you incorporate a necessity for valuing the intuitive self. You have allowed yourself an understanding that there are other elements of yourself, objective and subjective, that you do not view. You have learned, through your expression physically, that you are also more than the sum of your parts. Therefore, you hold a desire to experience more of yourself. As you move into the beginnings of your shift, you experience the quieter, more intuitive self. You allow yourself more of a connection with individual and also mass consciousness.

Mass connections within consciousness have always, within your manifestations physically, occurred. Your awareness of these mass connections has not always occurred! Presently, you begin to view the interconnectedness of all individuals. This is not to say that there have not been isolated groups of individuals throughout your history that have held an awareness of the interconnectedness of all of you, but within a global recognition, this has not occurred; this being part of the manifestation of your shift. Therefore, you may communicate, yes, you move into a more female-oriented area of consciousness in engaging this shift, although this is not to say that the females shall now be ruling your planet! (Grinning) You shall not be moving into your stories of science-fiction, in which the males are now dominated by female dictatorship! (Laughter) That is, unless you are choosing to be manifesting this, but I will venture to express that you will not be choosing this expression, for you are realizing that it is unnecessary.

Within the time period of the movement, en masse, of the Sumari (1), a push was initiated; a thrusting; a contraction of labor; to be merging you into an understanding which you now approach. The Sumari brought to light inequalities, imbalances, extreme imbalances, which were allowed and agreed upon for many centuries. Their expression was to bring to your attention a knowingness within you, that in order to be accomplishing of this shift in the manner of probabilities which you have chosen, a balance must be achieved. Therefore, a very large movement of opposing sides, so to speak, male and female, was incorporated. Now, within a very small time period since this onset, you have already moved quickly into an area of awareness, in knowing that it is unnecessary for the female aspect to be surpassing the male. You also begin now your balancing, in understanding that overt expressions are also unnecessary.

The point has been made. The male aspect has been made aware. An acceptance, to an extent, has been incorporated; but within consciousness, the acceptance is complete. Therefore, you also hold a knowing of a movement with ease into this balance, which shall be facilitating of your shift; for now, within your present time, the expression is not to the extreme of the female expressing that she must be equal to the male, and heard equally. It now moves to the area of the male expressing, ‘I am needing to be more intuitive.’ This is not to say that all females incorporate a blanket expression within their individual manifestations, or that all males do the same, for each of you manifests within an individual focus for your individual experience; but you do hold certain guidelines that you have chosen to be experiencing in. Your shift shall not necessarily be initiated by females, but within consciousness, it shall gain momentum through the feminine aspect of consciousness.

Be remembering also that all of you physically manifest upon this planet hold both, within equal measure. You identify physically with one expression or another, and within many individuals physically manifesting, you may be choosing more of one manifestation than another; this purely as a result of preference to experience, just as you choose to be consuming chocolate over broccoli. You may enjoy consuming broccoli, but you may enjoy consuming chocolate more! It is a personal preference of experience, for you experience something in the consumption of these two elements. Likewise, you experience within manifestation of physical focuses; therefore, you choose manifestations that you prefer within experiences.

This does not suggest that you do not hold enough experience, within consciousness, to be moving within one element of orientation as opposed to the other. You may have chosen to be manifesting, to this time period or point, continuously as male. This is not a hindrance to your interaction within your present shift. Within consciousness, you hold an understanding of manifestations and of experiences.

In this, I shall express briefly, I am not expressing that you hold the experience. You hold the understanding of the experiences within essence, which allows you to manifest and experience. We shall incorporate a discussion upon this subject at another time, for this subject shall require its own session! (Grinning) This is why you experience what you term to be a knowing, inside, of certain elements of manifestation, although you may not have physically experienced these as of your present time. You do hold a knowing. You hold this understanding even if you are not experiencing a certain element within any of your focuses, for you also incorporate counterparts. As I have expressed, this shall be a session within itself!

As to your shift, the expression within consciousness is inward. It is not an outward, objective expression of power. It is an inward, intuitive, subjective expression of aggression. (Smiling) Aggressiveness is not negative! You view the word aggression to be intrusive. The word aggression, or aggressiveness, is a moving with forcefulness. You may be moving subjectively, within consciousness, with great aggression and effectiveness. Therefore, this mass event is what you may view as a counterbalance, in expression physically, in a mass event of a Source Event. (Pause) Do you wish questions?

VICKI: I’m not quite sure I understood that last sentence.

ELIAS: Your mass event of your shift is another expression, physically manifest; an interpretation of an aspect or element of a Source Event; just as your religious expression was and is also an expression, within a mass event, of this same Source Event. It is an interpretation; this mass expression and interpretation serving as a counterbalance; the incorporation of the feminine aspect of essence in balance to the male.” [session 100, June 16, 1996]

ELIAS: “The reason we express these concepts, over and over to you, is to be avoiding trauma and shock within your shift; for within the creation of your shift, contrary to what you presently believe, it is entirely probable that you may awaken one day and view physically all of these elements that we have been discussing, and you shall incorporate much confusion! (Chuckling) You shall be viewing partial creations of your city and expressing, ‘Oh, my! What be this I view before me? Ancient ruins within my home!’ (Grinning)

Your vision already has begun to change, within a very, very small span of your time element. You may, in one respect, view that we have engaged discussion for quite some time; but in another respect, you may view that we have engaged discussion and sessions for no time at all! Think of your physical focus. You each incorporate what you term to be a biological age. You would each agree that regardless of the number of years passed within your individual biological ages, it shall be seeming to you each as no time. Therefore view, in this same manner, your approaching shift; for within no time at all, it shall be upon you. (Pause)

You anticipate joyfully the expression of wonder and happiness and lack of conflict that you will experience at the accomplishment of this shift within consciousness. Do not discount the trauma and tribulation that may also accompany this shift. Within your creation of your small creature, you incorporated minor trauma. (2) If your entire world is seeming to you to be upside down, how great shall your trauma be? How are you affecting of this shift presently? Do you view your affectingness at all? Do you discount your affectingness? (Pause, looking at everybody)

You are widening within your awareness. You are already affecting. You view very small areas of your affectingness, but you affect greatly; for there are no divisions within consciousness. Just as you may create a city within your dream state, it matters not who or how many participate. They shall all be affecting. It matters not your location, for physical location is not a hindrance to movement within consciousness. You are beginning to accept small elements of concepts of no separation within consciousness, and even within your physical expression. You are beginning to allow yourself an understanding.

CATHY: ... So the shift is a mass event, correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

CATHY: If I can just read this in past transcripts, you can just go ahead and tell me and I will. I’ll find it. But if not, what’s the Source Event behind it?

ELIAS: As I have expressed to you previously, there is no explanation within your language that may encompass a Source Event. A Source Event may not, in actuality, be manifest in entirety within physical focus, for this is an event within consciousness that far exceeds any expression within any physical focus. As you have seen previously with other expressions of Source Events, many mass events may be incorporated to be expressing of one Source Event, and continue to be expressions of that one Source Event. Your Source Event that Lawrence [Vicki] has interjected into your game is much greater than the small words placed within your category, and spans all time of your physical manifestations, overlapping all time elements. Your religious expression, to which this mass event of your shift also belongs within this Source Event, spans thousands and thousands of your years, and shall continue within a new direction for the entirety of your physical focus. This is not to say your individual physical focus. This is an expression of physical focus within its entirety.

We have not expressed the connection of the mass event of the shift with the mass events of your religious element, simply for the reasons of avoiding distortion. We are not wishing that you equate the shift, within consciousness, as a religious expression, although it is another aspect of the Source Event which was also creating of your religious element. This Source Event has created many expressions, not only what you view to be religions. This Source Event also has manifest within all of your mass events and individual events of spiritual expressions. It moves now away from your definition of spirituality, into a more realistic expression of what you may term spirituality.

This word in itself shall be incorporating a new definition, just as you may view words that you may look to the definitions of, and you may read that these words are presently obsolete, but may also continue to be within use. This word also, within your shift, shall move into this same type of definition, eventually, within your written pages, reading obsolete expression of religious definitions; for your concept of spirituality is changing. Within your widening of awareness, you are learning that spirituality is not an element ‘without.’ It is all within.

CAROLE: ... I’ll ask my second question, which is not quite so emotional! Yesterday, I got some information that the month, the day, and the year, of May fifth in the year two thousand, is very pivotal in this evolution in this shift that we’re going through. Is there some fact in this information?

ELIAS: This being another probability. It is dependent upon the focus, en masse, that you allow to these specific dates within your time element. They serve as a focus point. They do hold significance, in that they hold importance for your focus, en masse and within collective consciousness. Just as with your games, you express to each other the importance of holding a specific site for meeting within dream state, this allowing you a focus point; this being a time-space designation, within agreement, for manifesting collective power. Therefore, each of these dates that you encounter within this present now, as related to your future, as also related to your shift, hold significance, in your interaction within collective consciousness.

Therefore, yes; this holds significance. Other dates also shall hold significance; for within physical focus, it is important for you to focus collectively upon common events and areas of consciousness to be affecting within your shift. Collectively, you may be quite effective in directing energy. You have viewed previously the effect generated by many, concentrated collectively within consciousness. You may experience physical, actualized manifestation of energy, which is generated collectively within one direction. Therefore, with respect to your shift, these specifics in dates and times are important.

This particular date shall hold importance also, for within your consciousness and your belief systems, you believe your ‘turn of your centuries’ to hold great power. They hold the power, within this time element, of focusing collective attention; for globally, you all notice. You all pay attention. Your time element of passing millennium does not appear frequently. Therefore, you view this to be a very large event. You also collectively join within agreement, within consciousness, and allow yourselves the directedness of great strength. Therefore, this particular date shall hold tremendous power in energy.

This particular month holds tremendous energy, for you have afforded this within consciousness; viewing this month of June to be the direct center of what you view to be your year. Even within cultures that do not align with your calendar, this time-space that you identify to be June holds significance; for this is the changing of a season, marking the center of the cycle. Therefore, the energy is concentrated within this time element. When I express to you center, I do not mean ‘center middle’; for dependent upon the individual culture and awareness, this time period may be their ending or beginning; but it is an energy center within consciousness. (3)

CAROLE: May I tack another small question onto that? Connected to this five-five year two thousand, that time, there is supposed to be a particular alignment of planets that’s supposed to have a great affect on the energy. How do you view the connection between a planetary alignment, and the shift, and what you’ve just said? Is this part of just the way we’re perceiving things, or is there fact in the planetary alignments in general, and certainly within connection with this five-five year two thousand event?

ELIAS: You collectively create this.

CAROLE: That’s what I thought.

ELIAS: This is reality. It is not only individual perception. It is reality, for you have created these events within the expression of your own energy manipulation, for your own reinforcement and validation of your own awareness and knowing.

You express physically. These planets do not incorporate a movement independent of your consciousness! It is not coincidental or accidental that many elements appear before you physically that you attribute to movements within consciousness; for you, collectively en masse, create these expressions as your own signs of your own knowing, as your own symbols, which are, as we have stated, reality within themselves also, holding their own integrity and vitality, and also being representative simultaneously.

JENE: ... So in our collective consciousness, the shift has already begun?

ELIAS: Correct.

JENE: And within our collective energy, our focus is creating the speed of the shift, so to speak? (Elias nods) Chronologically, through our consciousness, each of us are determining the speed in which we will experience the shift, as it is a probability for each of us. It’s simultaneous, but it’s also part of our past, part of our future, and part of our now. So as we perceive our part of the shift, we accelerate the energy that we then experience?

ELIAS: Correct.

JENE: So therefore, we can determine, our energy consciousness can determine what we experience during the shift?

ELIAS: Absolutely, if you are widening your awareness, and allowing an acceptance of belief systems!

JENE: That’s a lot of work! (Laughter) I’m just asking! I feel those things in my consciousness. I hear them. I knew them, from the first time I came. It altered my perception of the shift. I perceived it at the time to be gloom and doom and the destruction of our planet, and all that we know at this time. I don’t view that any longer. It’s a little fuzzy, but there is a different opinion. There is a subjective ...

ELIAS: Awareness. You may choose to create your doom and gloom, and you shall experience this effect; just as you may choose, within transition, to be experiencing a reckoning, so to speak, with acceptance of belief systems, or you may be choosing within physical focus to be accepting of belief systems, therefore eliminating aspects of transition that you may view to be undesirable or traumatic. These are your choices; but without information, you shall surely incorporate trauma, for you have not allowed yourselves the remembrance that you hold. Your shift shall be incorporating trauma to many individuals. Your beginnings of your shift incorporates elements of minor trauma to you each presently, in widening your awareness and accepting belief systems. Acceptance of belief systems is difficult, as you expressed; for you fight against this. You hold to your view of control. You allow the establishment of fear. Therefore, you prevent your widening in acceptance of belief systems. But these individuals have chosen, as have many, many other individuals, to be widening their awareness and to be incorporating information to be avoiding trauma; but in this, you hold responsibility within consciousness. Forget not this! For you move away from blissful ignorance, incorporating trauma, and you move into awareness, which holds responsibility.” [session 109, August 04, 1996]

ELIAS: “… I shall be reminding you that you have chosen to basically incorporate a steady flow, in your terms, of new individuals into our group sessions. Therefore, there is a definite tempering of information, for this would be causing conflict and much confusion to new individuals. Therefore, not quite as much information shall be offered within the presence of new individuals as may be incorporated with individuals who have been connected within this forum, and who hold a greater understanding presently of subject matter that we have been engaged with.

VICKI: I understand that. I refrained more than once tonight.

ELIAS: I am recognizing of this action. It is difficult for you to be understanding, and you have incorporated much information! It is exceptionally difficult for individuals with little information; this being also an example and point of your shift. Pay attention; for many individuals incorporate little information, and may experience much conflict and confusion and subsequent trauma if you are ‘dumping’ information upon them that they are not presently within an area to be receiving.

CATHY: ... So did you want to ask your May-June question?

VICKI: Oh. What about the May-June thing? In a recent session, I guess it was maybe two weeks ago, Carole asked a question about May 5 and you responded with a lengthy answer, and then went into an explanation about June. That was a bit confusing for more than one person.

ELIAS: To which Dimin [Carole] was not connecting or noticing. In actuality, it matters not, for within the engagement of the probability within mass consciousness, it may be engaged upon this date that Dimin [Carole] was expressing; although within the original probability, the expression was for the center, which is June, which I responded to, but Dimin [Carole] was not noticing or questioning.

VICKI: Well, it matters not to me the dates. It was just a curious thing that got brought up. The dates seem to be inconsequential.

ELIAS: Within one respect, yes. Within another respect, no; for as I have stated, they are a focus point for the express purpose of connection within consciousness and energy; a directedness; a communion, so to speak. A focus point holds importance, within mass expressions and connections, within collective consciousness; this being why I suggest to you, within your small meditations, to incorporate a focus point. Therefore, within the grand scale, it matters not. Within physical focus and your directedness of consciousness and your understanding of directedness of consciousness and connections, it matters.” [session 114, August 18, 1996]

RON: “You said that in the shift, everyone will incorporate trauma. Does trauma have to be bad? Could ecstatic joyfulness be considered trauma?

ELIAS: Within your definition of trauma, you would not define this as ecstatic joy, although this would be a by-product of the action of the trauma; the trauma being initial, and the by-product of this being the joy. In this, there are variances of trauma, for each individual will experience and express this differently. Some may outwardly experience this, in what you view to be physical trauma that you may all witness. Others may experience inner trauma, being expressed in confusion. We would not be placing this trauma in the definition that you hold of negative; only to be either an expression of great confusion, or conflict.

RON: But we would consider that negative.

ELIAS: But there is no negative! (Playfully)

RON: I know! That’s why I’m wondering if ecstatic joyfulness could be trauma as well, because I was under the impression that trauma just means something extreme, an extreme reaction.

ELIAS: If this expression is what the individual perceives to be completely foreign and conflicting to what they are familiar with within their focus, yes, you may incorporate this expression also; but this would also be an expression of conflict!

RON: Well, I’m doing that then! (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Grinning) Good choice!

RON: Thank you!

ELIAS: Presently, within your choices of probabilities, each of you are already experiencing your trauma; this being an example to differentiate what you view to be sudden, impacting trauma, for you experience increments of trauma in moving through belief systems presently, although you do not experience one event of great traumatic proportion; this being what we express in the difference that each individual shall incorporate within the experience of trauma, as related to the shift; this being your choice, as with all things.

You may choose to be moving through belief systems and engaging the action of the event of your shift and allowing yourselves less trauma, or you may be choosing to engage a single action of great proportion, which may be expressed within what you physically view to be traumatic, or what you view to be confusion. Not all individuals shall experience what you think of as hurtfulness or distress. Some individuals shall experience great confusion within a lack of understanding of the event. Some may experience a mixture of joyfulness, related to presently held belief systems religiously that they view to be being actualized, but also simultaneously experiencing fearfulness. Therefore, yes, they may be experiencing joy, but within a lack of understanding of the event, they shall also experience conflict.

RON: So winning fifty million dollars in the lottery wouldn’t be considered trauma?

ELIAS: (Grinning) It is dependent upon your perception!

RON: Okay, that’s what I’m doing then! I can handle that trauma! (Laughter) Was the earthquake (4) an expression of trauma associated with the shift?

ELIAS: No. These are, as we have expressed previously, natural occurrences of your expressions collectively. These are unexpressed emotional elements which seek expression physically within your physical element, for this is how you express within this dimension; physically. Therefore, you express all things physically. This extends collectively to your creations of natural occurrences.

We express to you that you are not separate from nature. This is an example to you of your non-separation from what you view to be nature or natural occurrences, just as your floods and tornadoes and hurricanes are also expressions of yourselves, en masse, collectively being expressed for your benefit.

RON: What about fires?

ELIAS: These also.

RON: But are they really expressions of nature if they were caused by man?

ELIAS: Which is nature! (Laughter) There is no separation!” [session 117, September 01, 1996]

JEAN: “Question. There’s a piece of material out right now, a book by, I believe his last name is Walsch, Neale Walsch, Conversations With God. What about this?

ELIAS: We have expressed previously that you will be encountering more information and material that shall be aligned very closely with information which is being delivered, for you are moving into your shift. Therefore, consciousness is aligning and is expressing itself within a harmony. This may not always appear this way objectively, but the action of the shift is pulling together your consciousness collectively, and creating a harmony in alignment with action and desire and direction. Therefore, you shall encounter, within your time element as you move futurely, in your terms, more and more interactions and information. This is being already quite reflected within your society. This is not to say that the actual information may always align together, but the actions are becoming noticed, and also more accepted.

You are moving away from a religious-focus, and you are moving into a wider awareness. Your society reflects this in all areas. Even within your radio and televisions, which we are so fond of using as examples, you may view your programming to be quite different than was expressed within the time period of your nineteen hundred and fifty. I have expressed to you, do not be discounting of much information that you may encounter, for much information that you encounter does hold relevance and shall be helpful, if you are allowing yourselves to be open. If you are not allowing yourselves to be open, you continue to hold to your belief systems and your judgments, which is not the action of your shift.” [session 127, October 06, 1996]

VICKI: “Okay, I also have a question or two for Uriel [Bruce]. Rameau [Sher] had a dream in which she interacted with a grandmotherly-type woman dressed in white. ‘She was sitting in a metal folding chair, and as I bent over to her with my hands cupped, she leaned toward me and said, ‘All that is will be the same.’ Uriel’s [Bruce’s] question is, ‘Would Elias care to comment on my intuitive feeling that this person was him?’

ELIAS: Correct. These individuals interact often within their dream state. You automatically, within your objective consciousness, translate your dream interaction into terms that you identify with. The reason that you hold such confusion within your attempts to be interpreting your dream interaction is that you view all of your interaction very singularly. You view the interaction within your dream state to be the same as within your waking state, which it is not. Therefore, you are attempting to interpret actions into familiar elements. You may translate actions with the same individual in many different ways. You may interpret one individual as being many different individuals, for they are exhibiting many different actions. Therefore, each action that they exhibit, you shall translate as an entirely new individual, not only a new action.

You interpret each action within your dream state entirely differently, therefore giving your objective self different messages. It is as if you are translating a different language, from your subjective into your objective. In this, you choose not to repeat words. Within your language that you use objectively, you have many words that you repeat continuously; within sentences, within communication to each other. Each word that I express to you may be expressed hundreds, thousands, millions of times. Within your dream state, for the most part, you choose symbols for each action differently. Therefore, as you may use the word boat many times within your language, you shall use the symbol to mean a different action each time. In this way, you do not confuse your objective consciousness by repeating and overlapping symbols.

Now; you may encounter many [of] the same symbols within your dream state, but they are representative of different actions. Therefore, you may experience the same dream, let us say, five of your nights consecutively. You believe you are experiencing the same action five times. In actuality, you are experiencing five very different actions and you are translating these, interpreting or attempting to interpret these all the same. Each of your symbols represents a different action, this being why your dream state appears so confusing to you; but we are within what you may term to be our beginning stages. I do not offer ‘skipped shells’ information, for it is important for you to be realizing that your dream state is important, and to be remembering and to be interacting. Therefore, it is unnecessary to offer information beyond this at this moment presently.

VICKI: Would it be possible to look behind the symbolism, and actually understand?

ELIAS: Very good, Lawrence [Vicki]. Yes. Not to its entirety, for some of your involvement and action within this state may not be translated into your physical recognition, for it is an engagement of non-physical action or other-dimensional action which may be far removed from what you may imagine. Therefore, your physical creation of your physical body and your physical electrical brain shall automatically block some of your experience, and not interpret. In this, you automatically interpret into what is familiar to you, or you shall choose to not remember. But you are correct, you may view without your interpreted symbols. You may practice eventually, as you become more accomplished within your dream states, this action. This shall be quite helpful within the action of your shift.

You will notice that your small ones will be much more vivid within their dream states, and as they grow and as they move into the shift naturally, they shall automatically learn to view dream state without this separation. You, now, have been taught differently, and are at the end, so to speak, of another era of consciousness which you move away from. Therefore, you must practice and develop this ability. You each hold the ability to accomplish this.” [session 129, October 27, 1996]

ELIAS: “You all seek explanations and answers to movement that you view. You all view motion. You all present yourselves with evidence of movement within consciousness that you may not adequately explain to yourselves. It matters not which direction that you focus your attention in, for every direction that you focus your attention in, within these times presently, you shall find movement. You shall find new movement; changes that you may not completely explain to yourselves. Therefore, you look to your sciences for explanation, but your sciences are inadequate at answering your questions. Your sciences, then, look to religions to answer elements of questions that they may not answer scientifically. Your religions are inadequate at answering these questions also, for they are steeped in untrustfulness of self, and in the notion of looking outside of self for their answers. Your sciences also look outside for their answers.

You have come to a point, within consciousness, that you view much movement in every area and aspect of life. You view many changes. You view changes within yourselves. You view changes within your societies. You view changes within your world. Things appear differently, and you question why, and you look to the authorities that you have established to offer you answers to your questions, but your answers lie now within you. You instinctively know, within you, when consciousness moves. You are aware. Irregardless of your belief systems, you will notice the movement.

You may be religiously inclined, and you may hold more strongly to your religious beliefs, and you may immerse yourselves in these beliefs, anticipating prophecies which have been offered to you. You shall see movement to validate that these prophecies shall be materializing. If you are not religious, you may look to society and to the world, and you may hold a pessimistic view. You may see that the world is becoming more violent. More unrest occurs as your time continues; this also being true, not only your perception, for you create this to be true. It is a movement within consciousness.

Your sciences, your technology, advances more and more quickly. You achieve more and more. You advance, in your terms, and you look to your scientists more. As I have said, it matters not which direction you focus your attention. You will view movement; and the movement that you view shall be extreme, for the movement that is occurring presently is extreme.

You approach your shift. This shift in consciousness affects all. Your naturalists are more sensitized now to your planet. Your scientists are more intensely researching. Your religions are more focused upon their ‘end times.’ Your average individuals notice movement. All about you reflects this movement. Your mundane conversation reflects a realization of a change. Some do not identify this change and express, ‘It is a change in the air.’ In some respects, this may be truth, for the change is in the air. It is within all consciousness.

You have chosen this movement, and you seek and you look for answers and validation of what you see. You look to each other, and you ask each other for this validation, for you have lost faith in your authorities. Therefore, you redirect your faith into what you view to be the common man; each other. I do not express to you that this is not a ‘good’ direction, for I have expressed to you many times that it is quite beneficial for exchange and interaction; but within the movement of this shift in consciousness, you present yourselves with new information of reality. All individuals present themselves with new information of reality and self. You do not all interpret this information the same, but you all offer yourselves new remembrances. Therefore, it is beneficial for interaction and sharing, but your direction for your attention lies within you.

This has been stated to you throughout the ages by many among you. Some, throughout your history, choose to listen and respond. The masses have chosen contrary. This is not negative. This is your creation. This has been your choice for your experience, and it has served you well; but now you choose another direction. You choose a new direction within consciousness; and within its beginning throes, you are floundering.

You are seeking, you are looking, and you are asking questions, but you wish not to listen to just any answers. Therefore, you choose to receive your answers in what you perceive to be new ways. You develop an interest in self and your own abilities. You label these abilities as psychic, derived from your psyche; which is that element of your consciousness focused within this physical element.

You develop these aspects of the self, but you do not understand what you are developing. You open your consciousness to incorporate more information, and you visually, physically view more of reality, but you do not understand how to interpret what you view. Therefore, you continue, and you ask questions, and you fill volumes of books of psychic phenomenon, of aliens, of movement within consciousness. These are all elements of you. They are all elements of your consciousness, and your choice to be creating this movement of this shift.

It is obvious to you all that something is occurring. I express to you, what is occurring is not extraterrestrials that shall be contacting and interacting with you, to be infiltrating your planet! You are contacting you. You are choosing to shift your consciousness to incorporate more reality than you view to this point in your time frame. As this shift in consciousness gains what you may view as momentum, within support of you all and acknowledgment of you all, you shall experience more of your reality.

I have expressed to you previously, elements of what you may anticipate as actions of your shift. You may anticipate a wider awareness. What is meant by this wider awareness? You presently now are aware of you. You are aware of this reality. You are aware of this universe and this objective consciousness. You hold the ability for a much wider awareness. You are approaching this now. Elements that you view within consciousness to have veils between yourself and them shall not hold these veils any longer. It shall not be an effort or difficult for you, each of you, to communicate with each other regardless of your area of consciousness, within certain limitations. Areas of consciousness such as transition will not appear to be removed from you. You view presently that only some individuals may communicate within this area of consciousness. You must possess special gifts! You all hold this ability.

You, within your consciousness, occupy almost half of your existence physically within an altered state, in your terms; but you do not understand the significance or the action that occurs within any altered state of consciousness. In actuality, there are no altered states of consciousness. They are only different actions within consciousness that are absolutely natural to you; one being your sleep state.

Your dream activity presently is foreign to you. Those individuals that interact within the dream state and hold conscious awareness, and are remembering of the interaction within waking state, believe that they are accomplished within this state of consciousness. Presently, even individuals who are quite adept at dream movement do not understand the action and events that occur within this state of consciousness. Within the action of your shift, you will understand. You will allow yourselves consciously the ability that you hold presently, but are unaware of, to manipulate and move consciously through this state also.

You speak to each other of being or becoming conscious co-creators. You are creators! Within the action of your shift, you shall be conscious creators. You are not co-creators, for there is no supreme being creating, and you creating along side. You are the supreme. I have stated many times to you all, you are your highest expression. You are not banished to an Earth plane as a punishment or a classroom to be learning in, which you may therefore graduate and move on to higher planes of consciousness and existence. You occupy your highest expression presently, within the now, always. You hold all of your abilities now. What you seek is not within your future. What you look for is not beyond you, for what you look for and what you seek, you are, and you hold the ability to accomplish within your now.

I express also to you that I do not advocate elimination of your belief systems. You hold belief systems. You shall always hold belief systems within any physical manifestations, for they are an element of your creation.

Your creation within physical manifestation is exceptional. You have created very imaginatively. You have created an entire universe physically, and the workings of the smallest element of this physical universe of yours are what you may view to be mind-boggling, for they are completely perfect in their creation; but you continue to view and seek and look for something more magnificent and beyond you. I express to you all, once again; look to yourselves, for you shall create your shift, and you hold these abilities to be creating of all things now, in the space arrangement that you occupy.” [session 130, October 28, 1996]

ELIAS: This shift is a mass event. This also is a counterpart action, for the counterparts held to you are those within the religious and scientific belief systems. These are the established, existing individuals and consciousness upon your planet, within your dimension. These are the accepted line of consciousness. You now, within agreement, choose to be altering of this accepted line of consciousness. Therefore, you introduce a counterpart action and initiate your shift.

In this, be realizing that you are not doing battle with your counterparts. You, as counterparts, are serving to enhance the experience of each. Therefore you, within your intent and your counterpart action, are not attempting to eliminate existing belief systems. You are serving to alter the main, accepted line of consciousness through your intent and your desire. As you display your awareness, you offer awareness to your counterparts. In this, within their own experience, which may be different to your experience, they also may align with this shift. Aligning with the shift in consciousness is not necessarily eliminating the belief systems presently held within scientific or religious beliefs. These will naturally widen, within the action of your widening of consciousness.

NORM: ... And the shift that is occurring now is because of the fact that there is a mass action amongst probably many groups, the timing of which every individual is to decide what part he will actually play objectively in that? We are to decide ahead of time what part we will play in that shift? Is that part of it? Am I making sense?

ELIAS: You have already established your desire and your intent. Therefore, you have already established your choice in probabilities. In this, you are not choosing your position in the creation of the shift. You are allowing yourself the understanding of the action of the shift, and your lending of energy to its end.

NORM: There will be people that are opposing this?

ELIAS: This is correct.

NORM: And they will have energy against it, but it’s the one that’s got the most energy wins? Is that true?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. (Vic’s note: here, Daniche arrives, and the dogs start barking again. Maybe it’s time to unincorporate the dogs?)

VICKI: I have a question, just to clarify my own understanding, regarding the group counterpart action, and I’ll use the example of the shift. We have an intent to accelerate, in continuing the action of this shift. Within that, there are other groups, counterpart groups, that have counterpart action with us, but did I understand you correctly? Not what you would consider in opposition to the intent; such as groups with religious or scientific belief systems. I’m not quite clear on how the interaction between the groups would facilitate the action.

ELIAS: It is a lending of energy. You view singularly. You view that if an individual is not completely aligned with your thought process, that they are in opposition to you. This is not necessarily the case. Individuals may lend energy to the same purpose, to so speak, and hold different belief systems. There is movement within your scientific and your religious communities that aligns within energy, within an understanding that they have achieved thus far to a stopping point. They have moved into an area of choice-making. They may choose to continue upon your hamster wheel (humorously) within their physical mathematical languages scientifically, or they may incorporate true meta-physics; not your interpretation of metaphysical, but within the true explanation of metaphysics, there is a ‘beyond the physical aspects’ which encompasses subjective activity. Within religious areas, there is an understanding; a knowing; a movement. Their belief systems differ, but they understand and hold a knowing of movement. Their interpretation of this movement may differ, but they lend energy to the movement, for they believe.

There are individuals that do not lend energy to the shift in consciousness. These individuals differ from those that seek religious fulfillment and belief systems, or scientific truths. There is a vast ocean between scientists that seek truth and scientists that seek science! (Smiling) Those that seek truth shall move beyond physical, and understand that non-physical and consciousness are the mechanics of your physical.

RETA: ... Do you feel, though, that the interpretation of science is contributing to the shift?

ELIAS: I shall express that the energy lent is contributing, not necessarily the information. (Pause)

NORM: So the energy content of all of those people that are interested in forwarding the shift is so that we can realize more of the true reality that we should be able to experience. The extent that the focus of the shift will occur is equal to the shift in the total energy content, or the sum of the energy content of all of those that are for and against the shift, and that is occurring in our dream world. Is that a way to interpret that?

ELIAS: The action is occurring within your subjective and objective consciousness. As you lend objective energy, you increase the motion of the shift. Within subjective knowing, all individuals within this dimension hold an understanding of this shift. All individuals hold an agreement of this shift.

NORM: Subjectively.

ELIAS: Correct. Objectively, not all individuals hold an understanding or an agreement of this shift. Therefore, you also express energy objectively. Do not be discounting of your objective consciousness. It is very powerful.” [session 136, November 24, 1996]

ELIAS: “I am offering this evening the beginnings of information of ‘before the beginning’ of your essence families originally, in your terms. The importance of this information is that it is relevant to your shift, for as you move within consciousness, you move into more of an alignment with the families in the action of ‘before the beginning’; this being what I have expressed to you many times in saying the Seers are past, but they are future and they are present, as are also all of the essence families.

I have expressed to you within terms of time elements this evening, and will continue to do so throughout our discussion of the essence families and their counterpart action, for your understanding. Do not lose sight that these are physical terms; for all of these actions, including also ‘before the beginning,’ [are] now. It was not. It occurs presently.

VICKI: ... Is the action of creating the city similar, within what you were talking about, to the action of creating this physical focus?

ELIAS: Within the action of the shift, and the desire and intent of the shift, yes. You are contributing to the creation of a different consciousness.

VICKI: And all of the families will be contributing elements within that creation?

ELIAS: Absolutely.

NORM: In the shift, will our bodies and the chemistry of our bodies change at all? As for example, evidently Christ could not take only one body, but took three bodies because of the power that he held. Is that going to be the case? Are we going to change chemistry?

ELIAS: This action of which you speak, you are correct, but this is not relevant to your shift. This action has been repeated within the essence of Rose, which has created nine physical manifestations presently upon your planet, which is relative to your shift. This also, as we move into discussion of Borledim, shall be discussed, for this action is significant.

As to changing within your physical manifestation or body, no. You shall continue within your manifestation of physical body. You have created, within cooperation and agreement, a highly efficient body. Therefore, it is unnecessary to be altering of this. This is not to say that within what you view to be future you may choose to alter physical form once again, although this is a probability, and also is occurring presently! (Grinning at Norm) Do not misunderstand. Your shift will not be producing angelic bodies and all-knowing psyches!” [session 138, December 08, 1996]

ELIAS: “Good evening! (Smiling) As we continue with our discussion of counterpart action, we move to the action of the Borledim family.

Within the action of a Source Event, all of the families participate creatively. All of the families interpret into mass events their own renditions of elements of a Source Event. Each Source Event also is orchestrated by a particular family and its counterpart. There have been mass movements or Source Events previously within your history which have been orchestrated by other essence families. Within your shift, the Borledim family is very instrumental.

Now; this family is the counterpart family involved within this Source Event. As I have mentioned, one family will be mainly orchestrating a Source Event, and it shall work within cooperation of its counterpart. Therefore, another family initiates this mass event, which is a very large interpretation of a Source Event. And shall you offer an impression of the family that orchestrates this shift?

VICKI: ... It would have to be the Vold family.

ELIAS: Yes. These individuals belonging to this essence family are those responsible for initiating this shift. As I have expressed, all of the essence families play a part in the action of the mass events and the Source Events. Therefore, all of the families are involved within the action of this shift.

As to the Borledim family: ‘Before the beginning,’ the intent of this family was to provide an Earth stock. These individual essences were to be reproducing. Within your game, look to your Source Event which has been attributed to this family; for within Source Events, although your interpretation does not encompass the actual Source Events, this family was one orchestrating one of the other Source Events connected with your dimension and your planet. In this, the creation of all reproduction is including your planet, which has been reproduced also. All of your species of animals, and of plant life also, has been a contribution of this family. (Vic’s note: the Source Event connected in our game is ‘The creation of all reproduction’)

‘Before the beginning’ as has been stated, you did not reproduce as you do presently. Therefore, one family was designated to be introducing new essences into this dimensional framework. This would be the Borledim family, offering the action of fragmentation to be populating your planet. Within your present time period, members of this family serve continued in the area of providing Earth stock and reproduction, but you reproduce yourselves. Therefore, within the knowing of an individual belonging to this family, there shall be a very strong desire and urging for reproduction. This shall be the main concern.

Now; as with the initiation of your religious time period, one essence chose to be initiating a movement within consciousness. This was an agreement with all essences familiarized with this dimension. This one essence manifest within three physical manifestations. Within your present time period, you approach a very large shift in consciousness. In this, the Borledim family has manifest one, in cooperation with the Sumafi, which has divided into nine manifestations. These are physically manifest presently upon your planet.

The objective, so to speak, of the Borledim family presently is to be producing new individuals more consciously aware, in your terms. Therefore, from the onset of their manifestation, they shall display unusual, to your way of thinking, traits. They shall display activity that you are not used to. Within the nine manifestations of the one essence, which has chosen through desire to manifest in this manner for this shift, each of these manifestations exhibit obvious inner senses working equal to outer senses.

These small individuals presently you may think of as paving your way. They, within consciousness, are being helpful to the accomplishment of your shift. As I have stated, each one shall exhibit unusual behavior; small things that you look to and notice as out of the ordinary. As these small ones grow and move more within consciousness into the action of this shift, they shall be very affecting. They shall also be very helpful within your shift.

For the same reason as within your initiation of your religious element, this essence also has manifest within more than one physical manifestation within one time period; for the action required, within energy and consciousness, to be moving of an entirety of your planet requires more physical manifestation than only physical expression. This shift you may view as larger, within a mass event, than your religious movement. It shall continue longer. It also is requiring of much concentrated energy. Therefore, not three but nine have been manifest.

This also is significant, for each of these nine are representative of each of the essence families. Therefore, each of these small ones shall belong to a different essence family. They are not manifest all as Sumafi or Borledim, aligned with different families. They have each chosen to be a representative of each of these essence families, in the effort to be concentrating energy in the direction of returning your intents of each family to that of your Dream Walkers. (Pause, during which you can definitely feel people about to burst with questions, and Elias is grinning) You may ask questions! (Much laughter)

RETA: I have a question. When you just said they were returned to like the Dream Walker, but in a flesh body ...

ELIAS: Correct.

RETA: Where it wasn’t before. The Dream Walkers were not before.

ELIAS: This is correct.

RETA: And just let me review that the three were Christ and John the Baptist and Paul. (5) Who was Adam? The first?

ELIAS: There was no first.

RETA: You know, that ran through my mind all day today, the chicken or the egg. How do we say first with a human being? You’ve talked about the experiment. We aren’t apes, we aren’t monkeys, we are human. That is a perfect experiment. How do we have a beginning?

ELIAS: You have created, in actuality, no beginning, for you have no beginning!

RETA: Oh, that’s right! I shouldn’t have said that!

NORM: I have a question. Each one of the families are now represented in the original intent? Each one of these small ones will grow up and exhibit the capabilities of each one of the families, like Hearers and Tellers and Speakers, etc?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: And they will be able to give us the appropriate direction? That is the intent? Is that ... Elaborate on that.

ELIAS: These small ones are not going to grow to adulthood and all nine create a manifestation of world leaders. They shall not necessarily be known, each, throughout your entirety of your world. Their influence and their power, so to speak, lies within their abilities within consciousness. They shall each manifest the intents within a purity of each of the essence families. This is not to say that they may each be standing upon a soapbox shouting to your entire planet of their individual families, but within the action of the accomplishment of the shift, they shall be quite helpful. Each shall focus upon the individuals of that family and add, within consciousness, helpfulness to be moving into the action of the shift and widening awareness.

NORM: So they’re going to participate and have a great deal of influence in subsequent mass events?

ELIAS: Let me explain that your Jesus, and also the other two manifestations of this one essence, did not in actuality physically manifest much of what you now, within your present time period, believe. These are belief systems that you have created. These are ideas aligned with the Source Event. No individual alone, one person or even three persons, would hold the ability to be moving the entirety of mass consciousness. It is agreement amongst you all. These are symbols that you have provided for yourselves. The ideas are much more powerful than the actual manifestation.

In this same manner, these individuals are representatives, just as the three were representatives. They are symbols. This is not to say that each of these individuals does not hold great power within consciousness, but they hold no more power than do you. They hold more intentional directedness within their intent. They are aware of their intent. Their powerfulness is no greater than your own. They are only more aware within a remembrance. Therefore, they hold a significance within the action of the shift, just as the three individuals held, in your terms, a significance within the action of your religious development; for they are symbols, and they remember.

RETA: May I ask the next question? From that, the shift with those three individuals into a religious consciousness seemed like it was progress for humanity. Would that be true, and would that allow us then to go on to this next shift, which is more awareness? Or was the religious shift necessary at all?

ELIAS: Absolutely, although necessary is a relative term. It was a choice.

RETA: A mass event choice by everyone?

ELIAS: Correct; for your experience.

BOB: May I ask a question? You said that the shift will be longer in duration than current religious awareness or religious phenomenon or something along that line, which is at this point at least a couple of thousand years. During the period of those few thousand years, the intents from these original three essences have been somewhat distorted. Can we expect less distortion from the events in this shift, or from the awareness created by the shift, over a period of thousands of years?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon your definition of distortion. You may view your religious elements to be distorted, although you may also view them to not be distorted; for as you move through your time periods, you change continuously. Therefore, your interpretation of your physical world also changes continuously. Your psyche changes continuously. Your interpretations of mass events change. You may view this as a distortion. You may also view this as a difference in experience which you have chosen.

I express in this manner for you view certain concepts and ideas as being original; first; the beginning. There is no beginning. Although I have chosen to speak to you within a time framework, as I have explained this is only for your understanding, for in actuality there is no time framework. Therefore, when I express to you ‘the original’ or ‘the beginning.’ I am expressing to you concepts that you may identify with. I am expressing figuratively. These are not to be literally interpreted, for there was no ‘originally’ within your essence families or within any of your events.

When I speak to you of movement of the intents into a closer alignment with the original intents of the Dream Walkers, I am speaking of this ‘blink in’ time framework, which is not the beginning. It is this time framework segment.

BOB: A follow-up question then: Belief systems, to some extent, stemmed from these original intents. So rather than classify them as distortions, let me just classify them as the development of belief systems. Would you say that these nine and their intents will initiate awareness, or further belief systems, or belief systems of another kind?

ELIAS: They shall further awareness. Their action is not to initiate awareness, for the awareness has already been initiated. As you look to them presently, they are small babies.

BOB: All nine exist now?

ELIAS: Correct. Therefore, you each are not paying much attention to nine small babies. You are also not listening within language to nine small babies. You are not learning objectively from nine small babies. But within consciousness these nine small babies spring from the essence of Rose, which is very, very knowing. They have much to offer within consciousness. They have much helpfulness to offer. The action has already been initiated within agreement. These nine will be helpful in furthering this action of the shift. As any individual may add within energy a momentum to others, in like manner these also shall be spurring, within consciousness, all of the individuals within your planet.

As to a furthering of belief systems, you shall always hold, to an extent, some belief systems within physical focus. You shall recognize belief systems as belief systems, within a wider awareness. Therefore, you shall stand not captive by these belief systems. Within the action of widening your awareness you shall also, in your terms, hold less distortion within your future time periods, for your awareness is widened. You shall be aware of your distortions.

BOB: Would you say that there will be more subjective interaction with these nine essences than there was with the original three? My thinking is that the interaction of the original three was more objective.

ELIAS: Incorrect. The subjective activity of these three also was tremendous.

BOB: Okay.

VICKI: I have a question. The essence who manifest into the three individuals, what’s the essence name of that essence?

ELIAS: Does this hold importance?

VICKI: I don’t know. I’m curious.

ELIAS: I think not. It is unimportant of these essence names. We have been indulgent, for you attach significance to these essence names. Presently, to an extent, you are understanding of the tone or the definition of an essence name which you attach to yourselves. In this, I may begin to be addressing you not by your essence names within our future time period presently, for I wish you not to be placing more significance on certain symbolizations than is necessary.

You are quite easily distracted by side issues. Essence names, names in general, are unimportant. I have expressed this statement from the onset of our sessions. You place importance upon these words. They are not names, in actuality. They are tones.

NORM: The action that the three essences started after they were manifest here slowly built up for about three hundred years, and then of course Rome accepted it as a state religion. Is the action of the nine babies going to affect the inner senses of all manifest people here, and will it take that long a period of time or shall it go faster than that? The probability of that occurring.

ELIAS: This is a probability. This is dependent upon all of you; what you are choosing within your probabilities and your manifestation. If you are wishing to be accelerating of the action of this shift, within cooperation you shall. The action of these nine shall not be establishing a government as the Romans, although within cooperation of all of you within consciousness, the action has already begun; in movement to less separation, upon your planet, of peoples.

RETA: I have a question. I’m highly involved in religion, and this is a teetering point with me all the time when we have our discussions. Some of the most brilliant people I know are also of my religion, and as I talk to them I don’t know how far I dare go with each individual accepting anything that I say or discussing anything that I say. Is there a good approach to discussing with others so that this awareness can expand? Is there a one-two-three approach, or is this just up to me?

ELIAS: I express to you to be cognizant of the individual’s belief systems, and what you term to be sensitive to this. This is not to be instructing you to be diverting or distorting of information as you may deliver to another individual, although hold no judgment as you offer information. Examine within you your reasoning for offering information. If you are offering information to be helpful, you shall offer correctly. If you are offering information for you believe another individual to be wrong, you shall be operating from your belief systems also. Trust yourself, listen to your intuition, and listen to your inner senses.

... (Vic’s note: Jene expressed irritation during the break with Elias’ refusal to answer my question about essence naming. She also said that this is the first time she has felt irritation with Elias during a session. I am sharing this for the benefit of folks who don’t attend sessions because quite often, information delivered after a break is directly related to conversation during the break.)

ELIAS: Continuing: (To Jene) I shall offer, for your clarification and curiosity ...

JENE: Thank you.

ELIAS: ... essence family.

JENE: Okay. That’s cool.

ELIAS: For you are correct that we are focused upon the actions of essence families, and this holds significance. Therefore, I shall express the essence family. This particular essence in question, which was manifest within three physical manifestations, is of the family of Milumet.

As to a distortion, you are partially correct in that the manifestation within the intent of the family of Milumet was to be expressing of what you now term to be spirituality. In the actual expression, it was to be reminding you of your connections with essence. You are correct, in a sense, that this information has been distorted, although you have purposefully chosen the progression that you have created throughout your history, leading you within your progression of probabilities to this experience of your present shift. Therefore, you may in one respect express that you have distorted the information offered of essence, but within another respect you have changed the information for your own experience. This essence family, within initiating of your religious time period, focused upon the intent of a remembrance of no separation of essence. This was translated symbolically, physically.

As to essence names, I shall offer more information to Lawrence’s [Vicki’s] previous question of Rose; this being why I offer not this other essence name. Within our game, you do not refer to your pink column as your Borledim family. You refer to this as Rose, for you have identified one essence that you recognize as significant and manifest presently. I shall be offering you the name of this one essence which is manifest within three, and you shall identify this within your game within your red column. No. Names are not significant.

This one essence of Rose has chosen to play a significant role within the actualization of your shift, but is not the entirety of the Borledim family. In actuality, this essence of Rose is not Borledim. It is Sumafi, representing Borledim; but you also, in what you term to be unconscious, connect with a knowing of the action of this essence within this time period. Therefore, you identify with this essence; this being another influencing reason why you identify this particular family as Rose. Rose is one essence. There are numberless essences belonging to each family. Is this helpful, Lawrence [Vicki]?

VICKI: Yes, thank you.

ELIAS: You may understand that I may not offer a complete answer to your questioning within one time element, but I shall continue and offer you your answer. You may continue with your questions.” [session 141, December 22, 1996]

RETA: “The shift to religion two thousand years ago took all these years for people to, not all people ever did shift, but it took all these years for people to come about or understand other religions or understand it’s a code of ethics or a way of life and so on. And so now if we have this shift at this time, there are still people who haven’t even reached that first shift within themselves, of love and understanding and their code of ethics. Am I wrong in that? Are some people still learning or still trying to get to that?

ELIAS: Within the action of the initiation of your religious-focus, it was incorporated and it was accepted. It has not taken two thousand years for your planet to accept this mass consciousness alignment. It was accepted immediately. You have chosen different interpretations. You have chosen many manifestations of this religious element, but the movement within mass consciousness was accepted initially.

RETA: Alright. And that’s quite some time ago, right? Within three hundred years? Within that time period?

ELIAS: Within time periods, much more quickly than this.

RETA: Okay, so the effect of that has taken a long time to change the world. Well, it has been changing the world for a long time. So now if we go into this next shift, are those people who have been through an inner sense of that code or a change within themselves be more accepting of the shift, this new shift? Or will that belong to just a few? I’m trying to think of the time, and of course you don’t have time. We don’t have time, excuse me. But I’m trying to think of the length of time it has taken to even out a little bit more, the cultures and the ethics and so on, and we have this new paradigm shift. Are you saying that will be in the same way? Immediate, or slower, or will it take another seventy-five years to get it working? Have you got our linear time in mind?

ELIAS: If you inquiring of a time element for complete accomplishment of this shift, this has been stated. This shift shall be accomplished within this new century. If you are inquiring for a specific date, I shall not offer this, for this is a probability.

RETA: I’m thinking of all the different masses, the different cultures, the different nations all over the world that have a different understanding, and it just boggles my mind to think of them to be able to come to one understanding.

ELIAS: Ah! They shall not be of one like mind!

RETA: Never could be, with all the different peoples we have.

NORM: Nobody wants to be!

ELIAS: Their awareness shall be the same, essentially, in its wideness. Their belief systems may not be the same. You are not shifting from a religious-focus into one all-encompassing world religion, or one planetary singular belief system! You are not moving into this action.

I have expressed to you that you continue within physical focus. You shall not alter your physical expression. You shall not be aliens, walking upon your planet Earth cosmically oriented! You shall be continuing within the manifestation that you have chosen presently until you choose another experimentation of physical manifestation; but this manifestation is efficient. Therefore, it shall continue, and you shall hold a wider awareness; an acceptance of established belief systems, an understanding of these belief systems, and also an awareness of other areas of consciousness and an active interaction with these other areas of consciousness objectively.

This is not to say that all individuals upon your planet shall agree within belief systems and all hold the same focus. You are all unique and individual. Therefore, you shall continue within your uniqueness and your individuality.

BOB: Can I ask a question? Would we expect to see more tolerance, because of this widening of awareness, between groups of different orientation? I think Reta is looking for a little bit more enlightened planet, would like to see that. By incorporating one religion, that certainly would be one way to do it, but as you say, that’s not going to happen. So do you see more cooperation and tolerance between different points of view as this awareness widens?

ELIAS: Absolutely. If you are holding an awareness and an acceptance of belief systems, your tolerance shall increase. If you hold an awareness and an understanding of self and focuses and essence, and the knowledge that other individuals upon your planet are also you, you shall eliminate many of your divisions and your intolerance. As your awareness of self increases, your awareness of all, and of your reality, increases. As you are accepting of belief systems, they no longer hold their intensity.” [session 143, December 29, 1996]

ELIAS: “Many individuals have presented themselves with the concept of ‘you create your reality.’ Many individuals believe that they accept this concept as truth. In theory, you accept this concept. In reality, you accept this concept. In reality, you do not accept this as reality. You accept this as an idea. It is easy and acceptable to accept the idea and the concept as an ideal, something to be striving for, something to be attained, something that you wish to be creating, but in actuality few individuals incorporate this concept as reality completely. You may offer yourself examples all about you, and you may view that although you may think you accept this, in reality you do not. This is the reason that it is expressed over and over to you, that you may eventually, in reality, accept this as a reality.

If you are presented with a scenario of a small one which is being engaged within a situation that you view to be unjust, you shall not consider that this small one is creating its own reality. You place conditions upon the creation of your reality. If you are creating reality that you are satisfied with, then you believe you are creating your own reality. If you are not satisfied, then you do not believe you are creating your own reality, for your belief systems hold to mass belief systems which express that if you view elements of your reality to be negative, you are not responsible for these elements of your reality. In accepting the concept that you create your own reality, you attempt to accept all of your reality but you become confused, for you also hold conflicting belief systems that afford you the idea that some of your reality you do not create.

In actuality, this brings us into complicated areas, for there are elements of reality that you do not create, but you draw yourself to. There are elements of your reality that are influencing of you that you may not individually be actually creating of, but you have chosen to involve yourself with these elements. Other individuals may create certain actions. Other individuals may create certain choices which are affecting of you, but you have chosen to be involved and you have chosen to be affected. Therefore, in one sense you are creating this reality also. You may not be creating the choices, but you have chosen the involvement. Therefore, within agreement you also are creating of the reality.

In behavior, individuals express many different types of behavior. You choose different expressions for your own noticing. Within you, you may choose certain time periods to be noticing of different aspects of self. These may be difficult within your perception, for you do not always understand the reasoning for your manifestations at the time that you are manifesting. This is the reason that you choose to be widening your awareness. This is also the reason that you have all chosen, within the action of your shift, to be creating of your shift, that you will be aware of how you create your reality. You actively objectively seek out this awareness presently, for you hold frustration in knowing that the belief systems that you have held within the past are not instructional to you any longer.

Many individuals within this time period feel themselves floundering. You are within the beginning stages of this shift. Therefore, it is a time of uncertainty. Many belief systems are being challenged and questioned. This creates conflict and confusion. There are many movements within consciousness presently which are creating of distraction within your objective focus. Therefore, many individuals feel unmotivated. They experience many emotional effects that they are unaccustomed to. They exhibit behavior that they are unfamiliar with, or they view themselves to be changing in their behavior. This may be disturbing to you, for you do not understand all of the action that is occurring that is facilitating this behavior.

As to whether you are creating your reality or not, you are. There are many elements that are influencing of this creation. You have drawn yourself to this forum to acquire information of self and of reality, of consciousness and its function within this reality. In this you may better understand how you accomplish creating your reality, as is the case with all of these individuals that choose to draw themselves to this audience.

DREW: ... If I’m not currently aware of them, what’s the best way to become aware of my core belief systems?

ELIAS: You shall, as you ask, present yourself with examples frequently. As has been said in ancient times, ‘Be watchful of what you request, for you shall have it!’ (Vic’s note: that’s an understatement!)

As you ask to be widening your awareness, you shall. You shall draw to yourself information to be challenging of yourself. You shall notice your own actions. You shall notice within individuals around you. You shall notice in everyday life, all about you. Those belief systems that need be recognized and accepted shall be presenting themselves to you, for you shall present them to yourself.

You may not initially recognize automatically and identify the belief system. You may view similar actions occurring repeatedly before you, and you may view these actions for a time period before you recognize what you are presenting yourself with. You may engage individuals within this forum and exchange also with them, for they experience this also and may offer helpfulness and instruction, as they have experienced this phenomenon of identifying belief systems. This is not as simple as it sounds!

DREW: It doesn’t sound simple!

ELIAS: As I have stated, you have carried belief systems for centuries and have worked with them. You are not so willing to be accepting of these belief systems and disallowing their power. Many are very, very strong. You do not even recognize that all that you do within physical focus is related to a belief system. Every action that you take within physical focus is related to a belief system. This is not ‘bad.’ It is what you have created. It is now only inefficient. As I have stated this evening, you shall continue with your belief systems even within your shift, but you shall understand and accept these. Therefore, you shall not be influenced or blinded by them as you may be presently.

Within this action of movement of consciousness, moving into the beginnings of this shift, as I have stated, there is also a remembrance occurring. In this, you think of the word remembrance and you imagine that you shall hold a clear memory. Initially, you shall not. You shall experience feelings. This is an element of your experience presently. Within the beginnings of a remembrance, initially you shall be feeling.

Look to your dream activity, for you shall hold clues to the remembrance within this action of your imagery also. Pay attention to the movement of the dream mission, for as it continues it shall be instructional also.

This is a temporary situation. It shall be moved through, as you allow. The length of your time period that it continues is your choice, as you do not allow your own movement and expression. Acceptance of your own self, your own expression, your own feelings, regardless of your understanding, will be helpful.” [session 146, January 05, 1997]

ELIAS: “We shall begin, once again, ‘before the beginning.’ I shall clarify once more that the essence of Rose, which is designated within your game, is of the family Sumafi and represents the Borledim family within your game. This essence of Rose was Seer ‘before the beginning.’ Many essences have fragmented from this essence of Rose. This essence expressed or expresses a unique desire and intent within the Sumafi. This essence is very initiating, quite in alignment with the family of Gramada, but is Sumafi. ‘Before the beginning,’ this essence of Rose was initiating of the Sumafi, which were Seer and which were not completely physically manifest. This essence of Rose has not been completely physically manifest until now.

We spoke of a parallel within mass events of the three essences which were initiating of your Christian movement, the three manifestations of one essence, and how these parallel with this essence of Rose in this mass event of your shift. The manifestation of this essence into physical focus is divided into nine expressions. In this, these nine expressions are nine different families. This is unusual. Normally speaking, in your terms, as you manifest and fragment you will most likely fragment a new essence which shall be of the same family as you, for it is part of your essence and therefore holds similar tone. This is not to say that this is the rule; but normally, fragmented essences shall be closely aligned with the fragmenting essence.

This one essence chooses to diversify itself into each of the essence families. In this, it also holds its focus of Sumafi underlying. Each of these manifestations do not belong to the Sumafi family, except one; but they hold all the quality of the Sumafi family, for this is the essence which is manifest. Each of these manifestations are not a fragment. They are all an expression of one essence. All of your expressions of essence are Sumafi. They may align with different families within different focuses, but your essence is Sumafi. Therefore, all of your focuses are Sumafi. Rose is Sumafi. All nine of these manifestations, which are focuses, are not Sumafi. This is what you may term as a unique event.

As you view your young ones within your present time period, you have already noticed that they move farther away from religious alignments. You already notice the subjectiveness of small ones. You may recognize the intuitiveness of your young people within this present now. These nine manifestations hold a great intuitive power. Each, as has been stated, will be representative of each family. In this, they shall display the qualities and characteristics of each of these families as they were, in your terms, ‘before the beginning.’ Their individual lives, to your way of thinking, shall be greatly affecting physically and also greatly within consciousness, for each of them is quite directed within their focus and their intent. Each of them holds an understanding of the intent of the individual family to which they belong. They shall be affecting of all that they encounter physically, in regard to the family that they represent. Even within very small children, as they are presently, they have already begun. Each of them has already made choices that are affecting of great numbers of individuals, although you may not see this.

I shall express of one, of Ryan; this seemingly to be an ordinary child, but already within this small life span, this small individual has already been so dramatically affecting of the individual parents that the parents have expanded outward and initiated contact and interaction with many other individuals in concern for this infant. This is the rippling affect that these small ones already display. Within one other of these children, within the location of Scotland, this child offers already, at very small age, medical helpfulness to another within the family, which the family extends outward to many other individuals, touching their lives also with concern to this small infant.

These children, from the moment of their births, within consciousness, are very affecting in a directing manner leading into your shift. You have inquired as to the fame of these children. These children will not be world-wide famous individuals, but these children, scattered throughout your globe, shall be intensely helpful and affecting of the movement of your shift; for within consciousness, they shall be helpful to your movement into returning to your natural state.

This is not to say that you are not within a natural state presently! You are in an altered natural state. (Grinning) What you view now as altered states are natural to essence. What you experience is an altered state! It is also part of your confusion; for as you move into more expressed communication with essence, you begin to experience the multidimensionality of essence, which you may feel as an altered state continuously throughout your day. In actuality, this is natural. It has been expressed to you many times that you are much more than you view. You are not one singular entity. There are myriads of aspects of yourself. You are only familiar with one.

We shall be brief this evening, (ahem!) but I shall allow you to be inquiring, for much information has been offered to you recently. You may take this opportunity to be evaluating and inquiring, if you are wishing. We shall break, and I shall return.

... (Vic’s note: I noticed a change in something, perhaps energy, during this brief break. It was almost as if Mary changed her mind or her attitude or her perception about the session this evening. Mary has been more objectively focused this week than I’ve ever seen her, which appears to be affecting of her feelings towards sessions.)

ELIAS: Continuing: ‘Before the beginning,’ speaking of the Sumafi and their function, I express to you that many essences chose to be continuing as Dream Walkers, therefore not completely physically manifesting. Some essences chose to be manifesting completely; this meaning that they chose to manifest a complete physical body, just as you view presently. They also chose to be forgetting of much of their subjective activity and of their language of essence. Within your religions, there are different stories that use examples to illustrate this type of separation.

Within your Christian religions, your stories refer to your tree of knowledge and tree of life, and also of the separation of man and god. In actuality, this was a choice of separation of man physically focused from essence and the knowledge of essence. Therefore, you may view, within your history, your manifestations of what you term to be primitive man; caveman. These individuals were no less intelligent and adept at physical focus than you. Their focus was different, for they had newly separated from essence within physical focus and the communication of essence. Therefore, they experienced physical focus as new babes, testing all of their physical elements.

The dream interaction within this early time period, as you view it, was quite active and very instrumental. Within the dream time, subjective activity was allowed to bleed through into objective awareness. In this, instruction was obtained for functioning within physical focus; for you moved through physical focus without memory. Therefore, you were as blank slates, not understanding your environment and how to be manipulating within a physical world.

Within this time period also moved Seers. These were essences not completely physically focused. What is meant by not completely physically focused is that they did not possess the physical body as you view presently. They possessed form which was viewed, but translucent; for it was a projection, an image that may be recognized and identified. It held no solidity. It did not hold the operational functioning that your physical body holds. Within this time period, adjustments to physical focus were being accomplished. Subjective activity was limited only to communication with physical body outside of dream state; which, this subjective activity was mainly focused on offering information for survival within physical elements; movement within physical focus and adaptation to elements that you chose to create, such as gravity.

The physical body held feeling of weightiness, for you chose to be creating of fields that hold objects to your planet. In this, there was much adjustment needed in understanding of your own manifestation and a very long, in your terms, learning period, for you had closed the door on your memory of all of essence; this being for the reason, as we have stated previously, of the purity of the experience.

The Seers intermingled with the individuals choosing to be completely physically focused. These Seers offered a link between essence and complete physical focus, offering information to the individuals choosing to be completely physically focused and instruction in creating of physical elements.

You look to your history and you view amazing feats of mankind. You look within your history and you see that certain cultures ‘accomplished the unaccomplishable.’ You wonder how such primitive societies could have been accomplishing of such technicalities that you may not physically perform presently with your technology. You presently may perform the same acts as all of these cultures prior to yourselves. You only do not understand, for you have chosen to move in a different direction. You have chosen to move into a more objective direction.

These earlier individuals were within communication of Seers, which expressed instruction to them, which they accepted. There were identifications of these Seers. The individuals did not reject the unofficial information and experiences. Therefore, they held the ability to accomplish what you view to be impossible. Presently, within your present now, you do not accept much unofficial information and experiences, although you experience this continuously!

I shall express also that although many individuals look to your Egyptian pyramids with wonder and view these as very spiritual and knowing of ‘cosmic information,’ within the location of your world not far from you now were peoples that held a clearer understanding of essence longer than did those within the sand and pharaoh times. Within your own Mayans, you may research and you shall find that these peoples remembered these nine families. They spoke of these as the nine night watchers, but they represent the nine essence families.

Many mass events have initiated in other areas of your world. Presently now, you initiate this mass event within this area of your globe. These continents have manifest the individuals that are initiating of this shift. It is as a game within physical focus. Different families choose different time periods to be initiating of different mass events associated with Source Events. You ‘trade off.’ This mass event of this shift, although initiated and carried within two other essence families, is very underlyingly affected by the Sumafi; this being why Rose has chosen to be manifesting as nine physical focuses of each of these essence families, but originally as Sumafi; for within the intent of the shift, you all bear the desire for little distortion.” [session 150, January 26, 1997]

VICKI: “Speaking of feeling, I’d like to ask about some unofficial information. There seems to be stuff coming in that has to do with a contradiction between the feeling and the thought. It seems to be not just me, it’s other people that I talk to also, and it seems to come down to a direct contradiction between feeling and thought. I find it very interesting that this seems to be interpreted by quite a few people I’ve spoken to in an erotic or sexual manner. I’ve been wondering about it for a week or two now, and I have a feeling that part of the reason this is being interpreted in this way is that it has something to do with the intensity behind the imagery, but I’m pretty confused too. I don’t know quite what to do with it next. It has something to do with the dream mission. It has something to do with the relaying. And why is everybody interpreting it sexually???

ELIAS: (Grinning) You are partially correct in your interpretation of the intensity of the emotion or experience and what you identify, within your experiences and your thought processes and your emotions, with sexual activity. This activity holds a very strong intensity within this dimension of physical focus, not only with your species but with all species within this particular creation of dimensional focus physically. Therefore, this shall be attaining your attention quite effectively, and as you relate en masse of this similar experience, it shall be gaining your attention more; for not only is this action, emotion, and thought process intense physically, it also carries many belief systems. You attach many belief systems to this subject! And as you all view yourselves approaching your new millennium as ‘new age liberated’ individuals, you continue to hold religious taboo belief systems concerning this subject of sexuality. Therefore, it holds an additional intensity. In this, you shall attain your attention quite efficiently, within the recognition of unofficial information identifying with this subject.

Also, you approach your new millennium and your shift, which is orchestrated by who?

VICKI: All of us.

ELIAS: Your Borledim family!

VICKI: Oh, that!

ELIAS: Which shall concentrate within this area. Therefore, within an identification of the movement within consciousness of the beginnings of this shift, as you move into more intensity of the motion you also identify the wave, in vibration of connectedness in movement.

Therefore, within your imagery, as we have discussed previously, within waking consciousness, you interpret within sexuality; for your waking consciousness is waking imagery. Therefore, you are correct that it mirrors your dream mission; for your dream mission is your identification of your sleep imagery, which also is a translation; an interpretation. Waking consciousness is an interpretation, an imagery; and you have chosen en masse to be collectively identifying within one subject within one time period for your attention, in the intensity of the movement within consciousness of the shift, which occurs now. You may view what you think of as many signs and signposts, which are indications in reinforcement to you of the movement within consciousness of this shift.” [session 154, February 23, 1997]

VICKI: “I’d like to ask a question about objective imagery. I’ve noticed a lot of folks are sharing objective imagery recently of problems sleeping, in one form or another. What’s up with that?

ELIAS: Interesting terminology! What is up with that??? (Grinning) I am appreciating of this terminology! (Laughter)

Much movement is occurring subjectively within your present now. Much activity is occurring, as you are aware. Many individuals experience both a restlessness, which shall be interrupting of their sleep state, and also an intentional interruption of sleep state, as they perceive the movement to be traveling too quickly. In an attempt to be closing down, so to speak, the movement individually, they choose to be interrupting subjective activity in its completeness. Subjective activity occurs continuously, although within your sleep state you engage a submergence, so to speak, within this state of subjectivity.

Many individuals feel a swift motion. They are unfamiliar with the feeling. They liken this to anxiousness. Therefore, they may objectively explain to themselves that they experience difficulty sleeping, for they are anxious. The anxiousness is a translation of this swift movement of which they are unsure, for they do not recognize the action. Therefore, they are halting themselves partially, not allowing a complete free flow within sleep state of subjective activity; although they shall be creating of active dream imagery regardless, for the action within subjective state continues swiftly.

RON: So is that what I was doing last night? I couldn’t go to sleep, but I still felt like I was dreaming. I couldn’t get this dream image out of my head, and it seemed like that was what was keeping me awake.

ELIAS: Correct. This may be becoming more common within your objective noticing, for individuals are engaging within this swift movement in relation to the shift within consciousness, and allowing interconnections with each other. In this, you are unfamiliar with this action and the swift movement of this. Therefore, you attempt to be holding objective awareness, believing this to be slowing of the motion. It is not, but it is an objective attempt, for you are anxious within this movement. Imagery shall appear quite vivid as a symbol in itself to you, that regardless of your attempting to be halting or slowing the subjective movement, it continues. Therefore, you create more vividly your imagery, to be attaining your attention.

GAIL: ... I have a question. This past week I feel like I’ve been like blinking in and blinking out and connecting with an alternate self. Is that what I’ve been doing all week?

ELIAS: Correct.

GAIL: It seems like it’s an awful lot!

ELIAS: This is not uncommon presently. Many individuals are experiencing this same type of activity. Many within this forum experience this same activity presently. This also is in conjunction with the movement of the shift. This you shall become accustomed to, for these are elements of the action of the shift within consciousness and what you are choosing to be accomplishing. Therefore, you shall be actualizing in increments the elements that you have chosen to be the new reality, so to speak.” [session 157, March 09, 1997]

ELIAS: “Good evening. This evening, I shall be inquiring of you as to your interpretation of your shift. As you have entered your season of consciousness, what is your perception of your shift? (Long, silent pause)

RETA: Well, I’ll be glad to go first if you want it from a religious background, my background. You might use a different interpretation, but in their minds they’ve been preparing for a greater awareness for a long time, in trying to broaden their vision. Their concept will take a long time. In your interpretation of the shift, we will have a larger awakening because of the energy sources coming into us through an enlarged new chakra so that we can speed this along its way. My interpretation of the shift is being able to have everyone more aware and knowing of who they are and why they’re here, which will result in more truthfulness and more helpfulness, more kindness and more love, to be able go on and do bigger and better things, which sounds to me very, very good. If it can happen in my lifetime, I think it would be interesting. Do I come close?

NORM: The nine inner senses evidently are going to be available at a greater level of awareness so that we can have communication between our different levels of consciousness and there will be less separateness in the world. That’s about as succinct as I can put it. (Another long, silent pause)

DREW: Can I ask what you meant by season of consciousness?

ELIAS: I have expressed this term previously within the forum of these sessions twice, within what you view to be much time ago.

Consciousness connected with physical focus moves through seasons, just as your planet holds seasons in nature. These seasons within consciousness are slightly different, for they endure for much greater time frameworks. You now enter a new season of consciousness within the creation of your shift. I inquire of you as to your understanding of your shift, that you may express to me your understanding. We have spoken many times of this shift, and within this new natural physical season upon your planet, your birth of Spring, we shall acknowledge also the new season of consciousness which is upon you.

As I have been aware, you do not hold an explanation to yourselves of the action of this shift. Let me inquire of you why you have chosen this shift within consciousness?

RETA: At one time you said that we were bored and that we wanted to widen because we were bored, did you not?

ELIAS: This is correct. Are you understanding of this statement?

RETA: I believe so. I think that we’ve gone through this period of time when we have not been very tolerant of each other and we have not been very understanding toward others, and that could reach out to not being understanding to our other consciousnesses, our other focuses, and I can see where if we could widen and be aware we could intermingle a lot better and make the world, our planet, much better for habitation and more exciting, because you would be spending more time in intellectual and growing rather than spending all your time fighting and fuming and finding faults. (Pause)

ELIAS: You have offered an adequate example, within a lack of understanding! (Laughter) Unlike yourselves, I shall address to you each unemotionally and with no value judgment. Therefore, I offer only truthful statements without a judgment. You do not hold an understanding of your shift or why you are creating this, and you exhibit this clearly. I shall recap our shift for you.

In very simplified terms, throughout your history upon this planet that you have created you have spent millenniums within each area of consciousness that you have designed to explore. This extends far beyond the time framework that you recognize scientifically. We have spoken of your Seers and your Dream Walkers, and for many millennium this was the focus of your species. Within this time framework, you created much experimentation and exhausted the limitations of that manifestation. As you move to exhausting your creativity within a particular focus or direction within your societies and your creations, you choose collectively to create a new focus, offering yourselves new stimulation and new areas to be expressing creativity. You moved into creating societies of which we have spoken, creating your mythologies and your elaborate, colorful stories.

As you exhaust this creation and become bored, (to Reta) as you have said, within your vast imaginations and creativity you move into a new creation. You choose to create a focus within a time framework which mirrors much more closely what you view yourselves to be. You create a religious-focus with one singular god which mirrors one singular manifestation, as are you. Within this, you do not stifle your growth. You allow yourselves ample time framework to be experiencing and experimenting and exhausting creativity within the framework of the focus.

As you approach a point collectively to which you have created all that you view to be necessary for your experience, you choose to create a new focus. You are aware within essence and your connections, and also within your physical manifestation objectively, that you have accomplished all that may be accomplished within a specific focus. Within your design of counterparts and alternate selves, you have created the probabilities to allow you the experience to view all aspects of the focus. Therefore, you approach what you view to be the end of that particular focus and create a new focus, a new direction, one that allows you the freedom to once again explore and experience anew.

Each time framework within your history has not stifled you. Each focus that you have chosen to create has allowed you creativity and also learning opportunities, in your terms. You view presently in many negative elements of the focus that you have created to this point, for this offers you the explanation to move into a new direction. It offers you motivation to move into new areas of creation. I have expressed to you many times that this focus, this religious-focus that you have created, is not negative. It has served you well, and for millennium you have continued with this set of belief systems. You now, as many times within your history, move into a position of recognition that you have exhausted your creativity within this particular direction. Within essence, your continuing desire is to be creative. You are motivated continuously to be inventive. You are natural explorers. Therefore, you are correct that you are bored, but these are the reasons that you are bored. Furthermore, you choose collectively to be creating of a new element of consciousness within a physical focus. All of your manifestations, in a manner of speaking, are experiments, and once again you experiment with a new area of consciousness within physical focus.

This manifestation of your shift, many of you are beginning to experience elements of presently. I have expressed to you previously that individuals not offering themselves information of this shift shall be experiencing trauma. You presently experience confusion, for you begin to view elements of consciousness that shall be deemed ‘normal’ within the action of this shift.

More flowers shall not bloom upon your planet as your shift is accomplished. No messiah shall be leading you to a promised land. It shall rain upon your planet equally to the rain present. You shall continue to manifest natural occurrences as do you now, but you shall understand what you do. It shall not be necessary for you to engage your new game (6) to establish contact with another focus of your essence, for you shall hold the ability within your awareness to tap this experience and information at will. Your understanding of probabilities shall be much greater.

You discount yourselves presently continuously, that you do not recognize the direction of your probabilities. I express to you acknowledgment, for within the beginnings of our meetings you were not recognizing of probabilities at all! Within your present now, you may discount yourselves that you are inefficiently connecting for you connect information after the fact, in your terms, but your ‘after the fact’ appears quite quickly! You are beginning to see. Your interpretations of manifestations are accurate. You do recognize. You are learning to be trustful of self. You have moved much within a very small time framework, and as you view with individuals that you consider to be new within our forum, movement continues even more swiftly, for these individuals ‘catch up’ to you quite quickly; this being part of the elements of this shift. You view presently an escalation of activity. You view correctly, for you manifest within consciousness more activity and you also manifest more objectively and more obviously.

Within the action of this shift also, in addition to your recognition of your own essence and your own focuses, you shall also eliminate much conflict, for it is unnecessary to be creating conflict if you are not concerned with what is outside of you. If your concern centers within and upon the elements of essence, you shall be manifesting this and you shall not necessarily be manifesting what you now view to be hatefulness. Within your religious era, this was purposeful. For the experience and the knowing of physical self, you have created situations and belief systems to be experiencing opposites in many, many areas; extremes. You have chosen your theatrical forum. You have created your crusades, your causes, your rights, your wrongs. You have experienced these elements to what you may view as their fullest within this manifestation. Therefore, you seek new stimuli. As I have stated, you are natural explorers. Therefore, you choose to explore your own consciousness. To this point, within what you view to be your linear history, you have created a curiosity and an exploration of all elements that you view to be outside of yourselves. Now you choose to turn inward.

Much movement occurs presently. I also express to you that not any of this movement should be classified as negative, for it all serves within the direction that you have created for the furthering and the movement of your shift; this being also how you are influencing, for you are. If you are viewing activity among other individuals within your societies as negative, you are lending energy to that element of consciousness. You have gained enough information to this present now to be altering your perception and viewing with your periphery. You may not understand all of the reasonings for all actions and probabilities, but you are quite capable of viewing the benefits of all actions. In this, you may lend energy to the accomplishment of this shift. This is not an action that you must concentrate upon within all of your time element. Acknowledgment is enough; for within consciousness there is no time, and the thought is reality.

DREW: ... Earlier, regarding your explanation of the shift, if I understood you correctly you indicated that one of the reasons for the shift is because we have exhausted the creative possibilities for our current focus. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Correct, in a manner of speaking.

DREW: And so my understanding to date of endless creativity and boundless probabilities is somewhat in conflict with the explanation you gave tonight.

ELIAS: This being a subject matter which has been presented previously which you, among others, have not quite understood. I have expressed to you, in an attempt for your understanding, that your probabilities are not ‘already.’ They do not exist before you. They are not in front of you. You do not choose from an existing well. You create, within infinite possibilities, the probabilities that you choose to actualize. Within this, all other probabilities are actualized, but not within the limitations of the terms that you think of.

You limit energy into singular actions, (to Cathy) do you not? ‘I am choosing this action. Therefore, my probable self is choosing this action.’ You believe you are choosing to be eating a piece of cake. (To Vic) Acknowledgment this evening. Therefore, an alternate self is not eating a piece of cake, and another alternate is playing with a piece of cake, (laughter) and another alternate is smashing a piece of cake. Incorrect! These actions occur as you choose and as you create them. If you are creating an alternate to be smashing a piece of cake, if you are creating an alternate to be playing with a piece of cake, they shall be. If you are not creating an alternate to be engaging these actions, they shall not, but the energy which is expelled shall be manifest. You may incorporate the action of a counterpart which shall play with a piece of cake ... or not! You may engage this energy within another individual and they may not encounter cake at all, but they may manifest energy within a direction to be accomplishing the probabilities.

These are, as I have expressed to you previously, very difficult areas. I have offered you very simple explanations to this point, of counterparts and probabilities and unofficial information, but I have also expressed to you that these are very difficult areas to be explaining within the confines of your language and your understanding. More information is offered to you continuously within this forum, for you continue to widen and hold the ability to assimilate the information. (Twenty-second pause, which is unusual)

(Intently) Energy holds quite a different reality than that of which you are aware. Therefore, it may manifest in many diverse directions that you may not even comprehend, and these are the elements of which we speak.

DREW: I don’t know if it makes sense for me to pursue this question with this new explanation of probabilities, of how those can be exhausted, how the creativity of those probabilities can be exhausted, which then will lead to our shift.

ELIAS: Within your physical focus; within the confines of your belief systems and what you view to be your imagination within physical focus, you, in a manner of speaking, exhaust your creativity. I have not expressed to you within this evening that you exhaust all of your probabilities; but you do, within different focuses such as your religious-focus of which we speak presently, exhaust your creativity, in a manner of speaking, which is caused in effect by your limitations of thought processes which are influenced by belief systems. Therefore you choose, in your terms, to break out of the confines of these established, accepted belief systems. Within essence, you may never exhaust probabilities. Within physical focus, in reality, you may never exhaust all probabilities. Within your thought process you may, for you may not view all of your probabilities. You do not see all of your choices.

I have expressed to you also that you create the action of counterparts, that you may be experiencing all angles of each subject, event, action, emotion, more efficiently. Therefore, within the action of all of these counterparts throughout your time period, which you now view to be several millennium, you have accomplished much within experience. Therefore, you view your creativity to be exhausted within this particular direction.

DREW: And in addition, our widening awareness and experience as a result of that widening awareness no longer fits into the structure of the religious systems we’ve created, and is another reason for our needing to shift into a new awareness or structure.

ELIAS: Quite correct.

DREW: Thank you for clarifying that. I have more things I’ll ask later.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

VICKI: I have a question about this recent mass event. (7) I’m curious about the mass statement being made, outside of my personal speculations which are filtered through my personal belief systems.

ELIAS: Or are you wishing to be viewing how this mass event is fitting into your probabilities?

VICKI: That too!

ELIAS: Ah! This event, you are correct, you may view to be unofficial information. You are aware that your shift has begun. You are within the action of this shift. I have expressed to you many times that as your time period progresses, you shall witness more and more events that are expressive of this shift, this being one. You also provide yourselves with the opportunity to be practicing at your connections within consciousness, which you are accomplishing. I have been acknowledging of this, this evening. As the movement accelerates, which it is, you are all affecting of each other more. Therefore, you manifest more within objective awareness. Presently, individuals within your society do not understand the significance of what you now view to be small events attaining mass attention, but they attain mass attention! Therefore, recognize in this small event, for it is a small event but it is affecting of multitudes ...

RETA: But in its affecting the multitudes, it’s being broadcast through our media system in one way and interpreted through a lot of people’s minds or consciousness in another way. In this mass event, what is its real purpose?

ELIAS: It matters not how it is perceived. It matters that it is perceived. It is unimportant as to your opinion of the motivation behind the event. The importance lies in the attention, that it shall generate the attention of the masses. This also is quite affecting within you, to be offering you the example of the affectingness of a very small event. You do not believe that you are affecting within consciousness of multitudes. I express this to you often. You do not believe this. You are. Within one event, one very small event, multitudes have noticed. It has gained much attention. It has also lent energy to this shift.

RETA: In what way? I mean, it’s gotten attention, but how does that widen the shift? To me, it was based on nonsense, but how do I know? I’m judging, of course.

ELIAS: It matters not how you view the action of this event. It matters that you notice; for regardless of how you view this event or regardless of your individual judgments of this event, your perception is altered.

RETA: For good or bad, or just altered?

ELIAS: Just altered, which is the point. You are needing to be altering your perception to be widening. If you are continuing within your box of your belief systems, within the narrowness of your thinking, you shall not allow your periphery and you shall not allow other information. If you are altering your perception, you shall be allowing information. You shall be affecting of yourself and you shall be offering yourself the opportunity to be preparing for the incorporation of unofficial information.

Many may express, ‘I do not believe such things.’ You have expressed many times, ‘I do not believe extraterrestrials.’ You may believe also. It matters not. You have incorporated the thought process, which is different. This is affecting. It matters not that you fit these events into your belief systems. You are allowing yourselves en masse to notice, and what you notice is outside of your accepted official belief systems.

NORM: There’s a lot of people on this Earth that do not have an opportunity to do what we do within this forum. Are they being affected on the unconscious or subjective level?

ELIAS: Absolutely.

NORM: And would you say that they do not need objective ideas such as what we have the opportunity to acquire here in order to be able to appropriately enter the shift?

ELIAS: I shall express to you all once again, you do not need this forum. It is unnecessary for your awareness for you to be interacting with Elias. You choose to engage this interaction, and the exchange is accomplished. Individuals throughout your planet shall draw themselves to information which shall be helpful to them. This is not to say that individuals shall all understand all that will occur; this being your objective in being helpful within consciousness. You view quite slightly presently a movement within consciousness, within yourselves objectively being affected. This affectingness causes confusion. At times it may cause you conflict, for you create conflict many times when you are confused. In this, you also shall experience moments of questioning where you shall be questioning of self and identity, as I have expressed to you often, and you may also question your reality. You hold information to allow you a footing, for you have asked. Therefore, you may experience these things but they shall be temporary, and you shall be accepting and understanding of what you experience. Others may experience these same occurrences, and as I have expressed to you previously, they will believe themselves to be entering insanity.

NORM: They choose this reality. They choose that trauma.

ELIAS: Yes, but I also express to you, in like manner to other individuals which I have addressed previously, I am not in agreement with the thought process and the direction that you move in within this statement. It is not merely, ‘Oh, well! These individuals create their own reality. It is of no consequence to me.’ For what another creates, so do you also. What another experiences, so do you also. As you lend energy to the shift you lend energy to yourself, for there are no separations. There are no sections. Therefore, aspects of yourself choose, in your terms, the trauma, but you do not. Therefore, you may be helpful to other aspects of you in lessening this trauma, in recognition that it is unnecessary; not that it is ‘bad,’ but it is unnecessary.” [session 160, March 30, 1997]

ELIAS: “It is quite natural for you to be engaging these inner senses, as you are using these continuously. You only are not noticing. These inner senses are exercised within your normal workings of your manifestation continuously, although you hold no thought process connected with them. They may be likened to your heart beating or your breath. You do not walk through your day and continuously think of your heart beating or tell yourself to breathe. You automatically accomplish these functions. You also automatically accomplish the usage of your inner senses. You just do not recognize as you are using these senses, this being why I have offered you exercises to be engaging these inner senses. You have been offered exercises to exercise your empathic sense, your sense of conceptualization, and also your inner sense of tone and touch, this being what you have exercised with our example in clarity. (8)

... I have expressed to you previously that these exercises are of importance. Now I shall express to you that in order to be objectively understanding the experience and the movement of consciousness of your shift and also of transition, it is necessary for you to be acquainted with these inner senses and learning to be manipulating within these efficiently. You hold the ability to be manipulating these inner senses equally as well and efficiently as your outer senses. (Much laughter) If you are practicing! You think that you do not hold the ability to be manipulating these inner senses as efficiently, but you also do not intentionally, consciously, noticingly exercise these senses very often at all!

NORM: ... The basic question is, can science develop a thing, living or not, that can measure subjective activity of any kind?

ELIAS: Your operative word is ‘can’ you. As all things are possible to you, I shall express yes, you can. Now; whether this is more probable, I shall express that as you continue within physical focus you shall develop instruments that will be designed more efficiently to measure objective responses and imagery of subjective movement, although not measuring subjective movement itself; the reason being that as you move into the action of your shift, it also shall become unnecessary for you to be developing instrumentation to be measuring of subjective activity. It shall be accepted. The reason that you create instruments within your technology is to prove elements to yourselves, to give yourselves information in proving what you think. It shall be unnecessary to be proving subjective activity once your shift is accomplished, for it shall be accepted.

NORM: It would seem to me like there’s a lot of people that are not going to accept this for some period of time. It would be totally different than the history that we’ve had so far. I guess that’s to be expected, but that means that it will be a situation where almost all people will then have inner senses that are operating to the point where they will accept this information.

ELIAS: This shift encompasses your entire globe. This shift is not concerning some individuals. It is concerning all individuals within this dimension within this particular physical focus. It is involving all of what you think of presently as your future focuses, although they are simultaneous. There shall not be individuals excluded from the action of this shift. It is an agreement and a movement in consciousness. It incorporates all of the consciousness within this dimension and physical focus.

You are correct that there shall be many individuals that shall not quite so readily be accepting of this movement, this being the reason why I have expressed that there shall be experienced trauma as involved with this shift. This is also the reason that you have drawn yourselves to this forum and that you speak with me, to be affecting within consciousness, to be helpful in eliminating this trauma, for you hold an awareness subjectively, and becoming objectively, of the trauma connected with this shift, and therefore wish to be helpful in lessening this manifestation.

NORM: Somehow we are perceiving the future in our dream state? Is that what we’re doing?

RETA: Or was it an agreement before we came here to be helpful?

ELIAS: This is a difficult area, for this incorporates your concept of your time framework. In one manner of speaking I express to you that this agreement has been made previously, although it is being made presently. You inquire that you are viewing futurely within your dream state. You experience what you think of as future time, for it is sideways time. It is not future. It is simultaneous. It is now. Therefore yes, you do experience future time and also past time within your dream state. You create affectingness within consciousness subjectively, beneath your dream imagery.

RETA: I want you to know that when you say that we may have had an agreement ahead of time, that feels really comfortable inside. It really feels like you do hit the truth. I’ve been comfortable with that all along. I want to express to you that I appreciate you, and I feel that you’ve taught me quite a bit. I just wish I could pass it on faster, or take the time to do more with it.

ELIAS: You are. (Smiling)

NORM: Is this occurring through what was stated as mass action? Is the term mass action involved with the shift? It is, isn’t it?

ELIAS: There are many mass events that shall be in response to this shift, and you may express a terminology of mass action or collective action if you are choosing. It is, en masse, an agreement within essence of all essences choosing to be participating within this physical dimension.

NORM: Do the focuses, are they involved directly with mass action?


DREW: These mass events you said will be the result of the shift. Is it likely there will be mass events that will help cause the shift?

ELIAS: Absolutely. You have witnessed recently one small mass event which has been influencing in the movement of the shift within consciousness, within this recent week time [the Heaven’s Gate mass suicide].

DREW: Now, you had indicated that this was actually a small event that was greatly influencing. So when we use the word mass event and we’re looking into the probabilities of things to come that will aid the shift, I’d like to get a sense of scale. Will these events be similar in scale to the kinds of things we’ve experienced in the past week, or will there be mass events on a national or even global scale that will be influencing?

ELIAS: These all involve probabilities. Therefore, I may not express to you definites of mass events, in predicting that globally you shall experience this or that. There are probabilities that may be created, if gaining enough collective energy, which shall be in extreme large occurrences, although as I have stated, this is not necessary. Therefore, you may choose within probabilities to be not creating of tremendous exaggerated actions; this being part of the action of these individuals within this forum, yourself also, is to be avoiding massive drama and therefore eliminating of much trauma.

DREW: And yet it would seem, as Norm said, unlikely that large numbers of our population, nationally and globally, would have such shifts in belief systems without some sort of traumatic mass event. The numbers are so great and their belief systems so entrenched, it would seem unlikely that without some sort of objective event, their change in belief systems would be unlikely to occur.

ELIAS: I address first to what is seeming to be a misunderstanding. Individuals upon your planet, essences manifest physically within this dimension and upon your planet, hold agreement to be accomplishing a shift in consciousness. This shift in consciousness is not necessarily an elimination or a change in belief systems! It is an awareness and an acceptance of those held belief systems, and therefore, within this awareness and acceptance, there is an allowance of an expansion of consciousness objectively within physical focus, expanding your creativity and your objective abilities, or your belief in your objective abilities.

Individuals throughout your globe may continue to hold their belief systems, but they will hold an awareness that they are belief systems and not truths. They will recognize that their sciences incorporate equal amounts of belief systems as your religious elements. They will understand their own creativity and their own ability to manipulate and move within consciousness more efficiently and to be manifesting objectively aware connections within consciousness of self and other essences, therefore expanding objectively your knowledge of reality within physical focus.

Therefore, as you move into the action of your shift, as I express to you that individuals shall experience trauma, they shall not experience trauma in regard to a massive global explosion which shall be upturning their world and eliminating of all of their known reality. They shall be experiencing trauma as they naturally move into more of an objective awareness of subjective activity and bleed-through action, which shall be confusing and which they shall be identifying within themselves as insanity. Therefore, your planet shall be seized with the epidemic of mass lunacy, to their way of thinking, without helpfulness within consciousness.

They shall not be eliminating of their individuals belief systems. I do not express to you that you be eliminating of your individual belief systems. They are a part of your reality within this focus. I express to you only that you widen your awareness to hold an understanding that what you actualize is filtered through belief systems, that you do hold belief systems, that everything within your physical focus is affected by your belief systems. This is not wrong! This is not bad! This is not inefficient! This is what you have created within this dimensional focus, and it is quite efficient. It is only too limiting for your creativity within this present now, for you choose to be expanding your creativity and utilizing more of your abilities unrestrained.

RETA: Could I liken this to perhaps the mass event of the end of communism as we know it, the Berlin Wall coming down? Because within that mass event there were more people exposed to freedom and allowed to think for themselves for the first time, and allowed to integrate themselves with other ideas, other nations, other concepts. To me, that mass event was a real push toward widening understanding. I know it’s got to go a long ways, but even in the countries now that are still more or less controlled by their regimes or their culture, they still now know of outside ideas and worlds and so they do not think the same as they used to think. So more people do have an awareness that they never had before. So that mass event to me was a huge event.

ELIAS: Just as within the small event of which we spoke at our last session [the Heaven’s Gate mass suicide], these events serve to be altering of perception and awareness. It matters not the direction. It matters that the perceptions and the awareness is altered. In this, you are correct. I shall reserve my debating with you, of individuals’ choices to be manifest within certain locations of your planet and restrictions which they choose to place upon themselves as opposed to inflicting upon other individuals, for a later date. (Chuckling)

NORM: You mentioned before that we are leaving the era of religious ideas. Will this be the age of enlightenment? Is that term going to be the one that refers to the era of the shift?

ELIAS: This would be a popular terminology globally. Within your present now, many individuals within many cultures within many religious beliefs systems incorporate this wording, which is acceptable if you are choosing this to be your terminology.

NORM: Will it be known as that in the future, in the ‘sideways’ future? (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Very good! I shall say that within probabilities your history records may record this terminology in reference to this time period of this shift, whether or not you choose to incorporate it as a ‘title.’

NORM: ... One more question. Because of the universality of agreement with essences in regard to the shift, does that mean that there will not be a probable world that will not go along with the shift?

ELIAS: No. I may say to you that this may have been a possibility, but as this has already objectively been created within thought with many individuals, it has already been actualized.

NORM: So all probable worlds are undergoing the shift.


NORM: I mean, all probable worlds of this reality.

ELIAS: No, for you create already presently probable worlds which will not encounter this shift, for the energy has already been projected within thought to actualize this probability.” [session 162, April 06, 1997]

ELIAS: “In the action of this shift and those individuals who have drawn this information to themselves to be helpful within this shift, you each offer yourselves opportunities to practice before expanding outward. You may not embark upon your crusade which lies ahead of you if you may not be accomplishing within your practice.

TOM: Okay.

ELIAS: Therefore, be remembering of the little saplings. This small, seemingly insignificant little story holds much information. The straight little sapling is unconcerned with the other sapling’s movement. It is accepting. Its interpretation of growth is different, but it is accepting of the other sapling’s interpretation of growth. (9)

We have spoken recently to another individual within the forum of our sessions of this same issue, which you all, without exception, grapple with. Each individual, within their belief systems, believes that their movement is right and correct, this being why we spend so much of your time framework expressing over and over that there is no right and wrong. It is all experience. You automatically attach right and wrong to events, thoughts, emotions, everything. In this, you automatically hold value judgments on all other individuals ... and yourselves!

Acceptance, within your language, should be the largest word that you possess, encompassing more letters than any other word within your language, for it is the largest and most difficult concept for you each to be accomplishing. You are taught to not be accepting. Therefore, you automatically are not. You also hold the duplicity of self, which reinforces non-acceptance of self. Therefore, how may you be accepting of another?

Think to your philosophies that you have studied within your religious elements. All religions express that you may not love another if you are not loving of self. This essentially is the same concept. You may not be accepting of others if you are not accepting of self, therefore once again returning to our sapling story. Concentrate on self, and therefore allow yourself to be accepting of others. There is no wrong. All individuals shall interpret information within their own manner, and they shall allow themselves their own widening. They do not all accomplish within the same time framework. They do not all accomplish within the same method; but your shift is in motion.

In this, these individuals, as yourself, who have drawn yourselves to interaction with this essence hold, as I have stated previously, a tremendous responsibility within consciousness that you have chosen. This has not been thrust upon you. You have chosen to be helpful and to take this responsibility within consciousness in furthering the action of this shift; this being your crusade, and the greatest crusade of your time framework to date. Your religious crusades within the past, as you view it, hold no comparison to the significance of this action within consciousness.

As I have stated, all individuals within the entirety of your globe, your entire planet ... this is very many individuals ... shall experience this shift. They shall be experiencing these subjective bleed-throughs. They shall also not all understand their experience. You have begun already. You already hold a partial understanding of this action. You may move through your focus objectively and experience subjective bleed-through information and recognize that this is subjective information. You may look about you and view subjective unofficial information in many different areas. You may look to science. You may look to your television. You may look to a sentence that another individual offers you, and you may view unofficial information and recognize that it is unofficial information.

In this, you hold more information than other individuals. Many individuals shall be struggling with these experiences. They do not understand. It is not your mission to be pounding information into their brain. It is your purpose to be supportive, accepting, and helpful in any manner that you may be, without judgment.

TOM: Judgment is hard. Judgment is probably one of the hardest belief systems to get rid of, and I’ve tried.

ELIAS: Acceptance is the key. If you are focusing upon eliminating judgment you shall fail, in your terms, for you are treating a symptom. If you are focusing upon self and acceptance, you shall automatically allow judgment to drift away. If you are concerned with self, you shall not be concerned with the interpretation of another. If you are looking without, you shall confuse and frustrate yourself, for you may not dictate to another individual their movement. You may influence, but your influence must be within an area that may be accepted. You experience confusion for you have allowed yourself subjective interaction in viewing other focuses and the objective of crusading and this confuses you, for within this crusade, so to speak, the objective is different.

TOM: There is none.

ELIAS: There is! Within your past history, your objectives have been without; an attempt to be altering other individual’s perceptions and belief systems of any given subject. The crusades, in all areas within your past histories, have been outward projections; attempts to be altering and changing other individuals; this also being why they have failed. This crusade, within this shift, moves in what you term to be the opposite direction. It is not to be altering other individual’s perceptions.

TOM: Just my own.

ELIAS: Correct.

... In continuing, I express to you once again, acceptance of self is of utmost importance. Realize that although you experience presently a void, this is for the reason that you do not apply yourself to the crusade of this shift. You do not quite understand the massive importance of this action. This action is different from historical movements. There is no ...

TOM: Religious salvation at the end of the light?

ELIAS: No. There is no shouting and masses banding together objectively, drawing upon each other’s energy objectively, generating excitement. Within many crusades of your past history, this has been a commonality in motivation. You may view objectively that individuals move together and reinforce each other objectively with energy within a cause. In this, the cause becomes greater than all else. This furthers movement as it generates excitement within all of the individuals. One individual may experience within the midst of a movement much apathy, but as they are exposed objectively to the wave of energy of other individuals, they are swept into this tornado of movement and their apathy dissipates. They lose themselves, so to speak, within the cause. In this, the cause becomes all-important.

This has been your past history. Presently you do not experience this sweep of excitement and emotion, for this shift is dependent upon self. You, as all other individuals globally, are unfamiliar with motivating self. You may believe that you are self-motivating, but within movement and affectingness of other individuals you are familiar with waves of energy that objectively influence you to be moving forward, in your terms.

This shift is motivated within. It is not moved outwardly. The movement continues in like manner in a massive wave of consciousness, gaining energy and support, but it is not expressed objectively in the same manner that you are familiar with historically. Therefore, you experience a void, for you are unfamiliar with this type of movement. Your feelings are different. Within an objective wave of crusade, your feelings are influenced by action of the masses. Your feelings may be swayed, and you may be creating these feelings to be aligning with the masses. In this wave, you do not know what to be feeling!

TOM: You’re right!

ELIAS: Therefore you flounder, for there is no objective expression of wave moving you. You must be dependent upon self. This is unfamiliar. You must be dependent upon trusting self and allowing self to be connecting subjectively with the wave of consciousness. Then you must be trusting of self to initiate your own feeling, which shall be motivating of you. You are unfamiliar with this action. Therefore, you pull back.

TOM: I shun. I keep you away. I keep everybody away!

ELIAS: Quite, this being why I speak with you this day, to offer you information to be listening to self and these experiences. In this, also be remembering objectively of the importance of this shift and the choice that you have accepted.

TOM: ... Acceptance is the hard part. Being of the history, for me, the acceptance now is hard for me to accept because of the history. That’s what I’m having a problem with.

ELIAS: Acceptance is difficult for all individuals. You are privy to other focuses which influence your thought process and therefore influence you in the direction of your belief system, that this creates more difficulty for you. All individuals, in different aspects, experience great difficulty in acceptance.

This shift is unlike any other type of consciousness that you have experienced upon your planet to this present now, since the time of your Dream Walkers. Therefore your focuses, be they simultaneous, throughout your history are unfamiliar also with this action. You hold only one, as do any other individuals, that holds an understanding of this action within consciousness; that being the focus of the Seer.” [session 164, April 16, 1997]

ELIAS: “Also, I wish you not to be forgetful of your empathic sense; for this particular inner sense, as we move into our new agenda, shall be come quite valuable to you. This shall be helpful to you within your understanding. It shall also be quite helpful to you within the action of this shift and your participation in it. If you are understanding of your fellow individuals and their belief systems through your empathic sense, you shall be accepting and you shall eliminate many of your own obstacles, which you have already experienced. ‘How do I express to another individual adequately this information of this shift?’ You shall offer yourself these answers if you are allowing yourself to be engaging your empathic sense, and therefore understanding another individual and approaching the individual in a manner that they shall understand and accept. This is accomplished initially by your acceptance. You must be accepting first.

As with all things, we return once again to the base, which is: You must be accepting of you and trusting of you and knowing you and understanding all of the elements of yourself, that you may be efficiently manipulating these elements in the creation of your own reality; not for the purpose of creating your own reality, for you shall create your reality regardless, but for the purpose of this shift; this being the reason you have drawn yourselves to this information, this being what you approach now within consciousness.

... I am quite understanding that the expression of this shift seems to be an inadequate statement from this essence. I express to you that this is our objective. This is the agreement. This is the reason that I engage you; for this shift. This is the point! Therefore, you each gear your consciousness within this direction. This is a much larger issue than you realize, although you are becoming aware.” [session 166, April 20, 1997]

BOB: “As we move more into the shift and there’s a widening of awareness and periphery, will sexual issues, gender issues, be less important? Because they seem to be held more in essence than in belief system, and because we hold them in essence we create belief systems around them. But it strikes me that as we become more aware of the nature of sexuality and gender and that whole arena, that the belief systems seem to sort of break down naturally and are not as critical to be moved through as certain other belief systems, like religion ...

ELIAS: This has already begun. It is a difficult movement, for you have held strong belief systems within centuries of your history. Therefore, movement away from these belief systems shall appear initially to be sluggish, although they are already moving quite swiftly in an acceptance which grows more and more, of your sexuality and the lack of importance of choices of expression within this. If you are expressing within this area and you are not being hurtful, it matters not what you choose as an expression to be manifesting.

BOB: Why the distinction about hurtfulness, if murder isn’t a bad expression?

ELIAS: This being an expression of essence; and as you are moving into your shift and widening your awareness and knowing of this, you shall be moving into an area that you shall not be intentionally being hurtful to each other. Within your belief systems presently, you continue to view this as not an agreement; as victim and perpetrator. Therefore, I qualify that until the time of acceptance of this shift, hurtfulness is unacceptable.

NORM: ... Our discussion tonight in regard to our understanding of essence, is there actually going to be a time on this Earth when more than fifty percent are actually going to believe what we are talking about tonight?

ELIAS: There shall come a time upon your planet, within the accomplishment of this shift, in which your entire globe shall hold an awareness of which we speak. Be assured of this, for it is already done within simultaneous time.

NORM: It must be beautiful!

ELIAS: It is, I shall express, an incredible accomplishment within your dimension.

CAROLE: Elias, is this ... what’s happening with the shift ... is this part of why now there are so many people that are experiencing already trauma, hence all of the new drugs? (Here, Carole mentions four drugs which the typist is mostly unfamiliar with, one being Prozac) Has a lot of this come about because of the shift taking place and people being confused and going back and forth and not knowing how to cope with the changes?

ELIAS: Yes; this being why you gain information, as do other individuals also; to be understanding and to be helpful.” [session 171, May 04, 1997]

ELIAS: “Good afternoon! (Smiling)

Belief Systems in Relation to your Shift

All of you are aware of the shift in consciousness which is presently occurring. You are engaged in consciousness within this action and lending energy to this. It is all well and good to be idealistically looking to yourselves and your future with regard to your shift, expressing to yourselves and one another how lovely and peaceful and wonderful your shift may be, but in actuality there are also practicalities that accompany this action. You are moving through belief systems which you have carried through many focuses to this present now, and these are not so easily dismissed. It also, as you view presently, is not so easily accomplished, interacting with other individuals and their belief systems.

Individuals knowing of this global shift in consciousness may be excitedly wishing to be helpful to all other individuals in offering information and lending energy, but are also faced with their own belief systems when confronted with the belief systems of other individuals. This poses confusion and conflict. Even amongst yourselves ... those of you that agree upon concepts and ideals ... you may encounter your own belief systems which clash with other individuals’ belief systems. I express to you all that the purpose of your shift is not to be eliminating your belief systems, but to be accepting of your belief systems and also those of all other individuals upon your planet.

Within physical focus, you have designed this reality with belief systems. Therefore, even within your shift in consciousness you shall be holding belief systems, although you shall recognize these as belief systems and you shall be accepting of them. Therefore, they shall not hold the power that they hold presently. Our absolute key word within the action of the shift is acceptance; acceptance of self, of belief systems, and of all other individuals. This is much more difficult than you may initially perceive, for in order to be accepting of belief systems and other individuals within their belief systems, you must also be trusting of self.

This moves us into areas of practicality once again, in which you experience confusion and conflict in wanting to be trusting of self, but also questioning when that trusting of self is called into question within interaction of other individuals, for you are trusting of other individuals’ impressions and impulses and intuition. Therefore, you wish not to be discounting of these elements, but you also wish not to be discounting of your own, which may not appear to be in harmony. As you all well know, it is not quite so difficult to be trusting of self singularly; but as you are interacting with other individuals, here you present yourselves with confusion.

This is the reason for the importance of examining belief systems, recognizing within you your own belief systems and their weight, for some belief systems are heavier than others. Some you hold more strongly than others. In this, you also fight more diligently in defense of these belief systems. This shall be your initial indication. As you approach another individual and you are faced with the belief systems of another individual to which you disagree, examine self first before your response. Be remembering that the movement of the shift is not to be converting other individuals to your belief systems. This action of the shift encompasses all belief systems; all individuals upon your planet. Therefore, the acceptance of all belief systems is of utmost importance, for you accomplish no differently if you are holding judgment upon other individuals for the creation of their belief systems than they do with you.

The more vehemently you are expressing to another individual the rightness of your stance, the more you are indicating to yourself the intensity of the belief system that you hold. If accepting any given belief system, it is no longer important to you to be converting another individual to your thought process, for you accept their reality; for belief systems are an element of this physical reality. Therefore, each belief that each individual holds is real. It is not merely in your terms reality for this one individual. It is reality, for you are all connected. Therefore, it is your reality also. You may exceedingly disagree with another individual’s creation of their reality, but this is your reality also; for you are a part of them, and they are a part of you.

This brings us to the furthering of the issue of duplicity, which extends farther than only your individual selves. These are all elements that must be addressed in the effort to be furthering the action of your shift. You hold duplicity within self, which you understand. What you forget is that you are interconnected with all other consciousness. Therefore, as you find yourself within disagreement or judgment of another individual, you are also exhibiting duplicity of self within a larger range; for there is no separation. (Pause)

There are many elements to the movement of this shift within consciousness. It shall be a tremendous endeavor to be undertaking. It is requiring of tremendous energy within consciousness to be changing and moving the energy away from the established belief systems and the prophesied events into what you view as a positive motion which shall not be destructive. You do hold the power and the ability to accomplish this. (Pause)

These elements, as I have stated, require trustfulness of self. Many individuals believe ... mark this word! ... that they are trusting of self, when in actuality they are not quite trusting of self. Within your mundane everyday life, you encounter many conflicts and many confusions which arise as a lack of trust of self. Even those which have proven to themselves many times that they may genuinely trust in self slide into doubtfulness, for this duplicity is extremely strong within your belief systems.

Be remembering that this shift in consciousness has never occurred upon your planet within this dimension within your reality before. Therefore, all of your focuses which are occurring simultaneously presently are inundated with the belief systems that you have created within this reality. Therefore, they lend energy to this focus that you presently are aware of in reinforcement of these belief systems, making this action of this movement in consciousness even more difficult; but just as your religious era gained momentum and moved in what you view to be a forward motion and was accomplished quite efficiently, so also will this shift within consciousness. (Pause)

It would be quite marvelous had I a cosmic magic wand that I may wave above you all and touch to your heads and express, ‘Acceptance of all elements of belief systems immediately!’ (Grinning) This is not how you have created your reality, which is wondrous in itself. Therefore, you must allow yourself an awareness. You must open your ears and your consciousness to all of these elements that are occurring about you, which you view daily and recognize.

Recognition is not enough. Everyone upon your planet presently recognizes that there are differences within your time period presently, that there are unusual movements, that there are differences in thought processes, that there is an acceptance of more unofficial information than there has been allowed previously; but a recognition alone, as I have stated, is not enough. Movement is also required; this being the lending of energy to be helpful within this shift. You each, having information, experience difficulty in accepting belief systems and movement within the furthering of this shift. Think to yourselves of those individuals that do not offer themselves information as of yet, for you are their messengers.

I have expressed that individuals globally shall experience trauma within the action of this shift. You yourselves experience bleed-throughs of subjective consciousness which may be confusing to you initially. You learn to identify these subjective bleed-throughs and understand that these are elements of self. Individuals who hold no objective knowledge of subjective consciousness merely develop a new belief system that they are experiencing insanity, for they also shall experience the same elements that you experience. They only do not hold explanation for these experiences; this being why there are individuals who have drawn themselves to information, to be helpful to other individuals within consciousness and within furthering this shift. (Pause)

I shall allow for your questions.

Q: Describe this bleed-through a little more thoroughly. Is it an actual change in our vision?

ELIAS: Bleedthroughs may occur in many different ways. This is subjective consciousness, that which you think of in your terminology as unconscious, which is not unconscious for there is no unconscious! All is conscious! But subjective activity and consciousness is that which you are not objectively or wakingly always aware of.

These are elements of yourself. They are elements of your essence; activity, action, events, movement that occurs continuously within the movement of this shift in consciousness. As you have all agreed upon this shift, you allow yourselves now to experience what we term to be bleed-throughs of subjective activity or consciousness into your objective waking awareness. You do this as you would be traumatizing yourselves if you were to be opening entirely at once objectively to all of your subjective knowledge. Therefore, you have chosen to be bleeding through in increments this information. It may be occurring within visions. It may be occurring within events, identifications of other focuses, increased dream imagery activity. You may visually experience differences within your waking state of physical objects and also individuals; this seeming to you at times, without information, to be a distortion of your vision. In actuality, it is a bleed-through of subjective knowledge.

It is as if your dream state may superimpose itself upon your waking state. Within your dream state, your belief systems are relaxed. Therefore, you allow yourself to experience actions, events, and elements that you do not believe you may accomplish within your waking state. Within your dream state, you may fly. Within your dream state, you may accomplish actions that are contrary to your belief systems within waking state; but as within your dream state your belief systems are relaxed and you experience a different time framework which is not linear, you are accepting of more unusual activity, in your terms.

In this same manner, you are now allowing bleed-throughs of this type of activity, such as dream activity, superimposed upon waking state. You may experience differences or alterations in time frameworks. You may experience time moving very quickly or very slowly, which is demonstrating to you inner senses being activated. You may experience viewing an object within your room that momentarily distorts and becomes another object within your vision, and then becomes its original self once again. You may experience scents, smells that are unfamiliar to you. You may experience hearing different elements. You may experience more projection within consciousness, that which you term to be out-of-body-experiences. You shall also notice more of what you view as coincidence. They shall be appearing everywhere, more so than you may explain to yourself!

These are subjective bleed-throughs. These are knowings that you carry with you always but you do not recognize always, for you have created this physical reality to be viewed objectively. Therefore, within your objective reality you are not recognizing of many elements of subjective reality, which parallels and performs in harmony to your objective reality. Within your history, it has been witnessed that only those special few individuals gifted with psychic senses or witchery or sorcery would be privy to these types of awarenesses. Within this present now, as you are moving into the action of your shift, you all begin to experience these elements of subjective awareness and allow a bleed-through into your waking, objective, knowing consciousness, that you may recognize unofficial information; for unofficial information is just as much reality as your accepted official reality. There is only more to it! (Grinning)

CAROLE: ... Within the shift, can those people that are aware of the shift and are working with the shift ... There is the other part of our populations all over the world that seem to be working in the opposite direction. I’m talking about those people that are so involved in gang warfare and that kind of thing. I understand about accepting belief systems. My question has more to do with, where will these people and their awareness of their consciousness go at the end of the shift time? What is their point, their place?

ELIAS: As you hold these belief systems of right and wrong and good and evil, which are elements of your religious era, you view actions and experiences within this framework. Each action contributes in a fashion to the whole. You may not understand completely the benefit that occurs, but let us view within a different angle of perception.

You view much violence and negative behavior within your planet presently. I have stated previously that this is not an escalation from your past history. It is manifest differently. Therefore, it is attaining your attention differently. In this, the manifestation of the violence that you view is a rebellion against established, accepted, societal systems. Within your viewpoints you view this as wrong, but they also are making their statement in alignment with the movement of consciousness away from your established belief systems and your established accepted reality, within this what you may term to be past era.

You may symbolize this in many ways, as do religious individuals and psychological individuals, and within one layer of consciousness it may hold validity in its symbolism; in that within the emergence of any new creation there is a birth, and within the throes of the birth there is also what you term to be painfulness or pushing. It is not necessarily always painful to be emerging, but it is necessary for a push. In this, you choose collectively to be pushing in many directions. Young individuals choose to be pushing in non-compliance with established belief systems. Other individuals move into other areas and push also. All of these individuals drawn to this forum are pushing within consciousness. This all lends to the movement of the shift.

This is not to say that hurtfulness is acceptable, but ... and you may express to Michael [Mary] that if he is noticing, he was offered his words today ... although hurtfulness is not acceptable it may be beneficial within your physical reality, and beneficial is not necessarily positive in your estimation. You may benefit from many elements that you create, that you view to be destructive and negative and violent and hurtful. Within essence and expression of essence this is not acceptable, but you are within your dimension of physical focus which you have created in this manner. Therefore, you also allow for these experiences.

Within the action of your shift, as I have stated previously, these actions and events shall become unnecessary, for the belief systems shall not motivate this type of action. You witness these types of occurrences in response to established belief systems presently. If these belief systems were accepted, they would hold no power. Therefore, there would be no motivation for these actions.

Q: ... Were you implying that we may be manifesting our visions, creating them in our reality, that others may see also? You said that our visions may be shifting.

ELIAS: At times. For the most part within these beginning throes of your shift, you shall be recognizing of this activity yourselves individually, although at times you also may be recognizing this activity collectively; this being why you may notice what you think of as an upsurge in certain activities.

It may be seeming to you that more individuals are manifesting healing abilities or psychic abilities or intuitive abilities more easily and more effectively, collectively, presently; this being another indication of these subjective bleed-throughs. Whereas within your history individuals may have had to study for much time period with a teacher to be acquiring of the objective ability to be manipulating inner senses, which you all hold but do not all exercise, now this is becoming more natural to you as you move into your shift, and you may witness individuals that seem to be tuning into these inner senses much more quickly and adeptly within this present now.

... Within your societies, throughout your globe and throughout your history, your arts in all forms mirror the movement and activity which is occurring within consciousness. All of your arts are very connected within consciousness to that which you objectively manifest within political alignments and belief systems. As you move through consciousness and adopt new belief systems or are merely within the throes of established belief systems, you reflect this objectively through your arts. All of these arts in all forms reflect or mirror subjective activity.

Therefore, individuals that are expressive through the objective element of creating within any of your art forms within this particular dimension are expressing not only their own subjective movement, but also in alignment with the masses within consciousness. You may view within any of your time periods all of your different art expressions and you shall view the correlation between all of the forms, for they move in waves. They are quite reflective of the collective within consciousness, and express themselves outwardly as a symbol of the collective consciousness.

Therefore you shall view, and are already viewing within many of your arts, expressions that are indicative of this shift. You shall notice that your stories, your motion pictures, move in the direction of futuristic elements, for this is the area that you concentrate your attention in relation to the shift. You shall also view within your art, your literature, your motion pictures, your dance even, expressiveness alluding to subjective consciousness; inner senses, psychic abilities – unofficial information. These are mirror images expressed objectively as the undercurrent of your societies, expressed through your artists.

... You are continuously, within every moment of your existence, intersecting reality with all consciousness and affecting and being affected by all consciousness. You only notice those interactions that you engage objectively, those interactions with other individuals within your presence within your waking state, although you are being affected and affecting everything, not only those within your presence. (Pause)

Within the acceptance of the belief system, the individual recognizes that it matters not. It is not offensive to this individual that the other individual continues to create their reality within the strength of the belief system. This is the action of the little sapling. I have expressed to you all, do not worry of other individuals and their creations. You have much to be responsible for within your own creations and your own essence, which is vast!

You are operating within your belief systems, are you not?


ELIAS: Therefore, do not focus upon the belief systems of another. Focus upon your own. (Pause)

The [point of this] shift is not to be changing another individual. You are not within the throes of your crusades as within your past history. You are not engaging an action to be converting other individuals to your thought processes or belief systems. You are not crusading to be changing outside. You are crusading, if you will, to be altering inside. Therefore your focus, your attention, your objective is to be concentrating upon self, not other individuals; for as you concentrate upon other individuals, you continue the established belief systems that you already accept!” [session 178, May 31, 1997]

ELIAS: “Recently, we have spoken of a very complicated concept of fragmentation which I shall not go into this day, but in relation to this, many, many individuals presently are influenced by information which is presented to them within this now dealing with entities within other dimensions. As you are moving into the actualization of your shift in consciousness, you may encounter many different ideas and concepts which are made into new belief systems. These are offered as belief systems, as individuals do not hold explanations for the feeling tone that they hold and the information that may bleed through as a result of the recognition of this tone.

You, in your offering information to other individuals and being helpful within the movement of this shift, must also be recognizing and aware of these other elements. We have spoken previously of individuals holding strong religious affiliations or very strong scientific belief systems. Now we shall move into areas where individuals hold belief systems which concern other dimensions, for you shall encounter many of these also.

DREW: ... It just makes me wonder what the value of a document like the one we’ve been discussing (10) is then, if encoded in it are specific events that are supposed to happen within our reality, when in fact those events may or may not happen, depending on what we choose to actualize.

ELIAS: This is quite right, although within your belief systems this information lends energy to your belief systems of absolutes. (Spoken deliberately) Also, view how timely this information is expressed to you, in a reinforcement of your religious era which is entering its close. You are moving into the action of your shift in consciousness globally, moving out of your era of religious-focus. I have expressed to you previously, this shall not be let go so easily! These are mass belief systems. They are quite strong. These belief systems have held predictions which, en masse, individuals accept. Therefore, within the action of your shift, your task is to be altering of these probabilities which have been actualized, which need not be actualized.” [session 183, June 15, 1997]

The shift in consciousness, an overview. Clip 1. [ 6:15" ]
[session 185, June 21, 1997]

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VICKI: “I’d like to ask a question just for everybody here. There’s a lot of people here that I don’t even know, that are unaware of what these sessions are all about that we’ve been having and your intent within the interaction. It might be helpful I think, for the people that are here that are brand-new, if you could explain that a little bit.

ELIAS: Very well. This essence is that of Elias, within the family of Sumafi. Within your dimension presently you engage a collective event, which is translated into a global event, which you recognize as a shift in consciousness. Individuals holding no knowledge of information that you have availed yourselves of recognize also this shift. They do not hold an understanding objectively of the workings, so to speak, of this shift in consciousness, but they are aware, as they feel a shifting within themselves and as they notice changes moving throughout your objective creations – a new allowance of subjective information that you have chosen to allow to bleed through into your awareness objectively. It is reflected in all of your creations – all of your arts, all of your sciences, even your religions. There is a growing awareness.

This has been presented to you individuals previously by another. (11) Now this family of Sumafi continues the information, to be detailing to you helpfulness within understanding of this shift in consciousness and the role objectively that you have chosen to engage within helpfulness in preventing trauma; for you move from your religious era into a new creation of consciousness within your dimension, within this planet. In this, the belief systems are strong. Therefore, as individuals begin to experience what you have all agreed upon within the action of this shift, many will not be understanding what they objectify. Many will experience conflict, as they do not understand within their officially accepted belief systems.

You have been offered the opportunity to recognize the existence of belief systems. Now you offer yourselves more information to be accepting belief systems – not eliminating, not changing, but accepting – and in this recognizing that your creations are all filtered through your belief systems. This is your creation. This is a magnificent invention of creativity within your dimension, but your creativity now becomes limited. Therefore, in a recognition of this limitation, you offer yourselves new horizons in objective awareness.

The shift in consciousness, an overview. Clip 2. [ 6:48" ]
[session 185, June 21, 1997]

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The action of your shift in consciousness encompasses the entirety of your globe. It is not limited to any group, any family, any selectivity of consciousness within this dimension. It is all-encompassing. It is agreed, but you have also previously, in your terms, agreed within your religious-focuses to be creating of prophecies and ideas of future events, also in your terms, which are probabilities. They are not actual realities that are unchangeable. Within the action of your shift, you have chosen to alter these probabilities, within a recognition that all that you hold to be negative within destruction within your belief systems is unnecessary. Therefore, you offer yourselves the opportunity to exercise your creativity and your understanding of consciousness and no separation within consciousness, and that you all are one. You only appear separately within your disguise. In this, you also offer your assistance to all other individuals. Within an action of acceptance of belief systems, you may offer helpfulness to those other individuals that do not objectively avail themselves of information concerning this shift in consciousness.

Many of you experience new elements of yourselves, new elements of your reality. You recognize the bleed-through of subjective information. Your dream activity accelerates. Your objective awareness changes. You visualize exciting but odd new occurrences. Objects that you are familiar with alter their form before your eyes temporarily. Every individual within this company has availed themselves of some form of new, expanded, subjective bleed-through. Individuals, you shall recognize, allow more connection with their inner senses.

You are more connected with yourselves presently than you have allowed within your history. For you which hold some understanding, you may also feel some elements of frightenedness, some elements of confusion, some elements that you do not understand, but you also hold an acceptance of this change. There are many individuals that you encounter always that do not avail themselves of this information presently. They shall experience the same bleed-throughs as do you, but within a lack of understanding they may interpret these bleed-throughs as insanity. They may not be as accepting of their objectifying of this subjective information. In this, you may be very instrumental in helpfulness, in acknowledging that this has been agreed [upon]. They hold nothing ‘wrong’ with them, as you hold no thing wrong with you.

The shift in consciousness, an overview. Clip 3. [ 4:52" ]
[session 185, June 21, 1997]

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You move into magnificent creativity! This allow[s] yourselves to recognize and embrace and share with other individuals, knowing that each focus which is manifest is an ultimate creation of essence. This dimension and this physical focus is exceedingly complex. You have created a magnificent intricacy of creativity within this dimension. Many belief systems presently express to you that others in other dimensions are more magnificent than you. I express to you all, and hear this: There is no dimension more than you, for you are all. Therefore, all of these dimensions which are spoken of are you! There is no separation. Therefore, how may you be less? (Pause)

There is no differentiation within consciousness. There are only different expressions of creativity, but all is the same. In this, recognize your own creativity and magnificence. Understand your language to yourselves, which is that subjective bleed-through information. As you witness a dropping of a veil of time frameworks, recognize that this is you. There is no division. Within the action of this shift, you shall become aware of the creation of physical time frameworks. Therefore, you shall hold the ability to access intentionally, consciously, other focuses that you hold within this dimension. You may also, within other areas of consciousness, access other essences and all other aspects of your essence. Your essence is so very vast that within this present now, it is incomprehensible to you. You occupy all of consciousness. Therefore, within this shift, you offer yourselves the opportunity to view what you are. (Pause, and to Vic) Is this acceptable? (Much laughter)

VICKI: Quite! Thank you.

... As I have expressed to you, the Sumari, which presents this forum [in] this time period (12), has prepared, so to speak, the beginning understandings of the accomplishment of this shift. Therefore, you are instrumental in pulling together, as the changers ... or in your terms the ‘pot-stirrers,’ (laughter) ... you are instrumental in pulling together those individuals that hold an awareness, but do not necessarily align or are elements of the Sumari family. All of the families of consciousness equally participate in the action of this shift, holding different intents, therefore offering different elements to the furthering of this action.

The Sumafi (sitting straight up proudly and grinning, and we all crack up) appears now to be continuing this effort ...

FRANK: And we appreciate that! (Elias grins)

ELIAS: ... in offering, within the intent of Sumafi, information within teaching allowing for the least amount of distortion; this being the intent of the family of Sumafi and the contribution to the action of the shift. These individuals have been the keepers of knowledge throughout your millennium. These individuals that focus within your physical focus that are aspects of Sumafi are your scribes, and offer to you now information within the least amount of distortion for your understanding; therefore complementing the overview which has been presented previously.

FRANK: It’s safe to say that we’re Sumari?

ELIAS: Correct.

FRANK: Are we some of the Sumari who are currently aligning with the Sumafi to make things happen? Because that’s what I feel.

ELIAS: You are quite correct. Within this focus, you have chosen to be aligning with the family of Sumafi to be lending energy within the action of the least distortion in explanation to other individuals, that there is a lessening of confusion and misunderstanding. Many individuals participating within your present action this day are not elements or aspects of your Sumari family. They believe themselves to be for they are drawn to the information, not holding an understanding of these essence families and that they all shall draw themselves together to be furthering this shift within consciousness, and within harmony they shall magnate to each other to offer their own attributes and their own creativity in connection with you all. Many individuals presently within your forum that you engage this day are aspects of Tumold and Vold, offering calming acceptance within the action of Tumold; although they are interpreting this as healing, which in your terms it is, although not within their understanding of healing. Within the interaction of the individuals which are aspects of Vold, they are lending revolutionary energy.

CAROL: ... Did I understand you to say a couple of transcripts ago that people physically focused are going to be interacting more with people in transition that are not physically focused?

ELIAS: Yes. Within the action of this shift, you shall allow yourself interaction with individuals which occupy the area of consciousness that you recognize as transition. In this, you not only offer yourselves the new challenge of creativity and experimentation, but you also offer helpfulness in the action of transition, that individuals may not become confused and hold to objective consciousness.

There are no ‘lost souls,’ but there are confused focuses! (Grinning, and we all crack up) Therefore, within a recognition of simultaneous time within the area of transition, the focus may become quite confused at all of the lenses that appear before them and the belief systems that shall materialize within their reality, as they choose. This may be quite confusing to you initially. Therefore, it is in your terms quite understandable that some of these focuses may be choosing to be holding to this objective awareness, quitely! (Humorously) ‘I shall reside here within this small area, and recalling this manifestation of body. Therefore, I shall not confuse myself!’ (Laughter) But you also shall be helpful within this action of transition, in a recognition of this action; this being why many, many more individuals shall choose to be engaging the action of transition within physical focus previous to disengagement, offering helpfulness. And as many, many more individuals choose this action, this being also why your sciences shall be expressing they have cured your senility, for you shall hold an awareness. Therefore, you shall not create within total confusion. Therefore, you need not be fixed! (Laughter, and a pause)

... You now expand your understanding, and in this expansion of understanding – not in evolution, but within an expanded awareness of self – you now move to the area that you may understand and move on to your next step, in your terms; which is to be altering your reality by accepting the belief systems, therefore also allowing yourself to be opening to the mergence of subjective consciousness to objective awareness, and in this accomplishing your shift.

Your teacher has expressed briefly the concept of this shift; for within the time period of ‘stirring the pot,’ within your consciousness objectively, you were not quite ready to be holding an understanding of the action of this shift. (13) You were offered information of a coming event within an alteration of consciousness. You have also been offered a time framework for its accomplishment, which has not altered within your agreements. Therefore, it stands. It has begun. It is not fully accomplished, but it has begun. To your objective surprise, you shall accomplish fully this action of this shift within this coming century, many within your own focus time periods. Those which are choosing to be extending their focus upon this planet and choosing to be watchful of the progression shall allow themselves the opportunity to view, within your focus, the accomplishment fully of this shift.

You are magnificent creatures, and you may accomplish magnificent events! There is no limit ... Lawrence [Vicki], underline! ... NO LIMIT to your creativity and what you may express. You are unlimited! You only believe that you hold limits, but this alters also; for the beliefs shall be accepted and you shall recognize that you hold no limits within your own dimension.

Q: ... Elias, you spoke earlier about the shift in consciousness creating confusion and misunderstanding. Can you tell us things that we might look for that would indicate this was taking place?

ELIAS: This occurs presently all about you. Individuals experience the same subjective bleed-through that you individuals experience, but recognize. Individuals that do not hold this information objectively experience, regardless, the same events. Therefore, they may be encountering your extraterrestrials, which are YOU, (laughter) and they may be experiencing strange objects, which are your creation, and they may view the alteration of objects before their waking eyes and they may not hold an interpretation. This creates fearfulness. Individuals, as you are aware presently, create fearfulness within themselves, for they do not understand what they are creating. Therefore, they view this as threatening.

Also be remembering, you are moving out of your religious era. Many belief systems have been developed within this era. They are quite strong! Individuals may objectively manifest those elements which correlate to their belief systems. You may view little demons with tails! (Laughter) They are your projections of your belief systems. They are not entities attempting to be hurtful to you. They are projections of your own fearfulness; but within the belief systems, many individuals experience much confusion and trauma, for they do not understand.

Q: ... There are several people talking about ascension as a time that is going to be coming soon. Can you speak of this?

ELIAS: This is your shift.

Q: What will happen?

ELIAS: You shall incorporate an expanded awareness. You shall hold more of a mergence of subjective and objective awareness. You have chosen, within the entirety of your globe, this action. You have exhausted your creativity within your religious era. Once again I express to you, you have become bored, (laughter) and you look to an expansion of your creativity. Therefore, you incorporate more of your remembrance of essence; allowing for an expansion of your creativity, but also continuing an allowance for the purity of experience within this reality.

MIKE#2: ... My name is Michael. I have a question on the shift. We’re beginning the shift now. When is it to be completed?

ELIAS: This shift in consciousness has already been initiated. You are, within this present now, within the beginning throes of this action. Therefore, it is obvious to you that you incorporate confusion, for you have not quite understood what you are engaging. The accomplishment of this being actualized entirely shall be within your coming century. I have expressed to individuals within this day that the actualization of this shift shall be accomplished objectively within the existing focuses of many of these individuals. It is only dependent upon how long you choose to be engaged within this particular physical manifestation.

MIKE#2: So you mean people will be living longer than the traditional time?

ELIAS: If you are choosing! (Laughter)

MIKE#2: Is the Earth going through the same type of thing?

ELIAS: Yes. I have expressed once to individuals previously of the consciousness of your planet. This also is a creation of your essences. It is, in your terms, a living entity. It pulses, as do you pulse within your circulatory system. It breathes and moves, as you breathe and move. In this, it also responds to you within consciousness; and as you shift, so also does it shift.

You are aware that you are creating of your conditions atmospherically and within what you view to be nature. These are extensions of you. They are the creation of your emotion and your desires within movement of consciousness. They are an extension of your physical senses. You have not created your physical senses that you may experience visualizing or feeling within body or tasting or hearing or smelling. You engage these senses as you create what is to be sensed. What you sense did not appear first. You create this as you engage this sensing. Therefore, your wind appears not that you may sense, but as a response to your collective sense. Your action of your planet, within what you term to be events of nature, are responses and events which you create by expelling energy collectively. Your planet responds in recognition that it also is an objective expression within matter of the collective creation of essence. It is no different than your physical form, which also is a physical projection of essence within matter.

Once again I express, this is not a vessel! It is your creative, objective expression within physical matter of essence, and holds consciousness the same. It is not a shell. It is you! Your planet is also an extension of the collective energy of essence. In this, it holds no difference, and is consciousness also.

MIKE#2: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

ANDY: Elias, how will the shift affect other groups and belief systems in the human world, like the Christian belief system?

ELIAS: There are many, many cultures within your planet that experience these subjective bleed-throughs and hold less confusion than do you within your western Christian belief systems, although you are all allowing yourselves the opportunity to be understanding; for you all, within the entirety of your globe collectively, experience these same bleed-throughs. Therefore, you may view individuals within your western culture that encounter their extraterrestrials, but you may also view individuals within very small native cultures with no civilization, within your terms, that also encounter your extraterrestrials. It is not limited to those of you which hold western civilization. In actuality, I have expressed that there exists among you one small tribe of individuals which hold an objective understanding much greater than any else upon your planet, and have already incorporated much of the action of this shift. It shall all be accomplished within your objective time framework by a specific time period that you have agreed upon, but you may be accomplishing within this time framework at different rates, so to speak; this being the reason that you hold the ability for helpfulness with many individuals in avoiding trauma and confusion within the action of this shift, for you do hold a beginning of understanding and awareness.

Many individuals within your western civilization hold very strong belief systems. In this, they shall be experiencing trauma, for they do not understand objectively the experiences that bleed through subjectively into their objective awareness. You may be instrumental in acceptance of belief systems, and helpfulness to individuals not holding this objective understanding to be in your terms ‘working through’ belief systems, for they shall be accepted. Therefore, you may offer yourselves examples of activity and behavior that shall alter. As I have expressed, if you are not holding the belief system within its power, if you are accepting of the belief system and neutralizing its power, you may be occupied with other adventures within creativity. It is unnecessary to be creating of the behavior that you are creating now, for you will not hold the judgment of right and wrong. You shall understand that these are experiences. Therefore, they do not hold the power.

Let us explore a very simple example of a small child. If you are expressing to a very small child that it may not have this chocolate that you place in front of it, it shall desire this chocolate! (Much laughter) It shall incorporate behavior to be acquiring of this chocolate, for it has been denied and it has also been expressed within a belief system. The belief system has been projected to this child that they may not accomplish – this will be wrong. Therefore, they become intrigued, and are very aware of the energy which has been projected to them.

In this, as you are continuously exploring energy within an insatiable curiosity, you shall wish to be experiencing this which has been projected within energy in denial of your experience. If you hold no belief system or if you have accepted the belief system and are aware, therefore recognize that all is experience, you neutralize the energy of the belief system. Therefore, you may express, ‘You may not have this chocolate, but if this be your experience, it matters not.’ You may encounter a different response from this child, for it may lose interest in what it may acquire as it wishes; this being a very simple example, and only one within the action of this shift.

As I have expressed, you shall also access many other areas of consciousness that you do not allow yourselves within your belief systems presently. You do not en masse speak to individuals that you view to be dead! There is no ‘dead,’ but you believe that there is an existence of separation. Therefore, you do not allow yourself the experience. Within an understanding that this is a belief system arranged within your physical reality as an explanation to yourself of information that you have forgotten, you allow yourself the remembrance; and in this, you may engage this experience.

You may access your focuses within this dimension. Presently, you believe that you must engage elaborate steps to be accessing of your other focuses within this dimension. You must be engaging out-of-body experiences, or you must be engaging hypnotic states, or you must be concentrating extremely within your meditations. You merely need look to another focus to access, but you believe that you may not. Therefore, you do not.

Within the acceptance of the belief system, the energy is dissipated, which is that which creates the limitation. In the acceptance of the belief system, you understand its reality, and you may step beyond these belief systems, allowing for your own creativity. And if you are wishing to be exchanging – not viewing only, but exchanging – temporarily with another focus, you may, and you may cross your time frameworks and you may exchange temporarily with your focus within [the year] 1314, and they may exchange with you, and you may not incorporate a ‘method!’ You may merely will it, and it shall be.

You also shall offer yourselves the opportunity to be exploring more efficiently your own dimension and your creations. Presently, you seek to be exploring with technological apparatus, and you fly around space. You shall acquire the information and know that it is much more efficient to be traveling through space than to be traveling around space. You begin now to understand partially this concept. You allow yourself to relax your belief systems and accept that you may create an experience which you term to be out-of-body, within limitations. This is traveling through space. It is much more efficient! (Laughter) And, incorporates no time! (Grinning)

Q: Elias, during the shift, will our bodies become less dense and will our vibrations increase in some manifestation?

ELIAS: No. You shall be continuing with your objective focus. You have created this. You are pleased with this creation. It is efficient within this dimension. It is unnecessary to be altering of your physical form. Therefore, you shall not be creating new physical form until you are choosing to be creating of a new shift within future millennia! In this, you may choose to be creating of an entirely new design. But within this present agreement of this global shift, this is an alteration of consciousness; a merging of subjective and objective awareness. Your physical form shall remain the same. You may be choosing to be accepting belief systems that it is not a malfunctioning machine and vessel! Therefore, you may be choosing to be holding the objective image of your choosing and you may not be choosing to be creating age differences, although you may also incorporate this for your diversion in form; for within you, it is also appealing within this dimension to not be holding the same form throughout the entirety of an individual focus, but you shall be knowing that this form does not need be malfunctioning, for the malfunctions that it incorporates are direct responses of belief systems. They are not natural states. They are instructions from you, through belief systems, to be creating dysfunction.

Q: Will it take the mass consciousness to change that, or is it an individual thing?

ELIAS: It is an activity within mass consciousness presently, and shall continue. As the action of the shift is accomplished, then you shall individually choose what probabilities you wish to be actualizing. Therefore, I express to you: If you are not creating your belief system of your heaven upon Earth – for you may choose to be incorporating malfunction or disease for this experience – you shall also hold the awareness that you have created this and that you hold the ability within any moment to alter this. Therefore, if you are choosing for your experience to be malfunctioning, you also shall hold no doubt that within your next moment you may be disengaging this action, for you may choose to be changing it, and you shall, spontaneously.

JIM: Elias, Seth had said that one of the [three] Christ entities would return in the near future, to in effect tear down most religions and change things. Will this be part of the shift? Is there any indication that something like this will happen?

ELIAS: This has occurred presently – not within your understanding, but this essence, within a mergence of another tone, has chosen to be physically manifesting. I shall explain.

One essence has been choosing, within what you view to be your past, to physically manifest within three physical manifestations within the same time period. One manifestation, one lens focus of this essence, chose to be continuing within the ending of this religious era. In this, one aspect, one lens focus, one of these three manifestations within non-physical consciousness has merged with one essence which has not incorporated physical focus previously. (14) In this, this non-physical essence not previously manifest was incorporated as a Dream Walker. This essence incorporates that aspect merged of the other essence. In this, this non-physically focused essence has already incorporated the only manifestation of its choosing. This has been accomplished presently.

The accomplishment of the physical manifestation was occurring within what you view to be your year previous to this. This essence has manifest within the physical focuses of nine individuals, one to be representing of each family of consciousness within this dimension. All nine are male entities/manifestations. All nine are manifest. They are all very small children. You may be considering them babies, all, for they have all been manifest within the same time period of one-and-one-half years. In this, all of these physically focused children, which presently occupy different space arrangements upon your planet, hold exceptional abilities within the intent of each family and within a knowing of subjective awareness. Therefore, each shall be quite influencing within the accomplishment of this shift and the dissolution of your religious era. It shall not be the form upon the blazing horse across your sky, much to your disappointment! (Laughter) But less dramatically, they shall all be quite influencing within this shift, and it shall be accomplished in its entirety within their lifetime.

JIM: That’s amazing!” [session 185, June 21, 1997]

RETA: “I have a question. We were talking about the change and the shift. In talking about the body and healing, I’ve been trying to study and deal with what possible changes there can be so that people can allow themselves to be well more often and not take on the aspects of disease. But looking at other people and trying to help them with an awareness of even their own physical problems is really difficult unless you can get on some wavelength with them. Can you sort of help me to become aware of some of the expansiveness or some of the awareness that will come about as we go into the shift? Some of the differences?

ELIAS: Allow me to offer to you, Dehl [Reta], an experiment that you may engage yourself, which shall offer you the experience to be understanding a little more the action of this shift and its affectingness. You speak of healing and a desire to be helpful. I suggest to you: Temporarily attempt to put aside your desire for helpfulness, and allow yourself to view individuals that you deem needing helpfulness. Instead of directing your attention into being helpful, direct your attention temporarily into connecting empathically with these individuals. In this, allow yourself to experience what the other individual is experiencing physically, emotionally, mentally. As you allow yourself this experience and practice with this experience, you may also offer yourself an understanding of the tremendous workings of inner senses, which shall be offering you information of the action of this shift. It shall also offer you information in connecting with other individuals and understanding the action of helpfulness, for as you understand through experience another individual’s experience, you may also understand how to be helpful more efficiently.

Example: If you are encountering an individual that has created a broken arm and you are choosing to be using your empathic sense and connecting with this individual, you shall experience the broken arm. In this experience, you shall also offer yourself information of how to be communicating with the bone which is broken and reestablishing its natural state; for the action of healing occurs by communication to affected areas subjectively, in instructing or reminding these areas to be reestablishing their natural order. Therefore, this exercise shall offer you, if you are allowing yourself to be accomplishing, much information that presently is quite confusing to you.

... BOB#1: I have a question. If one of us here were to decide that we didn’t want the shift to occur, could we in any way impede it?

ELIAS: Yes, for you shall be aligning with the mass belief systems currently holding.

BOB#1: Hmm! I didn’t expect that answer. You’re always doing that to me, you know! I thought the shift was moving in unstoppable force that none of us need participate in nor help with, and it would occur regardless.

ELIAS: Allow me to offer you an explanation. All probabilities are actualized. Therefore, this shift is actualized. But as probabilities are also not ahead of you, and you are creating them within each moment, the actualization of that probability still holds the element of non-insertion into your reality if you are not moving within the direction of actualizing it into this reality.

BOB#1: My individual reality?

ELIAS: The collective reality upon your planet.

BOB#1: Okay. Well, I’m completely confused!

ELIAS: Probabilities may be as simply explained as choices, and as complicated to be understanding as to completely confound you objectively. Within the creation of probabilities and simultaneous time ... Siman [Bob]!

BOB#1: Now you’re getting into stuff I understand! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Quite! The probability of the shift, as it has been thought of collectively, has been actualized; but it is not actualized within this dimension. (Pause, staring at Bob)

BOB#1: Okay.

ELIAS: Therefore, it is actualized within consciousness; and you now, moment by moment, create its actualization into this reality. (Pause, staring at Bob again)

BOB#1: Okay.

ELIAS: Therefore collectively, you hold the choice at every moment to change probabilities. In this, you continue presently with the choice globally to be actualizing into your reality the action of this shift, but this holds the ability to change within every moment. As you lend energy to the opposition of the shift, you hold at bay the actualization.

BOB#1: In order to do that, would one have to be aware of the shift and actively opposing it, as opposed to the people who are just strongly holding belief systems which are not shift-oriented, per se?

ELIAS: Within present probabilities, yes.

BOB#1: Hmm! So there is a probability that aware, widened people could and/or might oppose the shift for some unknown reason?

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: But in opposing it, don’t they lend energy to it?

ELIAS: No. They may be lending energy to the actualization of your prophecies.

RETA: And the mass belief that we’re going to have doom, gloom and destruction, that’s the big belief system. That’s the mass belief system right now.

BOB#1: I’m not sure that’s all that strongly held.

RETA: Oh, I believe it is!

BOB#1: I know there are people who do, but....

DREW: To understand how this focusing of energy works, it’s my understanding that ... and I’m sure you’ll correct me if I’m wrong! If you focus on that which you do not want, you lend energy to it and quite often cause its manifestation. Therefore, if there are people who do not want the shift to take place and they focus their energy at not allowing it to happen, they’ll lend energy to its actual manifestation.

ELIAS: But they are also understanding of what they are focusing their energy to.

BOB#1: But I defined them as aware, widened people who understood what was going on opposing it, as opposed to people lending energy to things through belief systems.

ELIAS: Correct.

RETA: If you take people who read and believe in the revelations, the prophecies, and all this stuff that’s been going on, could you take an estimate of that mass belief system in the population today? Would that be two-thirds of the population or half the population that believe in that destruction or that prophecy being fulfilled?

ELIAS: More than half ...

RETA: Quite a few!

ELIAS: ... but this does not necessarily lend energy in opposing the shift.

RETA: Well, I don’t know how many people even know about the shift to be able to oppose it! I mean, they’re using their revelations and their prophecies to believe in, but I don’t believe that there is an alternative for some of these people.

BOB#1: (To Reta) I wasn’t exactly talking in real time necessarily. I was talking more hypothetically. As people became aware, could they oppose the shift, and would they, and might they, and is that a probability.

RETA: It IS a probability....

ELIAS: All actions are probabilities. All choices are probabilities. This is not a more probable probability. It is quite less probable, although everything is within the realm of probabilities.” [session 196, July 20, 1997]

DENNIS: “This is just a general question regarding the shift. How is this shift affecting or how will it be affected by the billions of people that live in China? And the people that live in the Arab countries, the Muslims, which have such a strong belief system in what they believe in or what they don’t believe in, how are these people going to be caught up in the shift? Right now, they’re both very warring societies. Well, so are we to an extent, but how is this shift ... how will it work its way through those people?

ELIAS: This is a global shift in consciousness. Therefore, no individual is exempt. As I have stated to you within this session, you may be surprising yourselves that individuals holding religious belief systems may move with more ease in some situations than individuals that deny their alignment with religious belief systems and express that they hold none, for individuals holding religious belief systems anticipate a great change. It shall not appear in the manner of their belief systems, but it shall occur. They believe a global, immense change shall be occurring upon your planet and affecting of the entirety of your globe, not only their one religious-focus. Therefore, they are anticipating ‘something.’ It shall merely materialize differently.

Although I express to you also, this being the reasoning that information of this shift is offered; for within consciousness and probabilities and energy, although the probabilities lean to the creation of the shift without destruction and devastation, within the belief systems of many individuals upon your planet within many different religious belief systems, energy continues to be lent to creations of unnecessary destruction and devastation upon your planet to be giving birth to this shift. The ideas of the outcome, so to speak, of this movement matters not. The interpretation presently matters not. The information to be offered that the devastation in movement need not occur holds importance, for within consciousness en masse upon your planet, you are still vying within probabilities. Therefore, if you are offering yourselves information, which you are increasingly, you shall be influencing of probabilities and lending to the energy of moving into your shift with the least amount of trauma. Individuals shall be experiencing trauma within their own focus enough. It is unnecessary for you to also be creating of famines and wars and destruction and dis-ease and earthquakes and tidal waves! (Laughter) This all shall be occurring within you! It need not be occurring within your planet! (Groans from the audience)

Therefore, it matters not the ideas within the change or the belief systems or the concepts. The point is to be accepting of belief systems, of all belief systems; those that you hold individually, and those that others hold within mass. Within this acceptance, you lessen the trauma. You increase your understanding and your ability to hold within your focus as this enormous tsunami occurs within consciousness upon your planet. It shall be accomplished, but it is your choice how you choose to be accomplishing this, and if you are choosing to be accomplishing with conflict or devastation.” [session 199, July 24, 1997]

ELIAS: “Presently, you all are experiencing affectingness of a massive wave in consciousness, which theme connected to this wave is that of acceptance. I have spoken recently often of this wave in consciousness that is occurring, although I am understanding that many of you are not quite understanding the scope of this wave occurring presently and its affectingness within each of you, and also en masse. This wave of acceptance you are each responding to within your own individual manners, but this wave of acceptance is directly a recognition of the movement and the action of your shift, and the acceptance and the lack of acceptance of this shift. I have been expressing to you for much of your time period that you shall be noticing more and more of the affects of the shift before you, this being another one of these affects.

I have expressed to you recently, seriously, of this wave of acceptance, for the reason that serious action is occurring within this wave. Some individuals respond more strongly than other individuals. Those individuals which are connected to essence families within the capacity of Seers – and the like within other essence families – shall be experiencing affects of this wave more strongly than other individuals, and shall be experiencing more difficulty within the acceptance of the movement. This movement, as I have expressed to you many times, is not within your own small locations, but within the entirety of your globe; this being what you are feeling presently and responding to, although you do not objectively attach to the reasoning. Bleedthroughs are beginning, and you are beginning to attach more objective awareness to the actions that you encounter and the feelings that you experience. Also, your experiences increase. You may be, as I have stated, feeling within you agitated or frustrated or confused or impatient with yourselves or with other individuals, and you may feel confused within your behavior. This you be may expecting.

This wave is beginning within your continents and moving outward. I have expressed to you many times that you do not create accidents and that all time is simultaneous. Therefore, within probabilities and within actions that you choose and elements of your existence that you create, you create everything purposefully, even to the point of the placement of the continents upon your planet. Look to your globe and view that the continents of what you term as your Americas are removed from all the other continents upon your planet. This has been purposefully arranged within the knowingness of your Dream Walkers; for in recognition of the shift and the movement in consciousness, this movement begins within your physical land locations of these continents. Other mass and Source Events have originated in other areas of your planet, other continents which have been purposefully placed in creation within close proximity to each other. [Only one] other continent is removed, which shall be the next continent that carries the movement of this shift in early recognition.

Therefore, here within your location of your countries upon these continents, you begin experiencing and feeling the initial movement of this shift. You look to yourselves and you look to this essence and you express wonderings of what you shall do, of how you shall proceed. I have expressed to you that you shall be engaging your own creativity in these endeavors, but I shall also express to you, as I have previously, you are the forerunners. (Pause) You move presently within consciousness and add to the movement that others shall be engaging subsequently.

You have created this reality within physical linear time. Therefore, within this dimension, time is a reality to you. All things do not move at once within your consciousness, which is registered within Regional Area 1 and 2 within this dimension. Movement occurs in sequences. Therefore, within the action of this shift, your movement also occurs within sequences. If this be not what you were creating, your shift would be accomplished presently within your objective reality. I have expressed to you that within the probabilities, your shift shall be accomplished within your next century – within your lifetimes, so to speak, your focuses, if you are choosing to be creating of what you term to be long focuses; but most probably, it shall be completed within the focuses of your children.

Much of the action of the shift shall be accomplished within your focus, and as you are beginning movement into this shift, it is important that you are aware; for although I express to you that you hold great ability within consciousness to be actualizing probabilities and [to be] helpful within this shift, many other individuals upon your planet are not lending energy yet to the action of this shift. Therefore, I express to you of probabilities which have been accepted within consciousness and within energy, those which have been prophesied, that you need be lending energy to in uncreating. You may not be lending energy to uncreating of probabilities if you hold no awareness, for your subjective and your objective awarenesses work within harmony. Therefore, you need not only be subjectively aware to be affecting, but you need be also objectively aware.

You hold tremendous ability, but you also restrict yourselves and limit yourselves tremendously. You focus very singularly and very small within the actions of your individual selves, and within the interaction of immediate personages surrounding you. You do not recognize that you hold great ability within consciousness and are affecting of more than that which is immediately surrounding you. Therefore, as you continue in your focusing upon your individual conflicts and your holding to your individual issues, you also are affecting of other individuals, other counterparts, and affecting their ability to be accepting also. As you are not accepting, they are not accepting.

I offer this to you, for you have been engaged within these small traumas for what I may term to be enough time! (Confused laughter) You may now realistically look to the action of the shift and the action of acceptance of self and of all others, and you may disengage your fighting and your tantrums within yourselves and be allowing for your own acceptance. This IS important!

CATHY: I have a question. Obviously, this includes acceptance of other people’s non-acceptance.

ELIAS: Quite! I have expressed to you, the point is not to be holding judgment of other individuals’ creation of their reality. The point is to be focusing upon self and accepting of self, and do not concern yourselves with other individuals and their creation of their reality. Be accepting.

CATHY: Within that, if you find yourself concentrating and not being able to accept someone else’s non-acceptance, then would distraction be a good thing to do?

ELIAS: Yes, Shynla [Cathy].

CATHY: Okay! That’s where I’m headed! (Laughing)

ELIAS: As you concentrate upon these elements, you perpetuate them. As you concentrate upon your own conflict continuously, you perpetuate this. As you concentrate upon your non-acceptance of other individuals’ reality, you perpetuate this! Therefore, if you are not allowing yourself to approach a point of acceptance, you may be distracting yourself for a time period and allowing yourself to disengage from the conflict and the confusion, and then you may re-address to the issue and you may have offered yourself more information and a clearer understanding of the issues that you are dealing with.” [session 203, August 03, 1997]

Note: this is the first of two parts on the shift. Go to the shift in consciousness, pt. 2.

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: the Sumari represent one of nine different essence families. More information follows on this page.

Digests: follow this link for an overview of the nine essence families.

(2) Vic’s note: this is in reference to the “alien creature” that Mary and I created one day for a short time. In that moment, this creature was real. We can both vouch for that. However, in our officially accepted reality, it was a large plastic spoon!

(3) Vic’s note: there seems to be a discrepancy here. Carole was referring to the month of May, and Elias is referring to June. I’ll ask about this in the next session.

(4) Paul’s note: referring to the Northridge, CA earthquake of January 17, 1994, 4:31 AM. PST, 20 miles west-northwest of Los Angeles; 1 mile south – southwest of Northridge. Its magnitude registered 6.7 in the Richter scale.

The earthquake produced the strongest ground motions ever instrumentally recorded in an urban setting in North America. Damage was wide-spread, sections of major freeways collapsed, parking structures and office buildings collapsed, and numerous apartment buildings suffered irreparable damage. Damage to wood-frame apartment houses was very widespread in the San Fernando Valley and Santa Monica areas, especially to structures with “soft” first floor or lower-level parking garages.

(5) Paul’s note: I’m including information from the Seth Material, channeled by Jane Roberts from 1963 – 1984, in this note because so many Elias readers are also Seth readers and these two sources share interesting similarities.

Jane first published some of, what she termed, “Christ material” in The Seth Material (1970), Chapter 18, The God Concept – The Creation – The Three Christs. However, Seth only actually names John the Baptist and Jesus Christ saying that he would offer the third name at a later date.

In Seth Speaks, (1972), Chapter 21, The Meaning of Religion, session 586, Seth talks about the ‘Christ entity’ in terms of three physical focuses: John the Baptist, Jesus Christ, and Paul or Saul of Tarsus. Seth also mentions that the twelve disciples were fragment personalities of the ‘Christ entity’ and the historical figure named “the teacher of righteousness” was a probable self. All this to say that Seth’s version of the ‘Christ entity’ phenomenon is multidimensional and multipersonal in nature.

Now, according to Elias, these three primary physical focuses – whom we know today as John, Jesus, and Paul – were also manifestations of a single essence. But in addtion, Elias has offered that this ‘Christ essence,’ so to speak, belongs to the Milumet essence family.

(Vic’s transcript note: Jene expressed irritation during the break with Elias’ refusal to answer [my earlier] question about essence naming [for the focus of Jesus Christ]. She also said that this is the first time she has felt irritation with Elias during a session. I am sharing this for the benefit of folks who don’t attend sessions because quite often, information delivered after a break is directly related to conversation during the break.

ELIAS: “Continuing: (To Jene) I shall offer, for your clarification and curiosity ...

JENE: Thank you.

ELIAS: ... essence family.

JENE: Okay. That’s cool.

ELIAS: For you are correct that we are focused upon the actions of essence families, and this holds significance. Therefore, I shall express the essence family. This particular essence in question, which was manifest within three physical manifestations, is of the family of Milumet.

As to a distortion, you are partially correct in that the manifestation within the intent of the family of Milumet was to be expressing of what you now term to be spirituality. In the actual expression, it was to be reminding you of your connections with essence. You are correct, in a sense, that this information has been distorted, although you have purposefully chosen the progression that you have created throughout your history, leading you within your progression of probabilities to this experience of your present shift.

Therefore, you may in one respect express that you have distorted the information offered of essence, but within another respect you have changed the information for your own experience. This essence family, within initiating of your religious time period, focused upon the intent of a remembrance of no separation of essence. This was translated symbolically, physically.” [session 141, December 22, 1996]

Later, Elias also provided the essence name for this ‘Christ essence’ during a later session :

VIVIEN: “The other thing I wanted to ask is the essence names of Mary and of Jesus. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name held by the focus of Mary, Sheen. Essence name held by the focus of Jesus, Telleth.

VIVIEN: Telleth. Okay, thank you.” [session 382, April 12, 1999]

According to Seth, it was Paul who, in creating the organization of the church that was left unsatisfied, in that he had not fulfilled his original intent. Both John and Jesus succeeded in fulfilling theirs’. So that unfulfilled intent forms the basis for Paul’s “return,” so to speak, to help make human kind more aware of their connection with All-That-Is, no longer requiring the direct mediation of priesthoods and calcified beauracracies to directly experience the Divine Within.

While Seth speaks of this so-called “return” in very singular terms, Elias expands and diverges at this point. According to Elias, that unfulfilled intent forms the basis for the focus of Paul’s mergence with the essence of Rose to remanifest as nine male children and lend energy to our shift.

Digests: find out more about the nine children of Rose.

Digests: find out more about mergence.

Finally, for those interested, Paul (Patel) offered the essence family alignments for the three primary focuses of the ‘Christ essence’ during an online chat, dated March 10, 1998:

PATEL: “Greetings this energy has been quite encompassing of you all tonight.

PAUL: Hi Patel!

TOM: Greetings Paul (Patel).

MJ: Hello Paul (Patel).

PAUL: Yes it has!

TOM: Yes, we have felt you.

PATEL: Certain questions have arisen that may well be answered by yourselves but I shall be available to you if you so choose.

PAUL: ... A question from Tyl [Joanne]; what are the family alignments of the three focuses of the Milumet essence?

PATEL: Apologizing for delay, Olivia [Ron] has issues within this exchange.

PATEL: Focus of Jesus, Vold.

PATEL: Focus of John, also Tumold.

PATEL: Focus of Paul, Tumold.

PAUL: Thank you very much!”

Digests: find out more about Paul (Patel).

Summary of the ‘Christ essence’
names and family connections
essence name: Telleth (source: Elias)
essence family belonging to: Milumet (source: Elias)
essence family alignment: John the Baptist/Tumold (source: Patel)
essence family alignment: Jesus Christ/Vold (source: Patel)
essence family alignment: Paul/Saul of Tarsus/Tumold (source: Patel)

Digests: find out more about essence families; belonging to/aligning with.

(6) Vic’s note: a TFE is what is commonly termed a past-life regression, but what we call a TFE – trans-focal encounter. We’ve been facilitating each other in TFE’s for a few years now. No, we have no training, and yes, it works anyway! Our basic “method” is for the facilitator to talk the subject through a general body-relaxation process. Then we encourage the subject to connect with whatever aspect of themselves they choose, and if they allow themselves to do this, we ask questions about their experience. The operative word is “allow.” Quite often the subject feels as if they are “making it up,” which they are not, according to the dead guy!

Digests: find out more about the new game (TFEs).

(7) Paul’s note: this is a reference to the Heaven’s Gate mass suicide that occurred on March 27, 1997 in Rancho Santa Fe, near San Diego, CA. A group of 39 people, including leader Marshall Applewhite, committed a non-violent suicide. Their belief was that a flying saucer, inhabited by “heavenly beings" was trailing the comet Hale-Bopp, and would take them to a “better” place. Their belief was that they had to be non-physically focused to accomplish this.

(8) Paul’s note: this is the only reference to the inner senses of tone and touch that Elias made until that time. So I asked him to clarify what he meant during session 336, October 27, 1998. His response was:

PAUL: “I do have another question about some information you’ve given on the inner senses, and it’s from session 162, and you say, ‘You have been offered exercises to exercise your empathic sense, your sense of conceptualization, and also your inner sense of tone and touch, this being what you have exercised with our example of clarity.’ That sort of confuses me, and I wonder if you would clarify, in the clarity exercise, the inner sense of tone and touch, what you mean by that? (Pause)

ELIAS: Tone is different from sound. Tone is a vibrational quality, and in this, your outer sense is a physical mirror image in its quality of connecting with sound. Within, in the inner senses, tone is the vibrational qualities that are held within consciousness, which you may access and this may offer you information to the different qualities of different expressions of essence, although this particular type of tapping into within inner senses is more difficult for your understanding, for this is requiring of more translation within your thought process, for if you are allowing yourself to be accessing in conjunction with your conceptualization, you may more easily be understanding what you are accessing.

Certain elements of consciousness are much more difficultly translated into your physical language. Your thought processes are also a form of physical language. It is a translation of energy, and this is your means of communication to yourself and to other individuals, within physical terms. But much of consciousness is expressed through tone, and this is not so very easily translated into your thought energy. Therefore, it is not as easily accessed, although it is possible and you do hold the ability within physical focus to be accessing this information.

The point of the exercise in clarity is to be allowing you the opportunity to be manipulating outer senses, which may also offer you more of an understanding of how to be manipulating inner senses more efficiently and to be using your inner senses in conjunction with each other as you use your outer senses in conjunction with each other, but you do not allow yourselves to be efficiently manipulating your OUTER senses, which you are quite familiar with!

Therefore, I have offered that particular exercise that you may become more familiar with manipulating these senses that you hold familiarity with, and in this you may offer yourself the opportunity to more efficiently manipulate your inner senses, which shall be offering you more information within consciousness, and also, it shall be helpful to you in manipulating energy within the action of this shift.

PAUL: Great. That was very helpful in terms of tone, Elias. That clears up your reference there in the sense of tone, but could you comment on the comment you made about tone and touch? Touch seems so physically focused. I can understand the word tone in terms of subjective state, but touch seems so physical. Is the word touch connected to an inner sense somehow?

ELIAS: Yes. This also moves in the direction of empathic, although it is slightly different from the empathic sense, for it moves more in the direction of the allowance of connection with other aspects of consciousness and other essences in mergence.

Just as within your objective physical terms, you look to your sense of touch as an expression of connection with another individual or any other object or element within your physical focus. Within inner senses, this also would be the case, but within the expression of mergence, which allows you to be accessing more information through experience. This may be, as I have stated, moved into in conjunction with your empathic sense and may be offering you more fullness in the area of experiencing other elements of consciousness, not merely other essences or other individuals as focuses of essence.” [session 336, October 27, 1998]

Exercises: find out more about the clarity exercise.

(9) Paul’s note: a reference to the “straight little sapling” allegory that Elias often refers to when he discusses our need to trust, accept, take full responsibility for only ourselves.

Digests: find out more about the sapling story.

(10) Paul’s note: a reference to an earlier exchange about the Torah containing secretly encoded messages, also called the Bible Codes, that reveal its divine authorship and additional prophecies. The Hebrew text of the Torah consists of the first five books of the Old Testament – the Books of Moses (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy).

(11) Paul’s note: a reference to the work of Seth/Jane Roberts. Seth delivered information about this shift in Seth Speaks (1972), Chapter 21, session 586 and introduced the notion that this action would be, more or less, completed by the year 2075. This is actually one of the few “predictions” to be found in the entire body of the Seth material, in terms of a mass event that affects the entire population of the planet to be completed by a certain date. (Seth and Jane also belong to the Sumari essence family.)

Digests: find out more about Seth/Jane Roberts.

(12) Paul’s note: this session occurred during the 1997 Seth Network Int’l. Conference, in Room #106 of the Holiday Inn in Elmira, NY. Seth/Jane Roberts belongs to the Sumari essence family, having produced 40-plus books of material, poetry, and fiction that laid the foundation and overview of information pertaining to the shift in consciousness.

(13) Paul’s note: a reference to Seth/Jane Roberts as “your teacher.”

The period of “stiring the pot" refers to the time when people belonging to and aligning with the Sumari essence family were actively participating in culture-changing mass events. Thus all of the arts including the beatniks, hippie movement, the anti-war protests of the late 1960s and early 1970s, psychedelic music of the same period, the feminist movement, Jane Roberts who channeled Seth from 1963-1984, are just the tip of the iceberg of some of the ways people with Sumari intent made an impact on many of the cultures of the world.

Elias has also offered information regarding the sequence of the Dream Walkers within the actions of their intents. He shows how essence family intents actually play out in linear terms as aspects of Source Events, which we perceive as mass events, are inserted into our physical reality. The Sumari were most active in the shift from 1950 to 1990 which paints a time frame around the activities mentioned in the previous paragraph, all of which lent tremendous energy to our shift in consciousness.

Digests: find out more about the sequence of the Dream Walkers within the actions of their intents.

(14) Paul’s note: this focus being that of Paul or Saul of Tarsus. This fact is mentioned in Seth Speaks, (1972), Chapter 21, The Meaning of Religion, session 586, July 24, 1971. There is additional information that Seth/Jane offered on Paul in Dreams, “Evolution,” and Value Fulfillment, Vol. 2, (1986), session 928, November 12, 1980.

Note: this is the first of two parts on the shift. Go to the shift in consciousness, pt. 2.

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