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the shift in consciousness, pt. 2

Note: this is the second of two parts of the shift in consciousness. Go to the shift in consciousness, pt. 1.

JIM: “You had mentioned at one time that the essence of Jesus shall remanifest within our shift. Do any of the other leaders – Siddhartha, Lao Tse, or any of the other leaders of religions as we see them – have plans to remanifest within our shift as well?

ELIAS: No; this being a specialized action within this one essence; and only one aspect of that essence, one focus which is one facet of that essence, is choosing to be merging and has already merged with the essence manifesting within nine physical focuses presently. As I have expressed to you, the one aspect of that essence – that which manifests physically as Paul, Saul of Tarsus – that is the aspect or the focus of the essence which has now merged with Rose and is remanifest within these nine physical focuses of Rose presently; the reason for this being a continuation of the manifestation which was agreed upon initially, in knowing within essence that THAT essence would be instrumental in altering the reality of your religious element upon your planet and initiating a stronger alignment with religious belief systems throughout the next centuries, and also holding a knowing within essence that this aspect would be instrumental in closing out your religious era and being helpful in ushering in your shift in consciousness.

... I express to you that presently within the motion of this shift, many different areas shall be accessed within what you view to be the element of healing. Many methods are accurate; one not necessarily being more effective than another. It is a time period presently when you all allow yourselves a widening in awareness which opens you to the vast avenues of creativity that are available to you. Therefore, you may view many more aspects of actions creatively to be accessing the same information and to be manipulating energy efficiently, only in different ways. Many other individuals access new information within creativity also in the area of sound and thought waves, to be affecting of energy and to be lending energy and manipulating energy for helpfulness in this area of healing. Therefore, you also allow yourself new, creative information that you may be connecting with. You need merely be trusting self and listening to your inner intuition in knowing what is ringing true, and that you may incorporate many avenues of creativity and not limit yourself to merely one.

... This be the basis of the action of this shift; to be accepting and trusting of self and therefore widening your awareness as a natural byproduct, and offering yourself tremendous new avenues in creativity that you may now explore, and increasing your ability; for you engage your periphery and no longer hold to your blinders. In this, you may not engage your periphery and you may not move in the action of this shift without accepting and trusting self.

You are moving into a new area of consciousness. Other individuals, other essences, shall not be expressing your direction for you any longer. You shall be directing of yourselves, individually and collectively, and this is unfamiliar to you. You are quite familiar with your officially accepted reality of being instructed by a select few in how to create your reality in the direction that they wish you to create your reality. Now you may create your reality in the direction that you choose independently, within your own creativity and for yourself.

You have always created your realities for yourselves. You have NOT always understood HOW you create your reality. You have also aligned within mass belief systems, within your societies throughout your entire globe, in agreement to be following instruction of select few individuals that you designate to be ‘the leaders.’ Now you may each be your own leaders.

JIM: So those being physical leaders that we look to for guidance, whether they be doctors or religious or political or whoever.

ELIAS: Correct.” [session 207, August 15, 1997]

Note: The following excerpt is from a Paul (Patel) session.

PAUL/PATEL (15): “Greetings to all of my dear ones! As many of you have become aware, much activity has been engaged within the areas of widening and involvement within consciousness. Upon this day, we shall attempt to dispel certain misconceptions of information which has been presented previously. Initially, I shall be assuring you that these concepts or ideas are purely a matter of choice to you, and this choice shall be and ever has been yours to make. Within the context of the ideas presented within the past two years of your time, much has been discussed and also much has been discovered by you. These things shall all be quite helpful to you within this process, so to speak, that we speak of as your shift.

This shift, although uniquely individual to you as a global body, is not unknown to other factions of your known universe; for as you have come to realize, there are many, many other aspects of consciousness intimately connected to you all. This may be a misleading statement, for in expressing this, it is only to be saying that other aspects of your essence are within constant communication with you always. These you may think of as small whispers to yourself, or as thoughts that seem to ‘pop in,’ so to speak, from nowhere. As you move through these areas of consciousness, be realizing that although these other aspects shall not be objectively interacting within this physical action of this shift, they shall be engaging, within the subjective realms of reality, similar actions. This shall be a much different action; for within subjective reality, similar actions shall be interpreted and responded to in a much different fashion than you shall interpret individual actions presently, objectively focused.

This introduction, so to speak, shall be only to say that within this shift, you may be feeling that you are ‘all alone in the universe.’ (quotes) However, this may not be spoken further from what is presently occurring. All consciousness is of the same makeup, so to speak. In this, we shall be expressing that there is no other, for other denotes separateness, of which there is none.

We shall begin this lesson, so to speak, with a brief synopsis of the interaction of this shift within consciousness. Many of you are aware of changes, so to speak, going on around you within everyday noticing of occurrences, within your everyday existence. These alterations within energy have been created by you as a form of noticing and a means of remembrance; for you all, within this particular time period that you have titled the twentieth century, have chosen to remember that other choices are and have been available to you for all of your existence, physical as well as non-physical.

Do not misunderstand. The terminology used within this expression that you have created is quite limited within understanding, as you have designed this language to be limiting for the reason of not letting in too much information at one time, so to speak, for this would be difficult for you to assimilate and to accept.

This shift shall incorporate many things, as has been stated previously by my dear friend [Elias]. You shall begin to open, so to speak, to other areas of your inner workings, so to speak, and be starting to listen from your inside out. As you move through this shift, be noticing others around you and be conscious of their individuality, for they shall be interpreting this shift in much different ways than you shall. Helpfulness within this noticing of dissimilar expression may be in the form of speaking to these individuals and offering alternate ways to perceive these actions that may be troubling them, or it may be more beneficial to them to be merely, so to speak, lending energy within consciousness to them in a way to be supportive to their plight. Individuals shall be within their own time, so to speak, coming to a remembrance and achieving a perception of other aspects of reality that they may never have realized existed.

... Much of your present time framework that you have chosen to refer to as all time ... which is not in reality all time, for there is no all or time ... has been devoted to a religious incorporation of right and wrong. These terms have been chosen as a means of separation from self. As the terms are presented to you, a visual image is then presented by you, of a ‘good thing’ on the one hand and a ‘bad thing’ on the other. These interpretations of good and evil shall become evident to you as you move closer to the finalization, so to speak, of this shift; for as you come to recognize these separations, you shall also come to realize that within consciousness there is actually no separation between them. These expressions of good and bad are only separated by you for the experience of making a distinction; this also being a term of separation.

Be not misunderstanding, for as this action of this shift takes place, so to speak, individuals shall be fearful of losing this individuality, which is the reason that separation has been created by you. These concepts of separateness shall become more obvious to you as the shift proceeds, and in this individuals may choose to either accept the new, so to speak, information presented, or they may choose to hold even more tightly to their religious beliefs, in fear that they shall be forfeiting their individuality. This is not the case. However, many shall be experiencing this expression.

To these individuals, much care should be given to expression of acceptance of this expression, for to attempt to change the thought processes of these individuals shall be quite confusing to them. By expression of acceptance, a model, so to speak, has been offered to them, and a knowing on their part is put into play. As an individual is incorporating trauma, many beliefs are placed in motion, and they will tend to block or interfere with expressions of helpfulness. This shall become evident to each individual as this shift progresses, so to speak. In this, more helpfulness may be achieved by expressions of acceptance than by physical interaction. This is not to say that interaction may not be helpful. It is only to say, listen to your inner voice and choose the expression that feels, so to speak, right to you.

This information that has been offered within your past two years has been offered to you not as a lesson, but as a reminder; for these individuals that have drawn themselves to this interaction have already incorporated a certain amount of remembrance, and have chosen to assist other individuals within their quest for this same remembrance. These individuals shall also offer helpfulness to you in a mirroring of remembrances. Within each memory lies a multitude of probabilities that shall all manifest, and in these probabilities are choices that have been made by you for your own noticing, and these choices shall be also experienced by other individuals expressing similar choices, only affecting in a way to mirror the affect of your individual choice.

Perception is the key, so to speak, to understanding, and understanding is the key to incorporation, and incorporation is the key to action, and action is the key to reality. Each of you holds your own reality, as all of you holds the same; this being a difficult concept. However, this shall become more clear, as it has presently become more clear than it previously was; and this progression, so to speak, shall continue, whether you are aware of it or not.” [Paul (Patel) session 35, August 22, 1997]

ELIAS: “I have offered you the actions of the essence family intents and their sequence. Within our previous discussion, you also asked questions as to counterpart action, and actions within the creation of Source Events involving these essence families. Be remembering that I have expressed to you that these families create sequentially. This is the operation that has been chosen to be implemented within the creation of all of your actions – all of your mass events, all of your expressions of your Source Events. One family or a brace of families or few families may be choosing a subject, so to speak, for experience, and in this choose to be creating of a Source Event, which shall be translated to its fullest extent within expressions of mass events as translations into your physical focus.

I shall express once again, a Source Event may not be entirely manifest within your physical focus. It is not possible to insert the entirety of a Source Event into the confines of physical manifestation, but you do create many mass events and individual events which are expressions of a given Source Event. In this, essences of particular families may be choosing a Source Event to be creating. This shall then be, within cooperation, acted upon sequentially by all of the essence families.

The Source Event, or the expression of the Source Event in the mass movement of your shift presently, is being addressed by the Sumafi family and responded to within the Sumafi family. If you are remembering our sequence of families, you shall be realizing that merely one remains to be expressing. That be the Tumold, which is the final family to be creating within every Source Event.

The Borledim and the Vold families have chosen the idea, so to speak, of this shift; but this shift is also an expression within mass event connected to another element or era – that being your religious era – which are both expressions of one Source Event. Therefore, other families have also been involved in the creation or the idea of what you think of as the other half of this Source Event. Within this, I have expressed to you previously that the Gramada family was initiating of your religious era. This is not to say that any one family which is choosing to be creating of the Source Event shall begin the Source Event. The expressions within mass within your present focus are initiated and followed through within sequence, as I have expressed to you within our previous meeting. There is a continuous overlapping of these essence families.

I also wish to express to you that no thing outside of yourselves is creating of your reality. Essences belonging to these families are not flying about your cosmos creating your reality within Source and mass events without your participation! YOU are creating of these actions, and are elements of these families. Therefore, Dream Walkers are not creating your reality presently without your interaction also. The essences which we deem as the Dream Walkers are participating in your Source and mass events along with you and as you. Therefore, there is no separation, and no element is creating of mass movement which is not also a part of you. All of consciousness is connected.

I also shall be expressing to you all this evening to be assimilating information offered by my dear one recently (Paul (Patel)), for this shall be helpful to you within these discussions. This is complementary information, and it shall be moving within balance to these discussions that I offer you.

RETA: ... I have a question, then. You were talking about the era of religion that was started by the Gramada, and it’s gone through a great long period. As we know, the religions are still pushing for doom and destruction. We, with this shift, want to have a widening and awareness of a great, wonderful world. Is there conflict between these two ideas, or have the families that have instigated the shift more or less gotten consensus to move that way, to move into the shift? Is this still a conflict between two mass events?

ELIAS: Within probabilities, your shift is actualized. It is not a future event. It is now, and it is accomplished. Also within probabilities, and within objective consciousness, there remains differences in the actualization or insertion into this dimension of the reality of certain actions in accomplishing this shift. Therefore, there remains still probabilities in what you may term to be both sides, this being the reason that you gather information presently and lend energy within the action of this shift; for objectively, other individuals, although moving into this shift in cooperation, are not in agreement of all of the actualizations of all of the probabilities. Therefore, as energy is lent to the insertion of your destruction or doom, it holds momentum, and may be inserted into this dimension and this reality. Therefore, you draw yourselves to information to be helpful in diverting these probabilities, and actualizing the insertion of different probabilities into your reality.

BOB: Why? Can’t they both just be experienced?

ELIAS: One experience has been expressed many, many times within your dimension. You have created disasters throughout your history. Therefore, you choose to be creating a new action. Within your history, you have always created destruction. Therefore, this is familiar to you. It is an experience which has been chosen, but it is becoming boring to you. Therefore, you now look to validating your own abilities in creating a new area of consciousness within this dimension, and moving into this action without familiar guidelines.

BOB: For the purpose of different experience.

ELIAS: Correct.” [session 210, August 24, 1997]

NORM: “The action of the shift, of going from the concept of separateness to the concept of more inter-relationships, will that affect how we think of a mass event like this? How will that influence how we think about that emotionally and intellectually?

ELIAS: I shall offer you an example. You view presently a mass event, not unlike many, many, many mass events that you have chosen to create within your history. (16)

NORM: For example, if I had gone through the shift and had passed the region of separateness, would I have the ability to have a knowledge, an inter-relationship with her experience?

ELIAS: Absolutely. You shall know the interconnectedness. Mass events do not occur outside of you. Regardless that you feel a response to a mass event, you are a part of the event, for there is no separation. Therefore, you are interconnected.

NORM: You’re saying that’s true right now.

ELIAS: It is true presently, yes.

NORM: So what is the difference then between before the shift and after the shift in regard to this separateness?

ELIAS: (Smiling) There is no before the shift and after the shift! (Laughter) It is NOW. I continue to express to you in this manner, Stephen [Norm], for you continue to allow your thought processes in linear terms of anticipation of the coming of an event. It IS, presently.

DAVID: ... So will this major shift in consciousness ever reach a point where it will become a public mass event?

ELIAS: As you choose to actualize this, yes; this being the reason that you been offered a time framework and a proximity to a date of the entire actualization of your shift.” [session 212, August 31, 1997]

DREW: “Once the shift is complete, there would no longer be tears over death. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Correct, for the belief system shall be neutralized.

DREW: There would really be no tears over anything!

ELIAS: Not necessarily. You are not disengaging your emotions!

DREW: But we would understand that they are just belief systems and we’d be accepting of them, which then eliminates their power. Is that not true?

ELIAS: Correct, but this does not eliminate your choice to be engaging emotional responses.

DREW: For the experience.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Right now, we don’t hold that choice.

ELIAS: You do hold the choice of all things. You merely do not understand, and do not remember. Therefore, you do not enact your choices.” [session 214, September 06, 1997]

RETA: “The one thing I found out, though – I’m talking to you about the religious side and my husband could step in and could probably talk about the scientific side – until the last few years, there’s certain things you just didn’t talk to in certain religions, but now people are more well-read and there is more out there in the bookstores and there’s more on TV and so on. And so as you do engage people, they are more well-read and more questioning and more feeling that they want to know more, and thinking about changing and giving up some of their old, staunch belief systems. And then on the scientific side, which was always a place you didn’t dare to tread, in the last two or three years the greatest scientists are finally openly talking about, ‘There must be something different.’ So I don’t think we need to restrict ourselves on the basis of stepping on toes or walking into some areas where people aren’t well-read. I think everyone is talking about a change now.

ELIAS: The shift in consciousness is obvious. It is being recognized by your entire planet. Individuals are experiencing everywhere, so to speak. Therefore, it is unnecessary to be holding great apprehension in sharing information ... but be studying your list! For the WAY that you are engaging other individuals is important! You defeat yourself and your point by engaging the action of your religious or scientific belief systems in attempting to be forcing another individual to be accepting YOUR reality and YOUR point-of-view.” [session 217, September 14, 1997]

The Century of Change

essence family 1900 1910 1920 1930 1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000
Sumafi |------- |
Milumet |------- |
Gramada |------- ------- |
Vold |------- ------- ------- |
Ilda |------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- |
Sumari |------- ------- ------- ------- |
Tumold |--->
Zuli |------- ------- ------- ------- |
Borledim |------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- |

(sequence of the Dream Walkers within the actions of their intents in the creation of the shift.)

ELIAS: “Very well. We shall be continuing our discussion of your essence families and your Dream Walkers this evening, in relation to this shift in consciousness. We shall be discussing in the same area as per our last discussion of these Dream Walkers and their sequential creating of reality, of which you are a part. Do not be separating and allowing your thought process to go into areas that these Dream Walkers are creating your reality for you and are creating this shift without you, for they are not; for you hold aspects within you of these Dream Walkers also, and you are creating of your reality and your probabilities.

We began in discussing the Gramada family as those that initiate the movement in creating your reality. This sequence of creating is followed throughout your history, as I have stated.

Now; I have expressed to you that this shift in consciousness is orchestrated by the Vold and the Borledim families, but the sequence of creating the reality follows in suit, as do all mass events stemming from Source Events which are inserted into your physical reality. In this, we shall be examining this century that you occupy presently and evaluating its sequence and progress as leading you into this shift in consciousness, now that you may look to this century as it comes to a close.

ELIAS: Within the initial throes of this century, the Gramada family, figuratively speaking, created an idea for creating a new reality. This is figuratively speaking; but within a time framework, as I have expressed to you previously that this shift was also designed ‘before the beginning,’ but within a time framework, at the beginning of your present century the Gramada family were instrumental in creating the idea for how this shift would be accomplished. In this, the Vold follows and initiates the action of this shift into physical focus, therefore creating your new technological revolution.

Many inventions and new creations were initiated within this century. You have created many more technological advances within this one century than you have throughout your history. These, as I have stated previously, are all mirror images of what you hold in knowledge within; and you mirror outwardly those things known to you within, subjectively and within essence and within the knowledge of consciousness. Therefore, you initiated the onset of your technological revolution, so to speak, mirroring abilities that you hold within you within consciousness and outwardly expressing these objectively, creating new and wondrous inventions. This you may also view as a clue to your dream mission, for you may view how you have objectively expressed and created, en masse and individually, mirror images of subjective activity; those things, those actions that occur within Regional Area 2 that you KNOW, but you do not quite understand HOW you are connecting with this information.

As the Vold family moved in sequence in objectifying information to be creating of great movement within this technological revolution, you move within the sequence of the Borledim and the Zuli families entering, creating genius individuals to be forefront in your societies more so than within previous centuries, attaining your attention in the rapid movement within this present century. Many changes have occurred within this century. If you are so choosing, you may choose to name this century your Century of Change, for this is the action that you have chosen within this century continuously. You have challenged yourselves immensely within this one time framework to be accomplishing tremendously.

Following these families, you enter into the midpoint of your century, and your Sumari and your Ilda sequentially enter your scene, bringing to forefront new ideas; the Sumari introducing new elements of thought processes, new ideas to be presented to you in the area of recognizing consciousness, elements that previous to this century were viewed as superstition or religious or other-worldly now being introduced to you as elements of your own consciousness. Great minds within this century align with these new ideas of consciousness and the individual. Elements once viewed as suspect now become a viewing within your societies as recognized by individuals that you respect as acceptable.

The Ilda family is instrumental in communication with all peoples, to be exchanging of these new ideas and allowing for the mass to be understanding and connecting with this new information.

As you move into the end throes of this century which you occupy presently, the final families move into position in their sequence. The Milumet and the Sumafi move to the forefront in providing the information for the true spirituality, the realistic objective recognition of reality, and the least distortion and helpfulness within instruction.

Within your coming century, the Tumold family shall be instrumental within their design of intent – not within the belief systems that are presently held in the area of healing, but within their original, so to speak, design and desire of their intent – in being helpful in returning elements to their natural state within effortlessness.

The Borledim and the Vold families are those families which have been the most instrumental in the push, so to speak, of creating this shift, providing for the other essence families the motivation for creating an entirely new reality; but as I have stated, they also interact within their designated sequence as to the creating of this shift and its progression.

You may ask your questions.

PAUL: Elias, a question in reference to you talking about the forum and a coming being initiated ... maybe that’s not the right word ... but the Sumari intent perhaps, in terms of Seth and that teaching, and the Sumafi continuing that with no distortion. At the middle – I’m just trying to go through the centuries as you’ve described it with beginning, mid, and end – does that fit in that time framework of this century in this present moment now? The Sumafi intent of this forum fits within....

ELIAS: Within a time framework, I shall express to you: Within the first twenty years of this century, the Gramada family was most active. Subsequent to this, overlapping with this, you may view that the Vold family began movement within the first ten years. Let us express one to twenty is Gramada; ten to forty is the Vold; twenty to present is the Borledim; twenty to sixty is the Zuli; fifty to ninety is Sumari; forty to two thousand is Ilda; ninety to two thousand is Milumet; ninety to two thousand is Sumafi. Is this clearer?

PAUL: And then Tumold?

ELIAS: Shall be within your coming century, for many belief systems are continuing within the objective creations of individuals aligned and belonging to Tumold; but this being understandable, for the Tumold follows lastly within the sequence of creating.

PAUL: And these numbers that you’ve given us are general numbers. They’re not to be taken too literally or exact, in terms of 1910 to 1940.

ELIAS: Correct, although very close.

PAUL: Interesting.

RETA: It’s interesting that you would use our calendar, which is always up for grabs, to align with the essence family calendar. I think it’s wonderful because we can understand it very easily.

ELIAS: There is no essence family calendar! I am speaking merely for your understanding within what you know of your time framework within your reality.

RETA: Right, but what I’m saying is from 1900 to 2000 ... it’s very interesting that you would be so concise as even to end at 2000 for some of these things. I’m really excited about that! I think that’s really great. I don’t know that you’ve ever given us that information that succinctly. I appreciate that.

PAUL: Does that imply, Elias, the ‘end of the millennia’ hype or perception of things perhaps accelerating or events occurring? A lot of people project into the future, I guess at that time, some significant or large mass event that we might be noticing objectively in our terms to be occurring. Is that tied into this precision that you’re using here in these years, or is that more subjectively occurring in our noticing ... in terms of our noticing?

ELIAS: I am expressing of events that you may be noticing objectively, that you may be viewing the movement within this century objectively, not merely accepting on ‘faith’ subjectively of which I speak. You view within this century the movement of these families, and you may view the affectingness that they have upon the events within this century. I do not express to events beyond this century, for this is the example.

JO: Does the cycle continue again for the next hundred years? You said that there was a pattern, so does it all begin again? Do we look forward to the same continuum occurring in the next hundred years, until 2100?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. Do not misunderstand. Each century does not incorporate a specific mass event. You may incorporate many mass events within each century, but this century being different in that you are creating sequentially within this century one mass event, which is the action of your shift. You have also created many other mass events, but you create one particular mass event which moves in sequence throughout the entirety of this particular century.

Within future centuries, the shift shall be accomplished. Therefore, you shall be continuing within the action of the shift as reality, no longer being a shift in consciousness but merely accepted as your officially accepted reality, and you shall continue in this for as long as you are so choosing, just as you have continued for centuries with your religious era.

JO: I was under the impression that the families and the sequence re-establishes itself in creation....

ELIAS: With each creation.

JO: With each creation, so that what you just delivered had to do with the shift, although that sequence does continue as a pattern throughout all of our creation as we know it.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Would you say that the action of all of these families has been successful?

ELIAS: Absolutely.

NORM: Would you say that there has been any differential in any location here on this Earth in regard to the success? Is it more successful in the United States or in the western hemisphere than other areas? (Pause)

ELIAS: This questioning holds little meaning, for this is a global shift. It is merely a choice of where within location that you are choosing to initiate it. It shall be accomplished globally. Therefore, it matters not where it is initiated, although I have stated to you that you have chosen the continents of your Americas to be beginning the throes of your shift, as it moves within a wave throughout your globe.

NORM: Would we see a differential in the trauma that occurs?

ELIAS: No. It matters not.

DAVID: In the action of the shift ... obviously it’s going to change so much of life as we know it. Our monetary system is very strong. Obviously it’s going to change or break down in the shift?

ELIAS: Correct.

DAVID: And in that point of breaking down, will it be so drastic of an action that it will cause a lot of confusion? Or it will be a gradual breakdown, so gradual that we won’t notice the change until whatever it is we go into as regards our momentary system?

ELIAS: Oh, you shall be noticing!

DAVID: So money will no longer be the way it is as we know it today? It won’t have the hold that it has over us?

ELIAS: Correct. You are moving into areas that futurely, this system that you hold shall be unnecessary. It is becoming obsolete. Within your societal structures, your system already is becoming defective. You create papers to be exchanging with each other that hold very little meaning. In actuality, the system that was originally designed, in placing value to an element of gold and expressing that these papers shall be representative of this gold, exists no longer, for you have exhausted your gold! Therefore, you also are moving into directions of recognizing that these elements only hold value for you hold belief systems that they hold value. A diamond holds no more value than a paper. They are all elements of your creations. They all hold consciousness. There is no difference except for your belief systems and what you believe to be valuable and what you believe to not be valuable, but within the action of this shift and moving into acceptance of belief systems, you also neutralize these belief systems. Therefore, those elements that you once placed value on may not hold that value any longer, for the value is placed on self and within, not without.

DAVID: So the masses who hold on to monetary material value and purpose will have a harder time than those who have little?

ELIAS: Not necessarily; for as you move forward, so to speak, individuals shall be recognizing that these elements that you hold so very dearly are not necessarily so dear. Individuals that you perceive to be holding great wealth shall be recognizing of the wealth within creativity and consciousness as easily as individuals within poverty.

DAVID: But the people who are wealthy, when that day comes when their money means nothing to them, they’re going to have a hard adjustment to suddenly realize that they’ve got to clean their own floors and do all the things that they can afford others to do and have been so used to doing for them. It happens today. So they’re going to have a hard time.

ELIAS: This is not necessarily a statement that individuals shall not continue, within occupations or within choices, what they choose to occupy their time with. This may very well continue, but it shall be designed differently.

DAVID: So will there be another type of money exchange?


PAUL: Elias, I have a follow-up question to what David is saying about monetary belief systems. In terms of organizations and our history of corporations and companies and political parties, those types of human organizations are going to similarly change quite significantly then, in the same way?

ELIAS: Correct. The entirety of your reality shall shift and move into a new reality, in that you shall be recognizing of the interconnectedness that you all hold and the lack of separation. All of these elements of which you speak are symbolism of separation. Each aspect of your societies reflects your creation of separation. You speak to incorporation; this is separation. You are separating from other individuals in creating a specified, specialized group. This is separating. This is your reality. This is how you have created your reality. It is not ‘wrong.’ It shall merely be unnecessary futurely; for as you are accomplishing your shift, you shall be recognizing the interconnectedness and the cooperation of all of you, and it shall be unnecessary to be separating singularly. It is unnecessary for you to exchange monetarily. It means nothing. It is merely a belief system that you have created, and as you move into the accomplishment of your shift and you are recognizing these belief systems and you are accepting of these belief systems, it is no longer necessary to be bound by these belief systems. Therefore, you hold the freedom to be creating your reality boundlessly.

RETA: Would you say this change in monetary would be in the first ten or twenty years, or is it going to take the whole seventy years?

ELIAS: This shall be a much more lengthy process.

RETA: I thought it might be. Would you say that one of the first changes is the European communities going to one monetary system, so they stop their bickering over their monetary systems?

ELIAS: This is merely objective imagery in the initial throes of this action.

RETA: Yeah, but it’s a great step for those people. It’s very good for some of them, but it’s very traumatic for others. So I’m just curious ... this time period, you say it might be lengthy?

ELIAS: I have already stated that this shift shall be accomplished within the end years of your next century. Therefore, this statement stands, and the accomplishment in its entirety of this shift shall be within this time period.” [session 223, September 28, 1997]

BOBBI: “About two weeks ago, I went through a very difficult emotional period, and I’ve been having trouble connecting it with anything. I was very tired physically ... very depressed. I felt very constricted, as if I was waiting for something truly dreadful to happen. I was expecting someone to die, to be fired ... for myself to die! It was extremely intense. At the time, I was having a series of dreams with the common thread of separation, of divorce, of graduation, of running away. At the end of all of this, there was a bit of a dream that I remember. I was washing a cloth, and I lifted it, and underneath, it had bleached out. So I’m thinking, does this mean that this was a bleed-through? Like I say, I’m having quite a difficulty connecting to what that was all about.

ELIAS: Partially a bleed-through; but essentially, what you have been experiencing and what you are also offering yourself within your imagery is a recognition of an entering or an allowance of entering into the action of this shift, and a recognition of the separation of essence to focus. This images itself to you within areas of anxiety in a partial – this be your bleed-through aspect – a partial remembrance of the lack of separation of essence to focus.

Each focus holds all of the information of essence, but you also hold a lack of remembrance. You hold no memory of essence. You have separated. You have divorced yourself. I have used this expression many times, that you have divorced yourself from essence for the purity of your experience within this dimension. But now, as you move into the action of this shift in consciousness, you reconnect yourselves with essence; and as you accomplish this, as you widen your awareness and open yourselves to essence, you also at times may hold anxiety or even the emotion of sadness or fearfulness or dread, for you have divorced yourself so very far from essence and its expression that moving closer to this natural expression of essence may be objectively fearful or hold anxiousness to you, or may even cause you sadness in what you have in your objective thought process ‘lost.’ You have not lost! But you think to yourselves within your belief systems of the joy of your creativity that you now open yourselves to, and within your belief systems you think of time frameworks lost, for this be your belief systems. It is not lost!

You have purposefully created what you have created within your separation for the purity of your experience, but you hold belief systems that express to you the negative element of what you wish to be experiencing and what you now open yourselves to, and you view within your experience, ‘Oh, the time lost! Oh, the experience lost!’ But it is not lost. You are merely expressing to yourself the emotion, within the context of your belief systems, that you need freely express to yourself, for you are an emotional creature. In this, you allow yourself the freedom to move into the experience of your new creativity.” [session 229, October 19, 1997]

ELIAS: “This evening we shall be discussing a long-awaited topic, for I am aware that all of you and all of our close friends involved with this forum are quite focused upon events occurring futurely. This shall not be a prediction of future events, but offering you the most probable probabilities within the action of this shift as it so exists within this present now.

Within your present now, you are creating probabilities involved with this shift in consciousness. I have expressed to you that within this shift, it shall be accomplished within the third quarter of your coming century. In this, great accomplishments shall be occurring within this new approaching century, as dictated by your present probabilities. In this, I express to you that ALL of your reality shall be altered. What you view to be your reality presently and what you know to be your officially accepted reality shall be no longer, and you shall move into a new era of consciousness and physical reality. In this, many elements of your physical reality shall be altered.

Let me express to you that your – what you view to be in your terms presently – science fiction, as I have expressed previously, is closer to science fact than you realize. Within your approaching century, your scientists shall move into new areas of wondrous accomplishments. Elements that you investigate presently shall be viewed as child’s play compared to what you shall be accomplishing, as what is dictated within your present probabilities.

Be remembering that your probabilities are probabilities, and that you may alter these at any moment. Therefore, they are not set in stone; but within the most probable probabilities, this shall be what shall be occurring and what you shall be looking forward to within your future elements.

Within the mid-points of your coming century, tremendous new accomplishments shall be endeavored within your sciences. I have expressed to you that within this century, your sciences have mirrored you and essence and consciousness, developing these elements in physical matter of what you know to be within consciousness. You have created many wondrous inventions and have learned many elements within your physical dimension that mirror elements of consciousness and of essence. This offers you much information, and as you move into this new century you shall continue with this endeavor and you shall further your accomplishments and your inventions.

I have expressed to you many times that the most efficient method of travel is through space, not around space. I have expressed to you your abilities to be projecting, but I shall also express to you that within the areas of your sciences, you shall be moving into areas of exploration of your physical atmospheric space within your universe. I have expressed to you that it is futile to be looking to your immediate solar system, for within this dimension no life, as you term it to be, exists within this dimension upon the planets that are within your immediate solar system. But within your galaxy and beyond, within this dimension, there are other forms of beings that are other aspects of yourselves, as you well know, for these are all aspects of the same essences merely focused within different areas and different realities.

Within your coming century you shall be, within your most probable reality and probabilities, developing technology that shall be enabling you to accomplish feats that to this point in your time framework seem impossible. It is possible for you to access technology to mirror what you do within consciousness. Within consciousness, you exceed light speed. Your thought processes, your ability to project yourselves within consciousness, far exceeds light speed. This is child’s play to essence. It is merely the limitations of physical focus.

In this, you may view what I express to you this evening as being your science fiction, but in reality you hold the ability to accomplish these feats and shall be accomplishing these feats by the mid-points of your coming century. Therefore, I express to you: You have little time framework to be looking to before the accomplishment of tremendous elements within altering of your reality.

I have expressed to you that your monetary system shall not exist any longer within what you view as your present time framework. Within the end throes of your coming century, this shall be accomplished. It shall be unnecessary. You already view the devaluation of your monetary system. I expressed to you previously the devaluation of your exchange, and you view recently a tremendous example within mass consciousness of the lack of value of your exchange system.

You hold world markets. You hold exchanges. You view these to be stock exchanges. They mean very little. Individuals trade what you view to be tremendous quantities of what you value as monetary exchange systems. They hold very little value already. Within your coming century, which you may view presently to be much time but is very little time, this shall be eliminated, for it shall hold no value, for what shall hold value is what you are moving into the direction of now; the value of the individual, the value of consciousness, the value of your abilities and your exploration of consciousness and of your universe, of what you view to be your universe and beyond. This shall be more important than personal gain. You have moved in the direction of this area for much time period, and it holds little attraction any longer.

Therefore, developments shall be occurring within your coming century – as I have stated, within your lifetimes, so to speak, within your focuses. If you are so choosing to be extending your focuses to mid-point of your coming century, which is entirely possible and probable, you yourselves may witness these events which shall be occurring.

You have witnessed many amazing events that mirror what you know in consciousness. One hundred of your years ago, individuals would not dream of placing foot upon another element within your solar system; a moon, a planet. To this present now, you accomplish this. Within seventy of your next years, you shall accomplish more. You shall move into areas of viewing not other dimensional elements, but other life forces; not like yourselves, but existing within your galaxy. This may sound quite, as I have stated, like science fiction to you, but so was it science fiction one hundred of your years ago to be walking upon your very close moon, and you have accomplished, and you accomplish probes upon other planets within your solar system. It shall not be requiring much of your time framework before you are expanding and accessing the ability physically to be moving into areas of mirroring what you already accomplish within consciousness, and exceeding your barrier of your light speed.

I have expressed to you that you are most wondrous creatures and you hold abilities far beyond what you view that you are capable of, but you are capable of many more wondrous actions than you believe yourselves to be capable of. Within this action, what shall enable you to be accomplishing is the action of accepting, partially, some of your existing belief systems, and therefore not being bound to the limitations of your belief systems. I will express to you that even within the action of this shift, you shall not be accepting all of your belief systems, for within this physical focus, as I have stated to you, you shall always hold belief systems. It is the core of your reality. But you shall be accepting many of your belief systems, which shall be eliminating many of your barriers.

This is not to say that I am expressing to you that you may not be also creating conflict before you are accomplishing of these feats, for this exists continuously as a very present and real probability. You hold the ability to deflect this probability, but within the energy projected, it is entirely dependent upon you what you choose to be creating and lending energy to. You may be creating of some destruction futurely, or you may be deflecting of this and inserting different probabilities into your reality. Either direction, it matters not. You continue, as you have continued throughout the entirety of this century, to be creating of the probability that within mid-point of your coming century, you shall be mirroring your own knowing of consciousness and projection, and developing of technology to be exceeding what you possibly may be imagining of presently. (Pause)

This shall be one of very few – very few – sessions that I shall move into this direction of expressing to you the most probable probabilities that you hold futurely; but in encouragement of your movement and acknowledgment of your movement, which you presently doubt, I have chosen to be encouraging of you this evening and expressing to you a slight glimpse into what your most probable future probabilities are, as they exist within this present now.

NORM: Will we be able to develop instruments that reflect our consciousness that have, indeed, conscious intent?

ELIAS: You shall continue to create instruments and technology that monitor your physical reality, although you shall also incorporate more information about consciousness and acknowledge this more freely; but within your sciences you shall continue in the direction that you are moving in presently, in monitoring and developing within physical aspects.

NORM: We in this form have a limited awareness of a change, in our view of the world. Will that become quite commonplace by the year 2050?

ELIAS: Yes; much more expanded than you are now.

NORM: Will inner senses be used more commonly than they are now?


NORM: The basic physical needs of entities or focuses here are food and clothing and some shelter. That will be handled by other than monetary means?

ELIAS: Yes. Not necessarily by your specific date of 2050....

NORM: Plus or minus twenty-five years?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Our food intake could be drastically modified by then?

ELIAS: Less.

NORM: Less food required?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: And more water!

ELIAS: You shall realize that monetary gain is unnecessary and meaningless. You shall move into a new area of consciousness, this being part of the action of this shift in consciousness. In shifting your consciousness, you shall move into the area of realization that the exploration of your existence within physical focus is more important than your monetary gain, and more satisfying.

NORM: Experiences that we desire to have, we will be tending toward those experiences rather than making sure that we have a house?

ELIAS: You shall be provided for. It shall not be an issue any longer.

NORM: Our creativity will be able to provide that for us?

ELIAS: All individuals shall work together within the area of value fulfillment, and in this you shall be providing for each other in all areas.

NORM: Fantastic!

DAVID: In these change-overs that we’re going to experience, will they be all gradual change-overs that won’t create sudden conflict or panic, or will there be much of that?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. This be your choice, and this be the element of probabilities. You may be choosing of great trauma and tremendous elements of destruction for your own attention. This be your choice. It is a probability. You may be deflecting of this choice and not creating of this, which is what you are moving into now by allowing yourself information concerning this shift in consciousness; to be eliminating those probabilities and inserting other probabilities into your reality, but they are a continuing probability.

DAVID: And if this information that you give us is not released ... is this information going to be part of helping to not create this panic or trauma?

ELIAS: It is an element of this.

DAVID: And if the monetary system suddenly collapses overnight like it almost did a few days ago, for example, that would cause panic instantly amongst everybody.

ELIAS: It shall not collapse immediately. This shall be a gradual process, and you shall realize that it is unnecessary. I shall be expressing to you that initially your sciences shall be discovering of new elements of your reality, and in this, this shall bring about your lack of necessity for your present system.

DAVID: It seems like science is going to be in the forefront here. Where is religion going to come into this?

ELIAS: Individuals shall continue to hold their religious belief systems, but this shall also deplete itself as individuals begin to be accepting of belief systems and recognizing that they hold belief systems. Your sciences also hold great belief systems, but they move into, as you express, the forefront now, in mirroring physically what you know to be within essence.

NORM: So the social and political systems are going to be replaced by a great deal of cooperation between all focuses?

ELIAS: But shall also continue to hold political influences; but your political influences shall be more directly involved and compatible with all of your societies.

NORM: You commented earlier that apparently the ballpark or the playpen that we in this dimension ... we’re going to be limited in the next century to the present dimension that we are aware of?

ELIAS: Not so.

NORM: Probable dimensions close by, we will be able to look into?

ELIAS: Correct. You shall hold the ability, as you do now, to step sideways and move into other realities and other dimensions. I am merely speaking of the accomplishments that you may physically view within this dimension, of your physical accomplishments that shall be offering you evidence of your movement.

NORM: We shall know of the openness of our universe.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: And the openness of all universes.

ELIAS: Correct.

DAVID: So this change will also change our way of fighting in wars? There will be no necessity for that either?

ELIAS: It will be unnecessary.

DAVID: So that won’t exist either?

ELIAS: Not within YOUR reality. This is not to say, as I have expressed previously, that these elements do not exist within other dimensions or other areas. This shift is limited merely to this dimension and your physical focus. Therefore, the alteration is great within this dimension and your physical focus, but it does not extend beyond this. It is affecting of all other dimensions and focuses, for YOU are affecting of all other dimensions and focuses, but this is not to say that the entirety of their reality shall be altered. They shall continue in the direction that they are creating their realities.

NORM: All probabilities will be expressed as they always have been?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: So there will be probabilities that will have wars?

ELIAS: But not within this dimension.

NORM: Not within this dimension.

VICKI: Don’t a lot of these changes you’re talking about – the changes in our monetary system, all the changes you’ve been talking about – isn’t that pretty intimately tied in with an awareness of how we create our reality?


VICKI: And so would it be safe to say that mid-point next century, give or take a time frame, most individuals will be accomplishing of what we call our dream mission?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: They will be understanding how they create their reality?

ELIAS: Not entirely objectively, but they shall hold a greater understanding of their reality and a truer knowing that they ARE creating their reality. It shall not be a concept any longer. It shall be a reality, and within this they shall also enable themselves to tap into subjective awareness and recreate this intentionally within objective awareness; this enabling the scientific advancements within technology that shall be accomplished.

VICKI: So I imagine science will be conducting experiments that will be indicative of the fact that we do create our reality ...

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: ... and that things happen that are outside of the way we believe about them presently, just like the experiment Norm was talking about with the photons?

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: Those kinds of things are going to be, you know, leading people into a way different direction of thinking ...

ELIAS: Absolutely.

VICKI: ... eventually.

ELIAS: Absolutely. Your greatest discovery, so to speak, will be your space and time travel – objectively, physically – that you shall discover the methods, the means, to exceeding your light speed. You accomplish this every day within your focus, but translating that into physical movement is a new discovery. This be what your age-old quest has been; for time travel and your time machines and your machines for travel through space. These machines that you hold presently, that you fire to your small little moon which orbits your own little planet, shall seem to be child’s toys, for you shall develop technology that may project you around your space within amazing precision. But these also shall be mirrors of what you already know within essence and what you already accomplish within yourselves; just as your telecommunications are mirror images within physical form of how you already communicate within essence and consciousness. Your televisions are mirror images of what you already view within essence, in connecting to other focuses and other dimensions at the flick of a channel!

DAVID: So this form of communicating with a ‘dead guy’ will be obsolete?

ELIAS: It shall be unnecessary.

DAVID: ’Cause we can all do it.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: The educational systems will be drastically changed?

ELIAS: Quite altered.

DAVID: I’m looking forward to it!

ELIAS: I have expressed to you many times, this shift that you enter is a wondrous age, and is an age that you have developed and created for the expression of your individual and collective creativity and your abilities, which you hold endless amounts of!” [session 233, November 02, 1997]

LINDA: “I have a question. It seems like some people are really starting to focus on the solar eclipse for February 26th next year, as far as that being a potential start of a major consciousness shift or something of that sort. Could you comment on that?

ELIAS: This would be your creation en masse. You shall be creating, within your most probable probabilities, many mass events that shall be significant to you. Among these also shall be your alignment of planets, which is directly orchestrated by yourselves. These shall all be turning points, so to speak, within elements of your shift. They shall be signals to yourselves of coming together within consciousness to strengthen your creating within your direction of this shift in consciousness.” [session 238, November 16, 1997]

MIKE: “I have a question. The idea of the shift then is for all the essence families to align?

ELIAS: The shift is an action of all of the essence families returning to their intent as it originally was designed.

MIKE: Would that naturally be an alignment?

ELIAS: With each other?

MIKE: Yes.

ELIAS: Yes, and also with themselves ... with yourselves. It is a creation of a circle. You are, in a manner of speaking, completing your circle and creating a new reality within this dimension, of the Dream Walkers physically-focused.

VICKI: So, did you just say that part of the action of the shift is that the Dream Walkers will be physically-focused?

ELIAS: You shall be creating a new reality in like manner to the Dream Walkers, but physically-focused.” [session 242, November 23, 1997]

VICKI: “I have a question. The subject matter of this evening reminded me of a conversation I had this morning with the mother of the baby that is of the Borledim family. (17) She briefly mentioned to me that this baby quite often wakes up with nightmares and is always mumbling something about not wanting to see, and I’m curious if you could comment on that. (Pause)

ELIAS: This is an expression of the small one, of viewing within dream imagery probabilities in conjunction with this shift that are not necessary; those probabilities which we have discussed previously which have not yet been inserted into your official reality which you are attempting to be avoiding, those actions that you have lent much energy to within this physical focus, of destructiveness and trauma. In this, there is a viewing of these actions and a desire to be diverting of this, which would be in conjunction with this particular focused individual within the intent of its focus; a desire to be diverting this energy and creating of that which we speak within this forum in like manner to yourselves, creating the least amount of trauma within this particular shift.

I have expressed to you previously, these small ones are VERY attuned to the action of this shift, to all aspects of it. This be the intent of their manifestation. Therefore, throughout their focus they shall be quite involved, and all aspects of themselves shall be reflecting the aspects of this shift also. It wishes not to see, for it wishes that these probabilities not be inserted into your official reality.” [session 247, December 07, 1997]

NORM: “I think it’s marvelous that, so to speak, the constants of this reality are going to be ‘dialed’ so that we can have less duplicity. Am I saying that right? That things are going to be loosened and that this is an agreement of all consciousness, that we will more easily facilitate this understanding of duplicity? It’s kind of like a background, knob-twisting here by all of us together, isn’t it? Am I saying that right?

ELIAS: You will be eradicating duplicity.

NORM: Eradicating? Oh, that’s a heavy word! Okay, along with that goes this responsibility that you were talking about earlier in the session, because we’re going to have capabilities that are much greater than what we have today.

ELIAS: They will be realized. You will hold the same capacity that you hold now, but you do not realize your capabilities presently.

NORM: I let my imagination wander, and it really comes up with an Earth that is most gorgeous and most beautiful. And it will be that, will it not?

ELIAS: What you may imagine, you may create.

NORM: And what we together imagine, we will create.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: So, eradicating duplicity will mean that we can really have the capability of seeing all our aspects and probable selves. Is that true?

ELIAS: Correct. The action of this shift holds no place for duplicity. The action of this shift is to realize and actualize a more comprehensive expansion of your abilities and your creativity within this dimension; a realization of self and a remembrance of essence.

NORM: We’re interested in conservation here on this Earth, and one of the things that I was concerned with was the decision, evidently, by the Australian aborigines not to have any more children; those aborigines that have not ‘westernized,’ so to speak, the ones that are still in the desert. Have they done that with knowledge that the shift is going to come about, or was that independent of that information? Were they aware of the shift, of the shift to come?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: They were aware of it, and they decided not to take part in it as a tribe. I’m curious to know why they decided not to do that.

ELIAS: They have not chosen to be not participating. They are lending energy to the accomplishment, but en masse they also have realized their own value fulfillment.

NORM: Interesting. And they can lend energy to this shift in non-physical focus?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: And their value fulfillment....

ELIAS: They have already lent energy to the accomplishment of this shift presently.

NORM: And they were significant in doing that, then? I mean, they were an important feature?

ELIAS: You are ALL significant!” (Laughter) [session 251, December 18, 1997]

RETA: I was [wondering] about why there are no more miracles ... I hear from people on a daily basis that have very unusual things happen to them, and they expect to be able to use those. And sometimes, even in business, I see a person who has the foresight to do something. Everybody follows him because he’s right. His mind is able to handle that. And on the religious side, when I go to church I hear people all the time talking about something that was put in their way so they had to handle it, and they expect that. They’re learning how now. I see them all the time. They expect to use these talents that they have, or these inner senses, and they do use them.

My daughter has a very spiritual sense. When the phone rings at my house or at work, I know it’s her. That’s just a thing between her and I, I guess, but she expects me to be at a phone, too. But I see this all the time. I don’t think the saintly things are gone. I think we just maybe aren’t watching for them like we should be. I think there are achievements being made today by people that are just tremendous: inventors, musicians, people with psychology that can help others understand themselves. I think there’s a great deal of awareness today. Of course, it’ll be nice when it’s bigger.

ELIAS: You are all widening your awareness. The difference is that you have created many belief systems, which create your saints. In allowing an acceptance of belief systems, saints become unnecessary. You ALL hold these abilities. There is no saint that has created any miracle that YOU may not create also, and that within the action of your shift you may not also be creating.

The title of sainthood is placed merely in response to your belief systems that another individual is greater than the whole; that one individual holds an ability greater than do you all. Within the action of your shift, you shall hold a working awareness, a knowing objectively, that there is no other individual that holds an ability greater than yourselves. It is merely a choice of direction of what you shall be creating or exploring. There shall not be miracles, for you all may be accomplishing. A miracle is merely an action that is uncommonly accomplished, an action that you believe may not be accomplished. Therefore, it is miraculous if it IS accomplished. But you shall hold a knowing that there are no miracles, for there are no actions that may not be accomplished.

You express, ‘It is a miracle!’ to be raising an individual from the dead. It is no miracle. It is a choice and agreement. Any individual may choose to reinstate themselves within physical focus within any moment. You move to areas within your present now of what you term to be actions of near-death experiences. These are no different from your Lazarus, but Lazarus is viewed to be a miracle. You do not view your near-death experiences as miracles, do you? For they become commonplace. They are accepted. They are a reality. Therefore, in the same manner, actions that have been created previously throughout your history that were uncommon become common, for you recognize your own abilities, that you may be accomplishing the same actions.

Previously within your history, an individual may have contracted a disease, and another individual may pray over them and they miraculously are healed. I have spoken with individuals within this forum that have uncreated disease. You do not view these as miracles. Within your history you view this action to be miraculous, for it was uncommon. It becomes more common within your present now. Therefore, it is not viewed as miraculous. You do not express to an individual uncreating a disastrous disease within them that they have created a miracle. You express that they have uncreated their disease in a knowing that they are creating their reality. They are creating the disease and they are uncreating the disease. Therefore, where be your saints futurely if you are all saints? There is no need for distinction. Where be your miracles if they are commonplace?

NORM: For example, if we wanted to interact with nature – this is a very large movement that has occurred in the last fifty years or so – we could handle that in a miraculous manner if we so choose to clean up our act, so to speak, or our defamation of this Earth. I can see that we could create new animals, new birds, new flowers, new trees. We could interact with the consciousness of this Earth....

ELIAS: You do already!

NORM: We do all these things, huh?

ELIAS: You are merely not objectively aware.

NORM: And we are, as a mass consciousness, controlling all of this? We control the weather, we control....


NORM: We create it. (Pause) If we wanted to, we could recreate the dinosaurs in a special park?

ELIAS: This would require an agreement ...

NORM: A very large agreement! (Laughter)

ELIAS: ... not only with yourselves, but with the creatures. They have moved into another dimension.

NORM: Oh! Well, maybe we can get some creature from another dimension to come here!

ELIAS: This is not the point. I have expressed many times, other dimensions are not involved with this particular shift in consciousness. It is merely a shift in consciousness that is relative to THIS dimension and THIS planet.” [session 252, December 21, 1997]

JIM: “Recently, with regard to the shift – I’m going to shift away from myself now – but in regard to the shift that is taking place, you have mentioned that in the approximate year of 2050, we will have developed the ability to travel at the speed of light, and you made one statement that you suggested that if we so made the choice, we could be around to see this wonder. (Elias nods) The question I have is that this suggests we have control over the aging process. It suggests to me that it is a communication, based on belief, from the subjective mind to the body consciousness, and that we objectively may access the subjective mind and change or slow or even halt the aging process. Is this accurate?


JIM: So maybe Yoda living nine hundred years is a possibility!

ELIAS: Absolutely. Your Methuselah is not merely a myth!

JIM: As you say, we’re so fond of techniques. Is this connection between the objective and the subjective mind ... can this be accomplished similar to the way that I accomplished the communication with regard to the cancer I had? Is this how it’s done?

ELIAS: As I have expressed to you previously within your previous session, this is dependent upon the individual. Each of you chooses your own methods, what you believe within your belief systems works efficiently for you. Some individuals choose no method. They merely accept and allow for their subjective awareness to be flowing within these areas. It is dependent upon your view of your value fulfillment and your belief systems in regard to yourself and your physical form. In actuality, your physical body holds the capacity to be within physical focus for a great time framework. It is merely your choice within your belief systems as to when you shall disengage. If you are choosing to be engaged within physical focus for two or three hundred of your years, you may accomplish this. Your belief systems are very strong in the areas of your sciences, which suggest to you that you may be within physical focus averaging sixty or seventy of your years, although many individuals continue within physical focus quite actively well into their one hundred’s. But you view these individuals to be exceptions to the rule, for they are! They move outside of officially accepted reality, but you have also in uncreating your dis-ease.

JIM: I truly have. I truly have moved outside of ... well, lots of beliefs!

ELIAS: Therefore, it is merely a choice. This also is significant with value fulfillment, for within an individual focus, for the most part, each focus does not require extended time frameworks to be accomplishing of your value fulfillment; which, within the purpose of your experience within each physical focus, is the reason you have created participating in this physical focus.

JIM: So effectively, the time frame that I may be choosing may or may not relate to years. It may relate purely to value fulfillment.

ELIAS: ALL of you relate to value fulfillment. It matters not how many years you choose to be within physical focus. You shall not miss your shift merely that you are not physically focused within it!

JIM: I think it would be fun to experience it physically focused.

ELIAS: Then you may create this!

JIM: I think it would be fantastic being within it!

ELIAS: It is quite an exciting element to be witnessing within physical focus. Never within your creation of this dimension has this been accomplished.

JIM: I think it would be astonishing to see people travel faster than the speed of light. I think that would be astonishing!

ELIAS: It shall be reality.

JIM: ... In relation to the shift: Recently you have referred to the failure of the international and national organizations out there, relating to things like nation/state, relating to the international monetary fund, these organizations that we’ve put together. That is becoming more consciously aware on the part of people, such as the Wall Street Journal editor saying that the nation/state is dead. A renowned economist, Milton Friedman, says the European Union will fail. Japan seems to be on the verge of deflation. The currencies of southeast Asia and Korea are all collapsing. You stated that the universal belief in gold as a measure of value is disintegrating. My question, in the realm of probabilities, is what is evolving at present to take the place of the organization of a nation/state? How are we going to organize ourselves? What is occurring right now?

ELIAS: You are moving into the direction of an awareness of consciousness and your own abilities. Therefore, your belief systems of holding a foundation and certain structures of organization are changing. You hold belief systems very strongly in these areas, for you have held these for centuries. You are moving into a new era which shall be unlike any reality you have known previous to this. Your monetary system shall be unnecessary, and you shall know within you each how to be fulfilling your value fulfillment efficiently objectively. Therefore, you shall be creating what you choose to be creating, not what you are instructed to be creating. You shall amaze yourselves at how efficiently you may be accomplishing this within your awareness, and how very smoothly your societies shall progress without the limitations that you have placed upon yourselves for so very many centuries.

JIM: Such as the nation/state?

ELIAS: Correct. You shall be connected globally.

JIM: When you say currencies will be unnecessary ... the function of a currency is to trade value for value, perceived value though it may be. How are we going to....

ELIAS: This be your present reality. Your reality shall be becoming much different! You trade value for value. You place value on elements outside of yourselves. It shall be unnecessary to trade value for value, for you shall value yourselves and your abilities and give them freely.

JIM: Give them freely?! If I take that to a specific and say, ‘We build houses right now to live in,’ what I hear you saying is that when someone needs a house, everyone will come and help build it.

ELIAS: Those individuals which desire to be building the house shall build. Those individuals which desire to grow crops shall grow, for they choose to, for this fulfills their value fulfillment within the area of pleasure.

JIM: Which is the way one would wish to live life, that your job is your pleasure.

ELIAS: Which it shall be!

JIM: What of the individuals who are lethargic and wish to do nothing? Will they just do nothing?

ELIAS: You hold this lack of motivation within your present now as a result of boredom. Individuals are not sparked and motivated, for they are bored! They shall not be bored within the action of this shift.

Individuals may choose to be what you term presently to be ‘daydreaming’ all of your long day, but it shall not be daydreaming, for it shall be connecting with other areas of consciousness and other dimensions, and in this shall offer information to other individuals, which shall spur new creations and shall also spark new interests in exploration. You have not discontinued the exploration of your physical universe by any means, and you shall be continuing. There is no need for light speed if you are not traveling!” [session 254, January 02, 1998]

ELIAS: “You hold wonderings. You look to your present now and you hold questionings of validity of purpose, of missions, (grinning) of action. Within this present now, you are experiencing what I have termed to be a shift in consciousness. You are moving out of your religious era and moving into a new reality which you are creating.

There are many aspects of this shift in consciousness and many actions which are associated with this shift. One of the basic elements of this shift in consciousness is to be accepting of your belief systems and rendering them neutralized – NOT eliminating these belief systems but rendering them neutralized – which shall enable you to expand within your objective awareness, and this shall expand your abilities in creativity futurely. The action of this shift holds many dynamics that you are already beginning to experience within your objective awareness.

... Aspects of this shift in consciousness in overview:

This shift in consciousness is now, but in objective terminology shall be completed or entirely accomplished within the third quarter of your coming century. You have already moved beyond your midpoint within the action of this shift in consciousness, which was initiated in your physical time framework at the beginning of this particular century. Nearing the midpoint of your coming century, many elements shall be occurring that shall be definitive in turning your reality into an entirely new type of reality. That which you view as reality presently shall no longer exist.

As to your physical forms, they shall continue as they are. As to your belief systems, you shall continue to hold belief systems, for these are a part of the design of this reality. As to the affectingness of these belief systems, they shall be rendered neutral. As to your physical societies, they shall be different. They shall be altered. Your approach to reality within this shift shall be altered dramatically, for your awareness shall be increased to the point of the inclusion of the remembrance of essence, which shall allow you greater freedom and mobility within this physical dimension.

This shift in consciousness is limited to this particular dimension. It is not a shift in consciousness which encompasses other dimensions or other physical dimensions, but you shall hold the ability, as you hold presently if you are choosing to be engaging of this ability, to access other realities at will. Their awareness of your interaction shall not be objective to them, but you shall hold an objective awareness of your interaction. Example: You wish to engage another physical reality; extraterrestrials. You wish to view another physical reality which is manifest. You may, by merely stepping sideways, engage this action. It shall be as effortless as moving from one room to another. You wish to engage an individual that has disengaged physical focus. You shall hold the ability to be in active communication and interaction with another focus ... in nonphysical communication. Your abilities for mobility through consciousness shall exceed any known element that you hold presently.

And how shall you accomplish this action of this shift? It has already begun. You are already participants.

RICHARD: ... Elias, I have a deep interest in the Mayan calendar, and I was wondering what you could tell me about the number thirteen and the ratio of that. I had strong connections with it and went away from it for a while, thinking it was too isolated of a belief system and not founded in today’s reality, but I’ve been finding a lot of coincidences everywhere. I’d like just your thoughts on that, and especially the number thirteen.

ELIAS: Many individuals are drawn presently, also within regard to this shift in consciousness, to many different aspects of elements of remembrances. There have been many cultures throughout your ages which have held slightly more of an objective awareness of realities within consciousness, and have expressed these within their cultures. In this present now, many individuals find themselves drawn to these particular cultures. Presently, many individuals draw themselves to the time framework of the pharaohs, for this also holds a culture which held many aspects of consciousness which you view to be lost presently. They are not lost. They are merely not remembered. In this you are opening to your remembrances. This, as I have expressed this evening, is another element of this shift in consciousness.

In holding focuses simultaneously within these particular cultures, these bleed through to individuals and create a remembrance. The draw that you hold, the coincidences that you recognize ... which are not coincidences because there are no coincidences. (18) There are also no accidents. Everything within your creation is immaculately and perfectly created within probabilities. In this you allow for a bleed-through of recognition, of information. You hold a focus within this culture. In your terms you hold a past life, which is not past and is not a lifetime. It is a focus and it is occurring presently, simultaneously. It is merely moved into a parallel area of consciousness, a parallel reality to this reality, for they are all occurring simultaneously. They are sideways from you. In this, the actions and the information and the knowledge of this focus bleeds through into this particular focus, and you experience a draw.

You also may misinterpret, as many individuals misinterpret, with dates in the area of prediction. Throughout your ages many cultures, many individuals, have created predictions, tapping into probabilities and the possibility of insertion into this reality of these probabilities, but they are probabilities. They are not absolute. In this, in connecting with another focus of your own essence which is participant in this culture and holds the belief systems of the predictions and holds the belief systems of the culture, this bleeds through to your awareness within this particular focus and is influencing of how you view your reality. This be the distinction that I offer to you, in expressing to you that you access other focuses continually. You merely are not recognizing what you are accessing. This be the area that is creating of misinterpretation and of distortion of information, and this be what lends energy to the actualization of probabilities that SHALL create trauma. This also be the reason that I speak to you, to offer you information in avoiding this; for as you gain information, this offers you the ability to recognize within your focus elements of yourself and reality, and distinguish what is within this particular focus and what is within another focus which is influencing of you. This be the reason you are influenced. (Pause, smiling)

You SHALL understand. You shall be offered this information again, and you shall assimilate. It is being assimilated subjectively. Objectively, as I speak to you, it is difficult for you all to assimilate entirely all of which I offer to you. Within your desires, you wish to know much. Within your objective capacity to internalize that which I offer to you, you are limited initially, but this shall also expand. I have offered you more information presently within this session this evening than you shall be assimilating objectively, but this is acceptable, for I shall be repeating of this information and you shall be assimilating of it. (To Richard) Know only that you hold another focus within this culture of the Mayans, and this is the focus that is influencing of you presently in this present now focus and influencing you, and therefore you are noticing many elements which are bleeding through that you term to be coincidence. It IS reality.” [session 270, March 19, 1998]

ELIAS: “This concept of acceptance, although seemingly to be established and what you may view to be old, in reality is unfamiliar and new. This concept of acceptance, in all of its facets, is the base line, so to speak, of the action of this shift in consciousness, which I have expressed to you shall be altering of your entire reality. Therefore, it is unfamiliar to you, and in this you hold a new belief system that you are moving into the area of accepting, when in actuality you are merely blanketing what you are not accepting.” [session 271, April 02, 1998]

ELIAS: “The base element of this shift in consciousness is to be identifying, recognizing, and addressing to the belief systems that you hold and to be accepting of these belief systems – not eliminating, not altering, not changing, but to be accepting of these belief systems, which therefore renders these belief systems neutralized, which shall be creating of this new establishment in consciousness; for if you are not affected by those belief systems that you hold, you allow yourselves the opportunity to open to your awareness and you allow yourselves to view more of your reality.

I have stated many times, this shift in consciousness is limited to this dimension. This is YOUR choice within this dimension upon this planet in this reality, and in this you may be allowing yourselves to drop these veils within your singularly focused attention and allow yourselves to be interactive and viewing of so very much more of your reality that you create within essence. This offers you the opportunity to view and participate within the action of transition, which until recently, so to speak, in relative terms, individuals have chosen merely to engage the action of transition after disengaging physical focus.

Disengagement of physical focus, as you are most probably aware, is that moment that you choose, which you DO choose, to be disengaging of this manifestation, or what you commonly address to be death. I do not choose to engage the word death, for there is no death. There is merely emergence, which is birth. Therefore, at the moment of disengagement, you are birthed, not ‘deathed.’

... This shift in consciousness began at the turn of this present century and has been building throughout this century. You approach your new century and the beginning of your new millennium, and within this coming century, approximately within its three-quarter mark, this shift in consciousness shall be accomplished in its fullness, and your reality shall be very different than what you view presently. ALL of your reality shall be different.

I have expressed previously, once only, a description of many elements of your reality that shall be quite altered. This is not limited to only your element of consciousness. You also, within your belief systems, have separated. You view your spirituality ... let us all bow to spiritually now, (bowing, and much laughter) for it is very sacred, and is also very removed from you all! (Grinning)

In actuality, your spirituality is all of you. It is not separated. It is not some action or element or ‘part’ of you that is beyond your reach and that you are reaching for or that you are seeking out. It is all of your expression. It is who you are. There is no separation. Therefore also, this shift shall not merely be your vast enlightenment within consciousness! It shall be your new-found remembered awareness of what you are in its fullness, and it shall be expressed in ALL of your reality, within consciousness – that YOU view to be consciousness, as some elusive, floating ‘thing’ – and also within your objective expression; your societies, your way of life, so to speak, your currency, your exchange, which there shall not be exchange any longer, for it shall be unnecessary. Your entire reality, physically, objectively, shall be altered, for this is the direction that you have chosen to move into for a new experience.

And I express to you this night, as I have expressed previously, your science fictions are closer to science fact than you realize, and are not so very far removed from your grasp! And this should be evident to you, for you create more and more and more of your science fictions and occupy your fascinations with your science fictions as you move through your linear time. It becomes more of a fascination to you, and you become more creative with it, for you are accessing information that you KNOW subjectively within you, and you are expressing this outwardly objectively in imagery, preparing yourselves for what is to come.

FEMALE: Elias, what is to come?

ELIAS: Greatness in your focus; the elimination of the conflict that you have fascinated yourselves with for so very long; the exploration of the wonderment of what you view to be your cosmos. There is more to your reality than you have allowed yourselves to view! You offer yourselves within this century glimpses that are influenced by your belief systems of ‘little gray squashy guys,’ your extraterrestrials, which are your projections to yourselves of your focuses in other dimensions that you may access, and these shall be recognized in their true form, not in what you project them to be, and known to you as elements of you, not as something outside of you, but a focus within another dimension that you shall hold the ability to access, for exploration shall be through dimensions and within and around this dimension. Therefore, you shall hold the ability to explore through universes and around universes, and this shall be affecting of this reality also, for you shall also realize that the reality that you hold presently holds no efficiency if you are not holding belief systems, for within the acceptance of the belief systems and their neutralization, what be the necessity to be expressing of them?

Why shall you murder someone for an experience if you hold no belief system in this area? Why shall you create the agreement? Why shall you be hurtful to another individual ... or to yourself, which you are more than you are to any other individual! And why shall you engage this action, for you hold no belief system that influences it. In this, where be the motivation? You have experienced these elements already. They have lost their fascination. You now are ready to expand and explore OTHER elements of your reality which hold MUCH fascination; new worlds, so to speak.

And why shall you hold exchange and currency? You do not hold the belief system that is attached to it. Individuals shall be providing for the necessities, so to speak, of your physical existence, for they CHOOSE to be providing. Individuals shall engage in fun! They shall move in the direction of creating what THEY find pleasurable, and there shall be plenty of individuals that find occupations pleasurable that you now enforce as not pleasurable [and] merely to be engaging currency.

There are enough individuals that find pleasure in tilling. There are enough individuals that find pleasure in business. There are enough individuals that find pleasure in woodwork, in metal, in ANY aspect of creating that you can imagine to be creating, and there are also enough individuals to provide you with beauty within your arts. And contrary to your present belief systems, individuals are not lazy! They are merely unmotivated, for they are limited by their belief systems and by the belief systems of the mass. But in the allowance of freedom and the liberation of the hold of the belief systems, there is no free-for-all. There is no chaos. There is an allowance of free expression, which shall be completely adequate to provide you with all that you need.

FEMALE: Is this that you describe WITH a physical body?

ELIAS: Yes, absolutely! You may also be realizing that your physical body requires much less maintenance than you realize, and in this you may also be realizing – you SHALL be realizing within the probabilities of this shift – that your physical manifestation may be continued for much longer than you allow presently. You may not choose to be creating for extended linear time within your physical form, but within the exploration and excitement of what lies before you within your creativity, you may be choosing to be extending of your linear time framework that you occupy within your frame of your focus. Therefore, your average age, so to speak, of disengagement may jump tremendously to that which extends into hundreds of your years, for if you are engaging pleasure and joyfulness and enjoyment of what you are creating, why shall you disengage the action? You shall continue the action for the experience!

This is not to say that you may never experience conflict once this shift has been accomplished, for you may choose to be experiencing conflict, but you shall hold the awareness of WHY you are experiencing this conflict and WHAT you are creating and HOW it is purposeful to you. You shall not hold question. You shall be intentional in your conflict, knowing that it is merely an experience that you choose to engage.” [session 284, May 30, 1998]

ROBIN: “I have another question about belief systems and the hardest ones to neutralize, and one of the hardest ones has to do with where most of the money and power in the world stands, as far as governments and corporations. I think it’s pretty common among my friends that that’s the thing that will probably step in the way or rear its head more often. We’ll be driving a car and we’ll be relying on gasoline and food in the supermarket and things that don’t necessarily jive with what we want our belief systems to be.

ELIAS: Correct, but this also is an element of this shift in consciousness, and as I have stated to you, your entirety of your reality shall be altered in this shift in consciousness and this monetary system shall be eliminated, for it shall be unnecessary. You shall not hold the need for currency or exchange. Therefore, you shall be eliminating in probabilities these aspects of your reality.

Therefore, when I express to you that you hold not much time to be accomplishing of great feats within this shift in consciousness, you may view to yourselves the greatness of what you are creating and the vastness of the alteration in what you are creating, for not only shall your governments be completely altered and not holding the singular power that you afford them presently, but your entire monetary system shall be eliminated. Your entire creation of your reality and your expression within it shall be completely different!

I express to you that although you have little time to be accomplishing of this shift in consciousness, you may also be quite looking forward to little time of its expression within its present manifestation.

... Are you wishing of more questions this evening?

MALE: Yeah, actually. I have one quick one ... hopefully! I was wondering if you could address deforestation?

FORREST: Oh no! (Much laughter)

ELIAS: (Grinning at Forrest) Shall we be zapping and eliminating of you presently? (Chuckling) I am not accomplishing of parlor tricks!

MALE: Is there some way, some beneficial way ... some insight that you could possibly give us as to how to deal with this problem?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that you view many elements upon your planet presently as being a problem, for you are beginning to move into the area of a wider awareness of all that you create and all that is elements of you, recognizing that your planet itself breathes and that it is an extension of you. Therefore, it also is a mirror image of you.

Now; in this, let me also offer to you that it matters not what you have been creating and what you partially continue to be creating presently with regard to what you view to be separate and apart from you, as that which you label of nature, for nature is you. You are not separated from it.

Now; in this, view that all that is created in what you view to be outside of you, which is not outside of you, is an expression of yourselves and your experiences. It is a mirror image outwardly of what you are creating within.

Now; within this shift in consciousness, you are accomplishing what? Addressing to your belief systems, and in this moving into the direction of acceptance of these belief systems, therefore neutralizing their power. In this action of addressing to these belief systems, you are also creating of what? Conflict, confusion, chaos. You move into areas of unfamiliarity. Therefore, there is a temporary movement of discomfort and of conflict and of confusion, and in this, you mirror this outwardly in all that you create. Within your planet, you mirror this in what you view to be the destruction of elements of your planet. These are direct mirror images of what you are addressing to within yourselves subjectively.

What you pollute is your symbol objectively of the elements of your belief systems that are polluting of you. What you destroy within your creatures and your forests and your oceans are those direct mirror images of the turmoil that you experience as you move into unfamiliar territory objectively within this action.

Now; I shall also express to you that within the accomplishment of this action, you shall restore yourselves to the awareness of essence and therefore be creating much more efficiently and creatively, and in this, your planet shall mirror this also.

This is not to say that you may not hold concern for what you are objectively creating, but I express to you that it is much more efficient to be turning your concern to self and to be addressing of these belief systems and your own movement, for you shall automatically project the energy in this to be altering of the creation of destructiveness within your planet, and it shall flourish automatically with your projection of your energy in this direction. But what shall be accomplishing of this is not the replanting of trees, but the addressing to your own energies and your own creations within the hold of your belief systems.” [session 287, June 18, 1998]

JIM: “One last question: Borloh [Cindy] woke up the other morning with a profound knowing of Malta, and we’ve been searching for some sort of connection. Could you give me a brief explanation as to maybe what that was about? Is that a name, or does it have to do with the islands of Malta?

ELIAS: It is a name of another focus which is bleeding through in an offering of connection to other focuses.

As I have stated to you, it matters not that individuals move into the objective direction of incorporating this information or connecting themselves in interaction with myself, for they SHALL be receiving this information and the action of the shift SHALL move forward regardless, and all individuals shall be experiencing within their own time element all of these aspects of connecting with other focuses and widening their awareness regardless of the information that they draw themselves to.” [session 292, June 30, 1998]

ELIAS: “Good evening! (Smiling) This evening we shall be discussing your shift and Rose, and the relationship of Rose in this shift in consciousness. We shall also be discussing simultaneous time, for this also relates to the essence of Rose.

Now; let me offer initially a brief review, that you may hold a clear understanding of this discussion. As you look to your game (19), you shall notice that one of the designated essences within your game is that of Rose, representing the Borledim family. This essence of Rose has been and continues to be quite influential in the action of this shift presently, and shall continue to be futurely.

Now; let me also express to you that the information that I shall be delivering this evening leaves much openness for distortion and personal interpretation within mass and individual belief systems which have already been established throughout your cultures. Therefore, it is important that I express to you that you allow yourselves to be connecting with your awareness and to be not clouded by the mass belief systems which are officially held.

I shall be attempting to be offering this information within a clarity that you shall understand and also in directing you away from the mass belief systems which are held, for this may be causing of confusion within you. You may automatically move into identification of certain elements of this information which does correlate with your mass belief systems, but these belief systems are distorted and this information is not to be aligning with those particular belief systems.

This shift in consciousness is being orchestrated as a Source Event, or as an expression of a Source Event, by the essence families of the Borledim and the Vold. The Vold family is designated as one of the initiating families in this shift in consciousness, as it holds great ability in movement, in stirring individuals and energy within consciousness to be revolutionizing your societies. This shift in consciousness is an action that shall be and is already altering the entirety of your reality, and in this the energy projected by the Vold family in its revolutionary style, so to speak, facilitates the action of the accomplishment of this shift.

The Borledim family are those essences which provide the Earth stock. They are the family that directs the introduction of new energy into your dimension and into physical focus. They are those nurturers and ‘guiders,’ so to speak, of all of the manifestations physically within this particular dimension. These are the family-oriented essences. They do not move in the direction of YOUR belief systems of family, in the structure that you have assigned to family, but they move in the direction of nurturing and encouraging the fullness of expression of essence within each manifestation within physical focus. Therefore, they move in conjunction with the Vold family.

As the Vold initiates the revolutionary action of this shift in consciousness, the Borledim family moves in harmony with this by providing new energy into your dimension, of a new type of Earth stock in a new awareness.

I have expressed previously that the Dream Walkers, which are those essences that have occupied your time framework of ‘before the beginning’ or before what you view to be the beginning of your history, these Dream Walkers have chosen not to be physically manifest within this dimension.

We have spoken many times of these Dream Walkers previously. Each family of essences that are in conjunction with this particular dimension holds their own manifestations and expressions of Dream Walkers, which you may also be accessing information of, for I have delivered this information previously also. In this, the Dream Walkers have chosen to be partially manifest before your beginning, and have also allowed themselves partial manifestation throughout your history.

As I have expressed previously, these be your apparitions that you view or your encounters with what you may term to be strange beings: angels, leprechauns, fairies ... aliens, in some situations. In some situations, your extraterrestrials are you! But in other situations, they may be appearing to you in this form, as it may be accepted by you, and these are expressions of the Dream Walkers. They do not choose to be entirely physically manifest within this dimension, but they serve as partial directors or ‘guiders.’

Now; we immediately move into the area of the possibility of distortion with this word of ‘guides.’ I shall be reminding you that there are no guides within consciousness. This is a belief system which you have developed within your new religion of your metaphysics. (Intently) There are no essences that occupy any area of consciousness that is ABOVE you. There are essences that may choose to move in the direction of helpfulness WITH you within physical focus, but the only difference between those essences and yourself as a focus of essence is that they remember and you do not.

This be the only difference between yourselves and myself as the essence of Elias. I remember and you do not, for your attention is focused singularly within a physical manifestation. This is a purposeful act. It allows you a singularity in attention, and allows you the purity of your experiences within this dimension.

Therefore, we clarify the first area that may enter the direction of misinterpretation. There are no guides, but there are essences that move in the direction of guiding. These be the Dream Walkers. One of the Dream Walkers is that essence of Rose.

Now I shall deviate briefly and express to you, these names that are offered, as you are already aware, are translations of tones. The names that you give to yourselves within physical focus – John, Jack, Mary, Elizabeth, Susan – these are words that you have designated for yourselves throughout your history as identifying words that you term names. These names are set apart from other words such as tree or rock or home. They designate an individual; they set apart. These names, as many other elements within your physical dimension, are direct reflections – mirror reflections – of known elements within consciousness, within essence. They are translated into your physical focus as certain designations. It is not accidental that you choose to be differentiating within your language those words that you term to be names, for this is a reflection of the knowing that you hold of essence tones and their identification of the individuality and the uniqueness of each personality essence.

This one essence, which has been a Dream Walker and that we speak of now, is designated with the translation of tone as Rose. This is not an identification of gender, for within essence there is no gender. It is merely an identification, within language, of a tone. This essence of Rose has chosen within this time framework to become physically manifest. This in itself may be termed to be a revolutionary action, for as I have stated, the Dream Walkers have chosen not to be physically manifest entirely. Within this present now, this essence of Rose is physically manifest within nine physical manifestations upon your planet. Each of these manifestations, as I have expressed previously, holds the gender of male. This also is a purposeful action.

You move into this shift in consciousness and you are altering your reality in a new direction. You have identified your reality within this dimension, to this point in your time framework, as male. You identify everything within your physical dimension in the area of gender, for this is an element of this particular dimension. You have created this dimension for the experience of gender and emotion. Therefore, you separate all of your elements within this particular physical dimension into areas of emotion and gender.

You even separate time frameworks into gender orientation. You separate thought processes into gender orientation. You divide your physical bodies into gender orientations. You identify left/male, right/female. You identify certain elements of thought as being male-oriented and certain elements of thought as being female-oriented. You identify thought as male and emotion as female. Your time framework has moved in the direction, to this point in your identification, as male. The orientation is male and the emphasis has been male, thought-focused and rational, which are also identifications of male. You move now into the action of this shift in consciousness, which you shall identify as female: the emotion, the intuition. Your eastern philosophies shall also mirror this, as they designate that you now move into a time framework of the female.

This is not to say that you are separating and that your female genders shall be ruling your planet! It is merely an identification of the gender in time framework, and as I have stated, you identify all of your elements within this dimension in the area of gender.

The essence of Rose has manifest purposefully as all males. This action is to be helpful within the action of this shift, and also to be providing an example, as we have stated within our analogy of the little saplings. The essence of Rose manifests as males, and as these males continue through their focuses they shall be displaying qualities that shall more be aligned with those qualities that you identify as female, but shall hold the orientation sexually as male. They shall continue through their focuses being identified and recognized the same as yourselves as male, but shall hold the ability of accessing intuition and emotion in the manner that you assign naturally to females. This shall offer examples of the lack of separation within all expressions within physical focus. It is unnecessary for you to be separating any longer so intensely. You move into the area of more of an awareness, an expanded awareness, and more of a knowing and a remembrance of essence. Therefore, you also drop many of the veils that you hold within physical focus that provide you not only with your singularity, but with your divisions and your separations. In dropping the veils of your separations, you offer yourselves more freedom and more of an ability to access your own creativity.

These manifestations of Rose are now quite small little individuals. They are – all nine – little ones, all in what you may term to be three years or less. Already they begin to display abilities and awarenesses that are uncommon to your physical focus. Their intuitive senses are very highly developed and they already are expressive of this intuitive sense, which is already being recognized, not only by those individuals that are designated as their parents, but also by all individuals that physically encounter them presently. They are already beginning to be affecting within consciousness.

We move into the area of discussing simultaneous time also, for this is quite relative to Rose. It is relative and relevant to all things within your physical focus, but within this discussion of Rose, it holds significance, for certain elements have been created within what you view to be your past and are created presently.

You view manifestations and creations linearly. You view that you create one thing within your present now, which becomes your past, and it is static; it is fixed. You do not view that you create elements within your future and that they are creating of your past. You do not view that you are creating now and it is creating of your past. You speculate that you are creating now and it shall be affecting of your future, but it is not creating your future. But they are all the same, and they are all creating each other NOW.

Within your past, a creation has been enacted of a mergence of essences, which you view to be a prophecy of your “second coming.” Now we enter into another area of belief systems and another window for distortion. I am not discussing your belief systems of the “second coming,” for there is no “second coming.” There was no first coming! But your prophecies are not entirely off the mark, for they are interpretations of known remembrances. They are remembrances of what you view to be future events, which are not future!

Let us move into the area of future, present, past. All is simultaneous. All is NOW. Therefore, what you view to be past is past/present, present/past, past/future, future/past. You may view your present as present/present, present/past, present/future. You may view your future as future/past, future/present, future/future. They all hold each other simultaneously.

I have expressed this particular discussion once only previous and that discussion holds no record, for our transcribers have ‘lost’ this particular discussion, so to speak. But it is not lost, for it repeats itself now and the information is offered once again, for all is simultaneous.

(Vic’s note: This ‘lost’ session was a pop-in that didn’t get taped.) (20)

Within what you view to be past was created, as I have stated, a mergence of essences. You have designated the manifestation of one of these essences as those biblical characters that you identify as John your Baptist, Saul of Tarsus, which is Paul, and that manifestation which you term to be Jesus the carpenter. All three of these manifestations are manifestations of one essence. The reason that you move into the area of creating prophecies of a “second coming” is that you have been offered visions, or interpretations of visualizations, which suggest a mergence of essences and a returning into physical focus [of] one of those three manifestations.

Now; your interpretation of this return is that the one manifestation that you designate as the Jesus shall be returning as the new Christ. In actuality, the manifestation which has been designated as the merging focus, to be creating of a fragmentation which is creating of manifestations of Rose, is that of the focus of Paul.

That particular focus of that essence does not return into physical focus, for no focus returns. As I have stated, you are not used parts. You are each new creations and hold your own integrity.

Therefore, the focus of Paul continues within its exploration of consciousness non-physically, but within essence has merged in conjunction with other essences with the essence of Rose. This provides what you may term to be a stimulus which creates a focus into this physical manifestation.

Therefore, one of these nine manifestations of Rose is also that designated second-coming focus, so to speak, although it is not in alignment with your belief systems, which align with the translations of past, which are your prophecies.

Now, within the area of simultaneous time this creation happens now, but it has also happened within your past. Therefore, the designation of this manifestation is a present/past manifestation. Another of these manifestations of Rose is a physically created manifestation presently now, one of the nine, which is a mergence of a focus future. This focus within another essence also has merged in conjunction with other focuses with the essence of Rose, and creates another manifestation physically within this present now. That designation is present/future. There are other manifestations of Rose presently that have merged with essence focuses to be creating of these manifestations which are merged presently. These would be designated as present/present.

Rose has chosen to be incorporating these actions, also purposefully, to be introducing to you the reality of simultaneous time, not merely the concept. Each of you may grasp what you THINK of as the concept of simultaneous time, but these manifestations, these nine small ones, shall be offering helpfulness within consciousness to be creating the understanding of simultaneous time IN REALITY with you.

This holds significance, for as you move into the action of this shift in consciousness, you shall be manipulating within time. Therefore, it is important that you hold an understanding of what you are manipulating within, and you shall not entirely be manipulating within your linear time framework. As you move more fully into the action of this shift in consciousness, you shall also allow yourselves the ability to be creating within your objective waking awareness very similar actions to your dream interactions.

Within your dream state, you move more closely into the reality of simultaneous time. Although you continue to hold a time framework within your dream state or an identification of time within your dream state, you do not hold so tightly to its linear aspect. You allow yourself the manipulation of forward or backward within your dream state. You may experience present, you may experience past or future within this state, or you may be experiencing all three simultaneously. You may also be experiencing these elements within your objective waking state, and as you become more accomplished, so to speak, at your movement in your widening of your awareness, you shall be moving in this direction more frequently and with much more ease. Already individuals engage the action of out-of-body experiences more and more frequently, and allow themselves the trust within themselves to be accomplishing this action. Within this type of movement, you also move more fully into the experience of simultaneous time; not entirely, but you do allow yourselves a partial accessing of understanding in the area of simultaneous time.

This also is quite helpful and purposeful for those individuals within final focuses within this dimension that are engaging the action of transition while continuing to be physically manifest. As I have stated previously, not much of your time framework shall continue before you are accessing what you term to be your cure for senility, or that dis-ease that you term to be Alzheimer’s. This is not a dis-ease. It is a choice to be engaging transition within physical focus, and the choice is created in the manner that is acceptable to your officially accepted reality; your officially accepted guidelines within your societies. It is acceptable to be appearing senile. Therefore, individuals create this action to be engaging in transition within physical focus, but as you widen your awareness and you move more fully into your own opening to consciousness, you also offer yourselves information that this action is no longer necessary. It is unnecessary to be appearing to be displaying lunacy merely to be excusing yourselves within your action of transition within physical focus. Therefore, you shall offer yourselves your so-called cure for this dis-ease, and you shall allow yourselves the ability to engage this action of transition without its camouflage.

(Intently) Within the action of transition, you view your focuses simultaneously. They are in actuality all occurring at once within all dimensions. Therefore, you begin by examining the simultaneousness of this one particular focus, and then you allow yourselves to move into the area of viewing all of your focuses simultaneously. Now; individuals already engage this action within physical focus, but they also camouflage this action. You shall allow yourselves the ability to NOT camouflage, but it is important that you hold an understanding of the reality of simultaneous time, that you do not confuse yourselves as you enter into viewing it.

I have expressed an analogy previously of one hundred televisions. One hundred televisions occupy a room. You are the room. All of the televisions are your focuses, and they are all playing at once. They all display different programs – not one is the same – and you view them all simultaneously. And how confusing may this be to you, to be connecting with each of them and all of them and understanding all of them all at once, if you are not holding an understanding of simultaneous time? Each of these focuses are you, although they each hold their own integrity and are not you. There are many aspects of you that you do not view yet, but you shall.

In this, you offer yourselves the opportunity to draw yourselves to this type of information, that you may prepare yourselves for what you are entering into. For you shall, regardless of your objective ‘wanting’ or not! The agreements have been made and the motion has been set already. You have chosen already. You ARE creating of this shift in consciousness, and it shall be and already IS accomplished. It is merely your choice of accessing it as to when you shall completely manifest all of it. It IS accomplished.

It is future/present, and you are present/future. You are present/now, but you view this shift to be future. You anticipate its coming as a great event. It is already! It merely needs be accessed, and as you allow yourselves to be future/present, you shall access this shift and create it within your now.

Be remembering: in reality, although we speak of future and past and present, all is now. There is no future and no past, for it is all occurring at once. It is merely a perception that you create, a succession of moments.” [session 298, July 16, 1998]

ELIAS: “This evening we shall be discussing the present wave in consciousness occurring which is affecting en masse, and in this discussion we shall be focusing upon the belief system which is the most affecting and that which this particular wave in consciousness addresses to presently.

Let me initially express to you that as we move more fully into the expression of this shift in consciousness, these waves shall become more frequent and more intense, therefore pulling to the surface of your objective awareness those belief systems which shall be addressed to en masse and shall be the most beneficial to you within your societies and individually. Within this present now, the belief system which moves the wave in consciousness that you address to is that of relationships.

Now; let me express that you separate your ideas of relationships into many different areas. I shall also express to you a reminder that this is one belief system. Each belief system that you hold, as I have stated previously, holds many, many aspects.

Therefore, I shall reiterate, in my analogy of belief systems in comparison, that the belief system itself is as that of a bird cage, and the aspects of the belief system are all of the birds that the cage holds. These cages, the belief systems, hold many, many, many birds. There are hundreds of aspects to each given belief system.

Therefore, as you address to the belief system of relationships, this also holds very many aspects. You separate these aspects into different compartments, so to speak. You create individual ideas in differentiating one type of relationship from another type of relationship. You think very differently as to your relationship with your employer than you do in looking to a relationship with your child. You look at relationships involving other individuals romantically very differently from relationships of friendships or relationships that you look to in your parents. There are many different types of relationships that you identify with.

You also hold relationships with your communities, with your governments, with your world. You hold relationships with what you believe to be your ‘higher self’ or other aspects of consciousness. You hold relationships with that which you may term to be god or other such ‘beings,’ so to speak. This shift in consciousness moves these belief systems into your objective awareness, that you may address to the belief systems and all of the aspects that are connected to these belief systems, that you may offer yourselves the opportunity to be accepting of these belief systems.

... But look now to your societies and the waves and movement. At the onset of this shift in consciousness, any deviation from the officially accepted reality within your societies was not only frowned upon, but the judgment was severe. Within your present now, as you move close to the turnpoint of your new century and you move more quickly into the action of this shift in consciousness, you also experience more of an acceptance. Therefore, I express to you that although you may find yourselves in the thought processes of negativity at times, expressing to yourselves and to other individuals that you move much too slowly and that awareness is not moving in the direction efficiently of being accepting, look to the movement which you yourselves have created within the accomplishment of this century. For within this time framework, which is a mere flutter in all of your linear time, you have created immense movement in the direction of this shift in consciousness and its purpose, so to speak, of acceptance. That which you express freely within this present now, you may have held the expectation of doom at the turn of your last century.

Therefore, be acknowledging of yourselves in your movement, but also recognize that you have more movement to be accomplishing, and in this movement be reminding yourselves of this Acceptance 101, that which be the acceptance of other individuals, and be reminding yourself of Acceptance 102, remedial. You have not moved into the area of Acceptance 102 alone. This you find much more difficult to be accomplishing – acceptance of self – than acceptance of other individuals. It is much more fun to be not accepting of self! It is quite easy to be moving into the direction of hurtfulness to self, and you may accomplish this so very efficiently because you can move into the area of quietness. You may be non-accepting of self silently! (Laughter) It is more difficult in the area of acceptance of other individuals to be quite so silent, but you are quite efficient at this action with yourselves! Therefore, you have not yet moved away from remedial Acceptance 102! (Grinning) (21)

MALE: ... Elias, all my life I’ve had this sort of obsession, almost, with religious imagery and religious figures, especially the Christ archetype. Can these archetypes of religious people – the Buddha, Mohammed, Christ – are they tied into our essences? Are they tied to us, or are they just something we’ve made up, basically? Have we made up the idea of the godhood?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that these individuals that you hold stories concerning have in actuality occupied physical space within physical focuses ... DO occupy physical focuses presently, for all focuses are simultaneous. Therefore, they are now also. They are merely removed from you within a dimension of time within this particular physical dimension. There are many dimensions within this dimension. Some of those dimensions are different dimensions of time which are removed from you sideways but are occurring simultaneous to this present now, for this IS the existence of all time presently. It is merely your perception that your time moves linearly within this particular dimension, that you may be experiencing sequentially and slowly for the purity of your experiences and for the fullness of your experiences.

But as to your inquiry of these religious figures, so to speak, although they have and are occupying physical focus, much of the story that surrounds some of these individuals are stories. They have been created by you all collectively that you may move in certain directions, that you may be creating of certain belief systems that shall move you powerfully into certain directions.

This is not to say that these creations are not very beneficial, for they are, and they have served you well throughout your history, but they are not actual events that certain individuals within physical focus have created in the manner that you believe. The events have been created in actuality, but not necessarily by the individuals that they are attributed to. All of the events have occurred, but they have been assigned to certain individuals as a focal point, and these individual focuses are in compliance and agreement in assuming that role, but in actuality the occurrences have been created by many different individuals and combined for the effect that it shall create within objective awareness by your assigning all of these events and creations and philosophies to certain individuals. This, in your perception, holds more validity and holds more powerfulness. You are much more paying attention to a figure that is accomplishing of many amazing feats and stories and holding an amazing philosophy than many individuals holding individual philosophies and events.

Therefore, en masse collectively you have created the combining of events and assigned them to certain individuals, but this also has perpetuated the belief systems that you move into and have held for many, many centuries, of authority and perpetuating the belief system of duplicity, that although you are wondrous creatures, you are not quite good enough! You may be quite creative, but you are not ultimately creative! You may be quite inventive, but you are not god ... but you are, for you have created this!

Your figures in your religious histories are figures that you have assigned all of the abilities that you know within you that you each hold, but as you do not accept yourselves and you do not trust yourselves and you allow the stronghold of the belief system of duplicity, you move into the direction of assigning all of these qualities to certain individuals that are ‘special,’ and you are not!

You also move into the direction of creating gods that hold the abilities that you know within yourselves, that which is all-creating. This is you, and the mirror expression of this is to be projecting outward into the expression of an invisible creation of a being which holds all power and is creating of you. In actuality, you are the all-creating being and are creating of the image of that which you express to be god, and as I have expressed previously, a very small word for a very small concept. You are much vaster than this!

I have also offered much more information in this direction, and you may be inquiring of Michael [Mary] to be directing you to this information if you are so choosing.

MALE: ... Alright. It is my understanding that in the shift in consciousness, we will be moving to a point where we will be able to have more experiences without limitations, and the belief systems that we have created for some time have been beneficial to us, and now we have kind of outgrown them?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes, for you have created your experiences previously quite purposefully and for their own purity of the individual experiences, but you have already experienced the exploration of this avenue within your expressions in physical focus. Now you move into the area of becoming bored with these experiences. They are not so very new any longer, and you recognize that they are also limiting your creativity and your own freedom of expression. Therefore, you choose to be altering of your reality and moving into the direction of more of an expansiveness, that you may be experiencing more fully and many more experiences than you have allowed yourselves previously.

Let me express to you that within individual situations, certain individuals that you all view in awe and express once again as very special individuals, they allow themselves periodically throughout your history to be experiencing the fullness of their creativity within physical focus, but you view this to be quite unusual! If an individual is moving into the direction of levitating themselves against gravity, my my! This is QUITE an accomplishment and this individual shall be QUITE special, for YOU do not hold this ability ... but you do! Now you move into the area, within the action of this shift, that you shall view all of these wonders that you have assigned to special individuals with special powers and abilities, [and] you shall assign these to yourselves and they shall be commonplace, and you shall be allowing your own experiencing of all of these elements and actions and allowing the free expression of your creativity without limitations.” [session 301, July 25, 1998]

ELIAS: “All of your focuses are occurring simultaneously. There are very thin veils between yourselves and all of your other focuses, and as you move more fully into the action of this shift in consciousness these veils become even more thin, until the point that they are veils no more. Presently within this very now, many individuals have dropped many of these veils that separate all of your focuses from each other. Many individuals have already moved into the area of penetrating the experience of other focuses that they hold within this particular dimension, recognizing other focuses as themselves but not as themselves, recognizing that they are all interconnected, and also recognizing that they hold the ability to move freely in and out of the experience in connection with any and all of these other focuses. (Ha!) This also offers the opportunity to all of you to be noticing the affectingness of the belief systems of these other focuses and how they are affecting YOU within this particular focus.

Many of your other focuses hold similar belief systems to those belief systems that you hold presently. Some of your other focuses – you within this particular focus – hold belief systems about them, for you shall move into the direction of judgment upon them all. You shall create a judgment in line with your own belief systems of duplicity, expressing that certain focuses that you hold are good and acceptable and certain focuses that you hold are not good and are unacceptable. You shall be quite pleased with yourselves if you are discovering that you hold another focus within this dimension of some exceptionally kind and wonderful individual! You shall be pleased with yourselves if you discover that you hold another focus within this dimension of a very famous or powerful individual. You shall be very UN-pleased with yourselves if you are discovering that one of your focuses is a murderer! You shall express, ‘Oh, no! I may not be accepting of THIS individual! We shall place this one far away and not be acknowledging of this particular focus, for this is unacceptable.’

You focus within this particular dimension for the purpose of experience, for the exploration of physical focus and all that it offers to you in every type of physical experience. Therefore, you hold very many focuses which are all simultaneously experiencing all aspects of physical interaction. In this you offer yourselves much information as to your own abilities within physical focus to be creating of your most creative expressions in every direction, but within certain focuses you choose to be aligning with the officially accepted realities and the reality of the belief system of your official societies, and therefore also deeming yourselves to be quite good. Let me express to you that your alignment in the area of expressing to yourselves that you are good is a judgment also. Good is a judgment. Pleasing is a judgment. Acceptable is a judgment which is equally as powerful as any negative expression, for accompanying this positive, so to speak, expression is also the recognition that another expression is bad, for what shall good be if you have no comparison of bad? It shall be neutral.

(Intently) This is what you move into now within the action of this shift. You move away from your judgments of good and bad and you move into the acceptance of belief systems and the recognition that they ARE belief systems, and in this you neutralize their affectingness. IT MATTERS NOT. (Brief pause)

(Very intently) If I shall express to any of you, within all of my engagements with you within physical interaction, any quote that shall be remembered, it shall become ‘It matters not,’ for your expressions are merely those of experience. You are immensely – underline immensely – vaster than your comprehension of yourselves within this one particular physical focus, and this vastness of self is available to you. You are not limited to the understanding of only this one focus. You hold ALL of essence within you. It is NOT a being outside of you. Your relationship with yourself is not a relationship which is engaged with some elusive entity that floats about outside of you. Information that you allow yourselves to connect to is NOT outside of you. ALL of the information is held within you.” [session 302, July 26, 1998]

ELLEN: “For a while, I’ve had a problem focusing on anything. I feel diffused. I feel like I don’t have a center in my life anymore. Is that part of the wave of consciousness, or is that just something I’m creating? I procrastinate. I don’t accomplish what I think I should be accomplishing. Sometimes I just feel like I’m drifting.

ELIAS: This also is an element in the action of the movement of this shift in consciousness. As you are allowing yourselves to move in the direction of acceptance of belief systems, addressing to belief systems, and noticing belief systems, you also are automatically moving yourselves into different modalities of consciousness objectively. Therefore, belief systems that you have held throughout your focus in the direction of cultural time, that you must be productive continuously and you must be filling your hours of your days with this productivity and accomplishing continuously objectively, this is a belief system.

You also, in moving into the action of this shift in consciousness, automatically are also creating of natural byproducts in certain areas, one of which is less of a movement into cultural time and more of a movement into natural time. Natural time is your own natural inclination to be moving into areas of pleasure and not obligation. Your essence naturally magnates and moves in the direction of pleasure. This is the least amount of thickness in energy within physical focus and affords the most efficient movement. Therefore, what you are creating and what other individuals are creating also in alignment with this shift in consciousness is to be moving more and more away from cultural time and more and more into the expression of natural time, for this also shall be more of the officially expressed reality in the accomplishment of this shift in consciousness.

I have stated many times that your reality shall be entirely altered in the accomplishment of this shift in consciousness. That which you recognize presently as your officially accepted reality shall change and shall be dramatically altered, for you shall hold the recognition in accepting these belief systems that it is entirely unnecessary to be so very structured and to be holding to the belief system of control so very tightly, for you shall naturally move into the expressions that are necessary within physical focus without effort and without the presentment and the projection of your own objective control. Be remembering of our interpretation of dream, and the natural action of falling into the hole. There is no control expressed in falling into a hole, and this is the very presentment of the natural effortless action of essence. It is unnecessary for control, for you are never out of control! Therefore, what shall you be controlling?

ELLEN: Hmm! I think the time is almost up. You’ve told me so much! Another issue I have is judging people. How can I overcome that?

ELIAS: Judgment in any area is the lack of acceptance, and this is a very major movement of this shift in consciousness. ALL individuals upon your planet are and shall be addressing to these issues of acceptance, not only of belief systems but of themselves and of each other, and this is why this shift in consciousness is expressed in such a long period of your physical time framework, for it moves slowly in the direction of acceptance. In another respect it is moving quite rapidly, for within the presentment of nearly two hundred years – less than two hundred years – the accomplishment of this shift shall be realized, but within that time framework of less than two hundred of your years, there is great struggle for all individuals in the area of acceptance.

(Intently) I stress very strongly that individuals concern themselves with the acceptance of self first and the recognition of their own held belief systems, for in this shall be their movement into the acceptance of other individuals, for a natural byproduct of recognition of self is to be non-judgmental of other individuals, for as you are judging of other individuals, you are judging of yourself, for if you are not judging of yourself, you also do not place judgment upon other individuals. If you hold the recognition and acceptance of self, it is unnecessary to be placing judgment upon other individuals, for there is an automatic recognition that you shall be judging self in judging others. Each time you move into the area of placing a judgment upon any other individual, you also are placing judgment upon yourself. You are mirroring outwardly your expression to self. What is unacceptable in another individual is unacceptable in yourself, and if it is unacceptable within yourself, of course it shall be unacceptable for another individual to be expressing in this action.

Therefore, I present this to you, that you and all other individuals may attend their attention to themselves and to their own issues of duplicity and their own belief systems, and afford themselves the acceptance of themselves and the trust of themselves, for all other expressions shall naturally follow, so to speak, as natural byproducts of this action of acceptance of self.” [session 304, August 01, 1998]

ELIAS: “The point of accepting a belief system is to be not eliminating the belief system, but to be eliminating the judgment, and if you are eliminating the judgment, you are also greatly affecting of your conflict that you create within yourselves and within each other. And this would be the point, for within this shift in consciousness, you move in the direction of creating a new type of reality.

In this, I am not expressing that within the accomplishment of this shift you shall be altering your physical form, and you shall be moving about your planet as strange, unusual-looking little creatures and that you shall be consuming of strange vegetation, and that the entirety of your planet and your existence within this physical focus shall be altered radically within these types of manners, but the entirety of your reality SHALL be altered in different respects, and these alterations ARE quite radical, in a manner of speaking.

How you perceive your reality as it is established presently shall be altered. Your structure of your reality shall be different. I have offered information in this once, and I have expressed to individuals that I shall not move in the direction of often repeating that information, for that moves in the direction of what you perceive to be predictions, and I choose not to be lending energy in this direction, for this is another belief system.

I have offered information previously as to the action of this shift and how it shall be definitively altering of your reality in very radical manners, but I also am not moving in the direction of perpetuating your own belief systems in the areas of prophecies and crystal balls and predictions, for all actions are, as you are aware, probabilities, and therefore they are not concrete. They are very changeable within every moment, and although some probabilities are more probable than other probabilities in their actualization into this particular physical dimension, they are probabilities. Therefore, they are not absolutes.

There are no absolutes! You WANT absolutes, but there are no absolutes!

In this, your acceptance of your belief systems allows you to hold an opinion concerning your belief systems, that you may choose to move within them or you may choose not to move within them, but you create no judgment that you attach to them. There is no right or wrong or good or bad that concerns your choices. They are recognized as merely choices, and in this you offer yourselves tremendous freedom, and this be the point.

For within the alignment of these belief systems and the movement of all of the aspects of these belief systems and all of your judgments which are attached to these aspects of belief systems, you limit your own expressions, your own acceptance, and your own creativity. You create limits upon yourselves, and in this, as you allow yourselves to be accepting of belief systems, you not only open the door for the birds to fly free, but you also open the door for the freedom of your own creativity and your own expressions.

You guard yourselves. You do not allow the freedom of your expression, for you fear how this shall be perceived by another individual. You shall guard how you speak, what energy you project, how you think, for you hold an awareness that thought is energy, and although other individuals do not engage their inner sense of telepathy and actively engage in mind-reading with you, you DO hold an awareness that in some subjective manner THEY hold an awareness of your energy, which you project through your thought processes, which is translated as energy projected outward from your physical form in the direction of other individuals.

And do not delude yourselves into the thought process that other individuals are unaware of your projections of energy! It is unnecessary to physically view, to see or hear or touch energy, to KNOW that it is present and to KNOW that it is being manipulated.

You all have encountered experiences with other individuals in which you KNOW what another individual is thinking, and they may say nothing. You may not allow yourselves to engage this continuously, but you ALL have created this experience within your focus. Not one individual has not experienced this particular action! It is natural to you. It is a movement of your inner senses, which ARE natural to you. You merely do not open yourselves to actively engaging these inner senses continuously, but regardless that you notice the workings of these inner senses, they ARE working and you DO allow yourselves to be connecting to their workings occasionally.

Therefore, you hold an awareness that it matters not that another individually, physically, audibly expresses to you. You hold an awareness of their energy and of their thought processes.

(Firmly) There are no secrets within essence!

You may move in the direction within physical focus of fooling yourselves and deceiving yourselves that you hold the ability to be creating secrets from other individuals, but within essence there are no secrets, for there are no judgments. And in this, it matters not what you choose to be creating! You create your secrets, for you hold duplicity and you engage this belief system. You do not move in the direction of secretiveness if you are not creating a judgment that you have engaged something bad or unacceptable or that you fear other individuals shall place a judgment upon, but you have already placed a judgment upon your very creation! This be the reason that you are creating of this shift and that you are addressing to these belief systems, for your own freedoms.

How very often do you each engage the thought of how very liberating it may be that you may express yourselves without limitation? And if you are accepting belief systems you discontinue judgment, and therefore you MAY express yourselves in all of your creations, in all of your thought process, in all of your emotions, in all of your directions of all of your expressions, for it shall matter not. It shall not be hurtful to other individuals, for they shall not be engaging judgment, and it shall not be hurtful to yourself, for YOU shall not be engaging judgment, and THIS is the point.

RODNEY: ... I have another question! (Laughter) There’s a rather large bird cage down in Washington D.C., and it’s called ‘inappropriate sexual behavior.’ (Laughter) There’s a lot of birds in this cage!

ELIAS: Ah! THIS is an aspect of the bird cage that we have been discussing recently, of relationships! These are not the bird cages. These are the birds within the cages! (Grinning)

RODNEY: Is this kind of activity on such a large scale – I’m talking about the discussion on a national level of these kinds of relationships; it’s rather new and unique to this country – is this in any way a part of this shift?

ELIAS: Absolutely; yes. This is lending energy to mass awareness and is moving many individuals into directions that they may not have perceived themselves moving into previously and into more of an acceptance in many areas and many directions, for the more that these political individuals create attention in this direction, drawing your focuses to the unacceptability of certain behaviors, the more they are affecting in moving within consciousness the lending of energy to all of you to be more accepting of behaviors within physical focus, recognizing that it matters not.

Therefore, I express to you that there are many times within your physical focus that mass expressions and mass movements may be occurring that appear, upon what you term to be the surface, as moving in one direction, and in actuality they may be accomplishing of a very different action, and the action that they may be accomplishing may be quite beneficial to you all en masse.

RODNEY: Would you say the same thing about the current economic climate of the world?

ELIAS: This would be quite in compliance with this information that I have expressed that you may access, of this one session that I have offered in the direction of the alteration of your reality within this shift in consciousness and its completion, for this is a beginning movement in evidence of this shift in consciousness and the alteration of your reality, and it shall be quite affecting!

Within your present terms, it may not necessarily appear to be ‘getting better’ within your belief systems and within your expressions of duplicity, for if it is returning to its accepted state of being, it shall not be altering of future probabilities, which are altering of your economic status and exchange, which shall be quite different futurely!” [session 328, October 03, 1998]

ELIAS: “You are merely who you have chosen to be, and you are choosing to be widening your awareness within this focus, and this is not unusual. This is occurring throughout your globe.

MARISA: Is it because of the millennium?

ELIAS: This is for the reason that you have chosen this shift in consciousness. The entirety of your globe is moving in this direction and is experiencing these actions and is opening to their awareness. I have offered much information concerning this shift in consciousness, which you may be inquiring of Michael, if you are so choosing, to be offering you this information.

But this is the point. This is the reason that you are experiencing all of these elements and opening your awareness, in like manner to all of these other individuals. You are all experiencing this action of this shift, and this is the point that you are speaking to me, for all of you have asked. You are requesting explanations for the experiences that you are creating, for the belief systems that you have created are so very strong that they blind you to your experiences and to the explanations of why you are creating certain experiences. This is what you are creating in this shift in consciousness – an opening of your awareness, a dropping of all of these veils within consciousness, a remembrance that there is no separation. All is interconnected. You are not individually separated. You are all interconnected. You are not separated by time or space or dimensions. These are perceptions. You are interconnected with all of consciousness.

You are also bored in the experiences that you have created to this point. You have experienced. You have created in the manner that you have designed previously. Now you choose to be creating in an expanded experience, allowing more of your awareness, more of an opening to consciousness, more of your own creativity and your own abilities, and you are discovering that your abilities are within physical focus limitless. You have merely limited yourselves as an element of your beliefs, but as you are also moving into acceptance of your beliefs, you are widening your awareness and you are allowing yourselves to view how many more abilities you hold and how very creative you are, and not creating your limitations with such severity. Those elements in your reality that have been thought to be impossible are not impossible!

Elements of your reality that within this particular century that have been thought as impossibilities have been shown to not be impossibilities. ‘You may not fly.’ Yes, you may! ‘You may not communicate with all other individuals throughout your globe.’ Yes, you may! (Smiling)

There are many, many abilities that you hold that you have not allowed yourselves to view ... and view the acceleration of your progress within this one century! And it continues to accelerate, and this is all an action of this shift.

I have expressed previously to many individuals, you have engaged the onset of this shift in consciousness at the entering of this century, which now moves to its close, and you shall complete this shift in consciousness within your three-quarter mark of your next century, the beginning of your new millennium, and within this present time framework, you are lent much energy for all of your accomplishments in what you term to be negative or positive. It matters not. You may draw upon a tremendous reservoir of energy, for much energy has been lent to this time period throughout your ages, your turning of your century and your millennium. Much prophecy has been expounded upon and much energy has been lent to this time period, and you may draw upon this energy in whichever manner you choose.

Therefore, if you are choosing to be drawing upon this energy for pleasure and exploration, you shall create much more of an ease for yourself in your accomplishments than you have previously. Much is before your fingertips presently, in your terminology.” (Smiling) [session 385, April 18, 1999]

ANNE: “I’m wondering ... I have lots of questions, so I don’t know where to start actually, but I think I’m going through confusion right now. I don’t know if it’s because of my age. I don’t know if it’s because of being connected to a friend who’s getting – what’s the word? – is becoming more attuned. We have conversations almost on a daily basis about things that make me question, things that make me ... I’m just really, really confused. I don’t know where I’m going. I feel like I’m starting to discover a purpose, but I don’t know what the purpose is, and it’s distracting. It’s distracting in my physical life, and I’m not sure where to go with it, and that’s why I’ve chosen to see you. I was hoping you could give me some insights, some help, some – what’s the word? – information, I guess, because sometimes I just feel like I’m going crazy.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I may assure you that you are not experiencing lunacy!

Let me express to you initially that an element of what you are experiencing presently is in conjunction with movement of energy that is occurring presently with all individuals within this particular dimension. I have offered much information previously of this shift in consciousness which is presently occurring throughout your globe. This is, in part, what is affecting of you.

Another element of energy which is affecting is that within this shift in consciousness, a very strong element of this shift is to be creating an awareness objectively within all individuals throughout your planet of the existence and the affectingness of belief systems. In this, the point of this shift is to be identifying belief systems, addressing to them, and accepting – not eliminating, but accepting – these belief systems.

Now; this is a very basic explanation of the movement in energy of this shift in consciousness, but there is much involved in this movement. In this, many individuals in this time framework experience much confusion, for in a manner of speaking, you are awakening to yourselves.

You also are beginning, in this objective process, to be awakening to yourself. This offers you many new experiences, but they are also unfamiliar, and elements of yourself appear to be unfamiliar, and therefore, you become confused.

Another element of movement which is occurring presently is a wave in consciousness. These waves in consciousness are also an element of the movement of this shift. They address to specific belief systems. In this, individuals are affected by these waves. They may not hold an objective awareness of WHAT is affecting them, but they are aware objectively that strange and unfamiliar events, thoughts, emotions, actions are occurring within their experiences.

You also experience this type of energy. What in actuality is occurring is the beginnings of an opening within yourself to more of your own awareness in objective terms.

Now; I hold an awareness also that this creates an element of conflict and of confusion in the area of doubt and a lack of understanding in many different directions. It also at times may appear to you to be quite overwhelming, for this present time framework within your linear time holds a tremendous surge of energy.

You are experiencing the affectingness of this wave in consciousness which addresses to the specific belief system presently of sexuality and all of the aspects that are contained within that particular belief system. You are experiencing an affectingness of energy within this shift in consciousness, and you are also experiencing an intensity of energy which is generated merely by this particular time framework – this final year of this particular century and millennium – for MUCH energy has been lent to this particular time framework.

I have expressed to many other individuals previously that within this time framework of this particular year, the intensity of the energy is so very great that with no thought process at all and no objective concentration, each of you is lent so very much energy that whichever direction you choose to be moving into – be it confusion, be it conflict, be it joyfulness, it matters not – any direction that you are engaging shall be emphasized and shall appear to be in extreme, for you are offered the energy to be creating of all of these directions much more easily than within other time frameworks. Therefore, it appears to you that you experience different elements of your focus extremely.

Individuals may be experiencing an extreme in their focus of calm. Other individuals may be experiencing an extreme of fearfulness. Other individuals experience an extreme of conflict and confusion.

ANNE: So we will all work through that?

ELIAS: Yes.” (Smiling) [session 445, August 13, 1999]

WARREN: “Do you have contemporaries in your dimension?

ELIAS: All of you, and many beyond. (Grinning)

WARREN: Well, one thing I was wondering about, that being the case, in the dimension that I’m in, there are a lot of people who would be skeptical of the energy transfer we're experiencing. I was wondering if beings in your dimension ... how they feel about an energy transfer to our dimension from your dimension.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, I am not a being from another dimension, in the terms that you are placing this ...

WARREN: Well, I understand that....

ELIAS: ... and for clarification, that there be no misunderstanding or element of distortion, the difference between myself and yourself is merely that I incorporate a remembrance and you do not, for you have chosen, within the manifestation of this physical dimension, to be forgetting and to be separating, within your objective awareness, your remembrance.

In this, I hold an awareness that there are individuals that you may classify as skeptical or doubting of the validity of this energy exchange. I express to you that this is not an unusual expression within your physical dimension, in conjunction with your belief systems. You hold doubtfulness of yourselves! Why shall you not be doubtful of myself also?

WARREN: Good point.

ELIAS: In this, as to your inquiry of my view or what you term to be my contemporaries’ view of your dimension, the expression of skeptical holds no relevance, for there is an awareness of essence in the area, so to speak, of consciousness that I project energy from, and in this, there is an awareness of the remembrance of essence. Therefore, it is unquestioned, for it is a reality!

You are. You exist. You manipulate energy. You are a manifestation of consciousness. There is nothing to question in this, for it is a reality. You merely do not incorporate your remembrance.

Therefore, you continue to search for your explanations of reality and of self. Once you are allowing yourself to be recognizing and accepting of self, you also shall incorporate the remembrance, and you need not be nonphysical to be incorporating this action.

And this is the point of this shift in consciousness, that you have chosen within this particular dimension to be incorporating your remembrance in conjunction with your physical reality, which shall allow you greater freedom and an exceptional expression of your creativity.

WARREN: I think I understand. (Elias chuckles) This is still Warren, and I’m asking another question, if I may.

ELIAS: You may.

WARREN: From my perspective, as limited as it is, it seems to me that your transfer of energy from your dimension to our dimension is ... I would consider that to be somewhat of a mission. From my perspective, it would be like an educational mission.

ELIAS: It is an answer.

Collectively, in the movement of this shift in consciousness, as you have begun an objective recognition of this shift, you also within consciousness have created a request. You have asked. You have asked for information that you are not incorporating in remembrance.

You have asked for helpfulness in understanding objectively of what you are creating, that you may lessen the incorporation of trauma within the action of this shift in consciousness, and in that request, in that asking, essences are responding.

This essence of myself is one of the essences that is responsive to your request, in offering information to you to be helpful in the lessening of the incorporation of trauma within this shift in consciousness.

Many individuals may not be experiencing a tremendous expression of trauma presently, but you are also offering an expression of energy to those individuals that ARE incorporating tremendous trauma presently.

Your acquisition of information that you allow to be assimilated lends to the movement within consciousness to be lessening the trauma that other individuals are experiencing or shall be experiencing, and also lessens or eliminates your own incorporation of trauma within the action of this shift.

There IS trauma being experienced within the action of this shift in consciousness. You that draw yourselves to this information incorporate tremendous confusion. Those individuals that do not avail themselves objectively of information in this type of manner incorporate a tremendous lack of objective understanding, and this incorporates trauma.

You objectively, desirously move in the direction of acceptance and into the movement of this shift in consciousness. You seek out information which lends to your individual expressions and abilities to be moving in harmony with the energy of this shift in consciousness, and you experience tremendous confusion and conflict and difficulty. Think to yourselves of the individuals within your dimension upon your planet that do not avail themselves of information objectively.

They are experiencing the same shift. They are incorporating the same experiences. Many of them are experiencing this shift in consciousness much more in extreme, in objective terms, and believe themselves to be experiencing lunacy, for it is unfamiliar to them, and they do not hold an objective explanation or understanding.

As I speak to you, I also speak to the potentiality of all of the individuals within your physical dimension that you shall incorporate an affectingness of. Therefore, as you avail yourself of this information, you also create, in a manner of speaking objectively, a channel for many, many, many other individuals to be incorporating this information, and as this action occurs within energy, you alter probabilities, and you divert those probabilities that you view to be devastation from being inserted into your officially accepted reality, and you set into motion more of the movement of acceptance and less and less trauma.

You wish to be moving through your creations in this physical focus without conflict, and you are moving in this direction as you allow yourselves to be understanding yourselves – who you are and what you are, and what you create and how you create within your reality – and this allows you an acceptance of yourselves.” [session 510, December 04, 1999]

JO: “I felt a very profound connection while reading Lenny Bruce’s autobiography. I’m curious about a focus connection, but I especially feel an alignment in intent somehow, a type of alignment in intent. My fear is, I think, that I don’t want to be a martyr for the cause too, but I do seem to want to hold a mirror up to myself and my world in order to scrutinize and satirize in a way that helps us move through this shift a little easier – and by the way, helps me move through the shift a little easier (laughing) – and I think this may be my intent. It means allowing vulnerability, and that’s what’s scary to me, and I also think – I know this is kind of a lot at once – I also think that this is my continued connecting with this essential part of me that’s invulnerable – as I look to my vulnerabilities – and what is eternal about me, and that seems to blend with the fact that I’ve chosen this as my final focus.

ELIAS: Let me offer to you, Tyl [Joanne], in this subject matter, first of all, this also is not an association with another focus. The reason that you experience a strong draw to this type of expression or information is that it IS presenting a mirror to you in certain aspects, and in this identification of the mirror action, you also allow yourself the recognition of certain elements of the mirror action that you are attracted to and certain elements that invoke elements of fearfulness within you. These are the elements that you repel and that you express to yourself a lack of desire to be becoming a martyr, so to speak. As you engage in actions or expressions that are outside of the mass belief system, you also may be creating certain elements of conflict.

Now; let me also express to you that this is quite dependent upon how you view what you are creating and what you are participating within, for your perception is the key element. It is that piece, so to speak, which is creating of your reality and shall be directing of your movement, in how you shall be interactive and how you shall be expressive and how you shall be interpreting or receiving other expressions or input in situations or through the expressions of other individuals. For you may move outside of the expressions objectively of the mass belief systems and you may be creating of your individual expression, and as you experience no conflict with these expressions – and also no expectation of conflict – you shall less probably draw these expressions of conflict to you in the interaction of other individuals.

In this, I am not stating to you an absolute, for individuals may be responsive within their perception to what you create within your reality, but this does not necessarily dictate your response to them and it is not a dictation of your choices. Therefore, you may continue to not be incorporating conflict within you in conjunction with your choices, regardless of the choices of other individuals and their attempt to be influencing of your focus in the direction of conflict. Are you understanding?

JO: Yes.

ELIAS: Therefore, in this, the key element is your examination of your individual beliefs, your alignment with them, your expression of conflict, your expectation or anticipation of conflict that you may encounter as well as that which you may create within self, and your recognition of elements of fear that you create and why you are creating them – what is the motivational factor that is creating of the element of fear? – and this allows you more choices objectively and expands your movement objectively, in offering you greater mobility to be creating through an expanded awareness of perception.

As to your identification of vulnerability and invulnerableness, I shall express to you that the movement into an allowance of vulnerability is productive, so to speak, for this offers less resistance and obstacles in the direction of widening your awareness.

Be remembering that as I have stated previously, you may be equating the term of openness as synonymous with vulnerability. Therefore, you may also recognize that you may be expressing an invulnerability to be the expression of closure, and not an expression of openness.

In this, we move into an identification presently of a movement within consciousness – which is occurring in conjunction with this shift in this time framework, which is quite strong in an actualization of movement of this shift in consciousness – and that is a redefining of terms.

You are allowing yourselves to move into a position objectively, within your focuses individually and collectively, in which you are redefining your terminology, and in this redefining of terminology, you are redefining your associations and your meaning with your terminology – with your language, with your concepts, with your ideas, your philosophies, all of which is expressed through your terminology – and therefore, in the redefining of your terms, you are also redefining your reality. This is the action of the shift, which you are allowing yourself to view in actual objective action now.

JO: I very much resonate with that also. That seems to be something that has to do with my intent presently as well.

ELIAS: You are correct, and in this movement you present yourself with many different actions and terms, that you may examine and you may evaluate and assess what your existing definition is and how it is moving into a new definition, and how you are participating within self in this redefining of your own actions, behaviors, expressions, terms, meanings, ideas. ALL of your reality is being redefined, and it is beginning with your terminology.

JO: That’s really interesting. Thank you for that.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

JO: I had a dream about a woman who I think was Lawrence’s [Vicki’s] focus and possibly a sister-in-law. She was speaking excitedly, and the word I caught was something like Esburush. Can you comment on that?

ELIAS: Once again, this moves in conjunction with this subject matter of redefinition, for it draws your attention objectively to the identification of specifics. Your attention has automatically moved to a central point, so to speak, of a particular word or expression, and the imagery which is surrounding of that word or that term dims, and the term becomes the focal point. This is significant in relaying to you the object of the movement, so to speak.

You are offering yourself the identification of your attention, and how your attention moves in the direction of terms and the significance of terms and the value of terms and the importance placed in your attention upon these terms, and in this, the importance of the meaning of those terms, for the meaning is your definition, and your definition is what defines your reality. Therefore, there is importance, in your perception, in your acquisition of the definition of each term.

In this, the imagery that you are presenting to yourself is merely the recognition of the direction of your attention presently, that it is being directed in the expression of examination of your terminology, and the importance that is held in your perception with that terminology.

JO: Yeah, because I feel as though we’re kind of deconstructing things, our world, the shared one and our personal one – well, like they’re different – and reassembling it. That’s how I feel.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, you are figuratively reconstructing, for you are redefining, which is in actuality altering of your actual physical reality.

JO: Wow. So I seem to be on the right track with the kinds of things that I’m doing. It feels that way.

ELIAS: You are moving in conjunction with your widening of awareness, allowing yourself to be widening your awareness, allowing yourself to be addressing to areas within your focus which have been an expression of threateningness previously, and you are allowing yourself to be viewing more of self and allowing more of an expression of acceptance in that viewing.

In this, recognize also that there are certain expressions that continue in the direction of protection, and this is your fallback, so to speak, into your safety net of the idea of invulnerability, which camouflages itself in the idea of greatness and that this is the expression that you identify with some element that is good.

But in this particular term, be remembering that you are redefining terminology, and therefore in that, allow yourself an objective understanding that your movement is directed in your attention presently in the action of widening and opening, and this opening is an expression of vulnerability, which I am acknowledging of you in this movement. And therefore, do not cloud your movement with the disguise of invulnerable identification, for this, in your very physical terminology, is a very sneaky expression of duplicity to be allowing you to move into the expression of protection.

JO: Thank you. I just have one more question or set of questions. I’m getting a lot of imagery around the range of color between red and purple, and I’m wondering if my signature color is in there somewhere. My guess is that it’s crimson. It’s pretty persistent, and it serves me in one regard as metaphorical to me, as physical reality in relation to All-That-Is. It’s an immersion into a very narrow band in the greater spectrum. But it also occurred to me that with regard to the energy centers, as far as I know, there’s no point in which there is a blending of red and purple, because red is at the bottom and purple and magenta are at the top, and I was wondering if this has to do with completing that color wheel, in a manner of speaking.

ELIAS: First of all, there is a relation between these expressions of colors of red and purple, for they are not what you would term to be opposite ends of the spectrum, so to speak, but are in actuality within a circular definition, so to speak.

In this, they are closely related in many expressions, although within your physical identification, you look to these particular colors and you disassociate them and do not afford them this compatibility, so to speak. Look to your game and the intertwining and interconnectedness between the red and the purple that appear within a linear color line spectrum to be at opposites to each other, but are intimately intertwined with each other in expression and manifestation.

In this, I shall express to you that you present yourself with the imagery of this type for your communication to self in more than one area. One is to be reinforcing to you that you are allowing yourself less limitation, and movement in conjunction with this shift in consciousness. One is the presentment to yourself in imagery in conjunction with the vibrational quality and movement of these colors in themselves.

For the presentment of the red is the vibrational quality which facilitates the slowing of energy, which allows in your objective terms for your examination in clarity, and in this slowness of energy, to be recognizing your movement and the choices that you are creating and how you are creating your reality in conjunction with your beliefs. Therefore, the red is instrumental in the facilitation of that movement, in its slowness of vibrational quality.

The purple, in its quickness in vibrational quality, facilitates a push, so to speak, in the swiftness of your movement in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, and is, in a manner of speaking, a representation of the swiftness of movement presently in this shift in consciousness and the action of redefinition within your reality, and how that movement is occurring quite swiftly presently.

As to your identification of signature color, so to speak, in vibrational quality, you are correct in your assessment that you have been offering yourself information in conjunction with this subject matter also, for the signature color that you hold and identify with may be recognized as scarlet, which is closely expressed to that of crimson.

JO: That was my second guess! (Jo and Elias both laugh) Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

PAUL: I have just a quick question in this area, Elias, about what you’re discussing in terms of redefinition of terminology. Do you consider that a wave in consciousness?

ELIAS: Not in the terms that we have been discussing in conjunction with waves of consciousness that address to specific belief systems.

This is the reason that I have not incorporated that particular word as to be confusing individuals in their association with waves of consciousness, for I have offered much information in conjunction with waves of consciousness which move in association with your belief systems and the addressment to aspects of belief systems, or merely the expression of belief systems in objective terms.

Therefore, it is not an expression of that type of wave, so to speak.

It is a movement of consciousness collectively which is occurring, and this is a movement not necessarily associated with any one particular belief system, but with respect to ALL of your belief systems, and a direct movement of the shift itself.

In this, it may be recognized as an individual and collective demonstration in objective action and recognition of the presentment in its beginning forms, so to speak, of the actualization of this shift in consciousness.

This is not to say that the movement of the shift in consciousness previously has not been actualizing within your physical dimension, for it has, but it has been manifesting or inserting into your physical reality in abstract types of expressions and actualizations.

Now you begin movement into the construction, so to speak, in objective manner, of the insertion of this shift in consciousness into your actual physical reality, not merely individually, but collectively also.

There is a movement objectively occurring which is a redefining of terms, which is also translated as a redefining of your reality in itself. For as you redefine your terms, you redefine your meaning, and as you redefine your meaning, your definition, you also redefine how you actualize your reality, and therefore your reality is altered and redefined.

In this, you are allowing yourself to view the actual construction or beginnings of construction of this shift in consciousness in physical terms, in like manner, figuratively speaking, to the construction of a building. You may be creating of the blueprints, the ideas, the mathematical equations and geometric forms in your equations prior to the actual physical construction of the building, but as you begin the actual construction of the building in physical matter, you begin to view the structure.

In this, you have been creating and inserting into your physical reality your equations and your blueprints, in physical terms, of this shift in consciousness, and moving yourself into the readiness for the actual construction, in physical terms, of the structure, so to speak, of this shift in consciousness.

You may view this redefining of terms as likened to the actual placement of the foundational bricks to be constructing your building or your structure, so to speak.

PAUL: Wow.

JO: That’s cool.

PAUL: That’s interesting. So this mass actualization of movement, would it also be part of a translation of the Source Event of the shift?

ELIAS: Yes. This is an action of a translation which is inserting into your physical reality elements of this Source Event, which is translated as this shift in consciousness.

I have expressed to you throughout this particular time framework of this particular year that there is an expression of confusion and conflict and trauma which is accelerating, and this may also be viewed as the birth pangs of the actual physical production or insertion of this shift into your physical reality, for you have been grappling with your identification of definitions, and this creates tremendous confusion.

It creates a responsiveness within yourselves, individually and collectively, of conflict, for you automatically seek the familiar and retreat into the familiar, and the redefining of terms is unfamiliar, and this is offering much confusion, which also creates much trauma within your objective reality.

Now; I shall express to you presently, do not be looking to your movement into your new year, so to speak, in your physically defined terms, as a movement into the elimination of these types of expressions, for it shall not be, for you are not moving in that direction yet.

PAUL: That’s clear. Thank you. Another question in this area is, the nine children of Rose are somewhere around four or five years old now, and quite physically focused individuals. I’m curious what role they are playing within this particular mass actualization of movement.

ELIAS: Their role is to be moving in conjunction with this shift in consciousness with ease, incorporating all elements of your reality without conflict and the actualization of acceptance.

Each of these manifestations participates in different expressions of beliefs, different expressions of actualized reality through objective perception, and expresses an acceptance of those creations of reality within the expressions of the beliefs, and each of these manifestations offers a lending of energy to this shift in consciousness through an expression of a lack of conflict.

PAUL: Interesting. Thank you. In a related area, I know we’ve talked about religious belief systems today, and it’s that time of year in our country, in our culture, the Christmas season, so to speak, and I wanted to address to an area that’s difficult for me, but being the season, I figure I’ll just jump in!

Anyway, I want to talk a little bit about my interpretation of some of the writings of Seth in the Seth books regarding this Christ entity, and I’ve had time obviously to reflect on some of my own religious beliefs in this area.

The first point I guess I’m realizing is that in our culture, we’re taught that this so-called Christ figure is a single individual with great superpowers, and at least in the context of the information in the Seth material, particularly in Seth Speaks, chapter 21, he discusses this Christ entity, as he called it, or the Christ essence, I guess we could call it – whatever – in a multidimensional context, and the more I look back at this and review the information, the clearer it becomes to me that this is not a singular manifestation.

We’ve talked about the three focuses of this essence – John the Baptist, the historical Jesus, and Paul or Saul of Tarsus – and in Seth Speaks, he says that the disciples, the twelve disciples ... he describes them as fragment personalities. There was a character, a teacher of righteousness character, that Seth describes as a probable self, and he talks about other religious heroes in that era, and then also of course this new personality or second, third, fourth coming, et cetera, in what we’re terming our shift.

So to sort of summarize what I’m saying and asking you, it seems clear, from this information at least, that this manifestation of individuals two thousand years ago ... there are at least 15 or 16 focus personalities that are clearly related. So this Christ that we look at as a single man is in fact – figuratively, let’s even use that word – 15 or 16 Christs at that time, not to mention the dozens of other related figures who were interpreting the Source Events as they translated into physical focus at that time.

So my question to you is, in Seth Speaks, he talks about this figurative second coming and says there is no such thing, as you do, but Seth very clearly talked about this so-called return as a singular person, and as you know, I am active on a mailing list where we explore these ideas, and I’m struck by people’s interpretation, literal interpretation and expectation, that fits back into the officially accepted mapping of a single individual. And you, in your information that I’ve been studying for several years now, very clearly talk about this in terms of these nine children as a multiple situation, a multiple multidimensional manifestation, which in a sense is similar to what Seth was talking about happened two thousand years ago. (22)

So my question, after a long preamble: why did Seth choose to address this returning focus based on Saul of Tarsus as a singularity, when it’s so clear that you have discussed it in terms of multiple manifestations?

ELIAS: Let me express to you first of all, the intent of these essences – myself and that of what you identify as Seth – are different. Therefore, the expressions objectively shall appear to you differently, although essentially they are not so very different. The presentment may be objectively offered differently in conjunction with the intent, but this is the direction of energy within the expression of the intent of a specific type of movement in a specific type of direction with what you may identify in your physical terms as a purpose.

Now; we shall be speaking figuratively in this explanation, for I am incorporating terminology as ‘purpose,’ and as you are aware, in actuality your purpose within this reality is merely to be experiencing, and therefore our purpose in interaction with you is merely experience also, in literal terms.

But in figurative terms, the purpose of the interaction is to be offering specific directions, and in those directions, there may be allowances within the intent of certain essences to be offering information which moves in conjunction and supportiveness of certain belief systems if that direction shall be incorporating the point, and the point is not necessarily to be discounting of the individuals within the physical dimension or to be expressing a right or wrong, but to be offering information that shall be facilitating of a widening of awareness, and in many aspects of communication, this may be accomplished in conjunction with the existing belief systems and not in a challenging of those existing belief systems. This moves quite intricately with the expression of the intent.

In the intent of the Sumari, the direction of expression is not placed in emphasis with the identification of accuracy of terms or philosophies, so to speak, but in the movement of energy into the creation of the expression of new explorations. Therefore, the action in the expression is to facilitate a movement of energy in the direction of allowance of new exploration. This may be accomplished even within the incorporation of existing belief systems and the association with familiarity, for the rocking of the boat, so to speak, is not intended to be creating of the expressions of trauma or the introduction of trauma, but merely to be introducing concepts through an acceptable expression that shall be sparking objective investigation, and in this, the purpose has been accomplished.

In a manner of speaking, this moves quite in conjunction with information that I also offer to you in conjunction with choices. The choices themselves, the actions themselves, matter not. They are choices. They are manifestations. They are actions. The beliefs themselves, in themselves, matter not. The beliefs that you hold in themselves are not right or wrong. They are not good or bad. They are in themselves neutral.

Therefore, the choice of expression – in the context of the intent of that essence – matters not. The information which is offered in its action is what matters, so to speak. It is the allowance for the incorporation of opening in your perceptions that matters, not HOW it shall be accomplished.

Therefore, the idea of what has been expressed of one individual matters not. The concept of the movement holds the importance. If the concept of the movement is offered and accepted in the translation through the aspect of the belief which is already held and if that is accomplishing of the purpose, so to speak, why shall it not be incorporated? For it matters not, for the idea is not what holds importance.

The one or the nine or the ten thousand manifestations and the idea of these are not what holds the importance. The movement of energy in the concept of the shift is what holds the importance, for this is the movement of the alteration of your reality. The manifestation is merely the symbolization of it. It is a manifestation of a focal point or a symbol which is offered as imagery of the concept, in like manner to what you identify as the Christ entity, so to speak.

The Christ entity – what is the Christ entity? In actuality, you do not hold a definition for the Christ entity. You hold speculation. You hold theory. You hold ideas/opinions of what this may be, but you do not look to the designation of the Christ entity, so to speak, as you look to a wall within physical matter and express to yourself, ‘This is a wall. These are the properties in physical matter of this physical wall. I may identify in physical objective terms what this object is.’ You identify the Christ entity as if it is an object, a manifestation, a thing, but you do not identify what this thing is.

I express to you that the Christ entity – or the thing of the Christ entity – is a symbol. It is what you present to yourselves as an explanation or a symbol, a figurehead, a focal point of a movement of energy which may be identified in the manifestation of an individual or of one essence manifest into many individuals. What be the difference? It is merely a difference in terms – once again, our term of terms! (Grinning) And....

JO: And so it doesn’t really matter, in redefining these terms, since many of them are symbols, if we use the term ‘All-That-Is’ as opposed to ‘The Creating Universal One and Whole’?

ELIAS: Correct. They are merely terms. They are offered in conjunction with the existing held belief systems in communication with individuals within this physical dimension that shall offer a beginning point, so to speak, in the allowance of information to be incorporated.

This may be expanded upon as the individuals individually and en masse allow themselves objectively to be vulnerable and to be widening their awareness objectively, and therefore incorporating more information, and as you are widening your awareness, you DO incorporate more information objectively. You expand your incorporation of your definitions. Your redefining of terms is an expansion of terms which is allowed through your widening of awareness.

I express to you that one essence is manifest within physical focuses in the expression of the symbol, so to speak, of this Christ entity, which is representative of the movement of energy. I also express to you that one essence offers the manifestations in multiple in THIS time framework. Another essence [Seth] holding a different intent [Sumari] expresses to you the information of multi-dimensionality of essence and offers that information in conjunction with a concept which you view to be past and which you view to be in existence in continuation presently, and in this, the information is merely offered in different physical terminology. The information that I have offered to you is essentially the same.

I express to you that you are all multidimensional. Therefore, why shall one essence not be multidimensional? Why shall one focus of essence not be multidimensional, as you all are multidimensional?

Therefore, the expression of Jesus is also multidimensional, as you are multidimensional. The expression of essence in that time framework, in conjunction with a movement in consciousness, manifest in several focuses. You yourselves manifest in several focuses. The expression of this essence presently is expressed in several focuses. This is not unusual or uncommon.

Therefore, you may look to the essence of Rose, and it is manifest within nine physical manifestations in this time framework in this physical dimension. You also are focused in multiples within this time framework in this physical dimension. These are not amazing stories. These are not unusual expressions or rare expressions of essence.

This essence of Rose, in conjunction with countless other essences, manifests into specific focuses with specific intents that are of this shift in consciousness and are expressed in conjunction with the offering of the shift and the intent of each essence family as a representation of these intents, which is a difference in the choice of expression from other essences, for other essences are not necessarily choosing a limitation in that type of expression, for you as essence allow more of an expansiveness in your intent and your expression of each focus.

This particular essence, in the manifestations to the point of their fragmentation ... which is not accomplished yet in your linear time framework. But to that point, the expression is manifest in a manner of limitation, for it is merely the expression of the shift and the expression of the represented essence family intent. This be the reason that each of these manifestations holds an essence family and alignment the same, for their expression does not deviate but follows the intent of that one essence family as a representation of the energy of that family. But this does not set apart these individual focuses as any more unique than any other focus which is manifest. It is merely your identification of definitions – once again – which sets them apart, and this moves in conjunction with your beliefs.

PAUL: That was very beautiful and interesting, and I just want to try to summarize my understanding from the question I asked you – that 23 years ago a book called Seth Speaks comes into my reality, and I sit and I read it, and I get through that chapter where he offers that information, in his terms, of the three Christs or the three focuses of Christ, so to speak, and talks about a return to help fix up some of the problems created in organized religion, and that mapped at that time onto to my existing religious belief systems that acknowledged the concept of a Christ, so to speak, and even the so-called second coming, which is popular knowledge in our culture.

So at that point in time, I read that information and it maps onto existing beliefs, but certainly expands them and provides interesting areas of exploration and speculation, and then 23 years ... 21 years later, I happen upon information offered by yourself, and it takes that idea and certainly on one level seems to contradict it, but on another level widens it and maps onto a widened set of beliefs that I hold at that time, and also helps me to speculate and explore this movement of energy that you’re talking about in a new way. Is that sort of correct?

ELIAS: Yes. You are merely allowing yourself to continue to proceed. You have opened the door, so to speak, in the incorporation of one element of information, and you have walked into the room through the door in another incorporation of information. Therefore, they are not contradictory in the manner that the door is not contradicting the room, but they are offering differing functions.

PAUL: And so I guess my final question in this area for today is, your information certainly places importance and significance on the symbols of these nine essence families and their intents, and I guess I’m just making a statement here that that is what strikes me about it, and that is sort of the frontier, as it were, to explore behind these symbols and what deeper meanings, I guess, are being translated through Source Events, source energy, into our physical objective awareness.

ELIAS: It is the presentment of energy to be actualized in the movement of this shift, the representation of that energy, and its manifestations as offered by each of these nine manifestations in conjunction with the actions and intents of the nine essence families, which you all are belonging to and which provides a directional point for all of your reality in this particular dimension.

PAUL: So, Elias, is it most probable that as this shift completes its circle, so to speak, in the coming century, that this concept, this archetype, this symbol of nine essence families, so to speak, will hold an objective awareness in everybody alive on the planet?

ELIAS: In the movement of probabilities in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, most probably, presently, yes.

PAUL: Fascinating! Interesting. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.” (Smiling) [session 530, December 29, 1999]

FEMALE: “Could you tell me why there is so much violence being concentrated at the moment? There’s an awful lot in England at the moment.

ELIAS: There are many expressions of this sort, so to speak, throughout the entirety of your globe. This also may be associated with this shift in consciousness.

Do not misunderstand. I am not expressing a reinforcement of the beliefs concerning predictions or prophecies of tremendous devastation associated with movement into your new millennium.

But I shall express to you that associated with this time framework of your new millennium, you are beginning the action of inserting this shift in consciousness into your objective reality.

In this, I have offered information from the onset of these sessions, expressing to you all quite clearly that there shall be trauma associated with this shift in consciousness, for it addresses to your beliefs. You are creating an action of addressing to your beliefs, and emergence into an awareness of self. You are altering the expression of your physical reality – assuming your own authority individually, assuming your own responsibility of selves, and actualizing the movement of creating your own reality NOT as dictated by your beliefs or by what you deem to be authority.

This is a tremendous movement in this physical reality, for to this point throughout your history, you have not created this type of a design of a reality in this physical dimension. There is tremendous railing in objective awareness against this type of action, for you cling in a type of desperation to the familiar. You identify comfort and safety and security in what you deem as familiar.

Even in the expressions that may be uncomfortable, as they are familiar, you shall automatically magnate to those expressions than move yourselves into the discovery of the unfamiliar. Even as it is presented to you that the unfamiliar offers you tremendous freedom, you move automatically to the confinement of the familiar, and one of the aspects of the unfamiliar is this very freedom.

I shall express to you all, within your thoughts, you desire this expression of freedom. You express to yourselves often that you wish to be creating this physical expression of freedom within your reality. You wish not to be incorporating employment. You wish not to work. You wish to be creative. You wish to be expressing yourselves in your individual design of reality and your expression of freedom.

And I express to you, it has already begun, and the individuals that have already begun offering themselves these expressions of freedoms are floundering, for they know not what to DO with their freedom, for they are so unaccustomed to the expression of it and they are so unfamiliar with themselves.

What shall you do with this tremendous gift you are giving to yourselves of this expression of freedom if you know not who you are or what your abilities are?

Your belief systems are extremely strong. They have been held in this dimension throughout your history. Your association with duplicity is immensely strong, and you exhibit the expressions of this belief every day of your participation within this reality.

Now; as you rise surfacely within your awareness objectively these beliefs, and you present them to yourselves, you automatically lean in the direction of denying them – that they ARE beliefs, and that you participate within them. You lean to the familiar.

And in this, you continue to perpetuate the expressions of the beliefs, and as the beliefs become more and more and more obvious in your objective awareness, you become more and more aware of your participation in them and the influence that they exert upon your individual realities, and individuals rail against this expression and create a tremendous struggle – and trauma – and they exhibit temporarily the very expressions of energy that they deny.

How very often do you all express to yourselves and to each other that you are so very accepting of other individuals, that you are so very tolerant, or that the expressions and the DIFFERENCE of other individuals is so very acceptable, within your expression? And it is not.

You exhibit this within your intimate relationships. It need not be the expression of difference in cultures or races or societies. You are not accepting of each other in your own intimate relationships – your friendships, your families, your romantic relationships. If you are not the same, if you are exhibiting difference, it is unacceptable.

You express to yourselves and to each other that you appreciate difference. I express to you, you do not. You appreciate sameness. You WANT sameness, for the sameness in expression validates you. Difference threatens you, for it is your presentment with the expression of duplicity – of good and bad, of right and wrong, of better, of worse. Difference frightens you, for you are not familiar with yourselves and your strength.

Therefore, you look outside of yourselves in comparison. You create this action of comparison continuously, and if you find no similarity in comparison or not enough similarity in comparison – if you view yourselves to not be speaking the same language or engaging the same perception or identifying the same definitions – you are rejecting, for this threatens your identity of yourself in your worth, for you measure your worth through these comparisons.

If you present yourself with sameness, you validate, and you offer yourselves an expression of worth and measure of worth. If you view difference, you view unfamiliarity, and unfamiliarity creates aspects of fear, and fear reinforces your discounting of self and your devaluing of your measure of worth, in your perception.

Individuals are unfamiliar with themselves. They are unfamiliar with the action of turning their attention to self. They incorporate what is the expression outside of themselves and they assume this as their measure of their worth, in their creation of their perception.

And in this action, you create what you have created for millenniums – conflict, confusion, slaughter, a lack of acceptance, and not even the expression of tolerance, which is NOT acceptance. Tolerance is merely a temporary expression, WITH expectations.

Acceptance is the expression of no judgment and no expectations – no judgment of good or bad, of right or wrong, and no expectation of any expression. This is acceptance, and this is entirely unfamiliar within this physical dimension.

But you have chosen collectively to be incorporating that action of that expression into this physical dimension. You have chosen this experience. You have chosen to be inserting this, and altering the entirety of your reality.

Allow yourselves a thought process for one moment, in identifying how the entirety of your reality shall SHIFT and be expressed differently with the incorporation of this expression of acceptance.

Competition moves contrary to acceptance. Comparison moves contrary to acceptance. Authority is contrary. Exchange – in the familiarity that you create it within your governments and your societies – of your money moves contrary to acceptance, for why shall you create the action of compensation? And this is what you create in your exchange of monetary currency and exchange.” [session 646, June 17, 2000]

RICH: “... When I inquired about what you would be doing today, they said you might have some advice about how to get through the earthly plane, if I’m paraphrasing correctly. Because a lot of times, I feel like I can’t make sense of like, why am I here, number one, and as far as just making my way in this world, it doesn’t seem to make sense to me, with all the things that are going on, you know, the violence and everything in the world, and all the horrible things that are happening. It just seems like ... there doesn’t seem to be like a point to existence sometimes.

From your point of view, does it make any more sense to you? What advice do you have for like the travelers that are traveling now, as far as making our way, like connecting with spiritual ... like can we call on certain spirits to help us with things, and will they come to us? I know I asked you like several questions in one! (Laughter)

ELIAS: You are quite correct! (Grinning and chuckling, and more laughter) Very well.

Why are you here? Why have you manifest within this physical dimension? Is the purpose of this action clearer to myself than it may be to you within this present moment? I may express, quite! Yes, it is quite clear to me why you have manifest within this physical dimension, and I view that it is quite unclear to you why you have manifest in this physical dimension.

In simplicity, you have manifest in this physical dimension merely to explore and experience.

You are not engaging a mission. You are not placed here by any higher power. You are not subject to this physical dimension as identifiable by a lower or learning plane, for you are not learning. You are not teaching; you are not learning. You are experiencing.

And I may acknowledge you in your identification of terminology, for you are, quite accurately, a traveler. You are a traveler through this physical dimension, choosing to be exploring all of the wonders of how you may create a reality in whichever manner you are choosing, and all of the myriads of experiences that you may explore in relation to the design of this physical dimension.

This physical dimension is designed by you collectively to be experimenting and exploring through the channels, so to speak, of emotion and sexuality, and coupling those with a design of filtration of how you perceive all of your reality, which is defined as your incorporation of belief systems.

Within this particular physical dimension, the basic elements of this reality are belief systems, are the design of sexuality, and the exploration of emotional qualities and expressions.

Now; beyond this, it is the incorporation of your belief systems that influence you in the thought process that you have been placed in this physical reality, and that you may be called upon in some manner to be accomplishing some mission, some higher purpose.

In actuality, you already are your highest purpose. Therefore, there is no action to accomplish in becoming greater or better or higher than you already are.

You become confused in this physical reality, for you have created expressions of separation.

You are an identification of consciousness. You are all of consciousness. You are identifiable, as consciousness individually, as an essence. That essence is the identification of personality, a quality which defines you uniquely as an expression of consciousness, but simultaneously, you are all of consciousness.

In this, you occupy every aspect of consciousness. Whether you identify a particular area of consciousness as physical or nonphysical, you are it.

You are not here IN a place. You are here AS the place.

All that you view around you, all that exists within what you know objectively as your universe, IS YOU. It is not outside of you. It is not that you are placed within it as a small entity occupying this space, but that you ARE that space, and more.

What you identify presently as you, in this moment, in this physical manifestation, is a focus of attention. That focus of attention creates a singularity in its concentration, and therefore appears to be separated from all else, within what you know. But in actuality, it is merely the designation of that focus of attention that creates that illusion of separateness.

Now; I may also express to you, there are other essences that are not physically focused, or that may be physically focused, but not in this particular physical dimension.

There are many, many, many physical dimensions which are occupied by many, many, many types of manifestations. There are many areas of consciousness that are non-physically focused.

What I am expressing in that identification is that the attentions are not focused in a manner in which they interact physically or in conjunction with physical matter.

This particular attention IS focused within a physical dimension. You create physical matter. You have created a physical body and form which you identify as you, but you are much greater than merely the expression of that one physical form.

You have chosen to be creating that physical form and participating in this physical reality to experience, to explore.

May you be interactive with essences – that you term to be spirits – which are non-physically focused? Yes. May you be aware objectively that you are interactive with these non-physically focused essences? Yes. May they be helpful to you? At times, if you are allowing. Shall they be responsive to you? Yes.

I am a presentment of an example of that question. Collectively, many, many, many of you, within consciousness, as manifestations of this physical dimension, have asked for helpfulness, have asked for information, and I, as one essence in conjunction with many other essences, have responded and continue to respond.

But I am not merely the only essence that shall be responsive. There are myriads of essences that are continuously responding to energy and inquiries that you project, and I may express to you that within this time framework, this action occurs more frequently, for you collectively have chosen to be creating an action which we term to be a shift in consciousness. This is evidenced throughout your globe presently, and becomes more so, day by day.

In this, many of the actions of this shift in consciousness are confusing objectively, and many are creating of expressions of conflict. Many of the movements of this shift in consciousness create beyond conflict and manifest in trauma, and therefore, you have expressed individually and collectively that you wish to be receiving information that may be lessening of your conflict or your trauma as you continue movement within this shift in consciousness, and you have requested helpfulness.

The expression of helpfulness is not merely offered in interaction of communication or information, but in actual offerings of energy that essences express and project through layers of consciousness to you within this physical dimension to be helpful in your movement.

This is your choice, that you have engaged this action of this shift in consciousness, and in this time framework now, as you have moved linearly into your new millennium, you also are engaging the actual insertion of this shift in consciousness into your objective reality, your official reality. Therefore, many more manifestations materialize, for in actuality, you become more aware, and this is the point. This is what you have chosen. This is your design.

This is what you are moving into quite purposefully: widening your awareness, opening your periphery within consciousness, and allowing yourself objectively – not merely in concept or theory and not merely subjectively, but objectively, within your waking state – to be aware of much more of you as essence, of consciousness in its entirety, and of your ability to be creating and manipulating in energy within all of consciousness.

You have created limitations within your physical reality for an extensive time framework quite purposefully, and this is not bad or wrong. But you are choosing a new experience now, and in this new experience, you choose to offer yourselves more freedom, and in the expression of freedom, you choose to be incorporating more of reality in this physical dimension.

Now; I have stated that this action also incorporates trauma, and you are experiencing and witnessing trauma within your world. How shall you move to be eliminating these expressions of trauma and conflict? By familiarizing yourself with you, by familiarizing yourself with your beliefs, and allowing yourself to move into the expression of acceptance – acceptance and trust of self, acceptance of your beliefs; not elimination of self or of beliefs, but acceptance of those beliefs and of self.

This is the movement WITHIN your beliefs, the knowing that you hold beliefs that are basic to the design of this particular physical dimension, and not creating judgments upon those beliefs but allowing yourself the recognition of them, and in that action, eliminating the automatic response that you create in relation to them.

To this point, you have held belief systems in this reality and you have automatically responded to them, which eliminates many of your choices. It narrows your field upon which you may play. It also creates obstacles within your movement.

In this, as you become aware of the belief systems that you hold, you also recognize the automatic dictation that these beliefs express to your perception, and as you become more aware of this dictating by your beliefs in automatic action, you may allow yourself to choose, and choose other expressions, and not limit yourself to those that are familiar to you in the automatic responses.

Is this answering of your question?

RICH: Yep! (Everybody cracks up) Thank you.” [session 704, October 07, 2000]

ELIAS: “This shift in consciousness is an expression which is being inserted into your physical dimension which springs from what we term to be a Source Event. A Source Event may not be entirely inserted into your physical dimension, for there are limitations of expression of consciousness within physical dimensions, and therefore the volume of a Source Event is not entirely inserted into any particular physical dimension.

The initial expression, or what you may term to be the beginning of this shift in consciousness, was initiated at the beginning of your previous century, that which you identify as your 20th century.

Now; in the movement into your new century, your new millennium, you are creating a different type of movement in conjunction with this shift in consciousness. But as you view your previous century, you may allow yourselves to recognize the difference in movement and awareness objectively that has been expressed throughout that particular century, which is expressed differently than the other time frameworks throughout your history.

This shift in consciousness extends to what I have approximated as three-quarter mark into this new century, and at the mark of your movement into your new millennium, you have moved the action of this shift in consciousness to be now inserting it into your actual physical objective reality.

Much of the movement that has occurred in your previous century has been subjective ... in a manner of speaking, for the objective IS expressed in harmony to the subjective movement. But the awareness of the action of this shift in consciousness in your previous century has been expressed subjectively, and imagery has been expressed objectively in reflection of that subjective movement. Now you move into an objective expression of it, in which individuals throughout your globe begin an objective recognition that they are participating in this movement. The identification of beliefs is becoming objectively known in awareness throughout your globe.

In this, as I have stated previously, all individuals are participating within this shift in consciousness, but to this point, all individuals may not have recognized objectively an identification of that movement. As you move further into this new millennium, this becomes evidenced more and more clearly, throughout all cultures, throughout your globe, in which there is an objective recognition of what you are participating in, and of your movement in that in redefining your reality.” [session 737, December 09, 2000]

ISABEL: “Well, here I am, Elias, kind of confused and scared, and I am trying to understand everything that is happening. I’m trying to put in practice what I have learned, but it’s very difficult. I was starting to create fear with myself, and I said, I’m not going to do that. I don’t want anything from the outside to hurt me, and I know that I have that power inside of me.

But also, I realize that I get so confused, you know? Like what should I do? So I start asking a thousand questions, and what I do is create being scrambled. My brain is trying to get an answer, and I said to myself, I just won’t think about it. I’ll just give good energy, nothing else, like I want everybody to be fine. As long as I am fine, I guess I have to learn to be selfish, and not go so much to the problems of other people and the things that a lot of people are going through, and that is kind of difficult, because in a way I get angry, and I want to get rid of all that. I know I’m kind of slow to understand, Elias, but I’m trying to understand, but I keep thinking, and I start getting angry, and I say to myself, stop it.

I go around and around with this, trying to find myself. I don’t want to give information to the world because I know I don’t have that power, but to give information to me, to have a peace of mind. I feel lucky because I see people going through so much trauma that is kind of ... how should I say this? It’s the same with everybody, I guess. You see people suffering, and there’s nothing you can do. Do you know what I mean?

ELIAS: Let me inquire of you, Larkshire [Isabel], what are you expressing to yourself in the ‘shoulds,’ and what answers are you seeking?

ISABEL: There’s all the people on the east coast that are going through so much trauma, and I feel their pain, and when I saw what was happening ... because I was watching TV when I saw the building, and I saw the other plane, the second plane, blast the other tower, and in that particular moment, I got so angry, you know? Why are they doing this to these people? I mean, there were 35,000 people inside the building, between the two towers.

It’s an angry feeling, and then comes the sorrow, and then I wanted to understand that these people made an agreement to be there and to have that experience, and their families choose to be their families and to have this experience. But it’s so hard to accept that because we’re talking about belief systems, like if you die because you get sick or you have an accident or if you get old and you die, we accept that. But when people die at the hands of another human being, it’s very difficult to accept that. (Pause) Did I make myself clear?

ELIAS: Yes. Therefore, your question that you are presenting to yourself and attempting to answer is, why has this occurred, correct?

ISABEL: Right, Elias.

ELIAS: Why shall individuals create this type of action?


ELIAS: Very well. Let us address to these questions.

Now; you are seeking answers to questions concerning choices of other individuals, for you perceive the choices of other individuals to be greatly affecting of you, which in a manner of speaking they are, for you ARE greatly affected.

But let us view this situation from a different direction – the direction of self. For in alignment with all of the information that I have offered to you previously, recognize that every aspect of this event that you have viewed, that you have experienced, that you have watched, that you have perceived – every aspect, you have created.

Now; without judgment, allow yourself momentarily to listen to what I am expressing.

Therefore, you have participated in this event. You have created each aircraft. You have created all of the individuals. You have created all of the actions that have occurred in this event, and you have created all of the individuals of families, of victims, of rescuers. You have created an immense scenario of drama, which has all been projected in an actual physical manifestation through your perception.

Your participation ... and the reason that I incorporate the term of participation is that you have not singularly created this event, for all of the individuals throughout your globe have also created this event. In every area, in every country, throughout the entirety of your world, you have all collectively created this event. Your participations vary as gauged by your manifestations of this event, which are created by your individual perceptions, but you have all participated.

Now; in this participation, recognizing that each of you is creating all that you individually view, you may allow yourselves to turn your attention to yourselves and evaluate the degree, the distinction, of your choice of participation.

As an example, you, Larkshire [Isabel], have allowed yourself an extensive participation through the creation of your perception, and a tremendous affectingness and much incorporation of emotional communication.

An individual within the physical location of central Africa is also participating, but their objective projection of imagery and creation may be much more limited. This is not to say that they are not participating, for they are, but their participation is more limited.

Another individual within the physical location of London is participating in what may be identified as equal measure to yourself, and offering themselves much emotional communication also.

Another individual within the physical location of this city in which the event has occurred is participating in objective imagery and emotional communication more extremely than yourself.

Another individual within a European country is participating in a different type of perception, and creating and participating in this expression and event in offering themselves an affectingness, but not in an emotional communication expressing concern, sorrow, or anger, but that of freedom and choices and acceptance.

Now; your question is, why has this occurred? Why have individuals expressed these choices? If you are choosing to incorporate the question of why, pose the question of why to yourself. Why have you individually chosen to create this entire scenario, in like manner to every other individual upon your planet?

In posing this question of why to yourself, also incorporate the question to yourself of WHAT you have created; not the what of the physical imagery, for this is obviously expressed, is it not? It is obvious that you have created individuals to be turning aircrafts and to be colliding these crafts into structures and collapsing them.

Now; this is the key, Larkshire [Isabel]. Remember, as I have expressed to you many times, objective imagery is abstract. Therefore, although quite real, in a manner of speaking, the objective abstract imagery may be recognized as a symbolic expression of what you individually are actually creating inwardly. In viewing the actual expressions of imagery, the abstract symbology that you have created, let us examine the movement, that you may offer to yourself a clearer understanding and answers to these questions.

You have created your individual imagery of aircrafts, immense vehicles incorporating movement. As I am expressing this to you, allow yourself to associate the symbology in relation to yourself – an immense vehicle incorporating movement.

Subsequently, these crafts are directed to be colliding with tremendous force and power into great structures, immense structures of steel and concrete, tremendous fortresses constructed to withstand tremendous impact, but you have collided into them crafts also of tremendous power, with tremendous quantity of fuel. In the impact of your collision, you generate an immense vibration that shakes the very foundation of these immense structures, to the point of crumbling and almost disintegration.

This is the objective imagery, the abstract, and contained within these tremendous structures are thousands of individuals, thousands of positions, thousands of expressions.

You also choose to be striking at a particular core structure which signifies a particular establishment or what you may term to be the “nerve center” of your societal structure, a base of your mass beliefs – financial. But you continue in your imagery, and you move to the collision of another immense structure. You impact that structure with another craft, and in this, there are more hundreds of expressions contained within it, and what you impact is another tremendous fortress expressed in objective imagery of protection.

What you have created in this movement and action is an immense expression of energy in association with this shift in consciousness. You have struck at the core of the immense structures of officially accepted beliefs – of need and of protection, of sustaining what you perceive to be life itself, in what you deem to be the most valuable and important expressions of finance, currency, and exchange, and in what you view to be necessary within your physical existence – the immense structure of protection. You have crumbled them. You have not eliminated them, but you have laid them open to allow yourself to redefine, to examine what holds importance and value within your expressions and your creations in this physical dimension and what has been elevated to hold tremendous value, which in actuality is insignificant.

I have expressed to you all that within the action of this shift, you are redefining all of your reality. I have expressed to you all that within the accomplishment of this shift in consciousness, you shall redefine your expressions of currency and finance and exchange. I have expressed to you all, you create all of your reality, in every moment, in every aspect.

There is no need for protection, for no essence is intrusive. Therefore, no action may be expressed in attack upon you that you do not create yourself. Therefore, what shall you protect yourself from but yourself? And even this is unnecessary, for you may not destroy yourself. You are consciousness. You are essence. You move, and you are not destroyed.

In this, you have created also a tremendous expression of objective imagery to allow yourself the genuine examination of these beliefs – expressions of victim, expressions of perpetrator – and to allow yourself to redefine your associations.

Who are the victims? Who are the perpetrators? If you are creating every aspect of all that you perceive, you are the perpetrator and you are the victim simultaneously. But you exist, and you are unharmed, and the individuals that you perceive to be disengaged exist, and they are unharmed. They have merely moved their attention in a different direction.

This offers you the opportunity to examine your definitions and your automatic associations with very strongly held expressions and beliefs concerning victims, concerning perpetrators, concerning control, concerning whether you create all of your reality or whether another individual holds the power to create an aspect of your reality and control you, whether you shall be the victim or whether you shall be the perpetrator or merely an observer, or that you are all of these.

In this also, you offer yourself the opportunity to examine automatic responses and to pay attention to emotional communications.

Why have you created this scenario? For your desire to be inserting this shift in consciousness into your objective reality is tremendous.

Why have you chosen to be creating this type of objective imagery and event? For you concentrate your attention in the direction of your beliefs, and you offer great energy to expectations in association with those beliefs.

What are the expectations? That you shall generate trauma in association with this shift in consciousness.

What is the expression of trauma? A tremendous event, but certainly not the individual trauma that you experience in association with your movement into acceptance of your individual beliefs, for you view this not necessarily to be an expression of trauma. It is not extreme enough, but this type of objective physical imagery IS viewed as extreme, and this shall be recognized as a genuine expression of trauma. Therefore, it is justified.

You also incorporate the allowance to now be examining that expression of justification in many expressions – the justification of victim, the justification of blame, the justification of emotional expressions NOT being viewed as communications, but rather as familiarly defined as reaction, the justification to hold to all that you view as familiar – the protection, the fear, the uncertainty.

All of the beliefs that are being expressed in association with this imagery are being held to in justification, for you stand at the threshold, as I have stated, of individual acceptance, and the choice of whether you shall move and step into the unfamiliar and create this shift in consciousness, or whether you shall hold to the familiar.

But as I have stated, my dear friends, be encouraged! For although you have chosen to be creating tremendous drama in this abstract objective imagery, you have also offered yourselves the point, and you have allowed yourselves an objective realization of how very great your desire is to be inserting this shift in consciousness into your objective reality throughout your globe.

This is the WHY, my friend.

ISABEL: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.” [session 912, September 29, 2001]

RODNEY: “Elias, this shift in reality, what does it look like?

ELIAS: You. You have shifted.

RODNEY: Changed, yes.

ELIAS: You have shifted. You have altered your perception. What you perceived pastly and how you perceive yourself and your world pastly does not fit in your shifted reality now.

RODNEY: True. Okay, and that’s it? I’m not going to see the buildings wobbling some night? I’m not going to see it outwardly?

ELIAS: You do.

RODNEY: Materially?

ELIAS: In which manner?

RODNEY: Physical reality is not going to change its physical nature?

ELIAS: The physical expression of your reality in terms of matter and manifestations, no. But how you perceive reality IS shifting.

RODNEY: I’m aware of that.

ELIAS: How do you view yourself? Do you view yourself as singular, one individual that incorporates one manifestation and disconnected from all of the rest of your reality?


ELIAS: No. You have, [but] that does not fit any longer. May you perceive yourself in that manner again?

RODNEY: I doubt it.

ELIAS: Correct, for it does not fit. You have shifted.

RODNEY: So it’s an inside job, this shift in reality.

ELIAS: Yes, but it is also outwardly expressed.

RODNEY: True. My expressions will be different...


RODNEY: ...because of my sense of who I am.

ELIAS: Yes. Therefore your projection of energy is different, and it is received differently, and it ripples outwardly differently, affecting of your world.

RODNEY: Yes, it does. I see that.

ELIAS: Each individual generates this action. As each individual generates the action of shifting, it becomes a mass expression, and the mass expressions become global. But there is no mass without individuals. There may be individuals without mass, but there may not be mass without individuals! (Group laughter and Elias laughs)

... Now; let me express to you also, in relation to your question of outward evidence other than yourself – which is evidence – you may view evidence of this shift all around you. There is tremendous conflict in moving away from religious beliefs, which is generating tremendous trauma.

RODNEY: There’s tremendous trauma in the financial district.

ELIAS: Correct, for you are redefining your reality within your societies in relation to money and exchange. As I have expressed previously, eventually you shall disengage this action of exchange, for it is unnecessary. You shall recognize that you may choose what you want, and there shall be no jobs for there shall be no work, for your perception shall not move in the direction of defining what you do as work but as your choice of what you want. And your world shall move in efficiency and continue to generate what you term to be prosperity more efficiently than it is now.

Look to your artists. They offer you a reflection of the mass movement. View your motion pictures. This is not fantasy, for what they generate, you are generating.

As you shift, you widen your awareness and you open within consciousness. You generate less separation. Separation is also a belief which influences your perception. As you move into acceptance of this belief, you recognize choice You may choose not to view separation, or you may choose to incorporate separation at times and not at times.

Individuals inquire of myself concerning Lawrence [Vicki] and their experience of loss. (23) There is no loss. You are beginning to recognize that what you view within your motion pictures within your expressions of art are actually possible. You may speak to the dead. You may materialize the dead before you. Your perception creates reality; therefore, there is no loss. This is redefining terms and redefining your reality, and it does alter your actual physical world.

RODNEY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. Therefore, be of light heart, my friend – you have shifted! (Laughter and Elias laughs loudly)

RODNEY: We’re all very shifty, I think!” [session 1116, June 16, 2002]

“BOBBI: This last year, I’ve been having a lot of discomfort all on my left side, whether it’s my teeth or shoulder or back. I’ve been trying to figure out why it’s on that side. (Elias smiles and starts nodding) I think, when it’s on that side, it has to do with other people ... why are you smiling?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Quite understandable.

BOBBI: So would it be when I’m over involved ... not over involved, but over concerned with other people?

ELIAS: Partially. It also is directly associated with shifting. Your impression is correct in relation to other individuals, for it is a matter of shifting perception and moving your attention to you, but beyond that identification there are other layers. A significant layer of this imagery is associated with shifting perception in relation to gender energy.

The left is associated with male, intellect. The right is associated with female, intuition. Therefore as this shift also shifts the energy from the male gender of intellect to the female and intuition, you are offering yourself information through imagery in association with that shifting.

The male energy projects outward and this is quite associated with the common orientation. The female shifts to inward, to self. Which as I have stated, [this] is quite understandable. For in your shifting individually and associated with your orientation, in an attempt to aid yourself in moving your attention to you and shifting your perception, allowing you to become more aware of the inner communications, the intuition and impressions, rather than focusing your attention outwardly and not paying attention to yourself, you incorporate this physical manifestation as a trigger or a reminder to move your attention to you.

BOBBI: That’s what it seemed like, a reminder.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOBBI: I understand. So this kind of jumps to another question. I had a time period this year, probably starting this spring, where I was just mentally a mess for months. I was really foggy, couldn’t focus or remember things. It was very disorienting. At the time, I felt that my brain – which is my favorite thing (laughs) – was leaving me, which was very distressing to me. So part of my question was, was that sort of a taste of transition? Or was that shift related? It’s stopped now.

ELIAS: This is not associated with transition. This is associated with shifting perception.

BOBBI: So again, it’s the intellect thing.


BOBBI: I felt like I could not rely... For my whole life I have relied on my intellect to figuring things out and what to do about things, and I took it for granted. That was always my strong suit.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOBBI: And it was gone!

ELIAS: But if you are allowing yourself recall of the interaction which occurred prior to your experience in what you term to be early time framework of this year and my interaction with all of you in the group setting, our topic involved explanation of thought and its function, attention and movement of attention, and the association that individuals generate between attention and thought, defining attention as thought, and my explanation that attention is not thought and that thought is a mechanism that you incorporate in this physical reality which is associated with your objective awareness as a translating mechanism. (24) In this, it functions continuously, as I have stated, in like manner to your breathing and your heartbeat and your organs as they function naturally. Your attention is not always directed objectively to those mechanisms, but they are continuously functioning – so also is your thought mechanism. But your attention need not continuously be directed to the thought mechanism. There are other expressions that you generate continuously and those expressions are that which generate communication.

As I explained, thought does not generate communication; it interprets communication. In shifting, individuals begin to recognize that they do incorporate the ability to move their attention and offer themselves information not associated with thought. For especially individuals that incorporate the orientation of common, which are most individuals within your planet, your reliance upon thought to explain information to you is tremendous and at times excessive – and as I express to you ‘excessive,’ what I am meaning in this terminology is not that it is bad, but that it does at times generate confusion, for you are not paying attention to the actual communications, merely the interpretation or the translation of the communications, which without paying attention to the actual communications themselves, the interpretation or translation of them at times becomes distorted or inaccurate or incomplete.

An example associated with living artfully: were you to engage an activity of incorporating participation in audience of a ballet, and in that action you chose to disengage your sight, closing your eyes and continuing to participate in the audience of the ballet, you would be offering yourself partial information and experience through the participation with music and different sounds, but the main object of the event you would not be paying attention to. Therefore, you would offer yourself merely partial information, which may be inaccurate. You may incorporate a partial knowing of the story, but perhaps not an entire knowing of the story. Therefore in merely allowing yourself to incorporate the music, you are guessing at what is actually occurring. Whereas, if you are engaging all of your avenues to be inputting information in the event and your participation in the event of the ballet, you shall offer yourself a more accurate picture, and the information shall be clear.

In similar manner, as individuals occupy their attention so fully with the mechanism of thought, it excludes the source of the information, which is the communication. Therefore, the thought becomes similar to merely the music, and you are guessing at the accuracy of what you are interpreting, just as you must interpret with the music what is actually occurring in the moment, for you are not participating in the visual event and the ballet is a visual event.

In like manner, if you are not listening to your communications and moving your attention to those communications – which are not thought – as you subsequently move your attention to thought to translate and interpret what you have offered to yourself in communication, in that movement you allow yourself more clarity. But without the attention moving to the communications, you leave area for misinterpretation, confusion, inaccuracy of translation, and your clarity becomes a fog.

Now; your experience was related to your assimilation of that information which was offered at that time. As you began to assimilate that information more and more – which also is not accomplished through thought – you began to generate shifting your attention, moving your attention, allowing yourself the recognition that your attention is mobile, that it is possible to move your attention. It may have been uncomfortable temporarily, but it also was a purposeful experience, allowing you the opportunity to understand that your attention may move and that there are other manners in which you may function and that your information is not supplied by your thought process.

BOBBI: That’s what it was like. It was like operating in a whole different way than I was used to.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOBBI: That was part of the disorienting part of it, because it was so unfamiliar. The way that I used to do things just did not work anymore.

ELIAS: (Nodding) Correct, and this also was a purposeful experience that you offered to yourself, for as I have been expressing to you all, you are actually shifting and that which you view to be old familiar movements do not fit in your shifted reality. In a manner of speaking – not in absolutes, but in a manner of speaking – it is necessary that you recognize that these old familiar expressions are inadequate and do not fit. But it is also important that you offer yourselves experiences of unfamiliar to allow you that movement beyond fear into the unfamiliar.

Which, as I have stated yesterday, not all of your experiences may be comfortable. This is not to say that they are not quite beneficial and that you may not offer yourself tremendous information; you move information into reality through experience. Without the generation of experience, whatever information you offer to yourself remains concept. But as you generate experiences, you move into a shifting of perception and you generate an actual reality, which is quite significant.

As I have stated, our exercise yesterday was quite purposeful. (25) Not in association with yet again another automatic response of associating recent experiences, but genuinely allowing yourselves to examine what has been your most familiar automatic response throughout your focus – as with yourself, that automatic response of analyzation which you generate in all types of scenarios, a reliance upon thought as a communication, and a continued belief you align with that thought creates reality and in that precedes what you generate in actual physical reality.

If you may identify a want and you may think of this want, you may concentrate upon the thinking of this want and therefore generate it – which is quite iffy. (Elias smiles, and Bobbi laughs) Perhaps you shall and perhaps you may not, for it is not an absolute and thought does not generate reality. But in many years of your philosophies and even prior to your philosophies, as a small one prior to philosophical information that you have offered to yourself, your reliance upon thought as a generating mechanism of reality has been quite strong and therefore [is] your most familiar automatic response to any given scenario – in interaction with other individuals, in interaction with yourself, in interaction with circumstances, creatures, even objects... (Smiles and nods)

BOBBI: This is very true. (Elias chuckles) I’ve always been comfortable with it, though!

ELIAS: And I am not expressing to any of you that any of these automatic responses in their familiarity are wrong. The significance of the examination of that is that you may offer yourselves information and familiarize yourself with your movement more clearly and therefore generate a clearer understanding of HOW you generate your reality and therefore also offer yourselves choices.

In this, understand once you genuinely become familiar with what you generate, what you do, what your automatic responses are, you may choose to continue with those types of expressions, for you generate them in preference, as you have stated. But they move from automatic responses to choices, which is quite different.

Your recognition that this is a preference of your method is significant, for you recognize that it is a preference and this offers you not merely the opportunity to be accepting of your choices, but to recognize the difference of other individuals’ movements. As they may choose differently, you dissipate the judgments associated with yourself and associated with other individuals, for you recognize that this is YOUR preference. It is relative to you. In your common vernacular, it is a working mechanism for YOU, but it is acceptable if it is not with another individual.

BOBBI: And that was brought home in your talk yesterday. It was really excellent. (Elias chuckles and nods) Thank you, that really clears that up. It was a very strange summer.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Much movement has occurred; tremendous shifting has been occurring.

BOBBI: Yes, it has. Not always comfortable, but in hindsight I guess it’s worth it.

ELIAS: And as you continue shifting and generating your movement, you shall also begin recognition concerning uncomfortableness, and in a manner of speaking, how these types of choices play into your shifting, for they are quite significant.” (Chuckles) [session 1168, October 27, 2002]

WENDY: “Elias, I have a question about the shift. When you were talking about nonphysical areas of reality where yourself and Kris (26) have your experience, it made me wonder if this shift that we’re undergoing and all our gyrations are rippling in those areas.

ELIAS: Yes. There is no separation in consciousness; it is a belief. It is associated with your physical reality. It is associated with other physical realities also – not all, but many.

WENDY: I don’t know how to ask this exactly, but since I feel separated I’m curious about what is going on in nonphysical areas in relation to the shift.

ELIAS: That would be somewhat difficult to offer a response to, for the most accurate answer that I may offer to you is an action of supportiveness. Not necessarily specific actions, but...

WENDY: Energy.

ELIAS: Yes, an energy of supportiveness.

WENDY: Is there going to be some beneficial outcome?

ELIAS: It is all beneficial. The nature of consciousness is continuous exploration, a continuous expansion, a continuous folding in and a continuous exploration. You within your physical dimension are generating an expansion of your exploration within this physical reality. Therefore, it is a benefit to consciousness, for this is the action of consciousness, to continuously be exploring and discovering new manners to be exploring and therefore expanding.

WENDY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.” [session 1695, January 15, 2005]

VICTORIA: “It’s a bit on a different tangent. I have a burning question I want to ask. Is there a tribe or a people on this planet who have made more movement in the Shift, who are living more of the Shift, who are more living in that awareness that we are all wishing to achieve, to come to? Do you understand my question?

ELIAS: I am understanding of your question. I have expressed response to this question previously, and I shall reiterate in this now – yes. (27)

VICTORIA: Where do these people live? Where on the planet?

ELIAS: Would be in an area of your continent of southern America, in a very what you would term remote area – but yes.

GEORGE: Mountainous area?


GEORGE: Venezuela?


GEORGE: Colombia?

ELIAS: No guessing! (Group laughter)

GEORGE: I was trying to guess, but I remember seeing a documentary. I think it was done by the BBC.

ELIAS: You would not be recognizing these individuals, for they are quite exclusive. But they are present.

VICTORIA: When you say exclusive, do you mean isolated?

ELIAS: Not isolated, for they are generating less of a separation.

VICTORIA: Isolated as far as living in a remote region where we don’t have access to them.

ELIAS: Somewhat, yes, by choice.

VICTORIA: It’s like a little mystery game we’re playing. You’re not going to tell us!

ELIAS: But that would be in an expression of non-intrusiveness.

GEORGE: To go along with that question, are there any indigenous groups in Australia that have achieved a similar status?

ELIAS: It is a matter of openness and degrees. I may express to you that groups or individuals express that openness in different manners associated with their choice of different cultures or groups or expressions.

This one particular group does experience an awareness of the Shift, shifted. But there are other groups of individuals that do incorporate a wide awareness, and in that allow themselves a greater expression of their natural abilities. They generate less hindrance or obstacles in what they create. You may view them as more primitive, but they generate an allowance of their natural abilities to be creating their reality in what they value as successful.

But also remember, you each choose different cultures in association with what you want to experience and what you resonate with and what your exploration in this focus shall be. Therefore, your widening of awareness and your shifting may not necessarily be less; it may merely be focused in different directions with different values and different value fulfillments.

ANNE: So each culture does have its own value fulfillment or set of values that it expresses?

ELIAS: As a collective, yes.

ANNE: That’s why you sense all the different energies when you go to different countries?


ANNE: In England, at the moment, there is this stiff upper lip thing with pride going on, but it’s always been there in a way. Are they genuinely actually affected emotionally by the event that happened last week? (28)

ELIAS: Yes, but their perception of what they create in their reality and what they value is being expressed also, that energy of rigidity and resilience. Generating that type of expression is their manner of being supportive, generating a supportive energy with each other and not focusing their attention upon what they view to be tragedy.


MICHAEL: Going back to the advanced people, do all of them live separate or do some of them live amongst us?

ELIAS: Of this tribe?

MICHAEL: Not of that particular tribe, but people of that same, or reasonably same, level of consciousness. Do some of those people live amongst us, or do all of them just live in tribes, not that particular tribe or any tribe, but in that type of advancement?

ELIAS: There are some individuals that allow a greater incorporation of an awareness of their abilities, and yes, they are generated amongst you all throughout your world. They generally do not present themselves in a manner in which they would be generating notoriety, for they are focusing upon themselves and their ability and their exploration and experimentation with their abilities.

But you are all, as I have expressed, generating similarly. You are ALL shifting. You are all becoming more aware of your abilities and widening your awareness in relation to familiarity with yourselves. You are merely generating that in your individual manners, which satisfies your individual value fulfillment. You are shifting equally to any other individual, my dear friend.” [session 1799, July 16, 2005]

Note: this is the second of two parts of the shift in consciousness. Go to the shift in consciousness, pt. 1.

End Notes:

(15) Vic’s note: Elias often refers to the essence of Paul (Patel) as “my dear friend.” Paul (Patel) was introduced by Elias as an essence that had much relevant information to deliver, and would most likely, deliver it through Ron via “automatic writing.” Patel is the essence name and Paul is a focus of Patel’s that Ron connect’s with very strongly. Hence, we often use both names to describe this essence. Elias occasionally uses only the name Paul or Patel but they refer to the same essence. Ron began this energy exchange on June 10, 1996.

For the most part, Paul (Patel) delivers information that is similar to the information that Elias delivers. However, it seems to be of a more personal nature than the information offered by Elias. Most of the exchanges are either in response to specific questions asked, or are a complement to the concepts presented in the information offered by Elias.

Digests: find out more about Paul (Patel).

(16) Paul’s note: a reference to the “death” of Princess Diana and two others on August 31, 1997 in Paris, France in a car accident. Diana’s death had a tremendous impact on England and the rest of the world. Her funeral was witnessed, via satellite television links, by over two and a half billion people.

(17) Paul’s note: a reference to one of the nine children of Rose who lives in the Southern California area.

Digests: find out more about the nine children of Rose.

(18) Vic’s note: I’m not entirely sure about this, but in my memory, this is the first time Elias has used the word “because.”

(19) Paul’s note: Elias plays a game with forum participants, in which they try and connect their impressions of various categories of objects, people, even concepts to the nine essence families. The goal is to learn how to recognize the working together of our intuitions and our intellect through our impressions.

In each public session, participants can offer their impressions and Elias usually responds with an answer of one point, acceptable, or less probable.

Digests: find out more about the game.

(20) Vic’s note: pop-ins, as we term them, used to be quite frequent occurrences, although their frequency has diminished. They are an interesting element of this phenomenon, an element that seems to be related to several different actions; misinterpretations expressed during conversation, fear or lack of fear within those present, an offering up of information for clarification, a response to connecting within consciousness. The most important element, though, seems to be Mary’s willingness to incorporate them. Bear in mind that we don’t really understand what initiates a pop-in. We just suddenly find ourselves talking to Elias instead of to Mary, which can be a little unnerving at times! As a result, the transcribed part of the pop-in begins whenever somebody remembers to turn on the tape recorder! Many pop-ins are never transcribed, as quite often they occur in places where there is no tape recorder.

(21) Vic’s note: Something odd is occurring here with these references to Acceptance 101 and Acceptance 102. When this information was originally delivered, Elias defined Acceptance 101 as acceptance of self, and Acceptance 102 as acceptance of other individuals. Here, he is defining it oppositely. Dyslexia? Dunno!

Paul’s note: Vicki did ask Elias about this “slip up.” in a later session, Session 333, Monday, October 19, 1998.

VICKI: “Okay, I’m going to start here. I have some questions that I’ve been curious about for a long time, basically based on what I see as some very interesting contradictions in the material, actually blatant contradictions that to me are more black and white than ever existed before, since the sessions started. I’m not sure exactly how to approach this, so I’ll use the last three examples I’ve noticed.

One was regarding essence names and families for a couple of friends of Vivien’s. Forrest asked some questions about them, and then she asked them later in her session, and all the answers were different. One of the other ones was this whole deal with the essence name of Bistell versus Bissell, which was quite clear on the tape but was offered differently at different times. And the third one I thought was actually quite interesting, in one of the most recent transcripts I transcribed, with you seeming to get the Acceptance 101 and 102 backwards, as far as acceptance of self and acceptance of others, and switching them in your definitions in that session.

It seems to me that this is imagery of something. I don’t know if it has to do with the actual phenomenon itself, but that’s my feeling, that there’s information about the phenomenon in this, and so I’m curious what you would have to offer about that.

ELIAS: ... The information is constant. The information is the same. The manipulation of energy into actual language and words may become distorted, for the energy, as I have stated, is not being filtered through thought processes. Therefore, it is not that the essence is ‘channeling,’ so to speak, energy through layers of consciousness, accessing Michael’s [Mary’s] physical brain, creating of physical thought processes and physical impulses within brain patterns, and then translating into words. This particular element is bypassed, for it is inefficient and also quite slow. It is merely another area of consciousness that would be engaged to be filtering through another aspect of translation, which would be incorporating of more distortion. Therefore, there are certain elements of the translation that are eliminated or bypassed to be filtering out elements of distortion, for within the intent of this essence, it is to be presenting within the least amount of distortion.

This be also why I have expressed to you that there is no energy exchange that incorporates NO distortion. This would not be an action that you may be incorporating in this type of situation of energy exchange. Just as within your physical languages, which is a mirror image of consciousness, you may not entirely, literally, without any element of distortion translate one language into another language, I may not translate energy into your language without any element of distortion.

Now; it IS clarifying for you to be inquiring in these areas, for not all of these appearances of what you think of as distortions ARE in actuality distortions. Some of these are purposefully stated. There are time frameworks – that I have noticed (grinning) – with yourself, Lawrence [Vicki], that you may be engaging your transcribing, and you are holding questionings as to my choice of words in certain areas, and in certain areas those particular words have been chosen purposefully and are not what you may term to be a mistake, and are also not a distortion. But there are other time frameworks that you may notice certain aspects are less adept, so to speak, at manipulating words, and may be stumbling quite often, within one engagement of one session repeatedly, of physical words. At other time frameworks, there may be no mistakes, so to speak, incorporated at all.

The overall expression is consistently the same, with the exception of very infrequent exchanges of certain other aspects holding an obvious difference in tone, and this shall be quite obvious to you all.

VICKI: Which I have experienced.

ELIAS: Yes, and in this, you each shall quite obviously hold an awareness that there is a very different aspect in tone expressing through this energy exchange. For the most part, there is a purposeful expression in offering a consistency in tone that you may identify with, for this, as I have stated, offers you a familiarity, which creates a trust and an acceptance of what is being offered to you. And in this area – within the objective, within the agenda, and within the offering of this information – it is of importance that you ARE accepting of the information, for you have asked for this information. It would be defeating of the purpose, so to speak, to be offering this information in a manner that would be presenting fearfulness to you.

VICKI: So this Acceptance 101/102 thing falls into this category?

ELIAS: Correct.” [session 333, October 19, 1998]

Digests: follow these links to Acceptance 101 | Acceptance 102.

(22) Paul’s note: I moderate the Sethnet email list at where the list focus is upon the 40-plus books published by Jane Roberts and Robert Butts.

(23) Paul’s note: Elias refers to people’s reaction to the recent and unexpected death of Vicki Pendley on December 06, 2001.

Library: find out more about Vicki Pendley’s passing.

(24) Bobbi’s note: Elias refers to the Castaic group session, 986, January 19, 2002.

(25) Paul’s note: Elias refers to the group session from yesterday, 1167, October 26, 2002 in which he presented an exercise to notice our attention in relation to automatic responses.

Exercises: find out more about the pay attention to self exercise.

(26) Paul’s note: Kris is channeled by Serge Grandbois who lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. For more information, visit the Kris Chronicles website.

(27) Bobbi’s note: Elias mentions this tribe first in session 176, May 25, 1997, and again in session 185, June 21, 1997, and session 336, October 27, 1998.

(28) Bobbi’s note: Anne is referring to the terrorist bombings in London on July 07, 2005.

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Note: this is the second of two parts of the shift in consciousness. Go to the shift in consciousness, pt. 1.

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