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the game

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “This game is an exercise in connection and trust. You may use this game with all of your inner senses, to be practicing. You may use your telepathic, or empathic, or conceptualization, or visualization, or any sense in connecting with the elements in categories. Within this game, you now all have incorporated sufficient time to be engaged with this game, and the connections of this game, and the trusting of yourselves and your impressions of this game, to be understanding that this game is an illustration to you of your life. Connect well. Trust yourself as much as you trust your impressions for the game.” [session 57, November 26, 1995]

BILL: “What can I do to understand more about the game? I feel so disconnected from the game!”

ELIAS: “Incorporate your time element with these individuals present, and they shall be offering you explanations of the premise of our game interaction. The action that you incorporate is only to be listening and acknowledging of your own impressions. Guesses are unacceptable!” (Grinning)

CATHY: “I can vouch for that!” (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Smiling) “This game is an exercise ongoing, allowing you the opportunity to be trusting of yourselves and your expression and your own noticing of your own impressions, which you do not listen to. Therefore, within the element of fun, we engage an exercise that you may practice listening to your own impressions.” [session 113, August 18, 1996]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “(Pause, looking intently at Christie) These connections, I will also express, are arrived at through allowing yourself to be listening to your impressions. Through this, you will arrive at true connections, as opposed to lucky guesses; (grinning at Ron) which have been incorporated, although there is no luck! Eventually, even within guessing, you will connect; but one of the focuses of this game is to allow you a practicing of connecting with your impressions, therefore allowing yourself to be trusting of these impressions and the information that they offer; listening to oneself and becoming accustomed to that voice. This game should be not quite difficult for Oliver [Christie] to quickly incorporate.” [session 66, January 14, 1996]

ELIAS: “You have been striving, within your game, to be connecting. You have connected well. You have received impressions, and you have connected yourselves together, and with essences and elements. In this, you are needing of more information of yourselves and why you align with these essences in this group; why we have this game of these essences and these colors, and what their significance may be. This is helpful to your understanding of your intent of your direction of yourselves; and you may be better understanding of your own vibrational qualities, which align you with other essences and families. It may also be instructive for those of you choosing to be not remanifesting, but not also to be creating of senility, to be preparing for transition within physical time.” [session 67, January 21, 1996]

VICKI: “I would like to connect the essence of Rose, in the physically focused names, with the name of Madeline.

ELIAS: One point.

VICKI: And I would also like to say that I don’t understand this category at all!

ELIAS: (Grinning) I will express to you that as with all of your categories, you receive your answers through impressions. Each essence connected within your game has been physically manifest. Certain manifestations of these essences are what you would view to be predominant or exceptional. Certain focuses are what they view to be, shall we say, their favorite. They incorporate affection for certain developmental focuses within certain dimensions. Therefore, as they hold an affinity for these, you connect through impressions with these essences and receive which developmental focus they hold an affinity for. As with all other connections which you incorporate within Regional Area 2, you have set out your willingness to be connecting. Therefore, you are open, and the essences may whisper to you their answer; this being a developmental focus to which this essence holds an affinity.” [session 69, February 04, 1996]

ELIAS: We have engaged our game for much of your time element. Within this present moment, not one individual within our small group truly identifies true impressions or impulses. You allow yourselves the opportunity to practice, but you do not truly understand what you are practicing with! You have still not identified what you are connecting with; this being why we continue with our game!

VICKI: I understand that! (Laughter)

ELIAS: You know only that you somehow, a little slightly more than accidentally, acquire a correct answer or an incorrect answer!

VICKI: Okay. To go back to the present physically focused example of the cat, there’s more involved than the other individual. There’s also personal responsibility on my own part involved with, say, this cat right here. (Indicating Jack the cat, a family pet)

ELIAS: I am quite understanding of your personal responsibility issue with your other creatures.

VICKI: I don’t understand.

ELIAS: I am aware of the ramifications of the entire issue, holding not only your responsibility to your agreement with another individual, but also with your agreement with your other creatures.

VICKI: Right. And so what I would identify as an impulse, maybe I’m incorrect, but what I presently identify as an impulse, to be following those agreements and to be taking the most efficient action of confinement presently, to protect everybody involved and all agreements involved ... am I like missing the point somewhere? (Yes!)

ELIAS: You are continuing to view in a correct/incorrect, good/bad, right/wrong area.

VICKI: But this is a living creature here! (Indicating Jack)

ELIAS: There is no good, bad, right, wrong, within your choice presently. You have chosen. You have actualized a probability. It is not ‘wrong!’

VICKI: But it is not the most efficient choice.

ELIAS: Within your probabilities. (Grinning)

VICKI: And the impulse, or what I identify as an impulse, that another choice could be harmful ...

ELIAS: This is not an impulse. This is a feeling.

VICKI: So obviously, I’m not even to the point where I can identify an impulse yet! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Neither are Shynla [Cathy] or Olivia [Ron] or Michael [Mary]; this being why we continue! I have expressed to you, within the beginnings of our sessions, an impulse is not a feeling. It is not a thought. It is not an emotion. (Here, we lose a few minutes due to a tape change)

VICKI: ... You know, it’s just amazing to think that after a year and a half, we still can’t identify a dang impulse!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) A quite small time period!

VICKI: We’ll go back to identification of impulses in the next few sessions, I can tell now! (Laughter)

ELIAS: Within probabilities, this shall incorporate nicely into our subject matter.

VICKI: So, I shall pursue it presently, because I can. I felt it was an impulse to agree to the action of taking the darn cat in the first place. Is this correct?

ELIAS: This was a choice. (Can you believe the patience here?)

VICKI: Not an impulse. This was a choice. Okay, that’s helpful.

ELIAS: You may view that some of your choices within probabilities are influenced choices by your subjective expressions, which you may view presently that this influence is obvious presently.

VICKI: But it’s still not what you would identify purely as an impulse.

ELIAS: No. An impulse, I may express simply, is an automatic response urged by essence.

VICKI: And when you do incorporate an automatic response, and directly thereafter incorporate conflict, what’s happening there?

ELIAS: This would be dependent upon the situation. Understand the entirety of the statement; an automatic response urged by essence. You may incorporate an automatic response to a given situation which may not be a response of essence, or you may incorporate an automatic response which is motivated or urged by essence and you may subsequently experience conflict; for within your fear, or your lack of trustfulness, you may react. This would be an action of blocking the response after.

Generally speaking, you block the response initially and do not recognize the impulse. Therefore, you have no automatic response! (Laughter) I have been expressing over and over, the subject matter of probabilities will be moving quite slowly, for this is a very difficult area and will incorporate much confusion and also much misinterpretation. Now you may evaluate within yourselves your readiness for this subject, in your hastiness within consciousness to be ‘jumping shells’ and wishing information before it was to be offered; but this also has been your choice, and you have chosen.

VICKI: It would still be my choice. I’d rather be in a state of confusion than a state of boredom!

ELIAS: Quite so, from the twins! (Chuckling)

VICKI: I would like to maybe ask a few questions about our little meditation the other night, in which we attempted to ‘take care of’ my cat bite and Cathy’s bladder.

ELIAS: (Grinning) Speaking of this subject, I shall temporarily interrupt Lawrence briefly, to be allowing Lawrence’s question within a moment, for I shall return Michael presently. (Laughing)

VICKI: Speaking of bladders! (Here, Cathy and I totally lose it. The more we laugh, the harder Elias laughs, and none of us can stop)

ELIAS: This is quite amusing! (He’s really cracking up here)

VICKI: Well, at least we can laugh, huh?

ELIAS: He is experiencing uncomfortableness! (Vicki starts coughing) Now Lawrence shall be choking and experience uncomfortableness also! This is quite amusing! (We all lose it again)

VICKI: Physical focus!

ELIAS: Quite a nuisance, actually! (Elias is still laughing so hard he can barely make the next statement) But I shall be obliging of this situation presently. I shall return him to you. Quite fun! I shall return. (I don’t think I’ve ever seen Elias laugh so hard for so long. I’m sure the hamster wheel added to his amusement!)


ELIAS: Continuing ... an obvious relief of the problem! (We all lose it again) You may continue seriously.

VICKI: I’m having a hard time remembering where I was. Okay. To the meditation we had, in which we tried ... (We all lose it again)

ELIAS: Lawrence is expressing great difficulty continuing seriously!

VICKI: This is a good thing. We don’t want to get too serious!

ELIAS: I may be expressing in conference that physical focus may be quite fun when engaged!

VICKI: Sometimes! I don’t even remember my question. I remember I was going to the meditation, and the interaction between the four of us in attempting to affect these physical body parts, and we got to the bladder, and ... I lost it. (And we all lose it again!)

ELIAS: And ...

VICKI: And in this particular action that we incorporated that evening, we incorporated, in my ‘impression’ ... (more laughter)

ELIAS: Or shall we change this to ‘my thought process?’ (Grinning)

VICKI: Well, the original intent was clear and expressed by everybody here, but my impression was that we incorporated a more effective action in some other areas within just connecting, and ...

ELIAS: Quite right.

VICKI: And this was the point.

ELIAS: Do not be discounting of all of your supposed impressions, for many of them are correct, although you do not always recognize the validity of an impression; but I must be expressing to you that you connect with impressions much more efficiently than you connect with impulses. Great acknowledgment; this being a direct resulting of our game. One point for Elias! (Grinning)

CATHY: Good thing it’s not a game on impulses!

ELIAS: We may be creating this game!

VICKI: This might be a good thing. I mean, after a year and a half, we still can’t even get there! Maybe we should have this game!

ELIAS: Then, you may collectively initiate a new game based on impulses, for you collectively created a game to engage impressions, although I was organizing of this expression. Therefore, I receive the point!” (More laughter) [session 114, August 18, 1996]

VICKI: So what about some of those duplicated game questions?

ELIAS: This is intentional.

VICKI: Well, I figured! I didn’t think you were just slipping up!

ELIAS: This is temporary and this is intentional, for your noticing! It has been allowed for your attention, which in your terms is slipping! (Laughter) Therefore, there has been an allowance within our game, for you to be noticing of your action. Within your game, you have become complacent. You have begun to view this game as mundane and easy. You may create logical connections now, for you incorporate much information within your game. Therefore, you have allowed yourselves to slip. You have allowed your attention to unfocus, and we have expressed an exercise of clarity! (1) I have offered an addition to this exercise in clarity. You are unclear! You are unfocused. You are not paying attention! I do not incorporate this game to be a police action, expressing to you that you have already created this connection. This is your game. I need not this game. I do not require this practice. Therefore, the allowance has been made, that you may notice.” [session 139, December 12, 1996]

BOB: “Is there an exercise, so to speak ...

ELIAS: So to speak! (Chuckling)

BOB: ... for focusing on the game, or a methodology for playing?

ELIAS: No. There is a trusting of self and of your impressions, and a listening to impressions, and an allowance of subjective activity to be bleeding through more obviously in what you recognize as impressions. This would be the point in practicing being in touch, so to speak, on a continuous basis with your subjective activity. Also, as I have stated from our simultaneous beginning of our game, much information is held within this game of your essence families and their actions. Much of their counterpart action is held within this game. It is not merely a random placement of words.” [session 140, December 15, 1996]

ELIAS: “And we shall be engaging our game, much to William’s [Gail’s] dismay! (Chuckling) For you are needing of your practicing of subjective interaction, and noticing of your impressions, and connecting with your information of your game and your families and your selves. That word again! It always returns! Self, self, self!” [session 147, January 12, 1997]

VICKI: “One other question that did come up in conversation between him [Paul H.] and I, and I really couldn’t answer it, was in relation to the game. For example, he attempted to make a game connection with Nostradamus recently. His question is, ‘When you have a impression of an individual like that, are you connecting with the focus or are you connecting with the essence?’

ELIAS: The focus. Express also to this individual that the impression may not necessarily be incorrect. The placement of the impression may be off; this being the balancing of the intellect and the intuition. You receive the impression, and you allow your intellect to place within the category. Therefore, you have now gained another piece of information concerning the action of your game and its importance for your learning.” [session 201, July 29, 1997]

VICKI: “Can I ask a question here? A lot of people ask me to explain the difference between acceptable and one point, which I do to the best of my understanding, but I thought it might be helpful if you would explain that again.

ELIAS: You are dealing with probabilities. There are certain probabilities that you have agreed upon within the subject matter and what you look to as “answers” of your game. Those probabilities that you have agreed upon and have established within your reality as aligning with these families are those that shall be recognized as one point. Individuals singularly and collectively may be altering of probabilities, therefore inserting another probability into your official reality which shall align with the intent of the individual family. Therefore, it has been altered. In this situation, you receive an answer of acceptable. The original answer remains as the officially accepted answer within your reality and the alignment of the intents, but another answer has become equal to the original answer. Therefore, it is deemed acceptable. They are the same.

VICKI: The altering is an agreement also?

ELIAS: Correct. It is no less in value, in your terms ... although there is no value! It is merely for your information, and a practice to be connecting with your impressions. It is not a competition; but as you place value upon all elements within your reality and you devalue certain elements, those elements to which I express less probable you devalue. The acceptable holds the same value as one point. It is merely a distinction in an alteration of probabilities, although less probable holds no less value in itself also!” [session 246, November 30, 1997]

PAUL: “I have a question about the game, Elias, before I make my submission. Back in July [of 1997], Vicki submitted a question for me via computer. I was wondering about when we make connections with individuals, are we connecting with the focus or with the essence, and in your answer you talked about the nature of impressions that you are apparently judging in the game. My question is about the nature of these impressions and your judging, perception, and interpretation of them. You said in that answer that ‘the placement of the impression may be off, this being the balancing of the intellect and the intuition. You receive the impression and you allow your intellect to place it within a category. Therefore, you now have another piece of information,’ and I’m paraphrasing here, ‘concerning the action of your game.’

Back in the fall, Vic submitted some questions about the muses in the game for me, and Mary and I engaged in a little friendly joust, as it were, with the nine muses in submitting them. In session 252, 12/21/97, Vic submitted for me Terpsichore with Zuli and received a less probable, and then in session 257, 1/11/98, Mary submitted under muses Terpsichore with Zuli and received one point. (Elias smiles and nods) I feel like a lawyer here! (Laughter) It must be a bleed-through! Also, then in session 260, 1/18/98, Vic submitted for me under muses Urania as Gramada, and I received a less probable. And then in session 264, 2/1/98, Mary submitted Urania/Gramada and received one point. By inference, there’s only one muse left. At that point, we’d received acceptable or one point for eight of the nine muses. The only one remaining would be Polyhymnia with Borledim, which I submitted via Vicki in session 260 and received a less probable. So, I am confused, old friend! If you could explain the seeming contradiction and your perception of judging these impressions, I’d really appreciate it! (Elias is grinning)

ELIAS: Absolutely! The reason that you have received the less probable is that I have stated also that although a specific entry may be made in connection with our game, if you are not entering an entry from an impression, it shall not be accepted. This has been stated many times, and has been offered many examples with this.

Now; in this I express to you that if you are examining your action with this particular line of entries, not necessarily with other entries but with this particular line of entries, you shall notice that you have entered the category and the entries, of which you did connect with some of the entries as impressions, but with most of the entries you were allowing your knowledge of these particular muses and their supposed function – your interpretation of their function – to dictate to you a logical placement. In this, you were not allowing for your own impressions to be made clear.

Now; in actuality, you would have been acquiring the same conclusion, but you also do not offer yourself the opportunity to view the difference between allowing yourself the connection of the impression and trusting that, which would hold slightly different reasoning than your intellectual reasoning.

It is correct that you are balancing the intellect and the intuition in the action of this game, and that you are using those elements within your objective awareness which you may term to be your intellect in conjunction with the impressions that you receive intuitionally, but there is a difference in connecting elements into the game before you are allowing the input of the intuition, and in this you are acting merely upon the intellect and not incorporating a balance. This has occurred many times previously with other individuals.

I express this to you for I also, in participation with you in this game, do you no service in accepting what may be a correct answer but has not been arrived at in the manner that the game itself is providing avenues for, in being helpful to all of you in distinguishing and understanding and identifying impressions. Although you may arrive at the same answer, you may arrive at the answer differently by allowing yourself to be listening to your impressions through your intuition. This is an important aspect for you all to be viewing.

I have also expressed previously that I would not be at every instance offering explanation to a less probable answer, for this prompts you as individuals to question and to investigate. If I am automatically offering you reasoning each time that you are not entirely paying attention within this game, you lean in the direction of not paying attention to my answers either. Therefore, I await your questioning, as in this situation, and in this you will allow yourself to be listening to the reasoning, and also offer yourself the understanding that there is no judgment in this situation.

The point is not to be judging, but to be offering yourselves practice in what you may term to be a vital area of your own communication to yourselves. This shall prove to be one of your most valuable tools that you allow yourselves, to be recognizing and listening to your intuition through your impressions; for as I have stated, although you may arrive at the same conclusions, the manner in which you arrive at those same conclusions may be different and in that it shall offer you more information, for there are elements within the intuition that offer you clearer avenues for your choices. That be the reason that this game holds importance and that we continue within its action. Are you understanding?

PAUL: Yes. A follow-up question. I understand trying to sort through the impression and sort through the thought process that leads to identifying a true impression. My question is, is an impression the same thing as an impulse?

ELIAS: Not entirely, for an impression shall always spark a thought and/or a feeling, but an impulse may not necessarily.

PAUL: Okay, that’s clear. So, I’d like to submit my game entry. In the category of muses, Polyhymnia with Borledim. (Elias and Paul both start laughing)

JO: Does the process of elimination count as an impression?

ELIAS: And I shall offer you an acceptable! (Still laughing) And I find this to be quite amusing!

PAUL: Me too!” [session 281, May 17, 1998]

JIM: “I have a question about our game as well. In musical notes, the category, we identified them with color and essence family. Do those correspond to the color and the essence family, or are these notes maybe a combination of that, or do they have anything to do with it at all?

ELIAS: Quite intuitional of you, Yarr [Jim]!

JIM: Why thank you, Elias!

ELIAS: As you have expressed inquiries into the color vibrational tones! In this, you now express a curiosity of the musical notes which are connected to these colors and families.

As I have expressed, the color and the tone which is identified with each essence family moves in conjunction with a quality of the family which may be identifiable within their intent.

It is all interconnected!

Now you may move these musical notes in correlation with the language terms which have been offered to you, as to the identification of vibrational quality of color.

JIM: Okay, so the essence families, those would be perhaps different notes? Or probably a combination of a lot of notes, almost like a chord, I would imagine, with the families, with all the diversity within that.

ELIAS: Yes, but as I have expressed, in like manner to the colors, this is what you may term to be the predominate quality. All of the colors, all of the tones – or what you translate as musical notes – are incorporated into the energy of each of these essence families, but they hold one tone or vibrational quality that holds the greatest likeness in similarity to the movement of energy and the intent of that particular family, in like manner to your energy fields.

You hold all of the color spectrum, so to speak, within your energy centers, and all of these colors in vibrational quality are expressed within your energy, and this is projected outwardly and translated into an energy field which surrounds your physical form, and within different time frameworks, within different moments, different colors may be expressed as dominate within your energy field. But you also hold one particular vibrational quality which translates into your physical dimension as a color which is the most closely associated with your individual energy signature, and therefore is designated as your individual underlying color vibration individually.

This may not necessarily be translated into objective projection in what you view as you allow yourselves to view each other’s energy fields, but it is a constant and it is continuously underlying whatever colors you may be projecting within the moment in your energy field, and as you look THROUGH the colors that are projected by your energy centers into your energy field, you also may view this constant of your individual color, which is your vibrational quality.

JIM: Hmm. Well, it’s no coincidence that I’ve read a little bit about that in a transcript, and I was going to ask you about that!


JIM: I’ve been thinking along those lines, and I’ve felt perhaps that my vibrational overall quality is kind of a blue-green?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I shall express to you, Yarr [Jim], an acknowledgment, for you have allowed yourself to be connecting very well! I express to you that your individual vibrational quality of color, which holds as a constant in conjunction with your energy signature, may be designated as what you identify in physical focus [as] teal green.

JIM: I wrote that down, Elias! Trust in self! Thank you very much!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! You are very welcome!” [session 453, August 22, 1999]

RODNEY: “I’ve been preparing myself for some questions that I would like to go over with you. I think ... if I can think out loud for just a moment. (Elias grins) I was going to ask you about the book called The Bible Code by Michael Drosnin, and I find out in talking to Mary that you did discuss this two years ago, and she gave me a brief sketch of some of the things you have said concerning the nature of the predictions in this book, and the fact that the so-called predictions are basically ... and I’m gonna phrase this in a way to hold this data, and ask if you that’s more or less what you think. And that is that the predictions are basically outlining possible probabilities that can occur, and the fact that some of them have does not mean that all of them will. As a matter of fact, I think that there are so-called predictions in this book which have not come true.

When they talk about the world coming to an end, and they keep saying the year 2000 and 2006 ... I was a bit taken by the nature of the so-called proofs mathematically of how this information was derived, and my sense of the matter is that if I, in my own life, in my own day-to-day approach to life, truly develop a trust that I personally live in a safe universe, that I am creating that reality for myself, in doing so, I am lending energy to all others who would choose to live a life that takes place in a safe universe. Would you comment on that understanding and that way of holding this information?

ELIAS: You are correct. As you allow yourself an acceptance and a trust, you also are contributing a particular movement of energy within consciousness that moves in the direction of not inserting these predictions, so to speak, into your officially accepted reality, and therefore you are lending energy to the creation of a different insertion of events and reality within your officially accepted dimension, in your objective awareness.

This is not to say that all other probabilities are not actualized, for they are. They merely are not necessarily actualized in this particular physical dimension.

RODNEY: So one person could – I can’t understand why a person would want to do so – but a person could choose to live in that reality in which, say, the southern tip of California does sink into the ocean.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

RODNEY: Okay. From the mathematical point of view, it’s pretty awesome that a document that was prepared three thousand years ago, and has been kept intact as to its original writing for three thousand years, could actually display information about the Shoemaker-Levy comet colliding with Jupiter, and give the exact date that it occurred. Of course, that’s the movement of heavenly bodies. I can understand where that might be predicted three thousand years in the future.

But then they talk about the building that was blown up in Oklahoma, and it gives the day, the hour, and the name Timothy and the name McVeigh, all on the same page. I find THAT kind of information ... it’s even more awesome that a probability of that nature was known to the author of this document three thousand years ago!

What I get from this is that time really IS an illusion, and that probabilities have existed since ... I’m not going to use the term ‘beginning of time,’ but they’ve all been created and they're all there, and that someone ... it even lends credence to the fact of the statement that you make, and that is that a being like yourself who is outside of this physical dimension is actually connected to all information. And so, you know, it kind of reinforces that statement.

ELIAS: You also are connected to all of this information, and this be the reason that you offer yourselves these types of documents or these types of areas in which you access information. It is not, as I have stated previously, that information is hidden from you. It is NOT hidden from you. It is available to you in whichever direction you choose to seek it in.

Now; let me express to you that within the time framework of the writing of these documents, the authors, in physical terms, of these documents were not objectively aware of the insertion of information, in objective terms, into these documents, and were not purposefully, in objective terms, creating a sub-language in mathematical terms which would be translatable futurely as they created these particular writings.

This action is quite similar to the creation of your game presently.

RODNEY: The game?

ELIAS: Correct, in that it holds a tremendous expression of information that you do not avail yourselves of, and I have been expressing this to you from the onset of its creation.

RODNEY: I’ve never really availed myself of truly playing the game that you created.

ELIAS: I have not created this game! All of YOU have created this game!

RODNEY: You're talking about the game that’s discussed in the transcripts?



ELIAS: And in this, in like manner to the information that you avail yourselves of now in mathematical terms in conjunction with this religious document, your game also contains much more information than you objectively realize, for it is the accessing of information through impressions, and in this, it has been created in a manner of allowance of information to be accessed and bleeding through into your objective awareness, and documented in a type of writing.

Now; any of these types of collaborative efforts, so to speak, within your writings throughout your history contain much more information than you objectively realize initially, and may be used as a tool to be offering yourselves much more information concerning consciousness and the movement of consciousness. You may access this information merely dependent upon how you are viewing these writings and how you turn your perception to allow yourself the accessing of information.

RODNEY: When you say that, what comes to my mind is perhaps the works of Shakespeare. Would this be an example?

ELIAS: This too may be a source of information, in objective terms. I may express to you that within your physical dimension, there are many expressions of information that you may be accessing and allowing yourselves information concerning consciousness. It merely is dependent upon how you are viewing the information that you are viewing.” [session 507, November 26, 1999]

Library: go to the essence names listing, used in the game.

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: the clarity exercise is a tool that sharpens the physical senses by enhancing our ability to concentrate, observe, and focus in the present moment. While fine-tuning the five physical senses, its purpose is also to maintain the clarity of focus in altered states and projections of consciousness.

ELIAS: “The point of the exercise in clarity is to be allowing you the opportunity to be manipulating outer senses, which may also offer you more of an understanding of how to be manipulating inner senses more efficiently and to be using your inner senses in conjunction with each other as you use your outer senses in conjunction with each other, but you do not allow yourselves to be efficiently manipulating your OUTER senses, which you are quite familiar with!

Therefore, I have offered that particular exercise that you may become more familiar with manipulating these senses that you hold familiarity with, and in this you may offer yourself the opportunity to more efficiently manipulate your inner senses, which shall be offering you more information within consciousness, and also, it shall be helpful to you in manipulating energy within the action of this shift.” [session 336, October 27, 1998]

Exercises: find out more about the clarity exercise.

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