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Wednesday, December 29, 1999

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“The Physical Insertion of the Shift”

“Redefining Terms/Redefining Reality”

Participants: Mary (Michael), Jo (Tyl), and Paul (Caroll).

Elias arrives at 1:40 PM. (Arrival time is 25 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

JO: Good morning!

PAUL: Good morning, old friend! (Elias chuckles) Our conversations continue!

ELIAS: And you may proceed!

JO: Thank you. I had a dream recently in which I was taking a bath, and the door opens and in walk two men in what could be typified as priestly garb, with faces covered, and each carried a large rock. I sensed that they were there to pummel me to death, and at that point, I woke up. It was a very personal and premeditated event. It felt like an execution. They felt like priests, and it felt like my security had been violated – I had possibly been betrayed – and I’m wondering if this is imagery about the nature of the death of my focus Jessaline, and about what resulted from her choices which involved not aligning with prevailing beliefs in her environment.

ELIAS: This imagery is not a presentment in conjunction with another focus. This is imagery that you have offered to yourself in conjunction with this focus.

In this, you allow yourself the creation of objective imagery – in the form of religious individuals – that shall suggest to you the association that you hold with religious beliefs and how they are influencing and affecting of choices that you create within this focus, and in this, although you objectively attempt in certain situations to be disassociating yourself with the idea of religious belief systems, underlyingly there are associations with religious belief systems. Regardless of how they are identified and defined objectively, they are continuing to be influencing, and in this, they are influencing of the perpetuation of certain elements of duplicity which are objectified in this focus.

In this, the element of duplicity, which moves in conjunction with other aspects of beliefs, is the element that appears threatening or hurtful. This is what you perceive in an action which may be hurtful to you, that you identify as your need to be escaping.

In this, you may look to the information of this dream imagery and identify how beliefs may be influencing and how they may be affecting of your emotional expressions and your development of fear, and your automatic response objectively of attempting to be turning away from the interaction with or the viewing of these creations of fearfulness.

JO: In a related way, I think this has to do with that. I felt a very profound connection while reading Lenny Bruce’s autobiography. I’m curious about a focus connection, but I especially feel an alignment in intent somehow, a type of alignment in intent. My fear is, I think, that I don’t want to be a martyr for the cause too, but I do seem to want to hold a mirror up to myself and my world in order to scrutinize and satirize in a way that helps us move through this shift a little easier – and by the way, helps me move through the shift a little easier (laughing) – and I think this may be my intent. It means allowing vulnerability, and that’s what’s scary to me, and I also think – I know this is kind of a lot at once – I also think that this is my continued connecting with this essential part of me that’s invulnerable – as I look to my vulnerabilities – and what is eternal about me, and that seems to blend with the fact that I’ve chosen this as my final focus.

ELIAS: Let me offer to you, Tyl, in this subject matter, first of all, this also is not an association with another focus. The reason that you experience a strong draw to this type of expression or information is that it IS presenting a mirror to you in certain aspects, and in this identification of the mirror action, you also allow yourself the recognition of certain elements of the mirror action that you are attracted to and certain elements that invoke elements of fearfulness within you. These are the elements that you repel and that you express to yourself a lack of desire to be becoming a martyr, so to speak. As you engage in actions or expressions that are outside of the mass belief system, you also may be creating certain elements of conflict.

Now; let me also express to you that this is quite dependent upon how you view what you are creating and what you are participating within, for your perception is the key element. It is that piece, so to speak, which is creating of your reality and shall be directing of your movement, in how you shall be interactive and how you shall be expressive and how you shall be interpreting or receiving other expressions or input in situations or through the expressions of other individuals. For you may move outside of the expressions objectively of the mass belief systems and you may be creating of your individual expression, and as you experience no conflict with these expressions – and also no expectation of conflict – you shall less probably draw these expressions of conflict to you in the interaction of other individuals.

In this, I am not stating to you an absolute, for individuals may be responsive within their perception to what you create within your reality, but this does not necessarily dictate your response to them and it is not a dictation of your choices. Therefore, you may continue to not be incorporating conflict within you in conjunction with your choices, regardless of the choices of other individuals and their attempt to be influencing of your focus in the direction of conflict. Are you understanding?

JO: Yes.

ELIAS: Therefore, in this, the key element is your examination of your individual beliefs, your alignment with them, your expression of conflict, your expectation or anticipation of conflict that you may encounter as well as that which you may create within self, and your recognition of elements of fear that you create and why you are creating them – what is the motivational factor that is creating of the element of fear? – and this allows you more choices objectively and expands your movement objectively, in offering you greater mobility to be creating through an expanded awareness of perception.

As to your identification of vulnerability and invulnerableness, I shall express to you that the movement into an allowance of vulnerability is productive, so to speak, for this offers less resistance and obstacles in the direction of widening your awareness.

Be remembering that as I have stated previously, you may be equating the term of openness as synonymous with vulnerability. Therefore, you may also recognize that you may be expressing an invulnerability to be the expression of closure, and not an expression of openness.

In this, we move into an identification presently of a movement within consciousness – which is occurring in conjunction with this shift in this time framework, which is quite strong in an actualization of movement of this shift in consciousness – and that is a redefining of terms.

You are allowing yourselves to move into a position objectively, within your focuses individually and collectively, in which you are redefining your terminology, and in this redefining of terminology, you are redefining your associations and your meaning with your terminology – with your language, with your concepts, with your ideas, your philosophies, all of which is expressed through your terminology – and therefore, in the redefining of your terms, you are also redefining your reality. This is the action of the shift, which you are allowing yourself to view in actual objective action now.

JO: I very much resonate with that also. That seems to be something that has to do with my intent presently as well.

ELIAS: You are correct, and in this movement you present yourself with many different actions and terms, that you may examine and you may evaluate and assess what your existing definition is and how it is moving into a new definition, and how you are participating within self in this redefining of your own actions, behaviors, expressions, terms, meanings, ideas. ALL of your reality is being redefined, and it is beginning with your terminology.

JO: That’s really interesting. Thank you for that.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

JO: I had a dream about a woman who I think was Lawrence’s focus and possibly a sister-in-law. She was speaking excitedly, and the word I caught was something like Esburush. Can you comment on that?

ELIAS: Once again, this moves in conjunction with this subject matter of redefinition, for it draws your attention objectively to the identification of specifics. Your attention has automatically moved to a central point, so to speak, of a particular word or expression, and the imagery which is surrounding of that word or that term dims, and the term becomes the focal point. This is significant in relaying to you the object of the movement, so to speak.

You are offering yourself the identification of your attention, and how your attention moves in the direction of terms and the significance of terms and the value of terms and the importance placed in your attention upon these terms, and in this, the importance of the meaning of those terms, for the meaning is your definition, and your definition is what defines your reality. Therefore, there is importance, in your perception, in your acquisition of the definition of each term.

In this, the imagery that you are presenting to yourself is merely the recognition of the direction of your attention presently, that it is being directed in the expression of examination of your terminology, and the importance that is held in your perception with that terminology.

JO: Yeah, because I feel as though we’re kind of deconstructing things, our world, the shared one and our personal one – well, like they’re different – and reassembling it. That’s how I feel.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, you are figuratively reconstructing, for you are redefining, which is in actuality altering of your actual physical reality.

JO: Wow. So I seem to be on the right track with the kinds of things that I’m doing. It feels that way.

ELIAS: You are moving in conjunction with your widening of awareness, allowing yourself to be widening your awareness, allowing yourself to be addressing to areas within your focus which have been an expression of threateningness previously, and you are allowing yourself to be viewing more of self and allowing more of an expression of acceptance in that viewing.

In this, recognize also that there are certain expressions that continue in the direction of protection, and this is your fallback, so to speak, into your safety net of the idea of invulnerability, which camouflages itself in the idea of greatness and that this is the expression that you identify with some element that is good.

But in this particular term, be remembering that you are redefining terminology, and therefore in that, allow yourself an objective understanding that your movement is directed in your attention presently in the action of widening and opening, and this opening is an expression of vulnerability, which I am acknowledging of you in this movement. And therefore, do not cloud your movement with the disguise of invulnerable identification, for this, in your very physical terminology, is a very sneaky expression of duplicity to be allowing you to move into the expression of protection.

JO: Thank you. I just have one more question or set of questions. I’m getting a lot of imagery around the range of color between red and purple, and I’m wondering if my signature color is in there somewhere. My guess is that it’s crimson. It’s pretty persistent, and it serves me in one regard as metaphorical to me, as physical reality in relation to all that is. It’s an immersion into a very narrow band in the greater spectrum. But it also occurred to me that with regard to the energy centers, as far as I know, there’s no point in which there is a blending of red and purple, because red is at the bottom and purple and magenta are at the top, and I was wondering if this has to do with completing that color wheel, in a manner of speaking.

ELIAS: First of all, there is a relation between these expressions of colors of red and purple, for they are not what you would term to be opposite ends of the spectrum, so to speak, but are in actuality within a circular definition, so to speak.

In this, they are closely related in many expressions, although within your physical identification, you look to these particular colors and you disassociate them and do not afford them this compatibility, so to speak. Look to your game and the intertwining and interconnectedness between the red and the purple that appear within a linear color line spectrum to be at opposites to each other, but are intimately intertwined with each other in expression and manifestation.

In this, I shall express to you that you present yourself with the imagery of this type for your communication to self in more than one area. One is to be reinforcing to you that you are allowing yourself less limitation, and movement in conjunction with this shift in consciousness. One is the presentment to yourself in imagery in conjunction with the vibrational quality and movement of these colors in themselves.

For the presentment of the red is the vibrational quality which facilitates the slowing of energy, which allows in your objective terms for your examination in clarity, and in this slowness of energy, to be recognizing your movement and the choices that you are creating and how you are creating your reality in conjunction with your beliefs. Therefore, the red is instrumental in the facilitation of that movement, in its slowness of vibrational quality.

The purple, in its quickness in vibrational quality, facilitates a push, so to speak, in the swiftness of your movement in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, and is, in a manner of speaking, a representation of the swiftness of movement presently in this shift in consciousness and the action of redefinition within your reality, and how that movement is occurring quite swiftly presently.

As to your identification of signature color, so to speak, in vibrational quality, you are correct in your assessment that you have been offering yourself information in conjunction with this subject matter also, for the signature color that you hold and identify with may be recognized as scarlet, which is closely expressed to that of crimson.

JO: That was my second guess! (Jo and Elias both laugh) Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

PAUL: I have just a quick question in this area, Elias, about what you’re discussing in terms of redefinition of terminology. Do you consider that a wave in consciousness?

ELIAS: Not in the terms that we have been discussing in conjunction with waves of consciousness that address to specific belief systems.

This is the reason that I have not incorporated that particular word as to be confusing individuals in their association with waves of consciousness, for I have offered much information in conjunction with waves of consciousness which move in association with your belief systems and the addressment to aspects of belief systems, or merely the expression of belief systems in objective terms.

Therefore, it is not an expression of that type of wave, so to speak.

It is a movement of consciousness collectively which is occurring, and this is a movement not necessarily associated with any one particular belief system, but with respect to ALL of your belief systems, and a direct movement of the shift itself.

In this, it may be recognized as an individual and collective demonstration in objective action and recognition of the presentment in its beginning forms, so to speak, of the actualization of this shift in consciousness.

This is not to say that the movement of the shift in consciousness previously has not been actualizing within your physical dimension, for it has, but it has been manifesting or inserting into your physical reality in abstract types of expressions and actualizations.

Now you begin movement into the construction, so to speak, in objective manner, of the insertion of this shift in consciousness into your actual physical reality, not merely individually, but collectively also.

There is a movement objectively occurring which is a redefining of terms, which is also translated as a redefining of your reality in itself. For as you redefine your terms, you redefine your meaning, and as you redefine your meaning, your definition, you also redefine how you actualize your reality, and therefore your reality is altered and redefined.

In this, you are allowing yourself to view the actual construction or beginnings of construction of this shift in consciousness in physical terms, in like manner, figuratively speaking, to the construction of a building. You may be creating of the blueprints, the ideas, the mathematical equations and geometric forms in your equations prior to the actual physical construction of the building, but as you begin the actual construction of the building in physical matter, you begin to view the structure.

In this, you have been creating and inserting into your physical reality your equations and your blueprints, in physical terms, of this shift in consciousness, and moving yourself into the readiness for the actual construction, in physical terms, of the structure, so to speak, of this shift in consciousness.

You may view this redefining of terms as likened to the actual placement of the foundational bricks to be constructing your building or your structure, so to speak.

PAUL: Wow.

JO: That’s cool.

PAUL: That’s interesting. So this mass actualization of movement, would it also be part of a translation of the Source Event of the shift?

ELIAS: Yes. This is an action of a translation which is inserting into your physical reality elements of this Source Event, which is translated as this shift in consciousness.

I have expressed to you throughout this particular time framework of this particular year that there is an expression of confusion and conflict and trauma which is accelerating, and this may also be viewed as the birth pangs of the actual physical production or insertion of this shift into your physical reality, for you have been grappling with your identification of definitions, and this creates tremendous confusion.

It creates a responsiveness within yourselves, individually and collectively, of conflict, for you automatically seek the familiar and retreat into the familiar, and the redefining of terms is unfamiliar, and this is offering much confusion, which also creates much trauma within your objective reality.

Now; I shall express to you presently, do not be looking to your movement into your new year, so to speak, in your physically defined terms, as a movement into the elimination of these types of expressions, for it shall not be, for you are not moving in that direction yet.

PAUL: That’s clear. Thank you. Another question in this area is, the nine children of Rose are somewhere around four or five years old now, and quite physically focused individuals. I’m curious what role they are playing within this particular mass actualization of movement?

ELIAS: Their role is to be moving in conjunction with this shift in consciousness with ease, incorporating all elements of your reality without conflict and the actualization of acceptance.

Each of these manifestations participates in different expressions of beliefs, different expressions of actualized reality through objective perception, and expresses an acceptance of those creations of reality within the expressions of the beliefs, and each of these manifestations offers a lending of energy to this shift in consciousness through an expression of a lack of conflict.

PAUL: Interesting. Thank you. In a related area, I know we’ve talked about religious belief systems today, and it’s that time of year in our country, in our culture, the Christmas season, so to speak, and I wanted to address to an area that’s difficult for me, but being the season, I figure I’ll just jump in!

Anyway, I want to talk a little bit about my interpretation of some of the writings of Seth in the Seth books regarding this Christ entity, and I’ve had time obviously to reflect on some of my own religious beliefs in this area.

The first point I guess I’m realizing is that in our culture, we’re taught that this so-called Christ figure is a single individual with great superpowers, and at least in the context of the information in the Seth material, particularly in Seth Speaks, chapter 21, he discusses this Christ entity, as he called it, or the Christ essence, I guess we could call it – whatever – in a multidimensional context, and the more I look back at this and review the information, the clearer it becomes to me that this is not a singular manifestation.

We’ve talked about the three focuses of this essence – John the Baptist, the historical Jesus, and Paul or Saul of Tarsus – and in Seth Speaks, he says that the disciples, the twelve disciples ... he describes them as fragment personalities. There was a character, a teacher of righteousness character, that Seth describes as a probable self, and he talks about other religious heroes in that era, and then also of course this new personality or second, third, fourth coming, et cetera, in what we’re terming our shift.

So to sort of summarize what I’m saying and asking you, it seems clear, from this information at least, that this manifestation of individuals two thousand years ago ... there are at least 15 or 16 focus personalities that are clearly related. So this Christ that we look at as a single man is in fact – figuratively, let’s even use that word – 15 or 16 Christs at that time, not to mention the dozens of other related figures who were interpreting the Source Events as they translated into physical focus at that time.

So my question to you is, in Seth Speaks, he talks about this figurative second coming and says there is no such thing, as you do, but Seth very clearly talked about this so-called return as a singular person, and as you know, I am active on a mailing list where we explore these ideas, and I’m struck by people’s interpretation, literal interpretation and expectation, that fits back into the officially accepted mapping of a single individual. And you, in your information that I’ve been studying for several years now, very clearly talk about this in terms of these nine children as a multiple situation, a multiple multidimensional manifestation, which in a sense is similar to what Seth was talking about happened two thousand years ago. (1)

So my question, after a long preamble: why did Seth choose to address this returning focus based on Saul of Tarsus as a singularity, when it’s so clear that you have discussed it in terms of multiple manifestations?

ELIAS: Let me express to you first of all, the intent of these essences – myself and that of what you identify as Seth – are different. Therefore, the expressions objectively shall appear to you differently, although essentially they are not so very different. The presentment may be objectively offered differently in conjunction with the intent, but this is the direction of energy within the expression of the intent of a specific type of movement in a specific type of direction with what you may identify in your physical terms as a purpose.

Now; we shall be speaking figuratively in this explanation, for I am incorporating terminology as “purpose,” and as you are aware, in actuality your purpose within this reality is merely to be experiencing, and therefore our purpose in interaction with you is merely experience also, in literal terms.

But in figurative terms, the purpose of the interaction is to be offering specific directions, and in those directions, there may be allowances within the intent of certain essences to be offering information which moves in conjunction and supportiveness of certain belief systems if that direction shall be incorporating the point, and the point is not necessarily to be discounting of the individuals within the physical dimension or to be expressing a right or wrong, but to be offering information that shall be facilitating of a widening of awareness, and in many aspects of communication, this may be accomplished in conjunction with the existing belief systems and not in a challenging of those existing belief systems. This moves quite intricately with the expression of the intent.

In the intent of the Sumari, the direction of expression is not placed in emphasis with the identification of accuracy of terms or philosophies, so to speak, but in the movement of energy into the creation of the expression of new explorations. Therefore, the action in the expression is to facilitate a movement of energy in the direction of allowance of new exploration. This may be accomplished even within the incorporation of existing belief systems and the association with familiarity, for the rocking of the boat, so to speak, is not intended to be creating of the expressions of trauma or the introduction of trauma, but merely to be introducing concepts through an acceptable expression that shall be sparking objective investigation, and in this, the purpose has been accomplished.

In a manner of speaking, this moves quite in conjunction with information that I also offer to you in conjunction with choices. The choices themselves, the actions themselves, matter not. They are choices. They are manifestations. They are actions. The beliefs themselves, in themselves, matter not. The beliefs that you hold in themselves are not right or wrong. They are not good or bad. They are in themselves neutral.

Therefore, the choice of expression – in the context of the intent of that essence – matters not. The information which is offered in its action is what matters, so to speak. It is the allowance for the incorporation of opening in your perceptions that matters, not HOW it shall be accomplished.

Therefore, the idea of what has been expressed of one individual matters not. The concept of the movement holds the importance. If the concept of the movement is offered and accepted in the translation through the aspect of the belief which is already held and if that is accomplishing of the purpose, so to speak, why shall it not be incorporated? For it matters not, for the idea is not what holds importance.

The one or the nine or the ten thousand manifestations and the idea of these are not what holds the importance. The movement of energy in the concept of the shift is what holds the importance, for this is the movement of the alteration of your reality. The manifestation is merely the symbolization of it. It is a manifestation of a focal point or a symbol which is offered as imagery of the concept, in like manner to what you identify as the Christ entity, so to speak.

The Christ entity – what is the Christ entity? In actuality, you do not hold a definition for the Christ entity. You hold speculation. You hold theory. You hold ideas/opinions of what this may be, but you do not look to the designation of the Christ entity, so to speak, as you look to a wall within physical matter and express to yourself, “This is a wall. These are the properties in physical matter of this physical wall. I may identify in physical objective terms what this object is.” You identify the Christ entity as if it is an object, a manifestation, a thing, but you do not identify what this thing is.

I express to you that the Christ entity – or the thing of the Christ entity – is a symbol. It is what you present to yourselves as an explanation or a symbol, a figurehead, a focal point of a movement of energy which may be identified in the manifestation of an individual or of one essence manifest into many individuals. What be the difference? It is merely a difference in terms – once again, our term of terms! (Grinning) And....

JO: And so it doesn’t really matter, in redefining these terms, since many of them are symbols, if we use the term “All That Is” as opposed to “The Creating Universal One and Whole?”

ELIAS: Correct. They are merely terms. They are offered in conjunction with the existing held belief systems in communication with individuals within this physical dimension that shall offer a beginning point, so to speak, in the allowance of information to be incorporated.

This may be expanded upon as the individuals individually and en masse allow themselves objectively to be vulnerable and to be widening their awareness objectively, and therefore incorporating more information, and as you are widening your awareness, you DO incorporate more information objectively. You expand your incorporation of your definitions. Your redefining of terms is an expansion of terms which is allowed through your widening of awareness.

I express to you that one essence is manifest within physical focuses in the expression of the symbol, so to speak, of this Christ entity, which is representative of the movement of energy. I also express to you that one essence offers the manifestations in multiple in THIS time framework. Another essence holding a different intent expresses to you the information of multi-dimensionality of essence and offers that information in conjunction with a concept which you view to be past and which you view to be in existence in continuation presently, and in this, the information is merely offered in different physical terminology. The information that I have offered to you is essentially the same.

I express to you that you are all multidimensional. Therefore, why shall one essence not be multidimensional? Why shall one focus of essence not be multidimensional, as you all are multidimensional?

Therefore, the expression of Jesus is also multidimensional, as you are multidimensional. The expression of essence in that time framework, in conjunction with a movement in consciousness, manifest in several focuses. You yourselves manifest in several focuses. The expression of this essence presently is expressed in several focuses. This is not unusual or uncommon.

Therefore, you may look to the essence of Rose, and it is manifest within nine physical manifestations in this time framework in this physical dimension. You also are focused in multiples within this time framework in this physical dimension. These are not amazing stories. These are not unusual expressions or rare expressions of essence.

This essence of Rose, in conjunction with countless other essences, manifests into specific focuses with specific intents that are of this shift in consciousness and are expressed in conjunction with the offering of the shift and the intent of each essence family as a representation of these intents, which is a difference in the choice of expression from other essences, for other essences are not necessarily choosing a limitation in that type of expression, for you as essence allow more of an expansiveness in your intent and your expression of each focus.

This particular essence, in the manifestations to the point of their fragmentation ... which is not accomplished yet in your linear time framework. But to that point, the expression is manifest in a manner of limitation, for it is merely the expression of the shift and the expression of the represented essence family intent. This be the reason that each of these manifestations holds an essence family and alignment the same, for their expression does not deviate but follows the intent of that one essence family as a representation of the energy of that family. But this does not set apart these individual focuses as any more unique than any other focus which is manifest. It is merely your identification of definitions – once again – which sets them apart, and this moves in conjunction with your beliefs.

PAUL: That was very beautiful and interesting, and I just want to try to summarize my understanding from the question I asked you – that 23 years ago a book called Seth Speaks comes into my reality, and I sit and I read it, and I get through that chapter where he offers that information, in his terms, of the three Christs or the three focuses of Christ, so to speak, and talks about a return to help fix up some of the problems created in organized religion, and that mapped at that time onto to my existing religious belief systems that acknowledged the concept of a Christ, so to speak, and even the so-called second coming, which is popular knowledge in our culture.

So at that point in time, I read that information and it maps onto existing beliefs, but certainly expands them and provides interesting areas of exploration and speculation, and then 23 years ... 21 years later, I happen upon information offered by yourself, and it takes that idea and certainly on one level seems to contradict it, but on another level widens it and maps onto a widened set of beliefs that I hold at that time, and also helps me to speculate and explore this movement of energy that you’re talking about in a new way. Is that sort of correct?

ELIAS: Yes. You are merely allowing yourself to continue to proceed. You have opened the door, so to speak, in the incorporation of one element of information, and you have walked into the room through the door in another incorporation of information. Therefore, they are not contradictory in the manner that the door is not contradicting the room, but they are offering differing functions.

PAUL: And so I guess my final question in this area for today is; your information certainly places importance and significance on the symbols of these nine essence families and their intents, and I guess I’m just making a statement here that that is what strikes me about it, and that is sort of the frontier, as it were, to explore behind these symbols and what deeper meanings, I guess, are being translated through Source Events, source energy, into our physical objective awareness.

ELIAS: It is the presentment of energy to be actualized in the movement of this shift, the representation of that energy, and its manifestations as offered by each of these nine manifestations in conjunction with the actions and intents of the nine essence families, which you all are belonging to and which provides a directional point for all of your reality in this particular dimension.

PAUL: So, Elias, is it most probable that as this shift completes its circle, so to speak, in the coming century, that this concept, this archetype, this symbol of nine essence families, so to speak, will hold an objective awareness in everybody alive on the planet?

ELIAS: In the movement of probabilities in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, most probably, presently, yes.

PAUL: Fascinating! Interesting. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

PAUL: And I just want to say how much I enjoy these exchanges with you and how much we seem, all of us, to challenge each other within the limits of physical focus and language.

JO: And ourselves!

ELIAS: Ha ha! And you challenge your exploration to be experiencing becoming in physical terms! Ha ha!

PAUL: Yes!

ELIAS: I offer to you this day great encouragement and a recognition of your celebration of your holiday and an offering of acknowledgment to you each, and for this day, objectively I extend to you the energy in expression of lovingness.

PAUL: A big backatcha!

JO: Me too. Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: To you in affection, au revoir.

Elias departs at 2:58 PM.


(1) Paul’s note: I moderate the Sethnet email list at where the list focus is upon the 35-plus books published by Jane Roberts and Robert Butts.

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