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skipping shells

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “We have held an awareness for what you may term to be a time period that you within this forum are requesting of this information, but hold not a readiness objectively to be accepting this information. You, within your subjective and objective harmony, express a desire for information of essence families and of counterpart action. It is offered briefly to you for this is your request, although it is known that you shall not be entirely connecting with this information within this present now; for although you hold the desire to be ‘skipping shells,’ you do not understand what you request.” [session 215, September 07, 1997]

ELIAS: “The closest expression that I may offer you within the confines of your language is to be incorporating the word of mergence, for within this word of mergence, you develop an idea within you of more than one thing absorbing into each other, and this presents you with a very small concept of a lack of separation. But even within the mergence you hold separation, for you hold that there are several things that are coming together and absorbing together, and there are individual things that shall be distinct as they are merged.

“In this, if you are moving to the direction of one singular link of consciousness – which is not a thing – one expression of energy, how may that one expression of energy occupy all space arrangements, occupy all time frameworks, and be all of consciousness and all of all essences simultaneously if it is a thing?

“You express to me, this is very big. These concepts presented to you are presented in very small manners, in very small measure, but these concepts are far vaster than you comprehend, and you move not even close to actualizing their reality in your reality.

“This be the reason that I express to you of skipping shells, for I hold the awareness that you may not understand information that I may offer you, but of what use shall this information be to you within your reality? For you may not be applying this information to be beneficial to you within your physical reality, for you may not even conceive of its reality!

“... This be the reason that I focus my attention with you upon your physical reality and what you create within your physical reality, and how to be manipulating energy within your physical reality more efficiently and moving into areas that you have chosen to be creating within this physical dimension with more effortlessness and less trauma. I am quite understanding with no doubtfulness that this type of information may be fascinating and quite interesting to be listening to within physical focus, but it is not useful to you in many areas within your everyday movement.” [session 333, October 19, 1998]

Elias “gems”

VICKI: “I’m unclear on one thing. Which essence that is fragmented of Aileen [Carole] are you talking about? (I’m so confused!)

ELIAS: Kaileen. (Duh!) This is not always the case, although I am understanding that it automatically shall spark your curiosity, that if you are viewing words to be rhyming you shall view this as some sort of a connection. This is not always the case. Within this particular situation there is an explanation which has been created intentionally, but I wish not to mislead you into thinking that all sounds, all words within your language that sound similar or hold a rhyming tone, are automatically connected within essence or intersecting, to your way of thinking.

I shall always be leaving open that all essences are intersecting; but within your pools of probabilities within individual focuses, we shall not cloud your thinking by skipping shells and we shall confine ourselves to the limitations of immediate intersections, or to your way of thinking, immediate intersections of individuals.

There are many connections within individuals, and it is quite amusing that you amaze yourselves to such extents that you encounter new individuals continuously and are not quite believing of their connections within consciousness to yourselves. Individuals do not draw themselves to you and you do not draw yourself to them if you do not hold connections already. Therefore, all those that you encounter shall hold connections within consciousness to you.” [session 159, March 23, 1997]

ELIAS: “Let me explain that the benefit of patience is that you offer yourself the opportunity to be listening and not interfering and clouding the information which is coming to you. If you are cluttering ... ... your thought process, you are not listening and allowing the communication to unfold. This also serves for misinterpretation. This occurs quite frequently in your skipping shells. If you are skipping shells, you are not offering yourself the opportunity to view those shells which you have skipped! Therefore, you misinterpret your arrival at the shell which is skipped ahead of the other shells!

NICKY: Okay, but aren’t you indicating a process now?

ELIAS: (Firmly) I am not offering you a process. I am offering you an understanding of information. You within your belief systems view that you must be moving in increments and offering yourself information and holding an understanding. Therefore, if you deem it necessary to be understanding each movement that you are accomplishing, you must also prevent yourself from skipping shells, for you may not learn calculus if you do not understand arithmetic!” [session 195, July 18, 1997]

ELIAS: “I have expressed to you that you are not not accomplishing. You are merely skipping shells, and within your thought process you are misinterpreting and thinking that you have moved entirely through your issues, but I have offered to you both to be examining of specifics – specific belief systems – which when questioned, you express honestly, no, you have not accomplished addressing to these belief systems and actions as has been suggested to you.” [session 196, July 20, 1997]

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