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blinking in and out

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “We have spoken of blinking in and out of this dimension; this being how you also focus within other dimensions, and continue your interaction with all of your other focuses simultaneously to this particular focus.” [session 71, February 14, 1996]

ELIAS: “When I speak to you of blinking in and out of existence upon this planet, I do not speak in the same manner that I express of your blinking in and out of consciousness; for the species may blink in for thousands and thousands and thousands of years, and blink out for many thousands of years also. Consciousness is never destroyed. It does not become extinct. It is not annihilated. It only changes. It may change form, it may change dimension; but it does not disappear.” [session 72, February 18, 1996]

ELIAS: “We have spoken previously of your ‘blinking in and out.’ We have recently expressed that you do not only blink in and out to be viewing ‘far’ focuses. You are continuously blinking in and out, exchanging and intersecting with other probable selves.” [session 111, August 11, 1996]

ELIAS: “Let me express to you, you as individuals blink in and out continuously. You blink so quickly that your ‘in’ time, which you are aware of, seems completely uninterrupted. You are unaware objectively of your ‘out’ time. As you blink out, you are interactive with other dimensions, but your attention moves to this dimension. I mention this to you, for your planet and your existence upon this planet also blinks in and out.

Your sciences express that your world holds a definite age. Your sciences do not allow for much information within consciousness that they may not hold evidence physically of, although as your time progresses they discover more and more physical evidences that are inconsistent with their original beliefs. Your particular planet is much, much older than your sciences believe. It has blinked in and blinked out many times. In this, you as a species have occupied this particular ‘blink in’ for much longer than you realize. In this, I have expressed previously that even within what you now term to be your Americas, your existence of your species extends beyond fifty thousand years previous to this present now. Your sciences shall be recovering evidences of this, and are in the process of these discoveries presently.” [session 280, May 14, 1998]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Your scientists find little evidence of existence of man, throughout your known world, beyond certain time periods. You have existed upon your planet many times. As we have spoken of blinking in and out of physical focus, as you do continuously within your lifetime, your species has also blinked in and out of existence upon this planet. This planet of yours has been in existence for a much greater time period than your scientists realize, for it does not incorporate time either. It is a manifestation, physically, of consciousness, to accommodate your physical existence.

This will also account for your myths of other life visiting your planet, interacting with human beings. Other life, as you interpret it as aliens, has not visited your planet, and interacted with you as human beings, within entire cultures; although you have had interaction. Your pyramids were not built by aliens. Other wonders of your planet were not accomplished by extraterrestrial life forms. They are incorporated into your existence by you.

You, within different essence families at different time periods, have blinked into existence upon this planet. When I speak to you of blinking in and out of existence upon this planet, I do not speak in the same manner that I express of your blinking in and out of consciousness; for the species may blink in for thousands and thousands and thousands of years, and blink out for many thousands of years also. Consciousness is never destroyed. It does not become extinct. It is not annihilated. It only changes. It may change form, it may change dimension; but it does not disappear. (Pause)

In this also, you did not evolve through what you view to be your Darwinian theory; from other life forms. You have experimented with other expressions physically, and also partially physically, and some non-physical.

Originally, many thousands of your years before you believe your planet even existed, it did exist, and you manifest within consciousness here. You chose the elements of your world and how it would be manifest physically. You chose to manifest all of your creatures, all of your plant life, your rocks, your sand, your water, your atmosphere. You experimented with these elements also. You moved through consciousness non-physically, not manifest. You were within continuous interaction with nature, as you have created it.

As you moved through your time element, which you also created, you created different expressions within this physical world. You created what you view to be a universe around you. After a period, you blinked out as a species, moving to other worlds and creating them also. Blinking back into this world, you became Dream Walkers. This is where we incorporate your Seers.

In this, you must try to understand that your time of manifestation was quite different. You did not incorporate time physically, the way that you incorporate it now. You only partially manifest physically. The simplest explanation of this manifestation would be to express that you moved through what you now term as astral bodies. This is your consciousness body, which you do possess; this body being that form that you incorporate when you experience an out-of-body. You will travel with another body. This is the form that is more identified with the Seers. You may express this as a ‘light body,’ for it is basically comprised of light. This is not what you understand as light, for it is not visual light.” [session 72, February 18, 1996]

ELIAS: “The Seers are what you might view as Dream Walkers, as we have expressed previously. If you are thinking within physical terms and within your time element, you may think these essences “began” your physical expression; although be remembering, these are figurative terms, for there is no beginning, but for the purposes of understanding this evening, we shall be incorporating your ideas of your time element, and therefore working within its confines. Therefore, you may view, temporarily, a beginning of your Seers; essences not entirely physically manifest. These essences, within this particular family of Sumafi, were directing experiments within consciousness to be physically manifesting, as were all other families within their respective equivalents to the Seers. We shall not incorporate this evening a discussion of all other essence family representatives within essence. We shall incorporate only the Seers.

In this, you may visualize to yourselves these essences within a state of blinking in and out, as do you, but knowing of their blinking in and out; therefore not directing their attention so singularly and so selectively. In this, their awareness was ... is very wide within their partial physical focus. If you were imagining these Seers physically, you may imagine them to yourselves to be ‘physically formed translucent.’ This may give you a picture to be creating a more realistic idea for yourselves of these essences, to which presently you do not view, in actuality, as real.” [session 115, August 25, 1996]

NORM: “After the shift, will we be able to experience the blinking? Will that be part of it?

ELIAS: If you choose, although I will express to you that you generally, within what you will term to be your normal state, will continue to be unaware; but you may experience this blinking in and out intentionally, just as presently you experience what you term to be altered states.

TOM: I have a question about that. As to blinking in and out, they did it in Peru with mind-altering drugs, did they not? Soma? Cactus?

ELIAS: This is not the same action. This is what you may term as an altered state. The action of recognizing blinking in and out is an awareness, that you will allow yourselves the ability to view and be aware of how you create time. In this, you may allow yourself the opportunity to view yourself blinking in and out. In this action, you will understand what you term to be the mechanics of your objective consciousness, and allow yourselves the ability to manipulate your objective consciousness.” [session 138, December 08, 1996]

NORM: “I have another different question, and then I think Vicki wants to ask quite a few. And that question is, in working on simultaneous time, is blinking a necessary attribute in the concept or the reality of simultaneous time?

ELIAS: Blinking in and out is. It is an occurrence. It is a function of consciousness.

NORM: Which everything is consciousness.

ELIAS: Correct. It is a function of consciousness which is not necessarily connected with time frameworks.

NORM: Within one reality time framework. But within all of reality, all of the realities, it is.

ELIAS: Within consciousness, there is no time framework. Within physical manifestations, within the design of physical focuses, there is a creation of time frameworks. Blinking is independent of time frameworks.

NORM: I had the idea that it allowed multiple realities.

ELIAS: It is a viewing of multidimensionality. It is a function of consciousness.

DREW: So if blinking happens outside of time, then consciousness is both blinked on and off at once?

ELIAS: Correct. You shall not be understanding of this concept, for you are within a time framework. Your physical expression is geared to a time framework. You may, as we have discussed this evening, alter your perception of time. You may allow yourself the creation of different perceptions of time and different time experiences, but you shall not experience “no-time” within physical focus.

DREW: But in our terms, blinking is the closest we can come in our vocabulary to the action?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: There is no transformation of energy from one reality to another that the action of blinking produces. That is a false statement, then.

ELIAS: Correct; for each event of blinking alters energy.

NORM: It alters energy in the gestalt of links?

ELIAS: It may.

NORM: In the time framework I exist physically, and then I don’t during the blink. Is that a true statement?

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

NORM: My physical body does not exist.

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

NORM: When does it not, and when does it?

ELIAS: It is not manifest within non-physical focus, within areas of consciousness that hold no physical element; but there are many areas of consciousness that hold physical elements, physical manifestation, and your essence holds focuses in countless physical focuses. Therefore, as you blink, you may blink to another physical manifestation.

NORM: Now that’s what I was trying to express as a transformation of the gestalt of consciousness links.

ELIAS: Quite; which I have answered.

NORM: It’s not easy! Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.” [session 166, April 20, 1997]

NORM: “In regard to simultaneous time, I suspect that a real problem is our lack of ability to have any capability of thinking of the infinity, and perhaps even a double infinity, of every blink that occurs here is a blink that can be changed, and simultaneously there is another blink that’s occurring at every other time in the future and the past here, and you can go back to any of these and arrive at any blink that you want to.


NORM: And these blinks, they are so fast that they ... The links that are associated with this matter that we’re seeing here now, they become links in every other manifestation that the blink moves into.

ELIAS: They already are! (Smiling) I have expressed to you that all links of consciousness are manifest, are in existence, everywhere simultaneously.

NORM: And they remember the manifestation. They have a fabulous memory, don’t they?

ELIAS: Quite! They are understanding of each manifestation, physical and non-physical, that they engage, for they are everywhere simultaneously. They are within all dimensions at the same time, and they are infinitely small in your thought process.

NORM: It’s tough. It’s tough! In Planck’s time, ten to the minus-forty-four seconds, is that a blink? Is that a blink time for going from one manifestation to the next?

ELIAS: (Accessing) It is slightly off.

NORM: By one hundred and thirty-three thousandths? (Laughter)

DREW: Blinks don’t happen within time!

ELIAS: You are within a time framework. It is a reality.

DREW: But you also have said that we are blinked both on and off at the same time. It is a simultaneous action.

HOWARD: There is a pause between a synapsal action/reaction at every nerve ending. That pause is the blink.

ELIAS: Within consciousness, you are correct. Within physical time frameworks, this is a reality also, which may not be discounted! You have created a physical time framework. Although it is elastic and bendable, it is a time framework and it is a reality.

DREW: So within our dimension ...

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: ... we blink on and off sequentially.

ELIAS: Yes. Within essence there is no distinguishment of time, for you may be focused within many different physical dimensions which hold their own time frameworks. Therefore, each link of consciousness is aware of every different time framework, genetic code, physical manifestation, matter incorporation, vibrational speed rate, and memory which is associated with the individual physical dimension, while simultaneously existing, functioning, and holding awareness of non-physical reality, which incorporates no time and no genetic codes and no physical matter.

NORM: He’s smart!

ELIAS: As to your questioning, the equation is slightly off.

NORM: It has to include more terms or something.

ELIAS: Your number element is different. It is not quite accurate within the calculations that you have physically developed.

RETA: You wouldn’t want to tell us what that number is, would you?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) This would also be a negative fraction.

NORM: A negative fraction. (Norm’s talking to himself now) Negative fraction ... or natural fraction.

ELIAS: Exchange your number of forty-four for fifty-six. (1)

NORM: Oh! That’s a big difference!

ELIAS: This is relative. It is a slight difference.

RETA: A slight difference ...

NORM: Twelve orders of magnitude!

RETA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.” [session 179, June 01, 1997]

NORM: “This afternoon, early in the afternoon, I had an experience that I kind of dipped into some kind of different reality and came back because of fear, I believe, and then I dipped again and I came back, and I was trying to place it in time and space. I’ve had this before, and I sure would love to know what I’m doing!

ELIAS: As you allow yourself to slip out of your recognition in your attention of your physical time framework, you may experience these elements of what our twins were expressing much time ago as ‘fuzzing out.’ This being an offering to yourself, briefly and temporarily, of recognizing the action of blinking.

NORM: What do I get to see?

ELIAS: As you allow yourself to be experiencing this with more acceptance, you shall experience more of your blinking. If you are choosing, you may blink and momentarily view another focus of essence, which may not necessarily be held within this dimension.

NORM: But I could have the feeling that it’s not too far away.

ELIAS: Quite.

NORM: It could be within a half mile of where I live.

ELIAS: You are holding to your thought process of physical!

NORM: But ... okay.

ELIAS: Allow yourself the experience and the trust, and allow yourself within acceptance to access. The reason that you feel a physical closeness of energy is that there is no difference within space arrangement. All of your focuses within all of the dimensions occupy the same space arrangement.

NORM: Incredible!

ELIAS: They are merely within different dimensions.” [session 208, August 17, 1997]

ELIAS: “This particular physical dimension, as I have expressed to you previously, has blinked in and out many times. Therefore, in your physical terms it has existed, and it has not existed, and it has existed again.

DREW: Is that what you mean when you talk about what we call mythological animals having lived at one time? Is it within one of the blinkings of the dimension? Or Atlantis, or those kind of things? Those were in the other blinks of this dimension?

ELIAS: Those are OTHER dimensions, although I have expressed to you that you have created experimentations in forms within this dimension, within this particular blink.

DREW: Within THIS particular blink?

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL: Can I just ask a question about the blinking? Are you referring to the very quick ten-to-the-minus fifty-six?


PAUL: This is a different action?

ELIAS: Correct. You as focuses blink in and out very rapidly. Your dimension, your physical reality, your planet, blinks in and out of reality physically in very slow increments, what you would term to be billions of years at a time.” [session 262, January 25, 1998]

TED: “Yesterday, Luanne and I were in another city. We spent the night, and when she came out of the shower, she did not recall where she was or why we were there or what we were going to do while we were there. We worked through that yesterday and returned to our home area, to Grady’s [Marj’s] home, and talked to C9 (2), who identified that Inez [Luane] had been exchanging places with another aspect of herself, and that aspect had not been communicating with her normal conscious self, and she was kind of at a loss as to where she was. Is this correct information that C9 has given us?

ELIAS: Now; this provides you with an example of the element of distortion, for I shall express to you, yes, in one respect the information is correct, but it also may be confusing to you, for it implies that one aspect of self holds no knowledge of what another aspect of self is creating, and this is not the case.

In this, what I shall express to you is, this is an action of blinking in and out, which I have expressed previously, you create this action continuously throughout your focus as you are physically manifest. You are constantly blinking in and out, but your objective awareness appears uninterrupted.

Now; at times you may be blinking in and out, and you may exchange primary positions with another aspect of self. As I have stated previously, you hold countless you’s of you. You are not one singular individual as you think of yourselves as being.

In this, you do hold one primary aspect of self, which is the aspect of self that is primarily functioning objectively. This is the aspect of self that you identify as you. At times you may choose to be exchanging positions with another aspect of self, and another aspect of self shall move into the primary position. Depending upon the tonal quality, the direction of attention, and the interest, so to speak – and the qualities expressed by that aspect – it may be different enough from the aspect that has been the primary aspect that it shall appear to create a temporary interruption of objective memory.

Now; this memory is not lost. It is held quite objectively by the other aspect in the same manner that the primary aspect holds its memory. But as it moves out of that position once again, and the previous primary aspect moves back into the primary position – which does occur frequently within many individuals – the primary aspect that has returned to its position is not objectively holding the memory of the other aspect.

Now; I am quite understanding that these are confusing areas!

In this, the memory may be easily accessed through other methods, so to speak, but they are not necessarily readily available within the objective memory of the primary aspect that is in position now.

This be the reason that individuals experience what they term to be missing moments, missing time, or they hold what you term to be gaps within their memory, certain time frameworks that they hold what they perceive to be no memory of objectively. This may occur for quite noticeable time frameworks or it may be quite momentary, but it does occur quite regularly throughout physical focus.

As individuals within physical focus choose to be moving into more relaxed areas, widening their awareness or moving into actions of transition while they are continuing to be engaging physical focus, this type of action may be chosen much more frequently, for many times individuals may not be engaging this type of action within certain time frameworks of their focus, for their fearfulness may be overriding of that type of action. Their element of comfortableness within self, their element of trust of self, and their element of safety within self may not be enough, so to speak, in which they shall allow themselves this type of action.

You may recognize that many, many times this type of action may occur frequently within those time frameworks or those years that you view to be held within childhood. It also occurs much more frequently in individuals as they move into what you express as older years.

This type of action is created infrequently within the physical time framework of the middle years of an individual’s focus, for at times it may be more threatening to their identity and threatening to their very tight grip upon the aspect of control, but within children or within individuals experiencing more advanced years within their focus, this is not of such great concern. Therefore, they allow more of a relaxation of their focus, and this type of blinking in and out for more extended time frameworks becomes much more common. Are you understanding?

TED: Yes, I understand, Elias. Thank you very much. I appreciate the information.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.” [session 447, August 17, 1999]

FEMALE: “Elias ... I’m really excited about this! I forgot what my question was! (Laughter) Oh, when I disappear ... I got it. When I disappear for a second, and I’m aware that I come back, and I almost can hear a conversation, like if somebody is talking and I’m engaged in a conversation, sometimes I disappear and come back....

ELIAS: As you have within this moment!

FEMALE: Just now! (Everybody cracks up) It’s like I’m aware that I almost had a conversation, and I can hear part of that conversation I had for that split-second (snapping fingers) like that. Is that when I’ve disappeared into another focus, or I’ve become aware of it?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes. This is what we term to be an objective awareness, partially, of the action of blinking in and out.

You create this action continuously throughout all of your manifestations, but you also create an illusion within your perception that your attention continues uninterrupted within any particular focus. In actuality, you are continuously blinking in and out of each focus, and in that, you are allowing yourself to turn your attention, in those moments of blinking out, to other focuses and other experiences of your essence.

You view your attention to be quite singular and to be quite consistent. View your experience of the alteration of identity, in meditation, of different faces superimposed upon one individual. This is a physical example, in objective terms, of what I am expressing. This is an allowance for your recognition of all of the focuses that are occurring simultaneously, and that they all occupy the same space arrangement and they all are occurring simultaneously, and that your attention is merely focused singularly upon one expression, one manifestation.

Therefore, you identify one singular individual, and you identify all of the other focuses as separate individuals. In actuality, they are not. They are all you, and they are all occurring now, and you are participating in them all by blinking in and out continuously, and moving your attention from one to another to another to another to another continuously.

What you have allowed yourself to participate within in that objective action is a melding of several within an objective recognition, not separating by blinking, but allowing yourself to view several simultaneously within one attention.

FEMALE: Wow. Thanks.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome!” [session 704, October 07, 2000]

MARJE: “… as a child I was told I had what we call epilepsy. There was a particular incident that happened to me in a very large spectrum at a game, whereby I found myself walking around the building looking outward, looking at people around me and saying, ‘I know you. Where do I know you from?’ I was told by another entity that this was another focus of mine, that a secondary had taken over and that Marje as primary had taken a backseat.

Recently, I read a transcript where you talked to a gentleman by the name of Mark and affirmed the same type of situation with him, that it was a secondary that was actually looking out and checking out this dimension. And I have to tell you that this was very uplifting to me, because as a child I was scared to death as to what was wrong with me. Oddly enough, this particular experience, this experience out of many, wasn’t very fearful per se because when I came out of it and the primary was back in place, instantaneously I knew what had happened, but I related it to the epilepsy. I told everyone that I was with what was happening, and they all kind of looked at me and kind of ran the other way, but that didn’t much matter to me at the time.

I just wanted to say that it made me feel so much better to know that I was not the only other person to experience this, and I wanted to ask, does this happen often to people?

ELIAS: In different capacities, yes; you exchange positions with different aspects of yourself. You create a primary aspect of yourself, and this is what you become outwardly familiar with.

But you incorporate countless aspects of yourself, countless yous of you, and within any moment you may choose to be exchanging positions of these aspects and each incorporates slightly, or not so slightly, different qualities that may be thusly objectively expressed.

I may also say to you that the physical medical identification of this dis-ease of epilepsy is quite misinformed. In actuality, your physicians do not to this present now understand what the individual is creating or what is occurring, and it may not yet be defined, for they attempt to be defining it in terms of physiology and function of the physical brain, and this is not what is occurring.

The individual has merely allowed themselves a more intense or severe, in your terms, expression of blinking, in which there is a concentration of what you identify as time in which the individual blinks out of this attention and this physical dimension. Their attention blinks to another dimension.

Generally, individuals within your physical dimension are blinking consistently and in a manner that creates a rapidness, and that rapidness of blinking – in like manner to your physical eyes blinking – that action creates a flow in which your focus appears uninterrupted. In like manner to your vision, as you blink your eyes, your perception is that your vision is uninterrupted. You pay no attention to this action.

In similar manner, you blink in and out of dimensions in relation to your attention. As you create that blinking in a rapid movement, your attention appears to you physically to be un-interrupted. (Elias very slightly pauses in the middle of and stumbles over the word ‘un-interrupted.’)

MARJ: I felt that, Elias. You interrupted that word.

ELIAS: Very good noticing. Ha ha ha! Blink!

FEMALE: We all blinked.

ELIAS: In this, in the time frameworks in which an individual creates this movement which your physicians identify as epilepsy, the individual in actuality is blinking out in a concentrated time framework, interrupting the flow of their attention in this focus, and focusing their attention within another focus of another dimension.

FEMALE: Why do they create the physical manifestation of a seizure in relationship to this?

ELIAS: This action occurs in response to the interruption of the flow. The entirety of the objective and subjective awareness is removed from the body consciousness. It is removed in a manner of interruption; therefore the body consciousness is responsive and creates tension and contraction, which you interpret as convulsion.

MARJE: Yes, but during one of those blinks when I was at another level of consciousness, the policeman who was taking me to the hospital with my mother, Grady, asked my name and address, and I was able to respond and I was not consciously aware of that.

ELIAS: Correct. This be the reason that your physicians are so baffled, for each of you are unique, and the manner in which you choose to be creating this type of blinking is unique to each of you. In this, you may not choose to be entirely removing all of your awareness from this attention in certain moments. There are no rules.

MARJE: So, I no longer need to be afraid of blinking in the future. I had no reason to fear it in the past, so I definitely have no reason to fear it in the future, and I can manifest and choose to remember what I see in the other dimension.

ELIAS: Correct, and I shall express to you, in like manner as I have offered to Lawrence [Vicki] (3), as you allow yourself to drop this veil of separation and you allow yourself to view what you are blinking your attention to, you shall cease creating your seizures, for it shall be unnecessary to create that action to accomplish what you have chosen to be accomplishing.

MARJE: So I am not blinking from, I am blinking to, to experience.

ELIAS: Correct.

MARJE: I like it! Thank you very much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.” [session 848, June 09, 2001]

FRANK: “... Last time I talked to you, I talked about this book I was reading on hyperspace and multiple dimensions, and how physicists are starting to recognize the existence of other dimensions, and things about time and space and all that, that relates a lot to what we’ve talked about. A few days ago I lost that book – I didn’t really lose it, I just misplaced it, left it somewhere and realized later that I had done that – and again I’m a bit curious as to what that imagery is trying to reflect to me.

ELIAS: Ah, tsk, tsk, my friend! (Frank laughs) How obvious you generate certain imagery! What is the book concerning?

FRANK: Let’s just say metaphysics or the relationship between physics and metaphysics.

ELIAS: And other expressions of dimensions. And in this, what have you generated? Blinking out the book temporarily into another dimension and allowing yourself a time framework in which, in your terms, it has disappeared, and allowing yourself playfulness in which you may reappear it!

Other individuals have been generating this type of expression for a time framework. You have offered yourself information in association with this book, and how appropriate that you choose the book to blink out, and not another object. Ha ha ha ha!

FRANK: Yeah, that’s obvious now! I thought it had something to do with that, but okay!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! And I shall be curious to view how you choose to blink it back and your placement of it.

FRANK: My plan is to go to the place where I left it and get it. (Elias laughs) Or am I in for a surprise?

ELIAS: This is your choice. Many individuals that incorporate this type of expression and experimentation generate blinking the object back in quite obvious locations to surprise themselves that they have overlooked this object before them, over and over perhaps, and it was materialized there all the time. Ha ha ha! But it wasn’t!

FRANK: Okay, I know what you’re talking about. We’ll check that out right after this session is over.” (Elias laughs)” [session 1032, March 12, 2002]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: the Planck length (or theoretical smallest unit of matter or quanta) is an infinitesimally small “unit” calculated to be 6.6 x 10 minus34 centimeters, the time or rate of its “blinking” is 5.3 x 10 minus44 seconds, and its mass is 2.2 x 10 minus5 grams. All this means is that, according to the belief systems of contemporary quantum physics, these are the presently understood theoretical physical limits for our dimension.

Elias describes our physical dimension, as one of many existing within the context of a vast multiverse. He describes that process in terms of infinitesimal black and white holes, that “blink” or oscillate at an incredibly fast speed. Elias states here that the Planck rate is more in the range of ten to the minus 56 – that’s a decimal point with 55 zeroes and a number after it – blinking once every
.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000053 seconds!

(2) Paul’s note: C9 is the name of an essence that comes through in an energy exchange with Joanne’s friend Ted Bair. C9 is also a Chinese female focus personality that the essence name is based upon. So C9 is the closest approximation in the English language to the original Chinese spelling.

Transcripts: find out more about Elias’ comments about this particular energy exchange.

Digests: find out more about energy exchanges.

(3) Paul’s note: Vicki had some form of epilepsy and was on daily medication to prevent seizures. Elias also offered some insights about her situation.

For more info see session 370, March 09, 1999.

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