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the city

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “This creation of the city is an actual creating. Actual individuals inhabit this ‘place’ within your future, and also within your past. This place has been created in what you view to be past, far beyond the past that your scientists recognize within their estimation of the growth of this planet. Within what you may view as a much closer future, this city becomes actualized once again, modified by you presently; modified also by your action within consciousness, within your shift.

You alone are not the only individuals creating this city. You are individuals aware of creating this city. Many individuals contribute to this city, for many individuals are prompted by the Seers presently, within the action of the shift. Many individuals are not what you term consciously, what we may term objectively, aware of their involvement; nonetheless, they create also, within the collective consciousness. The differentiation is that you present, and those new friends becoming, are aware of what you create.” [session 118, September 08, 1996]

VICKI: “Carter’s question is, he wants to know exactly where the city is. He’d like to know the continent, and he’d like to know the latitude and the longitude. (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Grinning) This would be quite difficult to be offering within this present now, for you have not entirely created it! Therefore, it is not inserted.

PAUL: But when it gets inserted, where will it be inserted?? (Laughter) Carter wants to know!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Ah, but you have not directed your attention in this area at all, have you? You have merely directed your attention into the formation of elements within it, but you have not lent energy into its insertion into this dimension or its placement in a location.

PAUL: So the placement is still open, as far as a potential of probabilities?

ELIAS: Absolutely.” [session 281, May 17, 1998]

Elias “gems”

VICKI: “For the record, I would also like to offer up the black tile to the city. (Mary saw the black tile in a ‘dream’)

ELIAS: Very good! You may re-engage yourselves with this quest, as you are beginning to be moving more quickly. You may be running out of time for building your future focus and your city! You shall have essences of Seers walking around with no structure around them!

VICKI: We could all fit in the library!

ELIAS: Very small city! (To Jene) And you, also holding the same ability as Ruburt [Jane] in being a dream artist (1), may incorporate within this endeavor. You may offer much to the construction of this new focus, for you shall continue with the initiation which has already begun with Seth, who also initiated this city.

JENE: Big job!

ELIAS: A continuation.” [session 91, May 01, 1996]

ELIAS: “Good evening. (Then, without incorporating his usual pause) All things exist and do not exist, simultaneously! (Grinning)

CATHY: Oh, great! (Laughing)

ELIAS: All things are created now, and within the past and the future simultaneously. There is no division within events. You view divisions within your time element, as we have spoken previously, for you ‘see’ events within your present now. Therefore, you assess that events exist only within the now, and are created only within the now. In actuality, as we have spoken previously, the time elements are elastic and flexible. They cross over each other continuously. Therefore, past events are created within the present, as are future events. They exist already, so to speak. They also do not exist, for they are created within the moment.

Your city exists, but it also does not exist, for you are creating it now. This may be easier for your understanding if you are viewing yourselves. You each hold what you define as ‘potential’ from birth. This exists, although the actualization of this potential does not exist, for it is created within each moment of your focus. Within probabilities, it already exists.

You have offered yourselves the opportunity to be viewing many probabilities. We shall be entering the area of discussion of probabilities. I shall be presenting limited information to you, for this area has been agreed upon between essences involved with this group of individuals, assessing your readiness for information; although this particular information ... was ... is ... futurely ... to be reserved for a time period which you would view, within your physical focus, to be removed some years into your future. Therefore, I shall allow you to be assessing your understanding yourselves. You may evaluate your own readiness, remembering your intent; holding the least distortion.

Probabilities hold difficulty within the understanding of physical focus, for this is an area which allows for much distortion and misunderstanding. I hold no doubt that within each statement made concerning this subject, you shall each interpret differently, and distort this information equally! (Laughter)

We shall begin with symbolism. All things, within all dimensions, within all areas of consciousness, are symbols, yet they are not; for within one dimension and one focus, you may view an element, a visualization, an event, an action, to be a symbol of another thing. Within another dimension, this symbol holds its own reality. Within your own dimension and perception, symbols hold their own integrity. Therefore, they hold their own reality, simultaneous to also holding a representation of another element. Your physical form is a symbol. It also is not a symbol. It symbolizes an expression of essence. It also holds its own reality and integrity. It holds its own vitality within reality. Therefore, it also is not a symbol.

You have allowed yourselves to be viewing, more clearly, your dream state. You continue to view this area of consciousness as symbols. Within your definition of symbols, you view these to be ‘not real.’ They are within your periphery. Therefore, they are not within your official, directed, accepted, ‘real’ reality. They also hold slightly less importance. Although you express the importance of interaction within your dream state, you objectively do not hold the same importance within this state as you do viewing your ‘real’ attention; this being one of your reasons that you incorporate difficulty in remembrance; for as we have expressed, you do not remember what is unimportant to you, for you do not affix your attention to events that you view to be unimportant.

Your dream state is another state of consciousness equal in importance and reality to your official, directed attention. This state is one of many subjective states of consciousness which, whether you allow an understanding objectively or not, this state of consciousness interacts with your objective state of consciousness continuously. You might better understand your own responses within your objective expressions if you were allowing yourselves to connect more efficiently with your subjective expression of dream states, for this subjective interaction provides you with much information directly connected to your waking, objective expression. You assimilate much information within this state. You also actualize many probabilities within this state. You influence your objective choices of probabilities within your subjective dream state.

(Vic’s note: here, Elias stops and looks at each person, as if assessing their individual understanding of the material. Then he starts laughing, giving the distinct impression that he finds us very amusing!)

Symbols cross dimensions continuously. You project your own symbols, very often within your dream state, into other time dimensions. You receive symbols continuously from other time dimensions through your dream state. You create much within this state of consciousness, but as we have stated, your attention holds to one base direction; your primary focus. You do not allow importance to your secondary or periphery within your focus.

A very good example of this type of expression would be, in actuality, your city. You have agreed to be creating of this action together. Temporarily, your attention held excitement and motivation, (laughter) but as this event is not within your primary attention, you allow this event, and your attention to this event, to drift. You do not visualize, physically, this ‘place.’ Therefore, within your accepted reality, it does not exist. Within your thought process, it exists only within what you term to be imagination, for imagination also is ‘not real,’ within your perception.

The reason we express these concepts, over and over to you, is to be avoiding trauma and shock within your shift; for within the creation of your shift, contrary to what you presently believe, it is entirely probable that you may awaken one day and view physically all of these elements that we have been discussing, and you shall incorporate much confusion! (Chuckling) You shall be viewing partial creations of your city and expressing, ‘Oh, my! What be this I view before me? Ancient ruins within my home!’ (Grinning)

Your vision already has begun to change, within a very, very small span of your time element. You may, in one respect, view that we have engaged discussion for quite some time; but in another respect, you may view that we have engaged discussion and sessions for no time at all! Think of your physical focus. You each incorporate what you term to be a biological age. You would each agree that regardless of the number of years passed within your individual biological ages, it shall be seeming to you each as no time. Therefore view, in this same manner, your approaching shift; for within no time at all, it shall be upon you.” [session 109, August 04, 1996]

ELIAS: “I shall also briefly be offering a distinguishment of this city. Another essence has offered an exercise previously, involving the focus of a city (2). This, in your terms, was different. This was an exercise. It was similar to your game. It was an exercise to be connecting, and learning to be noticing and observing of dream state and altered states of consciousness. What you engage with your city is quite different. This has been presented as a game, for within consciousness, all action is a game; but within your understanding presently, this is an act of creating. You presently engage another game to play, to connect with your own noticing of impressions and to be sharing with each other and gathering information.

This creation of the city is an actual creating. Actual individuals inhabit this ‘place’ within your future, and also within your past. This place has been created in what you view to be past, far beyond the past that your scientists recognize within their estimation of the growth of this planet. Within what you may view as a much closer future, this city becomes actualized once again, modified by you presently; modified also by your action within consciousness, within your shift.

You alone are not the only individuals creating this city. You are individuals aware of creating this city. Many individuals contribute to this city, for many individuals are prompted by the Seers presently, within the action of the shift. Many individuals are not what you term consciously, what we may term objectively, aware of their involvement; nonetheless, they create also, within the collective consciousness. The differentiation is that you present, and those new friends becoming, are aware of what you create.” [session 118, September 08, 1996]

VICKI: “… I have one other little question for myself, regarding something that Melinda had in a dream, but it’s my question. She had a dream about something known as the Piedra Standard, and they were numbers with numerical building blocks for consciousness as it is fused with form. This is how she related it to me. Is this Piedra Standard something that’s connected with the city?

ELIAS: (Grinning) It is amusing that you continue to inquire with your questions of the city when you create it!

VICKI: I understand that. I guess I’m just curious if that’s what she was connecting with in her dream. It was my impression, but not my action.

ELIAS: Many individuals connect, so to speak, with the action of contributing to the city, but it is also their choice as to whether they are creating. Many individuals acquire information of the city, but this also is their choice as to apply this information. Some shall, and some shall not. (Pause) You will view within your meditations elements within your city that exist ... for they have been created by other individuals ... that you have not inserted. They exist though, for other individuals have placed them within your city, for it is not belonging only to these individuals present. If the creation of your city was dependent upon only this forum ...

GAIL: We’d be in trouble!

ELIAS: Quite! (Laughter) You would have very small remnants of partial buildings and creations within your city! Therefore, you may understand, many individuals contribute to this. This, as has been stated, is within a future past focus. Therefore, it shall be inhabited with many more than these few individuals, and all will be contributing to its design.” [session 129, October 27, 1996]

ELIAS: “I shall also express to those of you who engage in participation of the creation of your new city to be offering yourselves your intent name (3), to be joining with the other Seers.

BOB: Oh, cool!

RETA: There’s an intent name?

JIM: Yeah, we all went through that months ago. (Much laughter)

ELIAS: Consider carefully, for those who have chosen their intent name previously are not all satisfied with their choice! (Laughter)

RETA: Could you describe intent name just a bit?

ELIAS: Listen to your intuition. Listen to yourself, and give yourself a name which is descriptive of you and your desire and intent. This offers you the opportunity to be connecting with and understanding your intent and desire. It also offers you the opportunity to view how you do not connect with your intent and your desire within physical focus, and choose an intent name which is not descriptive of your intent but is springing forth from your thought process in rational thinking. You choosing an intent name may have the benefit of those who have gone before (laughter) and tread weakly on the ice!” [session 143, December 29, 1996]

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FRANK: “Can you expand on that, and also if you had any more involvement in other facets of the Jane Roberts/Seth material where you had a co-creation and involvement, which I expect you do?

ELIAS: Limited, in your terms. This was an interaction with another essence [Seth] quite connected within consciousness to this individual focus of this woman [Jane Roberts]. Therefore the interaction, for the most part, was exclusive.

Within the creation of this one written material, this individual shall have expressed to you all that your teacher was not involved in its creation (4). There was an awareness on the part of this individual of interaction of other aspects of consciousness. This was interpreted by this individual to be aspects of herself, of her own essence. In part, this is a correct assessment, but only in part; for within an interaction within this time period of this creation, you may view this essence of Elias to be comparable to the role of Cyprus (5). You may interpret an interaction which was ongoing, in your terms, of this essence and your teacher within the creation of this written material. The individual physically focused was very aware that this material was not produced with objective awareness within herself. Therefore, she also held an awareness that this information was acquired, in her terms, from somewhere else; another interaction.

Now; I express to you that this one written element is important to you also, for this written material was a projection of now, and you may view the characters of this book as those in the same as the individuals which incorporate the pyramid action presently within physical focus, of these individual present: Lawrence [Vicki], Shynla [Cathy], Olivia [Ron], Michael [Mary]. They are your characters within this book. These are the same, within the four main characters originally, within the original initial scripts of these books. The information incorporated into these books was a projection for now; for within this time period, you may understand the action of your shift and the information which has been offered with the intent of the Sumafi, to be delivering information to you of reality that you now may understand as not only a story.

FRANK: That’s why we’re here, right?

ELIAS: Yes. Therefore, this being answering of the tiles also, and the city, and the reasoning of the game of the development of the city with your teacher [Seth/Jane Roberts], and the development of the interaction in creating of this city within interaction of this essence also; for this is the reality that you have created, and that you are creating, and that is created.

In this, you have been offered information of Dream Walkers. You have been offered information of your city. You have been offered information of aspects of self that may be materializing temporarily as projections of yourselves to be fulfilling of certain actions that you choose. These individuals do not hold in your terms a beginning and an end, for they appear only momentarily within your existence of physical focus. This also is diagrammed within this book. Within this book also is offered information of the aspect of simultaneous time and your affectingness within past, present and future, and that there is no differentiation. This book offers you information that you may alter realities within what you view to be established past. It may change. It is no more solidified than what you view to be future, and that past may interact with future and skip your present, and your present is influencing of all, as all is present, for there is no past and there is no future. It is all now. Therefore, you may change your tiles.

I offer you also now, in expanding our information, a challenge – to be finding your tile. More have been added to this city within these individuals, and now you may challenge yourselves to create one. View your tile within this future city, which is reality. You shall find it; and you may view these tiles and you may share the image of these tiles as you recognize them and their function. You may access this within your dream state, or you may access this within your waking state. It is your choice; but you may access.

JIM: What happens when we find the tile? (Elias starts laughing) Is it a tile we can touch and tones come out, or....?

ELIAS: You shall express to me! ...

JIM: Oh, okay. I’ll create it!

ELIAS: ... which is that you find, for you shall be creating of that tile which is in alignment of your family. Therefore, you shall know its function and you shall know the design which is imprinted upon it.

PAUL: So the design of the tile is what we’re searching for in creating it? There will be a resonance that will allow us to recognize it?

ELIAS: Yes, for you may view your tile within your dream state and you may visually see this tile. You may incorporate subjective bleed-through into your waking awareness and you may see before you the tile, and you may also duplicate its design. You may merely create a drawing of its design, or you may create the tile! And as you create the tile, you may alter another tile within the city, as did Ma-ah.” (6) (Staring intently at Paul) [session 185, June 21, 1997]

JOANNE: “C9 (7) had mentioned something about this stone [in my dream, that it] was a tile, that it was my tile in the city of the shift, and I was wondering what you thought about that.

ELIAS: (Slowly and carefully) Let me express to you quite clearly in relation to this city. Although within future probabilities it already exists in your terms within this present time framework, it does not exist physically in physical matter, for it has not been inserted into your physical reality yet in linear time framework. Therefore, as to the placement of any physical object – any structure, any object, any type of creation that shall be inserted into this city by any individual within this time framework – it is a choice that you create within the moment.

Now; in this, as you objectively view any element for insertion into the reality of the city, you choose within any moment to be creating that element and inserting it into the city. It does not necessarily already exist with your signature upon it, but it appears within the reality of the city as you choose within the moment to insert it into that reality. Therefore, you are creating elements of the city in the now within a parallel dimension, so to speak, a parallel reality which is not yet inserted into your linear time framework, for it is future.

Now; I shall express to you, it is also past, but neither of these elements are now. Therefore, the insertion into the actual physical manifestation of the city is within another type of reality within this present now, for within this present now, it is not inserted into your physical objective reality.

In this, the reason that I am offering this explanation is to clarify to you. If you are so choosing to be entering this stone as a tile into the objective reality of the city, you may, and you need no method to be accomplishing of this. All you need be focused upon is the choice to be inserting of this tile into the city and it is done, so to speak.

JOANNE: I have already seen the tile in the hallway leading into the city.

ELIAS: Quite, but you see it in the now, for this is your imagery presenting you with the choice to be objectively placing it there or not, for it may appear and it may also disappear, for as you have not inserted it yet, it is within what you may express to be a state of flux. It may blink in and out. You have created the tile, but you have not expressed the actual insertion into the city. You have created an assumption that it already exists within the city, and therefore, you are merely viewing it.

What I am expressing to you is that you are dealing now with probabilities, and probabilities do not exist before you, in a manner of speaking. They are created within the moment, within the now. They may be inserted into other-dimensional realities, but they are all created within the now. Therefore, what you view is not in actuality an element that already exists and you are viewing it within its existence. You are viewing the probability of its existence, which you have created in the now. Are you understanding?

JOANNE: Yes and no! (Elias chuckles) I understand that it is my choice, and right now it’s just a probability that the tile will be there. I feel that it’s already there, and I see myself standing beside it, and that this flower on the tile is growing and changing as I am growing and changing.

ELIAS: And therefore, it IS now! (Chuckling, and the group laughs)

JOANNE: Okay, so I just put it there!

ELIAS: Correct. This is the point; not that it already existed in that physical location in matter, but that you have created it already within your probabilities, and within the now, you have inserted it into the actual reality by choice. This is what I have been offering in explanation to you.” [session 444, August 10, 1999]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: Ruburt is the essence named used by Seth and Elias to refer to Jane Roberts, the woman who engaged a similar energy exchange with an energy personality essence named Seth. Seth refered Jane’s great ability as a dream artist. He also delivered information on the concept of the dream art scientist in The “Unknown” Reality, (1977), Vol. 1, sessions #700 – 704, May 31 – June 17, 1974.

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Digests: find out more about Seth/Jane Roberts.

(2) Paul’s note: a reference to the work of Seth/Jane Roberts and his dream city exercises with Jane Roberts’s ESP class in the late 60’s and early 70’s. This is described in detail in The “Unknown” Reality, (1977), Vol. 2, Appendix 16, session 711, October 08, 1974.

Also in Sue Watkin’s book, Conversations with Seth, Vol. 1, (1980), Chapter 10 – The Experiment Continues: Seth II, Mental Events, and the Birth of the City

Elias has also provide his own city exercise.

Exercises: find out more about the city exercise.

(3) Paul’s note: Elias offers the intent name exercise to make us think about our purpose in life – our primary desire or intent. Before selecting our intent name, we may need to look deeply into the mirror of Self and understand what we constantly, intuitively, are drawn to do. And there is no right or wrong intent, they simply are. Intents are something that we hold within consciousness, an innate condition of our essence that exists “before” we even choose to be born. So it’s something that we “bring along” with us.

Exercises: find out more about the intent names exercise.

(4) Paul’s note: Oversoul Seven is the lead character in a series of fictional books written by Jane Roberts, The Education of Oversoul Seven (1973), The Further Education of Oversoul Seven (1979), and Oversoul Seven and the Museum of Time (1984.) Jane states in her introductions to these books that she did not write them in conventional terms, but they were “delivered” in complete form via automatic writing.

(5) Paul’s note: Cyprus, another character in all three Seven books, is Oversoul Seven’s teacher, occupying a teaching focus similar to Elias (as both are non-physically focused.)

(6) Paul’s note: in the first Oversoul Seven book, Ma-ah (pronounced May-ah) is a focus personality of the main character, Oversoul Seven. Ma-ah lives in 35,000 B.C. and scratches her initials into a tile in the courtyard of the Speakers. Her initials appear as freshly written in the 23rd Century ruins, that another focus of Oversoul Seven – Proteus – is exploring. The point of this interaction is to show that the past – 35,000 B.C. – relative to the future – 23rd Century A.D. – isn’t static but in a dynamic state. Fresh action can and does emerge from the past. So this part of the story shows how different aspects of time – past, present, and future – really exist simultaneously.

This story also sheds some light on how the city, presently a non-physically focused city, will achieve some sort of critical mass so as to be “inserted” as a physical manifestation. Perhaps this is another way to learn the lesson of how we create our reality. The actual “appearance” of a fully formed and inhabited city would certainly turn every scientifically accepted premise about linear time on its head.

(7) Paul’s note: C9 is the name of an essence that comes through in an energy exchange with Joanne’s friend Ted.

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