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Dream Walkers; an overview

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Initially, within the expression of this creation of this dimension of physical focus, within the desire and intent to be creating of this type of reality upon this planet and this physical focus, each essence family expressed a manifestation not completely physically focused. These you may view as your forerunners. This, be understanding, is a quite limited explanation and idea, for there was no ‘before!’ These essences have manifest throughout your ages, so to speak. You view these essences as what you term to be spirits, or aliens, or leprechauns, or fairies, or angels, or many other beings that you view to be imaginary or unexplainable. We have expressed that originally, in a manner of speaking, these essences were what you would term to be ‘Dream Walkers,’ existing within what you now view to be a dream state, physically incorporated.” [session 109, August 04, 1996]

ELIAS: “Within the time period of ‘before the beginning’ and the Dream Walkers, the slight objective consciousness and knowing which was held was aware of all subjective activity and understanding of all subjective activity. For the most part, all of the manifestations, within this time period of which we speak, were more subjectively oriented than objectively; this being why the terminology of Dream Walkers.” [session 140, December 15, 1996]

ELIAS: “This shift creates a circle, in returning you to an element of the Dream Walkers. This be the reason that I express to you of the Dream Walkers. Otherwise, it would be unnecessary to express anything of these Dream Walkers; but as you accomplish this shift in consciousness, you shall be returning to this state, so to speak. You shall be physically focused, unlike the Dream Walkers, but hold the awareness of the Dream Walkers.” [session 250, December 14, 1997]

ELIAS: “... let me express initially that incorporating an aspect of the Dream Walkers is not better and is not necessarily what you may associate as more special or offering you qualities that are more than any other individual. They may be different, but this also is a choice, and therefore individuals that do not incorporate an aspect of Dream Walkers are not less than those that do.

“In this, essences that incorporate these aspects choose to be incorporating these aspects in relation to their particular choice of direction in their exploration of consciousness. It is merely a different type of expression of exploration.

“Now; let me clarify. Essences that do not incorporate these aspects specifically choose not to be, for they have chosen to be exploring physical expressions of consciousness in what you may term to be an ultimate expression of physical manifestation, incorporating the fullness of exploring consciousness in ultimate physical manifestation.

“Essences that choose to be incorporating an aspect of what is identified as Dream Walker are not more spiritual or more versatile than other essences. They choose to be incorporating a different type of exploration of physical manifestations of consciousness. Therefore, they choose to be incorporating a type of manifestation that does not express the same type of solidity of physical exploration as essences that do not incorporate this aspect. And I may express to you that in these different types of manifestations in your physical expressions there may be advantages, so to speak, to each of these types of expressions of essence.

“Now; recognize that incorporating this aspect of Dream Walker or not is relative to this particular physical dimension, for this is an expression that has been created in association with this physical dimension. Therefore, those essences that choose to be incorporating this aspect of Dream Walker also choose to continue to incorporate an aspect of transparency, so to speak. This is not to say that an individual focus shall necessarily engage that aspect within their particular physical manifestation, but it is available if they are so choosing to be engaging that aspect of themself.

“Now; in the engagement of that aspect of self in an individual focus – physical manifestation – the individual may choose to be exploring some aspects of their physical manifestation in less of a solid physical expression. Which, at times, individuals do incorporate actions in association with this aspect of their essence and may be confusing themselves or even incorporating expressions of fear, for they may be creating movements that are quite unfamiliar: viewing themselves to be incorporating less physical corporeal solidity at times, viewing their reality to be less solid at times, and incorporating more of a translucence within their individual reality in moments.

“Now; an individual may be intentionally choosing to be expressing an exploration in relation to this aspect and creating an exploration in much more of an expression of translucence. But I may express to you, generally speaking, prior to the movement of this shift in consciousness this has not been expressed often, for it is quite unfamiliar.

“You may engage this aspect if you are so choosing, and recognize that it is merely a different avenue of exploration of this physical dimension and your physical movement within it.” [session 956, November 11, 2001]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “We have been discussing your shift. In this, I have been expressing of essence families, and of consciousness related to what you will be experiencing within your shift. I have expressed that within this session, I will be speaking of your beginnings, so to speak. This is not an expression of where you began upon this Earth, so to speak, or where you began within consciousness in general, but a limited view of your beginnings within the focus of the Seers. I will express to you that we will designate these as ‘Dream Walkers.’

Your Seers were manifest once, originally, within this dimensional focus. This occurred in what you would view to be very many centuries ago. Your view of time and man’s existence upon this planet is quite distorted. I have given Michael [Mary] his word for this evening, in relation to this subject. (Vic’s note: the word was Pedra Furada.)

Within your location of a country you now view to be Brazil, there is a location with the name of Pedra Furada. Here is an archaeological site. You may investigate information of this site, for you will find that there is much controversy surrounding this area; for your scientists now are expressing their belief that human individuals existed within this area in a time period which you would view to be forty-eight thousand years ago. Within your known elements of time, of these continents of your Americas, you will find that your scientists believe that you, as humans, did not exist upon these continents before twenty thousand years ago. In between these years, in your time element, they find no existence of man; therefore there is quite a gap.

Some of your scientists dispute these findings, and say that individuals were not within existence, upon these continents, in this time period. I express to you, you were within existence, even before these dates. (Pause)

Your scientists find little evidence of existence of man, throughout your known world, beyond certain time periods. You have existed upon your planet many times. As we have spoken of blinking in and out of physical focus, as you do continuously within your lifetime, your species has also blinked in and out of existence upon this planet. This planet of yours has been in existence for a much greater time period than your scientists realize, for it does not incorporate time either. It is a manifestation, physically, of consciousness, to accommodate your physical existence.

This will also account for your myths of other life visiting your planet, interacting with human beings. Other life, as you interpret it as aliens, has not visited your planet, and interacted with you as human beings, within entire cultures; although you have had interaction. Your pyramids were not built by aliens. Other wonders of your planet were not accomplished by extraterrestrial life forms. They are incorporated into your existence by you.

You, within different essence families at different time periods, have blinked into existence upon this planet. When I speak to you of blinking in and out of existence upon this planet, I do not speak in the same manner that I express of your blinking in and out of consciousness; for the species may blink in for thousands and thousands and thousands of years, and blink out for many thousands of years also. Consciousness is never destroyed. It does not become extinct. It is not annihilated. It only changes. It may change form, it may change dimension; but it does not disappear. (Pause)

In this also, you did not evolve through what you view to be your Darwinian theory; from other life forms. You have experimented with other expressions physically, and also partially physically, and some non-physical.

Originally, many thousands of your years before you believe your planet even existed, it did exist, and you manifest within consciousness here. You chose the elements of your world and how it would be manifest physically. You chose to manifest all of your creatures, all of your plant life, your rocks, your sand, your water, your atmosphere. You experimented with these elements also. You moved through consciousness non-physically, not manifest. You were within continuous interaction with nature, as you have created it.

As you moved through your time element, which you also created, you created different expressions within this physical world. You created what you view to be a universe around you. After a period, you blinked out as a species, moving to other worlds and creating them also. Blinking back into this world, you became Dream Walkers. This is where we incorporate your Seers.

In this, you must try to understand that your time of manifestation was quite different. You did not incorporate time physically, the way that you incorporate it now. You only partially manifest physically. The simplest explanation of this manifestation would be to express that you moved through what you now term as astral bodies. This is your consciousness body, which you do possess; this body being that form that you incorporate when you experience an out-of-body. You will travel with another body. This is the form that is more identified with the Seers. You may express this as a ‘light body,’ for it is basically comprised of light. This is not what you understand as light, for it is not visual light.

These Dream Walkers were the initiators of the physical world that you basically understand presently. They phased in and out of physical manifestation, experimenting with all of your elements of physical life. In this, not being completely physically manifest, they did not incorporate age, as you know it. Therefore, their existence was overlapping. Some of these Seers chose to become physically manifest completely. Others did not; this being your correlation to our book of those individuals such as Sumpter (1), which would be the beings partially physically manifest, but also incorporating a greater understanding of consciousness and the dream state; others being totally physically manifest, which would parallel Ma-ah (2). The individuals who chose to be physically manifest completely divorced themselves from memory, this allowing for a pure experience of physical manifestation; but others, connected as Seers, were helpful to be guiding of these individuals in their beginning stages. (Pause)

You have blinked out many times, as I have stated. Evidence of individuals within this stage may be encountered within your future. Presently, it is unlikely that you will be discovering of these evidences, and even if you were uncovering evidences of these Seers and this period of manifestation, you would be denying this existence; this being why I incorporate the example of this site within Brazil, for this being another example of a blinking in period, which you do not accept yet as reality. To your thinking, this is not possible, for you are still ‘locked into’ your time frames. In this, man may not be in existence before your ice age of this continent, and if man was within existence, he would have been annihilated! Therefore, he would exist no more. This is incorrect!

Physical elements have occurred, within the existence of your planet, which to you seems to be annihilating of all life, such as your ice age. This is only a period of blinking out of your species for a temporary time period, only to remanifest and blink in, once again, after physical changes have occurred within your planetary structure which were not needing of your direction; this allowing you the opportunity to focus within the elements of other systems and dimensions. (Pause)

All of these occurrences happen at once. You have only created a perception, within each dimension, to experience differently. Within this dimension, you experience through your invention of time and space. (Long pause) Such little mice this evening! (Laughter)

Your Seers have been quite instructing to you and have, as I have said, overlapped with ages. These are what you interpret as being other life forms, for you view them to be different from yourselves; as if, [were you] viewing them physically, they would not resemble yourself within the form that you have chosen, physically; but they are your forerunners.

As you approach your shift, your consciousness widens and incorporates more of an identification with these Dream Walkers. You begin to perceive your world differently. Your consciousness experiences elements differently. Your physical manifestation experiences through its senses differently. It widens. You are now beginning, within your shifting, to incorporate some of these new elements. You recognize more of your abilities. These are remembrances.” [session 72, February 18, 1996]

ELIAS: “Good evening! (Firmly) Your objective attention directs your action. Your ideas determine the selectivity in your direction. I wish you to concentrate on these statements, for these statements are important. These statements parallel ‘you create your reality.’

This evening, within our discussion of probabilities, we shall be discussing selectivity, which is, in actuality, a highly refined and developed action that you incorporate within physical focus. You have created, within your objective expression, a highly creative and also motivated selectivity within your probabilities that you allow. This was an action, to your way of thinking presently, that was agreed upon very long ago within your history. You have asked of the Seers. We shall incorporate information of the Seers this evening, in discussion of probabilities and how you have chosen to be incorporating your selectivity in probabilities presently.

We have spoken many times that your religious-focus and your Darwinian theories are, in actuality, incorrect, as to your creations of your reality within this dimension. There is no progression of evolvement within any species, as thought of within these theories. There has been experimentation, within each species which physically manifests. In this, man also has experimented with different types of consciousness, these all also being probabilities. Within your agreements, you have chosen what you now view to be the selectivity of probabilities that you create presently.

I have spoken to you of pools of consciousness, which you may also view as species of consciousness within physical focus and within your experimentation of your species; although all species, of all that you view to be living organisms upon your planet, have experimented within their species, developing what they choose to be their most efficient expression to this moment. This is not to say that you may not progress further within your expression of each individual species, for you shall, for you are continuously within a state of becoming, as we have stated previously. Therefore, there is no stagnation or static non-movement within consciousness. Within the idea of these pools of consciousness and probable selves, you have created a line, so to speak, of selectivity within probabilities. This extends far beyond your individual expressions, for you create this en masse also, and you have created this throughout your history.

The Seers are what you might view as Dream Walkers, as we have expressed previously. If you are thinking within physical terms and within your time element, you may think these essences ‘began’ your physical expression; although be remembering, these are figurative terms, for there is no beginning, but for the purposes of understanding this evening, we shall be incorporating your ideas of your time element, and therefore working within its confines. Therefore, you may view, temporarily, a beginning of your Seers; essences not entirely physically manifest. These essences, within this particular family of Sumafi, were directing experiments within consciousness to be physically manifesting, as were all other families within their respective equivalents to the Seers. We shall not incorporate this evening a discussion of all other essence family representatives within essence. We shall incorporate only the Seers.

In this, you may visualize to yourselves these essences within a state of blinking in and out, as do you, but knowing of their blinking in and out; therefore not directing their attention so singularly and so selectively. In this, their awareness was ... is very wide within their partial physical focus. If you were imagining these Seers physically, you may imagine them to yourselves to be ‘physically formed translucent.’ This may give you a picture to be creating a more realistic idea for yourselves of these essences, to which presently you do not view, in actuality, as real.

In viewing these essences, these translucent beings, their objective – we shall not use the term ‘purpose’ – within their intent of physical manifestation was to experiment with efficiency of physical manifestation. Therefore, your scientists presently may view what they think of as evolution, for they may discover remnants of experimental focuses which were not continued. Having no explanation for these remnants, or what they view to be remnants, they develop theories of progression; evolution. In actuality, there was great experimentation within different actions of physical manifestation.

Now; this subject matter concerning Seers is quite difficult to be expressing to you. This is not because your language does not incorporate enough words to accommodate the ideas, but within your selectivity of thinking presently, the concepts concerning the Seers will appear to you as fantasy. These are difficult concepts to be accepting as reality. I express to you, they are reality!

Within the expression of experimentation of the Seers, as children experiment with different games, also the Seers, within a playful attitude, experimented with different expressions of physical focus, at times incorporating creations that you presently would view to be mergence between animals and human form. These experimentations were not efficient. Therefore, they were not continued. Some experimentations were continued for relatively extensive periods of your time element, for the reason of experience.

Just as I have explained that you direct your attention singularly for the purity of your experience and the intensity of your experience, so also did many of the experimental focuses, which you view to be early man, incorporate time periods of physical manifestation within one selective focus for the purity of the experience. Within the experimentation of what you presently view to be early man, the Seers directed consciousness within physical manifestation in creating expressions of primitive human. These, within your view presently, were more ape-like than you view yourselves to be presently. They were not primates! They were expressions of man, within a selective experience and experimentation in combining animal consciousness and human expression; therefore creating a specific type of focus. Each manifestation of creature, to which you are also within physical focus, holds its own selectivity within consciousness and its direction of probabilities.

You presently, within your directed attention, view yourselves to be people. Therefore, within your selective attention, you also ‘peoplize’ all other expressions. You ‘personize’ creatures and even plants. You attribute ‘person expressions’ to other manifestations. Other physical manifestations of consciousness incorporate their own specific, specialized direction within consciousness, as do you.

Now; within pools of consciousness, these expressions may be shared. Within the initial expressions of the Seers within their experimentations, physical mergences were experimented with. This was not agreed upon for continuation, for experimentation was implemented to be developing of consciousness which allows for exchange within pools of conscious expressions. Therefore, you may exchange, within consciousness, elements of your expressions with other manifestations physically focused. They also may exchange their experiences and information with you; but within each manifestation, the objective expression, what you view outwardly, will appear to you different than its actuality. Therefore, information may be shared between species, and as it manifests objectively within one species, this may be viewed as an expression of instinct. Within another species, this may be viewed as an expression of thought process; or within another expression, it may be viewed as a conditioned response. They are only different expressions, objectively rearranged through consciousness, to be suiting the selectivity of the individual focus. You, within your expressions, select certain types of probabilities.” [session 115, August 25, 1996]

ELIAS: “We have expressed that within the action of the Seers, all of the families, in what you term to be your thoughts of the beginning, were what we express to you as Dream Walkers. Their actions, while overall being quite similar, were also specialized according to the intent of the family, which was created, in your terms, at the initiation of each intent of each essence represented by these identifications presently given ... .

It was stated to you that the Seers experimented in consciousness with manifestations of consciousness. Your definition of experimentation is different presently than what I express to you, for in actuality, you also are an experimentation in focused consciousness, for all focused physical consciousness is an experimentation, for experience. Therefore, just as you hold your own vitality and reality, for you are reality, so do all of these other experimentations in form, in manifestation of consciousness.

Your gods that have been created within your history are mirror images of focused consciousness. If you are viewing your different sects, cultures, religions, you will view that they represent their gods and have throughout your history, not only within the image of man. Many gods are represented by other forms. These representations were not arrived at arbitrarily, through no connection of identification. They were projected outwardly as symbols, to represent an idea of a form of consciousness, to be motivating and attainable. These forms were created in direct response to an identification subjectively, in knowing of those focuses and manifestations which were created in experimentation by these essences of the Seers, and all of the other representatives of the other families.

I have expressed to you that all of the families incorporate the equivalent of the Seers, and the action that they create throughout your history is much the same. The information delivered may be slightly different, slightly different, but the manifestation is the same. All families, within these initial Dream Walkers partially manifesting throughout your history, may choose the same forms to present themselves to you. All families may present themselves as angels. They do not distinguish. They do not specialize in form. They specialize in intent. Therefore, their specialization is offered also in the direction of action; information presented to you, physically manifest, to be motivating for action.” [session 118, September 08, 1996]

ELIAS: “Within the original, so to speak, action of these essence families, they were not so specialized. They were not so singularly focused. These, as we have stated previously, would be likened to Dream Walkers. You may identify with this terminology, for you understand the action of dreaming. The action of dreaming, or similar to this action, would have been the entirety of the reality of all of these families.

... Please understand that we are not speaking of cave men! ‘Before the beginning’ was not what your archeologists have uncovered within artifacts of ape-like humans, in their terms. ‘Before the beginning,’ these essence families were not completely manifest. Therefore, you may think of them as light bodies or astral bodies or translucent bodies, fading in and out. You blink in and out, as we have stated, but you are unaware, within your objective consciousness, of this action. They were aware. This was physically visible.” [session 138, December 08, 1996]

ELIAS: “As we have discussed the area of transition that you enter as you choose to disengage physical focus, you also engage an action of transition as you choose to enter physical focus; for you enter subjectively, for you are moving from subjective awareness without objective awareness. Therefore, in increments, you allow yourself to become focused within your objective reality. You will notice that your small ones, your infants, spend much of their physical time period within their sleep state, for they do not incorporate objective awareness but in very small increments. They hold subjective awareness. They are a physical example of your Dream Walkers. As they progress within your time period, they also incorporate more and more objective reality, closing out the subjective awareness. This too is a transition, which may be incorporated within a lengthy time period, in your terms, or it may be incorporated within a very small time period.” [session 185, June 21, 1997]

ELIAS: “Let me present an overview of your physical reality within this dimension. At its inception, nine essence families organized, so to speak, to be creating of this particular dimensional reality. These essence families are comprised of many essences of like intent within each family. These essences initially were known as Dream Walkers; partially physically focused, but not entirely. Now, also in relation to these Dream Walkers, they are interactive with you continually, and presently also. They have not chosen to be entirely physically manifest throughout the entirety of the existence of this particular dimension. Therefore, they may be interactive with you and even appear to you, in relation to the essence family that you are belonging to.

... Each essence family holds a different intent, which are all complementary to each other. In this, the Dream Walkers interact in conjunction to the essence families in respective manners. You are belonging the essence family of Sumafi, as are these other individuals present within this forum. Therefore, you draw yourself to the action of the engagement of this energy exchange. The essence family of Sumafi chooses interaction with physical focus in this particular manner of energy exchange, for it affords the least amount of distortion. At times, other essence families may engage this particular type of energy exchange, but it is not their usual, in your terms, expression of communication.

In example, the Milumet family; these are the holders of the remembrance; the spiritualists. The engagement of the Dream Walkers with individuals physically focused belonging to the Milumet family shall be in the vein of dream interaction and visions. They shall interact with elements of your reality and communicate with these elements in a manner that you shall not. They may engage a tree or a creature and communicate with this tree or creature, and receive information in the same manner that you receive information from this essence. Each family holds a different interaction within communication to those belonging to the respective families in physical focus.” [session 270, March 19, 1998]

ELIAS: “Now; let us move back to what I term to be ‘before the beginning.’ ‘Before the beginning’ of what you know of your species presently, in the creation of this particular physical dimension were those essences representative of each of the nine essence families, which we term to be Dream Walkers. These were essences not entirely physically focused. They inserted themselves into this dimension to be creating of this particular dimension, but were not choosing to be entirely physically focused. Therefore, your physical view of these individuals would be more of a translucent form. Some essences chose to be entirely physically manifesting. This was the beginning of your creation of this particular dimension.

Now; in this also, these Dream Walkers have been interactive in parallel dimensions to your own. In this, there have been civilizations created such as your civilization of Atlantis, and these continue within your present now.” [session 280, May 14, 1998]

JIM: “We had spoken a while back about holding an aspect of Seer, an aspect of the Dream Walkers. Could you elaborate on that a little bit, as to more of what that involves?

ELIAS: Very well. Let me express to you that as I have stated previously, some essences ‘before the beginning’ were choosing to be those of the Dream Walkers, and other essences belonging to these essence families in connection with this dimension were choosing to be entirely physically manifest for that experience. This, I shall express to you, is one aspect of the beginning of the belief systems of ‘masters’ or ‘guides’ which you hold for helpfulness within physical focus, for there has been a distinction made between those essences choosing to be physically manifest and those essences choosing to be not entirely physically manifest.

The Dream Walkers serve the purpose of being helpful to individuals, to essences within focuses, in the remembrance of the connection to essence, in the creation of the veil that those essences which were choosing to be entirely physically manifest had created and as you continue to create within physical focus. In this, certain essences were also choosing to be creating of aspects of the Dream Walkers. The meaning of this is conjunctive to fragmentation.

Essences that are Dream Walkers have fragmented other essences which have been choosing to be physically manifest within this dimension, but those essences fragmented of the Dream Walkers hold the aspect of the Dream Walkers. Just as within fragmentation in any manner, those essences which are the fragmented essences hold all of the qualities and remembrance of the fragmenting essence. Although they may not be choosing to be exhibiting these qualities or these aspects, and these may lie latent within the fragmented essence, they continue to hold the qualities of the fragmenting essence.

In this same manner, the Seers....

JIM: (Sighing) Well, okay. That explains a lot. So if I’m fragmented from Twylah, then that essence holds that aspect as well, the aspect of Seer.

ELIAS: Correct. That essence may not be considered a Dream Walker, for it holds physical focuses, but it is Seer, for it holds the aspect of the Dream Walkers.” [session 292, June 30, 1998]

ELIAS: “I have expressed previously that the Dream Walkers, which are those essences that have occupied your time framework of ‘before the beginning’ or before what you view to be the beginning of your history, these Dream Walkers have chosen not to be physically manifest within this dimension.

We have spoken many times of these Dream Walkers previously. Each family of essences that are in conjunction with this particular dimension holds their own manifestations and expressions of Dream Walkers, which you may also be accessing information of, for I have delivered this information previously also. In this, the Dream Walkers have chosen to be partially manifest before your beginning, and have also allowed themselves partial manifestation throughout your history.

As I have expressed previously, these be your apparitions that you view or your encounters with what you may term to be strange beings: angels, leprechauns, fairies ... aliens, in some situations. In some situations, your extraterrestrials are you! But in other situations, they may be appearing to you in this form, as it may be accepted by you, and these are expressions of the Dream Walkers. They do not choose to be entirely physically manifest within this dimension, but they serve as partial directors or ‘guiders.’

Now; we immediately move into the area of the possibility of distortion with this word of ‘guides.’ I shall be reminding you that there are no guides within consciousness. This is a belief system which you have developed within your new religion of your metaphysics. (Intently) There are no essences that occupy any area of consciousness that is ABOVE you. There are essences that may choose to move in the direction of helpfulness WITH you within physical focus, but the only difference between those essences and yourself as a focus of essence is that they remember and you do not.

This be the only difference between yourselves and myself as the essence of Elias. I remember and you do not, for your attention is focused singularly within a physical manifestation. This is a purposeful act. It allows you a singularity in attention, and allows you the purity of your experiences within this dimension.

Therefore, we clarify the first area that may enter the direction of misinterpretation. There are no guides, but there are essences that move in the direction of guiding. These be the Dream Walkers.” [session 298, July 16, 1998]

PAUL H: “[I have] another question in this area – it’s a question about this aspect of Dream Walker that you’ve talked about and delivered a lot of information about. I guess my question is – I’ll frame it in terms of Elias – this essence of Elias, does it hold an aspect of Dream Walker?

ELIAS: Yes, although this essence of Elias is not a Dream Walker, for this essence has chosen to be physically focused, and these Dream Walkers are not choosing to be physically focused, with the exception presently of that essence of Rose, which I have recently delivered information in this direction that you shall be objectively and subjectively connecting with. But this essence of Elias has chosen manifestation within physical focus, therefore would not be classified as a Dream Walker, but does hold that aspect, and therefore is Seer.” [session 300, July 21, 1998]

DAWN: “… do I hold an aspect of Speaker, and if so, can you elaborate? (Pause)

ELIAS: Yes. Let me express to you that in the same manner that individuals hold the aspect of Seer in the Sumafi, there are individuals within physical focus that also, belonging to other families, hold the aspect of the Dream Walkers that are associated with their particular essence family. In this, let us be remembering that not all individuals hold the aspect within them of these Dream Walkers, but certain individuals do hold these aspects.

In this, I shall express to you that this may not be viewed as unusual that you may hold the impression that you participate with the aspect of Speaker or that this shall seem strange to you in difference of other individuals merely for the reason that you draw yourself to this information. This is common. Individuals that hold an aspect of Dream Walkers within physical focus within all of the essence families shall be drawn to this information in a recognition of essence families and the purity of the intent of each of those essence families. Therefore, it is natural that they shall draw themselves to the information being presented by Sumafi, understanding that this shall provide them with the least amount of distortion and shall be presented within the intent of the Sumafi.

As with all other essence families, the Sumari holds the Dream Walkers which have been identified as the Speakers, and in this, as with all other essence families, these particular essences have projected aspects of their essence in mergence with other essences and through fragmentation, and in this action have created the aspect of Dream Walker within other essences which are not Dream Walkers.

Any essence that is physically focused is not classified as a Dream Walker, with the exception temporarily of the essence of Rose, which has chosen to be physically manifest within this present now.

But in this, as you begin to investigate the Dream Walkers and the action and intent of all of the Dream Walkers, you may also offer yourselves information as to their presentment of an aspect of consciousness which is merged with other essences which are not Dream Walkers, but offers them the knowledge and partial remembrance of the initial intent of the particular family, which also offers them an ability with more ease – not necessarily more of an ability but the ability with more ease – to be moving though consciousness subjectively and lending energy to other individuals, other essences which are participating within this shift in consciousness. Are you understanding?

DAWN: I think so.

MICHAEL: Yes, and actually you’ve elaborated more than I expected. It’s good information. My question in similar line with that was, we haven’t been up-to-date on a lot of the Elias sessions, reading them all, so I know you’ve probably talked a lot about the aspects of Seer and Speaker and Dream Walker, and we wanted to know if you would elaborate specifically on our particular roles as Dream Walkers individually. I’m not sure how quickly or simply that can be done, but I wanted to see if you would comment on our specific purpose along those lines.

ELIAS: In this direction, let me express to you that in further explanation of these Dream Walkers, the action has been purposefully created of merging an aspect of those particular essences, a specific aspect which contains the information of intent and creation and remembrance, and this has been offered in mergence to certain essences which choose to be physically focused.

Now; in this action, the purpose, so to speak, of this mergence of the aspect of any of the Dream Walkers belonging to any of these essence families is that there shall be certain essences that in figurative terms shall be lending energy in a guiding manner. These particular essences move in the direction of manifesting physically into this particular physical focus and they move in the direction of assuming the forefront, so to speak.

This does not necessarily mean that the forefront is an expression of being physically in forefront-view of other individuals. It is not an expression necessarily of actual physical projection of self before masses of individuals, but it is an expression that these certain essences shall manifest physically and those physical focuses shall be very influencing in a guiding manner to masses of individuals within consciousness, for they hold the remembrance subjectively, and as you move more fully into the action of this shift, this remembrance becomes more and more objectively realized. Therefore, the expression not only moves in the direction of subjective helpfulness and guiding, but also in the direction of objective helpfulness and guiding. You shall notice more and more that certain individuals become more objectively helpful to other individuals and generate more of a guiding influence. This action is natural.

Now; let me also express to you that this same action has been presented within your past history, but within a different expression. Previously you have moved in the direction of looking to other individuals as authorities or as examples to you as to how you shall be creating your beliefs and your behaviors. Now you move into the direction within the action of this shift of following yourselves and not necessarily following authorities, but you continue to move in the direction of designating certain individuals, yourselves also, as individuals that may be guiding in helpfulness of others.

Look to the action of behavior within your communities, your societies, and even within your friendships, within a more immediate personal aspect of your creations. Certain individuals move in the direction of what you in physical form term to be followers. Certain individuals move in the direction of what you term to be more of leaders. This does not suggest that one individual holds more ability or power than the other individual, but that they choose different behaviors and different roles, and in this, those individuals that move in the direction of leading in ANY expression, even quietly, these individuals for the most part hold an aspect of these Dream Walkers with respect to whichever essence family they are belonging to. Other individuals that occupy the behavior and expressions of the followers, in your terms, are the individual focuses of essences that do not hold the aspect of Dream Walkers.

Therefore, in answering of your question – what is your role or your purpose in this action of holding aspects of Dream Walkers in alignment with the individual families that you are belonging to – the response that I offer you is that you are in the position of guiding other individuals within your own chosen expressions. What I may express to you also is that you automatically move into the position of the sapling analogy (3), being the straight saplings in example.

(Strongly) Now; do NOT be misunderstanding this expression that I have offered presently, for I am NOT expressing or suggesting that all of the essences that are manifest that do not hold an aspect of Dream Walker are the convoluted little saplings! This is not the case. I do not separate or identify in labeling that the essences that hold the aspect of Dream Walker are the straight saplings, and that the essences that do not hold the aspect of Dream Walker are convoluted saplings. This is incorrect! What I am expressing is that within intent and what you term to be purpose within physical focus, in conjunction with the aspect of Dream Walker, there is an element of your individual intents within physical focus that moves in the direction of motivating you to be aware of your intent and expressions, that you may be guiding of other individuals.

Now; let me also be very clear in this area. This is NOT to be expressing to ANY individual that you hold more of an ability or more of an awareness than any other individual! It is also not an offering of permission that you may be moving into the direction of expressing a certain method or direction to be taken by any other individual. You are not in the position of guiding by expressing a method to any other individual of how they shall be moving through their focus or how they shall be creating their reality! You are merely lending energy in a guiding manner to be helpful in WHATEVER expression is chosen by any other individual.

THIS would be the expression of essence: an acceptance of all choices of all individuals and a movement into the direction of helpfulness to all individuals regardless of which direction they are choosing to move into, and holding the aspect of Dream Walker in conjunction with each particular essence family affords you within physical focus more of an ease – NOT more of an ability but more of an ease – in this direction and also creates more of a desire in this direction to be accomplishing of this action. Are you understanding?

MICHAEL: Yes. Very good answer, actually very illuminating for me as well. It seems like instead of being directors, you’re kind of like cheerleaders in a way. You make sure the energy moves through the way it needs to go, and it doesn’t matter the specific direction. That’s up to the other individual. But it’s just sort of a guiding light in a sense or a guiding energy in a sense, to help them realize that they can further what they’re doing even we if don’t agree with what they’re doing.

ELIAS: Correct. This would be the direction that is the expression of essence. Therefore, you are understanding that which has been offered to you.” [session 305, August 02, 1998]

MIKE: “This [question] has to do with some of your discussions on the Dream Walkers. Just for my clarification before I ask this question, when you’re talking about the Seers and the Watchers and all of them, when you say Seer, are you ... I shouldn’t say segregate, but are you putting a distinction on certain individuals called Seer?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes.

MIKE: Okay, why?

ELIAS: I am distinguishing between different choices and functions. I am not distinguishing between essences, but I am distinguishing between choices of essences and functions that have been chosen as their expressions.

Some essences have chosen to be Dream Walkers, which are not entirely physically manifest within this dimension. These, within the designations of different families, are the essences that may be deemed as Seers or Watchers or Hearers and so forth.

Other essences have chosen to be physically manifest within this dimension, and have chosen to be experiencing the entirety of physical manifestation.

Therefore, there is a distinction in the choices and the functions of the manifestations of these different essences. The qualities of essence are comparable. The choices are different.

In this, there are aspects of these Dream Walkers that are qualities of other essences. As one essence is fragmented of another essence, it contains all of the qualities of the essence that it has been fragmented of. Therefore, if an essence is fragmented of a Dream Walker essence, and that fragmented essence is choosing to become physically manifest within this dimension, it shall also hold the aspect of that Dream Walker.

Therefore, you may be physically manifest within this dimension, and I may also designate you as a Seer or not as a Seer. This is dependent upon your holding or not holding of the aspect of Dream Walker as associated with a particular essence family. Are you understanding?

MIKE: Yeah, a little bit. I don’t understand how one essence could hold it, and the other one can’t....

ELIAS: ... It is merely a choice. It is a choice of different actions.

Let me offer you an analogy within physical terms. You may choose to be participating within a particular family. Now, within that particular family, let us designate your father as a watchmaker. As the son of the father, you may choose to be a watchmaker also, and your son may choose to be a watchmaker. This may be your lineage in your family history. These are choices. Another family may not choose to be watchmakers. Therefore, they are not.

It is not a distinction of one essence being better than another essence or one essence holding a higher level than another essence. It is merely a difference in choices, that one essence chooses not to be entirely physically manifest within this particular dimension and another essence chooses to be entirely physically manifest. Their choice is for a difference in experiences.

MIKE: Well, taking that same analogy you just used, does the father have to be a watchmaker in order for the son to be a watchmaker?


MIKE: So, an essence can fragment off of another essence that’s not even a Seer, and the fragmented essence could be a Seer? (Pause)

ELIAS: No. It shall not be Seer if it has not been fragmented with any participation of any other essence that holds this quality.

Be remembering that I have likened your action of fragmenting to an action of cloning, with the addition of your choice of qualities that you choose to be incorporating.

In this, you incorporate the same qualities as the fragmenting essence. You may hold your own qualities also that you choose to create and that you choose to be incorporating anew, so to speak, but you also hold all of the qualities of the fragmenting essence.

MIKE: Okay. I’ll leave it at that. It’s just....

ELIAS: Let us examine a different analogy. You shall bake a cake. You shall place all of the ingredients into this cake. You shall create your finished product, so to speak, of this cake.

Now; as you remove one slice of this cake, shall it have any less ingredients within it than the entirety of the cake?


ELIAS: No. But shall it appear differently from the entirety of the cake?

MIKE: Yeah.

ELIAS: In like manner, all of the aspects and the qualities of the fragmenting essence are present within a fragmented essence, but it shall not appear the same as the fragmenting essence.

In a manner of speaking, in physical terms, it has been removed from the fragmenting essence and is its own entity, so to speak. These are figurative terms. Now are you understanding?

MIKE: Yeah, I am. Okay, this is one I’ve been noticing of and have been waiting for someone to ask because I really didn’t want to ask it, but with other dimensions, physical dimensions and whatsuch, do they each have their own Dream Walkers and whatsuch, or is this like the only dimension with Dream Walkers?

ELIAS: Yes, other physical dimensions hold their own essence families and their own Dream Walkers, so to speak.

Not ALL dimensions choose this particular organization, but there are other physical dimensions that do hold different essence families and their own expression of what you may term to be Dream Walkers.” [session 374, March 19, 1999]

HOWARD: “I want to talk about a follow-up to the myth – which we’ve spoken of briefly, or at least I believe it was brief – regarding the fallen angels, and the reason I’d like to follow this up is that the way I see the current understanding of the fallen angels is more from a religious point of view, and not necessarily the correct meaning of the metaphor. So, I have this little statement here which I would like to put out to you, and it goes like this.

What is the idea behind the fallen angels and the war in heaven that is spoken about in our legends and myths and written about in our sacred texts? My book – We The Angels – is based upon this war, which you have said was bleed-through and distortion from another dimension. I can accept your assessment because I can see the validity of the bleed-through. Still, the fact remains that this theme is so widespread that it has become a myth in many cultures, and is included in some form or another in several religions. Therefore, I feel it must have validity for this dimension also.

I realize the term ‘fallen angels’ is a metaphor, and could be describing many things. One could be that the Dream Walkers move into physical expression. Another could be that the creator wishes to experience physical reality, where the thought of the thinker becomes a reality.

The third, which is the most prevalent and lineal-minded, cuts off all debate. It states that the big guy had two sons, and he says to them, ‘Here is what I’ve created. I want to retire and go fishing. So, here’s the deal. I’ll turn everything over to the one who has the best plan for what to do with my creation.’

So the first son says, ‘I’ll fine-tune this reality and make it into something I can be proud of.’ The second son says, ‘I’ll take this reality and make it everything you dreamed of, and I’ll dedicate its success to you.’

So the big guy didn’t take long to choose the second son’s plan, which upset the eldest son, thus birthing the war in heaven, the concept of good and evil, and the so-called ‘Law of One’ – that is, service to self versus service to others – while establishing in a backhanded manner the idea of ‘as above, so below.’

Now, I find the third to be completely bogus because it is man-made and created only with one purpose in mind – to perpetuate the status quo. The other two, however, are valid, because there are no strings attached and no predictable results expected. Do I have it right, and if so, when did the idea of the fallen angels introduce itself to our knowing, and when did it get distorted?

ELIAS: I shall express to you that in a manner of speaking figuratively, all three of your examples are applicable, the third being slightly more abstract in its symbology than the expression of the first two.

But as you view other-dimensional focuses and that you are all interconnected and there is in actuality no separation, you may allow yourselves to view that it is not unusual, so to speak, or even uncommon that you may be inserting certain ideas or creating certain philosophies within this physical dimension in relation to experiences that may be occurring within other dimensions.

Also, these ideas or philosophies are translations into your reality in the design of your reality. Therefore, what may be occurring within other realities may not necessarily be associated in tremendous similarity to what you identify within your legends, so to speak, or your mythology in this dimension. But as I have stated, you create a translation which fits the imagery and the design of this particular dimension.

As to identifications of creators and the physical manifestations within your physical dimension, you ARE essentially, in actuality, the creator. Therefore, you are merely projecting into an expression of a physical reality, based on its particular design, YOUR creation. Therefore, what you express within your ideas is also, once again, a translation of the knowing that you hold, and fit into the design of this particular physical dimension. (4)

These concepts, so to speak, are not conflicting, for as essence and as consciousness, you incorporate other focuses within other dimensions, and you also are the creator and the creation within this particular physical expression.

As to the third expression or identification of myth, you may identify or recognize that all three participants – the father and both of the sons – are one being, so to speak.

HOWARD: Yeah, I can see that.

ELIAS: And therefore, the expression of all three is incorporated into one action and also is not necessarily conflicting, for the expression is offered as a creation and subsequently offered to the other two aspects of the self, which one expresses that it shall continue the creation in the choice of its design. The other expresses that it shall continue the creation in acknowledgment to the creator. Both expressions may be viewed as an acknowledgment and validation of self, and the acceptance of self and its abilities.

Therefore, in all three of these examples, you have created a type of imagery that is not inconsistent with the expression of essence. It is merely a translation, and therefore also incorporates an element of availability for distortion; not necessarily that the explanations in themselves are distorted, but that they may be interpreted in an expression of distortion.

As to your identification of the fallen angels in correlation to the Dream Walkers becoming physically manifest, there is no inconsistency in this particular idea either.

As to your questioning of when the element or factor of distortion has been incorporated into this physical dimension, I express to you that at the point in which essences chose to become entirely physically manifest and designed this particular physical dimension in accordance with that choice, there was also created the action of separation for the purity of the physical experience in relation to the design of this particular physical dimension. At that point would be the time, so to speak, in which the window was incorporated to be offering the expression of distortion, so to speak, as you began incorporating belief systems.

HOWARD: I understand; I got it. You have reaffirmed my original thought, I guess, ‘cause I did have thought creating in such a way that it was saying to itself – or to wherever thought originated – ‘Think of another way to be,’ and by so doing, they separated themselves. So, thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.” [session 629, June 04, 2000]

PAUL T: “... A dream that I had a few weeks ago: I had a dream interaction with a person that I recognized but couldn’t identify. A question – was that a Dream Walker of the Sumafi family, and does that imply that I hold an aspect of Dream Walker?

ELIAS: I may express to you, you have allowed yourself a glimpse, and I may also express to you, yes that you do incorporate this aspect. You are correct.

PAUL T: Does the aspect of Dream Walker have, shall we say, a practical application to this physical focus? I mean, it’s nice information and everything, but is there something I CAN do with that information?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing.

Now; let me first of all express a clarification, for this type of direction of questioning generates potential for misinterpretation and distortion in the perception of other individuals as they offer themselves this information through the transcription. For in a manner of speaking, as always, it is subject to the filtration of individual’s beliefs.

Therefore, let me express initially that incorporating an aspect of the Dream Walkers is not better and is not necessarily what you may associate as more special or offering you qualities that are more than any other individual. They may be different, but this also is a choice, and therefore individuals that do not incorporate an aspect of Dream Walkers are not less than those that do.

In this, essences that incorporate these aspects choose to be incorporating these aspects in relation to their particular choice of direction in their exploration of consciousness. It is merely a different type of expression of exploration.

Now; let me clarify. Essences that do not incorporate these aspects specifically choose not to be, for they have chosen to be exploring physical expressions of consciousness in what you may term to be an ultimate expression of physical manifestation, incorporating the fullness of exploring consciousness in ultimate physical manifestation.

Essences that choose to be incorporating an aspect of what is identified as Dream Walker are not more spiritual or more versatile than other essences. They choose to be incorporating a different type of exploration of physical manifestations of consciousness. Therefore, they choose to be incorporating a type of manifestation that does not express the same type of solidity of physical exploration as essences that do not incorporate this aspect. And I may express to you that in these different types of manifestations in your physical expressions there may be advantages, so to speak, to each of these types of expressions of essence.

Now; recognize that incorporating this aspect of Dream Walker or not is relative to this particular physical dimension, for this is an expression that has been created in association with this physical dimension. Therefore, those essences that choose to be incorporating this aspect of Dream Walker also choose to continue to incorporate an aspect of transparency, so to speak. This is not to say that an individual focus shall necessarily engage that aspect within their particular physical manifestation, but it is available if they are so choosing to be engaging that aspect of themself.

Now; in the engagement of that aspect of self in an individual focus – physical manifestation – the individual may choose to be exploring some aspects of their physical manifestation in less of a solid physical expression. Which, at times, individuals do incorporate actions in association with this aspect of their essence and may be confusing themselves or even incorporating expressions of fear, for they may be creating movements that are quite unfamiliar: viewing themselves to be incorporating less physical corporeal solidity at times, viewing their reality to be less solid at times, and incorporating more of a translucence within their individual reality in moments.

Now; an individual may be intentionally choosing to be expressing an exploration in relation to this aspect and creating an exploration in much more of an expression of translucence. But I may express to you, generally speaking, prior to the movement of this shift in consciousness this has not been expressed often, for it is quite unfamiliar.

You may engage this aspect if you are so choosing, and recognize that it is merely a different avenue of exploration of this physical dimension and your physical movement within it.

PAUL T: I believe I’m understanding. I have not engaged this aspect of my essence yet, correct?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. I may express to you that you have engaged this aspect infrequently and quite momentarily.

PAUL T: Ah! Those moments when suddenly physical reality takes on a particular sheen or type of solidity with which I have little familiarity. Is that the incident you are referring to?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. For in these brief moments, reality appears to be non-reality.

PAUL T: Yes! I’m thinking of an example of just a couple days ago, in which I was in a meeting that suddenly took on a ... I don’t know how to describe the characteristic.

ELIAS: I am understanding. It appears to be a reality which is more likened to a dream than to waking reality, or at times appears to be what individuals express as surreal.

PAUL T: Exactly! Okay, so that would be engaging that aspect of mine as a Dream Walker?


PAUL T: Interesting! I’m at a loss for words here because it seems to be becoming so completely intricate and convoluted, this thing we call reality. (Elias laughs) All right, I thank you for that.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.” [session 956, November 11, 2001]

PAUL H: “... Now just a question, a tangential question, perhaps. Seth provided information of ‘before the beginning,’ in the beginning, I just call it a conscious creation myth, which is his abstract attempt to tell something that’s non-sequential in sequential terms. (Elias nods throughout) You’ve talked about Dream Walkers; he talks about Sleepwalkers. And there’s a bunch of concepts I just have to juggle and get right here, so. This subconscious translating layer that you were just talking about – the avenues of communication – in the beginning, before the beginning, maybe, somewhere in that time, that layer of consciousness was primary because the waking outer ego had not emerged. Is that an accurate statement in terms of our linear history in this dimension?


PAUL H: So therefore this, of course, this inner ego – what we’re calling that [deep, dreamless] sleeping area of consciousness – is fundamental and primary and what we would say causal, in terms of source? (Pause) I know I’m juggling concepts here into linear time. I know it’s causal, so I know the answer to that question, but I’m not expressing it the right way.

So let me try and rephrase where I’m coming from. (Elias nods) I’m talking about change-in-time, I’m talking about this dimension, and it’s, you know, however many billions of years old in this, what you call, blink …

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL H: …blink in, blink out (5) – and I want to try and get back to that too, so I’ve ramped up to a big level now, but we’ll see what happens. (Elias smiles, and nods throughout) In terms of this blink and our change-in-time – according to Seth, he does give an order of emergence to, let’s just call it what we call the outer ego, because this lamp (points to lamp) has an outer ego also in the same way, it’s not essence, but in terms of consciousness, this basic three-part structure works for all things physical, correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL H: Okay. Cool. (Elias chuckles) Maybe I’ll get this one of these days! Anyway, so in terms of – and I know it’s hard to think in linear terms, and I’m kind of on a hamster wheel, but I’ll see how far we go with it. (Elias nods and smiles) In terms of change-in-time or evolution or becoming, Seth says that – and it makes sense – that parts of the biosphere [i.e., basic cellular life forms] would emerge first to generate a stable environment that allows for this. And then ‘higher’ forms of life – bacteria, moving things, fish, early forms of life – would emerge also. Now, back to my opening question about you and this simultaneity – all of these things exist at the same time.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL H: And I have in this conceptualization that I’m trying to translate accurately, I keep getting a sense that as things emerge into time, it’s all together, it’s all right there, and yet little pieces – there is an order of play. (Elias nods) You’ve given sequence of the Dream Walkers with their intents regarding the shift, things like that, so you’re on the record with showing change-in-time, even from this subjective area. (6)

ELIAS: Correct. Do not discount the element of time within your physical dimension, for, let me express to you, without the interplay of time, there is no physical matter. Therefore, to generate a physical reality, a physical dimension, you must be incorporating some type of configuration of time – not necessarily linear, and not necessarily in the manner in that you configure time in this physical dimension – but, also, remember that this particular physical dimension is one of the most complex and diverse physical realities that exists within consciousness. Therefore, you also incorporate a complex expression of time …

PAUL H: Right.

ELIAS: …to generate all of the physical manifestations that you do within this physical reality.

PAUL H: Right. And so part of this time framework, as it manifests, as it emerges from – let’s just call it the singularity of the blink out before the blink in process – as it emerges, there’s an order of play of emergence.


PAUL H: And so these belief systems that we have in evolution, even though there’s some that are very distorted, and pathologically so, with a very negative effect in cultural terms, (Elias nods) there’s still a grain, a gem, of truth to this flow in time and the emergence of life in this dimension; it has to be that way.


PAUL H: It doesn’t just poof in, in other words.

ELIAS: Correct. In this, view your arts, which are in a manner of speaking a creative mirror of the design of your physical dimension. Now; in composition of musical expressions, what do you express first?

PAUL H: There’s a whole different, many ways of doing that, but for me personally I would get an idea, a seed.

ELIAS: And your idea incorporates what initially?

PAUL H: A communication?

ELIAS: A melody.

PAUL H: Okay. All right.

ELIAS: You begin with a melody, which is your subject. And you build around that subject, that central point, with your harmonies and your disharmonies and you create the background, so to speak, subsequent to the initial melody. Now; within your art of painting, what do you create first?

PAUL H: I’m not a painter, but the background, the base layer, some base layer that you start to build upon.

ELIAS: Correct. You insert your central subject matter. Now; these two actions may be seemingly different, but in actuality their sequence may be somewhat different, but they are actually very similar. The subject in both compositions is the initial point, but what is expressed in the execution in one is the subject first, and in one is the background first.

Now; in association with the design of your physical reality, both are in play simultaneously in association with the Dream Walkers. The Dream Walkers are the subject, and exist, but are not physically manifest. The background is being created in association with the design of the reality. Both are in play, so to speak, simultaneously, but what you view in what you associate as your evolution, or your sequence of events is the development of the background first, and the insertion of the main subject subsequent, which is your species.

PAUL H: Right. Good analogy.

ELIAS: But your species was in play while the background was being developed, in your terms, but not necessarily entirely physically solidly manifest as you view yourselves now.

PAUL H: So in terms of this matrix, we would say that this inner ego was existing previously, and there, (Elias nods) fully waiting and working along with everything consciously….

ELIAS: Not waiting. Actively participating in designing the background, and designing the physical manifestations of your world, and experimenting with different types of physical manifestations. And in that experimentation, exploring the possibilities of physical manifestations and manipulating energy in a manner in association with time to be creating different types of physical expressions in what you term to be living and non-living. And in that experimentation, allowing for a tremendous freedom in creativity, and in keeping with your associations which have, in your terms, carried through your history, generating a fascination with large manifestations, but also recognizing that large manifestations are not always as efficient.

PAUL H: Are you referring to the dinosaurs?

ELIAS: In part.

PAUL H: In part. Yeah, huge, huge creatures, a lot of food, a lot of processing, the whole ecosystem.

ELIAS: Which generated quite an excitement in association with the Dream Walkers in manipulation of energy of consciousness to generate enormous physical manifestations within your physical dimension.

PAUL H: So the Dream Walker layer, which I’ll just say is inner ego, or ‘below’ [i.e., wider], perhaps even, is intimately primary in creating all of this.


PAUL H: So essence, what you call essence, this personality tone within consciousness, all of consciousness, is instrumental, absolutely primary and causal in that sense of its primacy.


PAUL H: It causes, and that’s just an amazing thing to remember.

ELIAS: It creates.

PAUL H: Wow. (Elias chuckles) Thank you for that, by the way, that’s helpful. A couple of related questions, then, just to bring me back from billion year stretches. (Elias laughs) So we’ve had this emergent, living, lovely thing – planet Earth – going through all of its wondrous, horrific, violent, lovely, glorious, creative change.

And before the outer ego – I mean, an outer ego emerged in terms of mountains or oceans as they solidified in time and they are physical and they’re working as physical matter, and building. (Elias nods throughout) So those outer egos emerge first – so Seth is accurate in his order of play, so to speak – and then flora and fauna, perhaps – and I can check back to the actual words, I don’t remember it at the moment – emerges, solidifies, and that builds.

And that allows other emergent qualities, of which eventually, in linear terms, mammals emerge from life forms. So, and this is again, it’s a paradox in linear terms, because it’s not like the first homo sapiens of our species just blinked in, it’s part of the singularity that emerges through all these – all of the stages are in me right now.

ELIAS: Correct! (7)

PAUL H: All of those – the reptilian, the mammal, the plants – all of those things in this singularity are somehow in me in this body.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL H: Nested somehow, inherently allowing me to be me in this moment, without which I couldn’t exist.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL H: So there’s a sacred bond with this emergent quality to be aware of, and to….

ELIAS: For it is all you.

PAUL H: For it is all us. (8) (Laughs)

I might believe that one of these days! (Elias laughs) But I’m getting there, I’m getting there, and I thank you.

ELIAS: Allow yourself imaginatively to visualize the scenario in association with yourself and in association with what you think of as this grand picture of the Dream Walkers. And in this, the action is the same. It is a desire of exploration and in that exploration to create.

Now; in association with the Dream Walkers, it is an experimentation of different types of forms, and an experimentation of emergence into more and more efficient forms that allow for the type of exploration that is expressed in desire in association with this physical dimension, and in this process, so to speak, also creating the blueprint of the reality.

PAUL H: And Source Events are right there along with that?

ELIAS: Yes. And in this, creating your map of your design of this reality. (9)

Now; in your physical reality in this present now, you generate similar actions. You seek out physical locations upon your planet in which you shall dwell that are compatible, so to speak, with your energy signature – certain landscapes, certain types of climates, certain types of plants, certain creatures that you surround yourself with – and in this, you associate these different environments with different areas of your planet. In actuality, you move yourself to physical locations and in those physical locations you generate the type of environment that is resonating with your energy signature. But you designate in collectiveness different areas of your physical planet to be associated with different types of creations.

You do not incorporate in this physical location in which you dwell presently, you do not create kangaroos. You create deer. You create specific types of birds and bears and coyotes and rabbits and specific plants. In a different location of your planet you create marsupials, quite unusual creatures. In other areas of your planet you create tremendously lush plants, your rain forests, your jungles, and you also create treacherous creatures. All of which are expressions of your explorations and your choices in creating the environment that you desire and which allows you your most efficient manner of exploring what you choose to explore in any particular focus.

PAUL H: Mmhm. That made perfect sense. Thank you for that. Just a couple of questions about this emergence, it’s just a historical interest of mine. So, early humans, in terms of the Dream Walker manifestation, there were forms in which this outer ego had not yet emerged, correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL H: So, as an emergent quality of the entire environment, this was a necessary stage. I would not be here now without that sequence happening, correct? Of an early human without an ego – not to say – okay, it’s possible, anything is possible. (Laughs)

ELIAS: Not necessarily. This is the choice that has been engaged in experimentation.

PAUL H: And again, that brings me back to this inner ego level as causal, (Elias nods throughout) as making these choices, and driving this thing somehow, in a way.

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL H: Which is very important to remember. So early humans, then, there was great experimentation in form and so on and so forth, and at some point this outer ego emerges, so sexual reproduction was already happening before this outer ego…

ELIAS: Correct…

PAUL H: …occurred, it had to.

ELIAS: …for the design of your physical reality was already being processed.

PAUL H: So, wow. So there is a grain of truth to the evolutionary belief systems of this sort of plant form into a fish into a land-based creature, you know, into then mammals, dinosaurs, and then humanoids. They did evolve from – there’s linear and then there’s non-linear too – so that’s what is the toughest thing to reconcile.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

PAUL H: (Laughing) I know YOU understand! I don’t! (Elias laughs) And I’m trying to, and I appreciate your patience!

ELIAS: This is an experimentation with the design of your physical dimension. What is the design of your physical dimension?

PAUL H: You’re asking me? (Elias nods) Oh, I know that. Give me another leading question. I’m not, you mean….

ELIAS: What are the base elements of your physical reality?

PAUL H: Oh. You’re talking about sexuality and emotion?

ELIAS: Correct! Which are what?

PAUL H: A lot of fun and a lot of challenge.

ELIAS: What are they?

PAUL H: I’m being humorous. Um, characteristics of consciousness.

ELIAS: They are the expressions of physical manifestation and communication. These are the base elements of your physical dimension, your physical reality, these two base expressions.

PAUL H: I see.

ELIAS: Physical manifestation and communication.

PAUL H: Right, right, right. I get it.

ELIAS: Now; in this, there is great experimentation with both of these base elements, and in this process there is a development in the design of this physical reality, the blueprint of this physical reality, as duality, which is not to be confused with duplicity. (10) This physical reality incorporates in its blueprint a duality.

Therefore, all that you create within this physical reality incorporates two aspects, two expressions, which is what you develop in your beliefs in relation to opposites…

PAUL H: Mmhm. Duality.

ELIAS: …which in actuality they are not genuinely opposites, but this is a contributing factor, so to speak, to that belief.

In this, as you generate this physical reality, it appears – for you do incorporate linear time as an aspect of your physical reality – that there is a development in an evolutionary fashion. And I am not expressing that this is incorrect, for this is a manifestation of your perceptions, which is quite real.

PAUL H: Mmhm. Of the outer ego, shall we say.

ELIAS: Correct. Correct. Therefore, the objective physical manifestations is a sequence of developments, but it is also not necessarily that one manifestation develops into another manifestation.

PAUL H: Right.

ELIAS: For it is a continual experimentation of the subjective manipulating links of consciousness in association with time to create different manifestations in physical matter.

PAUL H: And did you just describe what might have been called natural selection? And I know that’s a very distorted belief system. (11)

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking.

PAUL H: The way you just said it, that sentence before I asked my question – and I’ll check the tape – that integrates this inner ego/subconscious/outer ego chain of causality…

ELIAS: Correct.

PAUL H: …into what we would call natural selection in terms of emergence through time.

ELIAS: Quite!

PAUL H: That is so cool!

ELIAS: For it is a continual experimentation of manipulating energy, which is consciousness, in different manners, and thusly, in your terms, selecting the preferred and the efficient. (12)

PAUL H: Right, right. What a dance, what a magnificent dance.

ELIAS: Which the preferred IS the efficient.

PAUL H: Mmhm. I just get a very beautiful feeling about this process – the tension and resolution and tension, when those resolution cycles, it’s just beautiful, and the tension – and it’s this dance that we dance and it’s a beautiful thing.” [session 1246, January 16, 2003]

JON: “What do the Dream Walkers create?

ELIAS: Blueprints and also physical manifestations, but most of what the Dream Walkers generated was the design of this reality. The essences that chose to be physically participating in this physical reality are what generate the physical manifestations of it. For the most part, the Dream Walkers generated or created the design and the blueprint for this physical reality.

JON: So the collective takes that blueprint and uses it as a guide to manifest?

ELIAS: Correct, and this is the point that generates some confusion for many individuals in their exploration of the Dream Walkers and attempting to identify what action was incorporated by the Dream Walkers or what they actually created and in association with different essence families.

In this, the Dream Walkers, as I have stated, for the most part were not responsible for actual physical manifestations. They created the blueprint for the physical manifestations, as some individuals have questioned concerning mountains and seas and creatures. Their association is the concept of these manifestations, inventing, so to speak the idea, in your terms; although in their terms, it was not necessarily an idea, for it was not associated with objective thinking. But even thinking and that function was designed by the Dream Walkers in the blueprint of what would be manifest physically, and all of the expressions associated with physical manifestation within this particular physical dimension.

Subsequent to the creation of the blueprint, other essences chose to participate also, but to actually engage the physical manifestations of those blueprints. The Dream Walkers chose not to be physically participating, for in your terms, figuratively speaking, this was not their intent. Their intent, their preference, their interest, their curiosity was to be inventing, not necessarily engaging.

JON: Do you hold a Dream Walker aspect?


JON: That means you were fragmented from a Dream Walker?

ELIAS: No. Incorporating an aspect of a Dream Walker is not necessarily directly associated with fragmentation.

Now; in a manner of speaking, indirectly it may be figuratively associated with fragmentation. For in the process of fragmentation, an aspect, in a manner of speaking, of an essence may express a desire.

Now; recognize these are figurative terms, for essences and consciousness are not entities; therefore, it is not a thing springing from another thing. But in terms of your reality and your physical understanding, it may be incorporated in your language in this manner, that a desire is generated. That desire chooses different qualities and expressions of the essence and incorporates those qualities into itself as a new essence. Therefore, it may choose to be incorporating a Dream Walker aspect.

Not all essences choose to be incorporating a Dream Walker aspect, and this is not better or worse, more enlightened or less enlightened, so to speak. It is a choice associated with this particular physical dimension. Some essences incorporate more of an interest, so to speak, and appreciation for this particular physical dimension than others, and therefore may be choosing to incorporate a Dream Walker aspect, for this aligns with the essence’s appreciation of this particular physical dimension.

Now; some essences may be participating in this physical dimension, and may even incorporate many focuses of attention in this physical dimension, but do not express the appreciation and the interest in this physical dimension as much as they may other dimensions, and therefore may choose not to be incorporating a Dream Walker aspect, for the essence may be more fascinated with other dimensions and the exploration of them than this one. Are you understanding?

JON: Yes.

ELIAS: Therefore, the incorporation of a Dream Walker aspect is merely an identification that that particular essence generates a strong interest and appreciation of this particular physical dimension, regardless of whether they incorporate many or few focuses within it.

JON: You don’t necessarily have to be fragmented from a Dream Walker in some part of your essence lineage or whatever to hold one?

ELIAS: Correct.” [session 1278, February 21, 2003]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: a reference to the character named Sumpter in The Education of Oversoul Seven (1973), a “fictional” book written by Jane Roberts that uses many of the concepts found in the Seth and Elias materials (for example simultaneous time, probabilities, the cycle of manifestation, essence families, altered states, etc.) Sumpter is a Speaker and lives in the City of the Speakers in 35,000 B.C.

(2) Paul’s note: a reference to the character named Ma-ah in The Education of Oversoul Seven (1973) written by Jane Roberts. Ma-ah is one of Oversoul Seven’s focus personalities living in 35,000 B.C.

(3) Paul’s note: a reference to the “straight little sapling” allegory that Elias often refers to when he discusses our need to trust, accept, take full responsibility for only ourselves.

Digests: find out more about the sapling story.

(4) Vic’s note: Elias used the word “fitted,” which I have changed to “fit.”

(5) Paul’s note: Elias talks about two distinct kinds of blinking in/out actions. First, is the incredibly fast quantum micro level (ten to the minus fifty-six second; see session 179, June 01, 1997). Second, is the incredibly slow macro level of billions of years (see session 262, January 25, 1998). Interestingly, this second kind is similar to the Yugas in Hindu cosmology that include million, billion, and quadrillion year cycles of manifestation. I referred to the second kind of blinking in this exchange.

Digests: find out more about blinking in and out.

(6) Paul’s note: I referred to the very evocative information given in 1997 in which Elias outlined a linear “order of play” of Dream Walker interaction in relation to what he calls the “shift in consciousness.”

Digests: find out more about the sequence of the Dream Walkers within the actions of their intents.

Digests: find out more about the shift in consciousness.

(7) Paul’s note: this “order of play” is offered in Dreams, “Evolution,” and Value Fulfillment, Vol. 1 (1986/1997), where Seth/Jane Roberts introduces a creation myth – what I call a “conscious creation myth” – that explains cosmogenesis in symbolic terms of what happened “before the beginning,” in the beginning, and thereafter, in terms of human involution/evolution on Earth.

Seth weaves many concepts into his creation storyline:

  • All-That-Is/consciousness units (CUs/causal field)
  • sleepwalkers/electromagnetic energy units (EEs/subtle field)
  • Frameworks 4, 3, 2 (subtle field)
  • the dream state (subtle field) functions as a “language of translation” for the waking state (physical field)
  • Framework 1 (physical field)
  • the paradoxical “before the beginning”
  • families of consciousness (innate intention)
  • the multidimensional psyche (outer ego, subconscious, inner ego)
  • the inner senses (deep intuitions/translogical hyperception)
  • reincarnation in the context of simultaneous time frameworks
  • probabilities

In the following excerpt, Seth shows that there was a “dreamtime” that was primary to the emergence and evolution of objective forms and functions to date – from matter (physiosphere), to bodies (biosphere), to self-reflexive minds (noosphere). In terms of objective awareness there was/is/will be a simultaneous nonphysical region of activity that always “precedes” physical forms. Therefore, less complex physical forms will by necessity precede the emergence of focuses of essence. In other words, Seth and Elias’ creation mythos support an important hypothesis in modern evolutionary theory: there was a hominid ancestor that was not yet a focus of essence but whose DNA we did inherit.

In nonlinear terms, then, this all happens in a vast spacious present. That is, the “dreamtime” is still happening all around and “inside” of us in terms of subjective awareness and no-time. However, in terms of objective awareness and linear time, there is a perceivable order of emergence. For example, Seth said that in our primordial past,

“While men had their dream bodies alone they enjoyed a remarkable freedom, of course, for those bodies did not have to be fed or clothed. They did not have to operate under the law of gravity. Men could wander as they wished about the landscape. They did not yet identify themselves to any great degree as being themselves separate from either the environment or other creatures. They knew themselves to be themselves, but their identities were not as closely allied with their forms as is now the case.

“The dream world was bound to waken, however, for that was the course it had set itself upon. This awakening, again, happened spontaneously, and yet with its own order. In the terms of this discussion the other creatures of the earth actually awakened before man did, and relatively speaking, their dream bodies formed themselves into physical ones before man’s did. The animals became physically effective, therefore, while to some degree man still lingered in that dream reality.

“The plants [i.e., biosphere] awakened before the animals [i.e., noosphere] – and there are reasons for these varying degrees of ‘wakefulness’ that have nothing to do basically with the differentiations of specieshood as defined by science from the outside but have to do with the inner affiliations of consciousness, and with species or families of consciousness [note: this is a reference to what Elias calls Dream Walkers in this session and what Seth calls sleepwalkers]. Those affiliations fell into being as all of the consciousnesses that were embarked upon physical reality divided up the almost unimaginable creative achievements that would be responsible for the physically effective world.” [session 899, February 06, 1980, DEV, Vol 1.]

Thus, Seth hints at an order of emergence in our ancient past (aspects of which exist simultaneously Now in subjective terms) that went roughly from matter (physiosphere) to bodies (biosphere) to self-reflexive minds (noosphere) that is consonant with the “order of play” I discuss with Elias in this session. What’s amazing is that these intersubjective perspectives are still missing from most contemporary evolutionary theory. The integral approach is thus designed to allow us to begin to fill in these blanks without throwing out the baby with the bathwater. That is, we don’t have to completely discard Darwin or anyone else, just expand and refine their limits since every model, theory, or storyline deals with partial snapshots of All-That-Is by default.

For example, it should be clearer that our contemporary sciences of archeology and anthropology still don’t recognize the fact that all potential species of flora and fauna inhabit the Earth in all moment points. However, while the physical, objective aspects are being measured and studied, the subjective aspects are still completely omitted because there isn’t a viable theory of consciousness within their paradigms that would open the doors of perception to explore them. Yet.

Finally, there’s an important distinction to make in the overall “order of play.” Namely, the physiosphere, biosphere, and noosphere each contain nested variations of the basic three-part mental structure explored earlier in the session:

  • Outer ego (physical construction region)
  • Mediating/Translation region (“subconscious” region)
  • Inner ego (nonphysical source region)

Put another way, all quantum fields (physiosphere) as they existed before a focus of essence emerged had a rudimentary outer ego, subconscious (translating region), and inner ego. As cellular life (biosphere) emerged, a new level of complexity manifested that transcended yet included the previous one. So all biospheric manifestations included elements of the physiosphere (atoms and molecules) yet formed a novel structure: cellular life forms. And on and on this process goes. Eventually, cellular life forms became so complex that a focus of essence (noosphere) emerged.

To summarize the “order of play” or emergence in Framework 1 terms:

  1. Quantum Fields = physiospheric outer ego, subconscious, inner ego
  2. Biological life forms (includes quantum fields) = biospheric outer ego, subconscious, inner ego
  3. Self-reflexive minds (includes quantum fields and biological life forms) = noospheric outer ego, subconscious, inner ego

Obviously, the type of nested outer ego structure will be quite different between a salt atom, a paramecium, and a human being, since each nest builds upon preceding structures and becomes increasingly sophisticated. Still, I find it quite beautiful that the basic functions and structures exist within each general region of emergence.

For more info on the holonic relationships between quantum fields (physiosphere), cellular life (biosphere), and self-reflexive minds (noosphere) see session 1357, May 29, 2003, endnote 4.

For more info on Seth’s mythos see Seth on “The Origins of the Universe and of the Species” – An Integral Conscious Creation Myth.

For Elias’ variation of Seth’s creation mythos see:

Digests: “before the beginning”.

Digests: Dream Walkers.

Digests: Source Events.

(8) Paul’s note: I had the following excerpt by Ken Wilber in mind when Elias verified these queries:

“When MacLean [who formulated the theory of the triune mammalian brain: reptilian, paleo-mammalian, and neo-mammalian regions] said that when humans lie on the couch for psychoanalysis, they lie down with a crocodile and a horse, that wasn’t the half of it: we lie down with the planets and the stars, the lakes and the rivers, the plankton and the oaks, the lizards and the birds, the rabbits and the apes–and, to repeat, not simply because they are our neighbors in our own universe, but because they are components in our own being, they are literally our bones and bold and marrow and guts and feelings and fears.” Sex, Ecology, Spirituality: The Spirit of Evolution (1995,2000) P. 109.

(9) Paul’s note: according to Elias, Source Events provide the “source energy” for Regional Area 1 constructions. They exist in Regional Area 2 (which is the same as Seth’s Framework 2).

Digests: find out more about Source Events.

Digests: find out more about Regional Area 2.

Also, note the similarity of Elias’ Source Events to Seth’s “master events” from Dreams, “Evolution,” and Value Fulfillment, Vol. 2 (1986,1997), p. 372. Interestingly, Source Events are similar to Ken Wilber’s “involutionary givens” in Excerpt A: An Integral Age at the Leading Edge.

Elias imparts in the preceding paragraph that the Dream Walker “region” of consciousness is causal in the sense that these holonic aspects create the actual “blueprints for reality” that exist within Regional Area 2. This is another general area of similarity with the Seth material. In The “Unknown” Reality, Vol. 1 (1977,1996), Seth/Jane Roberts introduces the concept of dream-art science as a potential methodology in which to explore the “blueprints for reality” from an expanded version of our waking, Framework 1 consciousness capable of exploring the “unknown” reality of Framework 2.

I believe that this endeavor is not only worthwhile, but a key to discovering, or more accurately “remembering,” how conscious creation actually works in space-time (objective awareness) and no-space-no-time (subjective awareness). This is also the goal of Elias’ “dream mission.”

Put another way, our current understanding of the relationship between Framework 1 and 2 is found in the field of physics (quantum mechanics). For example, David Bohm’s explicate and implicate orders. But upon closer examination we soon realize that this still deals with only the thin outer crust of energy-matter (physiosphere), and doesn’t adequately explain how bodies (biosphere) or minds (noosphere) work in Framework 1 terms alone! That would require the additional sciences of biology, developmental psychology, cultural anthropology, for example. To date, all of these disciplines exist in parallel at best, and more often in complete isolation from each other.

Seth’s dream-art science and Wilber’s integral approach outline, in a general way, the basic requirements to adequately study All-That-Is in a more holonic embrace:

> Energy-matter-space-time (physiosphere/physics)
> Body (biosphere/biology)
> Mind (noosphere/psychology)
> Soul (psychosphere/theology)
> Spirit (nondual source/mysticism)

This conceptual foundation helps us to outline an integral approach that more adequately investigates the mechanics of conscious creation.

For more info see The Dream-Art Science Sessions (700-704), Abridged.

(10) Paul’s note: Elias makes a clear distinction between duality or pairs of opposites and duplicity, which is one of the ten foundational belief systems.

RODNEY: “Would you distinguish again the distinction between duality and duplicity?”

ELIAS: “I am aware that your new religion of your metaphysics moves in the direction of designating duality as the same as duplicity, but in actuality, I am quite careful in my choice of words that I offer to you in explanation of these belief systems and concepts.

“Duality is suggestive of two, or a double of elements. Duplicity, although it incorporates what you term to be opposites, it is not necessarily merely two. It is an incorporation of very different conflicting elements within you simultaneously, in opposition to each other. Duality does not always suggest conflict or opposing elements. You may hold duality in certain areas that may complement each other. Within duplicity, these elements of the belief system that you hold do not complement each other. They are opposing of each other and creating of conflict.”

RODNEY: “In other words, the north pole and the south pole are complementary ...”

ELIAS: “Correct.”

RODNEY: “... dualities.”

ELIAS: “Correct.”

RODNEY: “They are not in conflict.”

ELIAS: “They are not within conflict. Duplicity IS within conflict. It is a creation of conflict.”

“… And where you hold duplicity, you also hold conflict.” [session 328, October 03, 1998]

(11) Paul’s note: according to Charles Darwin’s original theory, circa 1859, natural selection is the theory and storyline used to rationalize biological mutations over vast spans of time from a purely materialistic perspective. That is, the theory never included a viable theory of consciousness, or interior aspects of subjective reality. Also, it has never been proven as fact, and has been heavily modified in the subsequent one hundred and fifty years by scientists in a variety of fields. Since Darwin’s theory did not include a working theory of consciousness, the entire subjective and intersubjective realms of reality were not included in his or many derivative theories. We can now see this as a glaring omission that leaves out half of the story of “evolution” – the subjective and intersubjective half that deals with consciousness.

However, as of this writing, the idea has been greatly expanded to include not only just biological processes, but social (interobjective), cultural (intersubjective), and mental (subjective) processes that work in complementary fashion. Ken Wilber, Allan Combs, Michael Murphy, and George Leonard are notable integral theorists working in this area.

Still, when Elias said, “continual experimentation of the subjective manipulating links of consciousness in association with time to create different manifestations in physical matter,” I had the immediate impression that he had just offered his own clarification that expanded these contemporary definitions from the perspective of the causal intersubjective region. That is, from the Regional Area 4 perspective that Elias claims is his natural focus of attention. (And, as he often says, aspects of all essences exist there as well.)

Put it all together and a multidimensional (holonic) picture begins to emerge in which we begin to see that virtually all contemporary evolutionary theories are still blinded by Regional Area 1 perceptive artifacts, namely, the dominance of the outer ego which sees itself as the center of all-of-consciousness to such extremes that it has reduced all subjective aspects of essence into objective things, processes, or “its.” Again, that’s only half of the story!

Therefore, we also want to integrate the view from the inside, so to speak. And Elias’ (and Seth’s) information further animates those missing perspectives. The integral approach holds the view that consciousness is causal, and specifically (Elias’) objective awareness, avenues of communication, subjective awareness or (Seth’s) outer ego, subconscious, and inner ego all work in concert to simultaneously co-create the four Regional Areas (or Frameworks) in holonic fashion. Therefore, any accurate story or theory of evolution in this Now must take into careful consideration both linear (space-time) and nonlinear (no-space-no-time), objective and subjective aspects of the psyche (essence) and All-That-Is.

Finally, it should become clear that Elias is not completely refuting our linear belief systems of “evolution” in this session, but making sure that we see them for what they are, namely, belief systems (memes) or artifacts of Regional Area 1 constructions.

(12) Paul’s note: Elias’ statement – “selecting the preferred and the efficient.” – is consonant with our contemporary sciences of complexity that have greatly expanded our understanding of “evolutionary” processes since the time of Darwin. Again, this is not to say that Darwin was 100% in error, he wasn’t. He was just dealing with a much smaller snapshot of All-That-Is that, with 20/20 hindsight, we now see as true but very, very partial.

However, the belief system of evolution has been refined in amazing and more accurate ways since the time of Darwin, like all authentic science. I’m not suggesting that current sciences of complexity will ever provide anything that approaches a complete picture without a working theory of consciousness, and again, an integral approach provides one.

For more information and a good example of how far we’ve come since Darwin, check out Ken Wilber’s Sex, Ecology, Spirituality: The Spirit of Evolution (1995, 2000). It integrates a viable theory of consciousness into a scientific, artistic, and moral context along with aspects of body, mind, and spirit. Wilber includes recent breakthroughs in evolutionary as well as perennial wisdom traditions (e.g., Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Christian, etc.). In terms of recent sciences, there are many wonderful refinements that greatly expand Darwin’s original theory. For example:

“The new sciences … are collectively known as the sciences of complexity–including General Systems Theory (Bertalanffy, Weiss), cybernetics (Wiener), nonequilibrium thermodynamics (Prigogine), cellular automata theory (von Neumann), catastrophe theory (Thom), autopoietic system theory (Maturana and Varela), dynamic systems theory (Shaw, Abraham), and chaos theories, among others.” (SES, p. 22)

All this to say that when Elias implies that the action of evolution “is a continual experimentation of manipulating energy, which is consciousness, in different manners, and thusly, in your terms, selecting the preferred and the efficient,” he offers further clues from his subjective perspective as to how this action of “efficient selection” occurs throughout various holonic structures within essence and its focuses in relation to Regional Area 1 constructs. And these may well form core “evolutionary” processes that we’ve barely begun to understand.

Scale that up to over six billion focuses in this Now, and we can begin to imagine how “exceedingly complex” the holonic action of conscious creation is in Regional Area 1 alone! The contemporary sciences listed above add their own puzzle pieces to our increased objective understanding of how things work and thus complement both Seth and Elias’ more story-like versions of “before the beginning,” in the beginning, and thereafter.

The significant point, again, is that Elias provides a subjective or more fully informed interior perspective on the process of “evolution” that acknowledges the importance of linear time and its constructions, but also reminds us that there is a vast inner realm of choice and action that we are only beginning to become objectively aware of that is intimately involved in conscious creation and co-creation. This is a natural outcome of the action of what Elias calls the “shift in consciousness” and part and parcel of my intent in formulating “integral conscious creation” that includes Wilber’s subjective, intersubjective, and objective aspects of the psyche (essence).

Digests – see also: | accepting self | aspects of essence; an overview | avenues of communication | becoming | “before the beginning” | belief systems; an overview | blinking in and out | blueprints | about children | choices/agreements | dimension | disengage (“death”) | distortion | Dream Walkers; the sequence of action | energy signatures | essence; an overview | essence families; an overview (Sumafi/Seers, Watchers, Hearers) | essence families; belonging to/aligning with | essence families; counterparts | essence families; energy exchanges | essence families; intents | essence families; subdivisions | essence names | essence tones | “evolution” | expression of essence | extraterrestrials | focus of essence; an overview | fragmentation | hamster wheel | information | objective/subjective awareness | manifestation | mergence | perception | pools of consciousness | probabilities | remembrance of essence | Rose; an overview | Rose; the nine children of | Seth, Jane Roberts | sexuality and emotion | shift in consciousness | Source Events | transition | you create your reality |

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