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Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “As we have discussed previously, you would need to incorporate many, many, many, many focuses to experience all of the aspects of all of the subjects or feelings that are possible. Therefore, you choose counterparts and splinters to experience with you simultaneously.” [session 46, October 18, 1995]

ELIAS: “These are important concepts for you to contemplate, for the introduction of counterparts will challenge the importance of your individual selves. There are many aspects to this subject of counterparts. They are not limited to your own essence. Counterparts intertwine throughout consciousness. There are no boundaries or barriers within the creation of counterparts. Therefore, there are many aspects and different actions of these elements of consciousness; this being the reason that I choose presently to preface our movement into this subject matter with information of the importance and validity of yourself. I do not express to you lightly that you are the center of the universe, for you are! Therefore, remember this as we move into areas that may create defocusing, within your awareness of you.” [session 126, September 29, 1996]

ELIAS: “These are, as I have expressed to you previously, very difficult areas. I have offered you very simple explanations to this point, of counterparts and probabilities and unofficial information, but I have also expressed to you that these are very difficult areas to be explaining within the confines of your language and your understanding. More information is offered to you continuously within this forum, for you continue to widen and hold the ability to assimilate the information.” [session 160, March 30, 1997]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “In continuing our discussion of counterparts, we shall enter the area of group counterpart action. There are many different types of group counterpart action. You presently are engaged in one type of group counterpart action. There are times within your history that you may view the manifestation of group counterpart action in mass events. These may take the form of national group counterpart actions. You may liken these actions to your sports games, in which you have teams of opposing sides, so to speak. In this also, within groups, counterparts manifest within an action of opposing desires. These are for specific reasons each time they are created. Each of your wars incorporate the action of group counterpart actions. Many of your different types of mass events are created in cooperation of counterparts.

This is not to say that all counterpart action in groups must be large groups, for they are not. Some are quite small. These you may also liken to pools of consciousness. I have expressed to you that there are many pools of consciousness, inside of pools, inside of pools. You each hold your own pools of consciousness, and there are overlapping pools of consciousness with counterpart action involved also. Some individuals choose to manifest within groups with a specific intent. In this, as they manifest within a specific intent, another group will manifest also as a counterpart group. This allows for a balance within the experience. It also enhances the accomplishment of each group’s intent.

This shift is a mass event. This also is a counterpart action, for the counterparts held to you are those within the religious and scientific belief systems. These are the established, existing individuals and consciousness upon your planet, within your dimension. These are the accepted line of consciousness. You now, within agreement, choose to be altering of this accepted line of consciousness. Therefore, you introduce a counterpart action and initiate your shift.

In this, be realizing that you are not doing battle with your counterparts. You, as counterparts, are serving to enhance the experience of each. Therefore you, within your intent and your counterpart action, are not attempting to eliminate existing belief systems. You are serving to alter the main, accepted line of consciousness through your intent and your desire. As you display your awareness, you offer awareness to your counterparts. In this, within their own experience, which may be different to your experience, they also may align with this shift. Aligning with the shift in consciousness is not necessarily eliminating the belief systems presently held within scientific or religious beliefs. These will naturally widen, within the action of your widening of consciousness.

Throughout your history, there have been many group counterpart actions, these involving different aspects of different families. You already view, within our game, the counterpart action in one aspect. You may identify to yourselves, if you are noticing within your game, that the Zuli and the Milumet families are natural counterparts to each other. In this, they are complementary to each other.

... You may, upon investigation, offer yourselves information of other essence families that hold counterpart action.

Be remembering, within our explanations of counterparts, that not all counterparts are opposite of each other. There are many actions of counterparts. Therefore, you view one quite obviously within these two essence families, but the other essence families hold counterpart action also in different areas. These are a little more difficult for you to be recognizing, but if you are clever, you may discover the counterpart action of these other essence families.

You may already hold a slight awareness of the counterpart action of the Sumari and the Ilda families, which may be causing of conflict for some individuals, as Lanyah [Julie], aligning with both such families, holding counterpart action within yourself! (Grinning, and laughter) Although, as I have stated, the counterpart action is quite complementary to each other. Therefore, it is also beneficial.

You may view, as we have discussed previously, your World War of the second [World War II], which held many group counterpart actions within many of the families, and also many intents. These, in your study of history, you may offer yourselves information of individuals aligning with certain intents and certain families which act as counterparts to other families. These elements offer you much information of yourselves, for all of the actions that are created within mass events are also mirrored within the individual.

You hold all of the same aspects that you create outwardly in what you view to be larger circumstances. Your communities, your governments, your globe is modeled from the individual. All that you possess, you project into your society. Therefore, the actions that you express within mass events offer you information of yourselves inwardly. They also provide you with very visible evidence of counterpart action. It is quite easy to view mass events, such as this stated, and view the different elements and intents involved with groups of individuals. These also are mirrored from you.

All things originate within the individual. It does not work in the direction of outside to in; larger to smaller. The order of consciousness works from inside, expanding. As to the expanding and retracting universe, the universe does not retract. It expands continuously, but within the same space; (pause) as you expand continuously, but within the same space. (Another pause)

NORM: Interesting. The status of the Soviet Union has recently changed. I’m sure it was initiated by all of the people on this Earth, but was it mostly initiated by the people behind the iron curtain?

ELIAS: Correct. There are overlapping desires, just as there are overlapping pools of consciousness and overlapping intents. Therefore, simultaneous to counterpart action, you also hold individual intents and mass event actions which all overlap each other, but may be different within the desire. Therefore, within many of your mass events, you, upon investigation of consciousness, will find that there is not merely one reasoning for each action that occurs. Within this action of which you speak, many elements have occurred simultaneously. These, in one respect, are latent qualities within the body of the society expressing, as impulses which have been blocked and then erupt in expression; for energy must be expressed. In another aspect of this action, a counterpart action has occurred within mass event, and group. (Pause) I shall allow you all questions this evening.

NORM: Like the change of the western world to Christianity that occurred around 300 AD, that was a group event also then?

ELIAS: This is a mass event.

NORM: Mass event. I mean a mass event.

ELIAS: Within this mass event you hold many counterpart actions, for you hold many different group factions within the mass event of Christianity. This is not expressing that all of those religious beliefs outside of the sphere of Christianity are counterpart actions. It is to say that all of the factions within the sphere of Christianity are counterpart actions within group situations.

NORM: And the shift that is occurring now is because of the fact that there is a mass action amongst probably many groups, the timing of which every individual is to decide what part he will actually play objectively in that? We are to decide ahead of time what part we will play in that shift? Is that part of it? Am I making sense?

ELIAS: You have already established your desire and your intent. Therefore, you have already established your choice in probabilities. In this, you are not choosing your position in the creation of the shift. You are allowing yourself the understanding of the action of the shift, and your lending of energy to its end.

NORM: There will be people that are opposing this?

ELIAS: This is correct.

NORM: And they will have energy against it, but it’s the one that’s got the most energy wins? Is that true?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. (Here, Daniche arrives, and the dogs start barking again. Maybe it’s time to unincorporate the dogs?)

VICKI: I have a question, just to clarify my own understanding, regarding the group counterpart action, and I’ll use the example of the shift. We have an intent to accelerate, in continuing the action of this shift. Within that, there are other groups, counterpart groups, that have counterpart action with us, but did I understand you correctly? Not what you would consider in opposition to the intent; such as groups with religious or scientific belief systems. I’m not quite clear on how the interaction between the groups would facilitate the action.

ELIAS: It is a lending of energy. You view singularly. You view that if an individual is not completely aligned with your thought process, that they are in opposition to you. This is not necessarily the case. Individuals may lend energy to the same purpose, to so speak, and hold different belief systems. There is movement within your scientific and your religious communities that aligns within energy, within an understanding that they have achieved thus far to a stopping point. They have moved into an area of choice-making. They may choose to continue upon your hamster wheel (humorously) within their physical mathematical languages scientifically, or they may incorporate true meta-physics; not your interpretation of metaphysical, but within the true explanation of metaphysics, there is a ‘beyond the physical aspects’ which encompasses subjective activity. Within religious areas, there is an understanding; a knowing; a movement. Their belief systems differ, but they understand and hold a knowing of movement. Their interpretation of this movement may differ, but they lend energy to the movement, for they believe.

There are individuals that do not lend energy to the shift in consciousness. These individuals differ from those that seek religious fulfillment and belief systems, or scientific truths. There is a vast ocean between scientists that seek truth and scientists that seek science! (Smiling) Those that seek truth shall move beyond physical, and understand that non-physical and consciousness are the mechanics of your physical.” [session 136, November 24, 1996]

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