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acceptance 101

“For others to approve of me is easy; for me to approve myself is hard.” ~ Yuan-Cheng

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ELIAS: “This day we shall be engaged with our classroom, dealing with the subject matter of ‘Acceptance 101, The Remedial Edition.’ For those of you who have attended Acceptance 102 and are finding difficulty in executing these steps in acceptance, we shall be returning to 101, therefore allowing you the opportunity to begin again!

Now; our first point within Acceptance 101 is – keep careful note of this – acknowledging that you are within physical focus. All of you may check presently. (Elias slaps his leg a few times) You are here, correct? This is your first requirement. (Laughter)

After you have established that you are here, and are sure that you are here and not within another focus and not non-physical, then you may begin with your next step. Your next step shall be to realize that within your physical focus, you hold belief systems. Now, be writing after this: Acknowledge that you hold belief systems. They are acceptable. They are not bad. They are not unacceptable. They are your reality. Is this clear?


ELIAS: Are you quite sure? (Quite humorously)


ELIAS: First, acknowledge you belong here, that you ARE here, that you are physical. Then, acknowledge that you hold belief systems. This is only two points thus far.

Now you move to your next step: Examining self within each moment, recognizing that you hold great duplicity and you are not acknowledging of yourselves continuously throughout your day. Keep track of this step!

As you move to your next step, you shall be NOTICING – capitalize NOTICING, all letters! – NOTICING each time you are discounting of yourself. We are within 101 now, not 102, so you need not concern yourselves with other individuals, only yourselves. This shall be quite easy for you, for you are all so very wide and so very accepting of your belief systems and yourselves, and you know yourselves so very well! (Grinning, and we all laugh)

Be remembering, we are concerning ourselves with this one focus. It is unnecessary to be concerning yourself with other focuses, for they shall concern themselves with themselves. You may not be accepting of another focus if you are not accepting of THIS focus! Therefore, each time throughout your day, you shall be noticing and addressing to yourself each time you are discounting of self.

Now we move into the complicated steps, for this shall be involving impressions and impulses, which you are so very versed at recognizing and may identify them so very easily, for you are SO versed in this material now and you have practiced so very much! Therefore, this shall be relatively easy for you.

Therefore, each time you hold an impression, instead of expressing to yourselves, ‘Oh, this was not an impression,’ you shall be expressing to yourselves, within acceptance of self and recognition, that you are glorious beings. Insert this into the first step: You are glorious beings! You may repeat this at least forty to fifty times a day as acknowledging of self, and as you are repeating this, you may eventually begin to believe this, for it is true. (Smiling)

As you receive an impression, you shall be acknowledging of your impression. As you receive an impulse, you shall be following through with your impulse, and you shall not be concerning yourselves with other individuals – for this is 101, not 102 – and what they may be perceiving of you. Therefore, it shall not concern you that you appear to be experiencing lunacy. You shall follow yourselves anyway! (Grinning)

As you are following your impulses and your impressions and accepting them within you, you also shall be noticing your language, for in your language you are expressing reinforcement of your discounting of self. We shall not be listening to any more individuals expressing, ‘I am stupid!’ (Laughter) We shall not be listening to individuals expressing, ‘I cannot accomplish,’ for you can! Or, ‘All of these elements are much too difficult for this particular individual, for I am not as wide or as knowledgeable as all the other individuals.’ Comparison is not acceptable within Acceptance 101! You need not compare yourselves to other individuals. You need only be concentrating upon yourself.

(Vic’s note: I wish I could convey the comedic delivery here!)

As we move to our next step, you may also be noticing your responses to other individuals. Your nephew phones you and expresses that your Uncle Harold has died. Your immediate response should not be, ‘Oh, I am so very sorry.’ For why are you sorry? This reinforces your belief systems that movement within consciousness is bad, and it is not. Therefore, you are also discounting of self and reinforcing your own belief systems in this area. Noticing of your language shall be quite helpful to you, for it shall offer you examples of how you are not accepting of yourself. You may walk about each day expressing what a glorious being you are and loving yourselves, for you are worthy of this. This will be your first step in your accomplishment of acceptance of self.

You may also be listening to the ‘spooks,’ (laughter) which are continuously in communication with you, and be acknowledging of this and their helpfulness also. And you may consider yourselves to be spooks also, (grinning) for your essence, that ‘dead’ part of you, shall be communicating with you also. Therefore, you may look to yourselves and recognize that you all have little ghosts traveling with you throughout your journey in physical focus, interacting with you at all times, and this is your essence. (Pause, during which it appears that Elias is quite pleased with himself)

Now; as you have acquired this information, I shall be anticipating that you all shall be practicing quite strenuously futurely in Acceptance 101, which shall be helpful to you in repeating Acceptance 102. And we shall continue with these discussions of acceptance, acceptance, acceptance, acceptance ... until you all are accepting! (Elias finally starts laughing) Acceptance 101 is easier than Acceptance 102, (he laughs deviously here, which cracks us all up) but I am reminding you of Acceptance 102!” [session 236, November 08, 1997]

Elias “gems”

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