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remembrance of essence

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Each of you, as has been stated, are engaging in subjective movement in a different element presently. You are engaging a remembrance. You do not understand the activity that you have begun, and the bleed-through is not accomplished completely. Therefore, you may not yet hold images to be offering yourselves explanations.

“You initially feel. Within the remembrance that is occurring presently, there is much emotional attachment. Therefore, you shall be identifying with these emotions first. This may be confusing to you, for you may not hold the ability to attach a rational reasoning to these emotional states. I have expressed to you that there is great movement occurring within consciousness in this present now. This is affecting of you, and you are affecting of it.” [session 145, January 05, 1997]

ELIAS: “Within this action of movement of consciousness, moving into the beginnings of this shift, as I have stated, there is also a remembrance occurring. In this, you think of the word remembrance and you imagine that you shall hold a clear memory. Initially, you shall not. You shall experience feelings. This is an element of your experience presently. Within the beginnings of a remembrance, initially you shall be feeling.

“Look to your dream activity, for you shall hold clues to the remembrance within this action of your imagery also. Pay attention to the movement of the dream mission, for as it continues it shall be instructional also.

“This is a temporary situation. It shall be moved through, as you allow. The length of your time period that it continues is your choice, as you do not allow your own movement and expression. Acceptance of your own self, your own expression, your own feelings, regardless of your understanding, will be helpful.” [session 146, January 05, 1997]

ELIAS: “As you move into the action of your shift more intensely and are allowing your awareness to be widening, you shall also allow yourselves more of a remembrance and therefore an identification with information that you do not understand presently.” [session 193, July 13, 1997]

ELIAS: “All that I may express to any individual, and yourself also, you DO already know! I am merely reminding you of that which you already know. My purpose, so to speak, in interaction is to be facilitating of the remembrance. You already hold all of this information. You merely are requiring of a ‘little push,’ that you may be remembering of all that you know.” [session 293, July 01, 1998]

FEMALE: “Could you clarify what you mean by other focuses? I’m not quite sure what you mean.”

ELIAS: “In YOUR terms, you express within your language a focus to be a lifetime. You move in the direction of your perception of linear time. Therefore, you look to your other focuses and you express them to be past lifetimes or future lifetimes. I express these to be other focuses of your essence, for there is no past or future. They are all occurring simultaneously. Therefore, they are sideways to yourself, not before you or behind you. In this, as you are allowing yourself to be connecting with any of these other focuses, you shall also be beginning to offer yourself more of your own remembrance.” [session 302, July 26, 1998]

ELIAS: “All individuals hold all of this information. What you offer in helpfulness is a movement in triggering a remembrance, for this is what you are all accessing, your own remembrances of essence, for you already hold all of this information, and this be all that I offer to you also, is encouragement to be accessing your own remembrance; not to be imparting your remembrance for you, but to be encouraging you to access your own remembrance – for it is your tone – and to be encouraging you to be trusting and accepting of self, for within your remembrance and the forgetfulness within your own oubliettes, you have also forgotten the trustfulness of self, and look to others for your guidance and your direction. But you hold your own direction, and you hold the ability to be steering your own ship!” [session 355, January 27, 1999]

ELIAS: “Now; let me also express to you that many individuals may term this type of relationship to be what you express as ‘guides.’ I express to you, in actuality, within the context of belief systems, there are no essences which are in actuality guides, or what you may term to be ‘spirit guides.’ There are essences which interact with each other in different types of relationships which are helpful to each other, but no one essence is above any other essence.

“Therefore, there may not be masters and guides, for this denotes to you that they are better or higher or greater than you, and they are not. They merely hold a remembrance and you do not, for you do not allow yourselves – yet – within physical focus, but you are altering that reality also within this shift in consciousness, and allowing yourself your own remembrances.” [session 385, April 18, 1999]

ELIAS: “Holding the remembrance and acceptance of belief systems are two of the base elements of this shift in consciousness, which allows you to open and widen your awareness, which subsequently allows you to be accomplishing your creativity more fully and realizing your abilities more fully.” [session 390, May 01, 1999]

ELIAS: “Throughout your history within this dimension, you have attached more and more to your reality of your belief systems and you have moved farther and farther away from the remembrance of essence, and in creating this separation, you also are creating of a mistrust, for you are not remembering self and the gloriousness of your abilities within self, and you reinforce all of this – what you term to be negativity – in a lack of acceptance of self, for what shall you trust if you are not understanding and viewing unknown? But it is not unknown. It is merely forgotten, and in this lack of remembrance, as you create more and more of this separation, you create this rift, so to speak, between yourself and yourself, and in this, you create your expression of what I have expressed previously in your oubliette. You isolate yourselves into believing that you are singular and that you are alone, and that you are unworthy and that you do not create well enough, and that all outside of you is better or that you may aspire to be better, and I express to you that all you need be aspiring to, in physical terms, is the remembrance of yourself.” [session 411, June 07, 1999]

ELIAS: “The remembrance is not a memory! It is a state of being. It is a knowing. Therefore, as you engage the remembrance, you are engaging a manner of being, a perception, a knowing, not a memory of an event.

(Intently) “As you engage the remembrance in conjunction with dream imagery, you are not necessarily recalling the event of the dream imagery and translating that into an interpretation within thoughts, but you are creating an actual state of being in conjunction with the dream imagery.

(Intently) “You are creating a perception which is not necessarily translated into thoughts, but is merely enacted in being, and there is held a knowing within you, regardless that you may not identify in actual words or language, for you have created your own language to yourself, which is the bridge, so to speak, from the oubliette into the actualization in objective awareness of remembrance.

“And this is the point – not to be creating a philosophy, not to be drawing comparisons, but to be creating your individual language that is creating the translation into objective awareness. This is your movement from the oubliette into the remembrance.” [session 493, October 26, 1999]

ELIAS: “All that you present to yourself is filtered through what is known in objective terms in this physical reality, and this physical reality incorporates separation purposefully, and therefore you automatically associate in that known familiarity. Therefore, the concept of the lack of separation is unfamiliar to you, and presents to you in objective terms quite a challenge in your ability to be assimilating an understanding of that type of reality, or the concept of reality in those terms.

“Now; this is also what I have expressed to you as the widening of your awareness and the incorporation of the remembrance.

“The remembrance, as I have stated previously, is not memory. It is not the expression of recall or remembering previous experience, so to speak, or previous state of being, in a manner of speaking. The remembrance that I am expressing to you is the widening of your awareness objectively to the point that you incorporate a state of being which KNOWS the lack of separation.” [session 758, January 14, 2001]

JULIE: “I’ve been interested in Buddha and what Buddha experienced during the moment of enlightenment. Can you express that in your own terms, what that would have been?” (Pause)

ELIAS: “One moment. (10-second pause) Very well. I may express to you an identification of what may be translated into what you know within this physical dimension. The experience is an actual allowance of BEING the remembrance, a moment of incorporating the state of being of remembrance of consciousness and essence, not in association with this shift in consciousness.

“This is the reason that there is much attention offered to this experience. For in this time framework, you all throughout your globe are moving into that experience of remembrance but in association with your choice to be creating this shift in consciousness, and in this, the individual has allowed that experience NOT in association with the shift in consciousness. Are you understanding?”

JULIE: “He was not involved with it, with the shift, but we will be able to incorporate something similar within the shift?”

ELIAS: “Yes.”

JULIE: “Is that what you’re saying?”

ELIAS: “Yes. This is a state of being, of knowing the remembrance of essence and of consciousness — the knowing, the dropping of the veil of separation and the recognition of what you are as consciousness and essence.”

JULIE: “I know I shouldn’t ask this, but is that possible for me too?”

ELIAS: “Yes, my friend! Quite! You also are participating in this shift in consciousness, and you are not excluded from the action of it. Ha ha!” [session 925, October 12, 2001]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “I am understanding that there are issues within physical focus to which, in actuality, it would be quite easy for me to be offering solutions to you, as it would be quite easy for me to offer solutions to Michael [Mary] also; but within offering solutions to your challenges, you do not remember; and this is the point. Your widening is another term for remembrance; this being also why I have expressed, to Lawrence [Vicki], a suggestion that you temper your hold on not remembering!

Your little game of calling each other on your ‘personal invalidations’ was quite fun, but quite short-lived. Now, you may call yourself each time you hear your own words of ‘I don’t remember, I can’t remember, I am not remembering,’ for you are reinforcing not remembering; and there are more things to remember than physical focus! (Pause) And remember this: You are very close! (Smiling)

Remember Cyprus’ (1) words; and she also, who is not a she, does not offer answers, for she/he has not offered answers to any essence engaged in the process of widening or remembering, for if you wish to view this as a purpose, my answers would be defeating of this. Therefore, remember also, you incorporate all answers yourselves, but you also present yourself with opportunities to ‘jog’ your memory. You set situations within your focus to be motivating, which you have done. Therefore, you face yourself with the probabilities of being motivated and continuing, or relinquishing your motivation. The choice is yours. (Pause) I have not known these essences to be turning from challenges, though! (Grinning, and Vicki laughs)

VICKI: Thank you.” [session 48, October 28, 1995]

VICKI: “I do have some questions for Mary, actually for both of us. What about this obsession with the music that she has, and my own obsession with the music that I have? What’s up with that?

ELIAS: You are both very close to a remembrance. Your desire is great. You have held a desire throughout our sessions to be remembering of this agreement. Therefore, although temporarily you may objectively lose sight of this desire, underlying, so to speak, it is always there. Therefore, it is always motivating. Within your subjective movement and your desire to be objectively connecting with this, you allow a bubbling up of subjective knowledge almost to your objective surface. You are quite near to your remembrance. Within your fascination and attraction to your musical compositions, you are remembering childhood feelings. These are within another focus.

Let me explain that all focuses are aware of the activity within all other focuses. Therefore, subjectively you are aware of the activity within your other focuses, just as the entirety of essence simultaneously is aware of all of its focuses. As I have stated, there is no reincarnation. Therefore, you Lawrence [Vicki] – Victoria – within this focus are not another focus. You have not experienced another lifetime previous to this lifetime. Therefore, you have not accomplished actions within another lifetime that you are remembering within this lifetime, for Victoria has accomplished actions within THIS lifetime, THIS focus.

VICKI: Okay ...

ELIAS: You do hold a remembrance of other focuses, to which you hold aspects of consciousness within those focuses, as they hold aspects of consciousness within you. In this, the action that is accomplished within another focus you hold a remembrance of as if it were your memory, for it IS your memory. In this, you are allowing this bubbling of subjective memory to the surface of objectivity. The trigger is your musical composition of childhood. You are remembering of relationships, which is your method, so to speak, of leading you to a remembrance of agreement. Within your analyzation, your attempt is to be remembering before the agreement; identifying the relationship first, and subsequently identifying the agreement within the relationship. Understand, as I have stated to you, this agreement was made not only within consciousness within your intermission time, but also within a specific focus objectively.

VICKI: And so the music is triggering a memory of that specific focus?

ELIAS: Correct. It is being helpful. Michael [Mary], on the other hand, connects visually. Although he also is choosing to be connecting musically in compliance with Lawrence [Vicki] within consciousness as a trigger for memory, he holds still to his visual trigger. Therefore, the appearance of the gown within his dream imagery is also a correlation to the imagery that he chooses to connect with visually within the theatrical performance. It is indicative of a time period. It is the same time period of the focus. This is what he is remembering.

VICKI: Is it the same focus that we connected with a long time ago?

ELIAS: Yes. This is why you hold this fascination. Just as many individuals, Michael [Mary] also, experience dream activity of a repetitious nature connected with another focus, once identified, this shall discontinue. In this same manner, at moments within your focus you provide yourself with information or imagery that is triggering of another focus. This at times you shall objectively recognize. You do not understand what you are recognizing, but you shall feel strongly and be compelled to be continuing or investigating. Individuals may view a picture of another country and feel desperately compelled to be investigating, going so far as to board your airplanes and actually traveling to these locations to investigate why they feel this strange feeling. They experience a compulsion. It is an identification of another focus which is influencing of this focus, which all of your focuses are influencing, but you may remember objectively certain elements of certain focuses.

You do not generally remember all of your focuses within one focus. You do not necessarily identify with all of your experiences. You may hold a focus within your time period of your pyramids. You may hold no identification or feeling of attraction to this time period, but within certain actions and intent of individual focuses which may be common, you may identify with another focus which holds a common intent. As I have expressed, each focus holds its own intent and desires, although underlying they also align with the intent of the family that they belong to. Each individual focus holds its own pool of probabilities and its own intent. Some are more similar than others. Some, in a manner of speaking, may be ‘sequel stories’ to each other. Therefore, although, as I have stated previously, no focus holds more significance than another and no focus is more influencing than another, you may hold objectively more of a remembrance of one than another. Therefore, this continued desire to be repeating of this action is an attempt to be triggering a memory. If you are continuing to pound yourself with this trigger you believe you shall remember, for you are being faced by your own action with information that is very similar to your memory.

A lullaby upon your musical composition shall strike you more than the others, for this is an identification of a remembered lullaby to which you knew as a child. It holds significance; in your terms, sentimental value. The imagery of the theatrical performance holds significance to Michael [Mary], for it is representative of the same time period. Therefore, he may objectively view what he has viewed before, in your terms.

Express to Michael [Mary] to be remembering of his encounter within your new game (2) and his remembrance of departure of physical focus within that time period, so to speak. In this, he may further identify with what he is viewing within this performance. Although the time period within your historical terms is slightly different, it holds the same action; the revolutionary uprising, the battle, the exit of physical focus within the manner chosen, the ambiance. There are differences, but there are enough similarities to be triggering of memory. Therefore, you each hold a nostalgic feeling. You parallel within your actions quite well! You do not always identify that you are paralleling each other within your movement, but you are.

VICKI: Might be interesting for us to connect with each other’s musical trigger.

ELIAS: You may, within experiment, attempt!” [session 142, December 27, 1996]

ELIAS: “… many, many individuals shall be experiencing the beginnings of a remembrance, of which we have spoken previously. In this, you are allowing yourselves to identify with your own language, your own communication with essence, your own identification with self, which is to your way of thinking unimaginably immense; and this is you. You are multidimensional and you are exceedingly diverse, and ultimately and immaculately creative. Other individuals experience emotional occurrences in a beginning of remembrances. These shall continue, as you are presently engaged within the beginnings of the action of your shift.

... You shall be manifesting these remembrances in many diverse ways. You shall each manifest different expressions that you will notice in this action of remembrance. Initially, you may experience confusion. You may experience conflict. You may experience even distress within the beginnings of these remembrances, but as you move into this remembrance it shall be very helpful to you for your understanding, and also for your awareness of self. As you incorporate more remembrance of self, you shall be helpful to yourself, and you shall hold a greater ability objectively to be helpful to other individuals also. You are always influencing and helpful subjectively. You are not always helpful objectively! But you are beginning, and this also is a manifestation of this movement of this shift.” [session 147, January 12, 1997]

ELIAS: “… beyond merely individual physical dimensions there are elements that you have not dreamt of, but that you hold the ability to access this within your remembrance. This be the point of this shift in consciousness, that you liberate yourselves from the confines and limitations of your physical belief systems and move into the wider awareness of essence and consciousness, which shall allow you a more expansive expression of your creativity which is a more expansive expression of your thought processes and of your knowing, and also frees you from this hamster wheel (smiling) that you continuously run upon in a circle, asking your same questions and receiving non-answers.” [session 275, April 23, 1998]

ANON: “Elias, I’m not sure you’re going to tell us, but do you know what the next dimension will be that Jennifer or I will enter?

ELIAS: This would be a matter of choice.

Now; I may express to you that as you choose to be disengaging this physical dimension, you shall automatically enter into the area of consciousness which is termed to be transition, and for what you think of as being a time period you shall occupy this area of consciousness, for it shall be necessary for your movement to be completely shedding of all belief systems that have been gained through physical focuses, and also of all of your objective awareness. Objective awareness is directly related to physical focuses and is unnecessary within consciousness and subjective non-physical awarenesses.

ANON: Well, what’s the point of us being here then, if we have go and get rid of everything? Sort of like you have to go like clean yourself to move on to the next.... (Elias is shaking his head)

ELIAS: No, no, no, no, no! You are not rejecting or throwing away! You are holding to the experiences, which are creating an addition to your state of becoming, but it is unnecessary to hold to the belief systems that are connected to the experiences. The belief systems have been created within this dimension as explanations to yourselves objectively for concepts and behavior that you create that you have forgotten the truths within essence of. You hold elements of truth within your belief systems, but the belief systems have distorted these. Therefore, you shed the belief systems and return yourself to the knowing and the remembrance of essence, but you continue to hold the experience.” [session 288, June 20, 1998]

ELIAS: (Intently) “This is what you move into now within the action of this shift. You move away from your judgments of good and bad and you move into the acceptance of belief systems and the recognition that they ARE belief systems, and in this you neutralize their affectingness. IT MATTERS NOT. (Brief pause)

(Very intently) If I shall express to any of you, within all of my engagements with you within physical interaction, any quote that shall be remembered, it shall become ‘It matters not,’ for your expressions are merely those of experience. You are immensely – underline immensely – vaster than your comprehension of yourselves within this one particular physical focus, and this vastness of self is available to you. You are not limited to the understanding of only this one focus. You hold ALL of essence within you. It is NOT a being outside of you. Your relationship with yourself is not a relationship which is engaged with some elusive entity that floats about outside of you. Information that you allow yourselves to connect to is NOT outside of you. ALL of the information is held within you.

I have expressed many times that the only difference between yourselves and myself is that you do not remember and I do. You have chosen to be forgetful, that you may create within physical focus a purity of experience and a fullness of experience in physical aspects. Therefore, you have CHOSEN to be forgetting of all of essence and the vastness of yourselves. I no longer occupy physical focus. Therefore, I hold the remembrance, but you now move into this action of this shift in consciousness and you now offer yourselves the remembrance also. You each are building your bridges from your individual oubliettes across to the recognition and realization of essence.

You do not occupy a planet of lowly accord. You are not within this physical focus as a learning dimension, so to speak, on your way to higher ground. There is no higher ground! You ARE your highest expression! Even within all of your belief systems and within your physical expressions, you ARE your highest expression. You are one focus of an endless essence, and this one focus holds all of the information of consciousness, of essence, of you, and of all other essences. For although you camouflage within physical focus, and you within your thought processes hold to the belief that you may move in the direction of being secretive, for you are so very separate within physical focus, you are not separate at all. You are all intertwined. Your consciousness is all intermingled, and within essence there are no secrets, for all is known to all others.

You amaze yourselves with your own abilities. You present to yourselves different moments where you shall physically express to each other simultaneously the same thought. You shall verbally express the same words within your language simultaneously with another individual, and you shall call this accident! This is a very simple example of the interconnectedness of you all and that you all are participating within a mergence of consciousness collectively, continuously. Your telepathic abilities would be astounding to you, were you merely to open yourselves SLIGHTLY to your own abilities.

Your inner senses are more fine-tuned, so to speak, than your outer senses. You engage your outer senses continuously. You are quite familiar with touch and the sensation of this. You are quite familiar with your sight and the engagement of your sense of hearing. You do not allow yourselves to recognize your inner senses, which move far beyond these outer senses. Your outer senses are outward mirror images of your inner senses, which hold immense power, and you now offer yourselves the opportunity to not only experiment with these inner senses, but in actuality to open to these inner senses and to be moving into the exploration of consciousness within your physical objective awareness, your waking state within this dimension, offering yourselves much more of your own expressions of creativity.

Let me express to you once again: the one prerequisite, so to speak, for this action is that you are accepting and trusting of yourselves in every area of your expressions, in every area of your creations and experiences. This applies to all of the experiences in their mundane expressions within every moment of your waking day. Each time you move into the direction of chastising yourself, even in the area of humor – of expressing, ‘Oh, I have created a mistake! I am wishing I was creating of this situation differently! I could have been creating this situation more efficiently!’ – you have created each situation in the direction that you have created them as the opportunity for you to view your own interaction with your own belief systems and your own responsiveness to the affectingness of them.

Therefore, each expression that you create is purposeful and beneficial, and my expression to you this day, in helpfulness in moving through your focus more efficiently, so to speak, and more effortlessly and with much less conflict – which would be the point – is that I shall suggest to you that you allow yourselves to move in the area of pleasure, for this is the expression that holds the least amount of thickness in energy within physical focus and offers you the most ease in all of your accomplishments.

FEMALE: ... You said the difference between you and I is that you remember. How can I remember? Is there an exercise I may do to help me remember?

ELIAS: You are all moving into your own remembrances as you move into the area of your own acceptance of self. In this, as you continue to be accepting of self and connecting with yourselves and recognizing of your own abilities, you move more and more into the allowance of your own experiences. As you allow yourselves to be accessing and connecting with your other focuses, this also shall move you into more of the direction of your own remembrance. As you offer yourself information as to all of your other focuses within this particular dimension, this offers you much more information in your own remembrance.

Each of your experiences in this area shall add to, so to speak, your own remembrance. Each of these experiences serves as another plank of your bridge that extends from your individual oubliette to essence and the remembrance, and this also is an action of this shift in consciousness. Therefore, I shall be suggesting to you that an initial area to begin, so to speak, would be to be allowing yourself to be connecting with other focuses that you hold within this dimension.

FEMALE: Could you clarify what you mean by other focuses? I’m not quite sure what you mean.

ELIAS: In YOUR terms, you express within your language a focus to be a lifetime. You move in the direction of your perception of linear time. Therefore, you look to your other focuses and you express them to be past lifetimes or future lifetimes. I express these to be other focuses of your essence, for there is no past or future. They are all occurring simultaneously. Therefore, they are sideways to yourself, not before you or behind you. In this, as you are allowing yourself to be connecting with any of these other focuses, you shall also be beginning to offer yourself more of your own remembrance.” [session 302, July 26, 1998]

MARCOS: “A different question now, regarding agreements that we make within essence. I’ve been talking about these with Cindel [Stella] and others, and reading about them in transcripts, and is there a way that we can ... when we are here in physical focus and in a conscious sense, is it possible for us to remember or to regain the memory of these agreements and to carry out these agreements? I mean, how does that happen?

ELIAS: Most definitely! You hold the ability to be offering yourselves the remembrance, and also, within the action of this shift, this would be an aspect of this shift in consciousness, to be allowing yourselves the remembrance of essence. In this, you already offer yourselves much of your remembrances, and are beginning to allow yourselves more and more of your remembrances as you move into connecting with other focuses and also other areas of consciousness.

Now; as to agreements that you have moved into within consciousness, you hold the ability to access this information also. At times it may be helpful to you, within objective terms, to be offering yourselves objective triggers, so to speak, to be jogging of your remembrance.

In this, what I am expressing is that you may be accessing certain locations or actions or events or individuals within your physical focus that may be in connection to other focuses which relate to agreements that have been made within consciousness. You may also access the remembrance of agreements through dream interaction and through the accessing of other areas of consciousness in many different manners.

All of this information is available to you, and it is your choice which direction you choose to be moving into to be accessing this information. Different “methods,” so to speak – as you are so fond of methods – are accomplishing in these areas for different individuals. It is merely what you draw yourself to, within your individual methods that allow you to be connecting more efficiently, that shall be providing you with your remembrances. You may be choosing to access agreements through this out-of-body experiencing or through dream imagery, although you may also be connecting objectively with elements of agreements by allowing yourself to be revisiting certain locations in connection with other focuses, and this may offer you helpfulness in this area also.

MARCOS: Okay. Would you say that by following one’s intent, one can experience these remembrances? (Pause)

ELIAS: Your intent enters into all of your accomplishments.

Now; within an individual focus, your intent within that particular focus may be quite linked to a particular agreement which you have created within consciousness, in which it may be helpful to you to be offering yourself the remembrance, but the intent itself may not necessarily be facilitating the remembrance. It may motivate you in the direction of stimulating your remembrance in certain directions, but it is not necessarily creating of your remembrance. It is merely moving alongside of that action, and the remembrance itself may be conversely facilitating of more of an efficiency within the accomplishment of your intent within a particular focus. Are you understanding?

MARCOS: Yes I am, perfectly, and I think that’s what I was trying to say. As we follow or accomplish or carry out our intent in a very natural way, then I believe that would lead us to the locations or the individuals or the events in a very natural way, that would then trigger memory of the agreements.

ELIAS: Correct, for in this action you are following your desire, and this shall motivate you in the directions of your remembrances.” [session 341, November 21, 1998]

DONOVAN: “I guess one of the main questions I have is, I’ve been in the last year having sort of these dialogs with a voice in my head, and I was wondering if that’s what contact with essence is, or my perception of it? (Pause)

ELIAS: This would be correct. Let me express to you that each individual chooses to be accessing information and their own communication with essence in different manners, and in such manners that they shall be paying attention to in the most efficient manner.

In this, you allow yourself to be listening to your inner voice in the type of manner that you interpret as a thought process or a communication in language that speaks to you and appears to be slightly different than your own voice that you are familiar with.

You may be engaging this conversation, so to speak, with essence – or in other terms, with yourself – and you may be allowing yourself in your quietness to be accessing much more information that may be helpful to you. This may also facilitate your own understanding in certain situations, if you are allowing yourself that quietness and interaction.

DONOVAN: Okay. I’ve had about six really strong moments in the past year, and I was wondering about the level of accuracy or if there was any distortion or if these were an accessing of accurate information. Can I describe some of them and see what you think about them?

ELIAS: You may.

DONOVAN: One that I had that was really interesting was, this voice was saying ... I was asking, ‘What am I, as the physical focus of Donovan? What is that?’ I used the analogy of remembering being a little kid and pretending to be a little monster. And it was saying, ‘Now, if you were a little kid and you pretended to be a little monster, where would Donovan be?’ And I said, ‘Well, there is no where. I am it, but I’m focusing my attention on the character of the little monster.’ So it was saying, basically, ‘You’re a little monster.’ (Laughing, and Elias chuckles)

But then I was saying, ‘What if the little monster, the character of the little monster, remembers that he’s really Donovan? It takes away from that character.’ It’s sort of like an actor being on a stage, who then, in the middle of the final monologue, remembers that he left something on the stove. It sort of takes away the intensity or it’s distracting from the play, and I feel like there’s something lost. But then I was wondering if that’s sort of like the equivalent of ... if you were to be physically focused and alive and have total remembrance of who you once were, it’s almost similar to death. But then I lost the voice, and I didn’t get to continue. Is that stuff kind of accurate?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, you are correct, and in your communication with yourself, in creating this analogy for yourself, you are also correct in one manner, in the manner that you are the player in your own play, but you are also the director of your individual play. In this, I have expressed many times that you create this element of separation and forgetting for the express purpose within physical focus of the purity of your experience.

Now; as you move into this shift in consciousness and you widen your awareness and you begin to incorporate the remembrance, you also are creating a unique type of reality, for in this new expression of reality, in a manner of speaking, what you are allowing yourselves to be creating and experiencing is the remembrance of essence, the knowing of all of your abilities – the ability itself to be piercing through many of the veils that you have created within physical focus to be separating yourself from the remembrance of essence and from other areas of consciousness and from other dimensional areas of physical focuses.

But you also are retaining a certain element of directed attention which allows you to continue within physical focus, identifying yourself in a type of singularity, and allows you to be continuing within your experiences physically without distracting from them or lessening their intensity in many situations, but also expands your reality in allowing you to be experiencing more layers of your reality. Are you understanding?

DONOVAN: Yeah, I think so. It sounds like we get to have our cake and eat it too!

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, you are correct, and this would be the point and why you have created this shift in consciousness, to expand your abilities within your reality and allow you new freedoms for exploration.” [session 401, May 23, 1999]

JOYCE: “Elias, many, many years ago, I went to this church and I practiced the alphabet. They told me to practice, and I gained the gift of tongues, and then through the church I was in, I feared that was evil, so I put that away for a long time ’cause I didn’t know what it meant. It was kind of neat at first, but then it scared me.

And so a few years ago, I had visited another church ... well, the same church, but a group of people from different churches had come in, and they laid hands on me, and when they did, I again had the gift of tongues, but I don’t know what it is. I feel like there’s a part of me that can heal. I’m not sure what that means, and I don’t know how to use it. It feels really special. I went to the priest and he said, ‘I don’t even have that, and for the people that have that, that’s very special,’ but no one could tell me what ‘that’ is.

Afterwards, I drove home and went to my bedroom and laid on the bed with my eighteen-year-old and I said, ‘I need for you to listen to something,’ and so I started sharing it with her, and she started crying! And I said, ‘Oh my gosh, I didn’t mean to scare you, I just couldn’t keep it inside. What is wrong?’ And she said, ‘I know what you said.’ I guess she interpreted what I said.

But I guess my question is, what is it, or what do I do with it, or what don’t I do with it, or....

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You may do with this whatever you choose to be doing with this! (Grinning)

As to the identification of what is occurring, this expression of speaking in tongues has held many definitions throughout your ages within this dimension. Within this present time framework, the identification of speaking in tongues is different from different past time frameworks, and the identification physically of what is occurring is different from the definition of what is ACTUALLY occurring. Therefore, as you may view, this subject matter incorporates great confusion, for individuals do not hold a definition any longer for what you are creating.

At times, this action is an ability expressed by an individual to be speaking in a language which is a nonphysical language which may be interpreted by all individuals regardless of their holding to their individual physical language. At other times, this action affords the individual the ability to be speaking actual languages that they do not understand objectively.

In other situations, individuals are speaking their native language and they are being perceived by all other individuals within their own native language, regardless that the individual is not physically speaking their language.

Within other situations, the individual is speaking within a language of essence families which may be understood by other individuals holding the same essence family, or some individuals that allow themselves an openness to be translating that language although they may be belonging to a different essence family.

Within other situations this action is affording the individual the ability to be translating – into a contrived language within this dimension – the language of another dimension.

Now; in this type of situation, the individual is creating a translation, for languages within other dimensions do not cross over, so to speak, adequately into your dimension. Therefore, there is a translation that occurs, and there is a contrived language which is created as the translation. But as it is spoken, individuals listening hold an understanding of what is being expressed.

In ALL of these situations, other individuals hold the ability to be understanding what you are expressing if they are allowing themselves the openness to this action. In ALL of these examples, there is an actual language which is being engaged. In ALL of these examples, what is occurring is that the individual – you – has allowed themself to be opening their awareness in the area of language to be creating less of a barrier and less of a separation within consciousness.

Now; as to the healing effect of this action, I express to you that each individual within physical focus, in the action of healing, heals themselves, and they create this action as influenced through their beliefs. Therefore, as they view individuals that appear within their perception to be unusual or to be gifted, there is created an allowance within their beliefs to be incorporating healing action. Therefore, they allow themselves to heal themselves in conjunction with your incorporation of your action.

Now; in actuality what is occurring is that you are allowing yourself to open to your awareness and create a partial remembrance, and this is the point of this shift in consciousness. In this remembrance, you drop a veil in the area of language and you incorporate less separation. Other individuals view this as unusual, and therefore they view this as a gift. It is merely an element of you, but you each do not realize objectively how wondrously magnificent you truly are and what abilities you truly hold!

Therefore, you view this as a gift. It is a natural ability, and in this, as you express this natural ability, other individuals view this as a gift and stand in amazement. But in this, they also allow themselves an opening, for they allow an affectingness.

Therefore, as I have expressed to you, you may do with this what you choose to do with this. It is your opening to your awareness, and your incorporation of an element of the remembrance of essence. You may be incorporating that into interaction with other individuals, realizing that in the area of healing, they shall be incorporating the healing within themselves. You are merely offering a facilitating energy.

JOYCE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.” [session 486, October 16, 1999]

TONY: “You spoke about remembrance, and I was wondering, how do you know the difference between taking on or choosing the remembrance versus leaving this plane in the physical form?

ELIAS: A remembrance, or THE remembrance, is a state of being. Therefore, you are moving in a correct direction, so to speak, figuratively speaking, in your inquiry.

The remembrance shall be incorporated into this physical reality. Therefore, you shall continue to be incorporating the action of this physical reality. Physical reality holds very different qualities from nonphysical realities.

You shall continue to be creating this reality in a linear time framework. You shall continue to hold beliefs. You shall continue to be manifest in solidity physically and create your reality in conjunction with physical manifestations, but you shall also allow yourself the objective awareness of your abilities to manipulate energy. You shall allow yourself the awareness objectively of what you are. You shall allow yourself more freedom within your choices.

You may choose to be incorporating a reality in the manner that you are creating reality now, or you may choose to be incorporating very different elements of your reality. You may allow yourself much more freedom of movement within consciousness. You shall continue to direct your attention in this physical reality, but you shall also allow yourself temporary movement in and out, so to speak, of other realities. You shall also recognize that it IS this physical reality and the creation of this shift in consciousness, for other physical realities shall not necessarily hold the same awareness of you that you hold of them.

This shift in consciousness is a design of this dimension. It is not incorporating of all of consciousness. YOU have designed this as a Source Event within THIS reality. Therefore, within this dimension, this universe, it is incorporated as a reality, but this is not to say that it is a reality within other physical dimensions.

TONY: Would such a shift be recognized by those around me that know me now?


TONY: It would be?

ELIAS: Yes. Let me express to you, all individuals ...

TONY: That’s a little frightening, in my beliefs!

ELIAS: ... upon your planet are recognizing of some aspects of the movement of this shift in consciousness. They may not objectively hold the same awareness that you hold, but all of the individuals upon your planet hold some element of awareness of this shift in consciousness, and as you widen your awareness, it shall become noticeable objectively to other individuals. This is a natural byproduct, and it shall matter not! (Grinning, and laughter)

TONY: That’s right! It shall matter not! (Laughing) Thank you.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! You are quite welcome!” [session 510, December 04, 1999]

HEA: Do you know my name, what I’m all about, why I’m in touch with you and all of that?

ELIAS: I may express to you that I am familiar with your energy.

HEA: You are. I just wanted to know; I have a lot of curiosity. (Elias laughs) So tell me about me. Tell me about my energy first. I have other questions that are written, but without me asking you any questions I’d like you to tell me about my energy.

ELIAS: And what do you wish to know that you already do not know?

HEA: Good question! (Elias laughs) I probably know all that I want to know, if I look deep inside. But I’m not there yet. Shall we proceed? Should I start asking you questions?

ELIAS: Very well.

HEA: You didn’t sound like you wanted to just come right out and tell me about my energy.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Let me express to you, my friend, I offer information to individuals to be helpful in association with familiarizing themselves with themselves in relation to their beliefs and their movement within this shift in consciousness. But I do not engage parlor tricks.

HEA: No, it isn’t parlor tricks. That wasn’t... Maybe it was, if you know more than me. But anyway...

ELIAS: I may express to you, I do not know more than you. I merely remember. You are the same as myself, my friend. You are an essence, as am I, and therefore you possess all of the same qualities as do I. You merely have chosen to be focusing this attention within this particular physical dimension, which in the design of this dimension you have chosen to not be incorporating your remembrance for the purity of your experience within this physical reality.

HEA: But now I’m trying to re-remember who I was, what I am.

ELIAS: Correct, for you are participating in this shift in consciousness.

HEA: Yes, and it’s not easy. I’m trying to have an illumination or an awakening, and I need guidance. I don’t know how to go about it. What do I do? How do I go about awakening myself?

ELIAS: By paying attention to you.

HEA: To my inner self?

ELIAS: To all of you, to all that you do, paying attention to your beliefs and what influences your perception, how you manipulate your energy, what you actually do in each of your days, in each of your moments, how you project energy, what motivates you, and what influences are expressed in relation to your beliefs, and by listening to your communications that you offer to yourself and expressing a trust and an acceptance of yourself. This is how you illuminate yourself.

HEA: I am trying to have faith in myself. I still don’t have enough faith in myself. I distrust myself; yes, you’re right.

Another point is the influences. Yes, I’ve been trying to be aware of everything that I’m thinking and doing every moment as much as I can. The outside influences are affecting me, and it’s very hard for me to control that, especially someone that’s close to me like my mother and father. I have a long life issue with them, and yet they still live with me. I think deep down I resent them, and I know it’s not good because that resentment is creating negative energy that’s blocking the good positive energy from flowing in. I don’t know what to do about that. Can you help me with that?

ELIAS: Very well. First of all, let us examine this situation. In this, what do you perceive to be the reason that you harbor this resentment or that you express these issues with your parents?

HEA: Ever since I was growing up with my parents, there seemed to be so much anger in my house between my parents. I resent that. It’s so much negativity, so much hate. Everything that I dislike, they were – negative, angry, critical.

ELIAS: Very well.

HEA: I could never do anything right, in my mother’s eyes.

ELIAS: And now?

HEA: Now it’s gotten better. But I still see her that way, and I’ve been fighting that. But every little thing that she does gets to me. I just tell myself to forgive her, but I guess I can’t.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, forgiveness is not necessarily what it appears to be and is not necessarily what you would term to be an actual positive action.

Now; what is significant is allowing you to move your attention to you, rather than continuing to project your attention to your parents. For as you concern yourself with the expressions or the choices of your parents, you do not pay attention to what your choices are. THIS is what generates this expression of resentment, not actually concerning...

HEA: Elias, I was thinking, also, I still believe that I chose my parents because everything they do I’m against. I think they’re my greatest teachers of what not to become. Is that the reason why I chose them?

ELIAS: Partially, and also partially to allow yourself the opportunity to genuinely understand and experience acceptance.

HEA: Acceptance on my part?


HEA: To accept them for what they are and who they are?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, in your own acceptance of yourself, an automatic by-product is to be accepting of other individuals.

HEA: So you’re saying I still am not accepting myself?

ELIAS: Correct, and not paying attention.

HEA: You’re right, because I always had low self-esteem. I used to hate myself, and I think that happened because of my parents. I guess I’m blaming them, when I shouldn’t.

ELIAS: It is not a question of what you should be or should not be doing. It is a question of reality and understanding that reality and therefore allowing yourself to move your attention and change your perception.

Your perception creates all of your reality. Every moment, every thing, every individual, every scenario is generated through your perception. There are influences in relation to your perception; those influences are your beliefs. But if you are unaware of what your beliefs are and if you are unaware of what you are actually doing, you also do not change your perception and you limit yourself tremendously.

Now; the point in this is to allow you your individual freedom.

HEA: Freedom is the key word. I want freedom, and I feel like my parents are not letting me have the freedom. They’re in the way.

ELIAS: Now; it is NOT within their power to block you, for they do not create your reality and they do not create your choices.

HEA: I don’t want to live with them, but I can’t throw them out of my house! What do I do about that?

ELIAS: Examine why you have chosen to incorporate this relationship in the manner that it is expressed.

HEA: It seems like with the situation, outside influences, circumstances, led me to this.


HEA: At the time, I was single. I needed their help to raise my children while I go out to work.

ELIAS: And now?

HEA: It seemed like at that time, it was inevitable to ask them for help. Since then they’ve been living with me, and I can’t ask them to move out. Part of me wants to live without them, but part of me feels obligated to live with them.

ELIAS: This is the key, what you have stated – obligation – which is not paying attention to you and not listening to your own communications, and binds you in a direction that is not necessarily associated with your preferences and your freedom.

HEA: To me, it would be a cruel thing to tell them to leave because my mother is very fearful. She’s very dependent. I don’t have the heart to do that.

ELIAS: Very well. But you incorporate more choices than merely the black and white. You are not limited to merely the choices of the either/or – either you continue in this situation in this environment with these individuals or you do not. There are more choices than merely these.

HEA: I don’t want to, but I feel like I have to. Like I said, obligation. It’s the way we’ve been taught in society.

ELIAS: Do you value your freedom?

HEA: I’ve been always seeking freedom. I do want to be free.

ELIAS: Very well. I express to you, regardless of this expression of obligation, first of all, as yourself, they also create their reality. This is their choice.

HEA: Yes, and I cannot live around their negativity. It’s very hard for me, more and more! It’s a dilemma for me.

ELIAS: What do you perceive to be your payoff in continuing in this direction?

HEA: My payoff? Nothing. Just an obligation as a daughter fulfilling her responsibility to her parents, that’s what I see.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend...

HEA: Sacrifice perhaps, which I don’t do but I have to.

ELIAS: No, no, no, no. You do not HAVE TO generate ANY choice.

HEA: But if I do take the freedom, I will be guilt-ridden in the future.

ELIAS: Not necessarily. This is what you have chosen to engage conversation with myself concerning. This is what you are seeking, and you are seeking information as to how you may accomplish.

Now; initially let us set aside this idea of continuing or discontinuing with your parents, and let us move in a different direction and...

HEA: This problem that I have with my parents, it also extends to other parts of my life, like work.

ELIAS: I am quite aware.

HEA: It’s parallel.

ELIAS: Correct.

Now; let us perhaps explore other actions that you may engage that may be helpful in altering your perception and allowing you to express more trust of yourself and therefore express more of your freedom and not concern yourself with the absolute of disengaging the environment with your parents. But perhaps for a temporary time framework you may be engaging exercises that shall allow you to move your attention and become more flexible and also to become more familiar with you.

Now; in this, perhaps you may engage the action of noticing each time you begin to project your attention to your mother and are not paying attention to you.

Now; this occurs in time frameworks in which you are not actually even physically engaging this individual but you may be projecting your attention in thought concerning this individual.

Now; each time that you notice that you are projecting your attention away from yourself, acknowledge yourself, for you are noticing.

Now; once you are noticing, allow yourself to stop and move your attention to some aspect of you in the present now. Allow yourself to choose one expression of yourself that you appreciate within yourself, and acknowledge that. The point of this exercise is to interrupt your automatic familiar patterns, which allows you to move your attention.

You have become very familiar with holding your attention in certain directions and continuing to reinforce expressions within yourself of blame and judgment. The point is to interrupt those patterns and those automatic responses. Recognize that if you are experiencing discomfort in association with your parents, this is being generating from within you, not from them.

Now; let me also offer to you another exercise for the moments in which you are physically engaging these individuals and you are experiencing frustration or discomfort or anxiety. In those moments, as you begin to feel those feelings, those expressions surfacing within yourself, allow yourself to notice, stop and visualize yourself to be alone. In a manner of speaking, pretend that the other individual disappears. For a moment, allow yourself to magically generate the disappearance of the other individual, regardless of what they are expressing. In the moment that you generate that individual to be invisible and to not exist within your physical presence, examine what are you doing that is creating the feeling that you are experiencing – not what is the other individual doing, for they are now disappeared and no longer exist within your room. In this, examine what YOU are doing that generates these signals, these feelings.

Your feelings are signals. Beyond the signal is a message; that is a communication. Emotions are communications, and they are highly efficient for they also incorporate signals to gain your attention. The signal is the feeling. But the feeling does not offer you the communication; it does not offer you information. Once you identify the feeling and attach a term to it, such as disappointment, you may move your attention to the communication of that signal, what you are communicating to yourself. The manner in which you discover what that communication is is to pay attention to what you are actually doing in that moment.

Now; this may appear in this conversation to be quite simple or a simplistic exercise, but in actuality, I may express to you, I am quite aware of the challenge and the difficulty that is expressed in this action initially. As you practice it shall become easier, but initially it may be quite challenging.

For the automatic association as you ask yourself ‘what am I doing in this now,’ is to move your attention once again automatically outside of yourself and express to yourself, ‘I am doing nothing! I am listening and the other individual is generating this action which is causing me discomfort.’ No. That is the snare. Therefore, you may recognize the challenge in actually paying attention to what you are doing. Perhaps it appears to you that what you are doing is nothing but listening, but in actuality you have generated the scenario, so...

HEA: Why did I generate the scenario?

ELIAS: To engage this process.

HEA: To awaken, you mean?

ELIAS: In your terms, yes, to become familiar with you.

HEA: To become stronger, is that it?


HEA: That’s what I thought also – do I dare to make me stronger? Is that the ultimate challenge for me?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking.

HEA: So through this way, I will gain my re-remembrance.


HEA: So I’m almost there! Yes, Elias? Am I?

ELIAS: (Laughs) You are moving. It is not a race which incorporates a finish line, my friend.

HEA: I know, but I so much want to be there! You don’t understand. (Elias laughs) ‘What do I have to do to be there?’ I keep asking myself. I meditate, I read, I examine myself, and I just am not seeing any result of this.

ELIAS: You may read and read and read, and you may think and think and think, and this is not necessarily what shall generate your freedom. What shall generate your freedom is to familiarize yourself with you and to genuinely pay attention to what you do.

HEA: Yes. I keep creating hard times for myself, with work, with my parents. I want to stop it but I keep creating it!

ELIAS: Pay attention to what motivates you, which may be quite enlightening.

HEA: I don’t know that yet. I think it has gotten better, but I still seem to be creating that. I still can’t hear my spirit guide or guardian angels. Is that supposed to be a sign that I’m awakening, if I hear my guardian angels or spirit guides? Is there a sign when I’m awakening, as the books all tell me? We have all the side effects, the prophecy, clairvoyance, on and on. Is that true?

ELIAS: Let me clarify. Yes, you do incorporate all of these abilities. Yes, you incorporate inner senses and you do incorporate the ability to be using those inner senses. Let me...

HEA: Am I using it now? To some degree I think I am.

ELIAS: Yes, but let me also express to you, there are many metaphysical beliefs which are in actuality associated with merely what you may term to be a new type of religious beliefs. In this I may express to you quite genuinely, there are no guides. There is no heaven, therefore there are no angels.

Now; let me also express to you, this is not to say that it is wrong or bad for any of you to generate associations in this manner temporarily as a type of focal point to focus your attention. Therefore...

HEA: What about yourself, Elias? You are like a spirit guide, actually. You’re a spirit, so therefore spirits do exist.

ELIAS: (Smiles) Let me express to you, my friend, I would not be what you consider to be a spirit. I am an energy personality essence. I am an aspect of consciousness, as are you also. But I am no greater or wiser than you. You occupy consciousness in the same capacity as do I.

HEA: No, you are what I call a spirit guide, because you are wise. I don’t know if you have all the wisdoms but you do know, to me, all wisdom. (Elias laughs) How can I get in touch with a teacher like you?

ELIAS: It has been your choice.

HEA: I want it, but I’m not hearing it.

ELIAS: You are hearing myself, although I may not necessarily define myself as a teacher. Ha ha!

HEA: But to me, you are a genuine teacher that I seek.

ELIAS: Very well. I shall allow this temporarily for I am understanding of the influence of your beliefs. In this, if you shall view myself in that manner, then perhaps you shall also incorporate my suggestions of the exercises that I have offered to you that you may allow yourself to become more familiar with you and therefore incorporate your own remembrance.

This is the point, my friend, not to be following me, but to be directing yourself and to be generating...

HEA: But sometimes I’m confused which road to follow! Whether I’m doing the right thing or the wrong thing, I am confused sometimes.

ELIAS: It is not a matter of the right or the wrong. It is a matter of what you choose and allowing yourself the freedom of your preferences.

Let me express to you, my friend, you have chosen to be manifest in this physical dimension to explore. This is the nature of consciousness. This is what consciousness generates – exploring. You are not moving in higher or lower levels. You are generating a natural expression of consciousness, exploring yourself.

HEA: Yes, and I want to explore more. But it’s not coming to me and therefore I become frustrated.

ELIAS: But you are offering yourself information. You are merely not acknowledging yourself that you are. Now generate a movement beyond acknowledgment and into genuine appreciation.

HEA: Genuine appreciation of myself or my environment or my manifestations?

ELIAS: All.” [session 1307, March 28, 2003]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: Cyprus is a character in the series of fictional books written by Jane Roberts; The Education of Oversoul Seven (1973), The Further Education of Oversoul Seven (1979), and Oversoul Seven and the Museum of Time (1984.) Cyprus is Oversoul Seven’s teacher, occupying a teaching focus similar to Elias, as both are non-physically focused.

(2) Vic’s note: the new game is what is commonly termed a past-life regression, but what we call a TFE – trans-focal encounter. We’ve been facilitating each other in TFE’s for a few years now. No, we have no training, and yes, it works anyway! Our basic “method” is for the facilitator to talk the subject through a general body-relaxation process. Then we encourage the subject to connect with whatever aspect of themselves they choose, and if they allow themselves to do this, we ask questions about their experience. The operative word is “allow.” Quite often the subject feels as if they are “making it up,” which they are not, according to the dead guy!

Digests: find out more about the new game (TFEs).

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