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Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “This intercourse occurs for the purpose of delivering information with regard to the shift, in the effort to be lessening the trauma associated with your shift in consciousness.” [session 179, June 01, 1997]

Elias “gems”

VICKI: “Okay, I have a question for Mary. She asked me to address this tonight based on a conversation she had with Norm and Reta. Basically I believe the question is: What are your personal directions, etcetera, regarding this expansion? And beyond that, I would like to say that I think it would probably be more beneficial for Norm and Reta to address this also within their questions, because I’m not really sure what all the questions are except for what I just stated. (To Norm and Reta) So I would ask for you guys to be helping me out with that.

RETA: And for the expansion, we wanted to know ... If we get down to business and do something that will make it expand in a logical manner, one of the first things to ponder would be a definite mission statement or a definite imagery that Elias sees for this expansion.

ELIAS: Which you already have.

RETA: The one we wrote? Or the one ...

ELIAS: I have stated already the intent of our agenda.

RETA: You’ve stated it already. So we need to go back through and find it, or would you give me a hint where it is?

ELIAS: This intercourse occurs for the purpose of delivering information with regard to the shift, in the effort to be lessening the trauma associated with your shift in consciousness.

RETA: So it then becomes an education format and our method should be to inform and to expand, not only in ourselves but to get the word out to other people. To do this, then we need to basically make some definite decisions on a beginning, and one of the beginnings is, of course, should we form our own entity in a non-profit organization, to serve as a tool for this educational expansion? Or do you want to be keeping it off-key like it has been?

NORM: The forum is starting to expand at the Bodhi Tree and so on, to the various locations. Do you want it to expand more than that?

ELIAS: It shall.

RETA: In helpfulness then, we need an agenda to do the right steps.

NORM: We were volunteering the formation of a non-profit foundation for the purpose of education. This is in accordance with some advantages in regard to our current laws in regard to taxes and so on, and to be able to more efficiently have the four or five original people be more involved with this educational format. So we were volunteering that perhaps it would be best to form a foundation, a non-profit foundation. What do you think of that?

ELIAS: If this is expedient for the expansion ...

RETA: It would enable ...

ELIAS: ... I hold no objection. These are elements that are relevant to those of you which are physically focused. Therefore, they are also your choices, and you shall choose your directions in the action that you wish to proceed within. The agenda is clear. I have stated previously, it will move.

RETA: To enable this to happen we must become more proactive, and to do this we need to have a forum ... form some kind of group so that people have individual directions to go in to enable this to work. And we were just asking ... Well, I guess what we could do is go ahead and make our decisions and then ask you as we go along if you agree, rather than taking your time to tell us ahead of time what you want. I mean, you’ve already told us your agenda, so then I guess it’s up to us to make that agenda start working.

ELIAS: Precisely.

... The agenda shall be accomplished. Individuals shall draw themselves and I shall be within communication subjectively with physically-focused individuals in that drawing, in the accomplishment of the movement of expansion. It shall expand. You shall not be encountering many obstacles for the movement shall occur smoothly, as it is already. It is merely a question of the readiness of Michael [Mary]; which this has been the issue from the onset. This is being moved through quite quickly. He is in compliance with this agenda, and within agreement is moving swiftly into the accomplishment of this agenda.

As to this essence, (referring to himself) it matters not your logistics. I shall accomplish. You may choose amongst yourselves your methods, for you require methods. I require no method; only cooperation.” [session 179, June 01, 1997]

CARTER: “Elias, would any change in the physical proximity in which I presently reside be aiding in the movement of this group’s agenda?

ELIAS: This would be your choice. Many individuals believe that they may be more helpful and efficient if they are incorporating physical proximity to each other in conjunction with this agenda. At times this may be helpful, for within physical focus you do lean in the direction of functioning objectively more efficiently if you hold objective communication within physical proximity to each other. You view yourselves to be less efficient in your movement and your affectingness if you are merely being affecting within consciousness, which is quite amusing to us! (Laughter)

But as I have stated, within physical focus you do hold belief systems which are influencing of your functioning and your efficiency within your focus. Therefore, as stated, I may express to you that this be your choice, although you may be effectively helpful and lending energy in efficient manners by remaining in the location that you occupy presently.

VICKI: ... Another question about imagery: A while back I had some imagery regarding a book, and you were inside of my head pretty strong for a couple of days, I must say! (Elias grins) I’m wondering now if most of that imagery had to do with the events surrounding the disengagement of James [Tom]. (1) (Pause)

ELIAS: Partially, but this is not the main focus of this energy direction, so to speak, for I choose at times to be engaging yourself in a knowing that within physical focus, there are many times that your particular focus of these twins may objectively be a little more receptive to the engagement of my energy.

Michael [Mary] moves in the direction of allowing himself to be quite receptive to myself in conjunction with other individuals, but as you hold an awareness, he is not always so very receptive to my interaction with himself as pertaining to himself, or as pertaining to this agenda. Therefore, I choose at times to be engaging you, with the understanding that you shall move into more of a receptiveness in this area and hold much influence objectively within physical focus in the area of engaging Michael [Mary].

Although these actions of books are your choice and they are being accomplished within your own time frameworks and as you see fit to be accomplishing of these actions, I shall express to you that as you move more intensely into this action of this shift, this energy exchange creation and agreement within physical focus shall become more common and more frequent, offering more information to many more individuals in conjunction with this shift. But as you each are Sumafi and hold an understanding of the least amount of distortion, it may be quite helpful in the area of lessening the action of trauma in this shift if you are offering information in the direction of this energy exchange.

Also, let me offer to you that once again, although this be your choice, I am encouraging of your encouragement in the area of helpfulness in facilitating a connection between Tyl [Joanne] and Cindel [Stella] in conjunction with another creative expression. (2)

VICKI: Okay. So partially what you’re saying is, the imagery of the book had to do with this ongoing project that Mary and I have not worked on for quite some time? (This is in reference to a book about the energy exchange that Mary and I began a few years ago)

ELIAS: Correct, and also the engagement of a connection with Cindel [Stella] and Tyl [Joanne].” [session 300, July 21, 1998]

(Paul’s note: Margot helps Vicki transcribe the Elias sessions, and is in the midst of sharing a dream and getting Elias’ interpretation.)

MARGOT: “Now, when we get back to the house, YOU are there. You’re sitting down, you have your hands behind your head, you’re very relaxed. You’re wearing a very nice-looking dark brown pair of slacks, and you have a lighter-brown sport shirt on. I can see that your hair is dark, but you have it cut in a crew cut. Your eyes don’t look quite the same; they’re more kind of indigo blue or kind of a muddy blue. I stand in front of you and I tell you that I’ve been transcribing a session with Marta, and in the session you and Marta talk about the fact that Elias is now a ‘whole new Elias.’ And then I sit down next to you, and you begin telling me about this whole new Elias! What’s up here, Elias?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) This is your imagery to yourself of your own involvement with this essence and with the movement of our agenda, and as we move more fully into the action of this shift, you also allow yourself to become more aware of more of the fullness of the energy exchange which occurs in relation to this shift and to the delivery of information to individuals within physical focus.

There is the presentment of imagery in this situation also of a relaxedness or ease which emanates from myself in what you may term to be this more casual presentment of the energy exchange.

In this, you are offering yourself in your own imagery the recognition of alterations that are occurring presently and shall be continuing to occur within this energy exchange, in the direction of more of an ease for the actual energy exchange itself and much more of an allowance in the area of the delivery of information to other individuals. This is a cooperation between myself and Michael that you are beginning to identify in your awareness and that is being reflected in the movement of our agenda and the increase of action within this area. Therefore you, in your own recognition of this action, image this particular scene, so to speak, not only in the manner of easement, but that you view alterations, and you are speaking more directly to myself.

This also is significant imagery, for as we move more into this agenda and we are accomplishing more of the presentment of this information, there becomes more avenues for the connections objectively with myself and other individuals within physical focus for objective communication, as you are aware.” [session 306, August 09, 1998]

ELIAS: “Continuing. (Pause) And you hold no other questions? (Pause) Very well. We shall be discontinuing! (Laughter, and Elias chuckles)

JENNIFER: How come you choose sometimes to ask for questions? I was recalling in past forums, when there was a group of people, that you would start your own dialogue about certain subjects.

ELIAS: This is quite dependent upon the time framework, and also upon the individuals that are attending the individual session.

Within certain time frameworks, individuals may present themselves within a group, and those individuals may hold an openness to be receiving information which moves in conjunction with waves in consciousness that are occurring. Or, the individuals may be interactive with other individuals within your physical focus, and this shall determine the direction that I choose to be moving into within the particular forum. The individuals that are present physically are quite influential, so to speak, in the direction of the session and the information which is offered within that time framework.

Each of you attending a session in this manner is not merely one individual. You are one individual and you also hold a potentiality, and in this potentiality, you may be affecting of a great number of other individuals in your interaction.

I assess, in a manner of speaking, the energy of the individuals that are participating within a particular session and the potentiality of each of those individuals and which direction they shall proceed within subsequent to the session, and what they shall offer in energy and how they shall be affecting of other individuals in conjunction with this information and in conjunction with the movement of this shift in consciousness.

Therefore, as this is the intent of this interaction with this phenomenon, to be offering information in conjunction with this shift in consciousness and to be helpful in the movement of this shift, it moves in that direction continuously. Although I may be offering information to each of you individually in what you think of as personal information, I also offer a subjective interaction with each of you that you carry with you within your focus and are subsequently affecting of other individuals in conjunction with this shift in consciousness.

Within this particular forum this evening, individuals have presented themselves and drawn themselves to the information in a desire for understanding of certain basic belief systems and an explanation objectively offered in the area of questions which are held in relation to reality and spirituality, in the design of the beliefs of reality and spirituality. This has been recognized, and the information shall be offered subsequently to other individuals outside of this forum, which allows for the potentiality of the expansion within the agenda of this forum.

It is all quite purposeful, Margarite [Jennifer].” (Chuckling) [session 488, October 20, 1999]

End Notes:

(1) Vic’s note: On July 01, 1998, Tom (James) shot himself in the head. He died the next morning. Needless to say, this was quite a shock to those of us who knew Tom, both inside and outside of these sessions.

Tom attended his first session on August 02, 1995, and continued to attend sessions on and off until his death.

(2) Paul’s note: Joanne (Tyl) and Stella (Cindel) are both working on book projects based upon their own personal experiences within the information offered in this forum.

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