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the cycle of manifestation

Paul’s note: Elias originally discussed the “cycle of manifestation” in the context of a minimum of three lifetimes; male, female, and gay/lesbian. He later modified these into the concept of three orientations; common, intermediate, and soft in the context of the belief system of sexuality.

The following excerpt reveals that Elias does this intentionally and with purpose, not by accident.

ELIAS: “I have offered the explanation that at times there has been an allowance for certain elements of distortion temporarily, which ARE re-addressed, merely for the reason that the individuals may not be assimilating that information within that particular time frame.” [session 281, May 17, 1998]

As in any body of perennial information, it takes time to introduce concepts and lay a foundation before forging ahead into new material. There are other instances in which Elias introduces a concept with one set of terms, and later modifies and expands upon them. For example, terms “facets of essence” and “developmental focus” are rarely used any longer, having been enhanced by “aspects of essence” and “focus.”

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Each essence choosing to be entering any area of physical focus, any dimension of physical focus, chooses a cycle of manifestation. Within this, each physical dimension, in your terms, holds a requirement of minimal focuses to be accomplished within the action of experience.

“Within this dimension you choose within agreement to be manifesting, in the least amount of times, three. (1) You may choose thousands. It is your choice as to the number of focuses that you are wishing to accomplish physically. In this, you choose your focuses and project from essence simultaneously. Therefore, all of your focuses are being accomplished within the now. It is only within your perception that they appear to be past or future. In this action, you also choose when you are wishing to disengage the action of physical manifestation.

“Now; you may be choosing to disengage physical manifestation from one dimension and continue within different physical dimensions. You also do accomplish a point, in your terms, that you disengage entirely from the action of physical manifestation. In this, you shall be completely within non-physical focus and completely subjectively aware; holding no objective awareness any longer.

“Individuals choosing to not be remanifesting hold a sense within them that they shall not be continuing after the disengagement of this focus, so to speak. Therefore, you shall hold an inner knowing of your final manifestation physically.” [session 187, June 28, 1997]

ELIAS: “You manifest with the agreement of manifestation at the very least three times, three focuses within this particular dimension. This is the agreement that you adhere to in choosing to manifest within this particular experience. You manifest once female, once male, once in what I express to be ‘other,’ which shall be interpreted as what you view to be homosexual. All three of these experiences are the agreement that you engage in engaging this reality, for the experience of the sexual aspect of this particular dimension.

“This is not to say that you must be creating of a focus which holds an extended time framework. You may be experiencing female for one year [or] five minutes and you may disengage, or you may be experiencing male for one hundred of your years. You may be experiencing homosexual five hundred focuses, male one, female three. Any combination is acceptable. The only stipulation within this dimension is that you experience three different orientations, for this is the design of this particular physical focus.” [session 270, March 19, 1998]

ELIAS: “You all have similar qualities in your expressions, for you have been taught many qualities of your expressions, but your orientation is not what you would term to be a learned element within physical focus.

“Therefore, you may be expressive outwardly and seem to hold many of the same or similar qualities as each other. These are your expressions. But within your orientation – the basic elements of your perception and how you view your world and how you view yourself – this is a different element. This is not acquired. This is not learned. This is not influenced with your environment. It is not influenced by your gender. It is another element in itself.

“Therefore, no, it is not interchangeable with each other, and you do not hold more than one orientation within one focus. This be the reason that you agree to manifest within this dimension at least three times, to be experiencing each of these different orientations.” [session 378, March 26, 1999]

EDWARD: “No. So, okay, then the big question is, ‘What’s the point?’”

ELIAS: “You choose to be manifesting within this physical dimension in exploration.

“Now; I have offered previously the simplicity of response to this question in expressing that you choose to manifest within this physical dimension for experience.

“Now; what is meant in this statement is that you have chosen to be manifesting in a particular design of physical dimension, a physical manifestation which incorporates a very strongly expressed separation. I have also expressed, the reason that you designed this dimension with this expression of separation is that you offer yourself the purity of the experience.

“Now; in further explanation of these two statements – that you manifest for the experience, and you manifest within separation for the purity of the experience – is the identification that in this manifestation of separation you have elaborately created a design of physical dimension to be discovering self in a physical expression to be exploring a different expression of consciousness which does incorporate separation, that you may, in a manner of speaking, rediscover self as essence, as consciousness.

“Let me also express to you, Colleen [Edward], I have expressed many times, this is a GAME. This physical existence that you incorporate is an exploration, is an adventure, and is not as serious and complicated as you perceive it to be; and in this, it may be viewed as a game.

“You have designed an intricate labyrinth in this physical dimension, and your objective is to be entering this labyrinth which circles to its beginning. This labyrinth you do not enter at one point and exit at another. This labyrinth ends where it begins, and the point is to maneuver yourself through this labyrinth of experiences, to drop the veil of separation, and to rediscover yourself as essence but within the design of your physical manifestation; and you present to yourself continuous reflections of yourself throughout your journey.” [session 800, March 18, 2001]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Within agreement to be entering into the cycle of physical manifestation within this dimension, you choose to manifest three times at the very least; therefore offering yourself the experience of sexual orientation of male, female, and that which you deem to be ‘other,’ or homosexual. This physical dimension incorporates great emphasis upon sexual orientation and the experience of that ... also of emotion. In this, you offer yourselves the experience of each of these orientations. You may not choose to be engaging a lengthy focus within certain gender orientation or within the expression of homosexuality. This is your choice, but you shall manifest within one each of these orientations for the experience.

... Be remembering also that all of your focuses are simultaneous. They are all beside each other. They are not ‘in front of’ or before each other. They exist presently within the now, for this is what exists within consciousness is the now. There is no past or future. It is merely a perception within your creation of your time framework, which appears to be moving in a linear motion; but this being also why you may experience ease in viewing other focuses of your essence, for they are occurring simultaneously. As you are, they are also.

As essence is choosing to be entering any physical manifestation, they are all choices. An essence may be choosing to enter only one physical dimension. An essence may be choosing to be entering thousands of physical dimensions. The choice to be entering physical manifestations occurs at once.” [session 202, August 02, 1997]

FEMALE: “Elias, I wanted to ask you about disengagement. When you choose to disengage, do you always have a different physical being afterwards, or could you have none? I don’t understand.

ELIAS: Ah! We move into the belief system of reincarnation! (Grinning, and laughter) There is no reincarnation, for there is no “thing” to be reincarnated! Each focus is a new, unique expression. It is not a used part! (More laughter)

Therefore, I express to you also, all of your focuses occur simultaneously. You merely hold the perception within this dimension that you move in the direction of linear time in sequence. You are born, you live, you die, you move into non-physical focus, you are born, you live, you die, you move into intermission, you are born, you live, you die. Very incorrect!

ALL of your focuses are occurring simultaneously. This be the reason that you may access all of them, for all time is simultaneous. It is not linear; it is sideways. You may step sideways – not forward, not backward, but sideways – and you may view the other you’s, which are not you, for they are also uniquely individual focuses of essence, but you are also, and each focus contains all of essence. Therefore, you ARE the other focus ... but you are not! (Laughter)

In this, as the individual focus chooses to be disengaging, you do not ‘return,’ so to speak. But I shall express to you that the reason that you have developed this belief system of reincarnation is that as – within linear time – you as you choose to be disengaging from this physical manifestation, you move into a non-physical area of consciousness, and you may project an aspect of you which shall be manifest physically. This is a new creation. It is not you. It is its own new creation, and although within this physical dimension it appears to be appearing within linear time, it is not. All of this action is occurring presently.

Presently, you sit within this room and engage me. Presently, you occupy the area of transition in non-physical focus. Presently, you occupy other areas of non-physical focus. Presently, you occupy many other time frameworks within physical focus. Presently, you occupy other focuses within this particular time frame. And presently, you occupy focuses within many other dimensions! (Grinning)

This is all you, and this is all available to you within the action of this shift. And there be your motivation to engage this shift and its accomplishment, for it is magnificent, for you are magnificent, for you are essence, and essence is magnificent!” [session 284, May 30, 1998]

JEN: “So I can have the imagery that this will be my last focus?

ELIAS: It is.

JEN: It is. This is something that I’m not sure about! (Laughter, and Elias chuckles)

ANON: Does this mean since I’m a new essence ...

JEN: You get to stay here longer!

ANON: ... that I have to stay here longer?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. Michael [Mary] also is what you would term to be a new soul, focused few in this particular dimension, but also experiences final focus. You are experiencing of final focus and hold the awareness of this. Each individual within physical focus holds an awareness of their position in the focuses of essence within this particular dimension. Therefore, you also hold an awareness of final focus.

Each focus of essence which is manifest within physical focuses, physical dimensions, holds a position which you identify within your belief systems and within the actions of physical focus as a beginning focus, as a final focus, or as what you may term to be an intermediate focus, knowing that you shall be remanifest.

In actuality, there is no remanifestation, so to speak, for you are not used parts! You are all new and unique creations. Each focus is its own creation and does not repeat its action within a particular dimension. This would be quite inefficient! Therefore, it is merely physical terms that we are using in this explanation, for all of your focuses are simultaneous.

But in the designation of the beginning or first focus, this is the initiating focus; one particular individual focus which initiates the emergence of all of the focuses simultaneously into one particular dimension. A final focus is that one designated focus that disengages essence from any particular physical dimension. Therefore, in your disengagement as the designated final focuses, as you choose at your moment to be disengaging, all other focuses of your essence occupying physical focus shall disengage also or shall choose to be fragmented and continue, becoming their own new essence.

... There is no karma.

ANON: Really?? Oh goodie!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You are not repeating, and as I have stated, all of your focuses are simultaneous. You are not coming back and coming back and coming back to re-experience! Each focus is independent, new, and unique. You are not used parts!

ANON: So how did I get away with getting out of this dimension with just one shot, or just being a new essence here? I’ve rolled in and rolled out!

ELIAS: You hold more than one focus within this particular dimension, but in your terms, the requirement for the participation in this particular dimension is merely that you agree to manifest within three focuses in this dimension. You need hold no more. The reason that you focus within three is to be experiencing the emotional and sexual orientation of this dimension. Therefore, as I have stated previously, you shall manifest once as male, once as female, and once as ‘other,’ not choosing an affiliation with the officially accepted reality, therefore placing yourself in the area of what you term to be homosexuality.

These are all experiences that are directly connected with this particular dimension in your creation of genders and your exploration of the physical aspects of it. You have created a sexually oriented dimension in this reality. Therefore, you also choose to be in agreement, if moving into this physical dimension, to be exploring all of the aspects of these creations.

JEN: You mentioned a state of becoming. Can you talk a little bit more about that?

ELIAS: This is what you are. This is your movement. This is all of consciousness. There is no beginning, there is no ending. There is no purpose, there is no mission. There is merely experience in a continual state of becoming; exploration of all that you may possibly imagine!” [session 288, June 20, 1998]

FRIEDA: “I understand that we have at least three focuses that we go through. Am I correct in that understanding?

ELIAS: Correct. If you are choosing to be manifest within this particular dimension, you agree to be manifest at the least three times, for the experience of three different orientations.

FRIEDA: I see. Can you tell me which orientation I am in?

ELIAS: Yes. Now; I shall express to you that soon, so to speak, futurely, I shall be offering information concerning gender and orientation as elements of your creation of sexuality within this particular dimension, which shall offer more of an explanation to you. In this, what I shall be addressing to is what you are inquiring about now.

Presently within your physical societies, you do not identify with these orientations with defining words. Therefore, I am offering new words to be defining these three orientations, for the idea that you hold within physical focus as to the identification of these three orientations is incorrect. It is a manifestation or what you may term to be an aspect of the belief system, and is not an accurate identification of the orientations in themselves. But I shall offer you a slight explanation, that you may understand what I offer to you in response to your question.

Your question is, which orientation have you chosen to be manifest within in this focus. I express to you that the orientation that you have chosen, I will be designating as intermediate. This, in your belief system – underline in your belief system – you would identify as feminine or female.

Let me explain that female is the definition and designation of a gender, but within physical focus you have created an extensive belief system with respect to your creation of sexuality. In this, YOU designate the three types of orientation as male, female, and homosexual. I have expressed previously, for the benefit of the understanding of individuals, the designation of male, female, and other. I choose now – as we are addressing to this particular belief system within this wave in consciousness which is occurring presently – to be altering those terminologies and introducing new terminology that you may define these different orientations with.

The designation for these shall be soft, intermediate, and common. These may be associated with what you term to be homosexual, female, and male, but I wish not be reinforcing the existing belief system and your identification with it. Therefore, I am designating new terminology for these three types of orientation within your physical focus, that you may not necessarily identify orientation with gender, for they are quite different expressions.

Gender is merely your physical manifestation of body type and function. It is not that element which is creating or affecting your perception and how you view yourself and how you view your world, or how you process information. It is merely a function and a designation of type of form.

Orientation is quite different, in that this is the element which is underlyingly, all-encompassingly affecting of your perception, which is your reality. This is how you view yourself, how you interact with yourself, how you view other individuals, how you interact with other individuals, how you perceive your world and how you interact with it, your societies, and all of your reality. THIS is your orientation.” [session 377, March 23, 1999]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: Seth/Jane Roberts introduced a similar concept in The Seth Material, (1970), Chapter 12 – More on Reincarnation – After Death and Between Lives, (no session number given.) Seth also lists the minimum number of focuses as three but didn’t go into the “other” area. Instead he states:

“As a rule, each entity is born so that three roles are experienced – that of mother, father, and child. Two lives would be sufficient to give you the three roles, but in some cases the personality does not function to adulthood. The most important issue, however, is the fullest use of potential.”

Perhaps the gay/lesbian/bisexual/hermaphrodite issue may have been too challenging to deal with at that time, and only Rob, Jane, and Seth know for sure. Elias says that, what we term a “life-style choice,” is in fact a preference or natural expression of essence and not something to consider a dis-ease.

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