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Monday, March 04, 2002

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“Issues About Exposure”

“Precognitive Impressions”

“Weight and Protection”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Alma (Moanna).

Elias arrives at 11:42 PM. (Arrival time is 24 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

ALMA: Hello, Elias.

ELIAS: We meet again!

ALMA: Yes, we do. (Elias chuckles) Elias, I have a few questions for you this morning.

ELIAS: Very well.

ALMA: I know my essence name is Moanna and my family is Sumafi and my alignment is Sumari, but I wanted to know if my orientation is common?


ALMA: Because Cindel and Castille had told me maybe it was common. Also, I wanted to ask you about a dream I had.

ELIAS: Very well.

ALMA: I was actually in my bedroom asleep until five in the morning and then something woke me up, which was a sensation on my feet like I was getting patted so that I would awake or like if they were trying to make my bed right on my feet. When I felt the sensation I remember waking up and I remember realizing that I was nude, that I only had some panties on. I remember at first my reaction was how could I be nude and that there was someone in my bedroom. I remember reacting to that. Then I said, “Well, I have to control myself and get up, regardless.” When I removed the covers from my body I realized that I was fully dressed. I got very afraid, so I turned on all my lights. I went to the restroom and I was feeling so many different things then. I was wondering, what was that about?

ELIAS: And offer your impression.

ALMA: What was my impression?

ELIAS: Correct.

ALMA: At first my impression was that there was someone in my room, but then I felt some energy and I remember just being very aware of being nude. At first I didn’t have an impression; I was just afraid.

ELIAS: Very well. I shall offer to you, what you have presented to yourself in this imagery is an opportunity for yourself to examine your association with exposure. For the act of what you view as exposing yourself to other individuals, not necessarily physically, generates fear within you. Therefore you have created this imagery in a physical display of exposure to emphasize to yourself your response to this action of exposing yourself to other individuals or even to yourself at times.

This is significant, for you are allowing yourself an awareness that you are attempting to address to this issue which generates an expression of fear within yourself. For this shall allow you, if you are addressing to this issue, to open your awareness of yourself much more fully, and therefore also allow you much more openness with other individuals and shall allow you a freedom in not expressing a guardedness of yourself with other individuals.

ALMA: Wow! I understand. Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

ALMA: Also I wanted to talk to you about an accident that I had about a month and a half ago. Prior to this accident, whenever I would be driving in my vehicle I would just somehow have it in my mind that I was going to be in a head-on collision in my vehicle. I remember having an impression that I would be in an accident a few days prior to the accident that I had.

One morning I was driving and I remember stopping at a red light. When I had the right of way I remember pulling forward, and I had a head-on collision with a trailer, actually. My reaction was that as soon as I had the impact I recalled the image that I would have an accident like that. I was just wondering, what was that and for some reason was I really looking for that?

ELIAS: I may express to you, several actions were occurring in this scenario. One was your allowance of yourself to be recognizing certain probabilities that you incorporated in potential, allowing yourself to objectively recognize that you were generating a potential to be creating a specific outcome.

Now; in this, you also were allowing yourself to notice how clearly you may offer yourself information through impressions, and therefore allow yourself choices if you are paying attention to the information that you are offering to yourself.

Now; you chose to create the actual collision. In this, you offer to yourself different examples. You offer to yourself the example quite clearly that you do incorporate the ability to view through your impressions potential choices. You also allow yourself to view that these types of actions are not accidents and are choices, but you also, in actually creating the collision, allow yourself to view the strength of your associations in relation to your beliefs. For although you offered yourself information through impressions concerning what you were choosing, you did not objectively offer yourself different choices. Your association with the absoluteness of what you presented to yourself is so strong that you chose to be creating the collision rather than generating a different choice and a different outcome.

For, your association is that if you have offered yourself this type of impression you are thusly locked into the manifestation of it. The association is that these types of impressions are precognitive or destined to occur and may not be abated, which in actuality is quite incorrect. But this does offer you the opportunity to recognize that you do in actuality incorporate choice, and if you are allowing yourself to clearly view probabilities and the potential of certain choices, you may also evaluate whether you prefer to be engaging those choices or not and thusly offer yourself permission to generate different choices and therefore generate a different outcome.

But this experience provided you with clear evidence concerning your communication to yourself and the clarity of it, and your ability to notice your communication to yourself. Now that you have created the outcome that you have, you may also allow yourself a recognition that you very well may have chosen a different outcome if you are allowing yourself to realize that you are not locked to certain choices merely for the reason that you have offered yourself a clear communication prior to the event concerning what may occur. Are you understanding?

ALMA: Yes, I am.

ELIAS: Therefore, now as you present impressions to yourself, you may be noticing and recognizing these communications that you offer to yourself and acknowledge them. But also remember that you incorporate choice and that you may choose the outcome that YOU want, rather than creating an outcome in which you are subject to your belief, that influences your perception, and expresses to you that if you have generated an impression in a certain manner you MUST create that outcome. This is not necessarily correct.

You do not necessarily incorporate a compulsion to generate that specific outcome. You may choose another outcome if you are recognizing your ability and recognizing that these are choices. You are not subject to the expression itself; you are choosing the action.

I may express to you, my friend, this is a difficult concept to express in reality. It is quite unfamiliar. You may be continuing to express to yourself that you create all of your reality, that you have created this “accident,” so to speak, in your terms, but it is difficult to objectively recognize that you also have chosen that action.

You easily express to yourself that you create outcomes, but you also easily associate that you do not always choose the outcomes that you are creating. Which, in actuality, if you allow yourself to examine these two aspects of this concept, it is inconsistent that you shall create any expression within your reality without choosing it, for there is no other expression of consciousness that chooses for you.

In actuality, I may express to you that you have presented to yourself a scenario in which you may quite efficiently clearly view all of the components that have been in place, so to speak, to create a particular outcome. In this example you may apply what you have recognized in ANY scenario to allow yourself the freedom to choose what you prefer and what you want in your outcomes.

ALMA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

ALMA: I wanted to talk to you about a concern that I have regarding my sleep. Sometimes I just can’t get to sleep. I try and I toss and I turn. Actually, last night again my impression... I have a sensation like someone’s going to come in my apartment and when I wake up someone’s going to be in my bedroom. I don’t know if it has to do with the other dream. Every time I go to sleep I have the concern of someone coming into my apartment. Actually right now at present I have a roommate and she has some reoccurring dreams about someone being in her bedroom. So I was just wondering, why is that?

ELIAS: What you are generating in relation to the other individual is merely a mirror action. You are choosing to image fear to yourself in this manner. This is the manner in which you are manifesting your expression of fear.

Now; in addressing to yourself and allowing yourself to pay attention to yourself, you may also recognize that you indeed do not require protection. But this is an issue that you have incorporated for an extended time framework, a feeling, so to speak, within yourself that you require protection from some outside force which is undefined but that generates a fear within you.

Now; the force is not concerning any outside expression. This is merely the manner in which you are imaging it to yourself or the association that you are generating within yourself, and in this, you express this so strongly that you also are reflecting this to yourself in conjunction with the other individual and you generate a mirror action in relation to the other individual.

In this, as you allow yourself to genuinely begin to turn your attention to you and allow yourself to begin generating a trust of yourself, you shall also begin to dissipate this experience. Your fear is expressed in relation to your lack of trust of yourself, your lack of trust that you generate safety and a safe environment within yourself. As you allow yourself to be paying attention and expressing trust of yourself this fear shall become less and less.

The reason that you generate this expression most consistently in association with your sleep time framework is that this particular time framework is one in which you generate an association with a lack of control. If you are sleeping you are not expressing an objective awareness of your physical environment and therefore you are not generating a physical control over your environment and yourself. In actuality these are beliefs, for there is no expression of control. But these beliefs are quite strong and do generate quite a real expression within your reality.

Therefore, as you recognize that the fear is generated by a lack of trust within yourself and is associated with an issue of control, you may also allow yourself to relax and begin to offer yourself a trust of yourself, knowing that you shall not create harmfulness to yourself for it is unnecessary. In this, you shall allow yourself to be incorporating a different perception, which shall be affecting of your allowance of your sleep time framework.

ALMA: Thank you for that one!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

ALMA: And one last question is concerning my weight. I think more than anything I always have had an issue with weight. When I was younger it really didn’t bother me, but I guess as I get older I get more self-conscious and it becomes an issue.

But what I found concerning my issue is that sometimes I do feel comfortable in the size of body that I have and I’m fine with my weight, but sometimes I get very aware and stressed about wanting to lose weight. I think that more than anything my impression of it is that sometimes I don’t really mind it because I feel like protected. I feel fine; I feel comfortable. I guess that I feel, like you said, fear sometimes, that if I do lose the weight then I have to be more aware and addressing myself and paying more attention to myself, and I guess I don’t do that often enough. Is that what I get from my weight?

ELIAS: I am quite acknowledging of you in your offering of understanding to yourself of what you are creating. You are quite correct; this also is associated with protection and exposure. For, you create this manifestation of what you view to be excess weight as an expression of protection, for if you are incorporating that manifestation, you do not generate as many expectations of yourself. You do not expect yourself to be as interactive with other individuals. You do not expect yourself to be generating relationships that are fearful to you. Therefore, you ARE expressing a manifestation in physical form of protection.

But this also is expressed in relation to your worth and your lack of trust and acceptance of yourself, for this is once again associated with allowing yourself exposure. But you dare not generate THAT type of expression with other individuals for you wish not to be exposing yourself to you, and you intensely wish not to be exposing yourself to other individuals.

In this, my friend, once again as you allow yourself to become familiar with you, to generate a friendship with you and allow yourself to appreciate the individual that you are and trust and accept this individual that you are, you also may allow yourself to recognize that in actuality the more that you allow yourself an openness and exposure, so to speak, the more freedom you offer to yourself and the more ease you allow in your movement.

You require a tremendous expression of energy to hold your energy field in tightness to yourself in protection of yourself. (1) You require much less of an intensity of energy as you allow yourself an openness and you allow yourself to relax your energy field.

In this, as you generate this friendship with yourself and this appreciation of yourself, you may begin noticing that other individuals shall reflect this to you also, for this is an automatic by-product of accepting yourself. Not merely that you automatically are more accepting of other individuals, but that other individuals become much more accepting of you also. For what you express outwardly, you also reflect to yourself.

ALMA: Wow. (Laughs and Elias chuckles) That, I think, was my same impression concerning my weight.

ELIAS: Yes. And it matters not, my friend. Do not concern yourself with the physical manifestation and attempting to address to that. For this is merely a distraction which in actuality prevents you from addressing to the actual expression that is influencing this manifestation.

This is the reason that many, many, many individuals throughout your physical dimension create such tremendous challenge and even struggle with this particular type of expression of weight, so to speak, for their attention centers upon the physical manifestation and attempting to outwardly alter the physical manifestation through different actions: altering diet, altering activities, attempting to be incorporating what you express as positive thought processes. These are outward physical attempts to be altering of the physical manifestation, and generally speaking they do not create an accomplishment. For this is not what is to be addressed to, but rather what you are generating inwardly.

What you are creating outwardly is merely a physical expression of imagery as a reflection of what you are generating inwardly. In this, as I have stated many times, the outward physical imagery matters not; it is abstract and quite changeable. What holds significance is your perception, for this is what generates the outward physical imagery. What is significant concerning your perception is what influences your perception, and what influences your perception are your associations with beliefs, your acceptance or your lack of acceptance of yourself, your trust or your lack of trust of yourself, and where you are directing your attention.

ALMA: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

ALMA: I think that’s about all the questions for me right now – I mean for you! (Elias laughs) Is there any additional information you might want to give me?

ELIAS: Continue to pay attention to yourself, my friend. You are generating significant movement in allowing yourself to be noticing, and this holds importance. As you continue to be noticing, allow yourself to not discount yourself, but paying attention, acknowledge yourself, my friend.

(Gently) I may express to you a recognition that you do not generate much acknowledgment of yourself. You incorporate much more of a discounting of yourself and doubting of yourself. There are many moments which are deserving of your acknowledgment, that you ARE accomplishing, that you are noticing, that you are paying attention to your communications to yourself. Rather than doubting of that, perhaps allow yourself permission more frequently to be acknowledging yourself in your accomplishments and not expressing as much judgment.

As you notice your communications to yourself, remember that you do incorporate choice. Regardless of your communications or your impressions, no expression is set in stone. You always incorporate choice. As you remember that you incorporate choice, it matters not that you necessarily objectively recognize or know what choices to incorporate or to express. Merely allow yourself the knowing that you are not locked to merely one choice, that you do incorporate other choices, and thusly allow yourself to relax. As you incorporate this method, your choices shall become much more clear.

ALMA: Well, it was great talking to you, Elias. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend. I am acknowledging of you and shall continue to be so, to the point that you allow yourself to be acknowledging. Ha ha!

ALMA: Okay. Thank you!

ELIAS: I shall continue to offer encouraging energy to you and shall anticipate our next meeting. Express gentleness with yourself and this shall be most beneficial.

I offer to you tremendous affection, my friend, and express to you this morning in appreciation of you, au revoir.

ALMA: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 12:26 PM.


(1) Originally expressed as, “You require a tremendous expression of energy to hold in tightness your energy field to yourself in protection of yourself.”

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