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the belief system of science, pt.2

Note: this is the second of two parts on science. Go to the belief system of science, pt. 1.

ELIAS: “This dimension is very sexually oriented. Its foundation is sexual and emotional. Therefore, you explore all aspects and elements of these creations.

JIM: That relates to another question I had. If our dimension is focused on sexuality and emotion, what would another dimension’s focus be?

ELIAS: Differences! (Grinning)

JIM: Aggression?

ELIAS: In some. What you may imagine has been created!

JIM: Hmm! So in Star Wars and Jabba the Hut, that’s been created?

ELIAS: What you may imagine IS reality.

JIM: Some of it’s pretty bizarre! (Laughing)

ELIAS: To YOUR dimension! (Laughter) I have expressed many times, your science fiction is closer to science fact than fiction!” [session 254, January 02, 1998]

FORREST: “This question is from Vivien, sent a couple of days ago. She writes to us: ‘This Sunday I may be meeting with a possible future client. He is schizophrenic, hears voices most of the time; Vold, probably, and in transition. I’ve had zero clients with this ‘disorder’ and would appreciate some of Elias’ comments. I don’t even know if I can be of any help to this person. If you engage Elias before Sunday, I would like some input as to how I might help this man. I’ve had some impressions, but really too vague to make much of; problems with abusive father, feeling unsafe in the world, persecuted, etc. Any information as to why the schizophrenia was created and whether he is choosing to uncreate it would be most appreciated.’ (Here, there is a twenty-two second pause.)

ELIAS: Within the probabilities which stand presently, there is what you may term to be a likelihood that there shall be an affectingness in engaging this individual. This individual stands within conflict presently, and has been within conflict for much time framework. The individual is not engaging transition within physical focus. The conflict stems from differences between choices and mass belief systems which have also been accepted into individual belief systems.

I shall explain. The individual has chosen for the experience within this particular focus to move outside of the framework of the officially accepted reality which is recognized within your societies. This action is not uncommon. The difficulty occurs within this action when the individual holds a realization that this choice to be moving outside of the officially accepted reality is challenged by the societal belief systems en masse.

Previous to these so-called past two centuries within your history, this choice to be moving outside of the officially accepted reality was viewed differently and much more accepted. Individuals choosing this particular action were not labeled in the manner that they have been labeled presently and within your recent past. They have been viewed previous to this as holding mystical qualities, and therefore partially accepted in their expression.

I have offered information as to what you view as a ‘condition’ in this manner, and explanation as to the action which is being engaged. In this, these individuals choose to be holding less separation from subjective interaction and less separation of essence, and also accessing other focuses in a manner that your officially accepted reality does not allow for.

Within this past two centuries, the mass belief systems have shifted into more of a separation preceding the action of this shift in consciousness, becoming more rigid and strict and static for a time period, preparing for the throes of the onset of this shift in consciousness. I have also explained in this manner that this preceding action may be likened to the throes of the emergence of birth, the chaos that occurs before the calm within the emergence. It stems from a lack of understanding and an increase in separation from essence and subjective activity.

This has not slowed the choice of individuals to be choosing to be experiencing elements outside of your officially accepted reality, but the mass belief systems have moved into an area of less acceptance of this type of action. As opposed to viewing these individuals as holding less separation and [more] mystical qualities, your societies, for the most part – although there continues to remain societies that do not view in this manner – move in the direction of attempting to alter individuals’ behavior and their reality that they are choosing to be experiencing, for it does not fit within their guidelines of what is acceptable within your societies and what is not acceptable. In this situation, it is influencing of the individual, THIS individual in particular also, that there is a recognition objectively that their expression of experience is not accepted.

FORREST: By society.

ELIAS: Correct. The belief systems are held very strongly. The energy projected within these belief systems IS affecting. Even individuals that continue to choose to move outside of your officially accepted reality are very influenced and affected by the power of the energy which is projected within mass. You ALL are affected by mass belief systems. Even in the areas that you express to yourself that you do not align with mass belief systems, they continue to be affecting underlyingly. In THIS situation, the effect is not underlying. It is objectively held, therefore creating conflict. In addition to the affectingness, the individual himself has also partially accepted – partially accepted – this mass belief system into his own individual belief system, viewing the expression as unacceptable, outside of the norm, and also dysfunctional.

FORREST: Which is why he’s a client.

ELIAS: Correct. There is a searching and a partial desire to be moving into the area of compliance with the mass belief system which is projected within this particular society in which he resides, but in conflict with this accepted belief system ... hold momentarily. I shall qualify: The belief system itself has not been accepted in the terms that I express acceptance of a belief system, but has been accepted into his reality.

The belief system is creating conflict, for the choice of experience is not discontinued. It has been chosen within this focus to be experiencing this element of consciousness outside of the officially accepted reality. Therefore, the creation continues, but the belief system has been accepted into the reality also, causing a pulling within the individual between experience and beliefs.

Other belief systems surrounding the base belief system are also influencing, belief systems concerning this behavior and this particular choice of experience, which is reinforcing of the mass expression and the individual expression of duplicity in this area, which increases the belief system of duplicity and contributes to more conflict. The individual views that this choice of experience is not only unacceptable, but bad and detrimental and conflicting to other individuals. All of these thought processes contribute immensely to the perpetuation of the belief system of duplicity, which is also creating of tremendous conflict. Therefore, the quest is engaged to be attempting to alter the reality within himself and to be changing the choice of experience.

Now; let me be clear. The choice continues to be held for the experience outside of the officially accepted reality. Therefore, within interaction of Miriam [Vivien] to this individual, there may be affectingness, but not in the area of altering the reality of the choice of experience.

The affectingness that may offered in helpfulness is to be offering acceptance and explanation and understanding to the individual of what they have chosen to be creating, and the understanding of the conflict in conjunction with the held belief system. It is unnecessary for the individual to alter their choice of experience within the focus. This is a choice. It is helpful for understanding that this choice is not bad and also that this choice does not indicate lunacy within this individual’s experience, but merely a choice to be less separated from essence; therefore the allowance of interactiveness objectively with other aspects of essence, other focuses, and other elements of reality beyond the confines and limitations of the officially accepted reality within this society.

Confusion also arises in this area, for the individual objectively engages other aspects of essence, viewing these at times to be elements of self and at other times to be disconnected and outside of self, therefore creating a suspect situation. If offered the information – not merely once – that these actions of communication and interaction are not harmful but also are not this particular focus and may be recognized as other aspects, other focuses of this essence, the individual may be influenced to view that there is no compulsion to respond or accept direction from these other focuses, but merely recognize that there is a tapping into the experience and communication of these other focuses which is not necessarily directed to him.

You may liken this situation to yourselves in the manner that you may watch a program upon your instrument, your equipment of your television, presently. You are viewing, but the interaction occurring upon your television is not involving you. It is occurring between the characters which are playing roles to each other in a sense apart from you, but your viewing of this is interactive. You are a part of the interaction, for you are viewing. Therefore, you hold a communication also.

In this same manner, in viewing the interaction upon your television, as one individual communicates to another within the play, they may be instructing within that context of direction to another individual. They may be expressing to another individual, ‘Fetch this water and bring this hither to me.’ They are not in communication with YOU, therefore you do not move and fetch water; but you are viewing, therefore you are interactive. The communication is inclusive.

In this same manner, the individual is viewing other focuses in part and therefore receives the communication, but the communication is not directed to him. It is misunderstood and accepted as direct communication, but it is not. There is an interactiveness and it is inclusive; it is merely not directed to him.

As the individual becomes aware and holds an understanding of the experience objectively in its entirety, the experience alters within the confines of the belief system. The experience itself may continue, but the belief system is rendered neutral and not affecting, for the understanding is held that regardless of the lack of understanding and separation – not lack of separation, lack of understanding AND the separation – of the masses within the present society, the experience is acceptable. It is merely a choice outside of the officially accepted reality.

Not all of what you view to be mental illness, which is ludicrous for it is not an illness, but as you label this, not all of these actions fall into this same category, but this particular choice DOES fall into this area in all situations of this particularly-labeled dis-ease, which it is not a dis-ease. It merely becomes a dis-ease as the belief systems are allowed to be so very affecting.

Therefore, Miriam [Vivien] may approach this situation with acceptance and reinforcement of the allowance of this choice of experience and be offering explanation to the action of this particular experience, and in difference to reinforcing the duplicity, within her healing abilities, which she holds objectively quite efficiently, to be reinforcing of the acceptance of the choice of experience and offering helpfulness within explanation for a clearer understanding, which shall be healing and helpful to the individual in allowing an acceptance of self and therefore eliminating the conflict which is held within these opposing experiences.

FORREST: So in that sense, the explanation presents feedback between the various levels of belief that create the conflict, so that acceptance becomes a natural process.

ELIAS: Correct.

FORREST: In your summary, you’re essentially emphasizing the experience in the present moment as being unrelated to ... in other words, the choice of having an experience outside of the currently accepted belief systems as being unrelated to the person’s past, so there doesn’t need to be any focus on that.

ELIAS: Correct.

FORREST: How would you address the aspect of the particulars of the received voices? When we watch television we see a scene, but sometimes the contents of that scene have symbolic as opposed to literal interpretations. Would you view it as being confusing to the individual to be trying to interpret the symbolism of his viewing of connection while trying to explain the dynamics of the belief systems involved? Would you view that as being necessary to the healing process or not in this particular instance?

ELIAS: It is unnecessary within this present now, for the individual does not hold an awareness enough to be interpreting the imagery which may be connected to this particular focus.

Now; I may offer that eventually, within continued communication with this individual and as the individual acquires an awareness and an acceptance of the choice which has been created, then there may be offered additional information which may also be helpful in interpretation of these experiences and how they are relating to this particular focus. Within this present now this would be considered ‘skipping shells,’ for the individual does not hold a readiness yet to be skipping to these shells. The more base situation is to create fertile ground for the acceptance of self and the choice of experience within this particular focus, recognizing that there has been no action which has held a cause and effect situation or consequence and has been creating of this experience. This is a choice.

(Firmly) This also is a belief system that individuals hold within your new science of your psychology, which we are aware of the ineffectiveness of this particular science for the most part, and the DAMAGE that this particular science creates and the reinforcement of the belief systems of duplicity which this particular science is EXTREMELY adept at creating. (Pause, sighing) Michael [Mary] shall take issue with me, but I shall hold to the truthfulness of these sciences, which are in many areas extremely inefficient.

FORREST: ... Okay, the next one. This is a person named Daryl. He’s asking about his eye condition. He’s saying, ‘What else can I do to uncreate my eye condition?’ The answer is going back to him. Whatever I’m asking is on their behalf.

ELIAS: I am aware. It is unnecessary to reiterate yourself. (Fifteen-second pause)

This situation holds two-fold. This individual has created two choices in this situation. As to the question of uncreating this function of vision, this may be more complicated than some other individuals with similar situations.

This situation has been created initially as an acceptance, in entering into this particular focus, of certain genetic elements. This is not to say that this may not be altered, for any individual within physical focus may alter their genetic encoding at any given moment. You always hold the choice in this area, although once again, your sciences view this to be fixed and static. It is not. It is a choice, although it is a more difficult element to be affecting of, for you hold very strong belief systems in these areas.

In the area of physical ailments, the mass belief systems are extremely strong and the individual belief systems are equally as strong. They are continuously reinforced, not only by the self, not only by the thought process, but also by your own creations in reinforcement, your experiences, which also is linked to the belief systems of duplicity. But also, these elements are continuously reinforced within your societies in the manner that you have created them. Therefore, these situations are more difficult for your alteration.

The second element which has been created in this particular situation is linked also to belief systems and issues held which have created shrines which have been efficiently placed very neatly into Regional Area 2 for their only partial viewing at the discretion of the individual, and in this manner this is also affecting of objective physical viewing. It is a mirror action. ‘I wish not to be viewing these shrines that I have created. I shall very neatly insert them into Regional Area 2. I may remove them at will and decorate them more and reinsert them into Regional Area 2, where I may not view if I am not choosing. And I shall also create a situation with my physical viewing, my physical sense of sight, that shall be reminding me that I have inserted these shrines into Regional Area 2, lest I forget to be pulling these shrines out once again and continuing my decoration of them.’

Therefore, there is held two very strong situations in this area; one being the viewing and dismantling of these shrines, which are created by very strongly-held issues within the self that are chosen not to be addressed to but continue to be reinforced and built upon – quite ornately, I must add – and also, the element of choosing physical aspects of genetics in entering into this focus, that this may be also reinforcing of the situation of the shrines not viewed.

FORREST: Is there a symmetry between the scope of the issues in question and the scope of the timing of the genetics?

ELIAS: At times, but not always. In entering into a focus, the entering focus, the entering element of essence which creates the focus, chooses all of the genetic encoding that may be beneficial to their pool of probabilities within that particular focus. All is accounted for within the entering.

Therefore, at times the focus may be creating of this genetic encoding, recognizing within simultaneous time the choice of certain probabilities which shall in your linear time appear futurely. In this situation, you are correct; but in other situations, the entering focus may choose to be accepting of many elements of genetic encoding in conjunction and compliance with the familial lineage, but also choose not to be enacting or enabling any of these aspects of the encoding throughout the entirety of the focus; or in other situations may be choosing a similar action and subsequently altering the genetic encoding and eliminating that element of lineage, and in a sense reversing the very elements of encoding that were chosen in entering the focus. Therefore, there is much more freedom in the creating than is viewed.

FORREST: This is an aside, my own question. Would you view it that with some of these situations, not speaking of this one in particular anymore, that the genetic encoding gets enacted retroactively from the present moment backwards in time as a symbol of the scope of the issue which is realized in the present? Do you understand my question?

ELIAS: Absolutely. You are ALWAYS creating within the present.

FORREST: Including the symbols of the genetic code backwards in the past?

ELIAS: Correct.

FORREST: And images of their memories?

ELIAS: Correct.” [session 268, March 08, 1998]

FORREST: “I wanted also to clarify some of your earlier comments, as expressed to me by Michael [Mary], regarding the subject of mathematics. As I understand his paraphrase, he describes you describing mathematics as being local to only this particular physical framework. I first want to clarify the meaning of mathematics. Are you meaning mathematics as encompassing logic in the sense that statements within a domain have a certain predication relationship to one another, or are you referring to mathematics in the sense of say geometry, or outside of this altogether? (Pause)

ELIAS: In part, both. Mathematics as referred to within your definition of a language involving theorems and numerical sequences is relative to this particular dimensional reality. Mathematics in the concept of logic is partially relative to this physical dimension.

FORREST: Partially relative. In defining a set of axioms within a mathematical system, would you view that as creating a framework which is all to itself? In other words, I tend to think in terms of this concept of domains, and in creating a set of axioms I create a domain, which is the development of those axioms into a theory. Would you in this sense view mathematics as being a domain, or rather, a particular branch of mathematics as being a domain?

ELIAS: Yes. I would also offer the explanation that it has been created as a language, a communication tool.

FORREST: Describing relationship?

ELIAS: Correct.

FORREST: And in the sense that relationship is physical, that the language is physical?

ELIAS: Correct.

FORREST: If we were in a sense to be studying the quality of interaction as opposed to relationship, would not then logic be more the description, or would not then the process of relationship between interaction be a general one?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, but your language within framework of mathematics is too small to be encompassing those kinds of interaction outside of the context of physical focus. It may not be applied to consciousness non-physically oriented or to elements of certain physical focuses which are subjectively oriented.

FORREST: This be a referent to the limitations of existing mathematical languages as known to us at this time?

ELIAS: Correct.

FORREST: Which is not to say that the development of a more encompassing language of logic or mathematics is not possible.

ELIAS: It IS possible.

FORREST: It is possible.

ELIAS: This still would not be encompassing of all of consciousness, though. It would not hold entire relevance to all of consciousness, therefore cannot be expressed as a truth, for there are elements outside of its framework that may not be expressed inclusively. Framework – the word itself denotes boundaries.

FORREST: So in saying this, we’re basically coming back to a recognition that there is no ‘universal’ or absolute language that is encompassing of all realities, of all of consciousness?

ELIAS: It may be translated into your word of language, which is quite limiting, but within your thought process you may express that consciousness does hold a language of a sort which is all-encompassing, which is an expression of movement and energy, a tonal quality which extends through all of what you term to be domains.

FORREST: And all of consciousness?

ELIAS: Correct.

FORREST: But that any other language, if we were to call that tonal quality of consciousness of domains to be a language, that all other languages would be less than encompassing because of their limits, in the sense that the concept of language is isomorphic with the concept of framework or of domain?

ELIAS: Correct.” [session 269, March 19, 1998]

SARA: “You had said in some questions that Cathy had asked that I had a counterpart who is a parent, and I was wondering if that would be my mother?

ELIAS: Correct.

SARA: And how are we affecting of each other?

ELIAS: Within the counterpart action of parent and child, the action which is established between the two is that one shall be experiencing elements that the other chooses not to be incorporating into their experience within that particular physical focus, but that the one holds the aptitude for that action. An example of this type of situation would be one individual holding latent qualities in the area of an artistic quality, but not expressing fully of that element of their focus. In this, they may be in agreement with another individual – the child or a parent – to be engaging the counterpart action, in which the counterpart will be expressing of this ability and lending the experience to the other individual. In this situation, you and your parent share this type of counterpart action. Latent qualities within the parent are expressed through you as the child in this counterpart action.

SARA: Okay. It’s interesting that we’re counterparts because my mother has had a lot of mental issues in her life. I feel connected to her – the core of who she is I feel is very beautiful – but I feel like a lot of times she seems vacant or like she’s operating in a different reality than the rest of us, and I even feel guilty about thinking that. Is she ‘not all here,’ so to speak? (9)

ELIAS: Let me express an explanation for this situation, that you may hold a better understanding and allow yourself a freedom from your own judgments upon yourself.

There are many individuals within this particular physical dimension that choose to be creating of experiences outside of the officially accepted reality. In this, they are labeled as holding mental illnesses or dis-ease or malfunctions. I have expressed previously several times that this is a misinterpretation.

You have created a new science, which you term to be psychology, that interprets aspects of reality and the creation of reality in this dimension by some individuals as being unacceptable, for it is outside of the norm for the officially accepted reality in this dimension. They hold little to no explanation for these situations. Therefore, they create new belief systems in these areas, which you en masse accept within the framework of your officially accepted reality. This creates more new belief systems which are also partially accepted by those individuals experiencing the reality outside of the officially accepted reality. In these situations, individuals are choosing to be continuing within the framework of allowing more subjective awareness as opposed to moving into the area of the accepted objective awareness.

In clarifying this, let me explain to you: as you enter into physical focus within this dimension, you move into a transitional state, so to speak, not unlike the transitional state that you enter into in disengaging this particular physical focus. In this transitional state, at young ages you are more subjectively oriented than objectively. As you move through your time framework of years, you become more acclimated to the objective element of your focus within this dimension.

You begin to focus your attention more clearly and more fully objectively, therefore allowing your subjective awareness to recede into its officially accepted domain, so to speak, using your subjective awareness differently than you use your objective awareness, and in part creating a separation or what appears to be a separation. These two aspects of your physical focus continue to work in harmony with each other, but one appears to be more removed from you, for you focus your attention in the other. Your attention is focused within the objective, that which you view to be your waking reality. You separate your subjective awareness and view this to be your subconscious or your dreaming reality, and you encompass also all other altered states of your reality.

In the situation of your parent and many other individuals, they choose to be continuing within the allowance of their attention in focusing subjectively in more of what you may term to be a balance, as opposed to focusing their attention so singularly within the objective. This does not fit within your officially accepted reality. Therefore, it is viewed as outside of the norm and also as unacceptable by the masses, and within mass belief systems attempts are made to be altering of the individual’s reality to be creating a compliance with the officially accepted reality. In this, the individual focused within the expression of subjectivity also assumes to themself the officially accepted belief systems, that this functioning and behavior is not quite acceptable within their own reality and within the reality of their society. Therefore, this begins to create conflicts and confusions.

As to your aspect of this situation within your relationship of this individual, you assume a responsibility of thought process in judgment of this individual, expressing to yourself that you feel guilt in expressing this particular judgment upon their choice of their reality. I express to you that it is unnecessary for you to be feeling guilt in this area. The individual has chosen to be creating of their reality in this manner for the experience of viewing the subjective reality more clearly within physical focus. Therefore, it is unnecessary for you to be assuming responsibility and to be feeling guilty, in recognition of the individual’s choice.

(Intently) There is no thing wrong with this type of choice of creation of an individual reality. It is merely the belief systems that are expressed en masse within your societies that express to you that this is unacceptable and needs be altered.

SARA: I guess I think that I chose to be in that situation growing up with her to really be able to see that individuals really do create their own reality.

ELIAS: Correct. You choose the parents, the lineage that you wish to be entering into a physical focus with, that they may provide you with experiences in interaction that shall be compliant with your particular intent and which shall also move in the direction of your individual pool of probabilities which you have chosen.” [session 273, April 07, 1998]

ELIAS: “There are many individuals within what you term to be your ‘field’ [of psychology] who are in agreement, but there are not many individuals within your field that expand their skill within their knowledge and their knowing of reality to be incorporating more aspects of reality than merely psychological belief systems and the perpetuation of these belief systems.

Psychological belief systems perpetuate duplicity. You hold an awareness to be incorporating the skill in which you have been trained and coupling this with the awareness that you hold of more; and moving into the action of this shift in consciousness, you may be creating a new dimension, so to speak, in this science of psychology. Individuals shall draw to you as they become aware that you hold an awareness.

Within this shift in consciousness, individuals are becoming automatically more and more aware of their reality and of the expansiveness of themselves and that all affectingness of themselves is not limited to this one focus, but they also move in confusion, and objectively do not know how to access their own information. Therefore, there are other individuals that may be helpful in cooperation, to be facilitating their accessing of more information.

You hold the awareness already. All that your psychological belief systems express are not entirely correct. All that you experience within this one focus is not entirely limited to this focus. Other focuses bleed through. They are affecting. But many individuals within the action of this shift, which continues and is gaining momentum, they experience this action, but they also move in the direction of believing they are experiencing lunacy, for they do not hold the understanding. You may offer the understanding.

Do you see?

DIANE: I think so.

ELIAS: Even within what you term to be psychological mental illnesses, these are not what your belief systems express them to be. Your psychology has created new belief systems in explanation of that which they do not understand, and you hold an awareness of this. Therefore, you hold a more efficient ability to be addressing to these situations and to be helpful, for individuals creating of these situations – these choices that you term to be mental illnesses – also adopt and accept the mass belief systems and incorporate these mass belief systems within themselves and create tremendous conflict and turmoil.

DIANE: And I can help shift that perspective.

ELIAS: Quite!

DIANE: I’ve done that. I’ve seen that, and it’s miraculous when it happens.

ELIAS: It is quite affecting. THERE lies your intent, and there lies your desire and the manifestation of your creativity.” [session 274, April 18, 1998]

MICHAEL: “Alright, my next thing about animals is, I was reading the animal consciousness transcript and someone had asked why we don’t find remnants of like unicorns, and that was because the mass belief systems dictate that they don’t exist. So until that belief changes, we won’t find them, correct?

ELIAS: Correct.

MICHAEL: Okay. Then what is the thing with the dinosaurs then? Why are we finding remnants, all kinds of remnants, of them? I mean, I don’t any remembrance right now of being around when dinosaurs were, so how did they end up being found? (Elias smiles)

ELIAS: These creatures are more acceptable to you. They offer you an alignment with your belief systems in the direction of your evolutionary scale. They validate your belief systems in the area of evolution. Therefore, you allow yourselves the continuation of artifacts, that you may piece together your own puzzle of linear time and your evolutionary scale.

I shall be speaking futurely as to this matter also, but for this present now I shall express to you that as I have expressed previously, your species has experimented with many forms throughout millennium, and in this you have not chosen to be exhibiting evidence of many of your experiments in forms within this particular dimension. What you have left for yourselves are what you term to be mythology now. You offer yourselves stories and myths that you view to be purely imagination, which they are reality, but you have also efficiently removed from this officially accepted reality and dimension the evidences of the existences of these experiments within forms in your creation.

They also interrupt your belief systems of science and of religions. Your religions express to you that you as a species have been created in the image of a supreme being. (Humorously) We would not wish for strange creatures to be appearing upon your planet which shall call into question the creative force of that which you believe to be the supreme being!

You also shall not oppose yourselves within your sciences. Within the dictates of the belief systems of your sciences, you believe your planet to be only so many amount of years old, and within that time framework you believe an evolutionary process to have occurred and to be continuing within this present now. I express to you that the evolutionary process is not that which your science dictates and that you have not evolved in the manner to which you believe. You also have not appeared here as divine creations of an external supreme being transplanting you onto this one little planet in all of space! Therefore there are quite enough reasons, as you may view, that you shall not offer yourselves evidences of these creatures or of other manifestations of your own species until you have moved away from your very strong hold upon your religious and scientific belief systems.” [session 279, May 12, 1998]

ELIAS: “Good evening! (Smiling, and the group responds) This evening we shall be discussing the connective tissue of consciousness; that element of consciousness that provides communication through different dimensions and through different time dimensions, with particular respect to this dimension throughout its time periods and alternate realities that are connected to this particular dimension.

Many individuals hold many questions as to what you view to be mythology within this particular dimension. I have mentioned previously in these sessions that your mythology is reality, although all of your mythology is not necessarily reality which has been inserted into this particular officially accepted reality within this dimension. Some of this mythology stems from a knowing of parallel dimensions to this particular dimension, which this knowledge is passed through generations in your particular dimension.

One in particular is your mythology concerning your ‘lost continent’ of Atlantis. This has invoked many questions with individuals throughout your ages. You continue to pursue archeological endeavors to be uncovering evidence of this so-called ‘lost civilization.’ There are other elements in conjunction with this civilization that also enter into your stories of mythology.

I shall express to you that this civilization is a reality. It is NOT inserted into this particular physical dimension. It occupies a parallel dimension. Therefore, you may continue to be searching for your ages for evidences of this particular civilization – which you view to be ‘lost’ – and you shall not be uncovering the ruins of this civilization, for it is not occupying physical space within this particular dimension. It is within a parallel dimension to yourselves.

Within this particular dimension, THIS physical dimension, I have stated many times: you hold countless other dimensions within this dimension. You hold time dimensions and you hold alternate dimensions. These are not probable dimensions. That would be a different subject matter entirely, for probable realities are those realities which you within this dimension create and insert elsewhere in consciousness. These of which I speak this evening are dimensions in themselves.

Now; let us move back to what I term to be ‘before the beginning.’ ‘Before the beginning’ of what you know of your species presently, in the creation of this particular physical dimension were those essences representative of each of the nine essence families, which we term to be Dream Walkers. These were essences not entirely physically focused. They inserted themselves into this dimension to be creating of this particular dimension, but were not choosing to be entirely physically focused. Therefore, your physical view of these individuals would be more of a translucent form. Some essences chose to be entirely physically manifesting. This was the beginning of your creation of this particular dimension.

Now; in this also, these Dream Walkers have been interactive in parallel dimensions to your own. In this, there have been civilizations created such as your civilization of Atlantis, and these continue within your present now.

As to the connective tissue of consciousness, this particular subject holds importance, for it is affecting of you and it may offer you answers to many of your questions that you have held throughout your ages. Within this same dimension that your Atlanteans exist, other civilizations continue their existence, as they have moved out of this particular dimension and into that particular dimension; just as I have expressed to you previously that creatures upon your planet, when exhibiting the choice of what you term to be extinction, they merely move from one dimension to another dimension. They are not non-existent any longer. They are merely not existent within your officially accepted reality. In this same manner, cultures also have moved in what you may term to be extinction into another dimension, and continue.

There are many myths surrounding your civilization of Atlantis. Many of these stories are more accurate than you realize. There are stories surrounding this particular civilization, of essences that appeared initially in the form similar to what I have expressed to you as the Dream Walkers. These essences were those that religiously have been classified as ‘the sons of light’ or ‘the supreme beings’ or many other terminologies that set them apart as ‘the creators.’

Be remembering that these terminologies and these stories are influenced by belief systems, and are handed to generations and MORE influenced by belief systems, especially in the areas of religious belief systems. Therefore, you shall find much material upon this subject which shall express to you many religious overtones.

Within the dimension that these individuals occupy, they have been interactive with the Dream Walkers, as have you also, and these Dream Walkers continue their interaction to this present now, as they do also with you.

I have spoken previously of experiments within physical forms. Your evolutionary process that you are taught is incorrect. You have not evolved in the manner that you believe yourselves to have evolved. Your sciences look for what they term to be ‘missing links’ within your evolutionary process, for there are gaps in their findings of artifacts that do not explain certain changes and what they view to be ‘jumps’ in the evolutionary chain of developments for your species, and also for some other species. The reason there are ‘missing links’ is that you have developed new belief systems in the area of your sciences. In this, you have accepted this reality that you have evolved through a certain time framework.

Let me express to you, you as individuals blink in and out continuously. You blink so quickly that your ‘in’ time, which you are aware of, seems completely uninterrupted. You are unaware objectively of your ‘out’ time. As you blink out, you are interactive with other dimensions, but your attention moves to this dimension. I mention this to you, for your planet and your existence upon this planet also blinks in and out.

Your sciences express that your world holds a definite age. Your sciences do not allow for much information within consciousness that they may not hold evidence physically of, although as your time progresses they discover more and more physical evidences that are inconsistent with their original beliefs. Your particular planet is much, much older than your sciences believe. It has blinked in and blinked out many times. In this, you as a species have occupied this particular ‘blink in’ for much longer than you realize. In this, I have expressed previously that even within what you now term to be your Americas, your existence of your species extends beyond fifty thousand years previous to this present now. Your sciences shall be recovering evidences of this, and are in the process of these discoveries presently.

Another myth which is in conjunction with your Atlantean culture is that your Atlantis was sunk into the depths of your seas, but not before its inhabitants would be fleeing their native land and scattering to different areas of your globe, establishing new cultures, creating what you may term the origins of new civilizations.

I express to you that within the knowledge of this parallel dimension, you use information that you hold within consciousness to be explaining to yourselves your own existence and your own civilizations, and answering questions to yourselves that your sciences and your religions are inadequate for answering. I express to you that this concept, this story of these Atlanteans escaping and repopulating in different areas of your globe, is closer to truthfulness than what your sciences express to you.

Atlantis has not occupied this dimension. It did not sink into your ocean and its inhabitants did not scatter, creating new cultures throughout your globe; but the element of the story that IS correct is that you have originated your species within each of your main continents upon your globe. You did not originate your species singularly in one area upon one continent and populate and then migrate northerly to what you term to be Europe and Asia, and you did not migrate across a strait and populate downward into what you view to be your Americas presently. These Dream Walkers – which you are a part of, make no mistake of that – have created the existence of your species in each of your continents simultaneously. Therefore, you view differences in appearances. These also are elements of the experimentations within physical form of these Dream Walkers.

You have experimented with physical form in many manners. You have chosen to be experimenting with different types of forms, which also shows itself within your mythology. Now, these HAVE been inserted into this particular dimension and this officially accepted reality. Your paintings and your sculptures of creatures that appear to be partially man and partially creature are not projections of imagination. They are re-creations of that which you know has been within existence upon your particular planet within this officially accepted reality in this dimension, and have existed as experimental forms which were not continued and were not adopted as your final officially accepted form, for they were inefficient. This is not to say that they were ‘bad’; merely inefficient for what you have been choosing to be creating within your civilizations.

Therefore, I express to you that each of your continents has also held its own experimentations in forms, of your species and of other species. You have chosen to be creating of different types of appearances within different locations of your planet to be offering yourselves a wondrous variety. Your basic form and its functioning is the same, but your coloration, your expression of these forms, is slightly different. This offers you variety visually, and also offers you the opportunity to assign differences in cultures to these differences in appearances.

The mythology of your Atlantean civilization also suggests connections between these individuals scattered throughout your planet and certain creations that you as a species have created upon your planet. This offers you the explanation for your pyramids and their appearance within different areas of your planet. I express to you, this be the area of your connective tissue of consciousness.

You hold much more awareness and knowledge than you THINK you hold. You are continually tapping into what I have termed to be Regional Area 3 of consciousness, which is a collective conscious. In this collective, you may access very much information and you may cross dimensions to be accessing information.

In this crossing of dimensions, you allow yourselves as individuals and as cultures to be connecting with other cultures and other individuals within your dimension and expressing yourselves in like kind. This offers you an objective connection that you may objectively view, that no matter that you be upon what you term to be opposite sides of your planet or that you do not hold communication within the technology that you hold in this present now, you continue to be connected and not separated within consciousness, and you continue to offer each other information and the confirmation of this through your objective expressions.

Atlanteans did not teach Egyptians or South Americans or Central Americans to build pyramids. You within this dimension have built these marvels yourselves and have tapped into the collective consciousness to be sharing of information, that you may validate yourselves and also remind yourselves that there is no separation in consciousness, that although you manifest yourselves encased in a form and you view yourselves to be separated from each other and from all that you create, you are not, and there are very strong elements within consciousness that bind you all together, and that you share the same creativity and the same direction within this dimension.

I express these subjects to you, that you may look to your history within this dimension and you may view the interconnectedness of all of yourselves, and you may also look to your present now and your future in conjunction with this shift in consciousness and recognize that as all before you has not been separated, all that is presently is not separated, and as you have moved in like expression and creations in what you term to be past, you continue to move in like expressions and creations presently and futurely.

Therefore, although objectively you may view what you think of as very slow or a lack or movement and involvement of individuals within this shift in consciousness, be assured that it escalates and it IS within great movement within this present now. Just as individuals within your Americas built pyramids and held no objective knowledge that these similar structures occupy lands halfway across your globe and that other individuals have created these same structures, it matters not that you hold an objective awareness of the vastness of movement. You move in your spheres, so to speak, presently, within this present now within your location, and the movement within consciousness accelerates and is occurring throughout your globe. This also offers you elements within consciousness, that you may tap into information that shall be helpful to yourselves in your sojourn in this action of this shift, and you may be also helpful to other individuals.

MARGO: ... I recently read something about studies of mitochondrial DNA indicating that the mitochondrial DNA of all humans that were non-African was identifiable as a subset of the mitochondrial DNA of people of African descent, and I was wondering how that fits in with the arising of the human species in entirely separate places.

ELIAS: I have offered information previously in the area of genetics and your DNA and RNA. In this, you choose upon entering into this physical focus what elements of DNA that you shall manifest within you physically. You also choose elements of your DNA to not be manifesting. This be the reason that there appears to be inconsistencies within certain genetic lines, so to speak, in which some individuals do not fit within the genetic heritage that they are within.

I may also express to you that it matters not that you have created different expressions throughout your globe, or what you may term to be separate origins of your species, for you are all intermingled regardless. Therefore, you also may be sharing of your DNA qualities, and it matters not. It is not suggestive that all of your species has sprung from this one particular area and the manifestations of that particular area. Certain individuals, and also en masse, choose to be adopting different qualities genetically which may be beneficial to them within their physical expression. This is not an indication of their lineage in what you think of as an evolutionary process.

As I have expressed, you have not moved through an evolutionary process upon your planet. You have created different separate expressions of forms throughout your ages, but you have not in actuality moved in the direction of an evolutionary process. In this, though, you also lend energy to the perpetuation of your scientific belief systems by offering yourselves information that shall be supportive of what you believe.

MARGO: So are you saying that the interpretation that’s been made of this, all the same mitochondrial DNA everywhere else except for Africans, the interpretation has been wrong?

ELIAS: Correct. This is quite common within physical focus. You may be offered much information and you shall selectively view what you choose to view, which shall be supportive of your own thought processes and your own belief systems, and you will deny the information that is not supportive of these belief systems.

You are quite adept at focusing your attention singularly within the areas of your belief systems; and those element that are in agreement with these belief systems and supportive of these belief systems you accept, and those elements that are not, you do not allow yourselves to even view. You ignore. This be the reason also why there may be expressed trauma within this shift in consciousness, for individuals are continuing within the direction of their belief systems, and more elements of consciousness are becoming known to them, but as surprise, unexpectedly. Therefore, it is information outside of their officially accepted reality and belief systems.

This be also the reason that I speak with you, that you may hold the information and that you may offer this information to other individuals, and thereby lessen the amount of trauma that individuals shall be experiencing in regard to this shift in consciousness.

You offer yourselves many opportunities to view the limitedness of your explorations and your discoveries. You view that certain discoveries are wondrously amazing, but they are merely a small piece, and only that which supports what you already accept within your belief systems.

For much time framework, you have accepted that your origins spring from one location. Your sciences and your religions support this, that you hold your origins of your species upon one continent and that you have branched from there. Therefore, in this you also allow yourselves discoveries limitedly that shall support this belief system, but in widening your awareness and offering yourselves more information, opening to your consciousness and recognizing that there is much more available to you than you allow yourselves, you may also be noticing of much more information which is much more supportive of the vaster picture than merely the small picture that you allow yourselves to view presently.

FORREST: Speaking of science, you have indicated comments to the effect of science as it currently stands being inadequate. May you be offering suggestions as to what sort of directions would be most effective in correcting that?

ELIAS: The most efficient manner to be addressing to this situation would be for your sciences to be incorporating the acceptance of consciousness and that which is beyond their limited capabilities of measurement within physical elements. There are more elements within your reality than may be measured physically, but may be explaining to you of many of your physical experiments. Your sciences deny the existence of consciousness, which is creating of All-That-Is. They view that you are creating of All-That-Is (10), that physical elements are creating of All-That-Is, and from this questionably may spring consciousness in certain areas. In actually, no thing is created without consciousness first.

FORREST: ... I have a question. Would you be interested to comment on the Philadelphia Experiment in terms of what actually happened there? This is an area of interest of mine that hasn’t been addressed to.

(Vic’s note: This has been partially addressed in an early session, as I have an interest in this area also. I find it interesting that it is being brought up again now. I will include an excerpt from the early session at the end of this transcript. See footnote [11].)

ELIAS: I will express to you that within your experimentations within your sciences, you have approached times, so to speak, that you have moved close to an understanding of the workings of consciousness and the manipulation of elements of consciousness within physical dimensions. This one experiment is one of those. It is not the only one. You have experimented many times throughout your history. In this, you attempt to be experimenting with elements of consciousness in a physical manner.

The knowledge is held of the ability to be accomplishing certain actions in consciousness. This knowledge is attempted to be translated into physical manipulations. Miscalculations are made in these areas, for there is not enough of an allowance of the knowledge of consciousness and too much emphasis upon the scientific belief systems, which interferes with the natural flow. In this interference of the natural flow, there is a partial accomplishment, but as it is partial, the physical aspects are damaged.

This is the agreement of those within participation, recognizing that the body consciousness within one particular focus of essence may be allowed to be ‘sacrificed,’ so to speak, in the endeavor, within the agreement of participation of the experiment. The area that the experiment goes awry is that those individuals participating are relying upon the physical elements, and misinterpreting within their interpretation and translation of the information.

Let me express to you clearly. You may engage a vision or a dream or information that shall filter through to you in a number of manners. The information that you receive, you then translate into what you may understand. In an attempt to be expanding their awareness, the individuals participating within this experiment attempted to incorporate information acquired through consciousness, but ‘stuffed’ the information into too small of a container. The information that is received for interdimensional travel is much too vast to be contained into the smallness of the calculations that these individuals attempted to be engaging.

I shall deviate briefly and express to you that as I have stated previously, within the relative midpoint of your approaching century, your sciences shall be moving into areas of discovery to be projecting you into much more efficient modes of travel, and within the action of this shift you shall also allow yourselves much more of a realistic understanding of interdimensional travel, but you shall also understand the mistakes, so to speak – although there are no mistakes – of those individuals that have preceded and have attempted to be crossing a dimension, which was successful, but upon return, the sacrifice was the physical distortion which entered back into this particular dimension.

There is a reconstruction of form that occurs in moving from one dimension to another dimension. You may physically appear the same, but structurally, the cooperation of the links of consciousness that make up your form must reconfigure themselves to be adapting to the quality of another physical dimension, and in re-entering into this dimension must reconstruct again to be conforming with the design of this particular dimension. This is the element that was not accounted for, for it was not calculated, the element of consciousness, but the element of physical matter.

(Vic’s note: in other words, the element of physical matter was calculated, but the element of consciousness was not taken into account. Poor sentence, Elias!)

Each cell, each molecule, each atom is made up of links of consciousness. Those links are that which reconfigure themselves to allow you the adaptation from one dimension to another dimension, which is entirely possible and you may be accomplishing within the action of this shift, but this shall not be accomplished without the recognition that these links of consciousness exist and THEY are the elements that need be reconfigured to be adapting to the environment, so to speak, of another dimension, and then reconfigure themselves to be re-entering into this dimension.

These are not merely mathematical equations, and in limiting yourselves to your sciences and your mathematical equations, you also create your scientific ‘blunders.’ (Smiling) But as I expressed, this is not a mistake, for is has been purposefully executed for your information, that you may view.” [session 280, May 14, 1998]

ELIAS: “This shift in consciousness began at the turn of this present century and has been building throughout this century. You approach your new century and the beginning of your new millennium, and within this coming century, approximately within its three-quarter mark, this shift in consciousness shall be accomplished in its fullness, and your reality shall be very different than what you view presently. ALL of your reality shall be different.

I have expressed previously, once only, a description of many elements of your reality that shall be quite altered. This is not limited to only your element of consciousness. You also, within your belief systems, have separated. You view your spirituality ... let us all bow to spiritually now, (bowing, and much laughter) for it is very sacred, and is also very removed from you all! (Grinning)

In actuality, your spirituality is all of you. It is not separated. It is not some action or element or ‘part’ of you that is beyond your reach and that you are reaching for or that you are seeking out. It is all of your expression. It is who you are. There is no separation. Therefore also, this shift shall not merely be your vast enlightenment within consciousness! It shall be your new-found remembered awareness of what you are in its fullness, and it shall be expressed in ALL of your reality, within consciousness – that YOU view to be consciousness, as some elusive, floating ‘thing’ – and also within your objective expression; your societies, your way of life, so to speak, your currency, your exchange, which there shall not be exchange any longer, for it shall be unnecessary. Your entire reality, physically, objectively, shall be altered, for this is the direction that you have chosen to move into for a new experience.

And I express to you this night, as I have expressed previously, your science fictions are closer to science fact than you realize, and are not so very far removed from your grasp! And this should be evident to you, for you create more and more and more of your science fictions and occupy your fascinations with your science fictions as you move through your linear time. It becomes more of a fascination to you, and you become more creative with it, for you are accessing information that you KNOW subjectively within you, and you are expressing this outwardly objectively in imagery, preparing yourselves for what is to come.” [session 284, May 30, 1998]

TOM: “Elias, I have a question. Can you explain for me what we perceive to be the laws of physics – action, reaction, positive, negative? Are these just something that are created by our belief systems, or do these have some actual permanent significance?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that within this dimension and within your creation of your reality as you hold the understanding of it presently and pastly, they are reality, but they are limited to this particular dimension, for they are entirely influenced by the belief system of cause and effect.

You move into the area of creating mass belief systems as explanations to yourselves of elements that you do not understand. Therefore, you have created the belief system that for each cause of action, there is an effect or reaction. This, as I have stated, is directly influenced by your mass belief systems, which have been hold (held) for many millennium. These have been offered to yourselves by yourselves, in explanation for actions that you create.

Let me offer you an example which may be quite easy for you to be understanding in the area of belief system, and you may apply this also to your sciences that you have created your new religions with, for you hold tremendous belief systems and ‘faith’ in your sciences! (Smiling) Therefore, they also have become another source of belief systems, another religion which is no different from all of your other religions. It merely expresses belief systems in a different manner that you accept more rationally as opposed to mystically within your present time framework, for now you move into the area of technology, a new exploration.

But in the example that I offer, you hold belief systems in the area of your planet. You look to your solar system, you look to your universe, and you create belief systems in the area of what you term to be astrology. Obviously this is not scientific, but it serves as a very good example in reality, for in the area of the belief systems of astrology, you believe that your planets move in certain orbs and certain directions and are affecting of you as individuals and en masse according to their movement. In actuality, YOU are creating of THEIR movement in mirror image to YOUR movement within your focus individually and en masse. Therefore, you have reversed the concept of the action within your belief systems, for you believe that you as individuals, and even within mass, are not capable; do not hold the ability to be creating of all of your reality.

(Humorously) YOU are not manipulating of all of the elements of your reality! THEY are independently creating themselves, or some supreme being within consciousness is creating of them, which is out of your sphere! But you, within this meager small ‘learning planet’ upon this ‘plane’ of existence in this very ‘low level’ that you aspire to move outside of in your quest to become more ‘enlightened,’ could not possibly be creating of all of your reality! Therefore, you create belief systems that shall offer you explanations of what you are creating, for obviously YOU are not creating it!

In this, your sciences do not acknowledge the reality of the energy of consciousness and its preceding, so to speak, within linear time frame, of physical manifestations or actions. In this, they create explanations with limited information, for they do not allow themselves to be accessing the information that shall offer them the actual actions that are occurring.

You may step before a carriage and it may be physically engaging you and running you over, and as it runs over the top of you, this is an action, and your belief system dictates to you individually and en masse – which mass belief systems hold great strength and energy – that you shall be injured; you shall bear physical evidence that you have been run over by the carriage. But you may arise and you may choose not to be creating of this, and shall bear no markings of the action at all. Within your sciences, it is dictated that for every action there is a reaction; there is a cause and effect. But there is not necessarily an effect for all cause. (Smiling)

They view behaviors of certain elements of physical creations that you have created to be interactive within this dimension for specific purposes. In this, they view them to be consistent, although they are not always consistent. Your physicists move into the direction of attempting to create a block, a box that they may place physical elements in and express, ‘These physical elements always exhibit the same behavior.’ But they do not! At times they deviate from the behavior, for although they may many times move in the direction of displaying the same behavior for the reason that you have created this action purposefully for certain workings of your manifestations within this particular physical dimension, and links of consciousness are in agreement with this and choose to be compliant, each link of consciousness IS consciousness and holds free will and holds it own ability for choice. Therefore, at times, links of consciousness, which are comprising of choice and are the make-up of elements that you view to be as atoms or other physical elements ... which to this time framework, you continue to not view these mysterious atoms! But these links of consciousness that make up these atoms may be choosing not to be compliant, and therefore creating of a different behavior and not being consistent.

You may also view in amazement individuals that you consider to hold strange powers or tremendous abilities within enlightenment within your own physical environment, within your own physical time framework; ‘masters’ or mystics that defy the laws, so to speak, of your physical reality. If you drop an apple, gravity shall pull it to the ground; cause and effect. But one of your masters may drop an apple, and it may float and defy your laws of gravity! YOU may float, if you are so choosing to create! Levitation is NOT a fantasy. It is a reality! And how may you explain this within your laws of your sciences, that you hold these fields that are absolute? THERE ARE NO ABSOLUTES within your physical dimension. ALL may be challenged. It is merely a choice within consciousness.

Therefore, to your question, yes. It is directly influenced by your belief systems, and in altering your belief systems, you also alter your reality. This be the reason that you MAY alter your reality, for as it is presented presently, it is directly filtered through your belief systems.

This is not to say that your belief systems are bad. That perception moves you into the area of duplicity. Your belief systems are not bad. They are not good, either. There merely are, and they are that which is creating of your reality. But in not holding to your belief systems so very strongly, you also allow yourselves the expansiveness of your creativity and the ability to explore more of your reality.

As you hold to these belief systems tightly, you also create your box for yourselves; not for consciousness, not for the manifestation of consciousness or even physical matter, but for yourselves in your explorations, for you limit yourselves in not allowing yourselves to move beyond and view that there is much more to your reality than you allow yourselves to view. If you are allowing yourselves an openness and not boxing yourselves into your scientific belief systems so very strongly, you may view many more elements of your own creations that shall be quite surprising to you! You have already created many objective evidences of this for yourselves, which you term to be ‘accidents,’ that you do not understand: your element of your Philadelphia Experiment, that even within this present now moment you do not understand. It is not an accident! It is a tapping into more of your reality which does not fit within your scientific belief systems. You hold many examples throughout your history of these types of action that you have ‘accidentally stumbled upon.’ And I express to you, there are no accidents!

(Intently) You purposefully create certain actions to offer yourselves evidences that there is more to your reality than you allow yourselves to view, and then you ponder and you question and you retreat to the safety of your sciences and your religions, which offer you familiarity, but offer you also partial explanations for certain aspects of your reality that you may feel comfortable with.

FEMALE: ... “Just quickly, you speak of duplicity a lot. I know words often fail us, but by duplicity, do you mean the world of duality?

ELIAS: I express this word purposefully. You hold many more belief systems in the area of the belief system of duality. You attach more belief systems to the terminology of duality. Therefore, in using this term I may be moving into areas of perpetuating your belief systems in this area. I expressly am using of the word duplicity, for it is expressive of these – what you term to be – opposite views that you hold simultaneously of yourselves.

You view yourselves to be good and you view yourselves to be bad. You view yourselves to be worthy and you view yourselves to be unworthy. These are directly influenced by religious and scientific belief systems, not only religious belief systems, for your psychology enters the area of your sciences, and this also shall express to you that you are good and you are bad simultaneously. ‘You are inherently good, but you also hold animal instincts and impulses, and impulses are very bad!’ Impulses are your natural language from essence to yourselves, and you are taught within the belief systems of your sciences that they are bad and that they are not natural and that they ‘reduce’ you – which is quite amusing – to the level, so to speak – which there are no levels – of your ‘animalistic instincts.’ Instincts are merely repeated behaviors. You all display instincts. Each time you repeat a behavior, you are displaying an instinct. Therefore, instincts are not what your belief systems suggest, for you are creating of instincts continuously, for you are continuously creating of repeated behaviors!

But I shall also express to you that you may not be ‘reduced’ to a non-existent level of a creature, for the creature is an aspect of you! So, what shall you reduce yourself to? Another aspect of yourself, for you have created them! They are expressions of you. All of what you term to be outside of you, as nature, is you. You are not separated from these elements. They are physical manifestations, projections of you. All of your atmosphere are physical manifestations of your emotional projections. All of your visible universe are physical mirror images, projections of you.

Now view the wondrousness and vastness of your tiny little selves! (Chuckling) Are you not wondrously amazing? And much greater than you realize!” [session 291, June 26, 1998]

MALE: “To recognize focuses in this focus, is it a matter of cellular access to DNA, a hundred trillion cells in a DNA strand, which hold all of our memory of all of our essences in all of our lives?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. Let me express to you that I have offered this information previously also. Your DNA is a choice. You choose to be connecting with and creating of specific elements of your DNA.

Now; let me also express to you that within your physical manifestation of your DNA, you hold physical aspects. You also hold genetic encoding which does hold memory of all of your focuses within this dimension. It does not hold all of the information of all of your focuses within ALL physical dimensions, but those that are particular to THIS physical dimension, for the creation of your DNA strands is relative to this particular dimension. Not all physical dimensions manifest a similar type of manifestation as do you with your DNA.

I have expressed much information previously as to the action and the encoding of your DNA and RNA, which you may be accessing if you are so choosing.

MALE: Then through that, through feeding the DNA through RNA, will I be able to find out where Lemuria is pre-Atlantis?

ELIAS: Ah! We move into a different direction! Let me express to you that these elements ARE in actuality reality and ARE manifest presently, but they are not manifest within this particular dimension. They occupy a parallel dimension to this dimension. Therefore, you may access this information and you may also project yourself into the actual area and physical location and you may be interactive in the actual focuses of these areas, but you shall not access this through what you term to be your cellular memory within DNA.

You may access this information and these focuses by allowing yourself to be stepping sideways within consciousness and moving yourself outside of this particular dimension into the parallel dimension. This is not as difficult as it appears! You THINK within your thought process that this holds impossibility, but your dimensions occupy the same space arrangement. Therefore, the space arrangement that you view presently within your physical objective waking awareness is also occupied by other physical dimensions superimposed upon each other. It is not quite so difficult to step yourself sideways and move directly into the experience of these other areas within parallel dimensions.” [session 298, July 16, 1998]

RODNEY: “You were speaking of what’s going to happen in this shift in consciousness and you made the statement that, ‘Within the action of your shift, you have chosen to alter these probabilities within a recognition that all that you hold to be negative within destruction within your belief systems is unnecessary.’ That statement has really caught my attention. I’m aware that a great deal of my thinking, and it appears to me to be the thinking of people that I’m in contact with, is that a common thought is that you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs. You can’t accomplish something beautiful without doing something ugly. You can’t take good care of your family without going out and being a bastard in the world of business. (Elias chuckles) Is this what you’re talking about in this sentence?

ELIAS: What you are referring to is in the mass belief system of cause and effect.

Now; let me express to you that in actuality there is no cause and effect. This is a belief system that you have created en masse upon your planet and you hold to very tightly. Therefore, you also create this in your reality. In actuality there is no cause and effect, and it is unnecessary to be creating of one action to be accomplishing another action.

Example: You may step into your road – I have offered this example previously, but it serves its purpose well – and in stepping into your road, you may be engaged in an action with a carriage and it may strike you.

In this, your belief system is that if you are struck by the carriage, you shall be injured and you shall create physical displays of these injuries. You may be creating of breakage of bones, bruises upon your skin. You may even create more serious injuries within your physical form. This is cause and effect. But what I express to you [is], in actuality it is also quite possible to be standing within your road and to be struck by a carriage and sustain no physical injuries, for it is your choice in your alignment with the mass belief systems to be creating this or to not be creating this, and there are physical examples throughout your planet of this type of action occurring, where an individual may be struck in what you term to be an accident – which there are no accidents – and sustain no physical injury.

Now; onlookers shall express, ‘Oh! This is a miracle!’ For within your belief systems, a miracle is an action which you perceive to be impossible, but it is obviously possible or there would be no creation of the action. If it were not possible within your reality to be creating of this type of situation and not sustain physical injuries, it would not occur ... but it does occur! Individuals holding what you think of as terminal illnesses instantaneously cure themselves, or are healed in the view of other individuals by some ‘special power.’ In reality, they have healed themselves. They have returned their form to its natural state within this physical manifestation, and they have NOT created what you term to be a miracle. They have merely uncreated a situation that they have chosen to be creating initially.

You hold the ability within physical focus to accomplish much more than you believe you may accomplish. This be the reason that I express much attention to belief systems and am directing of individuals to be noticing and attending to these belief systems, for you hold belief systems in every area of your physical focus, and some ... MANY of these belief systems are very limiting. Within consciousness collectively within this dimension, there is a recognition that these belief systems ARE very limiting and that it is unnecessary to be continuing in the participation of many of these belief systems.” [session 303, August 01, 1998]

MICHAEL: “I have a question regarding computers that I think we have sort of answered mostly, but let me just verify. I have in my notes here, ‘Computers and life probabilities: what am I trying to communicate in the action of computer construction and maintenance?’ I think that in my first question, we answered that. It’s just my expression of stability, and of being able to repair things and to show people that there is a chance for things to be repaired, and that we don’t always have to have the conflict we typically do.

ELIAS: Let me express to you further in this expression, for the situation and involvement with these creations that you have termed ‘computers’ holds its own unique significance. There are several expressions in the creation of these particular manifestations of computers.

They are outward expressions, mirror images of your knowing of interconnectedness, and as you become within your technology more sophisticated in your creations of these particular creations, you also expand the interconnectedness of individuals through the programming of these creations and the functioning of these computers. You become aware more fully of your interconnectedness as you express objectively your mirror image in creating more and more of a web of interaction and accessibility and connectedness with each other, creating less of a separation.

Another aspect or function that these particular creations serve, as an outward expression or mirror image of what is known inwardly within consciousness, is your ability to create in much more diverse manners than you have allowed yourselves previously. Your abilities to create in conjunction with this particular expressed creation of computers moves more and more into the direction of creating more and more outward expressions of your own innate abilities, and individuals that move in the direction of involvement in this particular expression – which in your essence family connections is quite within the parameters of your intent or part of your intent with the Gramada – are initiating the furtherment of the expressions with these creations. (12)

These creations shall be futurely opening many, many doors to many of your expressions within physical focus, of new creations and new areas of creativity and expression within physical focus. Therefore, it is more encompassing than you realize that there is involvement with these particular creations. This is not the up-and-coming fashion! This is a new expression outwardly, a mirror image in imagery of known abilities and expressions and qualities and elements of essence that you are now beginning to express outwardly into physical manifestations within your physical focus, which shall move beyond what you have created through what you view to be your imagination in your science fictions.

DAWN: Elias, is there a similar sort of meaning to the freelance writing and editing that I’m doing currently?

ELIAS: This is a movement into the expression of natural time and the expression of the allowance of creativity. Yes, this indirectly does move into an area of correlation with the expressions that I have offered now in the area of your computers, for this opens doors for an expansiveness of your creativities within physical focus.

Your expression, in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, is a new allowance of yourself to be moving into the action of this shift more, with the incorporation of allowing yourself more natural time and more of your own creative expressions, acknowledging self, moving into the easement of this shift in consciousness, and also an offering to yourself partially of the effortlessness of expression within this shift in consciousness; the lack of push but the free expression of creativity, which shall be in your terms quite satisfying to you.” [session 305, August 02, 1998]

ELIAS: “Let me express to you all that although the nature of consciousness is continuous change, and the nature of your physical focus is in alignment with this and is also continuous change, your belief systems resist change. Therefore, you are continuously within an inner conflict, for you view change to be creating difficulty, for you are resistant of change, and in this there is much resistance to the change of this shift in consciousness. And your automatic movements in the direction of change and your resistance to change is to be rationalizing, is to be justifying, and your expression of non-acceptance is to move into the area of what you view to be logic.

And I shall express to you that even your scientists move in the direction presently of viewing that what you think of as your universe is not so very logical or rational! It is not chaos – it is quite ordered and deliberate and immaculate in its creations, for YOU are quite ordered and deliberate and immaculate in your creations, and you are what create your universe! But you are not quite so logical and rational as you believe yourselves to be, for consciousness is not logical and rational. That is a creation and a belief system of this dimension.

There are other dimensions also that engage this same type of creation, but not ALL physical dimensions create this action and consciousness does not create this action, EXCEPT as directed by you for the purpose of creation within physical focuses.

... Within the area of religious belief systems, it is expressed that there are elements outside of you that are greater than you, and that you are ‘less than.’ Within your new religion of metaphysics, it is stated that you occupy a state in consciousness in this dimension upon this planet, which is your working class planet, your learning planet, (humorously) which is of the lowly third dimension, and that you shall aspire to the fifth or seventh dimension if you are creating quite ‘good,’ which is another perpetuation of your belief system of duplicity.

Your sciences also perpetuate this belief system of duplicity and reinforce your own alignment with it, for you look to your sciences for your answers, so to speak, of your existence. Your sciences express to you that you do not hold abilities to be creating, that you are an accident, and that your planet is an accident which has occurred within explosions of creation and of that which you term to be life, which you differentiate between life and that which you term to be non-life or non-living. A rock is non-living. You are living. A plant is living. In actuality, they are all consciousness. They are merely formed differently and function differently, but within energy, they are all consciousness and are all comprised of the same links of consciousness that you are comprised of. But your sciences express that there ARE differences and that you, although being the most intelligent of life upon your planet, you hold inadequacies and you are not all-creating. You have accidentally evolved from that which you term to be ‘lower’ species upon your planet, and although you have aspired to some greatness, in your assessments, you are not great. You are capable of temporary greatness, but you are not wondrous, for all has been created accidentally.

In the area of your science of psychology, your issues and belief system of duplicity is MUCH reinforced, for this science is continuously, creatively inventing new areas to be expressing to you how very inadequate you are and how very uncreative you are, and narrowing and narrowing and narrowing the avenue of acceptable behavior. Therefore, there are many, many, many areas that reinforce this belief system of duplicity, which creates in the individual the energy of questioning continuously, ‘Am I creating adequately? Am I moving in a correct direction? Am I right?’ In this questioning, you are reinforcing yourself and you are spinning upon your wheel continuously, for you are not stopping long enough to be expressing to yourselves, ‘Stop! I AM great. I need not question or look to other individuals or those that I view to be authorities, for I am my own authority.’

This be one of the reasons that I speak to you; not that you be looking to me and following me, for I do not advocate that any individual be a follower or disciple of Elias, but that you be the followers and disciples of yourselves, for you hold the knowings within you. You merely are presently requiring of a little encouragement, that you look to yourselves and that you be accepting of yourselves and not so very questioning of yourselves.

You have been taught for very much time framework to be questioning of everything, and this is good. ‘You shall be skeptical. You shall be analyzing. It is good to be expressing this behavior. It is good to be questioning and moving into the direction of rationality. It is good to logical. Intuition is fantasy. Fantasy is delusional. Delusional is bad!’

I express to you that there is a purpose for your rationality, for you have created it purposely. There is also a purpose for your intuition and you have created this purposely, and these two elements of your objective expression have been at odds for much of your time framework, for your belief systems have set them at odds.

And now you move into the direction of bringing into balance these aspects of your reality and accepting both, knowing that your rationality is a creation to serve your understanding and also knowing that your intuition is your language to yourself, and in this, one may not function properly without the other.

There is an imbalance, and this perpetuates also your duplicity and your questioning of yourself, that you move in the direction of your thought process and your rationality and your logic and your questioning and your analyzation. And in all of this thought activity, you are ignoring this small voice which motivates you, and you question that motivation, for you have learned well not to be trusting of self, for yourself shall betray you, for it is untrustworthy. And you may verify this through all of your authorities: your sciences, your physicians, your clergymen, your psychologists. They shall all be expressing to you not to be trusting of self, for in trusting of self, you shall move into the direction of trusting your impressions and your impulses.

(Humorously) Oh, no! We must not be trusting impulses, for these are quite animalistic and very base! And the element of self that you need be discarding and ‘rising above’ ... I am so very fond of this terminology! Rising above! And what shall be above? I shall be wondrous to discover what is above, as I have never experienced above! (Laughter) Sideways, but no above! Beyond, but no above ... and no below! And how shall we have above if we have no below?” (Chuckling) [session 307, August 14, 1998]

RODNEY: “There is a popular notion among certain circles, what they term to be a map of consciousness, so to speak. (Elias grins) One is called The Enneagram (13), as popularized recently by an author called Helen Palmer. It is supposedly derived from an ancient Sufi tradition. This is the first one, and the second one is a mapping of behavior based on the concepts of Carl Jung, and it’s currently designated under the terms, The Meyers-Briggs System. (14) I was wondering if you would comment as to whether or not there’s any relationship between the division, so to speak, set up in these systems and the families of consciousness, which you’ve described, and the alignments that are possible within those families. Are there any connections here whatsoever?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that individuals do access within physical focus information that is in alignment with these families of consciousness and their intents, although they also attach their own interpretations and influences of their belief systems to these areas. Therefore, they do not necessarily identify them completely with the families of consciousness, but I may express to you that they have tapped into some of the information that is in conjunction with these families of consciousness and their intents and their creations within this particular dimension.

Now; let me also express to you that there are deviations in this, for it is colored by the individual’s own belief systems and interpretations, for at times certain individuals are searching, so to speak, for the ‘blueprints’ of creating of their reality. Let me express to you that this is or may be quite a controversial subject matter, for in one respect it may be said that there are blueprints, so to speak, of each physical reality, but within another respect this is quite limiting and is suggestive that there is a certain method that must be adhered to within the creation of any given physical reality, which is not entirely correct, for physical realities may be altering themselves at any given moment and changing their realities into very different types of realities, and although you may make agreements for the creation of certain realities, the blueprints, so to speak, may be altered, for they are not absolute.

THIS be the area that there is an entering of distortion factors and that you may be recognizing of the alignments with certain belief systems in conjunction to information which is being tapped into. Therefore, what I express to you is that there are certain elements of the information which is presented that IS in conjunction with certain elements that have been created, in like manner to accessing world views or energy deposits within consciousness in non-physical areas of consciousness, but these aspects of information that are accessed are also filtered through perceptions, interpretations, and belief systems, and therefore hold elements of distortion.

RODNEY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. Let me express to you that movement into the area of the dream mission, which your individual of Doctor Jung has accessed much in this area also, is much more efficient and less distorted than movement into areas of accessing information and then creating interpretations for that information. In investigating of the dream mission, you may be offering yourself less of a distortion factor in accessing this type of information.

Be remembering, though, that in any accessing of information in the direction of looking for blueprints, THERE ARE NO ABSOLUTES. And therefore, this may be remembered when creating your interpretations for information that you access.” [session 309, August 22, 1998]

RODNEY: “There is a person by the name of Caroline Myss, who has written a book called Anatomy of the Spirit, who is an intuitive, a medical intuitive, and she’s doing a great deal of work in this area of the energy centers called chakras. Would you comment on her work?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that individuals within this time period move more into the areas of allowing themselves to tap into information concerning these energy centers, for they are widening their awarenesses in conjunction with this shift in consciousness. Therefore, as with this individual, they shall be offering more objective information in the areas of energy and consciousness than you have held an awareness of previously.

Let me also express to you that within these situations, I caution you to be remembering of the belief systems that may be entering into certain areas of research and study in conjunction with these subject matters.

Individuals also move in the direction of scientifically exploring energy projections in what you term to be out-of-body experiences, for your sciences in certain areas attempt to move into the exploration of consciousness and offering themselves information into directions of your natural abilities, but they also incorporate many of their own belief systems and many of your newly established metaphysical belief systems. Although they view themselves to be conducting their scientific experiments and their research in what they term to be an unbiased, objective manner, these belief systems are underlying and therefore are also influencing.

This is not to say that they do not offer valuable information that all of you may be benefiting from in allowing yourselves more information in the areas of energy and consciousness. Therefore, as I have stated previously with regard to other information that is offered by other individuals and other essences, all of the information which is offered within this time period may be helpful within certain manners. It is merely a question of recognizing the belief systems that are also influencing in some of these directions, but I am quite acknowledging of all of the information which is being created to be available to you, for it is all moving in conjunction with this shift in consciousness.” [session 315, September 12, 1998]

ANON: “You’ve talked a lot about the belief systems we have. I read in one of your transcripts that if you believe you’re going to get sick, you actually become sick. So if you get sick and you really don’t want to be sick, how do you change that belief system?

ELIAS: Interesting question, and not so very easily accomplished within that particular creating. Many individuals move in this direction of inquiry also.

First of all, your creation and the uncreating of your creation is dependent upon the individual and the reason that they are creating of their illness. Individuals at times create these illnesses quite purposefully, and they objectively at times wish to be uncreating of that particular situation, but underlyingly they are NOT wanting to be uncreating of the situation. In moving in the direction of uncreating an element of dis-ease or what you may term to be illnesses, it is important to be viewing the issue which has created the illness to begin with.

Many times individuals are creating of illnesses merely to be excusing themselves, in a direction that they may be allowing themselves a time framework of a sort of relaxation and disconnection from areas that they view to be obligations. Therefore, they offer themselves a break, so to speak, and they are creating of an excuse, that they may offer themselves permission to be creating of this break.

At other times, individuals are creating illnesses or dis-ease for the reasons of blocking energy within them or not addressing to certain issues that they hold, and in this they hold the energy in certain areas of their physical body.

Therefore, each situation, although it may hold similarities to other situations and other individuals and their creations, is unique to the individual who is creating it. The one common element that may be addressed to is to be looking to the reasoning behind the creation.

If you have created a situation of dis-ease merely for a break, it matters not that you are uncreating of it, for you shall uncreate this situation when you feel you have accomplished enough of your break. In other situations that you have created dis-ease in relation to issues, it is necessary to be viewing these issues and evaluating why you are creating this and addressing to the belief systems influencing these issues, and this shall be lending energy to you to be uncreating of these situations.

Now; you also hold your physicians that offer you what you may term to be ‘quick fixes,’ for they have moved in the direction of your medical sciences and your pharmaceuticals, which are temporary inventions of cures, so to speak, and you move in the direction of believing that these cures shall be accomplishing their purpose. Therefore, YOU uncreate what you have created temporarily, in compliance with your belief that these pharmaceuticals are alleviating of what you have created. Your belief is so very strong in this direction that you accomplish quite well in uncreating within very short time periods any element that you have created that your pharmaceuticals hold the ability, within your belief systems, to be curing.

In other situations, you may be creating of physical ailments that you do not hold medications for to be curing of your ailments. In this situation, you move outside of an allowance of the belief system to be helpful to you in energy, therefore continuing within your creation and only allowing yourself to be uncreating of these particular situations.

As I have stated, it is quite dependent upon the individual and what they are creating and for what reason they are creating of each situation. Many times though, I express to you, the mere identification of the issues and the belief systems involved with these issues may be enough to begin to be uncreating of certain ailments. At other times, this may not be enough. You may be identifying of your issues and your belief systems, but you may also be holding to these issues and not addressing to them even in your awareness of them, and in these situations you shall perpetuate the physical ailment that you create in conjunction with these issues.

Many individuals that create physical ailments as their individual expression of held energy create repeatedly in similar fashions in conjunction with the same issues, and even when they have addressed to those certain issues, their creation of physical ailments is a familiar creation to them. Therefore, as they move into addressing OTHER issues, they shall be creating of very similar types of ailments, for this attains their attention.

You create physical affectingness to attain your attention in different directions. If you are not attempting to gain your attention, you shall not be creating of physical ailments, for it is unnecessary. This is a method, so to speak, to be gaining your own attention in certain areas, to be addressing to certain situations.” [session 316, September 12, 1998]

NORM: “Your little discussion the other day in regard to the thing ‘time’ (15) was really educational to me, and of course I’ve attempted to explore that, and I would like to ask you some questions about that. The ability of time to take thought patterns and put them into objective material things is really a beautiful thing. In other words, from my understanding of what you said in that little paragraph – you were discussing things with Tom and Sena [Melinda], this is where I got that information – the ability of time to do this is not only true in this particular dimension, but also the same thing, time, is universal in all of the parallel dimensions and other dimensions wherein thought patterns result in objective mass. Is that true? (Pause) So my question is, is that same thing, time, universal in all objective dimensions?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes, for the time element adds a thickness to the physical dimension, and in this it creates the ability to be manifesting physical mass in what you term to be matter. This would be the process of introducing different elements in energy of consciousness into the thickness of the time framework, and as it is entering into the time framework, it acquires solidity and thickness in quality, and therefore is creating of physical mass.

NORM: Okay. I have a question in regard to myself as a focus. Do all of my thoughts objectively realize in matter somewhere in some dimension?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. Thought does not always materialize into what you view as matter or solid objects, although many times it may be creating of solid objects in matter within physical dimensions.

There ARE certain thought processes that DO materialize into physical matter within other parallel realities or probable realities that may not objectify themselves within this particular reality that you hold your attention within, but all thought is not necessarily projected into what you think of as physical mass, into an object in matter. Although I shall also express to you that any thought process that is verbalized DOES acquire a physical type of reality, for there is a chemical alteration within physical dimensions that occurs in a very minute type of expression.

Therefore, there is what you may term within the scientific community as a chemical reaction that occurs as you verbalize thought, and this creates an actual solidity in your atmosphere, so to speak, in like manner to the element of your air, which holds somewhat of a solidity, for it does materialize into actual molecules which are physical. Therefore also, your verbalized thought patterns change from what you may view as electrical energy patterns into physical formations chemically which are expressed within your physical dimension.

NORM: For years, I have had dreams and mental development of my retirement yacht. At one time it was a catamaran, and for the last three or four years it’s been a trimaran. Most of my discussion of that was purely mental, although I have described it to others. One of my curiosities is, is there an alternate dimension somewhere in which the yacht is a reality?

ELIAS: Yes. Now; within certain thought processes of choices that follow your desire, you do in actuality create these probabilities in alternate realities or probable realities. Therefore, they are expressed and they are manifest. This is not to say that you may not be also creating of this same physical element within your own physical reality, for you may be creating of different aspects of the same thought process within several different alternate or parallel realities.

In this, I am expressing to you that as you may be creating of some element physically within another dimension or an alternate reality, this is not to say that this shall be the only area within consciousness that it may be expressed and created. You may be creating of a very similar reality within this particular dimension.

But as to your inquiry of the actualization of this physical form within another reality, yes, you have created a projection through your thought processes of the actual materialization of this creation already, and you may be moving into the direction of creating this also within this physical dimension.

As I have expressed previously, as you express these thought processes verbally, you also lend energy to their physical creation within this dimension. This is not to say that you may not be creating of any element physically within this dimension without verbalizing your intention and desire in this area, but you acquire much more energy as you do verbalize these thought processes, for you begin the probabilities into an actual physical manifestation, for the very language that you express within creates a physical response, and physical elements are being created.

NORM: The actual verbalization of ideas has an interaction, then, with the thing time that is different than the thought process? In other words, the verbalization, is that because of the fact that I am living molecules now? That as I speak, the thing time can encompass the thought, and the thought is like the mold, in conjunction with time, is the thing that will actually objectify the thought energy?

ELIAS: Let me offer you an example. First of all, I shall express to you, yes, as you verbally express, there is a different interaction within the interaction of time than the expression of a thought process. Now, let me offer you an example in visual terms that you may be understanding.

Within consciousness, visualize your thoughts as merely waves within your air. They are within the time framework within your physical focus. Therefore, time is affecting of them and they are affecting of time to an extent, but they are as air waves that may be to your viewing invisible and floating within your air, as your air may be the expression of the time element itself.

Now; introducing into this air, you may view the expression of verbalization as a chemical reaction within your air. In this, you may look to the reaction within the air as a sort of condensation, in a manner of speaking, to which certain molecules may be collecting together, as you are instructing the links of consciousness to be coming together to form an actual solid object, in a very similar manner to molecules forming together to form water droplets that may become rain or mist. There becomes a thickness of these molecules that you may actually physically view. Apart from each other, you may not necessarily view the actual physical form of water. Within your air, as the molecules are more farther spread from each other, you may feel the effect of what you term to be humidity, but you do not see within your air the actual droplets of water.

In like manner, thought processes are in existence within your physical consciousness within physical dimensions, but they are not necessarily acquiring physical form and thickness within your dimension, for they have not been directed in this manner. The links of consciousness are not being directed to be moving together to form an actual solid object or form.

In the expression verbally within your language, you lend more energy to the creation of solidity within your time element. You create a physical interaction with your time framework and the energy expressed of your desire and your thought process. Therefore, your impulses of your thoughts move into a physical interaction with your time framework, and this is creating of a new direction with the links of consciousness, moving those links of consciousness, which are the thought processes, into more of a thickness.

In this, it is quite similar to the action of the humidity within your air, that you feel but you do not see, moving into a collectiveness of the molecules coming together and bonding themselves into actual water droplets, becoming an actual physical form that you may in actuality view physically and you may touch, and this interacts with all of your physical senses, for it now holds an element of solidity.

This is the action of your time element upon the creation of instruction of links of consciousness to be moving together to form physical mass. Are you understanding?

NORM: Yes. I would like to ask a question then, because of the fact that recently I had read something in regard to an act by a swami or a yogi that had the ability to physically form objects. It appears to me, in your previous discussion here, that the intention that I give to the mental thought and the intention that I give to the spoken thought would make a difference in regard to the links of consciousness following that intention, as well as the form of the thought or the mold of the thought, so to speak.

Previously, maybe about a year ago, I asked you a question in regard to man-made quartz and the ability for it to have certain psychic capabilities. Your answer at that time was that the intention of the production of the man-made quartz was not along those lines, and of course the intention of those man-made quartz crystals was for the element of production of time generation and computers and so on.

So, it appears that the intention of my thought processes will make a difference in regard to the links of consciousness, how they will form, and perhaps they could be so instructed by my intention that they would actually produce a physical object. Am I interpreting the entire set of ideas correctly there?

ELIAS: You are correct in this statement, for your intention and your intent are very affecting of what you are creating within physical mass. It is also very affecting in what you are creating in other expressions, but within the creation of physical matter, this is quite influential. For there are situations that you may be expressing a want to be creating of a certain physical element within matter, and you may hold a thought process in this direction and you may also express verbally in this direction that you are wishing to be creating a certain physical element, but if this element is not in agreement and harmony with your intent within your physical focus, you may not be actualizing into this particular physical area of consciousness the actual materialization of this physical matter. You shall be materializing this element within an alternate or parallel dimension, for you have created the line of probabilities and therefore have actualized the probabilities, and in this you may be creating of actual physical mass within an alternate reality, but this is not to say that you may always be physically creating of every element that you want to be creating within this particular physical focus if it is not in alignment with your intent.

Now; I may also express to you that you may be experimenting with many different creations within physical focus that may not entirely be in alignment with your intent within this physical focus, and you may be successful in creating physical matter, but the quality of that physical object shall be different from the quality of the object that you may WANT to be creating, for it is not following within alignment to your intent.

Therefore, in this, your intent and also your intention – for these are different words expressing different definitions – but in these two words within your language, if your intent and your intention within creating of any physical object is in alignment and harmony, then you shall be creating of your physical desire, which is also different from a want, and this shall be expressed physically within your dimension.

NORM: The key ideas here are the parallelism of the intention and the intent. The intent, to me, is a deep-seated psychological area of my focus, whereas the intention is the current thought processes that I’m going through. Would that be a correct interpretation of your usage of the words intent and intention?

ELIAS: This would be a close interpretation to your manner of thinking, so to speak, for your intent is your overall direction, so to speak, within the lines of probabilities that you create within any given physical focus, or within ANY focus of essence, physical or non-physical. The intent is the direction of probabilities in the potential of its creation. It is the direction of your desire within any particular focus of essence.

Your intention is more immediate. Your intention moves more in the direction of your physically focused wants. Therefore, your intention is the momentary movement in any given situation and your ideas and your feelings in regard to any of these given areas, which are affecting of your creation of your probabilities, but they are different from your intent. Your intent is the overall direction of your desire within a given focus.

NORM: The intent that Stephen [Norm] and I had at the beginning of my particular focus, was that interactive with the mass consciousness as to what is happening in this era of time?

ELIAS: Yes, for within your particular intent within this particular focus, you move in the direction within your desire to be lending energy to this shift in consciousness, and in this, lending energy in a manner of paving, so to speak, a direction in areas of your scientific movements, in combining the thought processes of the concentration of physical exploration, incorporating into this the exploration of consciousness. For as I have expressed previously, futurely, as this shift in consciousness moves more fully into its expression and its completion, so to speak, there shall be movements in the area of your sciences that move more fully into the direction of what you view to be your science fictions presently, and in this there needs be an incorporation of consciousness into your sciences, for your sciences are limited in their direction of accomplishment if they are not incorporating the element of consciousness. They may only move so far, so to speak, in a physical direction without incorporating the element of consciousness.

In this, you have moved through your physical focus in the direction of lending energy to this incorporation of the physical and the non-physical aspects of consciousness and merging these together, and as you continue within your particular experimentation, you may not necessarily be the singular individual that is penetrating the veil between these two aspects of consciousness, but you are being quite instrumental in your movement and your lending of energy to this breakthrough, so to speak, within the areas of your sciences.

I have expressed many times that your sciences have moved into the position of becoming your new, more powerful religion, in a manner of speaking, for individuals look to your sciences as their new god and for their directions within physical focus. Therefore, these sciences hold great power and great abilities in manipulating much of your objective reality, but they have not yet moved into the area of incorporating all of reality and all that is available to them, for they are not incorporating the massive element of consciousness and all of the windows that may be opened for the expansion of their creativity in their incorporation of consciousness and investigation of links of consciousness and different elements of your physical reality.

There is much of your physical reality that continues to elude you, for you continue to look merely in physical terms and not incorporate all that is available to you as to the aspects of consciousness that are also a very intricate element of all of your physical reality, but you lend energy in this direction within your experimentations and within your desire. Therefore, you are moving efficiently in the area of your intent.

This be the reason that I have been encouraging of you previously within all of your movements in your experimentations, for they are quite in alignment with your intent and your intention, and may be in actuality physically expressed within this particular physical dimension, for you are offering yourself the ability to manipulate consciousness and express direction to these links of consciousness to be lending energy to your experimentation, and directing this through your physical time element to materialize that of your desire within your intention within your physical focus. Are you understanding?

NORM: Yes, and I certainly appreciate that discussion. It was most enlightening, and I may say that I understand that there are many scientists that are, quote, ‘closed-minded,’ but I and perhaps several other mavericks (Elias grins) are quite interested in the area of consciousness. Others are probably more devoted to it than I am because this is more or less a part-time or spare time activity with me. However, I am starting to position myself so that I can spend more and more time doing it.

The ability for me to think, as I have been (inaudible). Let me repeat this, or say it a different way. In my understanding of physics, I like to have a mental activity simulating reality as best that I can do it, and of course I have been attempting to have a mental thought process, such as a link of consciousness has, so that I can repeat mentally what a link of consciousness would do in any particular environment.

The links of consciousness appear to have, from the collections of ideas that you have presented, the ability to interact with other links of consciousness and form a gestalt of links, such as your over one million links forming an electron. They also can interpret, as you just said, my intention, and if it is in alignment with my intent. Therefore, they have abilities to look at my total, quote, ‘psychological’ viewpoint, and then actualize and objectify a different result.

The links of consciousness evidently have the ability to combine in infinite ways. This is one of the most beautiful of creations. It is the pervasive element throughout all of creation. Am I interpreting what you have said previously correctly there?

ELIAS: Yes, you are offering an adequate interpretation of what I have expressed, for these links of consciousness DO hold the ability to be interpreting your intent and your intention, and they also are moving together in what you term within your language to be a certain type of gestalt. Therefore, I express to you that your interpretation of this information is quite adequate.

I shall be offering to you a slight correction, in that the links of consciousness do not hold thought processes as you hold thought processes. An actual thought process is a combination of links of consciousness. Therefore, they do not hold a thought process, but form a thought.

In this, as you are attempting to be interactive or connecting with a link of consciousness within your psyche, so to speak, or within an event of your own creation, be it within a meditation or an altered state, so to speak, or a dream state, you may be in actuality offering yourself information of these links of consciousness, but I express to you that the connecting with these links of consciousness to be understanding of them within your objective understanding would be requiring that you allow yourself to be letting go of all that you know and understand within your objective awareness, for they do not fit within your objective understanding. Therefore, they are entirely unfamiliar to you.

I have expressed to you that these links of consciousness do dream, but even within the expression of the word dream, the action that they are accomplishing in this dream state is quite different from your understanding of a dream state, for the translation is very different. You translate dream imagery and activity into objective terms. In this, links of consciousness do not necessarily translate at all. They are translating of directions as they are connecting with you, with your intent and your intentions, but they are not connecting with you with your thoughts. They are connecting with your energy impulses and they are communicating with each other through impulses, which I have expressed to you previously, impulses are not thoughts and are also not emotions or feelings. They are different. In this, this would be the mode of communication that is expressed between links of consciousness. They are interpreting the impulses of energy that you project, and in this they form together to be creating of your thought process, of your actual thoughts.

This be the reason that I and other teachers have expressed to you that thoughts are reality. They are not merely elusive elements that you may not attach any significance to. They are actual forms. They are reality, for they are an accumulation of links of consciousness that form together in responsiveness to the impulses that you are projecting to be directing of them, in like manner to the molecules forming together to be creating of a water droplet.

This be quite a creative process, and quite intricate, that you have developed within this particular physical dimension. Other physical dimensions create some similar interactions, but this is not to say that all physical dimensions are creating of this same process, so to speak. I have expressed to you that this particular dimension holds tremendous.... (Here, Elias stops talking)

NORM: Hello? Hello?

ELIAS: Excuse. I have experienced a slight interruption in energy, but we shall be continuing presently.

NORM: Okay.

ELIAS: Other dimensions do not necessarily express the intricacies of this particular dimension, and in this you have created an availability within this dimension for tremendous usage of consciousness to be introduced into your physical dimension and introduced into actual physical matter. You may be manipulating of energy quite efficiently within this particular dimension, with very many aspects of creativity at your disposal, in a manner of speaking. This be the reason for your shift in consciousness, to be opening a new door to your own aspects of creativity within physical focus.

NORM: Very, very interesting. I would like to sort of shift the ideas to the interaction in this dimension that time plays. Time, from your discussions recently, appears to have a very, very important role to play in the development of this particular dimension and the characteristics of this particular dimension.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: Therefore, the characteristics of time in this particular dimension, or the thing time displays in this particular dimension, can be different than other dimensions.

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: The thing time, does it have thought processes? I guess that’s gotta be answered. Apparently it has been created to respond in different ways, in very creative ways, but not necessarily that it has its own thought processes.

ELIAS: Correct. It does not hold its own thought process.

NORM: And it has the ability to interact in Regional Area 2 for the objective Regional Area 1 to be materialized?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: And perhaps in relationship to Regional Area 3, it has a much more minor affectingness?

ELIAS: Correct. Only in certain areas of Regional Area 3 may it be affecting.

NORM: Right. Evidently, there can be bleed-throughs between Regional Area 3 and Regional Area 1, from various ghost stories that you hear about. Would that be the region for those appearances?

ELIAS: There is an element of your time which is interactive within the Regional Area 3 which is connected to the action of transition. There is also other areas of Regional Area 3 that may be interactive with time, but only those areas of this regional area of consciousness that are interactive or influencing of physical focuses. Other elements of Regional Area 3 which are not involved or directly interactive with physical focus are not affected by this time element.

NORM: From what I am seeing now, time as a thing has receptivity in regard to individual intentions and intents. Would that be a correct statement? (Pause) It can interpret individual intentions and intent?

ELIAS: No. Time does not interact within the interpretation. It is the links of consciousness that are interactive in the area of interpretation, but they are interactive with the element of time to be creating of certain physical elements.

NORM: Another question in regard to time. It appears, even in one dimension, that time would have an infinite set of facets, more or less a facet with respect to every focus that is within this Regional Area 1 dimension.

ELIAS: You are correct, for it is interactive with perception, and your perception is influenced by your belief systems. Therefore, each individual holds different perceptions, and their interaction with the element of time is also slightly different. Although you generally, in a manner of speaking, may be experiencing what you think of as the same experience of time in linear fashion, in actuality, each of you experiences a slightly different aspect or expression of the element of time, for it is quite interactive with your perceptions.

In this, you may be following the same linear calendar and you may be setting your clocks and creating of certain rotations and orbiting to be creating of days and months and seasons, but your moment-to-moment linear perception of time varies slightly with each individual, and your interpretation of time may be quite different from one individual to another individual.

In this, you also hold the ability to be manipulating the element of time and to be experimenting with the element of time, dependent upon your awareness and your allowance with yourself to be open to the exploration of this particular element.

NORM: Parallel dimensions are closely related in the element of time and its characteristics of blinking. Am I stating that correctly?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: It’s my interpretation that the objective material that is presently in this moment of time, so to speak – of course, there’s been hundreds of millions of blinks that occurred within the last sentence – that the material in this dimension actually will move and change and form to material that is in the parallel dimension, and therefore the experience of all of the links of consciousness that is materialized here is greater, is maximized by having a switching from, an experiencing from one alternate dimension to another to another to another, and then back to this dimension. This is a viewpoint that I have been looking at recently. Does that appear to be close to the truth?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that all of these realities are occurring simultaneously. Your attention may blink from one to another, but as it blinks, the one that you have blinked out of does not discontinue or disappear or move to another. The links of consciousness are infinite. Therefore, there are different links of consciousness that are creating of different realities. They are not necessarily moving from one reality to another.

Now; do not misunderstand. This is not to say that links of consciousness do not hold the ability to move from one dimension to another, for they do, just as physical elements within your physical dimension hold the ability to move from one dimension into another and return to their original dimension, so to speak, as within the situation of your experiment. But in the situation of blinking in and out, you are simultaneously occupying different areas of consciousness, different dimensions, and interactive within all of these dimensions. It is merely a question of the direction of your attention, but you are not necessarily entirely moving from one dimension to another, leaving one dimension, so to speak, and entering another.

This has recently been addressed in other sessions in the experiences of certain individuals within the action of transition in physical focus, for they have allowed themselves an awareness of experiencing two different realities, or experiencing these experiences simultaneously and holding objective awareness of both in what you may term to be equal proportion, (intently) at the same intervals.

In this, it is an offering of the experience of the simultaneousness of time, and in objective expressions, the awareness that these experiences are occurring in conjunction with each other and within different areas but simultaneously, not that you move from one to another and discontinue the one that you have moved from, but that you continue within both. Your attention within your objective awareness merely is not allowing you to hold the awareness of the interaction of both experiences simultaneously, for you focus your attention singularly. You are now moving into areas of your experiences to be allowing you to be viewing more than one experience simultaneously and hold the objective awareness of these experiences.

NORM: This is very enlightening, very enlightening! I have many problems with my ideas as to ... for example, parallel universes that are very close to this particular universe, and the ones that, for example, I have probable selves in. Let me kind of reorganize my thoughts and ask a question here.

You had indicated earlier that I have a vase artist self that stayed here in California some 52 years ago, and that he was the probable self that stayed here. (16) I’m reinterpreting the points and the awareness that I have. That vase artist self is really me and I am really him, in that I am aware of my life and he is aware of his life, but at some level of consciousness, we are really one? Am I interpreting that correctly?


NORM: Ah! Isn’t that beautiful! That is magnificent! That is magnificent! (Elias chuckles) All of my probable selves then are really a gestalt that is really one, and then there is another gestalt of focuses of essence – for example, one of them you have indicated to be presently in the area of Indonesia – and all of those in this particular dimension, we all are aware subconsciously of each other, or at some level of consciousness we are aware of experiences. Am I saying that correctly?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct. You are all one.

NORM: Oh, isn’t that fabulous! (Elias chuckles) That makes me so much more than I thought I was!

ELIAS: Absolutely, and I have expressed this many times previously, and you now move yourself more into an area of allowing yourself to assimilate this information and offer yourself an understanding of this information. You ARE much greater and vaster than you allow yourself to perceive, for you view yourselves within a very singular manner, but you are extremely greater and immensely vaster than you perceive yourselves to be!

NORM: The activities in the shift are going to be incredible in relationship to this era of experience. I can see that! One of my desires in the last three or four years, because of the awareness of this information, is that I have intended – at least my intentions, and I don’t know if that’s in line with my intent – but my intention is that I am becoming physically capable now of living, I believe, until the year 2075 if I so desire, and this is magnificent! I believe that I’m going to very greatly enjoy the experience of this dimensional shift, and it is up to me, I believe, to carry out that intention if I so desire. Am I stating that with agreement from you?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct in your statement that this would be your choice and would be your creation of your desire, and you do hold the ability. It is merely a question of your belief systems and their limitations upon you within your creations and your expression of this type of action.” [session 321, September 20, 1998]

WAYNE: “I recently bought a personal computer, 266 megahertz, but maybe six months later, I see 450 megahertz. It appears to me that the speed of these external machines ... something is speeding up rapidly, so it must be reflecting something going on with the larger transition. I was wondering, it must be taking us somewhere. The speed is speeding up somewhere. I was wondering if you could enlighten me as to where this might be going.

ELIAS: You are quite correct! Within physical focus you create objective imagery to mirror your own movements, and within the area of your technology you mirror quite efficiently with your inventions, your own abilities, and your own knowings. All of your creations of your inventions that you move into are all expressions of known information that you hold.

Think you not that it is quite interesting within physical focus that within this time period of this particular century, you have created within your technology more inventions within one time period than within all of your history? And within this century is the movement of your shift in consciousness, and as this shift in consciousness accelerates and moves into your next century, you shall be creating of more objective imagery that mirrors what you know within you.

Your technology advances at great speed, for YOU are advancing at great speed within the action of this shift. Consciousness is moving within an intensity and continues to build within this intensity, and in this you shall view more and more evidences of this. I have expressed many times that your science fiction is more true than you think and may be viewed more in the direction of science fact than science fiction, for all that you may imagine, you may also create. You hold the ability! It is merely a question of your own accessing of your own abilities within your own trust of yourselves, and as you move in these directions, you continue to be creating of more and more objective imagery that moves you farther and farther into your science fact.” [session 328, October 03, 1998]

NORM: “I have been trying to distill my ideas in regard to everything, All-That-Is, into one or two simple statements, and I’d like to run this by you to see what your comments are.

It appears that the primal element of the universe is the links of consciousness, and that the action of everything is the organization of links of consciousness. The organizations of links of consciousness include everything, such as essences, and the sum total of all of this organization of links of consciousness is everything, is All-That-Is. So there are two primary things in the universe, links of consciousness and organizations of consciousness, and the action by certain organizations of links of consciousness creates further organizations of links of consciousness. (Whew!)

Organizations of links of consciousness can be of course materialized via the time thing or equivalent activities, or objectified, and it appears that everything is recorded. All action is recorded, such that the organizations of links of consciousness have recorded within them the intent of why they were created and how they were created, perhaps, and maybe many other things that I as yet do not know. But it appears that this organization of links of consciousness is an infinite set, and the classification of these organizations of links of consciousness is probably continually being added to by essences.

And if this is all true, then I have a little bit of difficulty in understanding how the form, the pattern or the blueprint for the organization of every organization of links of consciousness, how that is different than the actual form itself, or if it is contained within the form. Are you following me?

ELIAS: Yes, I am understanding.

NORM: In a sense, the existence, my existence, amounts to a creation, a continual creation of organizations of links of consciousness. Is that a fairly accurate statement?

ELIAS: Correct.

NORM: And that action is the action that is described earlier, where we are continually creating?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

NORM: Is there somewhere, in every organization of links of consciousness ... and by the way, can we call those LC’s? Because it turns out to be a mouthful, and it’s probably easier to say LC’s.

RETA: Instead of consciousness units? CU’s?

NORM: Well, no, links I think are more descriptive, and I agree with Elias and the description of links, where they really form organizations, and links implies organization.

In the human body, we have a DNA molecule. Is there an equivalent DNA molecule in every organization of links of consciousness?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. This is a creation of this particular dimension.

Now; let me express to you that within other physical dimensions, there are similar types of molecules which encode all of their genetic information, in your terms, but this would be limited to physical manifestations, and not necessarily with non-physical areas of consciousness.

I shall express to you that within your summary of what you assess to be the basic elements of consciousness, so to speak – for we shall not incorporate the word of universe, for this would be quite limiting and too small – but in regard to consciousness and All-That-Is within consciousness, you are correct in your assessment that the basic elements of consciousness are built from these links of consciousness and the action of organization of these links of consciousness, which I express as energy.

You have listened to my offering of information for much time period, in which I have expressed to you the terminologies of energy and consciousness. In this, the term of energy is used in the form of action. It is the motion of the links of consciousness, the direction. Energy is not a thing in itself. It is a description of the motion that is applied to these links of consciousness, or the choice of motion that the links of consciousness engage to be creating of different types of organizations within consciousness.

You are also correct in your assessment that it is all contained, so to speak, for all of the organizations of these links of consciousness are contained within the all of consciousness. This is not to say that consciousness is limited, for it is not, for there are no boundaries or limitations upon consciousness. The links of consciousness are infinite, in your terms, and the possibilities and the explorations of consciousness are also infinite. Therefore, the creative action or energy of consciousness is infinite.

The word ‘universe’ applies to each particular dimension. This be the reason that I am not incorporating this terminology to be referring to all of consciousness. Your universe encompasses all that you know and view within your particular physical dimension, but there are countless physical dimensions which each hold their own universe or expanse of consciousness within a given space arrangement, and within this, the organization of aspects of consciousness are structured in a fashion to be creating of physical matter within the construct of a given time thickness.

Time itself is a construct of the links of consciousness. You think to yourselves in terminology of objects or things, for this is what you are accustomed to viewing within physical focuses. Therefore, your identification of all of the cosmos, or all of your universe as you know it, is translated into physical terms, which may be translated into elements of matter.

You think of energy as a physical thing. Therefore, you also think of time as a physical thing. In actuality, these are merely constructs of links of consciousness which are not physical, and although they may translate and organize into physical matter, they themselves are NOT physical elements and hold no thickness, so to speak. It is merely the construct of certain organizations of links of consciousness that form together to be creating of the aspect of time which lends to the creation of actual physical thickness, and this is creating of physical dimensions as differentiated from non-physical areas of consciousness. But in actuality, all of the areas of consciousness are comprised of the same elements. They are merely constructed in different fashions to be creating of different appearances, just as your physical molecules may construct themselves in different manners to be forming different types of objects.

A rock appears quite differently from a leaf, but they are both made up of the same elements in physical matter. They both are conglomerations of atoms. They are configured differently, and therefore they appear differently to you within physical focus.

In this same manner, links of consciousness may join together in different manners to be forming of different types of organizations which shall be classified in different manners, some being classified in physical dimensions with thicker qualities to them, for the energy is denser than the energy within non-physical areas of consciousness.

Be remembering that the word ‘energy’ is used in the context of motion. Therefore, it is not an actual thing, but an action, a movement of these links of consciousness, and as these links of consciousness move in a denser fashion they are creating of more thickness, and in this thickness there is more solidity, and this is creating of physical elements, physical dimensions.

Within non-physical areas of consciousness, the energy or the movement is not quite so densely held and there is much less separation in the organizational qualities of these links of consciousness. They are merged and intermingled with each other much more freely within non-physical areas of consciousness. Therefore, they do not appear to be solid as they do within your physical dimensions. Are you understanding?

NORM: Yes. So the action in non-physical areas of All-That-Is, there’s not an equivalent energy idea, or do the links of consciousness themselves always ... they always have motion. So the organizations of links of consciousness, they have the capability or are imbued with the capability of motion, so to speak. I had the idea at the beginning of the session here that energy in the physical world is also composed of links of consciousness.

ELIAS: This would be your translation within physical focus, for you identify energy as a thing in itself, and in this your translation is that energy is composed of links of consciousness. (17) I am expressing to you that energy is the ACTION of the links of consciousness.

As to your questioning, no, there is no comparable translation within physical focus to these links of consciousness, for within physical focuses in physical dimensions, you translate into physical terms and into imagery that you may understand. This be the reason that these concepts or this information of these links of consciousness is so very difficult to be offering to you to your understanding within physical dimensions, for they hold no physical properties in themselves. Energy is not a thing in itself, separate and apart from the links of consciousness. It is the action that they hold, the motion that they hold. Therefore, it is an element of their being.

Even the terminology that I am offering you presently lends to the idea that these links of consciousness are things, which they are not. (18) But within physical terms, you do not hold elements within your language or within your thought processes that may adequately explain to you what these links of consciousness are in actuality.

They hold no actual form within themselves, and hold no thickness. They also do not hold boundaries, in a manner of speaking. Therefore, they may not be compared to your tiny building blocks of physical dimensions that you classify as atoms or sub-atomic particles, for even those elements hold some type of form within the thickness of time.

But within consciousness, links of consciousness are unbounded. Therefore, they do not hold what you would term to be any thickness or any form. There are no constraints, so to speak. They are unlimited, and in this, they are also beyond what you understand as separation....

NORM: Okay, I’m going to try to explain this in the best possible way that I believe that I could do it, and that would be that the links of consciousness have functionality everywhere in All-That-Is. They have functionality everywhere, and they can be everywhere, and they can decide what to do at any time in our material world, and they evidently have knowledge somehow of everything that goes on, and they have qualities that are unbounded.

ELIAS: You are correct in this assessment....

NORM: Okay. To me, they are the ultimate and most beautiful creativity that has ever, ever been done, so to speak, because it is the primal element of All-That-Is. (Vic’s note: here, Elias gets ready to say something, but stops) And when they synergistically get together, forming literally infinite types of organizations and numbers, the organization can become an infinite set of just numbers of links of consciousness, and then the qualities of the links of consciousness are infinite, so that the quality of the organization of links of consciousness is also infinite. So we are looking at a set of infinities that certainly won’t get boring for any essence! Am I saying that correctly?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You are correct in this statement also.

Let me express to you that the most difficult concept for you within physical focus is the idea that these links of consciousness hold no separation. This appears to be contradictory, for you think in terms of absolutes and boundaries, and in this these links of consciousness do not hold what you may term to be absolutes or boundaries. They are ever-changing and continuously within a state of becoming.

This be the reason that you as essence are continuously within a state of becoming, for you are comprised of these links of consciousness, for All-That-Is And May Be is links of consciousness within different configurations of organizations to be creating different types of structures that function in different manners, creating different types of explorations of consciousness, of itself. It is not an exploration of what may be beyond, but All-That-Is, for All-That-Is is infinitely exploring within itself.

NORM: Um-hmm. Okay, I’m willing to correct my ideas to the point where I think I cannot go any further, in saying that the links of consciousness are totally overlapping everywhere. Each one overlaps each other everywhere. I have a question in regard to the creativity imbuing the new qualities in a link of consciousness. Are you saying that the links of consciousness actually are continually created with more qualities?


NORM: They are! Imagine THAT! I’m getting a philosophy where I think that I can almost intuitively guess which way the correct answer is. There is nothing static. Action is occurring all the time, all the time! It’s continually occurring.

ELIAS: You are correct. I have expressed this many times within our sessions, that there is no element within consciousness that is static. All is within motion continuously. This be the terminology of energy, and all is continuously creating and discovering and exploring.

Contrary to how you view exploration and discovery within physical focus, the discovery of links of consciousness is the creation of NEW elements, not to be finding what has already been created.

Within physical focus, if you look to your explorers and your pioneers, their discoveries and their explorations are of elements that are unknown to them, but have been pre-existing before their actual discovery of them. In difference to this type of exploration and discovery, the exploration and discovery that links of consciousness engage is a continual action or movement of creating NEW elements of itself, elements that have not pre-existed, elements that are new expressions, which are their new discoveries of self.

Just as I have expressed to you many times in the area of probabilities: Probabilities are not elements or things that lie before you and that you may pick from an assortment of things that are in front of you, so to speak. But probabilities are choices that you create within the moment that have not been pre-existing previous to your choice.

This seems, within the slowness of your time element, to be contradictory, for your thought process may move in the direction of creating of a certain probability, and it seems to you that the probability then materializes subsequent to your thought process. But in actuality, you have already created certain probabilities as you have created the energy of thought and have projected that particular motion within yourself. It merely appears to be materializing slowly, for you are creating within a time thickness and you are incorporating physical elements.

In this, probabilities are the closest concept to the action of energy which is created within these links of consciousness, of the continual discovery and exploration. Consciousness is continuously exploring and creating consciousness. It is continuously in motion and it is continuously becoming, but not exploring what has already been created. In exploration, it is continuously discovering its own NEW creations of itself, so to speak.

NORM: Okay. Elias, as an essence, though, you have the capability of acquiring knowledge of everything that has been created, though, do you not?

ELIAS: It is not a question of acquiring all of this knowledge, for all of the knowledge, in your terms, that has been is already contained within essence. Just as....

NORM: It is?!

ELIAS: Just as you enter into a physical focus within this particular physical dimension and you hold your DNA molecules which already contain all of your genetic information, in similar manner, essence already contains all of the information of consciousness.

NORM: That is incredible. That’s incredible! Okay, now that puts me straight in regard to that part of my questioning. So you have this capability that you are totally operational with everything that has been created before, and so you have choices of new creations all the time, in a manner of speaking. So I guess I’ve kind of gone from the smallest of things or the basal element of everything, which is the LC’s, to the totality of everything, including all of the previous history. There are more families of essence than the nine families. I want to make sure that I am saying that correctly. Is that true?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct. These Families of Essence are designations of intents that are directly involved with physical focuses, with physical dimensions. They are organizations of essences that are directing of the creation of each different physical dimension.

Now; within consciousness and non-physical areas of consciousness with respect to essences, there are different groupings, so to speak, of essences within non-physical areas of consciousness also, but their distinction is not quite so defined and therefore would not fall into the same type of category as the Families of Essences, which are designated for physical dimensions.

Let me express also to you in this discussion that I have stated very many times that there is no separation within consciousness, which I am understanding, this is quite a difficult statement for individuals within physical focus to be assimilating and comprehending, for there are, as you have stated, different organizations of links of consciousness which implies different types of separations, in a manner of speaking.

But in actuality, there are no separations. There are designations of the configurations of links of consciousness, which we may designate in categories such as essences, and in this, I have stated that these links of consciousness may be organized in a fashion to be creating of a personality energy tone.

Be remembering that the term ‘energy’ is used synonymously with movement, and is not a thing in itself.

(Vic’s note: the following information was delivered quite intently.)

Therefore, we are designating that certain links of consciousness are organizing themselves in a configuration to be creating of a movement of tone that holds a specific action or function which you may classify as personality.

In this, the purpose or the reason that links of consciousness organize themselves in this particular manner is to be creating of a specific type of movement that may be translated into focuses that may be creating physical elements.

Were you to not be incorporating physical manifestations, there would be no necessity for any type of configuration of these links of consciousness to be creating of personality tone, for this is a specific type of creation, a designation of consciousness to be creating of a specific type of diversification that may be translated into physical elements.

NORM: I see. So truly, essence is like smeared together. All essences are intermingled and overlapping, and the information that’s available is available to all.

ELIAS: Absolutely! Yes, you are correct. This is what I have expressed to you very many times, that there is no....

NORM: I guess I just ... the distinction between dimensional reality and non-dimensional reality, I didn’t get that as well as I should have, and that’s critical.

ELIAS: There....

NORM: The creation of the organization in physical dimensions, then, is the thing that is the separation, and the movement or the action is the work. I hesitate to say work, but there must be, in terms of the essence world, a propensity and a desire for continual creation. It’s almost like a need to have motion. Maybe I’m trying to ascribe physical reality with non-physical reality, and maybe that isn’t working there. But is there some sort of a desire on your part to do things, and if so, why?

ELIAS: Let me address initially to your terminology of need, for this would not be the correct assessment in a description of consciousness. It merely is. This is the action of consciousness, to be continuously becoming, continuously discovering and exploring, as you are also continuously fragmenting as essence, for this is merely the action that you engage. It merely is. It is not necessarily a desire or a need. It merely IS.

In this, I may also express to you, as you are creating a differentiation between yourself and myself, I shall express to you that I have also expressed many times that we are the same. You are links of consciousness configured in the organization of essence and so am I, and in this, our actions are essentially the same. It is merely the differences in choices that we create that are creating of different types of motions.

You focus your attention presently within physical experiences and have drawn a veil between the focus of attention and all that is within consciousness, to be offering yourself the singularity and purity of the physical experience that you choose to be exploring. I have chosen this type of experience also, and choose to be non-manifesting within physical dimensions and continuing within exploration of non-physical creation.

This is not to say that I engage in the action of exploring that which is already known, for within non-physical areas of consciousness, all that you think of as past or history or origins or ANY of these types of designations are all known within non-physical areas. Therefore, it is unnecessary to be exploring of this information. It is already held....

NORM: So the creation is a continual now, and everything in the past is known by all of essence. All of essence overlaps and intermingles anyway, so I think I’m getting a much better picture.

Elias, in the few minutes that I have left, I have some questions in regard to the interaction between the time thing and also the living thing called Earth, and the mass consciousness and the focuses here on this earth, and the interaction within all of that; the interaction of the focuses, the mass consciousness, this earth, and the time thing. Is it truly directed by the probabilities – the summation of the probabilities of the focuses here on this earth – the direction that the earth is taking? Am I interpreting the motion or the action correctly there? The mass unconsciousness continually changes due to the ideas of the focuses, and I mean by that, the essences that are associated with the focuses and the direction of the motion that is occurring here on this earth.

(Vic’s note: the following information was delivered quite intently.)

ELIAS: Your planet is also comprised of links of consciousness. Therefore, it IS consciousness. Therefore, it is essentially no different from yourself in that it is comprised of the same elements. The difference is that you as essence are directing of the configuration of these links of consciousness that comprise this dimension, this planet, and this particular physical universe.

In a manner of speaking, figuratively, you may view essence as a sphere that projects outward from within its being many different elements, and these element are creating of many other spheres, but they have sprung from the energy of the initial sphere, which is the essence. This is quite figuratively speaking.

In this, THERE IS NO SEPARATION of yourselves and what you have created physically. Therefore, you are continuously influencing and creating the affectingness of all that you have created. This be the reason that your weather patterns, that your natural occurrences within your atmosphere, within your planet, within all of your reality, is created and responsive to YOU.

In this, it is the collective energy, the collective movement of essences within this particular dimension that are affecting and creating of all of the motion within your physical universe. This also incorporates your physical planet: its rhythms, its breath, its movement, its configuration, its shiftings, its re-creation of itself, its movements in all directions.

These are all expressions of your creations, and as you collectively continue to be creating of different probabilities within the moment, you also are affecting of all of the energy of your entire universe, which is also affecting of your planet. As you are creating of certain desires within your physical dimension, you also express these in physical terms, and your planet reflects as a mirror image your collective desire in its creation.

Therefore, you may look to your physical planet, and your sciences may look at different occurrences and events that are created throughout what you term to be the history of your planet, and all of these alterations and changes that occur within the physical manifestation of your planet and its atmosphere are all direct creations of yourselves as essence collectively. Your planet reflects your desires and your emotion and all that you create within this physical dimension.

You are continuously affecting of all of the physical elements within this particular physical dimension. This be the reason that I have expressed to you over and over that you are quite affecting of probabilities and their insertion into this particular dimension in the area of your prophecies and your predictions, in their materialization or the lack of their materialization within this particular creation of physical elements.

As I have stated previously, all of your probabilities are manifest, but this is not to say that they shall all be manifest within THIS particular physical probable dimension. In this, you hold choices, just as you hold choices continuously within every area of consciousness. Physical dimensions are no different in this respect. You hold choices, and you may be altering of all of your creations.

You have created your seasons and your atmosphere to be configuring itself in a certain manner for thousands and thousands and thousands of years, and presently you begin to alter this particular creation. Your atmosphere experiences changes presently. YOU are creating of this. It does not create this independently of you!” [session 329, October 11, 1998]

DAVID: “… when it comes to mass realities and global challenges – for instance, things that involve a great many people – how can we understand it in those terms? Instead of reading the newspapers and what the politicians and the media say, are there any ways for us to understand these things in terms of mass beliefs?

ELIAS: Look to your individual belief systems, and you may compare these with the mass belief systems, for mass belief systems are created by individuals collectively. You may not create groups without individuals. Therefore, the mass expressions are collective reflections of the individuals’ expressions. In this, they are not quite so very difficult to be understanding. You may also view within the mass expressions that there may be movements in these societal expressions that surfacely appear to move in one direction of great judgments in certain areas, but underlyingly, they may also be affecting quite strongly in alignment with this shift in consciousness, bringing to individuals’ attention the inefficiency of many of these belief systems and lending energy to the individuals in moving through these belief systems and moving more in the direction of acceptance of these belief systems.

You experience within this present now many expressions within your societies upon your planet, mass expressions of very strongly held belief systems which are being addressed to and are affecting of the individuals and how they are beginning to view these belief systems, not necessarily in alignment with these officially held belief systems. In this, as you continue to examine the individual belief systems, you offer yourselves more information in understanding how you have created mass belief systems.

You may also look to your religious and scientific belief systems and view how very strongly they have been accepted en masse throughout your globe and are very aligned with. Even individuals that express that they are moving away from the religious belief systems hold many underlying religious belief systems, and move themselves into an alignment with your scientific belief systems very much as strong as they have held religious belief systems previously. In actuality, your scientific belief systems are merely a different type of expression, different language of the same types of belief systems as your religious belief systems.

In this, let me be reminding you also that belief systems in themselves are not right or wrong. Therefore, I do not encourage you to move in the direction of placing more judgments upon the very belief systems that you hold, for you occupy your attention within physical focus, and this physical dimension is created with the basis of belief systems. Therefore, it is a basic element of your reality, and without your belief systems, this particular dimension and reality shall not be physically expressed. This is not the point. The point is to be examining of these belief systems and to be accepting of these belief systems, that you may render their power, so to speak, neutralized and you may not be so very affected by them, and in this, you may open your window for greater creativity.

All of this information shall circle ‘round to the base point in every area, in looking to self, addressing to your own acceptance and trust of self, which within your language and within this objective expression may APPEAR to be sounding very elementary. But this, in its basic element, is your most difficult challenge, for you have created your officially accepted reality for millennium in the direction of not looking to self and in the expression of projecting outward to all other elements and looking to other individuals and other sources, so to speak, for your directedness. In this, I express to you within this concept an entirely different direction of your attention, in looking to self for your acceptance and trust and recognizing that YOU are creating of your reality, not looking to any other outside element to be expressing to you how to be creating of your reality, for you already possess the blueprints for creating your reality, and all is within your disposal. You need merely be focusing upon self to be accessing all of this information.” [session 330, October 11, 1998]

ELIAS: “I have offered to you the example of your emotions in comparison to the idea or concept of aspects [of essence]. Now let me further this example, that you may hold a clearer understanding. Let us return to the subject of emotion and let me present to you the emotion of anger, once again, and a slightly different emotion of irritation. These are different emotions, but they hold similar expressions. Therefore, you may be experiencing the emotion of anger for a time period, and you may be moving out of the experience of anger and you may be moving your attention into the emotion of irritation.

Now; given that these two particular emotions are closely related in quality, the emotion of irritation holds an element of memory of anger, and the emotion of anger holds a quality that allows it the memory of irritation. Therefore, as you interchange with these two emotions, as they are closely related within quality, there is an allowance in that expression that you shall hold the objective memory within the experience of the other emotion. As you move away from these particular emotions and you move your experience into an emotion of gleefulness, this particular emotion does not hold similar qualities to those previous emotions. Therefore, objectively it holds no memory within the experience of those emotions.

You shall not be offering yourselves the experience of anger or irritation in the midst of the experience of gleefulness, for it does not hold the same quality. Therefore, it does not hold the memory.

In like manner, throughout an individual focus, aspects of self are exchanging and interchanging continuously, but in like manner to this energy exchange [of Elias and Mary], the aspects that are interchanging and exchanging positions hold like quality tones. In this, there may be slight differences in quality tones which shall not allow the entirety of memory of the other aspects, but shall offer you enough memory of the other aspects which hold similar quality tones that it appears to you within your focus that your memory is unbroken and constant. This also involves your choices of probabilities and an element of your blinking in and out, for many times within certain blinkings you shall be also exchanging with another aspect, but the memory which is unavailable to you objectively is so slight that it is unnoticed by you. You may hold certain events or small time frameworks – minutes or hours, even days – that are not objectively remembered to you, but within the whole of your focus, this objectively goes unnoticed.

You notice breaks. If the memory holds extended time frameworks, if you are experiencing what you term to be a block in memory for an extended time period, this shall gain your attention and you shall hold wonderings of this. Individuals have held wonderings of this action for much time period, and this also has been an element of the development of your psychology science, to be investigating these types of actions within individuals that are unexplained. In this, you have offered yourselves the information that this memory IS easily accessible. It is not lost.

Now; let us turn our attention also to the question of certain individuals that may be experiencing trauma, which within your psychology is the explanation of memory blocking. This would be a different type of action, in part, from the mere exchange of aspects which is causing of what you term to be a memory block or loss, for at times individuals within physical focus are choosing within certain experiences, or soon after certain experiences, to be exchanging with another aspect of self which holds very different quality tones. This is not to be escaping the experience held or to be covering the memory of the experience held, but many times within physical focus, one aspect of self shall choose to be experiencing some event or events in intensity, allowing that particular focus to hold the intensity of experience within given situations. Once these types of experiences have been accomplished, as they ARE held in such intensity, the focus may turn its attention to another aspect of self that may offer a very different type of experience.

It is not for the reason of blocking or covering the previous experience. It is merely that the individual has offered themselves an extreme in intensity of a particular experience, and in this, in conjunction with all of the subjective experiences which are gained through counterpart action, it is unnecessary for the focus to be continuing in any similar manner of expression.

You have each held experiences within your focus that have attained your fascination that may not be of a traumatic nature, so to speak, that you within your identification of these experiences have built in momentum to a certain experience, and once you have accomplished that experience your expression is, to yourself and to other individuals, ‘Oh. I have accomplished this experience. I am done with this. It is unnecessary for me to be repeating this same experience.’ And your attention turns, and you do not occupy your attention any longer with that particular experience. You term this to be ‘moving on,’ and within pleasurable experiences or merely curiosity experiences, you do not move in the direction of offering yourselves explanations that you must be forgetting this experience or covering this experience, but you may find that within years future you are not remembering of that particular experience that you had held such fascination with within that particular time period.

I express this to you to emphasize that this is an area that your science of psychology moves into an incorrectness with, in their assessment that individuals are creating of traumatic experiences or are victims of traumatic experiences, and that your brain automatically is protecting of you and covering these experiences in such manner. This is not the case. It is merely a choice of experience, be it in your assessment and belief systems good or bad, and in this choice of experience, once experiencing the fullness and intensity of such types of experience, you merely move your attention to another aspect of self which may hold a very different quality tone than the previous aspect, and in this, that quality tone aspect shall briefly, initially hold a remembrance of the previous action of the other aspect, but this shall quickly move into a subjective area, almost within your thought process as a holding area of memory, for it is unnecessary to be objectively holding the memory, for this would be influencing of the new experiences.

Now; there ARE individuals that may be exchanging with another aspect of self, and in this exchange they may choose to be exerting the energy required to be objectively continuing the memory of a different quality tone aspect, but these individuals are creating of this action purposefully in alignment with their particular intent, for retaining the memory of certain events and experiences within their focus, which will be influencing of their future probability choices, is beneficial to the movement within their particular intent and their chosen line of probabilities, their pool of probabilities.

This be one of the reasons that you may encounter an individual that has held some extreme experiences in what you term to be negative areas, and they may move through their focus and appear to be very sour, for they carry the memory of the other aspect of self, which is influencing of all of the other aspects of self that exchange. Therefore, it colors the experiences of any other aspect of self.

As I have stated to you yesterday, these are all aspects of YOU. They are ALL YOU. Not one of them are NOT you. Just as with our comparison of emotions, you hold many different expressions of emotions, but they are all you. You do not separate your expression of emotion from yourself.

In like manner, you may also express the example to yourselves that if you are allowing yourself to be experiencing what you term to be a negative emotion of anger or sadness, and you are allowing yourself to continue within its memory within all of your newly created experiences, it shall be influencing and coloring of your experiences.

In like manner, you may be choosing quite pleasant experiences and holding the memory of these, and exchanging with another aspect and carrying the influence of that aspect through the expressions of other aspects. This would be your opposite, in your terms, type of expression, of [an] individual that you view to be always optimistic regardless of the situation, the individual that within trauma may find the silver lining in the cloud, for they have offered themselves the exertion of energy to be holding the memory of another aspect which has been experiencing of those types of quality of experiences and carrying the influence throughout all of their other exchanges and experiences.

Now; this, for the most part, is also a similar action within this energy exchange. Aspects of this essence are chosen to be lending themselves in availability to this energy exchange, but as I have stated to you previously, this is also dependent upon the time framework in your dimension and reality in which you access this essence, and dependent upon the directed attention of this essence within your time framework, you may be happening upon an aspect of this essence which holds a very different quality tone, which shall be quite obvious to you, for the expression shall be quite different and the energy projected shall appear quite different also.” [session 333, October 19, 1998]

ANON: “… what happens if your profession is to be a therapist, and you’re focusing on other people’s belief systems? I mean, to some degree, like the type of therapy that I practice with my clients seems somewhat parallel to sort of what you speak of, which is neutralizing belief systems, not being so judgmental of themselves. But then again, I’m focusing on another human being, obviously, when they’re with me, about trying to help them to neutralize judgments upon themselves so that they can feel freer to live more happily.

ELIAS: And you hold a unique and wondrous position in this choice of profession, so to speak, that you may implement this information within yourself, and you may share this information with other individuals. And this shall be a tremendous expression of your very incorporation of your profession, to be expressing to individuals to not be judging themselves, to be accepting of themselves, to be allowing themselves, and to be focusing upon themselves.

The reason that these individuals approach you, the reason that you may hold this profession, is that the entirety of your globe is infected with these belief systems! The reason that you may hold the profession in the area of your psychology – and that you have developed this science – is a recognition that you hold these belief systems and how very affecting they are!v

Although your psychological sciences may move in some areas that may be off the mark, you also, in drawing yourself to this information, offer yourself, as I have expressed, the unique opportunity to incorporate what you have learned and what you know, and in this you may offer to other individuals the power to be accepting themselves.

ANON: Hmm.

ELIAS: And this shall be their most healing element, for this is the most damaging element to them, that they are not accepting themselves and they are placing judgments upon themselves, and THIS is the expression of duplicity and the lack of acceptance of self.

ANON: Thanks, Elias. That helps. That really helps sort of parallel it for me.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.” [session 335, October 24, 1998]

ELIAS: (Humorously) “Within the cosmos, we essences, as you know and are fully aware, are floating about and watching you all within physical focus, for you are so very entertaining! (Laughter)

Therefore, as we sit upon our clouds and view you all scurrying around, we are aware of listening to the moaning and complaining continuously of how you are not creating enough currency and financial aspects within your focus to be providing you with all of your desires! Blah blah blah blah blah! (Laughter)

And as we are watching all of you and being quite amused at your tremendous moaning of what you do not have, we also turn our attention, upon our clouds, to some individuals who ARE trusting, and within THEIR reality, events, objects, desires, wants, seem to merely come to them. They are little magnets attracting all of the joyful and wondrous elements of their focus that merely fall upon them.

And all of YOU are continuing to be moaning and also creating angriness within you towards these other individuals, expressing, ‘Why shall you have all that you desire, and I am struggling struggling struggling, and I am not accomplishing?’ (Laughing) And you continue to not be trusting yourselves!

And the other individual may express to you, ‘You need merely trust the universe. It shall offer to you. Chant a mantra and believe in this, and it shall come to you!’ And you shall shake your head and express to yourselves, ‘No, no, no! You are a lunatic, and I must be creating much work and struggling to be accomplishing within my focus!’ I express to you, very, very, very, very, very incorrect! (Laughing)

You need not struggle. This is a choice. If you choose to be struggling, we shall be viewing you from our clouds within the cosmos and being quite amused at your whining and your struggling and your complaining of how you are not creating what you choose and wish to be creating, for we are quite aware that your reality is quite removed from you! It is all ‘subconscious.’

THIS is what is creating of your reality, this elusive element of consciousness that is beneath some other area of consciousness that you may not tap into and have no control within these areas. Some other energy element is creating for you without your permission! (Laughing)

There is no subconsciousness! There is no lesser consciousness! ALL of consciousness is available to you. It is merely a situation of your own choices as to whether you choose to be accessing all of your consciousness.

Ah! But let us not be forgetful that you are only engaging ten percent of your physical brain! Therefore, you also are quite inefficient at creating your reality, for this mass of organ which resides within your physical head is not being accessed!

I shall express to you that you may remove physically half or more of your physical brain, and continue to be creating within your physical focus as efficiently as you are now ... or as inefficiently! (Laughing) And you may manipulate your reality in the same manner.

Your physical brain is not creating your reality! It is merely communicating impulses to your physical body. This i overtones.

Within the dimension that these individuals occupy, they have been interactive with the Dream Walkers, as have you also, and these Dream Walkers continue their interaction to this present now, as they do also with you.

I have spoken previously of experiments within physical forms. Your evolutionary process that you are taught is incorrect. You have not evolved in the manner that you believe yourselves to have evolved. Your sciences look for what they term to be ‘missing links’ within your evolu

MALE: He’s laughing at us!

ELIAS: From its cloud upon this elusive cosmos! (Laughing) We are all quite amused! (Laughing)

Now! I express to you to be altering your moping and your frowning and your complaining of what you do not possess, and to be offering yourselves laughter and joyfulness and the acknowledgment that you DO hold the ability to create ANY element that you so choose!

We move into more of an acceleration of this shift in consciousness, which offers you even more energy to BE creating efficiently all of your desires, in a manner of speaking ... although it is yourselves that offer this energy to you. You may express to yourselves, if you are so choosing, that the universe is offering you upon a platter wondrous energy to play with! Therefore, I express to you, PLAY! And be joyful in your playing! (Laughing)

We approach the end year of your century. Much movement shall be occurring in this end year, for YOU all are creating much movement. You are all lending MUCH energy and anticipation to movement within this final year of your century. In the tremendous expression of energy which you are offering yourselves and each other in this final year of this century, allow yourselves to be taking advantage of the openness of consciousness that you hold and the tremendous availability of energy that you are offering to yourselves to be creating of greatness as you move into your new century, which shall increase the momentum of this shift in consciousness twofold.

If you are expressing to yourselves presently that you have engaged a wild ride, anticipate that the ride shall become more intensely wild as you move futurely! (Laughing)

And we shall all celebrate with you all of this wondrous energy that you are allowing yourselves to open to. If you have held unusual experiences to this time framework, you shall hold GREAT unusual experiences futurely, for you are creating massive energy waves that you all shall surf! (Laughing)

And I express to you, hear hear! And great encouragement that you be continuing in your creations of movement into wondrous areas!” [session 345, December 05, 1998]

RICHARD: “There’s this rumor, or actually it’s a very ancient text, of the 12th planet called Marduk that is said to be coming back towards us. It has an elliptical orbit that stretches far out of our solar system, and it’s coming back towards us. I wanted to know what you knew about this, if there’s a date when this planet is anticipated to be returning, and when the last time this planet was within vicinity, because it’s said that when it is within vicinity, the beams come to the earth and go back and forth at those times. So, what do you know of this 12th planet? (19)

ELIAS: I have expressed previously that your planet, in like manner to yourselves, blinks in and out. In a manner of speaking, your planet is within what you may term to be a ‘blink in’ presently, for it is blinking on for your reality.

In this, I have also expressed that in linear terms, this particular planet and solar system and universe in physical terms is very much older than your scientists understand or may measure. The reason that they are limited in their measurement is this blinking on and off action.

Now; in that, the planet and the manifestations of your solar system, your physical universe, may appear differently in these blinks.

This is how you acquire these pieces of information that appear to you to be myths or legends or stories, which I have expressed are not necessarily myths or stories. They merely are not expressed accurately, for it is not accounted for that your planet and your physical universe blinks in and out.

In this blinking, the dimension changes. It occupies the same space arrangement, but the dimensional quality changes. In this particular dimensional quality, the blink does not provide for the manifestation of that particular planet, but you are altering the entirety of your reality in this dimension with this shift in consciousness.

Therefore, futurely you may incorporate allowing elements of the blinks, which you would term to be the ‘blink out,’ to be entering the ‘blink in’ of this dimensional quality.

Therefore, there is a probability that this planet may be inserted into this dimensional quality. It interacts with this solar system and this planet, this physical reality, but as I have expressed, there are many dimensions within dimensions in this dimension.

This dimension, as with all dimensions, is continuously blinking in and out. YOU continuously blink in and out and are interactive with other dimensions, other focuses of your essence that are within other dimensions that you would term to be quite alien to yourselves. They are not expressed within your objective knowing. This is not to say that you are not interactive. You merely do not hold an objective awareness of these blink-outs.

There are many elements with this planetary system that also accompany blink-outs that you have not accepted into this particular blink-in, but shall futurely.

As to your time framework, you may express that one-half million years before your sciences express the age of this particular planet (Earth) is the time framework of the participation of that planet (Marduk) within this physical dimension, in objective terms, during the time framework of the blink-out. But be remembering, this continues to be the same space arrangement, the same planet, the same physical matter. It is merely a different quality of the dimension.

Futurely, it shall hold the probability of entering into this physical blink-in that you may view in objective terms, for you allow yourselves more of your awareness in consciousness in this dimension. Therefore, you also offer yourselves more of a viewing of many more elements that you have created previously.

You shall also hold the ability to pierce the veil of dimensions and reconnect yourselves with those areas that you hold knowings of now that you term to be Atlantis, which does not occupy this dimension, but the veil of the dimensions is very thin, and you may pierce through this quite easily within the action of this shift.

You may be noticing more planets – and also more solar systems – within your physical universe as you allow yourselves to widen your awareness.

As I have expressed previously, to this point within your history, you have been moving through your physical creations in this vision (holding up his hands as blinders), not viewing all that lies beyond, and now you open to your periphery (opening the hands) and you may encompass all that you are creating, and you may view what you HAVE created previously that exists, that you merely do not view!” [session 346, December 09, 1998]

RODNEY: “The dictionary definition of duplicity implies that it is intentional deceit. I’m thinking in terms of my mathematics. I’ve been raised on the right way and the wrong way ad infinitum, and it’s so very much a part of my life, and I wrote down a little example.

In mathematics, we engage in actions which take us from one place in a set of knowledge to another place or another set of knowledge, in general terms. An example would be, if I note the two sides of a right angle, then the action would be that if I took the square root of the sum of the two squares, I would wind up with the length of the hypotenuse. The taking of the square root is the action.

Now, it appears to me that this action works because everyone who engages in these calculations has already agreed that this is the way that they choose to perceive reality, and there’s a great deal of consistency in this. I can use the terminology ‘this is the correct action’ or ‘this is the action that works’ or ‘this is the action which we’ve all agreed to’ on the one hand. On the other hand, I could use words like ‘it’s the right way or the wrong way,’ and I realize that when I do that, in my own use of the words, that those two words – right and wrong – almost necessarily have a judgment with them, or some kind of an emotional component. Whereas if I say that taking the square root of the sum of the two squares is an action that works, or is an action that is consistent with what we’ve agreed is gonna give us this number ‘C,’ that does not have a judgment with it. It’s simply a statement of fact. (Elias grins)

Am I making sense to you? Is it the judgment part of the right/wrong which you’re referring to when you call rightness and wrongness duplicity? I’m assuming that you would NOT say that the action that works would be duplicity. I guess that’s my question.

ELIAS: Very well. Let me address to this situation that you have presented, for within mathematical terms, you assume that there is a method that is outside of the duplicitous expression. Now; let me address to your expression in this example.

You express to me that you hold an awareness that if you are viewing this equation and the execution of this equation in terms of right and wrong, you are expressing duplicity, but if you are expressing that this is merely fact, you are not expressing duplicity.

Now; you also have interjected partially into this statement that if you are looking at this method and merely considering that it is an action, that this would not be an expression of duplicity.

Now; I express to you that you are correct in the expression of right/wrong, and that this is an expression of duplicity.

I also shall express to you that the statement of the method in which you arrive at your conclusion as an expression of fact is also an expression of duplicity, but the expression that the method is merely an action is not an expression of duplicity.

You also have stated that you have investigated this particular term of duplicity, and you have sought out a definition which appears to you to imply intentional deceit, in your words.

RODNEY: Well....

ELIAS: This – let me express to you – is correct, and in this, I have chosen this term intentionally and have not incorporated the word of duality, for within the formation of the belief system, there is an element of intentional deceit, in a manner of speaking.

Therefore, you have, throughout your ages, created a belief system holding great power in energy which IS affecting of ALL other aspects of ALL other belief systems.

This particular belief system of duplicity enters in and couples itself with all other aspects of belief systems, and you are also correct in your expression of noticing that almost all of your thoughts and actions and emotions are coupled with this belief system of duplicity. It matters not in your estimation how very small a thought or an action may be, or how inconsequential, or in your estimation how insignificant....

RODNEY: I overwhelmed myself last week when I realized how pervasive this is!

ELIAS: Quite! This be what I have been expressing to you all for much time framework, in my explanation to you that this particular belief system holds tremendous energy and is ultimately the most affecting belief system that you hold within this dimension, for there is no other belief system that you hold that this particular belief system does not affect.

RODNEY: Okay. I hear that loud and clear. I’m just beginning to really, really see what you’re talking about, and because of my background in mathematics ... I’m aware that mathematics, as you have mentioned, is kind of an art form which pertains to this dimension of reality. One thing about mathematics is that it’s designed in a way that is incredibly – and I used this word – consistent, and it’s consistent because mathematicians have created it in a way in which they can all agree on certain formulas and what goes into them and what comes out of them. I was trying to apply ... I was trying to connect the terms right and wrong with the term inconsistent.

ELIAS: Correct. Let me address to this also, for this introduces another aspect of duplicity, which....

RODNEY: Of what?

ELIAS: Of duplicity ... that may be more insidious and more difficult for you to be identifying.

In this, you have created in this dimension a language which you term to be mathematics, and you are correct that this particular language holds an efficiency, for you do agree upon the terminology within that language, and in this expression, you have agreed that this particular language may cross other language barriers. You may use this particular language of numbers in every culture and in every society and it shall be consistently the same, crossing the boundaries of other languages that you hold, but....

RODNEY: If we agree on what the number 4 means, and if we agree on what the definition of addition is, and then we agree that when we add 4 to 4 we’ll get the number 8 ... this is all agreement. What I’m trying to compare is that if a child says to me, ‘I added 4 and 4 and I got the number 7,’ then how do I describe to the child that this is not in agreement with the language that we’ve created here? Do I use the terminology that I just used? If I use the terminology ‘that’s the wrong answer,’ I am injecting into this an emotional or judgmental component.

ELIAS: Correct.

Now; let me continue in this explanation concerning this language of mathematics, for you have – within your belief systems and coupling with your duplicity – deceived yourselves into the thought process that your language of mathematics is absolute. Therefore, you have created an underlying judgment which enters into all of the expressions of your mathematics, for you have created a situation in which you have disallowed any leeway for other expression. You have created a language of absolutes in right and wrong.

If you are expressing 4 and 4, you shall receive your solution of 8, and any other expression shall be deemed incorrect or wrong, and the one expression of 8 shall be correct and right, and this is expressed that these numbers are fact.

You view the word fact as an absolute. You view the word fact as a statement of correctness and accuracy. I have expressed previously to you that this is not necessarily truth. This is PERCEPTION, and facts are changeable. They are temporary. Facts are expressions of what you perceive to be absolutes within the moment, but as you offer yourselves more information, facts change. (Very deliberately.)

What may be fact to you within one moment – and that you perceive to be an absolute – may be changed subsequently, and may not be fact any longer. Even within your language of mathematics, you alter certain elements of your mathematics within your physics as you gain more understanding and more information, and in this expression, you change your facts.

I have expressed many times previously, THERE ARE NO ABSOLUTES, but you view this particular language of mathematics as an absolute, and it has born itself out many times throughout your history to not be an absolute, but you do not view this aspect of this particular language. You....

RODNEY: I recognize that in places it is not absolute, and it is inherently inconsistent and incomprehensible, inherently! It goes beyond our ability to comprehend ... but that’s only in certain instances! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ah, but I am expressing to you that your reality is created by your perception. This IS your reality. Therefore, you may be in agreement with mass expression, and your reality shall produce itself as such. You may be in accordance with this language of mathematics, and you shall be creating your reality in that manner.

RODNEY: I realize I’m doing that. I guess what I’m asking you is, at this point anyway, I can’t conceive of creating it any other way!

ELIAS: Quite, but this is the point!

This is what I am expressing to you, that you are so very steeped within your belief systems that your perceptions in many areas have become fixed, and in that creation of your perception, you have not allowed yourselves to view any other manner of expressing reality.

This be the reason that you amaze yourselves and you express such intense surprise when you are viewing elements within your reality that do not fit and that seem to you to be impossibilities. These are actions of quite surprise to you, for they are outside of your fixed perception.

(Firmly) What I am offering to you in information is the expression that you may view that there is much more within your reality that lies outside of your fixed perception, and that as you choose to be addressing to this belief system of duplicity and choose to be moving outside of this and accepting the belief system FOR WHAT IT IS, this shall allow you to widen your perception, which is the element that creates your reality. And in this, your reality, in what you create, shall expand, and you shall allow yourselves to be creating much more fully and with much more of your own creative abilities.

Presently, you move through your reality creating through your perception as a creature wearing blinders. You do not incorporate your periphery, which I have also expressed many times, to be opening to your periphery. But you view elements of your reality as outside of belief systems; they merely are; they are facts; they are not elements of belief systems. I express to you, they ARE elements of your belief systems! There are no absolutes!

RODNEY: Okay ... okay. And what you’re saying is, in trying to ... it’s kind of interesting because in mathematics, we pride ourselves, of course, on what we call logic, and instead of trying to figure this out, if I hear you correctly, you are suggesting that if I accept that mathematics is simply another belief system, I will be neutralizing the power of what I believe to be absolute.

ELIAS: Correct. Let me express to you that this expression of mathematics provides an excellent example of elements of your reality and your perception that are NOT in balance, for this is an expression, as you term, of logic, which is heavily weighing in the area of intellect.

You have created – within this dimension – the manner of perception which incorporates intellect AND intuition, and in this, as you are incorporating both the intellect and the intuition, you shall move into the expression of balance. But within certain expressions and creations of your perception, you lean heavily into the expressions of intellect OR emotion, and view them as independent of each other, and are not incorporating both.

Within the language of mathematics, you incorporate intellect, but you do not infuse intuition into this expression, and therefore you are expressing only one element. You are not incorporating the entire picture.

... In like manner, you may experience a responsiveness to a situation or another individual, and this may be creating an emotional response, and within that emotional response, you may be creating within your perception no incorporation of intellect. You may allowing yourself merely to be expressing through emotion. In this, you are allowing yourself to be moving solely in the expression of intuition.

Now; I am very aware that you do not equate emotion with intuition, but they are very closely related. Within the balance of emotion or intuition and intellect, you may be connecting with impressions which may express themselves in an objective manner of emotion, which shall move them into a designated expression, but connecting with the impression initially is the incorporation of balance.

Therefore, I have expressed to you previously that impressions and impulses are not emotion OR intellect. They are neutral. They are expressed or translated into thought processes or emotion, but just as we equate the thought process with the intellect, there is also an equating of the emotion with the intuition.

Either expression of what you term in this dimension to be pure emotion OR pure intellect is an incorporation of a lack of balance and is not incorporating your periphery. You are viewing in one selective area, and you are not viewing the entirety of the picture.

The expression of mathematics, in like kind to the expression of pure emotion, would be likened to your viewing of a painting, and viewing only one half of the picture and not viewing the other half of the picture, but covering the other half of the picture, that you may not incorporate the entirety of the painting.

Now; as you remove the blockage of the other half of the picture and you allow yourself to step back, in a manner of speaking, and view the entirety of the picture, the picture shall alter. It shall not be viewed the same, for you incorporate more information.” [session 359, February 06, 1999]

CAROLE: “This is just one of a myriad. I watched a program this morning on Tourette’s Syndrome, which is a quote/unquote ‘disease,’ and the children on there were playing out their tics, and the ... what do you call the guy who talks on the show? The host asked the audience if they thought that the kids were making believe and acting out, but really didn’t have the disease, and he asked them to be honest, and a lot of them thought that they were faking.

I can’t help but think that there’s a part of us that always knows that we create our own reality, and so since we know that, part of us knows that those kids are really doing it because they recognize that they are creating their own reality, that there isn’t some outside force that’s zapping them with this disease.

I think that that’s why people get angry at people when they have a disease, even if it’s something horrible like cancer, because I think that people, at deeper levels or at the essence level, understand that that person is creating it.

ELIAS: Quite, but it is not fitting into the officially accepted reality, and if it is not an expression that is fitting into this narrow pathway, it shall be unacceptable.

As I have expressed to you previously, you may look to your science of psychology as you progress within this shift in consciousness, and it expresses itself in much fight for its ground in narrowing the acceptability of behavior within your officially accepted reality more and more. There are less and less expressions that shall be acceptable within this narrow path, as elements that hold strong energy within belief systems fight for their stronghold.

I have expressed to you previously, figuratively, in a manner of speaking, you are waging a battle within this shift in consciousness. Much energy has been lent in one direction, in your religious and science belief systems and your prophecies, and much energy is being lent within this shift in consciousness.

In this, in a manner of speaking, you ARE waging a battle within consciousness, and the winner of the battle shall materialize your probabilities into this reality and shall insert the events into this reality.

This be the reason that I express to you that although within the element of simultaneous time, this shift is accomplished – it is agreed upon and it is accomplished – but within your linear time framework and within this present now, in THIS aspect of time, it is not fully accomplished. In this, there are choices for probabilities to be inserted or not inserted into your reality.

Your time element of your reality slows your creations. Therefore, it also offers you the opportunity to view the probabilities that you are creating and inserting into your reality. You offer yourselves the opportunity to view all of your choices.

In this, you may choose to be moving in compliance with the energy waves that have been lent through your religious and scientific belief systems and all of your prophecies throughout your ages, or you may choose the probabilities of widening your awareness and addressing to these belief systems, accepting them for what they are – belief systems – without judgment, and neutralizing these belief systems, allowing you to move with much more freedom and allowing you much more of an expansiveness in your own creations, and eliminating your traumas in this action.” [session 361, February 12, 1999]

MIKE: “[My mother] Candace [Nicky] and I were going back and forth on this one. We ask each other our preference for something, such as food, what we want to eat, and I’ll say it doesn’t matter or I don’t care. I have no preference at the time. Am I invalidating myself in that area? I mean, when I’m thinking of it, I really don’t have a preference at the time, and I was curious about the thing of holding no preference.

ELIAS: This is an interesting question!

You have developed, within physical focus and within the belief systems of your psychology, very strong aspects of belief systems that suggest to you that if you are not holding a preference in any given area, that you are blocking some element of energy or you are denying some aspect of yourself, and not expressing yourself efficiently. I express to you that this is not necessarily the situation.

In certain situations and moments, you may hold a preference – you may hold an opinion or an idea – and in certain other moments, you may not necessarily hold an idea, opinion, or preference. This is not necessarily reflective of any type of blocking of energy or discounting of yourself.

Now; you may be quite aware when you are discounting of self. You may be offering this type of response to another individual, that it matters not to you, when in actuality you may be discounting of self, for you may be expressing this in responsiveness to what you perceive to be an expectation of another individual. You shall offer to the other individual what you perceive they wish to be hearing.

But you may also genuinely not hold a preference within a particular moment, and this is a very different expression. This is not a discounting of self. It is merely an expression within the moment, and this may be accurately expressed within any situation and any concept, that you within a particular moment may not necessarily hold an opinion or a thought process or a preference to any particular direction within that particular moment.

This is not to say that you may not be presented with the same type of situation subsequently, and that within that moment, you MAY hold a preference. It is merely dependent upon the direction of your attention within that particular moment and now.

Therefore, if you are expressing that you do not hold a preference for a particular type of sandwich within a moment, and you are not offering this expression in response to the expectation of another individual, you are expressing accurately and you are not blocking any expression of energy within the moment and you are not discounting of self.

This is an automatic belief system presently within many individuals, that if you are not expressing within a particular direction, regardless of what it may be, that you are discounting of self. This is not necessarily the case.

Therefore, I acknowledge to you that you may be expressing with Candace [Nicky] that you do not hold an expectation or a preference in a particular moment, and you are not discounting of yourself. Therefore, I am validating to you that your expression is genuine.

MIKE: ... I’ve been pondering this one, and there’s a lot of belief systems going for it and against it, but the belief of black being a color. A lot of people say black is not a color because it’s nothing; it’s the absence of color. And I was curious as to, how can it be classified as a color? I mean, are these beliefs, or is it a truth that black isn’t a color?

ELIAS: Black is the incorporation of all colors and holds its own vibrational quality as such, for it incorporates all of these colors. Your translation in physical terms of this color is not in actuality what its actual quality is. It is a translation into physical terms, but in actuality, this is a color unique to itself and holding its own vibrational quality, and is a truth.

MIKE: Okay. As to the beliefs surrounding why it’s not, scientists believe that when you look at something like a pair of blue jeans, what you’re seeing is a light vibrational quality of blue reflecting back. But they say when you look at black, it’s absorbing all the colors, so you’re not seeing any color reflecting. So their argument is, if something is blue, then that means it’s every other color but blue. Do you know what I’m saying?

ELIAS: I am quite aware of what you are expressing and of the beliefs of your sciences, and I am expressing to you that these are their interpretations and their belief in this area.

I am also expressing to you that color is truth, and that it holds a vibrational quality of which your sciences do not understand. They are interpreting within their beliefs the identification of the vibrational qualities of color and its relation to what they identify as light, but their identification of light is quite limited also, and they do not understand the vibrational quality of this element any more than they understand the vibrational quality of color.

As to their interpretation of the absence of color within the expression of black, and that this is creating what you may term to be a vacuum as to the vibrational quality of color, I am expressing to you that this is incorrect.

Black is an expressed, unique quality in itself and holds its own vibrational quality, and is a truth and is a color, in like manner to all other colors.

MIKE: Okay.

ELIAS: And I express to you the questioning of, what shall you designate as light?

MIKE: As light or white?

ELIAS: Light.

MIKE: Oh gosh, I don’t know! (Laughing) I don’t even think they know!

ELIAS: QUITE! They do not understand the quality of light or its designation. They view this to be merely an illumination of some sort, but they are not quite understanding what its quality is, in actuality.

Although your physicists believe and your mathematicians believe that they hold the answer to these questionings, I express to you that they merely hold a translation in part to these questions, and that beyond their partial explanations, they do not understand the qualities of consciousness that they are investigating or expressing knowledge of. These are elements of consciousness, and they are truths.” [session 363, February 21, 1999]

NICKY: “Okay, there’s been something that’s caught my attention in another realm, which be the animal realm. I’ve taken note of it, whether it be on the news, or my daughter mentioned it once, or whoever is talking about it, about the animals, even a news program last night with veterinarians talking about giving their animals Prozac (Elias grins) and redoing adult behavior so that dogs and cats and animals respond differently, what animals are attacking children and people, and things like that. I’ve taken note of it. What is going on?

ELIAS: (Smiling) And would this not be a very creative expression within your creatures, in their mirroring of your own creations and your own behaviors?

And as I have expressed previously, your creatures ARE in agreement with you and SHALL BE expressing within their creations and their behaviors mirror actions to yourselves, and they shall be creating very similar situations as YOU create.

They mirror your issues and your belief systems and are quite responsive to your energy, individually and en masse. As YOU move in the direction of focusing your attentions more severely in the areas of your psychology and placing more emphasis of your attention in this direction, you also are creating an affectingness within your creatures, and they shall be creating of behaviors in this direction. As YOU narrow your acceptance en masse of what you term to be “normal behavior" – within the parameters of your psychology and what is acceptable as “good” behavior – you also place this judgment upon your creatures, and they shall mirror back to you the very behaviors, the very issues, the very energy that you project outward with them.” [session 372, March 16, 1999]

CARTER: “Elias, my daughter Sarah is on the phone, and my question is, my daughter Sarah, who is 10-years-old, is creating an interesting drama with her school teachers. Sarah is an honor roll student, so it appears academically she is content. Sarah’s interaction with some of her teachers appears to be strained. She feels that the teachers are, in her words, ‘out to get her.’ She appears unhappy with self.

On the other hand, the teachers feel that Sarah, although a good student, exhibits at times a behavior of inflexibility to outright defiance if Sarah does not agree with them. There have been several emotional outbursts by Sarah at school. She no longer wishes to attend her current school, feeling that everyone dislikes her.

We’d appreciate any observations on your part that would assist us in expanding our awareness with this situation. And then Sarah asked me to ask you a question, which is, ‘How do I relieve emotional stress?’

ELIAS: Very well. We shall begin with this present situation, in addressing to that. Let me express to you that within this present now, there is a conflict which is occurring with this small one and with these other individuals which are viewed as authority figures.

Now; in this, what is being created is an expression of knowing of self in certain aspects with this small one, and a lack of acceptance of this expression by those that you would term to be authorities or the identification of teachers, and also those that you identify as administrative figures.

In this, what is occurring is becoming quite common with many small ones presently, for they hold an inner awareness of self and are allowing themselves to be expressive of self and allowing themselves to be trusting in self also, but this is not fitting into your officially accepted reality within your society.

Let me also express that presently, as I have stated previously, your society moves in a direction of less and less acceptance of the expressions of individuals, increasing their identifications within your science of psychology and narrowing the acceptable enactment of behaviors and expressions. In this, it is becoming less and less acceptable for individual expression within children – and has even extended to your creatures – in the manner that any deviation from what is viewed to be the acceptable norm is labeled and hence addressed to in the manner of modifying certain behaviors that are viewed to be unacceptable.

Now; let me also express that this is an action of an expression – within this shift in consciousness – of fear. Many individuals are experiencing fearfulness in viewing many changes within your reality, and therefore, they are responding and reacting in their expressions that behaviors are unacceptable.

This creates a conflict with many small ones, for these children have manifest within this time framework holding a knowing already of this shift and allowing themselves to be more freely expressive in the acceptance of themselves and within their trust of self, but this does not fit within your officially accepted society and its reality. This is the reason that there is conflict occurring. This also is demonstrated by what YOU view within behavior – that the child complies academically and excels in this area, but once expressing of herself in interaction, this is not acceptable.

I express to you that many, many small ones within this present time framework are experiencing much opposition and difficulty in their interaction with adults, for you are continuing to be holding to your belief systems that you are more informed as adults and more aware as adults than these children. Therefore, in your discounting of these children, you are also non-accepting of their expressions and their behavior. This is creating a situation of great frustration within these small ones.

In this, I express to you that my suggestion in this situation is not to be necessarily entirely within compliance of the expression of those authority figures, for in this, another action shall be created in repressing or squelching the natural expression of the small one, and in this, it is creating a blocking of impulses and impressions and natural flow of expression and energy, and this shall be creating of geysers.

I am encouraging of these small ones, these children, within this time framework presently, knowing the difficulties that they are experiencing in their interaction with individuals holding greater age, and the discounting and invalidation that they are receiving from these individuals.

As I have expressed, this is becoming quite common within this present now, and has been building for what you may term to be years to this point. As you are not allowing yourself to be lending energy to the perpetuation of these belief systems held en masse by these individuals that you view to be authorities, you shall also be lending energy to the movement of knowing within this shift, which shall be creating of a new acceptance with regard to these children.” [session 373, March 19, 1999]

DONOVAN: “… I wonder if my perception is correct about ... I mean, ever since I was a kid, I’ve noticed a really uncomfortable feeling of not being real, and looking at people talking to me and feeling like they weren’t real. (Elias smiles) It started getting really bad in college. It’s gotten so bad at times that I have anxiety attacks and just feel really confused, and just a lot of emotional stress and psychological stress.

I’ve looked in psychology books, and I guess they would call it a depersonalization disorder or something like that, where you walk around and just don’t connect. I guess what it is, is not connecting with my perception of physical focus. I don’t really understand what it is, but it’s kind of ... it’s my biggest problem, I would say. Can you help me understand what that is?

ELIAS: Yes. Now; let me first of all express to you that your science of psychology may be labeling of very many different types of experiences and expressing to individuals that these are malfunctions within you, but I express to you that your sciences of psychology do not incorporate certain elements of reality in the area of consciousness, and therefore they deviate in their understanding as to the choice of reality that different individuals are creating.

In this, let me express to you that what you are experiencing is not a dysfunction, and this would be quite a different type of expression from those expressions that are labeled within your science of psychology as a malfunction of your mental state.

Now; let me express to you, the reason that you experience anxiety, in your terms, in relation to this type of experience is that it is objectively unfamiliar to you, but it is quite in harmony with the movement and the action and energy of this shift in consciousness. I have expressed many times previously that there shall be trauma experienced in association with this shift in consciousness. I am not speaking figuratively, but in holding the awareness of the alterations that you are all creating within your reality in this physical dimension. You have become very familiar with certain types of expressions, and the expressions and experiences that you are now incorporating into the entirety of your reality do not fit with the officially accepted reality that you have created to this point. Therefore, there is much confusion associated with these experiences.

Your psychologists furiously scramble to be keeping abreast of all of the new creations that are popping up with many, many individuals, and are continuing to be inventing new descriptions and diagnoses as to all of these new conditions, so to speak, that are being introduced into your reality within your societies. I express to you that these are not new conditions or malfunctions. They are the incorporation of wider awarenesses that are naturally occurring in conjunction with this shift in consciousness. They are merely unfamiliar to you within objective terms.

Now; this – what you are experiencing, that you describe as a disassociation or a lack of connection – is in actuality not either of those expressions. It is a realization in part that you are not limited to the identification of this small framework that you have previously identified [to] yourself as singularly, as one individual, but this is creating of distress, so to speak, within you, for you do not understand what you are connecting to.

You are not disconnecting. You are connecting MORE. Temporarily, this may be creating of a sensation that you are disconnected from other individuals, and it may be creating of a thought process within your rationale in the direction of questioning what you are, who you are, how you are moving, how you are creating ... if you are in existence of reality or not!

It is creating of great confusion and many questions, and I am quite understanding of your expression of this feeling of disconnection with yourself and with other individuals, for this is the opening to awareness that many times may be temporarily threatening of your identification of your individuality.

In this, as you begin to objectively lose touch – figuratively speaking, in your terms – with your uniqueness and your individuality, your identity becomes threatened also. This is an automatic response.

In this, let me be assuring to you that it IS a temporary situation. It is merely perpetuated within your focus as you continue to focus upon it and concentrate upon it and be fearful of it and allow this experience to be agitating to you.

(Firmly) There is NO THING that is wrong in this occurrence. It is merely the allowance of yourself to be recognizing, in OBJECTIVE terms and reality, what you hold in knowing in subjective reality.

In this, you may express physically that you are too large to be housed in your singular form. (Smiling) Once you allow yourself the relaxation and the knowing that this is quite natural within this shift in consciousness, you may also begin to realize that your physical form is not in actuality disconnected from your awareness and from that which you identify as yourself or essence, for they are all expressions of the same.

To this point – throughout your creation of physical reality, throughout your history – you have identified your physical bodies as a vessel, [as] some element within your physical reality that is temporary, that dies, that may be discarded, and that is merely a housing, as I have stated, for your ‘spiritual soul.’ I express to you quite strongly, this is incorrect!

Your physical form is quite efficient and capable of accommodating all of essence, for it is the physical manifestation and expression of the projection of essence, and it is not separate from that which you identify as you within consciousness.

Presently and for much of your focus in this time framework, you have allowed yourself to be separating what you view as your consciousness from your physical form, viewing these two elements of your reality as separate entities. This creates this type of sensation of being disconnected. In actuality, as I have stated to you, you are allowing yourself MORE of a connection with essence, in recognition that you ARE more than you appear to be.

But you continue to hold this underlying layer within your beliefs that this physical manifestation is somehow separated from your consciousness, and therefore you continue to be experiencing this void, so to speak, in which there appears to be a gap between yourself and your consciousness, and this is what you interpret as a disconnection. You may be quite easily re-merging these two aspects of your reality.

Now; this is not to say that you may not continue with certain elements of a like experience, but it shall be affecting of you differently, for you shall not hold anxiety or trauma in association with this particular type of sensation, for you shall understand that you hold the ability to be manipulating your reality within this experience. For within this experience, you are allowing more of your own expression of the fullness of essence, dropping – in a manner of speaking – some of the boundaries and barriers that you place within your reality, and therefore allowing yourself to move more freely and manipulate energy more efficiently within these time frameworks.

I express to you that within this shift in consciousness, you are attaining to MORE of this type of experience, not less. And shall not your psychologists hold great surprise in their own experiences, moving into these areas that they now identify as a malfunction? (Chuckling)

DONOVAN: Okay, thank you.” [session 401, May 23, 1999]

PAUL: “I think I want to start today with a question about bridging science and religion, bridging physics and mysticism.

There’s this body of information called the perennial philosophy, and there are many thinkers who have contributed to this body of information, and it basically takes a look at subjective experience over recorded history and attempts to look at ways that there are consistent expressions from subjective self into objective awareness and knowing. I’m wondering if you would just comment on that idea.

My question really is, there’s a lot of work happening today, in this country and in the western world for sure, that deals with bridging physics and mysticism, looking for unification, as it were, or unity, a holistic approach. So, the perennial philosophy and the work in this area is being used by physicists and by mystics to attempt to build that bridge, where both things are seen as aspects of a larger whole, and I wonder if you would just comment on that.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Once again, we move in the direction of methods!

I shall express to you that individuals within the direction of your sciences and your religions have been attempting to be creating of this bridge, so to speak, for much of your history, and I express to you that for a time framework, they shall continue to be moving in this direction.

The individuals within religious expressions shall continue to be proving what they view as spiritual expressions, and objectifying and solidifying elements of consciousness into your physical reality that creates, as I have stated, a proof of the validity of experiences and expressions that are not easily explained objectively and that move into the area identified as mysticism.

And your sciences continue to be attempting to create a method to be inserting elements of consciousness into physical manifestations and solid expressions that you may view.

And in this, each shall continue within their explorations, and they shall continue to be creating of frustration to the point in which each recognizes that these elements are not opposite or at odds or separated, but that they are all merely expressions of one creation.

In this, as all of you continue to be moving in the direction of creating a search in the area of separation, you shall continue to frustrate yourselves and not in actuality offer yourselves the answers which you seek, for the answers which you seek, although they be quite obvious, are not obvious in the direction that you are seeking them. They are obvious in your expressions of self.

And in this, as each of you move in the direction of exploration of self and allow yourselves to be moving in the direction of genuine acceptance of self, you shall also discover that the directions you pursue in attempting to be building these bridges, so to speak, are just an expression of continuing to be running upon your hamster wheels, and it matters not! (Chuckling)

PAUL: Thank you. That’s interesting, and I understand that.

I guess I’m also curious though, this expression that they call the perennial philosophy does ... well, let’s not use the word bridge, but it expresses something that has been present throughout human history, certainly the last eight thousand years; let’s say recorded history, which I know is just a drop in the bucket, but it’s a lot of time for us. It seems that our subjective selves, the collective consciousness, constantly expresses itself individually certainly, and in certain individuals with a greater clarity perhaps, and this is just a condition that continues for our experience, does it not?

ELIAS: This is a choice. This is the choice of the individual to be allowing themselves to be open to their natural abilities.

And in this, your sciences and your religions continue to view the expressions of individuals – as they choose to be opening to elements of their awareness and their natural abilities – as a phenomenon and as miraculous and as unusual expressions.

I express to you that any manifestation which is created within your reality is an expression of yourselves.

In this, all of the amazing stories that you present to yourselves are merely the expression of your natural abilities, and as you allow yourselves to be trusting and accepting of self, you create these types of expressions quite easily and quite naturally.

I shall express to you, small children express wonders continuously, and in these expressions, your sciences AND your religions pay little attention, for it is much more amazing to all of you that adults shall be creating of the same expressions that small children create with ease.

Let me express to you once again:

In this, you create many different types of philosophies, you create many different avenues of exploration, and you create many expressions of investigations to be offering yourselves proofs.

This is the direction that creates frustration and creates an automatic discounting of the individual manifestation within your physical dimension.

For although you may objectively create a thought process that you are creating a validation to yourselves of your abilities, I express to you that in actuality, you are merely creating another avenue to be discounting of your natural abilities.

For if you are moving in the direction of acceptance and trust of self, you shall also offer yourself the knowing – the KNOWING – that these are natural abilities; the knowing of the interconnectedness of all of the individuals that physically occupy your planet, the consciousness which is not separated from one individual to another individual, and that you as physical individuals are not separated regardless of what you view physically in the manifestation of individual forms.

This be the reason that you may very efficiently be creating of collective movements in which you are all experiencing different aspects of the same waves that you create within consciousness.

Individuals do not necessarily discuss objectively and concentrate upon and create a philosophy and a plan in conjunction with each other to be creating of a collective experience in which many, many, many individuals shall participate and conjointly create an illness simultaneously, but you DO move in the direction of expressing to yourselves and to each other the belief that you may be affecting or INFECTING each other with an illness that you TRANSMIT to each other.

This offers you an objective explanation within the context of your beliefs that you share some movement together collectively in mass creation, but you wish not to be threatening the individuality and the unique expression and choice of each individual. Therefore, you express that you transmit to each other a contagion, so to speak.

In actuality, in noticing and ACCEPTING self and trusting of self, you also open your awareness to all that you are creating and participating within, and therefore offer yourself the objective realization of KNOWING that there is no separation and that you jointly create these mass expressions, and that you are not transmitting, so to speak, any particular creation to each other and infecting each other or responding necessarily to each other, but that you are simultaneously, jointly creating one action.

The transmission or the idea of transmission from one individual to another individual – this concept of transmitting certain creations – is another expression of your creation of linear time framework, and this moves quite in conjunction with your belief of reincarnation. (20)

You believe that you move linearly. You believe that you transmit one element from another element. You do not recognize objectively that it is not a situation of transmission. It is an expression of a simultaneous creation without separation.

Therefore, as you look to these expressions of philosophies, these explorations of consciousness, initially you may offer yourselves a type of objective validation that you are interconnected and that you are creating simultaneously.

But I also express to you, allow yourself to be aware that these movements continue to perpetuate also your discounting of your natural abilities, and continue to hold an element of expression of amazement.

Look to your individual expression. As you engage certain information, your initial response is amazement. Your initial response is, ‘Oh! This is so very amazing to me! Other individuals are connecting and understanding the same or similar elements to what I am offering to myself!’

Of course they are connecting and they are offering themselves philosophies and information in similar manner, for you are all interconnected, and what you offer to yourself you also offer to the whole of consciousness, and this moves with every individual upon your planet.

PAUL: Thank you. That’s very interesting.

I question ... about the collective consciousness and the lack of separation therein that you were just expounding on, from my perspective anyway, this last six thousand, eight thousand year period of time is certainly a time of what you have described as ... maybe ‘severe’ is the wrong word, but strong separation from essence. The oubliette, the forgetting that we experience, is very strong.

And I’m curious what your thoughts would be on the collective consciousness. Even though it engages this area of time, a time framework of severe separation, it always seems to – and I’m bringing it back to this perennial notion – it seems to express so-called amazing stories that seem to be amazing in the context of beliefs in separation, but as those beliefs in separation neutralize or melt and the reconnection or remembrance occurs, they’re no longer considered amazing stories.

So, it is in fact a quality of mass collective consciousness to provide reminders through what we call amazing stories, reminders of our remembrance, I guess.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct, and this is displayed objectively throughout your history and continues to be expressed objectively presently, although presently within this now, you may view many more expressions of this type as you ARE engaging this shift in consciousness.

Be aware that I am not expressing to any of you that the manner in which you have created your reality to this point is wrong or bad. You have quite efficiently created your reality to this point, and quite purposefully. You are merely choosing a different direction within the action of this shift, which is not to be expressed in the manner of a judgment upon the choice that you have created previously, for this also has been quite purposeful.

You are merely choosing a different expression presently within the action of this shift in offering yourselves more of an expression of creativity with less limitations throughout the expression of this physical dimension; in which, as you have stated, the amazing stories become recognized as natural abilities and are no longer the amazing stories, and this provides you the opportunity to be creating NEW amazing stories!

PAUL: Right. I was just going to mention that, that as we engage the remembrance, as it were, and things like crop circles, gray squishy guys, telepathy and so forth become understood and no longer considered amazing, I immediately turn my attention to, ‘Then what shall we create to be amazing ourselves?’ And that seems to be our nature, to amaze ourselves in our own becoming. So that’s what this shift is all about.

ELIAS: Quite! You are continuously exploring, for all of consciousness is continuously exploring and creating and becoming, and in this, you are continuously exerting your creativity to be creating new elements of reality.

And therefore, as you have already created a certain type of amazing stories throughout your history, you seek now to be creating a NEW type of amazing stories, and accepting that those creations that you have engaged previously are natural abilities that you have explored repeatedly.

Now you offer yourselves the opportunity to explore new areas of your reality, inserting new and exciting elements into your physical reality, in which I have stated previously, your science fiction becomes more as science fact, and your science fact becomes recognized as natural.” [session 493, October 26, 1999]

BEN: (To Liam) “Do you want to ask him some kind of fusion question or physics question or something?

(To Elias) He wants to know if fusion as a source of energy is going to ever become useful.

ELIAS: Yes, temporarily.

LIAM: Within 50 years, as predicted?


LIAM: (Unintelligible)

ELIAS: Let me express to you, this is a potential but temporarily in your terms, until it is replaced with more efficient manipulations of energy.

BEN: Does this tie into Bosht’s recent session about some kind of crystal being an energy source?

ELIAS: Partially. This is associated with the objective movement of this shift in consciousness. As I have expressed, many factors within your physical reality are changing.

BEN: What about technology? Is technology going to be changing too, or just what we think of technology won’t be the same anymore?

ELIAS: Your technological expressions shall be much more efficient and what may be termed to be comprehensive.

BEN: So we’ll still use machines and... I remember at one point in some spin-off from the Monroe Institute that someone was trying to create some kind of device to communicate with the dead. That just popped into my mind now. Is that sort of along the lines of technology as well?

ELIAS: Not necessarily, for it is unnecessary to incorporate a device or machinery, so to speak, to be communicating with individuals in nonphysical areas of consciousness, and devices that you may be inventing within physical reality shall not be efficient in that type of direction. You are much more efficient within yourselves in this type of communication.

But as your physical reality mirrors yourselves as consciousness and your abilities that you incorporate within yourselves, your physical reality shall evidence more of those types of expressions as you all collectively widen your awareness. It is already evidencing many new devices, so to speak.

The birth of your computers has sparked tremendous freedom in what you allow yourselves to accomplish in physical manifestations, and now as you move more objectively into this shift in consciousness, you are creating equipment that produces things from nothing, which is what YOU generate also, producing physical manifestations from what [you] may term to be nothing.

LIAM: We’re energy.

ELIAS: Correct.

LIAM: We create the energy.

ELIAS: Correct.

LIAM: Is it not like creation and annihilation in quantum physics? Like that type of activity where energy is converted to mass and mass, matter, is converted to energy?

ELIAS: Correct, although your objective understanding of this concept is limited.

LIAM: Yes, very much so. It’s hard to get your head around. (Elias chuckles)

BEN: Along those lines, will other methods of transportation still involve technology, or in a sense are we going to learn to transport ourselves without objective aids?

ELIAS: Both.

LIAM: We can convert ourselves back to energy (Unintelligible).

ELIAS: This is not necessarily a potential that may be accomplished in the time framework of this shift in consciousness. But the potential for that type of action and awareness is expressed in what may be termed as relative near future to the completion of this shift in consciousness, allowing you, as I have stated previously, to be realizing your science fiction as science fact. (Liam laughs)

That which you view to be fantasy in scrambling molecules, so to speak, in actuality you do incorporate the potential to generate this type of manipulation of energy, which is and is not technology. It is an advancement in technological areas, so to speak, or subject matters, but it is also an incorporation of manipulating energy and understanding objectively how to be intentionally directing yourselves to accomplish that type of action.

LIAM: Will we learn how to manipulate energy ourselves?

ELIAS: You already are, but you shall...

LIAM: Will we know what we’re doing with it?

ELIAS: Yes, and in this, you already are beginning. But as you continue and practice, you shall become much more efficient in your allowance of your abilities.

LIAM: Practice in what way? Like with research?

ELIAS: Partially, but also partially actually actively manipulating energy.

LIAM: In what way?

ELIAS: You are beginning now individually in recognizing that you do incorporate the ability to move energy in manners in which you were previously unfamiliar with.

LIAM: For example, that would be what?

ELIAS: Projections.

BEN: Like out-of-body projections, that kind of thing.

ELIAS: Yes. You also are already incorporating a clearer understanding of your abilities to be manipulating your individual energy and offering yourselves much more information. You evidence this to yourselves in projects concerning what you term to be remote viewing, which is merely another method of projection.” [session 1162, October 19, 2002]

RODNEY: “Could you just make a crystal ball statement?

ELIAS: (Humorously) Myself?

RODNEY: What’s going to happen in the next few weeks and months?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) I may express to you what you may term to be good news.

ELLA: Is the truth wave over?

ELIAS: Not yet, but it is dissipating. It is dissipating, and you are generating movement in strong possibility concerning the next wave, which may be challenging to some and fun to others. That would be, as of this present now, the belief system of sciences.

ELLA: Is there another strong possibility as well?

ELIAS: That is the strongest presently.

ELLA: Will there be interesting scientific breakthroughs that happen?

ELIAS: That is a possibility, or it may actually create significant frustration, dependent upon the openness of the individuals that involve themselves more than others, namely the scientists.

VERONICA: How about doctors and the whole pharmaceutical industry?

ELIAS: That would also be in that category. That would be in association with sciences.

RODNEY: How will this affect us individually?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon you, your direction and your openness. It can be quite inspiring in generating new discoveries, new revelations, new understandings, or it can generate significant trauma. It is dependent upon your openness and your willingness to be engaging differently, which at this point you are somewhat accustomed to engaging differently and perceiving differently. Therefore, you incorporate significant practice in this direction, and in applying that practice, it may be an opportunity for exciting new discoveries.

RODNEY: For us, individually?


VERONICA: Could it extend to discoveries in the electro-magnetic field and crystals and vibration? (Elias nods in agreement) Yes? Wonderful.

RODNEY: Will I be able to predict the winning lottery ticket?

ELIAS: Ha ha! That is not a scientific action! (Rodney laughs) That is an intuitional action. (Laughs) You can engage your sciences quite extensively and I may express to you it will likely not bring you any closer to predicting your lottery!

DANIIL: ... Usually there is a connection between the subject of discussion during public sessions and the wave that is going on. Is there a connection between this subject of thinking and the scientific wave?

ELIAS: There is an association between thought and the wave concerning your sciences, not necessarily directly in relation to the repetition of thought but thought itself as a mechanism, and how it is viewed and how it is defined as a function and how that function is created not necessarily in association with your physical brain.

DANIIL: Would that be an explanation of this new wave, that I would observe something that I have no explanation for? The automatic response may be to struggle in the usual way, but would it be more beneficial to pause and somehow re-align my thinking to accept something that I have no explanation for?

ELIAS: Or merely to recognize that you incorporate no explanation and that that is acceptable, that eventually you may present yourself with an explanation that is unexpected.

RODNEY: You talk about science, and the most fundamental concept in science is that if you perform the same experiment many, many times in many different places by many different people, you begin to get the same results. In other words, the reality repeats itself under the same conditions.

We’ve talked about impressions, intuition, projection of consciousness, dreams, and none of these have any home in what is currently called science in our general culture. So I’m really curious.

ELIAS: Ah, but they are beginning to.

RODNEY: Is this what this wave in science is going to do?

ELIAS: That has already begun. It shall enhance it, but that movement has already begun.

RODNEY: The incorporation of dreams and so forth...


RODNEY: ...into a scientific context?


ELLA: I think it was always happening. It just was not documented that the way to discover something is to dream about it. Sometimes you go to bed and somehow in the dream state you solve it.

RODNEY: I’m not referring to that aspect of it.

ELIAS: Correct, I am understanding.

RODNEY: I’m talking about hard science, what is...

ELLA: Using it as methodology?

RODNEY: Right. But what is it? How can you repeat an intuitive...?

ELIAS: Yes, that has already begun, but it shall be enhanced...

RODNEY: It hasn’t been widely reported, then.

ELIAS: That would be a relative statement, for within the scientific community it is more widely expressed and there is an awareness and an incorporation of an exploration of these...

RODNEY: I would sense that that’s true, but it hasn’t been formally put forth in scientific journals.

PARTICIPANT: There is a book called “Entangled Minds” (21) which (inaudible).

VERONICA: Elias, would thought be coupled with technology?

ELIAS: In what capacity?

VERONICA: In scientific communities, recognized within the scientific community and the medical community that the functioning of the mind... Could it be recorded by machinery?

ELIAS: The association with the function of thought is being questioned and shall continue to be questioned more intensely to be discovering what the actual function of thought is and what drives that, what engineers it, rather than merely the functioning of the brain. For, thought is not merely generated by the functioning of your physical brain.

RODNEY: This brings up the question of consciousness, because a very large segment of scientific research, and I’m thinking particularly of the pharmaceutical industry, treats animals, and consciousness does not exist in animals. Is this wave in science going to put some support to the very concept of consciousness...


RODNEY: opposed to brain activity?


NATASHA: So our sessions now become science sessions!

ELIAS: (Chuckles) It may be possible.

RODNEY: Is this going to become public?

ELIAS: The entirety of your world is participating in this wave and in this shift. The entirety of your world participates in this shift in every aspect of it and in every wave that is generated. You participate in different manners but you are all participating. In that, yes, it shall be generating more public attention, for new discoveries shall warrant that public attention.

RODNEY: Can there be a scientific demonstration that is acceptable to most people that consciousness is an energy that truly exists?

ELIAS: That is what you shall be discovering! That is the direction that you are moving within. That is the desire in association with this shift in consciousness, to be discovering what you can in relation to the nature of consciousness and how it is expressed, and the mechanics of yourselves and all of your reality, in how you are manifest and how you function and what you do and how consciousness is expressed. The absolutes that were once are being questioned.

RODNEY: Will this give us some new methodologies?

ELIAS: Quite!

VERONICA: Will this be recognized by different branches of the government?


PARTICIPANT: So the entire planet will move into a higher level of knowing, will access knowledge that wasn’t available before?

ELIAS: This is the point of this shift; this is what you are doing already. You are expanding your awareness. You are widening. You incorporate much greater understanding now than you did within ten of your years previous. You incorporate a tremendously greater capacity of understanding and knowing now than you did within your previous century. You are expanding in a much more rapid manner now than you were in your previous century, and you were expanding quite rapidly then.

Now you are moving even more at an accelerated pace, for you are becoming more aware and you are questioning and you are becoming self aware and generating greater understanding of yourselves, which offers you a greater capacity for understanding of your world.

PARTICIPANT: Is the conflict that we all see around the world right now, is that a manifestation of the wave of truth?


PARTICIPANT: As the wave of truth is diminishing, can we expect to see some of these conflicts settle down?

ELIAS: That is variable, for although this wave addressing to truths is dissipating, it has instigated tremendous recognitions of absolutes. It has sparked the expression of absolutes. Therefore, it is possible that within a relative short time framework these actions in oppositions may dissipate, but it is also possible that it may incorporate some time framework to recognize that these are actually not absolutes in individual’s philosophies.

Look to your own experiences in this wave and how long this particular wave has been generated in strength and how much time each of you yourselves in seeking information have incorporated to discover your own absolutes. Many individuals are not seeking information. They are being presented with it, but they are not necessarily seeking it.

This is the reason that from the onset of this forum I have expressed that the purpose of my interaction with all of you is to lessen trauma; but I have expressed from the onset there WILL BE trauma associated with this shift, and there is.

ELLA: So even though the truth wave is dissipating, the mass events that are already in motion will continue and the individuals still will be dealing with their own issues related to absolutes, even though the wave of truth is dissipating. Certain events are already in motion...

ELIAS: Correct.

ELLA: ...and one will still have to address that wave.

ELIAS: Correct, but you address in different manners. Some individuals or groups of individuals choose to address in aggression.

RODNEY: ... On science, you’ve presented this information to us in a manner that is quite different than how you’ve done it in the past.

ELIAS: Correct.

RODNEY: In the past you’ve said there is a wave in truth and this is what you need to look out for, this is what is being developed, this is how you can help yourself, this is how you can process, this is how you can work with it. You’re not doing that this time.

ELIAS: (Grinning) You are correct.

RODNEY: What you’re saying is we’re going to become aware of things.


RODNEY: You’ve really changed course here! (Elias chuckles) Will you be discussing this...


RODNEY: ...further in our next group session?

ELIAS: That is dependent upon whether you have actually engaged it or not. You have not engaged it yet.

RODNEY: When should I be looking for it?

ELIAS: That is dependent upon you.

RODNEY: Where shall I look for the engagement?

ELIAS: I shall express to you the identification of it. I shall generate what you would term to be the announcement of the engagement of that wave when it begins. It has not begun yet. Therefore, there is a variable and there is a possibility that you collectively can alter course, so to speak, and choose a different belief system.

I am expressing to you now the identification of the movement that you are engaging now. In the probabilities and the possibilities that you are expressing now, this is the greatest potential of being the next wave in consciousness that you engage. If you choose that, or when you choose that, I shall address to it with you.

I am offering you an inspiration! You have endured, in your terms, more than three of your years in struggle with your wave addressing to truths. I am offering an inspiration to you in a new direction of movement.

ELLA: Do we have to go through every individual wave to complete the Shift? Isn’t there a shortcut?

ELIAS: This would be your design! (Chuckles)

ELLA: What waves were there before the truth wave?

GROUP: Relationships, duplicity...

ELIAS: Perhaps you shall discover (laughs), and perhaps this shall be another avenue for you to engage in offering yourself information rather than repeat!

Very well, my friends! I shall express to each of you my appreciation of the intimacy of this group interaction and the comfort of it. And in this, an acknowledgment to each of you in the contribution of unique energy in this particular discussion. Therefore, I shall offer my thanks to each of you in your participation in this session.

To each of you in tremendous appreciation, great friendship and ultimate encouragement in your new adventures and your stopping of your thinking, thinking, thinking (chuckles), but the new inspiring thinking, to you all, my friends, au revoir.

GROUP: Au revoir.” [session 2049, July 22, 2006]

Note: this is the second of two parts on science. Go to the belief system of science, pt. 1.

End Notes:

(9) Vic’s note: During Sara’s question, Elias starts tapping Mary’s fingernails on the arm of the rocking chair with one hand; he is holding the phone with the other hand. This makes a clicking sound that continues off and on throughout the session. Elias has tapped his fingers before, but only while sitting in a rocking chair, and Mary rarely sat in a rocking chair until recently. Also, there is a difference between finger-tapping and fingernail-clicking.

(10) Paul’s note: Seth/Jane Roberts’ term for expressing the concept of God as an action of eternal becoming, inseparable from and contained within Everything, incomprehensible in Its Totality.

This information was first introduced in The Seth Material, Chapter 18, The God Concept – The Creation – The Three Christs, (1970), sessions #426-428, (no date given.)

Elias initially used the term “Creating Universal One And Whole” to describe the same Reality. This was subsequently replaced by “all of consciousness.”

Digests: find out more about Creating Universal One And Whole/all of consciousness.

Digests: find out more about Seth/Jane Roberts.

(11) Paul’s note: in the “Philadelphia Experiment” the U.S. Navy alledgedly experimented with powerful electromagnetic fields to make the Destroyer Escort – USS Eldridge – optically invisible in October of 1943. A true 20th century X-file type story, the U.S. Navy has categorically denied this event ever took place.

According to what is now really a legend, as the ship became “invisible” and then “returned,” there were disastrous consequences on the crew – including insanity, burns, and becoming fused with objects on the ship. The ship may indeed have “traveled interdimensionally” to Norfolk, Virginia and back to its Philadelphia Navy shipyard dock, all without moving “around” space in conventional terms but “through” it.

Vic’s note: regarding the Philadelphia Experiment, here’s an excerpt from session 06 dated May 14, 1995:

VICKI: “Concerning the concept of time, in OUR terms ... (laughter)

ELIAS: Thank you! (Grinning)

VICKI: ... would you please comment on the Philadelphia Experiment?

ELIAS: You wish to know if it is possible?

VICKI: I wish to know if it happened!

ELIAS: There are many more facts involved, but it IS possible for you all to supersede time and space. These are relative terms and concepts. They in actuality do not exist. This is why it can be accomplished. You do not need fancy experiments to do this! There are many scientific people who do not believe they can accomplish this without much measuring of everything! They ‘accidentally happen upon’ very natural states, and then they feel they have discovered something wonderful! They try to keep this information to themselves, not because it would be harmful but because they wish to hoard it and they do not wish to share, and they also do not understand. You in your focus have the ability to accomplish the same things as they do. They only BELIEVE that these things must be accomplished in specific environments. Their problem is that they do not understand what they have done. If they were to shift their focus, they would not know what to do! Their measuring instruments would not be necessary. This unnerves the scientific community.” [session 06, May 14, 1995]

(12) Vic’s note: I have changed one word in the following sentence: “... and individuals that move in the direction of involvement in this particular expression – which in your essence family connections is quite within the parameters of your intent or part of your intent with the Gramada – are initiating the furtherment of the expressions with these creations.” Elias said “in,” not “are.” I rarely change Elias’ words, but when I do, it is always noted. The one exception to this is the infrequent removal of the word “and.”

(13) Paul’s note: the enneagram is an ancient, nine-sided diagram which was first introduced into the West by George I. Gurdjieff (1866-1949). Gurdjieff was a man of Armenian and Greek ancestry who studied the mystic, Sufi teachings throughout the Mid-East in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He brought a version of these teachings back to Tiflis, Russia with the blessing of his teachers, just before the First World War broke out. His intent was to share this flavor of Eastern thinking and perception with the West. He went on to create various learning “centres” throughout Europe and had many influential students.

In recent times, the enneagram has come to be known as a diagram representing nine basics personality types. Hence the word, enneagram, derived from ‘ennea’ meaning “nine” and ‘grammos’ meaning diagram. The enneagram is also used as a tool for noticing self – self-awareness, self-remembering, and cultivation of spiritual knowledge.

(14) Paul’s note: The Myers-Briggs system is a personality typing tool based upon well-known research by psychologists Carl Jung, Katharine C. Briggs, and Isabel Briggs Myers.

Carl Jung first developed the theory that individuals each had a psychological type. He believed that there were two basic kinds of “functions” which humans used in their lives: how we take in information (“perceive” things), and how we make decisions. He believed that within these two categories there were two opposite ways of functioning – our senses or our intuition. We make decisions based on objective logic or subjective feelings. Jung believed that we all use these four functions in our lives, but that we each use the different functions with varying degrees of success and frequency. He believed that it is possible to identify an order of preference for these functions within any individual.

Today, personality typing is a tool with many uses. It’s used in the areas of personal growth and self-development; for example, career guidance, managing employees, inter-personal relationships, education, and counselling.

(15) Paul’s note: Norm refers Elias terming “time” as an a priori element of our reality in the following transcript:

TOM: “I had another question about the energy we use automatically, electromagnetic energy. And Sena [Melinda] added, ‘What factors create critical mass so that something manifests through this electromagnetic energy?’ This is perhaps a Tumold question, feeling the energy but wondering about the factors.

ELIAS: Ah! These are interesting areas! What is the element or the factor that is creating of that which you term to be critical mass, or what I may term to be objective manifestation in mass, within physical focus? This is more complicated than your sciences understand, for the main factor which is creating of your physical mass within physical focus is time.

TOM: Time?

ELIAS: Yes. Time is a thing within itself; a priori. Time, although relative to physical focuses, is an element within itself. It holds its own reality. It holds its own qualities. And although there are different expressions of perceptions of time within different physical dimensions, this is merely a manipulation of your creations within any specific given physical dimension.

(Intently) Time is the deciding factor which is instrumental in the creation of ANY physical object or mass into physical manifestation. The electromagnetic forces, fields, and energy, as you classify them to be, are your creations of the expression of energy, which is links of consciousness that you insert into your physical dimension, and combining this energy, these links of consciousness, with the element of time, you create physical mass.

Time provides a thickness. Let me express an analogy to you. This shall be a hypothetical visualization that may be explaining this situation to you more easily.

View to yourself a type of mold. This mold, let us express, holds the shape of a bowl. You, in like manner to a potter, create a cast of this mold. You pour upon this a substance that shall harden and shall reproduce another form in like manner to the mold. You have cast the form and created a duplicate within physical focus. The material that you use to cast this form is liquid, therefore holds less density than that of the mold itself, but as it is exposed to certain elements, it becomes hardened and therefore is cast into the shape of the mold.

Now; view that you hold a thought. This is an invisible mold. The thought is inserted into a physical dimension. The thought is energy. This energy does not hold a specific physical form, but you may view hypothetically that it holds an invisible form, for it holds the invisible form of that which you choose or desire to be creating within physical mass. In this, you insert this invisible form – this thought, this energy – into the element of time. The element of time serves the same type of purpose as the liquid which is poured upon the physical mold, and is then cast into the form to reproduce the mold.

In this like manner, figuratively speaking, you may view time as a thick substance that surrounds the energy of the thought, and as this thickness is cast around the energy of the thought, it moves through its time element – different aspects of the time element – and this casts the form into a physical manifestation. This is the manner in which you produce all physical manifestations within matter.

TOM: Okay. So if I take this a step further, to such as projection of a physical body into a solid form, would that be moving into simultaneous time to manifest that? Another body in another location?

ELIAS: All is created within simultaneous time, so to speak. But within physical dimensions, they are projected into a time element, a time thickness, a time framework; for your physical dimension moves within the creation of linear time.

Therefore, you may instantaneously be creating a projection of another physical form within your physical dimension, but it is in actuality moving through the layers of thickness within time to be creating of the physical form. It merely occurs so very quickly that you do not objectively perceive the action which is occurring within your linear time framework.” [session 297, July 14, 1998]

(16) Paul’s note: Norm refers to a previous interaction with Elias in session 175 where he confirmed that Norm has a probable self that is a vase artist.

(17) Vic’s note: I have removed the word “yes” from this sentence: “This would be your translation within physical focus, yes, for you identify energy as a thing in itself, and in this your translation is that energy is composed of links of consciousness.”

(18) Vic’s note: I have removed the word “within” from this sentence: “Even within the terminology that I am offering you presently lends to the idea that these links of consciousness are things, which they are not.”

(19) Vic’s note: I’m not sure if “Marduk” is the correct spelling. I was unable to find this word, or any word like it, in researching information about the 12th planet. However, I did discover that Marduk is a god in our mythology, so this is the spelling I have used. This was pronounced mar’duke in this session.

(20) Vic’s note: I have changed one word in the following phrase: “The transmission or the idea of transmission from one individual to another individual – this concept of transmitting certain creations – is another expression of your creation of linear time framework ...”

When Elias said this sentence, he said, “The transmission or the idea of transition ...” When he said “transition,” he paused briefly and almost corrected himself, but then went on. My impression is that he meant to say “transmission,” so I have changed it.

(21) Paul’s note: a reference to parapsychologist Dean Radin’s new book Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality (2006).

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Note: this is the second of two parts on science. Go to the belief system of science, pt. 1.

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