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Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Let me express to you that also within mass consciousness, just as within individual consciousness and expressions, countries and cultures express repressed desires and emotions, as do you individually. As we have spoken previously of repressed impulses, ignored impulses, blocked energy, these elements must be expressed within one direction or another; for energy is continuously within motion, and within your physical focus and your element of time thickness, this is what you have created; for your expressions to be manifest physically. Therefore, within mass consciousness, there are elements ignored and also repressed, which express themselves in what you view to be undesirable areas. Just as you may be creating your geysers by not allowing your attention to your impulses, within mass consciousness you also create geysers. These are not always expressed within your natural elements of weather conditions, atmospheric conditions, or Earth conditions. Many times, actions are expressed as pressure valves, which you view to be negative. This, throughout your history, has been expressed. It is perceived differently now.

Also, there are some elements which are manifest slightly different in that although you do not, in actuality, express more violent behavior presently than you have throughout your history. You notice more now; for just as you are becoming more aware of your own individual expressions, and noticing the connections and the ‘unofficial’ lines of action or periphery, so also do you notice within mass consciousness. Therefore, you become more aware of the expressions which manifest en masse, and you connect more within your perception; for you are noticing more. These are not accidental occurrences. Your technological advances have been initiated and carried forth to be facilitating this awareness. It all works within a harmony.” [session 107, July 28, 1996]

Elias “gems”

VICKI: “This is a personal question. In the very recent past, I’ve had several very loud non-expressions of essence, a bit out of the ordinary, in my opinion. I’m just kind of curious what that has to do with.

ELIAS: Very good, Lawrence [Vicki]. This shall serve as informative to all of you. In your desire to be widening and to be expressing of essence, you may also squelch impulses. In this, you shall create geysers, and you shall have your eruptions. (Intently) The point is to be accepting of belief systems and acknowledging of them, not eliminating; and to be accepting of self and others within the acceptance of belief systems, not to be pushing away. Therefore, if you are pushing away your natural expressions and impulses for you view them within right/wrong context, you shall be suppressing these impulses and energy, and energy suppressed shall be expressed eventually, and you shall create your geysers; or you shall create another manifestation which you shall view to be distasteful.

Be noticing that you are not creating a new behavior to be substituting what you view to be an old behavior, and creating new belief systems replacing old belief systems. Accept existing belief systems. Accept self. If you are expressing pride in self that you continue to not be expressing in usual fashion of self within your normal circumstances and attributing this to much movement within consciousness, but are not dealing with and identifying and accepting belief systems, you are merely substituting one behavior for another, which shall bear itself out, and you shall be its witness.” [session 136, November 24, 1996]

NORM: “I would like to talk a little bit more about consciousness and energy and the creation of personalized energy. Evidently, an entity or a focus can create energy and if it is not expressed appropriately, it can be manifest as a disease. So inaction creates energy and can be manifest as a disease. Is that true?

ELIAS: Partially. It is an option of manifestation. All energy shall be expressed, in ...

NORM: In what terms?

ELIAS: In your terms, in one way or another. All energy shall express itself. If you are disallowing energy to be expressing itself naturally, you shall manifest creations of expressing this energy. This may appear in many different fashions. We have spoken of the creation of your geysers with respect to this subject. In blocking of impulses you may be creating of geysers, for you are holding energy that shall be expressed. You may also create what you term to be disease through this action, although this is not the rule. You may not look to all individuals that manifest disease and express that they have held back energy which is expressing within manifestation of this type.

NORM: They could have chosen it.

ELIAS: All creations are choice, but they may choose other reasons for manifestation. Some individuals may choose intentionally to be creating of disease. Some individuals may be creating of these manifestations within an action of lack of attention.

NORM: The term expression, that’s the thing that I can’t get a hold of, the extent of what that means. Energy wants to express itself. What is the extent and the totality of that expression, and can I deflect it to something else? Can I deflect it to an animal, for example, or to a table?

ELIAS: You may manipulate portions of energy. There is no totality.

NORM: The totality of the types of expression is what I mean. The set.

ELIAS: There is no totality.

NORM: Expression then can mean anything that I choose it to mean.

ELIAS: Yes; and unbounded. You choose, through your belief systems, limitations. This is not to say that within actuality, energy itself is bounded, for it is not. You choose for this table to appear as it appears. You choose, within your perception, to be instructive and communicative with the links of consciousness forming the atoms which form this table, to continue within a cooperation and form. This is not to say that this table, within energy, is bounded to this form. It is not.

NORM: It can decide by itself not to be a table.

ELIAS: It will not, but it may! It will not for you have created the agreement of consciousness, within instruction of links of consciousness, to be forming certain manifestations within what you view to be matter. Therefore, within cooperation, they continue.” [session 143, December 29, 1996]

DREW: “Well, let me ask you about the case of a friend of mine who was recently arrested for sexual behavior that society deems inappropriate. He was actually exposing himself, and got arrested for it. Now, there are those who would say that this was not an act of sexual expression, but a symptom of other things that were going on with him. It is possible to find yourself, as he did, in serious trouble, what we would consider serious trouble objectively. So at what point do you decide that your impulses are inappropriate or counter-productive? If you find yourself engaging in activity that can lead to what we would consider trouble, do you address it and try to stop it? Or do you just say, ‘Well, it’s just experience and everything is okay, and if it leads to arrest and prison or whatever may come of it that’s okay, because it’s just experience.’ It seems to me that there is some practical side of this that has to be considered when you take into account the difference between what I call theory and practice. The theory is, ‘Yes, everything is okay. There is no good and bad.’ But in objective reality, in practice, there are, it seems to me, certain behaviors that could be counter-productive, or not the best behaviors to engage in because of mass belief systems.

ELIAS: This may move in many directions. Initially of course, I may express to you that you may choose as an individual to engage these probabilities for the experience, but I am well aware of your direction in thought. I have expressed to this type of issue previously with other individuals also.

You have objectively created collectively a reality which you deem to be official and acceptable. Therefore, if you are choosing to be within alignment of this reality that you all collectively have created, you have established objective boundaries and guidelines within which you are expected, and you hold expectations of self, to be functioning within. This also is a choice. Now; if you are choosing to be functioning within the officially accepted guidelines of the reality that the collective has established, this is quite acceptable. You have created your reality in this way. In this, to more efficiently be functioning within this reality and also be acknowledging of self, you must look to alternatives. Think to your choices; this being why it is necessary to be addressing to belief systems, and identifying those belief systems which do not serve you; for within the continued practice or allowance of influence of these belief systems which hold strongly which do not serve you, they impede your movement and create conflict.

Let us view the scenario of your friend. This individual may choose the action which has been implemented, and these probabilities which are then implemented may be and are this individual’s choice. Let us view hypothetically that this individual chooses a different course within probabilities to be actualizing within this reality; for this individual actualizes different probabilities within another reality, but the reality that concerns you is the one that your attention is focused within, which is this one. Therefore, this individual may have looked to the unacknowledged impulses which were objectively becoming noticed, and may have chosen to be attending to the belief systems attached to these.

You all are taught to be denying impulses. This creates conflict in many areas. Within some individuals, the conflict becomes more extreme, depending upon the blocking of impulses. You are taught not only within your religious belief systems that impulses are bad, but also scientifically. They are animal instincts. They are base and they are unacceptable. Therefore, you automatically deny your natural impulses. As you continue to allow these belief systems to be influencing and you continue to be denying of self and self-expression, energy will be expressed. It will choose a way to express itself. Therefore, it shall find an outlet. Be that acceptable or not, and dependent upon the intensity of the blocking of these impulses, some individuals may create unacceptable behavior; as I have expressed to James [Tom], who manifests geysers within the blocking of impulses.

The individual may have chosen to be addressing the belief system of duplicity and identifying that natural functions of their physical form are acceptable, and in this may have allowed themselves the opportunity to release stored tension and manifest different circumstances; but as the individual does not address to the belief systems and does not acknowledge the oneness of self and also that there is no wrong within self, activity occurs which is unacceptable. Unacceptable expressions are expressed; not for the reason that the individual views that there is no wrong, but for the reason that the individual views very wrong, but cannot deny the energy which is natural to self. Therefore, actions and events sometimes occur within these individuals.

Be remembering also that these are choices. Individuals that create this type of action choose to be creating this type of action. There are many reasons why individuals choose unacceptable behavior within your established, official reality. Some choose to be manifesting extreme situations for their attention; for they shall not address to their belief systems until they have manifest extremely, for the belief systems are extreme. Therefore, they feel they must match the belief system within intensity within extreme events, and this shall attain their attention. This is not always the situation, for there are many reasons why individuals choose behavior that you deem unacceptable.

As to yourself, you present yourself here. Therefore, you offer yourself the opportunity to be viewing these belief systems, to be acknowledging of these belief systems, and to be learning of self and the acceptability of self. Regardless, as I have stated, of established, viewed religious belief systems, there is an underlying subculture within all cultures of religious belief systems, and your scientific belief systems are also reinforcing of many of these; all of which point the individual in the direction of viewing self as untrustworthy and flawed. You are not flawed! All that you manifest within yourself is exquisite creativity and quite aesthetic expression. You only believe that elements of your expression are unacceptable, for many reasons. They are distracting. They are diverting. They are time-consuming. They are ‘in the way.’ And have I not expressed to you all, fun is ultimately important? If it is not fun, disengage! For it is unnecessary for you to be driving within self, and not appreciating of self and enjoying self within your existence.

Many individuals within your metaphysical belief systems express that this manifestation upon this planet, which they term your Earth plane, is a learning experience; a practice. You are enrolled in your ‘Earth plane school.’ I have expressed already to you that this is incorrect; although do not look to redemption within other areas of consciousness, for they are the same ... although they are different. They are different countries, but you remain you.

You may choose to locate yourself within this area presently, and you may futurely choose to move your location of existence upon your planet to another country; to which you shall adjust and learn a new language and adapt to a new culture and a new lifestyle, but you shall continue to be you. In this same manner, as you move into other areas of consciousness, you move to another country within consciousness. You may learn new ways of existence and new language, but you continue to be you. Therefore, this existence is equal in importance. It is no less. It is no lower.

It is important that you identify those elements which create conflict, which are belief systems, and address to these; for they shall not retreat, for you have chosen to be addressing to these. If you had not chosen, you would not be here and I would not be speaking with you. Therefore, your choice continues; and in this you continue to objectively provide yourself with events and feelings and circumstances that draw your attention to address these belief systems and be eliminating of your conflict. There is no element of your physical human form and function that is unacceptable. It is a wondrous creation! There is no reason for lack of indulgence of self.” [session 168, April 28, 1997]

JIM: “One last question, and I think maybe you’ve just answered it. When an individual has thoughts of worrying that something could have happened to somebody, and you begin to think of these scenarios or even say something to someone in anger ... being that thought is reality and then perhaps having this thought and then thinking, ‘Gee, that’s a terrible thought,’ or ‘I know that’s a belief,’ but is there a way of negating that thought? Sometimes I’ll take those thoughts and put them into a black hole and maybe they’ll reorganize or something, but is that even necessary?


JIM: Because you’re looking at the good and bad thing, and their own creation of their own probabilities?

ELIAS: Quite. I shall express to you Yarr [Jim], that many individuals hold belief systems of good and bad and positive and negative energies and expressing within certain directions, for they wish not to be expelling negative energy and they wish not to be presenting negativity with the cosmos and within consciousness and ... ludicrous! Energy is energy. It is not positive; it is not negative. You may hold belief systems of negative thought processes, but within blocking of these or not accepting of these, you also block impulses and create geysers. Therefore, I suggest to you that you may be expressing of thought processes that you may view to be negative. Example: ‘I dislike you very much!’ You may not be expressing this outwardly, but you may be thinking within your brain these thoughts. And then you are expressing within your brain, ‘I am a very bad person! I have expelled this energy, and thought is reality, and I have been expressing negatively. This is very bad!’ Incorrect!

Thought is reality, and it shall be expressed within energy; but in your directing of your energy within acceptance of self, you shall place this energy into probable ghost areas which shall allow this to re-form within its own expression, and it shall move into any manifestation that these links of consciousness choose to be placing themselves within. The energy shall automatically rearrange itself and be expressed, and it shall not necessarily be expressed in creating your great monsters within consciousness!

JIM: Okay. So what we view as a violent or negative thought could remanifest as a flower within energy.

ELIAS: Quite. This is another element of acceptance of self, and that the energy that you project and that you hold is not negative. This is a belief system, and as you begin to be accepting of belief systems and of self, you shall also offer yourself the opportunity to discontinue all of this self-chastisement that you are continuously offering to yourselves as a natural occurrence!” [session 207, August 15, 1997]

DAVID: “So would sexual experience be a good way of releasing many of these geysers that we hold within ourselves?

ELIAS: This be another belief system that you hold! (Laughter) You hold belief systems in regard to sexual activity as an ‘energy release.’

VICKI: But if we believe it, it’s true, right?

ELIAS: You are not releasing energy.

VICKI: But you could be releasing your own stress or confusion or whatever.

ELIAS: Correct.

DAVID: So it’s healthy, in that area! Better than going to a doctor and getting a pill!

ELIAS: I express to you that in your belief systems of health, your sexual activity within this dimension is quite healthy, and the denial of such is quite limiting!

DAVID: I agree! (Laughter)

ELIAS: You also have created your sexual activity as pleasurable. Therefore, it holds more of an attraction to you!

DAVID: It’s also good for the imagination!

ELIAS: If you are allowing.

DAVID: For expanding the imagination?

ELIAS: If you are allowing. I shall express to you that this activity also may be quite enlightening to you in what you view to be your spirituality, for there are more elements involved with this activity than you allow yourselves to experience. If you are opening within your awareness and consciousness, you may also use this activity to manipulate your awareness and to be a vehicle, so to speak, for experiencing other elements of consciousness.” [session 255, January 04, 1998]

MARJE: “Can you give me some insight into my relationship that I just walked away from? Did I leave this relationship as a result of knowing that I needed to focus on myself and pay attention to myself, or was it because I was beginning to trust in my intuition and my instincts as to what was going on outside of the relationship – if that makes any sense.

ELIAS: I am understanding. I may express to you, what you have translated as your intuition concerning what has occurred outside of the relationship was not your motivation.

MARJE: Was not what? I’m sorry.

ELIAS: Was not your motivation, and in actuality matters not. This is an automatic association with mass beliefs to offer yourself a rational excuse or permission to be expressing the choice that you have engaged. But the actual motivation which generated this choice was a communication to yourself, almost in what you may define as a point of desperation, to be gaining your attention concerning you.

You have been generating signals to yourself for an extensive time framework and you have not been listening to the message, and in this choice you have moved into a direction of beginning to listen to you and to allow yourself to receive the messages.

MARJE: But again I took it to an extreme and felt the need to remove myself from a relationship in order to do that.

ELIAS: It matters not.

MARJE: Well, why does it feel so strongly like it does matter? I’ve tortured myself. (Emotionally)

ELIAS: For you are also confronting very strongly expressed beliefs that you incorporate. And be remembering, my friend, in the movement of this shift in consciousness, you are not attempting to change or to eliminate your beliefs but merely to recognize that they are incorporated, that they do exist, and that you do align with many beliefs but that you also are not subject to them, that you incorporate choice.

Therefore, you may also be recognizing that you are generating a tremendous movement in this time framework to the point at times of overwhelming yourself (Marje laughs), and in overwhelming yourself you create these time frameworks in which you express this action of sobbing.

Now; let me express to you first of all, in relation to this action my suggestion is that you allow – and we shall emphasize this particular word as your affirmation to yourself, temporarily: allow, allow, allow! – allow yourself to discontinue forcing your energy against this action, for what you are creating with this action is a natural release of tension.

You have become so very familiar with incorporating tension within your energy and within your physical body consciousness that you do not recognize the extent of this expression of tension, and therefore you continue and continue to intensify this tension to the point of holding so very tightly to your energy that in not allowing yourself to express that energy, it erupts.

(Emphatically) Energy shall be expressed! It may not be continuously contained. You may attempt to contain energy temporarily, but in the incorporation of such tension and such force in containment you create what I have associated previously in an expression of ‘geysers.’ Some individuals create these geysers in the expressions of anger, some individuals express geysers in physical extremes, some in expressions of sobbing. The action of crying is not always associated with an actual emotional communication. (Pause)

MARJE: But it is.

ELIAS: In your beliefs, but in actuality the action of crying is not always associated with an emotional communication. An individual may generate the action of crying and subsequently offer themselves an emotional communication, for you believe that emotion is accompanied by crying in certain expressions and that crying is a reaction of emotion; but I may express to you, the action of crying is an eruption of energy. It is the physical body consciousness’s incorporation of action to release tension, to release energy.

MARJE: Whatever possessed me to try to rein in my energy in the first place? I don’t know what made me think that I had to be something for someone else, or control myself, or not be who I wanted to be or do what I wanted to do, and ultimately rein in my energy and spend so many years so tightly wound up.

ELIAS: Yes. This is in association with mass expressed beliefs. But I may express to you that now you may allow yourself, for now you are beginning to recognize what you have been generating in automatic responses. And DO NOT COMPOUND your overwhelming expressions in expressing JUDGMENT also (Marje laughs) upon yourself for what you have generated pastly.

MARJE: Oh, much easier said than done! (Laughs)

ELIAS: Allow yourself to recognize that all that you have created has been purposeful and has been beneficial, for you are recognizing in this now, are you not?

MARJE: Yes, I am.

ELIAS: And what you have generated in experiences and what you have created pastly has also been beneficial, for these experiences offer you a tremendous clue concerning you and what you express as a natural generation of your energy.

And what is it that you may recognize in wonderment of yourself that you have created consistently throughout your focus? Regardless of how you judge all of these experiences that you have created pastly, what is the wonderment that is expressed so VERY consistently within your focus, my friend? Shall I offer it to you?

MARJE: Please, because I drifted and I’m not sure now.

ELIAS: Passion.

MARJE: Oh, absolutely!

ELIAS: You express a TREMENDOUS passion within your focus in MANY different diverse expressions...

MARJE: Yes, I do.

ELIAS: many different directions. You consistently express, in whichever direction you choose, a tremendous passion.

Now; you may allow yourself to view your experiences that you have created pastly, and rather than expressing judgment to yourself concerning these experiences, in viewing them allow yourself the wonderment of the passion that has been expressed so consistently. (1) Regardless of whether you deem the experiences to be good or bad, they contain the same expression of energy.

MARJE: And in so doing, will it allow me to let go?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking. Rather, I shall express to you, perhaps in allowing yourself this recognition, you may allow yourself to embrace yourself rather than to let go of yourself. Ha ha ha!

MARJE: Oh, okay! (Laughs)

ELIAS: And appreciate your efficiency in expressing this passion and perhaps incorporate this term of ‘allowance’ without restriction, for you shall generate this passion regardless!

MARJE: (Laughs) How true!” (Elias chuckles) [session 966, November 24, 2001]

End Notes:

(1) Bobbi’s note: originally stated as: “...allow yourself the wonderment in viewing them of the passion that has been expressed so consistently.”

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