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Tuesday, March 12, 2002

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ďExcitement and Anxiousness in Relation to Energy SurgesĒ

ďToo Much HomeworkĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Frank (Ulra).

Elias arrives at 12:03 PM. (Arrival time is 22 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning.

FRANK: Good morning! Nice to speak to you again!

ELIAS: Ha ha! And how does your adventure proceed?

FRANK: Itís going well. Iíve slowed things down a little bit...


FRANK: ...since we last talked. At least I think so. I donít know, maybe not! (Elias laughs) It seems like it, at least a bit.

But Iím very eager, at least initially, to talk to you about something that we discussed last time. We talked about a focus I had in Pearl Harbor, the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor, and so I want to tell you about the impressions that I got and see if you can validate them.

ELIAS: Very well!

FRANK: Okay. You know, it was funny because it was pretty much right after we got off the phone that I sort of focused in on this and it all kind of came to me. The first sort of image or impression that I got was a Japanese pilot flying over Pearl Harbor, looking down. He had a moustache and I saw him very clearly. Then it occurred to me, boy, this seems like a scene I saw in a movie about all this. Then I got the impression of a young girl, a little girl Ė I would say, three/four/five years old, something like that Ė who seemed to be an Oriental girl, looking up at these planes. So the first question I have before I go on with this is have I connected to what was going on there?


FRANK: So it was the little girl?


FRANK: What was this image of the Japanese pilot? Was that just something I saw in a movie?

ELIAS: No. This is a viewing from the perspective of the child.

FRANK: That actually saw this plane?


FRANK: Okay, then let me go on. Next, my impression is that she was Japanese or Chinese, certainly some type of Oriental. Is that accurate?


FRANK: Japanese?


FRANK: And the age Ė would you say like three to five, something like that?

ELIAS: Five.

FRANK: The next thing I saw was her mother Ė I believe it was, or some female Ė grab this girl and pull her into the house. But the girl was very curious and she went to the window to look, and the mother or whoever pulled her away again and they hid under a table or something. That was pretty much all I got about that. The other impression that came to me is that this person is still alive today and probably living on the west coast. (Pause)

ELIAS: Not in this present now, but has been overlapping with your focus.

FRANK: So sheís no longer alive but she was at one point?


FRANK: And I donít know, I just had the impression that I saw an older woman who just seemed to be very happy and had grandchildren. That was just sort of the impression that came to me. Oh, and I also got the name Heather. I donít know what that means, but that seems very unusual for an Oriental person. Thatís the name I got.

ELIAS: I shall express to you, this is the naming of a friend of this individual.

FRANK: Well, I thought that was pretty good.

ELIAS: Quite!

FRANK: I thought I got a lot there.

ELIAS: I am acknowledging of your allowance!

FRANK: Oh, by the way, did she in fact move to California or live on the west coast?


FRANK: All right, good. Well, that was interesting. It might be fun some time to get even more details on someone, which I suppose I could do if I really zeroed in on it.

ELIAS: Yes, you do incorporate this ability. Acknowledge yourself that you have offered yourself information concerning this focus and quite easily, and you may do the same in relation to any other focus.

FRANK: It did come easily. You know what else? I think it is helping me to understand the difference between guessing and impressions...


FRANK: ...which Iíve noticed youíve talked about some in the transcripts Iíve seen lately.


FRANK: So, anyway, that was fun. (Laughs with Elias) I may ask you about some other focuses later, but weíll move on a little bit here.

Lately Iíve had trouble sleeping, not so much last night but the previous week. Iím just wondering what the source of that was.

ELIAS: Ah. You are generating this manifestation in association with energy. In a manner of speaking, it is being generated as an expression of excitement, for you are allowing yourself evidence and validation of your individual movement, but you are also experiencing an ease in relation to energy surges that are occurring in this time framework in association with this shift. You are not generating this restlessness as an expression of an issue or in relation to what you may view as disturbing beliefs, merely in association with an expression of excitement that you are generating within yourself.

FRANK: In other words, are you saying Iím better able to use the energy or recognize it?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, allowing yourself to be incorporating that energy and manipulating it in a manner that facilitates an ease in your movement individually, rather than allowing that energy to be disturbing.

FRANK: Thatís nice to know. I wasnít aware of that, at least objectively. (Elias laughs) Or are you going to tell me I was aware of it?

ELIAS: Not in the terms of defining reconfiguring energy in relation to energy surges, but you have allowed yourself an objective awareness of expressions of your movement and have been acknowledging of yourself.

FRANK: Letís move on, because I have a hunch that some of the rest of what Iím going to ask you about is related to this, although it seems like it always is. (Laughs) Right?

ELIAS: Quite! Ha ha ha ha!

FRANK: Lately, since we last talked, for whatever reason Iíve become very impatient with my financial situation. As you may recall, what weíve discussed last time is that things are going well and itís very obvious that with time the financial rewards are going to come and probably in a big way. Itís all lining up that way, but theyíre not here yet and Iím becoming increasingly impatient about this. Iím just wondering what light you can shed on that, what advice you can give me.

ELIAS: You are correct in your impression that this is also related to what we are discussing, for these energy surges that are occurring are being experienced by many, many, many individuals, yourself also. In this, you may be allowing yourself to manipulate energy in a manner that facilitates some of your expressions of movements and offering you an ease in your recognition of some of your expressions. But also, you, in like manner to many other individuals, generate an anxiousness in association with this energy expression which, I may express to you, is quite common presently.

Now; this anxiousness may be translated in many different manners. You are presenting to yourself objective imagery which translates in association with your business and your finances, creating an expression of anxiousness or what you term to be impatience. The expression of inserting this shift in consciousness itself is accelerating, as you are aware. In this, although you may express to yourself in some directions that you are allowing yourself to slow your movement, simultaneously this energy expression of acceleration is being experienced and shall translate into some type of objective imagery.

Now; let me also say to you, this may be a bit more challenging to be addressing to and allowing yourself not to force, and in your terms, not to fight with these energy surges by attempting to force ignoring them or pushing yourself into an expression of patience, but rather allowing yourself to relax and continue to reinforce your expression of trust.

There is a wave occurring which expresses an energy of anxiousness in almost a movement of wanting to accelerate even more. Within your physical dimension, you all quite commonly express certain movements in association with excitement. As you validate certain expressions to yourselves and you accomplish certain movements, regardless of how you image this, you become excited. You are expressing a satisfaction with yourselves and this generates an excitement, and as you continue to express excitement, you enjoy this type of expression and wish to be accelerating it and continuing it. Therefore, generally, you attempt to push to generate more of the experience that pleases you.

In actuality, you generate very similar types of expressions in what you view to be the opposite. In the moments that you are experiencing some expression that you view to be distasteful, you attempt to push energy. In this, you attempt to push energy to move the experience away from yourself or eliminate it. But as you generate an expression that pleases you, you also push; but you push energy in a manner to generate more of what is pleasurable to you.

Now; in this time framework you are pushing energy, attempting to incorporate faster movement than you are already generating; which, my friend, I may express to you the suggestion that you relax and merely allow, for in pushing you may actually overwhelm yourself.

FRANK: Is pushing counterproductive in terms of the desired results?

ELIAS: Many times, yes. You shall generate much more easily and in association with swifter movement as you relax and allow, rather than attempting to force the expression of energy.

FRANK: So getting back to my original question which centered on this impatience regarding the financial situation, I know that things are going in the right direction and actually pretty rapidly. So I should just chill out about that and just not worry about it, I guess, is what youíre saying?

ELIAS: Correct. Allow it to flow.

FRANK: Okay, that sounds like good advice.

ELIAS: In actuality, my friend, quite genuinely, you generate more as you allow to flow.

FRANK: Yes, I think Iím aware of that. Itís just Iíve got many, many years of doing it the other way. Itís hard to move into that sometimes. (Elias laughs) But actually, I do feel that the success that I am having is pretty much solely because of that. I mean, really a lot of it is just sitting here and letting things come to me. Itís amazing how thatís happened.

ELIAS: Quite! And does this not generate much more of an ease and allow you much more of a freedom...

FRANK: Yes, absolutely.

ELIAS: ...than an expression of attempting to force?

FRANK: No question about it. I just wish it hadnít taken me so long to get to that stage. (Elias laughs) All right, thatís very helpful.

Okay, let me ask you another subject. One of my business associates has started to talk to me about his religion and not to say to convert me but almost to try to convert me. I donít have an affinity for organized religion or really any religion, to be truthful. So I sat there and said, ďAll right, this is some message to myself, obviously, and Iíve somehow created this but I canít for the life of me figure out why I have.Ē

ELIAS: You have drawn this to yourself to offer yourself an opportunity, and the opportunity is to allow yourself to view the similarities rather than the differences in expressions, and to allow yourself to be accepting Ė accepting of yourself and your preferences Ė and therefore to generate the by-product of acceptance of other individuals and their expressions and their preferences, recognizing that it matters not.

All of you as individuals within this time framework and throughout your physical dimension are moving in an expression of this shift in consciousness, regardless of which avenue you choose to offer yourself information. Even individuals that continue to be aligning with established expressions of religious institutions are participating in this shift and are offering themselves information in association with it and with their movement. They are merely imaging their expressions differently than you or other individuals. But in actuality, it matters not. Whatever their choice is to be offering them a method to avoid trauma is acceptable.

FRANK: Let me pursue that a little bit. You say itís an opportunity to view similarities and expressions, and I think I understand what you mean by that Ė the chance to accept self and my preferences. I think I accept his choice and preference, and I think that I accept where Iím at. But I guess the question I have for you is that I find that I donít like to speak to people, particularly people like him Ėwhoís a good friend and who I trust and like and all that sort of thing Ė but I donít like to discuss with people what my preferences are because I donít feel that they would accept them. Are you saying that by not doing that that Iím really not accepting them myself?

ELIAS: Partially, yes.

This is an opportunity, my friend. For first of all, let me say to you quite clearly and quite definitely, every individual within your physical dimension incorporates every belief system. None of you eliminate any belief systems. Therefore, you or other individuals may not choose to be affiliating yourselves with an establishment that expresses religious concepts or principles or philosophies, but this is not to say that you do not incorporate religious beliefs. You merely image them in different manners. Therefore, the opportunity is presented that you allow yourself to recognize that you also incorporate religious beliefs and offer yourself choice.

You choose to be expressing your movement in association with YOUR preferences, which may not be to align with certain establishments of churches, so to speak, or religious denominations, but you choose to be continuing in this physical dimension and therefore you are incorporating the beliefs. You are merely offering yourself choice.

Other individuals are offering themselves choices also. They may be different objective expressions of choice than you incorporate, but the beliefs are the same. If you are cautious or hesitant in the expression of YOUR choices, this is worthy of your examination.

FRANK: Can you go into more detail on that?

ELIAS: You, in like manner to many, many individuals, generate hesitancy at times in expressing outwardly to other individuals, for you incorporate a fear that your expression shall not be accepted, and you express a cautiousness in relation to the perceptions of other individuals. (1)

Now; if your fear is expressing that the other individual may incorporate judgment associated with your choice, what you are actually expressing to yourself is that YOU continue to express some judgments or doubt or hesitancy in association with your OWN trust of yourself and your own acceptance of yourself. For what you do not accept within yourself you generate outwardly and reflect through other individuals.

Now; this is not to say that you must be engaging conversation and exchange with other individuals concerning all of your expressions and your philosophy and your movement and your choices. But the hesitancy is worthy of your examination.

FRANK: So that would be my homework for next time, huh?

ELIAS: Quite.

Now; let me also express to you to be aware, for many individuals may incorporate this information that I have offered now to you and move in another extreme, in which they may express outwardly in similar manner to what you view your friend is incorporating.

Now; your friend may not be attempting to convince you of their philosophy and beliefs, but it appears to you at times that this is what may be occurring. For this also is an opportunity for you, to examine and caution yourself not to be moving into an acceptance of yourself [and] thusly turning that expression once again into a lack of acceptance in attempting to convince another individual that your direction is right and that their direction is not right. This is expressed quite frequently by many individuals, and this is not the point, my friend.

Once you allow yourself a genuine acceptance of your choices and your expressions, you may recognize objectively quite clearly that you shall experience no motivation or necessity to be comparing or to be convincing any other individual of your choice of direction or your expressions of philosophy, so to speak; for you shall allow yourself to rest within a comfort of knowing that the direction that you have chosen is satisfactory in your focus and in your movement, and facilitates an ease and offers you information that you incorporate to facilitate your movement and be affecting of your perception.

But this is not an absolute. This is not to say that the movement that you generate is the right or the only direction that may be efficiently incorporated to facilitate movement.

Therefore, the point is to be moving yourself into a genuine expression of acceptance and trust of yourself, and therefore recognizing that your choice is acceptable and other individualsí choices are acceptable, and there are similarities within your choices regardless that you image them differently. Be remembering, my friend, objective imagery is quite abstract. Therefore, what holds significance is the movement that you generate inwardly and the associations that you generate in relation to beliefs.

FRANK: Well, thereís a lot there. Two things I guess I want to express here. Number one, it seems that as I grow older and mature I find myself less interested in trying to convince anybody of anything. Iím not sure if thatís because of more acceptance of self or more fear of how others will perceive me. Iíd like to think itís more the first than the second.

ELIAS: And you are correct. You are moving into more of an expression of acceptance.

FRANK: I guess the other thing that occurs to me that maybe is a part of this is something you said to me maybe about a year ago, about Ė how can I express this? Ė that one of my beliefs is a belief in an inability to communicate or maybe being not as good at communication as I would like to be.


FRANK: Is that a part of it also?

ELIAS: Yes. Therefore, as I have stated, noticing this situation that you have generated is offering you an opportunity to examine many different expressions and beliefs, and therefore is worthy of your attention.

In this, my friend, you shall also begin noticing, as you generate more of an acceptance within self and allow yourself the recognition of similarities and express less of a guardedness in association with yourself and your expressions, other individuals shall begin to reflect this also, and you shall not perceive them to be attempting to convince you.

You shall recognize within your perception that the other individual is merely sharing information with you rather than viewing the interaction as competitive and compelling.

FRANK: Right, that theyíre not trying to convert me.

ELIAS: Correct.

FRANK: Okay. Well, thatíll be my homework for next time. (Elias laughs) Let me move in a different direction here.

You know, Iíve been meaning to ask you about this for, gosh, probably a year and a half and I just never got around to it. My primary business partner and I presumably share focuses together and for some reason I had the impression that at least we, or he, was a Roman soldier.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

FRANK: Did we share some focus like that?


FRANK: And naturally you want me to investigate on my own?

ELIAS: Quite! (Frank laughs) Especially presently as you are generating your impressions so very well! Ha ha!

FRANK: Well, I thought because I had all this other homework to do, that...

ELIAS: Ah, and the teacher has overwhelmed you with assignments!

FRANK: Yes, and Iím in the midst of all this energy flow!

ELIAS: Ah! Therefore, woe is me! (Frank laughs) Ha ha ha ha ha! (Humorously) Ah, and have you forgotten to express to myself that you are also accelerating time and therefore you do not incorporate enough time to be expressing all of these different directions?

FRANK: Thatís it!


FRANK: Thatís it, you got it! (Both laugh) Okay, Iím going to work on that one, too. (Elias laughs)

Last time I talked to you, I talked about this book I was reading on hyperspace and multiple dimensions, and how physicists are starting to recognize the existence of other dimensions, and things about time and space and all that, that relates a lot to what weíve talked about. A few days ago I lost that book Ė I didnít really lose it, I just misplaced it, left it somewhere and realized later that I had done that Ė and again Iím a bit curious as to what that imagery is trying to reflect to me.

ELIAS: Ah, tsk, tsk, my friend! (Frank laughs) How obvious you generate certain imagery! What is the book concerning?

FRANK: Letís just say metaphysics or the relationship between physics and metaphysics.

ELIAS: And other expressions of dimensions. And in this, what have you generated? Blinking out the book temporarily into another dimension and allowing yourself a time framework in which, in your terms, it has disappeared, and allowing yourself playfulness in which you may reappear it!

Other individuals have been generating this type of expression for a time framework. You have offered yourself information in association with this book, and how appropriate that you choose the book to blink out, and not another object. Ha ha ha ha!

FRANK: Yeah, thatís obvious now! I thought it had something to do with that, but okay!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha! And I shall be curious to view how you choose to blink it back and your placement of it.

FRANK: My plan is to go to the place where I left it and get it. (Elias laughs) Or am I in for a surprise?

ELIAS: This is your choice. Many individuals that incorporate this type of expression and experimentation generate blinking the object back in quite obvious locations to surprise themselves that they have overlooked this object before them, over and over perhaps, and it was materialized there all the time. Ha ha ha! But it wasnít!

FRANK: Okay, I know what youíre talking about. Weíll check that out right after this session is over. (Elias laughs) Okay, let me get a little more serious here.

ELIAS: Very well.

FRANK: Of course, I donít know why I want to do that, but... Anyway, one thing that I had on my mind for this session was to explore the concept of creating what I would call a specific event, for example, as opposed to trying to create more financial prosperity or better health or something like that which are sort of broad-based, to attempt to generate something very specific, like I want somebody to call me next week with a job offer or something like that. Is that doable? How does that differ from everything else that Iím doing?

ELIAS: It does not differ and it is quite doable, in your terms. This also is merely an expression of trust, knowing that you create your reality and allowing yourself to relax and generate that type of manifestation, and you may be quite specific. What is key is trust and not doubting that you do incorporate the ability to generate this. What is also key is trusting that you actually create all of your reality and that it is not dependent upon the choices and expressions of other individuals, that YOU are generating it, and if you are generating it, there is no reason that you may not create specific manifestations.

You generate specific manifestations continuously, in every day of your time framework. You do not doubt your ability to be generating those specific manifestations.

FRANK: Okay, let me think about this. I know I wonít win an argument with you. (Elias laughs) I think I understand.

ELIAS: You generate expressions continuously, my friend, in association with what you want and incorporate little or no attention to thought process in relation to them and do not doubt your ability to generate the manifestations. You express to yourself, in relation to your beliefs, that you have learned how to generate certain manifestations or actions, and therefore now you know how to be generating them and incorporating little or no thought process in association with them.

But generating an action that incorporates another individual, you view as quite different, for you do not recognize that you are creating that also.

FRANK: Now youíre getting into it.

ELIAS: You do not recognize, in the cloud of your beliefs, that you do not RECEIVE money, you actually GENERATE the materialization of that, for you create it. You view yourself to receive it from other sources.

Your beliefs express to you that you do not create the expressions of other individuals. You do not create their reality. You do not create their energy expressions, but you DO create the physical manifestation and the interaction that occurs between yourself and other individuals. Therefore, if you want to be creating a manifestation of another individual telephoning you with an offer of employment in association with your business, this is your choice to be generating that.

FRANK: Thatís the hard one for me and I suppose a lot of other people to understand, and it comes back to what you said about the part of ďyou create ALL of your realityĒ as opposed to the part that you directly control.

ELIAS: It also is associated with your beliefs concerning how you generate your reality. You incorporate beliefs that expressions are learned.

Do you doubt your ability to operate your vehicle?


ELIAS: This is a physical manifestation which you generate, but it is expressed quite in alignment with your beliefs. You have learned how to operate your vehicle, and once learned you trust your ability to generate this movement and to manifest creating the vehicle to move. You incorporate little or no thought process in association with its operation.

Do you doubt that you may be generating the action of your partner coming to you and offering you a caress as she enters the door? Yes, for she creates her reality, and you do not create her choices [and] you also do not create her Ė but you do.

FRANK: Thatís the part that I have trouble with, and I think probably a lot of people do.

ELIAS: Quite, for this is quite unfamiliar.

FRANK: Letís put it this way. If I create her, then she creates me.

ELIAS: Correct.

FRANK: And if she creates me, then how do I create me? So, Professor Elias...

ELIAS: Ah! But you create you, and she creates another you. She creates herself, and you create another expression of her.

You directly interact with the projection of her energy expression. She directly interacts with the projection of your energy expression. But the physical manifestation that you are each interactive with in physical matter is a projection of YOUR perception.

FRANK: Let me stop you for a second here. So what youíre saying is, which youíve said all along, this whole physical experience is real but in a way itís not reality. I may decide that we take a trip to Hawaii and we go, but she decides to stay home. Somehow she experiences that and I experience her being with me in Hawaii.

ELIAS: Correct. And both are quite real, and you are interacting with each otherís energy expressions.

FRANK: Is this how probable realities get created? Is this how we spin off into new realities, that I decide one thing and she decides another, so now thereís got to be a split?

ELIAS: Not necessarily, although at times, yes. You may be interactive with each otherís energy expressions, and as I have stated previously, for the most part you do generate a physical reality which is quite closely associated with each otherís expressions. Generally speaking, you do not deviate much in your configuration of the energy expression into physical manifestation, and you do offer yourselves physical evidence in the time frameworks in which you are creating entirely different expressions. For you shall offer yourselves interactions in which you allow a communication to evidence to yourselves that you, individually, in a particular moment, have reconfigured the energy expression of the other individual in a very different manner than it was expressed to you.

FRANK: Let me stop you now. Letís go back to my example. In my reality, she and I get on a plane, we fly to Hawaii, and we have a great time. In her reality, we stay home in the snow. What is the nature of this communication that you just described to sort of let each other know that Iím completely in a different area than she is?

ELIAS: Subsequent to your experience, within some moment, one or the other of you shall share a communication in energy with the other concerning your experience, and it shall be expressed by the other individual the difference of experiences.

In actuality, all of you generate these types of experiences. You merely do not necessarily generate that type of extreme. But you do generate evidence of these types of experiences at times in interaction with other individuals, in which you may express to another individual, hypothetically, ďAh, are you remembering of this experience that we incorporated at this time framework, and was that not quite jovial and humorous that we viewed this scenario together?Ē And the other individual shall express to you...

FRANK: ďWe never did that.Ē

ELIAS: ...ďI am not understanding what you are speaking of Ė I hold no memory of this action.Ē

FRANK: (Laughs) That happens with my wife and me all the time!

ELIAS: Quite! It may not appear to you to be as extreme as the hypothetical scenario that you have presented, although this may be generated. But you all do offer yourselves evidence concerning the reality of perception and the unique individuality of perception, and that you are in actuality creating every aspect of your reality. You generate all of it, even the manifestations of the other individual.

FRANK: Again, that happens a lot with my wife, because weíve got 25 years history, almost. Sheíll say we saw this movie or that movie or this happened on that day, and Iíll look at her like, ďWhat are you talking about? It never happened.Ē

ELIAS: Quite! For you are interactive with each otherís energy expression, but you may not necessarily be interactive with the ATTENTION of the other individual.

FRANK: One last thing before we move on, because this is pretty interesting. So I suppose that I could then explore what the other individual experienced, sort of the way I explore focuses?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing. You may be incorporating engaging your empathic sense and allowing yourself to be experiencing the other individualís experience.

FRANK: Iíve got too much homework to do.

ELIAS: (Laughs) And wishing not to be overwhelming yourself.

FRANK: Well, yeah Ė you know, Iíve got this teacher who gives me all kinds of stuff to do! (Both laugh) Time is pretty short here Ė a couple of other quick subjects Iíd like to ask you about.

One, itís baseball time again, and as you know, I coach baseball and itís one of the things I really enjoy doing. Two years ago you and I had a conversation about why my team didnít do well in the play-offs. You said I focused too much on competition and comparison and that I should make it more fun and a game and all that sort of thing. I think thatís a fair interpretation of what you said.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

FRANK: So last year I tried to do that, express in that manner, and the same thing happened. I meant to ask you about that but never did, so I thought Iíd ask you now. Did I push too hard? Or did I fool myself into thinking I wasnít moving in this area of comparison and competition, but really I was?

ELIAS: Yes. For you are merely generating a thought process expressing to yourself, ďI shall not be thinking of comparison and competition,Ē but your energy expression continues to be moving in that expression. Genuinely allowing yourself to be incorporating fun and expressing that in relation to the other individuals outwardly and not incorporating competition is quite different than merely thinking.

FRANK: I understand. Okay, weíll see about that for this year. Then again, it is an opportunity for me to Ė I hate to use the word ďlearnĒ Ė but learn this whole thing about not pushing and how to really move the world around.

ELIAS: Correct.

FRANK: The last question I have for you is Iíve got this boy who will be on my team again this year who Iíve coached several times in the past. Iím assuming we have focuses together because thereís just a natural flow between us.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

FRANK: Was he involved in the focus in Greenland with me and my son?


FRANK: And was his mother involved in that, too?


FRANK: Were they involved in a lot of other focuses that Iíve had?

ELIAS: Some, yes.

FRANK: I will investigate that also, because I know if I ask you anything youíll...

ELIAS: (Laughs) Offer you more homework?

FRANK: Yes. (Laughs with Elias) Well, I guess thatís about it for us for today. As always, itís been a tremendous pleasure and I thank you so much for the opportunity to talk to you.

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! And I express to you also my pleasure in playfulness with you. I shall be anticipating our next conversation, my friend.

FRANK: Well, Iíll be calling on you between now and then.

ELIAS: Ha ha! Very well! And I shall be compliant.

FRANK: Okay, excellent!

ELIAS: To you, in great affection and encouragement, my friend, au revoir.

FRANK: Good-bye.

Elias departs at 1:11 PM.


(1) Originally expressed as ďYourself, in like manner to many, many individuals, generates hesitancy at times in expressing outwardly to other individuals, for you incorporate a fear that your expression shall not be accepted, and you express a cautiousness in relation to the perceptions of other individuals.Ē

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