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Thursday, October 10, 2002

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“Why Am I Alone?”

“A Discussion of Spirituality”

“Can I Personally Generate Peace in the World?”

“What is the Ego?”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Kate (Idi).

Elias arrives at 1:21 PM. (Arrival time is 19 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good day! Welcome!

KATE: Thank you, and you too.

ELIAS: And how shall we proceed?

KATE: I would like to start off by getting what they call my cosmic vital statistics.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Very well; essence name, Idi, I-D-I (EE dee). And your impression as to your essence families? (Pause) What is your impression?

KATE: What is my impression? I don’t have one, I’m sorry. (Elias laughs) This is all very new to me.

ELIAS: Very well. Essence family, Borledim; alignment, Vold; orientation, common. Interesting choice of essence families in this focus, for both of these essence families are orchestrating this shift in consciousness.

KATE: So is that what I came in to assist with at this time? (Pause) ELIAS: To participate with, but also to generate an energy of the combination of these two families in association with the movement of this shift in consciousness, yes.

KATE: What I would like to know, then, is am I currently, in what I’m doing in my life in terms of my work, am I fulfilling what I came here to do, or are there other things that I need to be doing that I’m not aware of?

ELIAS: Hmm. It is not a question of what you need to be incorporating in action, but rather what you WANT to be accomplishing and whether you view yourself to be satisfied with what you are generating presently, for whatever you choose shall be beneficial and is an expression of your value fulfillment.

KATE: Can you tell me why I am at the moment without a human family? I mean, I know my parents have passed away, but why I do not have other people?

ELIAS: First of all, express to myself what is your impression concerning your question, and also what is the nature of your concern in relation to this question?

KATE: Well, I very much do not feel connected on a heart level with any other person on the planet. I felt somewhat that way with my parents, and they are now in spirit, not in body. It is confusing to me, and it is also something that I struggle with on an emotional level because I don’t have that connection. I’m trying to understand why I don’t have that connection with anyone else. Truly, what do I need to do to change that reality without invading someone else’s free will?

ELIAS: Ah! Let me express to you, dispel that concern, for you may not be intruding upon another individual’s free will. Therefore, what you choose and what you generate through your perception in creating an actual physical manifestation is your creation.

You may be interactive with other individuals’ energy expressions, but all that is physically manifest within your reality, YOU actually generate yourself. Therefore, you need not be concerned with being intrusive to another individual, for this shall not occur within your reality, for this is not the design of consciousness.

But as to your question, let me express to you this may also be associated with your initial question, which I am not responding to in the manner of expressing what you should or should not be creating or what you NEED to be creating, for this is not the point. What is significant is what you want and whether you allow yourself permission to actually create that or not.

In this situation, you have expressed a challenge within yourself and also in association with your movement in this particular focus with regard to your essence family and your alignment, for this is directly associated with the belief of separation. The challenge that you have set before yourself is to explore manners in which you may be not creating this expression of separation and incorporating a type of environment, so to speak, that may be associated with a family type of unit without incorporating the traditional sense of the definition of family.

But as I have stated, this is a challenge, for you are not offering yourself permission to be projecting your energy outwardly in a manner which draws to you these types of relationships.

Now; your question in how may you be altering that movement or changing that situation, I may respond to you, first of all your most efficient movement in that direction shall be to pay clearer attention to you in what you are actually choosing and what influences your choices, what beliefs are influencing what you actually do. For, what you actually do is your evidence of what you are choosing. Therefore, paying attention to what you actually generate now allows you the opportunity to alter your direction or to choose different influences, and therefore generate a different perception.

It is quite difficult to alter your perception if you are unaware objectively of what is influencing the perception that you are generating now. This is the reason that it is important to pay attention to yourself and offer yourself that information. (Pause)

KATE: Shall I go on?

ELIAS: You may.

KATE: Thank you very much for that. That is crystal clear to me. I understand exactly what you’re saying, and I will give myself that permission. (Elias laughs) Finally I feel free enough to be able to do that.

I have been told by a lot of people that in previous incarnations on this planet that I have worked in the spiritual arena, if you will, assisting people. I’d like to know if in fact that’s true, and also to what extent that work is assisting me now and to what extent it may be holding me back.

ELIAS: I shall validate, yes, you do incorporate other focuses in which you generate experiences in association with your beliefs concerning spirituality.

As to your question of whether that is offering you assistance or hindrance, let me say to you, other focuses are you. They are other aspects of you. They are all present, and they are all being expressed simultaneously. Therefore in a manner of speaking, they are all affecting of you, for they ARE you.

But as to direct affectingness of influence of your experience in this focus, I may express to you, the affecting influence may be merely a reinforcement of spiritual beliefs. Not that this necessarily is a hindrance or helpful, but there is an influence associated with similar beliefs in this focus concerning spirituality, which may be viewed as slightly more narrow than the actual expression of spirituality. But you also are offering yourself information, which offers you the opportunity to widen your awareness and therefore incorporate greater understanding of these influences of these beliefs.

For, spirituality in actuality encompasses ALL of your experiences. Every aspect of your reality is an expression of spirituality, for it is the incorporation of the whole of you, not merely those aspects of you that may be nonphysical or more idealistic, but EVERY aspect of your reality and of yourself. You as a focus, as essence, as consciousness are all expressed in what may be deemed as spirituality. Many individuals, and to an extent yourself also, discount the physical manifestations as less than spiritual expressions, and all of your physical manifestations are also quite associated with spirituality.

KATE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

KATE: I am wondering if there are options in front of me that I should choose to incorporate in this life, that I have yet to do, to better assist in the shift in consciousness on the planet. I have always felt ever since I was a very, very small child that there was something that I was supposed to do that was important and that was of a spiritual nature. I feel like I have arrived at that point in this lifetime to be doing that but I do not feel that I am doing what that thing is. So, I’m I guess asking for clarification or more direction that can be provided to me so that I can fulfill whatever this thing is.

ELIAS: I may express to you that you may begin your adventure or your quest, so to speak, in the subject matter that we have discussed in this conversation concerning thinning these veils of separation and generating this manifestation of interaction and relationship and intimacy with yourself and with other individuals in simulation of what has previously been defined as family.

This is significant. For in allowing yourself to generate this type of movement, you offer yourself a tremendous expression of information and you shall allow yourself to accomplish a genuine understanding of inter-connectedness – which is quite real – and the experience of that inter-connectedness. As you generate that action, you also project outwardly an energy that is influencing in relation to other individuals in encouragement of them to be generating similar types of experiences, which ripples outwardly and is quite affecting in association with this shift.

KATE: I truly have kind of run out of questions at this point, so I guess I would say to you just teach me. For the rest of the time that we have left, tell me whatever you are guided, or however that works, that I need to know to be better at what I came here to do, so that I can be effective.

I do have a global perspective on spirituality, to the best of my finite mind, and I’m continuing to build that. I do believe everything you say. I have to some extent experienced spiritually in physical manifestation – everything that you have said – but on a very small level, and I will continue to build that. So beyond that, I would say whatever you have to share with me that will assist me in my knowledge, please do so.

ELIAS: What is your association presently with this subject of spirituality?

KATE: When you say “association” I’m not sure what you mean by that.

ELIAS: How do you view this subject?

KATE: I view it as being reality, that knowing that we all come from Father/Mother/God/Source and that everything that we see in front of us in physicality is generated from that Source and...

ELIAS: And what is that source?

KATE: All I know to call it is Father/Mother/God/Creator/Source.

ELIAS: Do you view this to be you?

KATE: I view it to be me in that, yes, I am a copy, if you will a clone or something of that. I do view that that essence is part of my essence, that I co-create with that essence, and that we all do co-create with that essence when we connect with that essence.

ELIAS: Now; let me express to you information that may widen your awareness or be helpful in your widening of your own awareness.

You do not co-create with ANY essence. You do not co-create with ANY aspect of consciousness. I shall express to you, if you define co-creation, it implies that you create in part and that some other expression outside of yourself also creates in part. In this, you generate a belief of tremendous limitation and you block your own freedom. For if you create in part, you do not create ALL of your reality, and therefore you do not express entire freedom – and this is incorrect. There is no co-creation within consciousness.

There are many aspects of consciousness, there are many areas of consciousness, but consciousness is not a thing. It is not an entity. Entities may be manifest from consciousness, but consciousness itself is an action. It is not an entity. Therefore in a manner of speaking – which I am aware is quite abstract within your physical reality – things are generated from no thing. Physical manifestations are generated from no entity.

Essences are not entities, either. Essences are merely the designation of a type of expression of energy, a personality energy, which defines them as unique, but they are not entities either. They are designations in the action of consciousness, and consciousness IS all. But as being all, there is no separation between the action of consciousness and the action of essence.

KATE: Could you repeat that, please?

ELIAS: There is no separation between the action of consciousness and the action of essence.

Therefore, the reason that I have asked you to define your idea or your belief concerning spirituality is that you may offer yourself information through your interaction with myself to re-define your recognition of spirituality and what is meant in that.

There is no higher or greater expression or power than yourself, for there is in actuality no separation. Separation is a construct, an illusion, a belief that is associated with physical manifestations, and it is quite purposeful to offer the purity of the experience of exploration of physical realities. But it is an illusion. There is no separation. Therefore if there is no separation, you and consciousness are one in the same. Therefore, there is no Mother/Father/God.

KATE: I am.

ELIAS: You are. For there is no limitation of consciousness, and freedom is intrinsic to it. But if there is co-creation, there is limit to freedom.

Now; this may be incorporated into your actual physical reality, in this choice to participate in this physical reality, which offers you tremendous power, for you actually generate every aspect of your reality. You do not co-create it with any other individual, any other essence. You create ALL of it. It is all a reflection of you, and therefore you may manipulate it in any manner you choose without limitation.

KATE: Are we limited in that manipulation by our knowledge of how, as opposed to our beliefs of ability?

ELIAS: Both. But...

KATE: If we have a full belief, then how do we increase our knowledge?

ELIAS: You are continuously increasing your knowledge, for you are continuously offering yourself information, and you offer yourself information through all of the different avenues of communication that you incorporate.

Each individual in their manifestation incorporates many, many avenues of communication. The mere design of your physical reality offers you continuous information, for this particular physical reality has been designed to be continuously reflective. Therefore, all that you create within your reality reflects to you aspects of yourself. It also reflects to you influences of your beliefs, for they shall be manifest physically in your reality. Every other individual that you encounter reflects some aspect of yourself to you. Therefore, there is continuous opportunity for assimilating information.

It is a continuous exploration. This is the nature of consciousness, to continuously be exploring its beingness and expanding the action through the generation of experience. This is expressed in no less manner in any physical area of consciousness than it is in any nonphysical area of consciousness. The action is the same, to playfully be exploring and expanding.

KATE: Here’s a question that may not seem to relate, but to me it does. Why have I created nature, plants and animals in my reality?

ELIAS: To assist you objectively in recognizing your inter-connectedness.

KATE: So is it possible for me to choose to create something in my physical reality that would overlap in someone else’s physical reality? Let’s say, for instance, I wanted a tree to manifest in a different form and it agreed that it would do that for me. Another individual is standing next to me, another essence. Would they continue to see the tree as a tree, whereas I would see the tree as the rock that it agreed to manifest as?

ELIAS: It is possible, yes. It is dependent upon how the other individual is manipulating their perception and whether that individual may be interactive with your energy and how the individual allows that energy that you project to be configured in what they project in their perception.

But I may express to you, it is quite possible, and actually does occur, that individuals may be occupying the same space arrangement in the same time framework and generate very different perceptions, which generate very different realities, and each is quite real and quite solid.

KATE: So in regard to what you just said, let’s talk about, for instance, in the reality that I am sharing with many other people on this planet at the moment, we have a lot of conflict between essences, specifically let’s say in the Middle East. There is concern of the country that I live in, the United States, being a physical aggressor towards other people in the Middle East. If I choose not to be in that reality, or anyone else for that matter makes that decision, can we then have the ability to diffuse those energies within our own lives as well as around the planet?

ELIAS: The response to this is not singular, for you are offering more than one inquiry. Can you alter your reality and can you generate a reality in which there is no conflict? Yes. Can you alter the reality of other individuals? No, for this denies their choice and their free will.

But you do incorporate the ability to generate the reality that you want – and it shall be quite real – in which the other individuals within your world are harmonious and are not expressing conflict, for you create them. It is a matter of reconfiguring the energy that you allow yourself to receive from other individuals, filtering this through your beliefs and your associations, and projecting through your perception an actual physical manifestation of what you want. You DO incorporate this ability to generate that.

It matters not what other individuals choose, for they are merely choices. They are, in themselves, neutral. They are not right; they are not wrong; they are not good; they are not bad. They are merely choices. It is the influence of your individual beliefs, associated with the belief system of duplicity, that dictates to you what you perceive to be good and bad and right and wrong. And you all incorporate all of these beliefs. It is a matter of how you choose to manipulate them and therefore what you generate in your actual reality.

You have incorporated this example of many individuals within other countries that are experiencing much conflict. Their beliefs are expressed differently than yours. This is not to say that they do not also incorporate all of the same beliefs that you do or that you do not incorporate all of the same beliefs that they do. For you all throughout your planet incorporate ALL of the beliefs and all of the belief systems, but you choose to express certain beliefs. You choose to align with certain beliefs.

The FREEDOM that is expressed in accomplishment is allowing yourself to widen your awareness, recognize your beliefs, and intentionally objectively choose which beliefs you shall express, which beliefs are in alignment with your preferences, and therefore express those which shall influence your perception and therefore create an actual physical reality.

KATE: So in one sense you could say that YOU are a manifestation, this entire conversation and what you have told me is a manifestation of me.

ELIAS: Correct! It is a reflection. You are directly interacting with my energy, but whatever you are generating in an actual physical manifestation of that interaction is being created by you.

KATE: What is the purpose of what is known at the present time as the ego? Is it the same as essence, and in what way does it assist us in knowing that we are part of consciousness, that we are consciousness?

ELIAS: This is your objective identity of yourself, your objective sense of yourself in this individual physical manifestation of this one focus. It is your identity. Therefore, it is quite significant within your reality, for it is how you identify you as you, your personality, what distinguishes you as unique.

KATE: Why is that where our negative belief systems seem to be stored, and why is it that we have – or at least I do – have such difficulty in releasing some of those beliefs?

ELIAS: For you continue to generate a misunderstanding. First of all, there are no negative beliefs. They are all neutral. It is merely a matter of your individual associations with different expressions of duplicity beliefs that generate an identification of negative and positive.

Also, in relation to your question of why do these beliefs seem to be stored in this expression of ego, first of all they are not, but you do generate reinforcements of judgments concerning your beliefs and concerning this identification of ego, which you have mis-defined. Your negative association with this expression is directly associated with psychological beliefs that express to you, in association with religious beliefs also, that there are aspects of yourself that are base, undesirable and less than spiritual. One of these expressions of yourself that qualifies in that category is what has been identified as the ego.

Now; as I have expressed, that which you identify in a negative sense as ego is merely that expression of yourself and your personality which expresses your identity. How shall you associate your identity with negativity, unless you are aligning with religious and psychological beliefs that express to you that in the physical manifestation you are less than, which is incorrect?

KATE: I would like to ask you one more time, and I do apologize, but would you mind spelling my name for me again?

ELIAS: You may be inquiring of Michael of this information and it shall be available to you. It is a small word!

Now; as an exercise, in this present now, attempt to express your impression as to the offering of your essence name. It is an experiment.

KATE: Right now?


KATE: My impression is that it is a reflection that I am consciousness.

ELIAS: And this has offered you the identification of your essence name?

KATE: Yes.

ELIAS: Which is what? Ha ha!


ELIAS: I-D-I. Ah, but you have been close! (Laughs) This is an exercise in paying attention, my friend. Ha ha ha!

KATE: Yes, there was a little static on the line, unfortunately, when you first started talking, and so that was part of my problem. (Elias chuckles)

My last question, and then I will let you go – although I feel like I see you around me – is will I be choosing to come back in this physical form after this expression passes over?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Once again, another religious belief associated with spirituality. You are already expressing all of your focuses presently; therefore, there is no re-manifestation. Are you a designated final focus? No, but it matters not. For if the designated final focus chooses to be disengaging within your lifetime, so to speak, you shall either choose to continue and fragment, or you shall disengage also in agreement, for you ARE essence. Therefore, it is your choice.

KATE: Thank you so much!

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend.

KATE: It has been a great pleasure and honor to meet you and interact with you, and I thank you for your love and your patience with my questions. You’ve given me enough to think about for the rest of my life. (Elias laughs) At the same time, it all rings true and I know it. It’s just a matter of me choosing to believe in it and letting go of the duality thinking. So, I thank you so much.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. I shall express to you, do not confuse yourself in letting go of duplicity; rather remind yourself that the action is to be accepting of it.

I shall be anticipating our next meeting, my friend, and I shall be offering my energy to you.

KATE: Thank you very much.

ELIAS: I express to you tremendous fondness and encouragement to you.

KATE: Thank you.

ELIAS: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 2:18 PM.

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