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Sunday, March 10, 2002

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ďBothersome IndividualsĒ

ďValue FulfillmentĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Lisa (Allysean).

Elias arrives at 10:53 AM. (Arrival time is 28 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

LISA: Good morning, Elias. How are you today?

ELIAS: As always, and yourself?

LISA: Very well, thank you. Thank you very much for talking with me today. My brother, Kevin, sends his regards to you. Iíd like to ask you a little bit about my essence name and essence family, if I could.

ELIAS: Very well. (Pause) Essence name, Allysean, A-L-L-Y-S-E-A-N (uh LEE son).

LISA: Oh, very pretty.

ELIAS: Essence family, Sumari.

LISA: Sumari?

ELIAS: Correct. Alignment in this focus, Tumold.

LISA: Thatís what I thought. I was also interested in if you could tell me the essence families of my mother and father.

ELIAS: And shall you offer your impression?

LISA: My impression?


LISA: You know what, I really donít know. (Laughing) I mean, what you told me as far as my essence family, Sumari and Tumold, when I looked through the information thatís what I thought I fell into, but I didnít really have a strong feeling one way or the other with my parents.

ELIAS: Ha ha! Very well. (Pause) Mother: essence family, Borledim; alignment, Vold.

Father: essence family, Gramada; alignment in this focus, Sumafi.

LISA: Thank you. I was also interested, Elias, in how many focuses I have in this timeframe.

ELIAS: In this timeframe, five.

LISA: And could you tell me a little bit about them or...?

ELIAS: And what is the nature of your inquiry?

LISA: I think that maybe if I had more insight into knowing, that it might help me understand my current focus that I am in right now in speaking to you. I donít know if it works that way or not. But maybe like certain interests that I have, like say I had an interest in art right now, is that something that I could be actually fully realizing in another focus?

ELIAS: Ah. Let me express to you that your association with focuses within other time frameworks may be more closely aligned with what you generate in this focus presently than those that are manifest within the same time framework. For generally speaking, essences choose to be manifesting several focuses in one time framework which experience quite diverse directions, this allowing the essence to experience many different types of directions simultaneously.

LISA: One other experience that I have had in the past is sometimes when Iím going to sleep at night, I feel... Itís usually right when Iím about to go into a deep sleep. I can feel my whole entire body vibrating, almost like if you can imagine like a box within a box, and the box within is trying to get out. Could you explain that to me? Or does that sound familiar to you or...?

ELIAS: I am understanding. What you are experiencing is, in a manner of speaking, a precursor to an allowance of objectively recognizing and incorporating an awareness of allowing yourself to be projecting within consciousness.

Now; in this, the reason that you are imaging this to yourself in this manner is that you are not quite allowing yourself, yet, to be objectively aware of these projections, for there continues to be somewhat of an apprehension of allowing yourself the objective recognition of this type of action. But you are allowing yourself a beginning awareness that you do incorporate this ability and that you do actually generate this action regardless of whether you are objectively aware of these projections or not.

As you...

LISA: When youíre speaking of projections, am I to understand is that kind of like if I were to really relax enough and go with it, would it be like an out of body experience, where I might experience something in a different, I donít know, plane or area?


LISA: So how can I... Do you have any suggestions on how I can maybe more fully realize that?

ELIAS: In allowing yourself to relax and to recognize that you may be objectively aware of this action and you shall not be engaging any harmfulness, and also recognizing that you may be offering yourself permission to relax and not generate this type of tension, and that in this action you may actually be incorporating fun and playfulness.

You offer yourself a tremendous freedom in allowing yourself to be projecting within consciousness, for you allow yourself much more mobility than you do within your objective waking movements.

LISA: Say when I feel this happening, is it up to me on a conscious level to decide where it is that I may want to project to? Or is it something thatís more deeper seated, that itís just going to take me to a particular place?

ELIAS: Either may occur. You may allow yourself to intentionally choose where you wish to be projecting yourself, or you may relax and merely allow yourself to move and surprise yourself.

LISA: And though I would be aware of the experience during that time, when I wake up in the morning will I remember that experience?


LISA: So that could be great fun! (Laughs)

ELIAS: Quite.

LISA: Okay, thank you. The next question I have, Elias, is I usually I have very good relationships with people. But there is one person in particular, my brother-in-law, who I have a lot of conflicting feelings about. He acts very nice on the surface to everyone but he is the type of person that behind your back or otherís backs he talks badly and even says things that are very untruthful about people, not just myself but other people.

Itís something that brings me great irritation, but he has some other good qualities as a father and he is good to my sister. Iím not really sure how to deal with it, because it does make me very upset. It makes me want to stay away from him, so then it makes me kind of avoid my sister and her children as well. I didnít know if you would have any suggestions on how to deal with a particular person like that, or is it something I just have to accept, that that is his particular problem and generate a more positive focus for myself not to expect that behavior from him?

ELIAS: I shall express to you that the most efficient movement that you may generate in association with another individual is to be focusing your attention upon yourself and not concerning yourself with the choices and the expressions of another individual. I am recognizing that this presents quite a challenge many times for individuals within your physical dimension.

But quite genuinely, in turning your attention to yourself and not concerning yourself with the expressions or the behaviors of another individual, you may allow yourself to recognize what YOU are generating. For as you present yourself with this type of scenario, in actuality what you are generating is a reflection. If the other individual is bothersome to you, you are presenting yourself with an expression to allow yourself to examine beliefs that YOU incorporate and that are influencing of YOUR expressions.

Now; in examining your beliefs and your judgments of another individual, you allow yourself choice, and this allows you to alter your perception.

Now; this is significant, for altering your perception alters your actual reality, for what you interact with in relation to another individual directly is an energy expression, a projection of the other individualís energy. What is generated in actual physical manifestation is a projection of YOUR perception. Therefore, you may alter that physical expression. The other individual that you are interacting with in actual physical manifestation is a projection of your own perception, and you do incorporate the ability to alter that physical expression.

Now; in addressing to or examining what YOU are generating within yourself, what associations you hold with beliefs in conjunction with another individual, you may offer yourself permission to alter your projection of your perception. Let me express to you, each of you presents to yourselves interactions or expressions of other individuals quite purposefully to allow yourselves a reflection of yourself.

Now; once you have recognized what the reflection is expressing to you, many times you realize that it is unnecessary to continue to present this type of reflection to yourself, and you alter what you create.

Now; the manner in which this is evidenced in actual physical reality is that in examination of your beliefs and your associations with your beliefs and allowing yourself to alter your perception, you may actually generate interacting with this individual and the individual shall not express this type of behavior any longer within your reality.

Now; this is not to say that this may not be generated in another individualís reality, but you may alter the expression entirely within YOUR reality through your perception.

LISA: So the meaning is it was something, a behavior, that was noticed by say several people that were close, and I guess even though it might still be somebody elseís perception in that group, I can alter my perception?

ELIAS: Correct, and not interact in this manner and not generate that experience in relation to yourself. Each individual generates the experience and the manifestation of their perception to be offering themselves each certain information concerning themselves and their beliefs, and they generate these reflections individually and uniquely. It may appear to you collectively that you are all generating the same manifestation, but in actuality each individualís perception is different.

LISA: I think I understand. Let me just ask you another question in reference to this. Say I decided to confront the particular individual about the way that I felt and the things that I saw. Does that really make a difference versus youíre saying if I can just alter my perception, that would be all really that would need to be done? I wouldnít have to get into further conflict?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon the individual, for some individuals allow themselves more of an expression of allowance of their own abilities to be altering their perception if they are expressing an outward communication. For, at times with some individuals, this allows them more of a solidity, so to speak, in acknowledging their own choice and their own abilities. Some individuals may choose not to be expressing outwardly in this type of manner and may allow themselves merely to address to their beliefs and their perception within themselves.

LISA: Thank you.

ELIAS: Let me express to you my friend, in your examination, allow yourself to present to yourself your least-conflict scenario, and in this, offer yourself permission to generate your movement in association with your least conflict. This shall generate the most ease in your movement.

LISA: I understand, thank you.

The next question I have, Elias, is when I kind of look lately on my life and my purpose here and that type of thing, I always kind of feel like when I die if I were to look back on my life, for me to have great fulfillment, to do what I was here to do, I would have to accomplish something great, and that to me would be something like volunteering to help orphan children to make a difference in their life, or doing something that contributes to society in some way. If I can do this, I will fulfill what Iím here to do.

But does it really matter what you accomplish in your life in reference to those things versus the knowledge or lessons that you learn through everyday experiences? Meaning, if I just stayed married, had kids, worked my regular job and I really didnít do anything more than that to contribute to society, would I still be able to fulfill what I need to fulfill by the lessons that I learn on a daily basis, or is there something else out there that one needs to do to get greater accomplishment at the end of their particular focus?

ELIAS: This is an interesting question, for this also is dependent upon the individual and the individualís choices and their desire.

Now; I may express to you, generally it is not necessary to express what you term to be tremendous outward offerings or involvements to be generating your value fulfillment or to be offering a contribution, so to speak, to your world, for your mere manifestation is what you would term to be a contribution. For you are not attempting to be creating alterations of your world, so to speak; but you manifest within this physical dimension merely to explore and to experience the exploration of self in a physical manifestation. But I may also say to you that each individual chooses their unique manner in which they shall explore their travels, so to speak, within this physical dimension.

Now; some individuals do generate tremendous desire to be outwardly expressing their travel and their direction in interaction with other individuals, and in this, there is a strong movement of energy in these individuals that expresses that desire objectively.

Now; in recognition of these types of desires, in denying that type of expression, the individual shall continue to express their value fulfillment but may also generate a knowing within themselves of a type of incompleteness. In actuality, it matters not, but what holds significance is that the individual does not allow themselves a fullness of their expression within their exploration.

Therefore, it is not necessarily what you are destined to be accomplishing or that this may be your mission, so to speak, or your purpose within a particular focus, but it is significant that you listen to your communications to yourself and allow yourself to be expressing your desire, that you generate a balance within your focus, and you allow yourself the fullness of your exploration.

This is not to say that an individual that chooses to be expressing their travel and their exploration without generating what you recognize as a tremendous contribution, so to speak, that their expression is any less than an individual that participates within their societies in a more expressive manner, for no individualís expression and exploration is any less than any otherís. It is merely a difference in choices which is generated by each individualís desire.

LISA: Say before I entered this particular focus, I kind of had an agreement with the things that I wanted to learn or fulfill, and say one of those things was to have this big contribution to society, and say I donít actualize it in this focus. When I complete this focus, is it something that I will just go on to maybe actualize in another focus or...? I mean, I assume youíre saying itís not really a bad thing, but you probably would have a more full experience if you do fully experience those desires that are pushing you into that arena.

ELIAS: Correct. But I shall also express to you, all of your focuses are occurring simultaneously, therefore once you disengage from this physical manifestation, you do not generate re-manifesting to be fulfilling what you have not expressed in this focus.

What I am expressing to you is that within this focus if you choose not to be realizing your desires, you continue to generate your value fulfillment but you may not be expressing that value fulfillment to its fullest extent, and you shall incorporate an awareness of this for the desire shall continue to be expressed throughout your focus. This is your communication to yourself, that this is what you want to be generating and you are not allowing yourself to generate that.

This is not to say that you shall move into another expression of consciousness and express a need to fulfill what you have not allowed yourself to fulfill in this particular focus. Once you choose to be disengaging from this particular focus, what you have not allowed yourself to express shall matter not, for you are moving into another direction of exploration and there is no expression of this focus that needs be repeated or continued or fulfilled in any other manner.

LISA: Also, about a year ago, I had a very strong desire that I needed to travel to Europe. It wasnít any particular place there but just this strong desire to go abroad because there was some type of opportunity for me. Can you shed any light on that? I am going to be traveling this year, but that feeling hasnít been as strong as it was a year ago. I didnít know if I had some connection over there that was causing me to feel that way.

ELIAS: I may express to you, in recognition of your energy, the opportunity that you present to yourself in this travel is not necessarily associated with a physical expression of physical manifestations but more associated with an allowance of yourself to be recognizing associations with other focuses that you incorporate within what you view to be other time frameworks in this area of your globe.

This offers you an opportunity to become more familiar with you and more familiar with your energy expression. Therefore it IS an opportunity, but not necessarily in the manner that you were previously associating.

LISA: Can you tell me anything, Elias, about... I was trying to find some connection with other focuses or times that I have lived, places and also people that I may have been, as far as the type of work I did, that type of thing. Can you give me any information on that?

ELIAS: I shall offer to you two focuses that you may begin your exploration, and express to you an encouragement that you do hold the ability quite easily to generate this type of investigation of any of your focuses.

Now; I shall offer to you, you incorporate one focus in the physical location of Spain within a time framework [of] mid-1600s; individual incorporates the gender of female, and this individual in your terms originally manifest within a small village but within adult expression moved physical location to a large city, Barcelona. The individual does not incorporate wealth but is quite interactive with many other individuals and... Ah, this individual may be significant in your investigation in association with some of your desires in this focus, for this individual is quite interactive within her community and in your terms offers helpfulness to many individuals that she views as less fortunate. Her expression is merely to be offering meals.

LISA: Iím sorry; did you say healing?

ELIAS: Meals Ė she cooks. She generates a tremendous volume of stew (Lisa laughs) which she offers to small ones and older individuals that may be viewed as urchins Ė ha ha ha! Ė and is quite well received by many individuals.

LISA: Great!

ELIAS: I may also offer to you identification of one other focus that you incorporate within late 1800s, early 1900s. This individual incorporates the gender of male and occupies a physical location within Denmark. Ah, this individual generates quite a different type of expression from the other individual, expresses a quiet focus and concerns himself with a small business and a small family.

LISA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

LISA: My last question for you, Elias, is I had a close friend who was a past boyfriend who passed away about a year and a half ago in a car accident. I had a very, very strong connection to this individual. I wasnít sure if you would be able to tell me, I really feel like there must be something in the past, how I was connected to him, if you would have any information on that.

ELIAS: You incorporate many focuses with this individual. This is your recognition of the familiarity of this individualís energy and the ease of allowing yourself what you term to be an objective connection. I may express to you, you have generated many different types of relationships within other focuses, some in friendship, some in family relationships, and some also in romantic relationships. You also incorporate a few focuses in which you generate a conflicting or tumultuous relationship with this individual. I may express, you incorporate 31 focuses of attention with this essence.

LISA: Well, no wonder he felt so familiar! (Both laugh) Okay, great.

Well, thank you so much. I think our time is up. I very much appreciate talking with you and all the information that youíve provided for me, and I look forward to speaking with you again in the future.

ELIAS: And I also, my friend! I offer you tremendous encouragement and a reminder to pay attention to you and your perception. This shall allow you much more of an ease in your interactions with other individuals. The natural by-product of acceptance of you is the acceptance of others. I shall be offering my expression of energy to you in the interim time framework and I shall be expressing playfulness with you.

LISA: Thank you.

ELIAS: I offer to you tremendous affection and express to you au revoir.

LISA: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 11:40 AM.

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