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you create your reality, pt. 2

Note: this is the second of two parts on you create your reality. Go to you create your reality, pt. 1.

ELIAS: “It matters not that I may be – or any individual within physical focus may be – projecting energy in what you perceive to be offensive or irritating or frustrating or hurtful. This may be the intention of the individual projecting, but you need not receive that energy in that manner if you are not choosing to be, and you DO hold the choice. An individual may approach you and may physically assault you, and you hold the choice of how you shall receive this and how you shall CHOOSE to interpret this within your perception, and your perception is very influenced by your belief systems and your experiences and your issues.

This be the reason that there is great importance to turn your attention to self and to be recognizing and identifying what YOU are engaging, what YOU hold within your beliefs, what YOU are responsive to ... and why are you responsive in these manners? For you are influenced by certain beliefs and issues that you hold within YOU.

It matters not how another individual or what another individual shall project to you. You always hold the choice of how you shall receive it. (Pause)

It matters not that you thwart the intention of the other individual, and it matters not that you do not receive it within the expectation of the other individual in how you shall be receiving it. (Pause)

The point is to be focusing upon self and your motivations, your belief systems, your issues, your shrines, your triggers, your thought processes, your emotions, your perception; what you choose to be incorporating and what you choose not to be incorporating, what you choose to be allowing in influence and what you choose not to be allowing in influence, and always remembering that you create your reality. It is not dictated to you by any other individual or circumstance or action, within ALL of your reality.” [session 455, August 25, 1999]

PAULINE: “The group has encouraged me to speak about my personal question tonight. I have an elderly mother-in-law who has been sick for many years, and is being kept alive by medication, and is really very depressed about living in that quality of life. I was wondering if you could tell me a little about what is going on with her.

ELIAS: This may offer an efficient example in conjunction with the subject matter that we have been engaging this evening, for in this expression, one individual engages choices that are very influenced by her beliefs – many different beliefs, not merely one – which also is coupled with the expression of duplicity.

This individual assesses an identification of a belief within a certain quality of what you term to be life, and holds an expectation of that type of expression of quality of life. This expectation is not being expressed objectively, for there are many elements of aspects of beliefs that are intertwined in this situation, one being also that it is unacceptable to be disengaging from physical focus intentionally. Therefore, there is a continuation within the physical focus, but there is also an emotional expression of discontent and uncomfortableness and sadness.

These expressions of these emotions are viewed within the perception of the individual as bad and unacceptable, which perpetuates the expression, for there is great concentration upon these expressions, and as I have expressed many, many times, you do create what you concentrate upon. This is not to say that you create what you concentrate upon objectively always, but you shall create what you concentrate upon in strength within your beliefs.

Therefore, the situation is perpetuated. There is not an objective recognition of the belief systems which are in play, so to speak, in objective expression, and in this, the individual continues upon the hamster wheel and continues to run in circles, expressing much dissatisfaction, but also expressing a powerlessness to alter what is unacceptable.

In this, there is a tremendous expression of the unacceptability of self, for each time you are invalidating yourselves or you are expressing your own helplessness and lack of choices, you ARE invalidating of yourselves and you are expressing a lack of acceptance of self and you are closing your window to your choices, and this moves you into the area of victim.

You hold no choices. You are powerless to be altering of your reality, for you do not create your reality and she does not create her reality. Reality has created this situation for her. Therefore, how may she be altering of it with no choices and with no power? It has been chosen for her, and therefore she is the victim of this situation.

In this, the expression is also quite affecting of individuals objectively surrounding this individual, for the individuals that objectively surround this individual create emotional interaction, and also express sadness and concern and a wishing to be helpful.

This creates a confusion and a frustration within the individuals surrounding this individual, and it also mirrors to you each your own identification within self of the areas that you feel powerless and without choices.

And you continue to push the energy ball, back and forth between you all! Quite a poet! (Grinning and chuckling)

And in this, I express to you, each individual’s choices are their choices, and they create their reality within their choices and in their reasons and through their beliefs and perception.

And in this, you may be focusing upon you, and you shall be offering an expression of energy in focusing upon self and not continuing to play the game. As you continue to play the game, you merely offer energy to what is being created.

Now; I am not expressing to you that if you are not playing the game, this shall automatically alter the choices of this other individual, for it continues to be her choice. But it shall alter YOUR choices and it shall alter your participation, and this is the example of how it shall also alter your perception and your creation of the identification of the feelings that YOU create.

You may continue to view the situation. You may continue to hold understanding and what you identify as compassion for the situation that this individual creates. But if you are not creating a judgment upon the choice of this individual and if you are turning your attention to self and your participation, your identification of your emotions shall turn, and in this, there is no reason to be sorry.

Creating the feeling of sorryness for any individual in their choices is the expression of invalidation, for what you are expressing as you are expressing sorryness for another individual’s creation is your definition and assessment that what they have created is broken, and were they to be fixing this brokenness, you would need not be sorry for them any longer, and in this expression, you are invalidating of their expression and of them by defining to yourself that they are inefficient and inadequate at creating their reality, that there are elements of their reality that are lacking, and there are not!

You participate in this physical reality in a sojourn of exploration, in a momentary expression, to be exploring the creation of physical reality in every type of expression that you may imagine. Therefore, as you all travel through this sojourn, you are not creating a reality that is broken.” [session 472, September 19, 1999]

GEORGE: “If we accept the idea – and I think we have to – that whatever happens to a person is in accordance with that person’s own personal creation – and I understand that we’re all perfect; we don’t make errors in our creations – is there any room in that situation for assistance to those who suffer?

I mean, I’m wondering, what is the role of compassion in this? Am I, for example, to ignore a starving baby crying out for food because the baby is experiencing what it has chosen to create, which seems cruel to me? I’m not quite sure how to put that all together.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, as I explain to all of you that each individual creates their reality and is creating their value fulfillment – lest they be disengaging entirely within this physical manifestation – I am not expressing to you that each of you is separated from each other, or that you may not be participating with each other, or that you may not be expressing what you identify as compassion for each other.

You shall draw yourselves, all of you, to situations, and shall participate with other individuals as you are creating your individual value fulfillment, and this IS a movement in conjunction with other individuals. This reality has not been created with merely one individual upon your planet!

In this, as you draw yourself to another individual that you view to be in need, so to speak, in your physical terms, you may also assure yourself that the other individual participates in this action also, and is likewise drawing themself to you, and in this creation, you create agreements or you do not create agreements. You create choices in which you shall direct yourself to be participating.

Now; my expression to you all is to be looking to self in ALL of your interactions and recognizing your motivation. I am not expressing to you that compassion or objective helpfulness or offering is bad or incorrect or unnecessary. I am merely expressing to you that you be aware objectively, and allowing yourselves the recognition of your motivation of why you are creating certain behaviors, for the reason that all of these behaviors are affecting of all of your other behaviors and creations within this physical reality.

You may express to yourself within a moment that you are creating an expression of compassion to a small one, as in your example of the baby, and in that situation, you may be within your beliefs acknowledging of yourself, but not examining your motivation for your expression with the baby.

In another moment, you may be experiencing and expressing great conflict which is related to an expression of personal responsibility with another individual.

The two situations may be quite related, but within your perception, they may not. Within your perception objectively, one is associated with good and one is associated with bad.

In this, many individuals inquire quite often to myself and to each other in the direction of examination of why they shall be creating certain expressions within their reality that they view or perceive to be uncomfortable or painful or conflicting, and many of those experiences that they create are merely different angles of the SAME experiences within expressions that they deem to be acceptable and good.” [session 504, November 19, 1999]

PAUL: “Seth does mention this concept of electromagnetic energy units, which he says, in his terms, are made up of consciousness units. I’m clear that in your terms, links of consciousness make up these other units of energy that are involved in translating into objective physical imagery from a slightly faster, higher vibrational speed than is physical. You’ve never really commented on this concept, and I’m wondering if you would just comment on that notion of electromagnetic energy units in this translation process [of inner source energy into physical matter and energy]. (11)

ELIAS: This is an objective translation that may be more easily assimilated by individuals.

In another manner of speaking, it is a complication of the concept of consciousness, for it is the offering of what you objectively may term to be an extra piece or an extra element.

It has been offered purposefully, for as you are aware, within physical focus you incline objectively quite easily in the direction of complication and of creating processes, within your thought patterns and within all of your objective imagery that you create.

You move in the direction of not allowing yourselves to be accepting of the simplification of concepts or of movement or of consciousness, and in your exploration of consciousness, within physical terms, you choose to be creating complications for many of the aspects of consciousness within your physical dimension.

(Firmly) This is not bad. I am not expressing this in any terms of negativity. It is merely an action that you create, and that you have created quite purposefully.

It offers you the ability to be examining every area of physical manifestation. It offers you a tremendous labyrinth of exploration within physical dimensions, and allows you to be examining every aspect of what you may be creating within this physical dimension.

Therefore, it is not without purpose that you have created this direction of complication, but you have also incorporated this complicating element into your language quite efficiently.

Therefore, as you receive information, it is easier for you to be assimilating information offered if it is complicated. It is more difficult for you to be assimilating information if it is offered to you too simply.

Therefore, it has been quite purposefully complicated and offered to you in information, that you may easily assimilate the concept of movement of energy, and as I have stated, an extra piece has been inserted for your benefit, that you may be understanding the information efficiently.

In this, I express to you, links of consciousness create ALL manifestations.

You may complicate this, and you may express different categorizations for these links of consciousness. You may group links of consciousness in different manners, and in this, you may label and identify and classify them, and this may be efficient for your objective understanding, and this is acceptable if this offers you an ease within your objective understanding in movement.

But I may express to you, in actuality, links of consciousness group together in different configurations and create all actions and all movements and all manifestations of consciousness, and it need not be complicated further.

But as I have stated, I am quite understanding that this is the development of your language and how you move within your thought processes, and as I express to you the statement that links of consciousness create all of your reality in different configurations within physical dimensions and within nonphysical areas of consciousness, this is a simplification, and appears to you to be missing a piece. Therefore, you may insert your piece! (Chuckling)

PAUL: Thank you. That was really clear. I’m scaring myself these days that I’m actually following you, and I mean that with all due respect! (They both laugh)

So just to summarize my understanding of your answer, it’s clear to me, in what you’ve offered thus far in terms of consciousness units, that there’s a large, perhaps infinite spectrum of configurations, groupings, and so forth, and within our objective terms, there’s a certain observable way of breaking those down into pieces, and that certainly aligns with our scientific belief systems and so forth.

So, that’s interesting. My personal interest in this area is not classifying all of these configurations and publishing books about them at all, but to simply see what your answer and your feedback is in that area, and for me, it’s very clear. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.” [session 506, November 24, 1999]

ELIAS: (Chuckling) “Welcome this evening! We shall discuss, this evening, perception, and how you create your reality, and what you create within your reality, and that you DO create your reality.

I am aware that many of you are familiar with these types of terms, but I am also understanding that YOUR understanding of these terms is limited.

First of all, let me present to you the inquiry of, what is your definition of the terms, that you create your reality? How do you define this statement, that you create your reality? And do you create ALL of your reality?

FEMALE: I believe that we create our experience of reality.

ELIAS: And do you create ALL of your reality?

FEMALE: Yes. That is my belief.

ELIAS: Regardless of your experience?

JOHN: That’s what we’re told. You channeled beings tell us that all the time.

ELIAS: I am not expressing the inquiry of what you are told. I am expressing the inquiry of what you BELIEVE. (Pause) I shall express to you what you believe! (Grinning)

You believe that you create your reality at times. You believe that as your reality is moving in a favorable manner, you are creating it.

You also believe that there are certain situations or circumstances that you do NOT create. You believe accidents are elements of your reality that you experience, but that you do not necessarily create.

You believe that there are certain experiences within your reality that are uncomfortable or distressful or what you deem to be negative that you do not create. Some of your negative or uncomfortable experiences you may attribute to yourselves, and you may express that you are creating those experiences, but others you express are not of your creation.

If you are interacting with another individual, and you are experiencing conflict and you are experiencing what you identify as hurtfulness, you are not expressing to yourself that you are creating that within yourself. You are expressing to yourself that the other individual is creating an action which is thusly hurtful TO you.

If you are experiencing a dis-ease, you do not express to yourselves that you are creating this dis-ease. You express to yourself that you are being attacked by some element of physical origin that is creating the dis-ease. The dis-ease is creating itself, and it is ‘infecting’ you.

If you are participating in what you term to be an accident and you are severing your leg, you express that this is an accident and that some physical object has severed your leg. You have not created that action, but it has occurred TO you.

You also believe that other individuals hold the power to be creating certain elements of your reality for you. This creates your perception of victim. You may be experiencing this role of victim in many, many different types of expressions.

Now; I express to you, you create ALL of your reality. You create every moment of your reality – every breath, every thought, every emotion, every feeling, every action, every encounter. Every interaction of your reality – every circumstance and every ‘thing’ within your reality – is created by yourself.

No other individual, no circumstance, no essence, no element of consciousness may be creating any aspect of your reality for you. This is an intrusive action, and consciousness and essences are not intrusive. This is an intrinsic quality of consciousness, to not be intrusive. Therefore, NO element of your reality may be created by any other expression outside of yourself.

Now; you create the illusion within your beliefs that outside influences create aspects of your reality, but in actuality, you ALWAYS hold choices.

This is our point this evening, is to be discussing perception as the instrument that you incorporate within this physical reality to be creating all of your reality, and that instrument is moved through the wondrous expression of choice.

You have created many beliefs within this physical dimension. I shall express to you that your belief systems are, in a manner of speaking, a type of heartbeat to this physical dimension. They are a moving, working part of this physical dimension. You have chosen to incorporate them in this physical reality in its design.

There are many, many, many other physical realities within consciousness that you are also experiencing now, simultaneous to this experience that you identify, and within those dimensions, you may not be creating belief systems in this fashion. But in this one particular physical dimension, this is the design of this experience and this exploration.

Therefore, understand, belief systems are not right or wrong. They merely are. They are a facet of this particular physical experience. They are also extremely influencing of your perception.

Your perception is NOT belief systems. As I have stated, your perception is an instrument. It is a tool.

Let us engage an example or an analogy to illustrate this tool, and what it is and how it functions.

You incorporate physical vision as an outer sense within this physical manifestation. You may identify your physical vision as a figurative display of perception. Your physical vision allows you to input information concerning your environment, concerning all that is about you that you have created.

Now; in this, you each also manifest within this particular dimension holding an individual orientation, of which there are three associated with this particular physical reality. Each of these three orientations may be likened to spectacles that you place before your physical eyes, and each of these three types of spectacles incorporate a different colored lens.

Therefore, you view all of your reality through the lens of your orientation in this particular reality, through the hue or the tint of that particular color, figuratively speaking, but you view the reality through the vision.

Therefore, the reality that you view is quite similar. Each of you view a table, and your viewing of the table is quite similar, but your viewing is the action of your perception.

Each of you – every individual that is manifest within this dimension upon your planet – holds a unique perception, in like manner to your fingerprints. Perception is so very highly unique that no two individuals throughout the entirety of your history create the same perception. It is HIGHLY individualized. Therefore, if perception is the instrument which creates your reality – and it is – and it is highly unique and individualized through your individual creation, all of your reality is also highly individualized and unique.

Now; in this, I shall express to you a different manner in which you may allow yourself to incorporate a thought process, in association with perception and the uniqueness of each individual’s perception, associated with what and how you create your reality in every moment.

In this present now, you all sit with myself within a room. There are many objects within this room. There are many individuals within this room. EACH one of you – each individual present within this room – is creating every object within this room, and creating the room, and creating the building, and creating the street upon which the building sits, and creating all of the action that is occurring presently in this now. EACH of you is creating your OWN reality.

You are not all creating your IDEA of a reality that already exists. You are each simultaneously creating the actual reality. Therefore, the viewing of any object or any individual within this present room shall be different as perceived by each individual, for each individual is creating all of the other individuals. (Grinning)

And you may be expressing to yourselves, ‘How may this be? I am not creating all of these other individuals that sit within this room.’ And I express to you, yes, you are! They also are creating all of the individuals sitting within this room. This room presently is quite crowded with many, many, many, many, many individuals!

You are all creating your individual groups of individuals beside the individuals that are creating themselves, and you are each creating yourselves also. Therefore, you (looking at one person) are creating yourself presently, and you are creating another physical, solid matter, moving, breathing projection of every other individual within this room, and so are you, and so are you, and so are ALL of you.

Each of you allows yourself to be subjectively interactive with the other essences that are participating in this physical manifestation, and therefore, you allow yourselves a type of blueprint, so to speak, of the manifestation of each focus of each other essence presence, and from that blueprint, you create your own design of each individual present within this room, and as you interact with each other, each of you interacts with the individual that you have created through your perception.

It matters not that you do not know, in your terms objectively, the other individuals present or that you have not physically met the other individuals present, for you DO know them, for there is no separation. You merely create the illusion of separation, that you may be experiencing the purity of physical exploration.

But you already know all of the individuals present this evening in consciousness and in essence. You merely may be unfamiliar with their physical, objective projection of themselves, but you are not entirely unfamiliar, for you create your physical manifestation of them, which is actual, physical matter – atoms and molecules, flesh and blood – and you do not allow yourselves with your physical eyes to see the other individual which stands or sits beside the one that you have created, for you only allow yourselves to view through your individual perception.

Now; this holds significance, for you are all participating in a movement of consciousness that we identify as this shift, and in this shift in consciousness, you are all – regardless of your beliefs – widening your awareness, and what you are engaging in widening your awareness is opening your objective awareness to your periphery.

And as we return to your physical vision, what you have created – in like manner to your outer sense of vision – throughout your history in this physical dimension is to be perceiving narrowly before you and not engaging your periphery.

If you are viewing with your physical vision singularly before you and not engaging your peripheral vision, you are not viewing all that is occurring within your reality about you and all that you are creating in it, with the exception of this narrow field.

In the action of this shift, you are opening to your periphery and you are allowing yourself to view all of what you are creating, and allowing yourself the recognition that you ARE creating all that is within your reality.

Individuals within recent time framework have expressed inquiries of myself concerning interactions that they engage with other individuals or with situations that they wish to be creating or want to be creating within their reality, and feel or perceive that they do not hold the ability to be creating of these actions or that they are stifled or that they are ‘stuck’ in interactions with other individuals, in creations within their reality, in movement. Some individuals may even be expressing that they feel themselves to be moving backward rather than forward, and this creates confusion, or if they are creating movement at all, in their perception, they are moving in circles, and they are frustrated that they are not accomplishing in the manner that they wish to be accomplishing.

And these expressions have been offered in the cries of consciousness recently by very many individuals in many, many, many different types of expressions, from individual exploration of self or what you deem to be spirituality, to interactions in relationships, to curiosities and wonderings of your employment, your jobs, your physical health, your weather – ANY element that you may choose as subject matter has been risen in consciousness recently, in the chaos of confusion of individuals within this dimension expressing within consciousness, ‘What are we creating? What am I creating? Why am I NOT creating?’

I express to you, first of all, you are participating within a wave in consciousness presently, which addresses to the belief system of duplicity, which is quite influencing, for our affection for this particular belief system is boundless!

This particular belief system, which expresses the identification of right and wrong and good and bad and better and worse, is coupled with every other belief system that you have created and enters into every movement, every action, every thought, every motion that you create within this reality. You deem them to be either good or bad, acceptable or unacceptable, comfortable or uncomfortable.

There is a tremendous struggle which is occurring in the recognition of this belief system, for this belief system holds great strength. What you identify to be wrong, you identify in absolutes as wrong, and what you identify as right, you identify as absolutely right.

But let us return to perception. Each individual’s perception is unique. Therefore, their definition of right and wrong and good and bad and better and worse is different.

You may think to yourselves that there are absolutes. You may delude yourselves in the definitions of absolutes, as to the rights and wrongs and betters and worse, and you may reinforce these delusions of absolutes by interacting with other individuals that hold similar perceptions to yourselves or similar definitions to yourselves, but they are not exact and they are not entirely the same. They are different, for YOU are different.

This belief system is important in its presentment that you allow yourself to view, for a very base expression of this shift in consciousness, in allowing you to widen your awareness and to engage your periphery, is to be neutralizing your belief systems and accepting those belief systems – not eliminating them, but accepting them, viewing them as they are and accepting their existence – and to be accepting your beliefs, you need be creating the prerequisite of acceptance of YOU, acceptance of self, and this presents an enormous challenge within this physical reality, for the expression of duplicity is immense.

But all hope is not lost, for YOU are immense, and you hold tremendous power! You have merely forgotten how to be empowering yourselves by recognizing, through an acceptance of yourselves, who and what you ARE.

And this is the point of this shift in consciousness, to be incorporating the remembrance, and I shall express once again, the remembrance is not memory. I am not speaking of incorporating a memory of past events, but of a remembrance, a state of being of self, an acceptance of self – the knowing and the acknowledgment of the gloriousness of yourselves, and the incredible exhibition of wonderment and energy expression that you hold.

There is no action that you may not be creating! It is merely the obstacle of your beliefs that prevent you from creating ANY element within your reality. But before you may be realizing that you hold the ability to be creating any expression and offering yourself this wondrous freedom of your reality, you must be acknowledging to yourself that you ARE creating your reality, and that no other expression within consciousness is creating it FOR you.

For each time you express to yourselves that any other aspect of reality is creating for you, you diminish your power. You deny and discount your abilities and you narrow your expression of your own freedom, and in this shift, you are creating an EXPLOSION in freedom! And how very wondrous is this as a direction to be choosing within a physical expression, that you may be limitless in what you create and what you explore! And THIS is what you present to yourselves now, in widening your awareness and engaging your periphery.” [session 646, June 17, 2000]

MIKE: “… I know you told me constantly last year in one of the sessions, but I never followed it up. But how is it that I limit my creativity with my attention or with my singular focusedness? First of all, I don’t even understand singular focusedness in the context of what you’re talking about. I can see it in minor stuff, but I don’t see how, on the grander scale, it would affect my creativity or whatsuch.

ELIAS: Very well. Let us examine this expression.

Singularly focusing your attention outside of yourself, in a tremendous concentration and occupying much of your time framework, limits your recognition of your own movement, limits your acknowledgment of your abilities, limits your understanding of what you are creating, for your attention is not centered upon self.

Your attention is automatically projected outside of self, and you camouflage this in the expressions that you are ‘thinking’ much of the time; you are attempting to be examining your actions much of the time. But this is merely a camouflage that you offer to yourself, for you are not in actuality genuinely examining self or turning your attention to self. You may be occupying yourself within your thoughts continuously, and this may not be an expression of turning your attention to self! Merely for the reason that your thoughts are created, in your perception, somewhere within you is not to say that those same thoughts are concerned WITH you.

Holding your attention outside of yourself, in tremendous concentration of what you identify as time framework, IS limiting, for this does not allow you the opportunity to become familiar with you. It DOES create automatic actions, automatic associations, and reinforcements of the belief systems that you hold, and this is not the point.

The point is to be familiarizing yourself with self, to be familiarizing yourself with your individual beliefs, allowing yourself the opportunity to notice and recognize and identify your individual beliefs, and subsequently allow yourself to recognize the influence that your beliefs hold upon your perception, and in this, recognize that your perception creates all of your reality – EVERY MOMENT of your reality.

As you begin to turn your attention to self, you also begin eliminating, one by one, the obstacles that you have created within your own movement, and in this, you allow yourself to recognize your automatic responses – WHY you create the movements that you create, HOW you create, WHAT you create in your reality, and most significantly, that you DO create all that is expressed within your reality.

This be the most significant aspect, for there remains aspects of your reality that you do NOT view that you create!

MIKE: (Laughing) Such as?

ELIAS: Ah! You may be in interaction with one of the small ones, and you may view actions that one of these small ones are creating, and you shall express to yourself, at times of exasperation – or even within times of acknowledgment of the choices of one of these small ones – and you shall assess to yourself that some element outside of you has created this action. You have perceived it, you have viewed it, but your identification of perception is that you are viewing, not that you are creating.

Let us express a hypothetical situation. You are interacting with one of the small ones within your home hypothetically this day, and that small one drops a cup of liquid upon the floor, and you express exasperation, for the small one has dropped the cup of liquid upon the floor, and you view that you now need be mopping up the liquid.

Now; who has dropped the liquid upon the floor?

MIKE: The small one.


MIKE: What?

ELIAS: YOU have dropped the liquid upon the floor, for you have created another small one, which is YOUR perception of this individual, and the action has been created by YOU.

MIKE: (Laughing) You always give me the brain teasers!

ELIAS: HA HA! But you are so very fond of this type of creativity!

MIKE: (Laughing) Yes, I am!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

MIKE: (Laughing) That is so interesting!

ELIAS: Now; your response automatically, in this hypothetical situation, is exasperation, for you assess that now you must be mopping up this liquid which is upon your floor. This would be an automatic expression, hypothetically, that you may create.

In this, what is your expression?

MIKE: To the small one? Clean it up! (Laughing) Usually my automatic expression is to make them clean it up, but at the same time, I get mad because I’m thinking I’m gonna have to clean it up.

ELIAS: Quite! Now; what is your identification of what is occurring? What are you creating in that moment?

MIKE: In that moment – in the moment of the automatic expression, or the moment that the cup dropped?

ELIAS: In the moment of the automatic response.

MIKE: Oh geez. I don’t know! That’s something I’ve been thinking about the past couple of days. Maybe something with control?

ELIAS: You are expressing an automatic response in personal responsibility ...

MIKE: Ah! Once again!

ELIAS: ... that you need be assuming responsibility for the choice and action of another individual.

MIKE: But I thought you said I’m the one who dropped the cup.

ELIAS: You are, as created by the blueprint of the other individual.

The other individual is creating, hypothetically, the action of dropping the cup, for they have chosen to be dropping the cup. You also, modeling your creation of the individual from a blueprint that you have created of that individual, create an action simultaneously of dropping the cup also.

Now; in this, YOU create the interaction with the individual that you have created through your perception, and in that interaction, you interact with yourself, in a manner of speaking.

Therefore, you project your attention outwardly, hold your attention upon the outward action and your evaluation of that outward action, and you automatically express personal responsibility, in the expression that YOU need be responsible for all actions that are occurring outside of yourself.

MIKE: Hmm. (Sighing) Very interesting! More food for thought.

ELIAS: Let me also express to you, Mikah, which may be motivating within your thought process, assuming personal responsibility for individuals or situations or actions outside of yourself is NOT an expression of acceptance. It is not an expression of acceptance of self and it is not an expression of acceptance of another individual.” [session 657, July 07, 2000]

VICKI: “The only other thing I really want to talk to you about today is on a completely different subject matter, and it has to do with this concept of how we interact with our perception of another individual.

ELIAS: Very well.

VICKI: A few people have written to me and expressed confusion regarding this concept, specifically in the manner of not understanding if they’re actually creating that individual’s reality.

Yesterday I worked on a transcript in which you offered an analogy to Mikey about a kid spilling some liquid on the floor. You told him that in actuality HE spilled the liquid on the floor. So I’ve been thinking about that, and I’m not quite sure how to respond to these people, and I’m not quite sure for myself how this works.

If I’m interacting with a kid and he spills liquid on the floor, I’m actually spilling the liquid according to what was said in that transcript. But then again, I’m not creating that individual’s reality, correct?

ELIAS: You are correct.

VICKI: Can you explain that to me?

ELIAS: Very well. Let me express to you, Lawrence [Vicki], as I have offered previously, you manifest within a physical dimension and reality which is extremely intricate. It is highly efficient, and it is also highly precise.

Now; you are correct, you do not create one moment of any other individual’s reality; neither does any other individual create ANY of your reality. But as I have stated to you, you do not participate in this physical dimension singularly. There are many, many, many essences which focus attentions and manifestations in this reality also. Therefore, each individual that you encounter objectively is in themselves another focus of essence. It is an actual physical manifestation of another essence.

Now; in this, as you encounter every other individual within your physical dimension, what you encounter is the energy of that individual, and upon the reception of that energy you create a projection of that individual through your own perception. Therefore, you create your own likeness of that individual through your own perception.

Each of you individually projects energy; that energy is received or blocked by each of you from each other. In moments that you receive energy from another individual, what you create is a translation of that energy expression. You filter that energy expression through your own individual associations, through your own beliefs, through your own assessments of self, through your own expectations, and you project outwardly through your perception an image and actions.

Now; that image and those actions are directly associated with the energy you have received from the other individual, but they are also influenced through your perception. Therefore, we may incorporate this example that you have offered.

One individual may be, in your terms, spilling the liquid upon the floor. They are creating an action. They are creating a choice; they are projecting energy in a specific manifestation. That energy is projected outward, not necessarily directly to one individual, but merely projected outward. You, as an individual within physical proximity and interaction with the other individual, receive the projection of energy. Once receiving the projection of energy, you filter that energy through many different avenues of communication within yourself and project it outwardly through your perception and create a very similar event. It may not be identical as an event, but it may be quite similar.

Therefore, the individual creating the action creates an action of spilling the liquid. You create a very similar action in your projection of that individual through your perception.

Now; at times you may be receiving energy from another individual and you may translate it quite differently, and therefore your projection of the event that has occurred in relation to another individual may be quite different from what the individual has created, and therefore your perceptions shall be expressed quite differently. What you view shall be very different.

At times, you do not receive the energy that is projected by another individual; you block. And in this situation, you may create a VERY different perception or creation of reality than the other individual.

VICKI: Yeah, I’ve had that experience! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Let me express to you, Lawrence [Vicki], there is an interplay of energy between individuals. There is a direct projection and reception of energy between individuals, but the actual physical manifestations of any interaction is a creation of each individual’s perception.

The direct interaction between yourself and any other individual is in energy expression, not in actual physical manifestation. The physical manifestation, the physical projection, is created by you, by the individual, through the mechanism of your perception.

VICKI: So, when I observe somebody spilling a cup of liquid, I am in actuality doing that, but the other person is also projecting the energy of that physical act?

ELIAS: Yes, and may be creating that physical act, and you may be creating a perception closely associated and quite similar to what they are creating.

VICKI: So in reality, both individuals are creating the act.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: That’s hard to understand! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Many times your creations are quite similar. Therefore, you may express to each other that you view the same event, that you view the same action or the same object. You may describe aspects of your realities quite similarly or what appears to you to be the same, for you are allowing yourselves in many moments to be accepting the energy of the other individual and not tremendously coloring that energy through your own communications and associations, and therefore you allow yourself to be creating a very similar expression to what the other individual is creating.

This also offers you the explanation of why you shall be surprised at times at what another individual may be creating, for your expectation prior to the creation of the other individual may have been different. But within the moment, you may be allowing yourself to receive the energy expressed by the other individual, translate that through your perception with little distortion, and therefore create a very similar projection through your perception as that which has been expressed by the other individual.

VICKI: I take it this is the way it is most of the time.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: There’s a similarity in all of that.

ELIAS: Yes. You are not creating tremendous difference in the expression through your perception from that which is being projected by the other individual.

You shall hold an awareness objectively in the moments that you are influencing and interfering with that energy expression, for you shall view the difference of expressions. You shall allow yourself an awareness of the vastness of difference between your perception of an action or an event and the other individual’s perception.

VICKI: Okay. I guess part of the point here, though, is to remember that you are in actuality creating that action.

ELIAS: Correct.

VICKI: And that’s the hard part!” (Laughing, and Elias chuckles)” [session 796, March 13, 2001]

NEAL: “I think I’d like to proceed along the lines of my engagement of duplicity in relationship to my own beliefs and mass consciousness beliefs in regards to my manifestation of this new vehicle, that I’ve been trying to move into joy with – at least in the last few hours here – but that I’ve been engaged in over the last three or four days.

ELIAS: Very well. Offer to me the nature of your concern and conflict.

NEAL: I’m looking for an understanding that will allow me to create this car with less conflict than what I’ve experienced. From my point of view, logically, somebody else should ... I’m trying to do something that should, at least in mass consciousness beliefs, be an easy process, and trying to make it easy as far as getting a loan for the car as far as manifesting the money – that seems to grow every time I talk to the people involved – that they want for a down payment.

I find that every time I feel that it’s going to be easy, something else comes up. I know I’m playing a part in it and I accept that, but there are also other people whose choices are involved. I’m just trying to understand, how can I make it more fun? How can I get there easier? How can I make it less stressful on myself?

ELIAS: The key in what you are expressing that you may allow yourself to pay attention to is your belief concerning the involvement of other individuals. What you are presenting to yourself is a demonstration of mass beliefs in relation to the concept that you create your reality.

In this, what you are creating is the following of the mass belief of the method of how you create your reality, and in following that method, you are presenting to yourself the opportunity to view how that method in actuality does not accomplish what you expect. This, in actuality, is offering you not merely an example but an actual experience in what does not fit in the new reality.

Now; let me offer to you an explanation. There are mass beliefs expressed in relation to your new expression of metaphysics, in your vernacular what you identify as your New Age of thinking, so to speak. These mass beliefs express to you specific methods that you may engage and apply within your movement that shall allow you to create what you want. But in actuality, you are not moving into creating this shift in consciousness within your focus in the future; you are already altering and have altered aspects of your actual physical reality in alignment with this shift in consciousness. Therefore, the methods that may have been incorporated previously in alignment with mass beliefs no longer fit the reality that you are presently creating.

Now; in explanation of what the methods are and what is NOT fitting in your present reality, you may allow yourself to recognize what you have engaged. You have stepped clearly into the method expressed through mass beliefs: direct your thoughts to the object of what you want, visualize what you want, concentrate your objective thinking attention in this visualization of the object – in this scenario, the vehicle – express to yourself that you trust yourself that you shall manifest this, and subsequently create action that shall produce the manifestation of what you want.

Now; this is the identification of the method of the movement in alignment with the mass beliefs. Underlying, that method is the identification of manipulating your energy to override obstacles that may be potentially expressed that may block your ability to create what you want in obtaining this vehicle. There are also underlying expressions of associations that you are co-creating with other individuals. You have expressed all of these identifications in your brief offering of your conflict.

Now; the reason you are experiencing difficulty and conflict and you are expressing discouragement and anxiety is that you are attempting to be incorporating the familiar in the method, which in actuality does not fit any longer in the movement of your reality.

First of all, I shall express to you, you are NOT co-creating. It matters not what the choices are that are expressed by other individuals. As you present physical manifestations of other individuals and their choices to yourself, you are creating an actual physical projection through your perception of the interaction between yourself and other individuals.

The other individuals, as you have stated, are aligning with the mass beliefs and are expressing this to you in alignment with established mass beliefs concerning acceptable and unacceptable business transactions, conventional transactions and interactions. You are attempting to be allowing yourself to express unconventional transactions and interactions, but the alignment with the beliefs continues to be expressed. It matters not that your thought process expresses to you that you are not aligning with the mass beliefs. You ARE aligning with the mass beliefs and you are expressing them within yourself, and therefore you are reflecting that precisely to yourself through the mirror of the interaction with the other individuals.

You also associate with the belief that what you are creating is attaining an object that you do not possess yet. Therefore, you are once again attempting to fit the square peg into the round hole of your reality presently, for you are not attaining this object from someone else, you are creating it. YOU are manifesting it. You already possess it; it is merely a matter of inserting it into your objective physical reality through the projection of your perception, which creates all of your physical-matter reality. It also creates the other individuals that you are interacting with. You directly interact with the expression of energy projected by the other individuals, but what you interact with in actual physical manifestation is YOUR creation.

In this, what you are expressing struggle with is the actual redefining of your reality. It is not the manifestation of the vehicle or the interaction with other individuals that is creating great challenge within yourself. What is being expressed in great challenge is turning the wheel of your attention to be steering the ship of your perception in a different direction, and recognizing in genuineness the reality that YOU are actually creating all of these actions and that you are choosing all of these actions. They are not occurring TO you. You are creating them yourself, even the other individuals. You are creating them, also.

Let me express to you, my friend, this particular design of perception is a wondrous instrument, for it precisely, immaculately and clearly reflects to you what you are creating in every detail. You present to yourself interaction with other individuals that appears to you to be blocking your ability to manifest what you want, and these individuals are precisely reflecting to you the identification of your own beliefs and doubts, your own alignment with the methods that do not actually create what you want.

Your thoughts do not create your reality. Your thoughts are designed to interpret and translate communications, information. Visualization moves very closely in alignment with thought, and merely that you visualize a want is not what shall actualize that want; the perception is what shall actualize. You have presented yourself with a tremendous opportunity to view quite clearly your alignment with mass beliefs expressed within your metaphysics, mass beliefs expressed within the conventional societal movements, and your own challenge to be redefining your individual reality.

Let me express to you, my friend, in turning your attention to self and offering yourself permission to create what you want yourself, without the insertion of any other individual, you may offer yourself the recognition of a tremendous new freedom. In a manner of speaking, what you have been expressing in movement recently, in your terms, is an action of attempting to bulldoze over and through the choices of other individuals, associating within your beliefs that they are co-creating with you.

I may express to you, in turning your attention to you, you may allow yourself to bulldoze through your hill of doubting of your own ability to be creating every aspect of your reality and to flatten the hill of beliefs that express to you that you may merely create some aspects of your reality but that other aspects of your reality are dictated to you by other individuals or situations or circumstances.

Literally, it matters not what other individuals choose, for they are not creating your reality, they are not creating your perception, and they do not dictate to you what your choices may or shall be. The key is genuine trust of your abilities. (Pause)

NEAL: Thank you.

ELIAS: I may also express to you, your preoccupation with time framework is also an alignment with your beliefs, for you have created an association within yourself that if you are not manifesting the accomplishment of what you want within a particular time framework, you have failed. You will have failed to offer yourself your validation, and the association with the failure is reinforced with your belief that if you are not manifesting this want within a particular time framework, the more movement of time that passes the more difficult it shall be for you to manifest – which in actuality is incorrect, for time matters not.

In trusting yourself genuinely in your ability to create what you want regardless of what you view is being expressed outside of yourself, you may create the manifestation of that want within any moment. But the involvement of your preoccupation with time is also offering you information, for it also reinforces your belief that you do not already possess what you want, you are acquiring this want – and you are not acquiring at all. All that may be, all that can be, all that will be, all that is in potential is already possessed within you. I am not speaking figuratively or metaphorically.

The vehicle is comprised of links of consciousness which configure themselves together to create what you physically associate and define as atoms, which configure themselves together to be creating specific materials that you identify as metals and cloths and oils. It matters not; all of these physical configurations of atoms are in actuality groupings and configurations of links of consciousness. They are all expressed within you, and you are directing of them. This is the most basic identification of you as consciousness.

I am aware that your identification of your physical reality concerning this vehicle is that in another physical location of your planet other individuals are busily moving, forming together the assembly of a vehicle which is transported to another physical location and offered to other individuals [who] present this vehicle to what you view as your public, your society; and you move yourself to a particular physical location, view a particular vehicle that already exists, that has been created and produced by other individuals and is now being sold by another individual, and you shall move through the process of purchasing this vehicle which has been created by other individuals and is being sold by another individual and acquired through purchase by yourself.

This is the illusion; this is the game. This is the physical movement of play, of interaction that you offer to yourself in relation to this physical dimension and your interaction with other individuals. It is the expression of the physical design of your game in this physical reality.

In actuality this is the illusion. For you are the other individuals and YOU assemble this vehicle, and in actuality the vehicle that you believe you are acquiring you have actually physically configured through your perception, and this is your design, your manifestation. The vehicle that you perceive to be purchasing and that you actually allow yourself to drive away inside of shall be manifest in that moment.

You have not inserted it into your reality yet, for you are occupying your attention not with the actual manifestation of the vehicle but in the process, for this is offering you much information in relation to how you create your reality and offering you the opportunity to actually view in this process your movement, your beliefs, your expressions, how you steer your perception through your attention, how all of these expressions and movements interplay to be creating your reality.

This in actuality, my friend, is a wondrous gift that you are offering to yourself, a breakthrough, so to speak, in your expression of relationship with yourself: an allowance of yourself to identify the influencing beliefs, the automatic responses, the automatic associations, the methods incorporated, the obstacles that are automatically expressed in association with the methods and beliefs, the importance of trust in your abilities, and the recognition of the genuineness of what has been thus far a concept that you actually create every element and every expression of your reality. What a wondrous example you have offered to yourself in objective imagery and in interaction with other individuals.

In this, you engage interaction with myself to be clarifying and also to be reminding yourself that you are not eliminating the beliefs, you are merely allowing yourself an awareness of them, recognizing their existence, your alignment with them, and allowing yourself the opportunity to create choice rather than automatic response, which offers you freedom.

My friend, do not be discounting of yourself. You choose, at times, depending upon the intensity of your desire in a particular time framework, to be creating scenarios in experiences of intensity that shall motivate you objectively to genuinely examine and explore precisely how you are creating any particular aspect of your reality. As we have spoken previously, this is expressed in a very strong curiosity within you.

NEAL: I do like to explore.

ELIAS: The exploration of the mechanisms and how they create. Therefore, you are engaging exploration of your own mechanisms and how YOU create your actual reality. And you are correct in your identification that you are offering to yourself the examination of what you believe to be the creating of the impossible, not merely in relation to other individuals or your society or mass beliefs or challenging the concept of co-creation as opposed to the concept of you creating all of your reality, but also the presentment of the impossibility that you actually produce and manifest a physical object of this magnitude. (Pause)

This is, in your terms, physically, a larger presentment of manifesting the apple within your hand. Ha ha ha ha!

NEAL: At least we do have the color correct, don’t we? (Elias laughs loudly) In this process I’ve looked at a couple cars, but I feel that this one is more in alignment with my intent.

ELIAS: And it is providing you with much imagery, correct?

NEAL: Absolutely, absolutely. ELIAS: (Laughs) My suggestion to you, my friend, is to be continuing your exploration and your examination of HOW you are creating your reality, turning your attention to your actual abilities and trusting yourself, and to be expressing this in playfulness.

You have allowed yourself in this process to become quite serious, and in that seriousness you are also expressing much more tension and conflict. Your focus shall not discontinue in this particular exploration. (Chuckles) You are merely exploring your abilities, my friend; be playful in your exploration. You engage a GAME of physical reality. In actuality, all of consciousness occupies itself in playing the game of discovery and exploration, and it is expressed in many, many, many dimensions and areas of consciousness, and it is playful. (Pause)

NEAL: So if by turning my attention to the playful experience, I’m inserting it in my reality, though I...

ELIAS: And trusting yourself that you do in actuality hold the ability to manifest what you want regardless of how it appears outwardly to be impossible, for it matters not. No other individual is dictating to you. No other individual is manifesting your reality. YOU are manifesting your reality.

NEAL: Well, it has been a bulldozing experience so far. (Elias laughs) And I’ve felt that type of shift that this experience can actualize within me.

ELIAS: Correct.

NEAL: I won’t have to do it this way ever again, but...

ELIAS: And I may express to you, my friend, do not snare yourself in the expression of this belief, for it is not a question of whether you HAVE TO create in this manner again or whether you have to create in this manner in this present now. You are CHOOSING purposefully in this now to be creating in this manner, to offer yourself information in your exploration; and you may be choosing futurely, but they are choices.

I may express to you, the difference of the choices is that in this present now you are choosing automatic responses in alignment with beliefs, and you are not offering yourself a clear objective awareness yet of other choices that you also incorporate, for you are discounting and doubting of your ability to be creating of all of your reality, and you are questioning whether you actually do create all of your reality or does another individual co-create certain aspects of your reality.

Therefore, you are questioning and examining in this experience, and as I have stated many times previously, experience offers you knowledge, for it offers you an actual recognition and understanding of the concepts that you present to yourself. Without the expression of the experience in your physical dimension and reality, concepts remain precisely that, concepts, and you do not understand objectively and insert them into your actual reality until you offer yourself the experience of the concept – and this is what you are presenting to yourself now.” [session 894, August 31, 2001]

JIM: “Probably the area that I tend to think the most about and I think is probably one of our biggest challenges is believing that we fully create our reality while we are interacting with other people. I know from what I’ve read in some of the other sessions, you talk about where in many ways we are interacting with ourselves, because we are creating the projection of the other people and we also translate their energy into our own imagery and their actions.

So, the aspect, I guess, where I have a question is, because we are creating the imagery of the other person and the other person is creating their imagery of say, me, would we ever know when we are creating a different interaction than what each of us is seeing?

ELIAS: Yes. As I have stated previously, for the most part the manner in which ‘you create your reality’ is expressed is that you do in actuality interact with the energy of another individual. You project energy to other individuals and other individuals project energy to you. As you receive the energy from the other individual, you configure that energy, filtering through your beliefs, and project outwardly your perception, which is the actual physical creation of the other individual. In this, for the most part, as you generate this action you are receiving the energy from the other individual and you are configuring it quite similarly to what the other individual is projecting.

Now; as I have stated, you also filter this energy through your own beliefs and associations. Therefore it may be projected to you and you may be altering the actual configuration of energy, but in participation with another individual, this may still be configured quite similarly to the manner in which it has been projected by the other individual. For you chose to be interactive with specific individuals in specific moments, allowing yourself to be receiving energy that shall be configured similar to their projection but also as a reflection of what you are generating in that moment inwardly. Therefore, there is a cooperation that occurs.

Now; at times you may be interactive with another individual’s energy but not necessarily with the projection of energy by the attention of the other individual. Therefore, what you may be interactive with is an energy deposit of another individual. This is no less an expression of the other individual’s energy, but it may not be associated with the attention of the other individual. Therefore, it incorporates the qualities of the other individual and expression of the other individual, but as it may not incorporate the attention of the other individual, you may recognize subsequent to your interaction, or even at times during your perceived interaction, that your experiences appear to be quite different.

What I am expressing in this is that you may be creating an experience in conjunction with another individual, and you shall generate the physical manifestation and imagery; subsequent to the interaction you may be engaging another interaction with that individual and communicating to the other individual concerning the previous experience, and the other individual may express to you no objective recognition or knowledge of the experience at all, which may appear to you momentarily to be quite confusing.

These are time frameworks in which you allow yourself to view that you have created a projection of interaction with another individual in which the other individual has created a very different experience. In these time frameworks you may be, as I have stated, interactive with another individual’s energy but not with their attention.

Your evidence of time frameworks in which you are generating an interaction which is not being configured in similarity with the other individual’s projection of energy are time frameworks in which you realize in your objective attention that your experiences may be quite different or in time frameworks in which you realize that it appears to you that you are interactive or communicating with the other individual but you seem not to be communicating with the other individual. This may be evidenced in a moment in which you begin to experience that you may be communicating with another individual and you experience a sensation and a recognition of oddity as though you may be speaking an entirely different language, in which you are also recognizing that your perception of the other individual is that you are not understanding their communication either, as though they are speaking an entirely different language, in which neither of you in your perception is connecting, in a manner of speaking, in any type of communication that either of you understand.

Now; this is a different action from a communication that may occur between individuals of different orientations. At times you may recognize that you may incorporate difficulty or challenge in understanding the expression of another individual incorporating a different orientation. But this is quite a different action, and you shall recognize that you are attempting to understand the other individual’s expression and you are in some manner communicating with each other.

The time frameworks which I am speaking of do not occur frequently. This in actuality is a rare occurrence, although it does occur with individuals in which you are aware that you are not merely incorporating difficulty or challenge understanding another individual, but you are recognizing that there is no communication actually occurring, that you are incorporating entirely different expressions even though you perceive yourself to be interactive with the other individual. This is an expression that occurs in the moments in which you are not engaging an energy projection incorporating the attention of the other individual. Are you understanding?

JIM: I believe so, yes.

ELIAS: Therefore, as to your question, shall you know objectively in moments when you are not actually engaging the attention of another individual, yes, you do offer yourselves evidence of this action. But as I have stated, for the most part you are similarly configuring the energy through your perception and generating the projection of the other individual in association with what is being projected to you by the other individual. In actuality my friends, the manner in which you interact through energy and project physical manifestations in this dimension is HIGHLY efficient.

JIM: Efficient, in that they are very similar? Is that what you mean by efficient?

ELIAS: Partially, but also that you have quite intricately designed a physical dimension that interacts with energy. The physical configuration of manifestations is generated by each individual in a highly efficient manner, for it moves quite precisely in association with energy, with no incorporation of accident, but quite definitely in a recognition of yourselves, to allow you to be precisely interactive in each moment with specific individuals that shall project energy to you that you wish to reflect to yourself, to offer yourself information concerning what you are generating.

JIM: So how we see other individuals is in a way a reflection of ourselves?

ELIAS: Correct.

MAVIS: We want to be communicating that message back to ourselves, then?

ELIAS: Yes. This is the manner in which you allow yourselves to objectively view yourselves.

MAVIS: That’s interesting.

ELIAS: Now; this also is partially the challenge which arises in association with this shift in consciousness, for the action of turning your attention to self and holding your attention upon self simultaneous to viewing your projection of manifestations through your perception is quite unfamiliar.

MAVIS: And staying out of victim mode while you are doing it!

ELIAS: Quite. (Laughter) For your association with this action has been that you are not projecting the image of the other individual; the other individual is the other individual, and therefore their expressions are generated by them and therefore you do not incorporate choice in association with other individuals – and this is incorrect.” [session 1010, February 17, 2002]

JERRY: “Is there a way to find the juncture between those, to take the imagination to the step of creating the reality of imagination? What is that juncture, at which point you can create the reality that you have imagined?

ELIAS: You may create in physical form or in physical reality any expression that you may imagine. The manner in which you create any expression that you may imagine is the same as you create any expression or manifestation within your reality. How do you create any of your reality?

JERRY: From intuition. (Laughs)

ELIAS: And how does your intuition manifest in physical reality?

JERRY: It depends. I’ve been personally moving in a new direction, staying away from intellect and trying to move more towards what’s on my plate and trying to stay in the moment, which is in its own way difficult. So I’m trying to listen to feeling and trying to disengage the intellect when things happen. So via intuition, via taking the next step forward, via living in this reality as much as I possibly can, I think I’ve shifted from an intellectual or thought-driven life to more heart-centered, if you want to call it that, intuitive.

But right now I’m in major frustration, and my major question today was about how to create or how do I go about... There seems to be some link to my belief systems in security, which has an awful lot to do with why I’m fighting the thought process, which is the old way of doing things, and the intuitive process, which I know is the way to go. But I’m right in the middle of the transition. Mary spoke of the seven-year transition. I think I’m right in the middle of it! But I’ve always wondered if security was part of why my weight is heavy, all of these things that seem to be obstacles, and yet I don’t seem to find the way or I’m finding it so slowly, of letting go of the security aspect and allowing it just to be.

ELIAS: Define security.

JERRY: This is what I’m working on right now. I think it manifests in different ways. For myself, I didn’t seem to care about my external security – my apartment, how I live. Then it became emotional security. Since I’ve moved in a new direction, I don’t have the emotional security problem. I’m very secure in my relationships around me.

Now it tends to manifest in my external reality in regard to where I live and the next step on the road to what I would choose to do as a profession. To me, those things are the security issues that I seem to keep locking myself up with over and over again. Not so much money, because I know that money does come from releasing those blocks, but more taking stock in my own security, knowing that I will.

I think the jump is knowing I will be taken care of, knowing that of course I will take care of myself and letting the fear go, moving forward and being secure so that I can finally let go of all this ridiculousness, that I can’t do the things that I really need to do – writing, specifically – in this focus.

ELIAS: What are you denying yourself NOW?

JERRY: Security.

ELIAS: And what shall generate that?

JERRY: Removing the obstacle... I think discipline. I’m not sure.

ELIAS: What is your want now, this day?

JERRY: To feel secure.

ELIAS: What are you generating presently which creates the insecurity? What is occurring in this moment?

JERRY: I don’t know.

ELIAS: In this moment, you are within this room. You are conversing with myself. You are present in the midst of other individuals. What is occurring that is generating a threat?

JERRY: I really don’t feel threatened right now, so...

ELIAS: Correct! (Group laughter) This is an example of moving your attention to the now and acknowledging yourself and recognizing that there is no threat. Therefore, there is no need for security. Security is protection. Where is the need for protection? There is no threat.

The threat is generated and the need for protection or security is generated in the moments that you project your attention futurely or pastly, in which you allow yourself to move your attention to the past and are occupying your attention with the absoluteness of past experiences and denying your choices now or anticipating future events or movements that are not being created. There is no future. There is merely now, and now creates the future.

Therefore, why are you waiting? (12) Waiting generates waiting. Patience is not waiting; it is an action of allowance.

MIKE: What is the difference?

ELIAS: Waiting is stagnating and reinforcing discounting of yourself and reinforcing anticipation. Patience is an expression of trust of yourself in the action of allowance – allowance of yourself, allowance of energy in a natural flow, and a trust within yourself. In that expression of energy, there is no obstacle.

JERRY: Can human weight be linked to that, holding weight to a misdirected protection mechanism?


JERRY: So if we live in the now and we cease trying to protect...

ELIAS: You dislike your choice of weight?


ELIAS: And what do you generate in association with that in emotion?

JERRY: I would say it has all changed dramatically. I’m pretty comfortable. But now I would like to move in a health-related... I mean, I don’t want to be thin. I don’t want to be some sort of other concept of myself other than healthy and more accepting on the society side of things.

ELIAS: And are you generating dis-ease?

JERRY: Of course!

ELIAS: In this moment?

JERRY: No. (Group laughter)

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Each moment is a choice. Each moment you may alter your reality or choose to continue it in the same expression. Each moment is an outcome; there is no finish line. Each moment is an opportunity for acceptance or to deny acceptance. But reality is created in the moment.

But it is your choice to continue to wait for the wondrous reality to appear, or you may generate the wonderment of the reality now. And when shall you choose to begin?


ELIAS: Very well, my friend! (Group laughter)

MIKE: How does one do that? (Group laughter) How do you not cross the line between patience and waiting? How do you not get caught up into just waiting for something to happen instead of being patient and allowing for something to happen?

ELIAS: What do you generate in waiting?

MIKE: Anticipation, restlessness, discounting of why isn’t it here now, etcetera, etcetera.

ELIAS: And thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking! And what is the expression of your concentration?

MIKE: The thing I’m waiting for.

ELIAS: No, this is what you are thinking. What you concentrate...

MIKE: That I don’t have it?

ELIAS: Correct. (Group laughter)

MIKE: Whew! Gold star!

ELIAS: Therefore, what are you perpetuating?

MIKE: Not having it.

ELIAS: Correct! (Group laughter) Allowance – patience – is an expression of action in which you are generating an expression of trust and openness of your energy and allowing for that energy expression to flow unobstructed. You are not thinking, thinking, thinking, and you are not concentrating upon acquiring.

MIKE: What are you concentrating upon?

ELIAS: What you are doing in the moment, and this allows a free flow of energy in which you generate what you want rather than waiting to acquire what you want.

MIKE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.” [session 1116, June 16, 2002]

ELIAS: “... Now; I shall also express to you, there are no higher or lower levels of dimensions. There are no masters, for there are no expressions of consciousness that are greater than any other. Therefore, you as essence are the same as any other essence, as all of consciousness, and are tremendous in your vastness. You incorporate many focuses of attention in this physical dimension and in other physical dimensions and in nonphysical areas of consciousness.

ADEL: Can the conscious me tap into that?


ADEL: How? I’ll be specific. I feel like the turns of my life now, the yo-yoing, the ups and downs, it seems like at some point I lost my strength to take care of me. The different spirituality things that I’m trying to focus on are to get my strength back so that I can just be strong for me and back my children or friends. But I feel like I don’t have my strength anymore.

ELIAS: Very well.

ADEL: I stay in relationships that in my mind’s eye are bad.

ELIAS: Very well. What you are generating now is shifting, altering your perception.

Your inquiry is how to be recognizing your power. The manner in which you accomplish this is to pay attention to you. This is a process. This is not to say that you may not generate this immediately, for you may. You all incorporate the ability to be generating ANY expression that you want immediately. But you also incorporate many, many, many beliefs that you align with that influence your perception and express to you that you cannot immediately generate what you want. Therefore, in regard to those beliefs and in recognition of them, you move in process, which is neither good or bad. It merely is a choice.

What is significant is becoming familiar with you, and this is no small task and may be quite challenging. For I may express to you genuinely, individuals within your physical dimension are extremely unfamiliar with paying attention to themselves. You think you are paying attention to yourself, but you are not.

Now; offering yourself information concerning beliefs is significant, for this is helpful to you in allowing you to become familiar with what influences you. You offer yourself communication continuously. There are many avenues of communication that you incorporate in this physical manifestation.

One of those avenues of communication is emotion. Emotion is not and is never a reaction. It is a communication. It generates a signal, which is the feeling. But once the signal has been offered, there is a message that is being generated also. The signal or the feeling is precisely that, a signal to gain your attention. The message offers you information concerning precisely what you are doing, what you are generating, and what is influencing that expression in the moment.

Now; what is the most significant and important action for you to incorporate is to pay attention to you. Pay attention to what you are communicating to yourself; pay attention to what you are doing. For what you are doing, you are choosing.

This is the challenge, for your beliefs express to you that you are not creating all of your reality. You may incorporate the belief that you create part of your reality but that situations, circumstances, societies, other individuals create part of your reality for you. Your belief also expresses that you merely choose what you are creating in the moments in which you create positive expressions – THOSE expressions you are choosing. Negative or uncomfortable expressions you are definitely not choosing! This is quite incorrect. You choose every aspect of your reality, and it is quite purposeful and beneficial. It may not be comfortable, but it is purposeful, for you are continuously offering yourself information to reflect you to you.

Now; I shall offer you a condensed explanation of how and what you create in reality as an individual focus of attention. Thought does not precede or generate reality. Perception creates your actual reality. Perception is a mechanism of you that actually projects all of your physical reality, and you manipulate that. This is your ability; this is the seat of your power, which is your question.

Now; individuals confuse themselves, for they generate a belief that thought creates reality. I may express to you, this may be in your mundane terms hit or miss. You may think and think and think and think and think and not create what you want, for thought is not a mechanism to generate reality. The function of thought is an objective waking mechanism, which is incorporated to translate. This is its function. It translates communications.

You communicate to yourself through inner senses, through outer senses, through physical manifestations in relation to your physical body consciousness, through emotion, through intuition, impressions, impulses. You create many, many avenues of communication to yourself, and thought is designed to translate those communications. But thought does not always accurately translate information, for it is dependent upon where you are directing your attention, and attention is not thought.

As an example, if you hammer your foot and you create pain, where is your attention?

ADEL: On your foot.

ELIAS: And in association with the physical feeling of pain. It is not upon thought.

This is an example of the mobility of attention and that it is not thought. It may be directed to thought, but it is not thought. Attention is you. Attention is your awareness, and that awareness may be moved. It is mobile.

Now; if your attention is concentrated upon thinking continuously, it is not directed to communications, and therefore the thought mechanism does not necessarily translate the communications accurately, for your attention is not directed to the communications. In this, the thought process shall attempt to translate information, but it may distort the information. Or it may translate, but generally, and therefore the information that you offer to yourself is unclear. If you are unclear, it is much more challenging and difficult to actually generate what you want.

Now; you mention that you wish to be recognizing your power, allowing yourself to direct yourself – which in actuality is the point – and that this lack of power or directing of yourself is affecting in association with your relationships with different individuals, be they family members or other individuals.

What do YOU want to express? I am not inquiring to be receiving an answer; I am merely offering inquiries that you may consider and allow yourself to shift your perception. For your perception is concentrated OUTSIDE, outside of you in association with other individuals. You concentrate your attention and your perception upon other individuals and what they are choosing and what they are doing, and as you concentrate your attention outside of yourself, you are not paying attention to what YOU are generating.

Every interaction you generate with another individual is a reflection of what you are projecting in some capacity and offers you the opportunity to view yourself, for you actually create the manifestation of the other individual. What you actually interact with directly is an energy projection from the other individual. What you interact with in physical matter, in flesh and solidity, is a projection of your perception. YOU create that, and you create the translation of the other individual’s projection.

I am not speaking figuratively; I am speaking quite literally. This is the nature of your actual reality. It does not appear this manner to you, for there are many, many, many beliefs that express that another individual is another individual and this is not you and you have not created this, for you do not create your reality. But you do, and there is no expression within your reality that you do not create.” [session 1120, June 22, 2002]

JEN: “I’m trying to assimilate and understand the ideas that you’ve put on the table, and I just have some questions. I create ALL of my reality?

ELIAS: Correct.

JEN: Now, other individuals are a reflection of myself?

ELIAS: Correct.

JEN: So then how come in sessions sometimes, like in the last session that we had, you said, ‘Pay more attention to other individuals.’ I kind of took that in more of a co-creation direction. So within my daily life recently, I guess you could say I’ve gone into living in more of the familiar state of mind to an extent.

Of course, I’ve already been infected with the ideas, but I do think about the fact that I could be creating all of this, but I don’t think of it fully all the way. I don’t think of it really all the time. I think that if I did, in terms of creating my reality I would maybe create it differently. I wonder if I get in the way of creating certain things in my own life because I’m not fully always in that state of mind, where I’m creating all of this.

We had talked in the past about worth, but that seems kind of like almost ludicrous to think about. If everything you see is you, it’s like, well, what isn’t your worth then?

I’m trying to talk to you, I haven’t spoken to you for a while, and I’ve just been thinking and trying to assimilate the ideas that come out in sessions as I get them. For a while I kind of drifted away from thinking about it, and now I want to refocus where I’m at in terms of being objective about my daily life.

ELIAS: Very well.

JEN: Now in terms of creating, like I was just talking with Mary about, in terms of my career focus and painting and the arts... So, I’m creating this reality and I seem to be creating it without thinking about it, because I don’t have to sit down and make equations about the ballistics of the sun flipping around the sky, no. It just goes on and it just happens naturally, like my stomach or something or my intestines. It just works.

But I’m wondering where my mind comes into play, because I want to be creating certain things, yet I don’t want to be thinking about them, okay? So I would just go and I’ll make a wish, you could say. Like I’ll think I really want to meet someone and have a true relationship with them and then just let it go. Then I forget about it, I just basically forget about it, and then it works. Right? Or I would like to create money. I want to create some money. I’d like to go to school and I don’t want to be in big debt. I want to create that but it doesn’t seem that I can. I want to create this money, but I don’t see it. Maybe it’s coming down in my probabilities, which it very well could be, but I’d like to really make it happen, like for real. You know?

ELIAS: I am understanding.

JEN: I guess I’m kind of confused about how I do that. Like we talked last time, you said you just trust. But like what am I really doing? Is it like I’ve been doing, like I make a wish and let it go? You see? I’m confused.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, your method is accurate. It matters not how you necessarily define it to yourself. You may define your action to yourself as generating a wish and not dwelling upon that and allowing the energy to flow and thusly creating it. I am understanding your confusion, for you allow yourself to view and recognize that in some expressions you easily create what you want and it does not require concentration in thought.

Let me express to you, thought does not create your reality. It is an element of your reality. It is quite real. It is a mechanism that you have designed to be translating your communications to yourself in an objective manner. But it is not what creates your reality and it does not always precede what you create within your reality.

Many times you may engage thought subsequent to a creation. You may create some action, some event, some expression, and you may engage thinking concerning that action AFTER you have created it, not prior to. Confusion arises in association with individuals’ beliefs that thought either generates their reality or it precedes whatever they create within their reality, and this is quite incorrect. It is unnecessary to be generating thought in order to generate actions or manifestations.

As I have stated, thought is a mechanism that incorporates the action of translating communications. Thought is continually occurring within every individual within your physical reality. It is a function of your physical manifestation. As I have stated to other individuals, it is no less a function than your heart beating or your breathing, which occurs continuously. Are you always objectively paying attention to your heart beating or your breathing? No. Does it continue regardless? Yes. And in like manner, thought functions in a continuous expression.

It is a matter of your attention and where you are directing your attention. Many individuals direct their attention in a concentrated manner in relation to the action of thought, and this may be confusing to individuals many times also. For if they are directing their attention to thought continuously, they may not necessarily be offering themselves accurate translations of communications that they are expressing to themselves. This is not to say that thought is not an important function within your physical manifestation, for it is.

But what may be significant for you to move your attention to is what you are actually doing, rather than what you are thinking. For what you actually do is the identification of what you choose. For every movement that you generate, every manifestation that you do is a choice. Therefore, you may more clearly identify what you are choosing and what direction you are engaging by viewing what you are DOING in each moment.

This also is significant, for in paying attention to what you are doing and what you are actually choosing, you offer yourself information regarding choice. For if you are choosing a certain direction and you are evidencing that to yourself through what you are doing and you are not satisfied with the outcomes that are occurring, you have offered yourself the opportunity to engage different choices. But how shall you recognize different choices if you are not aware and paying attention to the choices that you are engaging now?

In this, previously, as I expressed to you to pay attention to the interactions that occur between yourself and other individuals, this was significant in that time framework, for other individuals DO reflect to you different aspects of yourself. In this, you purposefully draw to yourself other individuals as a benefit to yourself, to be reflecting different aspects of yourself that you choose to be identifying, recognizing and becoming familiar with. This is an efficient tool, to be noticing and paying attention to what YOU are generating, and you may view this through other individuals that you draw to yourself and that you interact with, for there are no accidents. Therefore, you do not accidentally encounter any other individual. You draw them to yourself purposefully, and there is information that you offer to yourself in every encounter with every other individual.

Now; I may express to you, I am understanding your confusion at times, for you may be questioning whether you actually do create ALL of your reality or whether some aspects of your reality may be created by another individual or circumstance or different scenarios. I may express to you, no other individual, no other essence, no situation, no thing creates any aspect of your reality but yourself, and every aspect of your reality that you experience you have also chosen.

JEN: So what do you reflect to me? I mean, like my desire to know?

ELIAS: Yes, and your curiosity concerning information which allows you to become more familiar with yourself.

JEN: And a lot of people reflect or show me different beliefs that I have?


JEN: I meet a lot of people who have the birthday December 15. It seems like a theme, and I’m really drawn to them. What do they reflect?

ELIAS: What is your impression? What do you view?

JEN: Sort of an expansive innocence, confidence? Sort of, yes.

ELIAS: Very well. This is the point, my friend, that YOU are paying attention, that YOU are recognizing and evaluating the information that you offer to yourself in relation to other individuals, and how that may be associated with your beliefs, and how those beliefs influence your perception and thusly influence what you actually create in all of your reality. (Pause) What do you experience and what do you feel as you associate with this date of December 15?

JEN: Oh, they’re always so attractive, and they’re always the same. They’re so much the same to me. They’re not, but in my head they are. They’re different but they’re so much the same.

ELIAS: But my question to you...

JEN: What do I experience and feel?

ELIAS: Merely in association with the date, not necessarily with the individuals, yet.

JEN: Okay, with the date. (Pause) I don’t know.

ELIAS: This requires little thought, my friend. Express to me an immediate association.

JEN: It’s romantical!

ELIAS: Precisely.

Now; the reason I have offered this inquiry is that it may allow you to view a type of exercise in HOW you process information and how you offer information to yourself. An individual such as yourself may approach myself and may offer a number and express to myself the inquiry, ‘What is the significance of this number in association with myself? I continue to offer myself imagery and this number appears to myself repeatedly. What is the meaning of this?’

Now; I may express an answer and an identification, but it is much more significant that YOU recognize what you communicate to yourself in association with your imagery.

Now; you present to yourself encountering individuals that incorporate the same birthday, December 15. The date itself holds significance to you, for it invokes a particular communication to yourself. You generate an emotional signal, and associated with that signal is a communication identifying an association that you generate individually in relation to that date – romantic, magical, mystical, a time framework upon the threshold of the dawn of winter, and your association within yourself of a magical time framework.

This is significant, for this influences your perception and also it offers you evidence in association with no accidents, that you purposefully draw individuals to yourself in association with your own movement. In your expression, you draw individuals to yourself in association with that date as a manner in which you shall allow yourself to reflect validating qualities to yourself. This is also the reason that you perceive these individuals to be very similar, for you draw them to yourself for similar reasons.

JEN: To validate myself.


JEN: So then they aren’t so wonderful? (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: [But] are you not? (23-second pause)

JEN: So, to validate myself?


JEN: And isn’t that great, and so I love December 15. (Elias chuckles; 20-second pause)

JEN: I don’t think I really understand myself, then, Elias. So you said pay attention to what I do.

ELIAS: Correct.

JEN: That’s what I choose.

ELIAS: Correct.

JEN: I don’t think about it, really.

ELIAS: It matters not.

JEN: Then more specifically, when it comes to this career thing, I want to stay in art and I want to do art. I don’t want money to take me away from that or limit me or restrict me.

ELIAS: Very well, and what are you doing now?

JEN: I’ve been sort of practicing and studying and kind of like exposing myself to it.

ELIAS: Very well, and familiarizing yourself.

JEN: Yeah, that’s the word.

ELIAS: And what is the nature of your concern?

JEN: I want to stay. I like it; I want to keep doing it. I’m afraid... I guess I’m concerned that I’m not going to be able to keep doing it because money’s going to take me away from it or something and it’s...

ELIAS: Is that occurring now?

JEN: No, it’s not occurring now.

ELIAS: Then I express to you, why shall you worry?

JEN: That’s true, that’s true.

ELIAS: You are speculating concerning the future, which is an illusion. What holds significance is what you are generating now, for what you generate now shall become the future.

JEN: True. So you’re saying don’t worry about it, just trust about going in the right direction?

ELIAS: That you are generating what you want now and allow yourself to trust yourself in what you are generating now, and not concern yourself with what may be or may not be in the illusion of the future.

JEN: I’m thinking about going to this school – thinking about it. I do go there, but I don’t take a full set of classes and I don’t get a lot of money that will put me in big debt. I don’t know if I necessarily need it, but then I sort of want to go to have that interaction. But I don’t know if I need it; maybe I don’t.

ELIAS: It is not a question of need, my friend. It is a question of want.

JEN: Well, I kinda do want.

ELIAS: Therefore, why shall you not allow yourself to create and express what you want?

JEN: Because I’m afraid of getting humongous loan payments after two years of going there.

ELIAS: But you are already engaging the action that you want. You are already engaging your classes, you are practicing.

JEN: Yeah, I do.

ELIAS: And in this now, in generating those actions, are you generating also dissatisfaction or unhappiness?

JEN: No, not really. I like it.

ELIAS: And I express to you the question, what are you expressing to yourself that you are denying? It appears to myself that your present now is moving quite in association with what you want. Therefore, what do you deem to be wrong with this situation? (Chuckles)

JEN: Oh! So, you’re saying I’m happy with my present now; I’m not that dissatisfied with it. I kinda do want to go there, but I kinda DO go there, so what’s wrong with that?

ELIAS: Correct!

JEN: Yes, what’s wrong with that? (Elias laughs) Well, I mean nothing really, but part of me keeps thinking about going there, I guess. I think it’s because I think it would be good for my career. I mean, it IS good for my career, but I guess that I think that I need to do stuff like on paper, too. I think that it would help me get introduced to people, but you’re saying to me so what. (Elias chuckles) I’m close, I’m getting closer!

ELIAS: You are generating actions, in your terms, mindful of yourself in not overwhelming yourself, in recognition of your individual reality and your beliefs. You are generating actions and choices that are satisfying and that you express pleasure concerning. You are allowing yourself to express your preferences and not overwhelming yourself.

Therefore, once again my question to you may be, what do you perceive to be wrong with what you are generating other than your projection of the future, which we have established is an illusion. What is significant is what you are generating now.

JEN: So your question is what am I dissatisfied with in what I’m creating now?

ELIAS: Correct.

JEN: The answer is I’m not really dissatisfied with much about it.

ELIAS: Quite! (Jen laughs)

JEN: So then you’re saying to hell with thinking about the college or like digging into debt, right?

ELIAS: Correct. You are already engaging your course within your continuation of your school.

JEN: And so when it comes to December 15, they validate me and they’re so sweet to me and they make me feel like I’m flying sometimes. But that’s really me doing that to myself?

ELIAS: Yes, but you are interacting with other individuals’ energies.

JEN: So I’m not creating them?

ELIAS: You are creating the physical manifestation and you are creating the interaction. But you are interacting also with the energy of the other individual, and you draw these individuals to yourself purposefully and not accidentally, that you may engage this type of expression and interaction.

JEN: But there IS another individual there somewhere, right?

ELIAS: Yes. You merely generate the physical manifestation of the other individual through your perception, but you are directly interacting with the other individual’s energy.

JEN: So my reality does extend into other minds somewhere?

ELIAS: Into other energies, yes.

JEN: And in that way it’s not like a hallucination.

ELIAS: No, it is not a hallucination at all! It is quite real.

JEN: (Laughs) And so are hallucinations, in a way, but whatever.

ELIAS: I am understanding what you are expressing, but this is not an expression of hallucination. This is one of the tremendous expressions of freedom and diversity associated with your physical reality, that you have designed this reality in a manner in which you may be interactive with other individuals but you also incorporate the freedom to manipulate your reality in whatever manner you choose.

YOU incorporate the freedom to accept and interact with and receive energy from other individuals and configure it in whatever manner you choose and manifest that in your reality, which is a tremendous freedom and a tremendous expression of power. And each of you...

JEN: And you do that without thinking about it?

ELIAS: Correct. As you encounter another individual, are you engaging a thought process expressing to yourself, ‘I am now manifesting this other individual, which shall appear physically in this manner to myself and shall incorporate brown hair and blue eyes and a particular height, a particular weight’? No. You merely encounter another individual and you automatically generate a perception and a physical manifestation of the other individual.

JEN: Right, they’re just there.

ELIAS: Correct. This is how highly efficient your perception manifests.

JEN: But my beliefs affect my perception.

ELIAS: Your beliefs...

JEN: How do I go about identifying my beliefs? I recognize – IF I recognize them – I recognize them and then I just say to myself, they’re there. I just have a belief that’s just like an idea. I think of it as an idea that’s like brackets or something. It’s like an idea about something. It’s easy for me to see it. It’s not necessarily true, and it’s easy for me to like put it upside-down. But I realize they keep coming back, and beliefs aren’t going anywhere.

ELIAS: Correct.

JEN: Because they’re there. But they’re there in a big way, though.


JEN: And they are affecting how I create my reality?

ELIAS: Correct, but they are also permeating all of your reality, as with every individual within your physical dimension. The point of recognizing and accepting beliefs, as I have stated, is not to be eliminating them but to offer yourself the freedom to manipulate your reality in the manner in which you want intentionally, recognizing that beliefs are all influencing of your reality, but YOU incorporate the ability to choose which beliefs you shall incorporate as influencing and which beliefs you choose not to be.

JEN: I think I do do that already to an extent.


JEN: I think there are some that I don’t see, but that’s okay.

ELIAS: There are many beliefs that you may not necessarily be objectively aware of and they may be latent within your focus. Be remembering, every individual within your physical dimension incorporates every belief system and therefore every aspect of each belief system, every belief. This is not to say that you express all of these beliefs, but you do incorporate them all. Therefore, you also incorporate tremendous freedom in your choice of which beliefs shall influence your perception, and you do incorporate the ability to generate that action of choosing which beliefs.

JEN: I think I have done that with some beliefs.


JEN: Then you rub up against other ones, too, a little bit, or I did.

ELIAS: Yes.” [session 1151, October 10, 2002]

JON: “... I’m confused a little bit about how we create reality when other people are involved. I’ll just start out with an example and then I’ll just go from there.

ELIAS: Very well!

JON: Let’s say I’m driving my car and another driver pulls onto the road in front of me and I have to slow down to accommodate them. So there’s an event. I can see several ways that this event might have come to be.

The first way is through a subjective agreement, like on a subjective level. Out of the beliefs that I hold, I drew this event into my experience. There was like an agreement reached subjectively between me and the other driver to engage this event, kind of in a similar manner mentioned in previous sessions, like a person who is stolen from is attracting the thief and home buyers attracting home sellers, things like that.

The other way I can see of creating this is that I didn’t subjectively attract this event to my experience, but the other driver wanted to do this and I just agreed to it in that moment. I maybe lazily copied this event – their energy expression of driving out in front of me – I copied that and manifested that in my reality. I didn’t really project this event with my energy, so it’s not really reflecting me.

Then a third way is that they did or did not pull out in front of me in their reality, but regardless I reconfigured their energy expression and manifested them pulling out in front of me with my perception. So I projected this event in my energy and created it, so this event is reflecting me.

I guess first of all, what do you have to say about that? (Both laugh)

ELIAS: First of all, I shall express to you that it is not necessarily a scenario of choosing one of those types of identifications of how you are creating the event. What I am expressing to you is that it is not a situation in which evaluating how you create your reality may be categorized by one of those scenarios and excluding the other two.

It is dependent upon the moment and what you are generating in the moment, which shall identify what is actually occurring or how you are creating the event. In this example that you offer, it would depend upon what you in the moment are actually generating to identify which scenario applies.

Now; the one scenario that I may express to you would not apply is the second one that you offered.

JON: That’s the one that I’m actually less interested in.

ELIAS: This implies co-creation, and you do not co-create. Therefore, you do draw to yourself energy expressions of other individuals. You do this purposefully, associated with whatever you yourself are generating in that time framework to reflect to yourself and offer yourself information.

Now; the information that you may be offering to yourself may not necessarily be complicated or intricate, so to speak. It may be an offering to yourself of a simple statement merely to pay attention. But the manner in which you allow yourself to discover what you are offering to yourself is to be paying attention to yourself and evaluating what you are actually engaging, what you are actually doing in the moment, and therefore what information you are offering to yourself. You may evaluate that in genuinely examining what you are actually doing in the moment.

Many times individuals are objectively unaware of what they are actually doing in a particular moment. In this example, it serves quite well as an expression of objectively not necessarily incorporating an awareness of what the individual is actually doing in the moment. For in a scenario such as this, many times individuals may be engaging a thought process which is not associated with the now at all.

As you jog your attention into the now in presenting yourself with a scenario that suddenly moves your attention, were you to be questioned or were you to even question yourself as to what you were actually doing the moment prior to the event, generally speaking you would be hard-pressed to answer that question. For although you may be generating a thought process the moment before the event, your attention is not necessarily concentrated even upon your thought process.

Therefore, you are objectively not aware of what you are doing, quite similar to engaging physical functions – as you do continuously in breathing or your heart beating. An aspect of your attention is directed to those functions that they continue, but objectively you are unaware of the action of those functions in every moment. Similarly, you may be moving your attention to your thought process and also not necessarily be objectively aware of what you are doing. This is the expression that I have stated as generating the automatic pilot, in which you are engaging functions but you are not objectively aware of the functions that you are engaging. Thought also is a function.

Now; were you to be genuinely paying attention in the now to yourself in that moment, you would also be offering yourself a recognition of your communications and you would not be expressing confusion as to why that event occurred. Or perhaps, you would not draw that event to you and insert it into your reality, for it may not necessarily be necessary.

JON: When you say that we create what we project in energy, what we project in energy we attract the energy expression of a like nature to that projection and then manifest that?


JON: You say that we generally manifest the energy projection of others without altering or reconfiguring them. So if I see a table, Erin also sees the same table or one that looks very similar.

ELIAS: Correct.

JON: That’s still reflecting me, because I drew that to me through my projection.

ELIAS: Correct. There are no accidents, and all that you generate is purposeful. There are no coincidences. Therefore, every other individual that you interact with in any capacity, you have drawn that individual to yourself purposefully, regardless of how mundane it may appear to you in the moment.

JON: What if I draw a person to me but they choose not to draw me to them? Would we have totally different experiences, like I would experience interacting with them but they would not experience interacting with me?

ELIAS: Yes, which in actuality DOES occur. You do not offer yourselves evidence of it often, but you do offer yourselves evidence of this type of action periodically to express to yourselves the identification of your perception.

You may actually be physically within the same space arrangement and the same time as another individual and not insert them into your reality through your perception. Therefore, in that moment and in that space, they do not exist within your reality, although they may be actually physically standing right before you.

JON: I was also kind of interested in how, at least to my perception, we all seem to see the same physical objects in the world. Some of them were around before I was born, a lot of them. I imagine there must be some kind of blueprints for these. The energy expression of these objects wasn’t necessarily created by me but I use it. Is that true?

ELIAS: Yes and no, for through your perception you are actually creating the objects that are within your reality.

But this is also another evidence to you of the lack of separation, that there is information shared in energy which is not necessarily bound by your individual associations and beliefs with regard to separation, [and] that regardless of your beliefs of separation and singularity, you also continue to express an exchange of energy between you collectively. Therefore, you generate manifestations of objects or even of each other that are almost, not quite, but almost identical.

JON: Let’s say I see a chair. The energy expression of this chair – not the physical one that I use my perception to create, but the energy expression – that would also be not a shared energy expression or not necessarily a shared one that Erin uses to create her chair. We both create different energy expressions, but through the shared information we create them pretty identically.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes, for you all exist simultaneously and all of the energy that you are projecting is also simultaneous. Therefore, the shared information of the collective is also simultaneous. This is not a separate reality from what you generate, for there is no third reality, so to speak. But there also is no separation in energy expression unless you purposefully generate that in a non-acceptance of an energy projection, which is what we were discussing previously.

Now; that occurs seldomly, for your natural expression is to be, for the most part, continuously open to energy expressions, which quite efficiently allows you the lack of separation, which generates a configuration of energy through your perception to manifest viewing the same environment, the same objects, the same world.

JON: Does this also apply to physical laws like conservation of energy and gravity and things like that?

ELIAS: Yes. It is a collective expression which is generated by individuals. There is no collective without individuals. There may be individuals without the collective, but there is no collective without individuals. Therefore, the energy that is projected by all of the individuals generates a collective which creates manifestations.” [session 1278, February 21, 2003]

BEN: “One of the things that I’ve been thinking about, along with this idea of a truth wave, is... Well, I’m going to use not necessarily your terms for beliefs and truths. I’ll use the traditional ones and then we can go from there.

ELIAS: Very well.

BEN: One of the things I’ve been thinking of is this idea of a religious belief and the concept that you create your own reality. This is being presented as if this is true, but I don’t see how that’s any different than saying something like there is a heaven or a hell, which we consider to be a belief. The flip side is sort of the idea that you create your own reality. But in what sense is this not just another belief, and how can we presume that this carries over everybody? Am I getting my question out right?

ELIAS: I am understanding.

BEN: In what sense is “you create your own reality” a truth and not just a belief?

ELIAS: For it is applicable to all of consciousness, in every area of consciousness, in every reality. It translates in every area of consciousness, not merely your physical reality.

BEN: I guess my question is it doesn’t seem to be any different than a religious belief in this physical reality, where you say, for example, if you don’t confess your sins you’re going to go to hell, and it doesn’t make any difference whether you’re Jewish or Muslim or whatever else, that this is the way things are. You know what I mean? Why is this an absolute almost, if there are no absolutes?

ELIAS: I am understanding, and you are correct. It is not an absolute, for believing is not the same as beliefs. You may believe or not believe many concepts, but that does not necessarily have a bearing upon beliefs or what you assess to be real or not real. But in association with your question, as reality is created by perception in association with objective physical reality, that is not an absolute either, for it is a matter of your perception.

BEN: I guess to me, it’s like where do I get off thinking I have the answer over anyone else?

ELIAS: You do not. You...

BEN: But it’s like you can say, “You create your reality, and you can believe it or not believe it, it’s still true,” and to me that almost seems like a religious belief.

ELIAS: I am understanding your confusion – or rather perhaps not confusion, but your challenge in this presentment.

BEN: I guess it has to do with me. It’s going back to emotional communications, which I’m sure I’m going to be touching on today. I guess it’s this idea of developing a self-righteous attitude. In some sense, I can say it bothers me when you come across as a know-it-all, for example. But I guess the emotional communication is this is something that I’m afraid that I’m coming off as or this is a reflection of myself, rather than being about you.

ELIAS: And you incorporate a judgment in association with that, for you believe that you should be expressing in particular manners. But you also incorporate judgments concerning different behaviors and what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. You automatically associate that if you are expressing a trust in yourself and an acknowledgment of yourself in your power, that that automatically elevates you above other individuals, which it does not, for every other individual incorporates the same abilities and the same qualities of essence and consciousness as do you. They may express in different manners, but that is not to say that one manner is better and one is worse, or one is right and one is wrong.

This is the point of this particular wave, which is generating a significant affectingness in individuals, addressing to this whole concept of truths, and somewhat struggling with this concept that their truths are not actually true and that other truths are not actually true. This challenges how you view yourselves and how you view your reality, and it challenges your ideas of absolutes.

BEN: I think part of it, for me, is quite individual, because I think that this is a very sort of Ilda idea, a sort of exchanging idea. I sometimes want to be in the position of being able to be, in a sense, open-minded. I have issues with myself when I find myself going too far to one side or to the other. I really do feel in some sense a middle ground for the exchange of ideas. So for me personally, if what I’m hearing is correct, the whole truth idea has to do with finding myself too much on one side of the pendulum or the other.

ELIAS: In what sense?

BEN: In the sense that it’s sort of like going you create your own reality – I’ll just say that that’s so – and that’s like going okay, this is fine for me. But there are other people who I could say this to who are possibly going to say no, that’s not true, and to me that’s perfectly acceptable. I don’t need for people to agree with me. So to me, the idea that I’m saying to myself whether you agree with me or not, this is really true, that’s the challenge to me.

ELIAS: Ah! And this is how you generate the absolute. What you are expressing is precisely the point, to be recognizing what is your truth but also recognizing that that may not be another individual’s truth. This is how you define the lack of absolutes, for it is a matter of perception.

In this, you may express to yourself that you create all of your reality. I may express that in conversation with you. That does not generate that statement into an absolute, for what you create in your reality and how you create your reality is a matter of choice and perception. And you are quite correct, you may express with yourself and other individuals that incorporate similar beliefs that you create all of your reality, and you may present that to another individual and they may disagree. They may incorporate different expressions and they may express to you, no, I do not create my reality, God creates.

It matters not. What is significant is that you recognize what your truths are, what your beliefs are, and that you recognize what beliefs and truths are associated with your preferences, realizing that they are not absolutes and that they are associated with objective perception, and in this, other individuals may be creating quite differently. That is not to say that they are wrong, and it is not to say that you are right and that you incorporate all of the absolute answers of consciousness.

For, there are no right answers. There are merely choices and experiences, none of which are right or wrong. It is merely a matter of which beliefs you align with and how you intertwine your own expressions of duplicity, which is also not right or wrong. It merely is your opinion and how YOU view and how YOU align with, in association with your perception.” [session 1443, September 24, 2003]

MARLENE: “... can [you] help me and give me any suggestions as to what challenge I’m going through right now. (Pause)

ELIAS: ... express to me identification of your challenge.

MARLENE: Trying to understand, if I’m creating my reality and everything I see objectively outside of me is a reflection of what’s inside of me, how do I ... I get confused about who else is in my reality.

ELIAS: There are many, many, many individuals that are participating in your reality. The manner in which you generate reality in this physical dimension is through energy; each of you projects energy. You create your own individual physical manifestation of yourself, a reflection of essence, which you are. You interact DIRECTLY with other individuals’ energy projections, which is an expression of themselves in any particular moment. You receive that energy and you generate an actual physical manifestation of the other individual.

What you see physically of another individual is what YOU create. This is not to say that the other individual is not quite real, but what you are interacting with is an energy projection from the other individual, and you create the actual physical projection, similar to a hologram.

In this, you are creating your perception of the other individual, which is for the most part quite similar, almost identical, to what the other individual is projecting. There may be some slight differences, for it is filtered through your perception. But generally speaking, you do not automatically reconfigure energy of another individual. You receive their energy and create a projection of them and of their interaction with you in almost the precise manner in which they are expressing it.

Now; at times, there may be a deviation in this process. At times you may be interacting with the energy of another individual which does not contain the attention of the individual. Their energy is present and you receive it, but their attention may not be projected to that energy expression. In these situations, you notice a deviation in your interaction. It appears, generally speaking, to you to be slight and you excuse it automatically and rationalize it, and therefore you do not pay attention and you do not question it.

In these situations, you notice that you have generated an experience in interaction with another individual and if you are recalling that interaction to the individual subsequently, they may express to you that they hold no objective knowledge of that interaction. You excuse this in rationalizing to yourself that the other individual was not paying attention to your interaction. In actuality, that is quite literally what has occurred, because the other individual’s attention was not projected in that energy. Therefore, they do not incorporate memory of the actual interaction.

Or you may be generating that type of experience and the other individual shall be quite emphatic that the experience did not occur, and you may question yourself and you may express to yourself perhaps you have dreamt this. (Marlene laughs) In actuality you have created the scenario, but you may not have been interacting with the attention of the other individual.

In this, you may also move beyond slight experiences of this type, and you may actually even generate an interaction with another individual in a particular physical location, and the other individual is not in that physical location; in which situation you may be creating an interaction with an energy deposit of the other individual, in which the other individual is not actually participating directly at all.

But it matters not, for YOU are creating your reality, and therefore YOU have created it in the manner in which you choose, regardless of the direct participation of the other individual or not.

MARLENE: Couldn’t I make it a little simpler than that, though? (Laughter)

ELIAS: It is highly efficient and offers you in this particular physical dimension a tremendous ability to be creating whatever you choose, and it is not dependent upon the participation of the other individual.

You may create your magic with or without the actual participation directly of another individual, and this generates no less reality. It is equally as real as whether the other individual is or is not participating directly.

MARLENE: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome. And this is the wondrousness of your reality, that you may manipulate it in tremendous manners and you incorporate tremendous power, and in that, you incorporate tremendous abilities to generate wonders.” [session 1468, November 08, 2003]

JON: “So let’s say I believe that my thoughts create my reality and Erin doesn’t believe that, she believes she creates her reality by directing her attention and that type of thing. Would you say that either of us is more correct than the other? (Pause)

ELIAS: In your identification, yes; in your action, no. In your accuracy of how you assess how you are creating, your assessment is less accurate; in what you do – for thought does not create your reality – therefore in what you do, automatically, regardless of what you think, you are generating the same action as the other individual. How you view what you are doing, how you understand objectively what you are doing, is less accurate.

PAUL H: Does that also apply to the flat earth versus the spherical earth assessment, so those individuals who think they live on a flat planet do and those individuals who think they live on a spherical planet do? (13) But you said a yes/no to Jon’s question, so would that apply...

ELIAS: Not necessarily. There is a distinction, for this is an assessment of how you are creating your reality, an objective understanding of how you are creating your reality and a questioning of how you are creating your reality. This is not an assessment of how the reality is being created; it is merely being generated and not questioned. Therefore, as I have expressed with you (looking at Jon), yes and no, for you are generating your reality in similar manner, but your assessment of it, your understanding of it, is less accurate.

The actions are the same in your scenario (looking at Paul H). The individuals that are creating the flatness of your planet are generating that reality of the flatness of it. The individuals that are generating the spherical aspect of your planet are creating that.

(Turning back to Jon) You are both creating your reality similarly, but your understanding of how you are creating it may be more or less accurate in how it is actually being created.

(To Paul H) Their realities are being created similarly, and their ideas or their understanding of how they are creating it is also similar.

STEVE: Elias, may I follow up on this question? You’re using the words “less accurate” now. When we started this conversation, I said that Seth says we can successfully create what we want by our thoughts, by just expressing over and over again we want this or that. You have said to us many times that that won’t work, that’s not how it’s done.

Your whole theme here now is there are no absolute truths. Therefore would you say that Seth’s methods may indeed work with a certain individual and that your method may not, and vice versa?


STEVE: So when you say that he’s less accurate in how it actually works, that’s your opinion, that’s your preference, and that is not necessarily going to be some other essence’s opinion or preference.

ELIAS: It is not an opinion and it is not a preference, for I do not incorporate your beliefs and those are associated with beliefs. It is an assessment.

In this, in recognizing that an individual may successfully incorporate an action of suggestibility with themselves – which you all incorporate an element of yourselves of suggestibility – and in the incorporation of that suggestibility, you may engage an action of engaging your own suggestibility, concentrating your attention upon thought. What you may actually be doing is moving your attention to different beliefs, which allows you to generate what you assess as thinking and thusly creating from thought. This shall be your reality. Your understanding objectively of what you are actually doing may be less accurate, but that is not to say that it will not occur.

STEVE: Are you therefore saying that it is an absolute truth that thoughts do not create reality?

ELIAS: It is not an absolute truth, no. But...

STEVE: So in fact they might?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, but not in the manner that you are associating with.

Thought is not a thing. Thought is a mechanism. It is an objective mechanism that is incorporated within your physical reality to translate to you in an objective manner communications and choices or actions that you are incorporating in association with your beliefs.

STEVE: In what sense is that not an absolute truth? You seem to be describing it as an absolute truth. “That’s the way it works; that’s what the deal is.”

ELIAS: It is a mechanism. But depending on how you manipulate that mechanism and what beliefs you incorporate to work in conjunction with that mechanism, you may be generating evidence that your thoughts precede what you create. What I am expressing to you is...

STEVE: As an absolute truth?


STEVE: Why not?

ELIAS: There are no absolutes.

STEVE: Then there’s a possibility that you’re wrong; is that what you mean by there’s not an absolute truth to that?

ELIAS: It is not a question of right or wrong. This is the point of this discussion. There are no absolute rights or wrongs; it is what YOU create and what you perceive.

STEVE: So I could create a reality for me that my thoughts, not just as a misinterpretation but as in fact, that my thoughts are creating my reality?

ELIAS: You may.

DON: I think I sort of see his point. I wonder also how can you speak of the accuracy of an assessment as being greater or less than?

ELIAS: I am understanding.

What I am expressing to you is in conjunction with what you have chosen. I am not the designer of your reality; you are. In this, I am also not participating physically in manifestation within your reality; you are. You ARE incorporating your beliefs. You ARE incorporating the design. Regardless of whether you MAY change that reality and that you MAY incorporate a different reality and transform the mechanism of thought into a creating mechanism – which you may – it is not an absolute.

You can; will you? That is less likely. Do you presently? No.

STEVE: Nobody? Not even people that are telepathic like Uri Geller or somebody?


STEVE: He bends those spoons!

ELIAS: That is not an action that is incorporated through thought.

Regardless of whether you CAN incorporate an action – you CAN presently in this moment stand and walk and move physically through that wall; it is possible. Will you? In most likelihood, no, for your beliefs are strong and they influence what you create. Can you create through thought if you are reconfiguring the design of thought and its function? Yes.

Therefore, I may not express to you that this is an absolute and that I am expressing to you an absolute truth that you cannot generate reality through thought. But will you, in this time framework in this present manifestation in this now? No. Are you? No.

STEVE: Then how does Uri Gellar bend the spoon? He’s thinking about the spoon being bent. That’s how he would claim he’s doing it.

ELIAS: That is his assessment.

STEVE: Then how does he in fact do it?

ELIAS: In energy, in a concentration in mergence with the object and allowing the energy of himself and the energy of the object to move together and to bend.

STEVE: But the thoughts do instigate it, right?

ELIAS: The thought is a translation simultaneous to the action of what is occurring. That is your confusion.

STEVE: But if he didn’t think about it, the energy wouldn’t be released like that.

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

STEVE: It only happens when he thinks about it; it doesn’t happen when he’s driving down the street!

ELIAS: That is his translation. He is generating the thought within the time framework simultaneously to the action.

Now; if you sit and you think, presently in this moment with a spoon before you, shall you bend it?



STEVE: Negative.

ELIAS: What is the difference? If thought is what is generating the bending of the spoon...

STEVE: Well, he might have a different set of wiring in his brain that allows that to be effective.

ELIAS: But if you are all equal in power and in value and in measure, any ability that any one of you incorporates, you all incorporate.

STEVE: But for the fact that we’re wired differently and maybe have a block on our telepathic ability therefore, or we have belief systems that do the same thing. He seems to have gotten rid of his, if he ever had them in the first place.

ELIAS: Ah, I may assure you that he has not “gotten rid of” his beliefs. Were that to be the scenario, he would not be incorporating manifestation within this physical reality for he would not be choosing to participate, for that is the design of this reality.

What I may express to you in emphasis is that your manifestation within this reality is a choice. You chose to be manifest in this reality, and I am understanding that for many individuals this is a difficult concept to be accepting, that you chose to be manifest and you chose to participate in this particular reality to explore the elements of this particular reality in conjunction with the beliefs that are its blueprint. But you also are not confined to this reality; you are also not singularly choosing merely to be manifest within this reality. You are choosing also simultaneously many realities.” [session 1496, January 17, 2004]

DREW: “Can I ask a question about creating your own reality?

ELIAS: You may!

DREW: It’s nice to be interacting objectively with you again.

ELIAS: And you also.

DREW: I’ve recently had it explained to me in a way I hadn’t understood before, and before I accept that as the least distorted version, I wanted to run it by you.

ELIAS: Very well.

DREW: In terms of interacting with someone else by agreement, it was explained to me that the agreement of the other individual is their agreement to lend energy to me and that that energy or what I would objectively view as that person, the words they speak, the actions they do, everything that that person does is created by me.

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: Everything they say, everything they do, the words coming out of your mouth...

ELIAS: Correct.

DREW: my reality are my words?

ELIAS: Yes, but you are directly interacting with the energy.

DREW: But I’m the director of the movie.


DREW: And the writer.


GEORGE: And the actor.


PAT: Then who are you?

ELIAS: You are directly interacting with another individual’s energy, or with my energy presently. My energy is directly being projected to you in interaction with you. You receive that energy and you configure that energy similar to how I am projecting it, for the most part. For as I have expressed many times, generally speaking you do not automatically reconfigure energy, but at times you do.

Therefore, let us express in a general situation. I project my energy to you. You receive that energy, you configure it, you generate the actual physical manifestation of Michael [Mary] and of myself speaking to you through Michael’s [Mary’s] form. You create the words, you create the reality of it, you create the entire configuration of it just as you are creating every other individual within this room.

DREW: And everything they say to me are the words I give them.

ELIAS: Not the words you give them – every word that they say to you you are not giving them; you are creating all of those words in association with the image that the words are projected from.

DREW: But it’s my script.

ELIAS: Yes. But the wonder of the preciseness and perfection of this script of your play and of all of these words that you present to yourself is that each individual that you interact with, you have specifically chosen that one individual rather than billions of other individuals in that one moment to express those words to you, for you have chosen that particular individual, for you have drawn that individual’s energy to you rather than any other individual within your world – that one.

DREW: It’s casting.


DREW: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend.” [session 1695, January 15, 2005]

ELLA: “I want to ask a question, unless somebody else has a question. But when you have a chance, I have a question that I need to ask you in relation to since we’re creating our reality but there are other people in it, how do we do that.

JOANNE P: This actually segues beautifully; I have to be soft. (Elias laughs loudly) My greatest fear is that I’m not capable or won’t understand the information that I’m creating and that ultimately I will betray myself in that loop. I understand that while it matters not on a consciousness level, it matters to me here. Sometimes there appears to be an apparent difference between what I think I prefer and want and what I’m actually creating in essence preferences.

ELIAS: Not in essence preferences, in your preferences.

JOANNE P: In my real preferences, which is what I’m creating.

ELIAS: Yes, and that may be confusing to many individuals. The distinction and the noticing that what you think you want and what you think is your preference may appear differently than what you actually create.

Now; that does not necessarily denote that what you think you prefer is inaccurate. That may be a correct assessment or translation. But you may also incorporate expressed beliefs and be choosing certain influences of those expressed beliefs that deny your creation of what you prefer. This occurs many times in association with obligation. An individual may express a genuine preference in certain actions but deny themselves the freedom to express that or accomplish that for their belief concerning obligation overrides their preference, for it is stronger.

Another element concerning preferences, as we were discussing in the previous section of this session, is that there are strongly expressed beliefs concerning what is acceptable behavior. Therefore, in association with religious beliefs – which contrary to what any of you may think, you ALL incorporate religious beliefs; this is not to say that you attend religious rituals or that you associate yourselves with religious establishments, but you do incorporate religious beliefs – in association with religious beliefs, preferences are to be denied, which is what influences the strength within many individuals of why they view preferences to be selfish and bad and inconsiderate. For the noble action is not to be considering you but to continuously be considering every other individual upon the planet and therefore assuming responsibility for every other individual upon the planet, and expressing none of yourself.

The responsibility to self is what generates your freedom. For if you are entirely responsible for you, you cannot be a victim in any manner, for no other individual can create your reality. Therein lies your control that you seek, which once you discover it you recognize that it is not control at all. It is freedom and it is allowance.

In this, if you are generating choices that appear to you to be contrary to your preferences, it is worthy of your attention to evaluate what you are actually doing, which we have been discussing this day, and to examine what beliefs are being expressed and which influences you are aligning with. For in that evaluation, you recognize automatically that there are other choices and that this is not the only influence of this belief. You motivate yourself to seek out what are the other influences of this particular belief. Even the evaluation of different influences of beliefs interrupts the strength of the influence that you are expressing. It distracts you, it allows for other possibilities, which allows you to explore in different directions.

One of your largest keys, or what you would term to be tools, for generating different choices is to interrupt the familiar choices, to interrupt the circles that you create, that which you continue to repeat. Distraction is a tremendous method for interruption, allowing yourself to express ANY different action other than the one that is familiar – but not in opposition to the one that is familiar – acknowledging the one that is familiar, recognizing that, not FIGHTING with it, not opposing it, but merely in simplicity heaving an enormous sigh and expressing to yourself, ‘Ah, yes! This belongs to me. This is what I do. This is what I express. This is what I am experiencing, and there is no necessity to change it but merely to notice it.’ That in itself is an interruption of what is familiar to you, for the familiar is to automatically oppose.

If you are not opposing, you automatically relax your energy. You change your energy immediately – perhaps not entirely – but to a significant degree, enough of a degree to allow you to inspire yourself and view other choices and other influences, and even offer yourself information concerning what is motivating the difference between what you do and what you think you prefer and whether what you think you prefer is actually what you prefer.

That processing is allowed if you are not opposing, for the opposing is so very distracting that it becomes a focal point and that is ALL you pay attention to. It becomes consuming, and that does not allow you to offer yourself information. The opposing is quite similar to the hamster wheel of ‘why?’

JOANNE P: It’s interesting that you’re saying that, because my irritation is that I offer myself so much information that I can’t discern which to choose from and I go into overwhelm. I try not to make it a thought process, but it seems to feed the fear of not being capable of understanding the information. My irritation feeds my fear, and back and forth.

ELIAS: And I may express to you that also is quite commonly expressed. Many individuals couple the two and they feed each other, which is also the reason that I chose those two expressions.

JOANNE P: So just notice the doubt – I guess it’s doubt that’s coming up – and just allow that to be there...


JOANNE P: ...and you will not betray you.

ELIAS: Yes, for that allows you to experience that and not oppose it, and eventually you allow yourself to not be distracted by it. It becomes consuming and immobilizing, for you are concentrating upon the opposition of it.

JOANNE P: And that complicates it?


JOANNE P: So in the allowance, the information will become more easily discernible of what my preferences are?

ELIAS: Yes, for you are not distracting yourself in that manner of continuing the hamster wheel and concentrating upon the opposition.

ANON: Would it be considered opposing to say something to the person, if there’s another person involved that you might be feeling this opposition with? If you said something in a non-confrontational way, would that be feeding the opposition?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon your motivation. I am not expressing that confrontation is necessarily opposing; it may be sharing information. It is dependent upon your motivation. If you are sharing information, you are not necessarily opposing. If you are defending, you are. If you are justifying, you are. If you are attempting to instruct, you are.

ANON: What if you’re just saying how you feel about it?

ELIAS: And that is merely expressing and sharing information with another individual. If you incorporate no expectation in that sharing, you are not opposing. If you incorporate an expectation of the other individual, you are either defending or justifying or instructing, and in those actions, yes, you are opposing.

DON: By instructing, would you also include attempting to manipulate?

ELIAS: Yes. If you expect a particular outcome or response from the other individual, yes, you are generating an opposing energy. If you are merely sharing information, that is not opposing.

ELLA: This is the part that is not clear to me, and I cannot find an answer from the sessions so far. I’m creating my own reality, and this is where it gets hazy. Every individual that comes into my reality, this is the energy that other essences lend into my game? I’ve created this game and they lend the energy?


ELLA: Then I guess what I’m asking is if for a second you just forget about the big picture in our everyday life, it seems to be that the choices that we make affect other people’s lives or the choices that they make affect your life. Now, the choice that my husband makes affects my life. But I created him?


ELLA: You are saying my responsibility is solely to myself, right?


ELLA: How real is he in my reality? (Group laughter)

ELIAS: He is quite real and all of your reality is quite real, but you are creating it.

ELLA: What is he creating in my reality? What is his part in my reality?

ELIAS: He projects energy to you that you receive, and you configure that energy in any particular moment in association with your direction and what you are expressing within yourself.

ELLA: And I’m doing the same for him...


ELLA: ...because we’re both playing games, right?

ELIAS: Yes, and your realities may in any time framework be quite different.

ELLA: And the way we perceive each other – that probably is very normal to all of you but I’m still trying to catch up – the way we perceive each other, I guess he sees me differently than I think he sees me...


ELLA: ...because it’s all just a virtual game to a degree in generating a part of (inaudible). But somewhere we’re still in agreement? What I’m saying is he has his own reality where I lend the energy and he has a partner who he plays with. I have my own reality where he lends the energy. But in my reality, I’m not playing the game with him, he just lends the energy, period, and then I form it. It’s not like we are co-creating?

ELIAS: No! You are not co-creating!

ELLA: Somewhere I read that you are co-creating.

ELIAS: No! You are not co-creating.

ELLA: So basically this is my game?


DANIIL: How do I reconfigure the energy sent to me in the most adequate manner?

ELIAS: What would your motivation be? You would automatically reconfigure energy that would be the most beneficial to you in conjunction with whatever you are expressing in the moment.

I am aware of what you are expressing, but I may also express to you, you are continuously doing this action. For whether it is comfortable or not comfortable, you are presenting a reflection to yourself precisely of what you choose to inform yourself concerning – but I am understanding what your question is.

If you are receiving an energy that you perceive to be opposing or that you do not like, how do you reconfigure that energy and change it into a different expression? Quite easily. [It] is dependent upon you and whether you are trusting yourself and whether you are accepting yourself.

You may present an opposing energy to yourself merely as an action to allow you to evidence to yourself that you can reconfigure that immediately, that it is not affecting of you in an opposing manner, and you shall know in that experience. For regardless of the strength of the opposition that you present to yourself, you shall incorporate no motivation to match that energy or to oppose it in return and it shall not affect you in what you assess as a negative manner.

DANIIL: So as an automatic response of being shocked or opposing or defending or whatever, if I can suspend or distract myself for a moment and just look at it at face value, so to speak, then immediately it ceases to be an opposition.

ELIAS: Yes, you can incorporate that temporarily as a method, which will encourage you in practicing with this type of action and which also shall reinforce your recognition of your ability to accomplish a reconfiguration of energy. But ultimately what may be the most desired action is to genuinely be expressing that confidence and recognition of your own strength and power and no doubt within yourselves, and in that, your own acceptance of your choices. Therefore, opposition would not be threatening.

DANIIL: So I would never then even perceive initially that something was an opposition?

ELIAS: Correct, for you would view it or perceive in a different manner. You may recognize that there perhaps was an intention from the other individual to be opposing, but you have not received it in that manner, you are not affected in an opposing manner and there is no threat.” [session 1742, April 02, 2005]

ELIAS: “None of your truths are bad. They do incorporate influences that limit you, but only in association with automatic responses. You become so very familiar with your truths that in being unquestioned, they incorporate many, many automatic responses.

Some of your automatic responses you would evaluate as good and you would not change and you would appreciate. Some of your automatic responses lead you into conflict and lead you into bad things occurring, in your terminology. This is the reason that it is so very important and significant that you identify what your truths are, and that you not merely identify what your truths are but that you recognize what the influences are, and in that, allow yourself to recognize that you incorporate choice.

Let me also express to you, when you genuinely recognize [and] identify your truth, the element of ‘you do not create all of your reality’ becomes a moot point, for in accepting the responsibility of your own truth, you begin to recognize and perceive in reality that you ARE creating all of your reality. You are not a victim to circumstances, to scenarios, to situations, to other individuals, for YOU incorporate the choices and you can choose different actions to allow yourself to continue in the expression of your truth but not be dissuaded by other individuals’ choices, expressions or behaviors. They literally move into the expression of ‘it matters not.’ You shall incorporate no judgment associated with differences, for you shall offer yourself choices that open new avenues, even in association with washing your clothes. Even in the mundane actions that you generate each day, you shall not be placing that energy into that container, for you shall allow yourself to engage choices that circumvent that expression of setting yourself into motion to trigger yourself.

Other individuals are merely a catalyst in reflection; they are not actually DOING the action of triggering you. YOU are doing the action of triggering you, and you began that before you presented the scenario to yourself in which you become triggered, for you engaged choices that set you in a direction to be triggered. But if you are aware of your truths, you are intentionally directing and intentionally creating.

What is the intention of every individual within this room or within this forum? The intention of every individual is to be aware of themselves objectively to the point that you can objectively intentionally create your reality in the manner that you want, whether it be associated with relationships or money or home or family or children or your employment; it matters not.

What you want is to intentionally direct yourselves to create what you want. That being such an intense desire, it is motivating you to be generating all of these experiences, the experiences that you do not like, the experiences that generate discomfort. The reason that you generate these experiences is associated with that desire. But you lose sight of that desire and you express to yourselves, ‘Why can I not create what I want now?’ Why can you not create what you want now? You are not aware of what influences you NOW in all that you do.

I have been expressing for an extended time framework the significance and the importance of paying attention to all that you do. There is NO element hidden from you. There is no subconscious. ALL is available to you. It is merely a matter of paying attention and not placing yourself in the position of the co-pilot of your airplane, with no pilot. Without the pilot, it is quite a guess where the plane shall fly, and you incorporate no sense of control! In that, you open the door to be the victim of situations, of circumstances, of other individuals – even of yourselves! You sabotage yourselves, for you are not directing.

The question in each individual is ‘How do I direct? What does this mean? And what do I pay attention to?’ You wish to be incorporating a formula. You wish for me to offer you the formula. I HAVE, repeatedly. (14) But the formula is too simple, and without the complication, the formula is not being received, for you continue to look for more of the formula: ‘Complicate it, Elias. Generate more of it, Elias. This is simple. This cannot be accomplished; it cannot be all that there is.’

I express to you to pay attention to what you are doing, and you incorporate questions in your mind. ‘What am I doing? I am sitting, I am listening; I am doing nothing.’ You are never doing nothing. You are always engaging choices and you are always doing in many more expressions than you allow yourself to be aware of. Your body consciousness is always doing. You are always generating choices, every moment. Each of you in this moment is generating a choice to sit, to listen...

BILL: ... What has happened since I got engaged with you is I rarely encounter conflict anymore, because I don’t need to win. A lot of my intent had to do with this win/lose, my experience of polar opposites like right and wrong, competition, everything I’ve done.

ELIAS: I am understanding. But that is not necessarily intent; that is associated with truths...

BILL: Of right and wrong?


BILL: There has to be a winner.

ELIAS: And that influences perception very strongly, and it motivates you.

As to motivation also, this is another factor. For in association with shifting and discovering or identifying truths, your movement is changing. What you are familiar with, what you are accustomed to is goals. You set a goal, you set an ideal, you focus upon a wanted outcome and that is the focal point, and that motivates you to accomplish achieving that goal or that outcome.

What is shifting in perception and being misinterpreted as a lack of motivation with many individuals is the unfamiliarity of generating more importance in relation to the process than the outcome. In paying attention to the process, which is associated with what your desire is – to be more aware of yourselves and intentionally creating what you want – the outcome becomes unknown. Therefore, the process becomes ultimately important.

For you may engage an idea of what you want, but what you genuinely want is to be generating the awareness to create your reality intentionally entirely in association with what you want – THAT is the genuine desire. That can be expressed and developed in many, many different manners, and not necessarily always comfortable, for that choosing aspect of you does not distinguish between comfort or the lack of comfort. What it moves toward is whatever is most efficient to gain your attention.

RODNEY: Ha! Dying will get you there very quickly! (Group laughter)

ELIAS: Yes. (Smiles) Therefore, whether an expression is comfortable or not, if it is efficient and if it gains your attention quickly, that is what you will choose.

In this, as you shift into paying more attention to the process – which is what you are doing, all of you – your motivation becomes unclear, for you are not incorporating a clear goal. You incorporate an idea that you want to create your reality intentionally. What does that entail? You are not sure, and therefore the goal appears to you to be somewhat defined, but somewhat undefined and vague. It is not; it is quite clear, but you do not incorporate an expectation of what the outcome may be. Without the expectation, that creates, in a manner of speaking, a type of floundering, for it is unfamiliar. You always incorporate an expectation – you KNOW what to expect, you KNOW your direction, you KNOW what you want – but the greater desire is to be aware and to be intentionally directing and creating what you want.

You can think of many, many, many expressions that you want, but in relation to any of them the desire to be intentionally creating and aware of creating is greater than any of the individual wants that you may want to create. You may want a particular employment, you may want not to be employed, you may want to engage a particular action, you may want to create a relationship, you may want to create money – yes, these are all valid wants. But the greater want is to understand and know HOW to be directing yourself intentionally to create those WHEN you want.

Therefore, in that greater desire, you yourself shall present to yourself the opportunity to become more familiar with yourself by identifying what is the most influencing of you that prevents you from creating what you want, and those, many times, are your truths, merely in association with not being aware of them and therefore not intentionally directing yourself in relation to them as guidelines. Therefore, yourself shall present many different expressions and scenarios in which you can offer a showing to yourself of your truths and how they are influencing.

That opens the door to choice, and choice presents your freedom. For once you recognize that you incorporate choice in every situation, in every moment, that you are not locked to one expression or one direction, that within any scenario – within every scenario – you incorporate choices, not one choice but many choices, there lies the seat of you directing yourself intentionally and allowing you to create what you want WHEN you want it. Not futurely, not anticipating: ‘Some day I shall arrive. Some day I shall incorporate the ability to create this. Eventually I shall incorporate the ability to create what I want.’ No.

‘NOW, in this moment, I can create what I want, for I am aware of what influences me and I am aware that I incorporate choices. It is not black and white. I am not hidden from myself. I am also acknowledging of myself and my guidelines, for they are what allow me to create what I want’ – not that I discount myself in incorporating these guidelines, not that they are bad.

Not justification – terrible word; very, very bad. No, it is not. It can be, but it is not.

Respect – very, very bad; incorporates tremendous judgment. This is very bad. ‘I should not be judgmental of other individuals. I should be...’ Should, should, should, should!

Image – ‘I should, should, should. I should present myself in this manner. I should appear in this manner. I should express in this manner. I should not express in that manner. I should be aware of how I present myself physically and mentally and interactively. I should be aware of how I present myself in attractiveness or not attractiveness. My form, my thoughts, my speaking.’ Many, many, many shoulds!

... (Enunciating slowly and extra clearly) PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU ARE DOING. This is the official formula! Ha ha!” [session 1970, April 01, 2006]

ELIAS: “Good afternoon!

GROUP: Good afternoon!

ELIAS: This day, we shall be discussing ‘whys,’ how energy operates, and importance – and the importance of importance! We will begin with ‘whys,’ for as I am aware and as you are aware, this is your favorite question. (Laughter) Why, why, why! And as I have attempted for an extended time framework to alter the ‘why’ into a ‘what,’ you continue to hold to the ‘whys.’ Therefore, we will be exploring the ‘why’ question.

When you create some experience that you do not like or that you do not want, your first question is why: why did I create that, why am I creating this. Your second question is ‘If I created this, was what I wanted actually what I wanted? Perhaps what I wanted I merely thought I wanted, but I must not have wanted it, for I did not create it.’ And you begin the convolution in questioning with the why.

In that, you turn that why upon yourselves. For many of you have been privy to the information that I have offered for an extended time framework, and what you have done in the incorporation of that is to generate some areas of black and white – Elias expressed this, therefore it is absolutely correct and it absolutely means one thing. Not necessarily! But this is the way that you process.

In that, you generate the reverse of what you generated previously. Previously, your initial response to experiences that you do not like was to blame some element outside of yourself. As you incorporate this information more and more, now you do the reverse. ‘It must not be any element outside of myself that is occurring. Therefore, I am creating all of my reality’ – which you are! – ‘and if I am creating all of my reality, I am creating this experience and there is no involvement from any other individual or any other circumstance. It is all myself, and I must be not understanding or stuck or extremely thick, for I am creating precisely what I do not want to create. But I must not want what I think I want, for I did not create it. Therefore, I am entirely confused! For I now do not know what I actually want, for I am obviously not creating it.’

Understand that many times you DO know what you want, but you do not necessarily create that. I have been addressing to this very scenario for an extended time framework, but I am aware that perhaps the manner in which I have addressed to this and offered explanations may be an expression that you do not entirely assimilate accurately. Therefore, we will engage a different approach.

Now; that moves us to how energy operates. Let me express to you once again, thought does not create your reality, but it does translate and it is an important factor in your reality. Although it can malfunction and convolute you and even generate other malfunctions within you, it can and many times does generally accurately translate information that you offer to it. Therefore, it is a factor in how you create. It is not creating your reality, but it is a factor in how you create. Also, what you do is a factor, and what your associations are.

Now; let me also clarify. Associations many times are expressed in feelings. Therefore, the coupling of the feelings, which are the associations that you generate with any subject, and the thought process that you generate with the feelings, and what you are actually doing are the factors that influence perception, which thusly creates your reality.

In this, what I shall present to you in keeping with your present holiday celebration [i.e., St. Patrick's Day], we shall view your energy as a leprechaun.

Now; you all know that leprechauns are magic and they can grant wishes.

Now; your energy is your own leprechaun. But your leprechaun does not distinguish between good or bad; it merely grants your wish in whatever you are expressing. It makes no association of whether what you are expressing is good or bad or comfortable or uncomfortable. Therefore, if you are generating actions, the doing, and feelings, the associations, and thinking, the thought mechanism, in a direction of ‘not enough’ in association with any manifestation, it matters not. It may be ‘not enough’ in some expression as large, in your perception, as money; it may be ‘not enough’ in some expression within your association as small as not enough bread. It matters not what the subject is; it is the ‘not enough’ that you are expressing.

In that, you are expressing to your leprechaun a statement, and your leprechaun is responding and expressing to you, ‘Very well, you have it.’ And it will give you precisely what you have expressed. Whether you like it or you do not like it matters not to your leprechaun. You have put forth a request and it has answered precisely in conjunction with your request. This is the simplicity of energy. What the difficulty of energy is is recognizing it and paying attention to it.

As an example, you may be generating a very consistent concentration upon lack, but the only area you will pay attention to that may be money. You are expressing lack in action and in association continuously, but you may not engage the identification of that or the noticing of that within your thought process.

You may approach your refrigerator, and in a moment, as you gaze into your refrigerator, you may notice that you incorporate very little juice. You will immediately express and generate an association: I have not enough juice. You may not THINK that, but the association will be expressed; the energy will be expressed. Your immediate thought will be ‘I must incorporate a trip to my shop to buy more juice,’ and you will offer that no more thought. The moment is gone; the noticing is nil. You are not aware of the energy that you have expressed outwardly.

You may encounter fueling your vehicle, and as you offer to pay the attendant, you may notice you have not enough money. Perhaps you may be one of your dollars shy of what the bill is. You will immediately express that lack and that association. You will also immediately discover a manner in which you can rectify the situation and you will drive on. You will not notice what energy you expressed, and you will offer it little thought – other than to be embarrassed, which is another action of lack. For now you are lacking your own confidence and your own expression of value, for you are devaluing yourself, and you will incorporate a discounting of yourself or a frustration or generate anger with yourself that you created that situation in which you became embarrassed. That will compound that outputting of lack.

Every action in every moment within your reality, you are projecting energy. There is not one moment within your reality that you are not outputting energy, and that energy that you are outputting precisely draws to you the same. You automatically draw the same energy that you project.

You can all visualize in this moment. Close your eyes. Visualize your body, standing. Extending from your body is a shockwave of energy that is moving outward in the thrust, the intensity and the distance of a nuclear explosion in this moment. That is how powerful your energy is. The power of that energy, as it creates that shockwave that extends outwardly, generates an action as a magnet, the most powerful magnet that you can imagine. That magnet will pull to it any expression that matches what you are projecting. It will intentionally seek out any expression, any manifestation that matches the energy that is being expressed.

I have expressed many times, objective imagery is very abstract. Therefore, in relation to one form of energy, you can draw thousands of different types of imagery to yourself that will all be associated with that one type of energy.

When an individual expresses, ‘Why did I do this? Why did I create this?’ the manner in which you answer that question is to evaluate what you are doing, what have you been doing: what have you been physically doing and engaging, but also what are you doing inwardly, what associations are you generating.

An individual may notice that they generate this concentration upon not enough money. I am incorporating this particular example, for many, many, many individuals concern themselves with money. It matters not how often I express to you that money is one of the easiest manifestations that you generate; most of you continue to not believe that.

Therefore, let us say that you notice that you are concentrating upon not enough money, and you decide that you will counter this. You choose to begin generating affirmations to alter your thinking. Therefore, you choose an affirmation, perhaps ‘I will be generating abundance; I am worthy of money; I want to create wealth.’ You express this affirmation day after day after day, and you generate no difference in your reality and you become frustrated. Perhaps you reinforce yourself and express to yourself, ‘Perhaps I have not generated the affirmations long enough, or I am not generating them enough times within my day.’ Now you are expressing the affirmations twenty times within your day, you are incorporating this action for a month, and you do not view any alteration in your reality. Why?

That is merely one action that you are doing. You may be saying words, but what are those words associated with? Are they present? No. Do you FEEL them? Do you KNOW that, within yourself? Are you generating actions that express that knowing that you already are creating that? No. You are concentrating upon you have not enough milk, you have not enough time, you have not enough energy, you have not enough of what you want in your relationship, you do not have a relationship, or you do not have enough control of your situations or your circumstances. But you are not paying attention to any of these expressions and noticing any of these expressions of lack.

You are concentrating upon your affirmations and continuing to express, ‘Why am I not creating this?’ You are not creating this for your energy is not moving in that direction. It is moving in the direction of your leprechaun expressing, ‘Oh, you want ‘not enough’? You have it! You express ‘not enough’ continuously – you may have it!’

You surprise yourself in moments when you do generate creating some expression that you want and you express ‘why’ again. Why did I accomplish with that, but I cannot accomplish in another direction? Why did you accomplish in one direction? For you were not questioning. You were trusting – which I am quite aware that most of you continue to not understand THAT word – but trusting is not questioning. It is the lack of doubt. At times, you quite definitely express a lack of doubt and a knowing and no question as to what you are doing, and you accomplish it. And it is, in actuality, very easy!

In actuality, it is easier to generate what you want than it is to not, for when you are not generating what you want, you are continuously opposing yourself and you are projecting energy continuously in TRYING. Trying does not accomplish. It is not a matter of trying; it is a matter of doing. It is a matter of taking a step. Regardless of how that step appears to you, generating the step and expressing within you the knowing not that you WILL accomplish, but that you ARE accomplishing.

Generally speaking, other than your occasional surprises, the manner in which you function in the operation of energy is through processes. This is the reason that it is important to pay attention to processes and what you are doing in the now, being present with yourselves. Each action that you incorporate within a process is an action that is creating already what you want, and each action that you generate creates branches, unforeseen branches, branches that are springing from your newly growing tree. Therefore, you are unaware of how those branches will form, but if you are paying attention to the process of their formation, you can manipulate their form. In that, there become little or no left turns in your direction that you are left asking ‘why’ again, for you can anticipate. You know your direction and you are not questioning it.

Another factor in this is importance, which I have been discussing with some individuals. You will pay attention to what becomes important to you, regardless of what it is. If there is some expression within your reality that you dislike, you will pay attention to it, for the dislike becomes important. Therefore, you continue to pay attention to it.

The more energy you offer in a particular direction, the more you create that. Therefore, it is significant to recognize what you are expressing as important. ‘I am incorporating a headache. I dislike this headache; this is important. It is important, for I wish the headache to dissipate and disappear; therefore, my dislike of the headache is important.’ The more the headache continues, the more important that dislike becomes, and you concentrate.

What is encouraging in all of this doom is that within any moment you can alter that shockwave of energy. You can alter the direction of that shockwave. The manner in which you do that is paying attention and aligning what you are feeling, your association; what you are thinking, your translation; and what you are doing in conjunction with your intention.

One method that you can effectively incorporate is to generate a visualization momentarily. Rather than merely thinking or expressing ‘I want this,’ generate a visualization in which you have that, you are actually engaging it.

‘I want a bicycle.’ Allow yourself to momentarily generate a brief visualization in which you are actually touching the bicycle, riding the bicycle, engaging it, and in that, you are traveling in some area that you would enjoy riding the bicycle. FEEL yourself upon the bicycle, KNOW that it is yours already. Even if the bicycle does not magically materialize before you within that moment, know that you already possess it. Therefore, it is not to be acquired. In that, continue to pay attention to your process, what you are actually doing. This is significant, for regardless of whether what you are doing seems to be associated with a bicycle or not, all that you do is interconnected.

Therefore, as you are generating the action of creating a sandwich and you are expressing to yourself frustration for you are not incorporating enough roast beef to be satisfying with your sandwich, that is associated with that bicycle. The imagery may be entirely different, but that energy is expressing an energy to prevent you from materializing that bicycle.

In the moment that you notice that you have not enough pieces of roast beef for your sandwich, rather than merely expressing that shockwave, notice what you expressed. You can alter that in that moment, and you can express, ‘This is enough; this is satisfactory.’ And allow yourself to enjoy it – not generating the consumption of the sandwich and throughout that consumption expressing, ‘This sandwich is horrible! I knew there was not enough roast beef and now all I taste is the bread, for there is no flavor in this sandwich for there is not enough roast beef.’ That is one of those shockwaves that has created an obstacle and a barrier for your bicycle.

But if you are allowing yourself to relax, appreciate that you generated the action of creating a sandwich for yourself and expressing in acknowledgment, ‘This is my sandwich and I shall enjoy its flavors,’ regardless that there was not enough roast beef, your shockwave changes, and it influences that manifestation of that bicycle in your process.

In actuality, the principles of creating your reality are quite simple. As much as you enjoy complicating them, they are actually quite simple. It is merely a matter of genuinely noticing and paying attention to what you are doing. For as in the example of the affirmations, I expressed the example of doing in the reverse to the affirmations, but in addition to that, the individual may be expressing the affirmations but also may be worrying in relation to bills or may be worrying in relation to income. Therefore, the affirmations are nullified.

In this, I will express to you to incorporate moments within our break to be contemplating this action of this shockwave and what you do, for when we return I shall be inquiring of you what your lacks are, what your whys are in relation to what you do that you do not understand and that you ask ‘why did I do this.’

RODNEY: ... This happens to me frequently, especially at gatherings. I notice that I want to be with more than one person at a time. But one person or another person who’s indicated that they want to be with me is not with me, because I’m talking with someone else. So I’m projecting an energy of being ineffective in creating the social intercourse that I want to with all of the people that I want to. And this is exactly what you’re talking about, first noticing it and then shifting my attention. I went to the place of just be okay with yourself and not concern yourself with what other people might be thinking, because I know I want to be with them, but I can’t be in two places physically. I think that’s an example of what you are talking about.

ELIAS: Partially, yes. In this scenario, you can incorporate different actions in which, as an example, if you are engaging in interaction with one individual and another individual approaches that you also want to engage, but you do not want to interrupt the individual that you are participating with, you can invite the other individual to join you. You naturally take turns in conversations. Therefore, the third individual, or fourth or fifth, will await their turn. You can also include the other individuals in the interaction and allow them the opportunity to participate, regardless that they have not been interacting from the onset of your conversation. It is not necessary to engage a lengthy explanation as to what has already transpired, but to allow the individuals to participate in whatever moment they are entering into the interaction.

Or you can allow yourself to relax, know that your intention is to interact with many individuals, and you will engage however many you feel comfortable with in a particular time framework and not be discounting yourself that you have not accomplished connecting with all the individuals, for you HAVE accomplished connecting. You may not have accomplished engaging in physical interaction, in conversation, with all of the individuals, but you have accomplished engaging in interaction in energy and connection.

RODNEY: Where I went was this engagement is enough, and I attempted to direct my attention to the feeling of having enough.

ELIAS: Yes, that is the point, yes, of not pushing yourself and therefore generating an energy of anxiety, but recognizing that what you are engaging now is satisfactory and acknowledging that within yourself, therefore moving your attention away from the anticipation of what may or may not occur within the next moment. Yes, this would be an example.

RODNEY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

ANGELA: I’m looking for some guidance on how to master the moment that occurs at the revelation of a creation that is, in my perception at that moment, not a healthy creation for me, the moment that occurs between action and reaction. I would like to be able to elongate that moment so that I stop myself from reacting to that creation, as in what you were discussing earlier – why did I do that, why did I create that that, I didn’t want it. I would like the moment to be about the observation of the gift of that creation, but sometimes I find that moment is so fleeting, or it comes to me later, a second later, weeks later. I feel my movement would be much more fluid in my creations if I could control that instant in my mind, and it seems fleeting.

ELIAS: This question incorporates a two-fold response. First of all, this occurs with all of you, in which you may present some experience or some information to yourself that you will understand in a later time framework. You automatically move into this direction of ‘if I only knew’ or ‘I wish I had known in that moment what I understand now.’ I have expressed from the onset of this forum, you all create perfectly in every moment.

Now; what is meant by that is that in each moment you incorporate a certain volume of information and a certain volume of experiences. In one moment, you may respond to a particular situation given the experience and the information that you have in that moment. That moment may be serving you to generate a new experience to offer you new information. Therefore, the experience itself is a part of the offering of information and new experience. Therefore, it is not to be discounted. For even if it is an uncomfortable experience, it is one that is providing an avenue for new information that you will offer to yourself.

That is one factor, to be recognizing that regardless whether your experience is good or bad in a moment, it is purposeful in that moment, for it is offering you an avenue for new information and new experiences. This is the element of association, the feeling: ‘I am generating this experience now; it is uncomfortable. I do not like it. I am generating this reaction; I do not like that. Why am I doing this?’ Replacing the ‘why am I doing this’ with the association or the feeling is an avenue. ‘There is a reason. I may not be aware yet of what the reason is that I am creating this, but there is a reason, and it is a new open door for me to generate new information and new experiences.’

The second factor in this question is you can generate more of a time framework in those moments in which you may be generating some action that you do not like, in allowing yourself to pause. Momentarily pause and evaluate what are you doing and what is the motivation. The motivation is important; CREATE the motivation to be important.

In this, you will respond to yourself differently. Generally speaking, reaction is an immediate action; it is an immediate response. If you allow yourself to pause, you can evaluate more clearly what you are actually doing in that moment and whether a response is warranted or not, for many times a response is not necessarily warranted. It is merely familiar and automatic. In that action, you stop the automatic response and you may actually evaluate that the automatic response is the one that you want to choose, and you are choosing it intentionally rather than reacting.

If you are aware of what you are feeling and thinking – which many times in association with reaction you are not; you are merely expressing. You are not generating forethought; you are not paying attention to what you are actually feeling. You are paying attention to the most predominant feeling but not what is motivating it, as in a situation in which another individual may approach you and insult you. You may feel distressed, you may feel angry, or you may feel hurt. Those are the obvious feelings, but you are not evaluating what motivated that, why are you feeling that. Use your ‘why’ question in a more constructive manner, to offer yourself actual answers rather than more questions.

In this, you can evaluate. ‘The other individual insulted me.’ What created the response within you? It was not the other individual; it was your own doubt of yourself. If you pause and allow yourself to evaluate, you can actually express within yourself, ‘A response is not necessary. I do not agree with this individual’s insult. This is THEIR perception. I received it as an insult, for I am generating the allowance of myself to be threatened, for I am doubting within myself and not comfortable with myself.’

If you are comfortable with yourself and satisfied with yourself, the perception of another individual may be very different from your perception of yourself, but it will not threaten your perception. You will recognize your perception as being equally as valid and that it is not necessary for your perceptions to agree. The other individual’s perception is valid also, and how they view you is how they view you. It may not be the manner in which you view yourself, and your perception is not invalidated by their difference unless YOU invalidate it – unless you accept that difference, assume it yourself, and question yourself and discount yourself. In this, you can accept the other individual’s perception and not agree but also not defend, for it is not necessary to defend if you are comfortable and confident within your own perception of yourself, knowing that it does not diminish you.

The reason that the differences threaten individuals is that your perception of yourself is very tied to your identity, who you are. Any expression that threatens your identity you will automatically defend. But defense is tricky, for defense is an opposing energy. Therefore, that shockwave is expressed outwardly, and your leprechaun is expressing response to you: ‘Oh, you are requesting opposition. Very well!’ (Laughter)

ANGELA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

ANGELA: ... I’m aware that the energy we project is very important, like you’re talking about today. But sometimes I’m afraid of my own energy, like sometimes I have no control over what I’m feeling. Sometimes I feel lots of lack. I’m aware of the energy and I want to change the energy, but I feel like it gets away from my conscious control. Can you address that?

ELIAS: Yes, this is an interesting point. You are in what you would term to be good company, for there are many individuals that express very similarly! (Laughter)

This is a point of overwhelm. This is the reason that you feel that you do not incorporate control over what you are creating, for what you are doing is not focusing. You are scattering your energy and allowing your attention to move in many different directions simultaneously. In that action, you are incorporating allowing your attention to move to all of the expressions that you generate in lack, and that becomes an enormous entity.

Let me express to you in this manner: let us generate the scenario that you incorporate upon your table a stack of bills that measures one foot into height. This is many, many envelopes!

Now; if you incorporate with your hands knocking this stack and spreading all of these envelopes across your table, and you are viewing them all simultaneously, you will be overwhelmed with the volume of what you see before you. That overwhelm will be influencing of you to decrease your motivation to address to any subject. The motivation will continue to decrease, for your overwhelm increases and that generates a feeling of a lack of control.

But the manner in which you address to the bills is one by one. You cannot incorporate writing your checks for all your bills simultaneously, for you do not incorporate that many hands! And even if you can address to writing your checks with both of your hands, you can only address to two of your bills at one time.

If you are addressing to one at a time and you are not concerning yourself with the next one but paying attention to the one that you are engaging, the overwhelm dissipates. If you are addressing to one but are projecting your attention into the anticipation of the next one and the next one, and what money is within your vault and whether you will approach the last of your bills and continue to incorporate any money within your vault, you are contributing to that overwhelm and you are holding yourself in that energy. In that, your shockwave is expressing immobilization, and your leprechaun is expressing, ‘Very well, you are immobilized!’ And you are.

But if you are recognizing focusing yourself and incorporating one action in one moment and not concerning yourself with the next action in the next moment, you become more present and your energy becomes more calm, for you are expressing that energy of knowing, of trusting, generating the association ‘I am doing this one action now. All the others do not matter. What matters in this moment is this one.’

Another reason that individuals become overwhelmed in this type of situation is that you not merely generate the overwhelm and the association with the tasks themselves, but with whatever you attach to them, such as in our hypothetical scenario of these bills. You are not merely generating an association with the bill itself and with the money and with the action of engaging it, you are also generating an association with what may or may not occur if you do not address to it. You are generating an association with other individuals and what they may possibly do to you. And the other individuals are not actually even individuals; they are faceless forms that you are not even aware of, that you do not objectively know! But they are the form of an individual that possibly incorporates the ability to do some action to you. No, the only one that can do to you is you. If you become, so to speak, an individual with no home, with no vehicle, and are incorporating your dwelling upon a street, YOU chose that.

Now; this is not to say that you may have wanted it; wanting and choosing are not synonymous. But you chose it through the actions that you were incorporating, through the associations that you were generating, through the feelings with those associations, through the thinking that was incorporated in correlation to the associations.

But you can alter that immediately, just as with your table of bills. You can sit before it for hours or days or weeks, and you can stare and gaze upon the many, many, many envelopes and be overwhelmed, and be less and less motivated, and be more and more projecting an energy of defeat. And I will assure you that defeat will show itself in other expressions, not merely in association with the envelopes upon your table, for all of your actions are interconnected. Therefore, those energies appear in other directions also. Those are the branches.

In that, you can change that shockwave in that moment. For remember, your shockwaves are occurring every moment – EVERY moment. In any moment, you can change that shockwave to a different shockwave, and choose to incorporate a different action by recognizing what the action is that you are doing. ‘I am sitting in my chair; I am viewing my table; I am viewing all of these envelopes. I am feeling overwhelmed; I am feeling out of control. I am not addressing to any of these envelopes; I am not touching any of these envelopes; I am not incorporating an interaction with any of these envelopes. I am merely looking at them.’

You can change that in allowing yourself to relax, express to yourself that you are fine, no horrendous action is occurring to you in this moment. There are not countless, faceless individuals pounding upon your door. No officials are present to place you in jail. There are merely envelopes before you. They do not incorporate teeth; they do not incorporate claws; they cannot harm you. They are merely paper! And you can view this paper humorously and you can express, ‘You are merely paper! You cannot harm me, for you are not a you, and I am.’ And you can pick up one envelope and engage it, and not concern yourself with any others until you choose to move to the next envelope.

This is the manner in which you dissipate the energy of overwhelm, which is very easily and quickly compounded. But it can be very easily and quickly dissipated if you allow yourself, once again, to pause and genuinely be present, remind yourself what is actually occurring – not what you anticipate to occur. For what you anticipate may not occur; that is dependent upon your shockwaves.

In that, in one moment you can be quite overwhelmed, feeling out of control, not knowing what to do, and in the next moment you may receive an unexpected offering of thousands of your dollars, which may be one of those unforeseen branches. In that scenario, you will generate once again the automatic response of ‘why was I so distressed and irritated and overwhelmed with myself when I actually incorporated no reason to worry?’ But you did incorporate a reason to worry in your perception in that moment, for you were not present. You were projecting futurely in anticipation.

This is the reason that it is so IMPORTANT to remind yourself to be present and to not be scattered. Focus – allow yourself to pause, reevaluate and focus and know what you are doing now, for that is ultimately the most important.

You are always within a state of change. This is the nature of consciousness, and you are consciousness. Therefore, how can you not be continuously in a state of change? Therefore, in all of the changing that you do continuously, you may be changing and presenting to yourself quite the reverse of what you expect, for it is merely a matter of which shockwave you choose to engage. And as I have expressed from the onset, there is no element of your reality that is hidden from you.

CARYN: I have a question about if another individual and I desire to share something together. I am consciously and positively creating the experience, but that other person is worrying about it and putting out a negative wave. How does that effect us being able to share that experience together? Is it a matter of whose shockwave wins out?

ELIAS: No, it is not. Although it can be, for it would be a matter in that situation of whether one or the other individual allows the other individual’s energy to override their own.

But in this type of scenario, if you are genuinely paying attention to yourself and not concerning yourself with the other individual’s concerns, what will likely occur is that you may share the experience, and your perceptions of it will be different. Your perception of your experience, your reality of the experience will be expressed in one manner, which you will experience as a positive experience. The other individual will most likely validate themself and express that their perception of the experience was a disappointment or was inadequate.

You both are participating, but you are each creating your own reality. Therefore, there is an element that there can be a significant difference in what you actually experience.

CARYN: And if we both desire to live in the same house, a house that we both like, then how... Like if it’s a material possession, then how does that...?

ELIAS: If you are pooling energy, your shockwave becomes tenfold intensified. Therefore, if you are genuinely expressing in the same direction with the same attention, you can pool your energy and create that faster and create it more strongly in association with what you want.

If you are divided, if you both want the same manifestation, and one individual is not doubting and is moving in the direction of expressing that knowing, ‘I will not have this manifestation, [because] I ALREADY possess it; it is mine,’ and the other individual is doubting, you may acquire that physical manifestation such as the house. Your perception of it may be one expression, and the other individual’s will be different. You may express, ‘This was an easy acquisition. I am pleased with this manifestation; I have great affection for this house,’ and the other individual may express, ‘Yes, we have the house but it was quite difficult in acquiring it,’ and they may express a very different perception. It does not affect your ability to create what you want, unless you allow the other individual’s energy to override yours.


REX: I have an illustration of just about everything you were saying so far. We were driving from New Mexico, and I was going to go through a small town and I wanted to spend the night there. Coming into the town – I hadn’t been that way in a long time – I saw this name on the road and I knew right away that the name on the road was a schoolmate, a friend of mine. It triggered this series of events with me. Here I am, 104 years old, and I don’t have my name on a road or anything! And here’s this guy; I was ahead of him in class and I was better at football and everything else. How does this work?

I started to drive around the town. I spent a whole summer there and I thought I would recognize something, but I didn’t. We got a motel, and it turned into the motel from hell. Everything was wrong. The food was bad, the swimming pool was shut down, and I went from one negative experience to the next. By the time I got here, I was sick. It wasn’t until last evening that I realized what I was doing. It was the branches that you were talking about, one series of events after another. Late last night I got the realization that it all started with the sign.

ELIAS: Correct, with the associations.

RODNEY: I have a question from Drew/Matthew, and I think it’s in line with what you’re discussing. May I read it?

ELIAS: You may.

RODNEY: Do we always manifest our desires? In other words, can we look at what we’re creating to see what we truly desire, or do our beliefs distort our creation so that what we create isn’t a true reflection of our desires? If there is a distortion, how can we know what our desires really are?

ELIAS: There is not a distortion. Desire is different from want, and yes, you are always creating in conjunction with your desire. Your desire is what moves your intent. Without your desire, you would not be creating your value fulfillment, and without your value fulfillment, you would not continue to be within this reality. You would cease to be within this reality, for there would be no point.

RODNEY: So whatever we do create...

ELIAS: Is in alignment with your desire. Once again, in conjunction with that leprechaun, it does not distinguish between good and bad. It merely attracts, as the magnet, whatever matches it.

RODNEY: Well then, the word ‘want,’ does that represent what we think we desire?

ELIAS: Yes, it can be translated in that manner, that it is what you think you desire.

Desire is much broader than want. Wants are specific. Wants are associated with particular or specific manifestations or actions or interactions. Desire is a broader expression. It incorporates your exploration, what you are choosing to explore and offer to yourself in information to generate your individual expansion.

RODNEY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

WILL: I have a follow-up to Prince’s comment about the experience of lack, and I kind of wanted to take it to a global scale and just invite your comment. There’s a gentleman named Gregg Easterbrook who wrote a book called ‘The Progress Paradox.’ He’s studied the trends of the last fifty to one hundred years, and even though there’s terrible things happening in the world, he’s said that food and health care and literacy and income are higher. There’s progress in every area, not just a little progress but significant progress. One of the biggest areas is in the extension of the life span of people. The paradox is that’s all going on, but what’s going down is individuals’ personal happiness. We’re progressing, but people feel worse about things. The other paradox is that the happiness scale is lower in the developed world where there’s more resources than anywhere else. I’m just interested in getting your comment on that.

ELIAS: This, in actuality, would be an accurate assessment of the movement of this shift. For within your first one hundred years of this shift, it was a subjective movement. Therefore, there were many new developments and increases, and that created much imagery in association with progress, which is quite evidenced.

The second one hundred of your years of this shift has merely begun. What is occurring is individuals are becoming aware that en masse you have created considerable progress, but no emphasis has been expressed in relation to the individual. That is creating this lull presently within your world, for there is beginning the objective insertion of this shift.

Therefore, there is the beginning of the recognition of the significance and the importance of the individual, of crediting the individual, and that each of you are very important individually and that each of you are worthy of, entitled to, and can be and want to be steering your own ships, being your own directors, not being one grain of sand in an enormous machine, and that every individual is significant and valuable and contributes in a powerful manner.

Therefore, just as with the overwhelm of the envelopes upon the table, as you begin to be aware and view the enormous accomplishment, it is faceless. It is recognized, but who is it? It is not a who. It is a collective energy that created tremendous progress and tremendous accomplishments.

But now in the objective insertion of this shift, the emphasis is shifting to the individual, the who, the person being the most important, and the expression of power of the individual as being the most significant, that every individual incorporates the same power and it is their entitlement. It is not to be questioned, for it is ALL of your entitlement, and that is significant.

PAM: You’ve recently talked about imagination and how greatly we misunderstand that word. I suspect that imagination might be really powerful in terms of accomplishing that point of transitioning your energy, turning the energy, manipulating it in the way we want versus reacting. Could you discuss imagination and how we might use it in this discussion today, and perhaps give an example?

ELIAS: Imagination is a powerful expression. It is an actual communication, just as emotion is a communication. It is a different type of communication, for it accesses much more of consciousness than merely your reality. Therefore, it can be a very powerful expression, and you can direct it as a very powerful tool, also. For the benefit and the magic of imagination is that it transports you. It allows you to disassociate with your known reality temporarily and reconfigure your associations to inspire you. It allows you to move out of the repeat, and replace the repeat with invention.

In this, let us generate a hypothetical example of an individual that wants to incorporate significant money, enjoys traveling and wants to be traveling, but is concerned of money and therefore does not allow themselves to travel. Another action that this individual genuinely enjoys is gardening.

Now; this individual may be unemployed and expressing, ‘What can I do and also generate financial income?’ They will incorporate your traditional methods of resumes and inquiring at different establishments, and be dissatisfied and not motivated. Were the individual to be asked, ‘What do you enjoy doing,’ they may say, ‘I enjoy traveling; I enjoy gardening.’

Incorporating imagination allows you to play with what you enjoy and what you like in creative manners to inspire you. If I were to engage the individual in this conversation, I would express to the individual, ‘Can you imagine a beautiful garden that you have created? The plants within the garden have been acquired from all about your world, and you can incorporate the allowance of visitors to your garden to experience the exotic-ness of all of your plants in your garden. You are generating income, you are traveling, you are gardening, you are doing what you want, and you are creating money.’

The individual may also add, ‘But I also want a relationship!’ (Laughter) ‘I am confused as to what action to incorporate to generate that manifestation. How do I meet other individuals that I can connect with and I can share with, that I share commonalities with, and thusly create a relationship?’ And I would express to the individual, ‘You are traveling, you are planting, you are acquiring exotic plants all about your world. In doing so, you are engaging other individuals to provide you with those plants. The individuals that are engaging you with plants are also interested in plants (laughter) and perhaps also interested in traveling, for they may also be traveling to acquire plants from different areas. Now you have the commonality of traveling and of plants, and the individual obviously incorporates an interest in gardening or they would not be interested in plants! You are providing yourself with an avenue to encounter and meet objectively many, many individuals of this type, for you are allowing yourself to do what you want, you are allowing yourself to be creative, to engage your imagination in the fantasy of your garden, and creating a business in an unconventional manner.’ That is the power that accompanies imagination.

CAYCE: ... Elias, I was wondering, have you been hanging out at my house? Because you were talking about that big table of bills... (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Laughs) I always incorporate reference in relation to my examples! (Laughter)

CAYCE: When I look at this large table of bills, rather than feeling overwhelmed, if I can recognize them as the fruits of all those things I love – shopping, family, home and life – it can make it a little less overwhelming for me.

ELIAS: Yes. Understand also, this is NOT what you term in your psychologies as the power of positive thinking. For you can think and think and think very positively and it will not necessarily change any of your reality. It is a recognition of how energy operates.

Energy is a magnet. It will draw to it what is being attracted, and in that, it is the most powerful magnet. If you can remember the intensity of your own shockwave in every moment, it can be very empowering. For as powerfully as that shockwave can generate an overwhelming feeling or a distressed feeling or a sad feeling or a helpless feeling, it can also in a moment create a feeling of gratitude, of appreciation, of acknowledgment, of wonder, of happiness, of satisfaction.

I would express to all of you, do not underestimate satisfaction. For when you are satisfied, you lack for nothing. Therefore, that is very important also. (Chuckles)

STEVE: Elias, we’re almost home. Trusting – let’s say I try out your formula and I can feel that I’m really not sure that this is going to work. Do you have any tips about how we can move beyond the critical area that’s necessary to get the job done, to boost our trust to the point we can get it done?

ELIAS: Yes. First of all, recognize and acknowledge yes, I am doubting. Do not discount yourself and do not berate yourself that you are creating that, but acknowledge yourself that you are recognizing: ‘No, I am not generally feeling that confidence or that lack of doubt.’ And do nothing; do not force. Accept that you are incorporating doubt in that moment and that is acceptable, and that you will allow yourself to relax and to rest in that, and to know that it is not necessary to change that in that moment. The mere acknowledgment of that rather than fighting with it, rather than attempting to force changing it, changes the energy.

STEVE: And we don’t have to accept beliefs in this process of trusting our way to good health?

ELIAS: No. Ha ha!” [session 2227, March 17, 2007]

ELIAS: “The formula for creating is very simple. And this is the basis of your genuine self. And the formula includes three components: you project energy, you reflect energy, and you either react to the reflection or you choose in relation to the reflection. This is the formula. This is the basis of your genuine self. This is the other belief system, creation and your universe. For all of your universe has sprung from each of you, individually, differently, in configuration, similar, but not all the same. And each expression of your universe has been projected long before you see it by what you projected in energy first.

Now; the reason this is so very much important is this is the manner in which you create your reality. If you want the secret to how you create your reality it is this formula. This is it. And in this formula, the most difficult aspect is the projecting or the awareness of the projecting. The projecting is easy, you do it continuously. Every moment you are projecting energy. Knowing or being aware of what type of energy you are projecting in any moment is not as easy for it is very unfamiliar to you. It is not hidden from you, for you have created this marvelous design in your reality in which every moment that you project you are reflecting. Therefore, the reflection of what you are doing is always in front of you. How you pay attention to that reflection is questionable. What you do with that reflection is the tricky aspect, for what you generally do with most reflections is react to them!

Now; let me also clarify. In many times, your reactions are not necessarily what you would perceive to be bad. They are automatic reactions.

Let me offer a very simple example. If you choose to travel a short distance to a specific designation and you choose to engage a vehicle of some type. An automobile, a train, it matters not. Long before you leave your home you have already projected energy to configure interacting with your mode of transportation. If you are engaging an automobile it will be physically in the location you expect it to be. When you enter it and you place your key in the ignition and you turn the key, for the most part, you will engage the engine in the manner that you expect it to be engaged for you have already projected that energy for those actions to occur. Once the engine engages you have reflected what you projected and you react by driving the vehicle. Those are reactions. You are not intentionally objectively aware of choosing to engage the vehicle. You merely do it. You are reacting to your senses in relation to the vehicle, the energy that you projected, and the reflection that occurred.

Now; let us change this simple scenario slightly. You leave your home. You move to your vehicle. You enter it. You place the key in the ignition and it does NOT engage the engine. And it generates a strange sound. And you are conflicted and baffled. And you react again, but in a different manner. Now you react in frustration, or irritation, or confusion, and you begin thinking, and you are anticipating your destination, and the time framework, and you begin to include many, many other ideas and feelings that are now changing your energy more. You were already projecting an energy that included some type of agitation that affected the reflection to engage a malfunction with the vehicle. You were already projecting that. Now you compound that and you begin projecting a more agitated energy and likely speaking, from that point, your day will include significant challenges, or many small challenges, but it will be a series of challenges, for you are already projecting that energy of dissatisfaction.

Within that day, for the most part, do you think to yourself, do you evaluate, “My first reflection was with the vehicle and it was not functioning in the manner that I expected. What was I doing before I engaged the vehicle?” Generally, no. Generally, you continue with your day and you continue to meet each reflection in a manner that includes some type of agitation.

Now; you can approach this formula from one end or from the other end - the beauty of this formula. You can approach this formula from the end to the beginning or from the beginning to the end. You can pay attention to your reactions and evaluate what you are reacting to in the reflection and thereby begin to evaluate what you were projecting that created that reflection. Or you can approach the formula from the other direction and you can pay attention to what you are doing, and therefore what you are projecting, and therefore not be surprised by the reflection, and choose what you do in relation to the reflection.

There are two components of paying attention to what type of energy you are projecting. It is a matter of paying attention to what you are doing and what you are feeling in the moment. Not either of those exclusively. If you are only paying attention to what you are feeling you are likely to offer yourself misinformation. If you are only paying attention to what you are doing, once again, you are likely to offer yourself misinformation. It is only the combination of these two expressions that offers you accurate information in relation to what your energy is doing.

Now; there are also two aspects to what you are feeling. There is the what you are feeling now in this moment in relation to what you are doing physically. And what is the underlying feeling? What is the ongoing feeling that may be occurring? This is directly related to associations.

In my previous group interaction I explained that there is a difference between now-feelings and then-feelings. Then-feelings are the feelings that accompany associations. And with some then-feelings, some associations are different than other associations, which we discussed.

Within certain time frameworks of your physical lifetime, your physical focus, there is a period of time from birth through – not to, but through – adolescence. This time framework you generate associations and experiences differently than you do within the rest of your existence in one focus, for you have not yet developed attachments in those ages. In not having attachments yet, you are generating more from the perspective of genuine self. How many of you are familiar – all of you – with adolescents and how difficult they may be in your perceptions? And if you have not encountered other individuals as adolescents you know yourselves as adolescents, and all of the qualities that are ascribed to being an adolescent. And in that, you are within a point of your existence that you are developing and moving closer to adopting and developing attachments, but you have not yet. This is the reason that individuals within those years of existence are so volatile, that they express such intensity of feelings, but are desperately attempting to function and to behave as if they had attachments. They are moving close to them, but they have not developed them yet.

In all of those years of your existence your body consciousness mechanism to alert you to danger or threat is expressed in a manner that is more obvious and more intense, for it is the little snail without the shell. Therefore, any danger to the shell, to the snail without the shell, is perceived to be much more grave than with the shell. Those experiences, those memories, those associations are held differently in the body consciousness than other associations. They are held surfacely, therefore they are easily triggered. They are, in a manner of speaking – regardless of whether you objectively recall the associations or the experiences, it matters not – the memory is held in the body consciousness in a very surface manner which creates a vulnerability.

When you generate experiences in that time framework before you have developed attachments, you carry those associations with you. And they are very easily triggered. And they are triggered considerably, repeatedly, throughout your lifetime. And the one most significant manner in which they are triggered, for the most part the only manner in which they are triggered, is through one of your senses. Any of your senses. Your senses are continuously inputting information every minute of your existence, regardless of whether you are waking or sleeping, your senses are always inputting information. And that information triggers these surface memories. Once again, regardless of whether you recall objectively those memories or not, they are being triggered. In this, they influence you in how you create whatever you are creating in your reality. In this, this is that aspect of the formula, the two parts of what you feel. There is what you feel now in relation to what you are doing now, but also the inclusion of what you are feeling in relation to old associations that are very present.

Therefore, evaluating what type of energy you are projecting is a matter of paying attention to what you are doing outwardly and what you are doing inwardly. What you are doing inwardly is what you are feeling and what you are engaging, not necessarily what you are thinking. For in relation to feelings, thinking can be very distorted. Thinking is a translating mechanism. In translating it always seeks information to translate. If it has no new information it will seek out old information to translate and repeat it. Therefore, it may not be accurate in relation to what you are actually doing.

But the feelings are very real and they may not be overt or extreme. They may be very subtle, but they are present, and they exist. Paying attention to these feelings is an important part to evaluate what type of energy you are generating in the moment and therefore, what you are affecting in your reality, what you are creating.

Another factor in this, which is a part of expressing from genuine self, is the dropping of this expression of separation that you automatically express between what is outside of you and what is within you. There is no separation between what you project and what you reflect. Therefore, there is also no separation between what is outside of you and what you are doing inside of you. This is another significant change and can be very challenging for you are very accustomed to viewing whatever is outside of you as being outside of you and different and not the same as what is inside of you. And it is not different. It is merely the physical projection of what you are doing, what you are expressing, and whatever you directly engage in your reality, regardless of what it is. This room that you are presently occupying, for each one of you, before you stepped into this room you already projected energy to configure it and you personalized it. You placed your signature upon it. Therefore, it reflects precisely in every minute detail, to every thread in the rug, to every grain in the wood, to every aspect of the room, you personally configured in detail in creating that reflection of what you have projected.

Now; in like manner, surrounding this room that you occupy, that you have personally each created, there are many other structures, other buildings, other configurations of manifestations. You are aware of them. They exist. Whether you are paying attention to them or not, they exist. But in a manner of speaking, figuratively, they are somewhat of a blur. They exist, but they are periphery, for you are not personally engaging them. Therefore, it is not necessary for you to be entirely detailed. You may in your reality create the façade of a building and not necessarily project the detailed energy of what is included inside of the building. It exists in your reality, but it is not as detailed as what you are actually physically engaging.

But that physical manifestation, such as this room, was created before you even arrived. You already projected the energy whether you incorporate a thinking idea of its appearance, or not, it matters not. You so effectively and efficiently projected that energy to create the room, the building, in every minute detail, that when you enter it, it is all formed. And it matters not whether you are personally engaging an aspect of your reality in a physical location, or a picture, or a song. It matters not. You are personally engaging that in the moment, and therefore you have created its history. You have created its configuration. What, how it appears. What occurs with it. You have created all of it. There is no separation between what is outside of you and what is inside of you.

Yes, you interact with other individuals, and you are all interconnected, and you each generate your own choices, and you do not create other individuals’ realities, but you do create the image of every other individual within this room. You aren’t creating them, but you are creating your own image of them, your version of them. And yes, they are interacting with you. But you have projected, already, an energy to specifically include those specific particular individuals in your interaction in each moment rather than fifty other individuals. You have specifically drawn those particular individuals to be interacting with. You can choose between billions of individuals. You have chosen these, each one. You have projected an energy and attracted, or drawn like a magnet, those energies that match and those are the other individuals present. In all of their differences, in all of their expressions, in all of their different forms, they each match what you projected, and therefore they are present for you drew them.

There is not one aspect of your reality that you have not already projected before you even engage it. This is creation. This is how it operates. This is how it functions. This is what you do without even thinking. You do it automatically, easily. It is not difficult. Did you think to yourselves of every individual in this room and visualize every single form? No. Was it effort for you to create all of these different individuals? Was it an effort to construct the building? No. You merely did it. And I hear so very often how difficult it is to create my reality! (Laughter) You do it continuously with no thought and no effort. And how difficult it is to create what I want in my reality (with mock anguish). Use your own examples. How easy is it for you to create what you do not want? You create that very easily and very powerfully. At times you may even be miserable in relation to what you do not want that you created with no effort and no thinking. And you can create what you do want as easily and with as little thinking. It is merely a matter of being aware of what you are doing and paying attention to what you are expressing. That is the key.

Now; I will also express to you that another factor in creating your reality being expressed from genuine self, as it is not goal-oriented, a significant change is the recognition that all that you do is actually a choice. And one choice is not necessarily better than another choice if it accomplishes what you want to experience. It is your beliefs, your experiences, your associations that shape that idea of what is a better experience and what is not a better experience. What choice is a better choice to accomplish what you want, and what choice is not very good? In actuality, it matters not. A choice is a choice, and if it accomplishes what you want, it matters not. It is your guidelines that decide whether it is good or bad.

I’m not advocating anarchy (Laughter), but I am expressing a point that expressing from the genuine self, many of those lines of rigidness, what you consider to be better or worse, are very blurred for you are not operating from that perspective. You are not concerning yourself with what is right, or what is wrong, or what I should or should not. Those are goal-oriented. You are concerning yourself more with who am I and what do I want to express? And how do I want to express in any capacity? What is interesting to me? What is my curiosity? What do I want to explore?

And in that, exploration is generally not a consideration of whether it is right or wrong. It is an exploration. You are discovering. How can you evaluate what is right or wrong if you do not know what it is? If you are discovering it you have not generated an association yet. What is an association? That evaluation of an experience that includes a judgment of good or bad. Is this experience good or is this experience bad? Is it comfortable or uncomfortable? That is an association. You do not have an association for what you have not experienced. It is new. It is a discovery. This is the perspective of genuine self. The newness even within what is known. It is always an expansion. It is the new.

In that, this aspect of this present wave – creation and the universe – you are the universe and you are continuously creating. And you shall be creating very differently very soon. You are stepping your toes into your ocean, embarking upon the new journey to traverse the ocean. But all you have engaged thus far are your toes and you have an immense, vast expanse in front of you to explore. And in that exploration it is important to know what you are setting into. What is the new adventure? And the new adventure is expressing creation and how you develop your universe. What will it be? How will it be configured? How will it be expressed? What new stars will you discover? What new nebulas? And what new expressions in interaction with each other in recognition of your interconnectedness, which becomes not a threat any longer, but an expression to be embraced and appreciated for it is support. For the more you embrace that interconnectedness the more you bring to you supportiveness and you are not alone.” [session 3074, October 22, 2011]

Note: this is the second of two parts on you create your reality. Go to you create your reality, pt. 1.

End Notes:

(11) Paul’s note: according to Seth, electromagnetic energy units (EEs) are faster-than-light units, found just “beneath” all physical matter. EEs are manipulated by what he terms “the inner ego,” which is analogous to Elias’ concept of “subjective awareness.”

EEs change constantly, pulsing, expanding and contracting. They have variable polarities and an innate propensity to form into vast arrays of “larger” groupings and intensities, ultimately transforming into physical spectrums of energy and matter. They are the basis for “normal” perception (five senses) and extrasensory perception (inner senses).

According to Seth, it is “the inner ego, that organizes, initiates, projects and controls the EE units of which we have been speaking, transforming energy into objects, into matter.” [session 509, November 24, 1969]

In later sessions, Seth refines the function of EEs within the context of another concept – “consciousness units” (CUs). He says that all EEs are made up of these “more” fundamental CUs. Elias uses the term “links of consciousness” (LCs) to represent the same concept.

Seth introduced this concept of “electromagnetic energy units” in The Seth Material (1970) by Jane Roberts, Appendix sessions 504 September 29, 1969 – 509, November 24, 1969. There is more information on this concept found in additional Seth books.

(12) Bobbi’s note: originally expressed as ‘Therefore, what are you waiting?’ This could also be interpreted as ‘for what are you waiting?’ or ‘what are you waiting for?’ or ‘why are you waiting?’

(13) Paul’s note: I refered to earlier comments by Elias.

ELIAS: “Individuals recently have incorporated discussion with myself concerning the reality of the roundness of your earth or the flatness of your earth and whether your earth actually incorporated this flatness within the time framework in which it was believed to be flat. And I may express to you, in the reality of the mass expression, your world was flat for that is what was generated.

“What is real is what you perceive. If you perceive yourself to be sitting within a chair, that is where you are and that is what you are doing and that is real. I may express to you that you are sitting within the air, but your reality is that you are sitting within a chair and it is quite real and it is quite solid and it is supporting you.

“And I may express once again, there are tricky areas in this wave in truth, for it is not even necessary for you to believe some expression to incorporate a belief and to express it. You may believe one expression, but what is it that you believe? What you believe is a translation of what you think, and what is it that you think?

“Your thinking is an interpretation. Therefore, you may think, which may be at times an expression of what you say you believe, but that may be quite different from what you actually incorporate as a belief that is actually expressed, and this generates tremendous confusion also. For what you view is that you believe one expression – what you think – and you do another. This is the reason that this wave is so very powerful.

“It is also significant that we speak of distortions, for regardless of what I express to you, every individual within this room incorporates their own unique perception; therefore, every individual within this room is incorporating their own action of distortion of what I am expressing. Regardless that you incorporate your tape recording, regardless that you incorporate the action of your transcriptions and that you are meticulous in recording each word in what you assess to be perfectness, it matters not. For every individual shall hear differently, for every individual incorporates their own unique perception. Therefore, through that filter you shall each incorporate the information somewhat differently. Now which of you is right? (Paul H raises his hand.) Ah, are you?” (Laughter)

PAUL H: (Laughing) “I was just being a shill!” (Laughter) [session 1496, January 17, 2004]

(14) Paul’s note: even though Elias goes on to give the formula as “pay attention to what you are doing,” this is only the most recent variation of a method I now call NIRAA (pronounced nigh-rah) that stands for four basic actions: 1. Notice, 2. Identify/Recognize, 3. Address to, 4. Accept. Notice that Elias concentrates on the first two actions in this session almost exclusively. Addressing to and accepting inevitably follow, but it is clear that Elias is hammering away at the basics. I marvel at how he patiently and persistently he repackages the same essential ideas he has been discussing since the session first began in 1995. This technique does help us work with his process of accepting self from different angles.

Library: find out more the NIRAA method.

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