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Thursday, October 10, 2002

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ďHow Do I Create What I Want?Ē

ďFacilitating an Energy ExchangeĒ


Participants: Mary (Michael) and Patricia (Liva).

Elias arrives at 11:18 AM. (Arrival time is 22 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

PATRICIA: Good morning, Elias!

ELIAS: We meet again!

PATRICIA: Yes, we do. Itís been a long time coming.

ELIAS: And how shall we proceed?

PATRICIA: Iím trying to assimilate and understand the ideas that youíve put on the table, and I just have some questions. I create ALL of my reality?

ELIAS: Correct.

PATRICIA: Now, other individuals are a reflection of myself?

ELIAS: Correct.

PATRICIA: So then how come in sessions sometimes, like in the last session that we had, you said, ďPay more attention to other individuals.Ē I kind of took that in more of a co-creation direction. So within my daily life recently, I guess you could say Iíve gone into living in more of the familiar state of mind to an extent.

Of course, Iíve already been infected with the ideas, but I do think about the fact that I could be creating all of this, but I donít think of it fully all the way. I donít think of it really all the time. I think that if I did, in terms of creating my reality I would maybe create it differently. I wonder if I get in the way of creating certain things in my own life because Iím not fully always in that state of mind, where Iím creating all of this.

We had talked in the past about worth, but that seems kind of like almost ludicrous to think about. If everything you see is you, itís like, well, what isnít your worth then?

Iím trying to talk to you, I havenít spoken to you for a while, and Iíve just been thinking and trying to assimilate the ideas that come out in sessions as I get them. For a while I kind of drifted away from thinking about it, and now I want to refocus where Iím at in terms of being objective about my daily life.

ELIAS: Very well.

PATRICIA: Now in terms of creating, like I was just talking with Mary about, in terms of my career focus and painting and the arts... So, Iím creating this reality and I seem to be creating it without thinking about it, because I donít have to sit down and make equations about the ballistics of the sun flipping around the sky, no. It just goes on and it just happens naturally, like my stomach or something or my intestines. It just works.

But Iím wondering where my mind comes into play, because I want to be creating certain things, yet I donít want to be thinking about them, okay? So I would just go and Iíll make a wish, you could say. Like Iíll think I really want to meet someone and have a true relationship with them and then just let it go. Then I forget about it, I just basically forget about it, and then it works. Right? Or I would like to create money. I want to create some money. Iíd like to go to school and I donít want to be in big debt. I want to create that but it doesnít seem that I can. I want to create this money, but I donít see it. Maybe itís coming down in my probabilities, which it very well could be, but Iíd like to really make it happen, like for real. You know?

ELIAS: I am understanding.

PATRICIA: I guess Iím kind of confused about how I do that. Like we talked last time, you said you just trust. But like what am I really doing? Is it like Iíve been doing, like I make a wish and let it go? You see? Iím confused.

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, your method is accurate. It matters not how you necessarily define it to yourself. You may define your action to yourself as generating a wish and not dwelling upon that and allowing the energy to flow and thusly creating it. I am understanding your confusion, for you allow yourself to view and recognize that in some expressions you easily create what you want and it does not require concentration in thought.

Let me express to you, thought does not create your reality. It is an element of your reality. It is quite real. It is a mechanism that you have designed to be translating your communications to yourself in an objective manner. But it is not what creates your reality and it does not always precede what you create within your reality.

Many times you may engage thought subsequent to a creation. You may create some action, some event, some expression, and you may engage thinking concerning that action AFTER you have created it, not prior to. Confusion arises in association with individualsí beliefs that thought either generates their reality or it precedes whatever they create within their reality, and this is quite incorrect. It is unnecessary to be generating thought in order to generate actions or manifestations.

As I have stated, thought is a mechanism that incorporates the action of translating communications. Thought is continually occurring within every individual within your physical reality. It is a function of your physical manifestation. As I have stated to other individuals, it is no less a function than your heart beating or your breathing, which occurs continuously. Are you always objectively paying attention to your heart beating or your breathing? No. Does it continue regardless? Yes. And in like manner, thought functions in a continuous expression.

It is a matter of your attention and where you are directing your attention. Many individuals direct their attention in a concentrated manner in relation to the action of thought, and this may be confusing to individuals many times also. For if they are directing their attention to thought continuously, they may not necessarily be offering themselves accurate translations of communications that they are expressing to themselves. This is not to say that thought is not an important function within your physical manifestation, for it is.

But what may be significant for you to move your attention to is what you are actually doing, rather than what you are thinking. For what you actually do is the identification of what you choose. For every movement that you generate, every manifestation that you do is a choice. Therefore, you may more clearly identify what you are choosing and what direction you are engaging by viewing what you are DOING in each moment.

This also is significant, for in paying attention to what you are doing and what you are actually choosing, you offer yourself information regarding choice. For if you are choosing a certain direction and you are evidencing that to yourself through what you are doing and you are not satisfied with the outcomes that are occurring, you have offered yourself the opportunity to engage different choices. But how shall you recognize different choices if you are not aware and paying attention to the choices that you are engaging now?

In this, previously, as I expressed to you to pay attention to the interactions that occur between yourself and other individuals, this was significant in that time framework, for other individuals DO reflect to you different aspects of yourself. In this, you purposefully draw to yourself other individuals as a benefit to yourself, to be reflecting different aspects of yourself that you choose to be identifying, recognizing and becoming familiar with. This is an efficient tool, to be noticing and paying attention to what YOU are generating, and you may view this through other individuals that you draw to yourself and that you interact with, for there are no accidents. Therefore, you do not accidentally encounter any other individual. You draw them to yourself purposefully, and there is information that you offer to yourself in every encounter with every other individual.

Now; I may express to you, I am understanding your confusion at times, for you may be questioning whether you actually do create ALL of your reality or whether some aspects of your reality may be created by another individual or circumstance or different scenarios. I may express to you, no other individual, no other essence, no situation, no thing creates any aspect of your reality but yourself, and every aspect of your reality that you experience you have also chosen.

PATRICIA: So what do you reflect to me? I mean, like my desire to know?

ELIAS: Yes, and your curiosity concerning information which allows you to become more familiar with yourself.

PATRICIA: And a lot of people reflect or show me different beliefs that I have?


PATRICIA: I meet a lot of people who have the birthday December 15. It seems like a theme, and Iím really drawn to them. What do they reflect?

ELIAS: What is your impression? What do you view?

PATRICIA: Sort of an expansive innocence, confidence? Sort of, yes.

ELIAS: Very well. This is the point, my friend, that YOU are paying attention, that YOU are recognizing and evaluating the information that you offer to yourself in relation to other individuals, and how that may be associated with your beliefs, and how those beliefs influence your perception and thusly influence what you actually create in all of your reality. (Pause) What do you experience and what do you feel as you associate with this date of December 15?

PATRICIA: Oh, theyíre always so attractive, and theyíre always the same. Theyíre so much the same to me. Theyíre not, but in my head they are. Theyíre different but theyíre so much the same.

ELIAS: But my question to you...

PATRICIA: What do I experience and feel?

ELIAS: Merely in association with the date, not necessarily with the individuals, yet.

PATRICIA: Okay, with the date. (Pause) I donít know.

ELIAS: This requires little thought, my friend. Express to me an immediate association.

PATRICIA: Itís romantical!

ELIAS: Precisely.

Now; the reason I have offered this inquiry is that it may allow you to view a type of exercise in HOW you process information and how you offer information to yourself. An individual such as yourself may approach myself and may offer a number and express to myself the inquiry, ďWhat is the significance of this number in association with myself? I continue to offer myself imagery and this number appears to myself repeatedly. What is the meaning of this?Ē

Now; I may express an answer and an identification, but it is much more significant that YOU recognize what you communicate to yourself in association with your imagery.

Now; you present to yourself encountering individuals that incorporate the same birthday, December 15. The date itself holds significance to you, for it invokes a particular communication to yourself. You generate an emotional signal, and associated with that signal is a communication identifying an association that you generate individually in relation to that date Ė romantic, magical, mystical, a time framework upon the threshold of the dawn of winter, and your association within yourself of a magical time framework.

This is significant, for this influences your perception and also it offers you evidence in association with no accidents, that you purposefully draw individuals to yourself in association with your own movement. In your expression, you draw individuals to yourself in association with that date as a manner in which you shall allow yourself to reflect validating qualities to yourself. This is also the reason that you perceive these individuals to be very similar, for you draw them to yourself for similar reasons.

PATRICIA: To validate myself.


PATRICIA: So then they arenít so wonderful? (Elias chuckles)

ELIAS: [But] are you not? (23-second pause)

PATRICIA: So, to validate myself?


PATRICIA: And isnít that great, and so I love December 15. (Elias chuckles; 20-second pause)

PATRICIA: I donít think I really understand myself, then, Elias. So you said pay attention to what I do.

ELIAS: Correct.

PATRICIA: Thatís what I choose.

ELIAS: Correct.

PATRICIA: I donít think about it, really.

ELIAS: It matters not.

PATRICIA: Then more specifically, when it comes to this career thing, I want to stay in art and I want to do art. I donít want money to take me away from that or limit me or restrict me.

ELIAS: Very well, and what are you doing now?

PATRICIA: Iíve been sort of practicing and studying and kind of like exposing myself to it.

ELIAS: Very well, and familiarizing yourself.

PATRICIA: Yeah, thatís the word.

ELIAS: And what is the nature of your concern?

PATRICIA: I want to stay. I like it; I want to keep doing it. Iím afraid... I guess Iím concerned that Iím not going to be able to keep doing it because moneyís going to take me away from it or something and itís...

ELIAS: Is that occurring now?

PATRICIA: No, itís not occurring now.

ELIAS: Then I express to you, why shall you worry?

PATRICIA: Thatís true, thatís true.

ELIAS: You are speculating concerning the future, which is an illusion. What holds significance is what you are generating now, for what you generate now shall become the future.

PATRICIA: True. So youíre saying donít worry about it, just trust about going in the right direction?

ELIAS: That you are generating what you want now and allow yourself to trust yourself in what you are generating now, and not concern yourself with what may be or may not be in the illusion of the future.

PATRICIA: Iím thinking about going to this school Ė thinking about it. I do go there, but I donít take a full set of classes and I donít get a lot of money that will put me in big debt. I donít know if I necessarily need it, but then I sort of want to go to have that interaction. But I donít know if I need it; maybe I donít.

ELIAS: It is not a question of need, my friend. It is a question of want.

PATRICIA: Well, I kinda do want.

ELIAS: Therefore, why shall you not allow yourself to create and express what you want?

PATRICIA: Because Iím afraid of getting humongous loan payments after two years of going there.

ELIAS: But you are already engaging the action that you want. You are already engaging your classes, you are practicing.

PATRICIA: Yeah, I do.

ELIAS: And in this now, in generating those actions, are you generating also dissatisfaction or unhappiness?

PATRICIA: No, not really. I like it.

ELIAS: And I express to you the question, what are you expressing to yourself that you are denying? It appears to myself that your present now is moving quite in association with what you want. Therefore, what do you deem to be wrong with this situation? (Chuckles)

PATRICIA: Oh! So, youíre saying Iím happy with my present now; Iím not that dissatisfied with it. I kinda do want to go there, but I kinda DO go there, so whatís wrong with that?

ELIAS: Correct!

PATRICIA: Yes, whatís wrong with that? (Elias laughs) Well, I mean nothing really, but part of me keeps thinking about going there, I guess. I think itís because I think it would be good for my career. I mean, it IS good for my career, but I guess that I think that I need to do stuff like on paper, too. I think that it would help me get introduced to people, but youíre saying to me so what. (Elias chuckles) Iím close, Iím getting closer!

ELIAS: You are generating actions, in your terms, mindful of yourself in not overwhelming yourself, in recognition of your individual reality and your beliefs. You are generating actions and choices that are satisfying and that you express pleasure concerning. You are allowing yourself to express your preferences and not overwhelming yourself.

Therefore, once again my question to you may be, what do you perceive to be wrong with what you are generating other than your projection of the future, which we have established is an illusion. What is significant is what you are generating now.

PATRICIA: So your question is what am I dissatisfied with in what Iím creating now?

ELIAS: Correct.

PATRICIA: The answer is Iím not really dissatisfied with much about it.

ELIAS: Quite! (Jen laughs)

PATRICIA: So then youíre saying to hell with thinking about the college or like digging into debt, right?

ELIAS: Correct. You are already engaging your course within your continuation of your school.

PATRICIA: And so when it comes to December 15, they validate me and theyíre so sweet to me and they make me feel like Iím flying sometimes. But thatís really me doing that to myself?

ELIAS: Yes, but you are interacting with other individualsí energies.

PATRICIA: So Iím not creating them?

ELIAS: You are creating the physical manifestation and you are creating the interaction. But you are interacting also with the energy of the other individual, and you draw these individuals to yourself purposefully and not accidentally, that you may engage this type of expression and interaction.

PATRICIA: But there IS another individual there somewhere, right?

ELIAS: Yes. You merely generate the physical manifestation of the other individual through your perception, but you are directly interacting with the other individualís energy.

PATRICIA: So my reality does extend into other minds somewhere?

ELIAS: Into other energies, yes.

PATRICIA: And in that way itís not like a hallucination.

ELIAS: No, it is not a hallucination at all! It is quite real.

PATRICIA: (Laughs) And so are hallucinations, in a way, but whatever.

ELIAS: I am understanding what you are expressing, but this is not an expression of hallucination. This is one of the tremendous expressions of freedom and diversity associated with your physical reality, that you have designed this reality in a manner in which you may be interactive with other individuals but you also incorporate the freedom to manipulate your reality in whatever manner you choose.

YOU incorporate the freedom to accept and interact with and receive energy from other individuals and configure it in whatever manner you choose and manifest that in your reality, which is a tremendous freedom and a tremendous expression of power. And each of you...

PATRICIA: And you do that without thinking about it?

ELIAS: Correct. As you encounter another individual, are you engaging a thought process expressing to yourself, ďI am now manifesting this other individual, which shall appear physically in this manner to myself and shall incorporate brown hair and blue eyes and a particular height, a particular weightĒ? No. You merely encounter another individual and you automatically generate a perception and a physical manifestation of the other individual.

PATRICIA: Right, theyíre just there.

ELIAS: Correct. This is how highly efficient your perception manifests.

PATRICIA: But my beliefs affect my perception.

ELIAS: Your beliefs...

PATRICIA: How do I go about identifying my beliefs? I recognize Ė IF I recognize them Ė I recognize them and then I just say to myself, theyíre there. I just have a belief thatís just like an idea. I think of it as an idea thatís like brackets or something. Itís like an idea about something. Itís easy for me to see it. Itís not necessarily true, and itís easy for me to like put it upside-down. But I realize they keep coming back, and beliefs arenít going anywhere.

ELIAS: Correct.

PATRICIA: Because theyíre there. But theyíre there in a big way, though.


PATRICIA: And they are affecting how I create my reality?

ELIAS: Correct, but they are also permeating all of your reality, as with every individual within your physical dimension. The point of recognizing and accepting beliefs, as I have stated, is not to be eliminating them but to offer yourself the freedom to manipulate your reality in the manner in which you want intentionally, recognizing that beliefs are all influencing of your reality, but YOU incorporate the ability to choose which beliefs you shall incorporate as influencing and which beliefs you choose not to be.

PATRICIA: I think I do do that already to an extent.


PATRICIA: I think there are some that I donít see, but thatís okay.

ELIAS: There are many beliefs that you may not necessarily be objectively aware of and they may be latent within your focus. Be remembering, every individual within your physical dimension incorporates every belief system and therefore every aspect of each belief system, every belief. This is not to say that you express all of these beliefs, but you do incorporate them all. Therefore, you also incorporate tremendous freedom in your choice of which beliefs shall influence your perception, and you do incorporate the ability to generate that action of choosing which beliefs.

PATRICIA: I think I have done that with some beliefs.


PATRICIA: Then you rub up against other ones, too, a little bit, or I did.


PATRICIA: But whatever, no big deal. Iím not sure, I probably donít have that much time but I have a couple other things I wanted to talk about.

ELIAS: Very well.

PATRICIA: I am Liva, a fragmentation of Olivia? Is that true?


PATRICIA: I got the information that there is a Paul, and this Paul is connected to me through the energy tree, and I could be mediumistic with this Paul. I know that Ron does that through automatic writing, but Iíve wanted to do it and Iíve asked, you could say. Iíve not done it, but I think I could do it, but I think that I want to get more of a hold in my own head Ė not that I donít have one.

I just want it to be more clear objectively on how certain things... I have certain other areas. I have several areas that I want to go through, but I am interested in facilitating Paul, whatever. It seems fun, interesting and a party at my fingertips!

But I havenít done it and I donít know ... I havenít done it. What do I do? I just sit there and I get bored. Nothing happens. (Elias laughs) Nothing happens! I know you know what Iím talking about! What do I do, Elias?

ELIAS: Allow yourself to relax and receive. It is not a question of doing; it is a question of receiving and allowing in an expression of relaxation. If you are anticipating, you generate a tension, and that tension blocks the allowance. And I may express to you that it is quite understandable that there IS expressed some tension, for this type of action may be incorporating some apprehension and even some expressions of fear to an extent. For in not expressing an expectation and in merely allowing, you are not necessarily objectively clear in what manner shall be expressed the exchange. It may be expressed in many different manners, and this is the choice of the other essence. Therefore, your choice in participation is to merely relax and allow whatever expression the other essence chooses to engage.

PATRICIA: Iím not sure about asking you because I donít know how I could be sure, but when my grandfather died recently I had my little impression, Iíll call it the grandfather clock impression. I think my interpretation was it was his energy sort of piquing my own attention. It was just the way that I looked at the clock and I felt like it was some sort of communication, just like a slight acknowledgment that when you disengage youíre not like obliterated or something. You know what I mean? Not sound hard about that, but you go on.

ELIAS: Correct.

PATRICIA: It was very happy for me. Was that an interaction of the other essence or was that my own communication to my own self?

ELIAS: Both.

PATRICIA: It was both?

ELIAS: Yes, for the energy is quite real and the offering of energy to you was quite real. Your imagery of it was your participation in your translation of that offering of energy, in association with an element of your physical reality. Are you understanding?


ELIAS: Very well.

PATRICIA: What was his essence name?

ELIAS: Essence name, Tonia, T-O-N-I-A (TONE ya).

PATRICIA: And he was Sumafi?


PATRICIA: Aligned with?

ELIAS: Your impression?

PATRICIA: Red. Milumet?


PATRICIA: Is he still focused? Yeah, he is. Are there present focuses? I think there are.


PATRICIA: I kind of felt that he disengaged because of his beliefs, and I think it was also like the shift and his focus was not going through the shift. It was before that, more like when he was younger. That was where all the main dramas Ė you know what I mean Ė like his main themes and stuff were.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

PATRICIA: Is that true?

ELIAS: Partially.

PATRICIA: Whatís the other part?

ELIAS: You are correct. The individual chose not to be continuing in the objective aspect of this shift, which in this time framework is not uncommon.

PATRICIA: Do I have a focus with my dad where heís my sister?


PATRICIA: I donít think that weíre really close, but itís not like weíre not close. I think Iím his brother.

ELIAS: In another focus, yes.

PATRICIA: And my boyfriend now, whatís his essence name?

ELIAS: Essence name, Carlyle (KAR lile).

PATRICIA: Whatís my dadís essence name?

ELIAS: Essence name, Tamara, T-A-M-A-R-A (TAM uh ruh).

PATRICIA: Is he in an other-dimensional focus with me, like one of the alien focuses?


PATRICIA: With the alien war? Is he? Okay, I have a question! Is he associated with me in science in another life?


PATRICIA: Am I his daughter?


PATRICIA: Eighteen hundreds?


PATRICIA: And itís not the shady focus?


PATRICIA: Whatís my sisterís essence name, please?

ELIAS: Essence name, Lesa, L-E-S-A (LEE suh).

PATRICIA: Isnít that cute, we rhyme! Whatís my momís essence name?

ELIAS: Essence name, Markeet, M-A-R-K-E-E-T (mar KEET).

PATRICIA: Was I her mother in another life?


PATRICIA: So I have these impressions of these things. Itís like I feel them; I can just kind of feel how it would be. It just seems like thatís how it is, somehow.

ELIAS: I am understanding.

PATRICIA: Can I ask you what culture our relationship was expressed in?

ELIAS: Shall you not investigate?

PATRICIA: I think like South Pacific? Something like that?

ELIAS: With your mother?



PATRICIA: In my Jewish holocaust victim focus, did I die in Birkenau?

ELIAS: Buchenwald.

PATRICIA: Ooo! And I think I went in the gas showers?


PATRICIA: I remember when I went to the Holocaust Museum and I saw the girl with the scientific experiments, I was like cold when I looked through everything. It didnít really hit me, but when I looked at the girlís face in the one picture and I saw the look in her eyes, thatís where I connected with me. Could you say any information about that?

ELIAS: You do incorporate some of these types of experiences, yes.

PATRICIA: To where I was maybe experimented on?


PATRICIA: EEUW! (Elias laughs) God, itís gross and yet kind of fascinating. But like I donít know, I definitely have a science type of ... I feel close to logic and like sciences and stuff, and I think thatís because of the Sumafi curiosity. Itís just dawning on me that that totally makes sense. Like my quest now is more in a philosophical way, but I think in other lives itís expressed more in a science way.

ELIAS: Correct.

PATRICIA: Because I feel it a lot, like a lot I feel that. A lot of times people associate me with a scientist and I associate myself with that.

ELIAS: Correct.

PATRICIA: Thatís just the manner of a Sumafi, in my way.

ELIAS: It is a theme within your focuses, not necessarily entirely associated with Sumafi.

PATRICIA: So I have a lot in the science expression.


PATRICIA: I think a LOT a lot. Can you give me a number?

ELIAS: I shall allow you to investigate.

PATRICIA: Okay Ė sorry! (Elias chuckles) Well, about the Oscar Wilde focus, which is SO cute, Elias, and I like it. Good job! Was I interactive with you as another focus, as a person? Was I a person in the drama?

ELIAS: Briefly.

PATRICIA: Can I investigate this in a book? No?

ELIAS: Perhaps Ė a schoolmate.

PATRICIA: Ah, yeah! Iím just going to ask a few more questions, and Iím kind of running out of things still. Can I have my grandmother Shirleyís essence name and then my grandmother Doraís essence name?

ELIAS: First individual, Unya, U-N-Y-A (OON yuh). Second individual, Royce, R-O-Y-C-E.

PATRICIA: Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

PATRICIA: We will disengage today.

ELIAS: I shall be anticipating our next meeting, and I shall be offering you encouraging energy in the interim time framework, as always.

PATRICIA: Thank you.

ELIAS: To you, my friend, in fondness, au revoir.


Elias departs at 12:22 PM.


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