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Saturday, June 22, 2002

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“A Condensed Explanation”

Participants: Mary (Michael) and Adel.

Elias arrives at 1:03 PM. (Arrival time is 26 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon.

ADEL: So you are here!

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Welcome!

ADEL: Thank you. This is new to me, and it’s sort of curiosity. I’m not sure where we’re going to go with this.

ELIAS: Very well. It is your choice.

ADEL: You can help me if you’d like, maybe steer me. (Elias chuckles) I don’t even know where to begin; I’m not sure. I’ll do some questions.

Donnalie said we’ve had past lives. Have I?

ELIAS: All individuals...

ADEL: ...have past lives.


ADEL: We’ve been both men and women?


ADEL: What have I been?

ELIAS: Both, many times.

ADEL: Which do I prefer?

ELIAS: Preference to male.

ADEL: I like to be male? Is that why I’m a hard-to-live-with woman? (Laughs and Elias laughs loudly) I like to control. The 1950 attitude – only I’m the woman but I’d rather be the man!

ELIAS: (Chuckles) And you also do manifest in groups. Therefore, many individuals that you interact with now in this focus you also interact with in other focuses.

ADEL: Are you saying that we can live dual lives? I’m not sure what you meant by focus.

ELIAS: I incorporate the term “focus” rather than your term of “lifetime.” For what you are is a focus of attention of essence.

You are actually much greater than you appear to be within this physical dimension, and you are unfamiliar, for you have forgotten what you are. You are consciousness. You are an essence of consciousness, which incorporates a personality energy, which is not separated from all of consciousness but generates a unique distinction of personality energy.

Now; as essence, you are tremendously vast, and in similar manner to what you recognize as yourself in this physical manifestation, you incorporate many attentions. You move your attention in many, many directions. As essence, you also move your attention in many directions, but you move it all simultaneously.

Therefore, what you term to be “past lives” is in actuality other focuses of attention of you, and they are all occurring now. It is merely an illusion that you perceive time in a linear fashion, for this is an aspect of the design of this particular physical dimension. There are many physical dimensions, but in this particular physical dimension you have created a design of time that moves in a linear fashion; therefore, this is the manner in which you perceive your reality. In this, you view past, present and future. In actuality, all of the attentions are present; they merely appear to be past or future in association with this particular dimension.

Now; I shall also express to you, there are no higher or lower levels of dimensions. There are no masters, for there are no expressions of consciousness that are greater than any other. Therefore, you as essence are the same as any other essence, as all of consciousness, and are tremendous in your vastness. You incorporate many focuses of attention in this physical dimension and in other physical dimensions and in nonphysical areas of consciousness.

ADEL: Can the conscious me tap into that?


ADEL: How? I’ll be specific. I feel like the turns of my life now, the yo-yoing, the ups and downs, it seems like at some point I lost my strength to take care of me. The different spirituality things that I’m trying to focus on are to get my strength back so that I can just be strong for me and back my children or friends. But I feel like I don’t have my strength anymore.

ELIAS: Very well.

ADEL: I stay in relationships that in my mind’s eye are bad.

ELIAS: Very well. What you are generating now is shifting, altering your perception.

Your inquiry is how to be recognizing your power. The manner in which you accomplish this is to pay attention to you. This is a process. This is not to say that you may not generate this immediately, for you may. You all incorporate the ability to be generating ANY expression that you want immediately. But you also incorporate many, many, many beliefs that you align with that influence your perception and express to you that you cannot immediately generate what you want. Therefore, in regard to those beliefs and in recognition of them, you move in process, which is neither good or bad. It merely is a choice.

What is significant is becoming familiar with you, and this is no small task and may be quite challenging. For I may express to you genuinely, individuals within your physical dimension are extremely unfamiliar with paying attention to themselves. You think you are paying attention to yourself, but you are not.

Now; offering yourself information concerning beliefs is significant, for this is helpful to you in allowing you to become familiar with what influences you. You offer yourself communication continuously. There are many avenues of communication that you incorporate in this physical manifestation.

One of those avenues of communication is emotion. Emotion is not and is never a reaction. It is a communication. It generates a signal, which is the feeling. But once the signal has been offered, there is a message that is being generated also. The signal or the feeling is precisely that, a signal to gain your attention. The message offers you information concerning precisely what you are doing, what you are generating, and what is influencing that expression in the moment.

Now; what is the most significant and important action for you to incorporate is to pay attention to you. Pay attention to what you are communicating to yourself; pay attention to what you are doing. For what you are doing, you are choosing.

This is the challenge, for your beliefs express to you that you are not creating all of your reality. You may incorporate the belief that you create part of your reality but that situations, circumstances, societies, other individuals create part of your reality for you. Your belief also expresses that you merely choose what you are creating in the moments in which you create positive expressions – THOSE expressions you are choosing. Negative or uncomfortable expressions you are definitely not choosing! This is quite incorrect. You choose every aspect of your reality, and it is quite purposeful and beneficial. It may not be comfortable, but it is purposeful, for you are continuously offering yourself information to reflect you to you.

Now; I shall offer you a condensed explanation of how and what you create in reality as an individual focus of attention. Thought does not precede or generate reality. Perception creates your actual reality. Perception is a mechanism of you that actually projects all of your physical reality, and you manipulate that. This is your ability; this is the seat of your power, which is your question.

Now; individuals confuse themselves, for they generate a belief that thought creates reality. I may express to you, this may be in your mundane terms hit or miss. You may think and think and think and think and think and not create what you want, for thought is not a mechanism to generate reality. The function of thought is an objective waking mechanism, which is incorporated to translate. This is its function. It translates communications.

You communicate to yourself through inner senses, through outer senses, through physical manifestations in relation to your physical body consciousness, through emotion, through intuition, impressions, impulses. You create many, many avenues of communication to yourself, and thought is designed to translate those communications. But thought does not always accurately translate information, for it is dependent upon where you are directing your attention, and attention is not thought.

As an example, if you hammer your foot and you create pain, where is your attention?

ADEL: On your foot.

ELIAS: And in association with the physical feeling of pain. It is not upon thought.

This is an example of the mobility of attention and that it is not thought. It may be directed to thought, but it is not thought. Attention is you. Attention is your awareness, and that awareness may be moved. It is mobile.

Now; if your attention is concentrated upon thinking continuously, it is not directed to communications, and therefore the thought mechanism does not necessarily translate the communications accurately, for your attention is not directed to the communications. In this, the thought process shall attempt to translate information, but it may distort the information. Or it may translate, but generally, and therefore the information that you offer to yourself is unclear. If you are unclear, it is much more challenging and difficult to actually generate what you want.

Now; you mention that you wish to be recognizing your power, allowing yourself to direct yourself – which in actuality is the point – and that this lack of power or directing of yourself is affecting in association with your relationships with different individuals, be they family members or other individuals.

What do YOU want to express? I am not inquiring to be receiving an answer; I am merely offering inquiries that you may consider and allow yourself to shift your perception. For your perception is concentrated OUTSIDE, outside of you in association with other individuals. You concentrate your attention and your perception upon other individuals and what they are choosing and what they are doing, and as you concentrate your attention outside of yourself, you are not paying attention to what YOU are generating.

Every interaction you generate with another individual is a reflection of what you are projecting in some capacity and offers you the opportunity to view yourself, for you actually create the manifestation of the other individual. What you actually interact with directly is an energy projection from the other individual. What you interact with in physical matter, in flesh and solidity, is a projection of your perception. YOU create that, and you create the translation of the other individual’s projection.

I am not speaking figuratively; I am speaking quite literally. This is the nature of your actual reality. It does not appear this manner to you, for there are many, many, many beliefs that express that another individual is another individual and this is not you and you have not created this, for you do not create your reality. But you do, and there is no expression within your reality that you do not create.

Now; offer one example – it matters not what the example is – of any one interaction between yourself and any other individual that you view as conflicting, and we shall examine it together as an example of how you create your reality.

ADEL: We’ll do Cade. I’m in a non-relationship with him. I guess that’s my reality versus his reality. He’s just confusing to me, and when I think and I project, and I’m assuming I’m letting him... Well, I don’t know what it is with him.

ELIAS: What do YOU want?

ADEL: From the relationship or from Cade?

ELIAS: You do not receive from other individuals; you create. Therefore, the question “what do you want from another individual” is insignificant and matters not. For let me express to you, in association with relationships with individuals, especially intimate relationships between individuals, your understanding objectively of what you want is the reverse of what you actually want. You think you want certain expressions from the other individual...

(Tape ends abruptly in mid-sentence at 1:29 PM.)

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