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essence names

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “An essence name is not a name. It is merely a vibrational tone quality that identifies the whole of your essence and all of its focuses. It translates into your language within this dimension as a word; this being designated merely in your language. Therefore, it needs only one word, for it is a tone. It is not in actuality a name. Essence names are unimportant. They are merely a designation within your language as a symbol of a tone which is held in vibrational quality within non-physical areas of consciousness, which identifies you as the whole of essence. You presently, as you view yourself to be, are merely one focus of the essence. You are one focus of attention within the vastness of essence.” [session 209, August 19, 1997]

ELIAS: “Your name is a translation into language. It is the representation of a vibrational tone which is held within essence identity. Therefore, the essence name is the same for all of your focuses within all dimensions, for it is the designation of the tone; which this is the identification of you as essence. The physical naming within any physical focus is a chosen tone of identity of the individual focus of essence. Therefore, each focus of your essence holds a different name, knowing that each focus has the ability and potential to be fragmented into its own new essence. Therefore, each element, each aspect, each focus holds its own individuality, but also holds all of essence simultaneously.” [session 211, August 30, 1997]

ELIAS: “YOU ARE ESSENCE. Essence is not some ‘thing’ outside of you, and you are not a ‘piece’ of essence.

Therefore, essence is not the greater part that you are merely a portion of. You yourself are all of essence. Your attention is merely focused in this particular direction.

Now; let me express to you, individuals confuse themselves in the concept of essence, and reinforce this confusion as they inquire of an essence name or an essence tone.

Once you are receiving objectively an essence name, this allows you quite automatically and quite comfortably to move into alignment with the beliefs that are already established and already held within you, and allows you a comfortable and familiar direction of separation.” [session 494, October 27, 1999]

GEORGE: “Does an obviously masculine or feminine essence name have any sexual meaning? Does it mean that most of your lives have been female-oriented or anything like that?

ELIAS: No, for within essence, this is merely a tone which translates into your language with a seeming lean in the direction of a particular gender, but this is for the reason that you identify all of your reality in this particular dimension in conjunction with gender.

Therefore, as the essence creates a tone of identification, essence does not hold gender. This is relative to physical dimensions and the manifestations within physical dimensions. You, in your interpretation and your translations, identify these tones, which are translated into names, as being male or female.” [session 504, November 19, 1999]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “We will also offer information, as I am on this subject matter, to our new essence incorporated; (indicating Jeff) interesting connections and very interesting relationships which have been chosen. This essence name will be Katarina [Jeff]. I am understanding of males not wishing to be incorporating female names! (Grinning at Ron) I will express to you that within essence, there is no gender attached to names. They possess a vibrational tone quality which you choose, for you magnate to this.” [session 79, March 17, 1996]

VICKI: “Okay. Well, I just have a few things from some of our new friends. First, a comment I received from LifeCloud regarding her essence name, and I shall be specific. ‘How did Elias know about LifeCloud? Was he just tired of addressing the question, or is this really it? And it really doesn’t say whether my essential self has a male or female leaning.’ (Elias is really grinning here!)

ELIAS: Male. You may express that Elias is not tiring of expressing essence names to individuals! This is viewed as a connection within vibrational tones for your awareness that may be helpful. Therefore, it is not tiresome! As to “How did Elias know?,” I express, how does Elias know Lawrence’s [Vicki’s] name, or any other individual’s essence name? For all essences, within the area of consciousness as myself and my comrades, are aware of essence names; for the awareness of vibrational qualities holds a significant importance.

Within connections, within consciousness, in physical focus, much more difficulty occurs if the vibrational tones are not what you would view to be similar. Therefore, within the area of consciousness that you are focused in, it holds significant importance. Within non-physical focus, it holds significant importance, but differently; for within non-physical focus, no essence holds difficulty for connection, for there is no separation; but within your area of consciousness in physical manifestation, you within each focus have separated, so to speak, from essence, a focus to be experiencing. You continue to hold a vibrational tone quality which may be intersected with, but as you have created physical focus incorporating your time element and its thickness, this creates a veil between essence and physical focus; therefore creating what you perceive to be more difficulty within connection.

This is not to say that it is impossible for any essence to be connecting with any physical focus. It is only to say that there is a flow that exists within similar vibrational tones. Therefore, your understanding of your essence name, and your understanding that this name is not a name but a vibrational tone quality, holds significance; for it allows you a greater ability, within physical focus, to be connecting with essence.

As I have expressed previously, you may incorporate your practice within physical focus of chanting your particular essence vibration, (chuckling) and you may experience surprising connection within consciousness; for although you hold an affinity for these tones and have created them to be physical names for identification, in actuality they are tones that you may connect with within consciousness. (I wonder why Elias was so amused here. Anyone?)

You attach interpretations, meanings, and identifications to these tones. Therefore, you may attach words to them, such as LifeCloud. In actuality, these tones that you interpret further to hold another meaning, such as this one, holds significance also; for you have allowed yourself a further ability to be connecting with the tone, by expressing to yourself an identification to which you hold an affinity for. I express to this individual an acknowledgment of incorporating an awareness of self to be connecting with their own vibrational tone, within physical focus, without being told! This shall be viewed as an accomplishment!” [session 107 July 28, 1996]

CATHY: “What exactly does it mean when an essence name is close in tone? (Pause)

ELIAS: This would be an identification that these essences are very intermingled. Essences holding similar tone move fluidly directly with each other. These are difficult areas, for this perpetuates your ideas of separation; although for your understanding, I express you to figuratively that if you are viewing your air, your molecules of air here (grabbing a handful of air) may be holding similar tone and intermingling more fluidly and directly than your molecules of air within this area of space arrangement (grabbing another handful of air.) They are all intermingled. They are all part of the same air as all essences are all part of the same consciousness, although within personality tone they merge more fluidly with some than others. You objectively mirror this within your physical focus. You objectively blend with certain individuals more easily than you do with other individuals.

CATHY: Well, then I’m curious why you would even make a mention of the fact that somebody’s tone is close to another tone.

ELIAS: It is information that you inquire of which offers you more information of consciousness and essence, and therefore allowing you a better understanding of essence and consciousness. I express to you Shynla [Cathy], if I am withholding expressions, you may not allow yourself to be expressing inquiry. Therefore, I withhold information and you withhold understanding. It is a cooperative effort. I may offer a statement which may be sparking of your curiosity which shall motivate you to be inquiring, therefore allowing for the information.

CATHY: So within that, there’s probably lots of essences on this planet that have the exact same essence tone?

ELIAS: Many focuses of many essences, yes.

CATHY: The focuses of the essence have the same tone.” [session 201, July 29, 1997]

ELIAS: “An essence name is a tone. What I have offered to you is a translation of this tone in part, which translates into your language that you may identify with. You may identify components of your own tone if you are allowing yourself to be tuning to your essence. I have expressed previously that this tone may be used as a tool to be accessing information which is contained within your essence. Your essence is much vaster than you may imagine, and in this it holds endless information. You may access any of this information. You may choose to be meditating upon your individual tone, that which has been offered in part to you of the name, and in this you may allow yourself the opportunity to tap other areas of your consciousness, of your awareness, which shall offer you information in the direction that you are so choosing.

... Essence names are powerful tools. I offer you only a portion of the entirety of your tone, but as you become familiar with your own tone you may also access more of your own tone, and you may also find that it may be used as a manipulating tool through consciousness... ” [session 275, April 23, 1998]

ELIAS: “Now I shall deviate briefly and express to you, these names that are offered, as you are already aware, are translations of tones. The names that you give to yourselves within physical focus – John, Jack, Mary, Elizabeth, Susan – these are words that you have designated for yourselves throughout your history as identifying words that you term names. These names are set apart from other words such as tree or rock or home. They designate an individual; they set apart. These names, as many other elements within your physical dimension, are direct reflections – mirror reflections – of known elements within consciousness, within essence. They are translated into your physical focus as certain designations. It is not accidental that you choose to be differentiating within your language those words that you term to be names, for this is a reflection of the knowing that you hold of essence tones and their identification of the individuality and the uniqueness of each personality essence.” [session 298, July 16, 1998]

MARGOT: “My essence name has been spelled with a ‘J’ by me, but in a Patel session (1), it was spelled with a ‘G.’ You’ve never spelled this name out for me. Would you do that? Is it a G or a J?

ELIAS: Interesting. Within this tone of essence there is no conflict within this area, for there is a fluctuation of tone within this particular essence. Therefore, there is an altering in translation at times of the interpretation of what you would term to be spelling within your language. This is not an uncommon action. This also is the reason that I have expressed previously within another engagement of session with another individual that there are no absolutes in any area of consciousness, although you identify with absolutes, for this is an element of your reality within physical focus and allows you a security, so to speak, in your thought processes, and within your belief systems holds you upon what you view to be as solid ground ... although this is quite amusing also, for there is no solid ground!

But I shall express to you that this is an example of fluctuation of tone, in SLIGHT – VERY slight – aspects of essence, which may be translated as it is filtered through different areas of consciousness into an objective difference within your language. At this PRESENT now, I would be offering the spelling of Giselle with the beginning symbol of G.


ELIAS: Correct.

MARGOT: Thank you! I know that the tone is very, very much the same. I talked with you the last time about the element of the name of Rose being one of Giselle’s focus indicators. I’d like to ask about two more: one is the eighteen-year-old daughter of close friends, and her name is Sara Rose, and a granddaughter, a very young granddaughter by the name of Jamie Rose. Can you tell me about that?

ELIAS: I shall express to you that this name of Rose is now and shall be becoming, within your language and your expressions of naming of individuals within physical focus, more and more common.

As you may view through your history within different societies, the naming of individuals moves in what you may term to be cycles. Therefore, you may view at any given particular time framework a commonness of certain names. You attribute this to likes and dislikes, and in that you explore no further the significance of the action that you are engaging in this commonality.

As this shift in consciousness accelerates, the identification subjectively of the movement of the essence of Rose and the re-incorporation of Rose as a Dream Walker becomes more and more of an awareness subjectively with many individuals. Although they may not hold an objective awareness of this action, they do hold a subjective awareness, and this is reflected in their action of physical naming of small ones of this name to be correlating with their awareness of the identification of movement of this particular essence.

It is a continuation, a validation to you all objectively of the movement of this shift. It is almost what you may express to yourselves as an objective symbol of your time framework. This particular word becomes more and more and more common and is expressed more and more frequently, and this would be what you are viewing presently and are allowing yourselves an awareness of and a recognition of in this situation.

MARGOT: And this would be the case with Sara Rose and Jamie Rose?

ELIAS: Correct.” [session 306, August 09, 1998]

FEMALE: “Can you tell me again my essence name, which I’ve forgotten, and....

ELIAS: Ah, another individual that moves in this direction! This shall be offered to you by Michael [Mary]. I have moved into an expression of not continuing to be offering essence names to individuals for a reason, and this reason is that this is promoting of your own energy to be paying attention! (Grinning, and laughter)

FEMALE: Well, then you can cancel out that second question!

ANON: Elias, I wanted to know ... first of all, you didn’t spell Brenden’s essence name. I think it was Brian.

ELIAS: It is unnecessary, for you hold the spelling of this essence name. I do not offer spelling with all essence names, for many times essence names are spelled in the same manner that you spell them within your physical language. At times they are sounding the same as your language, but the spelling, as the choice of tone of the essence, may be translated differently. Therefore, in such situations, I am offering of the spelling.

I am also holding of an awareness that there are different time periods that I may be offering of spelling of what you term to be a common naming, for Lawrence [Vicki] may not be understanding of my expression and not understanding within what he terms to be accent, and is quite questioning of how I may be pronouncing of certain words. Therefore, at times, to be compliant with his transcribing, I may be offering of spellings, but this particular name is quite clear and not needing of physical spelling! (Laughter) Therefore, it has not been offered.” [session 328, October 03, 1998]

MIKE: “The translation of the name Mikah [Michael], in this physical reality, and I know both males and females use the name, but this certain spelling of the name, is it male or female?

ELIAS: Neither.

MIKE: Neither? (Pause) So does that mean like both, or there’s no.... (Pause)

ELIAS: It holds no gender quality.

MIKE: The name doesn't?

ELIAS: Correct.

MIKE: Okay. That’s a new one." (A crooked smile from Elias here) ” [session 388, April 27, 1999]

RODNEY: “You lead me into another area that has interested me, and that other area is this term ‘Zacharie,’ which is the name that you have said holds the energy of essence for me ... I think that’s how you put it. When I use that word ... well, let me skip for a moment.

When I attempt to hold an image of what essence is, I’m pretty well blown away. One thousand focuses existing all at once – it’s almost too much for me to grasp. I’ve wondered if focusing on myself more, something closer to home, like my soul ... I’m playing with words now. But in essence – there’s that word again! In essence, if what I’m focusing on tends to be too far away, or at least my perception is that it’s too far away or too large for me to grasp, then I feel it doesn’t serve me. It’s kind of like wondering what God is like. (Elias grins)

But if I stay closer to home, like what I am and what my soul is, and having some comprehension of my awareness of my inner soul, it seems to me that I’m engaging in an activity that’s more productive, more worthwhile.

And the term ‘Zacharie,’ would you talk a little bit about what this means for me? You know, when I use that term, when I hear you say that term, I feel something inside. Would you speak to that, to what I’ve just said? I’m looking for a little direction here in how to begin to view who I am in a more creative way, I think.

ELIAS: (Chomping at the bit) You may incorporate this tone as the recognition and knowing that you ARE vastly larger than you may allow yourself a comprehension of within your physical focus. Therefore, you may incorporate this word of Zacharie as the knowing of the totality of essence and consciousness, which shall facilitate your movement into an awareness of interconnectedness of yourself and all other individuals throughout your physical dimension.

And I shall express to you also that you are quite correct in your movement of attention to self in this focus. You may be noticing that I am REPEATEDLY expressing to individuals within this forum to be directing their attention to the now, to themselves and to THIS focus, to THIS reality in which they are participating within. I am encouraging of individuals to be investigating of other focuses and other areas of consciousness merely to be offering them information that they ARE more than they view themselves to be objectively, but I am also quite directing of all of you to be noticing and interactive with THIS focus of attention.

This now, this aspect of you, this aspect of essence in which you hold your attention presently – that element that you identify as Rodney within this particular attention – holds ultimate importance, for it is the direction of your attention presently, and therefore, as it IS the focus of your attention, it holds importance that you be noticing and addressing to this attention.

Therefore, as you allow yourself the recognition that you are intensely more vast than one area of attention – you hold this in knowing, but it is unnecessary that you dwell upon that vastness. You shall offer yourself objective recognition of that vastness periodically. But in that expression, the focus of attention IS all of essence also, and this is the element of information that is misunderstood and also not heard by many, many individuals.

You look to an individual focus as merely a piece, a part of essence, and therefore you discount this and you create an assessment that it is insignificant or is not as important as the entirety of essence, and I express to you, it IS the entirety of essence.

This is difficult for your objective assimilation and comprehension, (Rodney sighs) and this be the reason that I continue to be directing your attention to the individual focus.

How may you be empowering and acknowledging of the individual focus as all of essence if you are discounting continuously the individual focus, and expressing the identification and definition of the focus as merely a piece or a part which holds little significance in the grand scale or large picture? You ARE the large picture! You ARE the grand scale! (Emphatic pause)

RODNEY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

Therefore, I express to you genuinely an encouragement to BE focusing your attention upon the now – this present attention – and all that you create within this reality, and to allow yourself to be noticing of ALL of your reality within THIS now, allowing yourself the recognition of the tone that you are in this expression of Zacharie, which allows you – in THIS now, in THIS focus – the recognition that there IS no separation, and that you ARE interconnected, and that all of consciousness IS YOU. Therefore, this one focus holds ultimate importance, for it is all of reality!

RODNEY: Wow. I’m awestruck, Elias, and I thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome, my friend.

RODNEY: (Emotionally) I think some of that struck home. I think maybe I want to stop with that.

ELIAS: Very well. I offer to you great encouragement in the sojourn that you are participating within. I am greatly acknowledging of your movement, for you ARE allowing yourself a widening of awareness and a movement into the being of remembrance, which is YOU.

RODNEY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.” [session 507, November 26, 1999]

JO: “Yes. I have so many questions, I may not be able to get to them all, but that’s alright. I would like to know, first of all, the essence name, essence family, family of alignment, and orientation of many people, okay?

ELIAS: Very well.

JO: Begin with mine, please. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Aisha; A-I-S-H-A. (eye-ee’sha) Essence family, Tumold; alignment, Sumari; orientation, soft. (Pause)

JO: My husband Dug? (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Daum; D-A-U-M. (dom) Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Ilda; orientation, common.

JO: ... Thank you for that. A while back I had a friend [Daryl] ask you for my essence name and information, and at that time, I had a very, well, less-than-positive reaction when I heard my essence name. I thought I’d have a nice feeling, as if I’d heard the word “home” or “friend,” that type of thing, but I didn’t. It felt very foreign to me, and it surprised me.

So, I decided to ask you my name again today, and all of the other information, and it’s a different name and different information, which then made me wonder about my husband’s name, ’cause she had asked the same for him, and it’s all different, and I wondered if you’d comment on that. (2)

ELIAS: Yes, for this incorporates a different action than may be expressed within other situations in which this type of occurrence is viewed. Many times individuals may be offered an essence name and family within one time framework, and within a different time framework, the essence name may be offered differently.

One of actions which occurs in conjunction with that information is the action of fragmentation. Another action which may be occurring is the expression of the focus itself, in conjunction with the manifestation of that focus, with more than one essence.

Within one time framework, so to speak, the individual may be focusing their attention in the direction of one essence family and alignment and their participation with a particular essence, and within another time framework, their attention may be in alignment with a different essence, and also essence family and alignment.

Now; let me also express to you, in these situations, at times but not often – and I shall emphasize that statement; not often – an individual may even be experiencing momentary alterations in orientation, although this may be viewed as quite rare.

Now; as to the situation within what you are inquiring of, there are two different actions occurring.

Within the identification of your partner, what is occurring is the action of attention being placed in different expressions. This is a manifestation of more than one essence within this one focus.

I shall be offering explanation futurely in more detail, so to speak, concerning this particular subject matter.

But presently, I shall express to you that whichever essence is being expressed within the attention within a particular time framework is the essence that I shall be tapping into to be offering information of essence names and families, so to speak.

In the situation that you have created, it is quite different.

Within a time framework, you as the focus have held a restlessness and an uneasiness, which has been objectively expressed in certain manners within your focus, which have been indications of the desire of this particular focus to be altering the expressed qualities of this particular focus, therefore creating the choice of this individual focus to be fragmenting.

The action of fragmentation is occurring continuously throughout essence, and I have expressed previously that at times, a focus of essence may be choosing to be fragmenting.

But for the most part, in conjunction with the interaction that has occurred thus far objectively with individuals that are participating in this forum within these sessions, individuals have not been creating this type of action in the individual focus.

The reason that you have expressed an adverse response, in a manner of speaking, to the initial offering is that the desire for the alteration of tone was already being expressed within this particular focus, but the choice of action had not yet been implemented. The leaning of energy was already moving in that direction, so to speak, to be creating of a new focus with the expressed qualities of this particular focus as the main, so to speak, qualities of essence. Are you understanding this far?

JO: Absolutely not!

ELIAS: Ha ha ha ha!

In this, you as the focus of essence, as a focus of attention, display particular qualities that you express, and those qualities, as the expressed focus of attention of essence, have chosen to become their own essence, manifesting as the main identifiable qualities of personality those which are expressed in you.

Therefore, as you have been offered information concerning essence name and families previously, what was offered was the essence name which was held within that time framework, for the action of fragmentation was not implemented yet. But you already, within your objective awareness, held the recognition that this tone was not what you would be identifying with as essence.

Therefore, there is a response of repelling, in a manner of speaking, recognizing that the identification offered was to the fragmenting element of essence and not the new essence. The new essence is what you have created within this focus, and the essence holds the quality of personality energy of you.

JO: I think what I’m confused most about is, the last time, I did have an adverse reaction to the essence name. However, the family alignment and orientation was given as Sumafi, Ilda, and common. At that time ... I really feel Sumafi, and I’ve always been very fond of the color black, and it just felt very right. Ilda I wasn’t sure of, because I did feel sort of like Tumold, but definitely common orientation, and now that everything is switched around, I’m feeling very confused, and I do not feel like Sumari.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, there are expressions of essence that you shall experience, and you may even express as feeling quite strongly, but you may not be in actuality exhibiting those qualities.

Let me also express to you that the manifestation objectively of Sumafi has lessened within your particular focus throughout what you would term to be time frameworks.

In this, the expression which occurs objectively in the Sumafi is an intensity – or what you may express as almost an extreme – in their attention to detail ...

JO: Absolutely.

ELIAS: ... and in this, becoming extremely repetitive within their manifestations and their actions within a particular expression or focus.

Although there may be influence of other family in conjunction with the Sumafi which may appear to soften some of the expressions, there is a continuous repetitiveness of the individuals that hold to this family of Sumafi, of which they do not tire and they do not seek to alter.

In a manner of speaking, although you all seek exploration within each of your focuses, the Sumafi shall continue their exploration in a type of repetitive manner that continues quite consistently throughout an individual focus with little deviation.

Therefore, their exploration shall continue, for the most part, in a particular type of method, so to speak, or area of attention, for each of them shall focus their attention in one direction, so to speak, and hold in their repetition within that direction, lending to the attention to detail, NOT incorporating attention to detail in many, many, many, many areas.

Are you beginning an understanding in what I am expressing to you?

(Vic’s note: Elias didn’t pause so Jo could answer here, but what I really want to say is that I’m cracking up as I’m transcribing this! The above describes me so well that it’s almost scary, LOL!)

ELIAS: You have moved in a direction of desire to be incorporating more avenues within your expression. In your choice to be widening your awareness, your method of widening your awareness is choosing new avenues and not continuing to be incorporating the repetition of the same avenue throughout the entirety of your focus, which in your particular expression allows you more of an expression of freedom.

The expression of the intent of the Sumafi, you may continue to hold some qualities of and some alignment with, but within this particular focus and the creation of this essence, it is limiting to you within your incorporation of your intent.

This is not to say that the expression of the Sumafi is limiting to those individuals that are belonging to this family of Sumafi, but within different expressions of essence, at times this repetitiveness and excessive attention to detail may be viewed by other essences as tedious and limiting within their choice of exploration.

You have created this action quite purposefully, to be offering yourself the opportunity to be creating new types of explorations.

I am understanding that you may be experiencing a time framework of confusion, but you also offer yourself much more of an expression of freedom to be incorporated within this particular focus, as you HAVE created this action, and this action also is directly associated with the movement of this shift in consciousness.

In your focus, this allows you the opportunity to be altering your perception through a slightly altered intent, and therefore incorporating a new expression of excitement within a time framework which is approaching which may be difficult. Therefore, the incorporation of this new excitement allows you to be viewing your reality slightly differently, not incorporating the difficulty that you may have been creating previously.

JO: I’m very surprised that I can change my name, alignment, and orientation, and my husband can also, within a matter of weeks.

ELIAS: You may be creating this alteration within a moment.

JO: Hmm.

ELIAS: I may also express to you, through the intensity of your desire, you may be altering again quite quickly, and you may be reincorporating the alignment or the belonging to the previous essence families if you are so choosing, or you may be choosing to be incorporating one of the new and one of the other.

You hold a tremendously strong desire within this focus and you are manipulating energy quite strongly within this focus, strongly enough to be creating a fragmentation which is motivated by the focus itself. Therefore, it is not necessarily so very surprising that you may be incorporating an action quite quickly, and you may continue to be altering of your choice concerning this very focus, for this is the motivational aspect of the creation of the new essence.

The other expression of the other individual is not in actuality an altering, for he has not altered or changed. He incorporates both. He has not left, so to speak, the other essence name or families. The expression continues. It is merely a variation in attention. This is an entirely different type of expression.

This individual, and other individuals also, incorporate this type of action of holding more than one essence within one focus. Therefore, within different time periods, it is merely an expression.

As is asked, the response is the tapping into whichever essence name is being expressed presently, but that is not a singular expression with many individuals.

Your situation, as I have stated, is quite different in its manifestation.

JO: I was under the impression that the essence family does not change, only the alignment, so I guess that’s what my confusion was.

ELIAS: Within a particular focus of one essence, you are correct.

Therefore, there needs be, in your terms physically, an incorporation of other essences or an action of fragmentation ... although I have stated to you all previously, it is not impossible for an individual to be altering their essence family. It is not generally expressed within your physical dimension, but it is also not impossible.

In these situations of these two individuals – yourself and your partner – neither of you have altered your essence families without an alteration of essence. You are merely incorporating different actions.” [session 570, February 22, 2000]

ELIAS: “Let me offer to you information which is pertinent to this time framework presently concerning essence names, which is applicable in this situation and in many, many, many other situations presently, and has been throughout the time framework of what you would term to be this previous year.

All of this which I shall be expressing to you is directly related to this shift in consciousness and the movement of energy, and also to the time framework which has been and is now occurring.

First of all, let me preface by offering the reminder in relation to your previous year and the information that I have offered to you all concerning that year, and the movement of energy and the tremendous offering of energy to that time framework which allowed for more of an ease in movement with respect to this shift in consciousness.

This present time framework of this year also incorporates a tremendous energy surge which allows for an ease in movement also, but in a different type of manner. For within this time framework and ongoing, you are now objectively inserting this shift in consciousness into your officially accepted objective reality.

You are not merely moving energy subjectively in conjunction with the shift. You are not merely familiarizing yourselves with yourselves and with your belief systems. You have moved beyond the concept of acceptance and are beginning to be manifesting the actual physical insertion of this shift in consciousness into your reality throughout your globe.

Now; this is significant in relation to essence also, for those essences which choose to be manifesting focuses within this particular dimension presently and within the time framework which I have expressed are also allowing for a tremendous acceleration in energy and an intensity of energy.

And in that expression, in mirror, so to speak, to the action of the shift itself, the essences are also allowing a tremendous expression of freedom in energy in what they choose to be manifesting and exploring in relation to this physical dimension.

Now; this holds significance in the subject matter of essence names and families, and has accelerated in energy quite consistently within what you would term to be a time framework of approximately ten months. In that time framework – which be remembering, is continuing now – the freedom of expression within the manifestations of those essences which participate in this physical dimension and in the action of this shift is affecting of the tone and the choices of manifestations, alignments, intents, and expressions of what is projected in attention into the focuses in this physical dimension.

Fragmentation, as I have stated previously, is continuously occurring within essence. This is a continuous action which essence participates within as an exploration of consciousness and as the action of becoming. But to this point within your physical history of this physical dimension, the action of fragmentation has been affecting of focuses, but not in what you may term to be the intensity of which it occurs now.

This is creating great confusion for many individuals presently, for you within physical focus inquire of information concerning your essence family and alignment within a particular focus, and you inquire as to an offering of what you identify to be your essence name. In this, you identify quite singularly with that information, and you also identify quite permanently and absolutely with that information.

I have expressed previously that what is offered within the identification of an essence name is the offering of a translation of the tone of the entirety of essence, but I have also expressed to you that this translation of tone is not the entirety of the tonal quality which is expressed as an identification of the individual essence. It is a translatable element of the tonal quality of essence.

In this, understand, within your objective awareness and recognition, that this tonal quality is not absolute and is not static. It is fluid and it is changing.

Therefore, although I may express an essence name to any individual, the expression of that essence name is the identification, within the moment, of that translatable element of the tonal quality which may be associated with the individual identity of the personality tone in that moment.

Now; that tone may be what appears as consistently projected in some focuses. It may appear quite inconsistent in other focuses. This is dependent upon the action of essence, and there are many factors, so to speak, which may be expressed in the influence of the translation of that translatable essence tone.

As an aside, I may express to you presently, within this time framework, the translatable essence tone that you hold is altered, and appears within your language differently than that which you are familiar with. You hold a familiarity with that essence naming of Malhai.

TOM: Correct.

ELIAS: Within this present now, the identification of that translatable tone is Malhaine. (mal-hi-een’)

TOM: Could you spell that?


Now; in this, you presently, within this time framework of this day, this moment, have not requested of myself the identification of essence name or tone, correct?

TOM: Pardon me? I have not requested this?

ELIAS: Correct.

TOM: Right; correct.

ELIAS: Therefore, were I not offering this information within this present now, your thought process and your identification of yourself would be that which you associate with the tone of Malhai.

TOM: Correct.

ELIAS: For you have not offered yourself the information, which may be expressed differently. This is not to say that the tone is not expressed differently. You have merely not inquired.

TOM: Correct.

ELIAS: But as you inquire, you hold an expectation that I shall offer to you what you identify and label within your definitions as a truthful response. Therefore, I offer to you an accurate response – for as we are aware, this is not a question of truth (grinning) – and in that accuracy of response, it is confusing to you, for it is unfamiliar and it is not being expressed as an absolute.

Once the name has been offered in alteration, you re-create the association with absoluteness once again, and you look to what you identify as the new essence name as the absolute and permanent expression. I express to you that within moments subsequent to that offering, you may move in energy and expression of essence tone to the reincorporation of Malhai.

TOM: So, there are no absolutes in essence. There’s much more to this than we objectively hold presently.

ELIAS: Correct. There is more of what you term to be volume to essence than what you have allowed yourselves to view previously. What you have allowed yourselves to view previously is what is familiar to you, and that is the expression of absolute, which is flat.

What I am offering to you now in information – in conjunction with the movement of this shift, as you ARE beginning your insertion in objective terms of it into your reality – is the recognition that you are also allowing yourselves the objective movement into the knowing of essence and the volume of essence, as who and what you are.

I shall be continuing subsequently, as I continue to be interactive with other individuals, the offering of information in this direction of subject matter for a time framework, in that you collectively may allow yourselves to become more familiar objectively in the knowing of what you have held previously subjectively.

You all look to the action of this shift in consciousness and express excitement within yourselves in anticipation of the wanting of its materialization; the presentment, in objective reality, of all that you perceive to be manifest subjectively.

I express to you, you have entered your new millennium. This is your marker. This is what you are accomplishing now. This is the action that you are engaging now, to be inserting that knowing and therefore that reality into your objective awareness, which you have previously shielded from yourselves objectively, but have held subjectively.

In this, the concept of no separation is beginning its movement out of the realm of concept and into the objectification within your reality. You do not hold other focuses. You ARE other focuses.

You are multidimensional. You express tremendous volume as essence. Essence is you, and is expressed fully within every focus of attention. You are not separated by time or manifestation from any other focus of attention of essence, any more than you are separated from you, within your perception, merely by the action of focusing your attention in different manners within your reality.

You may hold your attention, as I have stated many times previously, in many different areas simultaneously, objectively, within your mundane waking reality. Within a moment that you create no intentional objective physical movement, your attention is projected in many different expressions and directions, not merely one.

None of you are, in a manner of speaking, ever singularly focusing your attention in one area. You allow yourselves the identification or the illusion that you may be concentrating your attention, so to speak, objectively in one direction, but within any moment within your manifestation, your attention is occupied in many, many different expressions simultaneously.

You merely allow yourself the perception of one direction of that attention – one expression, for the most part, of that attention – which appears to be the most dominant to you or the most interesting to you within any particular time framework. But in actuality, your attention is diversely expressed in many directions.

This is, as I have stated many times, the mirror action, in physical expression, of nonphysical expression of essence. You – as you in this focus – are the physical presentment in manifestation of all of essence. Therefore, we now begin the piercing of a new veil of self, to be incorporating the realization, in objective terms, that you are an expression of energy personality consciousness.

This is an expression of continuous movement. It is not absolute. It is not stationary. It is not static. It is continuously becoming. It is continuously altering. It is continuously changing. How may you hold an absolute, permanent identification of one tone, and also be continuously changing, becoming, altering, exploring? THIS is the contradiction, not the expression of alteration of essence tone.

Now; I shall be subsequently, what you term to be futurely, offering information in relation to essence families also, and your identification of those essence families, and shall be offering you more information concerning the actions of mergence and fragmentation, which are also influencing of your focuses presently in more of an intensity, as I have stated, for many individuals are incorporating confusion concerning self and their identification.

But I shall also be reminding of you and of all other individuals to which I speak, I have expressed previously the cautioning that within the incorporation of this shift in consciousness, and your expansion of your awareness and your allowance of yourselves to be incorporating this freedom of movement within this shift in consciousness, you also incorporate the potential and the possibility to be threatening of your individual identities temporarily.

This is not unusual, for you are allowing yourselves to be recognizing, in objective reality and awareness, this lack of separation, but you have incorporated these veils of separation for much time framework throughout your history of this particular physical dimension. Therefore, the lack of separation is quite unfamiliar to you, and the incorporation of essence as who and what you are within the expression of a focus of attention is quite unfamiliar, for it is exceedingly vast and volumous.

TOM: Well, we’re used to separating self into parts objectively – mind, body, spirit – the duality – and our beliefs in that.

ELIAS: Quite.

As to your inquiry of essence name, I offer to you, no, it is not the same. But I also express to you, I have offered you this explanation and this information this day, that you may hold an objective understanding that this is the expression within this now, and that may be altered.

I may also incorporate one note within this subject matter, which may also be offered to the new essence of Aisha [Jo], which you may be offering this information to Michael [Mary].

TOM: Aisha [Jo]?

ELIAS: Yes. This essence incorporates a new expression within a focus presently, has created the action of fragmentation and has incorporated a new tone, and chosen new family and new alignment.

What has also previously been offered to the individual focus of that essence, which has been sparking, so to speak, of that particular action, is the identification of a momentary alteration in expression of orientation within that focus. That has been adjusted.

As I have stated previously, generally speaking, orientation is the choice of the individual focus, and although a fragmentation or any other action within essence occurs and may be altering of tone and even families, the orientation of the individual focus does not alter ... although I shall express for clarification, once again, this also is not an absolute.

But generally speaking, this action is not occurring. The individual focus generally is not altering of that orientation, regardless of the alteration of other elements within the focus, and within that particular focus of which I am speaking, the orientation is also not altered. It has been merely a momentary expression in a type of transition.

But this is also information that you may be allowing yourself to be incorporating within your familiarization with self. Generally speaking, regardless of the alteration of tone of essence, which may be affecting of your focus, your orientation is the choice of this particular attention, this particular focus, for a particular experience, in conjunction with the choice of manifestation.

TOM: Okay. Aisha [Jo] is I-E-S-H-A?

ELIAS: The spelling has already been offered.

TOM: Okay, so I can just pass that information to Michael [Mary].

ELIAS: Yes. You may express also to Michael [Mary] and Lawrence [Vicki] that their essence tones alter at times also. Generally speaking, they are resuming the tone which has been offered in the translation of those particular essence names, but within particular time frameworks or moments, those translations are in actuality different also.

TOM: Okay. I will pass that along.

ELIAS: Therefore, be remembering: Although a new essence name may be offered, such as that which I have offered to you this day of Malhaine, the expression of the focus of attention chooses to allow that incorporation of alteration within the focus, and may choose that to be a temporary alteration.

This is not an action which merely occurs to you, in a manner of speaking. Subjectively, you hold full awareness of this action and choose to be incorporating of this alteration. You also choose whether you shall continue in that alteration or you shall not continue in that alteration.

TOM: Or you may continue altering constantly, so to speak?

ELIAS: Yes, you may, and this is not necessarily an action of fragmentation.

TOM: It’s an action of energy.

ELIAS: It is an incorporation of energy, which may be expressed in tonal quality, incorporating the recognition of mergences of essences, which may be affecting of the particular focus of attention within certain moments.

There are other actions which occur also within essence, of which we have spoken little previously. At times, more than one essence may be choosing to be focusing one attention within a particular manifestation.

TOM: This is why sometimes the tonal quality will change, and people will comment that you’re a different person?

ELIAS: At times. Or, an individual may be within a particular time framework inquiring as to essence families, and within the moment, I may express the response that the individual holds more than two essence families within that focus.

TOM: Okay, that’s interesting. There’s a lot more to this than we are objectively aware of.

ELIAS: You are correct. It is, as I have stated, dependent upon the expression of the attention of the focus within a particular time framework. It is not entirely what you presently identify as the attention of essence all together, in a manner of speaking.

Let me express briefly a comparison in simplicity.

You may present yourself with an object, and through your perception, which creates your reality, you may view that particular object within one moment to be blue. You may alter your perception. You may view the very same object, and within the subsequent moment, you may express that you view that object to be violet.

You are viewing the same object. You are creating that object through your perception in the same form. Your attention is focused in the same direction, but you have altered your perception in that attention slightly. Therefore, what you create within one moment is blue, and what you create within another moment is violet. In this, you remain the same. The object remains the same, other than its color. Your attention remains the same, in a manner of speaking.

In like manner, within different moments, dependent upon the movement of the focus and the attention of the focus – as it is affecting of essence, just as your perception, which creates your reality, is affecting of you, but they may not be separated – as the attention of the focus is affecting of essence, the tonal quality within that moment may be altered, or the alignment of family may be altered.

Or, dependent upon the expression of the focus and the manifestation of the focus, the family which the focus is belonging to may be affected, for the attention may be directed to the expression of one essence within one moment and to another essence within another moment, and if the focus is a projection, a manifestation of combined essences, it may be turning its attention within different moments and it may be expressing different essence families.

We shall be incorporating more information concerning this subject matter futurely.

But briefly, I offer this to you, that you may hold an understanding that you have merely incorporated the initial identifications of these concepts of essence names, essence tones, essence families, essence colors, focus colors, other focuses of essences, chapter focuses of essence, or essence as consciousness.

You have incorporated the beginnings of your objective understanding, which presents you with the viewing of the flatness, so to speak, in like manner to the picture which is painted as the representation of reality, that which you define as two-dimensional, in your very physical terminology.

The painting incorporates the flatness, for it is merely the initial representation. The creation of your actual reality is what you term to be three- or four-dimensional, which incorporates more depth, and as you have moved into this millennium, now you incorporate more of the depth in objective reality, not merely subjective reality. Are you understanding?

TOM: I think I am. We’re just touching, in an analogy, the tip of the iceberg with our concepts presently, and now we’re moving the iceberg above the water? (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha!

TOM: Slowly! (Elias chuckles) I can see the vastness of even my perception, and how we place even essence as an outside god.

ELIAS: Quite, and I shall express to you, you are moving much more rapidly than you allow yourself the realization of in actuality, and in this, you are quite right in your identification, that you view yourselves as essence to be merely another form of a god to the focus.

But I express to you that you are also, within this now, redefining your terms, as I have stated previously, and therefore, you are also redefining your reality, and in this, you are allowing yourselves to be inserting this shift in consciousness into your objective reality. All that you have viewed previously as imagination is becoming not so very imaginary! (Chuckling)

TOM: We’re releasing the limitations.

ELIAS: Quite.” [session 571, February 25, 2000]

JERRY: “Regarding essence names, what is the purpose of having essence names? One would assume that there could be several essences sharing the same name, as there are many Davids who share the name David. So what is the purpose of having that particular essence name? I ask the question because there was an Elias session with my essence name connected to the name that I have now. Somebody brought it to my attention that there were such incredible similarities, and I had to assume that my essence name is shared by a few essences, not just one. Correct?

ELIAS: Yes. An essence name is a translation. It is an aspect of the tone of the entirety of the essence.

Now; that translation within your physical dimension is expressed as a word or what you recognize as a name. This is not the entirety of the tone; it is a translation. It is a partial translation, for the entirety of the tone may not necessarily be translated within your languages. And you are correct, different essences may translate that partial tone into the same name within your physical language in your physical dimension.

This is not always an expression of the same essence. One essence name may be offered as Joseph, per se, and another essence may also incorporate that essence name but be a different tone. There are no two essences that are the same; each is unique. But as I have stated, this is a translation of a partial aspect of the tone.

Individuals incorporate a fascination in inquiring of essence tones in relation to identity. You within physical manifestation each incorporate a name that is associated with you and your identity, and you are recognized and you recognize yourself in association with your name. Therefore, there is also an association that individuals generate in relation to their individual identity as essence in the expression of the name.

JERRY: You said that two people don’t share the same essence, and yet I had heard, for instance, in the Michael teachings, that there is the probability of multiple foci – is that a word? – sharing that essence simultaneously.

ELIAS: This is the nature of your reality, yes.

JERRY: But I mean, is that our seemingly physical reality now?


JERRY: For instance, at the Michael teachings, I was told there was another focus of my essence existing now in South Africa.


JERRY: We are sharing the same essence. We have the same...


JERRY: ...everything?

ELIAS: Yes. Generally speaking, each essence chooses in this physical dimension to incorporate several focuses of attention in each time framework. Generally speaking, although it is not a rule, most essences focusing within this physical dimension choose between four and six attentions in each time framework. Some may vary and express fewer or more, but generally four or six is the volume of attentions that are expressed by most essences.

JERRY: It would be wonderful to be able to tap into that information, to be able to have like a sharing of that with the focuses in the essence. I’ve never heard of that before specifically. You talk about motion pictures and everything, but it would be a wonderful case study to have all the focuses somehow be able to...

ELIAS: Or so you think! (Laughter) I may express to you, I have designated an identification of different focuses of the same essence within this forum, and I may express to you, generally speaking, individuals think that they shall be fascinated in meeting another focus of their essence in physical manifestation, but generally you generate no interest.

RODNEY: I can give you an example of that later – the two Elizabeths.

ELIAS: There are, you are correct, Elizabeth and Elizabeth. (3)

RODNEY: Correct.

ELIAS: And they generate no interest objectively in each other. And why shall you? It’s you.

RODNEY: It’s like they forgot each other existed.

ELIAS: I may also express to you, generally speaking, individuals do not generate an interest, for it also may threaten your individual identity. This also is purposeful, that essences generally do not manifest the attentions within close proximity of each other but in different cultures and different physical locations, to be offering diversity of experience and also in holding with the design of this dimension incorporating beliefs, of which one is separation.

BEN: Do concurrent focuses all share the same alignment or the same orientation?

ELIAS: No. This is the choice of each individual focus. Each individual focus chooses an alignment and chooses which orientation it shall incorporate in that focus. The essence family belonging to shall be the same, but the other expressions are the choice of the individual focus.

JERRY: The shading of the essence through the focus is going to be quite different from focus to focus?

ELIAS: Yes.” [session 1116, June 16, 2002]

ANJULI: “Elias, when I asked for my essence name through a session of Giselle [Margot], I got my essence name spelled as Miranda with an ‘I.’ My other current focus, Leslie, got hers as Myranda with a ‘Y’ in her session, personally from you. So far we have seen this as extreme playful. I mean, the spelling of our essence name is for us not so important, and we just viewed that as very playful.

But in that moment when you said ‘Miranda’ in the last session, there was a change in me, and I felt the desire that we use for the transcript of our sessions the spelling of the name that she had got in her session personally from you.

ELIAS: Correct.

Now; let me also express to you, as I have previously with other individuals, an essence name is a translation into language of a tone, and it is not precisely the entirety of the tone, but it also fluctuates.

Now; in this, the translation of this tone of Myranda is more consistently expressed in the spelling with the ‘Y.’ At times it may fluctuate, and this shall alter the translation within your language, but this is infrequent. Therefore, you may associate in the actual physical spelling of this essence name that it is most consistently accurate in the spelling which I offered to the other focus.

ANJULI: Oh, Elias, I felt that. I knew it. It was not just a feeling in that moment, I knew it. It was a subjective knowing. I had a short talk with Bobbi about that, and then I had the feeling that I would like to get some objective validation for that in addition to the subjective impression.” [session 1125, July 07, 2002]

Library: go to the essence names listing, as offered by Elias and Paul (Patel).

End Notes:

(1) Vic’s note: Elias often refers to the essence of Paul (Patel) as “my dear friend.” Paul (Patel) was introduced by Elias as an essence that had much relevant information to deliver, and would most likely, deliver it through Ron via “automatic writing.” Patel is the essence name and Paul is a focus of Patel’s that Ron connect’s with very strongly. Hence, we often use both names to describe this essence. Elias occasionally uses only the name Paul or Patel but they refer to the same essence. Ron began this energy exchange on June 10, 1996.

For the most part, Paul (Patel) delivers information that is similar to the information that Elias delivers. However, it seems to be of a more personal nature than the information offered by Elias. Most of the exchanges are either in response to specific questions asked, or are a complement to the concepts presented in the information offered by Elias.

Digests: find out more about Paul (Patel).

(2) Paul’s note: this is the first time that Elias has offered anyone a completely different essence family belonging to, aligning with, and orientation. So, as you might expect, Elias uses these openings to deliver more information about the subtle nature of essence names and related concepts. As this is to come in the future, I’ll just include the excerpt that led up to this interesting exchange between Jo and Elias.

DARYL: “Okay, I want to ask you a question on behalf of this woman I’ve been communicating with named Jo, who has drawn herself to this information quite enthusiastically, as I’m sure you are aware. She would like to know her essence name, her family, her alignment, and her orientation.

ELIAS: Essence name, Yao-Tu; Y-A-O-hyphen-T-U. (yow-too)

DARYL: Would the ‘T’ be capitalized also?

ELIAS: You are correct.

DARYL: Okay, and that’s “yow too,” is how it’s pronounced?

ELIAS: Correct.

DARYL: Okay.

ELIAS: Essence family, Sumafi.

DARYL: Ah, she thought she might be.

ELIAS: Alignment, Ilda.

DARYL: Ilda, okay.

ELIAS: Orientation in this focus, common.

DARYL: Okay, and she would also like to know that information for her husband Richard. (Pause)

ELIAS: Essence name, Claude; C-L-A-U-D-E. (clode)

DARYL: Okay, but it’s pronounced ‘clode?’

ELIAS: Correct. Essence family, Sumari; alignment, Vold; orientation in this focus, common.

DARYL: Okay, I’ll pass that along to her. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.” [session 536, January 25, 2000]

(3) Paul’s note: Rodney refers to two woman in the forum who share the essence name of Elizabeth. One is Mary Ennis’ daughter Elizabeth, and the other is a friend of Rodney’s.

Find out more about Rodney’s Elizabeth.

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