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ELIAS: “I will also give you an exercise for this week that you may be incorporating and thinking of; as you have almost all, and most probably all, within near future, incorporated a new book. You may all take a lesson from this also: Name yourselves.

VICKI: By your intent.

ELIAS: Correct. View your intent, and give yourself a new name that suits you. This will be sounding much more simple of an exercise than viewing within a mirror, but I will be suggesting to you that you will view within your mirror much more easily than you will find your name! (Laughter) These are the instruments, along with individuals, that you draw to yourselves; written words, tones, melodies, dreams, visualizations. All these also you draw to yourselves for your understanding, and for your information, connecting with your issues. Remember: NO COINCIDENCES. NO ACCIDENTS.” [session 57, November 26, 1995]


ELIAS: “These names are not names incorporated within our game (1). These names are names that each individual has chosen for themselves to designate their identification of themselves and their intent of this lifetime, so to speak. I would speak to you as this being a developmental focus, for lifetime encompasses all, and this being only a sojourn. You are engaged in only one of many small journeys within this particular focus. YOU designate this as a lifetime.

Within this, each individual manifest incorporates an intent, a reason that they have manifest into this physical reality, an intent that they had focused upon before they chose to manifest within this physical reality. I have asked these individuals who they are, for none of you realize who you are! I have expressed to them many times what creative and divine creatures they are and what beauty they possess, but they do not believe me! Therefore, I have asked them WHO they believe they are, WHAT they believe they are, which I would pose the same question to you, for each individual may be asked or ask themselves this question, but each individual may not necessarily be able to be answering this question sufficiently. As you grow within trusting yourself, you learn to know yourself; and as you learn to know who you are, you begin to see what an absolutely glorious creation you really are!

In this, in focusing within, I have asked them to examine themselves, to look to their desires of this particular lifetime, to see within themselves what their experiences have been and how they have progressed. With this being borne in their minds, I have asked them to formulate a name for themselves, one which they give themselves to themselves; not a name given to them by another individual, not a parent, not an acquaintance, but what they view themselves to be based upon their intent and their desire of this particular developmental focus. This may be helpful for them to answer the question for themselves of who they are or who you are; this being an exercise. ALL individuals may incorporate this exercise. Unfortunately, all individuals do not trust themselves enough to view themselves without distortion and without placing value judgments upon themselves, which is unnecessary, but this is what you have learned. Therefore, this is what you incorporate into your reality. I am hopeful to be helping you to widen your view of your reality and your self, as being all-creating and as being the beautiful magnificent creatures that you are!” [session 59, December 03, 1995]

ELIAS: “I shall also express to those of you who engage in participation of the creation of your new city (2) to be offering yourselves your intent name, to be joining with the other Seers.

BOB: Oh, cool!

RETA: There’s an intent name?

JIM: Yeah, we all went through that months ago. (Much laughter)

ELIAS: Consider carefully, for those who have chosen their intent name previously are not all satisfied with their choice! (Laughter)

RETA: Could you describe intent name just a bit?

ELIAS: Listen to your intuition. Listen to yourself, and give yourself a name which is descriptive of you and your desire and intent. This offers you the opportunity to be connecting with and understanding your intent and desire. It also offers you the opportunity to view how you do not connect with your intent and your desire within physical focus, and choose an intent name which is not descriptive of your intent but is springing forth from your thought process in rational thinking. You choosing an intent name may have the benefit of those who have gone before (laughter) and tread weakly on the ice!” [session 143, December 29, 1996]

AXEL: “And now comes the big question... (Elias and Axel laugh) ...intent! Okay, because you will ask me of my impression anyway...

ELIAS: You are correct! Ha ha ha!

AXEL: ...and I am not clear. I have only bits of information, and I will offer that at the beginning. I was thinking, my intent must be in some way related to realizing how my subjective reality is connected to the objective reality. But then I read a transcript in which someone else expressed a similar theory, and you said this accounts for anyone during this shift, so it counts not as an individual intent, so hmm!

Now, what is my individual intent? (Elias chuckles) I’m not sure. With me, I thought about it, but I’m not sure. I thought it must be something about displaying objectively my inner knowing.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, the challenge, first of all, that I offered to individuals within the early expressions of this forum. Within that time framework, I offered the challenge to those individuals to be expressing an intent name for themselves, one that would offer a description of themselves.

Now; an intent name needs not be one word.

Now; in this, the manner in which you shall offer to yourself an intent name is to be viewing the entirety of your focus from its onset: the entirety of your manifestation, all of your experiences, and all of your directions that you have chosen within this particular individual focus. And as you assess the directions and the experiences that you have created throughout your focus, and you allow yourself to identify the theme of those experiences and directions, you shall also offer yourself a clearer understanding of your intent, for your intent is initialized at the moment of your physical emergence into this physical dimension and continues throughout the entirety of your focus. In your terms, from beginning to end, your intent is continuously expressed. It is an underlying theme that is the direction of your exploration in this particular individual manifestation and focus of attention.

Many, many individuals, yourself also presently, attempt to be identifying their intent in what you may term to be the basis of what you are experiencing now and what you are exploring now. But what you are exploring now is an aspect of your intent. What you have been exploring throughout your focus and what you shall continue to explore futurely are all aspects of your intent.

AXEL: And you will not say it now to me? (Laughs)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! I shall express the challenge first that you attempt to be...

AXEL: Ja, ja, ja! Okay! (Laughing)

ELIAS: ...and I shall be acknowledging of you and offering further explanation in relation to your intent at our next meeting.” [session 830, May 03, 2001]

PATRICIA: “Can I ask you what my essence name and family is – this is a two-edged question – and also if we’re here for a reason, if we each have something to follow? I feel like I have something to do in life – but I’m not quite sure what it is – in helping people.

ELIAS: Very well. (Pause) Essence name, Jarion, J-A-R-I-O-N (JEHR ee on). And do you incorporate an impression as to your essence families? (Pause)

PATRICIA: Was that a question? I’m not quite sure, because this is my first time and I don’t know much about it.

ELIAS: Very well; essence family, Milumet; alignment, Tumold; orientation, common.

As to your second question, ‘what is your purpose or do you incorporate a purpose,’ yes, you incorporate a purpose but it is not a mission. You incorporate a purpose as a choice to be manifest in this physical dimension, and the purpose in that choice is to experience, to explore this physical dimension. But I may also express to you that each individual that manifests in this physical dimension incorporates an intent that is a general theme that is expressed throughout the entirety of their focus, and all of your experiences are generated in some association with that theme.

Now; in relation to that theme you choose many different more specific directions to be incorporating as explorations, but they are all associated with that general theme. Although at times it may objectively appear to you that there are some experiences or directions that deviate from your theme, they do not. And all of these experiences and explorations in relation to your intent generate your value fulfillment, and as you continue to generate your value fulfillment within this physical dimension, you continue to explore. Once you have accomplished your value fulfillment or once you choose that you are not expressing value fulfillment any longer within this physical dimension, you choose to disengage.

In this, as I have expressed to many, many other individuals, you may discover the theme or your intent for yourself individually in this manifestation in evaluating the entirety of your focus and examining all of your experiences from the onset of your focus, not merely now but through out the entirety of your focus.

I am quite encouraging of individuals to be investigating and evaluating and offering themselves the identification of their individual intent, for it is, in your terms, much more meaningful and impactful if you are discovering what your intent is rather than merely accepting my identification of your intent. For this is an exercise in becoming more familiar intimately with yourself, which is extremely important in association with this shift in consciousness and your movement with it. Being familiar and aware of yourself is quite helpful in allowing yourself to generate much more of an ease in your movement and less trauma in association with this shift in consciousness. Therefore, I am continuously encouraging individuals to be generating this action of genuinely being familiar and intimate with themselves. You easily express that with other individuals, but it is much more challenging to be expressing that with yourself.

Therefore, this is your challenge, to discover your intent, knowing that it is not a mission and that you naturally express that, and that shall offer you more information concerning your direction in this focus.

PATRICIA: When you say ‘this focus,’ are you saying this life?


PATRICIA: I’ve always had the feeling of wanting to help people.

ELIAS: Which is also a quality associated with the essence family that you are aligning with. [i.e., Tumold]

PATRICIA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

DANIIL: ... I’ve got a question, going back to finding out a general theme or direction or intent. Once you find it, so to speak, it may be a process, but once you find something and when you try to put it in words, is it like one image, one symbol, or is it a set of combinations or a set of qualities? Because every time I think I get an impression of what connects periods of my life, later I may read about that being a property of the Sumafi family or a property of something else. So is the final result a unique image or how does that work?

ELIAS: It is a generality, and remember that your families are not accidental in any particular focus. They do incorporate a factor in your intent, for they influence the manner in which you generate your exploration. Therefore, you may be offering yourself an impression of your intent in your examination of your focus and you may subsequently read that this may be a quality of the family that you are belonging to or the family that you are aligning with; but you may have chosen that particular quality to be exploring in many different manners throughout your focus and that quality of the family merely enhances your exploration of that subject matter.

I encourage you to trust your impressions. Ha ha ha ha!” [session 1468, November 08, 2003]

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End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: a reference to the educational game that Elias often plays during group sessions. Session participants offer their impressions on a variety of categories, connecting to an essence family intent. For example, Category = bands, Band = YES, essence family intent = Sumari. Elias will answer with a “one point,” “acceptable,” or a “less probable.” The goal, like these exercises, is to learn to trust your own impressions or inner knowing and make your own connections with the vast knowledge available within our subjective or inner selves.

Digests: find out more about the game.

(2) Paul’s note: a reference to the city exercise.

Exercises: find out more about the city exercise.

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