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the new game (trans-focal encounters)

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “These individuals present incorporate a new game (1). (Smiling) They experiment with viewing other developmental focuses, this being another positive action for your noticing and for your assimilation of information of self, and also of no time and affectingness; for within the incorporation of this game, you may view affectingness through noticing of other developmental focuses. Within one, you may be affecting of another. Therefore, action incorporated within one now is continuing to be affecting of what you view to be your individual present now. What you view to be your present now may be affecting of your future now or your past now. They all intersect. They all overlap. Therefore, you may incorporate action, even involving your creatures, and you may be affecting of another focus. Your perception is very limited. You only view an accomplishment that you may see immediately. This is not always reality!” [session 85, April 10, 1996]

ELIAS: “You offer yourselves much information for moving forward within this new game, for you offer yourselves the opportunity to be viewing of many elements. You may view connections between you. You may discover understandings of behaviors. You may understand, with a slightly wider awareness, of probabilities. You will gain a better sense of simultaneous time. You will allow yourselves to disassociate from many belief systems. There are many elements that you may incorporate with this new game. You have offered yourselves a very good opportunity for learning. You also parallel with my information, therefore offering yourselves a new, constructive tool to be incorporating the information more efficiently.” [session 87, April 17, 1996]

Elias “gems”

RON: “The other night, in our TFE,’ (transfocal encounter, which is Ron’s new term for past-life regression)

ELIAS: Very creative incorporation of your terminology!

RON: Thank you. When Vicki was the subject, Lawrence [Vicki] was the subject, and I was writing down things before she said them ... how did I do that? (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) First I will express to you each that you may be expressing of physical focus naming, and I do understand. I may choose to use your essence name, but I also am aware of your physical focus naming. (Pause, smiling) How did you do this??? (Laughter) One moment. I must be accessing of ‘cosmic files’. (We all crack up)

RON: Well, I’m kind of aware of how I did it. I’m just wondering which ...

ELIAS: Ah! It has come to me now! (Laughter) You were engaging your intuitive sense. You were not planting suggestion. You were connecting in what you may view a very ‘quick’ expression of a precognitive interaction. In actuality, this is not necessarily precognitive, for it is simultaneous.

I will offer you a slight physically focused explanation of simultaneous time, which may be slightly easier for you to incorporate within some areas. If you are researching information that you already possess within what you view to be theory of motion of time and light, your own aspect of Mr. Einstein has set forth for you that as you are approaching the speed of light, so to speak, your time slows. If you are exceeding the speed of light, your time begins to reverse. Thought is reality. Thought may travel faster than light. Therefore, within a thought, you may experience what you view to be past. This may be helpful to you as you are engaging this new game, and experiencing more of a reality of simultaneous time within experience. You need only be remembering that thought is reality.” [session 90, April 28, 1996]

ERIC: “I would like to know, or become familiar with, the name of my essence.

ELIAS: This essence tone would be Dohm, D-O-H-M; holding confusion within this present now; (smiling) but within your seeking out of these individuals, you may acquire more clarity, within yourself, of your own identification. (Pause)

You are wishing of information of focuses. I must be admitting, within this company, that as you are engaging within your new game (TFE’s), it is seeming to be unnecessary to be offering of this information at this present now, as you have found it is quite available to you to be engaging and acquiring the information personally through your own interpretation, and viewing quite easily. You need only be accepting of your experiences. Therefore, I shall be expressing to individuals, as of this point onward, that you may be engaging within this new game of these individuals, and you may be acquiring information of your so-called ‘past experiences’ quite easily for yourselves.

This also serves a very good purpose; in validation to you, in acknowledgment of your own self. It is quite easy for me to be offering of information to you each of yourselves. It is more validating for you to be acquiring information of yourselves from yourselves! Therefore, engage yourselves! (To Eric) You may set an appointment! (We all crack up) I shall observe!” (Grinning) [session 93, May 12, 1996]

ELIAS: “Even within the expression of your new game, you have connected with very few of your other focuses. I have expressed to you previously, you have more than you may number. Therefore, if you are concerning yourself and thinking of all of your other focuses as you incorporate an action, you need not be here! Your awareness has widened considerable, but you are not aware of all of your focuses. You are not even aware of the reality of all of your focuses. You are not even aware of the reality of essence! You are aware of the reality of this particular focus. Therefore, concern yourselves initially with this particular focus. In viewing that you incorporate an awareness of other focuses, you distract your attention from this particular focus. You presently discount your creativity within this one focus! Therefore, the task is at hand with this focus.” [session 105, July 17, 1996]

NORM: “Did we have a focus, the four of us here, in those time periods, like in the Egyptian time periods? And does the word Jethseminee mean anything to me and my entity?

ELIAS: (Accessing) This word holds significance to you within the area of another focus.

NORM: In that time period?

ELIAS: Correct

NORM: In the Egyptian time period.

ELIAS: No. Within a time period of early manifestation of Christian belief systems. Therefore, this word holds significance to you.

NORM: Would that be before the Egyptian time period?

ELIAS: This would be (pause) subsequent to what you are viewing as your Egyptian time period. As to your questioning of your shared focuses, yes. You do hold shared experiences with these individuals also. You may be investigating of these within the forum of your new game. (Referring to what we call a TFE)

NORM: ... Elias, is there work that I can do with the rest of the group here? My wife and I, have we had experiences with the rest of the people here in other focuses?

ELIAS: As I have stated this evening to you, yes. You hold connections with these individuals within other focuses. As to the investigation, I shall reiterate that you may investigate these other focuses within the forum of the new game. As to this particular focus, you have drawn yourself to this forum within a knowing and a movement in your intent. As to that intent, you are initiating. Therefore, you may be facilitating in action within this forum. There are no accidents!” [session 135, November 24, 1996]

BOB: “Alright, I have a question. I don’t even know how to phrase this. You are aware of my supposed TFE? I have doubts. I have a hard time defining for myself what I experienced. Can you help me with that? (TFE, or trans-focal encounter, is our term for ‘past-life regression’)

ELIAS: You are accustomed to questioning any experience that you may not classify in your objective awareness as an actual physical event. This is not limited to you. This is shared among your species. Therefore, it is difficult for you to accept information that you present to yourself; this being the reason that individuals shall seek out other individuals that you term to be psychics and allow them to offer you their interpretation of your experience, and you shall be accepting of this information more readily than you shall accept information from yourselves!

It is difficult for you to accept the reality of the information that you offer to yourself, for you believe that if you may offer information to yourself unknowingly, this shall hold more validity. If you are aware of the information that you are offering to yourself, you automatically lean to the objective explanation of imagination. You believe that you are creating the thoughts or imagery by allowing your imagination to flow freely. I have expressed to you many times that imagination is reality. In this, you are quite unaware of the multitudes of dimensions within consciousness. Therefore, any information that you acquire and offer to yourself is valid. It may not pertain to this particular focus, in a manner of speaking, for it may be related to another dimension within consciousness, but there is no thing as what you view to be imagination.

In this experience that you offered yourself, you have in actuality genuinely connected partially with the remembrance of another focus. Objectively, you struggle with this, for this is difficult for you, for you offer yourself no dramatics.

BOB: Could I say though, that the impressions that I got while we were doing this, some of the impressions were of a different nature than other of the impressions. So I accept, as best as I know how, that they both are valid, but they seem to have different natures.

ELIAS: Correct.

BOB: Does that mean that within this particular experience I was mixing focuses or that I wasn’t particularly focused, to use a pun, but that some of the impressions I was getting were of one nature and other of the impressions were of another, both valid but not necessarily connected?

ELIAS: Correct. You experience partial remembrance of another focus which you may consider relevant to this dimension. Within your battling objectively to be discounting of the experience and your skepticism of the actuality of the event, you cloud your perception. In this, you confuse the information that you allow to bleed through. Therefore, at times you are relaxing and allowing a free-flow, and at other times you are interjecting objective consciousness to the extent of discounting, which is influencing of the imagery that bleeds through. In this, you may change the imagery and distort some of your imagery. This occurs with many individuals. As you allow yourself to understand that all of your impressions are correct and true, you shall relax into yourself and allow the communication to flow.

BOB: Okay. Thank you.

DREW: “Imagining another lifetime is not the same as a remembrance of an alternate focus, correct? Although both may be real and valid for what they are, they are different.

ELIAS: I dislike the terminology of imagining for the reason that you automatically create a distinction, and you already view yourselves within certain aspects of attempting what you term to be altered states [as] the creation of imagination. You are already discounting yourselves, believing that imagination is not reality or holds less validity within reality. Conceptually, you may say that you believe imagination is reality, but you distinguish. Imagination is this reality. (Extending right hand off to the side) Real reality is this reality. (Slapping the table with left hand) You do not experience this reality. (Indicating right hand) It is elusive. It is ‘floating within the cosmos.’ It is real but it is not affecting, for it is imagery within another dimension somewhere!

I shall address to your question of a difference for there is a difference, although the difference is not in the creation of reality. The difference is within the creation. All focuses are a creation of essence. What you view within a focus to be imagination, at times, not always, may be a creation of the focus. Mind you, not always, for you may imagine very strange elements and occurrences quite foreign to your existence and you are not creating those presently. You are remembering those events or elements, within consciousness, of other dimensional aspects.

Now; as to the issue of your new game (TFE) and the creation of what you think of as imaginary versus actuality of focuses, you may allow an intersection within this state of another focus. You may also create a focus-type imagery which is reality which shall be a probable focus, this being created by the focus, you, not being created as a focus of essence; although it is a focus of essence as it is created. It is only different in its mode of creation.

DREW: I think where at least I in a TFE begin to wonder what I’m experiencing is in differentiating whether the images that I’m experiencing are a remembrance of another focus, or are images that I’m creating from this focus.

ELIAS: I am understanding of your confusion, and I express also that many other individuals presently experience this same issue, although not necessarily within the confines of your new game. This you may also view as a symptom of the movement within consciousness presently. This I express to you in differentiation of other individuals which experience the same action, for you alone do not experience this confusion within this state in your new game. Many individuals, not allowing themselves to engage farther into what you term as an altered state of consciousness, experience this same type of confusion and action. This is a discounting of self.

There is a slight difference within the action that you, Matthew [Drew], have engaged. I have offered slight information to you previously of your swift movement within consciousness in connection to this forum and this information, and as you move swiftly within this information you also shall be experiencing many aspects the same within consciousness as other individuals experience, in connection with the action of this shift and of transition. At this present moment, within the probabilities that you engage, you have not entirely chosen to be remanifesting or to be not remanifesting. You are wavering. In this, you allow yourself the openness of engaging partially both of these actions of the shift and of transition. Therefore, you offer yourself information subjectively to be creating your choice.

You shall be experiencing many elements in conjunction with other individuals, paralleling events and subjective manifestations. Therefore, as I address you in regard to your action within your new game, I address differently than I shall be addressing with Simon [Bob]; for the action, although objectively appearing to be the same, in actuality is different. One (looking at Bob) is a struggling with objective rationality, which you shall allow to be quieted and allow yourself the liberty of viewing more extensively, and also allowing your own trustfulness of self to be verifying your experience as real; the other (looking at Drew) engaging the same type of confusion but within different reasoning, for although you view yourself to be discounting and objectively interjecting, you also within these acts are attempting to hold your footing within objective consciousness. Therefore, the action seems the same; a conflict, a battling, and also a discounting, but the reasoning is different. Simon [Bob] shall be allowing much more easily, for objective awareness is not threatened.

I am understanding that at this present moment there are elements of which I speak that you do not understand and that you do not feel that you experience, but as you are engaging swift movement it will not be, in your terms, a long time period before you are realizing that of which I speak. Therefore, I offer this to you prior to events. There is much for you to investigate and learn, and much movement that you, within your desire, have chosen to engage. (Pause)

Subjective and objective consciousness within certain states may be quite confusing temporarily. You may not understand entirely the activity that you engage, but you also view events objectively very limitedly. You look to events within yourselves and you look for information and explanations within a very small circle around you, this being why I continue to offer you information in expressing to you that your affectingness and your connections are far greater than you allow yourself the understanding of. You extend quite far within consciousness.

Be remembering, as I express to you often: You are, within this individual focus, the entirety of essence. You are the center. There is no thing greater than essence. And Lawrence [Vicki] may express, ‘Wow!’ (Smiling)

I offer you this information, that you may be comforted in knowing that there are essences among you that are lovingly helpful, and watch for you to be slipping into your icy waters. You need only ask, and the hand shall be provided to be pulling you out.

You shall be finding more experiences that shall be confusing, and as you choose, in your terms, the goal of merging subjective and objective awarenesses you may create disorientation, for you have not created this reality to be incorporating this action; although in part, this will be the action of your shift; but to this present now of which you are aware, this has not been a reality.

Be realizing that you stand upon the threshold of great awareness and adventure; that as you may be confused, you also embark upon a sojourn that has not been traveled before within your species. Your communication with each other, your interaction, is quite valuable, for this serves to reinforce you all and allows you information to be more trusting of self. I have encouraged this interaction from the onset of our meetings, and continue to do so.

... Be not discounting of these bleed-throughs within information of other focuses that you may be objectively noticing, for there is much information to be gained which is influencing of this focus presently. Therefore, as you offer yourselves more information within your connections and your understanding of your remembrances, you shall also offer yourselves a more efficient opportunity to be moving into an understanding of this focus, and yourselves.” [session 159, March 23, 1997]

NICKY: “Okay. That’s what I like to do. I like to research! I can get into it! Okay, Arabic. The Arabic language, the Arabic something, is another one of those things that has been brought into my awareness, and no matter what I’ve researched on it, I’m not coming up with a good understanding of what it means, what it represents.

ELIAS: This also is bleed-through activity.

NICKY: Okay. Okay ...

ELIAS: You may engage the new game if you are choosing, and in this you may connect with many of these focuses that you are engaging bleed-through action in connection with; therefore offering yourself a better understanding of these elements which may be confusing to you presently.” [session 181, June 05, 1997]

JIM: “Some time ago, you expressed to me ‘future searcher’ and what he is looking for within my future focus. Is his name Searcheron?


JIM: That’s been real strong with me for the last couple of weeks. What could that indicate to me?

ELIAS: You are associating two words and placing them together to create one word, this being a communication that you have not quite allowed yourself to hear yet. (Pause) Any focus may at any moment communicate with another focus audibly, or within impressions or within linking thoughts. You, within your new game, connect and intersect with another focus, and what you interject into that focus is either audibly heard or experienced through impression or thought. Therefore, you also lend a communication to another focus. Within this focus that you connect to and have been seeking, there is an attempt being made to be communicating. Therefore, the energy is sent within a directedness and you receive, although you have not quite received the words within your language adequately. Be listening and open to this, and you may separate these two words and you may receive your communication; one word being Searcher – this be the name.

JIM: Would those be coming through Delaya? Is that communicating?

ELIAS: This a direct communication.

JIM: From self?

ELIAS: Searcher! You have not quite connected that this be an actual individual holding this name; for within future focus, this be merely a name, not a word of an action.

JIM: Okay. Thank you. I’ll listen.” [session 205, August 10, 1997]

STELLA: “My son, I never speak about my son, and I love him so dearly, and the connection we have is so special. Can you tell me a little bit about our connection, or where in the ‘past,’ quote/unquote ... it’s a beautiful one, considering all the stuff that has happened.

ELIAS: I challenge you to investigate this yourself! Within the new game, you may direct yourself and you may view your connections with this individual within viewing other focuses. You hold the ability to accomplish this. Therefore, engage the action!” (The ‘new game’ is a ‘past-life regression,’ or what we call a TFE) [session 213, September 03, 1997]

MARCOS: “On dreaming, last night I had a fantastic experience. It was much more than a dream, I know that! Yesterday you mentioned dimensions within this dimension, which was the first time I had heard of that, and in this very deep, deep profound sleep, I understood what you were saying. I don’t understand it now. But I was as asleep as I could be, yet I understood exactly what you said, and I don’t understand now! (Laughter)

ELIAS: This is quite common, for subjectively you incorporate the information and you assimilate this information subsequently, but objectively, your understanding lags. Many individuals experience this same action. Michael [Mary] experiences this same action within interaction of this essence in dream state, and upon awakening, objectively remembers no contents of the exchange, only a memory of the meeting.

The subject of dimensions within this dimension is difficult to be presenting objectively within your understanding. I may offer a very simplified example to you.

You exist here within physical focus, within what you recognize objectively. This is your dimension. You manifest within this dimension of physical focus, but within this dimension of physical focus there are many other dimensions of time fragments, for all of the time frameworks are simultaneous in actuality, but you separate them into different dimensions of time. Therefore, in engaging another focus within your new game or within a meditation or within a waking state, in actuality what you are accomplishing is stepping through a dimension of time framework and allowing yourself to move into a different dimension of time framework.

There are many different time framework dimensions within this dimension. The whole of this dimension is the type of physical focus that you have chosen to be creating. The focuses of this dimension occupy countless dimensions, or even within one focus there are countless dimensions to be accessed, for each moment creates its own dimension and continues. Therefore, you may access and meet you, occupying the dimension of age ten. You may intersect with you and interact with you at age eighteen, for these continue simultaneously, but not within your objective awareness, for they move into another dimension within this dimension.

MARCOS: It’s complicated, but ... I’ll pick it up subjectively!

ELIAS: Quite!” [session 218, September 15, 1997]

RON: “I have a question about this time travel junk. (Laughter) In all the movies and the TV shows and stuff, they show guys going back or forward in time, and they go and they change a probability, which changes all the probabilities in front of it or behind it. That’s not a truth? You just go back and if you change a probability in the past, all it will do is just change that particular probability in that particular past?


RON: No?

ELIAS: If you are altering of a probability, it is altering of all of the probabilities connected with that probability.

RON: So you could go into the past and kill Bill Clinton when he was a four-year-old, and Bill Clinton would never become president?

ELIAS: Correct.

RON: Cool! (Who is this weirdo?)

ELIAS: This also you shall be recognizing in reality, not in concept but in reality, of how you are affecting of probabilities if you are altering even one. All of your probabilities within your focuses have been altered for the reason that Michael [Mary] and Lawrence [Vicki] have altered their probabilities, and subsequently have altered all of your probabilities and many other probabilities far beyond their comprehension. By their mere meeting within this focus, they have altered tremendous probabilities.

RON: So that means I could go into the past and alter a probability to where I would not exist in this probability?

ELIAS: Correct.

RON: And you’ve said before that every thought that you have is affecting of all other probabilities?

ELIAS: Correct.

RON: I’ve thought about going back and altering my past before, but I’m still here!

ELIAS: But you have not altered.

RON: Oh.

ELIAS: You allow this to continue, as it has been established within probabilities; although I shall express to you that you have altered probabilities within your new game. You have affected other focuses within communication and within your intersection of them, and in this you have altered their probabilities and altered their focuses, and also altered your focus.

RON: But doesn’t that happen constantly in consciousness?

ELIAS: Correct.

RON: But I’m just not objectively aware of it?

ELIAS: Within consciousness, within all of your focuses, your essence is watchful of what you are altering and is interactive in the direction, although shall not be interfering with the individual focus if you are so choosing to be altering of another focus. This be the reason why futurely you shall hold the reality of ‘you create your reality,’ and you shall understand the responsibility of which I speak to you now, of how you are affecting all of your other focuses if you are intentionally altering probabilities within your other focuses.

VICKI: That’s where the personal responsibility thing comes in ...

ELIAS: Quite!

VICKI: ... for yourself.

ELIAS: It is tremendous within yourselves. This be why I express to you, do not be accepting responsibility for all others about you. You hold enough responsibility for your own focus and your own self and your own essence! (Firmly) As you are connecting with another focus – EACH TIME you are connecting with another focus – you are altering probabilities within another focus and you are also altering probabilities within THIS focus. And as you alter probabilities, you are affecting not only of yourselves but of all other individuals, for you are affecting within consciousness. This be the reason that I express to you the grave responsibility that you hold within ‘playing’ in these areas.” (Very seriously) [session 233, November 02, 1997]

BOBBI: “… a new person at my work was coming around and being introduced, and I had this incredible sense of recognition. I thought, ‘Oh god! It’s great you’re here!’ And then I realized, I don’t know this guy! So I’ve been trying to figure out who he is, and figuring he probably was part of the group of us from pilgrim times. Was he my wife, or just a good friend?

ELIAS: (Accessing) A brother.

BOBBI: A brother. Okay. He was SO familiar! I’ve never had that impression with anyone else. I have a question about our impressions of other focuses. Are they colored by our belief systems or the other focus’s belief systems? Are we getting a clear viewing?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon your action. If you are merely accessing and viewing another focus and not interactive with the other focus, you are merely viewing. Therefore, it is not a filtration through your belief systems. If you are attempting to be interactive with another focus, then you may be filtering through your own belief systems and influencing of the other focus. You may also interact with another focus in the area of merging with another focus, which individuals do connect with this action within your new game, and in this situation you shall be filtering through the other focus’s belief systems, for you are merged with the other focus.

BOBBI: So you take on their belief systems?

ELIAS: Correct, for you are experiencing their experience. In a sense, you allow yourself to become the other focus temporarily.

BOBBI: So when I view these other focuses and I get an impression, a bit of personality, that would not be particularly through their belief systems. That would just be another part of the viewing.

ELIAS: Correct.” [session 263, January 28, 1998]

ELLEN: “I have a friend named Steve. What is our relationship? (Pause)

ELIAS: You hold many focuses with this individual ...

ELLEN: I thought so.

ELIAS: ... within this particular dimension and several other dimensions in physical focuses. Therefore, there is a bleed-through of a knowing of recognition with each other, not merely for yourself, but also for this individual. You may be investigating of other focuses that you hold and you may be in this action offering yourself more information, not only of yourself but of your interactiveness with this individual, for you have offered yourselves the opportunity to be exploring many different types of experiences in conjunction with each other, some more pleasant and some not so very pleasant, in your terms.

I am quite encouraging of individuals to be engaging investigation of other focuses that they hold and delving, so to speak, into these areas to an extent, for as you offer yourself the information and the participation in the experience, it shall also be much more affecting to you, for it shall hold more of a reality.

I have moved in the direction previously of offering some information to individuals about other focuses that they hold, but this holds much less weight, so to speak, with each individual than engaging the action themselves, for in the engagement of participating in viewing or experiencing other focuses of your own, you also offer yourself the reality of these other focuses, which in turn offers you more of a reality in viewing the vastness of essence. Another individual, and myself also, may offer you much information about you, but you offering yourself information about you and experiencing that information shall be much more real to you.

ELLEN: What would be a good way to do that?

ELIAS: You may be engaging in what I have termed to be our new game, which you may be inquiring of Michael [Mary] in this area also. This is quite efficient in facilitating the allowance for any individual’s participation or viewing of other focuses, and I am quite encouraging in this area. (The ‘new game’ is basically a past-life regression)

You may also move into other types of experiences if you are so choosing. You may be choosing to engage meditations or visualizations with this as a focus, and that shall offer you the opportunity to move in this direction also.

I am also quite encouraging of individuals to be creating of GROUP visualizations, for the combined energy of a group of individuals facilitates this action of connecting to other focuses more effortlessly and is quite helpful many times to each individual participating. It also offers an immediate objective validation to each of the individuals. As you share your experiences, you allow yourselves the opportunity to view that you are in actuality accomplishing, for you each view similar aspects of a particular focus. In this, I am suggesting that if you are moving into the direction of participating within a group visualization or meditation, that you agree upon a common focus. This also is facilitating much more efficiently than if you are each moving in your own individual directions, which is creating of confusion.” [session 304, August 01, 1998]

End Notes:

(1) Vic’s note: The new game is what is commonly termed a past-life regression, but what we call a TFE – trans-focal encounter. We’ve been facilitating each other in TFE’s for a few years now. No, we have no training, and yes, it works anyway! Our basic “method” is for the facilitator to talk the subject through a general body-relaxation process. Then we encourage the subject to connect with whatever aspect of themselves they choose, and if they allow themselves to do this, we ask questions about their experience. The operative word is “allow.” Quite often the subject feels as if they are “making it up,” which they are not, according to the dead guy!

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