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Friday, March 28, 2003

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ďHow Do I Go About Awakening Myself?Ē

ďResentment of and Obligation to ParentsĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael) and a new participant, Hea (Kira).

Elias arrives at 10:15 AM. (Arrival time is 19 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good morning!

HEA: Good morning. (Elias chuckles) Elias?


HEA: Hi. Iíve been waiting for this for quite a while now.

ELIAS: (Laughs) And how shall we proceed?

HEA: Well, first of all, do you know all about me?

ELIAS: In what capacity?

HEA: In all capacities Ė if you know everything.


HEA: Do you know my name, what Iím all about, why Iím in touch with you and all of that?

ELIAS: I may express to you that I am familiar with your energy.

HEA: You are. I just wanted to know; I have a lot of curiosity. (Elias laughs) So tell me about me. Tell me about my energy first. I have other questions that are written, but without me asking you any questions Iíd like you to tell me about my energy.

ELIAS: And what do you wish to know that you already do not know?

HEA: Good question! (Elias laughs) I probably know all that I want to know, if I look deep inside. But Iím not there yet. Shall we proceed? Should I start asking you questions?

ELIAS: Very well.

HEA: You didnít sound like you wanted to just come right out and tell me about my energy.

ELIAS: (Laughs) Let me express to you, my friend, I offer information to individuals to be helpful in association with familiarizing themselves with themselves in relation to their beliefs and their movement within this shift in consciousness. But I do not engage parlor tricks.

HEA: No, it isnít parlor tricks. That wasnít... Maybe it was, if you know more than me. But anyway...

ELIAS: I may express to you, I do not know more than you. I merely remember. You are the same as myself, my friend. You are an essence, as am I, and therefore you possess all of the same qualities as do I. You merely have chosen to be focusing this attention within this particular physical dimension, which in the design of this dimension you have chosen to not be incorporating your remembrance for the purity of your experience within this physical reality.

HEA: But now Iím trying to re-remember who I was, what I am.

ELIAS: Correct, for you are participating in this shift in consciousness.

HEA: Yes, and itís not easy. Iím trying to have an illumination or an awakening, and I need guidance. I donít know how to go about it. What do I do? How do I go about awakening myself?

ELIAS: By paying attention to you.

HEA: To my inner self?

ELIAS: To all of you, to all that you do, paying attention to your beliefs and what influences your perception, how you manipulate your energy, what you actually do in each of your days, in each of your moments, how you project energy, what motivates you, and what influences are expressed in relation to your beliefs, and by listening to your communications that you offer to yourself and expressing a trust and an acceptance of yourself. This is how you illuminate yourself.

HEA: I am trying to have faith in myself. I still donít have enough faith in myself. I distrust myself; yes, youíre right.

Another point is the influences. Yes, Iíve been trying to be aware of everything that Iím thinking and doing every moment as much as I can. The outside influences are affecting me, and itís very hard for me to control that, especially someone thatís close to me like my mother and father. I have a long life issue with them, and yet they still live with me. I think deep down I resent them, and I know itís not good because that resentment is creating negative energy thatís blocking the good positive energy from flowing in. I donít know what to do about that. Can you help me with that?

ELIAS: Very well. First of all, let us examine this situation. In this, what do you perceive to be the reason that you harbor this resentment or that you express these issues with your parents?

HEA: Ever since I was growing up with my parents, there seemed to be so much anger in my house between my parents. I resent that. Itís so much negativity, so much hate. Everything that I dislike, they were Ė negative, angry, critical.

ELIAS: Very well.

HEA: I could never do anything right, in my motherís eyes.

ELIAS: And now?

HEA: Now itís gotten better. But I still see her that way, and Iíve been fighting that. But every little thing that she does gets to me. I just tell myself to forgive her, but I guess I canít.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, forgiveness is not necessarily what it appears to be and is not necessarily what you would term to be an actual positive action.

Now; what is significant is allowing you to move your attention to you, rather than continuing to project your attention to your parents. For as you concern yourself with the expressions or the choices of your parents, you do not pay attention to what your choices are. THIS is what generates this expression of resentment, not actually concerning...

HEA: Elias, I was thinking, also, I still believe that I chose my parents because everything they do Iím against. I think theyíre my greatest teachers of what not to become. Is that the reason why I chose them?

ELIAS: Partially, and also partially to allow yourself the opportunity to genuinely understand and experience acceptance.

HEA: Acceptance on my part?


HEA: To accept them for what they are and who they are?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend, in your own acceptance of yourself, an automatic by-product is to be accepting of other individuals.

HEA: So youíre saying I still am not accepting myself?

ELIAS: Correct, and not paying attention.

HEA: Youíre right, because I always had low self-esteem. I used to hate myself, and I think that happened because of my parents. I guess Iím blaming them, when I shouldnít.

ELIAS: It is not a question of what you should be or should not be doing. It is a question of reality and understanding that reality and therefore allowing yourself to move your attention and change your perception.

Your perception creates all of your reality. Every moment, every thing, every individual, every scenario is generated through your perception. There are influences in relation to your perception; those influences are your beliefs. But if you are unaware of what your beliefs are and if you are unaware of what you are actually doing, you also do not change your perception and you limit yourself tremendously.

Now; the point in this is to allow you your individual freedom.

HEA: Freedom is the key word. I want freedom, and I feel like my parents are not letting me have the freedom. Theyíre in the way.

ELIAS: Now; it is NOT within their power to block you, for they do not create your reality and they do not create your choices.

HEA: I donít want to live with them, but I canít throw them out of my house! What do I do about that?

ELIAS: Examine why you have chosen to incorporate this relationship in the manner that it is expressed.

HEA: It seems like with the situation, outside influences, circumstances, led me to this.


HEA: At the time, I was single. I needed their help to raise my children while I go out to work.

ELIAS: And now?

HEA: It seemed like at that time, it was inevitable to ask them for help. Since then theyíve been living with me, and I canít ask them to move out. Part of me wants to live without them, but part of me feels obligated to live with them.

ELIAS: This is the key, what you have stated Ė obligation Ė which is not paying attention to you and not listening to your own communications, and binds you in a direction that is not necessarily associated with your preferences and your freedom.

HEA: To me, it would be a cruel thing to tell them to leave because my mother is very fearful. Sheís very dependent. I donít have the heart to do that.

ELIAS: Very well. But you incorporate more choices than merely the black and white. You are not limited to merely the choices of the either/or Ė either you continue in this situation in this environment with these individuals or you do not. There are more choices than merely these.

HEA: I donít want to, but I feel like I have to. Like I said, obligation. Itís the way weíve been taught in society.

ELIAS: Do you value your freedom?

HEA: Iíve been always seeking freedom. I do want to be free.

ELIAS: Very well. I express to you, regardless of this expression of obligation, first of all, as yourself, they also create their reality. This is their choice.

HEA: Yes, and I cannot live around their negativity. Itís very hard for me, more and more! Itís a dilemma for me.

ELIAS: What do you perceive to be your payoff in continuing in this direction?

HEA: My payoff? Nothing. Just an obligation as a daughter fulfilling her responsibility to her parents, thatís what I see.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, my friend...

HEA: Sacrifice perhaps, which I donít do but I have to.

ELIAS: No, no, no, no. You do not HAVE TO generate ANY choice.

HEA: But if I do take the freedom, I will be guilt-ridden in the future.

ELIAS: Not necessarily. This is what you have chosen to engage conversation with myself concerning. This is what you are seeking, and you are seeking information as to how you may accomplish.

Now; initially let us set aside this idea of continuing or discontinuing with your parents, and let us move in a different direction and...

HEA: This problem that I have with my parents, it also extends to other parts of my life, like work.

ELIAS: I am quite aware.

HEA: Itís parallel.

ELIAS: Correct.

Now; let us perhaps explore other actions that you may engage that may be helpful in altering your perception and allowing you to express more trust of yourself and therefore express more of your freedom and not concern yourself with the absolute of disengaging the environment with your parents. But perhaps for a temporary time framework you may be engaging exercises that shall allow you to move your attention and become more flexible and also to become more familiar with you.

Now; in this, perhaps you may engage the action of noticing each time you begin to project your attention to your mother and are not paying attention to you.

Now; this occurs in time frameworks in which you are not actually even physically engaging this individual but you may be projecting your attention in thought concerning this individual.

Now; each time that you notice that you are projecting your attention away from yourself, acknowledge yourself, for you are noticing.

Now; once you are noticing, allow yourself to stop and move your attention to some aspect of you in the present now. Allow yourself to choose one expression of yourself that you appreciate within yourself, and acknowledge that. The point of this exercise is to interrupt your automatic familiar patterns, which allows you to move your attention.

You have become very familiar with holding your attention in certain directions and continuing to reinforce expressions within yourself of blame and judgment. The point is to interrupt those patterns and those automatic responses. Recognize that if you are experiencing discomfort in association with your parents, this is being generating from within you, not from them.

Now; let me also offer to you another exercise for the moments in which you are physically engaging these individuals and you are experiencing frustration or discomfort or anxiety. In those moments, as you begin to feel those feelings, those expressions surfacing within yourself, allow yourself to notice, stop and visualize yourself to be alone. In a manner of speaking, pretend that the other individual disappears. For a moment, allow yourself to magically generate the disappearance of the other individual, regardless of what they are expressing. In the moment that you generate that individual to be invisible and to not exist within your physical presence, examine what are you doing that is creating the feeling that you are experiencing Ė not what is the other individual doing, for they are now disappeared and no longer exist within your room. In this, examine what YOU are doing that generates these signals, these feelings.

Your feelings are signals. Beyond the signal is a message; that is a communication. Emotions are communications, and they are highly efficient for they also incorporate signals to gain your attention. The signal is the feeling. But the feeling does not offer you the communication; it does not offer you information. Once you identify the feeling and attach a term to it, such as disappointment, you may move your attention to the communication of that signal, what you are communicating to yourself. The manner in which you discover what that communication is is to pay attention to what you are actually doing in that moment.

Now; this may appear in this conversation to be quite simple or a simplistic exercise, but in actuality, I may express to you, I am quite aware of the challenge and the difficulty that is expressed in this action initially. As you practice it shall become easier, but initially it may be quite challenging.

For the automatic association as you ask yourself ďwhat am I doing in this now,Ē is to move your attention once again automatically outside of yourself and express to yourself, ďI am doing nothing! I am listening and the other individual is generating this action which is causing me discomfort.Ē No. That is the snare. Therefore, you may recognize the challenge in actually paying attention to what you are doing. Perhaps it appears to you that what you are doing is nothing but listening, but in actuality you have generated the scenario, so...

HEA: Why did I generate the scenario?

ELIAS: To engage this process.

HEA: To awaken, you mean?

ELIAS: In your terms, yes, to become familiar with you.

HEA: To become stronger, is that it?


HEA: Thatís what I thought also Ė do I dare to make me stronger? Is that the ultimate challenge for me?

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking.

HEA: So through this way, I will gain my re-remembrance.


HEA: So Iím almost there! Yes, Elias? Am I?

ELIAS: (Laughs) You are moving. It is not a race which incorporates a finish line, my friend.

HEA: I know, but I so much want to be there! You donít understand. (Elias laughs) ďWhat do I have to do to be there?Ē I keep asking myself. I meditate, I read, I examine myself, and I just am not seeing any result of this.

ELIAS: You may read and read and read, and you may think and think and think, and this is not necessarily what shall generate your freedom. What shall generate your freedom is to familiarize yourself with you and to genuinely pay attention to what you do.

HEA: Yes. I keep creating hard times for myself, with work, with my parents. I want to stop it but I keep creating it!

ELIAS: Pay attention to what motivates you, which may be quite enlightening.

HEA: I donít know that yet. I think it has gotten better, but I still seem to be creating that. I still canít hear my spirit guide or guardian angels. Is that supposed to be a sign that Iím awakening, if I hear my guardian angels or spirit guides? Is there a sign when Iím awakening, as the books all tell me? We have all the side effects, the prophecy, clairvoyance, on and on. Is that true?

ELIAS: Let me clarify. Yes, you do incorporate all of these abilities. Yes, you incorporate inner senses and you do incorporate the ability to be using those inner senses. Let me...

HEA: Am I using it now? To some degree I think I am.

ELIAS: Yes, but let me also express to you, there are many metaphysical beliefs which are in actuality associated with merely what you may term to be a new type of religious beliefs. In this I may express to you quite genuinely, there are no guides. There is no heaven, therefore there are no angels.

Now; let me also express to you, this is not to say that it is wrong or bad for any of you to generate associations in this manner temporarily as a type of focal point to focus your attention. Therefore...

HEA: What about yourself, Elias? You are like a spirit guide, actually. Youíre a spirit, so therefore spirits do exist.

ELIAS: (Smiles) Let me express to you, my friend, I would not be what you consider to be a spirit. I am an energy personality essence. I am an aspect of consciousness, as are you also. But I am no greater or wiser than you. You occupy consciousness in the same capacity as do I.

HEA: No, you are what I call a spirit guide, because you are wise. I donít know if you have all the wisdoms but you do know, to me, all wisdom. (Elias laughs) How can I get in touch with a teacher like you?

ELIAS: It has been your choice.

HEA: I want it, but Iím not hearing it.

ELIAS: You are hearing myself, although I may not necessarily define myself as a teacher. Ha ha!

HEA: But to me, you are a genuine teacher that I seek.

ELIAS: Very well. I shall allow this temporarily for I am understanding of the influence of your beliefs. In this, if you shall view myself in that manner, then perhaps you shall also incorporate my suggestions of the exercises that I have offered to you that you may allow yourself to become more familiar with you and therefore incorporate your own remembrance.

This is the point, my friend, not to be following me, but to be directing yourself and to be generating...

HEA: But sometimes Iím confused which road to follow! Whether Iím doing the right thing or the wrong thing, I am confused sometimes.

ELIAS: It is not a matter of the right or the wrong. It is a matter of what you choose and allowing yourself the freedom of your preferences.

Let me express to you, my friend, you have chosen to be manifest in this physical dimension to explore. This is the nature of consciousness. This is what consciousness generates Ė exploring. You are not moving in higher or lower levels. You are generating a natural expression of consciousness, exploring yourself.

HEA: Yes, and I want to explore more. But itís not coming to me and therefore I become frustrated.

ELIAS: But you are offering yourself information. You are merely not acknowledging yourself that you are. Now generate a movement beyond acknowledgment and into genuine appreciation.

HEA: Genuine appreciation of myself or my environment or my manifestations?


HEA: Is that what I havenít been doing enough of? I havenít been appreciating all?

ELIAS: Correct.

HEA: I thought I was though, Elias.

ELIAS: Let me express to you...

HEA: Iíve been accepting myself more and more now.


HEA: Iím loving myself more than Iíve ever done.

ELIAS: I am understanding. But you continue to limit yourself, and that is not an expression of appreciation.

HEA: How do I limit myself?

ELIAS: In not allowing yourself to express freely and to express your preferences.

HEA: (Sighs) With my parents, is that what you mean?

ELIAS: Not merely your parents, my friend, but in many different aspects of your focus, in association with your beliefs in relation to your job, in relation to your role as a parent yourself, in relation to your friends.

HEA: Iím limiting myself with my friends? You mean Willy?

ELIAS: You limit yourself in many, many, many directions.

HEA: Tell me about Willy.

ELIAS: In what capacity?

HEA: Have we been together in the past lives?


HEA: Who was he to me in my past lives prior to this?

ELIAS: You have engaged several relationships with this individual in different capacities.

HEA: Is that why thereís such a strong bond?

ELIAS: And a tremendous familiarity, yes.

HEA: Because sometimes I think heís my soul mate.

ELIAS: One of, yes. You incorporate more than one soul mate.

HEA: Right, I do realize that. Is he my other half in this life?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) And what would be the identification of ďother halfĒ?

HEA: To know if heís the other half so I can be sure that heís the right one to be married to, because I havenít been very smart about that in the past. Iíve been unhappy with other marriages.

ELIAS: Let me express to you, perhaps you may examine this expression of your ďother half,Ē for this implies that you are incomplete within yourself, and you are not. Coupling yourself with another individual is a choice to be sharing, not to be completed.

HEA: Right, but I do like that sharing, being together, sharing love, happiness.

ELIAS: Which is quite understandable. This is a natural movement within your physical reality.

HEA: You see, I do want to be married to him but his situation wonít allow it. So that is not my choice, is it?

ELIAS: What is your choice is how you express relationship with this individual.

HEA: I want to be married, but he canít.

ELIAS: And what is the significance of marriage?

HEA: To be together, as I said, to share laughter, happiness also.

ELIAS: And what prevents you from generating that reality regardless of whether you engage the action of marriage or not?

HEA: I canít seem to control him.

ELIAS: And this is not the point, my friend. You are quite correct, you cannot, for you do not create his choices.

HEA: Exactly, so we do not control all our circumstances.

ELIAS: Ah, but yes, you do! You...

HEA: Because Iím in the relationship, I chose the circumstances, is that it?

ELIAS: Yes, and you also incorporate the ability and the power to create the reality that you want. It is a matter of examining genuinely what it is that you want. For you may THINK that you want to be engaging a marriage with another individual, but you also have created a scenario in which you prevent that from occurring.

HEA: (Sighs) I think deep down I know why I created that. As much as I want to be married now, I canít because of outside circumstances. But in the past when I was married I didnít want to be married, and I was hurt. So I think I did create it. Youíre right.

What about my smoking? Why do I like smoking? I canít quit, because I donít want to quit.

ELIAS: And it matters not.

HEA: Everyone says itís going to kill you, itís going to kill you. But I donít care!

ELIAS: Let me express to you quite genuinely, my friend, this is associated with beliefs, as are all of your expressions. But if you believe that this action shall be harmful to you, perhaps it shall.

HEA: But if you donít, it wonít!

ELIAS: Correct.

HEA: Thatís what Iím thinking. But then sometimes I get a little weak, like I hear my voice changing, and Iím seeing this little cigarette and maybe it will hurt me. I do have a doubt sometimes.

ELIAS: I am understanding. Do not delude yourself into the thought process that you do not incorporate a belief that this action may be harmful to yourself, for you do; but it matters not. For regardless of whether you incorporate a belief or not Ė or rather whether you express a belief or not, for you do incorporate all beliefs Ė but regardless of whether you express a belief or not, you continue to incorporate choice. Therefore, you may incorporate this belief that this action of smoking may be harmful to you, but you also may choose not to be creating that affectingness.

HEA: What about harming my daughter and the family with second-hand smoking? She keeps bombarding me with that idea, and I keep denying it, that you choose.

ELIAS: This is correct.

HEA: I sometimes feel guilty though. What if thatís true? What if?

ELIAS: Ah. Two of your most dangerous words, ďwhat if.Ē Let me express to you, there is no ďwhat if.Ē It is all a matter of choices. Each individual generates their individual choices.

HEA: Also, I want to become a healer. How do I do that?

ELIAS: By offering yourself your freedom.

HEA: I donít want to make people angry, like my parents, by leaving them! But that makes me feel like Iím trapped. Itís always going back to my mother and father, isnít it? I want to do something but Iím afraid to make them angrier than they are.

ELIAS: Correct.

HEA: Part of me wants to become a good child, like the Bible, to be obedient, to have their approval. Part of me wants the approval.

ELIAS: And as you continue to seek the approval of other individuals, you shall not offer it to yourself.

HEA: Yes, itís not doing me any good. Oh boy!

ELIAS: Practice the exercises that I have expressed to you.

HEA: That is my key to opening myself and receiving freedom, financial freedom as well, isnít it?


HEA: Should I keep on reading all my books?

ELIAS: It is your choice.

HEA: Would it harm me in any way?


HEA: Like the Theta healing, does that really work?

ELIAS: At times, yes.

HEA: That is authentic?

ELIAS: Yes. It is associated with beliefs, but this is not to say that it does not generate quite a real affectingness.

HEA: I was told that to meditate in the bathroom will draw in all negative entities into me. Is that correct?


HEA: I thought so! (Laughs) But my counselor said it would, and I just canít believe that!


HEA: So I should just keep doing what Iím doing anyway because itís all fine. It hasnít shown any effects on me.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) Trust yourself.

HEA: Exactly, which I need to practice more. I donít trust myself enough, as you said before. Iím working on it.

ELIAS: Allow yourself to direct your ship, my friend.

HEA: How do I achieve financial freedom? Iím tied to my work day and night, and I donít like it. My excuse is Iíve got to support my kids, but thatís only an excuse, isnít it?


HEA: Iím only seeing black and white, but there are other colors in between?


HEA: But how do I see that? I cannot consciously perceive that.

ELIAS: Yes, you can!

HEA: I canít. I would love to win the lottery, if I could, and not work. But is that real? How do I seek that? That is the question.

ELIAS: The manner in which...

HEA: I know exactly what youíre saying, that we can achieve anything we want by our beliefs and perceptions.

ELIAS: But the manner in which you accomplish that is in paying attention to yourself IN THE NOW.

HEA: Iíve been trying that, to achieve financial freedom now. I guess I am seeing a little change.

ELIAS: Pay attention to what you actually do. This is your greatest key.

HEA: In awakening and having all knowledge. You see, I am ambitious or greedy, I guess. Is that a greed of everything? (Elias laughs) I want the power of Jesus Christ! I dare to receive that power. Thatís being ambitious, isnít it?

ELIAS: And there is no wrong expression in this.

HEA: There is no wrong. I shouldnít feel guilty, I guess.

ELIAS: Correct.

HEA: Itís always going back to guilt.

ELIAS: Let me express to you as I have previously with many other individuals, were there to be any expression within consciousness that might be deemed as a waste of energy, it would be guilt and worry.

HEA: Tell me before we end the session, Elias. Elizabeth and I, thereís so many parallel things between us. What do we have in common in past lives? Elizabeth wanted me to ask you that.

ELIAS: You also incorporate several other focuses together and generate several different types of relationships in association with familial relationships, such as siblings and also cousins. You also generate relationships in friendships.

HEA: We were all that? And my children and my mother and father as well?


HEA: We were all siblings, sisters, cousins, friends?

ELIAS: Yes, and rivals. (Chuckles)

HEA: Also, I had one experience with Olivia, a past life regression. Was that correct what I saw in my vision of my past life, where my fatherís name was Peter and my present mother was my grandmother?


HEA: I always thought, ďDid I make it up?Ē

ELIAS: No. (Chuckles)

HEA: But the grandmother that was then, her personalityís the same! She was cruel and mean, as she is now. I disliked her, and yet sheís here with me as that same person.

ELIAS: Quite similar.

HEA: Yes. Is that because we didnít get along? That is my karma?

ELIAS: No, my friend! No, no. There is no karma. This is yet again another religious belief.

HEA: And Iíll still be together with my mother in the next life because I keep thinking that I donít want to be with her in the next life! Do I have choice in that?

ELIAS: Yes, and I may also express to you, there is no reincarnation either. Therefore, there is no next life.

HEA: If there is no next life or reincarnation, you said we had past lives, different focuses.

ELIAS: Correct, but they are all occurring now.

HEA: Past, present, future is all occurring now?


HEA: So we can change the past by changing the present?

ELIAS: Correct.

HEA: I read of that but I donít know how to apply it.

ELIAS: The prerequisite, my friend, is to become familiar with the present and to continue to hold your attention in the present in the now, which is quite challenging for this is an unfamiliar action. What is familiar is to be projecting your attention pastly and futurely, even within one day!

HEA: Or even every minute.

ELIAS: Correct! Therefore, perhaps allow yourself to concentrate upon the action of becoming aware of the now and paying attention to what you are doing in the now before you move into these other expressions! Ha ha ha!

HEA: Okay. I will speak to you again, Elias.

ELIAS: Very well. I shall be anticipating that conversation. (Chuckles)

HEA: Is there any way you can help me?

ELIAS: I shall be projecting energy to you, my friend, in supportiveness.

HEA: You can do that?

ELIAS: Quite!

HEA: Oh, thank you so much! This is the help that I was seeking. A lot of times I cannot control myself because of the pattern. I am trying, but I need a little more help. Thatís what youíre going to do, project the energy into me?

ELIAS: Correct.

HEA: And I am able to do this, be stronger?

ELIAS: And if you are allowing yourself an openness, you may be noticing imagery of bright blue, which you may associate with my energy.

HEA: That was one of my questions, too. What colors are the healing colors when I heal? Is it blue or is it green? This seems to be an issue with every different healer. Is it blue or is it green for healing people, or does it matter?

ELIAS: In actuality, it matters not. It is not what you would term to be a universal or absolute expression. For you individually, as you manipulate energy, green.

HEA: I should use that to heal myself and others, green?

ELIAS: In the action of healing in association with other individuals, what you are generating is a cooperation of energy. You are not actually healing them; they generate that action themselves, for...

HEA: And we all need channels to generate it for them.

ELIAS: Correct.

HEA: The book that Iím reading, ďAncient MysticismĒ Ė do you know that title and author, or do you know what Iím talking about?

ELIAS: What is your question?

HEA: Is that true? Should I follow that exactly, all the steps, in awakening all my chakras?

ELIAS: Is it true? No. Is it associated with your beliefs? Yes. Shall you accomplish actions that you want in following those beliefs? It is your choice.

HEA: It is my choice, but I want to follow the right steps.

ELIAS: There are no right and wrong steps, my friend.

HEA: If I believe, it will be.

You are associated with blue. So if I look at the blue sky, Iím seeing you?

ELIAS: And you may feel my energy.

HEA: By looking at anything blue, you mean?

ELIAS: As you present it to yourself in your imagery, yes.

HEA: Really? Will I be able to see you physically, your image?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing.

HEA: I want to. Is it as simple as that, just saying I want to?

ELIAS: No. (Laughs)

HEA: I see thereís a trick to it! (Laughing)

ELIAS: It also is a matter of the openness that you express.

HEA: And Iím not open? I think I am.

ELIAS: Somewhat.

HEA: I want that, but itís not happening.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) My suggestion is that you practice trusting.

HEA: Myself and all others?

ELIAS: Yourself first of all.

HEA: Mary told me to tell you itís time.

ELIAS: Very well.

HEA: I will speak to you again once I see the shift in my consciousness.

ELIAS: Very well.

HEA: I want you to prompt me to call you when you think Iím ready. Is that possible?


HEA: Do that for me, Elias, okay?

ELIAS: Very well.

HEA: Intercept me when I need you (Elias laughs) or when you think I need your help to move forward.

ELIAS: Very well. I express to you great affection, my friend.

HEA: Thank you Ė oh, whatís my essence name?

ELIAS: Essence name, Kira, K-I-R-A (KEER ah).

HEA: What does that mean?

ELIAS: Shall you investigate?

HEA: Okay, I will do that. (Elias chuckles) I think I know why youíre saying that. The website, correct?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. This is merely one avenue of investigation. You may incorporate many avenues of investigation.

HEA: Okay, I will investigate.

ELIAS: Very well.

HEA: Thank you very much, Elias!

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend. In fondness, au revoir.

HEA: Till next time. Bye.

Elias departs at 11:19 AM.

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