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Hua fuas

Elias “gems”

VICKI: “I have one quick question. What is hwua fwuast???

(Vic’s note: this has been driving me crazy!)

ELIAS: (Cracking up) Hua fuas! (Saying it much ‘softer’ and with a flowing, lyrical quality, and with no ‘st’ sound at the end) You are quite amusing, investigating, believing this would be a physically focused word, in French no less! (Still cracking up) In actuality, though, you shall learn its meaning as you continue, for this is your first encounter with your own language of Sumafi. (Grinning)

VICKI: Really? Will you say it one more time?

ELIAS: Hua fuas. You incorporate, within your perception, ‘s.’ You may incorporate the ‘s’ within your spelling if you are wishing, for in actuality there is no physical spelling for this language, (still laughing) for this is not a physical language! (Still laughing!)

VICKI: What does it mean??? (Loudly, in total exasperation)

ELIAS: (Also loudly, sounding almost irritated) I have just answered this to you! I have expressed you will find its meaning!

VICKI: Okay. (Sighing)

ELIAS: Time, once again, affecting within the element of Lawrence’s [Vic’s] memory! One minute may transpire, and be affecting!

VICKI: I’m just impatient! (Elias laughs)

ELIAS: Very good, though, that you have each heard this word.

VICKI: Especially on that tape! (The one we couldn’t hear)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Such a surprise! You are not needing of your physical apparatus to be hearing these words and language, and connecting with it.

JIM: It’s strange, when you brought that up, I, when you said that, I asked myself why would that be familiar with, why is that familiar to me? I had no idea where you were going with it, but I had a sense of ... wow! (Pause)

ELIAS: You may incorporate a guess! (Egging Vicki on) What may you think a translation of this word, as your first encounter, would be?

VICKI: Possibly a greeting?

ELIAS: Very good! Greetings. I have expressed many times recently that your vibrational tone alignment is incorporated. You will be encountering. (Pause, in which he is cracking up again) A French instructor!” [session 75, March 03, 1996]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Good evening! (Grinning)

RON: Hua fuas!

ELIAS: (Laughing, and to Ron) Hua fuas! (To Vicki) Hua fuas!

VICKI: Hua fuas!

ELIAS: (To Chelsea; Mary’s dog) Hua fuas! (To Caleigh; Cathy’s dog) Hua fuas! (We crack up) You are wishing of questions this evening?” [session 76, March 07, 1996]

CATHY: “Can you change a belief system and still be widening?


BOB: Which one?

CATHY: Any one.

ELIAS: Quite; for you may be changing or altering belief systems within your process, which you believe to be necessary of attempting to accept belief systems. This may also be an explanation to you of what I express, that you move in increments. Therefore, you may opt to be exchanging one belief system which seems to you to be very strong, and you may within yourself view yourself to be moving into an area of compromising temporarily with another belief system that you view to be less affecting. This will be lending energy to you to be accepting.

You shall not be awakening one morning and experience this revelation that you have accepted all of these base belief systems, for you hold another belief system that this is not possible. You must be engaging a process. Therefore, you limit yourself within time frameworks of your movement. This also is not ‘bad.’ It matters not, for all is simultaneous and is accomplished. Therefore, it matters not what you view to be slower movement or faster movement within accomplishment. You shall accomplish! It matters not the time framework in which you are accomplishing. It is not ‘better’ to be moving ‘faster.’ The objective is to be. It matters not your incorporation of time framework. As I have stated, it is accomplished already, for all is within simultaneous time.

I shall be attempting to create a new word within your language for simultaneous time, which is so very inconsistent! It shall be more efficient to be introducing a new ‘hau fau.’” (1) (Chuckling) [session 188, June 29, 1997]

RODNEY: Elias, could you give us one example of a translatable expression in Sumafi?

ELIAS: (Laughing) You hold a translatable expression within the language of Sumafi!

RODNEY: Is that my essence name?

ELIAS: No, I have offered an actual word previously, and in this, I express this word as ‘hua fua,’ and this word is a greeting which is a translatable expression of Sumafi.

The Sumafi, in similar manner to the Sumari, offer an expression that may be translatable into a language. This would be in conjunction with the intent of Sumafi, which translates within your physical dimension as recording and non-distorting and categories and cataloging and holding to the information! (Humorously) And therefore, in the true tradition of scribes, (laughter) it may be translatable into an actual language, which you ALL may engage homework, so to speak, and may be investigating through your meditations and your dream work, so to speak – although it is not work! (chuckling) – and you may be offering yourselves more of the expressions of this particular language.

Other essence families do not necessarily translate into words, so to speak. I may also offer to you that the translation of Sumafi language does not translate well without distortion in the form of song as may the expression of the Sumari, who express themselves quite colorfully and changeably! (Chuckling) You may investigate also the expressions of tones and colors, which are a translatable element within your physical focus to other essence families.” [session 486, October 16, 1999]

End Notes:

(1) Vic’s note: “Hua fua” is a term we discovered while transcribing a session sometime last year. Interestingly enough, nobody “heard” it during the actual session. When we asked about it, Elias said it was a Sumafi word. He refused to give spelling, saying that it was not translatable into our language. Basically, this “word” seems to be a greeting of sorts.

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