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focus of essence; beginning – continuing – final

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “Be remembering also that all of your focuses are simultaneous. They are all beside each other. They are not ‘in front of’ or before each other. They exist presently within the now, for this is what exists within consciousness is the now. There is no past or future. It is merely a perception within your creation of your time framework, which appears to be moving in a linear motion; but this being also why you may experience ease in viewing other focuses of your essence, for they are occurring simultaneously. As you are, they are also.

“As essence is choosing to be entering any physical manifestation, they are all choices. An essence may be choosing to enter only one physical dimension. An essence may be choosing to be entering thousands of physical dimensions. The choice to be entering physical manifestations occurs at once.

“... The essence, within agreement of its focuses, designates one focus as ‘first’ and one focus as ‘final.’ This is merely an identification of the feeling or the tone of the focus, and its intent and its direction. This is not to say that one focus occurs first and one focus occurs finally. They all occur simultaneously, but are designated with these concepts as their directingness.

“Individuals also, within the focus, shall identify and know within them if they are the first focus or the final focus. Individuals knowing that of being the first focus shall experience a complete newness, and shall feel within them that they have held no other lifetimes, in your terms; although they do, for they hold all of the focuses of essence, but this is their designation point in being the first focus. Individuals physically focused designated as the final focus shall know within them that they intend not to remanifest again within physical focus. They are the directing points of the physical focuses of essences. You may term them to be your ‘electronic traffic signals.’ (Laughter) One signal expresses go; one signal expresses stop.” [session 202, August 02, 1997]

ELIAS: “... the identification of a final focus or a beginning focus or what you may term to be a continuing focus is held quite strongly in you each. There may be expressed little question within any of you as to these identifications, for you offer yourselves clear impressions in association with these identifications.

“Individuals that are deemed to be beginning focuses know they are beginning focuses. Individuals that are final focuses know that they are final focuses. There is little question. Individuals that do not identify and assess either of these expressions know that they are neither of those designations. Therefore, to all of you, do not be discounting of yourselves and your impressions, for this is a clear and easy impression!” (Chuckling) [session 704, October 07, 2000]

ELIAS: “... the beginning focus is the focus that introduces ALL focuses simultaneously into this physical dimension. Therefore, in a manner of speaking, it IS directing. It creates the onset.

“The final focus is also, in a manner of speaking, directing. For at the moment of its disengagement from this physical dimension, it is offering a signal to all other focuses of that essence that they shall all remove.

“... You each hold impressions, and I may express to you that the identification of a beginning, a final or a continuing focus is one of the most obvious impressions that all of you offer to yourselves. You continue throughout the entirety of a focus with what you term to be an inner sense, an inner knowing, of your position, be you the designated final focus, be you the designated beginning focus, or a continuing focus. You all hold a very strong inner knowing of your position of focus of attention. I may inquire of you, [and] it matters not what you hold in influence of your beliefs. It matters not whether you align with beliefs of reincarnation, or whether you align with beliefs that you create merely one manifestation within this physical dimension. You know within yourselves what your designation is as an attention of essence, a focus of attention.

“Individuals may express that they hold the impression that they be a final focus for they are tired and they wish not to be continuing within this physical dimension. It matters not the explanation that you offer to yourself, you hold a knowing. Other individuals may hold no sense of that type of expression, and shall know they are a continuing focus. Other individuals hold a knowing of the newness of themselves as an essence focused within this dimension, and they shall recognize that they are a beginning focus.” [session 819, April 08, 2001]

ELIAS: “... all of your manifestations are simultaneous. Therefore, you are not engaging reincarnation. You are not re-manifesting again and again. This focus that you incorporate presently is unique to itself and may not be recreated, for it is uniquely your expression. The identification of a final focus or that which is interpreted as a continuing focus or a beginning focus are merely designations of position.

A beginning focus is that which occupies the position of initiating all of the manifestations within one dimension. They all occur simultaneously, regardless of your linear time frameworks.

“A final focus is also a designation of position, that focus which generates the signal to disengage all of the focuses within a particular physical dimension. It is not necessarily what you may term in linear time to be the last focus in time frameworks, for you incorporate future focuses of yourself. This matters not, for you are designated as a position, a signal, rather than a time framework.

“A continuing focus identifies themselves as not incorporating the role or the position of the signal of being the initiating focus or the disengaging focus.

“... There are certain qualities expressed objectively within a beginning focus or a final focus that are quite obvious in the perceptions of these individuals. There is a definite recognition of their designation. There is no question within these individuals, regardless of the beliefs that may be surrounding that identification. They may be interpreted in relation to reincarnation, in which the individual may express, ‘I am the last manifestation of myself.’ They may be expressed in the beliefs that the individual is the ONLY manifestation, and there is no continuation in this reality beyond this one expression. It may be interpreted in relation to what you view as atheism, that there shall be no continuation of consciousness beyond this physical manifestation.

“... Many individuals as a designated final focus create this type of association and create a strong motivation in that type of direction of their attention. Many individuals that are the designated final focus incorporate what they interpret as a fatigue with this physical expression, an anxiousness to be, in their interpretation, ‘moving beyond.’ Although, I shall with you – as I do with other individuals, although not quite as strongly with you – caution you in this type of creation or association, that in directing your attention in those manners, you also deny yourself the appreciation of what you are engaging now.” [session 854, June 17, 2001]

DON: “... I still find myself wondering what a final focus really is. I was, in particular, kind of fascinated to find that this concept of having an initiating and final focus, you said at one point, is common to all physical dimensions. Is that correct?”

ELIAS: “Yes. It is movement of attention.”

DON: “I beg your pardon?”

ELIAS: “It is a movement of attention. Therefore, the movement is initiated analogous to a type of spark, and it is also moved as a disengagement of the attention. I have expressed an analogy concerning the focuses of attention in association with any physical dimension, and the designation of a final focus and a beginning focus in relation to what you view or know to be as a sparkler within your physical dimension. One spark initiates the action of all of the sparks of the sparkler, and almost immediately all of the sparks stop. They all sparkle together, but one spark begins the action of the sparkling, and there is a moment in which all of the sparks stop together.

“In similar manner, an essence chooses many focuses of attention to be moved to a particular physical dimension. It designates a certain number of attentions that shall be incorporated within a particular physical dimension, dependent upon the blueprint and the type of physical dimension – for precise numbering of focuses in some dimensions is not necessarily expressed, in association with the type of manifestations or attentions that may be expressed in certain physical dimensions. Even within your physical dimension there is allowance for variance of total numbering of focuses of attention.” [session 1113, June 13, 2002]

BOBBI: “I have a question about final focuses. You’ve said that a final focus is a final focus in all physical dimensions, right? Or is it just this one?”

ELIAS: “THIS physical dimension.” [session 1168, October 27, 2002]

Elias “gems”

beginning (initiating) focus

ELIAS: “Within your initiating focus, you will not hold an awareness of your final focus. The feeling shall appear different. This also is a very creative action within physical focus, for you endow yourselves with feelings of each focus. Those focuses remanifesting, which are not initiating or final, know that they are continuing. The manifestation which is initiating feels new. It feels as if it is a blank slate. It holds no memory. A final manifestation may feel the feeling of the initiating manifestation, but also will feel its finality. It knows it is disengaging physical focus. It prepares for non-physical. Therefore, you always know where you are within your focuses. You are not such a mystery to yourselves!” (Grinning) [session 136, November 24, 1996]

ELIAS: Although I shall also offer to you that within a final manifestation, you may sometimes hold an awareness of initiating focus, for you are aware of all of your other focuses, for you are intersecting. This is dependent upon your desire and intent within your final manifestation. As your intent encompasses a desire to be accomplishing transition within physical focus, you allow yourself the intersection of all of your focuses, which you also allow more of an influencing and knowing of all of these focuses. Therefore, you may also feel the feeling of the initiating focus. It may bleed through and show itself. Therefore, you may become confused, expressing you are experiencing your first focus and your last focus; although you have no first or last! You have initiating and discontinuing, for there is no beginning or ending!” [session 136, November 24, 1996]

MARGOT: “Among many metaphysical thinkers, it is held that the reason babies are born with Down’s Syndrome is because they are taking their first manifestation on Earth, having their other dimensional focuses on other planets in our galaxy. Is there any truth in this, or is this another belief system?

ELIAS: (Laughing) This is a belief system! This implies to you, once again within the framework of your duplicity, that you do not hold the ability to be manifesting within this dimension adequately merely for the reason that you are manifesting newly, which also is a belief system, for all of your focuses are simultaneous. You only identify one as the first and one as the last, for that experience. They all occur at the same time. Therefore, how may you incorporate less ability to manifest efficiently within any dimension within the context of no experience? Therefore, you are unknowing of what you are creating, but within essence you are knowing of all that you create! You merely choose to be forgetting, within each individual focus within every dimension, for the purity of the experience; but as you choose to enter into a physical dimension, you project the focuses of essence simultaneously.

VICKI: Well, it kind of seems like one of the questions here is, what kind of action, or is there an action that we would experience commonly as being indicative of a first focus? We’ve talked a little bit about action that we may experience in a final focus.

ELIAS: Quite. Presently you may view, within the individuals that you draw yourselves to and are also drawn to you, that you may not be encountering many individuals objectively that may identify themselves as a first focus; for you draw individuals to you and are drawn to individuals which are manifesting within the intent of this shift, and also within the intent of transition, and may be choosing other experiences. This is not to say that there are not many individuals upon your planet that hold this experience. They identify equally to you in a knowing of what they term to be ‘new-ness.’ They feel within them that they hold little experience physically. They shall express that they believe they have not experienced your terminology of ‘past lives.’

Within any given time period, you may encounter many of these individuals who have chosen within essence to be manifesting into time periods which you perceive to be future. Therefore, within the acceptance of your creation of time frameworks this may be, in linear time frameworks, their ‘first.’ (Pause) You are understanding. This occurs within every time period. You think in linear terms, in successions of moments. Therefore you shall also, for your own purposes within essence, identify one focus in the framework of linear time as the first. The individual focus shall feel this and hold an inner knowing, the same as individuals that hold an inner knowing of final focus.” [session 191a, July 10, 1997]

NANCY: “Sometimes I feel so knowing, and approaching completeness. I’ve heard others talk about this being their last incarnation. How they know that, heaven only knows! I just wonder if you can give me any perspective as to ... you know, not that I want you to tell me I’m an advanced being. I already know that I am! I already know that, and I feel close. I just can’t quite seem to like drop the remainder of what’s in front of me, those veils. So if you can tell me anything about how far down the line that is, if this is my last incarnation? I’ll ask you directly, even though I’ve been skirting around that question!

ELIAS: You are the designation of the final focus. Let me express the explanation to you of this.

All focuses are simultaneous, and as I have expressed to other individuals in explanation, within the creation of focuses into any dimension, one is designated the beginning focus and one is designated as the final focus. This is the designation of the actions that these particular focuses initiate. It is not a designation of linear time. It is not an identification of one focus moving from focus to focus to focus to focus, over and over and over again. That is your perception within a linear time frame, but in actuality, within consciousness there is no linear time frame. All is simultaneous. Therefore, all of your focuses within all time periods are now. They are all occurring presently within dimensions inside of this dimension – time dimensions inside of this particular physical dimension – but they are all occurring now.

In this, one focus is designated as the beginning focus, for that is the initiating focus. Think to yourself of an atom, one singular atom, but in its movement it may be spontaneously exploding into many particles. The beginning focus is the initiating focus that splits all of the focuses simultaneously into action. It is the spurring focus, and the individual that occupies that particular focus shall hold a knowing within – regardless of their identification objectively of it – that they are new, that they are viewing a new, wondrous exploration of creation, and within their belief systems they shall feel within themselves that they have not manifest before, for this is the designation of the initiating of the explosion into a particular physical focus by this one focus, and its attachment to the belief systems which are in alignment with reincarnation. There is no reincarnation. They are all simultaneous.” [session 293, July 01, 1998]

ERIN: “Is it true that I have four focuses currently in this physical dimension?

ELIAS: In this time framework or total numbering of focuses?

ERIN: I’d like to know both.

ELIAS: In this time framework, you are correct – you incorporate four focuses of attention in this now. Total numbering of focuses in this dimension, 62, which would be the designation in your terms of what you term to be a new soul. (Chuckles)

And what is your impression concerning your designation in this focus in relation to beginning, final or continuing focus?

ERIN: Continuing ... or final... (Laughs)

ELIAS: Feel into yourself. Do you recognize the newness in this focus?

ERIN: (Laughing) Yeah, yeah.

ELIAS: You are a beginning focus, which we encounter quite few of in this forum, a designated beginning focus. Let me explain.

This is a designation of a role, so to speak, or an action. You are essence. Every essence incorporates countless attentions, and in this physical dimension each attention manifests in a physical expression. All of the focuses are simultaneous. In this, one is designated in the action of initiating all of the focuses to be manifest in that simultaneousness, and one is designated as the final focus, in which, as that final focus disengages from this physical dimension, all of the other attentions also disengage from the physical dimension. Therefore, you are the attention that is the spark of the sparkler. (Chuckles)

ERIN: Wow, okay! (Laughs and Elias chuckles)

The focuses that I’ve sparked, would one be Jacob and another be Rita – Jacob being a merchant sailor and Rita being a party girl?


ERIN: I think Jacob was sort of past, like 1029, or Roman...?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

ERIN: And he had a girlfriend.


ERIN: And Rita had a brother named Mitch.

ELIAS: Correct, Mitchell.

ERIN: My first question is, how come sometimes I feel a lot of activity in my energy centers, like my orange energy center in the past couple of days, and my red energy center when I’m around my brother? Generally I think I feel a lot of activity in my energy centers. (Pause)

ELIAS: First of all, I shall express to you that this is not unusual in relation to a beginning or initiating focus. Generally speaking, although once again it is not a rule, but generally, initiating focuses incorporate heightened sense awareness, inner and outer senses, and incorporate a heightened awareness of their physical manifestation. In this, in a manner of speaking, you generate a tremendous sensitivity to the projection of energy of these energy centers, of all of your energy centers, but you may focus your attention upon one or several of them within any time framework.

Now; in relation to this individual, your sibling, your sensitivity to the red energy center is a responsiveness to the energy that he projects. Your recognition of that energy is expressed in the sensitivity of this red energy center, and you draw the energy to yourself through that particular energy center to slow the energy and not overwhelm yourself. The red energy center may be manipulated quite efficiently to be slowing movement and energy to allow individuals a clearer movement and communication. This particular energy center facilitates clarity, for it slows energy and allows you, within your physical dimension in which you incorporate time, the opportunity to move more slowly in receiving and assimilating, to generate more of an expression of clarity.

Now; the reason that you are recognizing movement within the orange energy center is in association with the wave in consciousness addressing to sexuality. You are allowing yourself a sensitivity to this particular belief system of sexuality and this base element of your physical dimension. As it continues to be expressed in this wave and examined in all of its aspects of expressions, you continue to generate this sensitivity in association with that energy center.” [session 1113, June 13, 2002]

ERIN: “The second thing I wanted to ask you about was about the experience of being an initiating focus. I definitely connect with the enthusiasm of that and also the anxiety, which I think is a sort of fear of living, and what we were talking about last time, that heightened sensation. I definitely have those three experiences, I think.

I’ve had this dream, which I think is related to being an initiating focus, where I’ve been handed a script for a play at the last minute and I’m required to enter into the action of the play where there’s expectations that I deliver lines. I’m supposed to improvise because I haven’t had time to learn the script. But there’s an audience and there’s a plot to the play – which I don’t know about but which is there – so I have to know the lines to allow the play to move with respect to its plot. I interpret this dream to be a sort of situation that symbolizes how I feel as initiating focus.

ELIAS: Correct.

ERIN: I’d like to think that the way I can do that is by trusting myself to deliver a line. The more trust I have in myself, then I know that I will be able to deliver the correct line that allows the play to move.

ELIAS: Yes, but not necessarily what you express as the ‘correct’ line, but trusting yourself that whatever line or expression that you choose, it shall allow the play to continue. This is a matter of trusting your creativity and trusting that your choices are your choices, and regardless of which choice you engage, it shall initiate movement.

ERIN: What I wonder is, in this analogy of the spark of the sparkler, does this sparking of other focuses occur throughout the entire initiating lifetime? (1)

ELIAS: In a manner of speaking, yes, for it is all simultaneous. (25-second pause)

ERIN: Do you think that maybe you could explain that a little bit? I’m kind of confused about it.

ELIAS: You view your reality to move in sequences of time, which it realistically does as you continue to generate your reality in this physical dimension. But outside of this physical dimension, time may or may not be incorporated as an element of reality, and it may be incorporated in different manners.

But in association with consciousness and essence, which is consciousness, all of the focuses are occurring simultaneously and all of the experiences are occurring simultaneously. It is merely a matter of attention that generates the configuration of time and expresses this appearance that movement is occurring sequentially or in a linear fashion. Therefore, as all of the experiences are occurring simultaneously, all that you generate within your focus is occurring at the same time that the other experiences of yourself as essence are occurring.

Therefore the spark, so to speak, is continuous, and this generates a type of influence of your experiences within your individual focus of attention in similar manner to the expressions of an individual which may be a designated final focus. There is an underlying influence associated with that designation. This is the reason that individuals that are an initiating or a final focus incorporate a strong awareness of that designation throughout most of their focus.

Now; they may choose different manners in which they express that influence, but the influence is present, so to speak, for you generate a time framework and sequential events and a movement in linear fashion, which generates certain types of experiences. If you were to be removing the element of time, all of these experiences would be occurring simultaneously. Therefore, the expression of the initiating spark is continuous throughout the experience of the physical engagement.

Visualize your sparkler once again. In this, the initiating spark continues throughout the burning of the sparkler in harmony with all of the other sparks. It merely is the spark that ignites all of the other sparks, but it continues to burn simultaneously with the other sparks. Therefore, its experience continues to be that expression of the ignition, so to speak. (Pause)

ERIN: In my case, was I fragmented into this initiating focus in this dimension in this physical reality?


ERIN: Was I fragmented in a different physical reality?

ELIAS: No. The expression of fragmentation which generated your essence, so to speak, has been an action that has been incorporated in mergences of essences in nonphysical expression. What is the nature of your concern in relation to your experience associated with being an initiating focus?

ERIN: I’m just trying to understand how it affects my experiences, how this is one aspect of my experience. I’m just trying to understand it so that I know which aspect of myself it’s influencing, in a way of speaking.

ELIAS: I am understanding. Be remembering also that you incorporate choice in relation to this expression or this influence, for you may manipulate your energy in any manner in association with that influence. You are not locked into any particular expression.

In similar manner to a designated final focus, individuals generate a misunderstanding and move in association with creating absolutes in regard to these designations, expressing that there are certain qualities or certain expressions that shall be incorporated by every individual that may be a final focus or an initiating focus, and this is quite incorrect. It is the choice of the individual how they shall incorporate that influence and what they shall generate in their experiences.

ERIN: I think since I first heard about that, I have felt kind of childlike and inexperienced, but I recognize that all of the information of essence is within me. So the feeling I have is the way I want to incorporate choice, that I don’t necessarily have to feel childlike and inexperienced.

ELIAS: Correct, or you may choose to be incorporating that type of expression and allowing yourself that experience, but you are not locked to that type of expression. You do incorporate choice, and you may manipulate energy in relation to your experiences in any manner that you choose.” [session 1194, November 24, 2002]

continuing (remanifesting) focus

ELIAS: “This enters into a difficult area, for you continue to think in terms of reincarnation. Remanifestation is not reincarnation. They are entirely different elements, for there is no reincarnation. You also think in terms of sequence, which this also holds no relevance within non-physical terms.

Therefore, your questions lead to a direction of asking, (humorously) ‘If I die, I move to an area of confusion and chaos. I await a small time period within this confusion. Great masters and teachers approach me and express truths to me. Then I am knowledgeable, and choose to be born.’ No! You do not move in these terms. You are a new creation. You do not reincarnate!

... Now, in continuing with your question; [let’s say] you discontinue a physical focus. As Lawrence [Vicki] has inquired, even in this discontinuation of physical focus, there is significance in your action. Therefore, if you are choosing to expire as you sleep and you are choosing to be buried within your Earth, your choice within transition shall be different than your choice within transition had you chosen to be consumed, or to be consumed by fire, or to be vaporized by your atomic weapons, or to be poofing away! Your choice of disengagement of physical focus is quite influencing of your choice of transition. In this, you continue.

There are many choices that you may engage within the area of transition. If you are enamored with this cycle of physical manifestation, you may choose within this area of transition to fragment, and you may choose to focus the entirety of your essence within physical focus. Therefore, you shall be born again. If you choose, you may engage aspects of your consciousness that you may continue within physical focus, as other aspects move into other areas of consciousness. If you choose, you may disengage physical focus; at which point, as has been stated, it then is the choice of each individual focus to align or fragment, or other actions.

... As you think in terms of yourselves as individual entities, you think singularly. You think you move from one focus into another focus as you are, but you are more than you recognize. You view only a portion of yourself. You think in terms of your objective self, and you think that this is the entity that moves through consciousness into ‘places’ of areas of consciousness. (Humorously)

You move from your physical ‘plane,’ being the individual person that you are, into a non-physical transitional ‘plane,’ which naturally is a place, for you must occupy a place! And from this place of transitional plane, you move to a ‘higher’ plane of more encompassing knowledge, and possibly to a teaching master such as I! (Laughter) Very incorrect!

You are much more than what you objectively perceive. There are no planes. There are no levels. You do not move ‘higher and higher,’ moving into your ‘heavenly realm.’ You occupy your heavenly realm presently! You already are your highest expression! You only move into different manifestations of experiences.” [session 136, November 24, 1996]

JEN: “So probably being drawn to someone like Tim, whose essence name I can’t remember, seems to be helping open this awareness at this time. Hmm. It’s interesting.

ELIAS: And offers you the opportunity to view more aspects of the belief system of relationship also.

JEN: Quite so! I don’t know if you can answer this, but do you have a sense ... like I have a sense of myself, of this being my last focus. Is this true for him as well? (Pause)

ELIAS: Within essence, this choice has not been entirely created within this present now. It fluctuates between this particular focus and one other focus. Therefore, within probabilities there continues to lie what you may express as an opening for the choice of remanifestation, in your terms, or the acceptance of the designation of final focus.

JEN: Hmm. I thought we decided that very early on.

ELIAS: At times, but not necessarily. And as I have expressed previously many times, no choice, no probability is set in stone. They are ALWAYS changeable. There are no absolutes within choices within physical focuses. You may ALWAYS be altering of your choices within physical dimensions.” [session 308, August 21, 1998]

GRETA: “I have a granddaughter, an adopted granddaughter, that was born on the exact day at the exact time that my mother had passed. Now she’s thirteen years old, and she seems, in almost all of her physical attributes and in all of her normal daily habits, to be my mother!

ELIAS: Now; I shall express to you, in this type of situation, this does occur within your physical reality, and this lends energy to the belief that you hold in what you term to be reincarnation.

I express to you that an individual may disengage physical focus and may project, in choice, an aspect of that focus – or of themself – which shall choose to be manifest physically. It may exhibit in this new manifestation, figuratively speaking, for all manifestations are simultaneous....

... But in this type of action, the aspect of that individual which chooses to become manifest may hold many of the qualities of personality that the other aspect held within physical reality.

It is a different aspect, and therefore it is not a repeat, so to speak, or reincarnation of the other individual, but is another manifestation of that focus, another aspect of that same focus, and in this, you objectively may view many similarities in the expression outwardly, emotionally, intellectually, creatively, and even within mannerisms. (Smiling)

GRETA: Hmm. It’s sometimes frightening when you see it! (Laughing)

ELIAS: These individuals also may allow themselves many times to be recalling, within their individual memory, elements of the other focus, which also lends energy to the belief system of reincarnation, for these individuals may be offering information in conjunction with the other focus that YOU shall all hold in amazement and express, ‘How shall this individual know this of the other focus? But of course, they are the same individual!’ They are NOT the same individual, but they hold many of the same qualities, for they are an element of that focus.” [session 475, September 22, 1999]

ELIAS: “As essence, you are directing your attention – one of your attentions – to this particular focus, and you are participating in this focus. You do not allow yourselves the awareness of all of the other focuses which are occurring simultaneously.

This relates to your belief system of reincarnation, for within this belief system, you believe that you manifest, or that you are born, and you move through a particular focus and you die, and you are born again and you move through and you die, and you repeat and you repeat and you repeat.

What I am expressing to you is that in actuality, all of your focuses are occurring now. You do not manifest or create being born, and move through a focus and create death, and subsequently remanifest. They are all occurring now, for all of reality is occurring now.

The element of time in linear fashion is a creation that is relative to this particular physical dimension and has been quite purposefully inserted into this physical reality.

You have chosen to be creating a reality in which you shall slow your movement and your actions, that you may experience the fullness of all that you create physically, that you may view and examine and evaluate and experience and assimilate all of the wonders of which you create in this physical dimension.

Now; in this, essences choose different numbers, so to speak, of manifestations that they shall insert into any particular physical dimension. Each of you, as an essence, chooses how many times you shall focus your attention within this particular dimension, and this is entirely the choice of each essence.

As to remanifestation, I shall also express to you that there is an action that occurs in conjunction with your creation of linear time within this dimension. It is not in actuality a remanifestation.

Therefore, as you choose the moment that you shall disengage from this reality – or at that moment that you term to be death – you shall continue the you that you identify. The you that you know shall continue in nonphysical areas of consciousness, for you have already offered yourself the experience of this particular physical dimension, and as essence is focused in many, many different attentions within one physical dimension, it is unnecessary for any one focus to be re-entering into that physical dimension.

As you disengage this physical dimension, you shall move into another area of consciousness which we designate as Regional Area 3, which is the area of transition. In this area of consciousness, the action which occurs is the shedding of belief systems which are held in conjunction with this particular physical dimension, for they are unnecessary in nonphysical areas of consciousness.

You also shall disengage your objective awareness within this action of transition, for objective awareness is also a creation which is relative and useful within physical dimensions, but is unnecessary within nonphysical areas of consciousness.

Your objective awareness is all that you view physically – all that you think, all that you hold in emotion, all that you perceive physically. This is your objective awareness, which is unnecessary outside of a physical dimension. Therefore, this also is shed within the action of transition.

At that point, so to speak, once the belief systems have been shed and the objective awareness has been shed, you hold the choice of movement into any action and any area of consciousness, and you hold the choice to be creating any new action or area of consciousness for your exploration, for essences are continuously within a state of becoming, and in this state of becoming, there is a continuous action of exploration of consciousness and a continuous action of creation of consciousness. This is never-ending.

Now; in this choice to be continuing within any area of consciousness nonphysically, at times, that aspect of essence which has been identified as an individual focus may choose to be projecting an aspect of their consciousness into an element of physical focus within any physical dimension.

This is not to say that they are remanifesting. They are merely projecting an aspect of their consciousness into another area of physical reality to be experiencing that element of physical reality.

In this, individuals also create a belief system that they may be reincarnated into a creature. You do not remanifest as a creature. Creatures are not essence. They are a creation of you as essence.

Therefore, you hold the ability to project an aspect of yourself into the consciousness of a creature and to be creating a reality in conjunction with a creature, but you do not manifest as a creature, for this would be quite limiting to you within a physical dimension.

You allow yourselves much more freedoms of exploration in the manifestation of your species than is allowed, so to speak, in the creation of creatures within your physical dimension, for they are a creation of yours, in a manner of speaking.

In this, in agreement, as they are also consciousness, they have chosen to be creating their reality in conjunction with your design.

You have designed this physical dimension, and you orchestrate it, and therefore you also direct it, and in this direction, all that participates within it is consciousness, and is also in agreement with you to be creating itself in the manner that you are directing.

In a manner of speaking, you have created an enormous play within this physical dimension, and you are the directors, and all of your reality are the players – your atmosphere, your planets, your universe, your mountains, your oceans, your weather, your creatures, your plants – everything that is in existence within your physical dimension is a creation of you. You are the directors, and all of it is your players, and you orchestrate, individually and collectively, the movement and the dance of all of it.” [session 488, October 20, 1999]

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final (discontinuing) focus

ELIAS: “Many times, individuals may choose a complete removal of body energy from physical focus if choosing to be not remanifesting; although there are some situations where individuals may choose to remanifest, but for their own reasons within consciousness, connected with a particular physical focus, they may choose to be removing all aspects of their energy from this particular focus. This may also be a choice lending energy to non-remanifestation, in conjunction with the focus designated to be disengaging physical focus.

VICKI: You’ve referred to your final manifestation. How can you have a final manifestation within the concept of simultaneous time?

ELIAS: Very good, Lawrence [Vicki]. There is a designation. In the terms of final manifestation, I do not offer this term within your linear understanding. It is not meant in ‘the last,’ as others preceding this focus; for all of your focuses are occurring simultaneously. Therefore, there are no focuses preceding others; but within the whole of all of your focuses, one will designate as that focus which shall initiate the disengagement of physical focus. That focus shall be designated as your final focus.

VICKI: So would it be a result of the choice of experience in that focus? I’m not sure I understand.

ELIAS: Partially. The experiences engaged within that particular focus shall be engaged with the knowledge that this is the final manifestation. Therefore, the pool of probabilities shall differ from other pools of probabilities within other focuses. The desire is different, but it is a cooperation. It is not the individual focus which designates the action of final focus, but it is not predestined by essence either. There is no looming essence creating orders for your focus! Therefore, it is a cooperation and agreement which is designated by desire; just as within you, within this particular focus, you hold many aspects of yourselves that you recognize.”

You hold many abilities; you hold many desires. If you are choosing, you may hypothetically separate these into ‘little you’s.’ You may place all of these little you’s next to and side by side of each other, each holding its own desire, its own creativity, its own direction. Within this same concept, essence holds many aspects. Therefore, there is an individual desire of an aspect of essence to disengage physical focus. This aspect which manifests into a particular physical focus shall designate itself, in cooperation with essence and all other focuses, to be the final manifestation; just as one shall be designated as initiating.” [session 136, November 24, 1996]

ELIAS: “We have stated previously that as you remanifest, you hold belief systems; this being a basis for another belief system that you hold, within your ideas of reincarnation and karma. These belief systems are distorted, but they hold your idea of fact in that you do carry established belief systems within remanifestation. Therefore, within what you term to be a ‘final manifestation’ you engage the belief systems within transition of all focuses. Individuals engaging the action of transition within a final manifestation shall experience much more intensely and differently than individuals choosing to be experiencing transition and also choosing remanifestation, which you may do. Within a final focus, you engage the totality of your focuses. Therefore, if choosing the action of transition within this physical manifestation, you shall also be opening and allowing for bleed-throughs, these being of all of your other focuses. You may not connect with every focus, but you shall connect with many.” [session 158, March 16, 1997]

ELIAS: “As I have stated, it is not a rule that an individual shall be disengaging the body consciousness in this manner [cremation] within a final focus, although it is common. It is also common that an individual within a final focus may choose another method, so to speak, of swift disengagement of the body consciousness; the assimilation of the energy into transitional areas quickly. Allowing for the continuation of the body consciousness within the choice and ritual of burial allows a continuation of partial elements of the body consciousness within physical focus. Therefore, there is not an entire assimilation within transition temporarily.” [session 269, March 19, 1998]

ELIAS: “But you are designated as the final focus. In this, the action that is designated to you as the final focus is that at the point or moment that you choose to be disengaging of this particular focus – at your moment of what you term to be death, your disengagement – all other focuses within this dimension that are belonging to your essence shall also disengage, or they shall be creating of the opportunity to be fragmenting and continuing as their own essence. But all focuses that are connected to your essence and choose to be remaining as focuses of your essence shall all disengage also at the time period that you choose to be disengaging. This is the designation of the final focus.

The reason individuals hold the knowing that they are the final focus is that they hold a knowing within them that they are finished, and in some situations they may experience within the final focus a tiredness or an element of boredom. These are all translations of the knowing that they are the designated final focus. An impatience is experienced within that focus, a feeling at times of hurriedness, of wanting to be disengaging and moving on. These are all different aspects of feelings that may be experienced within a final focus.

Many, many individuals that shall draw themselves to this particular information and to myself are final focuses, for they are moving into the action of this shift in its final throes and they are exploring widening of awareness and they are exploring the action of transition within physical focus and preparing themselves for moving more quickly through the action of transition, shedding these belief systems and moving into other areas of consciousness for new exploration. Not all individuals that draw themselves to myself or this information are designated final focuses, but very many of them are, yourself included.” [session 293, July 01, 1998]

SALLY: I came from a very strict Catholic background, and I have expanded in my consciousness tremendously being on this path, but now I am bored, I am depressed, and I just don’t know where to go. And it seems as though not only am I lacking direction, and of course it all comes from within, but it’s like everything in my whole life has come to a head as well! I’m 17 years in my job and it’s about to come to an end, my oldest most beloved daughter is about to move next week, move out and leave me, and my mom was diagnosed recently with Alzheimer’s. It’s like, ‘Okay, maybe I don’t want to stay on this planet any more!’ That’s where I’m at, (Elias chuckles) and you mentioned that at the very first meeting that we were at. You said there are so many people that are in this boat that I am in right now that need direction, so I come to you and I ask you, can you help me?

ELIAS: Absolutely, and you may help yourself also!

SALLY: Yes, I knew you were going to say that!

ELIAS: Let me address to the situation, and also let me initially offer to you that you may be choosing to be interactive with Michael [Mary] also in many of these areas, for he holds these experiences also and may be offering helpfulness to you in sharing interaction with you and offering you the validation that other individuals experience these same aspects within physical focus.

As to your situation and your directions, once again we meet with another individual experiencing final focus. You are the designation of the final focus of essence. Therefore, as you choose to disengage this manifestation within this dimension, all other focuses within the manifestation of this dimension shall also disengage or shall choose to be fragmenting and creating of their own essence, but as I have expressed to other individuals, as a final focus there are many different feelings that may be experienced in conjunction with this designation as the final focus.

There are many elements involved in the manifestation of the final focus, for there are actions that you are choosing to incorporate, there are directions that you move into, and there are also quite natural feelings attached.

I shall express to you that it is quite common for individuals within a final focus to become discontented with this physical manifestation – tired of, anxious, impatient, a longing for a moving into non-physical areas, but also an insatiable thirst for information concerning physical focus and non-physical elements of consciousness.

Many individuals within this present time period, as designated as the final focus of essence, move in the direction of creating the action of transition while they are continuing within physical focus.

Now; let me express to you that it is not necessary to be a final focus to be choosing to be experiencing transition within physical focus, but within this time period and within the action of this shift, many final focuses are choosing to be entering the action of transition objectively and NOT creating of senility.” [session 294, July 01, 1998]

TOM: “When you spoke of final focus ... I used to feel that this was my final focus, but I’m not sure now. Would I be correct in saying this is not my final focus?

ELIAS: Let me express to you that although it is not necessarily common, it is possible for individuals within physical focus to be altering their choice of the designation of final focus or not final focus. For the most part, the individual focus which is designated as the final focus remains the final focus, but this is not to say that these probabilities may not be altered and that you may not choose to be remanifesting and altering of your probabilities.

In this, I shall express to you that you are correct that you have been designated as the final focus, but move into an area presently of consideration of the alteration of this choice and the consideration of remanifestation, that you may be manifest within this physical dimension futurely, that you may also offer yourself the participation in the completion of this shift of consciousness. This has not been chosen absolutely or entirely, but you have moved into the area of the consideration of the choice.

TOM: Okay, that was my impression. I was wondering about staying with this focus for 150 years or 100 years versus a new focus!

ELIAS: And you may be creating of this situation if you are so choosing. It is merely your belief systems that prevent you from actualizing this creation.

TOM: Yes, so acceptance would assist in that greatly.

ELIAS: Absolutely.” [session 297, July 14, 1998]

PAUL: “Elias, I have a question. When we last spoke, we talked about the fact that in this focus, I am a final focus. I have some follow-up questions about final focuses and so forth. My first question is, when the final focus dies, all other focuses have a choice to either fragment or similarly disengage or die. Are the other focuses limited to the present now of the final focus, or does that – within the context of simultaneous or no-time – include all of the focuses that are manifested in that particular time framework?

ELIAS: This would apply to all of the focuses that you hold within essence that are associated with this dimension.

PAUL: Okay, that works. Interesting. So it’s not just limited to the present now, but it’s all of the focuses.

ELIAS: Correct. This would encompass all future focuses, all past focuses, all present focuses. All of the manifestations that are occurring within this particular dimension shall create the choice to be also disengaging or to be fragmenting and creating of a new essence.

PAUL: So, I guess what I’m trying to understand is, from the no space/time perspective ... actually, this as a concept works quite well for me. It makes sense.

ELIAS: Correct, for it matters not that you do not incorporate time within what you term to be simultaneousness of time, for the final focus is merely the designation of one focus which holds an action that offers a direction and a communication to all of the other focuses within this particular dimension.

PAUL: Great. Thank you. In a similar vein, I’m wondering – in regard to the shift that we’re presently in the middle of – is there a greater concentration of final focuses that have manifest to help facilitate various aspects of this shift?

ELIAS: Not necessarily, although it may appear that there are very many final focuses presently. Be remembering that the designation of final focus is also the offering to all other focuses the choice to be fragmenting. Therefore, there is always, in your terms, the generation of new creation within essence in the action of this fragmentation, and it matters not the count, so to speak, of individuals that may be designated as final focuses.

But as to the specifics of your question – that there may be more final focuses within this particular time framework to be lending energy to the facilitation of this shift – no. This would not be necessarily an action that would be lending energy to the facilitation of this shift in consciousness.

In actuality, what may be identified as an action that lends energy to the facilitation of this shift presently is the incorporation of more essences participating in manifesting into this particular dimension presently.” [session 377, March 23, 1999]

JO: “I was wondering if part of our expectations of ourselves have to do with the fact that this is – well, I’ll speak for myself – that this is my final focus, because I’ve always felt like an alien my entire life. I was reading the wonderful information that you gave about final focuses, and I was wondering if this explains things for me, and if this newness that I feel, this strangeness, has to do with my feeling of the initiating manifestation, and I was wondering if it would be helpful to be aware of who this focus is, perhaps?

ELIAS: I may express to you that as the designated final focus or initiating focus, you do experience different qualities within those particular focuses than may be identified in other focuses.

Although I may also express to you that the initial focus experiences the physical manifestation and the exploration of this physical dimension in quite a different manner and type of expression than would you, as the designation of the final focus.

In this, you allow yourself in moments to be opening to other areas of consciousness, and not holding your attention entirely and intensely within merely this particular physical dimension.

As to your question of the helpfulness in the identification of the initiating focus, the experiences are quite diverse, and in this, it may not be offering you a tremendous expression of helpfulness in your understanding objectively of what you are creating or allowing within this focus.

Now; it may be more helpful to you to be understanding objectively more of the qualities and the expressions and the influences of this particular focus that you are experiencing in this attention, for as you are manifest within this time framework and you are participating within the action of this shift, this intensifies many of the feelings that you experience within this particular focus.

There are many factors which are incorporated within your experience in this focus that are quite influencing of why you feel, in a manner of speaking, what you feel in this focus.

As you allow yourself to be participating within this shift in consciousness, you are also automatically opening elements of your awareness. You are focusing your attention on actions that move in harmony to the movement of the shift. You are also allowing yourself more of an objective recognition and identification and knowing of self, which in this aspect of your experience may be quite affecting as the designated final focus, more so than final focuses which are designated within other time frameworks, not directly incorporating the action of this shift into their personal experience in that particular focus.

But as there is much movement into unfamiliar areas of your reality in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, it intensifies the experience of the designated final focus, and also at times, not always but at times, may be influencing in a manner to be distracting of your attention within this particular focus and even dimension, for you are incorporating the widening of awareness. You are also allowing yourself an element of openness merely in conjunction with the designation of final focus. You are also incorporating some elements of transition, which opens your awareness objectively, and you are familiarizing yourself with self, incorporating the being of remembrance. All of these factors are quite influencing of your experience and of your feelings within the particular focus of attention.

Now; in this, given that you are participating in this time framework in this shift in consciousness, [and] you have moved into your new millennium, which alters the action of this shift, for you have begun your insertion of this shift into your objective reality now, and the familiarizing of self with self, you are creating a different action than other focuses within other time frameworks.

Other designated final focuses which manifest within other time frameworks NOT incorporating the action of this shift in consciousness – or those which have already accomplished the full incorporation of this shift in consciousness – do not experience the same type of exploration of objective awareness, and therefore also do not experience the same confusion or conflict or challenges.” [session 574, March 02, 2000]

TODD: “Is this my final focus?

ELIAS: And your impression?

TODD: I would say yes.

ELIAS: And you are correct.

TODD: Is everybody who is living in this now moment, is this their final focus?


TODD: No... and when a person has a final focus, does that imply that the other focuses are going to rejoin and come together as one essence?

ELIAS: The final focus is a designation of a position. It is not designated in relation to your time framework. It is a signaling focus, just as a beginning focus is a signaling focus. It is a signal which is projected throughout the essence, of a choice that the essence is creating in that moment.

Now; therefore, as the individual that is designated as the final focus disengages, the signal is expressed throughout the essence.

Therefore, all of the manifestations present within the particular physical focus shall choose to be fragmenting and therefore creating a new essence – and may choose or may not choose to be continuing within this physical dimension and manifestations – or the other focuses of the essence shall also disengage.

Now; this subject, I am aware, has created much confusion for many individuals. For you may express, in your association with singularity and separation, that this denies choice of the other focuses. But be remembering, you are all of essence in this focus. All other focuses are present. They are all you; you are they. It is all one.

Once again, I may direct your attention to the example of your physical body. Your physical body is all one form, but it holds many different expressions and functions. There are many aspects of your physical body.

Now; as you choose to move from one room within your physical focus to another room, the entirety of your body moves to another room. You do not move to another room, and your foot remains in the other room, or your hand shall move to a different room, or your liver shall remain as it has been placed within a particular space. All of the aspects of your physical body move together as the choice is created to move to another room.

In the situation of the designation of the final focus, as the final focus chooses to disengage, it is creating a similar action. The essence has chosen to move to a different area of consciousness. Therefore, all of its focuses, all of its functions, participate in that movement.

As you continue to be remaining within one room, all of the aspects of your physical body continue to function in their particular manners. They continue to be moving their attention in their individual movements. Your lungs continue to function in their capacity, your kidneys continue to move in their particular function, and they all continue their movement in the space arrangement that you have chosen to occupy.

In similar manner, as essence is occupied in a particular physical dimension, it creates many different functions and attentions within that dimension, and as it chooses to move to a different area of consciousness, all of those functions move with it.” [session 717, October 26, 2000]

GEORGE: “Can I ask how many previous physical focuses I’ve had? I assume it’s a lot.

ELIAS: You are inquiring as to total numbering of focuses in this physical dimension?

GEORGE: Yes. (Pause)

ELIAS: Numbering of focuses, 3001.

GEORGE: Great; understand. Now, I was going to ask how many future focuses because I’ve heard that discussed in other scripts, but in our first meeting you agreed that I’m in a final focus, and I talked about resolving the word ‘physical,’ in other words, resolving the mistake of our five senses. So from that point of view, if a human being gets to the point where they resolve the physical illusions and they get into a final focus, then the idea of the concept of future physical focuses would become moot. There wouldn’t be any future physical focuses as such.

ELIAS: Not necessarily, my friend, for in actuality, as you may be aware, all of your focuses are simultaneous and the designation of the final focus is not associated with linear time framework. It is what may be deemed as a position, not necessarily final focus in relation to sequence in association with time.

The designation of the final focus is a position of action. This is the focus that, in a manner of speaking, determines the disengagement of the essence attention in the particular physical dimension. Therefore, as a final focus you are the designated focus that chooses the disengagement of attention of the essence in this physical dimension, but this is not in relation to time.” [session 914, October 01, 2001]

SHAHMA: “... One of the main things that has, in this focus, continuously, partly, caused me anguish is wondering what I’m doing here. When I was 14 I suicided, and it was very deliberate. It wasn’t like the cry for help or anything, it was definite: ‘Ok, I’m outta here. I’m just gonna...’ And of course, my mistake was thinking that I was just going to cop out and take a long nap. (Laughs) But that was a long time ago, that was when I was 14, and the doctors all said, ‘You had enough to kill 10 people, and normally you shouldn’t even be here!’ And I was very pissed off when I discovered that I was still here.

Ever since then it’s like this continuing quest of ‘what am I doing here?’ I’m not exactly sure what my intent is. Lately I’ve had these experiences of oneness, of not being separate with things. I’ve been wanting more of those experiences and... I guess I’m getting myself confused here. (Elias laughs) But I’m still having this ‘what am I doing here?’

I have these incredibly inward passionate experiences and these experiences of not being separate from people and this kind of blending feeling. But I’m not sure how that all applies and how it applies to the fact that I’m aligned with Vold and...

ELIAS: I am understanding.

SHAHMA: I am SURE you are! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ha ha ha! And shall I offer you an explanation?


ELIAS: Now; recognize that this explanation applies to you individually and is not associated with final focuses in general. But in association with you individually in this focus, you have quite intentionally, in your terms, failed your attempt to be disengaging, to offer you your opportunity to continue within physical focus to be allowing yourself to move your awareness in an objective manner, which is expressed, in a manner of speaking, more slowly, therefore offering yourself a clarity in your movement rather than engaging this action of disengagement and thrusting yourself into an expression of transition in simultaneousness.

Now; the purpose of this action was to allow yourself an inner recognition that the action of disengaging intentionally in those types of situations in relation to suicide does not generate the type of expression that you expect, for in these types of choices, generally speaking the only action that you incorporate that may appear to be different than what you are generating within your physical focus is that you shall move into a nonphysical expression of it. But even that may not necessarily appear to you and be recognized by you immediately, for you shall continue to generate an objective awareness. This aspect of transition – which in actuality it is an aspect of transition – merely continues to generate the same appearance of reality as you generate within your physical focus. Therefore, as I have expressed previously, you may move to another area of consciousness, but you are bringing you with you. (Shahma laughs)

Therefore, as you bring you with you, you continue to generate what is familiar to you, and what is familiar is the appearance of your physical dimension and your physical reality which is generated all by your perception, and your perception is a function of your objective awareness. As you continue to incorporate your objective awareness, even nonphysically in these situations, you continue to generate a perception which creates a physical reality which appears to you to be just as solid as that which you engage now, temporarily. Eventually you do recognize that you are not actually interacting with other individual’s energy expressions, you are merely interactive with your own, and you shall eventually notice inconsistencies in the physical reality that you are creating, that it shall not entirely match the actual physical reality which you have disengaged from.

But the point is to be allowing yourself an appreciation of you as essence in a physical manifestation in this physical dimension and therefore to generate an ease in movement into transition in nonphysical areas of consciousness. If you do not know how to direct yourself now, what is there that suggests to you that you shall automatically know how you shall direct yourself in nonphysical areas of consciousness? You shall not miraculously incorporate this wondrous remembrance merely in creating the act of disengagement.

This physical dimension is merely another avenue in which essences as consciousness choose to be exploring themselves. For, this is the continuous action of consciousness in itself, to be continuously folding in upon itself and exploring every avenue that it may create, every expansion that it may generate. This particular physical dimension is highly complex and offers you a tremendous diversity in exploration in countless manners. Therefore, it is an immense playground!

In this, as a final focus, in your individual exploration in this focus, you have offered yourself an inner knowing of the importance of exploring self to the point that you genuinely express an appreciation of all that you create and of all of yourself, prior to your choice of disengagement. As you disengage, other focuses of your essence disengage also, for as the final focus you incorporate a position that expresses a choice of essence, not merely the choice of the individual attention. But as all of essence, the choice to be disengaging is a choice to disengage interaction and participation in this physical dimension entirely as essence, that all of your attentions shall be removed.

SHAHMA: So all of the focuses?

ELIAS: Correct. Therefore in recognizing inwardly this action, your choice of your exploration to be beneficial to yourself as essence, incorporating ALL of these focuses, has been to continue exploring you to discover the genuine appreciation of self, which ripples within the consciousness of your essence and is affecting of all other focuses and therefore offers energy to all of your other focuses in their expression of transition.

Therefore, why are you here? You are here to be exploring, to be folding in upon yourself and generating a genuine knowing of self and appreciation of self, which offers energy to all of your focuses as an ease into nonphysical transitions.

SHAHMA: I’ve always had the feeling ever since I was 14 and I realized that I was still here – after I got over being pissed off – it occurred to me that I can’t really just cop out, so to speak, and I need to be understanding myself while I’m here. I need to be getting through things; I need to be working on my beliefs. It’s actually, in some ways, well, in all ways I guess, it’s been a very important aspect of who I’ve been in this focus, but also I’ve had a lot of struggle with it. I know this has to do with my beliefs, but I have this tendency to feel like I need to be improving myself all the time, that I need to be more compassionate and more... (Laughs) You know, I want to be this great awake compassionate being! Part of me knows that I already am, and yet I have this intense, this real intense energy. It’s like I’m always going for truth.

ELIAS: I am understanding. And the manner in which you accomplish this is to be generating this familiarity with self and an intimacy with self. For in generating that intimacy with yourself, in friendship with yourself, you automatically outwardly express this.” [session 1024, March 04, 2002]

PAUL: “Just a couple things here. The chart that I showed to Mary, I just wanted to get your feedback that it was not a distortion in terms of the multiple focuses. (2) I attempted to show a beginning, continuing – or initiating, continuing, final focus, even observing focuses, where the initiating focus is in terms of linear time, it’s like number seven, and the final focus is like number five, so it shows that they’re non-linear.

ELIAS: (Nods) Correct.

PAUL: And it also shows then the nine – from my focus of attention, physically manifest focus of attention – there are nine forms of time, in a general way, in a very general way, and how they relate then to each of the other focuses. Is that, was that somewhat accurate how I mapped that?

ELIAS: (Takes another deep breath) Identify nine forms of time.

PAUL: Okay. We take past, present, future (Elias nods throughout), and just matrix it into past-past, past-present, past-future; present-past, present-present, present-future; future-past, future-present, future-future. Each one being a valid perspective from my now.

ELIAS: Yes. Yes. (3)

PAUL: So each focus personality….

ELIAS: In your now. Yes.

PAUL: This now can access those nine perspectives.


PAUL: Or does access those nine perspectives in different ways, even though there’s a tendency to stay in the present-present and present-past and present-future.

ELIAS: (Nods) Correct.

PAUL: So there’s six past ones and future ones. (Elias nods throughout) Are there, and perhaps in altered focus or other ways, they are clearly accessible to us.


PAUL: Okay. Hmm. Wow. That does it on that chart.” [session 1357, May 29, 2003]


(1) Bobbi’s note: the “spark of the sparkler” analogy, from session 1113, June 13, 2002:

ELIAS: ...I have expressed an analogy concerning the focuses of attention in association with any physical dimension, and the designation of a final focus and a beginning focus in relation to what you view or know to be as a sparkler within your physical dimension. One spark initiates the action of all of the sparks of the sparkler, and almost immediately all of the sparks stop. They all sparkle together, but one spark begins the action of the sparkling, and there is a moment in which all of the sparks stop together.

(2) Paul’s note: I created a 2’ x 3’ “map” that visualized a group of Elias’ concepts including primary and observing essences, and beginning-continuing-final focuses. It also included several concepts from Seth/Jane Roberts such as the nine forms of time from The Education of Oversoul Seven (1973,1995), counterparts, probable selves, and Frameworks of Consciousness. I brought this with me to the session, and briefly reviewed it with Mary so that Elias would have a physical frame of reference for our discussion.

These are photos of the actual map, taken with our cat, Rumi.

Integral Conscious Creation Maps

For an updated version see Integral Conscious Creation Maps (Holonic Personality).

(I use the term holonic personality to describe these multidimensional structures within the psyche [essence] discussed by Seth, Elias, Ken Wilber, and other perennial wisdom traditions. For more info on holons and holarchy see session 1357, May 29, 2003, endnote 4.)

(3) Paul’s note: here’s a summary of the nine forms of time from The Education of Oversoul Seven by Jane Roberts (1973,1995).

PAST/past PAST/present PAST/future
PRESENT/past PRESENT/present PRESENT/future
FUTURE/past FUTURE/present FUTURE/future

These nine primary time dimensions are available to every aspect of holonic personality, with the PRESENT/present forming a main focal point. For example, if we imagine a hundred focuses, there are actually nine hundred nested time dimensions within that holonic cluster that are relative to each other. For example, my PRESENT/present is the PAST/present of what I would consider a future focus. To that focus, I am considered a past focus. All are happening within the Now.

In practical terms, this means that we – our brain/minds – are actually “time machines” and hold the ability to “travel” into different time dimensions. In fact we do it every day – every time we daydream, sleep dream, or engage altered states. So the above is only a snapshot meant to ballpark us to the fact that there is much more available to our perception than the PRESENT/present.

“Oh great!” you say? “I’m just getting used to Seth, Elias, and others who talk about the importance of ‘being in the Now’.” “Does this mean that they’re wrong?”

No. When do you think we access these other time dimensions? From within the Now. The PRESENT/present is simply the nexus point in relation to all the others in Framework 1 terms. This is why it’s so important to learn to hold our attention “in the Now” because with practice we open to more and more holonic aspects of the Now.

Also, these time dimensions form fundamental holonic boundaries, veils of separation, and focuses of attention created/co-created by the psyche (essence). This relates to what Elias means when he talks about “no separation” within consciousness. For even though we wake up each day in our PRESENT/present Framework 1, we also hold the ability to access, merge, and communicate with every aspect self within these nested simultaneous time dimensions of Framework 1.

The nine forms of time may help better explain paranormal phenomenon like reincarnational memories (which may be more aptly called “other focus bleedthrough”), déjà vu, inspiration, invention, channeling, lucid dreaming, alien encounters, etc.

For an updated version see Integral Conscious Creation Maps (Holonic Personality).

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