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Saturday, January 26, 2002

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ďThe Answer to Uncertainty and Confusion: Turn Your Attention to YouĒ

ďThe Denial of Choice Is QUITE SignificantĒ

ďWhat Is My Purpose?Ē

ďA Method for RelaxingĒ

Participants: Mary (Michael), Gregoria (Angelina), Isabel (Larkshire), Letty (Castille), Marcos (Marta), Stella (Cindel), Terry, Virginia.

Elias arrives at 2:40 PM. (Arrival time is 37 seconds.)

ELIAS: Good afternoon!

GROUP: Hi, Elias!

ELIAS: Welcome to you all!

MARCOS: And to you.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) And we meet again, my friend.

MARCOS: Yes, yes. Iím very glad to be here.

ELIAS: And how shall we proceed?

LETTY: Questions?

MARCOS: Want to do questions and then...?

LETTY: Okay Terry, this is your chance! (Elias laughs)

TERRY: Oh! Gonna make the new one go first! (Laughs)

Well, Elias, a lot of things have been happening in my life, a lot of uncertainty, and thatís sort of why Iím here. I just wanted to understand a little bit about what my opportunities are. I have my own business; I want to know whether my business will continue to be successful. I have aspirations for a baby. Then I have a husband that Iím just getting divorced from but I still love very much, and I want to know what my connection with him is. A lot of questions! (Laughter)

MARCOS: Good start! Great start!

ELIAS: Very well, express to myself the nature of your concern in relation to your confusion.

TERRY: I think itís not so much confusion as it is uncertainty about all of those things.

ELIAS: Uncertainty is incorporated in moments in which you are not listening to yourself. Uncertainty and clarity may be easily identified and altered merely in the action of paying attention to you and what you are generating Ė not what you are thinking but what you are actually generating, what you are doing. In this, individuals are quite unfamiliar with turning their attention to other aspects of themselves other than the thinking mechanism of themselves.

Now; this is not to say that you may not pay attention to what you are thinking, for thinking is a mechanism that is continuously moving and generating whether you are paying attention to it or not. Therefore, it is not a matter of disengaging your thought processes but allowing yourself to move your attention to other movements of yourself, communications and choices.

Now; in relation to your business, the manner in which you generate clarity as to what you are creating, what you are generating, is to be paying attention to your communications to yourself. You communicate to yourself through impressions, through impulses. Emotion is a very clear communication that individuals offer to themselves.

As I have expressed many times and shall continue to clarify, emotion is not a reaction. Emotion is NEVER a reaction. It is always a communication from your subjective awareness to your objective awareness. Therefore, in not merely paying attention to the signal or the feeling but allowing yourself to recognize what the communication is in emotion, you may more clearly identify the direction in which you are moving.

Paying attention in the now to what you are choosing is quite significant and offers you a tremendous expression of information.

Now; individuals may identify what they are doing, but this is not to say that you recognize that what you are doing you are also choosing. You may express to yourself, ďI recognize I am doing this action, but I am not choosing this action. I am merely doing it. I am creating but I am not choosing this creation.Ē Any action that you generate you have chosen. It is a choice. Choice is not always comfortable, but it is always beneficial.

As to movement concerning incorporating a new focus, what you term to be a child, this is a choice in agreement with another essence. I am aware that objectively you are unaware of the moment in which you generate these types of choices, although you do incorporate the ability to be aware objectively. If you are paying attention to self and listening to self, you may recognize the moment in which you generate that agreement. There are individuals of the female gender that may express to you that they have held an awareness of the moment of what you term to be conception. This is the moment of generating the agreement which translates into physical manifestation. This is not to say that the entering focus may choose to manifest or not, but there is an objective awareness in which you recognize the moment of the agreement, in like manner to the recognition objectively of the moment in which you choose to disengage. There is an objective awareness, and it is a choice.

In this I may express to you, for the most part there are focuses that are available to be manifesting within your physical dimension and in your terms Ė although this is figuratively speaking Ė [are] awaiting the choice. And in this, there are several focuses of essences that may be choosing prospective individuals that are already manifest within your physical dimension, assessing genetics and heritage and beliefs and associations and the structure, so to speak, of the family or lack of family that they choose to be manifest in conjunction with, and in this situation there are also several focuses of essences that generate probabilities to be creating that action of manifestation. The choice is yours to facilitate that action.

As I have stated previously, the choice of all else in manifestation is that of the manifesting focus; but the choice to facilitate that manifestation is of the focuses that are already manifest within your physical dimension. In actuality, this is the only choice that is required of you in participation, that you agree to be facilitating the manifestation. This is the one choice that is not the choice of the entering focus, so to speak. It may be their agreement, but without your agreement there is no entering focus to be manifest.

Therefore, as to the choice of incorporating a child, once again look to yourself and to the influence of your beliefs. You may choose this action in many manners, but it is your choice Ė but I am aware that you also incorporate beliefs concerning this action of parenting and how you shall incorporate a child, so to speak, and the responsibility that you view within your beliefs concerning this relationship of parent and child.

As to the situation of partnership and dissolving that partnership, so to speak, this also is a choice but one that you may offer yourself much information within. For if you are allowing yourself to genuinely pay attention and evaluate the situation and what you have generated in this choice, this is not an action that is occurring to you. It is a choice that you have engaged. It matters not that your assessment is that you love this individual. In actuality, I may express to you what you experience is attraction and affection. Love is a different expression.

Love is a truth, and the translation within your physical dimension of love is not attraction. It is that of knowing and appreciation, genuine appreciation, which appreciation is expressed in acceptance. In this, the knowing is also significant, actual knowing of yourself and knowing of another individual and expressing an acceptance which generates an appreciation. This is the genuine expression of love.

This is not to discount your feelings and your expression in relation to another individual, for you do express affection and attraction, but there are also other expressions which are generated in association with beliefs: expectations upon yourself, expectations concerning the other individual, expectations concerning relationships and how they should be generated and expressed, how you should be expressing within a relationship, and also underlyingly what you genuinely desire in your own expression, without expectations and without anticipation of the other individualís perception or what they generate, but genuinely focusing upon yourself and allowing yourself to express your genuine offering of energy and not denying that expression within yourself.

A genuine expression of love between individuals objectively is the expression of allowance of yourself to generate what you want without restriction Ė without the restriction of what may or may not be perceived by the other individual, which generates blocks within you in the anticipation of the other individualís perception, and therefore, in doubt of yourself or fear of the other individualís expression and [in] not turning your attention to you and offering yourself permission to generate what you genuinely want, your attention projects outwardly to the other individual. You discontinue paying attention to you, and you create this circle of expectation and anticipation and conditions and comparisons which is responded to within the other individual.

For whether you verbally express or not, you all recognize energy. You are quite efficient at identifying energy immediately. Therefore even without verbal communication you associate with each otherís energy and you know what you are generating and what another individual is generating, and you respond to these energy exchanges regardless of what you objectively communicate.

Therefore in the moments that you restrict yourself, the other individual recognizes this energy and responds. The other individual may not express an identification in thought but shall automatically respond, for the manner in which you exchange is you project energy and the other individual allows the penetration of that energy or does not. If they allow the penetration of that energy, it is accepted and configured quite similar to the expression in which you project it, for the most part. If it is not allowed to penetrate, it is reconfigured entirely and the other individual configures that energy in a manner in which they choose.

And you generate the same action. Other individuals project energy to you. You either allow that energy to penetrate your energy field and you shall express it outwardly through your perception in an actual physical manifestation which is quite similar to the projection of energy which has been received, or you shall choose to buffer and not allow the penetration of energy, in which situation you shall reconfigure that energy in the manner in which you choose, which may be quite different from the projection of the other individual.

Now; the key is that what you view in physical manifestation, another actual physical-matter individual, is YOUR perception. YOU create that. What you interact with is energy, not physical manifestation. The physical manifestation is your projection of your perception. Therefore, you may configure that in any manner you choose regardless of the energy which has been projected, and generally the manner in which you all configure the energy and project it through your perception is in a manner that shall reflect you, not necessarily the other individual. This is the manner Ė which I may say to you is HIGHLY efficient in this physical dimension Ė in which you allow yourselves to view yourselves in a continuous reflection through your perception of other individuals.

Therefore in relation to all of your questions, I say to you turn your attention to you. Allow yourself, not in general terms but quite specifically, to pay attention to what you are generating, pay attention to the beliefs that you express. Allow yourself to recognize these beliefs, not to attempt to eliminate them, not to attempt to change them Ė for this is ludicrous, you may not change them Ė but merely to recognize them, and once recognizing them also recognize that you incorporate choice. You may choose to express them or not.

In this, allow yourself to pay attention to what you are DOING, and as you recognize what you are doing in each moment also express to yourself, ďI am choosing this. Therefore if I am choosing what I am doing, what is the influence in relation to what I am choosing? What am I expressing within myself that is validating or denying within myself that generates these choices?Ē and this shall offer you much more clarity in your movement and allow yourself the freedom to choose what you want and to implement that.

But the key is the choosing. For you may confuse yourself in merely paying attention to your thinking, for your thinking is not always accurate and may incorporate distortion or may move in black and white expressions. I may express to you, my friend, quite genuinely, any scenario that you may generate or that you may encounter has many more choices than either/or.

TERRY: (Softly) Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

LETTY: Hi, Elias. Itís nice to see you again.

ELIAS: And you also.

LETTY: Now, since Iím going to be speaking to you privately soon, I want to ask about Isabel. She has a couple of questions for me to ask you relating to her health. She seems to be expressing much stomach problems, and also expressing on and off but continuously colds, just colds.

ELIAS: As to the creation of what you identify as stomach problems, you may express to her to pay attention to emotional communications, for she is generating this physical manifestation in relation to the yellow energy center and this is directly associated with emotional communications that she is not paying attention to.

As to the expression of colds (chuckles), this is a manipulation of energy that she is incorporating for several reasons: one to be generating attention, one to NOT be generating attention. For she is incorporating this action to be generating attention in a nurturing manner, but is also generating this manifestation to be isolating and NOT generating attention. Therefore she is creating two conflicting expressions simultaneously, the want of a nurturing expression but not necessarily from other individuals, therefore also the expression of NOT wanting the attention of other individuals but wishing to be alone.

LETTY: Wow, thatís confusing! Can I ask you one quick question? Because Iím trying to think as her, is there a specific emotion that she should be paying attention to when she works on her energy center?

ELIAS: Not necessarily, although many times this is generated in relation to interaction with other individuals, but the emotional communication may not necessarily be the same.

LETTY: Thank you very much, Elias.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

MARCOS: Iím next! (Group laughter)


MARCOS: So donít look anywhere else!

ELIAS: Ah! Very well!

MARCOS: It is SO wonderful to be here! And I have to say that as I look around and you look around, I remembered something you once told me about trusting and relaxing and drawing to me those things which I would cherish. As you look around this room today, would you not say that Iíve created perfectly?

ELIAS: Ah, Marta! Quite excellent!

MARCOS: Thank you for that validation. (Elias laughs loudly)

I actually have one other question from the not-so-little-one and one from myself. She had a TFE, a trans-focal experience, recently, where she saw herself as a man amongst ruins, old sandals, and what I would characterize as in a poor location. She asked today if I would ask you for some more information about that experience.

ELIAS: And as she is aware, this is another focus that she incorporates in this physical dimension. If she is so choosing, she may be further investigating of this individual, which is her, within a time framework what you may identify as first century BC and approximately within the physical location of what you now identify as Damascus. In this, as there has been incorporation of battle of Roman soldiers, there are manifestations of what you term to be ruins, so to speak. The individual I confirm is male, not of tremendous age, in your terms not much older than herself now, and this individual incorporates quite color in inventiveness and resourcefulness in how he incorporates his choices in his existence, so to speak. (Chuckles)

STELLA: Is the name Elliott? Is his name Elliott?


LETTY: Is he a thief?

ELIAS: At times.

MARCOS: Thank you. I will tell her.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome.

MARCOS: My question is actually ... I feel very good about what Iíve been doing, creating, the last few months since we last spoke, and as always I have to thank you because you have been a great friend, a playful friend, a steady friend...

ELIAS: As always.

MARCOS: always. (Elias chuckles) I just feel very good about what Iím doing, yet at times I find myself very angry and rather frustrated. It used to be almost in a continuing fashion. Now itís not so often but itís there, yet itís still there in a very strong fashion. What can you tell me about that? I realize many times itís the lack of choice which you have spoken about...

ELIAS: Quite.

MARCOS: ...and I know it, but is there anything else?

ELIAS: This is quite significant, my friend. I may express to you, denying your choices and expressing a lack of trust in relation to your choices and your abilities is quite significant, for this is woeful to your essence.

MARCOS: I understand. I realize that, yes.

ELIAS: And therefore I may express to you, it may appear or seem objectively to you that this is an insignificant expression, that choice is merely choice and it matters not; but the denial of choice is QUITE significant and generates TREMENDOUS conflict and also may create much frustration.

I may express to you quite literally, the expression of the signal of anger is the feeling that is incorporated in the emotion which is communicating to you that you are denying ALL of your choices in that moment. You are not viewing any of your choices. Frustration is an expression in which you recognize that you incorporate choice but you are not quite sure objectively of which manner to maneuver your energy to generate choice.

Anger is an extreme of frustration in which you move your association from the knowing that you do incorporate choice to an expression in which you view you no longer incorporate any choice and your attention AUTOMATICALLY projects outward and you become victim, for your attention thusly is projected outward to situations or scenarios or other individuals, and as I have stated, even objects, in which your association is expressing to you that this expression outside of you is generating choice for you and you no longer incorporate choice, or that it is dictating to you and you no longer incorporate choice. And this is quite significant. For as you are aware, I have expressed previously, worry and guilt may be the two expressions that almost are a waste of energy Ė for there is no waste of energy Ė but the lack of choice, the lack of your allowance of choice and denying choice to yourself, is so very contrary to the movement in natural flow of essence and of consciousness that this be the one expression that shall cause essence to weep...

MARCOS: I hear you. But I pick that up, when that happens. I do.

ELIAS: ...and this is what generates anger. Therefore, in the moments in which you are experiencing that signal, recognize that the message that you are offering to yourself in that signal is that you are denying your choices and you are expressing to yourself that you incorporate no choice. Therefore offer yourself choice, and the signal shall dissipate and disappear.

MARCOS: Great. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend.

We shall incorporate a break, as I am aware of Michaelís wavering presently, and we shall continue momentarily.

RESUME 4:44 PM. (Arrival time is 29 seconds.)

ELIAS: Continuing!

ISABEL: Hi, Elias. Well, I think I have a few questions, but now Iím going to go only for the dream that I had.

ELIAS: Very well.

ISABEL: As you know, Iím baby-sitting for my two dogs, so my dream is that Iím going to bed to sleep. I always take my dogs with me, they donít follow me, I take them and they go to sleep next to me, and Iím trying to fall asleep when I hear voices in my room. So I look to see who is in my room, I turn around and I see my dogs are talking, the two dogs talking. I just am amazed to see the two dogs talking, so I just keep looking at their mouths and how theyíre moving their mouths, talking. One was telling something to the little dog; in my dream I knew what they were asking and I heard the answer from the other dog. But when I woke up, I tried to remember what the conversation between my two dogs was about and I could not remember. Anyway, in my dream I continue and I was amazed to see them talking. So I said, ďThatís enough of this.Ē

But then suddenly I got like an anxiety attack in my dream and I started getting very upset for whatever reason, I donít know from what, and suddenly I saw this person Ė who is always the same person, I never see his face Ė but he walked into my room and sat down on my bed and he told me, ďDonít worry about it. Why worry about it? Itís nothing, calm down. Donít worry about anything.Ē And then, but I donít know why, I want to scream. I was trying to scream, I heard myself trying to scream, I heard the voice trying to get out of my throat, and I couldnít.

I knew I was awake because thatís when I heard my own voice, and I couldnít open my eyes. So I said, ďI have to stop this. I know itís okay. Itís okay,Ē and I turned to the other side and said, ďI have to calm myself down.Ē I saw my big dog going around my bed, going towards the door, so I said, ďNow I have to get up,Ē and I was kind of nervous, now I have to get up and take the dog out, the dog needs to go out. So then I sat on the bed, I could not tell if I was with my eyes closed or open, and there is my dog next to me, not the other dog going out. Finally I was able to open my eyes and I said, ďIím not going to have any more of this dream,Ē because my heart was beating so hard and I was so scared. I couldnít find a reason why to be so scared from this dream. So I said, ďIím not going to sleep any more. Iím going to try to stay awake until I calm down.Ē In two minutes, in one minute after I said that, I was already asleep.

And there it goes again Ė I am in an open field, but this is with another dog. I am with a golden retriever. The dog is coming to me and I am standing in the middle of this beautiful place, and I see that something is coming down, like a little ball. I try to catch the ball because if it hits the dirt itís going to break. So Iím trying to catch it, but I missed it and it broke, and it was all blue dust, very beautiful blue dust. When I bend down to see what else was there, if my dog is there, the other dog, the golden retriever, his face and especially his nose was all blue. Iím trying to clean it up, the blue off his nose. I always like to look eye-to-eye to my animals; I try to make contact with my eyes with their eyes. I keep looking in the eyes, and I said, ďI hope itís not going to get infected or anything,Ē but I keep just looking in the eyes and I always feel itís somebody, somebody is behind those eyes. And I woke up.

I know what youíre going to ask me, if I figured it out! Iíve been thinking for two months of this dream, and I always have it in my mind because I donít want to forget. Iím trying to figure it out, what the dream is all about, and I cannot get an answer.

The only thing that I know is that I know I love animals, so itís a good message or a good feeling about them, that I donít worry about anything. But I would like to know really what the meaning was and why I forgot what the two dogs were talking about. They were talking about me, because I see how well they know me, but I cannot remember what the conversation was about. They were having a long conversation, those two dogs.

ELIAS: And I may express to you, my friend, it matters not what the conversation was concerning. You have presented yourself with specific imagery, and in this imagery you present yourself with manifestations that you trust and that you incorporate affection for, but you concern yourself with what is being expressed concerning you.

This concerns perception. It is imagery that you offer to yourself in explanation of your associations with perception concerning what you trust and what you incorporate affection for Ė not the dogs, but concerning individuals that you incorporate affection for and that you value their opinions. Therefore, you concern yourself with the perceptions of other individuals as a measure of your worth.

You also present yourself with myself...

LETTY: Yes, I picked that one up!

ELIAS: ...for you present to yourself the imagery, once again, of the individual that approaches you that you do not recognize, which has been myself repeatedly in offering an expression of encouragement to you that it matters not. You have concerned yourself in extreme with what is being discussed in your perception and it matters not, for the point is that the discussion concerns you and your perception of how that influences your evaluation of your worth in relation to what you value and other individualsí perceptions. And in this, you generate anxiety, for perhaps what is being discussed may be contrary to what you assess as valuing yourself and therefore the possibility of devaluing your worth in the perception of other individuals.

You continue the dream in creating imagery once again that is familiar and [that] you incorporate affection for in relation to the creatures, but you create a different creature. In this, you no longer create the imagery of other individualsí perceptions, but you incorporate merely yourself and the creature. And what is the image of the creature in this aspect of the dream imagery once again?


ELIAS: Correct, and you offer yourself the validation of that in the imagery of the blue ball which is incorporated upon the creatureís face. And what is your incorporation of action? To be attempting to express personal responsibility, which is entirely unnecessary.

ISABEL: Yes, I was worried about that dog.

MARCOS: Something we know nothing of, right? (Group laughter)

ELIAS: Ah, quite! Very unfamiliar!

ISABEL: Itís so easy to see now. Itís easy to understand it, so clear NOW! (Elias chuckles) Thank you, Elias.

ELIAS: You are quite welcome, my friend. (Looking at Virginia) And shall you offer your question now?

VIRGINIA: I have so many.

ELIAS: (Chuckles) And I extend my invitation for future interaction.

VIRGINIA: Absolutely, we have to.

I think the biggest question, as I was speaking earlier to Marcos and Letty while we were driving, I was having this dream about me being naked in my dreams. No matter what I was dreaming or where I was or what I was doing, I always ended up naked. But nobody else seemed to think that it was unusual that I was naked. I was the only one that was feeling a little apprehension about my nakedness. I really didnít want to get into that because Iím okay about being naked. I donít have a problem with being naked. I like me, I like my body, so I donít have a problem with it.

My question to you is, I think we all have a purpose here on Earth. Iím a loving person and Iím a giving person; I recognize that. I have no problem in showing that and giving that, but I think I have a greater purpose. I am trying to live and go through this journey of what we call life. My big question for me is, what is my purpose? How do I get to it? How do I recognize it?

ELIAS: (Chuckles) My dear friend, I wish not to disappoint you...

VIRGINIA: But tell me Iím supposed to be somebody great, okay? (Group laughter)

ELIAS: You already are! You are wondrous and great. It is merely a matter of your discovery of that, and in this, I may express to you ďwhat is your purpose?Ē Ė your purpose is becoming. Your purpose is movement in conjunction with this shift in consciousness, to turn your energy and your perception from outside of yourself to the exploration of folding in upon yourself and exploring all of the wondrousness of you.

Your purpose is to experience. You have manifest in this physical dimension to incorporate a different expression of experience. The familiar is to be experiencing that folding in within consciousness in nonphysical expressions. This is the nature of consciousness and it is quite familiar. What you have chosen is the challenge of that experience and movement in relation to the physical, the expression of generating physical imagery, physical manifestations from nonphysical, something from nothing.

For in terms of corporeal expression, consciousness is not physical; it is not a thing. And you are consciousness, not a thing but a movement, a flow, an energy. In this, the wondrousness of what your purpose is is to be generating all that you are generating from no thing. You are not a thing, and view what you create! You have generated not merely yourself in physical form but an entire universe surrounding yourself, and this is all an expression of you. It is your exploration of YOU and what you are. This is your purpose, to be exploring all that you hold in capability of generating. And look what you have already generated Ė the entirety of the universe, for it is all an expression of you, in wondrousness of you.

Therefore, what is your purpose but to appreciate what you are and what you generate, for all that you view in all of your reality is an expression of you. All that you view within all of your universe from the tiniest speck of sand to the most distant star is all an aspect of you and what you generate. Therefore your purpose is to recognize this and to appreciate you.

VIRGINIA: Thank you. Iíd like to, because I think I am all of that.

ELIAS: And so you are!

VIRGINIA: I do, I really do.

ELIAS: And I may also express to you in relation to your imagery, in your dream imagery, I am aware that within your expression in waking state you express to yourself that you incorporate no issue in what you term to be nakedness, and in physical expression of nakedness you are correct; but this is not the expression of your dream imagery.

The expression of your dream imagery is twofold. One, you generate this imagery of nakedness as a dream trigger, which correlates also with the other expression. For it is not nakedness, so to speak, in physical expression that you generate this imagery in relation to but exposure, the exposure of your genuine self and the opening of your genuine self. In this, this is the reason that you choose this imagery as your dream trigger, for if you move into a mergence with that expression of nakedness within your dream, you allow yourself an openness to yourself and you may incorporate that imagery as a portal to move beyond the dream imagery and into an expanded exploration of other expressions of consciousness.

VIRGINIA: So what youíre saying is if I incorporate those two, meaning not necessarily the physicalness of being naked but the consciousness of it, then I can find a way or create a way to be more of who I am?

ELIAS: Yes. It is your portal. It is your allowance to openness to yourself, and you may incorporate this as an avenue to become intimately familiar with you and create that intimacy in relationship with you, which is ultimately of significance.

VIRGINIA: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are very welcome.

MARCOS: Miss Grey?

GREGORIA: My questionís a lot simpler. I need to know or learn how to relax so I can THINK about what my purpose is. Iím not even that far, as far as ... I need to relax. I just changed jobs recently from a lot of pressure and now I have zero pressure and I donít know what to do with it.

MARCOS: You miss the pressure! (Laughter)

ELIAS: And this is quite significant to you all, for the incorporation of freedom is quite unfamiliar. Once you offer yourself the expression of freedom you become confused and floundering, for you are quite accustomed to structure and the dictates of other individuals. Your question incorporates relaxing, and this also applies to you all.

The method in which you allow yourself to incorporate relaxing is quite simple. Allow yourself to pay attention, be aware of YOU in the moment. Within the moment initially you shall not be aware objectively of your process in generating tension, but once you have generated tension you shall be aware that you are creating that. In this, as you practice, eventually you shall be aware BEFORE you generate the expression of tension or as you begin to generate it.

But within this present now, turn your attention in the moment that you notice that you have already generated tension, and once you are noticing, focus your attention upon your physical body expression. Do not attempt meditation or visualizations or chanting or affirmations, for you have already generated the tension and therefore your concentration is focused upon that, and these other expressions shall fall by the wayside. (Chuckles) But you may quite efficiently divert your attention.

Focus your attention upon your physical body. Focus your attention upon your physical muscles and their expression of tension. Individualize your muscles. Recognize each expression of tension that you are physically incorporating. Begin with your shoulders and allow your attention to move from your shoulders, INTENTIONALLY DIRECTING THEM to relax and allowing that relaxing.

Move your attention to your solar plexus, for generally speaking this is the second most intense expression of tension that individuals within your physical dimension incorporate. You hold tension within your shoulders and that which supports what? Your thinking, your head, your neck. Beyond that you incorporate the constriction and tension of your yellow energy center, for this is the seat of your communication to yourself, and therefore you stifle this and restrict it and create tremendous tension within your solar plexus, attempting to silence your own communication.

Once you have relaxed your neck and your shoulders physically, and you have moved to relaxing your solar plexus and your yellow energy center, focus your attention upon your physical back, for this is the expression of the supportiveness of yourself and you incorporate tremendous tension in this physical location. In relaxing that physical area, in these three actions you have already sufficiently diverted and distracted your attention and efficiently allowed yourself to create a relaxation.

Thusly, focus your attention upon your physical breathing, for this also generates tension. As your breathing becomes more shallow, you allow yourself to incorporate tenseness. It is quite difficult and challenging to incorporate physical tension within your physical body if your breathing relaxes.

This is the reason that individuals incorporate the action of weeping, for you have incorporated such an extreme of tension within your physical body it automatically responds to release that tension, and in the action of weeping you incorporate breathing. In continuing weeping you restrict your breathing; but if you are allowing yourself the action of breath in volume, I shall challenge you to attempt to continue to weep, for you shall not incorporate this action if you are incorporating tremendous breath. You dissipate the tension and you may not continue the weeping. It is merely in the action of continuing that tension and shallowing your breath that you allow yourself to continue to weep. The weeping itself is an automatic expression of your physical body to release tension.

In diverting your attention to your physical body and its incorporation of tension, addressing to this and intentionally relaxing physical muscles, your attention shall be sufficiently distracted to allow you to relax. Once you have incorporated that action, merely express to yourself, ďI incorporate choice. It is unnecessary for myself to be holding this tension. What is occurring within this moment? What am I generating within this moment that I need be incorporating this tension?Ē No action. Practice with this action, my friend, and you may surprise yourself at how efficient you may become.


ELIAS: Very well.

I may express to you all, I am aware of Michaelís energy which is quite faltering, and in an expression of diverting energy and not incorporating an allowance of Michaelís tension in generating a challenge in holding within this energy exchange, which I have already offered information concerning and he is quite understanding, I shall be disengaging. But I offer to you all tremendous affection.

VIRGINIA: I have one more question.


VIRGINIA: Elias, as I was preparing myself to come to the session today, in my bathroom as I was standing in front of my mirror naked I felt you there.

ELIAS: You are correct, in my invitation.

VIRGINIA: I just wanted to know.

ELIAS: You are correct. It has been an offering in invitation to be engaging in objective expression, and I extend my invitation now also in our continued interaction.

VIRGINIA: I accept.

ELIAS: Very well, my friend.

STELLA: Elias, before you leave ... donít leave yet! Just one more minute! Because I didnít talk, I was so good, I was really humble! Please just hold Mary for a little bit! Just hold Mary! You can do that because you are powerful! Oh, Elias!

ELIAS: (Smiling) It is not an expression of myself holding Michael.

STELLA: I know, I know, I know. I just wanted to tell you that Iím so glad youíre here, and I take all your energy and everything. But I want your validation in something, that Iíve been coming to terms with myself this week because I remembered the ďmustĒ that you said.


STELLA: Yes, I got it. You never said it, but you said it once...

ELIAS: Correct.

STELLA: ...and it was enough for me to hear it. So Iíve been paying very close attention to myself, and am I accomplishing like really well? I just, I think I adore myself, I am so incredible, I just ADORE me! And Iíve been seeing all the people, they just actually love me. Isnít that neat? So Iíve been doing that, isnít it?

ELIAS: Correct.

STELLA: All these people love me, I know they do! They do! And other people do!

ELIAS: And what is the expression, Cindel?

STELLA: That I am just the most wondrous grandiose individual in this world!

ELIAS: Quite!

STELLA: Yes! So I just wanted your validation Iím doing that really well now, huh?

ELIAS: And you have it!

STELLA: Thank you so much! Now you can go! (Group laughter)

ELIAS: Very well! (Humorously) And I am grateful for your permission! (More laughter) The most wondrous all-powerful Cindel! (Chuckles)

I offer to you all great affection, and I express to you all my encouragement and my anticipation of our continued interaction. And to you, Marta, yes, in expression of ďO Captain! My Captain!Ē (Chuckles) And so I am! (Group laughter)

MARCOS: Touchť!

ELIAS: Carpe diem to you all. Au revoir.

GROUP: Au revoir.

Elias departs at 5:21 PM.

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