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elements of essence (emotional, political, religious, thought)

Paul’s note: Elias defines the four elements of essence in terms of the energy centers. Since he assigns individual colors to each energy center, I have added these colors to each of the four elements for purposes of introduction.

Digests: find out more about the energy centers.

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “You contain four basic elements of your essence. We have spoken of two; intellect and emotion. We will assign these to the terms of philosophy and art. You also possess a political framework and a religious framework. All of these of course are words, in your terms. They cover a very vast spectrum. In the vein of art, this is the expression of your essence through emotion. You may not always identify with this, but art is the emotional expression. Thought or intellect is your philosophical expression of your essence.

Your political part is that which expresses itself through your interaction with other essences. This covers a tremendous scope. It is not in your definition of politics. It is the expression of interaction between yourselves and all other essences in every manner; from your children to your families, your communities, your countries, your world, and other worlds. You do interact with them, only not in this physical focus.

Your religious aspect of your essence is that which you apply to yourselves, that which involves all parts of your essence and its relation to The Creating Universal One And Whole. Involved in the religious expression of your essence is all of your focus of your entire essence.” [session 10, May 29, 1995]

ELIAS: “... emotionally-focused individuals input information concerning their reality through the yellow energy center.

All of you incorporate eight energy centers within your physical body consciousness. In this, certain energy centers facilitate the processing of information concerning your reality, and also allow you the expression outwardly, through your perception, of that same energy center, which creates your reality.

Your yellow energy center does not create your reality. Your perception creates your reality, but the process[ing] of information concerning your reality moves through this particular energy center, as being an emotionally-focused individual.

Individuals that are religious-focused shall process information through the red energy center. Individuals that are political-focused individuals shall process information through the blue energy center. Those individuals that are thought-focused shall process information through the purple energy center.

This is a function of your physical manifestation within this particular physical dimension.” [session 622, May 26, 2000]

ELIAS: “Now; recognize that each of these processes [emotional, political, religious, thought focus] – or mechanisms for processing information – does not exclude the engagement of those mechanisms in every other individual, for all of you possess all of these expressions. One is dominant. The dominant expression, the dominant mechanism, is that which is the most familiar to you and the one that you process through first, the one that is the most automatic to you and the one that you listen to more intently.” [711, October 26, 2000]

ELIAS: “Offering yourselves interaction with each other and an allowance for recognition of these different types of expressions [emotional, political, religious, thought focus] may be valuable to you in widening your awareness and offering you more of a comprehensive understanding of each other in differences, and therefore eliminating the threat of difference and allowing you a clearer avenue for acceptance.” [711, October 26, 2000]

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “I have given you these definitions. Now we will incorporate a new focus, as I suggested at our earlier session. You may choose which part to focus upon. We will incorporate interaction. This is for the purpose of greater understanding. I am understanding that it is difficult for much information to be processed only through your mind. It will be easier if we incorporate interaction. All of these basic elements of your essence will be discussed. You may choose their order. (Pause) Much blank faces! (Laughter, followed by another pause) Lawrence [Vicki]?

VICKI: Well, how about the philosophical part?

ELIAS: You wish to know of the thought process of your essence?


ELIAS: Thoughts are very complicated but creating energies. You do not really understand the true power involved with them. You speak of thoughts as being energy waves and being of creative motivation. You do not necessarily believe that the thoughts themselves do create. They do! Before the thought emerges, there are other patterns already processed and in motion within your essence. These give rise to physical thought. These thoughts take on qualities of energy. This energy is projected out and is a created force.

Even when you do not ‘think’ you are creating something, you, in reality, are. Every thought being manifest in the form of energy, whether acted on or not, creates an energy disturbance in your field of energy around your individual bodies. This extension of energy will project and affect others around you. There is no thing as a thought in the form of a wasted drop. Every thought connects with the interconnectedness of consciousness.

You are all, in one respect, connected. You are all individual essences, but simultaneously are also connected. Every molecule of energy that you create affects everything else. In this physical focus, you do not understand this. Most of you do not truly believe this; but where you cannot see, it does happen, even in your dreams, which you look at as imagination and fantasy or replaying tapes of events already accomplished. This is how you view your dream state. In actuality, it is viewing thought processes which have, in their energy, been allowed to manifest and materialize in another focus. This is how you are enabled to see, through your dream state, manifestations of yourselves or other developmental focuses of yourselves.

Your thoughts sometimes, when allowed in this focus, can be damaging. When they are allowed too much focus, they can, like any other thing, grow in proportion. In doing this, you allow their rule in your physical focus. This confuses your essence. It conflicts with other basic elements of your essence. As in any example, too much focus in one direction creates a situation where the other elements suffer. This creates conflict. The reason for this is that when you become aware and then try to incorporate other basic elements, you do not understand them. They are unfamiliar to you. You do not understand what to do with them.

(To Vicki) You, as is Michael [Mary], are more oriented in this focus to thoughts. This has served well for you, to a point. Now, in trying to incorporate other parts of your essence, you find it difficult. You must each learn to flow, to move through your fears. This is your only block. We only fear what is unfamiliar to us, unfamiliar to our physical focus. There is nothing unfamiliar to your essence. (Pause) You seem still puzzled.

VICKI: Yeah, I’m puzzled. I don’t understand how you incorporate other things into your focus besides the focus in the thought.

ELIAS: We have discussed the small exercise in our other session. This shall have given you a glimpse of incorporating two seemingly opposing elements. A problem is, these elements are not opposing. They are only different parts of your essence. It is unnecessary to create this conflict within you. (1)

Some essences feel more than they have thoughts. These also experience great difficulty. You are all taught, from very small, that you must think about what you feel. You also are taught, from the time you are infants, that feelings are not always acceptable. They are invalidated. Even biological feelings are invalidated in the very, very small. This is what you learn, from the beginning, not to express. It is not appropriate.

Some are more capable of adapting to this. Some focus with thought. This disconnects their emotional-focus. It enables them to move through their lifetime, in your terms, more easily. Some, who are strongly connected with emotions, find it very difficult. They find this development of denial very, very hard. This creates much more conflict in these individuals than it does in the essences that adapt to a thought-focus.

It is, I will say it seems, in some ways, that I may be expressing that your issues and challenges that you go through are not as difficult as those who focus emotionally. This is not to invalidate the challenges that you experience. It is only to say that in an emotional-focus, it is sometimes more difficult to see clear to all that is.

I understand these are very difficult concepts. Your essence is very complicated and difficult. It cannot be explained to you in mere moments!

I am aware of tremendous confusion this evening! (Grinning, and laughter) We will, for a time, address questions that may serve to help in your understanding of these matters.

VICKI: ... I have a question. Could you please redefine these four basic elements that you started speaking of earlier?

ELIAS: These are all basic parts of your essence. When I speak to you of these, you think in very limited terms. I understand this. We will cover these subjects many times. You will not be able to have them defined to you only once. They are much too diverse.

We have spoken of your emotional base of your essence, which we define as your artistic quality of your essence. It is your artistic expression. We have spoken of your thought base of your essence. This is your philosophical expression of your essence.

We have not spoken of your political base, which is the expression of your essence which connects with all other essences and consciousness everywhere in all focuses. Our word of political has a different meaning than your word of political, just as our word of lifetime encompasses a much greater view than your term lifetime. Political means all of your interaction of your essence with all and each part of consciousness universally.

Your final portion of your essence is your religious-focus. This is your personal expression of your essence in relation to itself, and also in relation to nature, and in relation to The Creating Universal One And Whole. The religious-focus or expression of your essence is also not the same definition as your term here in this focus. Your term religion, or religious, is the same as your term God. As we stated before; a very small word, a very small concept. Religion is a very small word also. It is a very large concept. It does not focus in denominations, as you term them. These are physical expressions of your desires to connect.

In actuality, your expressions of religious beliefs are quite creative! (Laughter) They are beautiful stories. They are exquisite examples of your creativity. Just as a painter may express a form of beauty on a canvas, you all, within your collective essences, have expressed imaginative beauty through thought in creating your religions. All serve a connecting purpose. None, however, are correct!” [session 10, May 29, 1995]

ELIAS: “We will, in this session, regress temporarily to our focus previous of your political element. We will continue at a later time on our subject of your religious element, but first I wish to incorporate some continuing information of this political element of your essence.

There are many parts contained in it which we did not spend much time devoted to. Part will deal with your present situation of your planetary condition and weather. You are struck by the unusualness of your present weather conditions. At the same time your planet experiences, now and in your recent past, many eruptions in planetary conditions. Earthquakes. These conditions, I will express to you, are of your creation. We were speaking of your circle being completed. This is part of this circle. I have explained this [shift] to be a global event. All that concerns your planet is affected by your thoughts, and impulses, and emotional-focuses. In any emergence from one state to another, there will be disruption in energy. This is what you are experiencing presently.

Make no mistake that you do not create these disturbances yourselves, collectively. You do. You speak of your planet in terms of Mother Nature. This is an invented term you have assigned to your earth. You are Mother Nature. All that ‘she’ accomplishes, you are accomplishing. There is no separate entity of nature. You are the driving force and creating element of all natural processes. This is why I spoke comically at our last session, saying to you that your Christians should be more concerned with not creating earthquakes than they are in flying away with this Rapture. If they wish to fly away this is all right, but they will more likely create physical elemental disturbances in energy in your physical focus before they fly away.

You do this collectively, continuously. When you collectively experience an overflow of emotional-focuses, with no interpretation and no blocking of impulses, it affects your environment. You will see an effect of your oceans, and your weather, and what you term to be natural disasters. Consider though, we are speaking of a global shift in consciousness. Does it not make sense to you then, that your planet will likewise experience shifts in its earth? You are surprised that there are so many of your earthquakes throughout your world recently. This should not surprise you. You are shifting. Your earth is responding to these shifts also, in like manner. To your people who fear these events, they would be well advised to examine their own fears and thoughts, for these thoughts and blocked impulses are creating the very thing that they fear!

There are many elements of your political elemental focus that we have not even begun to explore yet. As I have explained, this element involves all things and essences which you consider to be outside of your own essence, although they are not, but as we explained, you continue to view your essence as its own orange with sections, as opposed to undividable air. (2) In this subject also is incorporated, along with your perception of nature, your connection to your creatures. As I have also stated, originally, you, being all-creating beings, have created them also, but in your terms this was long, long ago. Subsequently, they have developed their own consciousness and focus. They can be very instructing to you.

In this discussion of your animal creatures I will also direct briefly, in connecting with other dimensional focuses, to your misinterpretation, in part, of other ‘beings,’ as you would call them. Some essences in this physical focus interpret ‘encounters’ with these other ‘beings’ as negative experiences. First of all, let us direct your attention to the fact ... I do not like this word fact ... it will do for now. I am having difficulty accessing a better one presently. Let us direct your attention to the fact that these ‘beings’ are not ‘beings’ at all. Some are only other focuses of your own essence interacting with your physically focused essence. (Here, Elias chuckles) Lawrence [Vicki] will bang his head on this table! (Laughter) Some interaction is with other essences, none different from your own. The only difference is their focus.

We have spoken already in the matter of your cycle ... excuse ... circle, that you are presently ‘crossing over.’ (Demonstrates with fingers crossing together) You only do not do this intentionally yet. In closing your circle you will do this intentionally, and have a much clearer understanding and awareness of what you are accomplishing. In this unpleasant or negative encounter with what these essences experience, they would do well to incorporate this in their physical focus, and address this same situation to their treatment of their animal creatures, in violation of their consciousness. You, in your physically focused consciousness, do not appreciate being violated. Your creatures, in their physically focused consciousness, do not appreciate it either! You feel you do what is the best things for them, thinking you are wiser and know better, and are more responsible. I will instruct you to ‘think about this.’ All energy has consciousness, even a rock. It only possesses a slower vibration. This does not mean it does not possess an awareness. How much more, then, is the awareness of a higher vibrational consciousness?

In some encounters of other dimensional focuses with your physical focus, they have tried to express some of these principles to you. I will explain to you this is your own essence, in the majority of these experiences, speaking to you from another focus or dimension. It does this because you think of yourself as an orange with sections. You do not listen to your own impulses, or what you perceive to be your own thoughts and feelings and impulses. Therefore, your essence speaks to you in terms that you may listen to.

We incorporate this into the political element for the reason that sometimes it is not your own essence which speaks to you. Sometimes it may be the essence of another, just as my essence speaks to yours. Another essence may choose to manifest in a fashion that will ‘grab your attention,’ and it certainly does! I believe this to be a very inventive, imaginative expression for attention. I may consider it myself, sometime! (Very humorously) Would Michael [Mary] not be surprised if I appear to him as a ‘little squashy guy’? (Much laughter) He is very silly, sometimes!

(Vic’s note: these are Mary’s words for describing an ‘alien.’)

You attach characteristics to these other dimensional focuses that you can identify with. This is a cooperation between your essence and another, or your essence cooperating with itself in different dimensions, in ways it can interpret. There are some essences currently expressing themselves in a physical focus in the same manner as I speak to you, but they choose to identify themselves as what you would term an ‘alien’ essence. This is another attempt at ‘getting your attention.’ Essences have been speaking to you for centuries, the way I speak with you presently. There are many that will not pay attention to me, but if I appear to someone with wide eyes, and a strange characteristic of body, and strange clothing, I will say I will get your attention! And you will listen! (Said very deliberately and humorously, followed by much laughter) Just as some essences engage in theatrical performances for your benefit and attention, acknowledged, I also play with this, but I already have your attention! (Smiling) The next time you ‘feel’ or ‘think’ you are being responsible for your creatures, I would suggest to you that you ... ask their opinion!

I will also express to you of your emotional-focus, that this be recognized and expressed in whatever direction it chooses to flow. I will instruct our emotionally-focused essences present to help with your frustrated thought-focused essences in blocking impulses and emotional expressions. These essences of the thought-focus are much more powerful than they anticipate, as opposed to emotional expressions. As do emotional essences, thought element essences block these impulses of emotion and create our geyser effect. This is how you experience unusual weather patterns, or unusual air currents, or unusual tides. You all contribute to your expressions of floods or tornadoes or hurricanes or earthquakes, but simple weather variations are largely blocking of impulses. There is no expression for this energy. It must go somewhere! Do you truly believe that energy just disappears because it is not expressed? Incorrect. Energy never disappears. Energy is energy. It only refocuses itself and remanifests itself in a different direction.

We will address you to speak with Michael [Mary] on this matter, since he will not speak to me. He has a very hard head! (Laughter) If he will learn to allow himself to express emotional-focuses and impulses and experiences, tell him he will create better weather for his birthday, and maybe in connection with collective essences of like mind, they will not have rain. You may also express to him for me that he will hear me even when he doesn’t want to, although I can be as persistent as he is! We are quite a pair! (Said laughingly)

We will also address to the question of another essence in our focus. I will, from this point, speak to you in your terms. I am confident that you understand my terms, and can interpret accordingly. Therefore, it is not necessary for me to continue in this ridiculousness of ‘in my terms, in your terms.’ You are all intelligent essences, and capable of interpreting on your own without my extreme help. This essence is of one you will speak of as ‘Seth.’ (3) This is not his name. It is a name he has chosen to identify his essence to you. As I have expressed, names are not important. This Seth essence I have had interaction with, and was of great instruction. This essence is no longer incorporated in my present focus. It has widened its focus and expanded to Michael’s [Mary’s] visiting place. (4) This essence will not speak to you in physical focus anymore. He had a tremendous message to deliver, and has done so. I, in admiration and respect, continue in this message.

In regards to this message, we will also address to Lawrence [Vicki] in his ‘Doubting Thomasness’! There are absolute truths. My focus is not a belief system. You in your focus are not a belief system. You incorporate belief systems for the purpose of interpretation, be it physical interpretation, or philosophical, or religious, or political, or artistic, or emotional, or thought. Beliefs are all interpretations of manifestation. They are not necessarily truths. Facts, in your dimension or other dimensions, are interpretations. They are not truths. There are universal truths that apply to every focus in every dimension in every universe, everywhere. I do not speak to you of new or different beliefs. I offer you expressions of reality. This is not a belief system. In this same regard, other essences, be they expressions of ‘aliens’ or be they expressions of essences such as Seth, offer you this same information. This information, as I have stated, is reality, and an opportunity for you to widen your focus, incorporating the fullness of your essence to incorporate the whole.

Understand, even in completing your circle in this physical focus, you will not incorporate the whole. Your essence, as I have explained, is far beyond your comprehension. It is not possible in this physical expression to incorporate all of it. It is not possible in my focus to incorporate all of it, although my incorporation of my essence is far beyond your expression, or awareness, or comprehension. But, just as you are ‘becoming’ essences, I also am a ‘becoming’ essence, as also is the Creating Universal One and Whole, ‘becoming.’” [session 14, June 16, 1995]

ELIAS: “Moving to your third energy center of yellow; this center, as I have expressed, is ultimately controlling of emotional-focus. Emotionally-focused individuals will be experiencing this energy center more intensely, and noticing this energy center more, that otherwise focused individuals. Within emotionally-focused individuals, all information processed passes through this energy center first. You within physical focus believe that you perceive all incoming or outgoing information to be expressed through your brain first. This is not correct. Emotionally-focused individuals process all information initially through this yellow energy center. Individuals who are emotionally-focused may not entirely perceive of this process. They may believe that they are thinking first of any given situation.

I will express to you that in noticing and rewinding your tapes, you will observe that whether you initially were aware or not, or whether the initial process of information was only for a second, as you term this, all of your information is processed first emotionally, this being the function mainly of this energy center; this being also why emotional individuals incorporate, within their physical body expression, ulcers, which are created within their stomach or small intestines, which are both affected by this energy center. Emotionally-focused individuals are more likely to incorporate substances which will be affecting of liver, this being incorporated with this energy center also.

You will notice that the organs connected with individual energy centers are connected in functions that incorporate emotional balance or imbalance. Emotionally-focused individuals incorporate physical ailments more than thought-focused individuals. This is not a rule, but generally speaking, this does ‘follow within suit,’ as you say, within your physical focus. In creating physical ailments, many physical manifestations are created within the trunk of your body, this mainly being controlled by this energy center. This energy center radiates out and up. Therefore, it is also connecting and greatly affecting of other energy centers physically located above itself. I have expressed that this center is very powerful. All of your emotional expressions may be controlled through this center. This is not to say that all emotions are generated by this center, for your fourth center of green also radiates some influence within emotional expression, but basically, yellow is the most affecting.

You may also notice that within non-emotionally-focused individuals, this energy center seems to cause much problems. You do not have to be an emotionally-focused individual to experience conflict with yellow. Individuals who are thought-focused may not pay attention to this yellow, and when this energy center becomes out of alignment, it is not focused upon, for you are not used to dealing with emotional-focuses. This becomes where thought individuals throw themselves out of balance. If you were to be viewing a movie screen of the alignment of your chakras, normally they would all be spinning nicely within a straight line. A thought-focused individual experiencing conflict will throw this yellow far off to the side, and have much difficulty ‘reeling it back’ into alignment. Also, I expressed that this energy center is quite stubborn. It does not just ‘pop back in’ so easily.

I will bring briefly into this energy center also belief systems, for in your present time, you are encouraged, whether you are an emotionally-focused individual or not, to be expressing of emotions continuously. You are taught that this is healthy and very ‘good for you,’ to be open with your feelings. We are back to our psychology! I am not expressing that you should not be open with your feelings. Quite to the contrary, I have a new exercise which I will discuss later with you. (5) I am expressing that individuals are focused differently. Some individuals are not emotionally-focused, and it is a ludicrous situation to be expressing to these individuals that they should be connecting continuously with feelings that they do not perceive exist!

(Vic’s note: thank you, Elias! Love, Ron, Vic, and Mare)

This is also not to say their feelings do not exist. They do. They only do not exist within the intensity that emotionally-focused individuals experience them. I have expressed to you previously that thought-focused individuals are very out-numbered by emotionally-focused individuals. Therefore, within your standards of the ‘norm,’ which you have created as your officially accepted rule, you automatically focus on all individuals being the same, and expressing in the same way. Obviously, they do not express the same. You may also achieve a balance within yourself, and being aligned, and still be emotional or non-emotional. (Pause)

Our small incorporation of a greater, not ultimate, but greater balance within an individual, using Ron as our example, does not incorporate a tremendous emotional-focus. There is not a tremendous outpouring of emotional expressions within this individual. At the same time, this individual incorporates a greater balance, but is thought-focused, therefore will not express tremendous outpouring of emotional expression. This is not to say that thought-focused individuals do not express or experience emotional-focus. It is also not to say that emotionally-focused individuals never think. They only incorporate differences. (Pause)

This I will say to you, for this week in your concentration of exercise and connecting, should be an interesting experiment for you, to be noticing orange and yellow. All of you experience orange and yellow all of the time, whether you express these experiences or not. They are quite incorporated within your accepted physical focus, so much so that these two energy centers dominate your culture and your focus. You are quite a sexually oriented focus, therefore this center, you may see, is quite dominating, and also quite accepted. You are also an emotional physical focus, or you are encouraged to be an emotional-focus. You notice also that these two colors within your spectrum, being created of red and yellow creating your color of orange, which incorporates physical focus and emotion, create the situation of your sexual expression.

Your energy centers, in connection with your color spectrum, are much more intricate than you realize. I will also express to you that within the incorporation of each of these colors and energy centers, and their main expressions, there is no incorporation of right or wrong; for you automatically, within physical focus, attach right and wrong to all of these expressions. They are merely driving forces behind expressions, which you create for experiences.” [session 33, August 27, 1995]

JO: “So if Shynla [Cathy] and I are counterparts, and my friend Ed and I are counterparts, are Ed and Shynla [Cathy] counterparts?

ELIAS: No. (Pause) As I have said, even though you may be a counterpart with another individual, another individual may not incorporate all of the same counterparts that you incorporate. They are all crossing over each other. You must also understand, as I have said earlier, your essence has manifested in many more areas than just one. There are many ‘you’s’ walking about your planet. They do share much the same personality, with slight differences, which they possess as to conform to their individual cultural situations, but in basic personality thought patterns, emotional- or thought- or religious- or political-focus, they are the same. They also share the same desires, and likes and dislikes, that you incorporate. Many of them even physically resemble you.” [session 40, September 24, 1995]

GUIN: “I’ll ask a quick question. I wanted to know if Keith, my boyfriend, was an emotionally-focused or a thought-focused essence.

ELIAS: Thought-focused.

GUIN: That’s what I thought. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. And with this information, you may allow yourself less conflict! (Pause, grinning) I was not quite hearing of this personal invalidation!

(Vic’s note: here, we run out of video tape, and lose three minutes in the changing of it. To the best of my recollection, Guin’s question sparked similar questions from Jim and Christie. Jim’s partner is emotionally-focused, as is Christie’s. Christie seemed to be quite surprised to hear this, and the ensuing dialog is the continuance of an explanation of this to her.)

ELIAS: (To Ron) I shall be quite willing to be pausing for machinery, as this will also be helpful to Shynla [Cathy] in her connecting. Therefore, you may express to me to be momentarily discontinuing, and I will have no conflict with this.

In continuing, some individuals may hold their emotional-focus to themselves in not wishing to be connecting emotionally with other individuals, for they protect themselves in their fear; but they interpret their own language through emotional-focus, this being the difference. Thought-focused individuals move beyond not expressing of many emotions. They do not interpret the language of their essence through emotion. They interpret through thought. You may experiment with these elements, given any situation; and although you may believe that you instantaneously incorporate a thought in response to a given situation, if you are, within yourself, slowing your focus and retarding your camera to slow motion, you will view that your initial ‘twinge’ is within, in a feeling, as opposed to your initial thought. Many thought-focused individuals do not incorporate the initial twinge. They only incorporate the thought.” [session 66, January 14, 1996]

ELIAS: “I express to you; be you emotionally-focused, thought-focused, politically-focused, religiously-focused, all experience a surge of emotional influx in relation to birth. It is an emotional experience within physical focus. You also incorporate, within these individuals and also many others not present within this particular group, a knowing of Rose (6) and this emergence into physical focus, which translates by resonating emotionally within each of you. You may experience excitement, or joy, or despair; but you shall experience an emotional response.” [session 98, June 05, 1996]

NORM: “What is my thought process?

ELIAS: Which element do you focus through? (Smiling)

NORM: Yes.

ELIAS: I shall express that both of these new individuals [Norm and his wife Reta] express through emotional-focus.

RETA: I’m surprised. (To Norm) I’m not surprised with me, but I’m surprised with you!

ELIAS: You automatically think that if you display a logical, rational thought process, that you may be a thought-focused individual. I express to you that there is a tremendous difference between a thought-focused individual and an emotionally-focused individual; for thought-focused individuals do not experience emotion in the same manner as do emotionally-focused individuals. They do not respond to experience, generally, through emotion. They respond through thought. This is not to say, as has been expressed previously, that thought-focused individuals do not experience any emotion. It is only to express that they experience little emotion.

NORM: In thought processes, I find that when I’m speaking, I quite often have difficulty picking a word, but I have a picture, a pictorial graph. Is that also the difference between one individual and another, that they think in words or they think in pictures?


NORM: And that’s mixed throughout everybody?


NORM: So I would be an emotional, pictorial thinker. Is that what I am? (Laughter)

ELIAS: If you choose to be viewing yourself in this manner!

NORM: But I can choose, I really can choose to express myself, or think in words rather than in pictures?

ELIAS: These are indications of what I have expressed previously as your inner senses, which shall show themselves more distinctly in certain aspects. Some individuals shall experience more feeling. Therefore, they may interpret in what you classify as mental images, which are not pictures. Some individuals are visual. They view mental pictures, as if viewing a movie screen. Some individuals hear sound. Some individuals see words. These are all different manifestations of inner senses.

Each of you has an inner sense that you naturally develop more than your other inner senses, just as you naturally develop outer senses more than others. Some individuals have highly developed sense of smell. Others may have highly developed sense of hearing. You may have a highly developed, or as to this point highly developed, inner sense visually. Your psychics attach psychic words to these inner senses, which you may recognize as clairvoyant or clairaudient. These are designated psychic words for inner senses that you naturally possess. Each individual develops their inner senses in the manner that they pay attention to the most efficiently. Some individuals are very visual. Therefore, they also shall develop visual inner senses. Some are more audible or word-oriented. Therefore, they shall also develop inner hearing.

NORM: Thank you.

JENE: I’d like to verify an impulse experience last week, Sunday, Saturday, and Wednesday, with essence family Rose. (Pause)


JENE: I’d like to know if my impulses were correct, that I was surrounded by the essence family on those two particular days.

ELIAS: This, I shall express in distinction, is an impression. An impression is a knowing.

JENE: Well, I thought I knew. I’m just checking!

ELIAS: Correct. An impulse is an urging for action.

JENE: Well, I had an urging for action on Wednesday, so I used it. That assisted my impression.

ELIAS: This is a thought! An impulse is not necessarily accompanied by a thought or a feeling. It is an urging for action, within self, not related to thought or emotion, although you may translate subsequently into thought or emotion; but initially, it is neither.” [session 137, December 01, 1996]

JIM: “The inner sense of vibration that I feel in my energy centers seems more and more pronounced. That would be classified as unofficial information, in recognition of thoughts and gaining clarity in thoughts in issues I’m dealing with? It’s a physical expression of ringing true, something ringing true, so to speak?

ELIAS: Physical expressions are not manifestations of thought. Physical expressions may be experienced within a thought-focused individual, but they are not a manifestation of thought processes. Physical manifestations may be created for many different reasons. One of these reasons is a connection with emotion, not thought process. You may then evaluate, through thought process or through emotional process, the action of the manifestation and the reasoning for its creation. (Pause)

JIM: I guess I still don’t quite understand. Is it an inner sense of energy that I’m still connecting with and expressing physically, allowing me to feel it physically?

ELIAS: You are recognizing of energy physically. You are attempting to be rationalizing this energy. You are attempting to be incorporating the knowledge of this energy sensation through the intellect and thought process. You may more efficiently process this information through emotion; feeling.

JIM: Like the exercise we did that day. (7)

ELIAS: Correct.

JIM: Got it. Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

VICKI: Speaking of feeling, I’d like to ask about some unofficial information. There seems to be stuff coming in that has to do with a contradiction between the feeling and the thought. It seems to be not just me, it’s other people that I talk to also, and it seems to come down to a direct contradiction between feeling and thought. I find it very interesting that this seems to be interpreted by quite a few people I’ve spoken to in an erotic or sexual manner. I’ve been wondering about it for a week or two now, and I have a feeling that part of the reason this is being interpreted in this way is that it has something to do with the intensity behind the imagery, but I’m pretty confused too. I don’t know quite what to do with it next. It has something to do with the dream mission. It has something to do with the relaying. And why is everybody interpreting it sexually?

ELIAS: (Grinning) You are partially correct in your interpretation of the intensity of the emotion or experience and what you identify, within your experiences and your thought processes and your emotions, with sexual activity. This activity holds a very strong intensity within this dimension of physical focus, not only with your species but with all species within this particular creation of dimensional focus physically. Therefore, this shall be attaining your attention quite effectively, and as you relate en masse of this similar experience, it shall be gaining your attention more; for not only is this action, emotion, and thought process intense physically, it also carries many belief systems. You attach many belief systems to this subject! And as you all view yourselves approaching your new millennium as ‘new age liberated’ individuals, you continue to hold religious taboo belief systems concerning this subject of sexuality. Therefore, it holds an additional intensity. In this, you shall attain your attention quite efficiently, within the recognition of unofficial information identifying with this subject.

Also, you approach your new millennium and your shift, which is orchestrated by who?

VICKI: All of us.

ELIAS: Your Borledim family!

VICKI: Oh, that!

ELIAS: Which shall concentrate within this area. Therefore, within an identification of the movement within consciousness of the beginnings of this shift, as you move into more intensity of the motion you also identify the wave, in vibration of connectedness in movement.

Therefore, within your imagery, as we have discussed previously, within waking consciousness, you interpret within sexuality; for your waking consciousness is waking imagery. Therefore, you are correct that it mirrors your dream mission; for your dream mission is your identification of your sleep imagery, which also is a translation; an interpretation. Waking consciousness is an interpretation, an imagery; and you have chosen en masse to be collectively identifying within one subject within one time period for your attention, in the intensity of the movement within consciousness of the shift, which occurs now. You may view what you think of as many signs and signposts, which are indications in reinforcement to you of the movement within consciousness of this shift.

VICKI: What about this seeming contradiction? I’m still a little unclear on that.

ELIAS: Contradiction in which direction?

VICKI: The apparent contradiction between feeling and rational thought processes. Does this have to do with some of these religious belief systems?

ELIAS: No. This is not inconsistent with this explanation just offered. As you move into the action of this shift, you are ... what have we spoken of previously? ... balancing on your little orange feet! (Grinning at Ron) Therefore, those manifest as thought-focused shall be experiencing more of an incorporation of these types of examples.

This is to offer you information in recognition of emotionally-focused individuals for your understanding, for emotionally-focused individuals process information initially through emotion. In this, they may view themselves to be thinking continuously, although the information is assimilated emotionally. Therefore, the thought process and the emotional process are what you may express as equally separated, as is viewed within the thought-focused individual. It is only to your viewing more obvious within a thought-focused individual. The separation of these elements is equal within both types of focus.

In this maneuver, you offer yourself information as to the processing of emotionally-focused individual’s information, which is not connected with thought process. Individuals that are emotionally-focused shall process what you view to be deep information, and to a large extent surface information, in your terms, emotionally disconnected from thought. You may think you are processing through thought, but you are not. You are thinking in one direction, and you are processing and assimilating within another direction. Thought-focused individuals accomplish this same action, but with a slightly different method. Therefore, in experiencing your normal, in your terms, thinking process but noticing a runaway train of emotion and action, you view the process of emotionally-focused individuals; to which you have asked for this experience much time ago! You now offer yourself the opportunity to experience.

VICKI: So when does the balance part start? (And we all crack up)

ELIAS: When you choose! You may choose to be experiencing for a time period longer, (humorously) to be quite savoring of this experience and creating a vivid memory within your thought process for your understanding! You have asked to be more understanding of the process of assimilating information from the perception of an emotionally-focused individual. You now offer yourself this situation, for you now view yourself ready to be accepting of this information effectively.” [session 154, February 23, 1997]

ELIAS: “Now; let me express to you that you designate your energy and your expressions of energy within this physical focus in alignment with gender, as I have expressed to you many times. As thought-focused individuals, this moves in the direction of the male gender, which is designated by the left side of your physical form. Emotionally-focused individuals are designated in the gender of female expression, which is designated as the right side of your physical form.

Now; I express to you that an action which is occurring presently within many individuals is that they are moving in the direction of merging the energy of thought- and emotionally-focused expressions.

In this, the energy which has been expressed as that designation of the focus – being either thought-focused as an individual or emotionally-focused as an individual – shall be the side that the energy shall be held and affecting, and it shall be affecting within the area of the blue energy center [throat], which is affecting of shoulders.

In this, you are not moving in the direction of altering your expression as thought- or emotionally-focused. You are merely moving into the area of a balance. You are allowing yourselves to more move in the direction of balancing your emotional- and thought-focused expressions, incorporating more of the other expression and not so extremely expressing yourselves in either of these expressions of thought-focus or emotional-focus.

You shall continue to hold your emotional-focus, and Michael [Mary] and Lawrence [Vicki] shall continue to hold as thought-focused, but you are beginning to move in the direction of incorporating more of a balance, and therefore are physically manipulating and moving energy which is creating of physical imagery in the area of this expression of painfulness within this area of your physical bodies.” (8) [session 325, September 27, 1998]

NORM: “Does the Gramada family tend to be more emotional in their thinking?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. Let me express to you that emotional-focus or thought-focus is not characteristic of any particular essence family. This is a choice of an individual focus. Each manifestation chooses its own direction and its own expression within its own choice of experience. Therefore, it is not a situation that certain essence families magnate more to an emotional or thought-focus than other essence families. This is quite individual and the choice of each particular focus, not the essence family alignments.

Also, certain essences lean in directions of certain types of experiences that they may be repeating, in a manner of speaking ... although it is not necessarily repeating, for it is all simultaneous. But in this, essences choose to be manifesting within physical focuses with certain designations of thought- or emotional-focus.

Be also remembering that this designation of thought-focus and emotional-focus is limited to this particular dimension, for this element of emotion is a creation of this particular dimension and the choice of experience within this particular physical dimension.

This is not to say that emotion is not incorporated into other physical dimensions, but it may not be the main focus of experience within other physical dimensions, whereas in this particular physical dimension, the two elements which I have stated to you previously that are focused upon for physical experience are those of sexuality and emotion, and in this, your creation of experience in this particular dimension shall be involving both of these elements throughout all of your expressions.

Once again, the choice of thought-focus or emotional-focus is purely a choice of essence and the individual focus which is manifest, but not necessarily an expression of the essence family.” [session 329, October 11, 1998]

BOBBI: “I have a quick question. Am I a thought-focused person? (Pause)

ELIAS: You are, but you also move in the direction of more of a balance, in incorporating more of your emotional qualities and allowing a freer expression of these emotional qualities than many thought-focused individuals, which within this time framework of this shift in consciousness, individuals expressing thought- OR emotional-focus shall be moving into this area more and more, of a balance between these two expressions, continuing to hold a leaning in one or the other expression, but creating more of a balance in this area.” [session 333, October 19, 1998]

LYNDA: “… as you know, I have been interacting with this forum since the end of November [of 1998], and I have come up against a repelling. Let me see – how do I say this?

I have noticed between me and Lawrence [Vicki] a sort of repelling, and I think my interactions with Lawrence [Vicki] that are sparring back and forth is because she has a more objective take and I have a more emotional take on just life, period. I also feel that my interaction with Tyl [Joanne] is very spontaneous and fun and creative and could produce a lot of material, but my dilemma, Elias, and I may be digressing into another area, but I have given myself permission to not go to Castaic [California, where Vicki, Paul, and Jo live] if it doesn’t feel right to me.

I feel that Tyl [Joanne] and Caroll [Paul] have a perception about my erratic Vold expression because I am chancing trusting myself in areas of finance, and they hold different beliefs about their own finances than I do, and we have different ideas about the speed at which we’re widening than I do. There’s no question – it pisses me off! (Elias laughs)

It hurt me actually, in the early throes of this, even Lawrence’s [Vicki’s] perception of my Vold expression. I have allowed hurtfulness to myself and have opened the door, I feel, to other focuses and my own past to support my hurt, and I am taking a more balanced step, I feel, in saying, okay, I want to be able to interact freely, but I’m also mindful of, if it doesn’t feel good not doing it.

ELIAS: Very good. Now ...

LYNDA: Yeah, please!

ELIAS: ... let me offer you an element of information in this area.

First of all, I express to you that you experience certain elements of difficulty in interaction with Lawrence [Vicki], for you hold an emotional-focus in this particular focus and Lawrence [Vicki] holds a thought-focus in this particular manifestation.

In this, many times individuals holding these differences in thought- and emotional-focus may be experiencing elements of conflict and difficulty, for in another area – in similar manner to orientation, although not quite as strongly – you are also speaking different languages.

In this, you may allow yourselves to be assimilating each other’s languages, but this also is requiring of an element of effort with each individual, not merely one or the other. Therefore, this is partially an element of your difficulty with this one individual.

In this, I express to you, there is no judgment of yourself or of the other individual. You are merely expressing differently, and at times, this may be creating of difficulties within you each in your allowance to yourselves [of] an understanding of each other.

This is also entirely your choice as to your engagement in wishing to be translating of these different languages and incorporating a type of movement into objective relationship. It matters not.

I express to you that you are correct. You are affecting within consciousness regardless of your interaction objectively with any group of individuals.

Your most efficient expression is to be turning your attention to self and addressing to self within your own issues, and as you become more accepting in this area, you are also automatically affecting throughout consciousness and of all other individuals.

As to your interaction with Caroll [Paul] and Tyl [Joanne], I express to you, this is a different situation, for both of these individuals hold emotional-focus also.

Now; do not delude yourself into the thought process that merely for the reason that you hold the same type of focus, in emotional- or thought-focus within this particular manifestation, that you shall automatically resonate and understand each other within your expressions, for you each hold to your own alignments with your own belief systems and issues, neither of which are wrong. They are merely different.

It matters not that you each hold differences in these beliefs and within your thought processes and your creations of your individual realities. What I shall draw your attention to is to be looking to self and to be moving in the direction of acceptance of self and your own creations and your own direction, recognizing that other individuals may hold differences and it matters not. This is not a reflection upon your worth or your choices.

Your choices are yours, and they are your creation, and they are not right or wrong. They are your experiences, and not to be judged by self or by other individuals, but I am quite aware that you are not creating reality for other individuals. Therefore, you may not be expressive to other individuals to not be placing judgment upon your creations. This is their choice of their creation.

Your choice is to be turning your attention to self and recognizing that regardless of another individual’s expression or judgment through their beliefs, you continue to be not wrong, you continue to be worthy, and your choice is merely your choice.

In this, I express to you that it is unnecessary that you allow your feelings, as you express them to be, to be experiencing hurtfulness, for no other individual may be hurting of you without your acceptance of that action, your own incorporation of alignment with their belief. THIS is what is creating of hurtfulness – your agreement with their lack of acceptance.

In this, I express to you that you offer yourself the opportunity to be viewing your own creations and attending your attention in the area of your own acceptance. Other individual’s engagements with each other concern their beliefs, their creations, and their issues, and it matters not with respect to yourself.

This is not to say that each action and choice is not affecting by each individual throughout consciousness, but it is not your responsibility. Your responsibility lies within self, and [you] shall be offering energy and helpfulness to all other individuals by your attention to self and your discontinuation of incorporating the allowance of penetration of other individuals’ expressions and their alignment with their own issues and beliefs into your energy field.” [session 393, May 09, 1999]

CAROLE: “Elias, in reference to the three orientations, I naturally tried to figure out which one I am, and quite frankly, I sound like all three of them. It’s really not easy to figure out which one you are, and then I was thinking that Elias said that Michael [Mary] is soft and Lawrence [Vicki] is common, and then I remembered back in earlier sessions when Elias said there were thought-focused people and emotionally-focused people, and I wondered how that interacted with it, because it would seem as though a person who had a soft orientation would be more of an emotionally-focused person, or was that just the beginning stages of us beginning to understand about the orientations? Am I making my question clear?

ELIAS: I am understanding of your question! (Grinning)

CAROLE: Oh, good! (Laughter)

ELIAS: And I shall express to you, no, this was not merely an introduction to the information of orientations. Within your reality, you do create thought-focused individuals and emotionally-focused individuals and religiously-focused individuals and politically-focused individuals – but we focus very strongly upon the thought and emotion – and in this, these are different choices.

Now; in like manner to your choice of orientation, these are choices that you create prior to your physical manifestation. They are subjective choices. These are not objective choices.

I may express to you that individuals may be creating the choice to hold the orientation of soft and also create a thought-focus.

In this, it is dependent upon the pool of probabilities that the individual has chosen and which direction they have chosen within their intent as they manifest within physical reality.

Let me express to you, Michael [Mary], as with your example, has chosen the orientation of soft and has chosen the thought-focus. Coupling these two elements of reality within this particular focus allows more of an ease and an ability objectively to be engaging this phenomenon. Therefore, it is quite purposeful.

I may express to you, Mylo [David] has chosen to be orientation of soft, and emotionally-focused. Mylo [David], I may say to you, would be experiencing much more conflict in the engagement of this type of energy exchange than does Michael [Mary], but Mylo [David] does not engage this type of energy exchange, and therefore, within his intent, he is creating quite efficiently and perfectly.

CAROLE: So would that be an unusual combination, to be thought-focused and have a soft orientation?



ELIAS: Many individuals choose to be holding a thought-focus and also a soft orientation. This allows, in a manner of speaking, more of an objective balance.

Now; many individuals also create an emotional-focus and the orientation of soft to be experiencing an intensification of emotional creations.

CAROLE: Oh god! That’s probably what I am! (Laughing)

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Many individuals in a particular focus may hold a fascination with the creation of emotional expressions, and in this, they choose not to merely be experiencing individually their own emotional expressions, but they also are aligning with their entire reality in their emotional expressions! (Grinning)

CAROLE: That explains it. I hear you!

ELIAS: And creating extremes – much laughter and much sobbing!

CAROLE: Thank you.

ELIAS: (Chuckling) You are welcome.” [session 475, September 22, 1999]

RHONDA: “Am I thought or emotionally based?

ELIAS: Emotional-focus.

RHONDA: What does that mean, Elias?

ELIAS: Within this physical dimension, essence manifests focuses in quite specific manners to be creating of certain types of functions and perceptions. In this, you may focus within this dimension in a type of functioning manner which manifests in four categories, so to speak.

Now; these functions – which are identified as emotional-focus, thought-focus, religious or political-focuses – are influencing of your perception. Your perception is the tool that you incorporate in this physical dimension which creates your reality, and in a manner of speaking, processes information concerning your reality.

In this, the type of focus that you incorporate – such as an emotional-focus – is influencing of the function of your perception; how it shall process the information that you intake and how it shall express the creation of your reality.

In this, emotionally-focused individuals input information concerning their reality through the yellow energy center.

All of you incorporate eight energy centers within your physical body consciousness. In this, certain energy centers facilitate the processing of information concerning your reality, and also allow you the expression outwardly, through your perception, of that same energy center, which creates your reality.

Your yellow energy center does not create your reality. Your perception creates your reality, but the process[ing] of information concerning your reality moves through this particular energy center, as being an emotionally-focused individual.

Individuals that are religious-focused shall process information through the red energy center. Individuals that are political-focused individuals shall process information through the blue energy center. Those individuals that are thought-focused shall process information through the purple energy center.

This is a function of your physical manifestation within this particular physical dimension.

Now; this particular function is influencing of how you create your reality, for it is influencing of your perception within this physical reality.

In this, in similar manner to your physical nervous system within your physical body, it is influencing of the functioning and the creations of different elements of your physical body. Your blood flow, your organ functions, your physical movement and motor abilities are affected by the influence of your physical nervous system. This nervous system that you incorporate physically is an integral element of your physical body functioning.

In similar manner, the type of focus that you create in any particular manifestation is also influencing of all of your creation of your reality. It is influencing of your personality type, it is influencing of your perception, and it is the manner in which you process information in relation to this physical reality.

Now; in simplistic terms, emotionally-focused individuals respond inwardly to information and stimulus through the yellow energy center and the responsiveness of their emotions. This is not to say that individuals that are emotionally-focused do not also process information and incorporate the functions of all other types of focuses, but that they initially input and output their creations and their reality through the expression of emotion.

Individuals that incorporate thought-focus within a particular manifestation input and output through the action of thought initially. Those individuals that incorporate the focus of religious-focus input and output through feeling; not emotion, but through feeling. Those individuals that incorporate political-focus input and output through sensation.

Therefore, each of these identifications of a particular design of manifestation within any focus creates a type of color lens, so to speak, through which the individual shall perceive their reality.” [session 622, May 26, 2000]

HAL: “Elias, some time ago, you had talked about four focuses – I guess I’ve got it right – religious, political, thought, and emotion. I haven’t heard anything more on that, and I was wondering, could you please elaborate on that, and which one of those would I be and would Geri be, and is that particularly significant?

... I shall express to you this evening that I shall be offering more information as to the clarification of these four aspects of expression, which are chosen in conjunction with personality as an individual manifests within this physical dimension.

Each of these are a choice. I may express to you, in like manner to orientation, each of these is not an objective choice.

These are choices that are created in relation to a particular manifestation, in relation to the intent of that manifestation, and how they shall direct the energy within a particular manifestation to be accomplishing that intent in the manner that they choose to explore.

(To Hal and Geri) I shall express to each of you, you are both emotionally-focused individuals.

I have expressed, for the most part, of these four expressions, emotional-focus is the most commonly chosen by essences as they choose to be physically manifest, in like manner to the orientation of common, which is offered its name in description, that it IS the most common orientation chosen within any particular time framework of manifestations in this dimension.

Second to emotionally-focused is the expression of thought-focused individuals, which is less common, but is more common than the other two expressions of political-focus and religious-focus.

political-focus and religious-focus are NOT defined by your definition of these terms, just as what I have offered to you in information concerning orientations, [which] are not defined in what you associate as sexual orientation, in your definitions. The definitions that I have offered to you are different.

These expressions move in conjunction with the personality type, which is chosen by the individual focus, and which moves in the most ease in relation to those personality types. They are, in a manner of speaking, a function. They are different from orientation, for they are not a hue of perception.

HAL: Not?

ELIAS: Not. They are a function of intake and output of information.

In a manner of speaking, they are a function of how you process information – how you input to yourself and how you output from yourself in information – and in that process, which manner you shall express more strongly and which avenue you shall express more easily, more naturally, and in actuality, first.

The expressions of political-focus and religious-focus are different from emotional-focus and thought-focus, and these two are much more uncommonly expressed.

Individuals that are politically-focused do not express through what you identify as thought or emotion initially, although it may appear that they lean more in the expression of thought. But it is not a thought-focused process of information.

politically-focused individuals are focused within their process of information in collectivity. They process information through a collective expression; which I may express to you presently, within this present group of individuals, there are none of, and therefore, the expression is quite foreign to you and may be quite difficult for your objective understanding.

religiously-focused individuals may be somewhat easier for your objective understanding, for you do hold somewhat of an objective understanding of what you term and define as intuition, which you also view as different from emotion.

Individuals that are religiously-focused process information, intake and output, through a mechanism similar to impression, but not entirely in the same design as impressions. You all engage impressions. This would be a similar process to intuition, but it is not an expression of intuition. It does not require thought, and it is, although closer to the expression of emotional process, it is not emotional process. It does not engage emotion.

Now; recognize that each of these processes – or mechanisms for processing information – does not exclude the engagement of those mechanisms in every other individual, for all of you possess all of these expressions. One is dominant. The dominant expression, the dominant mechanism, is that which is the most familiar to you and the one that you process through first, the one that is the most automatic to you and the one that you listen to more intently.

Individuals that are emotionally-focused trust their emotions. They trust the expression of their emotions. They do not discount the expression of their emotions quite as readily, for these are familiar to them. They have allowed themselves the expression of acceptance and trust of this particular mechanism and form of communication with self.

Individuals that are thought-focused trust thought. They move much more quickly in the direction of the intellect and processing through thoughts. They may be suspicious of emotional expressions.

(Vic’s note: Here, Elias grins and everybody cracks up, as Cathy and I have been giggling at the ‘thought’ of somebody actually trusting their emotions! We are both thought-focused.)

ANTONE: But not necessarily, right?

ELIAS: Not necessarily. Many times individuals that are thought-focused shall be trusting of emotional expressions; many times as they experience those in intensity.

ANTONE: Well, when you said earlier that I was paying attention to my thought processes and my emotions, that’s why I said they are not necessarily exclusive. Is that right? Because apparently, those are the two I’m paying attention to....

ELIAS: You ALL pay attention to your thoughts and emotions, regardless of which mechanism you process through initially. These are the two most dominant expressions of communication that you engage within physical focus. Therefore, regardless of which mechanism you choose in manifesting of these four, you all engage and pay attention to thoughts and emotions, for they are dominant.

In like manner, as I have expressed previously, to your outer senses, you all pay attention to your sight. You all pay attention to your hearing. These are dominant outer senses.

Those of you that choose to be engaging your attention in relation to inner senses ... although you all hold them and you all engage them, some individuals choose not to pay attention to them. But those of you that do pay attention focus your attention upon your empathic sense as dominant to the other inner senses, and you shall engage that inner sense much more often.

You are very singularly focused, and in your focus of attention, you choose singular avenues of dominance in every area of your expressions in which you shall pay attention more closely. This is not an indication of whether you be an emotionally-focused individual, a thought-focused, a politically-focused, or a religious-focused. What is an indication is how you process information, what your initial intake is of information.

At times, this may not appear clearly to many of you, for you may think that you are intaking information through thought first, for this is how you associate. But I shall express to you, most individuals process initially through emotion. It may not appear to you strongly, but you FEEL first. You may think within a moment subsequent to the feeling, but the feeling is first.

The other indication is what you trust. Individuals that are emotionally-focused lean in the direction at times of being suspicious of thought – that their thoughts are confusing them, that their thoughts are expressing to them convolutions, that they are deluding themselves. What may be trusted is the emotion. Your GUT (emphatic pause) shall express the truth to you when your intellect is attempting to confuse you.

Individuals that are thought-focused shall express that emotions are merely confusing the situation! (Laughter) They are interrupting their thoughts. They are an annoyance. They attempt to be paying little attention to these annoying feelings that are convoluting them and distracting of their thought process.

Individuals that are thought-focused also lend little attention to other individuals’ emotional expressions ... OR wants. (Laughter)

ANTONE: You say, people that are thought-focused.

ELIAS: Correct. Individuals that are emotionally-focused concern themselves with other individuals’ emotional expressions. You shall be mindful of other individuals’ feelings as an emotionally-focused individual. You shall consider other individuals’ emotions.

This is not to say that emotionally-focused individuals at times are not considering of other individuals’ feelings, so to speak, and this is also not to say that thought-focused individuals are oblivious to the feelings of other individuals, but their attention is not centered in these manners. thought-focused individuals’ attention is centered within thought. emotionally-focused individuals’ attention is centered within emotion.

religiously-focused individuals’ attention is centered in an expression other than intuition, but similar to intuition. This in actuality is the genuine expression of processing information through feeling, which is different from emotion.

LISA: Well, we do have religiously-focused people here. (Elias grins and starts to say something...)

CATHY: In your perception! (Laughter)

LISA: Just checking! (Laughing)

CATHY: In your definition! (Laughter)

LISA: So what do we think about everybody else? (Laughing)

ELIAS: What DO you think? (Grinning)

LISA: I think they’re all wacked! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ah! (Grinning)

LISA: I think they’re all an annoyance! (Laughing, and Elias chuckles) None of those emotions OR thoughts matter, is how I feel. Like you said, very different from emotion.

ELIAS: And what is your definition of how you feel?

LISA: It’s a vibration.

ELIAS: And shall you....

LISA: I don’t know – it’s partially physical, and it’s partially thought, and it’s partially emotional. I don’t know.

ELIAS: And what is your definition of emotion? (Pause)

LISA: I think there’s like an intention ... with emotion, there’s an intention of interaction.

ELIAS: Not necessarily.


ELIAS: Many expressions of emotion are quite singular and held to the individual, and not necessarily interactive with other individuals.

LISA: Okay, then what is the difference?

ELIAS: What you are expressing – a vibration within yourself physically is a quality of emotion.

LISA: Okay.

ELIAS: A responsiveness within a combination of your yellow energy center, your blue energy center, and your indigo energy center, in vibrational quality interacting together, create what you interpret as a feeling, which you assign terms to. You assign words to be describing of these emotions. emotions may be expressed in a myriad of manners, and you may assign many, many terms to define the quality of expression of these emotions.

Feeling is not a vibrating within you. It is a sensing, in a manner of speaking. It carries with it no physical action. It also is not defined and has not been defined within your language. It is a type of knowing. It is a calmness. It is a sensing of ‘other,’ of energy which is recognized as different from what is familiar to you. Feeling may more accurately be described within your language as a sensing, which does not engage emotion, but also does not engage thought. All of you engage this action. This is not to say that all of you process your information of input and output through this manner.

LISA: But trusting that sense is an indication.

ELIAS: If this is the dominant trust.

LISA: Right. What about intensity? Does the fact that somebody experiences great emotional intensity mean that they’re emotionally-focused?

ELIAS: Some individuals may be experiencing tremendous intensity of emotion and not necessarily be emotionally-focused, but they are not expressing their communication to themself or to other individuals through this manner.

Let me express to you, an individual that may be politically-focused or thought-focused may experience time frameworks of tremendous intensity of emotion, and their interaction with another individual shall be a description of that emotion. Their sharing with another individual shall be an analyzation of that emotion, and a tremendous attempt to be expressing in language the quality of the experience.

An individual that may not be thought-focused or politically-focused may not necessarily express that type of analyzation of the emotion, but merely express it. They may offer a brief explanation at times, feeling it necessary to be offering an explanation of why they are expressing an intensity of an emotion, but they also shall offer the emotion itself more freely and not question it, and also not attempt to be justifying or explaining that emotion as extensively.

For there is an expression in that emotion which is comfortable and familiar and trusted, and there is an association and an expectation that other individuals shall recognize that also.

In like manner, [with] thought-focused individuals, there is an association and an expectation that other individuals shall understand the lack of expression, and shall not question.

Offering yourselves interaction with each other and an allowance for recognition of these different types of expressions may be valuable to you in widening your awareness and offering you more of a comprehensive understanding of each other in differences, and therefore eliminating the threat of difference and allowing you a clearer avenue for acceptance.” [session 711, October 26, 2000]

RODNEY: “… you spoke to someone recently about the manner in which essence structures our focus in terms of the input and output of information in a focus, and you mentioned four aspects of that. One was emotional, one was religious, one was thought, and one was political, and I gave that some attention, and it came to me that the manner in which I first go is to thought, and I’ve had the color purple, and I gather from what you just said that that is an accurate interpretation or assessment. Is that correct?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct. Your association with the color is your individual imagery that you create in association with this type of expression in thought-focus.

RODNEY: You said something about this also influencing personality type. By personality type, you’re referring to whether a person is common or soft?

ELIAS: No. This is the identification of orientation. This is a different expression than that of personality.

RODNEY: How would you define personality in that context?

ELIAS: The personality is a structure of expressional type. It is the identification, in part, of the expression of the individual in a construct, so to speak.

The personality is, in a manner of speaking, the blueprint of the expression, and influencing of the manner in which the individual shall structure their experience in relation to their engagement and interaction with their communications of self.

Now; the manner in which you engage your communications with self also influences your expression outwardly and how you interact with other individuals.

The personality is quite interactive with the different expressions of communication, and in the individuality and uniqueness of each individual, you may express some qualities in similarity to each other.

This is the identification of personality types.

But even within the expressions of personality types, each individual expresses a uniqueness to themselves in their blueprint of the individual personality, which is your expression of all of your communications. Therefore, it is also quite influencing of the mechanism of perception.

Now; I may express to you, all of these elements of an individual which are chosen in the expression of any one particular manifestation or focus of attention are all intertwined with each other, which creates an interplay of influence of all of these different aspects of expression of the individual: the expression of body consciousness, the expression of communications in all of its forms and as expressed through all of its avenues, the association of beliefs that the individual aligns with, the expression and blueprint of personality and personality type, the association of the type of focus which is chosen by the individual and the orientation that the individual has chosen, and the association of physical expression in relation to physical body consciousness in association with gender.

These are all factors which create a contribution in their interplay with each other and their intertwining effects with each other that create an individual unique expression, which is that of your perception.

RODNEY: I thank you for all of that.

ELIAS: You are welcome.

RODNEY: So the expressions I’m creating for myself are a ‘method,’ if you will, or an expression to open up these other communication channels?

ELIAS: Not necessarily to open these other channels of communication, but to allow you to be noticing and paying attention.

RODNEY: Right. Okay, understood. Thank you again.

… Recently, I got the urge to attempt to write down my thoughts in a metaphorical way, almost as an aid to assist me, to help me understand certain concepts and beliefs in right and wrong and duplicity and acceptance and things like that. It sounds like it’s kind of a natural for me, if thought is my primary medium. Excuse me for a moment. I want to change my tape. (Pause)

If thought is my primary function for communicating, then writing is a more natural medium for my expression than, say, a political- or religious-focus would be.

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

RODNEY: Not necessarily. Okay. Would you comment further on that?

ELIAS: I may express to you, creating these types of associations and identifications narrows your recognition of the expressions and creativity of any individual.

Thought as a focus of expression and perception does not necessarily express itself most efficiently through the medium of writing. This is an expression of the individual. It is not necessarily an association of the choice of thought-focus.

Individuals holding any of these other three expressions of focus may be expressing creativity and communication quite efficiently through writing. This is the choice of the individual and what may be an efficient and free flow of energy in expression of that particular individual.

RODNEY: Okay. So do I hear you saying that any of these four manners, I think you referred to them, could choose any medium in which to express themselves?


RODNEY: Okay, and that not any single one medium of expression would necessarily be implied. It’s just a choice on the part of the focus.

ELIAS: Correct.

RODNEY: I could choose to be painting, for instance.

ELIAS: Correct.” [session 753, January 06, 2001]

JOHN: … there were definitions in terms of personality types that you said you were going to talk more about, so I wondered whether this might be a good time to talk more about them. It was the emotional, religious, political, thought, in terms of what we’re talking about here.

ELIAS: Ah. Once again, I shall express to you, in relation to the identifications of these personality expressions and more of an offering of information as to their qualities and their expressions, this shall be requiring of its own session time framework shall we say, for this is an intricate subject matter. But I shall express to you, yes, in like manner to orientations, there is an affectingness of each of these personality types upon how you shall be interactive with yourself and with other individuals.

Now; I may also express to you that generally speaking, the one personality type that may experience more challenge in relation to this subject matter of creating a relationship with self and allowing that familiarity and recognizing of their communications to self shall be that of the thought-focused individuals. For thought-focused individuals pay less attention to the emotional communication and attempt many times to override emotional communication through the incorporation of thought, which it is not designed to be incorporating that action; but there is less of an objective understanding of the emotional communication with thought-focused individuals.

This is not to say that they may not become aware and incorporate as much of a familiarity with this type of communication as any other of these personality types, but there is an incorporation of more challenge for these individuals. The other three incorporate less difficulty in allowing the expression of emotional communication.

Now; let me also express to you, this is not to say that emotionally-focused individuals create the most ease in interpretation of their communications, for they do not; for you all have defined emotional communication as reaction and not as communication. But individuals that are incorporating an emotional focus are much more familiar with paying attention to their emotional expressions.” [session 800, March 18, 2001]

GERHARD: “Am I a political-focus?

ELIAS: Correct.

GERHARD: What is the difference to thought-focus, or what is the specialty of politicals?

ELIAS: The difference between thought-focused individuals and political-focused individuals is that political-focused individuals do incorporate somewhat more of an emotional processing. These focus types are, in a manner of speaking, associated with personality and the manner in which individuals process information.

Now; this is not to say that any individual does not incorporate emotion. That is different. But emotionally-focused individuals process information through feelings first. This is not to say that they do not think; for they do, immediately. But the information is input initially through feeling – not emotion, feeling, for emotion is different.

Now; the feeling is almost a type of sensing. They sense and they process in that manner, and that offers the information to the thought mechanism in which they translate the information.

Thought-focused individuals process through thought. The information is input through impulse and impression, but not in the same manner as an emotionally-focused individual. This is not a feeling and it is not necessarily a sensing. It is merely an impression which immediately is processed through thought, also. But there is no feeling necessarily associated with it.

Political-focused individuals incorporate both; in a manner of speaking, more leaning toward the thought-focused process, but they also incorporate that sensing, that feeling that emotionally-focused individuals incorporate. Therefore, political-focused individuals, generally speaking, are much more easily interactive with more individuals and may easily access information of energy through other individuals or from other individuals.

Whereas emotionally-focused individuals are receiving the FEELING aspect, which may be overwhelming to them at times and may at times be confusing, thought-focused individuals are receiving the impressions, and if practicing and if paying attention, they may be sensing some energies from other individuals. Soft individuals accomplish this much more easily as thought-focused individuals than common. But they may be somewhat easily deluded, so to speak, by the energy of other individuals in relation to the manner in which they process the information, for they are not allowing that feeling aspect of the energy that they are receiving. The political-focused individual generates both, but more so to the thought.” [session 1394, July 18, 2003]

End Notes:

(1) Vic’s note: this is the exercise:

“Each time you experience an impulse or an emotion, no matter how small, notice your thought patterns. Notice if they are in harmony. If they are not, you will experience a pull. This pull will show itself in a manner of excusing, or invalidating, or rationalization. Sometimes, you will not experience what you feel to be an emotion. You will only experience an impulse. Do not discount these impulses any more than you would an actual feeling.”

(2) Paul’s note: Elias uses the metaphor of orange sections to show that there is no separation within consciousness, that it’s all connected. He says that we create the artificial division of sections where none really exist. The same is true with our physical selves and our essence.

(3) Paul’s note: Jane Roberts engaged an energy exchange with an “energy personality essence” named Seth from December 1963 until her passing in September 1984. Seth/Jane produced over 40 books of material during that time that now forms a body of philosophy that is called the Seth Material.

Some of Seth/Jane’s concepts included probable realities, simultaneous time or “no-time,” “reincarnation” based upon “no-time” not karma, the eternal validity of the soul, we create our own reality, counterparts, the nine families of consciousness, the purpose of physical life as value fulfillment, and a huge transition in human consciousness that is to be completed by 2075, to name a few.

Digests: find out more about Seth/Jane Roberts.

(4) Paul’s note: a reference to an experience Mary had early on in which she projected during a session, while engaging the energy exchange with Elias, to an area of consciousness far removed from our physical one. Mary described it as containing various colors, shapes, and sounds that she found difficult, if not impossible, to describe in words.

(5) Paul’s note: Elias later introduced his “secrets” exercise, much to the delight of those present (that’s a joke, son).

Exercises: find out more about the noticing beliefs in separation; secrets exercise.

(6) Paul’s note: a reference to the essence of Rose, who plays an important role in facilitating the shift in consciousness.

Digests: find out more about the essence of Rose.

(7) Paul’s note: Jim refers to the group exercise from several weeks earlier, in which Elias provided some additional parts to the clarity exercise.

Exercises: find out more about the clarity exercise; energy centers.

(8) Vic’s note: this is in reference to Jim’s pain in the right shoulder, which began a few years ago, and pain in the left shoulder that Mary and I both created recently. Mine was quite intense and lasted for a few months. The day it “mysteriously” disappeared was the same day that Mary’s began, although hers only lasted a few weeks. (Mary usually moves through stuff faster than I do!) The “coincidences” of these events inspired an investigation.

We discovered that we both went to the chiropractor, which didn’t “work” for either one of us, and that both chiropractors made the same diagnosis – that the first rib was out of place. This inspired a discussion about gender-related issues, and we finally came to the conclusion that our shoulder pain was related to moving towards some sort of a balance. Hey Mare! We did pretty good!

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