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ELIAS: “Also, within your exercise of clarity, add to this exercise ... as you are all accomplishing so very well! (Humorously, and chuckling) Within your energy centers, engage two energy centers. Mingle these energy centers as they radiate and envision these, within your clarity, moving around your body, up and down, as hoops. In this, notice your sense of touch. Notice your feeling of your skin as your energy centers radiate and move up and down your body.

In this, I shall be waiting for your descriptions of what you notice, for your noticing shall not only be a sensation of movement against your skin, up and down your body. You shall experience, if you are noticing and clear, different sensations dependent upon which energy centers you choose to be engaging, for they shall be affecting of different elements of your physical expression.

These exercises are offered to you not as time consumers. They are offered to you to allow you the opportunity to be clear within your manifestation within physical focus, and be appreciating of your creative power.

As I have stated previously, each area of consciousness that you focus upon, each area of consciousness that your attention is held within, is important. No area is more important than another area. Therefore, it is important that you realize that this area that you occupy within your attention presently is all-important. You do not occupy this area of consciousness, physically focused, merely to be striving for another area of consciousness. Each area is all-important within itself. The confusion that you experience within one, as a result of lack of understanding, shall be repeated within another. Therefore, you attempt to be clear within this area.” [session 149, January 19, 1997]

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