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ELIAS: “I will incorporate an exercise with you. Our meeting within this forum incorporates connection, not only with each other, but also within yourselves. This forum is designed here with the purpose of avoiding trauma. The way in which you will be avoiding trauma is to incorporate more awareness of self in connection with essence; also, to eliminate as much separation as possible. Therefore, we will periodically incorporate exercises to widen your awareness of self, and in this incorporate less separation from essence, and more connection with each other.

This week, I will ask you each to examine yourselves and your belief systems. I will ask you to focus on these at another awareness than only superficially, and choose within you something that you experience conflict with in a belief system, incorporating some element that you would view as ’secretive’; (pause, for emphasis) an element personally involving yourself, in which you would not be comfortable in sharing with another individual. You may be using your entire week to find this element! Therefore, you have much time to explore your own consciousness; and if you are bringing to this audience next week that you have stolen a piece of candy from a dime store when you were a child, incorporating a belief system that this is bad, I will be laughing at you, and expressing that you think harder! (Long, silent pause)


VICKI: So we’re supposed to examine ourselves, and find an element that we normally wouldn’t share with other people, and connect it with a belief system.


RON: Then we have to share it? (Much ‘nervous’ laughter)

CATHY: That’s the best part, too!

RON: Luckily, I don’t have anything like that! (Laughter) Other people are upset about this whole thing!

ELIAS: This is for the reason that Ron is ultimately balanced, and also has reached a ‘level of perfection!’ (Humorously sarcastic) This is also why Ron is still physically focused! (Laughter) Although I did think I experienced communication and communion with you within my focus. It must be an apparition, seeing you this evening! (Again, very humorously sarcastic, laughter, and a pause) Yes, we will share! (More laughter) And, I will share with you also.

RON: Is this going to be a contest? (More laughter)

ELIAS: If this be the case, do not think that I will win! I’m quite sure that I, throughout my many lifetimes, in your terms, have experienced far worse, also in your terms, than any of you have experienced within this physical focus! (Pause)

CATHY: Could you give us like an example? (Laughter) I want to feel you out here. I mean, the candy bar was like too simple, but I’m sure you’ve done this with other groups somewhere else. Can you like just give us a little example? (Nice try, Cathy!)

ELIAS: You may delve within your consciousness and self, and I will express my sharing and my example within our meeting, in exchanging of these experiences ... next week! (Grinning, and more laughter)

CATHY: Something that is a secret to yourself?

ELIAS: This does not necessarily mean an action. You may hold a belief system that affects you, that you only think about or feel, but do not actually physically act out, but is affecting of your focus, for it is a belief system. You may express an action which you have engaged in, that you believe that you must be secretive about. I will express more later. (Pause)

GUIN: Wouldn’t it be neater if we like, if we try to just connect, like send it out to everybody, rather than verbally saying it next week? That would be better connecting, right? (Nice try, Guin!)

ELIAS: This is part of this exercise. I have expressed to you, first of all, that in reality there is no right or wrong. This exercise is expressly to illustrate to you how you disconnect, and separate, and create value judgments, and influence your own selves, and affect your own consciousness through belief systems. The point of this exercise will not be taken if you are not taking the step in connection, and risking in trust. If you are not incorporating trust, and if you are continuing to incorporate separation, you will experience trauma within your shift. My purpose in speaking to you is to avoid this.

You are now all incorporated and connected enough to begin with practical application, and with actually widening awareness. Thus far, you are widening awareness conceptually, and also, periodically, experientially; but for the most part, even your experiences in connecting or widening are very limited. When you are faced with separation or conflict, you are stuck. If I am helping in instructing in trying to eliminate part of your separation, and incorporating more trust, you will incorporate more understanding of how to deal with conflict, and eliminate this.” [session 33, August 27, 1995]

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