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psychological time

Elias “gems”

ELIAS: “As we move futurely into the discussion of the inner sense which involves your time framework, this shall also encompass the existing idea of what you now think of as psychological time. (1) I do not incorporate this terminology, for as you are aware, I do not incorporate psychology. Therefore, we shall not be addressing this sense within the terminology of psychological time, although the concept is the same and encompassed within the entirety of the inner sense which deals with your interaction with time. This is a very difficult inner sense to be objectively manipulating, for you are very accustomed to moving through physical focus within a time framework. All of your objective consciousness is involved and centered around a time framework. Therefore, it is more difficult for you to be disassociating with this element. It shall be easier if you are learning to be engaging these other inner senses prior to attempting to disassociate with your camouflage of time. It is difficult enough to be disassociating yourselves with any element of your camouflage.” [session 162, April 06, 1997]

Elias “gems”

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: a reference to the work of Seth/Jane Roberts, who originally presented the concept of (nine) inner senses in The Seth Material, (1970), Chapter 19, The Inner Senses. The second inner sense is called psychological time.

  1. Inner Vibrational Touch
  2. Psychological Time
  3. Perception of Past, Present, and Future
  4. Conceptual Sense
  5. Cognition of Knowledgeable Essence
  6. Innate Knowledge of Basic Reality
  7. Expansion or Contraction of the Tissue Capsule
  8. Disentanglement from Camouflage
  9. Diffusion by the Energy Personality

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