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Paul’s note: the following is not a prescriptive exercise or method, but rather a highly informative metaphor in which Elias incorporates individual experiences in the context of the birth of Elizabeth’s son Sean.

(Vic’s note: Cathy has been a core participant of this group since July, 1995. This is the first session she has attended since January 7, as she has been out of the country; although within her absence, she has remained very connected with the material, and also with Ron, Vicki, and Mary. Note also that this is the first session we have had since the birth of Elizabeth’s baby (named Sean), who was born on May 30, 1996. Elizabeth is one of Mary’s two daughters).

Elias arrives at 8:10 PM. (Arrival time was thirty seconds)

ELIAS: “Good evening! Welcome physically, once again, to Shynla [Cathy]!

CATHY: Thank you.

ELIAS: We shall deviate this evening, temporarily, from our text, to be addressing to more immediate issues. To begin with, I shall offer my heartiest congratulations and acknowledgment to you all, for you have fared well throughout your entirety of your pregnancies, and you have accomplished well, within your labor and delivery, in new birth.

(Vic’s note: here, there is an interesting pause, during which you can almost hear all of us thinking, ‘What the heck are you talking about???')

This evening’s session shall serve to allow you the opportunity to view the interconnectedness of you all, and also of all physically focused essences. My congratulations is not extended to Elizabeth [Elizabeth], although I shall be offering this also, but to each of you; for we have demonstrated, many times to you previously, the parallels that you exhibit within physical focus, within actions. You continue to be astonished at how you connect and experience similarities. We continue to express to you that within waves of energy and consciousness, you experience underlying intents the same. You also, not accidentally, incorporate examples to be helpful to you, for your understanding of your movements and your actions.

Within our group of individuals, we have incorporated one small one who has physically manifest, for you, the expression of the symbol of what you each also experience, within your own movement and action and experiences. Throughout our time, you have experienced our conception, our initiation; the inception of our meetings. You have also experienced their incubation, allowing yourselves a period of time to become acquainted; to become acquainted with yourselves, and with others, and with essence. This relationship has grown; has been nurtured. You have brought this relationship to its term, so to speak; to the point that it shall come into its fruition.

In this, you also have experienced, within your individual focuses, your own labor. Some individuals experience a quite joyful excitement. Some experience confusion and reluctance. Some experience much overwhelming emotion. Some experience frustration. Some experience anger. All experience an extreme expression of emotion within a limited time period, for each of you has anticipated bringing forth an element, or what you may term an aspect of yourselves, of your essence, into objective consciousness; therefore giving birth to an aspect of your own selves.

I have been expressing for some time that we embark upon a new agenda. (1) This is beginning. This also coincides with your new awakening and beginning within this area. You may individually experience feelings of sadness or loss; an aspect of a familiarity ending. This is your physical interpretation, not wishing to incorporate change; although with the new birth, the new change also may be quite rewarding and wonderful! As a new mother with a small one, there is apprehension and fearfulness. There is reluctance. There are many emotions expressed, for they incorporate a tremendous new challenge; but they also allow themselves the opportunity to view and experience what you term to be a new miracle.

As there are no accidents, it also is no accident that our Elizabeth [Elizabeth] was incorporated into this company, and holds strong connections. You may find that you have experienced fleeting feelings, temporarily, of separation, confusion, uncertainty; also, as I have stated previously, being connected with a feeling of ‘ending.’ As there are no actual endings or beginnings, there is no ending presently either. We are embarking upon a new course. This is not to say that our previous course shall be ending. We only expand; therefore we increase.

This new physical focus marks the final, if you are choosing this word final, manifestation of Rose. There are, in actuality, nine, being representative, obviously, of your families; this being the final, actual physical birth. All of these small ones have been manifest now. Therefore, you identify, without an objective knowing, an ending, for the gestation has ended, in your terms. But also, there is incorporated a beginning, for these mark a beginning of ‘the new consciousness,’ if you will; a new awareness; you being fortunate to have the opportunity to be viewing and observing three of the nine. In this, you may wish to be incorporating this opportunity to show yourselves the difference of these small ones, for it shall be noticeable. It has been obvious already, within two. It shall be obvious within the third.

(Vic’s note: Originally, we were under the impression that Rose would be manifesting within twins, and we were aware of these babies. Recently, we discovered a third, these being the three that Elias is referring to. Now, we learn that there are nine babies!)

This, in your time frame, is a time that you may be viewing with great joy and excitement! I have spoken to you recently quite seriously, expressing the importance of your understanding and your involvement within consciousness, as related to your shift. I have spoken to you of your responsibilities. I now express to you also that within these responsibilities, and the action of movement of consciousness that you have chosen to be involved with, you may also allow yourself the realization of the miracle of your creation. Each of you has brought forth aspects of consciousness to be engaging this shift. This is not to say that you have completed, for there is no completion; but you have allowed the emergence. Therefore, you may begin to stand ready. You continue with your learning, and your connecting, and noticing, and widening; but you shall also be quite affecting, more directly, within consciousness, for you have allowed yourselves to be connecting with yourselves; and although you may view yourselves to be not so very connected, (grinning) or ’slipping backwards,’ I assure you, you move quite effectively within your forward direction. You have learned much. You hold the willingness to ‘run the race!’ You have our acknowledgment for accomplishments.

We shall not engage our game this evening, for I shall engage a small exercise instead. I shall be asking each of you to be accounting to us of your perception of your experience within your pregnancy and your labor; therefore allowing you to view, slightly, your new birth, and also allowing each other the opportunity to be viewing connections and parallels. How do you view your gestation period? (Pause, during which Cathy starts cracking up) Shynla [Cathy] was believing that she would be very quiet this evening, and only listening!

CATHY: How perceptive!

ELIAS: We shall begin with Shynla [Cathy]! (Grinning at Cathy)

CATHY: I knew it! I just knew it! (Laughing) Shynla [Cathy] is clueless at the moment! I don’t go first, Elias!

ELIAS: Ah, but you are so connected! (Still grinning widely)

CATHY: What was the question? (Pause) Are you really gonna make me do this first? (She’s starting to lose it!)

ELIAS: Were you not wishing to be connecting within physical focus? (Elias is really enjoying himself here!)

CATHY: Up until now I was! I went, ‘Oh no, exercise!’ As soon as you said exercise, I went, ‘Uh oh!’

ELIAS: Stamping feet at blinking lights!

CATHY: That’s me! (Pause) Well, I threw tantrums, mostly.

ELIAS: The pregnancy was not going well? (Still grinning)

CATHY: No, it wasn’t! Isn’t that good enough? (Pause, with Elias still grinning at Cathy, waiting) Are you exercising patience?

ELIAS: I have exercised patience for much time, in your terms. I need not exercise this any longer! It is automatic! (Laughter)

CATHY: Would you be so kind as to repeat the question?

ELIAS: Shall I offer you an explanation?

CATHY: Sure!

ELIAS: We shall incorporate Shynla [Cathy] as an example!

CATHY: Oh, goody!

ELIAS: A tremendous excitement and willingness to be incorporating this situation; much joy at the conception. She was experiencing much willingness to be engaging this condition, in hopes of a very fruitful outcome. Therefore, within the beginning months of this particular pregnancy, it was quite joyful, with a few setbacks; a few experiences of indigestion, a slight mood swing, to which there was an expression of impatience with Elias; but, for the most part, quite enjoyable within the beginning months.

Then, the turbulence began! This baby began to kick quite strongly. Shynla [Cathy] was not quite enthralled with this idea any longer. This kicking became much more intense, creating much conflict. Other individuals were incorporated to be helpful in alleviating this painfulness, but it was quite persistent. She also experienced a very long labor; months; tremendous endurance; quite agitatedly also, I may add, with much screaming and clawing in the interim! But, within the experience of the uncomfortableness and also the conflict, glimmers were also glimpsed; other individuals became helpful; situations were allowed to be alleviating of some conflict; perceptions began to be altered.

This baby grew to be quite large, therefore there was much uncomfortableness; although within the largeness of this baby, and also the conflict that was experienced with the idea of separation of change, there was also a beginning of welcomeness, and a growing of joy. In allowing an acceptance of one’s self, she began in altering belief systems and probabilities, and in this, allowing for a different perception. As perception was allowed to change, and other individuals were allowed to be affecting, there became an increase in anticipation of the new arrival, therefore a joyfulness being experienced. And then, the long wait! (Pause, grinning)

And, after a waiting period and much anticipation, the birth itself, to which you may symbolize the accomplishment of your physical action, reappearing within physical focus in this location; this being your accomplishment, which was accomplished with much struggle and much conflict, but much has also been gained. Therefore, there is much cause for great joy as you continue. You have accomplished much. You have all accomplished much! You only do not all view your accomplishments. Some view the birth as a fearful action, although you will realize, very soon, that these too are very wonderful and miraculous accomplishments.

CATHY: Thank you.

ELIAS: You are welcome. I shall not be expressing for you at our next exercise! (Grinning)

CATHY: I’m sure you won’t, but in this now, you did! And I’m glad!

ELIAS: Just as within our session of ‘secrets,’ you may learn much from each other’s experiences, for you may connect and view elements of other’s experiences within yourselves, which may be helpful to you within understanding. This may also be helpful to you in accepting, which you view to be your most difficult task presently. (Pause, and then to Ron) Olivia [Ron]!

RON: Is it my turn? I don’t know if I can go on as well as you did! My pregnancies have always been pretty easy! (Laughter)

ELIAS: (Grinning) This is acceptable, for each individual expresses differently; some more difficult, some more effortlessly; just as within physical focus, some individuals incorporate many, many hours of labor, some incorporate no time. Therefore, we deal with a wide spectrum, for you are all individuals creating your own individual experiences and realities, although they all interconnect. Therefore, your expression is equally valid.

RON: I did have a few things happen just recently, but they were mostly all pretty good things.

ELIAS: Shall you share this with these individuals, for their understanding? This pregnancy going along with no obstacles, quite easily; labor incorporating minimal action, but some.

RON: There was some. My daughter contacted me recently. Within about the same time period, there was about a week of time when a lot of people connected in our group were having different experiences, yet they seemed to be quite connected experiences, and my daughter called me after eight years just to see how I was doing, and that was probably one of the more emotional times that I’ve had in quite some time, and it was effortless.

ELIAS: I express to you; be you emotionally-focused, thought focused, politically focused, religiously focused, all experience a surge of emotional influx in relation to birth. It is an emotional experience within physical focus. You also incorporate, within these individuals and also many others not present within this particular group, a knowing of Rose and this emergence into physical focus, which translates by resonating emotionally within each of you. You may experience excitement, or joy, or despair; but you shall experience an emotional response.

It is also not an accident that your time factor coincides. We deal with these individuals present within our small group, for it is easier for you to understand and relate to, but these expressions extend far beyond this small company. The other six new little ones do not reside within this small area. One is what you would term to be as far away as China. Therefore, what you experience is another wave within consciousness that you have connected to; but you also, within another layer of consciousness, create your own individual expressions; and you also, within another layer of consciousness, create an expression connecting with each other within a small focus or group, as these individuals present. Just as we speak of the connections of Source Events and mass events and individuals events, you also individually connect, within many areas or layers of consciousness, within one intent; but holding many expressions, connecting in many directions. (Pause) And, Yarr [Jim]!

JIM: Good evening! I can relate to both pregnancies of Olivia [Ron] and Shynla [Cathy] in many aspects, many areas. I think, at the inception, I had expectations of certain things, certain ways of things to be, and in many ways, what I think has come through is not listening to the ways things should be, but listening to myself, and in that, in trusting myself. But I still feel, in some areas, that I’m still pregnant in those areas, and that I haven’t fully resolved some of those issues. I have a great desire to dissolve those issues, but there still seems to be ... I still seem to be in labor, I guess! The frustration is prevalent. I’m coming to a point, I feel, where the frustration subsides, and I’m getting to a point of accepting what’s in front of me, and not expecting, and not being frustrated from things not living up to my expectations, because my expectations are conceptions of cultural beliefs and other people’s beliefs, and I’m trying hard to listen to my own beliefs, and know that those beliefs, those truths, are my reality.

ELIAS: And I shall offer our viewing; a great curiosity, at conception, to be experiencing; an acceptance, initially of the experience. Moving into the beginnings of this pregnancy, a great excitement, which was replaced by a great rejection. A battle raged! ‘I am wishing to have this baby. I am not wishing to have this baby!’ Conflict was experienced; much vacillating back and forth.

There was also much allowance of other individuals to be influencing of the perception. This created much confusion. At a point towards the ending of this pregnancy, as Yarr [Jim] became great with child and was no longer holding the ability to be ‘not seeing,’ there began an acceptance of the possibility that there may occur an actual birth! Then ensued the labor; much uncomfortableness, but a great attempt to be distracting one’s self, to be accepting of painful issues and ‘breathing through’ them. The birth occurred, and before you lies the miracle; but the reality, you are not quite sure! ‘This may be a baby; this may be my imagination! I believe I am wishing to deal with this baby, and I shall be nurturing of it, but it may not be mine!’ This too, you shall move beyond; for this also, as within actual physical focus, is what you would term to be quite ‘normal.’ Acknowledge your accomplishment. Allow yourself the joyfulness of what you view.

JIM: Okay. Thank you so much.

ELIAS: You are welcome. (Turning to Jeff) And, Katarina [Jeff]!

JEFF: Now that I’m more confused! (Much laughter)

CATHY: It should be real easy now! (We’re all cracking up)

JEFF: Yeah, really! I should’ve gone first! Well, unlike Jim here, I think that I want my baby, and I always have. Maybe I just want it right away, and can’t have it fast enough. On the other hand, I’ve got issues, you know, personal things that I’m dealing with that are kind of weighing me down. Like I’ve felt I’ve been in a rut lately, like I haven’t gained anything, but I know that there’s so much out there, dangling everywhere. I mean, there’s pieces that I’m aware of, and I just want more of these to come together so I have a clearer picture, and I can just accept my big change that I’m going into. I look at it both happy and depressing, at the moment.

ELIAS: And, we shall interpret. The impatience, within this experience, of the rush; wishing, at four months of pregnancy, to be delivering; understanding that the development has not completed to a viable state yet, therefore allowing the continuation of the gestation. The birth has occurred. Now, you incorporate the impatience once again, looking upon this new miracle and expressing, ‘Walk now! I shall enroll this tiny one in university immediately! I shall view bicycle riding presently!’

All things manifest within their proper time, so to speak. Sometimes, elements seem to be moving slowly, and you are wishing all of your answers immediately; although you hold all your answers presently! Therefore, I express to you, it is unnecessary for you to be expressing impatience, for if you are wishing to be viewing manifestations, you may create them!

You hold all of your abilities presently. You do not view them, for you do not allow yourself to view them, for you do not want to view them! Your objective self expresses, ‘I do want to view many elements. I wish to be experiencing. I wish to be expanding. I wish to be very wide!’ But, as this is communicated to the subjective self, the subjective self replies, ‘Very well. I shall offer to you all that you wish. Come to me and view.’ Your objective self begins to view your self, and shies away and expresses, ‘Oh, no! I wish not to be viewing this, for this is not what I view myself to be!’ Therefore, you turn away. You then look outside, once again, and express outwardly, ‘Show to me what I wish to know.’ What you wish to know has been born, and is in front of you, within you! But just as you experience the gestation and the labor and the birth, now you incorporate the growth period. Now you hold the responsibility of growing and raising; just as within your physical focus, your job is not ended at birth, it is only beginning. Therefore, look to your so-called beginning now with excitement continued! (Pause) And, Rudy [Jene]!

JENE: I’m escaping! Dissolve, poof! (Laughter) As Elias has noted previously, it was a battle in decision-making to even enter into conception forcefully. It was very uncomfortable during gestation, screaming, kicking, yelling, refusal. At birth, hands were put out and said, ‘No, I’m not going there!’ The battle rages on through the growth and the reluctance and the confusion, and the widening took place anyway, through prior choice. Dialog with the infant, ‘Send me back! We don’t like it here! Nor do we want to travel on this road of battles, inferiority, pain, and to right the wrongs of others and not to be able to defend the self.’ We chose to travel on and not to end our journey at another’s birth, another essence, who decided not to manifest in physical focus as an agreement, creating more confusion.

Moving forward into Elizabeth’s [Elizabeth’s] creation, that particular day of the birth of her child, I traveled very quickly back in memory to that day, and as I spoke to Mary on the telephone, and felt Elizabeth’s [Elizabeth’s] pain and her contraction, in what we call memory I bent the bars of the bed for her. So, I absorbed a contraction or two for her, sent her light and joy, not to be experiencing the emotional pain of loss. I was confused by the decision, and have stayed confused most of my physical focus, and at this particular time, am still confused! But, pushing forward, looking forward to wideness, and evolving from this confusion and reluctance to move forward or backward or sideways. And I’m looking forward to an acceptance of abilities, and the sharing of this new essence’s joy and the new consciousness it will bring to us, as we all will absorb it through osmosis, so to speak, and looking forward to the essence bringing the shift with peace.

ELIAS: And so shall you also, for you are connected within consciousness, and also very affecting. Do not be discounting of self, for each essence is its own miracle also. I have expressed many times, and will do so once again on this joyous event, you are your very highest expression!

Much confusion and conflict rages within this gestation. Hear me, as I have expressed to each of you thus far also, the birth has occurred! The confusion and the conflict continues, but I shall express to you symbolically, and also partially physically focused, you share much within the same element of conflict as our symbol of Elizabeth [Elizabeth] herself; for within the bringing forth of this new essence, the confusion rages. The conflict is extreme. The denial is very strong. Therefore, you parallel within this aspect.

You view the reality of the birth, but the fear seems to be overwhelming; the confusion of not knowing, the reluctance to move forward for fear of painfulness. (Softly) Realize, within you, you need not fear, for you hold the ability to be holding of yourself. Therefore, hurtfulness is unnecessary; for if you are not looking to outside to be fulfilling of inside, there will be no hurtfulness. I express also that we are here, and helpful within this endeavor.

This small one shall be an interesting encounter for you all, for this manifestation of Rose, as all the others also, holds amazing abilities within this physical focus. Be heartened! They also hold a tremendous connection to you all.

JENE: Thank you.

ELIAS: (Grinning) And Lawrence [Vicki] shall be frowning at us! Well!

VICKI: Well! I was never gonna have any more children anyway!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) And, without actually producing another child, has given birth, once again! Drat!

VICKI: Drat!

ELIAS: And, unlike others, Lawrence [Vicki] experiences a more difficult labor with this invisible child than he was experiencing within physical focus of actual son!

VICKI: Yes, much more difficult!

ELIAS: Which I was expressing to you previously! You were forewarned! (Pause, grinning) Shall you share? (Another pause)

VICKI: Well, I think in the inception, I went back and forth between being amazed, and not believing that I could possibly be pregnant at all! So amazement and disbelief are my two main feelings that I can relate to. This continued throughout the pregnancy, along with a touch of horrification! Within the labor, a lot of difficult labor, also a lot of shared labor with Michael [Mary], and that was very confusing, still is very confusing. With the birth of the baby, we have amazement, horrification, and disbelief!

ELIAS: Quite consistent! I shall express Lawrence’s [Vicki’s] amazement to be correct; much thinking of acceptance throughout this pregnancy, much lacking of acceptance within actuality! But, a tremendous desire and willingness to be attempting to be accomplishing within the most efficient manner of pregnancy, incorporating all of the doctor’s orders, regardless of disagreements. A very good little patient! But also, stomping feet out of the office expressing, ‘I am not in agreement with this doctor! He does not know his business!’ It is quite amusing! (Chuckling)

Shared labor can be quite difficult. There are many experiences within physical focus that may seem much complicated by being a shared experience, although the sharing of experiences, oft times, may prove to be more efficient and helpful. Within the shared experiences, you both incorporate much confusion many times, but you also allow yourselves the ability to be connecting and moving through these confusions quite quickly. The labor with the child was not quite very long. The birth is another matter! The birth has raised many conflicts. ‘I am not wishing to engage this child. I am not wishing to be involved with this responsibility. I am not wishing the inconvenience of myself!’ I express to you also, this is quite shared with Michael [Mary]; although I extend an acknowledgment to Lawrence [Vicki], in part, of holding a slight increase in willingness, in some areas, than does Michael [Mary]; for as Lawrence [Vicki] views this new miracle, the pulling back occurs, but he also views with a slight interest and a willingness to move forward, within acceptance. Michael [Mary] incorporates temper tantrums, and views and pulls away, and expresses, ‘I am leaving now!’ You shall be helpful to each other. (Smiling)

I have expressed to you that you would be experiencing difficulty. The infancy shall create conflict and difficulty. Exercise patience, for you shall accomplish! And, I say once again, the birth has been accomplished! Therefore, you may breathe. You may allow yourself your rest period. It is not necessary to be raising this infant within one day! There is an order. Acknowledge each accomplishment as it is accomplished, and be joyful! Appreciate the aesthetic beauty around you, for you have created it, and it is of ultimate value. Allow the miraculous event of the physical and symbolic births to inspire you.” [session 98, June 05, 1996]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: Elias defined his new agenda at the end of session 26, August 08, 1995. He defines it as follows:

“I will be expressing to you both to be accustomed to individual sessions, for I will be expressing to Michael [Mary] of this situation in the future. You will say that I have two agendas, and you are now ready for the next. I will be expressing loving affection for you both, and looking forward to our next interaction ...” Thus began a series of sessions that included Mary, Vicki, Ron, and Cathy in addition to the group sessions. Eventually, these session merged back with the group sessions. As of this writing, the details of this “new agenda” have not been made any clearer by Elias.

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