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ELIAS: ďExpress to myself your assessment of your accomplishments in association with what you and I have discussed previously in allowing yourself to intentionally relax and hold your attention within the moment. (1)

CARMEN: Well, one thing, when I do receive an intense emotional signal, which is usually when I am reminded to come back to the now ... although, Iím going to give myself a little bit more credit than that, because I genuinely, at least in the last few days, have made concerted efforts to be focusing on exactly what I am doing in the moment. Sometimes Iíll try to help myself by doing a running dialogue: ĎI am getting up. I am walking into the kitchen. I am picking up the cup,í to try to help me do that. And every time I notice my attention projecting outward, I try to bring it back to myself and remind myself that this is about me and what I want, that I choose irrespective of anything else.

I still do have periods of the emotional signal comes that I am discounting myself as I do allow my thoughts to go to the future or even the past; I mean, the past can be just as derailing as the future. I do have intense emotional moments, but at least Iím telling myself that I am discounting myself, Iím not trusting my ability, and even though I canít feel trust in myself, I feel at least I am identifying that I donít need to get stuck in the emotion.

So letís see if thereís anything else ... Iím much more attuned, I think, to my emotional signals when they begin to start up. Itís like, ĎOh, my gosh, I donít want to become overwhelmed, so try and relax,í and sometimes Iím not successful, sometimes I go there anyway and feel like I disintegrate and go through the cycle again, but at least I think that Iím noticing...


CARMEN: emotional signals more quickly.


CARMEN: So I think all of these things may represent, DO represent some movement.

ELIAS: Yes. Now, my friend, I shall offer to you individually an exercise, and in this, I am expressing this to you quite specifically and quite genuinely, although initially it may appear to you as inconsequential or even initially silly. I suggest to you that you genuinely consider what I shall offer to you as an individual exercise that you may be incorporating.

My suggestion to you is to allow yourself to incorporate a physical action: blow bubbles.

CARMEN: (Laughs) Okay.

ELIAS: I am quite definite in what I am expressing to you and expressing to you quite purposefully. Incorporate bubbles and allow yourself an activity of blowing bubbles, and as you incorporate this activity, your exercise is to genuinely allow yourself, that creative artistic aspect of yourself, to look at these bubbles. Appreciate the colors, the perfectness of form, the beauty of their movement and the effortlessness of floating, and view yourself in each one. Allow yourself the lightness and the fun of incorporating this action, and see yourself as these bubbles.

CARMEN: That doesnít seem silly to me, because one thing Iíve become aware of is that I really would like to see the beauty in everyday life. I know thereís more to that exercise than just noticing and appreciating what seem to be the small things, but Iíve really wanted to get that back. So Iím thinking that besides the seeing myself in the bubbles, in the lightness and the joy and the flowing and movement, it also can help me just appreciate whatís around me, if that makes any sense.

ELIAS: Correct, and this shall offer you an experience, a reincorporation of an experience of fun and appreciation, and this is the point of this exercise. You have moved yourself into such an extreme expression of seriousness that you have forgotten your experience of fun and appreciation in genuineness, and this experience in this exercise may be genuinely helpful to you in allowing you to rediscover your appreciation of all that you create within your physical focus, merely by reestablishing within yourself a reminder of the feeling of playfulness and fun in experience.

CARMEN: Am I correct that if I let go of some of the fears and duplicity, that my essence energy is naturally kind of, oh, I donít know, not bouncy but playful? Maybe every essenceís energy is like that, I donít know. But sometimes Iíve gotten the feeling that underneath all of this stuff is a really kind of upbeat, trippiní down the streets of the city, that kind of thing. Am I correct in that?

ELIAS: Yes! But you have contained that expression of energy within yourself, in a manner of speaking in a locked safe, which you view as protective of it but in actuality it is held captive and is not protective.Ē [session 911, September 28, 2001]

End Notes:

(1) Paulís note: see session 775, February 07, 2001.

Exercises: relaxation; holding attention within the now (accepting self).

Exercises: fear: relaxation (energy centers)/mergence: relax your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Exercises: visualization: relax your energy.

Exercises: noticing your energy field (the camouflage of tension).

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