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DARYL: “I wanted to ask you about another thing. I read a transcript of you talking with Ruther [Lynda], and you were talking about how she was not only creating her now, the reality that she was in, but she was also creating another event that was not taking place physically (1), and I wondered if that’s what I’m doing inside myself with my protective system, ’cause it seems like that’s what I do, that I create this other event that is nonphysical, and it’s with me all the time.

ELIAS: You create an energy within you that holds an existence of its own. In this, you create objectively one expression and one interaction, and inwardly you create a different interaction.

Outwardly, you express this barrier between yourself and other individuals. This is one action that you are creating within the moment. The other action, which is occurring simultaneously, is your interaction with yourself, which you have projected into a mass of energy which becomes an entity of its own that you may be battling with, and may not be as elusive, so to speak, as the concept of battling with yourself.

Therefore, you hold even a feeling objectively that there is some ‘thing’ that is within you. Although you do not objectively identify it, you hold the knowing of this thing that you are continuously battling with, and it is continuously distracting your attention.

DARYL: Yeah, it is. What would be an efficient way to decrease this or change things in that area? ’Cause I’ve tried on my own, and I haven’t been able to stop it.

ELIAS: This returns us to this discussion presently, in turning your attention in the examination of hurtfulness itself – your definition and your identification of hurtfulness itself, for you look to the definition and identification of hurtfulness as some element of projected energy which moves towards you from outside of you.

In this, as you begin to turn your attention and look to the movement of energy, and begin to dismantle your definition of hurtfulness and redefine to yourself what in actuality is being created and occurring in the action of hurtfulness, you may begin to view that hurtful elements are being created within you, not outside of you.

And in this, you begin to address to the energy that you have projected into this entity, for all of the elements of hurtfulness and fearfulness – which move hand and hand, so to speak – are projected in energy within you to be creating of this entity.

And in this, as you turn your attention to it and to all of the expressions that feed it, you shall begin to stop feeding it and begin to starve it, and as you begin to starve it, it shall decrease in energy and it shall lessen its power.

And therefore, you shall begin to allow yourself much more freedom within your own movement, objectively AND subjectively.

Look to each experience that you feel hurtfulness, uncomfortableness, distress, anxiety, fear. All of these expressions are additions to the energy which feeds this entity.

Now; let me express to you, it matters not. You may begin practicing immediately in this area, for it matters not that you may or may not be interactive with another individual or situation, for within your own thought process and your own feelings, you allow the pulling to your objective awareness [of] projections of past and future, and you are creating of this quite often, in which you draw to yourself the re-experience, within thoughts and emotions, of events which have occurred pastly or the anticipation of events that may occur futurely, and you occupy your attention many times with these projections.

And in this, you provide yourself with what you identify as your duplicity, for you provide yourself with an experience of lack of acceptance of self, in that you feel hurtfulness. It may be a memory of an event past in interaction with another individual. It may be a recalling of an action that you have created within yourself or within conjunction to another individual that you chide yourself for. It may be an anticipation, a projection futurely of what may come, so to speak. It matters not. Each of these projections creates a feeling of uneasiness within you. It creates a feeling of upset, of anxiety, of guilt, of unrest, frustration, unhappiness. These feelings all feed and reinforce this entity.

Therefore, in your practicing, each time you are experiencing these types of thoughts and feelings, I express to you to look to these. Disengage the emotional aspect. STOP momentarily, and within your stop-point, inquire of yourself why you view yourself to be so very monstrous. (Brief pause)

DARYL: Okay.

ELIAS: You may also express to yourself, within that moment, the questioning of whether you shall be projecting to another individual this same judgment were you to be faced with the same situation and the same expression by another individual, for I wager to express to you that you shall not be so very judgmental upon another individual as you hold judgment upon yourself.

DARYL: ... Also, I have been trying to interact with this focus that you suggested – from 1719 from South America (2) – and when I do get information, it seems like I forget it immediately. The only thing that’s kind of retained is some kind of symbol of a Spanish soldier, and I wondered if that individual has some kind of interaction with a Spanish soldier.

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct.

Now; let me also express to you that it matters not that you do not entirely objectively hold a remembrance of all of the interactions that you connect to in relation to this focus, for you are allowing yourself subjectively to be assimilating, and in this, the point is that you allow yourself to be accessing and reconfiguring energy from that focus, allowing it to lend energy to you in addressing to these issues of fearfulness and these issues of inadequateness of self in the expression of duplicity, for each of you holds very similar issues in your individual focuses and may lend energy, as I have stated, to each other in your addressing to these issues.

DARYL: So I am getting results with what I’m doing now. I just don’t objectively get very much?

ELIAS: Correct.

DARYL: I am accomplishing in terms of interacting?

ELIAS: Correct. You are correct, and as I have stated to you, be not discouraged. It matters not that you are remembering objectively all of your interaction. You ARE interacting. You merely are assimilating the information and reconfiguring the energy which is lent. This offers you helpfulness in addressing to this situation of dismantling this shrine, which has become this ‘energy entity,’ in which you are battling presently.” [session 417, July 01, 1999]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: Daryl refers to a session in which Lynda discussed some of her own personal issues with depression:

LYNDA: “Okay. Because I have experienced this depression/getting free, depression/getting free cycle for so many years, I think I have tried to justify it by saying that I will be beneficial to other people who are going through similar trauma, and ... how do I say this? In a sense, I really do ... Elias, you know that what be the point, in my thinking, of being physical if I can’t have a good time and be free? To be honest with you, that would be my choice, and then when I go to make that choice, I am not accepting of anything that gets in my way, so I keep going around the same mountain or the hamster cage. I think that’s what you’re trying to tell me, right?

ELIAS: What you are accomplishing in this action is, you express that you do not allow other elements or individuals to be ‘in your way,’ in your words, but what you ARE producing is placing YOURSELF in your way. In this, you allow yourself to be blocking of your own movement, for you are at times immobilizing your own movement in allowing the expression of duplicity.

Now; I may express to you that you may be quite helpful to other individuals in this area as you allow yourself to move through this issue and to address to certain aspects of these belief systems which are affecting you.

In this also, within the moment of this fearfulness – in which you may express that you are experiencing attacks, so to speak, which is quite symbolically expressed – as you focus your attention genuinely in the moment within that now and not allow yourself to become distracted within that now, you shall also find that the expression shall be altered and the fearfulness shall dissipate.

For in holding your attention within the now, you are allowing an expression of acceptance of self and a recognition of the reality of the experience and the occurrences of the now as opposed to the created perception of the now, incorporating other areas, other time frameworks, and other interactions which in actuality are not occurring within your physical now.

LYNDA: Right.

ELIAS: Now; let me also express to you that within these types of situations, the reason the hold is so very intense in these elements of fearfulness is that what you are creating within your perception IS a reality. It is not necessarily the physical reality that you are experiencing within your official reality physically, but it is a reality of merging another experience, time framework, interaction, and event with the now. This would be the action that you and other individuals are creating while you are experiencing these types of affectingnesses.

What I am expressing to you is to allow yourself to turn your attention to your actual physical present and the event and moment and action that is occurring in THAT reality, for I wish your understanding in the area that it is not your imagination – in your definition of imagination – that you are creating other events within a particular now.

What you are experiencing is two events simultaneously, but you are overshadowing one in your attention with the other. The overshadowing appears with the attention being turned to the fearfulness and creating an event which is not physically occurring.

In this, as this produces distress and an uncomfortableness, I offer you the suggestion that as you turn your attention from that area and that creation to the area of creation within your actual physical now, you shall be creating a natural byproduct of dissipating those fearful emotions and experiences. Are you understanding?” [session 366, February 28, 1999]

(2) Paul’s note: Daryl refers to a focus personality that Elias offered her during a previous session :

DARYL: “I was wondering if you could give me a clue about another focus to investigate, one that would be interesting or helpful.

ELIAS: I express to you, you may be investigating of another focus that you hold within eastern regions; southern tip, so to speak, of your continent of South America. In that focus, which occupies a time framework of 1719, your essence holds a focus of an individual, also female, within a small tribe that you would identify to be quite primitive, but I express to you that the social and cultural state of this particular focus matters not, for [in] this particular focus, the individual experiences many similar challenges to yourself, and also experiences many similar emotional affectingnesses and responses inwardly that she does not engage outwardly and does not allow other individuals to view. Therefore, in that focus, she is quite guarded within her expressions, viewing that emotional expressions are creating of a perception within herself that other individuals view as a lack of strength. In investigating this particular focus, you may also offer yourself insight to self.

I express to you that many times, individuals within physical focus – you yourself also – may view another individual much more clearly than you allow yourself to view yourself. Therefore, as you view the expressions and the holding of energy and the protectiveness that this individual exerts, you may apply this also to yourself, for you exchange energy with that focus in lending energy to each other. Therefore, in your perpetuation of your expressions you lend energy, and in your allowance for openness you lend energy, and in this, you may not merely afford yourself more freedom and more of an understanding of self, but you may be also lending energy to a freer expression within herself.” [session 405, May 27, 1999]

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