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JEN: ďHow about this dream, for shits and giggles? The dream was about the deejay who was standing at a performance at the turntables, and Iím walking through the room and I look at him and we recognize each other. I keep walking, and then it gets chaotic. Thereís somebody rubbing drugs on me, on my area.

My impression of that ... Iím anticipating youíre going to ask me what my impression is, so Iím going to go ahead and say that my impression of that is that I really donít have much of one, and if I did, I probably wouldnít ask. Can you help me here?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) First of all, attempt allowing yourself a translation.

JEN: Okay. (Laughs) Could it be ... okay, so when I looked at him and we recognized each other, it was some sort of connection I have with him, and then when everything got chaotic and there was the gun and the drugs being rubbed on me, in my association with that, my sexuality was an element. (Laughs) Thatís really all I can get, though. I donít really understand the meaning, or why I would give myself those images. What am I trying to do with it? What am I doing when I have those dreams and these sorts of things? Maybe you can get a little general when you answer me. Do I do it to get myself to recognize that, maybe to emphasize it?

ELIAS: Yes, you are correct. I may also express to you that as you create this type of imagery, you are also allowing yourself in more of an extreme expression the opportunity to view and address to your fear and your association in relation to your expression of sexuality within your physical outward expressions and experience.

In this, you create the association with the drugs, so to speak, for there are two associations in relation to the drug which you incorporate as a symbolic type of message, in a manner of speaking. One of the associations is that it is unacceptable...

JEN: The drug?

ELIAS: Yes, and also partially incorporating fearfulness. The other association is excitement. Therefore, you create this imagery in relation to your association with sexuality. One aspect of your beliefs moves in the expression of excitement, another aspect of influence of your beliefs moves in the expression of reservation and hesitation in relation to fear and some expressions of unacceptability.

I may express to you, the identification of your meeting of the other individual in this dream imagery is not necessarily an expression of meeting or knowing a specific individual. This is a representation of any individual that you may be encountering in which you shall call into question, in your terms, aspects of your expression of sexuality.

JEN: Hmm. Hmm, hmm. (Pause)

ELIAS: Shall I express to you, my friend, the question of whether you, in actuality, wish to be exploring this subject matter presently? For I may express to you an identification of hesitation within your energy field, and wish not to be intrusive to you.

JEN: Right. I really want to move as much as I can in the acceptance and identifying my beliefs, and that is again an exciting and a hesitating and somewhat fearful part of my life. But I donít know, I feel compelled to do it. Thereís so many beliefs in that area, and thereís so many cases of what do other people think, and...

ELIAS: You are quite correct, and there are many automatic associations.

JEN: I guess I just want to talk about whatís going to be most beneficial for me to concentrate on. That is something that would be really good for me to go into and think about and examine and explore. But I know that I only have so much that I can cover with you today, and I just want to do whatís best right now, cover whatís best.

I donít know if you know or ... I just kind of feel right now like ... Iím not stuck, but thereís a lot of different things that Iím thinking right now. (Pause)

Going over my junk with you has cleared up for me what I go through, you know what I mean? Talking about that, I feel really validated in the ideals that I have for my life. I feel good about that, and I can go through my day, go through school, and feel a lot more motivated. But then also I want some excitement. I want to go out and dance and do all my things, and I want more of that. Is there anything we could talk about that will help me in that area?

ELIAS: Very well. I shall express to you a suggestion.

JEN: Okay.

ELIAS: You may allow yourself a noticing and paying attention to yourself and to your energy field.

Now; what I am expressing to you is that you may allow yourself to engage an exercise in which you may observe your own energy field, and as you allow yourself to observe your energy field, become familiar with the expression of your energy. For I may offer to you, you create an expression of tension...

JEN: Yeah?

ELIAS: Yes! And you camouflage this tension with humor.

Now; in allowing yourself this exercise in which you may be noticing your energy field, you shall notice in the time frameworks in which you are camouflaging, you begin pulling your energy field closely to your physical body consciousness. Your energy field becomes tight, in a manner of speaking.

Now; as you allow yourself merely the noticing of this action within your energy, you may also allow yourself to relax that expression and expand your energy field, and you in actuality may allow yourself a visual in relation to this action. This may be the expression of your exercise.

Now; as you allow yourself to relax your energy field, you shall also view that it is unnecessary to be maintaining the camouflage. Allow yourself to recognize that you need not be entertaining of all other individuals. You may be merely expressing your presence, and as you allow yourself to be relaxing of your energy field, you shall allow yourself to be much more receptive to the energy of other individuals, and you shall allow yourself to express outwardly an energy to other individuals that may be more easily received. Are you understanding?

JEN: Yes.

ELIAS: For you shall create, in a manner of speaking, more of a lightness of your energy as you dissipate that tension. Let me also offer to you the suggestion that in this exercise, you allow yourself playfulness.

Do not incorporate a seriousness in this action of allowing yourself to view your energy field. I may suggest to you as you allow yourself in playfulness to be viewing your energy field, and you are noticing that tension and the tightness of it, perhaps you may allow yourself to engage an action of tickling your own energy field. (Jen cracks up) HA HA HA! And this shall playfully allow you to be relaxing and incorporating genuine humor rather than the camouflage. Ha ha ha! And you may be incorporating FUN with this exercise.

JEN: (Laughing) Okay, Iíll try it!Ē (Elias laughs) [session 822, April 15, 2001]

CARMEN: ďI didnít know if I should talk about it under my seriousness or my ... Iíll talk about it under my tension. First of all, I wasnít even objectively aware of how much tension I was holding before. I cognitively was at times, but a lot of time went by before this time framework, where I was just holding it and not addressing it, so I didnít even objectively know how to try to release it. Itís really come to the forefront at times now just because of the issues Iím addressing. Iím trying to allow myself a little allowance for that, because Iíve been judging myself for not releasing more tension. But I have made efforts and done some things to try to relax, and compared to the rages and just how my energy felt before, I think Iíve dissipated some of it.

Iíve tried swimming. Iíve gone back to swimming a little bit, which I havenít done since I was a kid, and that really relaxes me. Iíve tried to work a little bit with my energy centers and trying to create the feeling of releasing tension. Iíve tried merging with furniture, not real successfully. Iíve tried to create a concept of relaxation and delta waves, but Iíve been so distracted I havenít been real successful. But I am trying to make some steps toward it, and at least I think I am aware of how tense I can be and also what tension does in terms of creating my duplicity, which is something you mentioned before, in creating blind spots in my choices. I definitely have noticed that.


CARMEN: So I think there is some movement there. I donít know that I will ever become a serene, really calm type person, because sometimes I think my energy expression just is really restless, that there is some restlessness in it inherently, the part of my essence that created my focus. But I do think Iíve made some steps.

ELIAS: I am acknowledging of this assessment. Let me also express to you, my friend, the suggestion that you allow yourself to be offering more attention to this one particular area. For I may express to you, you are correct, you generate much movement in energy, but what has become quite familiar to you is to be holding that energy in a physical expression of tension, and this has become so familiar within your focus that many times you are not noticing the extent of the tension that you are creating, for it appears to you to be normal.


ELIAS: In this, let me express to you that energy shall be expressed. Therefore, if you are continuously holding tightly to your energy field and, in a manner of speaking, binding it to you and creating this physical tension within your physical body consciousness in a continuous manner, what you in actuality create is a perpetuation of the expression of anxiety, and you view the physical response to this in two obvious manners within you individually: either you engage the action of weeping or you engage an action of shaking. You create tremors within your physical expression or you weep.

Now; these are natural releases of energy. They are also indicators to you that you are holding energy and creating tension continuously and not allowing a free flow of energy in relaxing, to the point that your subjective awareness communicates to your physical body consciousness a command to release energy in some manner, and the automatic natural release of your physical body consciousness is to create this weeping or to create the tremors.

CARMEN: Yes, yes. I have thought about the crying jags that I go on, and then I start addressing to belief systems which are involved and then I tell myself that Iím placing limitations on myself and all that. Then after I released some of it, I felt better and I thought, ĎI wonder if thatís one way that I dissipate tension.í


CARMEN: I think youíre validating that, and Iím glad you did. And also the tremors, thatís true, so...

ELIAS: But let me also express to you, my friend, you may now allow yourself to recognize objectively that these actions are also, as I have stated, indicators. Therefore if you are allowing yourself to be objectively addressing to relaxing, you shall also dissipate these pressure valves, so to speak, for they shall become unnecessary.

Now; let me also express to you, you need not be complicating this action of relaxing. I am acknowledging of your choice to be incorporating swimming, but you may also incorporate this action of intentionally relaxing your physical body consciousness within each of your physical days, not necessarily in analyzing the beliefs or attempting to identify beliefs that are influencing your creation of tension, but merely through incorporating a few of your physical minutes to turn your attention randomly throughout your day to your physical body and allow yourself to examine your physical muscles and bones and recognize the tension that you are incorporating, and within a few of your physical minutes merely allow yourself to intentionally relax specific muscles.

This is not an incorporation of much time framework, and you may incorporate this action even in moments in which you are interacting with other individuals. They shall not objectively hold an awareness of what you are intentionally focusing upon, and you shall not incorporate much time framework in which you may be turning your attention to specific muscles within the moment. You need not be moving your attention throughout the entirety of your physical body, but merely choose in one moment one or two physical muscles that you notice are incorporating tension. (1)

And as you periodically throughout your day incorporate this small exercise, you shall be allowing yourself to release expressions of energy in small increments, but which shall contribute to dissipating this incorporation of tension and shall dissipate these extremes of pressure releases in the tremors and the weeping.

CARMEN: Thatís great; thatís wonderful. I like that itís simple. I really do have a preference for simple; if I can go a simple route, I will.

ELIAS: (Laughs) This may be quite simple, my friend. You need not overwhelm yourself and express to yourself that you must be accomplishing many actions simultaneously.

In this, you are approaching a mountain that you are choosing to disassemble; and rather than attempting to disassemble it in bulldozing it and overwhelming yourself with avalanches, allow yourself to incorporate a small spoon and merely spoon away!

CARMEN: I have been keeping in mind the Ďone brick in one momentí expression and, boy, my automatic black-and-white comes in: ĎIím gonna do it all and if I donít do it all, Iím not going to feel better.í But I did very much take to heart that philosophy, because I have traumatized myself and I know it. Itís pretty obvious by the way Iíve been feeling. So Iím still working on that automatic response I have that I have got to do it all right now and if I donít then there are judgments associated with that.

ELIAS: One brick within one moment; one muscle within one moment.Ē [session 947, November 01, 2001]

End Notes:

(1) Bobbiís note: originally stated as: ďYou need not be moving your attention throughout the entirety of your physical body, but merely choose one or two physical muscles in one moment that you notice are incorporating tension.Ē

Exercises: relaxation; holding attention within the now (accepting self).

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Exercises: visualization: relax your energy.

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