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MIKE: “I have another question for you. I’m not quite sure how to phrase it. I’m not even sure if my impressions are correct or how off they are or what, but since like as long as I can remember, I’ve always believed that ... not that people have a purpose or that people have an absolute in terms of what they are going to do as far as occupying their time framework – jobs, hobbies, whatever – but I’ve always believed that people come or choose to be manifest for a certain type of action, which would be interpreted as being a doctor or an artist or whatever, but it’s however they choose to implement it, through their probabilities or whatever, that makes the difference. But I’ve always believed that they come, they manifest with something in mind.

I was wondering ... because so far, everything that I always used to question has been pretty much accurate, and I was questioning this the other day, and I was wondering, what ... there is something that I’m not ‘supposed’ to be doing, but something that I could be doing that I can be like happy doing, and I know I’ve been trying to tell myself and I know I’ve been trying to show myself, and I’m just not listening, and I’m hoping that you will, if not tell me, if you will at least point me in the direction.

ELIAS: I AM pointing you in the direction! (Mike sighs)

I have been pointing you in the direction, and I shall express to you that I shall continue to point you in the direction, to the point and the moment that you hear what I am expressing to you. I have been in this day pointing you in the direction.

You are correct. You DO hold a direction. I may express to you that what you have offered in explanation is an interpretation in physical terms, but I may also express to you that in a manner of speaking, it is accurate, for this is the expression of your intent.

You are correct that as you choose to be manifesting in this physical dimension, you are entering the focus with a pool of probabilities and a potentiality, so to speak, which is the direction of your intent, and in this, you are not predestined, and you hold the choice to be manifesting that intent in whichever direction you are so choosing. You may even be choosing to alter your intent, although generally, the individual focus does not, but it is possible.

In this, you allow yourself to be manifesting and actualizing, in objective physical terms, these intents as you allow your flow of energy freely. But I may also express to you, any individual may be creating obstacles within their intent as they choose not to be listening to self.

I shall express to you, Mikah [Michael], I do hold an understanding of the difficulty in listening to self, as you are encountering tremendous volume of static that you are listening to outside of self. It may be quite difficult to be listening to that small voice as the volume of the outside chatter becomes quite intense, and this is the reason that I continue to express to you to be focusing your attention to YOU – to your desires, to your movement, to your choices.

Let me express to you an exercise that you may practice, as you are so very efficient at thoughts! (Mike laughs) Within your thoughts, allow yourself to play a game. In each moment of interaction, with yourself and even with other individuals, in any direction that you move into to be creating of ANY choice ... which you offer yourself many, many, many, many choices throughout each of your physical days.

Within each choice, allow yourself to put to work your thoughts, and in this, stop and allow yourself the questioning, ‘What shall my choice be were it to be not involving and not affecting of any other individual upon this planet?’ (Pause)

MIKE: Okay ... if my choice were not affecting any other individual?

ELIAS: Correct.

MIKE: Okay.

ELIAS: Allow yourself to play this game and engage this exercise, and in this, allow yourself to create or actualize the choices that you express to yourself in that scenario. THIS is allowing yourself to practice hearing that small voice within you.

This may be difficult initially, and as you present yourself with more scenarios that you view as larger and larger in your assessment, you shall view that this exercise shall become more difficult, for you are very familiar with creating your choices in conjunction with other individuals and how they shall be affected, in your perception, or how they shall be influenced or how they shall influence you.

Therefore, temporarily allow yourself to participate in this exercise. In each choice, in every choice, express to yourself that you are the only individual upon your planet. No other individual exists, so to speak, and therefore, your choice is not affecting of any other individual, and there are no other individuals to be affecting of your choice.” [session 552, January 21, 2000]

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