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ELIAS: “Good evening. This evening, we shall continue with our discussion of your inner senses, incorporating the inner sense of differential association. This is the inner sense associated with your time element.

... This sense of differential time allows you the ability to disassociate yourself with your created time framework within this particular dimension of physical focus. You in actuality use this inner sense very often. You engage this inner sense each time that you involve yourself with your dream imagery. You also, in what you classify as daydreaming, employ this inner sense. You, during other altered states of consciousness, automatically involve this inner sense. You do not recognize your usage of this inner sense, but your consciousness is intimately familiar with practicing this inner sense.

Now you may direct your attention to this particular inner sense and afford yourselves the opportunity to learn to intentionally, consciously manipulate this inner sense, as you have been practicing intentionally familiarizing yourselves and manipulating other inner senses.

... Initially, this is our objective with your inner senses, that you practice engaging these and recognize when you are engaging these inner senses. We shall move eventually into interpretation of these inner senses and I shall offer you information that you may be understanding what you are intersecting with these inner senses, but at this point presently, this is pointless, for your ability to consciously, objectively, intentionally engage and manipulate these inner senses is random and slight. Therefore, you need practice. You do not need interpretations of inner senses if you may not engage inner senses. What shall you interpret? You must first experience, and then you may interpret what you are experiencing.

I do not wish you to discontinue your exercising of conceptualization. This is a difficult inner sense to be manipulating, as I have said, and I wish you to be continuing in your practicing of this inner sense, for this sense shall be very valuable to you and to your understanding, and to your understanding of your shift. Therefore, this is an important sense to be continuing to focus upon, but I do wish you also to be concentrating and practicing upon your other inner senses. This of differential time association shall be an interesting experiment for you. This exercise shall not be quite as difficult, for you already engage this activity automatically. You only do not recognize that you accomplish this.

You may disassociate yourself from your time framework at any moment. You may choose initially to be experimenting with this inner sense within what you engage as your meditations. This may prove to be easier, for you allow yourselves focal points and you allow yourselves to drift. You believe that within your waking state, you must continue objectively to be in control and to be functioning within certain guidelines. Therefore, it may be more difficult for you to disassociate yourself within any given waking state other than time set aside in quietness, as with a meditation. It is quite possible for you to be accomplishing at any moment the exercising of this inner sense. As you allow yourself to experience intentionally this inner sense, you shall find that it shall become easier for you to engage this inner sense at will throughout your waking period. Some of you have already begun to engage this inner sense unknowingly.” [session 166, April 20, 1997]


DREW: I have a question about the exercise. You said that it’s something that we can do in meditation, but I’m not sure I understand exactly what the exercise is.

ELIAS: You shall be focusing upon disassociation with your time framework. As I have stated, you automatically do this within your dream imagery, and also within your meditative states and altered states and daydreaming. Focus upon recognition of disassociation of your time element. Allow yourself to be aware of different time sequences.

DREW: I’m not sure I know how to do that. I have a sense of being able in objective consciousness to disassociate from my body. I’m not sure how I would do that with time.

ELIAS: You must catch yourself!

DREW: Is it really being very, in a way, more aware of time while meditating, and being aware of those moments when it seems longer or shorter, or moments seem to drag or go quickly?

ELIAS: Think with me for a moment of your dream state, your dream imagery. As you are involved within your dream state, you are unaware of time in the same manner as you create it to be objectively within your waking state, correct?

DREW: Correct.

ELIAS: Within your dream state, at times you may catch yourself noticing your dream state.

DREW: I haven’t done that yet, but ...

ELIAS: Understood, but you may. All individuals possess the ability to become more proficient at their dream imagery. This is requiring practice also, but even as you enter your waking state you may recall your dream imagery, and you hold an awareness that the time framework is different. In this same manner, recognize the difference in time framework during waking state. Your easiest initial engagement of this shall be during a meditative state, for within any altered state you automatically disassociate from your official time framework. Are you understanding thus far?

DREW: Yes.

ELIAS: As you automatically engage this action, allow yourself the opportunity to notice or catch yourself within the alteration of the time framework. Notice the feeling of this alteration. Notice its qualities. Notice yourself within these qualities of altered time framework. To begin with this shall appear elusive, for you are concentrating upon this. It also shall be brief. But as you practice and relax your focus – underline these words – it shall become easier, and you shall allow yourself to hold the focus longer within an alteration of time framework. This offers you the opportunity to view other time creations. This is important, for you think and function completely within your idea and belief system of your official time framework, but this time framework is only one time framework.

DREW: Other than an awareness of time seeming to go by quickly or go by more slowly, what other kinds of time creation might we be aware of?

ELIAS: You may be aware of what you shall objectively describe as ‘no-time.’ You may also describe experiences of disjointed time, as holding an experience and allowing other experiences to occur outside of your accepted time sequence; meaning a future event shall appear past, or a past event shall not occur until future.

DREW: Would a flashback memory during this exercise be the same kind of a thing? The event seeming to come present or have emotional feeling?

ELIAS: If you are noticing specifically the present element of the event, yes. If you are recalling a memory – this being what you term to be a past event – and you are allowing yourself the experience presently, it is no longer a past event. It is a present experience. In this, recognize that you have moved your time framework. You have rearranged the time element.

As I have stated, you do accomplish this often within your physical focus. You do not recognize this and you do not acknowledge that you are accomplishing this, but if you are allowing yourself the opportunity to be noticing this, although seeming in words to be difficult, may prove to be easier than your other engagements of inner senses of conceptualization and empathic, for you do this very often. You do practice with this particular inner sense.

The only obstacle within this inner sense is that now you shall be objectively aware and attempting to be manipulating. Just as you shall find, if you are concentrating upon physical functions to be insisting upon their action and happening, you shall find that these functions become more difficult, although they are automatic left alone. In this same manner, this inner sense is automatic left alone, but may be beneficial to you if you are learning to be aware and manipulating intentionally of it.

VICKI: How would it be beneficial?

ELIAS: This offers you easy passage within dimensions. You hold so very tightly to your objective creation of this particular time framework that you do not allow yourself any lateral exploration. If you may allow yourself the opportunity to relax your belief systems within the framework of your time element, you shall offer yourself an ease within movement and intersection through dimensions. This also provides you with your beginning knowledge and information of travel THROUGH space as opposed to around space.

VICKI: In my perception, last night I didn’t ever sleep, but I did have a lot of imagery nonetheless, similar to dream imagery, which was very closely associated with a very strong sense of déjà vu. At the time, everything was very clear to me. It’s not clear anymore, but the experience is clear. Would this be partially having to do with this inner sense?

ELIAS: Yes. As I have stated within this evening, some of you – Lawrence [Vicki], you also – are already dabbling with this inner sense in allowing yourself the experience of fluctuation, moving in and out of different time elements; this also appearing objectively to create the feeling of déjà vu, which this is your objective imagery. Your explanation to yourself is created within this feeling, for there is familiarity.

You intersect with other aspects of self, which is infinite. Underline three times! I may not express to you enough how very infinite and multidimensional you are! You are not singularly only this, not even within this! Therefore, you are presently offering yourself the movement in intersection with other aspects. All of your aspects of self, of essence, are familiar to you. This creates within your objective understanding a feeling of déjà vu, a recognition. As you each widen your awareness, you also make this available to yourselves. You move into directions of exploration objectively.” [session 166, April 20, 1997]

An example of differential time

BOB: “Elias, I have a question. Last November, I had an unusual experience involving time. I don’t know if you need more of an explanation from me, or whether you can ...

ELIAS: You may be experiencing more of these types of experiences, for within this subjective bleed-through action which is occurring, you also automatically are allowing for the exercising of those inner senses which you are not objectively familiar with. In this, in exercising this inner sense of differential time, you may experience alterations within time frameworks. This shall become more objectively common within your future events within this shift.

As I have expressed, the time framework that you recognize is reality, but it is reality within this particular dimension and physical expression. Therefore, there are many different expressions of time frameworks. In this, you may allow yourself to be experiencing of this reality. You may be tapping into alternate realities within different dimensions which suggest different time frameworks.

I have expressed to all of you the ludicrous term of simultaneous time, but to your understanding, this is sufficient. Non-physically, there is no recognition of time frameworks. This is not to say that the element of time is not an independent reality of itself, for within consciousness it has been created as a choice within the links of consciousness. In this, there is a reality of time, but not within the confines of a framework. Therefore, there is an allowance of a rearrangement of energy to be accommodating whatever you are choosing to be objectifying into a framework of time.

In this, you hold the ability within your inner senses to be experiencing many different aspects of time elements. You may find yourself experiencing much activity that objectively and logically you view requires several minutes. Within your experience, you may view the passage of time to be a single second, which shall appear to you to be impossible. This is a recognition, within inner senses being allowed to subjectively bleed through information to your objective awareness, that the time element within consciousness exists as a reality, but it holds a flexibility that may be bended into many different types of manifestations, and they are not limited to each dimension. They may be accessed within each dimension, therefore incorporating different time experiences within your dimension. This does not fit into your officially accepted reality. Therefore, this confuses you; but in actuality, this is no less reality than that which you accept officially as your time framework within this dimension.

Therefore, I express to you that you have offered yourself the opportunity to be objectively recognizing of this ability to exercise inner senses and be altering of your reality. You may all accomplish this at will. It is only your own belief systems that limit you in your objectification; for within all of reality, not only limited to this particular reality, you hold unlimited abilities. You need only be allowing yourselves the opportunity to actualize this presently; this being also another action connected with the event of your shift within consciousness, as you allow yourself this information to be presented objectively; for within time periods futurely, you shall be objectifying different time frameworks as you wish, for that experience.

BOB: At the time of this event, I experienced some changes in my physical self. Was that related to this experience directly, or was it separate?

ELIAS: No. This also is related, for you objectify your form and your awareness of your attention within your accepted time framework. Therefore, if you are altering of your perception of your time framework, you also are altering your own construction to be in alignment with the alteration of the time framework.

Example: If you are accessing a time framework which holds an accelerated element to your perception, and in this framework to your knowledge you would be accessing the passage of time to be much increased from your own, in compliance with the acceleration of the time framework you also must be objectively adjusting your awareness, your attention, your actual physical structure, to acclimate to this other time framework. If you are accessing a framework which moves tremendously more slowly, your physical form shall not function properly within that framework. Therefore, you instantaneously adjust to be fitting the experience which you have allowed to bleed through objectively.

You view your form and your awareness objectively within your attention as stable. You view this as unchanging, for your physical form is matter. You view within your belief systems that this is solid. You do not hold solidity in the same manner as your belief systems dictate. Therefore, you are fluid. In this, you hold the ability to be altering of self within every moment, as you have offered yourselves evidence of this in your creation of physical form. You do not enter your physical manifestation as you view yourself presently! You continuously alter your form in your creative expression; for you choose within this dimension, unlike some other dimensions, to diversify your experience, including your physical form.

It is unnecessary for you to be born and grow and change your physical form. Within other dimensions, this is not objectified. The same physical form is chosen throughout the entirety of the focus. But within the diversity of this reality within this dimension, you choose to be continuously changing and altering, which also allows you within your logical thought processes the ability to be accomplishing of this shift, for you already alter all aspects of your expression. Therefore, within this shift, you allow yourself the opportunity only to be increasing of your creativity.” [session 186, June 22, 1997]

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