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The Menu of Life: “Who Am I?”
by Paul M. Helfrich, Ph.D.

We’ll be exploring Elias’ “roadmap” of the soul – a summary of the main concepts introduced to date that explore the multidimensional nature of what he calls “essence” and “focuses of essence.”

To make this a little bit more fun, imagine that you are a soul who has just made the big decision to engage a cycle of manifestation – a set of simultaneous physical lifetimes. Whoohoo! Way to go! Are you in for a great adventure!

You are immediately handed a restaurant-style menu and instead of prices you find a checklist with blanks. The good news is that this is FREE. The bad news, well... that’s entirely up to you to create for yourself.

[The following is to be read with a John Cleese, Monty Python accent ...]

“Attention, attention all souls preparing to experience physical reality! All of your physical focuses will be equipped with a full complement of inner senses that allow for merging, conceptualizing, tripping in and out time frameworks just to keep linear time from getting too boring (in case you forget why you are doing this in the first place).

[Smiling and nodding] “We’ve also added a complement of five physical senses that should give your inner senses some serious competition for your attention.

“So please fill out the following form by making a selection from each row and hand it in to the Gatekeeper (who may look conspicuously like someone you recognize but can’t quite place) before engaging the manifestation of all of your focuses.

“And just in case no one told you, you can change any choice at any time. In fact, time is only a camouflage, so don’t worry if you wish to change your mind. But there will always be consequences for every choice you make and probability that you wish to explore [winking conspiratorially].

“So, get ready to forget everything you know and have learned thus far. And trust Us, it will be worth the ride, if only for the experience.”

Characteristics of essence (subjective perception):

__________ essence family belonging to
__________ dispersed essence
__________ babe essence
__________ “cycle” of manifestation (“create simultaneous lifetimes”)
__________ inner senses (subjective senses used to translate “source energy” into objective creations; impressions, impulses, knowings, feeling tones)
__________ aspects of essence; primary (directing)/secondary (observing)
__________ counterpart action (parallel and opposite)
__________ fragmentation (fragmenting latent elements into an autonomous essence for further development)
__________ splintering (personality elements into the array of focus personalities)
__________ mergence (exploring consciousness through collective sharing of experience, a key action and inner sense that often leads to fragmentation, splintering, etc.)
__________ creating bifurcation points for probable selves
__________ creating intersection points for alternate selves
__________ avenues of communication (subjective communication translated into objective awareness; dream imagery, emotions, physical senses, [vision, hearing, taste, touch, and smell], inner senses [empathic, conceptual, differential time], impulses, impressions, physical body expressions [symptoms of dis-ease], language, intuitions [another term for inner senses and dreams], imagination)
__________ blinking in and out (the action of creation; the translation of “source energy” to and from Regional Areas 2, 3, 4 to and from Regional Area 1)
__________ pop-ins (like Tweety bird, just to keep us on our toes)

Characteristics of focus personalities (objective perception):

__________ essence family aligning with
__________ beginning (initiating) – continuing (remanifesting) – final focus
__________ choice of signature color
__________ choice of signature tone
__________ gender (male/female; a subjective pre-birth choice)
__________ orientation (common/intermediate/soft; a subjective pre-birth choice)
__________ thought – emotional – religious – political-focus (a subjective pre-birth choice, processed via energy centers)
__________ focuses of our essence, near in tone, further in tone (pick from anywhere between 300 - 600! How near or far would your remembrance of essence to be? What group/family relationships, issues would you like to work on?)
__________ hold an aspect of Dream Walker intent through fragmentation relationships (it’s a tough job, but we do rely on aspects of Seers, Tellers, Speakers, etc. as the “Maintenance Crew” for this dimension you know. After all, someone has to make sure that time flows forward.)
__________ physical senses (five objective senses used to create physical perception)
__________ ten fundamental belief systems, sexuality and emotion are base lines for our physical experiences (psychological “filters” used to create physical perception)
__________ energy centers – eight physical, three nonphysical
__________ sexual preference (an objective post-birth belief system)
__________ chapter focuses (if you think that being with one family in one lifetime is challenging, imagine clusters of lifetimes in which group issues are addressed and worked through)
__________ twin focuses
__________ pyramid focuses
__________ projections of consciousness (thinking is the best way travel around space-time)
__________ engaging the action of transition while physically focused (why be confused after you’ve completed your cycle of manifestation when you can be thoroughly confused while still physical?)
__________ mirror action (the world reflects our beliefs back us)
__________ counterpart action (parallel and opposite)

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