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babe essences (new souls)

Elias “gems”

JEN: “I was curious about ANON’s physical challenge with anxiety and how that’s affected her in this particular focus, or what that’s teaching her, or maybe why she’s creating that for herself.

ELIAS: Many individuals create this same action within physical focus. Let me express to you that as you choose to be manifesting into physical focus, you are also choosing to be moving into unfamiliar territory. Let me offer to you that within your terms, you may be viewing yourself to be what you express as a ‘new soul,’ which in actuality holds the meaning that you have not focused very many of your focuses within this particular dimension. It holds no actual reference to time of old or new, but this would be your terminology in expressing that some essences hold many focuses within this dimension, and within your belief systems you classify them as ‘old souls,’ the sages, those individuals holding many, many, many experiences within this particular dimension. There are also those that you classify to be ‘new souls’; those individuals, those essences that focus within this dimension that hold few focuses and hold limited experiences in this particular dimension. These are the essences and individuals that you term to be new souls, babes within this dimension. In understanding this classification, you may consider yourself as a new soul.

(Margot’s note: Okay, okay, I don’t mind being an old soul sage, but hey, dude E! I wanna be a Babe Essence!)

ELIAS: Michael [Mary] and Lawrence [Vicki] also fall into this category of new souls or babe essences within this particular dimension.

(Vic’s note: Hey Mary & ANON! We’re Babe Essences and Margot’s not!)

ELIAS: In this, many times essences focusing within a new dimension, so to speak, may experience within some of their focuses that emotional quality that you term to be anxieties, for you are experiencing the unfamiliar.

I shall express to you, as I have previously with other individuals: although your belief systems move in the direction of expressing that you hold fearfulness of death – which there is no death – in actuality, you hold more fearfulness of life, for this is unfamiliar to you. What is familiar to you is the comfort of essence and the mobility of essence. What is unfamiliar to you is the exploration of physical experiences and the creation temporarily of separation from essence, that you may be experiencing the purity of the individual reality and dimension.

Therefore, at times you may be creating of emotions in the direction of anxieties, but not hold an objective awareness of why. It merely appears to engulf you for no reason, but the reason is that you are charting uncharted territory, and you automatically in this particular dimension move in the direction of apprehension in experiencing unfamiliarity. This creates an element of fearfulness, which is also an element of the emotional qualities assigned within this particular dimension. So, you offer yourself the opportunity to be experiencing these elements.

Now; if you are choosing to be eliminating of these aspects and ‘episodes’ of anxiousness within your physical focus, you may be offering to yourself the acceptance of self and the realization that you are a traveler, an explorer upon a sojourn within this focus, looking to be experiencing all that you may as an adventure, and that there is no element that you need hold fearfulness within, for you may offer yourself all of the comfort that you deem necessary, for you hold all of essence within you, and in actuality, in your exploration of this particular focus, you are not separated. You merely allow yourself the appearance of being separated from essence, but it is continuously within you and not separated from you.

ANON: So where would I feel more comfortable?

ELIAS: If you are allowing yourself the acceptance of self, you shall also allow yourself tremendous comfort within this focus. It is not a question of WHERE you shall feel more comfortable, but WHEN.

ANON: Well, what about taking medication for that?

ELIAS: If you are so choosing and if your belief systems move in the direction of strength in this area, this may be beneficial to you, but I may also offer to you that it is unnecessary.

JEN: Hmm. What’s the significance of smoking pot? I mean, I smoke pot, and I sometimes have wondered lately in the study of this understanding that it might inhibit my ability to access information.

ELIAS: Not necessarily.

JEN: But then sometimes I think it could enhance this information. I think, ‘Oh, it must just be my belief systems.’

ELIAS: Absolutely.

JEN: Right. So it’s all in terms of ...

ELIAS: I have expressed previously in the area of any element that you are consuming or what you believe to be substances: as dictated by your belief systems, they may be creating of a thickness temporarily within your energy, but I may also express to you that this is NOT an absolute! Your belief systems dictate many of your responses to all elements. Therefore, you may be engaging in different substances, and you may allow yourself an affectingness or you may allow yourself no affectingness. It is merely a question of your belief systems.

I have expressed previously to individuals that inquire of the smoking of tobacco: in itself, you may be engaging in this activity and it holds no harmfulness to you. It holds harmfulness to you in the area that you BELIEVE it holds harmfulness to you. As you BELIEVE that it shall be hurtful to you, YOU – not the thing – YOU shall create within you a dis-ease or a hurtfulness.

ANON: So if you believe then, for example, that smoking tobacco ... if you really believe it’s not going to hurt you physically, it will in fact not hurt you.

ELIAS: Correct. You are very correct.

ANON: Can I ask you another question?

ELIAS: You may.

ANON: When you said that like I had a new essence ...

ELIAS: Correct.

ANON: ... and I think you referred to it as babes or something, does that mean that people like myself are not as aware or as in tune with what’s going on?

ELIAS: Absolutely not.

ANON: What does it mean to be new?

ELIAS: It merely means that you do not hold as many focuses within this particular dimension as other essences.

ANON: I haven’t been in this particular dimension for very long?

ELIAS: Correct.” [session 288, June 20, 1998]

Elias “gems”

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