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MIKE: “After our last session, I wanted to have that interaction thing with you, and I wanted to ask you, where were you?

ELIAS: (Chuckling) I have been present!

MIKE: You must show yourself!

ELIAS: Ah! I MUST show myself! Ah, quite commanding, are you not?

MIKE: Oh yes!

ELIAS: This is quite reminiscent of that focus of which we have spoken within this particular session, in which you hold quite obnoxious qualities! Ha ha! (Chuckling, and Mike is laughing)

MIKE: Okay, can you tell me what some of my issues are with not being able to do the whole thing there?

ELIAS: Let me express to you, as I have been expressing to you previously also, that you need merely relax your focus and you shall also allow yourself to be connecting with my energy, but there remains some elements of fearfulness in this area. This is what you within physical focus term to be your designation of vulnerability.

As I have expressed previously, this term of vulnerability is merely another language word for openness, but within your belief systems, you guard very carefully in the area of vulnerability, for you hold very strong belief systems that if you are allowing yourself this relaxation of your focus and this vulnerability, you also may not be appreciating the experience that that expression lends to.

I express to you that there is no element of harmfulness within the expression of energy of this essence, and therefore it is unnecessary for your own holding and your own fearfulness, although I am quite understanding that regardless of my expression in this manner, this does not necessarily alleviate or eliminate the underlying expression.

Now, let me also express to you that this is quite common also in relation to belief systems that move in conjunction with gender. I shall be offering information within our future forums of sessions concerning belief systems of gender within physical focus, which are influencing of many of your perceptions and also many of your actions and fears.

Within the gender that you have chosen for this particular physical manifestation, vulnerability is an undesirable quality. In this, there are certain aspects of your belief systems that align with the mass, that the expression of your own masculinity, so to speak, should not be confused with an expression of vulnerability.

Intermixed with this aspect is another aspect of protection, recognizing that within this expression of male gender, you do hold a leaning in the direction of vulnerability, but that in exposing that vulnerability, it may be taken advantage of and exploited in hurtful manners. These are underlying aspects of belief systems which create issues, and therefore create a response of holding to energy and protectiveness of self.

Let me express to you that I do not occupy physical focus, and therefore I also do not participate within the manifestation of physical belief systems. Therefore, there is no influence of my energy to move in the direction of what you term to be hurtfulness, for the natural expression of essence is not hurtfulness, but acceptance. Therefore, I offer this information to you that you may understand, that you may quiet yourself and allow yourself your expression of vulnerability, and no harmfulness shall befall you. Are you understanding?

MIKE: Yes. Is this interaction objective thing probable?

ELIAS: Quite.

MIKE: Okay. You said to relax the mind. Would it be efficient for me to be focusing on any one thing, letting my mind drift, shutting my eyes, opening my eyes, what?

ELIAS: This may be efficient for you to be engaging if you are allowing yourself physical relaxation, and I may express that discontinuing your visual stimulation may be quite helpful to your relaxation in your expression. Therefore, you may allow yourself with eyes closed that you may not engage distraction, and you may also, if you are so choosing, allow yourself to be engaging of music that may be soothing to you and may be creating of what you would term to be a conducive environment to relaxation.

In this, as you are not concentrating upon any particular element or thought process, you may also allow yourself to drift, but not to be forcing away from yourself any element that drifts to you, for this may be distracting of your relaxation also, if you are noticing elements drifting into your awareness and you are forcing them out, so to speak, expressing to yourself, ‘No, I must be concentrating upon blankness. I wish not to be allowing thoughts or feelings to be drifting into my awareness.’

In this, you are not allowing yourself an actual relaxation, for you are concerning yourself with forcing away elements that may be drifting into your awareness. Are you understanding?

MIKE: Yes.

ELIAS: At times, within those elements that drift into your awareness, you present yourself with the very element that you are seeking. But as you are pushing them away, you also may be pushing away the very energy that you seek to be connecting to.

MIKE: Okay. Then if my eyes are shut, how might I see you?

ELIAS: Ah, for you may only see myself with your physical eyes open, may you not?

MIKE: Well, yeah!

ELIAS: (Chuckling) Incorrect! You may also view myself without your physical eyes open. Although in connecting to this energy and allowing yourself the knowing of the energy within this state of relaxation, you continue to hold the choice to be opening your eyes at any given moment to physically view. I am not expressing that as you engage your relaxation with eyes closed, that you need be continuing eyes closed throughout the entirety of your exercise.

MIKE: So, I can just open my eyes right in the middle of relaxation, is what you’re saying?


MIKE: Okay.

ELIAS: Allow yourself to connect to the energy first, and as you connect to the energy, then you may open your eyes to view.” [session 354, January 26, 1999]


GEORGE: “I understand that I can have an auditory conversation with you at any time from a full waking state, that it’s a matter of allowance.

ELIAS: You may.

GEORGE: Could you give me further information on this and tell me how I can give you this allowance so it would happen?

ELIAS: This also is an expression of trust and acceptance within self. As you allow yourself to be moving more fully into an expression of trust of self and an expression of acceptance of yourself and your abilities – this is quite important, for many times individuals may be holding a trust within self, but are not offering themselves the acknowledgment of acceptance of their own abilities.

And in this, as you allow yourself the acceptance of your abilities, and you acknowledge to yourself that you do hold the ability to be accessing another essence that you do not visually see or that you are not objectively participating with within your physical dimension, and also offering yourself trust within yourself, that you may be open to more of your reality than you allow yourself to view, and you allow yourself to be relaxing in this acceptance and trust, you shall allow yourself more of an openness ... or a vulnerability, heh heh heh.... (1)

GEORGE: Elias, I could access my own essence this way too, right?

ELIAS: Quite.

GEORGE: Joffree [George]; by just simply allowing myself or accepting myself, trusting myself and my own abilities fully. If I reach that really, not just conceptually, then I will be able to access my own essence.

ELIAS: You are correct.” [session 504, November 19, 1999]

MIKE: “I guess the first question that really comes to mind is, what is it that I’m telling myself that I’m not hearing very well? I’ve been approached about getting a session many times, and then recently my ears and stuff have been hurting, and that’s usually indicative to me of something I’m not hearing. So, I’m hoping you will enlighten me on what it is I’m to be hearing.

ELIAS: (Grinning) And we shall return, once again, to our ever familiar subject matter! (Mike laughs) I shall offer you, within this moment, express to me, may you be attempting to be assessing what you are expressing to yourself that you are not listening to?

MIKE: Actually, no, I can’t! I can’t even begin to surmise.

ELIAS: It is in actuality quite simple! (Laughing)

MIKE: Clue me in here! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Be remembering of what we have been discussing for much time framework, Mikah [Michael]. What are you not hearing? Relax, relax, relax!

MIKE: (Laughing) So I’m telling myself to relax, relax, relax?

ELIAS: Quite. And you are tense, tense, tense!

MIKE: What am I supposed to be relaxing? If I get any more relaxed, I’ll fall off the face of the planet! (Laughing)

ELIAS: Ah! Not quite! You may exhibit behavior outwardly that appears to be relaxed, and I may express to you that inwardly, within your energy, you are not relaxing at all! There are quite different expressions of relaxing, and you may view within yourself that although you may be offering yourself the outward expression at times of attempting to be relaxing, you also are creating what within you? Spinning, spinning, spinning!

MIKE: (Laughing) Okay, this is gonna seem like a strange question to be asking, but I guess from all the spinning, spinning, spinning, and I guess all the tenseness, I guess I’ve gotten so used to it that I don’t even realize what it is anymore. What is it that I’m tensing about? I mean, I’ve lost track of what it is I’m so tense about.

ELIAS: Now; you are beginning to recognize – in this question, in this inquiry – what we are discussing. This has become so very automatic to you, within your objective recognition, that you do not even view what you are creating. And in this, I am acknowledging, for as you allow yourself to be presenting this question, you also allow yourself a slight opening to the response.

Let me express to you, Mikah [Michael] ... and we shall not be rushing! (Mike laughs) I hold an awareness that you are wishing me to be rushing, and I shall not be rushing, for this is familiar to you, and this is the point! (Mike cracks up) You are rushing within yourself. You are spinning within yourself, and you are holding to your energy so very tightly.

I am expressing to you that in this, you have allowed yourself a creation within your focus of concerning yourself with so very many elements outside of yourself that you confuse them with inside of yourself, and you do not even allow yourself to view what ‘inside of yourself’ IS any longer.

Objectively, you have moved so automatically in the viewing of outside that you are not viewing inside, and you fool yourself into the thought process – which you are so very efficient with! (Mike laughs) – in thinking that you are focusing upon self and that you are assimilating information and that you are applying this information to self. For you may interact with other individuals and you may offer information to them, and as you offer information to them, you may be presenting yourself – in surprise – with your enlightened words, (Mike laughs) and you may allow yourself to view the response of the other individuals as they are listening to you, and they are also reinforcing of your assessment, for they shall respond to you in expressions of acknowledgment and recognition that the expressions you offer to them are helpful and enlightening to them also, but they are not enlightening to you! (Mike laughs)

For they are assessments within your thoughts. They are concepts that you allow yourself to intellectually understand. They are expressions that you may offer to other individuals. But it is information that you do not allow yourself to be assimilating within self and turning TO self.

I shall express to you, Mikah [Michael], I have offered an analogy recently, which I shall offer to you also.

In this, what you are experiencing is the movement in jumping from one car upon the outer rim of the Ferris Wheel to another car, and each jump places you in another position upon the outer rim, and what I continue to express to you is to be moving to the center of the wheel. (2)

As you continue to be upon the outer rim of this Ferris Wheel, you allow yourself to view all of your scenery, all of your universe, all of the interaction of all other individuals, for you hold a clear view of all that is occurring around you, and you allow yourself to be viewing the particular car that you occupy within any particular moment.

Each car upon the outer rim of this Ferris Wheel may be representative of a particular belief or an action or a situation or an issue, but the one element that you may not view clearly from this position is the center of the wheel. For regardless of how you move yourself upon the outer rim of this wheel or how you lean outside of the car, you may not view the hub of the wheel clearly, for it is held in recess of the wheel, and therefore, as it is positioned inwardly upon this wheel, it is not clearly visible from the outside.

In this, what I am expressing to you is, the movement that you are creating has become automatic to you, and as you are occupying the wheel – which is you – you view yourself to be paying attention to you in these automatic movements, and you do not recognize the tension any longer that you are holding, and you do not recognize how you are not relaxing. But how may you be relaxing as you are jumping from one car to another on this outer rim, and attempting to be balancing within the movement of this Ferris Wheel, and viewing all that is outside of this Ferris Wheel simultaneously?

And the one element, once again, that is not viewed is the center, and as you allow yourself to be climbing out of these outer cars and moving yourself down the beams into the center, you may view all of your universe. You may view all of the interactions of all other individuals. You may view all of the cars of the Ferris Wheel upon the outer rim, and you may also view the center, and within the center, you need not be jumping. You may relax, and you may allow yourself to merely move WITH the wheel.

MIKE: Well, how do I go about getting to the center without jumping around still?

ELIAS: By turning your attention slightly, by not concerning yourself so very intensely with all that is occurring outside of you, and by turning your perception to be viewing YOU – your directions, your choices, your desires, your movement, and what motivates your choices. We have engaged this discussion previously, but you have not been listening.

MIKE: Okay, so wouldn’t like viewing my direction and choices and desires and movement and whatsuch, wouldn’t that also be influenced by what’s going on outside around me? I mean, how do I look at my direction and choices if I’m not looking outside of myself?

ELIAS: This is the point. Outside of yourself does not create your reality. It is the reverse. YOU create your reality and are affecting outside of you, not the other way round. (Pause)

MIKE: Okay. Well....

ELIAS: The very question is your example of how you hold your attention and how you view your reality and the direction that you are moving in.

In your expression of your question – how may I be moving in my attention to self without the influence of outside? – this is, in your very questioning, your indication to you that your attention is held outside of you, and as it continues to be held outside of you, you continue to hold to your energy in tension, and as you continue in this tension, you also continue to be creating frustration.

MIKE: Okay. Alright.” [session 552, January 21, 2000]

End Notes:

(1) Vic’s note: first, I want to note that I used “heh heh heh” because I’ve never heard Elias chuckle like he did here. Also, an answering machine went off during these two paragraphs, and somebody left a message, but Elias was unfazed in his delivery. Sometimes it seems as though he doesn’t hear auditory interruptions at all.

(2) Paul’s note: Elias uses the analogy of a Ferris Wheel to represent the Self, with the outer carts symbolizing physically held belief systems, and the center representing our essential identity that exists beyond belief systems.

Exercises: find out more about the Ferris Wheel analogy.

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