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ELIAS: “Although you hold a genuine desire to be creating an intimate relationship with yourself, you also hold a strong association objectively that some of your experiences and your choices within your focus have been unacceptable, and therefore this creates an intense block of your movement in allowing yourself to be creating this intimate relationship with yourself, for you do not allow yourself to move beyond or around this particular mountain that you have created within yourself, concerning your perception of you, and that you are not the wondrous and acceptable lovable individual that you wish to be.

The mountain that you have created is quite solid, and it is an expression that you offer to yourself in unacceptability. Therefore, rather than allowing yourself to be genuinely viewing yourself and moving into the expression of intimacy with yourself, you create an action which you believe shall block and eliminate your ability and your attempt to be viewing yourself.

Now; in this, the substance is not what creates the lack of your movement. The substance itself is not what is affecting of you. For I may express to you, the affectingness of the substance is created by you.

GILLIAN: Yes, I know you’ve said this many times before to people who’ve asked you about substance use. I agree that it’s my perception, and I’ve been trying to shift that perception. I can’t move around the mountain, Elias.

ELIAS: Let me express to you my friend, the attempt to be shifting or moving your perception in relation to the substance is for the most part, in this layer of your expression presently, futile. For this type of attempt is movement in the direction of attempting to change a thing that you believe to be quite solid.

Let me express to you a small analogy. The attempt to be changing your perception concerning the substance may be likened to your attempt to alter your perception that a building is not a building. I may express to you my friend, within this present now you may stand before a building and concentrate objectively upon the structure of that building, and I may genuinely offer to you that you shall not view the building as a lake. You shall continue to view it as a building. This is the strength of your perception.

In like manner, attempting to alter your perception concerning the affectingness of this substance in this present now is futile, for your perception is held quite strongly. Therefore, what you may be creating in success is not necessarily the alteration of your perception concerning the affectingness of this particular substance, but turning your attention. And as you turn your attention to you and allow yourself to begin listening to yourself, recognizing this mountain that you have created, and NOT attempting to eliminate the mountain but viewing the mountain as an aspect of your own creations and therefore allowing yourself to begin movement in acceptance of this mountain, you shall be greatly influencing of your perception, and in THAT affectingness of your perception, you shall also begin altering your expressions, your behaviors, and your engagements with activities.

Now; let me express to you, in difference to your mass beliefs, I shall not offer to you the expression that you need be or must disengage this activity and this engagement or relationship, so to speak, with this particular substance. This is not the point. This is merely the objective imagery. It matters not whether you choose to be continuing in that activity or not. I am quite recognizing that there are aspects of engaging this type of activity which within physical focus are quite pleasurable, and I may also express to you that a natural movement of essence is to be creating pleasure in ANY form.

Therefore, the engagement of the outward imagery and activity is neither right nor wrong, and is not the point. You may continue to be consuming this substance and engaging a pleasurable experience, and ALSO allow yourself to be moving into an engagement of this mountain, and therefore create the relationship with self in intimacy. It is not a situation of either/or.

Let me also express to you, in relation to this mountain, allow yourself an exercise in which you may be present in the now within your awareness, holding your attention upon self, and creating a visualization of this mountain. As you create this visualization of this mountain, allow yourself a calmness as you view in your visualization this mountain.

Now; let me express to you, I hold an awareness that initially your viewing of this mountain may not necessarily be what you may term to be beautiful. You may initially create a mountain which spews molten lava, and holds the blackness and darkness of heavy energy (humorously). But as you view this mountain that you have created, allow yourself in that calm to transform your visualization, and create a majestic mountain of blues and purples and wondrous cool snow atop its peaks. And as you begin transforming your mountain into this majestic wonder, you may allow yourself, in this exercise, to approach this mountain. As you approach this mountain, viewing it to be a majestic wonder, allow yourself to engage a calm appreciation of it.

Once you have allowed yourself this exercise and this visualization, allow yourself the objective recognition that this mountain is you. You need not eliminate this mountain; you need not transform it into a pebble. But you may be accepting of this creation as a powerful expression of yourself.

Let me express to you my friend, within your physical focus and manifestation, you have created powerful expressions of your energy. You may view your experiences and your creations as negative at times, and as blocking or as expressions that do not allow for your movement; but in relation to your alteration of your viewing of this mountain, allow yourself a parallel recognition of the genuine strength of all that you have created within your focus. For in the recognition of the strength and power of what you view to be conflict, you have created that – which may now suggest to you that as you choose to be creating any strength of expression in what you assess to be negative, you also hold the ability to be creating choice that shall express that same strength in what you want and what you view to be positive.

I shall express to you, the acceptance of the darker hues of your focus offers to you the genuine appreciation of depth and creativity that you hold. It creates dimension within you. Are you understanding?

GILLIAN: Yes, I’m understanding, Elias, and I really do appreciate this because you’ve reinforced for me ... I have been recently looking at those past negative, so to speak, experiences and marveling at how beautifully I did create them in the entire depth of it.

ELIAS: Quite! And in this, you also allow yourself to view your travel within the experiences of this physical dimension, and as you create these wondrous depths of experiences, even those that you view to be quite bad and dark and negative, what do you offer to yourself in wondrousness? You offer to yourself the objective understanding of your wondrous creativity, and in that recognition, you also offer to yourself the opportunity to drop the veils of separation.

For in the offering to yourself of appreciation, not discounting and not judgment, but genuine appreciation of all that you have created in your experiences within this focus, you also automatically offer yourself a genuine understanding and appreciation and compassion of your fellow travelers within this physical dimension; and as you create THAT recognition, you drop the veils of separation, and you create a genuine expression of acceptance, and this is a wondrous offering of freedom.

GILLIAN: Yes, I agree with that, Elias, because I recognize that through those experiences, I have gained greater empathy with my fellow travelers.

ELIAS: Correct. NOW the challenge that you present to yourself is to offer that expression of appreciation, empathy and compassion to self.

GILLIAN: Thank you for that, Elias. I will look on this exercise you have given me. I could actually picture this majestic mountain while you were speaking of it.” [session 811, April 01, 2001]

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