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ELIAS: “Engage with me a visualization. If this may be facilitated, within your perception more easily, to be closing your eyes, you may engage this action if you are wishing. View a building block. View many building blocks. We shall transform, in this visualization, your blocks into bricks; your bricks being placed one atop another; each brick serving to be creating of a structure; not a wall! You shall be creating a building with very many rooms, with much space; a true work of art, architecturally. Each brick that has been used to compose this structure ... not wall ... has been purposefully and artfully placed to create a structure that you have chosen creatively. View the beauty of your structure. (Pause) Now; with this visualization that you have offered yourself, hold this image. (Pause) Now you may disengage.

Be understanding that as you create anything physically, you are not creating a wall! You are purposefully creating a very artful creation. In this, as you have chosen to be dismantling your structure, you are, piece by piece, brick by brick, block by block, dismembering a creation. You are not ‘destroying’ or ‘blasting through’ a wall! There is no obstruction! There is no barrier! There is a purposeful structure which has been created. In this, each brick is a manifestation of thought. Combined, they create the entirety of the actual physical expression. Therefore, be understanding that as you are choosing to be creating of a new reality, and dismembering the previous creation, each block holds significance to you. You have purposefully placed this within your structure. It holds no negative. It is a creative expression.

Therefore, although your desire may be to be recreating and restructuring, you may find sentimental attachments to some of your blocks. You may dwell with some of your blocks temporarily, viewing their beauty within their expression of their creation. You may hold to them, and you may express to yourself, ‘What brilliant color you hold! How magnificently I have created you!’ Within your understanding, subjectively, of recreating a new expression, you allow the dismantling of all of the structure; but be aware, some of its elements you may hold to more tightly. (Pause) Such quietness!

CELIA: So Elias, are you then referring to, when you make an example of these bricks, perhaps our belief systems?

ELIAS: Your belief systems are influencing of all of your creations. Therefore, you may not ’separate out’ your belief systems from your creations, for they are intertwined; this being your mass event. Your Source Event, within your subjective self and intent, incorporates a desire for an expression. This is translated to your objective self, which will be creating of your actual physical manifestation. In this, your objective self is quite influenced by belief systems. Therefore, the expression of the creation is involved with belief systems, this also being not a negative expression; for your belief systems, within themselves, are not negative.

CELIA: Thank you.

ELIAS: Your use of your belief systems, and your choices within them, may be inefficient as an expression, for you may incorporate a more efficient and effortless expression influenced not quite so heavily by your belief systems; but within your incorporation of viewing belief systems as a negative, you increase that expression, for your thoughts are reality. They are the blocks that are creating of your structure.

VICKI: When you dismantle a brick, or a thought is released, are you, within that, then widening your belief system?

ELIAS: It is dependent upon your intent and your desire. You create structures continuously, and you dismember these structures continuously and rebuild other structures, replacing these continuously, aligned with different belief systems. If your desire and your intent is to be widening your awareness and focusing your attention to your subjective self, yes; you shall be widening your awareness. If your intent and your desire magnates only to your objective self and expression, within changed or substituted belief systems, no; you will not be widening your awareness. You will be changing your experience. (Long pause) Spinning thoughts creating many structures innerly! (Grinning, and another pause)

CELIA: So can we say then, that if we are continually changing by this restructuring through these thoughts, can we say the structures that we are creating are ourselves, in fact?

ELIAS: They are!

CELIA: So then we can change ourselves, to be whatever we have become widened enough or evolved enough to be.

ELIAS: And beyond!

CELIA: If we can continue to look at these thoughts, and the way that you said, when you take apart the structure, you look at these, each brick or each thought, and you can analyze, ‘Was this a valid thought?’

ELIAS: All thought holds validity. I will say to you, Sari [Celia], you may incorporate this action if you are choosing; and there are many individuals that are choosing, within their widening process; Michael [Mary] also being one of these individuals, (grinning) investigating each brick, analyzing each block, inverting each block, examining microscopically! I will also express, this ultimately is unnecessary; for as you express within your objective self the desire and the intent, communicated back to the subjective self, of wishing to be widening, and you express within your objective self a willingness to be accepting, your subjective self will dismantle for you; therein being your effortless expression.

You may choose to be incorporating your time element, and you may be choosing to incorporate your effort, and you will also accomplish. You will accomplish within more of your physical time, and you will experience an element of conflict, but you will accomplish. Eventually, within widening your awareness, you will become aware that it is unnecessary to engage this evaluation; for if you are trusting and accepting of self, you will be expressing, and you will be accomplishing effortlessly; although I am understanding that at this juncture, that you occupy within your awareness presently, you do not understand. Therefore, you incorporate your ‘methods.’ This is not to be discounting of your methods. I only express to you that within reality, it is unnecessary.

You are natural, creative, expressive beings. You incorporate an effortlessness of essence; and as you widen, you begin to view more and more of your effortlessness. I also acknowledge that you also view much that incorporates, still, effort; but you approach effortlessness increasingly as you widen, this being what you would term to be your goal; although you have no goal, for you have no purpose, for your experience is your purpose! (Grinning, and we all crack up) You are manifest to be experiencing. You are in a continuous, underline, continuous state of becoming. Therefore, you have no goal, for you have no ending, and a goal is an ending! (Pause, grinning) You accomplish continuously. You need only be acknowledging of your continuous accomplishment!” [session 96, May 26, 1996]

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