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ELIAS: “I will express to you first that I am instructing you to be exercising one of your inner senses, one in which most of you do not exercise readily ... and some exercise too readily! (Leaning towards and speaking directly to Tom, who is totally unaware that Elias is referring to him) Hello! (Trying to get Tom’s attention, who is staring at Ron. We all laugh)

TOM: Hi! I hear you. I was watching Ron. (He was exercising!)

ELIAS: This would be your inner sense that you would term empathic. You focus on what you term telepathic as a psychic sense or inner sense, which you all to a very limited degree may define. Empathic is your ability to feel and experience other individuals and other essences. You may practice exercising this empathic sense, and no one will know! (Laughter) It does not require speaking. It does not require thinking. It only requires identifying yourself and your connections with other essences, feeling what they are experiencing. This may seem to be not very important, but you will find that my reasoning is quite valid within your future.

It is coupled with another inner sense quite necessary to connect with this sense of empathic, in order to be understanding of elements which will be presented. The other sense that you may practice is your inner sense of conceptualization, this being somewhat as your visualization. Within visualization, you see images. Within conceptualization, you are offered a concept and you become the concept, just as within our game (1) I offered the exercise and challenge to you all, and to Lawrence [Vicki], to experience the vibrational connection to the categories within our game; this being the introduction to your conceptualization.

There are times when it is not enough to be offered a concept, for you may think of the concept until you can think no more and you will still not understand, for you are using a very small portion of your physically focused brain. You need incorporate more. You possess inner senses which serve you quite well, but they are also quite rusty! It is now time to be pulling them out and dusting them off and shining them and placing them in working order.

Within conceptualization, you may choose any concept. It does not need to be one of Elias’ concepts. It may be anything. Focus upon the concept and experience the concept. Do not think about the concept over and over, for this is not the point. I will ask you, ‘What were you thinking during your experience with Milus?!’ I will answer for you: ‘Nothing!’ You were experiencing. You were not evaluating; you were not analyzing. You were experiencing, therefore allowing yourselves information and understanding that you would not have come to without the experience. Therefore, within conceptualization, experience the concept. Become the concept.” [session 54, November 12, 1995]


VICKI: ” When one incorporates this [empathic] sense, can one be helpful to another individual in doing so?

ELIAS: If you are wishing. I would be practicing first to be allowing yourself an identification, for you do not realize now what you are even accomplishing! You may practice anywhere. You may be walking on your street and you may practice.

I will give you an exercise. You may incorporate another “field trip" and you may go to a place such as a park. Find a tree and practice your empathic sense with the tree, for it also incorporates consciousness and knowing of itself and its existence.

VICKI: In learning to use this empathic sense, would one then be able to know one’s self better?

ELIAS: Exactly. You will also be understanding of those individuals around you and all other elements around you. All things contain consciousness. If you are incorporating your empathic sense, you will also be lessening your separation, for you will be incorporating more union with all that you have created, which is all connected. You will understand energy.

VICKI: I have one more question regarding learning to use the empathic sense and learning to conceptualize. Besides desire and concentration, do you have any suggestions?

ELIAS: Practice with your tree. Experience is your best teacher. This will offer you information to build upon. I may explain the concepts to you many times, as I have! Now you may experience, and you will teach yourselves.” [session 55, November 15, 1995]

ELIAS: “You may use your empathic sense to be connecting with aspects of yourself which are affecting of yourself, and you may also be using this sense to be connecting with yourself. Each element, each molecule, each cell, each atom that you incorporate within your physical expression possesses consciousness. In this, it experiences. You may use your empathic sense to be connecting with the experience of your physical existence, if you are so choosing, or if you are needing to be affecting of a challenge within this area.” [session 57, November 26, 1995]

ELIAS: “You may experience empathy for another individual or creature for whatever they may be experiencing. This is not to say that you are choosing to empathically experience what they are experiencing. If you are viewing a creature or an individual which you view to be suffering, you may feel quite sorry for this creature or individual. You may incorporate empathy for them, but you may not wish to be occupying their space and BEING them; this being an element of your fear and your lack of trust and your isolation of self, which each of you holds. I will be quite willing to say to you that if you are viewing a disaster and a broken body of another individual, you may be willing to be helpful, but you will not be willing to lie down in their space and be experiencing their trauma! This is empathic.” [session 57, November 26, 1995]

ELIAS: “You may exercise your empathic abilities by viewing a picture of an animal. Do not choose a pet. Choose another animal. Place a picture before you and view this animal. Then allow yourself to drift within relaxation, and focus upon BEING this animal. Do not view experience. You will find yourself experiencing this creature’s existence. It will offer you information of consciousness other than your own, for you within essence are connected to ALL elements of physical focus: a plant, a rock, an ocean, a creature, a cloud, a whirlwind, a sky, a star, your planet, other individuals. You are ALL connected within consciousness. Therefore, you may experience all of these things within your own consciousness.” [session 85, April 10, 1996]

ELIAS: “Also, I wish you not to be forgetful of your empathic sense; for this particular inner sense, as we move into our new agenda, shall be come quite valuable to you. This shall be helpful to you within your understanding. It shall also be quite helpful to you within the action of this shift and your participation in it. If you are understanding of your fellow individuals and their belief systems through your empathic sense, you shall be accepting and you shall eliminate many of your own obstacles, which you have already experienced. ‘How do I express to another individual adequately this information of this shift?’ You shall offer yourself these answers if you are allowing yourself to be engaging your empathic sense, and therefore understanding another individual and approaching the individual in a manner that they shall understand and accept. This is accomplished initially by your acceptance. You must be accepting first.

As with all things, we return once again to the base, which is: you must be accepting of you and trusting of you and knowing you and understanding all of the elements of yourself, that you may be efficiently manipulating these elements in the creation of your own reality; not for the purpose of creating your own reality, for you shall create your reality regardless, but for the purpose of this shift; this being the reason you have drawn yourselves to this information, this being what you approach now within consciousness.” [session 166, April 20, 1997]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: a reference to the educational game that Elias often plays during group sessions. Session participants offer their impressions on a variety of categories, connecting to an essence family intent. For example, Category = bands, Band = YES, essence family intent = Sumari. Elias will answer with a “one point,” “acceptable,” or a “less probable.” The goal, like these exercises, is to learn to trust your own impressions or inner knowing and make your own connections with the vast knowledge available within our subjective or inner selves.

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