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ELIAS: “Good evening! (Smiling) We meet again! This evening, I shall offer you an exercise in conjunction with our last discussion, as we were discussing alternate realities and parallel realities. In this, within the action of this shift presently, you move into a new awareness within consciousness and you may access these other realities yourselves.

... Place yourself within a quiet space. It matters not what you choose as a space arrangement, but allow yourselves a calmness and allow yourselves the ability to be quieting the chatter that occurs within your minds.

In this, allow yourselves to create a focal point. You may choose any focal point that is holding of your attention and is holding the ability to move within your creation of it, for movement shall hold your attention. Therefore, if you choose to be turning or spinning your focal point, this shall hold your attention more efficiently and not allow this chattering to be occurring within your minds as you are quieting yourself. Do not sleep, (grinning) but allow yourself a quietness and a relaxation. As you gaze at your focal point, allow yourselves to drift. Allow yourselves to place yourself in mergence with the focal point.

This is also an element of exercise in conjunction with your empathic sense. By allowing yourself to merge with this object that you create, you place yourself in an altered state, so to speak, of consciousness. You may accomplish this also with any physical object and you may be experiencing the actual experience of the object itself, for everything within your physical reality in this dimension holds consciousness. Therefore, it also holds experience ... even a rock! (Grinning) Therefore, in engaging your empathic sense and merging with any object, you allow yourself the experience of the consciousness of that particular object.

In this, you may be creating of your focal point, which also holds its own reality, for you project a creation of it. Once you are projecting the creation of a thought, it becomes a reality. Therefore, it may also be viewed, in a sense, as a ‘thing.’ In this, you may merge with this object that you create and allow yourself to be experiencing within it; within its movement, its motion.

In this, as you move into a mergence with your focal point, begin to spin the focal point. Now; let me express to you that I offer the suggestion that you do not spin your objects too quickly, for you may be inducing of physical responses within your physical form and you may become upset within your stomachs! (Grinning) You may experience dizziness. Therefore, I am suggesting to you that you LIGHTLY spin your focal point and allow yourselves the experience of the mergence within this motion of spinning.

In this, concentrate merely upon your focal point and the experience of mergence with it and the movement of its motion. As you allow yourself to move fully into this experience, you may offer yourself the suggestion of any parallel or alternate reality that you choose. As you offer yourself the suggestion of a specific singular alternate or parallel reality, you may begin to experience the movement into that particular reality, which shall begin to materialize to you, and you shall begin to move into the experience of it.

You may experience temporarily an action of movement that may seem within this spinning unfamiliar and you may feel slightly out of control, but there is no need for control in any of these experiences or within your experience within THIS reality! It is merely your own belief systems that dictate this to you and that you fall within. There is no harmfulness that may occur to you and there is no need for fearfulness. If allowing yourselves to relax into this motion and allowing yourself to accomplish the movement and also allowing yourself the materialization of another reality, you may amaze yourselves at the information that you may offer to yourselves in viewing alternate realities.

Now; let me express to you that in like manner to a projection of out-of-body experience, as you term this to be, the individuals within this parallel reality shall hold no objective awareness of your presence. They shall be aware of your presence subjectively, but not within their objective awareness. Therefore, you may move about freely, not interrupting or disturbing this alternate reality.

(Firmly) This is important, for you are affecting of all realities within consciousness. Therefore, if you are objectively disrupting another focus or another reality, you are also altering of that particular reality, which is intrusive, which is not acceptable. Therefore, you are merely an observer.

But as we have discussed this parallel reality in which your continent of Atlantis and all of your fascinations attached to this exist, you yourselves may access this information and may view the activity which is occurring. It is not limited to merely my expression to you of what occurs in other realities. You may view for yourselves. You hold the abilities.

As you return, allow yourselves your time element to be returning slowly. Do not be attempting to be jolting yourselves from one reality to another reality, for this may be causing of disorientation as you return to this reality. It may also prove to be confusing to you, for you shall enter into visualizations that are quite unfamiliar as you move through layers of consciousness, for in actuality, this shall be what you are accomplishing – moving through layers of consciousness that objectively separate you from other realities.

As I have stated, you hold the ability quite efficiently to be accomplishing of this, but be remembering that this action is unfamiliar to you. In moving through layers of consciousness, you may be experiencing different types of visualizations. You may also experience some physical aspects, for the density of different areas of consciousness may be affecting within your physical form. This shall not be oppressive to you, or uncomfortable ... IF you are not spinning too quickly! (Grinning) If you are spinning too quickly, you shall automatically pull yourself out of the experience and then you shall not be accomplishing, for your automatic attention shall remain within this objective reality.

You may be experimenting with this particular exercise, and I also shall offer to you that you may be connecting with Michael [Mary] to be accessing our exercise in clarity (1), which I am suggesting that you also access and practice, for this shall enhance your abilities to be accomplishing in many different areas within your experiences – in all of your movements, in your endeavors, (to Forrest) with Magick, or with movement through different areas within consciousness. It is your choice, but this particular exercise may prove to you to be quite helpful in focusing your attention and allowing you the ability to become more familiar with your objective reality.

You THINK that you are very aware and in control of your objective reality and what you create, but much of what you create within your objective reality is automatic, and you do not hold an objective awareness of what you are creating. You merely allow yourselves to function automatically, and you may be surprised at the difficulty involved in manipulating your own physical senses that are automatic elements in your focus, but you hold the abilities to be manipulating of these.

I offer this purposefully, as I have stated previous[ly] with other individuals. If you are not allowing yourself the objective ability to be manipulating your objective reality, then how may you all anticipate that you shall be manipulating within other realities? Master THIS reality first, for this be where your attention is focused and this be where you are, within this present now, which is all that is, this present now.” [session 287, June 18, 1998]

End Notes:

(1) Paul’s note: a reference to the clarity exercise that focuses on sharpening our control of our physical senses.

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