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Starting Points: Digests of Essential Elias
by Paul M. Helfrich, Ph.D.

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Smiling Paul There are presently 165 Digests containing over 6,000 pages of Essential Elias – various terms, concepts, metaphors, analogies, allegories, and aphorisms he has introduced and consistently refers to.

The purpose of the Digests is to introduce these terms, etc. in a “reader’s digest” format that provide a depth of the information not found in any single session.

The following Digests present the core elements of Elias’ teachings to date and are a great place to start:

Digests of Essential Elias: About EliasRequires Real Audio: – An introduction to the Elias phenomenon with selected passages that reveal the purpose, agenda, and intent of this “energy personality essence.”

Digests of Essential Elias: accepting self (belief systems) – According to Elias, “the secret of life” lies in accepting self and our belief systems.

Digests of Essential Elias: attention (doing and choosing) – Who is the authentic “you” in “you create your reality”?

Digests of Essential Elias: belief systems; an overview, pt.1 – An overview of the ten fundamental belief systems and how they affect our every day lives.

Digests of Essential Elias: the belief system of science, pt. 1 – Explore one of your ten fundamental belief systems.

Digests of Essential Elias: the belief system of relationships, pt.1 – Explore one of your ten fundamental belief systems.

Digests of Essential Elias: dis-ease and healing – Do we create our own illnesses? If so, why? What are some potential cures?

Digests of Essential Elias: energy exchanges; Elias, Paul (Patel) – What’s the difference between an energy exchange and channeling? Who is Paul (Patel)?

Digests of Essential Elias: essence families; an introduction – What is an essence family?

Digests of Essential Elias: love – A thorough look at one of our deepest emotional states.

Digests of Essential Elias: A Seth, Elias Comparative Overview Requires Real Audio: – A good place to begin for Seth readers.

Digests of Essential Elias: the shift in consciousness, pt. 1 – A detailed overview of the information offered by Elias.

Digests of Essential Elias: you create your reality – What is one of the most revolutionary concepts of the twentieth century?

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